Zombie Virus


Real or imaginary?

On CDC website:

Center for Disease Control (CDC) counsels agents that an outbreak is occurring


Zombie virus is a new (novel, hence, novella) virus


Zombie Novella


CDC has a fun way of teaching about emergency preparedness. Our graphic novel, "Preparedness 101: Zombie Pandemic" demonstrates the importance of being prepared in an entertaining way that people of all ages will enjoy. Readers follow Todd, Julie, and their dog Max as a strange new disease begins spreading, turning ordinary people into zombies. Stick around to the end for a surprising twist that will drive home the importance of being prepared for any emergency. Included in the novel is a Preparedness Checklist so that readers can get their family, workplace, or school ready before disaster strikes. Click on the image below to view the novella. A transcript can be found by clicking on the “accessible text” PDF. You can also download the novella on Google bookshereclip_image004 or download a printable pdf versions here.

Accessible text version



Here is a pdf version, in case the link does not work.



In the imaginary story, the news man announces an outbreak in the southeast USA (FEMA Region 4).

Another news report comes from Raleigh, NC and says half the city is infected. This is in Wake County.

Wayne (North Carolina), Prince George (Maryland) and Bartow (Georgia) counties are also mentioned.

A third news person announces events from Savanna, Georgia. (Chatam County)

The girl has a symbol on her shirt.      



It is the Greek letter Psi, or the number 23. …….23 has occult implications.

The virus is identified as 25 N1.

It seems to be similar in symptoms to the rabies virus.


The zombies seem sluggish during the day, and more active at night.

This does not sound like a biological malady.

Dr. Khan is in CDC vaccine facility.

A man with SDS on his cap is in charge of the vaccine delivery.

Safe places are assigned such as elementary schools, but guarded by soldiers who do not fight the zombies when they come to infect others.

Therefore the safe places are not safe, but collecting places for those who will be attacked by those infected.

Later in the story, there is a thunderstorm warning, for the same counties having problems with the “virus.”

Does any of this imaginary story match with reality, or with other information on the internet, or news?

1. There are some news reports about people acting like zombies, naked, and attacking others, trying to eat them. It appears more like they are on drugs than anything else.

2. The movie Zombie Apocalypse seems to play on this idea.

3. FEMA region 3 has some chemical and biological store houses. (FEMA site)

4. There is some concern about rockets being launched over the area that will generate chemtrails containing lithium. http://investmentwatchblog.com/fema-region-3-targeted-for-bioterrorism/

5. The southeast currently has thunderstorms almost every day. If there were poisons in the upper atmosphere, example, from chemtrails, the rain would bring them down.

6. The key risks for the southeast are hurricanes, storms and flooding, which could cause the breakdown of sanitation. Outbreaks, with some exceptions, seem to be located on coastal areas close to water.

7. Region IV has been designated by the CDC in the example ( see FEMA map)

8. Region VII is also of interest, since it has been announced that Kansas would have Level 5 CDC facility (Dead giveaway for that region) ( see FEMA map)


These are maps of reported “zombie” outbreaks. They show the southeast USA profile, but include other regions as well:









Final thoughts

From the outbreak maps, it looks like more than the southeast USA could have a problem.

If there is a possibility of any disease outbreak, we should be ready for it.

It does not matter if it is due to flooding, storms, infected people, or chemtrails.

Proper emergency preparation should be done.

During such times, it is wise to avoid public places.

But if we go out, we should wear face masks, and wash our hands in case we have touched something contaminated.

If we can, we should plan to stay home, away from the problem, and let the situation pass.

If we do this, we should have extra food and water and other supplies we normally need at home.

If you do not know who your Savior is, you should seek God and find out. 

In a very severe situation, normal human means of coping will fail, and unless you look to God as your healer, you will die.

38 Responses to “Zombie Virus”

  1. Hi M, your final comment summed up the dream. There are lots of problems coming upon human kind. Western man have walked away from God so we are now open to what God sends upon us. Just read Deut 29 & 30 what Moses told the Jews if they stopped worshipping God. Secular humanism is today’s religion, our governments have rejected the God of the Bible and His commandments, now His tribulations will begin, like heat waves and other weather calamities, viruses, diseases, civil war and population unrest. Our faith is going to be totally tested, God does not want the luke-warm believers He wants those who are alive for Jesus and who are following Jesus.

