Approval is as bad as doing it.


clip_image002.jpgTolerance has replaced God as the most popular religion.


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~ by Marianne on March 31, 2016.

2 Responses to “Approval is as bad as doing it.”

  1. So sad but true!

  2. Yes this is true. as the lord would say.
    Be carful not to be deceived ,
    iv experienced that since iv been on a journey ,years ago before I was a proper Christian , ‘I did not understand, But since I have been and really followed Jesus and over the last 9years since iv been delivered and got baptized, and started having a personal relationship with Jesus and growing with him over time I managed to see and realized the truth of one`s life it self. and we are wrestling against prince of pailaties and power`s which we in this life carn`t see, satin will do what ever he can to trick use while he`s on this earth, so iv came to realize no matter what in this life hand on to Jesus with every thing you have in you, and at time`s the force of our flesh can be strong and hard temptations but slowly one at a time get healing and deliverance, prayed for laying of hands, fasting, to help break this sort of thing in our life`s. like the potter`s wheel. he refine`s use, and if we are willing, and draw closer to him. his presents become so real. its beautiful. and you would never let him go. Amen, Praise our lord,

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