Muslim Refugee American Processing Center List


muslim refugessMost “refugees” are being sent to Christian organizations for processing


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~ by Marianne on April 21, 2015.

6 Responses to “Muslim Refugee American Processing Center List”

  1. […] Source: Muslim Refugee American Processing Center List […]

  2. makes me feel grateful for my life.

  3. The fact that there are Jewish AND Coptic establishments on this list just made my stomach turn – or Spirit- and queasy is not a complete description. I can not even fathom the darkness here and the implications of it……………..

  4. Hello Marianne; Thankyou for the good information on your web site! Very informative! I also have an important 911 message I am sharing with Christians,and handing out fliers re;bible translations,(It appears that you are referancing the NIV Bible)and this is the one I used to use also.Until It finally hit home (that these NIV,ASB,NLT and even the NKJB)are bad translations! Many deletions and additions to make them politically correct and the publishing companies can sell more.But these are actually Blasphemy! Taking out the deity of Christ,his atoning blood and the trinity!Please read the info on my attachment web site and warn others also Thankyou from a Sister in the Lord! Terry

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