Iran in the End Times (Qiamat)

UrsoMedoPersiaIran is screaming “Death to Israel!”   Iran’s alliance with Gog against Israel will bring God’s anger and punishment (great hailstones, fire, and brimstone). Click here for more

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  1. Reflection is the very core of your faith. Faith is made strong through reflection. Reflection is about where your mind goes, especially when challenged by the adversary. You have to focus your attention (your mind) on Christ and His knowledge if you want to work with Him in the power of His might, to express Him and experience the divine change within your soul, and to win the victory over self, the world, and the devil.

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      • HOMOSEXUALITY RIGHTS Posted by Maxwell Kobina Acquah – YEFULKAY on June 19, 2014 at 5:04pm in Research in Ministry View Discussions It is up hauling or disturbing to hear some world leaders, religious leaders, and other individuals quoting from the Bible with their twisted or ignorant interpretation in support of deviant behaviour. A common example of this quote they make is ‘’THAT SHALL NOT JUDGE’’. If that’s so then the judiciary institutions including the traditional courts and the likes in every part of the world must be dissolve, and make freedom of all things, whether good or bad. Because judiciary makes judgement to send people to prison, and sometimes pronounce death judgement on people to be killed, yet the Bible says – that shall not judge When the Bible says ‘’THAT SHALL NOT JUDGE’’ Matthew 7:1 Judge not, that ye be not judged. Below are the meanings: 1. A person needs to access himself or herself with the Biblical teachings before judging others. Matthew 7:2 2. It is not referring to criticising wrong doing with the Bible to help solve the problem. 3. Do not judge in your own philosophical understanding of the world or about life. 4. Judge situations or social problems to find possible standard solutions to problems. 5. Recognise that the person in a social or situational problem needs help, and you must help him or her to come out of the problem. 6. Do not judge the eternity of the person, but use the Bible to caution the person. 7. Love your neighbour as yourself and see your fellow in a particular problem as yourself and help out. 8. Do not judge out of Biblical context. 9. You have to be spiritually descending before making judgement. 10. Recognise that God will judge everyone according to his or her deeds one day. 11. Judge righteously – Proverbs 31:9 Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy. Laws are made to make sure there is peace and order in the society. They are used to help people out of deviant or immoral situation. For example, when someone is sent into prison for wrongful act, it does not mean the person should be maltreated or mishandled but to be counselled and so that he or she would recognised what brought him or her to prison was deviant or immoral and should desist from it. We criticise to help people out of problems but not to put them into doom. So it is wrong for others to quote a biblical principle that they do not understand to defend what is Biblically wrong. Once upon a time every human being was innocent of his or her existence until the man (man and woman) got to know good and bad. Every person is potential to do wrong and also repent of wrong doing, so judgement is used to bring up a person to the realisation of standard of living but not deviant. All laws including moral law, cultural law, religious law, natural law, traditional law and the likes are subjected to the Bible; the ones that are not found in the Bible are manufactured or man-made laws. The World Leaders And Homosexuality Legalisation The Secret Behind (Volume one -1) ISBN: 9781312279827 Visit or for other books by the author… Replies to This Discussion- NACM – REVIEWS ON HOMOSEXUALITY National Association of Christian Ministers – www. Reply by Glenn J. Robichaux on June 19, 2014 at 10:35pm Well excuse the Prophets or The Judges or Paul in Romans 1 and last of all Jesus in the book of Revelation. Be not deceived; God is not mocked; for what ever a man soweth, that he also reap. KJV. NLT- Don’t be mislead -you cannot mock the justice of God. You will always harvest what you plant. Revelation 21: 8 But the fearful, a & unbelieving, the abominable -murders-Whoremongers-sorceress-idolaters-all liars, shall have their part in the lake of fire and brimstone; which is the 2nd.death. So any one who Says to God: “I can live however I want” – God will Not Be Mocked! a cry in the wilderness, glenn Exec. ElderPermalink Reply by Michael Mooney, Exec. Elder on June 20, 2014 at 12:52am We have an obligation to God above every other authority. Many of us who are US citizens enjoy freedoms that most of the World could not dream of having. At the top of our constitutional rights is our freedom of religion. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. …” If for no other freedom, this one alone makes America a great country. However, this amendment of the constitution also makes it clear that we are not ruled by a “Christian government.” Today the greatest political opposition the church is battling is its position regarding the acceptance of homosexuality. Should homosexuals be permitted holy matrimony? Even worse, should they be installed as pastors in the Body of Christ? The word of God makes the answer to these questions very clear, which is “no!” The Act to define and protect the institution of marriage (DOMA) (Pub.L. 104–199, 110 Stat. 2419, refusing to recognize homosexual marriages was declared a federal law in 1996 (signed by President Clinton). Later president Obama declared it unconstitutional and it was amended in 2013. Despite the moral implications which follow, there are legal implications for the church in respect to this decision. Will ministers be permitted to refuse to officiate over homosexual weddings? Will the church face discrimination charges for refusing to employ homosexual pastors? These are just a few of the implications which follow. As ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ, with us is the presence of God. The good news of our testimony is the power of the Holy Spirit to break the bondage of immortality. Because of this hope, we must never lose sight of the prize. Therefore, we have an obligation to God above every other authority. Reply by FRED A. SMITH on June 20, 2014 at 8:39am In a large number of the new tv shows now they are trying to get homosexuality to become more accepted as normal. All I can say is disgusting!! Reply by George F. Meilahn, Chaplain on June 20, 2014 at 2:23pm The gay agenda is already firmly established in the public education system. I personally know three homosexual teachers in the elementary schools where I teach. One of them left the classroom to become a full time CTA representative. He’d shared to his colleagues that the agenda of CTA and NEA includes acceptance of the gay/lesbian lifestyle as normal even among elementary school students! Reply by Michael Mooney, Exec. Elder on June 20, 2014 at 3:59pm Brother Fred, you are on target. This began as a movement in the 90s and has only become more and more an obvious agenda for the media. Reply by FRED A. SMITH on June 21, 2014 at 9:40am Unfortunately our school systems are corrupt in what they are teaching and most have an anti religion agenda. Reply by Michael Mooney, Exec. Elder on June 21, 2014 at 3:25pm This also is true. Reply