Do people hate you on sight?


Did you ever wonder why some people hate you as soon as they lay eyes on you?

It could be a new social group (school, church, etc), or a job interview, or a new neighborhood.

They do not know you. They have not spoken to you, in any meaningful way yet. You have not done anything wrong. But the look in their eyes is total disgust or repulsion.

You suddenly feel insecure, or uncomfortable around these people, and you can feel the coldness.

You are definitely in trouble. And it will not go away. Do not delude yourself.

This is NOT a personality clash. You have not yet revealed your personality to them, so this is not it.

When someone hates you as soon as they see you, it is because they themselves have demons, who recognize the holy spirit who covers you.

Then the demons influence the person who has them, and you get a negative reaction.

This is a spiritual situation, and the spirits involved are not those of the humans present.

Spirits can communicate with each other, without the humans knowing about it.

*** Note: This is how psychics work. They have demons who get information about you, from the demons hovering near you, or assigned to you. Then, the demon reveals the information to the psychic, who then gives you a reading.

In the diagram below, the positive (+) person has the Holy Spirit (yellow). The negative person (-) has the demon (black). The two spirits over the people are aware of each other, and react to the other one.


The Holy Spirit is positive, but will be aware of the demon of the (-) person, and allow you to be uncomfortable. This is a warning to that something is wrong, and to avoid the other person – there is some danger. The (+) person reacts with discomfort.

The demon is aware of the “rejection” by the Holy Spirit, feels insulted, and reacts with anger, hate, rejection, also. The feelings are passed onto the (-) person, who feels justified in hating the (+) person, without knowing why. Their response will be irrational, and will be negative in general.

What to do:

If it is an optional relationship, you can just walk away, and dissociate yourself, thus protecting yourself from further rejection.

If the acceptance of the other person is critical, and not optional, then you must act.

Pray, and heed the direction of the Holy Spirit

Cover yourself with the blood of Jesus, and ask for a hedge of protection to be put around you.

Request pray coverage from others, and ask them to stand in agreement with you.

Prayer of agreement:

Everyone cover you with the blood of Jesus, and ask the Father in Jesus name.

Everyone agree with you that you will find favor with people, and that God will bless you efforts.

May the Father God send angels to do battle for you, so that you can get some rest from the spiritual battle, be refreshed, and achieve the success you deserve.

Even if others do have demons, pray a veil over you, so that the demons will be blind to you, and unable to discern your spirit, and attack you.

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    • Oh wow this makes so much sense to me – it explains why I have lived such a lonely life -I have had it so much through my life and not understood it – I especially had this reaction from women that I met for the first time – I had not even spoken to them and then I would just become aware that they really didn’t like me and no matter what I did I couldn’t change that – in fact it happened so much in my life and with no one to give me wise counsel I believed that there was something really wrong with me and got into bondage with these people due to pursueing them to prove to them that I was in fact OK and in fact a kind friendly person, but to no avail – I just ended up hurt and abused and I could not change their judgement of me. Now praise God I am at the place where I know that the problem is with them and I am (through the Lord’s divine guidance) starting to extricate myself from these demeaning relationships. I feel that I don’t need acceptance from these people anymore – if they don’t like me it doesn’t matter anymore – God loves me. Thank you for your revelation. God Bless. Jan.

      • hi Jan

        I am glad you are getting insight into this.

        Like you, I thought it was “me” for a long time. I even thought I must have a personality disorder, where people immediately saw something negative or defective about me.

        Stick up for yourself. You have value. God made you that way.

        With God on your side, you can accomplish much for yourself, and for Him.

        • This has definately got to be true – as a child I was a reject for no reason.

          When I was “possessed” I got on so well with everyone, also my physical problems went away – I have dyspraxia which means I can’t control my coordination very well so my writing is terrible, I could never do physical things etc….

          When I was possessed I literally thought the opposite that I had the Holy Spirit and that it gave me the power to be “normal”, I was putting up cupboards in my mums kitchen, holding conversations with builders and the like who usually are people I really can’t relate to, identifying Freemasons, occultists and the like before even speaking to them and they were shocked at how I knew….

          Now I’m back to my old not quite perfect nervous system, low ability to communicate with most people through their prejudgment of me, inability to know things beforehand about people, but happy to be this way as this is who I am and God accepts me like this rather than as a demon possessed popular, able bodies, quick witted, psychic genius that blasphemes thinking he’s saying the correct thing and makes people feel bad while thinking he’s saving them….

          I’m proud to be a social disaster 😀

          • you are not a disaster to God., or me

            • Thanks! Was meant in jest though – I’d rather be imperfect in body and serve God than be perfect bodies and powerful and serve myself or the devil, and wish more people would think the same way.

              • Well said and I really needed those words. I have had people (therapists) and friends tell me that people recognize the holy spirit in me and is why I get negative reactions before even speaking. This happens too often to be coincidence. What you said is what I have often thought. Thanks.

              • Hello D
                So are you saying that you thought you had the Holy Spirit but you now believe that you were acctualy possesed, but now you aren’t possed but you are a Christian?

            • That’s Good I Like To Hear That From You!

            • Marianne, the same thing happens to me as well. I have always believed it to have been perpetual bad luck, but now it is starting to make sense, thanks to you. I am a Hindu by birth, but I’m spiritually more aligned to Christianity, having studied in a Christian missionary school.

          • God bless you and heal you inside and out in Jesus name I pray. Amen.

          • But many gifts given by God include prophecy and discerning of spirits; Holy Spirit allows them to know hidden information about a person before having actually been told by the person, themself. There’s nothing wrong with that.

            Also, I thought the opposite would be true- being possessed is what causes ailments and disorders by the entities effects, whereas, being free of demonic debris allows healing to take place. When I was in a tight union with God, was when my chronic ocd practically disappeared almost overnight. Now I’m on shaky spiritual grounds, and find myself at an all time battle with this annoying nervous disorder-!

        • People probably hate many of you because you aren’t likable to begin with. It has Nothing to do with Jesus or being ‘Chosen’ unless you are disliked for your Faith. Being disliked as a person is MUCH different. Some people are simply ‘dislikable’ in looks and mannerisms. Maybe you should do a Major Self Inventory before just believing that you are disliked because Jesus was disliked. All of this sounds like it has NOTHING to do with Jesus and Everything to do with you guys. Maybe you have a ‘bad spirit’ or ‘aura’ that is easily recognizable. Most people aren’t evil. Only some, not everyone you meet. Take a good look at yourself.

          • Peace to you but how can someone not be likable it doesn’t make sense everyone’s beautiful we all make mistakes but that’s very sad the way it was said sorry I respect your opinion but at the same time u say most of you aren’t likable ( probably ) I just feel I am not for that! And its okay if u disagree just think that it doesn’t sound right that’s very wordly! Jesus isn’t included like included included , I think people are saying his name because God created us and Jesus plays a big part to saving us we need God and Jesus and I think people would know who they are I think its mostly evil around the world demons around and I have experienced this no. Stop everyday but I just try and not to judge I get a little mad because its not normal for someone to start for more than a few seconds well 3 minutes looking at someone isn’t right even my friend thought I was paranoid then she later years later actually noticed it and was like WOW! U are right people like it doesn’t matter this world is controlled by SATAN the people who have high egos and think they are better and those demons need to be cast out. It’s society not some majority of people aren’t kind kind hearted i am not sure but I am not judging where I live its a big city and people aren’t all too friendly yes they’re will be some and I noticed only once in a while eg. I would receive a mind gesture out of no where from someone And most days I would observe and see the world and people are so caught up and blind so to those who are so much more beautiful hearted i think I understand we’re they are coming from its evil and demons and people minds are so caught up in this world I bet most don’t even care they act but its mostly evil. a cruel and evil world. The world iisnt bad because of the bad people its not working because the ones have something to say that would help and be so world changing are silent we live in SATANS playground so most of things around us would be controlled by him I think its not those who u think aren’t unlikable of course everyone is its the person who is against that’s just plain evil

            • well then, get more assertive and strong and ask WHAT are they looking at? and tell them they are rude to stare

            • I tottaly agree sista everyone seems to blind to the fact that this world is getting further and digger from gods try will for this planet only a matter it time before the tempory owner show his face

            • I wholeheartedly agree with you! ! For years no one believed that this was happening to me, they thought I was crazy. It was when a friendship formed with a neighboring friend of the company I worked for, that my accusations were confirmed as true. During his many visits, on several occasions to chat, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing….over and over again! Without me having said a word about my situation beforehand, he pointed this out and became overtaken by concern+ shock. He noticed that random people; strangers, usually women, would take just glance at me at twist and turn their faces, sneer at me, all sorts of spiteful behavior/body language that just isn’t normal or reasonable. Many times they’d dart after me to give me a hard time. The friend often intervened for me. Bless his soul.

              The company’s friend is a Christian and I feel that God sent him into my life to confirm all that I was experiencing, that I wasn’t insane, these things were very much real. Still to this day I thank him. I was so relieved, like I could finally breath -! Before that no one believed me, at home or workplace; management team would blame me for everything when in fact I was being targeted mercilessly, almost on a daily basis…and this friend saw with his very own eyes how I was hounded. Evil spirits. But this friend also mentioned that curses do exist where occult work can be done on you, to make people despise you wherever you go. I believe it, because my parents are from the Caribbean where voodoo is widely practiced and have heard and seen plenty regarding such. Many Christians are very oblivious to its occurence/existence, but living in ignorance is a disfavor to oneself as it shields the eyes from the truth. Works done to have the world plague you are effective through the unleashing of demonic spirits who influence others to attack you. It happens.

              For the past 15 yrs, I’ve ran out of fingers to count the times people in my extended circle have noticed this abnormal, reoccurring “bad luck”. Without a word on my part, they saw for themselves and made their comments; everything from: Gee, the Devil be riding you big time!…to…You better go sprinkle holy water on yourself.…Girl, something is after you…to…something bad is always happening to you…and those are just a few-!! Lol.

              So, yeah, I can definitely relate to most people on here! 😉

          • To beautiful soul:Have you ever looked at someone whom you have never seen and you disliked them, but not because they are rude, but because you did not understand them or for some other reason you cannot decipher? If you have these perceptions again, perhaps you can politely get to know the person and ask them if they are a christian. You will be quite astounded to see, that just as you have suspected them of being an evil person, that so have many other people who are meeting us (Christians) for the first time! Thanks for understanding.

            • I can honestly say in my 37 years I have never not liked someone just by looking at them. How unfair is that??? God tells us to think more highly of others that we do ourselves and I do that by default.

              • Kim, the bible does not say that we
                as Christians would hate strangers…
                it said unbelievers would hate
                Christians, because in the same way
                they hated Jesus. If a Christian looks
                at anyone with instant hatred, then
                that would be a problem. Maryanne is
                looking at it from the perspective of
                a Christian being treated unfairly, when
                no real interaction has taken place.
                If you are filled with the Holy Spirit,
                the spirit in you would love the person
                no matter what. We are dealing with
                demonic or unbelieving spirits here,
                not the other way around. We might
                be unlikeable to
                someone after hanging around each other
                for a while. But when someone hates
                us AUTOMATICALLY, on sight,
                when we’ve done nothing
                to merit that, that is what the issue is

          • well said that puts things into balance.

          • Judy, I will try to keep this as polite as possible. The above article was
            written by someone describing a person that had not done anything
            unlikeable and did not even have a chance to interact with someone
            for a few seconds before they responded negatively to them. This is
            not about someone being “unlikeable” to one or two other people,
            this is someone getting a negative reaction when they have done
            NOTHING to merit it. If you are a christian and you have never
            gotten an undeserved reaction from anyone ever even though you
            were not doing anything to deserve it, I would start to wonder why.
            The bible says that if the world hated Jesus, they would hate us as
            His followers also. That does not mean we should not do all we can
            to get along with people and certainly to love them, but we know in
            our hearts if we deserve someones dislike or if they are reacting
            to us in a way that does not really make sense. This has happened
            to me more times than I can count, yet I’m not a mean or disagreeable
            person. I’m not perfect but I do love people and always trying to give
            the benefit of the doubt. There is an unseen war going on in the
            spiritual realm that we cannot see with our eyes. I think that the more
            a person has the annointing of God on their lives, the more these
            things happen. The key is to love, forgive and pray for the ones
            that treat us in an unfair way; all by the grace of Jesus. You can have
            a lack of favor with a person and yet be highly “favored” by God.
            This does not mean that God loves one person more than another.
            It just means that He has a close relationship with that person
            who has accepted His Son, Jesus,as their Lord and Saviour, and
            loves Him.

            • Linda, my sister, you have explained this very well. I have many times gone through this dislike by people that dont even know me . my 7 year old son too and now i know why… coming across this article today has been a revelation and am thankful for my eyes have opened!! its not me. its not him, we have done nothing wrong to deserve any type of hostility from these people. There is nothing wrong with me! ;). I am a very kind giving person who like to live in peace with people if possible. I always try to see the good in people. I aggre to your comment here, The key is to love, forgive and pray for the ones that treat us in an unfair way; all by the grace of Jesus.
              I have been liberated!! am free! and I will pray continuosly and I praise the Lord above for revealing this to me!!
              Glory to your name Jesus!!♥♥

          • I see what your trying to do here. Stop trolling Satan! Jesus says if they hated me they will hate you also. Stay on point.

            • amen

              • I’ve been literally tormented by this hate on site for the past 12 years.It is truly demonic.Jesus told us to pray constantly to our Heavenly Father for His Holy that will give us courage , strength to endurance til the end.Marianne my email is If you wouldn’t mind I would like to share with you a little more in depth my experiences and gain some of your insight.Thank you for this revelation of spiritual warfare and my God bless you

          • I don’t have time to go over everything that has happened to me, but here is just a few segments for the person who said it may be you and not spiritual warfare. First of all I want to thank you for being so brutally honest and to the point., you may in fact be correct in many of these purported spiritual bullied victoms being nothing more than what you said, but I have news for you only the grace of God has kept me from disaster especially in the area of hated on site.
            Let me explain as I said it will only be segmented for purposes of getting the meat and potatoes situations I HAVE HAD TO INDURE
            1.Walking into a restaurant lounge and having the doorman stick his finger in my chest on the way in.
            2.Being introduced to a brother of a girl i just meet in a well dressed and fun atmosphere, and upon shaking hands being told to go,,,,,f myself.
            3.Standing in line getting ready to order a sub sandwich, everyone was greeted very cordially and professionally and the line was moving swiftly, when it was my turn same counter person said in the most condescending way possible , what do you need? , it was so well placed below the belt that in an instant I was over the counter in hot pursuit of this poor now screaming for his life clerk that when I retreated back to the restaurant the owner said I saw and heard exactly what he did and made me a beautiful free sub sandwich of my choosing
            4. I was waiting for service at a very nice restaurant lounge admittedly very busy and patently waited my turn to order when it became apparent by not one by three different servers who looked intersecting enough directly at me but then very similarly turned around when a much larger and elderly but disquished type of man standing next to me suddenly barked a command that you could have heard from across the pond to England and back to take my order in which they did very quickly I might add.
            I have had numerous instances of not just blatant disrespect directed at me from complete strangers in a mired of different situations but they add and extra eliminate of letting you know it is a deliberate act to disregard your presence, yesterday in fact a women that lives in our community pulled out a gun on a dog I own that was not pursuing her and claimed she was being attacked. The day before that I recall her walking by me and deliberately, sickeningly, obviously turned her head away and eyes to the sky when I walked passed her,

          • Reply to ‘Judy’ who left a nasty comment about the people under attack being the problem. You are clearly not of God or you would know the same persecution. You say that people who are attacked must by ugly or annoying. Exactly the opposite in many cases. People become obsessed with me and want to find bad in me. They become infuriated and believe I’m hiding something. There is no sense to these attacks it is driven by envy, jealousy, hatred and evil. They imagine me to be something I’m not. I am very close to God and people definitely see something in me. I have a non-Christian friend and he has seen it for years and years that people behave in very strange and vicious ways towards me AFTER I have only done them good. There is no explanation for this. No earthly explanation anyway. Many people preach that when you give your life to Jesus all your problems will be over and if they aren’t it means you are an evil sinner. Again, exactly the opposite it true. Jesus said ‘in the world we have have tribulation. Jesus was sinless but he was viciously persecuted and ultimately murdered by religious people. THAT is what happens to you.

          • Why are you even here? I bind you up in Jesus name…from this website and others that expose you. I curse you back to the ground. Have a nice flight!

            • Dear Judy

              In response to your negative email about people being disliked because there is something dislikeable about them not because of their faith. This is not true. I have seen Ministers disliked because they tell people the truth about them. Mudslingers don’t like people who don’t mudsling other people and you are one of them. In Australia we have a real problem of young people being bullied by their piers. Two 15 year old girls who were pretty and loved animals and life committed suicide because of being bullied and plus one was raped just recently.

              When you die Judy you will be judged on how you treat other people. This applies to anyone in general. Jesus says to love one another as Christ loves you. How about being understanding and help others in need instead of mudslinging. I think you have big problems in yourself little known anyone else.

        • Marianne,
          Sounds like that this has absolutely NOTHING to do with Jesus. Because you are so widely disliked doesn’t mean you are ‘chosen’ or a gifted one. Only if you are rejected because of your Faith does the scriptures apply. Jesus was NOT hated as a person but because of his Faith and who he was. Sure sounds like you are a “Narcissist” believing that you are equal to Jesus and persecuted. They actually have a mental health term for people who possess these beliefs. It is called the martyr syndrome, persecution syndrome and several others. I do not believe that you are disliked because you are “PURE” but simply because you maybe one of many who are just dislikable to begin with. Some people are just “Naturally” dislikable in combination of Looks and Personality. Perhaps you have a dark aura or a dark spirit of your own. Most people aren’t Evil by nature. Most people love to love and be loved. If you find that too many people are disliking you, perhaps you need to do a self inventory instead of believing you are “HOLY” and have a “GOD” complex. Wow!!!

          • Wow, you don’t sound like you are one of those people who love to love and be loved like you mentioned. You sound conceited, and inconsiderate. Maybe you are one of those people who hate people upon site simply because they are different in some way. Maybe they aren’t pretty enough, thin enough, popular enough, etc. Sorry, but this sounds like “bully” attitude.

            • speak it , sister!

            • Well said Ann. Precisely!

            • Excellent reply …goodfor you. That was bullying. That person suffers from that they accuse us of ..”narcissism”

            • Miss Judy, I think if you had Jesus in your heart you wouldnt think that way. It looks like you area judgemental person. if you had read this article you would have known that there is the holy spirit and other spirits who continuosly fight because darkness and light do not agree. eveluate yourself and find out out why you are so negative! what spirit is in you?. is it holy or demonic?

            • I love this article. I have experience this most of my life. At first, I did not understand what was going on. I often suffered from low self esteem thinking something was wrong with me. After I became a Christian, the pieces started to fall into place. God had his hand on my life and has always taken care of me. Satan’s desire was to destroy me, but God shielded me. Now, I am a child of God, and he wants to torment my mind. However, I know he is a liar and the Father of it. He has already lost the battle, and my life has been redeemed by Jesus. Truly, it is over! Thank God for his grace.

              • jerri

                I am so happy to hear that you have the peace that passes all human understanding . God bless you and keep you.

                • Dear Marianne I wish that this web site was around when I was a child and a teenager.  But computers were not around I had the similar problem as Jerri when I was young – I am 63 years old now.  Thanks Marianne for helping people all over the world who suffer from being treated not right and who don’t understand why Regards Lynnette Pratt

          • Marianne, sound you have a lot of negativity yourself. let it go. Instantly felt your negativity.


          • You need to read scriptures and pray to jesus and do not judg. You are not god. And you have a dark spirit to judg people. You need help.

          • i totally agree with you girl! when people don’t like you, there is a reason. first we must search inside ourselves and then outside for the reasons.

          • Yes i can see the wrong way of thinking with this person thinking They are like Jésus or chosen or Whatever get in reality ppl come on but yet at the same time being disliked upon first site Is réal i have this same problem and its shallow of ppl its for many reasons Maybe i dont kiss ass Maybe i didnt put on makeup That day Maybe im bloated from My period That week and im not skinny and pretty enough That day! The bottom line people judge others to quickly Sometimes just at first glance And its Very sad and shallow! And no it doesnt have everything to do with spirituality or religion but Maybe somewhat it does.

          • Judy….you just don’t get it, do you? You sound like you’re one of those doing the harassing. You say maybe we are not likeable people? I have lots of friends and family that I get along with quite well. Yet, I’ve been bullied by perfect strangers when I’ve had no
            interaction with them at all. So clearly, I get along with people that know me, but those that don’t know me at all, can’t stand me right away, and you don’t think that’s strange? There is an unseen world not seen by the human eye… there has always been a battle going on, and the battle is seen when things that don’t make sense happen. Such as being harassed by strangers when you haven’t even been introduced yet. When they’ve only “known” you for 20 seconds. Christians will often be hated by non-christians. Jesus said it would happen. And we still, if we really know God, will do all we can to get along with everyone. We are not to return evil for evil, but good for evil. But that doesn’t always make it easier when we know we have done nothing wrong, and still someone can’t stand us. But at least it makes sense to know it’s all spiritual and nothing personal.

          • Judy, you say it only counts if we
            are rejected because of our faith.
            Well, guess what? The persecution
            by total strangers is caused precisely
            because of our faith. The devil knows
            who belongs to God and who does not.
            We don’t have to say a single word,
            for him to have that knowledge. In fact,
            if no one at any time has ever disliked
            you on site, then maybe you should
            examine yourself. Are you filled with the
            Holy Spirit? I am not saying this to insult you.
            I am asking you to look at this not with
            natural eyes, but spiritual eyes. There
            truly is a spiritual battle going on behind
            the scenes. The devils influence will come
            through those that have not surrendered
            their lives to Jesus. They probably will not
            be aware the devil is using them to hurt
            God’s child. Remember, the ultimate battle
            is to get back at God. The enemy knows
            that to hurt God’s child is to hurt God
            Himself. Therefore he will do all
            he can to cause a child of God
            to question herself, or to lose confidence.
            I say to those that have a genuine relationship
            with Jesus Christ, and have undergone some
            sort of attack that made no sense at all, from
            a stranger or acquaintance, then hold your
            head up and thank God that something about
            you has gotten the enemies attention and
            you are making a difference in the world. If
            you were not, the enemy would pretty much
            leave you alone. Everyone has problems, but
            I’m not talking about that in this
            comment. I’m talking about situations where
            people that have not had time to know you at
            all, and maybe never even said one word to you
            previously, talking down to you or verbally
            attacking you, and it just doesn’t make sense.
            I believe the remnant will face this more and more.
            But Jesus said to take heart when things
            like that happen. He has already overcome the
            world and it’s system. Continue to love and
            pray for our enemies. It’s that love in the midst
            of hatred that will draw many of them to the
            savior Jesus that true Christians know and love.

          • I’m hoping that Poster Judy was led here & revealed enough that other posters began to pray for her!! God works in mysterious ways & His Children are shielded enough to take spiritual “jabs” like this & then to respond in the Lord’s way. Judy may you be blessed & the Lord overcome with you in the way He sees fit.


      • I too have long felt similar to what you’ve felt, Jan. I have dealt with it for decades – and often been lonely as well. I like to believe one day the Lord will make it all up to us; we must have been ‘singled out’ this way for something!
        – Peace and happiness to you!
        – Greg

        • Hello Greg, This is the first time I’ve ever been on a forum where it’s even the same month as the last comment! I’ve experienced this hostility for many years. One thing that helped me was a dream where God showed me that unsaved people’s spirits have roots all the way down to hell, and from there they are driven to “praise” the coming antichrist by saying insults and hate words. Another thing is, you can get really crusty from all this hurt, but I have learned to trust God that it isn’t about being the nicest cordial person, it is about following Christ through heavy s@%!storms and not holding onto any hate. Pray for your enemies, right?

          • Thank you for your insight, and thoughtfulness, Linda – it helps. I think I can relate a lot of people I’ve had to deal with during my life; including at my current job everyday – to the analogy of the dream you described. – Spirits with roots going right down to hell; people who would praise the antichrist even before he appears; that sounds about right. – I’ll give some thought about praying for them; you’re probably right about that, too.

            • The antichrist has been here since the beginning of “christianity” and the mark of the beast is rebellion and sin in thought and action. The antichrist is the “lawless one” and is followed (and even worshiped!) instead of the messiah. The messiah is found in Matthew and Mark and teaches to keep the law- the Antichrist is found primarily through the writings of possibly-false apostle paul, whose teachings consist of “the new covenant replaces the old” “the blood of christ means we arent under the law” “the law is a curse” “the law was fulfilled so we have grace not law” and such dreadful lies that the churches teach us. The whore of babylon is the catholic church and the slutty daughters are the protestant churches she produced. All of revelation is understandable when you keep the holy feast days of torah and the law that moses gave in torah. The messiah only spoke about the law of the pharisees being rubbish, he never advised us to break the laws of torah, he never broke the sabbath as the torah defines it only as the jews defined it – they could not light a candle for light lest they be stoned.
              Pork was never cleansed, the passage was about ritual hand washing, besides the pork itself is NOT making you unclean but the act of rebellion by eating it is an unclean act from the heart.
              Peter’s writings were not written by Peter (and scholars verify that he was unlikely to have written them) as he was illiterate and they look like Paul’s style or a follower of Paul, trying to validate Paul as a true apostle, although Peter was the apostle for the gentles and James went with him.
              Paul slagged Peter off while stabbing the messiah in the back – He would listen to what Peter and James taught and write it as his own, adding in his subtle twists such as making people think that new gentile converts arent under law, that we should follow civil (roman law) that the feast days and sabbath dont matter, that the “man of perdition” is coming in the future, and that women should be oppressed. Read Psalm 119 for confirmation, the law is forever. Luke was a huge fan of Paul and when he compiled his own gospel he adjusted it to try and give validity to paul – thats why some accounts dont match the other two synoptics, and also because people had also been applying pagan myth to the messiah, you get a few pagan fallacies in the mix too that aren’t written in the other gospels. John was also illiterate, and Revelation was written in abysmal terrible greek and mentions himself by name, while all the other writings that are suposedly by John never claim to be by John and they are written in well-educated koine greek.
              It is suspected that Matthew was written in Hebrew and was the true scriptural gospel and Mark’s was written in greek as it was the global language, and both have been modified and the catholic church “lost” (or purged and destroyed/withheld) all copies of the Hebrew.
              We will never know the full details of our Messiah but he sure as hell wasn’t called Jesus christ, he wasn’t a white man with long hair, he didn’t die so that we can live lawlessly and he would absolutely hate that we have desecrated the temple (he became the temple and the sacrifice) with his false image and raised him above or equal to our God (trinity) and totally destroyed what his message was in order that we can be worse sinners than ever. When the messiah comes back, many will say “lord lord” and he will send the lawless away, gnashing their teeth.

              • all jewish boys for thousands of years have been educated in the torah and reading from it, which means none of them have been illiterate. I do not know where you got this illiteracy idea from, but I believe that Peter and John wrote their accounts.

                I agree that the law is still holy, and except what messiah cancelled by his self sacrifice, ordinances of man, ritual sacrifices for sins, it is still in effect.

        • Please read my other post. It is very difficult to believe that so many people have “GOD” complexes. To be rejected, hated or punished because of your Faith, religion or Public admission to be devoted to Christ is what the Bible is referring to when it speaks of being hated because the world hated Jesus first. Jesus and His disiples were hated because they preached the word of God. Jesus was persecuted for this and of course our sins. Not because He was an Unlikable man. He was very much Loved. It was the Jews who hated him for professing he was a son of God. Please do not put yourselves so high on a “cross”. You are NOT Jesus or have you suffered what he suffered or have you preached like he preached. Jesus was “hated” for many reasons but none because of the way he looked, acted or because there was no other reason. To give yourselves so much credit is shameful and disgraceful. Unless you have been persecuted for your Faith then it is a different story. Sure sounds like mental health could help you more.

          • I’ve read your post, Judy, and disagree. We aren’t talking about how we look or how we act, although for years that is almost how it felt. But more and more lately I feel the hatred from random people on the street as I walk. It has happened for decades, but more recently when I began looking people in the eye again. (I quit looking people in the eye because I could see undiagnosed illness and disease. I would speak to them or a family member about the illness and they would adamantly deny that the person were sick. usually within a couple of weeks the illness would manifest. I’ve seen tumors, epilepsy, heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease, thyroid disease, etc.) Now that I look people in the eye, when I see certain people the look in their eye changes and fills with hatred. I’ve even had one woman march across a busy mall to walk infront of me then stop when there were too many people to get past her. I tried to notice a common link between the people who I know who hate me, and the most plausible link is reiki. Anyone who does reiki avoids me like the plague. Friends who were nice for years, but got into reiki have turned on me. I am outspoken and strong in my spiritual beliefs and pray several times a day and ask for God’s Holy Spirit to guide me and protect me. I project spiritual love from my eyes to everyone, which makes some men be attracted because they think “sex”, and when I turn them down they become angry too. I have tried for years to fit in with these women but have always been shunned. It’s easy to think it has to do with my looks, since I’m 5’10, slim, athletic, blonde, blue eyed and referred to by many people as beautiful. But I believe beauty comes from the heart, and the good people who see that like me. When I realized that the people who attack me most on my facebook wall for comments made are reiki masters I began researching how demons play a part, which led me to this page. If you haven’t witnessed or felt this anger or hatred towards you then it’s understandable for you to not understand it, even to mock us for it. I pray that you rid yourself of all demonic idols and fill your heart with Holy Spirit that will separate you from the evil side. There is a separation work going on, just as predicted in Revelation. You are right, we will be hated for God’s name, if you are not hated then you perhaps haven’t taken God’s name into your heart as deeply as you should. It’s possible that these others on this site have but don’t recognize it, it may have been as simple as standing up for God publicly. I believe I have found my group of sheep.

            • joanna

              I am glad you understand this. It seems that you have the gifts of discernment of spirits and possibly a healing gift.

              The demons that have these people bound do not want you near their host.

              I pray you find those that could benefit from your gifts, and then you can rejoice together, when healing comes.

              • Thanks Marianne, I’ve always felt like I missed my calling of being a doctor, but as I grow and see that today’s doctors aren’t interested in healing, that they are deceived by Satan. I am looking for other ways to use my healing abilities, but it causes a lot more hatred. I believe my gift will be appreciated soon.

            • Hello Joanna, i too have some similar experiences where i can tell what is happening with some people, or they despise me without a reason, even before they find out that i am a Christian. These are the challenges that we will encounter, as we walk the earth with God’s light in a dark world. From my experience people’s behavior have worsened within the past 2 years, and it appears to me, that at the beginning of the 2 years that i observed these occurrences, that there was a blanket that descended from the high places of principalities and powers and people’s behavior have become worse and the fires of trials have intensified beyond what i can normally bear. As i increased my prayer, and asked the church members to pray for me, it has lifted and things appear to be going my way, while the people who have been giving me problems in the workplace, are all exiting 1 by one, and sometimes they leave in 2’s! The management in the workplace are now siding with me and agreeing to work on my behalf to stop other team members from being unfair.

            • I completely connect with everything you say Joanna. I am interested in connecting with like spirits now because we are few but powerful in this world. I was led to this blog site because I wanted to know why I was so uneasy around certain people just by looking in their eye or being in their presence. My email is

            • I agree also. I believe I have the gift on discernment and have for many years. As I have grown in the love of Christ and as this world is changing spiritually I feel the hatred even more. I have even felt it from some of my Catholic friends about certain things. I have been mocked for nothing I have ever done. I am actually a successful woman and am mocked I believe because of the love of Christ in my heart. I have suffered I many ways…have lost loved ones lately and will suffer always for Christ’s sake. The world we live in is getting more evil.

              • Car, I agree with you. I have experienced some of the same…even from my own siblings, who are not saved. The way I found this website is that I was searching about people hating you who don’t know you at all. I was at church and this older lady was staring me down with absolute hatred. Twice she walked past me twice doing this. It has bothered me as to why a complete stranger, who I’d never seen before (and at church, yet!), could show such extreme hatred in her eyes and on her face, for me. It was the weirdest thing…and definitely seemed “unnatural”. There was nothing about me that day that would draw attention to me.

          • and what if youre wrong. The devil will try every way to take out someone predestined to do serious damage to his kingdom. Jesus said the world would hate you and that we are dealing with spirital wiickedness, principalities and powers. You seem like a luke warm Christian, the devil will leave you alone. I have been persecuted and also saw demons that were wittnessed by many reliable wittnesses and investigators. I have a Ba in psychology and know that it is beyound the rules of this world. You r insecure because you know that if the devil isn’t after you and after other believers you aren’t waging warfare for Jesus. maybe y need a self check.

          • That’s not true at all!! The disliking part is spiritual in nature, it’s the Holy spirit in you they are repulsed by, not you as a person. They don’t have to know you are a Christian, it just happens.

          • Judy, it sounds to me like you only want to argue.
            Sometimes knowing
            someone else has gone through something
            similar is healing. You are not taking into account
            the scriptures…for instance in John 15:18 says
            “If the world hates you, remember it hated me
            (Jesus) first”. This is not a “God” complex. To
            even suggest that is ridiculous. You cannot
            argue with scripture. I’ve had people come
            against me for no reason at all. I was simply
            minding my own business and had no ill feelings
            towards them at all. At times the very people I
            have prayed for in the privacy of my own home,
            are the ones that have come against me in
            public, even though we had no real connection
            other than the Lord had put them on my heart
            to pray for them. I only knew them from afar and
            prayed for their healing, salvation, etc…
            There is so much going on behind the scenes in
            the spiritual realm and for you to accuse Christians
            of having a “God” complex is uncalled for. Maybe
            you need to read your bible to find the scriptures
            that tell of God’s indescribable love for His
            children. Even telling us not to be surprised
            when people hate us as His disciples is a letter
            of love to us, but also a warning.

      • Lol Im all too familiar with this…. All too familiar…

      • Oh Jan your words are exactly how my life has been too. Jealousy is evil and that is the root of their hate and abuse of good God loving people. There are way more of them then there are of us. I only just learned of this site and explanation for this horrendous treatment of people like us. Now I have a peace I believe will help me endure. Pity them for they know not what they do!

        • the devil is trying to destroy your faith by riding you to a nervous breakdown. imprisonment, death and he will use peole to take away your job and send spirits to literally maanifest to harass and kill you. They are working through people and not realing showing themselves because they want you to think there is something wrong with you. If you and ohers saw the demons, like I did you would know the true nature of the attacks and pray. they dont want that they want you to get drunk wreck your car or marriage under the duress, buckel and hate God or deny his existance. look at the book of Job. I have been haraased by ppl and I thought it was me even other professionals and some would shake and their eyes would roll back white. or make an evil smirk of enjoyment. demons use ed degrees,worldly positions and power the things of this world to justify their wickedness and turn it around on you like this women is trying to do.

          • yessssss. Josh PREAAACH! Amen amen! You hit things nail on the head my brother in the Lord! You’re so right, when someone is looking at you in disapproval and you KNOW you are standing RIGHT for Christ, it’s because they’re in SO MUCH sin, that they want to hide it and make YOU feel like something is wrong with you, though their the ones with a multitude of sin.

            • it is called “passing the blame.”

            • I remember praising God with all my
              heart in a church service and turning
              to see a slightly older man staring me
              down, almost in disgust. I heard the
              Holy Spirit say to “not look at their faces”,
              which since I was a fairly new Christian,
              I didn’t even realize until later that
              was a scripture in the bible. I kept
              praising God but went from
              doing so in pure joy to being a little
              self-conscience. A couple of years later,
              this same man was found to be verbally
              abusing his wife, and even having an
              affair. He died months later and no one
              would say how he died.
              Yet, to see the look of disgust that day
              was strange, to say the least, and
              in the house of God, no less. It pains
              me to relay this testimony, because my
              hope would have been for this man to
              know Jesus deeply. This only shows that
              someone can dislike you when you have
              done nothing to them to cause it.

          • Josh please connect with me through Facebook or email. People with our thought pattern are few.

