A Vision of Heaven


What is heaven like?  Some special thoughts.

Guest Author

Christopher B. Copas

For Heaven is a Place

Where love never wanes,
Where the bond never breaks,
Where none are forsaken,
Where none do forsake.

For Heaven is a Place—

Where none suddenly vanish,
Where none are ever vanquished;
Where all who abide forever shall remain;
Because Heaven is a Place
Where nothing and no one fades;

Because Heaven is a Place

Where none fade away.


For Heaven is a Place

Where every face radiates love and truth and joy fulfilled;
Where all hold hands that are clean and undefiled;
Where all are in love, and abide in love still;
Where there is no more memory of pestilence or pain;
Where there is no more stroke or stress or strain;
Where even the thought of war does not exist;
Where there is no thought of hunger or thirst or dearth;
Where there is no thought of hate to consternate;
Where there is no thought of violence to desecrate;
Where none grow cold or weary or destitute;
Where all are forever found to be worthy;
Where there is no more a need for patience or for hope,
Because hope is fulfilled in love, that is our love,
And patience is fulfilled in freedom, that is our freedom.

For the essence of Heaven is freedom without end.

And the end of this life
Means freedom in the next.

For Heaven is a Place

Where the word "death" is never even uttered;
Where there is no thought of madness;
Where there is no thought of emptiness;
Where there is no thought of ignorance;
Where there is no thought of confusion;
Where there is no thought of anger;
Where there is no thought of angst;
Where there is no clenched fist;
Where there is no cannon to fire;
Where there is no more a need to protect or to defend;
Where politics soon dissipate;
Where there are no stereotypes;
There in Heaven,

Where no fear abides.


For Heaven is a Place

Where all are known and honored and loved and magnified;
Where there are none who covet;
Where there is no jealousy;

Where the laughter of children is an endless rhapsody;
Where peace forever abounds;
Where music, new music, is the sound of every voice,
And where every voice is always heard,
And where there is no more clamor or cacophony or dissidence or discord.

For Heaven is a Place

Where all are of one accord;
Where all are different yet equally the same;
Where there is no more a need to heal or to cure,
Where there are no more shackles;

Where all forever remain free;
Where there is no more loneliness;
Where there is no more doubt or suspicion or worry;
Where all are forever full of trust and trustworthiness;
Where betrayal doesn’t exist.


For Heaven is a Place

Where all are equally loyal, and faithful, and compassionate, and honest;
Where all are equally humble, and generous, and noble, and kind;
Where all has been given,
And where nothing again shall ever be taken away;
Where the only law is the law of perpetual love,
And where everyone loves and is loved to the fullest;
Where no one is ever forgotten, not even for a second;
Where the spirit of love is forever ubiquitous;
Where there is no more a need for debate or for division;
Where all live and move and rest and love together—as One.

For Heaven is a Place

Where there is no more separation, alienation or abandonment;
Where none are ever offended;
Where none cry out or mourn;
Where no heart is ever broken;
Where sorrow isn’t known.

For Heaven is a Place.

Christopher B. Copas

76 Responses to “A Vision of Heaven”

  1. Everyone need to stop and think for a while and realize we can’t stay here forever.We make plans about everything else in the world.Most that i met on this journey feel that it’s only in the church that you prepare the way.We need to dust out our spirit man and just treat people nice day by day.Just being kind that’s all required.

    • Thanks,
      You made me feel better. My mom passed away suddenly at 59..I am a Christian and there have been many signs when my mom passed away.I just miss her so much and although i have faith and life flies by,I still want to call her,
      God bless,

      • Celeste…..

        I know how you feel. My dad passed 3 years ago, and I long to call him too. I miss him so much.


  2. Nice, heaven is sweet what amazing God and Father we have!

  3. Loved this!

  4. Heaven is the place that I want to be! Beautiful Words Christopher Copas .

  5. Sounds wonderful. I remember a little song from the Psalty book and video series for children, we bought them for our daughter:

    Heaven is a wonderful place.
    Filled will glory and grace.
    I can’t want to see my Savior’s face.
    ‘Cause Heaven is a wonderful place.