by Pastor Dante Hill (ELDER) on June 21, 2014 at 5:20pm Brothers all your statements are all so true but the blame is laid solely on the church. This is what we get for burying our heads in the sand. Many still wants to say that the church is rapture ready, Let me ask you this question If you had the power to bring the church into a Un spotted Un blemished Untainted place would you bring the Church of today into it???? Show me where the church has even tried to find redemption for all that it has allowed and is still allowing to happen. When we can get the rapture god mentality out of our minds and get to work on what God has told us to do then maybe Jesus just might find that Gorious spottless and victorious church. Just my thoughts, I am the least of you all though. (Pastor) Dante Hill (Elder) Reply by FRED A. SMITH on June 21, 2014 at 10:46pm Elder Hill, you are right on point . Our churches are not attacking this behavior from the pulpits because they don’T want to offend anyone and that is a crying shame. In other words, “It’s not politically correct”. Reply by Maxwell Kobina Acquah – YEFULKAY on June 22, 2014 at 8:26am In this world, our main reference law book for living is the BIBLE; all other religions make reference from the Bible with different interpretations. The Bible is not like any ordinary constitutional book that needs amendment, but can be descended in common language for one’s understanding. It is the deep thought of God and is God Himself, John 1:1; In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. One cannot just interpret with his or her own thinking, it must be spiritually descended. Attached is the book on HOMOSEXUALITY, publishers who are willing to publish it for free and free distribution are welcome. Contact if interested in publishing for free distribution. Reply by +ELDER EPM JO ANNE FISHER on June 23, 2014 at 6:00am YOU KNOW THIS SUBJECT IS NEAR TO ME AS BOTH MY SISTER AND MY HUSBAND’S BROTHER ARE GAY. NOW DO I ACCEPT THIS NO I DO NOT, BUT DO I STOP LOVING THEM? THAT IS A BIG NO. I LOVE THEM BOTH VERY MUCH.I HATE THEIR LIFESTYLES AND THIS GIVES ME A WONDERFUL CHANCE TO MINISTER TO THEM BOTH.DOES GOD HATE THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE GAY? NO I DON’T THINK SO WHAT HE DOES HATE IS THE SIN. ARE WE ALL NOT SINNERS YES WE ARE. I DO PRAY EVERYDAY FOR BOTH OF THEIR SALVATION. DO I HAVE HOPE AND HAVE FAITH THAT THEY CAN CHANGE? YES I DO. DO I WANT TO MEET THEM AGAIN SOMEDAY IN HEAVEN? YES. LOOK I AM NOT AGREEING WITH THEM AT ALL, BUT I AM A LITTLE TAKEN ABACK BY THE FACT THAT SOME ARE SAYING THAT THEY SHOULD NOT TEACH, MY BROTHER IN-LAW IS A WONDERFUL MATH TEACHER DOES HE NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO EARN A LIVING?? ARE WE NOT SUPPOSE TO LOVE THEM? I SO WANT TO BELIEVE THAT EACH OF THEM WILL TURN TO THE LORD. LET ME ASK YOU DO YOU TURN YOUR BACKS ON THE PEOPLE YOU KNOW THAT ARE GAY? DO YOU NOT TALK WITH THEM TO SHARE WITH THEM WHAT GOD HAS TO SAY ABOUT BEING GAY? WOULD YOU TURN YOUR BACK ON SOMEONE WHO IS A THIEF? DO YOU NOT TRY TO MINISTER TO THEM? I AM NOT SAYING WE HAVE TO ACCEPT THEIR LIFESTYLES. I KNOW SO MANY WILL DISAGREE WITH ME. KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU ALL. GOD BLESS. Reply by Pastor Jay Randolph on June 23, 2014 at 8:22am We are told to “Love” each other, and we are to witness to others. It matters not what their sin is, the Blood of Jesus Christ is for everybody who will accept Him. Lets not dwell on any sin. Divorce is wrong, but you can repent and be forgiven. Also, homosexual acts can be forgiven George F. Meilahn, Chaplain on June 23, 2014 at 10:17am I was not saying they should not teach. In fact the PE teacher is quite good and she and I agree to disagree and respect our differences. We have common ground enough that we’d consider each other friends. She is sensitive to bullying in general and especially when it is gender or sexuality based. Such is NOT the case with the Music teacher, who desires to impose his views as an acceptable lifestyle, even when the curriculum or situation doesn’t warrant it. I would describe him as a gay evangelist. The very “crime” evangelical Christians have been accused of doing in the past, the gay agenda is doing now–brainwashing children–in the classroom. My sister’s brother in law was a pastor for many years, had four children, and served as Home Missions Secretary for two different denominations before he decided to leave his wife and run off with another man. This was a surprise to us all. Indeed, we can all be forgiven all our sins, yet some are more visible than others and quench the edification and advancement of God’s Kingdom. Reply by Maxwell Kobina Acquah – YEFULKAY on June 25, 2014 at 11:59am +ELDER EPM JO ANNE FISHER, great to read your reply on this topic. please do well to download the attached book for more insight. GOD bless you. Reply by Jake Sartwell, Elder+GC on Tuesday So to the point sister Elder Jo! Hate the sin, Love the sinner! JESUS didn’t come to save the healthy, but the sick! Reply by +ELDER EPM JO ANNE FISHER on Wednesday BROTHER JAKE I AM ONLY SPEAKING FOR MYSELF. YOUR RIGHT HE DID NOT COME TO SAVE THE HEALTHY I AM NOT DISAGREEING WITH ANY OF YOU. I AM NOT CONDONING OR ACCEPTING THEIR ACTIONS. BUT WHAT I AM SAYING I WILL CONTINUE TO LOVE MY SISTER AND BROTHER -IN-LAW AND I WILL KEEP POINTING THEM BOTH TO THE BIBLE AND GODS WORD. LET ME ASK YOU DO YOU GIVE UP PRAYING FOR A PERSON OR POINTING GODS WORD TO A PERSON SAY THEY COMMIT MURDER OR THE STEAL OR MANY OTHER OFFENSE????? I WILL NEVER GIVE UP HOPE THAT THEY BOTH WILL CHANGE AND CAN CHANGE. REMEMBER I SAID I DO NOT ACCEPT THEIR LIFESTYLES. AND YES ARE WE NOT SUPPOSE TO LOVE IS THIS NOT THE GREATEST GIFT THE FATHER HAS TOLD US TO DO. GOD BLESS ELDER JAKE LOVE YA DEARLY MY FRIEND Reply by Tiffany Poulin on Wednesday “DOES GOD HATE THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE GAY? NO I DON’T THINK SO WHAT HE DOES HATE IS THE SIN. ” Thank you. I joined this site several months ago and have silently read and listened to the conversations…some have even made me question my faith and decision to dedicate my life to ministry….The above quote, and everything you say after it, remind me of why I have chosen this path and I thank you for it…. God Bless, and thank you for what you said….it appears that too often people forget to whom and where Jesus ministered….whom he focused his attention towards….that he was a radical and that he HATED SIN….NOT PEOPLE!! We, as his servants, would do to remember this point as we so loudly declare verse and cite scripture…I can twist anything to mean anything else…but, at the end of the day, it is to JESUS and only to JESUS that I, or anyone else for that matter, answer to….and I believe he cries at the way we forget what he stood for and how he handled himself…we forget that we are to model his behaviors… NOT STAND ON OUR PIOUS PULPITS AND CONDEMN THOSE WHO NEED OUR LOVE THE MOST!! Maybe we would all do well to remember that and have a nice long conversation with JESUS….and remember that we are supposed to be representing HIM NOT OUR AGENDAS. I graduate with a PhD from Newburgh seminary next Spring….after reading the vast majority of this conversation I not only don’t want to go, but am embarrassed to belong to such an elitist group. Again, THANK YOU FOR THIS POST AND MAY YOU AND OUR LOVED ONES BOTH FIND, IN AND TROUGH YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS, PEACE. As for those here who appear to have forgotten what