          • Amen Josh, I agree 100%

      • amen to that .we are learning ..godbless you ..

      • As believers we will experience being hated without a cause which i call, supernatural hatred. This occurs when we find ourselves among others and from my experience, this occurs in circles where there are mostly women (i work as part of a nursing staff) and in professions where there are more women. This is quite telling of the influence of witchcraft from which they must be delivered. Let’s remember that we are heaven bound, they are hell bound(If they continue on this path of hatred). No matter how polite and helpful i have been to this one particular nurse, she has ignored me consistently, for 9, yes 9 years! She only speaks to me, if she needs help with her patients, but she has stated that she felt badly that she has not gone to church, in a previous conversation we had. It is a concern of mine, that people with such cruel hearts are working on this nursing unit with newborn babies. I just pray and hope for the best for her, and the other people that we may interact with, during our daily encounters. God bless you all.

        • stacey

          you are right about nursing. I went to school back in the early 1980s and the teachers there were teaching humanistic “ethics” and were godless in their personalities. no wonder so many good potential nurses turned out this way…their teachers had the jezebel influence on them. but I feel there are still good instructors out there that turn out good nurses. the world is a mix now of very good, and very bad.

          • Hello Marianne, the profession of nursing is packed full with hostile nurses who treat each other with cruelty. Isn’t it scary to think that these are the people who give us care if we enter a hospital? I continually pray for the body of Christ that we won’t encounter such hostilities.

            • Go to and the only example of working in a hostile work place was nursing. Being a nurse for almost 20 years, I can attest to the above posts. I can also relate to the “instant hate” I have experienced for most of my life, and I do not know why. I am usually the first to send flowers, cards, volunteer, give . . . and I am forgotten. I have s sister that I am close to, so I am thankful for our relationship. But everyone else chooses to reject, hate, exclude me and keep me at arms distance. Makes for a lonely life, but constantly keeps me seeking God.

              • leslie

                I had the same experience with nursing and left it. Many of those on my level were ok, but those in charge were witches.

                Sometimes it gets so bad they accuse you of things that are not true, so I am happy for you it did not come to that.

                I got out fast when I felt the spirits, and could not imagine spending a lifetime of defending myself against them in the workplace.

              • I can relate to you as well, accept for the sisters, I was born the seventh child in a family of eleven childern, and I am the most hated, I now have three older living sisters, me being the youngest, I love them, I buy, and have bought them gifts, and nothing can make these people even like me, I dress down so that I would not be acused of trying to take anyone’s man, I am very shy, but sweet, I am always told that, however the very same people that tell me I am so sweet, are the very one’s to try and hurt, or abuse me in anyway that they can, I have been reading the bible since I was a child, but I still have nothing but bad luck, There is an entity following me around, maybe more than one, I am afraid to leave my house to go anywhere cause I am always being stared at in mean ways, every once in awhile, I take it upon myself to ask the person why are they starring at me, if its a man, he would say, ” you are so beautiful ” if its a woman she would say, ” Bitch I was not starring at you ” or she would just roll her eyes at me and walk away, so I learned to not ask anymore.. I use to tell people that others starred at me and they would tell me that I were crazy, so I stop, and after we would leave a store, or place, those same people would say to me, ” Did you see how he, or she were starring at you, I did see but I don’t say anything anymore. I Love Jesus and he has protected me my whole life and not let anyone pysically hurt me in anyway, Thank You Jesus !

                • dear caligurlz

                  this is sad…. when your own family curses you….they should love and support you

                  do you live alone? you need emotional and spiritual support

                  they are jealous of you, but you do not have to let them define your life…

                  also, you need to stick up for yourself……if some woman called me a bitch , I would let her have it….tell her to mind her own business and spend some time getting rid of her OWN demons, which influence her…then tell her she is ugly from the inside out

                  if god made you beautiful, then good….it is a gift to you, and nothing to be ashamed of, and so you do not need to apologize to anyone for that… are God’s creation, and when they attack you, it is because they hate God, and what he created….

                  stand tall, and do not let anyone bully you.

                  tell your jealous family members that THEY are the ones with the problem, and you reject all curses cast toward you, in jesus name, and cover yourself with the blood of jesus

                  I am sending you a prayer against curses and witchcraft. print them out and say them each day. I will be in agreement with you.

      • Jan,

        I would love to be your friend and talk more about this. I have had this experience as well. No matter how nice and kind I am towards them, they find reasons to disassociate themselves from me. I always found it odd when I was doing the right thing and they still pushed me away. I even had friends who later admitted that they never really liked me and pretended to be my friend the entire time. Then I would go home and look in the mirror and say, “well, what did I do to cause this.” Was I rude, mean, hurtful, overbearing? What was it? And each and every time there was never a serious reason. It would always be something like, “well, its just something about you”…”or I don’t think we have anything in common”…but then I would think to myself, but of I am nice, friendly and helpful, why would anyway reject that? Then it dawned on me, they reject because they are not nice, friendly and helpful. They are opposite. And when you are positive and people reject you, its because deep down inside, under their smiles, lies a negative, judgmental and evil feeling and belief. Those people dwell in that negativity. Some people appear sad and depressed while others wear a mask pretend to be nice. Believe that likes attract likes. And if you are good and kind and someone rejects you, know that it is because they are not.

      • Unless you ever had any genuine concern for these women you say hate you, what could they possibly owe you? The key word is genuine, not just a shallow friendly front. You probably strike them exactly the way they strike you. It sounds like you’re only concerned about yourself and how you’re coming across, and that you think you’re better than these other women. The truth is, if you’re human and do some honest self analysis, you’ll find more blackness then you’d care to reveal to anybody(but it may be more obvious to others than you realize). Many women look down on other women who don’t instantly flatter them, but they need to get over themselves and quit thinking others owe them something.

        • alex

          apparently this has never happened to you. It is possible for others to hate you on site, without any provocation. There is no time to even know who this new person is before one gets attacked. Jan sounds like she wants friendship from others, so I doubt she is going to project a negative attitude toward strangers.

          She did not indicate she looks down on other women, but that others look down on her. She indicated she did evaluate herself, but could not still understand the reaction of others. true, there are people who are snobs, and expect worship, but Jan does not come across that way.

          • Marianne, Thank You for such Kind godly Words, it is rare that someone is kind to me, and seem to understand my heart,while reading, your advise, the words felt like they were coming from a big sister for real, I love you, And May God Bless You and your family…

          • All of you people are unbelievably narcissitic. You think that because you are Christians that anyone who dislikes you is possessed by demons and driven by hell itself to single you out and ruin your day. Who do you think you are that a supernatural force would need to ruin you just because you are a Christian? That is in addition to the fact that you all claim to be persecuted for your beliefs when Christians have spent centuries persecuting people for not sharing in their beliefs. The crusades were Christians murdering Muslims for not sharing their beliefs (which is ironic because the two different religions both come from the same basis as well as Judaism) That is religious persecution when you are being murdered for your beliefs. Jesus was murdered for his beliefs, like the Christians that the Romans would throw to the lions. They were persecuted for their beliefs, someone not liking you because you are a Christian is not religious persecution it is nothing more than someone who has a different opinion than you, which as a human being they have every right to have. The general I am getting from this thread is that most everyone on here is a religious fanatic who believes they are high and mighty because you are Christian and that anyone who is of a different faith is not even worth listening to because your God is better than their God. That is the very definition of religious persecution so maybe you should all stop whining about it because you are all doing the exact same thing. Peoples faith should be something deeply personal to them based on their beliefs and experiences, not just being part of a religion because you think you will go to Hell if you don’t. Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying you are bad people for having faith but when you feel the need to say your religion is better than everyone else’s that is at best being dismissive of the views of others and at worst forcing your beliefs on people. All religions are equal because they all teach us to be good people and love each other. The only one who knows which religion is right is God and since He’s always been rather tight lipped on that we aren’t likely to find out anytime soon. People need to stop letting our minor differences tear us apart and start learning to accept each other as the imperfect flawed beings we are because nobody is perfect. P.S. I Uused to be a Christian but people who are so pushy about it are why I turned my back on it in disgust a long time ago, also as an individual who went through childhood with a learning disorder that I was constantly bullied for I know all about being unfairly persecuted which made it that much sweeter when I was tested and found to be in the top 10% of kids in the country on an intellectual level, so if anyone would care to have a sensible debate I would love to do so but if you are just going to try pushing your beliefs on me because you think I’m possessed for speaking against you don’t bother because that would just prove my point.

            • robert

              you are lost.

              to think all religions are equal is foolishness. not all teach people to be good

              I guess you think all the beheadings and assassinations by muslims going on RIGHT NOW is a hoax because “it is not islamic.”

              do you think the christians who are being tortured, children an babies included, and put to death by fire, drowning and beheading, only after being raped, are narcissistic? if yes, you are a devil yourself….

              they are being killed ONLY because they are christians, and they would not bow to the allah of death.

              muslims have been murdering christians for 1500 years….. and you LIKE THEM! maybe you are one of them?

              although christians are the main target, since allah hates christians and jesus, muslims kill people of other faiths also….they are all infidels and must be destroyed. …. jews, hindus, buddhists, etc.

              you have got you head in the sand….you deny everything.

              you have no mercy for the innocent victims of ISIS and other hate groups.

              their religion is based on rape, murder and conquest by the sword, or propaganda….which you have fallen for

              the christians had a right to defend themselves, families, and land in the crusades….the muslims were invading and attacking and killing everyone…just like they do now. they were wild and bloodthirsty…and destructive… the crusades were justified.

              From the sound of it, you were never a christian….if you were, you would not rant like you did.

              and you would be more educated than what you are, if you were that intelligent.

              yes there are pushy people, but you set them no good example… quit whatever good you could have done.

              being bullied should teach you that there are bullies in the world, but now you are in denial…..

              I do not push my beliefs on people….but they DO push their nasty intolerance on me……and others….

              you got a lot of HATE and bitterness in you.

              you need to loose that garbage and lies you believe and repent before God.

              someday he will judge you for you hateful thinking, and you will not be happy what happens to you next.

              there is no one perfect before god, even those who score the top 10% in their class.

              god is all knowing and all wise….and he hates pride and mean people….I suggest you go back and learn, for the first time, who Jesus is and what he taught…

              and ask for forgiveness and salvation…..

              once you do, you will have eternal peace, and you will suffer persecution for it…as Jesus did himself…but the reward is great in heaven, and you will escape hell.

              i wish you peace.

            • Robert, I would like to say something about
              your statement that “all religions are equal”.
              I will with all confidence tell you that that is
              not true…all religions are NOT equal. First
              of all, the bible says that Jesus Christ alone
              is the way, the truth, and the life. No man goes
              to the Father (God) except through Jesus.
              God created this world, therefore He gets to
              choose how a person is saved for eternity.
              He chose His son Jesus because Jesus was
              the only acceptable sacrifice for sin. Jesus
              lived a sinless life, yet took upon Himself the
              penalty for OUR sin….just so that you (if
              you choose) can know Him in a personal way
              and He can stand as your mediator, and by
              His grace you’d be saved. He will not
              save anyone against their own wishes. Yet
              he will draw everyone and encourage them
              to come to Him. God gave us free will because
              He does not want us to love Him because
              we feel we have no choice. He gives us a
              choice and it’s up to us to receive Him as
              Savior or not. Jesus is the only one that has
              ever died to save humanity from their sin.
              The devil works overtime to get people to think
              that every religion is valid and equal therefore
              you decide which path you want to take and
              you will still arrive in heaven someday. Don’t
              be fooled, Robert. The devil hates you (and
              me and all humanity) and uses false teachings,
              false religions, and false teachers to get people
              to go astray. There is ONE way to heaven and
              that is through Jesus Christ alone!! The bible
              says in John 10:9 that if you believe in your
              heart in Jesus and CONFESS with your mouth,
              Jesus is Lord, you will be saved. THERE IS NO
              JESUS CHRIST. Any other “way” is a
              counterfeit! That has a lot to do with why
              many are harassed and attacked when out
              among strangers. It’s the Jesus in us that
              they are reacting to, and they may not even
              understand why themselves. But it’s the devil
              that’s behind all that. I’d rather be on God’s
              side anyday.

      • f.b.i state police working with community on tea party looking at every thing you do .in said on the phone to and in your work to .look out every body

      • I am glad that you are recognizing that you have been caught in the stranglehold of co-dependent relationships, ones in which there is little or no reciprocity of the caring and kindness which you always tried to exhibit to these spiritually and psychologically blighted people.
        But I have to set you straight with regards to one thing — God and the matter of whether or not he actually “loves” us, the way a human parent loves their child, especially a mother of a small child.
        God does not possess human emotions simply because he is not human. So obvious, yet such an overlooked truth! Even the many writers of the Bible missed out on this realization!
        God created us with the intent to USE US for his own divine purposes, some of which involve battling any supernatural counterforces which stand in the way of God’s own plans. It helps if we envision God as a sort of Heavenly military supercommander who must gather and marshal his forces for a complex, multi-stage battle. And like the US and other nations’ militaries, as commander-in-chief, God resorts to weeding out unfit or unreliable combatants and sending his “troops” into dangerous situations where he knows many won’t survive.
        Actions of this type cannot be hindered by empathic and sentimental human-mammalian emotions like “love.” Therefore, no, God does not “love” us in the ways we know and define love.
        As for why the Scriptures frequently refer to God “loving” human beings, e.g. him sending his only begotten son to atone for our sins on the cross, much of the real reason for these references involves God’s need to win over and hold on to the loyalties of as many fit spirits as possible and, as is the case with the crucifixion of Jesus, God’s having to rescue his own plan from failure (YES!) due to Adam and Eve having HAD TO SIN in the Garden of Eden in order to literally ALLOW FOR humans and other living things to be born, live, and die!
        You see, God placed himself within a double conundrum by having Adam and Eve exist in a sinless, immortal state in the Garden: until the Fall of Adam, God had no way to instigate the MORTAL process of birth, life, and death inside the Garden of Eden. But to HAVE birth-life-death be present, Adam and Eve had to fall from grace/commit grievous sin AND be expelled from the Garden of Eden! IN OTHER WORDS, GOD NEEDED ADAM AND EVE TO SIN AGAINST HIM AND THEN BE EXPELLED FROM THE GARDEN FOR GOD’S PLAN FOR HUMANITY TO GO FORWARD!
        Wow, what a shocker.
        I bet sparse few Christians ever realized THIS earth-shaking fact!
        OK. Getting back to my central point and piece of advice to you about your belief that God “loving” you (or anyone else) will translate into entirely beneficent acts on his part towards you, well… GET OVER IT, because it may not fit God’s purposes for him to protect you from harm and advance your personal welfare.
        Bummer, huh!
        Better dry your tears, like I did.
        And good luck!

        • dear marie

          where did you get this Gothic dismal view of God?

          You must have been really hurt.

          I am guessing you are from Jewish background. Your name actually means “God’s love” which makes your comment so ironic.

          It sounds like you have had some crushing experiences in your life and now you are bitter.

          true, there is a divine plan that we do not understand when things go wrong, but it does not mean that God does not love us.

          There is an enemy , satan, at work in this world. but most jews consider him irrelevant or a testing angel…and do not see how much of an influence he has in world events and individual lives.

          He has his own army of fallen angels working to carry out his purpose, which is to make people think like you do, and despair, and drive them away from their only hope, who is God.

          You are speaking out of despair and discouragement because many things have gone wrong for you, and there is no love for you that you can find. your tears may have dried but God is aware of every one that you have shed.

          God makes a point of telling his people over and over how he loves them. So even though you feel justified, you are actually contradicting His Word.

          love is spiritual connection to another….and God is spirit…we get this capacity to love from God himself…he infused his own nature into us.

          yes adam and eve fell into sin, and they had help…satan the serpent.

          yes the hebrews had trouble their whole time….from those who worshiped satan by his different names. today hamas, ISIS and all the other demonic groups all follow their god, who is satan by another name.

          the battle between good and evil will continue until Moshiach comes.

          if evil wins, then there is no more hope….but good will win, because God will triumph.

          life is a test of our faith….because God does not want anyone who will betray him like satan did. we pass the test when we put all our pain and needs into his hands…..he is our Deliverer, our King, our Hope, our everlasting Father.

          Please do not give up on God…I just know he has a special purpose for you… you just have to trust that he understands more than you do, and your end, like Job’s, will be better than your beginnings.

          he DOES love you. if you start to love him in faith, you will feel his love back to you.

          And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might. Deut 6:5

          And now, Israel, what doth the LORD thy God require of thee, but to fear the LORD thy God, to walk in all his ways, and to love him, and to serve the LORD thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul, Deut 10:12

          The LORD hath appeared of old unto me, saying, Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn thee. jeremiah 31:3

          I will heal their backsliding, I will love them freely: for mine anger is turned away from him. Hosea 14:4

          The LORD thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; he will save, he will rejoice over thee with joy; he will rest in his love, he will joy over thee with singing. Zephaniah 3:17

          the entire relationship of God with his people is one of love and surrender. if you seek him, and surrender to him, you will find what you are really looking for.

      • Understand the feeling. People r so rude

      • I understand because I have/am suffered the same from a certain woman who lives next door to me.

      • Jan, it has been the same with me all my life. I never realized until now why. Thank Jesus I found this site. Maybe now with Jesus help I will be able to be whole. Thank you Jesus for protecting me all theses years.

      • Wow our stories sound alike Jan. I at times dont understand and found myself not fully able to freely embrace and love people because of rejection and dislike from others. I want to more freely indeed.

      • Yes, this makes so much sense to me as well. I am a Christian and I feel attacked quite often by people who should not even be attacking me. Very sad to say the least. It destroyed my last marriage, but for the best. Now, I found my true love, have a child as well😀😀 Maybe it is necessary sometimes to make us see the truth overall especially if we have our eyes closed like I did. I was at a wedding when I was attacked in 2012. I couldn’t understand what the heck, but now I know. Those people were so sick in the spirit. When I got home from that trip I was very disturbed. Did I do something wrong? I tried to figure it out over and over eventually deciding to forget about it at least to move on but I always wondered. Thanks and may the Holy Spirit bless us all😀 Not to mention having PTSD from the whole experience and nightmares, but that was also the demons that were attacking me. Now, I am so grateful to know God and walk with him and have discernment for these things. God bless all of you

      • Wow im going through the same thing. I get this bad feeling from this girl at work and I just met her. Your not alone, God bless

      • I am going through a lot of hate too, directed at me for no reason, by my teachers, families and people in church, I have tried to let people get to know me but it dont work, the moment they saw me they just dont like me.

        • ell

          I am so sorry you are going through this .

          I just got attacked myself yesterday

          avoid negative people as much as possible,,,,seek those who love the lord ( and it may NOT be in church)

          pray daily

          I am sending you a prayer to say each day,

          I will agree in prayer for your situation.

      • I have always had a similar problem. I always had a thought in the back of my mind that they must be under demonic influence as I know that the problem does not lay with me. I always try to treat people kindly and treat them as I would like to be ( ie Do unto others an all that ) ! The friends I do have assure me that it definitely is not anything I do to deserve any negative treatment or attitude from folk who don’t know me or make it obvious they have no desire to get to know me. It doesn’t happen so much now though as like a prayer warrior, I have upped my prayers. I also ask for the intercession ( means request to God on your behalf) of St Michael the archangel in recent years. He stands at the throne of God. So who more fabulous than to pray for you and with you but St Michael. You know what? Growing up, my parents abused me physically. emotionally, mentally , so even when I was a young woman and I tried to inform my Mum what was going on ie Why I couldn’t stay in a particular job, well , she (my Mum ) just blamed me. Can you imagine how much worse that was? Having no support at work or at home? Nowadays, the only person I can talk to about such things is my lovely son . He also believes it must be others around me
        who are demonically influenced. I give thanks and praise to the lord Jesus for revealing this to me and for protecting me from them.You are right, we do not need acceptance.from these people. We should only seek to be pleasing to God.

    • This is eye opening to me, I have been despised and plotted aginst for no reason. I show up and people just don’t like me. It has happened on my jobs. People are out to just destroy me for no reason. They don’t know me just hate me. I have been praying and asking God to show me what I am doing to make these people hate me. Thank you for exposing the lies of the devil and giving me a way to pray for coverage from that enemy. I will say this has caused me not to get promotions, jobs, get cut off a contract, get black listed and be attacked verbally and on and on. Thank you soooo much. Yolanda

      • hi yolanda

        It is a fallen world. Many are experiencing the same thing.

        know that god’s opinion of you cancels what others may say.

        Believe in yourself. You are God’s child, and worthy of honor. So keep your chin up and keep going.

      • Yolanda this world isn’t for us, it’s for the wicked, vice versa in Yeshua and God’s new kingdom! 🙂

      • amen ..

      • Good night everyone. This is my very first time on this site, however, I am so pleased to be here and read most of what you guys had to say. Seem like we have similar events happened in our lives. I am not here to criticize anyone, because everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Nonetheless; I must agree with Jan, who posted her comments on July 19, 2011, Jerri who posted on July 22, 2015, Pauline who posed on January 15, 2015, and girl Yolanda you must be my twin sister. Truly, truly it is “eye opening” to me as well. As I read all of your postings, tears came to my eyes to see how I have been going through the same identical stuff all my life, and I wondered why.

        However this evening I asked God “WHY” I have been going through like this after all these years and here I am on your site. Honestly I cannot say how I got here, but I look at this as the answer to my prayers.

        To all those who don’t believe it and think that some people just have a bad attitude and all the other negative stuff. Well like Pauline, I am the nicest person you would want to meet, I don’t need to ask anyone if am nice, I know I am. Love people, and have a heart to live peaceable with all man. If I could I would give my heart to save someone’s life, but from I knew myself these awful stuff have been happening to me as well. No one has the prerogative to “DEFINE” me, I am quite aware of who I am, and whose I am. However it do happen, and I do believe that it happens exactly the way Marianne said. So thank you Marianne for your words of wisdom, I honestly don’t have to search and research as to why I have been treated this way. Now I know!!! Even though it has been very frustrating and causes you to become angry and bitter at times

        I have had incidents on my job for years now, even with my so call husband, friends and family, and ESPECIALLY IN THE CHURCH, yes in the CHURCH. It is like a “LIGHT” is always shining on me, and I am being TARGETED. ALL MY LIFE!!! It has even happened to my children. It is like a spirit of jealousy, coming from some people all my life. I have even had a church member who friends up with me, and investigating me because of something she heard. I mean to see the way church folk treat you, it is despicable. So I know what you are saying sisters and brothers. I feel like I’ve just found my real family.

        I concur with Carol Pritchett who posted on August 14, 2015, just a month ago. Sister love be encouraged, I have been facing the exact same demise. I have been trying to get one (1) degree, and every time I get so far in the class or about to sit the exam something happen.

        One time I took a Certified Professional Secretary course, was the first to pay for my exam, the people couldn’t find my money, or receipt. However, I was allowed to go back in class free of charge. I sat the exam but (according to them I did not pass). I went privately with 2 other person and 2 different occasions and still did not pass it, even though I dreamt I saw my name that I was a Certified Professional Secretary. Must I go on??

        Years later, I attempted an Associate Degree. At first I was doing very well, an just as I thought I was enjoying the course, I dreamt again I saw my name that I had passed a certain subject. The passing mark was 70% and I saw my name on the paper – 88%. Sisters and brothers it has been so discouraging I dropped the course and just like the Certified Professional Secretary course, I ended up paying all that money back with no “PAPER” in my hand. That is called FAILURE AT THE EDGE OF BREAKTHROUGH” SMT!!! Frustrated as hell!!!

        That’s why anything you wish to know that’s been going on in your life, just asks God, He will tell you in some way or another. Thank You Lord for this revelation. God is good and He is worthy to be praised.

        Please let us keep in contact with each other, because we are SPECIAL PEOPLE, not everybody have these encounters, so we are set aside and we are special. Honestly Marianne, I could write all night of encounters that occurred in my life, but I will stop here for the time being.

        Love you all and God bless.

        • princess

          yes, the world is fully polluted now with hateful people. evil is good, and good is evil.

          lots of unfair treatment, because we are NOT hateful

          god bless you for sharing.

          • I was so hurt & upset today & then somehow (?) (yes, we know it was the Holy Spirit, right? that somehow we found each other from our place of pain & desire to feel we are a part of something bigger than ourselves…oh, yes…now I hope we can join in prayer & determination to pray & saturate our very air with LOVE & Hope & Faith that we know we are not alone & that He is with us & not lose our focus on what our mission is, my brethren, my sisters in Him. We are One in Him, no matter what the world or neighbors or family & friends throw out against us that hurts so bad…it is hard sometimes, yes, looks like we all blame & repent ourselves first, oh-boy…people who listen only to the “name it-claim it” & “all is yours” theology (currently popular, we don’t feel quite right about that, oh-no, we don’t mind humbling ourselves, taking the blame, asking Yah to forgive us is normal & right thing to do, huh? Let’s join in agreement to cover our areas with a Pavilion of His Love…let’s pray together to be a witness to the evil entities as well as to the Holy (obedient) angels…over our areas we live in…these are bad times for sure, He has created us for this time…we have found each other now and we are not alone now! When we pray/worship/defend we cause a beautiful bluish-white light to show from far away that tells the evil ones & the Holy ones where we are & Yah sees that & He cherishes us for our devotion to His heart & ways. Never mind the hateful accusers, pity the ones who say they are “Christian” but have no humility or compassion, leave all that to Him…maybe they will hear His voice & change because He promises to create inus a new heart…our own hearts are to be settled on saving the weak & needy, on continuing to follow Him as we can at this time. I’m not going to relate to you about my own sorrows & persecutions right now, and they are many & painful & overwhelming…am just thanking you all for opening up & telling it like it is. Someday, soon, we get to go home…we will be done with this disappointment & waste & incomprehensible cruelty we experience…Yahuah bless you all! I feel love for you & wish I could hug & smile & share with you many things. Let’s just keep lifting Him up & proclaiming His wonders & beauty rather than tooting our own horns & someday we get to go home, finally. Your sister in Him, forevermore, Tricia in Texas

    • 2 Timothy 3

      The Dangers of the Last Days

      3 You should know this, Timothy, that in the last days there will be very difficult times. 2 For people will love only themselves and their money. They will be boastful and proud, scoffing at God, disobedient to their parents, and ungrateful. They will consider nothing sacred. 3 They will be unloving and unforgiving; they will slander others and have no self-control. They will be cruel and hate what is good. 4 They will betray their friends, be reckless, be puffed up with pride, and love pleasure rather than God. 5 They will act religious, but they will reject the power that could make them godly. Stay away from people like that!

      6 They are the kind who work their way into people’s homes and win the confidence of vulnerable women who are burdened with the guilt of sin and controlled by various desires. 7 (Such women are forever following new teachings, but they are never able to understand the truth.) 8 These teachers oppose the truth just as Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses. They have depraved minds and a counterfeit faith. 9 But they won’t get away with this for long. Someday everyone will recognize what fools they are, just as with Jannes and Jambres.
      1 John 3:10
      So now we can tell who are children of God and who are children of the devil. Anyone who does not live righteously and does not love other believers does not belong to God.

      John 8:44
      For you are the children of your father the devil, and you love to do the evil things he does. He was a murderer from the beginning. He has always hated the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, it is consistent with his character; for he is a liar and the father of lies.
      These are the last days and we have to be careful who we let in our lives I pray for you all that God keeps you in His light in Jesus Name.

      • very true

      • Sparklepeace,

        No truer words have been spoken.

        Be Blessed in Yeshua, (Jesus), the Worthy Lamb, and our KING of kings and LORD of lords.

        May the Almighty God Shine His Face Upon You.
        And may you be Filled with His Holy Spirit.




      • Thank you for quoting that, I am going to have to read the bible thoroughly. This really helped me. The only thing that has stopped me reading it is the belief that animals have souls and are very close to God.

        • Not sure what you meant by not reading the bible because God is close to animals or they having souls. I know that God created some animals in a loving way to accept us no matter what. God did this because HE knows humans have no good in us so animals will comfort us when everyone else can’t. We are human it is impossible to be there for someone 100% that is only something God can do that is why people are so sad when another person fails them don’t take it personally we are only human. I hope you read the Bible it really does explain so many things we go through in this world.
          God bless you all.

          • You are So Very Right and no truer words have been said than what you stated. I am glad someone also knows what I know. Animals have a strong spirit of discernment and to ignore them is at our peril. Because we fail each other, man has become dependant on animals to receive that basic need for unconditional Love and Spirituality. I so agree. Thank You again for sharing these thoughts. Brad

      • Imma borrow this lol

      • Again Thank you for sharing these scriptures that says what we all need to know. Gods says the world will hate us because it first hated him. To be of this world is to be separate from God. I believe that our disattachment to this world is so recognizable that when others who are of this world and of satan, easily recognize that our spirits are different. I have often been told that We should rejoice when the world hates us. This is providing that we are living as we should and living for Christ. I just don’t understand people or their way of thinking and their desire to hate. It is not in me and I refuse to allow this world to make me as hard hearted as they. But people will see the good and use you and lie against you and this is what Satan is, a Liar, An Accuser and a murderer. Thank You again.

        • love what you have written brad. over the last ten years i have noticed negative changes in curtain people and my spirit prefers to keep away from such people and when i am treated badly i rejoice in my heart because i am living for christ not them.

    • I wasn’t going to post again, but I do have one question. This is something that has gone on my entire life as well. I was a socially awkward little girl. I find some people will respond positively to me now that I’m older I have also slowly built up a thicker skin, but what did it mean when I was tormented by the same kids for years in private school then high school, long before I ever came to Christ?

      • nellieray

        It meant that you, and we, lived in a fallen world, and evil is evil, no matter what the age of the person.

        they discovered you made a good victim, and it gave them pleasure to hurt you.

        this is the fault of the parents, for not teaching kindness and compassion to their children.

        I am sad for you that you had to go through such an experience when you were a child. it is hard enough for an adult to endure such treatment. small children cannot handle the pressure at all.

      • Yes you experienced those things as a child, and before you came to Christ. Some of those not so good experiences that I had before I came to Christ actually influenced my coming to Christ Jesus. Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love the Lord and are called according to his purpose. Amen

    • that’s crazy

    • Thank the blessed Lord. .I have been suffering since 1976 with my ex husband and his parents witchcraft. I was not reborn in that time but I think the Lord was protecting me because I could feel and even see the witchcraft and many other things around me of them. For instance, from the moment I met him , until now about six months ago, I couldn’t get rid of him. I had three sons from him. I accepted Jesus as my lord when my first son was two years old. My first son suffered the consequences in his health at various stages seriously and still today suffer badly with allergies and people hating him on sight, my second son also and the third son – who has an Ahab spirit and he has a girlfriend who has a Jezebel spirit. I moved to another country and when I came here I was very strong in the Holy Spirit. Church people rejected me here, even they told me afterwards straightout that they didn’t like me and still don’t.
      My ex rejected us totally, and we don’t want anything with him also because he is very evil, steal, lies terribly, craft, in short he is psychopathic.
      Praise be to the Lord, I found a missionary group on internet plus my sister, in my home country, to intercede for me and my sons. Since then I could start to worship the Lord again and read the Bible because I had three strokes and could only say Jesus, Jesus all the time. Today I went to the doctor and was praising the Lord and praying in tongues all the time because I had a clean bill of health.
      Now my sons are so rebellious towards God – they used to go to church, the were baptised and filled with the Holy Spirit, talking in tongues. I told them that they have problems because they deserted God. I don’t care anymore if they treat me bad – me and the younger two are living in a bachelor flat – no money – no food – horrible conditions- but I found my Lord again and know when He comes he will fetch me, now or later.
      Sorry for the long story, but that’s not a hundredth of all the things we went through. Could you maybe chat with me on mail.
      God bless you for the wonderful work you’re doing

      • hester

        I think your sons are rebelling at the moment because of the influence of the father. keep discipline strong, tell them you love them and are praying for them.

        hit the reply button to this comment email and you will get me.

        you and I are in different countries..I wish I knew someone near you to help you

      • godbless you my friend …xxx

    • HI to all my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, I too have had this experience with people looking at me like I am dirt under their shoes also female family members not talking to me for no apparent reason and I have been told by an ex boyfriend of mine that he had witnessed this at a family party and he said that they are jealous of me and I remember saying yes jealous of my spirit because I have always been a kind and caring person who live by faith in Christ Jesus who I love with all my being. The Lord gives me strength to get through each day and I walk with my head up high because I know he has my back. God bless you

    • hi i`m autistic and i`m only 14 and everything that i do,see or hear i get a feeling of hate and i have tryied to learn going to church and eveything but i still dont undersatnd much about god and i want to believe in god if you can mabye tell me or give me some info thank you

      • hi kyle

        You may be right about the hate in church. Some people are mean.

        However, jesus is not mean. he is kind and loves you.

        To learn about him, read the bible, and read what he says.

        start with the book of john.

        then read the new testament.

        someday, read the old testament. when you get to that point, let me know, and I can give you some books to read there too.

        • its not the church its me what im trying to says i keep feeling tht i have hate inside me and idk why it is just there

          • ok.

            Then you will have to think about it. Has someone made you angry?

            If yes, ask jesus to help you forgive them.

            it might be hard to do, but leave any hurt to you to Jesus to handle.

            anyone who hurt you will have to pay for what they did.

            do you think that is the problem?

            again, read the new testament, and read what jesus tells people about how to live and think.

            • i dont know
              what it is but no one has hurt me or made me angry

              • kyle

                if there is no reason for the hate you are feeling then this is an irrational fear.

                talk to your parents and pastor, and ask them to pray for you and with you, to get rid of the bad feelings.

      • Hi Kyle,

        Marianne suggestion to read the Book of John is great!

        Here is a link to read John in an “Easy-to-Read Translation”. For me, I like the easy to read translation of the Bible.

        Let me share this with you too. What you read below was copied from this great website. This website will be helpful to your learning about God, Jesus and the Bible.

        “God is Love, and His love is very different from human love.

        God’s love is unconditional, and it’s not based on feelings or emotions.

        He doesn’t love us because we’re lovable or because we make Him feel good; He loves us because He is love.

        He created us to have a loving relationship with Him.”

        God’s Love – John 15:13

        “God’s love towards us, His estranged creation, is graphically depicted in the sacrifice He made on our behalf. “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:13 NIV).

        Jesus Christ, is God’s unique and eternal Son.

        He is the Alpha and Omega, the Great I AM, the “Mighty God”by whom all things were created and in whom all things consist.

        Jesus, who is the head of all things, humbled Himself in such a way that the human mind couldn’t even bare the thought of it. He came into this sin-cursed world and actively partook in our sufferings. Even as we are flesh and blood, He shared in the same.

        Jesus became a man and dwelt among us. He shared in the sufferings we brought upon ourselves through our rejection of His holy precepts.And as if that were not enough to convince us of His love and concern for us, Jesus, the immortal God and the Giver of Life, gave up His own life upon the cross in the greatest act of love the world has ever known! In doing so He took our sins away, effectively nailing them to the cross with Himself. Thus, He who knew no sin became sin for us11 and He who gave life to all, tasted death for those condemned to it.

        This is God’s love! “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him” (John 3:16-17).

        God loves you and so do lots of people.

        God’s Blessing I pray to you!

      • I have known many autistic people as well and even though people treat you that way don’t give up on it that is what they want you to do make you feel angry,hurt and other emotions keep your spirit strong and continue to love yourself and surround yourself with people that are good and treat you right.God gives us what we can handle and being autistic should not make people treat you like that.My friend who has mild autism plays football,he does his work and surrounds himself with good kids he has days that he feels some people act strange or mean around him but then he distances himself from those people and surrounds himself with those that keep supporting him and helping him to keep doing good things and guess what it pays off his energy keeps growing of good things and he keeps making new friends,and keeps accomplishing more new goals he also talks to me about his day and his issues and we work at breaking down those problems day to day make goals for yourself keep doing what you do that’s right.Kyle there are more people out there that are hateful,evil,unkind,rude ,jealous the list keeps growing compared to the innocent,kind hearted,loving people and really do you think they want to be surrounded by positive energy to them that is weird or it makes them hateful because your spirit is not that way so keep strong and don’t give in to feeling hate or hurt then they are successful in doing what they wanted to do and that is to beak your spirit, break you down and make you just like them.

