9 Responses to “Benny Hinn and his Mexican Orphanage”

  1. hola, me alegro que se encuentre bien, soy de argentina mi nombre es soledad; me gustaria que ore por mi vida que dios me use como a usted, y por mi familia mi hermana antonella, que no conose a dios, por mi matrimonio y el trabajo de mi marido.
    me gustaria que dios me de la posiblisidad de poder conoserle personalmente.
    quisiera que ore por el ministerio union evangelica en la argentina.
    que dios lo bendiga!!

    • querido soledad

      Lo mantendré en mis oraciones, y rezaré por el ministerio de la Unión Evangélica de la Argentina.

      Dios bendiga a usted también.

  2. i think that benny hinn is a holyman who is real to god. he’s a true saint

  3. unfortunately i doubt if benny hinn is a true saint, but more of a fraud and a false prophet. in the old testiment it talks about the test of a real prophet is easy to determine. does 100% of what comes out of his mouth come true or not?(God could never miss it) now if we have any discernment whatsoever and have researched the man at all, we know that most of what he says does not come to past. 3 examples you can google right now(many, many more though) benny hinn claims the Holy Spirit told him that Fidel castro would die in 1990-we all know that didnt happen–benny hinn claimed that God said he would destroy the homosexual community by 1995–that was obviously a false claim he put on the LORD-benny hinn said that Jesus told him directly that He Will PHYSICALLY show up at one of his conferences on stage with him in Africa back in the 90’s–of course, it never happened. the question i would ask christians who love benny hinn and claim him to be so righteous and honorable–do you love him more or God’s Word and the truth of His holiness more? even if that show done by dateline back in 2002 had some things that might have not been correct-we know they couldn’t have all been lies b/c we can tell benny and the crew are showboating when he is suposedly healing people as they fall flamboyantly across the stage–it’s flashy and sells tickets. let us reason saints and use our discernment and not be lead off a cliff by false teachers and prophets. read the small book of Jude and then please comment for the readers on what you read and googled on the facts of benny hinn. don’t be upset, b/c i use to love me some benny hinn when i was a new christian, but when someone called him out in the things that he was doing were more carnally focused then people i had to do my research on the man. the bible says study to show yourself approved, a workman, that neads not to be ashamed-rightly being able to divide the Word of God.

  4. Benny Hinn is a fraud. His own wife is divorcing him. I have first hand knowledge of this fraud.

    • wow… I had to just look that up about the divorce….you are right about that. I am not surprised.

      This post is just about the orphanage. It is real.

  5. The world is becoming a dangerous place for people who succeeds in life. You knew all about this man why is it now that all and even those coming in from the dead are slacking him off? As far as I am concern he is a true child of God and I do believe in his preaching. His interpretation at times might not suit you but juege for yourself. In fact why are we so quick to put down a general that falls? Benny is proving to the world that he is not a super humanbeing which means he is laible to make mistakes that any one else. Most people especially the gay community are very happy about this divoce news which is sickening. The pathetic case is the fact that thsoe so-called christians are also happy about the situation. The bible in Luke 6:27-29 taks about how we should extend love to our enemies but this has gone down the pan. May God continue to increase him. Benny, if the whole world will flee from you i and my house will continue to pray for you. This is just a phase but you shall bounce back.

    • Dear Dr John Gbla

      You are right. Any believer that falls only hurts the body. The day the internet published the news, it seemed unreal, like a surprise. But, I am not that surprised about the divorce, because I knew them, and knew there were some troubles. When I got the news, I wrote the same day, and offered them comfort and prayers. I think we should all pray for them, as it affects their happiness, and the success of the gospel.

  6. Hi,

    Please read through the messages in this Blog.
    All glory and honor, power and praise, be unto our God for providing us with HIS Word through this blog.
    Send it across and share it with the multitudes who are hungry for HIS Word.

    Freely we received, freely shall we give.



    God bless you.

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