Jesus so often said to the pharisees…GO READ THE BOOK YOU ARE SO QUICK TO CITE…and consider not taking scripture and twisting it to your agenda as you accuse so many others of doing!! When was the last time you washed your neighbor’s feet? Literally or Figuratively? I’ll assume it was long ago…much longer than it was for Elder Jo Anne…thank you, Reverend, thank you for reaffirming that there is reason to continue our work!! As for the pharisees in the room, thanks for proving all those who mock my decision to dedicate my life to Jesus to have a very valid point. The church has most obviously forgotten it’s origins. So go read the book again, but leave YOUR AGENDA out of it!! Reply by Rev. Charles Easterday 10 hours ago Make your calling and election sure. Don’t let anything said on these pages detere you from your calling. Everyone here is in growth mode some nearly grown and some still babes. Some are too harsh and some too gentile but all are growing in faith and trying to apply their convictions in a relevant way. Say what you mean and mean what you say. If I’m Being judgemental , tell me, I welcome the rebuke and growth opertunity. If you agree then agree boldly or if you disagree, disagree with conviction and scripture. Peace be unto you, In our Lord, Charles Reply by Rodger Niemeier, Exec. Elder on June 23, 2014 at 11:42am We are called to, as Paul put it, “Speak the TRUTH in LOVE.” We can fault on either side of this: speak the truth without love, and so come across judgmental about PEOPLE – condemning them with their sins. Or, we can come across compromising truth, by emphasizing only love for PERSONS to a point of seeming to condone their sins. Jesus was Master of that balance: the woman caught in adultery – “Neither do I condemn you….but go and sin no more.” Therefore, seeing the proper balance of speaking the truth while also loving the person we’re speaking the truth to, we should avoid “blanket” statements that lean heavily either on TRUTH or the LOVE alone. However, as it often happens in discussing these things, we are sometimes focused on the TRUTH part, or other times on the LOVE part – as you can readily see in the posts so far. Let’s be careful that we don’t over-react, too, because maybe I tend to focus on the LOVE part (at least, today, in the moment) while someone is focused on the TRUTH aspect. It certainly doesn’t hurt to remind ourselves in discussions that both aspects are important and to understand how, on any given topic of sin, we can keep that balance. There’s no doubt as to homosexuality’s sinfulness and repugnance to God, even as murder is, or adultery, the proliferation of pornography in our country and homes (very young people exposed to it) – which also exposes our kids early on to homosexual acts, etc. and etc. Yes, we are not to hesitate to let those we pastor or minister to that it is wrong in God’s site – and it REALLY helps to be able to explain why (because satan’s tactic is always to normalize sin, minimize or excuse the natural ill consequences – because something IS sinful because it is damaging to us) – yet with those in the world, as with any other sin, we have to be wise like Jesus was, in HOW we approach sinners, we put them off by our judgmental attitude of scorn and won’t have any opportunity to share the Gospel or how the Lord loves them and wants to deliver them from these sins that are destroying their lives. One of THE best sources for understanding the approach that can work best with “gays”, would be from the testimonies of gay people themselves who have come to Christ – and how folks witnessed to them in ways that actually made them open up to listening to the Gospel. I’ve been slowly going through such a testimony by a former-lesbian university professor, who came to Christ and turned away from this sinful lifestyle. It’s called, The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert – by Rosario Butterfield. While I’m not thru with it (as I keep going away from it to read other things, then come back on occasion), she comes to faith in Christ (and repentance from lesbianism) thru a Christian neighbor, a pastor, who, he and his wife, lovingly accept her as a person (rather than treating her as a leper) and in time, share the Gospel and get into calm, level-headed discussions about homosexuality and the Bible and the WHY of it not being God’s best or intention for our life and happiness – and how, instead, it harms us. Point is, in this careful approach to speak the truth in love, the Lord was able to bring conviction to this gay activist’s heart and draw her to Himself. Yet I realize, too, the Holy Spirit will lead differently in different situations with different people – yet, we must be careful to be sure we are indeed being led of the Spirit in how we approach and communicate with “sinners” – for myself, I do not want anything of me, my manner, my tone, my facial expressions, or my words, to offend (rather than the offense of the Gospel) and block any opportunity to share the truth and for that person to perceive the love of Christ in me, through me, for themselves. Reply by Glenn J. Robichaux on June 23, 2014 at 2:40pm by Glenn J. Robichaux 2 minutes ago USA Citizen has rights, I agree. When It comes to sharing the Gospel I should do it in love No Matter, showing the scriptures to help one come to the understanding of Jesus Love for each sinner. After this If for any reason one may say…… that is it, with much debate on subject of Jesus! If again they say “No More”, after reading Romans 1. What more can I do except pray for them and walk away . ..Just a thought. Glenn In His Grip On the Topic Homosexual or Gay Rights Make my thought clear. USA Citizen has Rights. In God- Our Citizenship is different this is the life style I live.! I Need to make this more clear. Forgive me for miss type in pervious writings Reply by FRED A. SMITH on June 23, 2014 at 3:56pm Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse regarding how homosexuality is being exploited., out comes “transgender”. The reason that these subject is an agenda item with me is that I have three little Great Granddaughters and I do have a big concern about what they are being taught as “normal” in schools and what is being shown on tv as normal. Our local newspaper is a big supporter of homosexual activity and the city also supports a Gay Pride week. I do believe that everyone should have rights. I also believe that God created man and woman uniquely different and I will let it go at that. Reply by Dominick Tuzzo, Min. to Elders on June 24, 2014 at 9:13am If Genesis is to be believed, the institution of Marriage (and the Family), predates BOTH the institutions of Government(s), and Church(es). As I see it, the government has no business being involved in EITHER the institution of Marriage OR the institution of the Church. But MY personal feelings on the matter are irrelevant. In the United States however, our gov’t (I’m sorry to say) has actually involved itself in BOTH. Marriage, in the USA, is overseen by the Courts (Judicial branch) and Churches which have 501c3 status are overseen by the IRS and Treasury Dept., and are therefore compelled to act/speak a certain way which limits their freedom of speech. Because our gov’t IS involved in the institution of Marriage, and because our Constitution guarantees all citizens Equal Protection under the law, it therefore (legally) follows that homosexuals in America would be afforded “equality” in the arena of Marriage. That does NOT mean however, that