    • I have gone through this with many people, and yes they typically are spiritually bankrupt. They will try to blame you for things that have happened to their friends whom you have never met and who have experienced something negative in their lives years ago, this is totally insane. I have actually pointed out to people that in order for me to be responsible for all the problems they are trying to foist on me I would have to literally be G_D! And they are shocked when they realize that what I have said is absolutely true! They hate what is good in you!

    • I have discovered the very same things on my own. I know all this to be totally true from experiences in my life. About all I have are enemies- church people who should be my brothers and sisters in Christ but are not, and they have been cursing me for many years. There is no one else standing with me and my mother to pray about anything. I have always believed that it would be very helpful to have a male covering- father, husband, or someone, but we have no one. I believe that the Lord is protecting us very well anyway, but I have so many times experienced this unexplained hatred towards me. Many times it has driven me to tears. After all, who desires to be hated? If a person is not demon possessed then they most often have demonic influences and evil spirits that surround them and protect the person from the Lord and truth. Until people decide to walk away from and repent of satanic music, the occult games, books, movies, along with a slew of other demonic practices, ungodly lifestyles, and asking the Lord to cleanse their minds and spirits of the filth then people will be in submission to demons and totally incapacitated to accept the Lord Jesus.

    • Hello Marianne, your words have been a revelation to me and they have gave me great comfort. All my life has been plagued with meanness and negativity. People don’t like me on first sight, they are usually mean and abusive and my presence brings up the worst of them. I don’t need to do anything for being the target or bullying, rejection, rudeness or any other kind of mistreatment. I try my best for being kind but my heart is tired of being abused and mistreated, lately I just try to be invisible. I shop late at night so I don’t have to interact with people because people is automatically abusive to me all the time. I was wondering is the world is just mean and I dont get it or something. My childhood was horrible, I was abused when I was a toodler by my older cousins, one of them make do oral sex to him and that experience has haunted my entire life. They sexually harrased me until adulthood. I did not had any safety at home either. My parents neglected me since I can remember. My dad was an alcoholic that made sure to let me know that I was the cause of his failure in life, he used to scream coursing my school because he hated so much to pay for it and I usually was around with broken shoes because every need of mine was a motive for his frustration and anger. My mother was useless, lazy, wouldn’t get a job not even if her life depend on it. She was selfish and narcissistic. Things never really got any better, even when my dad stopped drinking he used to be irritable and unpleasant. He put me in uncomfortable situations trying to use me for making money and after realizing my trouble he used to make fun of me. He humiliated me so many times in front of family and friends that today I cannot even see him as part of my family. My mother is being trying to obligate to “respect him” for so long that I can barely hold a conversation with her because she is always trying to manipulate me. I’m 36 years old and their mistreatment still makes me cry at night. Eventually I moved out of the country with no coming back in mind. Its been 3 years now and I feel more safe but being mistreated by the general public is not helping me to heal and be happier. At least knowing that I am not the only one and that the lord is with me gives me hope for the future. Thank you.

      • vanes

        it is so sad that the people who should love us most, hurt us and reject us.

        I want you healed emotionally…you need to start with loving yourself… are really a great person, tender and sensitive, with a heart of gold…

        with all this pain in your past, you have great compassion for others who have been through the same thing…..this is a gift, use it to reach out to others…be there for them, praise them when they are being mistreated…lift them up when people put them down.

        as you heal others, you will be healed…..

        I am sending you positive prayers to build up your spirit…

        also to cancel all the curses spoken against you….so you can be free

        best to print out and say each day

        I will agree with you in prayer.

        god bless you and do not give up…!

    • I will like to say that most of you experiencing this; this is not something that is in your head. Me personally throughout my life I’ve experienced people hating me for no reason, but they were a few and far in between. However, since the beginning of 2015 I started experiencing a wave of frequency on this subject. 2015 marked a 2 year period (2013-15) in my life in which I went through a spiritual awakening and enlightenment process. During this period of my life God revealed to me my divine mission here on earth and it’s like I was also given a you set of eyes. Its like I see the world through the eyes of God. I was away from home at that time and in March 2015 I moved back to Philadelphia where I have been since 2007. This is when I started experiencing all this crazy stuff on a daily basis. The entire people on the block i live are tense with me and can not stand me for no reason. I do not know not one of them and I’ve never said a word to them. Everywhere I go people are showing a strong dislike of me. This happens at Church, on the bus/train, everywhere. When I walk on the sidewalk people that were coming toward me all of a sudden start backpedaling and go the other way. I noticed that the majority of the people that does this are those I call very dark people; Hoodlums, thugs, prostitutes, thieves, drug dealers especially people who are full of bitterness. These people run for their lives when they see me. They hide between walls and pillars just to avoid being in my line of sight. Those sitting on their porch like crack dealers all of a sudden run inside. I’ve had Highway Patrol Policemen in intimidating uniforms do this, some of them looking on the ground to avoid me. People goes to the extreme not to sit next to me in public places. After a while it stated to bother me and I begin to think negative stuff about myself, blaming me like what did I do wrong, all I did was trying to seek Jesus tha’ts all I’ve been doing. God explained to me in a dream “that people are doing this because of the perfection of the Holy Spirit that is in me and although I’ve been saved since 2008 there is now a major increase in the anointing flowing in me”. I am shining like a beacon of light and the darkness can not stand it. And it make sense,if you go down an old dark creepy basement and you turn on a flashlight every creepy things that is down there is going to hide away from the light. Thank You Jesus for your Grace and the Increase in the anointing that I did not deserve.

    • I am a long term, born again, Spirit filled Christian and yes, I am hated on sight, especially by women. I have a strong prophetic gift which is a gift of sensitivity and I feel everything and everyone around me. The hate is growing all the time. I have now in a horrible position living in an inbred and hateful tiny town in an isolated area. I am completely isolated in a Godless community. The woman in charge of the church is the worst person in town but there are so many others. I have also just had my welfare benefit taken off me because of some convoluted machinations related to them. I have no idea how I am going to survive. I cannot get work because I found fraud in my job and they sacked me and I have been blacklisted and cannot get a job. I could not list the number of horrible things that have come to me through people to whom I have done only good. I have been told I am going to be murdered and how it’s going to happen because I tried to save dogs from being kicked to death. There is vicious animal and child abuse here. I cannot move and very soon, if something doesn’t change, I will not even have anything to eat. God has told me that this is unto death.

      • mickey

        It makes me sad to hear about your situation. i have gone through the same thing.

        only choices are to avoid the negative people, which will isolate you, and find just a few positive people who can help you move forward.

        you may have to change what you normally do for a living and do something else….anything else, to take care of yourself.

        or move to a new location, find some positive people, and get them to help you restart, but you say you cannot move….do you have any relatives anywhere else?

        i believe god will open a door for you….people that are not part of the negative crowd may become available to you

        • Marianne. I am very proactive in looking after myself and I have looked after others at every opportunity. If you knew the full extent of what has happened you probably wouldn’t believe it. I am surrounded by vicious people. I have absolutely zero money coming in and precious little to survive on. I cannot move and I am completely isolated. There are people here who will be delighted at my plight and indeed, have worked hard towards it. Other people who were not born here told me that the inbreds are vicious and will do all they can to destroy me and they influence other people not here who can and do damage my life also. People have disappeared from here and never been found. The venomous hatred that is directed towards me defies belief and I have done good to all. Jesus and all his disciples died violent deaths and Jesus promised us we would suffer persecution and the bible says it is through suffering that we enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Sadly this is very true in my case. If you can spare a prayer asking the Lord to open up a way for me to survive that would help. The most important thing of course is that I remain faithful to God no matter what. I wonder why such great strength is required of me. I believe God told me a long time ago that he had chosen me for a special task but I can see nothing that I have accomplished that would fit into that category. If I was to view the things that occurred around my being Spirit filled, in someone else I certainly would see that I had been marked for something and others saw it at the time although I understood nothing of what was happening to me. One man said quietly to me “If you knew what was ahead of you, you would never go on” and certainly my life has been very tough with attacks coming from every direction. I am at a stage now where staying faithful to God is the only thing left for me. If he has decreed that I am to die in suffering there is nothing to be done except stay faithful. This is VERY different to what is preached in churches but it is the life of many who gave themselves completely to God. It is much, much harder than I ever thought possible and when there is no obvious accomplishment that goes with it, it is seems to have no purpose. Thank you for your reply. Sometimes there is no easy or sweet resolution no matter how much we want it for someone else or for ourselves. Ultimately we have to put our money where our mouth is, so to speak.

          • mickey

            If someone could help you, what would you need them to do?

            • That is very kind Marianne, thank you. If you can pray for me that would be wonderful. I LONG for justice; I prayed and worked hard for people only to have the most heinous things done to me. I don’t know if the Lord will let me see that; it is certainly needed very much because often the things I do have been trying to ensure fairness for others or trying to get help for others who are shockingly mistreated in one way or another and who are completely vulnerable. Instead of being able to help I have been accused of heinous things I have not been guilty of. I really, really need to find some way to survive, some kind of job. Prayer would really help and I thank you very much for being a true sister in Christ.

          • when you say inbreds, are you referring to muslims, or other kinds of people there?

            • Nooo. Inbreds are Australian families who have inbred over the generations; ‘inbred’ means they breed within the same families. They believe they own everything here and they control and manipulate everyone. I have been told that if you don’t allow them to control your life completely they will do everything in their power to get rid of you, in some way or another. They hate everyone who was not born here. I have seen that all that is true.

              • ok

                • Also if you would PLEASE pray for the animals and children. I have gone to everyone I can and requested prayer on international prayer sites. I confronted one woman directly and I have not heard or seen anything that I would consider abuse since then and the children seem much happier. Her husband is vicious too and is only there occasionally. The children will escape one day. Deeply wounded but they will escape. The animals never will and are kept on six foot chains or in dark garages. Have you ever seen a dog that does not look up or wag it’s tail or respond. Never have I seen such unhappy dogs and they are sheep dogs, the happiest of all. There are dogs kept here and used for fighting and hunting and they are kicked and hit to within an inch of their lives. There is one mother in particular who is vile beyond description and watches her son do this and does it herself to her own little dog. Even the animal cruelty people do not care because they are all related and believe that vile treatment of animals is normal. The police will not even attend if a dog is being killed. I can’t believe it either but it’s true. I have only brought continuous attacks on myself when I have tried to intervene. The extent of what they do to people like myself who were not born here, you wouldn’t believe. Please please, please pray for the animals, particularly the dogs. Thank you.

          • Dear Mickey Don’t give up – be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove.  Use the Media  and community services plus police outside the town in another town to tell what is going on – but don’t give your name or any hint that it could be you.  Make out it is someone else who has travelled through the town and heard and saw what was going on.  Write to them and post it off out of town.  Don’t write it by hand only type and don’t sign it and tell them that you fear for your life and you can’t give your name.  Don’t let people get away with this and allow them to kill you.

            • That’s very kind Lynnette. Thanks for the support. I have gone to the Police and tried to get help in every way. It all works against me, in fact the police protect people here. No one cares honestly. No one cares. There are vindictive people everywhere. One person helped me and a huge effort was made by a number of people to reverse the decision and I am in a much worse state now. Only God can help and if he chooses not to, that is something I have to accept. I don’t understand and persecution is the Christian’s lot. I am in that state now, that I just have to accept whatever happens because I have done EVERYTHING I can to help myself and it all just got worse. I have corrected all sin I can think of, I do all the Christian things and all the proactive things…nothing works. I put on the whole armor of God and have done everything I can and now I just have to stand. There is nothing else.

              • Dear Mickey

                Don’t get anyone local at all – not even the police. Get in touch with the Federal Police not the local police. Tell the Federal Police that the local Police does nothing and the crimes should be investigated.

      • Dear Mickey

        Go to the Media and Community Services and Police outside the town and tell them what is happening. If the towns people are abusing their children and animals it is a serous crime. It looks like the people in your town are involved in these crimes and that is why they are against you – a real conspiracy to try to harm you in any sort of way. Get out of this town and report these crimes as soon as possible. Pray for the protection of Jesus blood over yourself so that no harm comes to you.

        • I will pray for the protection of Jesus’ blood over me so that no harm come to me, thank you Lynette. I have done everything else with only very bad things happening to me in response. I cannot move at all and now, I have had all support removed and so zero income. Only God can help and prayer is powerful and I would really appreciated your prayer for my protection. It is lovely to hear from people on this site, I have never had any Christian support EVER. This is really nice. I went to a minister who I had supported and given a LOT of money to over the years, I was very sick at the time on top of everything else and he said ‘I feel the Lord’s grace is enough for you’ then he told me a sad story about himself and hung up. I couldn’t believe it. However God made me very strong through that time; it was amazing and absolutely worth it.

  2. This is exactly how I feel sometimes. Sometimes when I first meet people they seem to like me, but after some time the friendship will dissolve. They will not call anymore or if they see me, they act funny, wont speak etc. This cycle happens almost everywhere i go or have been. Its physically and mentally devastating. I am tired or experiencing this and feeling lonely and rejected. I wonder if this could be my problem exactly or what? I am nice, friendly and cute (by many people’s statements)

    • I’ve experianced this most of my life. It has profoundly influenced me in very negative ways. Not long ago I realized something that first century christians looked to. This is not our home. We know in our hearts that we want Love, Happiness and Acceptance but we forget that the people are just as flawed as we are. Gucci, Rolex and Ferrari don’t fix the problem or make us better. Pray, Don’t be formal just talk to God through our Savior’s Gift we can. Talk to God. It helps.

      • Thank you Stephen for your comments of concern. You are right. Its hard though b/c who likes to feel lonely and hated in a world of 6 billion people? I need to talk more to God and develop a deeper relationship so that I can get my mind on him and “higher callings”.

        • Im hated by all 6 billion people I encounter. Not ONCE have I ran into someone who hasn’t rejected me. Thats how WIDE the path to Hell is, that almost EVERYONE is on it. Then theres me, who is on Jesus’ path and I get attacked by EVERYONE for it cuz im headed to salvation and not a pit of fire.

          • rionne,my name is virginia,i have been through the same thing in my life,even with my boss i use to work for,its like everytime she approach me weather it was meant to be good,you could tell in her eyes by the way they would glisten and her deameanor it was something she did not like about me ,but would tell another employee that i was a good employee,but she would never tell me herself, it has to be somethin god has instore for us people that goes through these thing’s,i say keep serving god and abide by his word and wait to see what god has instore for us .

            • Yes Virginia, for sure i have shared in the same sufferings as you have. Do not be surprised by these sufferings or see them as something strange(Reference 1Peter chapter 4:12). God bless you.

          • Your not alone in this… :/

    • Exactly what has been happening to me all of my life.. i too am very attractive .. i am friendly and very tolerant .. yet !

      • hi Lorraine

        They probably are jealous of you also. So you were a real prime target for nasty spirits.

        • Wow. Yes cuz I look in the mirror and I see a pretty girl and people who DONT attack me (which is rare) tell me how beautiful and pretty or gorgeous I am……but i get hated by EEEEEEEEVERYONE even men!!! So my question is, the PERSON that is being used by the demon to hate us, cant look at us and see that were pretty to negate their demonic influence??????

          Like a big tall man of like 6’3 will hate me for no reason and its like i guess my prettiness doesn’t mean CRAP!

          • I know this hurts you, but I also sense you are afraid. Would it help if you turn every hostile person over to Jesus and leave them there in His hands, trust Him to handle it, trust Him to care for you, and start detaching emotionally a little bit from all this? Hint: I listen to urban gospel music and I sing it out loud whenever I need a boost. It lifts my spirits and makes my faith stronger. God bless, honey. We do get furloughs sometimes and friends when we need them.

          • Rionne

            Do not fret over these people who have demons and reject you.

            it is their sin, not yours.

            Just be the good person you are.

          • Dear RIONNE

            You spend way to much time in front of a MIRROR!

        • Mariannae,
          The girl (Lorraine) mentioned that she is attractive and you said she is a real target for nasty spirits, or the spirit of jealousy, but what about when I see attractive girls getting treated like royalty??

          Then there must be a difference between how attractive girls who stand strongly for Christ are treated than how girls who are attractive and don’t have God in their life?

          • Maize

            It depends on who is doing the “treating.”


            If believers treat attractive girls like royalty, then

            (1) all other believers should be treated well anyhow,


            (2) it is because

            a. the others admire them for their looks and want to be accepted b y them
            b. they equate spirituality with “being blessed,” and everyone thinks good looks are a blessing. They judge by appearance, instead of by character and good deeds.
            c. they want to share in the good looking person’s blessing by being their friend and sharing in the benefits the blessed person has ( popularity, material things, men, good jobs, favor, prosperity)
            d. they might actually be fair and want to acknowledge the woman’s true spirituality.


            If unbelievers treat attractive girls like royalty, then it is because the world loves beauty, and judges by appearance, instead of by character and good deeds. (same as b. above).

            The more ungodly the girl is, the more she will fit into the world.

            Birds of a feather flock together.

      • I can relate to some much of what is said. I thought it must be ‘me’ yet i really don’t or can’t understand. I consider myself to be friendly and one of the nicest persons – yet i get this feeling on most times that other people around just don’t like me. It is so horrible, that you want answers and want to know why that is. I have never done anything wrong to them – yet. And it doesn’t matter where you are in the world. I am from the UK and moved out to Australia and still feel those vibes. It is so werid. My husband says ‘i’m far too sensitive’, well maybe i am – but it’s just not a coincidence. It happens to me all the time. I do try to think positively too – but that doesn’t seem to work. I’m attractive enough – so i know it’s not my ‘look’ that should put people off me. I really don’t know. I am however, quite shy and have a soft voice. But why again, should that put people off me??? I really don’t understand.

        • suzanne

          if you are doing nothing to provoke them, then it is them, not you. they have the spirits I described in the post.

        • hi suzanne I Know exactly how you feel. You blame yourself you really do. And it drains you ,makes you angry but most of all it leaves you questionning yourself . I tell myself if my self esteem was higher the evil glances would not matter. I don’t know .Its tormenting Its like a taste of hell. Lord father help. It hurts so bad . Have mercy on me

          • HI Kim,

            you have described the feeling as a taste of Hell.. i never thought anyone else would understand that feeling, and for the same reasons … let alone echo my hearts about how it feels… thank-you…and thanks to so many of you for your stories that resonate incredible truth and understanding and reflect with my own feelings… as much as i dont wish for any of you to suffer these horrible weird rejections from family colleagues friends or complete strangers… its still a relief and comfort to know other people actually know the “”flavour and kind of distress” these experiences cause… Its just like nothing else… God bless you for your courage to share your journeys..Love Leanne

    • i completley understand what you are saying just described me …bless you ..x

    • Hello Hungryforchange, i have experienced this so many times, since i came to Christ, and therefore i am now content, with having virtually no friends. This world is not for the believer, but we live in it and overcome the evils everyday with God. Being without the evil friends of this world, has enabled me to spend peaceful, quiet moments with my Heavenly father.

    • I have experienced the same thing many, many times too. I am sure that it is one of the factors that has given me low self-esteem. After a lifetime of negative relationships and rejection it can’t be helped but to make a negative impact on a person’s self-esteem.

  3. Also Marianne, how did you come to learn about this concept? When I confided in people (and there has been many) about people hating me or suddenly losing interest in continuing a friendship, they all would say its “in my head” and that I was looking for negative circumstances. Sadly many christians and ministers would say the same thing. They made me feel overly frustrated b/c I am not imagining this.

    • Hi Hungryforchange,

      Unfortunately for me, I am like the rest of the human race. I have to learn things the hard way. I just have had too many experiences like this. The more you have, the more you think about it, and finally figure it out. I wish someone had told me, and helped me prevent a lot of pain. But there was no one, so I had to go through it, thinking it must be me. But God had mercy on me, and gave me enough wisdom to put the pieces together. Now, I try to help others with the same issues, to help them prevent bad things happening.

      The spirit world is real….it is not in your head….

      The nicer you are, the nastier the spirits get, and the bigger the attack. So you need to be informed, and build yourself up for spiritual battle.

      • Dear Marianne, This rejection caused by the evil spirits hurts the most when it is members of your own family, and our enemy knows this. Recently on my quest to learn how the early Christians worshipped Jesus, and fought such evil powers, I came across one of the names of God, Alpha and Omega. If you keep this name on display in your homes, it will stop fighting and quarrelling amongst your own family members. In ancient English Churches one of the names of God Alpha and Omega was put at the front of the Church and this name was so powerful it stopped the arguements and fightings of the people and held the early Church together. I am sure that it will do the same for our families if we honour this name of God in our homes.

        • Dear Cornish evangelist,

          That is a good idea. I have prayers posted, but I should add the name of God to the entrance and to other rooms.

          • Well I am thinking about what if Christians put
            all the names of God around there rooms maybe that is what the early Christians did.

            • Hi Cornish evangelist,

              I think this tradition is similar to, or an outgrowth of the Jewish Mezuzah, which God had commanded the Jews to put on all their doorposts. The traditional one has El Shadai written on it. I have one on my front door. But I should add one for each room.

              thank you

        • I pray that for all of us on thispage…that our families will be restored.. and we we all feel love with our families in positive kind beautiful ways in love and goodness and joy and peace.. in the precious name of Jesus Christ and our Father The Creator Alpha and Omega!!!

      • Yes! I have been in the church for 10 years! and even some people in the church same type of thing and since I have gotten the holy ghost at work places this is really prevalent in my life and in my family whom is not saved or jealousy spirits plague me…Finally I have a person that I don’t even know that seen what I was talking about…I have pastors assistant pastor’s say I haven’t adapted or i’m to touchy! I could write a book of all I have been threw in last 8 years. I could use every-ones prayers on this subject…I have even been rejected in my own home…

        • hi Julie

          Sometimes when you are in a bad place, the best thing to do is “come out of her.”

          The holy spirit has enemies int he spirit world, and they are demons. it is a spiritual battle… just know it is not you or your fault…..and to explain this to others is very difficult, if they are not believers.

          Just pray and stand your ground. act with assurance that you are ok, and it is the demonic influencing others, to their own destruction, if they do not get right with god…..and this includes church people.

          I am sending you some prayers that help with these kinds of attacks.

  4. Hi Marianne,

    The Holy Scriptures says:

    Pro 29:10
    The bloodthirsty hate the upright: but the just seek his soul
    Mat 5:44
    But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;
    Luk 6:22
    Blessed are ye, when men shall hate you, and when they shall separate you [from their company], and shall reproach [you], and cast out your name as evil, for the Son of man’s sake.
    Jhn 15:18
    If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before [it hated] you.

    Just call me Angel Of The Morning

  5. What is a Scapegoat?

    Here’s the pop culture definition:

    “A person upon whom the blame for the mistakes of others is thrust.”

    In Biblical Times:

    A Scapegoat was the name of a Desert Demon.

    A Scapegoat was placed over the head of a person, of which the high priest of the ancient jews confessed the sins of the people on the Day of Atonement after which it was allowed to escape.

    Now, if you put a bunch of modern-day scapegoats together in a room for the first time; who would THEY pick as their Scapegoat?

    This might be an interesting “social engineering” experiment that can be conducted by the C.I.A. or the N.S.A. or their contractors in the Third World.

  6. Yes, there truly are people who know who you are in glaze.

    I have known Muslims who known i am Israeli when i did not know it even myself, i have seen people shouting bad words at me and i have been in situation where girl with demon shouted at me loudly three times: DO NOT SIT THERE (CLOSE TO ME IN ENGLISH).

    For i said im Israeli i mean that i have found out by DNA and family research and by G-d that mother is Jew and father is Levite, which makes me Levite.
    I am so happy, is was so desperate seeking who i am, until G-d made it so clear that there was no excuse.

    BTW; Any righteous believer walking with G-d every day can tell you that some of your articles are not Good (meaning some are not what G-d wants).
    Now is spring, its good time to make some house and website cleanup if you will (should be done before pesach), do you agree?

    May G-d bless you and give you wisdom, so that you may love Him more and care less of world.

    • hi Aharon,

      I agree that we have our spiritual identity and that others can see this.

      I will never treat you badly, because what I see is precious in you. You are always welcome here.

      My posts here are my opinions. People are free to agree or disagree.

      The main reason I present opinions is to encourage people to think, and look in the bible to find proof for their thoughts.

      I do not want people to be blind sheep, but informed people, who know the scriptures. They need to do this to debate different issues. This is good for the soul.

      I guess you think I have chometz on my site. That is fine. Maybe I do, but it is for spiritual digestion. 🙂

      I want people to eat, digest, and learn for themselves, so they will be smart, and be prepared to teach others in an intelligent way.

  7. WOW!!!!! My husband and I BOTH KNEW EXACTLY what you were talkin about in this subject!!!! We have both experienced this-YES- before they even know us! This is RIGHT ON! This is SPIRITUAL WARFARE! I’m glad you’re exposing this to people so that they can be prepared, Marianne!

  8. It is easier for some people to stick their heads into the sand, write these attacks off as “it’s all in my mind” or “this person was just having a bad day.” Spiritual warfare training in the majority of the churches today is a feared subject and doesn’t happen much. Just mention the word “demon” in a baptist church and watch the crowd scatter! I feel at times it is simply because people have a form of godliness but want to deny the power of it. To some it is easier to just accept and follow than it is to stand on the ROCK and fight. I appreciate this article you have written, and recognize the truths of it. Maybe some day others will realize the authority given to the believing follower of Jesus Christ and submit to what GOD would have us do.

    • HI Sharon,

      My hope is that people learn about this, and what their authority is in Jesus, so they will fight, and not be victimized. Too many are beaten down by rejections they do not deserve.

      As long as people run from demons, they are in submission to them.

  9. Hi & Yes, Marianne… This is exactly what is happening. For example.. I can be out walking in city, market or nature and when I meet people then some of them are looking at me with total hatred or disgust. Also when trying to find a work, shop etc. Or there is people who look only to “lust”. But there is also people I meet who don´t and just give me a smile. I mean I am a “normal” looking woman but it doesen´t matter. What I want to say is that this has incresed since I started to pray to Jesus Christ in 2006 to get saved after years of opression in the new age and occult. Before in my life I thought it was something wrong with me and I condemned myself for being hated by parents etc. Is it so that demons communicate to others? This is really trying in everyway to decieve, lure, lie opress me to give up.
    God bless/

    • Hi Ina,

      There is nothing wrong with you. It is a choice to either accept God or demons in our lives.

      So the people who choose evil, instead of good, are the ones responsible for the negative situation.

      Never feel guilty about it. Just realize that the negative person is in worst trouble for choosing this, than you are, for being rejected.

      Do not give up. Use this as a method to pick out good people who will be good friends, and to eliminate bad people in your life, who will cause trouble.

      They are the ones who are really oppressed. You are free in Jesus. You will be ok.

  10. Jesus said: They hated meand they will Hate you too! Fear not for we walk by FAITH not by SIGHT.


  11. Ina,….yes, demons communicate with each other. They have also been around for a long time, so they have a full bag of tricks. DavWms

  12. Yes..
    Also this spiritual warfare is obvious escalating and it is sad that so many people don´t know what is going on…

  13. You know now you mention it it has happened at time. My boss used to sort of ridicule me (heknows im christian) for no reason, not all the time. Since he has gotten to know me he and I are besties. But I did feel that initially and prayed at those times (inside). My boss is an atheist. Anyway I think that can happen but pray when it does and things can turn around. God is in control

  14. Sorry in AUstralia besties means best friends 🙂

  15. Its interesting my friend Patti who calls herself a Catholic after reading this article said people who believe this must have mental problems. lol Its funny that people think anything that has to do with the devil is silly.

  16. Those of us who are sensitive and care about humanity and expect people to follow the Golden Rule are often dissappointed in our fellow man. After many years of having hatred directed at me I have realized that sometimes my desire for acceptance rules over my desire for pleasing God. It is a very delicate balance and sometimes the line becomes blurred between our love for acceptance and our love for God. I think that when people show hatred to me, Jesus is right there and the question is, do I let human unkindness hurt me or do I turn to Jesus and thank Him for being there and praising Him for saving me from being that kind of ugly.

    • hI jules,

      I am glad to hear that you do not let human unkindness hurt you. I know Jesus is there, but I can still feel the hurt. I long for the day when it is over. May God bless you, and keep you strong. He must have something special planned for you, as you have overcome much. Thank you for sharing.

      • Marianne: Thank you. Let me clarify, though! I am 60 years old and have been through all the emotions and most of the reactions that come up from hurt feelings. In my life I have gone way to far not to get my feelings hurt. I would even say that I am guilty of putting love before God. Finally, I realized what I was doing. I pray that God can still use me at this late date. Thanks for your thoughts. I know God is very patient and that He loves me.

  17. Can’t thank you enough for posting this!! I was in the store and walked passed a total stranger who turned and just gave me the coldest stare. I was at my friends graduation and watching them march in I turned around and a woman eyes were cold fixed on me. I could feel hate and always found it curious as to why were these complete strangers staring like that it is also something I have experienced with family members.

    • hi Shantae

      This just happened to me recently in a doctor’s office. I was a new patient. The receptionist hated me immediately, and told the doctor things that were not true. I waited and waited.

      The doctor finally came in and refused to treat me, because I was “found to be antagonistic,” and she refused to see me.!! I had not done anything wrong, except just sit there and wait. It was the receptionist responding in a wild irrational way to me. I will not go back there- ever.

      Many people are like this now, as the world gets darker.

      • Marianne I have read somewhere; in connection with gang stalking and mobbing’ that there is some sort of official system where if you are in at some office or reception of any sort, and the person you are talking to deems you as ‘aggressive’ or whatever they put a code of some sort on your file and then put it into their system, so everywhere you go afterward they look at your file and then look at you and see ‘aggressive’, one woman noticed that every where she went they seemed to be strange and sometimes would even call extra staff to be on stand by. That woman found out about it and got her file cleared if I remember right. To me that sounds like the sort of thing that will happen when there are so many ‘Illuminatie’ cult members in a Government that they will more and more transform the Government into a satanic system.

        As far as I know the Canaanite nations which Israel were sent into destroy were full blown open Luciferian / Satanist and would openly offer children in sacrifice to Moleck. In recent History we have had the Armenian Genocide by Turks (I read that that was organised by Illuminate, or Freemasonry (of course the first 3 degrees of Masons are kept in the dark by their masters)) of about 1915, Hitler’s, (who was in at least one Mysteries Secret Cult) the Jesuit, which are said to have secret orders with in the regular outer order, (if you have read the Jesuit secret oath of induction you will see that they make the Illuminate look like a friendly Society) I think fortunately full blown evil has been in a minority for most of history and so kept secret. On the other hand the estimated death toll of Heretics at the Hands of the Roman Catholic Church is 64,000,000 Admitted to by the modern Catholic church, and an estimate of about 120,000,000 by some, even at about the time of the corrupt Revised Version of 1881, it was discovered that the Inquisition was still going on in Secret in at least two parts of the world. There has been allegations that it still goes on even up to this day, but that has never yet been discovered.

        Victory on Earth?
        So anyway are we Just expecting more of the same or are we believing that the Church through trial; or before trial;(1 Peter 1:6-7 Wherein ye greatly rejoice, though now for a season, IF NEED BE, ye are in heaviness through manifold temptations: That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honour and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ:) shall SEEK the LORD and be empowered by the ever nearer presence of the returning Messiah The KING of Kings, when are we going to start ruling with him, why not now? 2 Corinthians 10:3-6 For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;) Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; And having in a readiness to revenge all disobedience, when your obedience is fulfilled.

        So if the Church can stop being deceived and really get a grasp of ‘the simplicity that is in Christ.’ 2Cor 11:3 I.E. Faith and Faith.. Rom 1:17 I believe that God THROUGH the Church’s PRAYER will End evil here on earth, when Basically the Church is ready and Christ will return, somehow. Ephesians 4:2-32 With all lowliness and meekness, with longsuffering, forbearing one another in love; Endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. …For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ: Till WE ALL come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto A PERFECT MAN, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ: And grieve not the holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the DAY OF REDEMPTION.

        • I do not know about creating a file, but it is very possible. I am more familiar with the “by word of mouth.” It is called slander. Once you leave a place, and need a reference, get a good witch on the phone and she will ruin your references. Women are best at this.

          the church can either be in a building or not. it is a case by case basis now for individuals. the church does not save us, Jesus does. So in or out of church, we are saved. But I am seeing more problems in the church than outside of it now. There are few good churches left, but they still exist.

    • If you know they are staring at you, you must be staring back, I would perhaps just scratch the centre of my forehead with my middle finger, if no offence was intended none will be taken 🙂

  18. The evil eye is the name for a sickness or misfortune transmitted by someone who is envious, jealous, or covetous. It is also called the invidious eye and the envious eye.

    The evil eye belief is that a person can harm you, your children, your livestock, etc. by staring at them with admiration and/or envy and praising them.
    But that does not necessarily mean that the person who harbors admiration/jealousy and gives the evil eye is an evil person. Often, it is indeed a genuine admiration and the effect is un-intentional.

    One way to ward off evil is to wear a seal with the HAND OF YHWH on it it will ward off evil eye.
    I have such a seal if you need it.

  19. Jude Chapter 1 Verse 9=Yet Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke thee.

    There are many things in the above verse that can also be tied in with the present subject here…

    As followers of JESUS CHRIST, we need to expect these things to come our way-most of the time the devil doesn’t spend much time attacking his present followers, because they surely aren’t doing anything for GOD’s kingdom. We are also told in the Word that we should expect no better because we are no greater than our Master.
    That is knowledge-we are told to expect trouble from the spirits in people and people themselves.

    The verse also shows that there is no use in argueing with the devil or his servants…remember that the devil is a liar and the father of the lie…there will be no winning for us in a dispute with him based on our own knowledge and standing, because even though we are heirs to the throne through adoption, the enemy is still more powerful than we are on this plane. Even Michael who is spiritually able to do battle keeps it direct-he doesn’t bother to try to argue, debate or do anything other than rely on the LORD.

    The truth about spiritual warfare is in the pages of GOD’s Word-
    we are to walk by faith, not by sight and depend completely upon the Lord to take care of us.

    In saying all of this, understand I mean no disrespect to the poster before me, but I don’t need a talisman to be protected from the onslaught of the enemy-all I need is to plead the blood of JESUS over myself, ask HIM for HIS protection to make it through the battle and BELIEVE in HIS ability to keep me.


  20. Dear Sharon, And no disrespect to you either, we have been pleading the blood of Jesus for twenty three years and will continue to do so.

    When we speak of the blood and the name of Jesus we are using one of our weapons, and a mighty one at that, but still it is one of our weapons.

    YHWH has provided an abundance of weapons for our armery.

    Those who practice witchcraft and black magic have an array of weapons to attack us with.

    Now, we as Christians must re-discover the weapons of our warfare, for they are mighty for the pulling down of strongholds.

    Just to name but a few, The bread and the wine a mighty waepon, holy water mighty weapon, anointing oil mighty weapon, psalm 91 and other scriptures are mighty weapons.

    The name YESHUA, the name YHWH, the name ADONAI, the name ELOHIM, the twenty two Hebrew letters these are but a few of our weapons.

    It is time for us Christians to wake up and rise up and attack the enemy head on, for our weapons are mighty to the pulling down of strongholds. God bless you Sharon always, the word you gave is excellant. God bless, Billy.

    • Hello Friend, If you don’t mind me saying I think you are letting your blood deceive you, I am Scottish so understand a bit about not wanting to leave my peoples superstitions behind me, I could look everywhere else and see the empty traditions of their foolish fathers, but when it came to the Celts, well, they were special. I think all spells and the likes are firmly in the Old Creation and not for the New Creatures in Christ which make up the Universal Church of the First Born from the dead, and I also think as soon as we learn to walk in the Spirit and use the New Covenant weapons of our spiritual warfare as mentioned in Scripture, which really all come down to Faith and obedience to Christ, once we are sure that we are actually In Christ.

