The 144,000 and the rest of the Jews

There are about 13 million Jews in the world at this time, who will return to Israel in the last days. Only 144,000 young Jewish men are selected by God to be sealed before the tribulation. What about the rest of the Jews?

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~ by Marianne on May 19, 2008.

10 Responses to “The 144,000 and the rest of the Jews”

  1. The 144,000 have Jewish blood in them, but are not necessarily the identifiable Jews of today. The Jews that we see today, returning to Israel are but of 2 tribes, called the tribe of Judah in the Bible. The rest of the ten tribes were scattered before that Christ’s first advent, and hence have lost their racial identity through intermarriage and the passage of time.

    The early Christian church was comprised of Jews primarily until the gospel went to the Gentiles; the Jews that established the Christian Church lost their racial identity as well.

    Therefore the 144,000 can be anyone who comes from the lineage of any of the lost tribes, for God keeps tract of genealogy, which is clear from the Bible.

    THe 144,000 are a class who “undefiled with women” and are “the first fruits”: meaning they proclaim a pure gospel truth, and are the first to develop Christlike characters amid a perverse and wicked generation.

    They are sealed during the last great spiritual harvest of souls right before the close of the probation (time) for the earth. But they are not the only ones who are saved. Rev 7:9 says that a great multitude is seen after the 144,000 are sealed. This is because the 144,000 are instrumental in gathering them. They are called “priests” and “stand on Mt Zion with the Lamb” first.

  2. I read somewhere that the 144,000 are a class who “undefiled with women” means “not spoiled with any religion which is false by nature”. I mean like “Christ is real, but he didn’t create Christianity and church”.

    And yes, 144000 supposed to draw others with them.
    And the Bible speaks about the New Israel, doesn’t mean god talks about the Jew.

    • hi Natalia

      My impression of the 144,000 was that they were young boys, chosen for their innocence. I hope they draw a multitude to Christ. Children have a special appeal that adults don’t have.

      • i don’t think direct understanding of the Bible is the correct one.

        • hi silverglepha

          I looked at your website and see that you believe in the new age beliefs. I wish you well. I hope that you will keep an open mind about the bible as well. The ascension that you refer to is called the rapture by Christians.

          There will be some earth upheavals, earthquakes, and other earth problems. There will also be financial problems everywhere.

          Being spiritual has different meanings for different people. I do not see how being spiritual however, will help us physically escape the earth changes. Only God can remove us from here to save us from any dangers.

          If you have the time and desire, please take a look at the Book of Revelation. It predicts everything that will happen in the next 7 years.

          Best wishes

          • well yes, i know it all, but i meant that;s impossible to understand bible literary. it’s so metaphorical and that’s normal, it’s not a textbook anyway.

            and i have already read the Book of Revelation. (even in Russian)

            i don’t negate anything, everything is true enough and adds up new info

            • hi silverglepha

              If you read the book of Daniel, chapters 8-11, it will give an interpretation of Revelation.

              Revelation uses symbols but they are explained in the book of Daniel.

              There are also further explanations in the books of Joel, Jeremiah, Isaiah and Zachariah as well.

              The bible in one place interprets the bible in another place.

  3. I Was Recently Listening To Coast To Coast Am With George Noory, One Of His Guests Talked About The Rapture Happening Around May 21st 2011. Have You heard Anything To That Effect?

    • Hi Mel
      and decide what it is

    • hello Mel

      That would be the right time of year, from what Jesus said. he mentioned when the fig tree sprouting its leaves.

      I am not sure about the year. He also said to look for the sun turning dark, and the moon turning red like blood, and there would be an earthquake. That would be the most extreme time. We might be taken before that.

      The rapture is a rescue mission, removing the saints before the time of wrath. So there has to be something we are being rescued from first.

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