  6. Looking forward to that great day to come—
    Looking forward to a light that shines beyond the sun—
    Ahead to the mansion on a not so lonely hill—
    Closer to paradise—
    Where love has its eternal hold—
    Away from the storm and the sudden anguish.
    Looking forward, yes forward—
    To that glorious day.

    Many thanks to Marianne, and to all those who took the time to read A VISION OF HEAVEN. And thanks especially to those who took the additional time to post their thoughts. For I am immensely grateful to know that you’re there.

    This work is for everyone. To the nation of a multitude, and to the multitude of nations. To all those who believe, and for all those who may be having their doubts, or who don’t believe at all. May this awaken your belief, and tenderize your heart.

    Yet the purpose of this work, above all things, is to comfort.

    For when we are comforted, our minds become clear, and our hearts receptive.

    For when we comfort others, we prove indeed that our witness is true.

    For this is the key that unlocks the door.

    May you always be a witness.

    May your witness be true.

    May you always be a comfort.

    May you always be comforted.

    Many blessings to one-and-all.

    Dearest Regards,
    Christopher Copas (CBC)

  7. Thank you Marianne and Christopher. Very beautiful and very comforting. We are so focused on the trials at times we forget to “feel the love” along the way…the real purpose of our journey! Thank you, I’m ready!

  8. Hi Elle,

    You’re very welcome. I appreciate you!

  9. And one more thank you from me, Mariel. Love, hoping to see you there

  10. Beautiful poem and picture…a vision to keep in our imagination and heart here on earth.
    It bothers me that so little conversation or writing among Christians is about Heaven. Yet we know we must die. Perhaps we try to be too comfortable with all our gadgets and homes, forgetting that only our love for each other, the ways we show it, are going with us into that other world.

    • Such a profoundly thoughtful and immensely wise response.

      Thank you very much, Deanna!

      • Thanks also to Deanna for mentioning the lead photo. For I was fortunate enough to be where I was, when I was––right to the very millisecond.

        One might choose to call it divine serendipity.

        For when it comes to certain moments, there are no accidents.

  11. I’ve been getting clobbered on the Huffington Post for 6 months…your kind comments are such a balm.
    The new atheists are so self righteous. They really are neo-puritans! I tried to avoid churchy speak and express Christian thoughts in current internet talk…for a 63 year old it has been quite an experience. Made 65 fans, though! Partly for cussing the banks with the real expertise of a 1960s crank.
    Those young atheist kids need prayers.

    • hi Deanna

      I know what you mean. I worked with far left liberal atheists for 30 years T local universities. They are the worst, since they are educated, they consider themselves geniuses. Glad I am retiring next month.

    • I empathize, Deanna. For unfortunately, many of these atheists come from my generation, or those in and around the age of thirty.

      The arrogance, the hubris, and the hauteur of the atheist is truly BEYOND belief.

      And likewise, I have never met a contented or serene atheist.

      For they know the meaning, yet not the practice.

      They also have no sense of humor or proportion. For they are each addicted to their own bitterness, scorn, and hatred. For to these it is a tonic that propels them through the day––as they dastardly and stubbornly refuse to summon the strength, the fortitude, and the humility that it takes to let that anger go.

      For yes, it is an addiction––a metaphysical disease of the soul that only they themselves can conquer. For they have been sorely offended by one who claims to be of YHWH who isn’t, and they seek reprisals by blaming YHWH and all those who believe in YHWH by not believing in YHWH, instead of confronting the person directly responsible for their injury, and moving on––an injury that they themselves rely upon with all their vituperative vim and ever venomous vigor.

      For they wear their atheism as a crutch because it is “chic” and because it gets them the attention they never had as a child.

      The Psalmist states that the atheist is a fool. (Psalm XIV:I)

      Their anger is sadly misdirected. And they know it too. Yet they refuse to admit it, because their rage, their hatred, and their bitterness are all they have left.

      For they are in desperate need of a catharsis.

      Yet they must first be willing to endure it.