      I do believe that there was and still is a spiritual warfare in and of the Old Covenant, sort of ‘Good’ against ‘Evil’, I think it is all to do with the Law of sin and death and the law of curses and blessings which work by the Law of the Old creation, But Christians are called out from that and are under a new law, not of works, and are also set free from the curse of the Law, and I think that includes any perverted curses which are directed in our direction by a witch or wizard or the likes, and only applies if we are actually Standing in Faith as directed to do by Paul in Galatians. I think the Bread and wine are nothing more than memorials, to focus the mind and remind us why we are meeting as a church. If you look at 1Cor chapter ten Paul said that the Corinthian church were a loaf of bread, but we don’t take that literally. ‘we being many are one bread’

      I believe there is a mystery but it is in Communion as in Fellowship, because our fellowship is with God. 1 John 1:3 That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that ye also may have fellowship with us: and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ. And sometimes God will Judge between his people. 1 Corinthians 11:29-32 For he that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh damnation to himself, not discerning the Lord’s body. For this cause many are weak and sickly among you, and many sleep. For if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged. But when we are judged, we are chastened of the Lord, that we should not be condemned with the world. I know it sound l like the Bread and wine are special in a sort of magical way but I think it is written like this so we know that while we as Christians are not literally one loaf of bread, we are literally of the Body of Christ, and He literally does fellowship with us, and so we should be careful how we deal with each other. So, the Lord Bless thee.

  21. Hello Billy : )

    There was a time in my life before coming to the saving knowledge of JESUS CHRIST that I was heavily involved in witchcraft. I am very familiar with some of the tools that the enemy uses for his purposes, and one of the most oft used is a “familiar object” -an object that has sentimental value to the hit-could be a family heirloom (generational curse/bloodline curse) a piece of jewelry gifted to the hit (incantations and specific rituals performed to attatch a demonic force to the object, giving the demon legal ground to work against the person).

    We are to be wise as serpants and gentle as doves according to the Word. That doesn’t mean that we should go paranoid over every little thing, but it does mean that in order to have that wisdom, GOD has bestowed the HOLY GHOST into our being to lead, guide and protect those who belong to HIM. We have discernment because of this, and when we feel unease in our spirit based on something that doesn’t bear as prudent for us, we are to check against the scripture and see if it lines up. If it doesn’t, then we are to stay away from that thing.

    Likewise, in the Old Testament, GOD was very angry with Isreal when Moses was on the mount and they started fashioning images of their golden calf god to worship instead of worshipping HIM.

    Hence another reason I definately feel reluctance to rely on such items…

    You have the right to believe and follow what ever you choose, and I respect that right, but also understand as someone who has seen the other side of the fence, I stand very firmly when it comes to seeing someone possibly getting tangled up in the very claws of the enemy by putting trust in an object instead of in GOD.

    To remain silent would mean someone’s blood could possibly be required of me when it comes time for me to answer for my actions here on this earth.

    I have no desire to see anyone ignorantly enter into where I have been in the past…

    I say this in all the love that has been placed in my heart…and I do not say it to argue, to cause problems, nor for any evil purpose.

    GOD will lead HIS children in the paths of HIS righteousness by HIS Word, HE will reveal to us by the unction of the HOLY GHOST what HE would have us do and when HE would have us do it. To enter into a battle that GOD hasn’t put us into is rebellion and standing on the flesh and self instead of listening and obeying HIM….1 Sam 15:22 And Samuel said, Hath the LORD as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the LORD? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams. (KJV)

    GOD bless in return,

    • Sharon
      I think you are right on there Sharon, also good to see you are quoting the KJV, most of the Church in the west have been decieved into accepting a translation based on Alexandrian text which has been corrupted by unconverted philosophers who entered the early church.

      I also think that even though earthly objects are used to curse or do magic, it seems to me that the objects have no power other that that which we allow them to have. And so as you say the Power is in the Word, not ‘words’ as if it was some sort of spell, but the spirit and understanding of the words and promisies and faith in the ability of the God who Gave us them, I call Him Jahovah because that is His name in the Bible, and that is the facts as I undesand them, the Name Yahweh has been constructed by rationalistic philosophers who believe language evolved and guessed up a history to match their medlsome plan.

      Or in other words if we find a voodoo doll in the Lobby one mornning, if we have no fear, not even a doubt, then it wont work, because we will not allow it ito work, I think a good working knowledge of Scripture can help there.

      What do you think?

  22. God does lead His Children. What a sweetheart this child of God is!!

  23. Dear Sharon,

    Christians must not go around with their eyes shut! The spiritual world is very real.

    In the Bible it is also written in many instances where God has told people to use earthly objects anointed by Him to ward off evil.Eg -the rod of Moses, a brass snake on a pole for people to look upon and thereby get healed, the mantle of Elijah(cloak)etc, you will find many such things.

    If you went into a battle against an enemy, and you stood up and said,” the blood of Jesus”, the enemy would cut you down. Well, I am using this illustration to tell you that we need to listen to God, to find out which weapon we need to employ to defeat the enemy.

    The Father knows the right one to use at the right time, and we must be familiar with the weapons and shields that He provides and not go around with our eyes shut. For the enemy goes around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.

    I have never been involved in any kind of witchcraft or dark arts, I was always brought up to believe in Jesus and many of my past generations have also been Christians, yet I come from a part of England which is called Cornwall, and Cornwall is riddled with witchcraft.

    In fact most of Cornwall is haunted by evil spirits which appear to people and frighten them, witchcraft rituals take place on the lonely moors by people like doctors, nurses, as well as other professions.

    We must as Christians be aware of what is around us and what is going on, these spells and curses must be broken by God’s wisdom, and we must put on the whole armour of God and not just use a bit of it.

  24. Hi Cornish evanglist and Sharon

    Something I had forgotten myself to mention to others, also being busy with spiritual warfare, is praise.

    The devil cannot stay around it. We can be blessing God, praising his holy name, bowing our knees to him, and giving thanks.

    The blessings, praises, and words of thanksgiving will not only drive away the curses, but they will lift our spirits as well.

    • I just had to comment about using praise in spiritual warfare. When I was going through demonic oppression several years ago and had major trouble sleeping at night, someone suggested that I play praise and worship music on low volume on my cd at night. I had it set to play continuously and it worked wonders. I began to sleep peacefully for the fist time in over a year.

      My advice to others if you feel an attack coming on, put on the praise music–it will run the devil off!


  26. it is your choice to believe and do as you choose to do. I have done what I was unctioned to do. I will leave it at that.

  27. I’ve done allot allot of Spiritual Warfare
    Seems out of necessity or what God has been teaching me.
    Whatever the case so to speak
    Your article just brings confirmation from what I learned
    From what I learned.
    My conclusion, on this issue before I even known of this article
    Is basically the same findings on what I came across.
    It is Sad the way the state of the world is
    Anyone getting into any Strife do not know what Spirit
    maybe driving them
    Having Discernment helps show this.
    It is so important to keep your peace and not
    Have the enemy steal it from you.
    Stay out of strife. Don’t even enter the ring.
    When he temps.
    That is what I’m learning all over again
    Love and Forgiveness too.

    But what I seen at work as said in the article,
    when using discernment (Gift of the Spirit) you can test the spirits
    And find out what’s going on in your environment.
    Opposite action can get a reaction
    Even Gods presence or being a light in the darkness
    Sends the darkness fleeing, even annoy it
    Spending time with God makes you shine brighter…………
    Noticed as well the Darkness will try to cover up as an added note
    to add.

  28. Thank you Michael …
    You have helped me today.

  29. I’ve also had this happen alot from the time I was growing up until the present. I never understood it and always thought there was something wrong with me. I’ve even experienced this hatred from other supposed Christians. This explanation makes alot of sense.

  30. I am curious do evil people literally feed off of other peoples pain? I know such a person that if he gets you upset he literally gets giddy and if everything is going well its as if goodness bores him or turnes him off. Also, if evil people can’t change then why are we to witness to them. This is what I hear from family saying so and so will never change and I should just let them be.

    • Shontae

      yes, they can feed off you like a parasite. But as far as being hopeless, only God knows that for sure. So we witness to them anyhow.

      However, if they are hurting you in some way, stay away from them.

  31. I’ve experienced this quite a few times. Something else that is sort of similar happened to me with a woman who I had been friends with at a previous church. We had been good friends for about 2 yrs and I kind of looked up to her as a mentor. She seemed to be really “gifted” with the gifts of word-of-knowledge and prophecy. However, over time, I came to realize she was not operating under the holy spirit but under a spirit similar to what fortune tellers operate under. I started to also detect a subtle arrogance and pride underlying her “super spiritual” persona. Right at the time I became aware of all of this, even though I was nice and treated her the same as I always had, she suddently began to shun me and became quite hostile towards me. I would enter a room where she was in with other church ladies and she would call them out of the room except for me, leaving me alone. This appeared to be very deliberate. I felt like I was being ostracized. I would go to prayer meetings and if she was there, I felt very strongly that she was praying against me. I don’t know why I felt that way. On one occasion, during a church service, I inexplicably found myself praying for protection from God because I felt like she was spiritually attacking me–like something was trying to invade my mind. I can’t rationally explain it. I wonder if when I discovered what wss behind her “gifts” if maybe any demons that were influencing her were aware that I now Knew the “truth” and had begun to influence her behavior towards me?

    • hi Stacey

      The demonic is irrational. It does not have to make sense.

      She is a witch. Her “gifts” are not real, and obviously not from God, as you have determined.

      Churches are loaded with witchcraft now. Everyone wants to be important, so they take the cheap and easy way to power.

  32. I was dying burning up inside from a massive overdose, feet were rumbling in the corridors in prep for stomach pump… I realised i was dying filled with regret I breathed out the words God what have I done, I am sorry forgive me. I turned my head to see the rays of sun light up the floating dust particles I reached my hand out to touch the golden dust and asked God to let me live so as I can touch the dust. I started to pray the Lords prayer and immediately i felt a cold rush through my body from the head down. I was then pumped. The Doctors told me I it was a miracle that I survived and that due to the amount I had taken and what I had taken, I should be dead or in a vegetated state. I know that a greater power interviened at that moment when I was only 16.

  33. I also had a weird experience last year at this church I started working at 3 days a week. I had only been there for a week and I was walking down the hall. Right as I passed by this one classroom, I felt this sensation like a jolt going through my body. At that moment I locked eyes with a woman I had never seen nor met. The look coming from her was pure hatred. I never even spoke a word to her. My heart started racing and I felt like I was about to have a panic attack on the spot. My head felt totally confused. About an hour after that, I walked back down to the classroom to ask her and another lady if they needed any help with the project they were working on. She said “No, We do not thank you very much!” The way she said it was so sarcastic and venomous it made me sick. It seemed as if she was clenching her teeth when she said this. I wanted to run as far away from her as I could. My heart was racing and I developed an immediate headache. I did not attend church there, but I could tell that she was highly regarded there, very popular, and very involved. I could not understand my reaction. I’ve experienced this quite a few times as I mentioned in my above post from a few months ago, but I had never met this woman. In the past, I have had other similar situations where I have detected things like this in people and have experienced these reactions yet other people cannot understand why I feel that way about a particular person. People would say things like, “I don’t know why you feel that way because she/he is one of the nicest people I know.” They would be genuinely confused. I’m not saying this this to put down other Christians, but I think alot of believers are clueless in the discernment department.

    • It sounds like you met a religious jezebel. They have a lot of power in the church.

    • Yep! I have felt this stacey. in fact i feel it all the time I get so used to people not liking me. Once I was almost forced to rebuke the spirit outloud in public because of the spiritual pressure and the effects of the hatred from the person! I always think it must be me maybe I have a demon but something always confirms the opposite because I get so much nonsense from thos ewith demonic spirits….and then there are times where I meet people who are so far off that we both know we don’t like each other. and its like they know I know the truth about them that everyone else is oblivious to!

      • If you are listening to a sermon and you
        hear the preacher say something
        in error, you immediately know
        it’s wrong, if you have the gift
        of discernment. Others can be
        nodding in agreement and falling
        all over themselves over what was
        said, and you KNOW it’s not right
        and the scriptures are being twisted.
        I’ve had that experience so many times.
        I think the preachers can tell when
        someone sees through them and a
        wall can go up. If you are instantly disliked
        by someone in your church, even someone
        in leadership, I too think they know that
        you know, and others are oblivious.
        I had a true prophet, a godly older man,
        tell me I had that gift, and he is not
        the only one that said so. It was
        simply confirmation of what God Himself
        revealed to me in my heart. It comes from
        knowing the scriptures and Jesus, and
        is kind of like the story of the Emperors
        New Clothes.

  34. Thanks, I came across this site, I was brought here by my yearning for answers. I do experience this phenomenon of hate, and strange looks bordering on dislike from total strangers, and even people I know, one moment they are fine, the next moment they could be strange towards you, and even go out of their way to attempt to unsettle me without having done anything to them. I get the feeling this is an action to place me in a position of constant discomfort, for reasons I do not understand. I hold no malice or hatred towards anyone. I’m always willing to help people, but I get a reaction of hostility and abrupt disinterest towards me. I always have to pray and cover myself in the blood of Jesus to accomplish anything.

    I truly believe spiritual ‘signals’ are transmitted through each of us, our discernment of this signals depend on our level of spiritual development and awareness.

    It’s not that there would not be provocations against you via ‘human’ conduits of demonic influences, it just means you are armed and covered, such that the human agent’s antics do not unsettle you, you are able to go by your day to day pursuits.

    It’s easy to say, I wish you could pray this provocations away to disappear forever, but, by the nature of the ‘path’ of light you’ve chosen, you are constantly a target of provocation by the ones that serve the master of this world. More and more people, irrespective whether christians, or not, are increasingly now driven solely by ‘primal instincts'(envy, jealousy, fear, greed, non contentment) which invariably have enabled access to the dark. The world is becoming more and more a battle ground, with the rigtheous becoming more and more isolated, and under siege, the devil employs all sorts of tricks in his attempt to ostracise the righteous. So I urge you to constantly pray and always stay on the path of light, for you are not missing anything by the inducements of satan that is turning people increasingly to unprovoked hostility towards people who they feel are different

    • hi Michael

      Thank you for sharing your insights. True, this experience will get worse, not better, because of the way the world is going. So it is good to understand what is happening, and maintain our faith through it.

    • “I truly believe spiritual ‘signals’ are transmitted through each of us, our discernment of this signals depend on our level of spiritual development and awareness.”

      While attending a Baptist college, the Holy Spirit connected me with 2 other people on campus that had also received the baptism in the HS. One of them, I remember this so well, had an incredible light that shone in her eyes-. When first meeting her I noticed her eyes just lit up…its hard to explain, but when I noticed this, I thought to myself, she has the HS inside of her…I took a chance and asked her and she got so excited that someone else had also received the baptism…remember we were at a baptist college….long story short, while there, the HS connected all 3 of us, Me, Cherie and my computer professor. So, yes, I absolutely believe in the spiritual signals per se whether good or bad…thanks Michael for sharing that!

  35. Am I bared from your site?
    If so then it reminds me of the song …
    ‘You’ve picked a fine time to leave me Lucille’

    • abigail

      why would you say that? You have always freely posted here. I have been sick for the past 2 weeks with a bad virus. I am barely functioning at the moment, and have no clue about what the light spots are on the round CD disk looking thing. I have no background in that.

      • marianne,

        I am sorry that you are not feeling well.
        I said that because when I’ve tried to post this morning,
        I found that my name and subscription was empty.
        i had to fill it again and I did not know what to think.
        That is why I questioned if I was for some reason barred from posting on your site.

        The song lyrics I was referring to is this.
        ‘you’ve picked a fine time to leave me Lucille.
        Four hungry children and CROPS in the field.’

        I know I’ve always freely posted on your site.
        But what to think?
        Since at the bottom of the page I did not find my name nor my address.

        Now concerning the ‘shield from the sun’ on the telescope …
        If you look at the white circle that is the size of our sun.
        If you look to west of our sun you will see the luminous object fast approaching the sun.
        If its’ distance from the camera is the same as the sun then …
        you surely can see the size of it compared to the white circle on the dark shield.
        It is NOT a SMALL object.
        And it is NOT Venus or some other solar system known celestial body.
        It has traversed in just 24 hrs. an alarming span of space.

    • Yes Abigail….go away….LOL Laughing 🙂 just kidding! This site just wouldn’t be the same w/out you! Your my “rapture check”! Laughing….as long as your on here I know I didn’t miss it! 🙂 You and Marianne!

  36. Marianne,

    Sorry to hear that you have been sick, I will ask God of Israel for healing and mercy for you!

    BTW, do you have me and my friend Mikhail on prayer list? Both of us are still in a mess, so I hope you have us in your prayers.

    Regards, from your friend and brother in Lord Jesus Christ, the “white crow” among Jews and Christians,


  37. Love this post Marianne. After reading several of the comments above I can’t help but think of 2 situations. One of them was when I was pregnant with my youngest son. During an introduction to someone I had never met, while shaking his hand the HS said loud and clear-this man is a child molestor. I could just imagine the look I had on my face when given that information…long story short, approx 8 mths later he was arrested and sent to prison for an international child pornography ring of sorts going all the way to Australia!!! WOW! Thank you G-D! And the second situation was and still is with my “best friend”. I have known her since 1995-we met in college. I thought she was my best friend…she got herself involved in ghost hunting, which led into Tarot cards, which led into other things that I don’t understand. Against my better judgement, I let her do a tarot card reading on me last year. She became physically sick afterwards-she actually looked pale. I prayed and asked forgiveness for this moment of weakness on my part but I will never forget how it affected her. Our friendship just ended soon after that after knowing her for 15 years! I had a dream about her about a month ago which involved the rapture (I posted it on another subject here) and in the dream she was standing there looking horrified..I was yelling and saying “its time”…for 15 years I have tried to witness to her and now I realize I ended up getting “sucked” into her world rather than her into mine per se. I want to tell her about the dream…but I know she would just laugh if she didn’t hang up on me first. I do still care about her and her family and I guess at this point all I can do is just pray for them.

    • hi lyndsey

      I had a friend like that once. I met her almost 40 years ago. She was into astrology and the occult. Over time, we parted, but I still care about her salvation.

      • Do you think its best I just “help from afar” by praying…I just don’t want to be around it and I hate how I succumbed to her tarot card reading…she made it sound “fun”. I left feeling guilty and she looked like she was going to throw up…lol I guess G-D was mad at her for doing that…I don’t know…that was just my first thought when I saw how pale she was. Other times, I kept telling her not to contact anyone that had died (she really wanted to do this) because she would be contacting a demon who would tell her whatever she wanted to hear..even her husband (who is a mason by the way) would fuss about the “stuff” she brought home with her after ghost hunting. I am relieved that I’m not around it anymore. I do remember, however, She was there for me when I had my horse accident and when I was life flighted. She drove to downtown Atlanta to Grady (if you know how scary that hospital is you would understand, even tho it is the best trauma center here) at midnight and was there everyday until I was discharged. The irony is that Doctors told her that there was no medical explanation for my recovery-I should have died, paralysis or severe brain damage…you would think she would have seen how G-D intervened for me and how miraculous He is…I love her for that support and will just continue praying…I just want to know I am doing the right thing because I know I will have to answer to G-D for this decision.

      • And I hope your feeling better too-I said a prayer 🙂

  38. Hello,

    I have been reading some of your entries today, but I must say that you have NO IDEA how much this one has blessed me today!

    I have been experiencing this all my life, and I, too, have been dismissed as ‘crazy’ or told that this was ‘all in my head’ when i tried to talk to someone—-anyone—-about this. until now, I felt so lonely and alone, so misunderstood. But no longer.

    What’s so awesome about this is not only have I been confirmed by this post, and received much-needed information, but I was able to see how God, in His infinite wisdom, ordered my steps in teaching me how to react and behave, even when I didn’t even know what was going on and why this was happening. I am deeply grateful to the HS for His divine providence, and may God continue to bless you, dear lady, for allowing yourself to be used by Him. Praise God; I no longer feel alone anymore! I no longer feel ‘strange’, ‘crazy’ (some of the many names I have been called), or afraid! Thank you, Jesus!

    • hi aplus32

      It is hard to endure rejection, but if you are automatically rejected by worldly people, it means you are really blessed.

      You are a mirror to their fleshly nature, and they cannot stand to be around you.

      I understand. Just keep the faith, and look up to Jesus, not those around you, for your acceptance.

      • Hi Marianne, I love this blog. In a way, it’s a relief that other people have experienced the same thing as me. It’s just a shame the experiences are what they are. I’m going to post my experience too but I’m confused with certain terms. I don’t know how we are blessed if we’re suffering all the while on the account of the haters. I mean, I do feel blessed because my character is not like theirs. Is that what you mean? I don’t mean to sound naive but I wasn’t raised religiously so I’m not very familiar with the terminology like, a mirror to their fleshy nature, what does that mean? And why do people on here leave out the o and put G-D?

        • hi camryn

          people are both flesh and spirit. we have a temporary physical body, with all its desires, emotions, and lusts….and we have a spirit given us by God, to elevate us and draw us to Him in our hearts.

          people can act in a fleshy way, ie dominated by their physical desires and emotions ( some good, some bad) or they can follow Gods rules and commandments for a more positive life….

          emotions can be good, but we can act wrongly with them, making mistakes….example, someone insulted you, so I , being noble and wanting to defend you hit the other person…. this would be wrong.

          we can also act in a good way with emotions, following Gods guidelines….we would defend you in a less violent way, and point out you positive qualities to the insulting person…and tell them they are wrong.


          some people omit the O in God to show respect…this is a jewish tradition….not to say the name or write it out…


          yes we are blessed with the presence of god….it is always hard to see why people hate us

          injury is not a blessing, it is an attack…but god can turn it into a blessing later, if we put all things in his hands.

          our obligation is to act properly according to his will and commandments during the injury.

      • Hi Marianne you hit it right on the nail. Everything you said was true and it is something that i have always known. I always told my sister that the good in you always stirs up the demon in that person.Notice the person struggling with demons always looks mean and threatening. The second they look at you they make a disgusting face at you looking to devour you. I remember when i was doing my second clinical rotation and was getting to my break through my supervisor literally tortured me until my last day and guess what when i walked in the house the passion of Christ movie was playing and the second i walked in Jesus said remember if they persecuted me they will try to persecute you too. But guess what i made it through my break through with honors!!! The truck infront of me on my way to school said God wins RS. RS is my initials! !! There is a spiritual battle going on for sure. Look at it this way just like there are different breeds of dogs there are different breeds of humans. The true hearted good Christians are the golden retrievers and the demon possessed ppl are pit bulls. The pitbulls keep thinking they are powerful and eat at our kindness and genuineness. I know God is real too because countless times i prayed and he revealed many things to me and believe me that’s a whole other topic in itself, but non believers will always attack believers because they always say i dont know why but i dont like her. You ask them why and they still dont know its because their spirits are clashing! I do my best to stay away but if i work with them i have no choice but its definitely not easy!

        • dear christiangirl

          I am glad you made it through the clinical rotation. I didn’t. my instructor was a witch. she lied about my performance and failed me. I had to appeal the grade to the chancellor of the university to get it dropped. I was so amazed and disgusted with her influence around the school I left, so I never got my degree. I knew she would influence the other teachers to treat me the same way. I was young, and did not know what I do now. Hang in there. And keep fighting those pit bulls.

  39. Well I thank G-D that I am “crazy” more than all of ya….LOL 🙂

  40. Marianne, this is what I have felt for along long time. even when i started consecrating my life and doing spiritual warfare, I would go to different areas and people would react to me in different ways, its like we were both silently communicating underneath the mask of our outwardly pursuits. Like in London, there are a whole load of Jezebels especially in the posh and rich areas who love to lord it over those who come into their spriitual environment and attempt to dominate….Like someone said on a above post, I always have got into public transport and I would et the feeling that everyone would look at me but with pure hatred and disgust, and i feel like If i entertain them, they strive to compete but if I overcome them they become mads. its like they want attention also. Another thing, I feel like they want to randomly beat me up in the street or wherever. I even had a thought once that EVERYONE in a busy street could stop and try plot to do a wicekd thing! I’m not paranoid because my spirit always feels uncomfortable or I get a stirring telling me something is up! Also, if you speak the truth or attempt to, you get ridiculed or they try shut you up from shining light on their darkenss. I even feel fearful and a panic attack feeling rising in my stomach to my heart and pounding against my chest…mostly when i meet someone my spirit doesn’t take to…and I feel like they’re trying to force me to like them like evryone else does!

    • Lee

      Well, at least you know they are the problem, and not you. It will be a challenge to find those that comfort your spirit, instead of attack it. These are dark times, and so this is expected. But just continue on, and do your best.

    • Sorry Lee for the very late response I only stumbled across this blog very recently. I used to live in the UK and have traveled to London very frequently and I am 100% with you. I do think the UK is going through a social and moral decline though.

      A lot of people don’t like you to tell the truth or show them for who they really are and if you are better than them they always want to compete or bring you down. There is for some reason something very wrong with their spiritual or ethical values.

      Also about feeling hatred from complete strangers, I am with you on that. One of the reasons why I left the UK, people’s attitudes and mentalities, especially the English are downright immoral and disgusting. Either it is jealousy, greed or they can sense an aura of goodness that their spirits can’t stand being around or it forces them deeper into the darkness. It is always unspoken vibes, body language and indirect. They don’t want you to know they are doing it. I could feel people’s disgust or hatred towards me radiating from their bodies it was unreal.

      Even in churches, I have encountered the same problems. The people that are popular and well respected are usually the most twisted and immoral. On first sight, a whole group of them hated me and my family. Their spirits could see my strength or they saw something special about me and choose to attack me and make life difficult. Also at school, college and work. I am never spoken or revealed my personality to anyone and on first sight, people chose to isolate, not talk to me or even acknowledge my existence. It was a very strange feeling to be targeted immediately and no chance to defend myself or change people’s perception of me.

      I know on first sight who hates me or who loves me instinctively. I am not sure whether our spirits are on opposing sides and are fighting with each other. I think this world is always going to be an old fashioned, hero vs. villain fight between good and evil. Unfortunately, some nations may be more inherently evil or greedy and selfish than others.

      I don’t know if you believe in auras/presences but I think that could be a possibility.

      This is what I have seen and experienced, I do feel special in the sense that evil spirits want to attack me because God is on my side and they know it but I don’t see why I should attract some much attention. I am no Harry Potter to have Dementors searching for me. lol only joking

  41. I have a very few select friends and when I explain to my friends why I don’t have sooo many friends they find it hard to understand…but they’re not that spiritually minded though. I always thought what if everyone felt that way to oneanother, that each and everyone hated the sight of each other? that would mean that we all can’t be christians of we felt that way…but i have dented my pride and admited there are some problems with me and tried to mend it but whenever I do so, it seems “they” get even angrier! and btw my friends some of them are athiests but whatever reason , I believe God has his hand on some unbelievers maybe because He knows they will accept Him. Like my friend who doesn’t believe in God, if you encounted him, you’d think he was a Christian because of his warmth and genuinty and my spirit feels at ease with him in his presence. what do you think Marianne,have you ever had athiest friends who seem to be genuine thought they don’t believe in the Lord? and yet they are nice and they love being around you?

    • hi Lee

      It is possible for an atheist to be very ethical, and pleasant. Inside, they instinctively do God’s will. They just don’t know it. I think these people can eventually be saved.

  42. Agreed! Since my time at university I have some very good friends who are comfortable around me and I get the impression that whenever I speak about church, God e.t.c. they seem to be fine with it! one time, I spoke to my friend about God and he seemed to be soaking it in and not rejecting it. He didn’t say anything or I didn’t get a feeling that he was despising what i said. he just sat there like someone genuinely interested and when i saw him afterwards thereon he was fine with me.

  43. Also Mariannewhat do you think about going into certain areas? i find that whenever I travel into certain environments, I get the feeling that certain people look at me and i feel uncomfortable in that area as if there are spiritual stronghold spirits

  44. Also Marianne what do you think about going into certain areas? i find that whenever I travel into certain environments, I get the feeling that certain people look at me and i feel uncomfortable in that area as if there are spiritual stronghold spirits

    • Have you received the baptism of the Holy Spirit?

      • yep! But I fell into sin and have backslided. Although I was on another blog and the lady there said that with all what I had been through (when I explained to her that I went to a church that had some questionable spiritual practices like laying on hands and transfering things) I may have gotten a false holy spirit. She said that when you become born again, the Holy Spirit comes automatically to live in you. no need to receive him again. and I was in a church that was laying hands and one time, the pastor said “he’s right beside you” but I had no sense of God’s presence and also my legs started shaking but I didn’t want it to! And there were some false words e.t.c. i don’t know I sometimes feel like maybe i was too hard but I became uncomfortable with the teaching like “i see money in my hands” and ” we need a guiding spirit” even word of faith preachers have been there like Jerrry Savelle e.t.c.

        • Lee

          It sounds like you have had some fake experiences. Just compare what you experience with what he bible says. False money and power stuff is obvious to you, so you have a better relationship with the holy spirit than people say you have. You do not need to “feel” anything for the HS to be there. He is spirit, not physical.

        • Lee

          It sounds like you have had some fake experiences. Just compare what you experience with what the bible says. False money and power stuff is obvious to you, so you have a better relationship with the holy spirit than people say you have. You do not need to “feel” anything for the HS to be there. He is spirit, not physical.

          • Yep, I definetely had some fake experiences.

            This is what I sent to one of the admin on another blog site called “Discerning the World”

            it first started when i went back to a pentecostal church that I had
            been going to when I was younger and gave my life Christ. the way I gave
            my life to Christ was by doing a sinners prayer BUT there was a work of
            god in my heart as my desire for the Word grew. that was 5 years ago when
            i was 15. I’m now 20. It was then that you know when your young and fresh
            and vibrant your on the milk of the Word, your hungry for the meat also, I
            wanted to receive the Holy Spirit so I did….and I started following His
            leading and I spoke tongues. Then come 2007 and God started to speak to
            me how the world is coming to an end very soon and that even then, the
            antichrist was preparing to step onto the world stage and even now he is
            here among us! At this time my aunty gave me a book on spiritual warfare
            by Brown called “He Came To Set The Captives Free”. It was during this
            period that I started getting attacked and having fear well up in me and
            no matter how much I rebuked it it will get intenser! I could sense evil
            spirits or unclean spirits in certain areas and everytime I traveled I had
            a spiritual run-in with certain people who could discern that I was of
            God. At this time, I fell into sexual sin (homosexuality) and I was
            ashamed. I did not like it and it was wrong but I was and am going
            through puberty moments and I repented but kept falling back into it ( I
            did not do anything more just pornography).

            Also around this time, in church and personal life I started having
            problems. it was december 2008, the month and year my life really took a
            plunge for the worse. I tell you, thats the worse year of my life leading
            right into 2009. because I had a huge fight with my aunties after a
            family misunderstanding. I was defending one of my other aunties and my
            other two started verbally abusing and almost physically assaulting me.
            It seems that fear just hit me in waves. my heart strated pounding fast,
            i shook and became a different person, always fearing people. Needless to
            say I was glad to get back to university outside London (I started
            university in september 2008). It was also at this time that the church I
            was going to as I began reading Brown’s books, was going downhill. I
            could detect it in my spirit and tell that things spiritually were faulty
            and strange. Like the pastor there would have visions constantly which I
            knew from before when I was young and I accepted as normal I never thought
            anything wrong as a matter of fact I thought ” wow, he has seen Jesus,
            been taken up to heaven and he has a strong anointing” like literally, I
            thought our ministry was special and really powerful. no one had the
            anointing like us and no one was more favoured by God than us.” thats
            what was in the psyche. but as I started to really get serious for Christ,
            something clicked that it just wasn’t right. He once in a service called
            me up and said that he had a vision of me. He started by saying “I had
            vision of you – you know what you do?” and I stupidly answered yes but
            really Deborah I should not have said that because I had no clue what he
            was saying. anyway He said/and prophesied “I saw a crowd of people and I
            saw stones coming out of your mouth and their faces were heavy. if you
            would draw near to God then He would draw near to you and the grace you
            will receive , people will marvel, what will come out of your mouth will
            be likened unto Gold…this will happen one day, and you will remember
            that that man who told you so, you will say “he saw something”” I wasn’t
            sure what to make of this prophecy as he even laid hands on me (without
            asking me)

            another time, he laid hands on me, and waited for one minute and then
            without my doing so, my legs began to wobble like jelly. and he then said
            “you see, He’s standing right by you” but I didn’t feel any presence of
            God at all!

            Back to my sin of pornography, as I became fixated on this, the enemy took
            advantage and I started to fall in my faith. I failed my first year at
            university and had to lie to get my way back in (using the excuse that
            because my grandmother died I was not able to concentrate) and also my
            grandmother died a few days after michael jackson last year and the night
            before I went onto pornorgaphy and had evil thoughts and think I may have
            done something spiritually which might have killed her! I know it sounds
            stupid. She was saved but she was disabled but she was strong; I just
            feel like what if she went to hell and somehow, because of my falseness
            and living in sin, she was never really saved (i did not minister to her
            my aunty’s friend did but my aunty testifies she did gladly except Jesus
            saying “I’ve waited my whole life for this”) But i just think because I
            don’t want people and family looking up to me when inside I’m a wicked
            liar, deceitful blaspheming sexually immoral unprofitable servant who may
            not have been a child of God after all.

            I started to decide that I wanted to get out og the church I was going
            because it really turned into a prison! it was a cult. I never told
            anyone I was leaving but since I was at university, that was my excuse.
            anyway, when my grandmother died, the pastor (same guy who laid hands on
            me) offered to conduct the funeral (BIG MISTAKE!!!) It caused family
            problems and because my aunty (who is my mother’s cousin) who goes to the
            church as well, she left because she saw the way the church had been
            going and how GOod showed her the methods they were using where almost
            occultic and had problems with he pastor and so on the morning of the
            funeral, he refused to conduct it unless she left the church grounds snd
            said he was going to call the police. and so with the body in the casket,
            it looked really bad. anyway we rushed through the funeral and then got
            back to the church with some more problems then after that in 2009 i found
            out I had failed my retakes and then so had to use my grandmother’s death
            as an excuse. my aunty who had left the church got in contact and we were
            just both talking and saying the church was a deception and talking for
            hours I mean I WAS SURE THIS MAN had at one time walked with Christ but I
            just don’t know. with all the miracle which Isaw with ym own eyes and
            the reports of healings and people being raised from the dead I just
            couldn’t believe he wa false. MY aunty said he was though. she even had
            dreams of him and the congregation praying against her and even that he
            had a third eye on his wrist. At this time, we found out that Jerry
            Savelle and Tommy Tenney had been invited to preach there and so I just
            thought “bye bye” no more church for me”!

            And to think I have spoken to loads of my friends of Jesus!
            Also on the spiritual side of things, I have had very weird experiences
            where for a brief instant God has allowed me to experience the reality of
            the spirit realm and how evil spirits hinder us all our life on this
            earth. I happened one such night at 3am where as I was falling asleep my
            body started to paralise (sleep paralysis) and I heard a growling
            guttural voice say “YOU WILL BOW DOWN TO ME” and as i couldn’t open my
            mouth in my spirit I resisted and said no and I tried to say “Jesus” but
            the thing feared my saying the Lord’s name until i got angry and it left.
            My body was shaking but this was a different experience to when i was
            younger (as young as 3 yrs) when I had paralysis but not to this extent!

            Also I find I can discern people and what manner of spirit they are of and
            it’s like they can tell but they don’t like me!
            Theres more but I hope this should give you an idea. I just feel like
            life is draining me. my zest for education, simplicity and God is
            wearing. I’m sure anytime soon God WILL judged me and He will be right
            to. I just feel its not fair sometimes cos of the influence of these evil
            spirits. Why me!! Why is it when I encounter them they seem to reveal a
            vexed hatred and depise for me but through others they would coax me and
            be nice to be! It’s like I feel society and people watch me and want to
            control me!