a Church or a Minister should be compelled by gov’t to defy their own consciences and religious teachings in order to facilitate, permit, or solemnize homosexual marriage ceremonies. HOWEVER, there is probably coming a day wherein, IF a Church which HAS 501c3 tax exempt status refuses to “comply” with either state or federal laws in this arena, that they would lose their 501c3 exemption. The local Church I am a member of (for example) is NOT 501c3, and (for the time being) may not be compelled to perform said marriages. We also may feel free to exercise our First Amendment rights in speaking out about homosexuality, or politics, and/or endorsing who we believe are candidates who (from a biblical standpoint) we would not have trouble in voting for or supporting. I was recently asked (actually, I realized I was being “baited”) publicly: “In your religion, in your Bible, are homosexuals condemned to Hell?” I thought about it, and prayed for a moment before I responded. My answer was: “According to my Bible, homosexuals are NOT condemned to Hell, at least not for their sexuality. According to my Bible, the whole world is condemned ALREADY (Jn 3:18) because of the fall of Adam. That is WHY I need a Savior, as I simply cannot save myself. I am not a homosexual, and yet without Christ, I am condemned already.” Perhaps this is the tact we should take when dealing with the issue of homosexuality, as apart from Christ, we are ALL CONDEMNED ALREADY. The GOOD NEWS in all of this mess however is: Rom 5:8 But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. ElderPermalink Reply by +ELDER EPM JO ANNE FISHER on June 24, 2014 at 10:37am YOU KNOW I AGREE WITH EVERYONE I AM NOT SAYING I SUPPORT THEM AT ALL. I ALSO KNOW IF MY SISTER AND BROTHER -IN-LAW DO NOT TURN TO THE LORD I WILL NOT SEE THEM IN HEAVEN. I GUESS WHY THAT I DO TRY TO MINISTER TO THEM AND MAYBE JUST MAYBE I HAVE PLANTED A SEED. IT IS UP TO THEM TO DECIDE. I LOVE THE LORD WITH ALL OF MY HEART AND I TURN TO HIM TO HELP ME TO BE WISE AND GENTLE AND ALWAYS WITH LOVE. GOD BLESS YOU ALL Reply by Rodger Niemeier, Exec. Elder on June 24, 2014 at 5:49pm Amen, Brother Dominick (Hello, Brother!) – marriage is not, nor ever been, an invention of mankind! It doesn’t belong to institutions or governments – it is God’s invention, divinely ordained – and humans and governments have absolutely no right to redefine it or regulate it – period. It is supreme arrogance to attempt to – wherever that finger points! Sadly, presently the Presbyterian Church USA has just recently decided – its denominational leaders (still has to pass the vote of local synods) – its ministers can/should officiate and bless homosexual marriages – the dominoes are falling. This is extremely sad: it plainly indicates that those particular “Christian” Churches/denominations that go this way, have more regard for “political correctness” and pleasing people and going with popularity than loving the Lord and obeying Him, upholding HIS righteousness. If the Presbyterian USA Church goes ahead with this decision, this will certainly perpetrate the 2nd largest exodus from this major Christian “institution”. Sad, sad, sad. I like the wisdom, too, Brother Dominick, of your sound answer to the person who asked you if homosexuals go to hell (or those who practice such). You’re so right! It isn’t homosexuality in particular that sends anyone to hell – it’s our refusal to accept our Father’s provision for our salvation from the sin nature, which manifests itself in many life-robbing ways – including homosexuality. This is also, too, satan’s approach – to make that which is “sin”, which, by God calling it “sin”, is because it is life-destructive – satan twists it to make it “good”. “What’s wrong with being gay, really!?”, the world protests! As I said to my Mom (93 years old) last night on the phone, when we got into this discussion, even a child knows there’s a basic difference between boys and girls and understands that it is good, natural, and for a purpose: husband & wife, being able to produce children and create family. Simple anatomy in age appropriate health classes makes it clear that the design of human bodies in two genders, “fits” – and the mechanics make sense in order to procreate. To try and force it in any other direction, is obviously against the created nature of the body! And this is why God abhors the desecration of His purpose in how He created us. Isn’t it amazing – as it always has been – how sin can cloud understanding so that, as the prophet said, “good becomes evil, and evil becomes good”? Common sense doesn’t even apply anymore – but so is the power of sin. But this is a very important point, Brother Dominick, in your answer: “going to hell” is the natural course of refusing God and His way to life – both here and eternal. Particular sins are but manifestations of the sin nature that clouds our abilitiy to see reality as God sees it, and as God made it. Sin distorts, corrupts, and blinds. So we are called to be agents of Light, and continue to preach the Good News – even to those who manifest the distorting effects of sin in homosexual thinking and sexual sins. By the way – and I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before – the AMA (American Medical Society), a few years back in this present Presidential administration, published a thorough document on the medical/health ill consequences of same-gender sex (homosexual sex) – it’s hard to find, as it seems it was purposely “buried”. But it objectively, based on medical facts, shows clearly that due to inevitable consequences, homosexual sex is unnatural and dangerous. You can understand why this never made the news! Reply by Steve Scott – Elder – MP2 on June 24, 2014 at 12:05pm I too am having to deal with this abomination in my life through my son, who claims to love Jesus. He sometimes attends church with other gay friends that wear rainbow fish on their tee shirts just to draw attention to themselves when they do go. And that is my point here. The gay community wants everyone to accept their lifestyles unconditionally, whether people agree or not. If you don’t accept their way of life and you try to correct them or you disagree, you become a hater and a biggot instantly and they will boycot your business if you own one, place signs on your lawn outside the house or post on social media lies that would cause some to act radically towards you. The fact is that they are hypocritical in the way that they see everything because they try to tie up all life into their jaded and distorted viewpoints. My son was married to another man here in California when Proposition 8 was being battled out in court and he proudly displayed the marriage certificate on Facebook. He was with this fellow for four years. Right after doing this he and that guy went their seperate ways and are no longer together. Why ? Because their relastionship is a sham because it is not based on covenant, which true marriage between a man and a woman is supposed to be based on if they are truly following Christ’s teachings, it is based in the flesh and that is the difference between Godly conviction and flesh based idealologies. Have you all heard the statement, ” just because you’re born in McDonald’s, it doesn’t make you a hamburger” ? Well unfortunately, that is their thinking. Everything they try to justify their point of view with is always easily refuted, whether by available reliable information, science or whatever the source, it doesn’t matter. Homosexuality