  2. amen to that

  3. Unfortunately they are working on something much worse then a Zombie virus. Back in the late sixties a prominent neuro physicist who deemed religion a disease began working on what he called a cure (vaccine). In the eighties his team was able to demonstrate with brain scans that there is an area of the brain that is responsible for ones ability to have “faith”. Successful studies showed elevated activity among test subjects of faith in that region of the brain verses atheist or unbelievers. He then began experimenting with drugs that would target this area of the brain. It was at this point he began to receive large grants from our government to aid in his research. Just this past year they claimed to have made a monumental breakthrough in developing a vaccine that will effectively sterilize this region of the brain and make it virtually impossible for the recipient to believe in a higher power. Having just been awarded yet another multi million dollar grant, they are now working on a aerosol version that can be sprayed over a city and cure or world of religious fanaticism.
    When I read in the Bible that the mark of the beast makes it impossible to be redeemed I wonder if this technology is incorporated into it. And when the Lord says at this time he must return or no flesh would be “saved” I wonder if this maybe part of the reason. What is a man without faith? You have to have faith to get a job, climb a mountain, dream and invent new products. Without faith what are you? A ZOMBIE!

  4. I have a question for Marianne, if a person is forced to take the mark of the beast (such as being held down while chip is injected under skin), does this mean we lose our salvation? I would never willingly take it, but what if forced?

    • leigh

      God only holds you responsible for the evil you choose to do. If you are an unwilling victim of evil, you are not responsible for what happens.

      • Actually, I beg to differ with that opinion Marianne,
        As you know, I believe the mark of the beast will be about Sunday worship and the breaking of the 4th commandment.
        In that case, almost all of the Christian world will have the mark, and all of them have been tricked by Satan (going back to 300 AD) into abandoning the true Sabbath and changing the law and time to the Roman’s pagan SUNday. These people will be punished for their stupidity and their willingness to follow an apostate church.
        They know God’s commandments yet they willingly break them. So just as in the time of the Babylonian captivity, God will punish His own people for their transgressions. This must be done before the wedding between Christ and His true church can take place.
        God has punished His church over and over again throughout the bible. This will be the last and most important cleansing to take place.
        So, no, people will not be excused if they take the mark of the beast unwittingly, they are supposed to know better. And if you believe the mark will be a chip, you will be at a huge disadvantage.

        • Rev. 13 16-17.

          I support your right to believe as you wish Jim, but the Bible is clear. The false prophet will cause all to take an oath to worship the Beast. A number on their forehead, or hand.

          I know you state this reminds you of a Book, but it reminds me of the above Bible verse. Somehow, a world leader comes to power offering peace, and knowledge to lead the world from name your disaster, or some false second coming of Christ when Lucifer is thrown out of Heaven forever.

          Somehow, G-d makes it come true Jim.


        • You have been greatly deceived. Stop following what men are telling you and instead study the Word of God. It clearly states in Revelation that the Mark of the beast will be needed to buy or sell. It has nothing to do with the Sabbath. You are no longer under the law. The law pointed to Jesus because we could never keep the law but Jesus fulfilled the law.

    • If Y’shua is truly your master, they will not be able to inject the mark and they wlll not care to do so. They will kill you. You will have to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Without Him you will likely be deceived and take the mark voluntarily.

  5. You know, there is also a solanum virus if I am not mistaken, it has the zombie effect.

    check this site and the links that follow.

    And also there is apparently synthetic marijuana that caused people to kill and eat others.
    go to this link, I know it is a forum but I have seen the actual news article.


    So if it is done right, the zombie apoc can happen at anytime. Lets hope it doesnt

  6. Dear Jim Giordano – do you Possess the Holy Spirit IN YOU NOW – yes or no. Just wondering. Not a trick question

    bro. ty

  7. Re: Sabbath worship. As I understand the Scriptures, Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath. If you worship Jesus you worship the Sabbath. To put a day to the Sabbath is then abiding by Jewish Law. For believers, Jesus fulfilled the Law, so when you abide in Jesus you abide in the Law, spiritually. If you say one must go to church on Saturday to fulfill the law then I would ask, who are you worshiping? I maybe wrong!