            So thats my jumbled up 3-4 years of life in a nut shell. It really feels
            like the end for me Deborah. I also last year woke up saying I needed
            Jesus after voices in my mind (that sounded like God) said I can never be
            accepted back to Jesus because I have blasphemed the Holy spirit (I got
            angry and started swearing to God because of life and pressure) and that
            God had made me reprobate and that now I have to serve Satan because God
            is sovereign and he has ordained this. Also when I pray, my words get
            mixed up. when i intend to say “Jesus” I end up saying “satan” and
            vice-versa. one time in the shower I was praying and the thought popped
            in my mind that “Jesus is a liar” I was horrified! Also I have felt
            there is always a presence standing behind me always controlling the way I
            behave like I can’t function well and be myself. I also feel like God
            expects me to be perfect and its like I get an impression that if I don’t
            do this and that He will cast me into hell and its like, I CAN’T BE ME!
            I’m expected to be this and that but I can’t live up to it.

            so yeah…I’ve left out some other stuff but this is what I have felt in
            my life for 3 years.

            • Lee Sweetheart,

              You do not have to be perfect. Jesus will do that for you. Just cast all your cares upon him, and he will help you through all this.

              God knows your heart. You are being tested, not taken. Satan can never have you.

              • Marianne,

                I know I can’t be perfect, only God can perfect me but its just my heart is wicked and loves sin, coming out of the false church leaves me wondering whether I honestly knew Christ. God knows that sometimes (or most times I love my sin) but it’s like I said months before, when your around certain people like unbelievers, they can pull you down spiritually and thats what happens but on top of that, I really want my heart to be regenerated and born again.

                Oh and Marianne, I want to be honest with you, my REAL name is Lathaniel, not Lee. I only use Lee online since i Don’t know who I’m talking to.
                But now I know this site, I thought I’d tell you.

                • hi Lee

                  Just trust Jesus. He will give you the desires of your heart, which is HIM. We all come before him wicked and sinful. Only he can clean us up.

  45. This is what I said on another site:

    “I know EXACTLY what You mean! This is what I have tried to convey to someone else on the board but I don’t think many udnerstand unless they have experienced it. Also, like stillgod said, you try to break it off (the fear) and it comes right back to aflict you.

    Let me ask: are these any of the syptims you are all having:

    1) an indirect fear when out in public and around people (thinking that they’re casuing the fear when its really demons of fear)

    2) a irritating stirring in your spirit (stomach/belly area) that something is not right here (wherever you are) and that you feel you are going to be physically attacked or something is attacking you.

    3) You can’t seem to be yourself at times when out or in your home, you seem to have something controlling you when interacting with people

    4) certain areas you go to you have a “feeling” in your spirit that you are coming under a different spiritual environment?

    are these anything that correlate with you all?

    I have struggled with this for 3 years. This is all spiritual warfare. REMEMBER, the battlefield is in the mind. Make war against those spirits making you fear places, people or just an irrational fear. I KNOW WHAT IT IS LIKE!

    Here in england, london, there are certain areas that are demonically controlled and people can sense in their spirit when they’re dealing with a Christian because your spirit does not like theirs.”

  46. yeah! I have that! it seems whenever i uncover somebody’s motives or hear what they’re really saying, they don’t like it! but i hope this is not some witchcraft gift or im going mad lol if you know what i mean.

  47. 3) You can’t seem to be yourself at times when out or in your home, you seem to have something controlling you when interacting with people

    *the Holy Spirit is not controlling-He is a gentlemen and will gently nudge you to let you know something-but NOT controlling

    4) certain areas you go to you have a “feeling” in your spirit that you are coming under a different spiritual environment?

    *this could be the “gift of discernment”-I think Marianne mentioned that above

    Lee said: “Make war against those spirits making you fear places, people or just an irrational fear. ”

    *Remember, Perfect Love cast out all fear…1 John 4 “13We know that we live in him and he in us, because he has given us of his Spirit. 14And we have seen and testify that the Father has sent his Son to be the Savior of the world. 15If anyone acknowledges that Jesus is the Son of God, God lives in him and he in God. 16And so we know and rely on the love God has for us.

    God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him. 17In this way, love is made complete among us so that we will have confidence on the day of judgment, because in this world we are like him. 18There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.

    19We love because he first loved us. 20If anyone says, “I love God,” yet hates his brother, he is a liar. For anyone who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God, whom he has not seen. 21And he has given us this command: Whoever loves God must also love his brother.

  48. Dear Believer, My name is Carl Ray Marshall Sr., and The LORD visited me many years ago November 20th,1996 at the 7pm hour at 103 Turner Dr 888 Willis Texas.Its been about fourteen years ago. Even before this day I had a burden for missions and evangelism. Yet myself and many others in the church was praying with me as i prayed and fasted for a year and eleven months. Dear Believer I prayed or we prayed for a double portion anointing of an apostle. The date above and location was where it was bestowed upon my soul and changed my life forever. This was witnessed by my wife,daughter, and myself. I can remember the sounds and the Glory of the LORD that made me feel like He was going to take me out of here.
    Dear Believer , May I freely speak?
    In the name of Jesus Christ the Almighty in whose name I’ve been baptized in for the remission of my sins, my family and I was coming from the washeteria that day walking on the sidewalk towards our home when I felt a presence above the house. I looked and sense the LORD but could not see anything. By this time I had had the gift of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues, and I had obeyed the call to do the work of God as Jesus told me saying “Do my work and I’ll bless you.” Dear Believer, I opened the door to the house and we went in. My wife went into the kitchen with the babies my daughter Maiya who was five or six, and my son Carl Ray Jr, My wife’s name is Marrett. They went into the kitchen and i went into the bedroom for it was a one bedroom house that belonged to my Big Mama. when I went into the room, the glory and presence of the LORD was so thick I felt like He was going to take me out of this world and I felt I was going to die. Afraid for my life I repented of all the sins I had committed since I was five years old.Even though they were under the blood I repented anyway thinking hoping it would stop the LORD from taking me of the earth. I then said to the Lord when it would not lift “not my will thy will be done”. then I said “thy will be done” as I sat on the bed and then layed down. My wife said I was down for thirty five to forty five minutes. Whether I was unconscious or in a deep sleep like Adam I don’t know. When I came to I opened my eyes and took a deep breathe as though I had not been breathing.I sat up in the bed and asked the LORD “Did you give me my anointing”? I was afraid to approach asking this even though I had been praying with others for this very thing.I got out of the bed and took a few steps and asked again.”Lord did you give the double portion? He said nothing,Then I walked out into the living room where my daughter and wife could see me from the kitchen and asked the third time,”LORD did you give the double portion anointing of an apostle?” and Immediately My daughter Maiya threw her fork or spoon on the ground.I can still hear it now as though it just happened, and she said pointing at me,” Moma Moma Moma Moma Moma Daddy Daddy Daddy Daddy Daddy One Two Three Four Five angels and Jesus Pouring oil all over daddy’s head and feet. We questioned her at length as her age she said “magic” oil, but I told her it was spiritual and supernatural. It was confirmed two years later by Prophet Joseph Shallow, saying “…those with great anointing go through..” because I thought I had been through alot since I was born, but I went through unimaginable degrees and measures of tribulations and troubles since then. The other day I told a Prophet Daniel Garcia of Covenant Assembly, and we prayed because He wante to make sure it was God that did it, and He said that God said “It was me”. Now Dear Believer I am writing you to see if there is some chance you would pray with me and our community concerning this matter for the highest good of us all in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth The Almighty that I may fulfill the work, office, and desires of Our God and Saviour to the Uttermost. I was told by my mother who is a minister prophettess, and Prophettess Sister Deborah Garcia, that my words will be like a vow to God. that even in the shower I should watch what I speak. To be very careful. The Apostles asked prayer of the believers in the Bible for them to fulfill their Office and work for the edification of the church, and Even Jesus Christ prayed in the garden asking His disciples to pray with him one hour,Angels ministered unto Him, Even though He prayed that the cup He was drinking from would pass from Him, Nevertheless Jesus said ,”Not my will but thy will be done”! Whatever PRAYER you can give FOR US ALL IN THIS MATTER to Deliver us from all evil and Keep me(us all also)in the perfect will of God and keep me for the name of Jesus’ sake for the work of the kingdom please say on and Pray with us now?? Ask others who really believe to pray also in this matter?
    In Jesus name
    Bro. Carl Ray Marshall Sr.
    13648 Forest West Dr Lot 77
    Conroe Tx 77304
    936 333 5740
    P.S.’ PLease pray for me ,Believers?”

  49. My own mother treated me this way since I was a child, she always made things difficult for me always I loved her and could never understand her animosity until I was much older as an adult and a christian. She and my father separated when I was
    in first grade and to her I was “his” child. God would also show me things and talk to from the time I was very little, when I became a christian got baptized and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit it all made sense. In my early twenties our mother led my sisters and I to a good bible based church. Old and New Testament, the Trinty, the blood of Jesus, Pentecostal believing in the gifts of the holy spirit, bible studies every
    week all year around which I looked forward too. Our teacher had many spiritual gifts while being humble and strong at the same time, a natural speaker, teacher, was loved and respected by his flock. He also made us aware of that demons were real, what witchcraft was and taught us these things were real and that we had spiritual and physical weapons and a right to defend ourselves with the word of God, the blood of Jesus and to
    be aware of our thoughts, actions, not to let just anyone lays hand on us and that “the spirits recognize one another”. He modeled his life on Jesus, led by example and taught us to as well. As a single divorced mother I found a church home in which my children and I thrived. My mother and I lived the closest to the church went together for years and for
    a time I felt she finally accepted me as a her daughter and a fellow member in Christ.
    Then our pastor went home to be with the Lord and immediately I
    saw that she had been lying about me to my sisters behind my back, although I still couldn’t believe the depth until I found that she had been going to a psychic who told her that in a former live I had been her husband’s (my father’s) mistress and that she took pictures of my son and myself to use in a curse against us. My life and my son’s have been
    steadily going down while my daughter and my sister’s (her favorites) flourish. Since a child, I often have dreams about things before they happen and have been lead to pray about something more than once. I dreamed just about that time that she was sitting on a cot in an underground room, breaking through a wall next to her and that bugs were
    coming out of the wall under cot around to her. I realized years later that the Holy Spirit was trying to tell me what was happening.
    I have finally gotten to the point where I know I am in a spiritual battle for the lives of my son and myself.
    I’ve gone from always having a job and paying my own bills and rent to sleeping on a sofa in someone’s home.
    Too many things have happened to be just a coincidence, I have come across too many people who not only dislike me on sight, but have also targeted me for witchcraft and I know what to look for and how to defend myself.
    In this case with my own mother I don’t know what she used or how she used it but I know there was a demonic presence with her in the last weeks of her life that hadbeen using her up and was looking for someone else to jump into, that I
    have gone from the one that gets everyone to pray to being treated like a joke.
    Your diagram is real, we studied how it happens in our bible studies and I have seen it in my own family as well as with strangers.
    Your prayer against witchcraft is so comprehensive, others may think it’s too much, but anyone who has been the target of demonic attacks caused by witchcraft understands why it’s so detailed.
    As for a talisman, isn’t there mention in the new testament about the aprons that were used by God through Paul to heal the sick?
    Act:19:11 And God wrought special miracles by the hands of Paul:
    12So that from his body were brought unto the sick handkerchiefs or aprons, and the diseases departed from them, and the evil spirits went out of them.
    Just as the enemy can use material things as a point of contact for evil so can God and the Holy Spirit for good.
    As for me, I have had enough of these attacks and I am going on every prayer list of a bible based, trinity believing, devil binding church I can find.
    As my pastor used to say, ‘you don’t let the devil chase you around the stump, you pick up the stump and beat the hell out of the devil with it”.

    • dear Max

      I agree with your pastor. It is a shame that his words did not do her any good.

      If your mom was still alive, I would say confront her. But it sounds like she has passed on, so I am sorry about that.

      But even though she is not around, the demons she sent your way are still there, from what you say.

      Pray also to reverse the curse.

      I have put you on my prayer list. Be assured you are not alone. I would say 95% of those on my prayer list have been cursed in some way by Jezebels, witches, or just people with demons.

      The prayer cloth is a good idea. If you can find a local church to pray for you, ask them to pray over a cloth and then give it to you. This way you can keep it close to you, and feel their support.

      Speak blessings over yourself and your life. Bless God each day. Replace what is negative with something positive.

    • As my pastor used to say, ‘you don’t let the devil chase you around the stump, you pick up the stump and beat the hell out of the devil with it”.

      I like that!

      Hi Max,

      I do understand where you are coming from. Being human, we panic and are fearful when we know someone has done this to us. I tell you from my recent personal experience that G-d wins every time. When this started, the Holy Spirit gave me this verse: “be wise as serpents and innocent as doves”. So I documented everything and remained blameless-good advice the Holy Spirit gives 🙂

      I also prayed some of the prayers that Marianne posted and in Jesus Name I Binded any and all evil against me and I loosed G-d’s protection in my life. I also would say “no weapon formed against me shall prosper”.

      G-d will protect you! Being filled with G-d’s Holy Spirit you have all that you need-pray in the spirit as much as you can and speak G-d’s word often.


    • so how u doing now??

  50. thanks Marianne.

  51. Marianne and Lindsey,
    Thank you for your prayers,and please keep them coming.I’m putting to use these things everyday, as I go through the day. I need to focus on the word of God,his presence and all His blessing.
    My goals right now are reclaiming my faith, my life, reclaiming by family, completing my degree, gaining a job, my own house.
    God Bless

  52. i am totally lost.i am without hope.i do not know where to turn.i have been rejected my whole life and have felt hate for me no reason. i think i am a good person but if i am why do i feel this way.MY LIFE HAS BEEN HELL and now i have a terminal illness.i dont want to die feeling this way

    • hi Mark

      What has happened to you? I need to find out more. WE care about people here, we would like to help you.

    • There is HOPE Mark. G-d led you here because He loves you!

      G-d’s Son, Jesus Christ says “remember they hated me first”, and remember, He gave His life for you and rose from the dead so that YOU WILL LIVE.

      The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy.

      Jesus came to give us life! Jesus SAVES US, literally. Whether its our life in the flesh-He is the Jesus that heals as well, but most definitely in our spirit; so that our Spirit will return to G-d and never be separated from Him.

      Further, I believe that when our Spirit is healed our flesh follows suit. If that makes sense…emerge yourself in G-d’s words and they will be like a “healing balm”.

      I am so sorry that your life has been Hell Mark. When my life gets to be too much I have to give it over to Jesus because I simply can’t handle it without Him and His strength and intervention.

      We can do all things through Christ who STRENGTHENS us. Phillipians 4:13

      ***And you are not totally lost; G-d always knows where you are! ;)***

      Job 19:23“Oh, that my words were recorded,

      that they were written on a scroll,

      24that they were inscribed with an iron tool onb lead,

      or engraved in rock forever!

      25I know that my Redeemerc lives,

      and that in the end he will stand upon the earth.d

      26And after my skin has been destroyed,

      yete inf my flesh I will see God;

      27I myself will see him

      with my own eyes—I, and not another.

      How my heart yearns within me!

    • For you Mark 🙂

    • You are not alone Mark.
      Do not give up.
      I know it’s hard.. .. i am going thru stuff too right now. And dunno what to do.. but i know this.. you are loved. Seriously.. think about it.. how did you find your way here anyhow? how did any of us? We must be loved by some strong beautiful love to have brought us all together and to you so many have left you prayers,good words and thoughts. I pray for you Mark. That both you.. I and all the rest of us here somehow have a beautiful miracle occur in our loves and none of us feel laone ,hated or insecure and all love,joy and peace to enter and stay in our lives. Mark… pray that with me. I need you. I need you to pray for me too and for all the others here. You are not alone. Heaven is right where you stand with all the rest of us lonley heartbroken beautiful people. Reach out and hold a hand.. on this board.. in your community.. and in your heart. Believe. Have Faith. Hope. Wrap your arms around yourself and feell all of us hugging you.
      i will keep you in my prayers and thoughts. Leave a word so we all know your alright. Peace to you and much Love~~~

    • wherever you are mark.. i hope your are ok. i hope you are yet alive.. and feeling loved.

      • dear mel

        I wish you love also. Remember, Jesus said if they hated him, they would hate us. Do not give up. You are greatly loved by the one in heaven who matters most, and by those who belong to him.

    • Romans 10:9-10 ..if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

      Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful. Re 21:5

  53. Mark
    You’ve come to the right place, there are alot of people here who can give you hope. can you elaborate more on your perdicaments?
    Do you consider yourself a Christian?

  54. nice song

  55. Slipknot – Diasterpiece
    Watch this Metal song

  56. hey how you post youtube video here?

    • under video is reads “share”; when link comes up right click and press “copy” then post here with “paste”

      or you can right click on the address bar and press copy then paste

  57. thanks 😀

  58. my parents split when i was 7,my 2 sisters and i went with my mother and my 2 brothers stayed with my father.the man my mother went with sexually and emotionally abused us. i ran away when i was 12 and hitchhiked around the country till i was 17.i enlisted in the navy at 17 and was discharged for medical reasons.(knees) i was married at 19.i am still married. i have 4 children,(1 is passed on)and 8 grandchildren.i have had 26 surgeries.disk replacement and total knee replacements amongst them. i was in a coma for 1 month in 2007 from a blood infection that i am still affected by. i was given about 1 year to live in June 2010 from stage 4 cirrhosis caused by gene mutations that they discovered in June 2010.i instilled strong family values in my kids and we have an extremely close family. even though i have the closeness i have always felt empty and alone. i know something is lacking in me. i want to live but the odds are stacked.i am anger and bitter and i hate this feeling this way. i am lost and can barely think straight.

    • dear Mark

      A long time ago, you lost your childhood. That is what is lacking.

      Childhood is supposed to be the time when we have the most joy, freedom, and security, where there is always someone we can depend on to take care of us.

      It is also the time of fantasy and make believe, where we dream the impossible and it comes true.

      We can be anyone we want to be, a hero, a prince or princess.

      Our imaginations are free to go beyond what is accepted and we see no limits on us.

      That did not happen to you. Your inner child is locked up somewhere in a dark dungeon in your soul.

      You need to get in touch with this other part of yourself that is locked up.

      You need to experience everything I described above.

      In a way, you did this through your children, and they are free for it, but you need to be free also.

      But it is like you are an outsider to their childhood joys and fantasies. You need these experiences yourself as well.

      Your inner child is real you, and that child has not been allowed to life his life yet.

      You need to spend time reviewing the childhood, painful as it was, and see the real value of who you are. Someone outside of you defined who you were, instead of letting you do it yourself.

      You have a strong family unit now. SPend time with your wife, and review the stories of your childhood. In all the pain, look for the real you, and the outstanding and valuable child you were. This is a child who endured much, yet grew up to be a wonderful,loving father and husband.

      None of us, sick or well, have much time left on this earth. Make it count for you. Learn to appreciate the inner child who is the real you, and learn to admire the man he grew into. Make every day count. See yourself not as buried and doomed, but resurrected from a difficult past, and here to share your strength with others.

      The odds are not stacked against you if you belong to the Lord. A simple submission of the heart is all it takes, placing all your cares in his hands. let him carry you. It is ok if you lean on him. He will not betray you.

      Personally, I may only have a year left myself, the way the world is getting. I have had a lot of medical problems too. So I do understand the sense of despair and uselessness that can overcome you.

      Put those feelings aside. I am putting you on my prayer list for healing and emotional deliverance. I want you to get the best out of your present and future. You must be a wonderful person with a big heart. The odds can never be stacked against someone who can overcome them with love and patience.

      Learn to love yourself. Forgive your past. It is gone. all that is left is the inner child, hiding in some dark closet in your soul. Take him out of there. Share him with your kids and grandkids. They will love the inner person you really are.

  59. Dear Mark Anthony Daniel

    Well I would first say that you have very beautiful name. I feel you don’t know my Jesus.

    He is love, he is the savior, he is the good word, he is the comforter, he is the Father of us all, he is counselor, he is peace, he is your joy and everything that every person needs.

    Often people don’t accept him so they never come to know these things about him.

    Listen the Bible says it rains on the just and the unjust.

    Don’t let the enemy make you think that the things that happened to you are your fault or your parent’s fault. The devil will keep you in sorrow until the day you leave this world unless you look up and take the hand of God who will lead you out of a place that feel like isolation and desolation. You don’t have an expiration take on your foot except the day God says it is over. Look to him and he can expand your days. He can make your last days so much better than the first and he can also give you peace with the things that happened. But you have to make the step, because he has been there with you all along but he will not force himself on us and at the same time he is no respecter of persons. We live in a fallen / broken world.

    Our enemy the devil seeks as a Lion whom he may devour. God told us that he cometh but to steal kill and destroy and that he was a murder first.

    Know this there is no man who is perfect, there was one only and he has gone on to Heaven but not before he settled the debts of those who would call upon him and confess their sins and profess that he is Jesus Christ our Lord and savior and that he died on the cross and rose out of the grave in 3 days. His death paid your debt for your iniquities and for your sins. The stripes he took for our healing and by our professing of these we are saved.

    Listen God is the good news!!! Our souls get black spots from sin but the blood that was shed from our savior washes our souls as white as snow.

    If you don’t know how to start toward God and you need help, just ask. He will make a dark place bright, he will change your opinion about yourself and all who were involved in your life and he will help you find forgiveness of those who hurt you. With letting go in forgiveness Jesus can make you life totally whole.

    Just a week ago I heard a similar story from a Holocaust baby survivor who is in his 60’s today and the same things that happened to you happened to him and God healed those painful spots. He is saved and God made him whole.

    Did you know that the Love of God heals all things? Do you know that God saw the beginning to the end? Everyone who is going to Heaven is written in the book of life.

    Do you need help knowing how to take a step forward to God?

    If so let us know we are here as a family and don’t be afraid to reach out for help.

    If you have problems of addiction I wouldn’t be surprised and they require help to over come and Jesus Christ the deliver has instantly healed addicted people. You have nothing that any haven’t been confronted with in some way we are all human and all of us have lived in this fallen world.

    The Bible says it this way we have all fallen short of the glory of God and what Jesus does for us is a gift. His gift is the good news and he never puts it in your face.

    Look up in your spirit and know that God wants to save you and he loves a humble heart, which you for sure have.

  60. hi guys 😀 😛

  61. Hello dimik99!! Are you here to learn about God? Do you know him?

  62. Had it happen to me again. I’ve posted before about having had this happen in the past.

    I was driving into the parking lot of my favorite convenience store this afternoon. There was a car with 2 women in it parked oppostie of mine. Without even getting out, I felt that same familiar, uncomfortable jolt running through me. The driver got out, walked into the store and I came in behind her. She was in front of me checking out. She was very friendly to the checkout clerk and the others in line in front of her. She was openly admiring one guys brand-new tatoo. I thought maybe I had misjudged her.

    As she turned around to leave, I smiled at her. At that instant, her face changed into the most cold, hard evil glare. The man behind me noticed it and goes, “Whoaaaa! What was that look about!” I hung around and talked to the store owner for about 5 mins. When I left, she was still sitting in her car with her friend. I felt very strongly she was waiting for me to leave to give me one more evil you-know-what-look. I guess she was trying to make some kind of statement.

    Never seen her before in my life, but the hatred I saw and felt from her was so overwhelming it took my breath away. I still ask myself why she was so friendly to everyone else but looked at me like she wanted to cut my throat.

    This has happened to me quite a few times as I have posted before. What baffles me is that when it does happen, they will be friendly to everyone else in the room or vicinity but will morph into something evil when they look or interact with me. This confuses me. I know that it is nothing that I am doing ’cause like you said in this topic they do not know me so I know it is not anything in my personality that is causing this. Still it makes me wonder….

    • hi stacey

      Again, it is the demon reacting to the holy spirit within you.

      The others were probably pleasant people, but not saved, so they were not a threat to her.

      as far as what to say to the others, she is just NOT what she pretends to be if she can turn on you like that.

  63. I really appreciated reading this post. This has been my experience most of my life especially in recent years. I’ve gone to different places and the people would automatically dislike me, bully me, call me horrible names and make up gossip and rumors about me. I would think how could I be hated so much and these people have never spoken to me and don’t really know me. I would change jobs and still experience the same thing. It didn’t matter how nice I was. Like others, I thought something was wrong with me. I have gone to various doctors and talked to other people. They would tell me I’m paranoid or just brush it off. Some even told me it’s cause I’m young (I’m in my twenties) and that people are just immature. But, this post really makes sense to me and I’m glad I came across it. Thank you!

    • hi Kiki

      Forget them….it is hard when it affects your life and job…..but continue to go forth in life, give your heart to Jesus, and he will help you with all these godless people.

  64. Please pray for us: I think I’ve met evil eye-to-eye recently. Both my parents died lately, the house has been absolutely turned upside down since then.
    Sister A seems to badly need money, Sister B means well & has a very good heart, but doesn’t seem to see the signs:
    – Sister A overdosed 2 days after I was home, has a 20+ year habit of manipulating when she doesn’t get what she wants;
    – Sister A said she was sorry she even woke up, after OD’ing on 20 extra narcotic drugs that night
    – Sister A takes at least 4 other narcotics daily “for pain” and numerous other drugs, she is always “dying” and preoccupied with death
    – Sister A has a suicide-murder pact with husband
    – Sister A called me a “liar” for “stealing” a pack of marinara sauce from
    the drawer — a LIAR — within hours after I traveled 2200 miles to be with them and work in the house. We’ve NEVER called each other liars!
    – Sister A presents herself (as we all do) as a born again Christian
    – Sister A accused me of wanting an item of my deceased Dad’s to bring
    home & sell for profit – I didn’t know the VALUE of the item, beyond it’s been a vague interest of both my Father’s & mine over time & I gave some thought to resuming the hobby
    – Sister A told me twice in 6 months (even when my vocation as a nurse might have helped my father) that she did NOT want me to move home!
    – Sister A told me she was too busy at Thanksgiving, cooking for “family” and proceeds to name family & my sister that she’s cooking for. I asked her if she “heard” what she just said. I was disinvited without a question…..
    you get the idea….
    I went home with the Holy Spirit in my heart & clearly told each our relationships with one another/family was most important to me.
    I freely & lovingly gave up the few items I wanted. Now Mom’s diamond is due to be severed into pieces, so everyone can “have a piece,” it absolutely nauseates me. AND I admit I suggested that, for a brief minute, then said WAIT WAIT I’m wrong, this is sacred, we cannot do this!! But I feel led to give up entirely anything that that is coveted in this manner!
    Within weeks after my born again Mom & Dad died, I heard the house was filled with the demonic. GREED, LUST, covetousness & destruction (of sister relationships?) but these are the most prevalent feelings there are right now. Sister A won’t even answer the phone most of the time. Please keep us prayer – the demonic has had a foothold. I just know it!

    • hi cindy

      I am sorry to hear of your parent’s death.

      it looks you have already figured this out. do what you have to do, and do not give any credit to anything she says. Do not let her boss you around. Just stand your ground, and do what is right, whether she likes it or not.

      Yes, money can bring out demons in people. But that is their problem. It does not have to be yours. Keep your distance.

      You have my prayers. Actually, you have been on my prayer list for several years. I pray that all this gets behind you and things get resolved as best as possible.

  65. Thank you so so so soooo very much for posting this! I went years and years without knowing what was going on. I used to think it was me? Do people think i have some sort do demon and they have to always be on attack mode around me? Then one day GOD told me that it is demons that sense the good in me. And someone I met online also gave me this article. It was a blessing reading this article. Everyday and I mean EVERYDAY! Is a spiritual battle for me. It is mentally draining. And the longer I stay in the public the worse it gets. The more I try to keep GOD strengthening me through this and ignoring it the angrier these demons get and the more they try to chastise me. By staring at me. Some even go as far as physically trying to harm me (pushing me, elbowing me, kicking me, trying to knock me over, even cars trying run me over) but it’s sooo subtle that you would think it’s almost and accident.

    By the end of the day I am EXHAUSTED mentally and physically and don’t have the motivation to do anything, but gain my energy back. I also cry and read the BIBLE when it gets to be too much. I just question myself why why why!! Lord Help me. What is wrong with these people? Why is it that I live in a city of million people yet EVERYONE I’ve ever met has either TURNED on me or INSTANTLY hates me off the bat? Everyday I am alone. I have no friends, even family members don’t talk to me. All I pretty much have is God. Without GOD I would be so lost battling this on sight hatred people have for me on my own.

    When I walk onto a bus everyone watches my every move as if im going to attack them or something. I used to think people were staring at me because I was attractive to them or something, but when I decipher their facial expression. It shows that they have this look of “what am I doing here” or “should I fear for my safety around this girl” or “something is strange about this girl”. People either stare me down or do all they can to avoid looking at me. Which is probably the reason I have no friends because of all this on sight hatred and all these people who walk with Satan.

    I’ve even been spotted out by people who had no clue I was there. They turn their head towards me as if I called out their name or something. So it HAS to be their spirit sensing mine. As soon as someone spots me out on the bus they stay fixated on me the entire ride. Some people even freeze in their tracks when they see me or pause or do some weird sort of gesture as if their uncomfortable with my presence. Scratching their hair touching their face.

    I used to think I must be Frakenstein. But Marianne, you writing this article clarifies that it’s my spiritual goodness. I love Jesus so much I talk to him everyday. He is so good! I pray to him to help me with this everyday battle. He’s making me stronger but sometimes these demons become too much and I get weak, light headed, nauseous because of the evil spirits vileness. I wish I could meet some of you who go through this, but it seems that there aren’t many of us because there aren’t many people who walk in the light/fear of God. Sadly. Please help me guys. The way these demons look at me like I have done something SOOO wrong. The evilness in there eyes. It’s such a battle -____-

    • dear Orchid

      I wish you were closer to me. I would be glad to meet you.

      I went through this most of my life, so you have my heartfelt empathy.

      It was especially hard getting and keeping a job, which is critical for survival.

      The best response, in hindsight, is to smile at people and try to say something nice, to cancel whatever impression they are getting.

      you have done nothing wrong.

      Right now, you may also be projecting guilt, since you have been made to feel guilty for so long. So make an effort to reject this guilt which weighs you down. It may be reinforcing the bad impressions people get.

      It is a struggle, but just stay under the Lord’s wings, and feel his love. then do your best to radiate this love to others.

      Come here as often as you like. you are welcome here.

      • You know something I notice the more I ignore it and keep Jesus close the WORSE it gets! The more they look at me in disgust. I kid you not even MEN are terrified of me. One man looked at my face and stopped DEAD in his tracks as if *I* was the bad guy. You would think men wouldnt be scared of a little 5’3 girl. And women just dont even come near me. I try not to let this bother me but the MORE it happens and intense it gets when I don’t.

        People constantly think i’m following them to harm them or something. And i can honestly say that it happens with 98% of the ppl I encounter. It’s almost like EVERYONE has this bad spirit controlling them. One lady looked at me in her car and sped off. It’s like everyone is FINE until they look at my face. I guess because my face gives away that I’m one with the holy spirit. GOD is pretty much all I have and despite all this I still remain kind to everyone!

        I’m literary in tears because of the intensity of this spiritual warfare. I also notice that people KNOW that I’m there even when im not. When i’m turning a corner the person coming my away is already looking at me before I even get there (before they even knew I existed). I also take public transportation and even people who havent laid eyes on me yet, stat looking around as if tey know something is different. (as if they sense a good spirit in their presence.) Then strangely they spot me out out of the other tons of ppl on the bus and stay fixated on me the entire ride as if im

        One person got on the bus and I KNOW for fact they was looking down when the got on the bus. Next thing I know the person turns his head and looks DEAD in my face like evily. How on earth did he even know i was there when he got on the bus not even looking at anyone. 😦
        SORRY THIS IS JUST BECOMING TOOO MUCH!! FOR ME. I PRAY TO god AND I Know God wants me to ignore it and keep the faith but its sooooo hard when pretty much everyone i encounter is out to get me 😦

        GOD BLESS ❤

        • hi orchid

          Get your peace from the Word, and the love of Jesus.

          most of the world is crazy now. So do not be surprised if it acts crazy.

        • so how r u doing now Orchid?

        • Orchid, I automatically like you because I almost
          feel a “kindred spirit” with you. The same things
          happen to me. In fact, just today, a man was
          staring at me from his car coming in my direction,
          and there was no way he could see me that far
          off. It happens often. They look like they can’t
          stand me even if I’ve never seen them before in
          my life. But the more it happens, the more I see
          it as spiritual warfare. Things happen behind the
          scenes that we can’t see with our natural eyes,
          but they are real nontheless!! Just keep your eyes
          on Jesus and take it as a compliment. The enemy
          is naturally going to hate the ones that love God
          and are making a difference in this world. If they
          hated Jesus (and many did) they will also hate
          his followers. Just keep loving them anyway and
          pray for them. They really don’t know what they
          are doing. They are like a puppet whose strings
          are being pulled by the enemy. The veil is still
          over their eyes. Pray they will see clearly and
          know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Even a
          Christian that is not living right could have that
          kind of reaction to a Christian that is close to the
          Lord. There are a lot of mean people, and
          unfortunately, many of them attend church every
          week. Sometimes the relationship you have with
          God will convict others, even if they don’t realize
          that’s what is happening. Just encourage yourself
          in the Lord and rejoice that your name is written
          in the Lamb’s book of Life!!! And take as many
          others with you as you can.

    • when you are on the bus or in public places where this demonic Hostility is felt arm yourself with praise music . Praise the Lord even if in soft tones this should cause those demons as much pain as they are tryiny to cause you by throwing their faces , eyes , and hate at you .


  66. I posted previously a few months ago. This article has been helpful. But, I just would like to add something/ ask a question. I am a Christian and know others who experienced this rejection are saved too. But, what I wonder is how come some Christians are able to draw people with these evil spirits to them who admire their holy spirit presence and don’t act negatively towards them or reject them but listen to them? In other words, why are some Christians who have a great holy spirit presence not attacked by those with evil spirits and some are. I hope you understand me. 🙂

    • hi kiki

      What you see is not what you think you see.

      If evil spirits do not try to attack someone with the holy spirit, it is because

      1. the person is no threat to them….will not fight evil, so there is no reason to fight them back.

      2. the person is compromised, or has sin in their life, and is not as holy as they seem. this person is already on the side of the evil spirits, so no reason for evil spirits to attack their own.

      3. They have no emotional injury in them to open the door to the spirits.

      Many people have been emotionally injured, which leaves them more vulnerable than others.

      Evil spirits can also detect a spirit of injury on you, which signals the others it is ok to attack you. You need to rebuke this spirit of injury in Jesus name, if you have this vulnerability.

      • Wow…Thanks for the clarity, Marianne. You are right, I do believe emotional injury can make one more vulnerable to evil spirits. I’ve been feeling depressed lately. That is probably why I experience these mean-spirited people everywhere I go.

  67. Such useful post.
    I figured this this out some time ago and managed to adjust my life accordingly.
    But when was child was perplexed by the sheer hate I got from almost unknown ppl. for no apparent reason.
    It’s a little while and all will be over.


  68. Marianne, thank you for this beautiful realization. Its gonna be very hard for me to explain this. But when I am in the checkout line there could be like 10 people ahead of me. But somehow the cashiers ALWAYS spot me out almost instantly. Then once they spot me out they stay fixated on me the entire time as if Im they are confused as to what I am about to do and if they should be scared or not. That is the look on their faces. They don’t cate about anyone else in that line, but me.

    One time I saw a cashier stare at me and took a deep breath in and out, like they are about to prepare themselves to be robbed or something. I like feel I look just like everyone else who shops in these stores or goes from point A to point B running errands, yet people seem to fear me almost.

    I dress nice. I keep my hair nice. I try and keep myself presentable, but people still have this strong disdain for me. The strange thing is when I’m out with my sister and mother, people don’t treat them this way. Even though we all pray to GOD we all attend church we all read the bible. They mention people treat them like this when they are by themselves, but when they are with me, i get the BULK of the evil treatment from strangers. It’s almost like they ignore my mom and sis. Maybe this means I have more of a good spirit than they do???

    Please help me with both scenarios I mentioned. You are my only hope and GOD! thank you!