will never be right with God no matter how they try to prove it scientifically, twist the scriptures and influence churches in their communities. Churches need to quit trying to appease them through political correctness and start teaching true, Holy Spirit inspired, teaching no matter who it offends. You’ve seen the bumpersticker that says co-exist with all the religious symbols forming the word. I laugh when I see this sticker because when you look at the person inside the car, you know they are clueless. Put that sticker on your car in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan and see what they think of co-existing. I think it would be a rude awakening for someone with those idealist views don’t you ? As much as I love my son and want to validate him as a man and Christian, I can not, and that breaks my heart and has strained our relationship to the point where he hasn’t called or communicated with me for years other than snippets on Facebook here and there. Homosexuality not only gets under the skin of the people around it, although they won’t admit it publically, but it alienates families and friends from those who who are practicing it by theirr own choice. Can I accept my son like I accept my other hetersexual children ? Yes, I am his father and will always love him no matter what he does. Will I treat him the same as my other kids ? Yes, that’s all parents know how to do. Will I ever agree with his lifestyle ? No, because it is not based on Godly principals and moral integity. Should he expect me to accept this behavior ? No, because when you force someone to accept a view that is contrary to what they believe and there is no compromise then that is not love but a form of hate and division in itself. I cannot make my son love me, but he should respect me as his father without compromise. Family is the most important connection in our lives and if homosexuality forces the one who is practicing it seperate him or herself from family because of it, then they are living in a world of deception and lies. Didn’t Adam and Eve hide from God and seperate themselves after they ate the fruit ? That is the consequences of sin in our lives. It causes people to seperate and then alienate themselves from those who are closest to them. It is not just homosexuality alone, it is all sin that drives people away. They want to rebell and they want to run from Godly counsel, they always have… So like it or not, this arguement is here to stay until Jesus returns to gather His bride. It is my hope that my son will have made wise choices between now and then. I love my son as most people do and I will never agree with him on this subject and I will do and say anything I can to save him and turn him around while he waltz’s himself into eternal torment. I cannot force him to stop doing something he wants to do, even though it is a very destructive behavior, but I can love him as my son and trust his life in God’s hands. He has to make the chioces not me, I just have to love him as my son even if it means watching him destroy himself eternally. I hope and pray that is not the outcome… Reply by George F. Meilahn, Chaplain on June 24, 2014 at 5:13pm Our church treasurer’s daughter is gay and was a bit surprised our conservative church members didn’t make a big stink about her lifestyle while conversing with her, but rather treated her like any other human being. After all, we are all made in the image of God and to express hate for someone is actually attacking God Himself, something I need to continually remind myself. Reply by Rodger Niemeier, Exec. Elder on June 24, 2014 at 6:00pm I think this raises the question – for me as well: are we really prepared to wisely and carefully present the Gospel to someone caught up in the “gay lifestyle”? Just like we would take the time to understand how to effectively share the Gospel and our witness to someone caught up, for example, in Mormonism, or Jehovah Witness religion – have we cared enough to prayerfully seek the Lord in the Word, asking for His direction in how to effectively respond to the kinds of defenses and questions someone caught up in homosexuality might have? Do we really understand, too, the “logic” that someone caught up in this tends to have in their minds so we can effectively address it? In this phone conversation with my 93 year old, staunch Presbyterian, solid church-goer Mom the other night, when we touched on this subject, her response surprised me – as she said, “Well, honey, you know these folks are born that way, they can’t help it.” It surprised me because not too many years ago my mother thought this kind of sexual behavior was abhorrent – but given time, hearing things said over and over (“people are born that way”), it’s amazing how even “Christians” can soften their convictions (based on Scripture) and begin to do the snake-in-the-garden thing – “Has God really said…” and break from God’s truths. So it goes, as even Church history can attest to. And in some periods of time past, “true” Christians have had to pay great costs to remaining true to God’s truth: being hated (like Jesus was, for telling the truth), being persecuted, even at times being martyred. It’s like those who plugged their ears while they ran at Stephen to kill him, to silence him, from speaking the truth – even in love. I don’t think I would ever have imagined some years ago, that “Gay” would become the instrument the world would use to try and silence the Church – and even bring persecution. Especially in America! Reply by FRED A. SMITH on June 24, 2014 at 10:04pm Elder Jo, keep planting those seeds and praying for them. Elder Niemeier, it is sad at how accepting we have become. Didn’t the Presbyterian church also declare that homosexuality is Christian? Will this cause that denomination to really be divided? You’re right Elder Tuzzo, that the Government has become to involved in religion, the business and practices of the church. Reply by Michael Mooney, Exec. Elder on June 25, 2014 at 2:10pm I might suggest that everyone have a look at this article from our site. Are Ministers Authorized to Officiate Weddings? It is a subtopic of this discussion. Reply by +ELDER EPM JO ANNE FISHER on Wednesday MICHAEL I WOULD NEVER PERFORM A MARRIAGE BETWEEN GAY PEOPLE. I REALLY THINK EVERYONE IS NOT UNDERSTANDING WHAT I HAVE SAID. Reply by Pastor Greg Streator on June 25, 2014 at 11:44am First let me say this is a difficult subject for us all, because it brings up so many different issues. I just want to deal with the facts here, and possibly share some thoughts towards what Jesus Christ may have said regarding this matter. First lets deal with some facts – this is from a website called The Trevor Project – showing the recent facts of teen suicide for gay or questioning teens: Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among young people ages 10 to 24. Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among young people ages 10 to 24. [1] LGB youth are 4 times more likely, and questioning youth are 3 times more likely, to attempt suicide as their straight peers. [2] Suicide attempts by LGB youth and questioning youth are 4 to 6 times more likely to result in injury, poisoning, or overdose that requires treatment from a doctor or nurse, compared to their straight peers. [3] Nearly half of young transgender people have seriously thought about taking their lives, and one quarter report having made a suicide attempt. [4] LGB youth who come from highly rejecting families are 8.4 times as likely to have attempted suicide as LGB peers who reported no or low levels of family rejection. [5] 1 out of 6 students nationwide (grades 9-12) seriously considered suicide in the past year. [6] Suicide attempts are nearly two times higher among Black and Hispanic youth than White youth. [7] Each episode of LGBT victimization, such as physical or verbal harassment or abuse, increases the likelihood of self-harming behavior by 2.5 times on average. [8] First I think there has been enough death over this issue. I know several people from my youth that have struggled with this issue, and I have seen both good and bad come from it. I am like many of you, while I do not accept the sin – I am called to LOVE those who are around me. As I recall – GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD – EVEN IN ITS FALLEN STATE…That he sent his only son.. JOHN 16-18 “This is how much God loved the world: He gave his Son, his one and only Son. And this is why: so that no one need be destroyed; by believing in him, anyone can have a whole and lasting life. God didn’t go to all the trouble of sending his Son merely to point an accusing finger, telling the world how bad it was. He came to help, to put the world right again. Anyone who trusts in him is acquitted; anyone who refuses to trust him has long since been under the death sentence without knowing it. And why? Because of that person’s failure to believe in the one-of-a-kind Son of God when introduced to him. If God loved the world in its present state – fallen and in darkness, and knew that many would walk away from the love that he has – why then did he send his son? He sent his son because Gods love for this world was MORE POWERFUL than we could ever imagine or understand. Yes the world is in darkness, but we should be very careful not to condemn anyone for being in darkness. Nothing but the Cross Galations 6 1-3 Live creatively, friends. If someone falls into sin, forgivingly restore him, saving your critical comments for yourself. You might be needing forgiveness before the day’s out. Stoop down and reach out to those who are oppressed. Share their burdens, and so complete Christ’s law. If you think you are too good for that, you are badly deceived. I realize this statement may be a bit out there for some of you, but I am choosing to LOVE them even in there present fallen state – I will not condemn them in any fashion. I have sinned in my past, and have done things I know I should not had been forgiven for – but GOD LOVED ME ENOUGH TO SEND HIS SON TO DIE FOR ME – FOR ME- the HORRIBLE SINNER THAT I WAS!!! God loves everyone that much – and so are we called to do the same. I encourage you to watch the video below – its powerful…and it shows the LOVE of Jesus for this world! Now lets deal with the issue of sin – according to Romans – WE all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. God Has Set Things Right 21-24 But in our time something new has been added. What Moses and the prophets witnessed to all those years has happened. The God-setting-things-right that we read about has become Jesus-setting-things-right for us. And not only for us, but for everyone who believes in him. For there is no difference between us and them in this. Since we’ve compiled this long and sorry record as sinners (both us and them) and proved that we are utterly incapable of living the glorious lives God wills for us, God did it for us. Out of sheer generosity he put us in right standing with himself. A pure gift. He got us out of the mess we’re in and restored us to where he always wanted us to be. And he did it by means of Jesus Christ. If we all have sinned – then were do we have the right or authority to judge another? Jesus was the most clear in this manner when he spoke to the Pharisees at the well with the woman – to say it bluntly – “If any of you is without sin…let him cast the first stone” – Jesus waited for one to to do it – but The Pharisees knew that Jesus was the only one who was sinless – and it was not their place to bring any judgement to this lady for he sins – ITS UP TO GOD! I know this is a hot issue, and I don’t expect everyone to agree with what I have said – I am only speaking the gospel – nothing more or less – this is what Jesus did – I agree with the end of the video when the speaker says, we don’t have the power in ourselves to overcome anything – its always going to be Jesus – so I encourage you to pray to Jesus for those people who are gay, and love them beyond their abilities to even understand – that’s what i am called to do – I am called to love my neighbor – Just my thoughts… Reply by Denise Doreen Mumie on Wednesday AMEN Reply by Maxwell Kobina Acquah – YEFULKAY on June 25, 2014 at 7:07pm God’s word ‘’The Bible’’ did not record that man and man, or woman and woman, or a human being and animal will leave their parents and join as husband and wife. The bible says that a man and a woman will leave their parents and joined together as husband and wife. Homosexual marriage is abnormal, how come a fellow man insert his penis into the dirtiest part (the anus) of another fellow man or a woman use her tongue or finger or object to insert into another fellow woman’s vagina or anus. This is not normal; all those who are in homosexual act have psychological, physical, emotional or social, and spiritual problems. They need help to get out of this situation; they need prayers and proper counselling but not to be condemned out right from the society. by Rev. Charles Easterday on June 27, 2014 at 11:59am Judge or condemn? These are not interchangeable terms. Can you not judge/discern when a person is in sin? People are walking around dead and heading to hell. To know that and to walk away is condemnation. You do not love an alcoholic by giving him/her alcohol. You love them by helping them work through their struggle of abstinence from alcohol. You say, “well I don’t know their heart only God knows.” Not so, for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Jesus said, “it is not what goes into a man that defiles him but what comes out of him.” Listen long enough to a man and you will know his every sin. We must love sinners enough to tell them the truth and help them with their struggles to come out of their entanglements. We do not love them by telling them they are fine the way they are God loved us while we were yet sinners and sent Jesus to reconcile us to him. We were not OK the way we were otherwise the would have been no need for Christ. We were Lost and dead without Him and so is everyone else. That is a safe Judgment not a statement of condemnation. Reply by Maxwell Kobina Acquah – YEFULKAY on June 28, 2014 at 1:57am Dear lovely friend, I am really happy to let you know that the long await HOMOSEXUALITY book is finally out, below is someone’s review. Check out and request your copy and recommend to many people for review. This review is from: The World Leaders And Homosexuality Legalisation: The Secret Behind (Volume Book 1) (Kindle Edition) World Leaders and Homosexuality by Maxwell Acquah is a detailed report on the matter of homosexuality from a Christian perspective. Essentially an argument against the lifestyle, the author provides us with an opening statement on prevailing social views. He then opinionates on modern-day values as juxtaposed against Church dogma. Acquah concludes his treatise with his own theory on world politics and its place in apocalyptic prophecy. The author points to the aberrational nature of gay sex as the primary