      • Well said!
        They have a battery of quotes from atheist writers and they parrot lots of criticism of the cruelties in the Old Testament. I tell them the ancient Hebrews didn’t have the CIA and pentagon to do their dirty work for them at a safe distance.
        But more than that teenage stuff, they have no appreciation for Christian culture…they only count the wrongs. I asked by what authority they would ban polygamy or female circumcision or child sacrifice IF the majority of Americans wanted them. The state and the people can be unstable and wrong…have been often. No replies to that…I got a point.

  12. Marianne, you’re something else…I’m worn out from 5 months on the HP.
    I have learned that Christians need to and are beginning to stick together more, unless they’re the hard shell narrow types. An Orthodox lady there is involved in the movement to reconnect Orthodoxy and Catholicism.

  13. Orthodoxy is probably closest to the old religion. A Serbian friend told me today the churches there are a thousand years old. But Catholicism is more active and out there. They belong together, but the Pope thing has to be settled. As a Catholic I think no secondary thing like the Pope should stop the reunion. I pray for all who believe in the triune God who came to prove His love for us will be one.

  14. As Christ said ‘The Kingdom of God is within YOU’. So seek within and if you put in a lot of effort you might make it past the third heaven.

    • Be ye holy, as I am holy. {Leviticus 11:44-45, 19:2, 20:7, 20:26}

      For when we choose to obey, we show that we are worthy.

      And the Highest Heaven is like the Garden of Eden without the serpent––with far more life, and with far more love than most have ever dreamed of––with eyes that can see into eternity, and for eternity––with ears that shall always hear the voice of our loved ones––with words that very few on earth can presently utter––because they are so resplendent, and sublime, and rhapsodic, and eternal––that if we were to hear those words in the here and now, continually––our labours would thus cease, and we would always be at rest.

      For there is still more work to be done.

      Yet this indeed is the Kingdom of Heaven.

      For where there is love, there is never failure.

  15. For anyone who reads this…God bless you. Let’s keep up our morale and be grateful for the little happy things in life…which are really not so little at all, but kisses from God.

    • Greetings, Deanna, and Blessings!

      Yes, I agree––the simplest moments in life are many times the most profound, and promising, and precious, and enduring.

      For no two moments are ever the same. Examine them and see––each moment, like the one before, is never what it was, though forever it shall be.

      And what it is now, it shall not be tomorrow.

      For the flesh may change, but the heart lives on. Our bones may one day lie desolate for a moment, but not the love that MADE those bones––to breathe, to walk, to run, to protect, to defend, to grieve, to comfort, to possess, to love and to live forever inside of memories––yes, memories that shall never die––because those memories are carved indelibly into the spiritual rock and flesh of our hearts.

      For those memories are what bind us together. For those memories endear us to one another––even to the stranger in a far and distant country, or century of yore.

      For those memories instruct us of the future––our future.

      For our memories indeed are the prophecies of our lives.

      • For though time marches on to a brand new day, and though each moment changes beyond the sudden dawn, there are still certain moments that live within us forever, that transcend change, and space, and age.

        For this is the difference between a moment that lives beyond, and one that lives and loves within.

        Yet nevertheless, like Paul Simon said in “Old Friends/Bookends”––

        Preserve your memories. They’re all that’s left you.

        Yet I write not only of tangible memories, but of those that live within us––that none can ever take away. For this is what I mean––when describing those moments that are the most profound, and promising, and precious, and enduring.

        May God Bless All.

  16. “kisses from God.”

    That is sweet. I think about that whenever my dogs “kiss” me…especially if I am sad-they always know how I am feeling and try to cheer me up 🙂

    Interesting how animals are very sensitive to our emotions. After my father’s funeral, I went to the barn to help me deal with my grief. The horses were already in their stalls when I got there and usually they were fired up and wanting out-pawing, kicking the stalls and carrying on.

    This time they were very quiet and each one let me pet them…it was strangely quiet in the barn needless to say and it felt as if they “knew” and were saying they were sorry by their silence. My horse let me just hug on him and cry.

    G-d’s creatures are simply amazing and I would venture to say that they are indeed “kisses from G-d”.