    • hi Rionne

      It took me a long time to learn this, but when you see that reaction, smile and show that you accept them. You can dispel the spirit of fear with confidence, and the spirit of hate with love. realize they are being influenced by something outside of them, and come to their rescue. you may win a few friends that way.

      • You’re right but sometimes the people still hate me even if i smile. but ive notice sometimes it DOES dispel the spirit of fear with confidence. i just dont understand how these ppl dont know they have something controlling them…. i mean if i hated someone on sight without them even doing absolutely anything to me i’d think like wait minute, she’s done nothing so why do i hate her. then all of a sudden i like them because they smiled. gosh ppl r about as dumb as rocks -___-

        • hi rionne

          it is human nature to blame someone else. If they hate you, they assume it is your fault, but if you ask them, they don’t know why. They will claim it is your attitude, but this makes no sense. They will think they know what you are thinking about them, but this is not true. They are deceived.

  69. Woooooww. This is so weird. I have experienced people do the same thing today. Even today, when I was helping mum with shopping at Wilkinson, the girl behind the counter was giving me evils for no reason, lol. And when I walked away, she was side glancing at me in a reaalllyy creepy way. I stared with shock, obviously this girl does NOT know me, I was confused. It has happened before at jobs. And this one woman (assistant manager) picked on me for no reason, and try to make my working there hell. She wouldn’t stop picking on me, and at one point, my emotions were so angry and hurt towards her I was shaking (resisting), I had a vision to just hit her. But, Jesus stopped me. I suddenly had the feeling to think ‘what would Jesus do?’ Would He react in a bad way? I decided to NOT hit her, and just keep quiet, as I usually did. I said in my head, ‘if she doesn’t like me, that’s her problem, not mine. The only one I wan’t to please is God. That makes ME happy!’. So I carried on helping her at the till, and she looked at me and actually said ‘thanks’. Then, for the rest of the day (I forgot about earlier what happened) she came over to me and said ‘everyone, make sure Nicole is alright..’ And she was being the NICEST PERSON EVER to me for the rest of the day! Then I remembered, it was because I responded in the way Jesus told me to. I was soooo grateful! I praise my God!

    • hi nicole

      I am proud of you. You did what took me time to learn the hard way.

      we have to defuse the negative by being positive.!

    • Nicole,

      u said it well:
      “The only one I wan’t to please is God. That makes ME happy!’”

      So don’t act so generously with those who don’t love Him (at least sincerely try to).
      Jesus clearly explains who are our brothers & sisters (the robbed man parable).
      Only they deserve to be forgiven many times and to whom to turn the other cheek.

      Jesus wasn’t weakling at all nor someone to walked over by everyone.
      Just the opposite – made a whip n chased the traders, others rebuked non-stop as sons of vipers, pigs (the pearls), dogs, etc.

      Imo Gods goodness is often misplaced.

      For energy vampires is way more appropriate some stern attitudes than encouragement.
      Coz feeding doesn’t make them better just feeling well for awhile.

      To be faithful to God doesn’t mean to live without dignity or below others.
      It’s exactly the opposite.


      • good advice!

        may god bless you and keep you strong!

      • Mar 11:25 And when ye stand praying, forgive, if ye have ought against any: that your Father also which is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.
        Mar 11:26 But if ye do not forgive, neither will your Father which is in heaven forgive your trespasses.

        JESUS didn’t just say forgive our brothers. He said if we have ought against any.

        • expounding further on the word “ought” -that means anything-so if we have anything against anybody we are to forgive.

          There is no limit on the number of times we are to forgive in this particular instance.

        • This is a part of the prayer which is made in solitude.
          N concerns the state of general forgiveness which is not retaining a sin deep in the heart against any human being.

          It doesn’t mean acting submissively towards abusers at the moment of the action.
          Jesus is a total prove of the contrary attitude.

          It is for the ppl. who we know are of good will to act kindly and enduringly helping them overcome part of their character or temporal hard moment.

          21 Then came Peter to him, and said, Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? till seven times?
          22 Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto thee, Until seven times: but, Until seventy times seven.

          These numbers are not random.
          Nor the question of Peter including the word brother.
          They suggest that for that amount anyone should be able to improve himself if he wants that sincerely.

        • i do not think the number of times is as relevant, but the WILLIINGNESS to forgive.

          The sinner may or may not provide the opportunity to forgive in person.

          Mark is further explained by Luke 17:3*4:

          Take heed to yourselves: If thy brother trespass against thee, rebuke him; and if he repent, forgive him.

          And if he trespass against thee seven times in a day, and seven times in a day turn again to thee, saying, I repent; thou shalt forgive him.

          notice he says

          If he repents……

          he also says.

          thy brother….

          so repentence is expected


          the term brother is specific to either a physical brother, a fellow hebrew,or a fellow christian…..

          it does not a satanist who wants to cut off your head., for example


          and jesus never did show any compassion toward the unrepentant pharisees.


          despite this limitation, it is always best to err on the side of caution, and interpret the Word with as much mercy as possible, since mercy triumphs over judgment.

          for whoever shows mercy will receive mercy.


          because of this approach, there have been amazing stories of forgiveness, example…..holocaust prisoners forgiving nazi oppressors.

          while we ask god to help us forgive all who hurt us, it will not do the sinner any good unless he repents.

          if he repents, then we are obligated to forgive him.

          if he does not repent, the forgiveness is still in our hearts, and the final destiny of the soul is up to God.,

          this does not mean we give permission to sin by forgiving the unrepentant sinner…..this just means we keep the door open, and make it known there IS sin which requires repentance, and that by our own willingness to forgive, the person will see it is also so with god, and hopefully he will repent after all

        • “…i do not think the number of times is as relevant”

          It is & proves the point I made.
          It outlines a measure that distinguish those sincerely unto God.
          He would say indefinitely if he meant all ppl.

          Willingness is obvious in cases like Nicol’s when she is ready to go so much against her wellbeing.
          The actual reason that made me respond here.

          The “Luke” case when person alone comes and humbly ask forgiveness (without being given by default) is again different case.

          But bottom line we agree that devoted ppl. should have a divine sense of worth even specialness.
          Definitely not playing by the whims of lazy and inert guys thinking it’s required sacrifice for God.

          Having in mind so many careless ppl. around how can we ever build good n dignified life otherwise?!


  70. Another quick question. Do these people KNOW they are doing this? Because one time a girl was giving me the evil eye for no reason then I just started reciting scripture in my head (and putting on the armor) and the next second she like snapped out of it and was friendly towards me. Almost as if she didn’t even remember being mean to me in the first place. So do these people KNOW their being influenced?? Or is there mind like toooottaly gone while it’s happening?

    Also people have avoided me, like even walking past me, they avoid me like their scared. As if I have some sort of barrier around me (which I do, lol, the Holy Spirit) but it’s like is it because of the Holy Spirit in me or is it ME specifically. Because if you look at me in the flesh (which humans judge) then im well presentable. I keep my hair combed, a light touch of makeup, and nice regular clothes. And I’ve been told I was pretty and gorgeous from time to time so it CANT be my in the flesh making them run away from me or avoid me or feel the need to be alert around me. Right? Do they ever wonder why their running away or fear such a innocent well presentable girl?

    (its like 5 questions in 1 lol please answer them all im really trying to make sense of this )!!!!
    thnx luv, ❤

  71. I like this one, Marianne!!

  72. Hi Marianne……You are so inspiring……
    I would like to know….if i can help/protect my son, he is 19, by praying , with covering with a blood of Jesus Christ, even without him knowing……
    Marianne please pray for me and my son……
    With love!

  73. If more people were spiritually disecerning, there would be a lot less animosity in the world because people would understand that the “evil one”, the devil, has a hand in day to day events. People would not take things personally as much because they would undertand the dark forces at work and thus spiritual warfare. If Jesus was hated and persecuted, His followers will also.

  74. Knowing what I know now, I would glady go through what I have been through again because of Jesus and I am willing to endure more.

  75. I do not care the people. First of all, believe me. I have had a dream, that God spoke with me and told me that all of those that hate me,will go to eternal hell because they are not one with me and acquainted with me. Another dream, the Lord took me with him far away and brought me to the Mormon church and God said: Why will you pray me for these that you say they are your friends, and I told God: yes, they are. God pointed his finger and showed me and brought me what they were doing that were orgies that were horrible and disgusting and scary that I have never expected to find these group of Mormon orgies in the house of a friend where they were celebrating and having orgies at the feast of evening such oral sex and all of these things and so on… I ask God: Remove them from my eyes and God took away them from my eyes and I was scared and felt dizzy and tired and lost the strength and the faith and I asked God that I have never expected to see these things and thanked him for his advice and God said: They will go hell and they have no hope. I asked God: If they repent, is there a chance? God said: Perhaps, if they repent, if they come fully to my son and forsake their sins and keep my commandments, they will not. I asked him again: If it is possible to save them and bring them to heaven and seal them to eternal salvation? God said: It is not possible. I prayed to him and tremble and shook my legs and were impaled and asked him that what can I do? Then, God brought me to another dream and showed me that there was a cave where the people were yelling and screaming and was dark and there was a fire inside the cave and God brought me and my friends were there who were with me in school, and high school and neighborhoods, and I asked God: Why are they doing there? God said: Did you know my son that when they separated from you and these are the ones who hated me and forsook me and has given into beers, drugs, alcohol, sex, adultery, sodomy, homosexuality and all of these things that you did not do these like them. Then, I saw my gay friend in the cave hell, calling me and I saw him and I started to fly above him and saw him and God was still there waiting me and then God asked me to come with him that it is time to leave and then I left. I realized that the friends I met who were gays were not saved and are consigned in hell suffering for given into beers, alcohol, homosexuality and they believed in God but it was not sufficient because they did not keep the sayings of God. I woke up and I decided that I cannot save such people even I try to help them and save them. It was a hard job but I did my part. But, God promised me that few shall be saved . It is the hope that I give thanks to God.

    • dear Who is like God

      God is with you. We can only set a good example for others, and tell them about God. The rest is up to them. But God will bless you for caring for sinners. Keep in prayer and do what God wants you to do. He showed you all this for a reason.

  76. I am glad I read all these comments because I’ve had similiar experiences with people being hateful towards me. I’ve always felt close to God and had dreams about God, even as a little girl. It was strange. Some teachers would just give such a hateful stare and it scared me. They said cruel things. I’ve noticed it isn’t just one person who behaves in a cruel way. Others join in, usually a pair of people with other people acting afraid. In bad environments there is a atmosphere of fear and certain people thrive in that environment. I do need to pray more when this happens because I feel that I am under constant demonic attack where the devil uses people to hurt me. Even in Chuch I’ve seen this. I saw my professor at Church and she looked at me with such hatred and she had looked at me like at in school too and it was bewildering. I think the devil wants us to get very depressed. He wants us to become defeated. He wants us to wonder what is wrong with us so we can’t function. He wants us to take the hatred personally so we question our value and our worth. I’m not bad because people are cruel. Jesus still loves me. I think we have to think that: Jesus love me. I think we also have to forgive ourselves for wanting the approval of people because it wouldn’t hurt us if we didn’t want their approval. If we were confident in God’s love we woudn’t be as phased by people giving us mean looks and hateful glares. It’s hard sometimes to cope when we have to survive in the world and people are making our lives miserable and I think we have to pray and ask God for help, like you said, and ask others to pray for us as well. We can’t take the hatred personally. We can’t doubt our worth. We can’t forget about God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I think the hatred is a way to distract us and make us focus on the negative and it is a way to tempt us to seek the approval of others instead of standing strong with

    • hi Honeybunch

      You are on a good path. Learning to disregard the hateful looks of others can be very difficult, especially when their relationship, like your teacher, is significant to us. We just have to have confidence in ourselves, and God’s love for us, and show them we are above all that hatred.

    • HoneyBunch
      I think your right there, I have heard that cults use shunning of fellow members if they don’t conform to group think in order that the targeted member will buckle down and be a good follower then they shall be accepted. Although this behaviour sometimes happens quite ‘naturally’ in groups of people or family where you might say something and they all take offence and shun you, I usually at that point try to think about what I said to see if I was defiantly right, if I was I’d probably say the same sort of thing again.

      That doesn’t happen to me very often, but I am always immediately aware that God shall Judge sooner or later, or is he indeed judging me right at that moment? Because we are told that chastisement at the time never seems pleasant.

      I do think that it is primarily a spiritual manifestation and we shouldn’t try directly addressing the vessels involved. And as you said we should try not to judge them, try to forgive them and pray for them, and agree with God that His dealings with us are always right, and we can ask him why it is happening the way it does. I found David’s prayer helpfull

      ‘Psalms 17:13-14 Arise, O LORD, disappoint him, cast him down: deliver my soul from the wicked, which is thy sword: From men which are thy hand, O LORD, from men of the world, which have their portion in this life…’

      The AV Translates this more literally than some other versions, some translators translate it differently because they think David’s prayer didn’t really make sense, how wrong could a modern scholar be?

  77. kp[

  78. I really thank God for this topic as I have been struggling with this issue for about 3 years. I would get people not liking me for no reason whatsoever. I too also used to wonder if there was something wrong with me and if I had a demon within me. I would call several pastor for deliverance but the same problem continued to persist.

    Last year (2011) I failed my placement twice both managers just hated me for no reason whatsoever. I also had alot of hatred and Jealousy in my church where I am very active in the prayer ministry and evangelism. People would not look at me straight in the face. I would also get the ones in the church that they would try to avoid me if the see me coming they would act like they have not seen me. I found it very upsetting and very distressing. It got to a point where I hated going to church. I would try all means to avoid and miss Sunday services and go and fellowship at another church. The women were always jealous of me. I also got the ones where they would not stop staring at me during the service. I also got women who wanted to dress like me (Which was very scary).

    This all happened last year and because of my course I went to my aunties church (They burn alot of candles incense, they wear white garment no shoes very traditional etc) I was really reluctant to go because of the fetish things they do. But because I was so desperate I followed my aunty. When I got there the prophet of the church said I had a mark of hatred and Jealousy on me which I foolish believed because of what I was experiencing in church, work, family ect. He said in order for this mark of hatred and Jealousy to go away that I had to bath in spiritual water for 3 days to wash away every bad spirits. However I refused to do this and threw it away. However 3 elders in the church prayed for me about the removing this so called mark of Jealousy and hatred. They then used a candle and eggs to rub my body with it to remove every misfortune and bad luck. After this when I went back to my church those people who hatred me and where jealous of me started liking me and talking to me etc they were also calling my phone ect and calling my name in the church. Its like I was now Miss popular, people couldn’t do without me. I had a false sense of confidence. I was even getting loads of phone calls and emails for people I didn’t even know. Despite all this My prayer life had gone, I was more into the things of the world and I was spiritually dead. I was finding it difficult to pray and speak in tongues. I no longer had the passion for the things of God. I knew that something was really wrong because I love God with all my heart and the desire that I had for him was no longer there.

    I had to repent to God and ask him to forgive me for what I had done and I believe he has forgiven and also for a new anointing which he gave me. I also went on a retreat and a lady prayed for me and broke all satanic ties to that church and anything that they had placed upon me.

    From the retreat I went to, I realised that this mark of hatred and jealousy that they were seeing was the mark of Gods glory and his presence. But because the church was very occultic they said it was an evil spirit and they tried to destroy Gods glory.

    Through this I learnt that the world cannot like you because we are not of this world.

    The shocking thing is that after I prayed and went for this retreat. I went back to church and experienced the same hatred thing again. Thats how I know now that they is nothing wrong with me but I am filled with Gods presence and the holy Ghost. I even experienced it again last week where one lady in my church tried to avoid me. I thank God that I went through all these things because it has made me stronger as a person and appreciate God more.

    It also made me to know that when you are filled with the presence of God darkness has to flee. I thank God for this post and know now that when I encounter people with demons to just build and have confidence.

    • dear lady angel

      you need to stay away from BOTH churches you describe.

      both are cults, and not of God, which is why one is mean, and the other is just plain strange.

      Find a new place, where people are loving and kind.

  79. Thank you for posting this article. I don’t know if I have the Holy Spirit covering me because I haven’t done anything to deserve His protection, but it’s nice to know that I’m not crazy. When I tell people who tolerate me that I get hateful glares and that strangers set out to hurt me they tell me that I have low self-esteem and/or that I’m being way too negative.

    For as long as I can remember, strangers have responded to my smiles with glares, they look me up and down, some say “ugh” (you would think I’m referring to children here, but no, I’m referring to full grown adults), some make a face as if they just smelled rotten fish and look away with their chin up towards the air. I try to be nice to people but they treat me as if I have some type of contagious disease so I get the hint that they want nothing to do with me and I stay away from them, but then they say I’m a b****, I’m conceited, I’m rude, I’m ignoring them and start making up things about me. And everyone is so quick to join in on the hate. Even if we NEVER interacted on any level, NEVER said a word to each, people instantly choose to judge me negatively on sight and contribute to the pool of lies already said about me with their own fresh set of lies.

    I used to believe that you get what you give and I foolishly held onto this belief until recently. “Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you” is the motto I live by so I’m a moron and always instantly assume that we can all be friends so I try to give all my kindness and love right away so I’m confused as to why I receive hate in return. Maybe I come off as annoying, but if I’m annoying is it really necessary to try to destroy me? Why can’t we just have an open conversation so we can work things out? Maybe if I stop having these expectations and accept that I’m wrong it won’t hurt as much. I still live by my motto out of fear of the Lord because I don’t want to anger or hurt Him.

    Recently a whole lot of people who I’ve never met before joined together and accused me of things I didn’t do and spread ugly lies about me. They went so far as to poison as many people as they could against me including the neighbors. Now everyone is using these lies as their “justification” for their hate and outright hostility towards me. I don’t understand how people are able to make accusations without solid proof. I don’t understand how people lie with such ease and insist they saw something that never took place. I don’t understand how people are so quick to believe lies. Are they that gullible? Are they that desperate to find a reason(s) to hate that they will instantly eat up lies and deceit? Don’t they care that God knows, hears, and sees all? Don’t they care that God knows they are lying and sees the harm they are doing?

    Sometimes it feels like even God hates me so I’ve been trying even harder to become a better person so that He will stop hating me, but the harder I try, the worse things get. I don’t leave the house anymore because of this. I don’t know to what degree people will act on their hatred and quite frankly it scares and confuses me and is too painful to deal with. I tell myself that God sees, hears, and knows so He will vindicate me, but I’m not so sure this will happen and if this does happen, will I be able to forget the pain? I wish it was only the hateful glares, but they actively set out to destroy me. I’m upset, angry, confused, hurt. I’m not asking for happiness, I just want to be left alone.

    Thank you for giving us a place where our voices can be heard.

    • Hi NeedtobeHeard. Is it ok if I email you? Please because I go through the same thing!! It would be nice to talk to someone who’s going thru exactly what I go through.

      Please send me an email thnk u.

      GOD BLESS ❤

    • It hurts like crazy . It leaves you questionning if something is wrong with you. Sometimes when I encounter this instant hate I think maybe I have the demon spirit and maybe the other person is of Christ and is discerning something bad in me and is therefore looking at me hatefully and it hurts . Its like I don,t know who I am in that instant and I am being defined by that hateful look on their faces. Why Am I so affected by this . I Have a lot of emmotional injury and sometimes I think People sense this and they join in on the bandwagon to do more hurt with their evil looks and stares.. Its as if its open season . JESUS LOVES ME THIS I KNOW FOR THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO . Why then AM I still questionning if its me or them ? Hate comes from the Devil doesn’t it ? So if they showering Hate on me it must be coming from the devil . It Must means the devil is displeased with me . If the devil is displeased with me that is a good thing not a bad thing . Their is no condemnation in Christ . If something was wrong with me and in me would he not deal with the thing and not me . Or would he put the instant haters in my path to look upon me as if I were the scum of the Earth . HOW DID HE DEAL WITH SAUL ,SAUL SAUL WHY DOES THOU PERSECUTE ME ? IF there is something wrong with me wouldn’t Jesus deal with it in a way that I don’t feel condemned as I do when these Haters Throw there faces and hate at me . Jesus Convicts , He doesn’t condemn . CONDEMNATION AS IS FOUND IN THE EYES OF THOSE POSSESSING THE EVIL STARES COMES FROM THE EVIL ONE .

      HE COMES TO STEAL ,KILL AND DESTROY . Steal our CONFIDENCE that we are justified through christ . Kill our COMPETENCE and DESTROY our COMPOSURE by stealing our peace joy with his NASTY TACTICS . THE DEVIL IS AN ENERGY VAMPIRE. If there be anything wrong with us who experience this INSTANT HATRED is that we are probably affected because people approval do matter and we may be emmotionally wounded and more easily affected by this . But Jesus Doesn’t Condemn because of that he LOVES you back to WHOLENESS . INSTANT HATE IS FROM THE DEVIL . NOTHING CAN JUSTIFY THAT INSTANT HATE . IT IS FROM THE DEVIL .

  80. dear NeedtobeHeard

    Satan has been loose for a long time, and most people listen to him now.

    It is not you.

    Lean on the Lord for support, and protection.

    These days are quickly becoming so evil, that all those who were against you will be brought to judgment soon.

  81. @Needtobheard I agree with Marianne. Its not you, its because they see something great in you. Look at Joseph he was hated upon and soo much jealousy was around him. But in the end he was a great man of God. All those that hate you now will soon rejoice with you. Just keep your head up high and trust God with all your heart.

    • Thank you Marianne and LadyAngel22 for your kind words and encouragement 🙂 I will continue to ask God for protection and trust Him. God bless you both.

  82. Needtobeheard
    psalm 73

  83. So true. I agree. Also Abagail/ angel of the morning made a good point.

  84. That is so true, i thought i am alone, and something wrong with me…….all my life was very hard, seance little girl, my family members hated me scene i was little girl, my mom had 6 children including me, and i was born from my mom’s lover, and i was not welcome in a family by anyone and my siblings……but i was cute , and best looking from all of them, my journey started with hate, and that continues till now, i am 45 ……and sure many womens and some man hated me, I look cute,good it how my friends say and many friends including man, would say many woman would like to look like me, but i always was stragalling in jobs, relationships, always end up with wrong man , and i lost a lot opportunities in life, including my broken relationships, finances, because of how people hated me, and i don’t know why, and that i understand now that i was cursed, evil stole my life, and i would like to get back my life and start to enjoy my life, i left europe, and now i am in USA, and i gone true hard times here, and still going…….I believe now that Evil exist and stilling us lives……I would like some help, Marianne if you can put me on you praying list…….I read people testimonies, and it is sad so we need to deal with Evil daily……. i pray your prayer and sure is start to help, but i need to pray daily and always ask for God to go true the day…..

    • hi Valentina

      I put you on my prayer list. I pray that many loving relationships replace the evil ones, and you can feel God’s love in your life.

  85. Thank you Marianne, Thank you Marianne also if you can put on your prayer list my son , his name is Mantas……we both need help, We believe in God ,I believe in prayers …….

  86. Thank you Marianne ,and also thank you for your kindness……

  87. Something else I’ve noticed is people that you tell this to always make it seem like it’s you. I’ll tell someone it’s like almost everyone has something against me – name calling, rumors, etc. I’ll get the usual, “It must be you” and then I’ll say I don’t even know or have spoken to these people. It literally feels like it’s some secret code going on to let them know to hate you. Most people act like this nowadays and if you are different you are treated like garbage. They are hostile and are looking like they want a fight. I posted on this before and often refer back to this article when feeling down. I’ll keep everyone in my prayers as it is tough to deal with.

    • Hang in there Kiki,

      If you are born again, then you are God’s through His son Jesus, and you are dearly loved by Them.

      Really, what could be better than that?

      Don’t let the world out there bring you down. Pray to the Lord and He will lift you up. He is all you’ll ever need.

      Be blessed my sister 🙂


  88. i cant trust anyone, im alone alot men just want to use me females turn on me i try get education im being fought everywhere i go. even in church, i have no real friends i try to do stuff people treat me like i have a banana sticking out of my head i been tpold all sorts of stuff in church by leadership that god dont want me to have friends etc my family is evil i cant trust anyone been @ job almost 4 years treated like crap lied on etc they repay me evil for good landlord trying to put me out so her daughter can moive back in even though i pay her every month try to educate myself no one likes me in my class some talk to me but its fake others hate me and dont want to work with me for no reason. i cant focus to complete course and im afraid this is how it will continue to be if god is in control why is it this way ok demons exist but father son holy spirit is greater so why is it like this?

    • dear truth

      Yes, the enemy is winning a lot.

      Jesus came and had the Father send the holy spirit to equip us to fight.

      He did not say we would not have problems with the devil. That is why we have to know how to fight in the spirit, and put on the “armor of God” so that we will not be so wounded.

      So God has given us the weapons to fight with, the Word of God, faith, the holy spirit, but no one is using them. People are therefore losing battles.

      You must invest time in the Word to build up your spirit, so that you can resist the darts of the enemy. You must also allow the holy spirit full control over your life, and when you do, he will fight your battles for you.

      Do not give us. We have all been inadequate in our defenses, and have needed a more intimate relationship with God to fight better.

  89. I have felt cursed for the past year or so. I was told I was a negative person and that is the reason so much has gone wrong in my life. To the world I probably do look like I’m the cause of it all but the amount of hatred that has come my way when I am only being nice makes me believe that my interest in mediums etc and the fact that I am now reading the bible etc.may have something to do with it. Also a bunch of incidents happened to me that basically screwed me. There were a lot of conflicts with people regarding my schizophrenic daughter, I was up against a lot of egos and misunderstood and as a result am going through the worst time of my life. It would take a book to explain all these incidents but the timing of them could not have been accidental. Has anyone else felt actually cursed.

    • mary

      the hatred of others always feels like a curse, but it does not mean you deserve it.

      this post is to let you know that it is not you, but them, that are wrong.

      pray blessings over yourself each day, and put yourself under the blood of Jesus.

      the righteous are being afflicted now, so do not feel alone.

      if you were evil, they would not attack you.

      but because you are good, they do attack.

    • yes I can relate to what you have said because I can remember when all this started to happen and got worse from that moment. In 1994 I went to see a tarot card reader and feel that I had opened the door for these evil attacks and defiled myself in the site of the most high. I need prayer to overcome these curses on my life. please can you add my son Tyrese who is 14 and myself to your prayer list. thank you and got bless.

      • dawn

        i am sending you some prayers to close the effects of witchcraft on you and your son.

        Print them out and say them each day.

        I will be in agreement with you.

  90. Thanks for the supportive words, it meant a lot to me.

  91. Something really interesting happened to me the other day when I went to visit one of our work clients. I’ve posted previously about having lots of these experiences with people I did not know and how they seemed to hate me on sight. I used to think something was terribly wrong with me that I experienced so much rejection during my life but this really nice man, who I did not know, came up to me & said “Young lady, I just want you to know you have a beautiful spirit!” I said “Thanks! But how do you know?” He said back to me “I’m a preacher. I know these things.” That let me know right there that there was nothing wrong with me and that I was on the right track.

    Non-believers will hate you, but spirit-filled believers will also sense the presence of the holy-spirit in you and respond positively.

  92. Hello,

    I experience this feeling with my church family and some family members who attend the same church. I’ve been attending there almost 3 yrs. I learn from the sermons and their weekly bible study class. But feel lonely in my own church. i felt it was me being silly but it makes me sad because im so happy that i’ve accepted the Lord in my life and enjoy studying and worship more and more. These people have not changed how i feel about my salvation and christian walk, however where is the mutual fellowship of christian love we are supposed to share?

  93. How can I let the holy spirit take over my life when I have like 20 million people staring at me at once like they are ready to jump on me like white on rice??? Like i’ve done something wrong, when all im doing is sitting there like they are. That’s a big distraction……..and it distracts me from letting the holy spirit take over.

    And these people never leave me alone, they will do it whether im there fo 5mins to 5 hours…….how is this possible that they have nothing going on in their lives that they can spend 5 hours staring at me.???? crazy!

    • dear spirit girl

      Do not waste your time paying attention to these people.

      Go and do what you are supposed to do each day.

      Let god deal with them.

  94. I get stuff like this too from people but I’m not really christian, more spiritual agnostic. So, what is it? Why are people mean to me and act so judgemental?

    • hi jovie

      People with hateful spirits hate anyone with a good spirit.

      You do not have to do anything to bother them, so it is not your fault.

      Mean people are just mean, and they usually manifest when someone nice comes along.

  95. what if the hatred is not a spiritual thing, a situation which u know ur ugly. like me i have a shapless skull which makes me to look funny in the sight of people, i dont like going out because of the way people look at me. what could be the help i need?

    • dear afam

      it does not matter what your skull looks like.

      God made you, and that means you are not ugly.

      People have to respect god for what he creates, and not decide what is beautiful, and what is ugly.

      the bible said that everything god made was good.

      so if people love god, then they will treat you as good also.

      if people do not love god, then they will be mean.

      you do not need the help.

      anyone who rejects you needs the help.

      however, if you want medical help to change your appearance, you would have to see a doctor.


      • kim

        you are so right.

        it is God’s sovereign decision what each person looks like, and to mistreat someone because of their appearance is an insult to god.

  96. Thank you so much for this article,I’ve often wondered why people dislike me even before I’ve met them.It really bothers me,for instance I went to check my mail and there’s a family that moved into the neighbor maybe six months ago,the woman was standing in her yard giving me the most evil looks-she has done that since she moved in…I don’t even know her! This has happened all my life.I know it’s not me.I went online and this article is what I found,God Bless you your article made since to me.My in-laws have treated me with so much hatred for years yet they called me for years and asked me to pray for them…now it makes since.I could go on but I’ll stop here.Thank you so much and God Bless you.

    • hi jo

      I am sorry to hear this happened to you also, but at least be reassured that this is a common problem for believers. The secular world automatically hates us. I just had a problem with someone today on the phone. She did not even see me and she was rejecting. We have to look at ourselves the way God does, and not the way the world does. if we do, we will see something really nice, and something the world is missing out on. chin up. you are ok. you belong to the Lord.

  97. Reading this page has really helped me understand why. For five years now since day one at my job iv’e noticed some people cant keep there eyes off me like when an animal spots a threat. They look at me with pure hatred! Its like somehow i stand out. Its weired because i can somehow sense that hate and anger without even looking at them. Im a real nice and normal looking guy. I’ve never told anyone about this. When my coworkers walk with me they can explain why the dirty stares.

    • Julio

      It might help to approach people and say you notice they seem to be upset with you, and say you would like to talk it out, and resolve any problems. This way you show you are aware of their feelings, and would like to be friends. maybe that will help break down the delusions.

  98. I’m so glad I came to this Website. I can really relate to a lot of people here. I been going through this for years. Im 47 and still going through this. I thought it was just me. Its not me or you. People are really like that, Im still going through that myself. Everything I mostly do, now I do it by myself. I dont have friends, either like you people. It use to hurt really bad, but now I learn to hang out by myself. I’ve been rejected most of my life, I’ve never really had a good friend, I’ve never really had steady relationships, with guys, I’ve never had a close relationship with anybody. People at jobs hated me, too, harass me all the time. Its the Holy Spirit in us, our presence convicts their evilness, just a couple of weeks ago, I went over my brother’s house, with his family, he told me, you feel bad, because the family don’t like you. I said no I dont. They’re breaking all of Yahweh’s commandments, I feel bad about that. I dont think so. It would have really hurt me a lot, before, now I dont feel that hurt anymore. But praise Yahweh, I’ve learned so much about Yahweh, His given me so much wisdom. I’m an attractive woman, I’ve received so many compliments, on my looks, but they don’t compare to the compliments, I receive as a Christian, just last Friday, after church, I went to buy some food, and the guy at the counter, said, your face looks radiant, I felt extremely blessed. It remind me of Moses. Praise His Holy Name. I even get ignored at my church it doesnt hurt as much anymore. Believe me beautiful people, its not you. I’ve been going through this most of my life. Yahweh bless you, and keep you. Did you guys ever thought we might be the “chosen ones”. Yashua did say, they hated me first.

    • dear mc

      Thanks for sharing that. Yes, it is a very wrong thing, that this world is like this now. Many suffer unfairly. I pray that YHVH God keep you strong. It is almost over now. He will return soon.

  99. mc thanks so much for your website, I needed to fan out some of this with people that are going through the same thing. That already is a blessing to me. Yahweh bless u and keep u.

    • hi mc

      YHVH bless you too.

      Hang in there.

      This world is going down, and the righteous just have to hold on to their faith, and not look around, but look up.

  100. Another thing I hate is when you tell people how evil people treat you and they blame it on you like it’s your fault. I’ve had people know nothing about me and hate me with a passion. Making up rumors and lies out of no where. People are so evil and others are so quick to join in. This world is getting more evil.

  101. Kiki, u know, with “evil people”, you’re always to blame, its always your fault, you’re the one with the attitude, oh yeah, sweetie, of course its always our fault. Sometimes I wonder if they really admire us, but like so many people today, they have too much pride to compliment you on your good character. In a situation like that, you have to bind these people up. (Matthew 18:18). Its works for me. I’ve been harrassed on my jobs since I started working, finally in 07 Ive had it. I came home sobbing. I postrated myself to Yahweh (God), and I told him this has got to change, I cant keep going on with this, if its me, tell me, lets put the cards on the table, but if not give me wisdom, about it. A book I already had, flashed that instant, and He told me go back and read the book, so I did, so the Author, which he’s a delliverance Pastor, talked about how his daughter came home always crying, from being harrassed, and he told her bind the spirits up, behind them people. That woman that was harrassing me, she looked at me with such hatred in her eyes, so evil, I couldn’t take it anymore. The next morning I woke up a little bit earlier than usual to do this, honey honey honey this lady was as sweet as apple pie, She left me with my mouth hanging. I started binding up the spirits of: harrasment, evil eye, hatred, those where the main ones, she never again harrassed me again. Now in every job I have, if I sense the bit spirit of harassment coming from a person, I dont hesitate to bind those spirits up it works all the time. This woman who harrassed me she was a supervisor’s assistant, she had me going to boss’s office, everyday, for a whole year, she would put people to harrass me, I’ve gotten threatened, with these guys wanting to run me over with a running forklift, coming straight at me. Bind any spirits, you know are coming from that individual and also, name the person, you must speak. Honey it works, and no its not you.

  102. hi i grew up in a family that always did this punished me and took my voice ,rejection as its like they wanted to keep me down ,as too my dad always used power and control ,but it appears to be a spirit ,demon etc doing it as i dont talk to them now ,but i felt like i always had a gift from God ,is this why and at wrk i have had men and others try to suppress me and trick me ,and it has happened alot i do pray on it ,but i also felt and not that i want to give it power but i felt my family sends that subcontiously to me and the demon this possible?and also i had to wrk on alot of anger too ,because this type of spirit when people carry it it wants to do damage .

    • hi den

      Jesus said, if they hate me, they will hate you.

      yes, the holy spirit is hated by those with demons, as they consider you a threat.

      the holy spirit exposes evil, and they do not want to be exposed.

  103. The only people who understand this are people who experience it. If you tell someone who doesn’t how you are treated, they will brush it off. I lived a life like this, people are evil. I’ve heard being a loner or rejected is a sign of a highly anointed person. I will pray to God to meet people like me.

    • hi kiki

      You do not have to be alone here. Others are here who understand this evil, and how you are treated.

      May God bless you and keep you safe from all evil

      You are special, so do not forget that.