reason why such practices have been banned by most societies and cultures. We also see the clash of ancient vs. modern philosophy as the argument has evolved beyond the greater good of society to the rights of the individual. The Church finds itself addressing the polemic from a position of compromise: trying to support its traditional values while remaining relevant in a modern society. Yet, according to Scripture, there will be a time where not only the Church and its followers, but all mankind will be forced to take a stance as the One World Government one day becomes a reality. For Christian scholars and sociologists alike, World Leaders and Homosexuality by Maxwell Acquah provides a traditionalist perspective on an increasingly divisive issue. Connect to me on and Reply by Randy Wayne Johnson on June 28, 2014 at 10:09pm The bible is very clear about the act of homosexuality. At the same time we can’t preach love and//or hate from the same place. Are their actions acceptable-according to the bible-No, but did not Christ die for every sin and sinner? I do think that we have to separate a persons gift from their sexual orientation. If a person has the gift of teaching they should be allowed to teach, as long as they are professional and don’t cross the line, but again that’s for any teacher straight or gay. Sometimes I think that parts of the church is more ready to condemn, than to show the joy and beauty in living the Christian life in a strong way. If we are shaking our fists at the gay man or woman, why would they want to listen to the message of Christ? As Christians we have not done a great job at giving them alternatives. The scripture asks us to Deny ourselves and take up the cross, maybe that’s the message that can be offered to a homosexual person and matter of fact to the whole church. The option of abstinence or celibacy is rarely offered or taught by the church to the gay person. We do it for the teens (girls in particular) because we want to keep them virgins and rightly so. matter of fact those options should be offered to all Christians that are not married- and even inside of marriage occasional abstinence can be a holy experience. I think that the so called gay agenda, like many agendas are usually born out of being oppressed, denied and criticized, and sad to say some of that has been supported by the church, but it was Christ who said that I’ve come to set the captives free.. As Christian ministers we have to be governed by the word and support it’s agenda, but I think the question is” how ” do we do it -hopefully the “how” is with prayer and compassion. Peace Reply by Pastor Jay Randolph on June 28, 2014 at 10:16pm I hope everybody understands how Jesus is the perfect Love, their is no love greater than what God has for us, which I am very grateful for. However, lets not forget the holiness of God, and His pure Judgement. To accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, is to follow Him and depend on Him only. Luke 9:23 And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me. We are to love the sinner, not the sin, regardless of the sin. Consider if your coming home and you see your neighbors house on fire. Nobody is around and you see your neighbor’s child inside the house trying to take their new wide screen TV off the wall. At this moment the child thinks that is the most important thing to do. You try to get the kid out of the house and he tells you the TV is his and is the most important thing in his life. So you have 2 choices. 1. Let the child make their own choice and burn to death. 2. Remove the child from the fire discarding their right to do what they want, and losing the TV, but saving their life, even though they may hate you forever. I know the choice I would make, because to me, burning in a house, that is nothing compared to burning in Hell. I know a lot of people involved in homosexual acts, and most know what the Bible says about it, but I try not to say too much about it. As for the suicides, they usually go up when people do the wrong things. I recall the charts and records they used to show of how suicides went up when the father was not in the home, or involved with drinking, drugs, and gambling. I also recall when they used to talk about how those who did not go to church increased the odds for suicides, and proms used to be something that increased the chances of suicide. 5% of the population is NOT what causes most of our children to think of suicide, I would say the games they play, and programs they watch is what causes most of them to think of suicide. Homosexual activities cause harm to the body, family, and to society. This is our modern day plague. Reply by FRED A. SMITH on Sunday I think that you are correct about homosexuality being our modern day plague. I live in a city of approximately 300,000 people. Our former mayor was a lesbian and our current mayor is gay. Our newspaper is an extremely liberal rag and they promote the gay and lesbian agenda on a regular basis. This weekend is gay pride weekend here and they flock in from everywhere. The newspaper had a big article on the subject. Unfortunately, per capita we have a large gay and lesbian population. It would be interesting to see how many churches in our fair city preached against such activity. Probably not many!! Reply by Rev. Kenneth R. Jenkins on Monday WHAT RIGHTS???? Homosexuality is a behavior that is making our nation cripple; going to hell in a hen basket. Reply by Rev. Charles Easterday on Tuesday Just once I would like to see a post about how to minister to homosexual individuals rather than it’s agenda or how it corrupts or how it’s a sin. 1Cor 6:9    Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,10    Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. AND LEST WE FORGET…11 And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God. How many of you came to Christ by someone calling you a no good, filthy, disgusting, sinner? Show me where Jesus preached that and I’ll head up the condemnation parade! Reply by Denise Doreen Mumie on Wednesday AMEN Reply by Pastor Greg Streator on Wednesday AMEN BROTHER!! We ALL are sinner and have fallen SHORT of the Glory of God – if we remember that – we won’t point our fingers at others so often! OH, and btw – Lets not forget the punishment for divorce – if we are going by what the bible says – everyone who has been divorce should be stoned……but then again that bears the question….”If any of you is without sin, go ahead and cast the first stone”. Maybe we are too quick to judge – and we need to be quicker to love and cover with Grace. Just my thoughts! Reply by Denise Doreen Mumie on Wednesday I submit that the type of judging we are not supposed to do is the judgement that is Jesus’s alone to do.The final judgement – the sheep and the goats – final judgement. As to rebuking and guiding that we are supposed to do. The only sin that is unforgivable is rejection of the Holy Spirit. I think we have a hard time with this issue because homosexuality is a sin but it is also how these people define who they are.They have parades to show pride in their homosexuality.They demand laws be changed to support their sinful life choices.The only other group I can think of like that are atheists. It would make life much easier on us if they were atheists but most of the homosexuals I come in contact with are not atheists. They love God and they believe in Jesus. Thus as ministers we are bound by our calling to minister to them.I suggest a good way to