    Thanks Deanna!! 🙂

    • Dear Lyndsey,

      I share your love and joy for the Animal Kingdom, especially for horses. For despite being profoundly restless, they are truly most serene, and beautifully sagacious, and marvelously sensitive.

      For they recognize the integrity of our hearts.

      For they sense when we have been bereft of our loved ones, I believe, through certain chemical reactions that occur when we grieve.

      For their hearts many times beat beside our own.

    • Although I grew up closer to the city, I now live at the edge of some very capacious forestry that ends in a wide open field in the “veranda of dreams”––ripe with a broad panorama of many spectacular and diverse creatures––those, such as an ever precious family of agile deer, both timid yet daring; a rather reclusive and independent chipmunk that moves about when all is quiet and still; an eccentric groundhog that I surnamed Leroy, who, while eating his clover suddenly rises like a giant cobra to smell the winds of change; a highly clever and subtle raccoon, with an amazing and timely prescience and reverence for his fellows; a few savage coyotes that howl hysterically with every appearance of the moon, twain harvest and pallid; several determined polecats, who let nothing stand in their way––(wink, wink); a squirrel or two, who have cracked every walnut on the property, without fail; a family of gorgeous golden brown rabbits with deeply perceptive eyes; and a whole host of glorious birds, mostly in season, who sing the music of angel mist and a soft, caressing breeze.

      Yet despite all this, it would be absolutely grand to have a horse or two around. For I enjoy the idea of the discipline and the care involved, along with the abundant fresh air. To me, it would be immensely peaceful to know that they were there––that I could also count on them, as they always could with me. For they have a tenderness, a decency, and a gentility about them that surpasses many of us humans. Their strength is always graceful––and the beauty of their soul can always be seen in their seemingly omniscient yet all-approving eyes. And, with my being a percussionist, I admiringly relish in the resonance of their rhythm––that forever sonorous and reverberating rhythm of each and every mesmerizing hoof as it tramples on the ancient dust––producing a fierce, almighty, and spellbinding sound.

      For it makes one feel forever alive.

      For to me they define the rhythm of the universe.

      • I LOVE the sound of horses running. My horse is currently at a training facility where they also train Tennessee Walking Horses for shows. One horse in particular, Jet, is incredible. The first time I “heard” him I was awestruck. No one said a word as you could hear the rythmic beat of his hooves beating the ground as he also snorted along sounding like a freight train. Just incredible!! I always ask when they are riding him so that I can be there to see and hear him!

        And no matter how hard a day I may have had, it has always puzzled me how I feel such joy and peace when I am around them. I have gone to the barn several times with a horrendous headache and each time my headache was gone after being there in their presence.

        Get some horses Christopher!!

      • My horse’s feet are as swift as rolling thunder
        He carries me away from all my fears
        And when the world threatens to fall asunder
        His mane is there to wipe away my tears.
        ~Bonnie Lewis

  17. Lyndsey I’ve had many experiences with animals like that…they know your emotions sometimes better than you do.

    When I was only 8 a dear horse named Henry was hurt when lightning struck his favorite tree and it fell on his shoulder. No one could ride him for 2 years. I went up to hug him and touched his sore place, and he spun around to kick. So I went off to cry. My head was in my arms crying and suddenly there was this big red head in my lap, resting on my chest.

    Their comfort is so effective because they have no ego, no self consciousness. Thank you for your story. I hope your Father feels very close and you’re feeling better now.

  18. I read once in ancient Jewish writings, animal spirits go back to G-d, and give account of their owners. If we show G-d’s word to our pets, which is love, then they will give a good report on you when they make it back to G-d.

  19. That’s a hopeful thought, Leatherneck…I need it. I was always a churchgoer with a conscience that was pretty strict on myself…social issues, etc. But the past few years I’ve had to care for my grandchildren every day, look after a large family and many animals whom I love…so sometimes it’s almost impossible to go to Mass..and you know how severe the Catholic church is about that!. So these moments here mean a lot to me.