    • kiki your prayers are answered. … this whole page is wierd. good weird though and nvr thought i’d be on a page like this.
      I typed in rejection and hte into google and this is what came up. wow. You all sound like me. We all sound alike. Do you all realize this? I think we all need to pray in unison about the same thing. We all need to pray about love. Acceptance(by others) and a covering of the blood of Christ Jesus on us all. We are together in Christ Jesus,protected and in his love. No weapon formed agains’t us shall prosper.. and our loved ones and those we care about i pray for as well. And those who seek to do us harm.. i pray for them and for love to abound in them and to us. I shut the door to evil,hatred,lonliness,rejection to us all. And I ask the holy Spirit to keep everyone who has commented here and come here with needs.. to be blessed.. and heard by The Holy Spirit,Our Creator and Jesus of Nazereth. Restore our psirits and lives again Dear Jesus and help us,protect us and give us all love. Help us all to feel loved.. to have someone to love.. to give of ourselves goodness and kindness and to have it given to us as well. Help us to feel well. To feel good. To feel beautiful,happy and at peace.
      We are a beautiful people and I know in our suffering we are blessed and will be lifted out of our sufferings.. everyone one of us who reads this prayer. It is not by coinicidence we all feel the same and came here. You are the reson Dear Holy Spirit,Jesus Christ. To let us know we are not alone and that in you in our hearts.. we are all truly together. show us how to be.. teach us and help us,give us strength and courage and help us to be liked.. to be loved to have others see the goodness in us. I come agains’t hate. I come agains’t rudeness,meaness and all sorts of things that have hurt us. Please restore our lives and give us hope. A life of joy. Happiness and Peace. Help us to use the gifts within ourselves to be what you want Lord Christ Jesus and help others to be touched in goodness by our gifts and who we are as people. We are loved. We are not alone.
      Thankyou for this answered prayer..,,thankyou for making us a pecular people. You have said your people are that.. and we ask that you have others se it as a goodness. Help us to be be cared for.. to be loved.
      Thank you in the name of Jesus Christ,

  104. I am so thankful to have come across this website… I just finished praying and asking god to prepare my heart for this upcoming week to face people I really like who do not like me… I work with several women and the tension gets very high….I stay very focused on my work and just talk to god in the spirit wich seems to male the day go very fast.. This has happened my whole life and right now I’m completely without people coming around me.. Im not Alone because Jesus is with me :). I simply say ” father I do not understand whats going on but you do and I know that whatever is going on you are working it out for your greater good ” i will rest knowing whatever it is you are handling it”. I pray That the blood of your son Jesus Christ keep me protected from the enemies snare and have mercy towards those who are doing injustices… ” this is The first time in my life that I have read anything like this , what comfort to know I’m not the only one. .. It brings my understanding of what Jesus went through for my salvation to a whole other level… Thank you and bless you

    • dear Michelle

      My heart goes out to you, but I know you will be ok. You just keep trusting in God. You are in that hostile environment for a reason.

      This does not mean you have done something wrong. God may have you there to change the environment with your presence, or to witness for Him at an appointed time.

      May the blood of Jesus cover you each day, bring you continual peace, and give you strength, and may His light shine through you to win others to His love.

  105. Hi, I made a comment a while back and still get tremendous help with other people’s comments. I went to mediums so I thought that was the reason I am going through this but it seems others are also going through this for various reasons. I can have a temper so I’m not sure I am good enough to be one of the chosen ones. I feel people are going to be against me no matter what I do so sometimes I don’t get on well with them. Although I do a lot to help animals I feel I will be only judged on how I am with people. I feel I have to always go the extra mile in everything I do to be ok. I see around me the imperfections in others and they just seem to get away with it whereas I make one wrong move I am the worst person in the world. But most of all since I did go to mediums I have to be on constant alert because the amount of bad luck I have had can’t possibly be random and everywhere I go I see the numbers 91. I was left some money and things keep eating into it, faulty products, stray cats that I have to bring to the vet, two crazy jack russells, one of which I think a demon sent to me because after five months he is still pooping and peeing everywhere. My autistic daughter keeps saying things that are misinterpreted in her school. Mediums told me she had the ability so I wonder if something floats into her and gets her to say things to cause us trouble. My mother used to say someone was like “forty flying demons” when they were angry, I used to think this was funny, now I’m beginning to wonder if there is truth to it. Anyway thanks for the help and support I have received from this site and I feel for all of you because I know just how it feels.

    • Mary

      You are REALLY going in the wrong direction.

      Going to mediums has opened the door for demonic activity in your life.

      You need to repent of this, stop, and ask Jesus into your heart, and ask HIM to be the Lord of your life.

      If you are covered by the blood of Jesus, you will be protected from curses. If you are not covered, you will not be protected.

      This does not say the devil will leave you alone, but at least with the help of the Lord, you will be able to fight back.

      Right now, you cannot do that, because of your choices.

      Say this prayer each day, and I will agree with you in prayer

  106. I don’t go to mediums any more and don’t intend doing so now that I know more about the subject, at the time I never would have dreamed that I was doing anything wrong, just wanting to hear from my parents again. I am building a relationship with Jesus now and Our Lady as I’m catholic. There are quite a few ex mediums and satanists who after turning to Christ have never been bothered by demons again so why do you say I will always be bothered by them. Also I know I joked about the pets in my life but I would like to hear more christians talk about the necessity to be kind to them. Thanks for the prayer, I will say it.

  107. Ok so I get all the same reactions from people that everyone above gets. But what about when you meet someone who has NO reaction to your holy spirit? However the person is NOT a believer in God at all. But when you come around they don’t get hateful, or fearful, or have any type of adverse reaction such as (coughing, running away from you etc)…

    There is this guy at my job who actually has a warm presence. But he does not believe in GOD. Usually when I walk into my job I get those negative reactions cuz of my holy spirit, but this guy doesn’t react the way everyone else does. He doesn’t shoot his head up at me and give me and evil glare, he can actually be around me and not tremble in my presence. He isn’t affected by me AT – ALL.

    The crazy thing is, people give HIM the same reaction they give me. Nervous around him, fearful, people talk about him..but this guy doesn’t believe in GOD at all. So what is this???????????

    • dear Kirgrl

      the negative reaction is caused by the presence of demons on the hateful people.

      he just does not happen to have any demons influencing him.

      it also may be that the holy spirit is working on him, and someday soon, he will be saved, so if this is true, then the demons will see the holy spirit with him, and react against him.

    • Satan hates anyone who is kind and good. That includes nonbelievers. Satan wants to spread hate and misery. Well, Satan uses religious people all the time to make Christians look bad and to slander Christ, such as people using the bible to justify homophobic hate crimes or slavery, or worse yet, those crazy religious cults who believe in having multiple young wives to “get into Heaven” like Warren Jeffs. Such people make all Christians look bad.

      • Dear Michelle

        Polygamy (multiple wives) is common in the O T, and no where condemned in the BIBLE in general. The ONE WIFE restriction is SECULAR man made LAW. Have a nice day.

  108. Because they are communists. That’s obvious.

  109. You know what. There is no freedom. I am just saying they are communists. You only know it. Do not tell to the people because there are people who support it and will hate you and will unite each other and put you down because people do not agree the Anticommunism ideals. It is better to say just here but not to tell to the people because you are always in risk that people can kill you. It is better to seal your mouth and not mention it. Just write here and express with freedom. It is better not to tell unless you get in trouble with them. Communists are bad people. If they hate me, I know they are communists. It is a sign.

  110. I am not communist, and need freedom and I am in United States, and not in Russia, Cuba or Nicaragua or Venezuela. I believe in freedom and the freedom to believe in God and the freedom of expression and the freedom of speech. I believe people who do not give me freedom is a communist. I do not agree communist party.

  111. A person who does not believe in God is a communist. These are very dangerous people and are terrorists. We got to be careful with these people. We gotta stay quiet.

  112. Russia put in jail to the people who go to churches and sometimes, they killed people who refused to follow their laws and constitution because they continued to worship God. Cuba, have many people slain because they believed in God and wanted freedom. So, we especualte people who do not believe in God.

    • dear anonymous

      I am glad you can live here, with some freedom. I know that this darkness wants to spread to america also, so we must use wisdom and make friends who are good and not bad.

  113. The number #1 thing I hate with this is when people say it’s your low self-esteem or you have to be more assertive. Doesn’t matter how much the people treat you like garbage, if you stand up they get worse and more vicious. I spend most of my days home now, unfortunately every job I’ve had I had this treatment. It has affected me mentally for years, now I am getting physical health problems from this. I have zero friends and when I honestly say I’m alone I am. My mom is my only friend. I just wonder why I have to go through this continuously. But, everyone has a cross to bear. To others, out there just know there is someone else suffering through the same thing.

  114. Thank you and I thank God for leading me here. This was an answer I had long stopped looking for.

  115. I wasn’t going to post again, but I do have one question. This is something that has gone on my entire life as well. I was a socially awkward little girl. I find some people will respond positively to me now that I’m older I have also slowly built up a thicker skin, but what did it mean when I was tormented by the same kids for years in private school then high school, long before I ever came to Christ? Sorry for the double-post.

  116. I cried my eyes out reading all the comments on this forum because for the first time in my life I feel ‘hey you’re not alone’ there are people are there going through the same battle and struggle as you on a daily basis. I have strangers hate on me from ‘”hello” to good friends turning nasty and vicious towards me. Even spreading vicious rumors that sent me into deep depressing at the age of 16. I spend a whole year at home hiding from the world. I am always that girl that had to prove herself the most to friends, family, colleagues etc. I have been single for 8 years now, all my life I have only ever had ONE relationship at 16 which was very brief, every time I like someone and its all going so well then all of a sudden he either stop talking to me, turn nasty towards me, or go off with someone else. Ever since I was 14 I was told I should be a model, I got scouted couple of time but the moment I step a foot through the agency I see the other agents faces change is like they’re dying to sign me on but something is holding them back. And worst part is everywhere I go strangers will comment “are you a model?”, “you should be a model” is all i have been hearing all my life and yet no one will sign me. So I let that go! there’s only so much rejection one can take. Another thing is finding a job I have years of customer service, admin, receptionist experience and yet no one will hiring me. Every time a job recruitment calls me is a scam or commission jobs.
    My mother cannot stand me. She favours all my 4 siblings but when it comes to me sometime I have to hide away in my bedroom. I try so hard with her but no matter what I do there’s no love for me from her, I’m not a bad person I’m a A* student with a degree I’m respectful and have good manners. My father passed away few years ago I feel like I have NO ONE to turn to. NO ONE cares or understands I cry almost everyday of my life.
    I don’t have true friends, all my friendship dissolve quickly. People look at me like my life is prefect because I never let me see me weak. I am scared I’m going to end up alone and lonely with no job, no boyfriend/husband and no real friends. I learn how to cheer myself up and put a smile on my face but that’s short term fix.

    Whatever wrong I did to God I’m TRUELY AND DEEPLY SORRY or to any soul that I may have hurt in the past. The last time I felt true happiness I was 7 years old.


    • dear London

      It is them that should be sorry. But they aren’t. The devil hates beauty and goodness, because he is so ugly and evil. It is jealousy. He wants anything positive and holy destroyed.

      God had given you a gift of being attractive to help you in your life, but instead those around you hated you because they were jealous.

      You cannot change their minds, because they are tainted and just wrong. they are full of sin themselves, and do not repent.

      The Word says that in the last days, the love of many will become cold, and iniquity would abound. That good would be called evil, and evil would be called good.

      Many are being martyred now because of their goodness. Many are being dismissed from jobs, slandered, physically attacked, rejected, etc.

      This is what you are experiencing now.. Many others are as well. once there is a pattern of rejection over you, then the demons influencing new contacts see this and reject you also.

      While you cannot change the world, you can do some things for yourself.

      Put it all in God’s hands and give your heart to him.

      Pray blessings over yourself each day, and ask God to give you favor with people, and to cancel any curses in Jesus name.

      Curses are witchcraft, so this must be cancelled with prayer. Here is an example of such a prayer. You can modify it to fit your situation.

      Here is also a prayer for single women

      Pray for those you hate you, that their eyes be opened to right vs wrong, and that they repent and give their hearts to Jesus.

      Pray that what the devil has meant for evil will be changed into good.

      Do not give up.

    • Hi London,

      We understand you, you’re not alone. It is painful to love someone who you feel doesn’t love you in return as in the case with your mother. It is painful to be hated at first sight. I also understand when you think that God is punishing you. You may feel like you have no one to talk to, but you have God to talk to. He may not answer, but you feel a little relief when you bare your heart and soul to Him.

  117. Friend,

    I have enjoyed reading your post here. I suffer this phenomenon, but I am not “religious” by any stretch. I do believe in the Force of Life, the All That Is, you call it God, and that’s alright with me. I have my own beliefs. I was raised Christian, but questioned too many things, and sought my own spiritual path in life. I feel as if I have been led into a better life by following the nudge in my soul from this Force. I quit drinking before I got in too deep, and I know I was on the cusp of having a real problem. Somehow, someway, I woke up one day and just lost my taste for it. I even still keep drink on hand for visitors and such, but it’s been months and I have not touched a drop. It does not tempt me. It has no power over me. So many fears removed from me by the “god” as well, and I have nothing but gratitude. This has been a powerful year for me. I feel as if I have been transformed into a better human-spiritual being by “god”.

    My social life, however, STINKS. People seem to either love me or hate me. I have been told that I have intense eyes. I tend to look people in their eye, so I can read them. I like to sense people, it’s just an instinct. So many tell me that I am “paranoid” or any manner of nay-say when I confess that I feel marginalized and ostracized by most people. I think there is more to it than that, because I have never been diagnosed with any mental problems. I like people just fine, but I have been the object of such intense hatred and disdain for no apparent reason ALL my life. I was always different, the oddball.

    I tried so hard to fit in in my younger days…now, I have a screw them all mentality. Not that I would leave anyone in need stranded, but I no longer care what people think about me. I admit, however, that I still wonder what it is about me and others that some people find so off-putting? Your post has got me thinking about the spiritual aspect of this big time. I know i am not a wretched individual, and I’m not implying the people who hate folks for no good reason are either. Like I said, I am not religious…but I do wonder if there is some beacon or signal shining from us that only our higher selves can read that others pick up, that perhaps, don’t have so attuned themselves? Maybe they are confused or jealous of us? Intimidated?

    I’m just walking through this life trying to live as gently as possible. I mean no one any harm. It tends to hurt when you have to bear the brunt of such things, but maybe your hypothesis is on point.

    • hi nina

      Since you are not religious, but I believe still spiritual, I will try to explain this differently , so you can relate to it.

      Every person has a spirit, which generates a living force field around them. This field can be “read” by others. You may have heard of auras…that is what this is……we sense this about each other…what kind of spirit someone has…and react to this..some can actually read colors around a person, and read their mood.

      if you also have penetrating eyes, then someone with a secret to keep might feel uncomfortable., as if you have discovered their secret, and react against you….this does not mean you have done anything means you have activated their sense of guilt and they don’t like it….they are guilty, not you!

      the bottom line is that you have bumped into a group of people who have things to hide, and you need to find more pure hearted souls who are not wrapped up in their own guilt, and trying to hide it.

      I would not give up on people. There are many, still, yes hard to believe, that have open hearts and spirits…and would make good friends.

      do not worry about the hateful people…..just move away from them, and realize there are hateful people who hate everyone, not just you.

      stick with your lovable friends, and enjoy them.

      your social life does not stink…the hateful people stink. 🙂

      I think you have done alot to improve your life…look for others who are trying hard too.

  118. Wow, thank you for such a thoughtful and gracious (and fast) reply! It’s good to know you are not alone when you are going through a confusing and frustrating period in life. I try and keep my spirits up, and truth be told, I always do. I can never stay mad long anyway, there is just too much to be happy about. I have to walk my baby girl to the bus stop each morning, and every parent at the bus stop seems to glare at me except this one couple that actually are kind to me.

    I don’t know what I have done to these people? I have never said an off word (or any word) to any of them. My child has never done anything to them. I never kicked their dog or stole their fries…man, I just don’t get it? When I say glare…I mean I can sense the animosity, hatred and blackness coming from them. For no reason, this…and how much energy does that require when a smile would do? I gave up smiling at them when my smiles were met with cold ice and a quick flip of the hair and necks turned away.

    It’s amusing, however, these same ones )one in particular) go out of their way to be chatty with other people at the stop and even the bus driver, and make it a point to talk loudly and in a very friendly manner to all except me. They really have kicked it up a notch since our new neighbors have become acquainted with my family and I (the ones that are kind to me). I just have to laugh, because I don’t get it.

    I could not even waste the energy to be so spiteful and malicious to anyone. It just seems so illogical and wasteful given my take on life…it’s short on this plane, and it’s all about being the best you that you can be. Why be hateful? That seems to be intuitively counter-productive to the spirit. And if there is a problem, why not just address it and be done with it? Maybe if they said “Nina, I don’t like your orange shoes and the way you fix your hair.” You know, then at least I’d know. Not that I would change a darn thing, but knowing would be cool.

    It stinks to not even know what you’ve done, and if you are correct (which I believe) about this spiritual thing, then that is pretty sad that some people have allowed themselves to become so corrupted and nasty. I still walk around here all the time with my head held high and a smile for everyone because I know I am a child of the Universe. I am no more, or no less, than anyone else, and they can keep trying, they can even make me question them, but they will never take my light from me. I’m so grateful to have stumbled upon your page here. Many blessings be upon you, and them haters too! Bless them, they’ll be alright one day.


    • I found this blog after searching under why strangers hate me, stare etc; been experiencing this crazyness since 2005. In 2009, I found gang stalking online, and read similar stories (but more about government after people, skull to head tech – but sounded way to crazy to me). Don’t go down that rabit hole, folks. However, it didn’t satisfy my curiousity.

      Reading this blog today, and reading all the other thoughtful comments, I feel such relief that I’m not alone in this dark experience. I, too, proclaim that Jesus Christ is Lord, and the only way we can be reconciled back to God. Christ was the last sacrifice (it is finished) – the end of Mosaic Law/works. We do good works now not for salvation but because of salvation.

      This craziness creeped into extended family in so much I had to go no contact with some of them. So not only strangers but very close family members. My own family is strong – long standing marriage, two beautiful children, fiancial stability, every desire of my heart has been fulfilled. This one family member, whom I had to go no contact for constant lying, false accusations, slander campaign, controlling – sociopath behavior – a true wolf in sheep’s clothing. She would always make sure to step out in an exaggerated way to look me in the eyes with glee, can never understand because it was such an unnatural act. In short, it was creepy. This same person would always say, “God has blessed you.” It was in a mocking tone, and she would say it All The Time! It drove me crazy. Before I broke contact, when she said it the last time, I said and you too are blessed and x person and y person, and I began to list all their blessings too.

      Returning back to strangers, I had it just this Sunday after church. It ruined my attitude all day because it triggered adrenaline – fight or flight response. I went into a McDonald’s to buy two cones since the drive-thru line was backed-up. The young cashier was fine with the people before me, but when I stepped up to order, she began to act nervous, looked scared of me, shifting her eyes to the group of people who just ordered. Then at the same time, another patron began staring at me intensly. I stared back at her like what’s your problem (so unChristian, I know, especially right after church). For a long time, I thought my ex-family members had made false accusations to land me on some police watch list, hence my gang stalking rational. I still think that could be case and don’t want to get into particulars here.

      I can not begin to tell you the physical and mental ramifications. PTSD, IBS, depression.

      I wonder if any of you experienced sleep paralysis and excruciating pain in solar plexus, like being pushed down into bed? Do lights go off and on in your house, night terrors? Are you hypersensitive, love animals, feel other peoples pain, sense/discern deception in others? I’m just seeing if there are commo denominators at play here.

      In October, I was at Barnes and Noble and felt mobbed/followed in the isles and stared at by these four people. I began praying in my head, my head down pretending to be reading a book. Then a peace passed through me, and when I looked back up, they were gone. That external pressure, fast heartbeat was gone. When I was leaving, I saw two of the people, and they were acting normal. There was peace. It reminds me of the movie Fallen with the great Denzel Washington. I believe at the end of movie, they play Symphathy for the Devil by The Stones. “Been around when Jesus Christ had His moment of doubt and pain, made sure that Pilot washed his hands and sealed his fate. Please to meet you hope you guess my name, but what’s been puzzling you is just the nature of my game.” Aren’t we all puzzled here, leading us to this blog???

      God bless each of you going thru this. You are not alone. Pray thru it. Jesus will never leave or forsake you.

      • Megan

        your family member has demons that feel threatened by you, so she says god bless you to throw off the suspicion that she is infected.

        one of the apostles had this problem. they were preaching somewhere, and a woman kept following him kept shouting out that he was from god.. she was so annoying that he told her to basically shut up, and told her demon to come out.

        you may have to say something similar…..when she does this, tell her to repent and ask jesus into her life. and he will deliver her

        demon infestation is rather common…… just assure yourself that it is them, not you. bless yourself when attacks happen, not them, and go on your way….if someone is ignoring you like at the food place, then command attention so you can get your needs met and you can leave….

        I have not been attacked in the same way as you have, but I have had a demon come visit me at 4 am before, the angels around me scarred him away and he has not been back. I have felt pressure or an “invasion” into my stomach on one occasion as a jezebel “prayed” for me in church…..I do sense other people’s pain, which is why I spend so much time here trying to help others.

        each person can experience attacks differently..

        • Could you explain the demon to me? How can you possibly know if a “demon” visits you and that angels scared it away? Can you explain at all?

          • michelle

            I saw the demon. he opened my bedroom door and started to come in. when he saw the angels, he backed off and left. some witches sent him over but it did not work. praise god….

            • Could you please explain what it looked like? How the angels looked like? I mean, how did the incident really play out, in detail? I only ask because I feel as though God has called me to research the paranormal (such as ghosts and UFOS) because they are deceptions by demons aka the fallen angels. They sometimes are said to leave behind burns, scratches, implants, and people even report missing organs and little scoop marks from the UFOs so there is evidence. What did the demon look like, was there any physical evidence? Are you sure it was not just a bad dream?

              • michelle

                I was wide awake when it happened, and then could not go back to sleep after. It was a dark figure, faceless, about the size of a normal person. It slowly opened the door. I laid there and watched it. then it stopped, and backed up, closing the door as it went. I did not see the angels, just assumed that was what stopped it. I was also very focused on WHO was coming in my room, in case I had to call for help.

  119. Hi Marianne; I was talking to one of my neighbors yesterday outside. At one point in our conversation I turned my attention to look at something across the street, and when I looked back at him he had what I could only describe as an expression of total disgust on his face. I was shocked at first (what in the world did I do to merit such an expression?), and then it made me feel really bad (am I that disgusting?). I think he may have even seen the shock in my face, as his expression changed instantly once we made eye contact. It should be mentioned that I have had some bad ‘vibes’ about this guy for a while now; I am now convinced they were 100% justified. I don’t have a clue what his deal is, but there IS something very creepy about him….

    • dianna

      Well, at least he did not do anything to you. spirits are everywhere, and very few people don’t have them. Only those with the presence of the holy spirit can be protected, and even then, they have to keep their guard up, and stay close to the Lord. Difficult times.

      • Hi again Marianne; it is so strange you called me Dianna – even when I listed my name as Diana. Legally, my name is Dianna so that kind of freaked me out a little! I wish I could say that this particular incident with this particular neighbor was what led me to finding your blog, but unfortunately it isn’t. His behavior (undoubtedly hateful glare) just reinforced a general feeling of uneasiness that has crept up in me over the past few months. For an unknown reason, I have suddenly felt ‘shunned’ by my female neighbors. Women that were previously somewhat friendly, are now for the most part aloof. I say for the most part, because some days they will behave a little friendlier than others. It is rather unpredictable, which at least for me is worse than them maintaining one stance or the other consistently. I never know what I am going to be dealing with when I encounter them, which makes it hard to prepare myself emotionally. (In case any of you are wondering…I HAVE to deal with them as we all have young children and are at the bus-stop 2X daily M-F.) .
        This ‘atmosphere’ has been giving me a great deal of anxiety, pain, and stress. Nobody wants to be somewhere they feel unwelcome – and that is how I have felt the past few months. I have been told I am being too sensitive, making something out of nothing, and so on (my husband). So in addition to feeling like a Pariah, I have found myself questioning whether the situation I perceive is something I am just manufacturing in my mind. So, now I feel shunned and nuts. That was until…I got the icy evil look from the husband of one of the women. That was something tangible that could not be mistaken as a ‘perception.’
        In case you were wondering, nothing bad has happened in the neighborhood to bring this about. No conflicts with anyone, etc. After much thought, I have come up with 2 things that might be catalysts for this change:
        1) the ‘queen bee’ mom (I call her this because she seems to be the popular one everyone loves) was talking to me a few months ago about the show Long Island medium or whatever and asked if I watched it. I said no I don’t watch paranormal type stuff; she asked why and I explained that it was forbidden in the Bible. I also explained that just watching things like that can give evil spirits a foothold to come into your life and harass you. She pretty much laughed at me, then went on to explain that she isn’t religious and disagreed with too many things she was taught as a child in church. This only lasted a few minutes, but in hindsight I wonder if that brief exchange could have brought about the change in attitude.
        (This same person (along with several other neighbors) have had much to say about the old people who used to live in this house; they were Mormon and everyone around here ostracized them for that. Everyone wanted to know if we knew them or were Mormon when we moved in. Very odd. ) We aren’t Mormons, but seem to be ostracized also.)
        2) A new family moved in a few months ago; I befriended this woman and we were on the road to becoming friends (or so I thought). Next thing I know, she doesn’t really speak to me at all – and her and the Queen-bee mom are best-buddies. I find the timing to be strange. Their budding friendship happened about the same time I began to feel like a Pariah. She has a baby about my age, and everyone fusses over him and pays lots of attention to him – and now they all completely ignore my baby, as well as me. That really hurts because my baby doesn’t understand why they won’t respond when she tries to get their attention; all she knows is that they used to talk to her and pay her attention. Ugh.
        I should add that when we first moved in to this neighborhood, people were *so* unfriendly that it actually brought me to tears and I did not want to live here. (This is unusual as we have lived all over the country due to my husband’s job; never felt that unwelcome anywhere else.) They seemed to warm up a little bit after a while (some of them never warmed up and still never speak) – and I thought things would be tolerable. Not so much.
        I can tell you that all this drama really steals my peace; it is hard to be happy living here. I don’t need people to love or even necessarily like me, but it would be nice if they could be civil enough to speak and be polite.
        I am unsure if this has anything at all to do with spiritual discernment, but I really feel I am under some sort of spiritual attack (or maybe just moved into a set of Desperate Housewives). We are new to this state, so I don’t know if maybe this is just how people behave around here. Any thoughts, anyone?

        • hi diana

          It sounds like the queen bee mom has been talking about you behind your back, and everyone knows but you. There is no way to know what she said. You identified yourself as a christian, and that is all it took for this sweet witch to go against you. You will have to realize that as christians, we will be rejected in the end times.

          Try not to be too disheartened, because our time of departure is near. Our Lord is coming soon. Also, if people listen to gossip, then their friendship would only be a trap and a web to get caught into. Try to find friends outside this neighborhood group. And encourage yourself in the Lord. When you are around them, just pray silently for strength. Give it all to HIM, and he will sustain you.

          • Diana,

            Please stay encouraged, and keep your head up (especially when having to interact ie bus stop.) queen bee seems threatened by
            you and probably turned the other neighbors against you. If she did this to you, she will do this to the others as well, just give it time. In the meantime, take care of yourself and your loved ones. God loves you so much, and this too shall pass.


            I have a question, more like an observation; several times now by family and people I didn’t know too well, they would make it appoint to look me in the eye. Several times a lady gently grabbed my face and stared into my eyes. Another women stared into my eyes and said I had a strong spirit, and of course a family member would creep me out by going out of way to stare into my eyes. Why?

            • Megan

              they are strange. they seem to recognize that you have a strong spirit but do not know what that means. maybe you should tell them about jesus


  120. Why is it that everyone who has posted a reply on here “claims” to have good spirits surrounding them? Apparently this is the reason people do not like them; it is everyone else that has bad spirits. I just want to point out that perhaps you all have bad spirits that need to be worked on, as well. Perhaps good spirits in others may be reacting negatively towards you. In reality, if we all had good spirits, then we would not be having any of these problems. (It is also evil to pity and feel sorry for yourself. Who cares if someone does not like you? That person probably does not like most people).

    • m

      that is true. this post is addressing people who have been victimized by bad spirits. Advice for those who possess the bad spirits would be a different post.

    • M,

      It’s so much more pervasive than someone not liking you. This experience that the majority here are so perplexed about has to do with total strangers Who Do Not Know Us – our charactes,, our personalities,, our values, our hearts. Trust me, this is not a singular episode of random haters. I liken it to a virus of hate. It’s soul-crushing not knowing why.

      In my experience, I know I pissed off a few family sociopaths who hide under a Christian persona so well it took me 40 years to see the complete picture (had bits and pieces song the way). It wasn’t until i was anle to compare notes with another that the veil of deceit came down. In 40 years, i was never able to compare notes because of such alliance and allegience to the sociopaths. On a couple of occasions, I witnessed their
      pathological lying and 2 face behavior that would make your head spin like Linda Blair. Their charm could sell you waterfront property in Kansas.

      They projected who they are on to me and I lost my whole extended family except one sister who left them 10 years ago.

      I say all this because what some of us are going through could be a smear campaign by a pissed off, threatened sociopath or two. By the time you are aware, the damage is done. Their distorted reality of you bleeds into society, into your nneighborhood, family. The goal is to destroy you, your spirit, and prove the lies they are saying are true. They liken themselves as gods and these are their funny games. They target the perceived weak – the honest, truth seeking, the loving.

      I will teach my children about these sociopaths who live among us, and how to look for the red flags. Because I was raised by them, I was also primed/groomed by them for future sociopaths.

      Do private reaserch on sociopathy and smear campaigns, and don’t let them know you are on to them – it will be your biggest mistake.

      • hi Megan

        I understand completely. You are talking about Jezebel, known as sociopaths in the secular world.

        I have posts on that too. That is taking hate to a whole new dimension. I have seen and experienced the damage first hand, and their damage usually lasts forever, even if you stop them.

        Jezebels, sociopaths, are like scorpions that act on animal instinct. There is no reasoning with them. The hate is less emotional. They have no compassion, no feelings for their victims. They just act to exterminate whatever gets in their way.

        • Hi Marianne,

          Thanks for your reply. It’s true about how unemotional they are. I can recall one of my last telephone conversations where this person was calmly and casually denying reality. It made me scream. I was so mad. I even said in response to the outright lying, “Don’t you fear God?” Got no response.

          I loved these people so much, trusted them, and to come to this ugly truth put me in a full-blown panic attack. Now, I trust very few people. That verse about your enemies being in your own household rings true right about now. This separation is painful but necessary.

          Thank you for your spiritual take on life’s mysteries like being hated on site for no reason. One of my theories is the behind-the-back smear campaign. Trust me, my sociopaths are so good at planting distorted truths. They speak in generalizations and say something like “X did something so bad, you don’t even want to know. You will go ballistic.” This leads
          the listener to come to their own speculations be it abuse, criminal acts etc. Did this to me about others, and I would treat X like dirt moving forward. That was a fake reality just for Megan. X had another fake reality for X and Y and Z. If I didn’t live this nightmare, I wouldn’t believe people, especially family, could be so deceitful. Christ says to the pure all things are pure to the evil all things are evil.

          Woe to those who call evil good and good evil. Woe to a man who finds himself in the hands of a living God.


  121. Whew! Here on Christmas alone again and only due to that very problem I have. I have always known it was the Lord over me that caused this. But for whatever reason, mine is amplified it seems. I wonder why? With my own immediate family, the Lord has literally shown me in a dream recently, that the enemy is winning his battle with them. That the enemy is also actually using them to attack and hurt me. So heavy! I continue on, working out ways to survive and protect myself in the most basic earthly sense (finances / basic survival). But I have completely given up the “corporate / business / career world” because I am only taken out quickly and set back further than where I started. This has effected everything in my life BUT my faith in Jesus! But to me, it all only confirms what He HAS told me about me, His gifts for me and every message of the Lord in His Holy Word. Amen! I believe I am a very beautiful (spiritually), and have eternal star like qualities all intertwined in the Holy Spirit. We all do, that LOVE Him. Mine is super instense for whatever reason. Again, who knows why? But I can’t wait to find out! God bless everybody in here and thanks to the writer of this awesome blog!

    • dear special k

      hang in there. it is really hard when the devil uses your family against you. It can be very discouraging. And when it happens at work, it is a crisis, since you need money to survive. But continue to trust in the Lord. It will all be for a good reason. you will soon get your reward. be blessed.

  122. Thank you so much, Marianne! And I will definitely be asking for prayer in familiar Christian circles the way this post says I should do. All of my life this has been with me. It’s totally wonderful to me to know (for myself) THE God of the universe has SUCH intense presence over me and my life, but I have never had a normal life because of it. I have mostly struggled, because it can effect everything! Also, something – how can you even talk about it, and with whom? Most would think I was completely bent upstairs. Anyways, this is THE first place I’ve heard this talked about (this kind of spiritual warefare). It was SO encouraging to me and makes it easier to understand now. (Even though I knew this was basically what was going on). To read it – really helped, as well as all the others that have posted similar struggles and attacks of the darkness. Thanks again, Marianne! I will continue to visit your blog here! May God bless you on this special Christmas day!

  123. I think it is not hatred. It is not getting the right tuning with someone and you should never blame yourself for this.

  124. There are some people who hate me on our streets and some on other streets who hate me and they show it.

  125. I’ve been battling this most my life but,not as bad as last year. This female and her brother been harassing “me”not my husband. Every since we moved here she has lied on me and,got most the neighbors to stalk me because I keep to myself. Now my husband turned on me . He doesn’t get why they hate me he assumes its something I done. But I know better. Not to mention I smell drugs coming from their apartment. I’m at home during the day with 2 kids and no car . My spirits were low until I found this. Thank you.

    • dear Tanya

      You are a child of God, and highly valued in his eyes. Stay separate from the world, and in His presence. You will have your rewards.

  126. I’m in my 40’s but ever since I was a child I would have a sense or feeling about people, whether they were good or bad. As I got older, I learned to trust my instincts with regard to people. I attributed the reason for people not liking me or distancing themselves from me was because I’m kind of quite. I’ve even thought that I must be carrying myself in a way that turns people off, or my facial expression must turn people off. I’ve gotten in front of the mirror to practice smiling facial expressions before going places to make sure I wouldn’t offend anyone. But nothing I do seems to matter. I’ve been depressed and lonely about this because I know in my heart that I’m a good person and I would never want to wish hurt, pain, or anything bad on anyone. The people that come around me will make a comment that something I’m wearing is pretty or that I look pretty, but that’s it. They walk away or get together in their groups. Inside I’m screaming that if they get to know me, I’m so much more than looks and clothes. I would be a good and loyal friend. but no one seems to think so. I will focus on God’s plan for me and be more diligent in seeking his guidence. I have always felt there was a higher plan for my life, now I believe it because I now know God is all up in it. Thanks, Tonya

    • dear tonya

      What has happened is you have internalized the rejection and negativity of others as due to a flaw in yourself. Their behavior is their fault, not yours.

      They are “of the world” and not spiritual, and act in a self absorbed way. You cannot change them, and you need to realize that they have the real problem, not you.

      Try to identify those who are kind and warm, and sincere, and interested in you as a person. You have a lot to offer.

      God will use you, when it is time., and the time is soon ahead.

  127. Oh wow you guys are all horribly deluded. In actuality, the reason for these suspicions you guys develop are actually a result of paranoia, something that virtually every individual has to some extent or another, though for the most part the average human being is adjusted enough to overcome this paranoia. Clearly, you guys are not. Whatever makes you guys feel happy, I guess, except it’s kind of like sticking a band-aid on a gunshot wound. But given that this article makes no attempt whatsoever to go into any rational explanation and just jumps right into “THEY GOT DEMONS AROUND THEM OH TEH NOES” I doubt the idea of considering the problem with detached scrutinization and logical process never occurred to you. Have fun with that.


    • LGM .. I have to say i agree that people are being rather mislead on this site, it is a bit crazy to say that because people are being hated upon site that there is demons, not saying I don’t believe in evil in this world and the next, just that some people need to address their issues and look at what vibrations they are putting out, and that takes time and a lot of positive energy, also I have worked as a psychic at different periods in my life, and I always advise with care for the person, and guide them in a direction that would be beneficial for their well being. Karen

      • karen

        people with demons automatically think it is the other person’s fault for the instant hatred. this is unprovoked so there already is “positive energy.” this is what the other person hates

  128. Do you think it could be because we lack confidence or self love or even possibly have a touch of asperger’ s? I do agree that people have evil forces behind them but I still end up thinking it’s something wrong with how I come off to people.