    • To love God is to obey His commandments. The mark of the beast isn’t going to be some kind of a trick – to not use an implanted chip to buy and sell stuff. God has never punished His people for anything like that. It has always been over disobeying His laws, in other words, sinning. If the 10 commandments are no longer in effect we can no longer sin, so God should not have a problem with anything we do, including having another god besides Him.
      But we all know that is not the case. God still has rules to live by, and they are the ten commandments. Are you completely without sin? Just as Jesus was? If not, what were your sins? Did they have anything at all to do with God’s laws?
      As for your interpretation of Jesus as the Lord of the Sabbath, it does not mean that they are one in the same thing. The Sabbath commandment is about taking a particular that God created for man to rest and to commune with his maker – Jesus Christ. It is the ONLY day that was made holy by Him who created the universe. He made it specially for you and me. He even starts with the words, “Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.”
      And yet most Christians have forgotten it completely. They now consider it to be irrelevant and have all sorts of excuses to ignore it. What next, excuses to ignore thy shalt not kill, steal or bear false witness?
      According to the Book of Revelation, those who do not have the mark of the beast are those who, “keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.” Why would the Book of Revelation say this (twice) if the commandments are no longer in effect? Even if you were right about the commandments it is apparent that the mark of the beast will be about keeping them.
      Make all the excuses you want for willingly rejecting one of God’s commandments, but it is not me you will have to account to for it. Are you ready to tell Jesus on judgement day that you simply didn’t know any better? (Sorry I just ruined that one for you.)
      Unfortunately there are many people who believe like you do and almost no Christians obey the 4th commandment, so it will not be difficult for the beast to get the whole world to follow its apostate policies. In effect, Satan has already won on this prophecy. And now he throws up a smoke screen to get people to look for a chip instead of obeying God. Clever.
      As for me, I will obey His laws while still looking for a chip, just in case, so I’m covered either way.
      Better safe than sorry.

      • James
        You are right that a Christian must obey the ten commandments but you are wrong about the 4 commandment.

        • Of course you would think that Adam. After all it is your church that claims man has the power to change the word of God. Don’t like a commandment, take it out (the 2nd). Don’t like the time? Just change it.
          Daniel said that the beast power (little horn) would think to change laws and times, and that is just what the Vatican did.
          On one hand you say we need to keep the laws but on the other you say we can change them if we don’t like them. So why listen to God at all? Lets just make up whatever we want and go with that.
          You think God is happy your church changes his laws and added others they wanted. But you are wrong. Such actions will result in the wrath of God coming upon you in the tribulation.
          Get ready, the time is near.
          P.S. No Nibiru either.

  8. I take zombie propaganda pretty seriously since it is drilled into people’s heads (no pun intended) that the way you kill a zombie is by a head-shot – or put another way, by beheading them.

    Don’t want to take the rabies vaccine and swear allegiance to Satan (maybe it will be that overt)? Then you are potentially infected with an “alien parasite”, maybe its a “rabies outbreak”, a new “superflu” and you will need to be beheaded (the fall of Babylon/ Babel is supposed to make things confusing for people, and anyway, noone will trust anyone or anything except their Christ figure they take for themselves). Maybe in the 2nd half of the trib, the followers of the new antichrist willingly submit themselves to a lobotomy to “remove” the problem.

  9. Of course the virulent and vile Zombie era will arrive – I see them pre-figured already – people who blindly and unquestioningly serve the government and God-hating corporations, ruthless brutal psycho centric police forces, fading beauties who smear infant placenta on their wrinkled faces, stem cell guinea pigs, body part trafficking rings and subliminal messaging in mass advertising. No one could have imagined the Ebola and Aids virus horrific entrance into our daily reality – humans are adept at creating their own hell on earth. It is already in the collective conscious for the arrival of Zombies. Therefore what we fear shall come to reality.
    I am reminded of a brief disturbing incident my spouse and I encountered. We went to visit a friend but could not make out the apartment number written down for us. We went to one door and it was partially opened. We opened it and called out our friends name. But there was no answer. We turned around a small foyer and looked into the living room. It was packed shoulder to shoulder with people. They were standing motionless in complete silence. Not one of them turned to look at us or showed any type of animation. We walked around them and saw that they were all staring ahead but looking at nothing or no one. I noted there was not even a flicker in their eyes acknowledging our presence. It was as if they were all in suspended animation. There were at least 30 people packed in that small living room. All of them appeared to be in their late 40-s to 70’s. All were greying, white-haired Caucasians. We roamed around them for about 10 minutes and it slowly dawned on us something very unusual and eerie was afoot. We were getting chilled with growing apprehension. Then my spouse grabbed my hand and whispered ‘C’mon lets get out of here.’ So we left. There is to date no explanation for what we saw. I think about it from time to time and wonder if there is a huge population out there who are mindless ‘zombies’ controlled by the Government or religious groups who utilize mind-control techniques. I think they periodically group together to receive instructions and that we stumbled into a meeting place.
    This happened for real. I am not making this account up. If anyone can explain what we encountered, I would actually like to know!

    • sara

      I believe it. good to hear from you. hope things are better for you

    • Oh man, when I read you turned around and looked into the living room packed with 30 people shoulder to shoulder not moving, It kind of freaked me out. And you know usually I don’t ever get freaked out, as I grew up with horror movies etc. But that for some reason did freak me out. Scary.

