Tisha B’Av 2014


tisha_b'av.jpgLessons from the Jewish history are meant for us also.


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~ by Marianne on August 5, 2014.

3 Responses to “Tisha B’Av 2014”

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    stay blessed

    • warlock

      If you want to critique the JWs, it would be better to have a more scholastic article….the references are vague, speculative or comments may be unsupported with actual proof.

      for example, the man wrote the letter to germany back in the 1930s before the holocaust (1940s) was known about in america.

      if they are racist, then we need actual data on racist activity…not an article from 1906… saying blacks are inferior is one thing , hurting them is another thing. at that time, most blacks were uneducated.

      I do not know where Jehovah lives…I have never been there, so I do not know what life exists in the Pleiades.

      child abuse is a real concern. I would like to see more about that. this is not an issue confined to one group. there are many groups whose members are abusive

      I agree with the comment that most religion is a type of capitalism. that was a brilliant statement!

      this is why I refuse any money for what I do….any help I give is from the heart, and not an effort at making a profit off other people’s problems…and any insights I have and write about is due to the inspiration of Yahweh, and his holy spirit…..so since it is HIS content, not mine, I am not entitled to make a profit off of it

      • Actually it is not popularly known but blacks had more businesses at the turn of the 1900’s than they did in the 1980’s

        A lot of times the media makes it an aim to focus on the uneducated blacks. Black people that black people don’t even knowabout and then try to make it look like everyone was living in this condition. Theother thing to consider is that many historians have knowledge of black civilization that existed before America. These ideas were rampant in colonialists countries not worldwide.

        i just wanted to illustrate a few points, as i know JW’s are always pointing the fingure at otehr groups. Now look at what is going on with them.. This is not to bash them, but if someone is going around claiming to be Jehovah’s prophet, then we should call them out on what they are. You’ll be surprised how many people are unaware of these things.

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