Tsunami dreams/ visions – Summaries


clip_image001.pngI see enough pattern here to feel it is real, and will happen.


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~ by Marianne on March 13, 2018.

5 Responses to “Tsunami dreams/ visions – Summaries”

  1. I have had visions of Tsunami in Australia over the years especially on the East Coast of Australia. Sydney harbour use to be a river with a deep valley around it hundreds of years ago and there is evidence that there was a Tsunami that caused the river to turn into a harbour and Sydney harbour is on the East Coast of Australia. I would not be surprised if the Tsunami was going to happen for the East Coast of the USA.

    There have been a lot of volcanic activity and earthquakes around the ring of fire lately especially Japan, Papua New Guinea. The weather has gone from one extreme to another either very hot or very cold.

    In Australia because of the hot dry summer beef and veal have gone up in prices because of the shortage. They predict a extremely cold winter for Australia plus there has been very bad floods in the Northern Part of Australia (Queensland) just recently – extreme drought to extreme floods.

    England has had extremely cold winter due to the weather patterns changing and I know that the Northern Parts of America has had extreme cold weather over the Christmas period and before that extreme fire danger on the West Coast side.. Animals and people are dying because of this.

    I was reading that there could be a plague disease called Disease X due to chemical warfare over the Middle East. This disease is worse than any flue we have had before so watch your health and immune system.

    The signs of the end days are coming so we have to be prepared for Jesus’s return.

    • lynnette

      down in the notes I have this:

      ACE ACE commented on 2/23/18: I had a dream in 1997 that a massive tsunami wiped out the gold coast Australia. In 2010 i had to stay on the gold coast ,was walking along the beach and i was worried about this ,then God showed me that he had his finger on the pause button. so we got time to get right with GOD.

      I pray that we escape all these things!

      I just a had a dream about leaving on a plane at 2 am. it was 1 and I was trying to get help with a lost suitcase. finally i decided it was more important to get on the plane than to worry about the suitcase. I wonder if this is rapture symbolism.

      the Lord knows we are here, and will rescue us not from trouble, but from wrath. so he will take us before things come that we cannot bear.

  2. Why negative dreams and fear psychosis when GOD has already given you a good president ? Positive Thinking and Praise the lord to change America.

    Visions to younger generation and positive change in USA

    • sunimal

      there will be good and bad until jesus comes.

      so even though we have a good president, this will not change bible prophecy, because such things have to happen before Jesus returns

      his return is a rescue mission for the saints, and a time of judgment and wrath for the wicked

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