start is to not define them by their sin and encourage them to not identify themselves that way. Increase the child of God that they are and diminish the sin. Help them with their walk with God and trust in God.Let them choose to change their lives let Jesus change them, get them to trust that the Holy Spirit is their ally and invite Him into their lives.Love the sinner as Jesus did. We have no problem going to the prisons and ministering to murderers,child rapists ect. Why do we have such trouble with homosexuals?A thief is more than a thief in Gods eyes a homosexual is more than a homosexual in God’s eyes. I wont hold the flash light for a thief and I wont marry a homosexual. I will preach and teach to anyone. Reply by Jake Sartwell, Elder+GC on Wednesday Homosexuality is a sin! On this I think we all agree! It is how we deal with it that becomes the sticking point. I have read all or most of the posts on this subject and none of them are that far apart. The main points to this for me are the following: As stated, homosexuality is a sin. It is a sin just as taking the LORDS name in vain, for murder, for not honoring your mother and your father. Using striking your thumb with a hammer as an excuse for using the LORDS name in vain isn’t an excuse! The point I am trying to make is that sin is sin and JESUS DIED ON THE CROSS THAT THOSE SINS MIGHT BE FORGIVEN! Nowhere in the WORD do i see different points for different sins, there isn’t any sin scales to weigh sins on! SIN IS SIN! If we were to turn away all those who have sinned during the week away from church on the Sabbath, the church would be empty! So should we invite our homosexual friends to church? Another question like it would be should we invite those who have taken the LORDS NAME in vain to church? It that light it seems absurd, JESUS came to save the sick, not the healthy! If we attempt to steer clear and not speak to the issue how will they ever get the message that we have to give? As for church leadership, in the role of Elders or of any church leadership should NOT be held by an avowed homosexual who has not declared themselves guilty of the sin of homosexuality and asked JESUS TO FORGIVE THEM! Therein lies the difference, admitting your sin, asking for forgiveness is in my opinion a definite requirement for any leadership role! Doesn’t mean that we don’t LOVE them, BE SURE THAT GOD DOES LOVE THEM. MAY GOD BLESS ALL HOMOSEXUALS, JUST LIKE THE REST OF US! AMEN! Reply by Pastor Greg Streator on Wednesday AMEN Elder Jake – we as leaders need to grow up, put our big boy pants on and realize that we are missing an opportunity to share the love and grace of Jesus Christ with someone who needs it. Didn’t Jesus eat and sit with the leppers, and dine with the prosititues and the drunks – I think I’d be in better company with a sinner than a saint that has forgotten the ways of Jesus!! Reply by Rev. Charles Easterday on Wednesday How sadly true Reply by Rev. Charles Easterday on Wednesday We must all understand that it is the AGENDA of SIN (all sin) to live unfettered by the weight of the Cross of Christ. It is the AGENDA of SIN to eliminate that which restricts it. It is the Prince and principality of sin we fight, not the sinners. They are blinded by the prince of this world. Our prayers should be that Christ gives us his love and mercy in abundance to give the life changing Gospel to free those trapped in sin, ALL sin. There should be no surprise that this worlds darkness is growing even darker. Jesus said it would. Not only will it continue to grow darker but there will come a day when we will, once again, be imprisoned and beheaded for our testimony and they will do so thinking they are doing God a favor. (see Mark the 13 chapter) Neither should we be surprised at sins attempt to hide behind the façade of human rights. Do humans have the right to sin? Yes, and we have the right to receive the due recompense of our sin. We have worked for it, we have earned death, for the wages of sin is death. If we fight sin with anything but the Gospel of Jesus Christ we will lose and continue to be labeled as hate mongers and intolerant. It is not the pointing of fingers that will save the lost it is the blood bought redemption through Jesus Christ. Homosexuality is not crippling our nation, it is the lack of blood on our crosses! God Please Forgive Me! NOTE: Homosexuals Secrets Exposed, Check out A little closer to a decade, Homosexuality (gay and lesbianism) has become a very debatable issue among nations, religions, organisational bodies, families, tribes and many others. This is a very social phenomenon which needs to be addressed with careful and logical reasoning in order not to offend anyone, whichever stand the discussion takes. One cannot just get up to condemn a social issue without thorough analysis. A person must analyse issues psychologically, physically, spiritually, religiously, emotionally, as well as culturally and ethnically. There are some secrets behind the legalisation of gay and lesbian marriage by some world leaders, organisations, some churches or individual pastors, and other religious bodies. The advocators often refer from the Bible ‘Judge not, that ye be not judged’ – in other words ‘do not judge your fellow friend’. This is very interesting quote from the Bible that needs deep thoughts. Human rights and freedom of speech and expressions are also used in defence of homosexuality. Are all things right to do or not? Can immoralities be considered the rights of those in it? Should the judiciary system be abolish or allow to exists? What are the essences of cultural, moral, social, and religious values in a society? This book outlines the key secrets behind the advocacy and legalisation (or acceptance) of gay and lesbian marriage and other social needs which may be considered social problems. BELOW is about the author and links to his books. and Author Maxwell Kobina Acquah who is also known as Kobina Yeful and has a pen name YEFULKAY and preferred to be called Maxwell Kobina Acquah Yeful is anointed Bible teacher and author who write absorbing inspirational books. He found out that knowledge is not manufactured but discovered, and it can only be discovered when one seek the Kingdom of God first. The most precious gift one can ever have is divine knowledge, Matthew 6:33. God is love and He loves us all, He is ready to help anyone who obeys Him. request your copy or copies now. 1. The Church (Is Not What You Think) – ISBN: 978-1-62516-226-7 and Lulu ISBN: 9781304596703 2. There Is A Condition – Recognising The Conditions of Successful Life or and Lulu ISBN: 9781304550842 3. Life After Death (Where Would You Be If You Die Today) – or Lulu ISBN: 9781304556912 4. Eternity Is Just A Step Across The Threshold (originally written by Christine Hillier) – and 5. The Downfall of Man: Is Out of WWH : Lulu ISBN: 9781304919168 6. The World Leaders And Homosexuality Legalisation : The Secret Behind (Volume one -1) Lulu ISBN: 9781312279827 MATTHEW 6:33 – But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. JOHN 14:6 – Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. Jeremiah 30:2 – thus speaketh Lord God of Israel, saying write thee all the words that I have spoken unto thee in a book. About the Author: Support the Author: Write a Review: Contact The Author: The World Leaders And Homosexuality Legalisation The Secret Behind (Volume one -1) ISBN: 9781312279827 Visit or for other books by the author

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