  20. Hi! Dear Brothers and Sisters, in Christ! Thank you, for accepting me, to be a free member partner of Heaven Awaits! Cordially, Afeni! Dear God, the Heavenly Father, Son, Lord Jesus, and Holy Spirit, may I please stay supernaturally,in Heaven, a place and state of mind, where there is not sin, violence, pain, suffering, and sorrow: those heavenly places, the ones without harshness? Thank you, and Love, plus Like Afeni, always, Ever!

    • hi afenimakebenelson777

      You are most certainly welcome. May God bless you and keep you under his wings, for all good things to come your way.

    • Dear Afeni:

      Your words are like the music of Isaac Albéniz!

      You are truly an inspiration!

      Best Always,
      Christopher (CBC)

  21. Welcome, Afeni! God bless all here!

  22. Jesus taught ‘The Kingdom of God is within YOU’. The bible also tells you that there are many heavens.

  23. This indeed wonderful.
    “o lord please give me grace to live to your expectation”

  24. This indeed wonderful.
    “o lord please give me grace to live to your expectation”
    people need to know that this is where God is in viting us to.peopl need to away from sin.because is only sin that prevent any one of being there.
    please keep up the good work.your reward is in heaven.

  25. The poem is very beautiful, however, I get a different idea of what “heaven” is from what the Bible says about heaven.

    Heaven is called the “firmament” Genesis 1:8. The firmament is what divides waters — the waters above it and the waters under it –
    Genesis 1:6-7. Heaven is a place that is FIRMLY aware of the different kinds of waters and therefore the waters have been separated — just like the “light” has been divided from the “darkness” – Genesis 1:4. One can liken “waters” to the essence or main ingredient or life blood of any given principle, thing, effect, etc. Therefore, part of the waters were good or beneficial for life without harmful consequences — and part of the waters were evil with harmful consequences for life. All the untold variations of the waters were known to the Great Spirit or God, and each had been thoroughly tested until it was a known fact how each affected life on earth — IT WAS FIRMLY ESTABLISHED — A FOUNDATION WAS LAID and it is known as “heaven” or the “firmament” where everything is divided and stored, so to speak. There is no further testing to be done of the different waters — their effects are known and will never change — they always act and react, each to its own nature or essence. Each type of water with its own essence is a “law” unto itself.

    The Bible is full of verses stating that the Great Spirit God is the only one who manages or controls heaven or the firmament. He is the only one who knows the nature of all the different elements or essence of the waters and how they act.

    Some people believe that “paradise” is the same place as “heaven.” The Greek 3857 means a park or Eden. Eden 5731, 5730, 5727 – pleasure, delight, soft, delicate.

    My idea is that “heaven” is managed by the Great Spirit God who keeps all the evil aspects of life in their proper place and only uses them to counter-balance whenever TOO MUCH PLEASURE is around or used, which then causes TOO MUCH GOOD TO BECOME BAD, in which case evil will bring the good back into its proper place. An example would be eating too much sweets which are pleasant or “good” can cause a toothache, belly ache, rotten teeth, etc., etc., so when the belly ache happens (evil/bad) it causes the use of the sweets to be used less. This is another example of what the FIRMAMENT or HEAVEN is all about and how God BALANCES the elements concerned with LIFE. God knows the strict unchanging nature of all the different waters and the consequences they bring about which are laws unto themselves.

    However, here on earth mankind is striving TOO HARD to achieve the PLEASANT VOLUPTOUS (gratification of the senses) things of life and man does not and can not BALANCE the waters correctly like God can. Man has been granted the ability to TRY to be like God, but he can not balance things on earth like it is done in heaven.

    In summary, in order to be in heaven, one needs to whole heartedly want the Great Spirit God to enter into his soul and then listen and obey what He wants one to do. The SELF will no longer be around — it is only on earth that mankind is his own boss. Yes, mankind will then be able to correctly enjoy the pleasures that a properly managed heaven can bring about. Yes, mankind has the notion or idea that heaven is a place of pleasure for him, but it is a place that will be controlled by God and not man, who must give up his SELF in order to get there.

    Hope this wasn’t confusing. I have a word list explaining words and how they tell this story.