      • It’s now 2013 and although this incident happened in 1978 I still wonder what in the world that was all about. The incident has made me a bit paranoid because when I see an elderly Caucasian who resembles any of the people who congregated in that room a long time ago, I look at them and wonder, is he/she one of ‘them.’? The closest incident where I do believe I encountered one of ‘them’ was when I was waiting for a bus in a bus shack. I looked at this slim 50ish Caucasian woman sitting down in front of me. She appeared well put together fashionable yet subdued. I looked at her and for some reason I felt a growing recognition and realized she may actually be one of ‘them.’ She then sharply turned her head facing me squarely with piercing eyes. The intensity of her eyes contrasted sharply with her frail body. In her eyes I saw a fierce suspicious question – ‘does she know.’ ? There was no emotion in her eyes but something suddenly inhuman. That is the best way I can describe her eyes. I quickly turned away pretending I had not seen that. She then relaxed her body after 3 minutes. I do believe she was one of ‘them.’ But who are they? Many of them must be deceased by now, are there more out there? Is it only the most sensitive who can detect their presence? Are there other people out there who have found out about their existence? I have searched all search engines looking for others who discovered them. So far just references to other unusual things such as ‘greys’ and ‘shadow people’ but these people who congregated in silence were not nebulous or remarkable in any way. They seem to be just plain ordinary people. other questions remain – why do they appear to be from the ‘boomer generation? What social or political power do they have that have made them – targets? victims? slaves? operatives? hosts? I really don’t know who they are. Many of them must be deceased or retired by now. They certainly can’t be an army or any powerful type of social force especially if there in their twilight years. I guess it will always be a mystery until the Lord reveals everything. My son and I did have an unusual experience in Calgary in 2001. He was 17 at the time and can attest to what happened. It doesn’t seem to be connected to the ‘silent gathering’ of Caucasians my former spouse and I witnessed but what if there is a direct connection? The incident is as follows. I was driving down memorial Blvd. A Calgary police cruiser was behind us. Then they turned on their siren and motioned for me to pull over. I turned down a side street and parked. I pulled out my drivers license and vehicle registration believing it was just a routine check. A police officer came out and walked toward us approaching my driver’s side. He put his head down and asked me for my drivers license and registration. I said ‘yes of course.’ All routine. But his eyes were another matter! They were glowing red! not just sleepy-eyed red or hungover type red or sty red – but emanating a red glowing hot coal red. My immediate instinct told me to not say anything or do anything to indicate I saw anything unusual. After the police pulled away. My son turned to me and said ‘Did you see that too?” I replied ‘You mean that his eyes were glowing red?” My son said ‘Yes, that’s exactly what I meant. I needed you to say that first because I thought I was seeing things. I guess I wasn’t!” We drove home and could not come up with any explanation as to what we both saw. At that time red contact lenses were not being mass-marketed and even if they were, none I knew could emanate a red glow. I did find a few references on the net on some people seeing other people with red glowing eyes but not many. So this is another mystery I cannot find a reasonable explanation for. I want to state for the record, that there is no history of any type of delusional disorder mental health issues in our family in case your wondering. THEN – there was another recent incident, this time in 2012 with my granddaughter as a witness. We were walking down Portage Avenue in Winnipeg, and a young woman walked a few steps ahead of us. As we approached closer, we could hear her talking to herself. But she was swearing at herself in second person. This is not unusual because many schizophrenics engage in this type of symptom. The startling thing about this was her voice echoed and reverberated all around her. She had a deep masculine tone. She growled and snarled like an animal. I tried to make a wide path around her holding my granddaughter’s hand. I could see other people were attempting to do so as well. I could see the fear on their faces. They all knew this was a most unusual occurrence. I remember seeing one woman’s face looking terrified. The group consensus seemed to be ‘let’s all pretend it’s not happening.’ I whispered for the Blood of Jesus upon us. This woman turned her head and said “What did you say?” and growled. How could she possibly hear me with all the traffic noise? I pulled my granddaughter further away. My granddaughter age 9 turned to look back at her and began to run pulling me. This young woman with the growling raging voice turned around a corner. My granddaughter then told me that when she turned to look at her the woman’s eyes turned a hot glowing red which frightened her. I had never told my granddaughter about the Calgary incident with her uncle involving the local police. So are all these strange incidents related and connected? Very, very strange things are afoot. These things are so singularly terrifying, I do believe no one wants to voice any of the increasingly strange and bizarre and unexplained things taking place. As a Christian I only know this – Jesus said the devil roams about seeking whom to devour. Are these people the devoured ones? Literally? I feel somewhat better sharing this information. I trust God that no matter how bizarre things get in this world – we can trust Him to take care of us – His beloved.

