Suffering Servant and the Messiah


suffering_servant.jpgThe Suffering Servant has to come first.


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~ by Marianne on September 6, 2013.

2 Responses to “Suffering Servant and the Messiah”

  1. I believe that the suffering servant, is less than a “Man of Judah” or those of the Tradition with the Bar Mitzvah. The Chattel Law of Israel , making the Land, the Harvest, the Cattle and Sheep the Women and the children, are all covered under the Grace of God by God’s Name YAHWEH. Thus the Messiah is consistently revealed as a male child of Israel who would be a first born and exclusively the sole property of Yahweh, and then be rejected by the Jews ,who are the “Men of Judah” making a title distinction between rank of this minion of Bar Mitzvah Jews and all other members of humanity. It is significant that God would come among Israel as a stranger in the land, and received in the tradtion of the paschal Lamb, taken in and loved as an “Only Son” “Yachid” but then since the stranger was meant to be a meal, then comes the heartbreak of the Jewish Tradition to reject the lamb as a man, saying 1. he does not wash the hands 2. he works on the Sabbath. Thus the household the lamb belonged to and was led to believe , he was one of them, now he is singled out to be rejected , because he was sent to be a meal, for the Passover. So, they mourn for the only one , the “Kid” who was rejected by design, and made a lesson. The lamb died to be the meal to sustain the Israelites , so that they would have life in them and strength to go on the Exodus to the Promised Land. Thus the lamb once taken in and adopted as one of the sons of Israel, who played with the other children, sorrowfully , he bowed his head and gave up his life to play a role in the ultimate survival of the people. Having eaten the meal, the spirit of the Passover would dramatically move the people in memorial, until the Messiah. Messiah came and did give himself up as the meal, to sustain the life of the people until they came to the promised place. So the suffering servant is the Holy One, the Yachid, the Only Son, whose sacrifice sustained the others, to ensure life. Lord Jesus Christ.

    • for those who rejected him, they are still in exodus status, or diaspora…..

      but those who accepted him are in a spiritual promised land, awaiting the physical reality of a messianic kingdom

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