  26. You’ve written a beautiful theological thesis in plain language…we will never stop growing in love and truth.

  27. Can I play computer games in heaven and have my favorite dolls with me? Wouldn’t it be very boring to not eat, take bath whole day because we don’t have these needs? Also, worshipping God most of the time, wouldn’t it be boring as well? I am afraid I can’t get over it as it lasts for eternally.

    • dear PG

      God will give you many happy things to do. You will not be bored.

      • I hope so! 😉 maybe as the process of being glorified, we will forget all sorrows and pain, and so as the memory of materialistic things, it could be a sad thing to happen to lost all cool stuff on earth like watching TV, listening to like pop music…but forgotten is forgotten for the sake of goodness I guess. I now find out that I love life on earth and so as the heaven. Anyway, thank you for your hopeful thoughts, I think there could be more stuff better than here, like endless joy and love with God and other brothers or sisters…I keep thinking about heaven these days, I must have been really anticipating it. But yeah, I still love life being a human and so as a spirit, I guess.

        Since we may have some free will to request, like if I request God a broken doll on earth which I love so much but it is not a spirit, but non living, would he be able to revive it to a normal state and give it to me within a non physical condition? I know I sound weird but because I can’t move on my life without it, I am afraid I may be heart broken to lose it “forever”…even if it is on ashes, a vision of its appearance is also preferable…perhaps I won’t get it because it is breaking the law of physical matters…etc…?

        • In heaven, god will give you the desires of you heart. I think there is a doll waiting for you there that you will recognize. 🙂

          • How sweet would that be! I still can’t comprehend within my limited wisdom of how God can capture all our past memories and experience to judge and evaluate in the aftermath. He goes through deep in our hearts and know every motives of our own and willings, emotions, he is like he could do everything just as he said so in the bible, plus reversing an object from ashes or at least recapturing the exact substances. I wish God guide me to be a humble person, for not only he saved my worthless soul but also blessed my life with stability and wisdom, I MUST be thankful and not only that but to worship him…walk with God…I feel the ability to be like him without sinful thinking, even we are both with the inclination of evil things, as you said so it is not impossible to be like children, stay purified…IF we are really sorry as you had also once mentioned that if a person is really sorry, he would commit in order to obtain fairness. So, it is a definite improvement into changing oneself into a better being, closer to holiness. Thus, a break through of the common Plague of the evil human revolution. I think I am going to be a better person, even not as soon as expected, the urge of my soul will soon over the temptations of sinful things, yet there will be bad things on my way, as if my faith is strong and solid to God, why wouldn’t it be my faith in changing to be less sinful? Anyway, thank you for all your answers, it really helps me getting back to Christianity. I kept evaluating about good and evil, perhaps there are just too much unwanted things that do happen on earth. There are news from killing the innocence based on intolerance, greed and such to sacrificing one own live without realizing how precious they are, I mean before dying, there may be at least more hope than giving up, because once they are gone, they are left with nothing. I watch the news everyday, of many times are Revolting. Back on topic, I bet people living I heaven are all everlastingly joyful and full of happiness regardless of all things.

  28. Looking forward to that wonderful place our Heavenly God had prepared ahead of us who believe through His son Jesus Christ the only way to that eternal life!

  29. Well much of it was good, but why no mention of CHRIST? The author says “the essence of Heaven is freedom” but that is not true. The essence of Heaven is CHRIST. For all things were created by CHRIST and for CHRIST. So i don’t know what he meant by that, unless he meant freedom
    from sin. But the poem does not lead one to think of that, the way it is worded.

  30. Amazing words Chris.thanks.

  31. Hey Dear Celeste — and thank you for your kindness.


    My own precious Mom passed away in 2008 at a similar age.

    Yet even with death we are left with a gift — which is the legacy of their love, in the indomitable form of “Memories.”

    For with these very “Memories” we can actually go back in time (within our own minds) to cherish anew all the blessed occasions that we have each experienced with our loved ones. Then the same joy that was shared during those very special moments can be translated again and reborn into the present day.

    For just as with Jesus, the essence of Heaven is freedom without end — which is as limitless to the spirit as the very air we breathe.

    Thus, it may seem as if your Mom is right there by your side — because the spirit knows no bounds when it comes to the love that binds.