        • Quite interesting. And I know that people see things that others don’t see, like ghosts and the paranormal and what not. I’ve only encountered a ghost throwing something off a shelf in my (at the time gf’s house, I was 17) She went through these series of seeing some guy with his eyes shown shut, so she would freak out in random places.

          So what you are saying is not out of the ordinary in a sense.

          I can’t say I know what you were seeing or going through, but it is certainly possible in any matter.

          I happen to wonder if Satan is preying on you somehow, but can’t quite get to you because of protection. It is like you are being tested and can see things others can’t see you know.

          Glad you are ok in all senses from this. I know it must’ve been scary none-the-less.

        • sara

          I hope these experiences stay few and far between. You were right to cover yourself with the blood of Jesus.

  10. Are we talking real zombies – you know, the undead – because you realize they are only in the movies, right?
    Well maybe the government is trying to create real zombies to fight in the military. They would practically be immune to enemy fire, and we could stop recruiting live people to fight and just dig up some old graves instead.
    Or maybe we could spread that virus around the middle east and get them all to forget about jihad and holy war against the world.
    So maybe this is all a good thing.
    Friendly zombies could be very useful. We just need to wean them off of human brains for food. That should be a piece of cake. Hey – maybe they could eat cake! Then we could dig up Marie Antoinette and get her to eat cake. Oh, the irony!
    Yeah, I think I’m going to like zombies. Can’t wait till they get here.

    • you might eat your words. there is no such thing as a friendly zombie.

      those that practice voodoo and those who do research in this area take it seriously

      and the victims are destroyed forever.

      evil is not just in the movies.

  11. Thanks for the heads-up. So next time I’m walking thru a cemetery and a zombie rises from his grave I’ll be sure to run away.
    Oh, and I’ll carry some silver bullets in case I run into any werewolves.
    How do you feel about vampires? Should I be worried?
    And should I be afraid of my own shadow too?
    inquiring minds want to know these things.

    • your mind is closed, not inquiring

      mocking me won’t help you

      since you do not know anything about science, you are unaware of what science can do.

      zombies (demons) will not come up from the grave until the 5th trumpet.

      but the human type would be caused by a rabies like virus, that would infect he brain, and cause the symptoms of rabies.

      Anxiety, stress, and tension
      Exaggerated sensation at the bite site
      Excitability or combativeness
      Loss of feeling in an area of the body
      Loss of muscle function
      Low-grade fever (102 F or lower)
      Muscle spasms
      Numbness and tingling
      Pain at the site of the bite
      Restlessness, insomnia
      Swallowing difficulty (drinking causes throat spasms and the person may become hydrophobic)

      The National Institutes of Health (NIH) suggests that the average latent incubation period is about three to seven weeks, although they do report a range from seven days to 10 years, with the longer time periods occurring infrequently.

      the zombie symptoms (not disease) can also be due to drugs take by the subject…

      .there are already reported attacks in the news, where deranged hallucinating people attack and try to eat others ( cannabalism)….

      manufacturing this virus would be evil, but this world is evil enough now to do something like that.

      no matter what the cause of the behavior, it is a real situation.

  12. As I understand it, demons are the fallen angels that follow Satan.
    Now you are saying that at Armageddon Michael and his angels will be fighting zombies? Undead humans? Will they have to cut their heads off to kill them? Sorry but I’m not a fan of zombie movies, so I don’t know the Hollywood facts about zombies.
    Just because people might catch a virus that has been nicknamed the “zombie virus” doesn’t mean they will rise from the dead and eat people’s brains. You always seem to want to combine Sci-Fi with reality and you end up with some ridiculous scenarios.
    Of course I am the ultimate skeptic (and mocking is my specialty) and I worry that if too many Christians start predicting such crazy scenarios we will all be labeled cultists.
    So I’m trying to keep these discussions fair and balanced, if that is even possible. But people reading this need to know both sides so they can decide for themselves. I write for them, not to change your mind.
    So far, every prediction made on this site has failed to materialize, by you, by others here, and by the YouTube idiots. A lot of warnings and dire predictions but not a good one in the bunch.
    But will I ever believe that the movie World War Z will happen someday?

  13. world map of zombie virus

  14. Bizarre Ebola News! The Dead Rise In Liberia?




  16. Check out flakka drug, patented in 2009 by the cia and used in controlled tests such as brazil.

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