    That is one of the many gifts of Paradise — being able to see those (like us) who have been left just a footstep or two behind — who feel such an extraordinary and immense jubilation in our behalf — because they can see where every road leads — while we many times cannot.

    For in the sacred realm above — the past, present and future entwine as one.

    Therefore, to comprehend time is to seize upon the timeless.

    For what the mind forgets yet seeks not to lose — the heart shall forever retain.

    For the knowledge of their love shall always see us through.

    • I believe My grandsons and I had a glimpse of heaven. On July 12, 2013 we were invited to a wedding rehearsal in the afternoon that Friday, it was a clear and beautiful day. The rehearsal and wedding was to take place at my sisters house out in the country. The rehearsal was over shortly after 5:00 and the grandchildren played with the other children outside in the 2 acre yard. My 11 year old grandson came up to me and asked me to hold his eyeglasses and before I could answer he said never mind Grandma, I’ll just put them in my pants pocket and went off to play. Shortly thereafter I decided to take my 11 year old and 5 year old grandsons to McDonald’s since the dinner wasn’t to be served until 7:00 pm. Because they were hungry. We had dinner at McDonald’s then went back to my sister’s house. The boys went about playing with the other children around the yard. Shortly later, my 11 year old grandson said he lost his glasses. We searched the yard but could not find the glasses, then I thought we might have left them at McDonald’s. So, both my grandchildren drove to search the McDonalds, to no avail. As we drove back to my sister’s house, we turned on to her road and as we winded through the heavily tree lined road, we saw before us, glistening down on the wet road was beautiful rays of light shining on one part of the road ahead with smoke filtering throughout the lit area, the rays were like a spotlight on the road and as I drove through it, I looked up to the top of my windshield to see where the rays we’re coming from which was hard to tell as the rays we’re coming through from to tops of the trees that overhung the road. I said I my grandchildren, “this must be what it’s like to go to heaven!” I continued to drive up the grade of the hill in the road and looked into my outside rear view mirror and saw nothing showing of what we drove through and on that westward road, the sun was setting lower in the sky than what I had previously viewed above us as we drove through this serene phonominon. Interestingly, the location of this experience was significant as it was just in front of my grandsons’ great grandparent’s house who lives on that road. A very extraordinary experience and the glasses were never found.

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  33. There are many heavens that outnumber the earth. God is righteous and fills the space with love and not sin.

    Isaiah 65:17 “For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind.”

    Isaiah 66:22 “For as the new heavens and the new earth, which I will make, shall remain before me, saith the LORD, so shall your seed and your name remain.”

    2Peter 3:13 “Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.”

    Revelation 21:1 “And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.”

    Notice: heavens = plural, earth = singular

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  35. In their efforts to purify the Christian religion some protestant groups stripped the Apostles creed of the Holy Spirit, the Communion of saints, the universal church idea, and also the resurrection of the body. This left many bereaved people with a cerebral, icy dogma and a glass ceiling.

    The Catholic church did this some, too with Jansenism, etc. Those folks taught that the Father’s love cannot be experienced at all on earth…only after death. It was declared a heresy, but it lingers.
    This lack of old fashioned Christian consolation ran many straight into the arms of new age, occult, spiritism, which promise a warmer comfort but don’t deliver. Since its reform, the English church left a whole country enthralled with things like Harry Potter and merlin and white witches..

    As a Catholic I wish I could promise you more of the old faith…the faith in Shakespeare…in the RC Church…but as we all know the modern church has gone full tilt into social issues and worldliness.
    If you really miss someone who has died remember the consolation of the old communion of saints, which is of the heart and sometimes has hints and innocent dreams but can’t be forced or manipulated….the ketys of death are in Jesus’ hands…and only in His hands. God bless all here…love you.

  36. heaven is a place of eternal joy

  37. journey to paradise ministries is started with word of God.

  38. Oh sorry I know you feel like when I lost my mom in may 2015,65.
    At times I remember the moments
    we used to share Ideas and how she would smile at my comments,
    I used to enjoy her parental advice
    of Puting God first,and always to work hard tireless,back ward never, forward ever.

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