    • hi ki

      I guess you could say yes to all that too. Whether there is something wrong with us or them, we should just forgive, trust God, and move on. Do not let others or even yourself keep you in a rut.

  129. There r satanic everywhere, the spirit of antichrist is thriving in many people. The mock & hate good minded people like me. I get this from wicked people.

  130. Whats goingThere r satanic everywhere, the spirit of antichrist is thriving in many people. The mock & hate good minded people like me. I get this from wicked people.

  131. Hi all,

    I’m glad I found this site. I consider myself a normal, pleasant, well-adjusted adult male, with excellent social and communication skills, and a good sense of humor. I act in a pleasant, polite and friendly way toward all people I meet. I hit it off with 99% of people I come in contact with. But every so often, I run into a person who is negative toward me (ranging from just being cold to totally despising me) regardless of how outgoing and friendly I am toward them. Interestingly, these are usually females. I have a theory (possibly far-fetched), that perhaps they are attracted to me, but know that I am married, and thus hate me for being “unavailable”? I was raised Catholic and believe in God, although I’m not overly “religious” in the practicing sense. But I also tend to take a practical view of things, and usually don’t go for the above “holy spirit vs. demon” kind of thinking. I usually rank that with things like vortexes and the healing powers of crystals and rocks, in the category of “mumbo-jumbo”. But it would seem the only plausible explanation is maybe there really IS some kind of “spiritual friction” going on.. I tend to be cheerful and friendly, and usually these “haters” seem like brooding, dark people.. so maybe they just hate me for being the opposite of them? The worst instance of this was a woman at a former job whom I had to face every day.. She seemed to act normally enough with others at the office, but with me it was “hate at first sight”! Thankfully she didn’t work for me and vice versa, but I still had to pass her in the halls, going to and from my desk, etc. So painful for someone of my (naturally friendly) temperament to have to deliberately ignore another human being. (I kept saying hello, trying to be persistent and overcome the situation.. but after a couple dozen times of being met with a hateful stare, I finally gave up and made believe she was invisible). It got so bad that I’d have dreams at night that I broke through to her and we had a long talk and became friends– I guess a sign of my unconscious mind trying to mend things..) I was buddies with a male friend of hers, and one day I told him about the situation.. Later that day I secretly overheard him ask her why she didn’t like me, and I overheard her reply, verbatim: “I don’t know why, I just hate the guy!”. So she couldn’t even put a finger on her own feelings.. So I feel it must be something more— Maybe the “mumbo jumbo” isn’t so far-fetched at all. Thanks for opening my mind to other possibilities.

  132. Amen!this has realy encouraged me.because i easy sense when sum1 hates me.i that God i found this beautiful article.

  133. That explains it..
    When i was about 20 years old i started a new job and one of my colleagues was a Sikh male. The moment he saw me he had a hostile body language but i thought nothing of it.
    Then lunchtime i went into the little kitchen and sat down at the table at the other end where he was sitting with a magazine and i was watchin him at the corner of my eye,, he gave me a looooong hard stare then he got up and left the room. I felt like (poo) i wont lie.
    Then one day my boss assigned me to work with him and i had the worst time he made me feel worthless, i really felt like i wasnt of any value to the workplace and obviously i couldnt wait to go home and escape…

    I wasnt born again at the time but i DID communicate with God through Jesus Christ alot i was always praying and reading the bible. So yes the holy spirit was abiding with me back then And i believe Christ was with me since the day i was born

    Now im born again baptised and seeing what God has in store for my future

    • vanessa

      so the experience was bad, but it is good you understand it.

      evil is all around us

      stay close to the Lord, and continue to trust in him

  134. Ok, I’ve just got finished reading through all of these posts and I have to say it’s been an eye-opening experience. I relate to so many of the others here who have experienced this phenomenon. While I am still not convinced that demons are the sole cause for what I have experienced, I have always suspected they had at least something to do with it. I believe there could be a host of factors at play here. In any case, I believe that these reactions from others while troubling might sometimes be to our benefit. That the lord is revealing people for whatever reason are off limits and ones to stay away from. I rarely question it anymore. Sometimes people are just weird as my friend often puts it. If they are repeatedly hostile for no apparent reason, I just accept it. It is particularly hurtful however when this person is friendly with just about everyone else but you. It is what it is. I move on.

    What I didn’t see in any of the other comments thus far is a thing that’s happened to me starting about 5 years ago. Funny how so many others have realized a distinct start date. Sometimes it lasts a short while and doesn’t return for a year or more. I thought it was something I must be doing to warrant this type of behavior. However, every time I find myself thinking I have improved myself and had overcome this malady, I find myself faced with it once again unexpectedly. Instead of being hated on or given dirty looks by strangers, I go through periods of being completely ignored by strangers. Granted, we all have been ignored at one time or another but I’m a very friendly guy who frequently strikes up conversations with strangers with ease. So when this suddenly stops, I tend to notice. I love to make a grumpy person smile back at me and 99% of my life I do not feel I am being ignored like when this affliction strikes. I know when it starts because I will be in a single file line with nobody to my left or right vying to cut ahead. When it’s my turn and I start to recite my order, it’s like I am not even there despite being only inches away. I usually get a blank stare and they immediately ask the person behind me what they would like to order. When I raise my voice to the worker, saying hello…I am here…it’s like they are coming out of a trance and seem startled at their error. This has happened to me more times than I’d like to admit. It’s usually just with strangers…but during these “spells” I tend to not hear from any of my friends or family or at least much less than usual.

    Sometimes instead of being ignored, it’s being continually pushed in a crowd no matter where I position myself to avoid it. I pointed this out to a friend once during halftime at a sporting event. He confirmed that he observed what I was talking about (He’s is same build/height (5-10”)) He was so intrigued by this that he would change positions with me only to watch people just bump into me repeatedly again while he was given plenty of space. This only happens during an “ignore” spell. I know this will suddenly stop just as fast as it came but it’s very unsettling and I do not think anyone can relate unless it’s happened to them personally. I’d appreciate being added to your prayer list….if there’s room for this ghost. 🙂

    • hey rob

      sorry to hear you are a ghost….it is still due to the same issue…the result is that you are overlooked or not treated as well as you should be.

      I will put you on my prayer list.

      speak blessings over yourself each day to cancel an “curse” over you….ask the Lord to grant you favor in the eyes of others…..ask all this in the name of jesus….and pray the protection of the blood of jesus over you as well.

      • Thank you Marianne for adding me to your prayer list. I think it’s working. G-d bless you and for this site.This topic is unique and I think it needs further discussion. Have you thought about writing more? Perhaps a book? I think it would have appeal to many afraid to even ask about this topic.

    • I can relate to a lot of what you are saying in your post. It is interesting that people remember a start date of this happening about five, six or seven years ago. I remember when it first started happening I was thinking what changed in me to be bullied, targeted or ignored so badly. Now, I see it’s not me but the demons in others. It’s a crazy world!

    • I know the pain . your post has given me much comfort . It has convinced me more than any other that this thing is actually spiritual and not warranted . I feel much better now ,

      • See i have always had this happening My own mother even rejected me and. Thinking life expériences makes others react unfavorably cause They can see the insecurity and low self esteem i have always carrier around with me idk.

  135. Is it possible to be treated this way by EVERYONE? I am so mentally tortured by this. I mean, in my life this has happened in the playground to the workplace. Even super market cashiers, neighbors and church members, I mean I suffer complete loneliness. Why doesn’t God intervene? It’s like I’m trying to escape from sharks in the middle of the ocean and can’t get out. It’s like kids getting bullied and they can’t deal with it, why can’t God just stop it?

    • I know exactly what youre going thru.
      The solution is simple, and if u never try you will never know.

      Bad reputation doesnt follow you, try a different life style
      Meeting new people start from 0 level. forget all your worries n when u talk to people
      be friendly get that emotion, dont fear rejection if people leave or tell u to get out of the friend zone they dont necessary win but you definitely loose feeling a disgrace keeping your self steem so low that anyone could walk over you. Dont let that happen. only you can boost that confidence to higher levels.

    • Hi Kay,

      I’m sorry you are going through all this pain and loneliness. I wish I had definite answers as to why God doesn’t intervene. Since God is omnipotent it does seem logical that He should intervene and end this. Maybe God has intervened, but in ways we cannot understand. For example, maybe more serious harm (e.g. violence, false accusations leading to some type of law suit) could have come to you as a result of this hatred, but He intervened. I realize this doesn’t explain why He doesn’t simply stop it. All we can do is try to not to let the pain take over. Ask God to specifically take away your pain if you haven’t already done so. Maybe you’ll find a few moments of peace when your heart doesn’t feel so heavy.

      Hugs, love and best wishes to you.

    • one time I went to the grocery and the cashier put people’s change in their hand but she put mine on the place where the groceries rest . I bought something again and she did the same thing a second time . She gave every body there money in their hands but put my change on the place where the grocery rest .

    • Hello Kay, i have experienced rejection all of my life and i am now 43 y.o. and it has only gotten worse,because i am born to be with God in this world and not to waste my time in the devils camp with his evil people. I have been insulted and publicly harassed and when i talk or smile, people conveniently don’t see or hear me. When i go to my childrens’ school for an event, the person seated next to me, gets up and moves to another seat close by. When i was in college, there was a girl who complained that she was upset that she had to park in the parking lot of a church(i think it was a methodist church). A few minutes after, she got up from beside me (and mind you,i attend a pentecostal church; lol) and she sat somewhere else. There was a brief moment of uncomfortable silence, but God saw me through. I also had other similar encounters with people sitting beside me in the classroom and getting up, but i later on completed my college degree online and it was peaceful. In the church i attend so many people sit beside me, and the children all come and hug me, and nobody is twisting their noses, and i believe this is God’s way of recompensing me for suffering these rejections with patience. Satan wants us to feel rejected but i was already unto him that these experiences were his tactics to make me believe i was not worth anything. God bless.

  136. I know we are free to do anything here in this world, anything;
    From be the most rich guy to hate that guy walking on the corner.
    There is something that force me not to act like a bad man hard to describe,
    When im close to do something wrong or bad i think for the consequences,
    What problems will happen, who is going to come at me and blame me, what i will have to say for myself and defend me, will i get beat up. All these qestion go around my head. Its hard not to ignored so i choose to do right because i love my life without worries believe me that relief is good. I dont know if demons follow me but i will go with the flow..

  137. my situation is odd, i completed a training a couple of weeks ago; and i had to do an internship at a Hospital, 4 day internship the school hired an outside contract person to supervise me and some other nurses at the Nursing Home. I always never fit in not sure why etc but the internship was going well the other girls i just met them they were nice to at first! The contract nurse came and she seemed ok, until i started noticing her stairing me down like she wanted to fight me i tried to convince myself it was all in my head but it kept happenin. The next morning we all me and the nurses were at the table talking. The contract nurse showed up late . When she came in she was standing in front of the table next to me and i continued to listen to the other girls we all said good morning to her no direspect etc.. i noticed she did not sit down i look up and she is stairing at me like she hate me and want to hurt me not sure why though.Then out of knowhere she slaps me upside my head, i was confused normally you hit someone back who hits you. i decided not to hit her i tried to rationalize it i asked her “why did you hit me” she said she was just playing that she’s from africa nigeria and thats what they do. I let it go because i think the devil was using her to provoke me to hit her back so i couldnot complete my training. on the last day of the training all hell broke loose the contract nurse and other people were yellin at me giving me a hard time telling me i dont deserve to be there and etc. one of the nurse inter who i thought was my friend even said some strange thing to me about me loosing my license before i even get it. I ts getting more ridiculous now because people are putting there hands on me im not sure what to do i completed the training though but am i always going to come up against things like this? why would god allow this i have no close friends people get really jelous of me for no reason i wrote on here before this is not the first time on this website im confused i trust god but its not making sense at all im nice a good person yet alone with noone who really cares for me. I thought god is all powerful but he sure does not come when you need him to alot of people act weird around me like im not human etc i spend alot of time alone if not working even in church i have no friends it makes no sense everyone turning on me its like they onsome level hoping that i fall apart even the christians do it its like the twilight zone i dont trust people it seems like alot of people are posessed even when i go to the supermarket its like a battle ground in there trust me i have all my marbles. this one guy everytime i come to a line in the supermarket and he is packing bags he moves to another line when i get to the cashier its happened multiple times not sure why nobody else acts that way just him and then i have to help the cashier pack my bags i rush to get out of there i have alot of stories i dont know if im the problem but im not doing anything im not strange i dress normal and im nice people would talk to me then turn there head roll there eyes or make a weird face then turn and pretend to smile with me what is this gods power is suppose to be stronger than evil.

    • dear truth

      the contract nurse is a witch. there are a lot of witches in nursing. Try to transfer from there to another place. also, there must be someone in charge. go to a head doctor, or the director of nursing, and tell them this woman has physically assaulted you and you want to file charges against her. she should be removed. you must find someone there who will be a witness for you that you are ok. ask to be removed from this contract nurse, and given to a better instructor. say if you are not transferred, you will have to file assault charges with the police. physical abuse cannot be tolerated. be prepared for a battle. be careful with the nursing director, in case she is a witch also. if no one helps you, then transfer yourself to a different hospital program through your school.

  138. I am scared i’ll end up alone & lonely. Every guy I start liking who also at time like me back then without a valid reason he either stops talking to me or become rude and disrespectful towards me. This is recurring in my life. I know some people might question my personality but believe me is nothing that I do or say, their behaviour can change over night or within minutes. What scares me is how angry and aggressive they then become towards me. One guy went out of his way to spread horrible and untrue rumours about me while the other threaten to rape and murder me on facebook. And yes there’s never any valid reason for such behaviour. This has knocked my confidence n trust in men. . .guys like me n i get a lot of attention all the time but the fear is always there at the back of my mind. I pray to God about it aswell as thank and praise him for all that he has blessed me with. I want to fall in love and settle down but i highly doubt it will ever happen for me. I’m in my late 20s and still a virgin which i’m fine with for now.

    • dear LND

      God is allowing the demons influencing these men to manifest so that you can see that they are bad for you. It is best that the demons manifest immediately instead of later , after you have formed a relationship.

      so this is for your protection that this is happening.

      right now, I would not trust 90% of people because of how dark the world is getting. put the love of God first in your life, and the right love will be there when the time comes.

    • I can relate to this. I am in my twenties and guys treat me the same way. But, I guess it is better for the guys to be revealed early on rather than later.


  139. I agree with what is said and have realized this unmerited hate all my life. But I got a book on God’s promises to all believers. You can get it at any christian book store and I wrote scriptures that applied to me. Promises that I felt I needed to pray for each day. I prayed three times a day these promises I put in a journal for five years. I prayed three sometimes occasionally two times a day but the journal had prayers/scripture promises for myself and others. All these bonds were lifted but I had to pray as Daniel prayed which was three times a day and some were prayers to rid me of hateful people and God’s protection from them. They were all moved out of my life but I had to stay faithful praying and though I’m fifty, I am finally at the best place in my life which is sad because I search for so long and now I’m older and wish I had this wisdom earlier. God broke all those bonds and kept all those people that were hideous at bay or ran them off or punished them in a sense so they weren’t focused on me. God has been faithful and I love Him more and more each. Now I see how he was always with me but I didn’t realize until now. Your faith and relationship will grow with him as you see everything unfold.

    • dear clay

      it is good to hear you were able to overcome this. yes, it can be a lonely path to be on, but look forward, and look up. all this will be over someday soon, I hope.

  140. People r of one accord waiting 4 their master the Antichrist 2 do his biding.

  141. The devil uses wicked minded groups of people 2 harrass few good God fearing people.

  142. I have been hated since I was born. They have even tried to kill me. cars have gone “through” me, wrestled n alien-demon, and on , and on, and I am still standing, toe to toe with the forces of darkness. All praise and esteem to my father, and his son Ye-ho-shua. I have had agents come to my home, and if I told you, you would not believe me. Pray for me. I am a fellow warrior, seeker after sainthood. what troubles me, is that people claim “God, not his name), and yet, do not believe in the supernatural. Yet, we are in the midst of a raging war. pray for me!!!!!!!

  143. Thank you very much. My the father and the son redeem all who seek righteousness. I will pray for you also. The tares are now “officials.” It’s gona get tough, so…walk in faith. A crown of esteem awaits. when you feel isolated, and even your best friend abandons you, remember…there is a plan.

  144. I’m wondering if aside from prayers of protection, or disassociation, if anyone can advocate or recommend ever directly confronting those ‘hateful’ or evil spirited people directly and acknowledging /confronting their inappropriate hatefulness or evil eyes/thoughts/words/deeds to them directly- and whether or not this ever helps alleviate the situation? (Though clearly, it can also probably work to escalate or further incite any such evil spiritedness?)

    • sharon

      yes you can do that but you have to be aggressive also, and it would help to have some support people with you. if you don’t, then assert yourself well.

    • this girl was being very hateful to me in a store . I asked her if she was alright and she glared at me . I left but it bothered me so I summoned up the courage and I went back and asked her what it was about me was evoking such hostility in her . She seemed to be taken off guard and told me that was just how she was .

  145. yes i too have encountered hate and rejection all of my life from childhood..this i have now learned is because of rejection at birth for some reason, because one is born a girl when a parent wanted a boy, or perhaps an unplanned pregenancy..or a difficult pregrnancy/birth, baby is seperated at birth in an incubator etc, we need covering of Blood of Jesus which was perhaps not done by our parents .. words said and then rejection takes over satan is put a mark of rejection on the forehead and everyone’s spirit can see this and react with hate and rejection..

    • lora

      It sounds like you understand this. start praying blessings over yourself each day, and ask God to reverse all curses and make them blessings, take failures and turn them into successes, and take the rejection and give you favor with others.

  146. Marianne, thankyou, you are a singe mom with many kids… i am a widow with three kids.. whom i need to pray into the kingdom, but then they have experienced rejection from family churches and pastors.. alas… im praying do pray for us too.

  147. Thank you for your site. I too have experienced the instant hate and more recently finally realized that it was the Holy Spirit in me that was the target. What to do when it is a family member, mother, father, sibling, child, who hates? Pray for all including self. I am glad to have confirmation. Blessings for all who read this site. D

    • clancey

      Since it is your family, and they are too hard to just walk away from, do your best to make them evaluate WHY they think what they do, tell them you have done nothing to them and do NOT accept their hate and rejection, and you will pray for them to have their eyes opened.

      Do not let them continue to be deceived. Find opportunities to create a break in the delusions, and assert yourself as the one who is correct, with proof. You have given no reason to them to hate you, so they need to quit.

  148. Yesterday, while siting at a stoplight next to a city bus, I looked up to behold an lavishly adorned (make-up,jewelry,head veil) ancient ( 75+ years), hispanic woman giving me the FINGER, accompanied with a HATEFULL glare! Told my wife “check out this old BRUJA (witch) flipping me off, wonder whats up with her?” I laughed and waved at her, which seemed to enrage her even more. She became confused, sheepishly smiled and waved back, then her eyes hardened, as she FLIPPED me off again. Eaten up with the EVIL dumb ass, I reckon. First time for everything.

  149. This was fabulous and makes so much sense!!! I am so spiritual and my faith in God is so strong. When I went searching for an explanation as to why this happens to me at times when I meet new people I had no idea this would be the reason(I was think bad breath or failed deodorant even though I knew this not to be the case lol) but it is so clear to me now! I love God, He’s amazing!

    • hi helen

      Glad you got clued in so you won’t think it is you.

      I was fretting one day about other people, and the holy spirit told me, why do you get upset, it is THEIR sin, not yours!

      After that, I got things in the right perspective, and could handle people’s negativity better.

  150. I visit this blog everyday and reread about the whole demon connection and people hatred. I feel it’s getting worse for me as many other Christians. It will be hundreds of people in a room and people will target me and call me names like ‘ugly’ or ‘b*tch’ If people think bullying doesn’t exist in adulthood then they are crazy. I’ve experienced more hatred as an adult than a child. This rejection has caused me to be locked up in my room must days. I am scared to go out and am in a horrible depression. I love this blog post because people always tell me that you must have done something wrong for people to hate you and that’s not necessarily true. Also, for the people on here who say people hate you because you are beautiful, believe me it’s ten times worse when you are considered ugly. But, that’s just my opinion.

    • kiki

      if people hate you for no reason, they are a bunch of devils.

      do not be depressed.

      they are in sin, not you!

      just pray that God protects you, provides for you, and gives you his presence.

      you are going to be ok.

      • Thank you! Unfortunately, I have been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder. I haven’t taken any medicine yet. It’s hard to just shake it off and like some said it is physically and mentally draining. I wonder what’s God’s plan in all of this is?

        • kiki

          God has a plan for you. All this evil will be turned into good, for his glory.

          Do not take any medicine. This is a spiritual issue, not medical, from what you are saying. If they have a lab test that says it is medical, then go ahead and take medicine

          God will used the negative experiences in your life to help you counsel others.

    • There are spirits of Jealousy, remember that satan is a “Deceiver” a Liar and is horribly Jealous of anyone who puts on the light of Jesus. Jesus and His disciples were the Most “HATED” people of all. This is in the bible and brings me great comfort. God says that if we are of Him, we are NOT of this world and the world shall hate us. Find comfort in this and just let the light shine in you even more. Never allow any MAN or any spirit that controls him to have any power over you. When Men hate you, it is because they first hated Jesus. Be Blessed and Shine.

  151. I ended up leaving job where a lady got up in the middle of the floor and called me an ‘ugly b*tch’ and no one said nothing. I just don’t understand how people can be rude and loud and no one care. It’s like its okay to be mean, it goes back to ‘hearts being wax cold’.

  152. yep, i agree its not making any s ense. if im on the right team which is jesus team, why is this happening? More and more each day im getting more shuns and hate by alot of people; most people tobe exact. Day upon day i spend alone. Even my family hated me from birth i live alone im a female in my twenties. no friends now really just meet people here and there i cant tell them anything about myself or they turn around and use it against me or curse me out for no reason. if i was wrong i would say it i thought i had a friend from high school. i always call him he never calls me. i confronted him about it the other day, not the first time he say’s “no beef” etc but yet he never calls me im always calling i thought it went both ways. i treat people nice but i dont get that back. oh he’s not talking to me anymore. its like everyone i meet especially males they want me calling them they dont call me. if god loves me why is he doing this to im not desperate for friends but im not anti social either, the devil should not be able to do all this even in church i get treated like im an alien im not amagining it, the good get bad and the bad get good even in the house of god. what is this? if god is all powerful and i believe he is why is he allowing this i dont think its teaching me anything except to be paranoid but rightly so.its so bad i talk to my self now. waht is this i dont want to go to church cause it hurts everyone is getting good excpt me. being loved except me all the females that hate me meet good guys and i keep attracting crazy people and I dont know why, i carry myself with respect but im not sure i dont want to doubt god but it seems like there is some kind of secret agenda to hinder me. everything about my life is the opposite to what i should have where is god? i dont even want to reach out anymore because i keep getting wrong instead of good. i keep being loving but i dont get it back not even in church its to the point now im starting to get angry cause i should have good friends and a mate but all who i know that hate me have that. i dont have anyone do you know what it feels like to have noone and everyone around you seem like snakes and wolves waiting to attack you. why would god do this to anyone im not understanding this why wont he treat the people who dont serve him life this. im starting to become fearful and panic because i dont have anyone on holidays im alone its like the devil is trying to make turn on myself and he’s going over board and i know it but it seems like god allowing it. now i look at my self wondering whats wrong with me cause some wouod say majority rules and its me against everyone; im trying to stay saine. i can’t make anyone love me or like me but this is beyond the twilight zone.

  153. even in church i was told that maybe god dont want me to have friends a pastors wife said that to me eight years ago or more she kept closing her eyes and touching my leg like she was gettting some kind of visions or sometrhing.I cant get it out of my mind because that is what is showing in the way im being treated. and the pastors huband said you lonely you want a husband i know noobody likes you. does that seem normal i dont think so. why would no body like me.

    • dear truth

      That pastor’s wife spoke a curse over you.

      She told you that God does not want you to have friends.

      That is a lie from hell.

      And it has affected your self confidence and this dark cloud from the spoken curse has followed you around.

      It is not God, it is the devil.

      Reject all this……!

      The pastor’s wife and many in the church see unmarried women as threats, so they curse them, pretending to pray for you.

      God loves you….why would he hate you? he sent his only son Jesus to give up his life for you. THAT is how important you are to God!!!!!!

      Print out these prayers, and say them each day, and I will be in agreement with you.

      To get rid of the curses, you have to ask God to bless you. RIght now you are deceived into thinking he is the problem, when actually he is the solution.

      Also when you pray, pray to send back the curse where it came from, you do not have to accept it or receive it. It is like returning mail you do not want. Pray to cancel all curses, and have God replace them with wonderful blessings.

      You are God’ child. Do not forget it. And you are his bride, not the devil’s doormat.

      When you go among people, keep your head high. Let them know you are loved by God. Smile. Be friendly but require respect.

  154. Is this also demonic behavior? I get on the bus and look up to see a couple of people giving me the coldest fixated look ever. It’s like they target me and freeze in it. Why do they freeze like that? I can literally feel myself being beat down by their dark glares. Cuz they are looking through me not at me.

    This is impossible to ignore and I can’t look down the whole bus ride or my neck starts to hurt. Then when one of them does it someone completely new that just got on the bus immediately starts to do it to me as well.

    Also, when people are walking and their eyes meet my eyes they jolt back as if they hit an invisible wall. What does this mean?? For some reason people can’t look at my eyes and when they do they start to shy away like they’ve been exposed as if I pulled their shower curtain back while they were showering.

    And this is eeeeeeeveryone I meet. I mean when am i gonna meet someone who DOESNT react this way towards me?

    • jasmyne

      these people are under demonic influence, and they are creating fear or submission in you, which is their goal.

      stare back at them, and show no fear……let them know what it feels like to be stared down.

      this is their problem, not yours….so beat them at their own game.

      • Yes i believe they are trying to create fear in me and sometimes it works, but when I try to stand against it I rarely win because its not true defense because deep down i truly am scared because my low self esteem blocks me from being truly CONFIDENT (which im praying the Lord help me to overcome).

        Btw, do u think it’s possible to create a Facebook Page regarding this issue? Just to find communion comfort in knowing we are all standing strong in Christ.

        I think we could all be encouraging to one another and even gain some spiritual warfare friends. God Bless

        ❤ Thank you.

        • jasmyne

          there is fear when you feel alone and have no support. If you had lots of support, it would be them that would be afraid.

          see if you can find a support system of friends or churches to take your side and pray with you.

          I never thought of a facebook page. I could start one, and see how it goes…..

  155. Jasmyne – I believe so, this is something I used to experience as a child and now experience again, but didn’t experience in my falling away years and especially not when I ended up unknowingly serving the enemy, in fact in that time, socially I was the pinnacle of everything. Once I realised what was going on, and came back to YHWH’s flock, I instantly returned to being the blacksheep of humanity and experience what you do, people treat me in such a hateful way like my feelings don’t matter and it is purely for no reason but now that I understand why it is I relish it – I’m doing some harm to the enemy, he’s angry he can’t influence me, the more he does to me through people the more I know I’m ***ing him off bigstyle, gotta smile inside, love being the enemy because it means you are doing good things, you are standing strong by YHWH 🙂

    • Ok thank you so much D! This is a really good thing to hear and is also comforting knowing that im not alone. In my falling away years I didn’t even notice this stuff however in hindsight it WAS still happening which is strange, but I would’ve never known it was spiritual. So maybe God had his hand on me all my life even when I was falling away. Possibly due to the fact I WAS born into a Christian home. The closer I came to Christ my eyes were opened at the true battle going on. It starts immediately when I walk outside. I feel like everyone I walk past I open their shower curtains and expose them because thats how im treated.

      I get people looking at me as IF they wanna say “What are you doing to me, knock it off”, “Who are you and what are you doing here”, “What are you”. “You’re different/creepy” “You’re scary/weird” …. and it’s crazy because I do nothing out of the ordinary yet all heck breaks loose when I come around. People even spot me out when im just sitting down….my light must be EXTRA bright.

      No one outside of this website knows what im going through. Not even other Christians at my church.

      • Don’t worry – you will never be alone!
        YHWH loves you and the outsidership is like a badge of honour –
        currently there are 7 billion on earth, looking to rise to 9 billion by 2015, the rapture appears to be close and 144,000 people will be caught up, such a small number, in such a small number comparatively it is so rare to find others that are in the same boots (this isn’t to say for definite that we are included for who are we to really know? yet the letter to the Philadelphians is the letter in revelations that I feel relates to people that feel this way) as us in this world manipulated by the TV, internet, illuminati, media, government, immoral laws, false religion, false doctrine, culture, bullying, popular muslic etc etc but we bear our spiritual cross with pride as we are proud to love our God (not a sinful form of pride :P) so keep on smiling and find happiness in servitude and hunt out others that accept you completely and who also love God and follow our messiah 🙂

  156. We are Strangers in a ‘strange’ land when we are recognized as being different without any prior knowledge from the other person who is acting this way against you. As long as you know your heart, so does God and the enemy will also recognize you as it’s foe. Rejoice and know that God has your heart, Spirit and Soul in His care. Remember to Pray for these people. Do not Call them your enemies for they will call you their enemies. Keep your Heart clean always as that is all God expects of us. God Be With you.

  157. Thank you for this site! I always blamed myself and kept wondering what I did wrong. Keep hanging in there, for those who suffer through this, God will bless them in heaven.

    Eph. 6:12
    “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

  158. Wow, you find this site, read the post and comments just to write negative replies to them, wow, just… Wow.

    Obvious troll is obvious.

    “If they hate you, remember that they hated me first”

  159. Excuse me – going around being hateful and attacking people like you are is “disgraceful”, if you have a disagreement with someones’ views/explanations, do so in a civil matter and not in such a hateful way. I’m surprised you didn’t post anything about “seeing the light” or “eye opening experiences” as its obvious where such attacks come from.
    If you disagree there is no problem speaking your mind, but there is a problem attacking other people.

    For the record, people aren’t exalting themselves to the level of Jesus, they are saying that they “work” or “fight” (in the spiritual war sense) on the side of the son of God and if you read the article you would understand exactly why that causes hate directed at them, whether you believe it does or not, you should understand the reason behind the thoughts before you start shooting your mouth or keyboard off.

  160. I didn’t mean to be ‘offensive’. You were the one who seemed to get very angry which just reinforces my first thoughts when I read your page.
    I was merely pointing out the obvious. I do very much believe and practice my religion and I wholeheartedly agree with being the “Light”. We can’t be a light and dwell in darkness believing the whole world hates you/me/us simply because we are “like JESUS”. I cannot compare to him and never met anyone who could. I was only saying………
    I keep myself surrounded with the “LIGHT” and I do not allow hatred in. I think that you are too sensitive and took this on a personal level. Love attracts Love. Hate attracts hate. Light attracts Light, Darkness attracts darkness. The 2 cannot dwell together dear. if you want people to change, be the change you want them to be. Good Luck and Blessings Dear.

    • my goodness. 🙂

      this was an explanation for those who are truly mistreated by others

      it is not an attempt to exalt anyone who is personally hateful.

  161. There is so much truth to this its unreal.

    Last weekend of dedicated sabbath study and prayer and repentance ended and on Monday morning as soon as I woke up, my uncle, an ex-alcoholic attacked me and stabbed me in the neck in an unprovoked attack.
    Thankfully I’m ok as he got my chin but it was an unprovoked attempted murder. The fact that satan works through the reprobate sinners that are easily influenced to get at those that love YHWH’s truth is undeniable, yet I love seeing how much I am getting to the unclean spirits by praising our God and spreading the words of his amazing son, they hate me beyond words and I like that. If they ignored me then I wouldn’t be doing anything that pleases God and therefore by default P-ing them off.

  162. No wonder everyone hates you bunch of cry babies.
    “why does everyone hate me” wahhhhhhh
    oh he looked at me wahhhhhhhhh
    I’m gone tell on you wahhhhhhhhh’
    Everybody hates crybabies.
    You all just want to be the center of attention.
    You are all probably UGLY NERDS that everyone hates. There is one in every bunch.
    I think this is so funny.
    You bunch of Ugly Fags.
    OH wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • you must be one of those who hates others…….point made.!

      • Well, this page has been beneficial to me and hundreds of people, Marianne. We appreciate this post and so many can relate. People who aren’t experience this treatment, won’t understand what we are going through anyway. They are probably in the sides of the demons. For those who think we are paranoid, look at how many people posted relating to this. We can’t possibly all be crazy, so it is a lot of truth to it. Marianne, please ignore the ignorant posters because so many people benefit from reading about how demons work through people.

        • thanks kiki

          I am on the side of the victim anyhow.

        • Exactly – in order to actually search and find this page, read through it and the comments and spend the time writing a malicious and disgusting attack on the people you have got to be one of two things:

          A very sad lonely bored pathetic loser who feels nothing but hate because they too are a victim of this world but have no God to turn to because they don’t accept Him;

          Or they must be outright demon-influenced or satan worshipping trolls out to attempt to cause as much suffering to believers as possible.

          No ordinary atheist would waste their time or just make such a cruel attack.

          Either way we must do what we were taught to do- pity and pray for this person that they find God and that their life improves and that they stop being a victim themselves and stop trying to cause pain to others.

          It’s never too late for anyone.

        • you used the ‘P’ word!

        • ‘kiki’ you used the ‘P’ word! This stupid program keeps mixing my posts up. (paranoid)

    • Janie must live in my city! “I’m gone tell bla bla bla” Gone tell? hahaha…Hey Janie, if you think this is all a bunch of “crybabies” IS THAT why you came on this site? To make fun of people who actually have a heart? You wanted to put in your two cents, and believe ME it’s NOT EVEN WORTH THAT! I DO BELIEVE its people like YOU who are the reason all of these people have so many problems! See how demons manifest themselves? You THINK you’re being funny, do ya? Its NOT funny to mistreat people, belittle people, OR make fun of people – THAT IS NOT FUNNY! And YOU have proven WHY this article even exists – afterall, if people LIKE YOU knew how to behave like an adult, no one would have to even write the above article. I AM assuming you’re an adult, right? Or maybe you’re just some spoiled brat whose mother and father never taught you how to behave without spewing venom. I’m curious though, do you talk to people like that TO THEIR FACE, or are you one of the BIG MOUTH CHICKENS who’ll hide behind your computer screen and spew out insults? Just curious…
      And Marianne, I’m sorry if I’ve disrespected your website by retaliating to JANIE, I have no intention of disrespecting you OR your website, I’m just tired of people like her crapping all over people’s feelings, AND I don’t appreciate her calling anyone on this site a crybaby! We are all people with genuine feelings, and THIS is the type of people I seem to have to deal with on a daily basis! And God forbid anyone stand up to these people – because THEN they’re the ones’ crying, saying, “but I didn’t do anything to provoke it” – its sickening! Bottom line is this – this website has lifted up my spirits and I don’t like it when someone comes on here acting like she did! I was raised to think if you don’t have anything nice to say, DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL – and little Miss Janie showed that she is NOTHING but a bully! However, I doubt she’d run her mouth like that to someones face.

      • that is ok. freedom of speech here. 🙂

        • Thanks Marianne, I was really afraid I overstepped my boundaries. I just LOVE your website and wisdom, and it irritated me when I read this Janie persons hateful reply. What she obviously doesn’t realize just yet is what goes around, comes around, and she probably opened Pandora’s box with such a hate-filled comment. If only we could ALL just love one another and leave the hate where it belongs – in hell with Satan! Anyway, God Bless YOU, and your website. I love it! You are really inspirational and very uplifting. You help bring things to light and make it so easy to understand. You’re a Godsend to me and I very much appreciate you. I’m sorry if I sounded ugly in my reply but I DO stick up for those who I believe help other people with their wisdom AND LOVE, and you’re one of them! Keep em comin 🙂 God Bless, Robin B.


    • GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL!!!! Nope we don’t want attention at all thank you. If we did we would all be out trying to beg but THE LORD GOD ( JESUS CHRIST ) we seek others like us for comfort. We DONT NEED ATTENTION u have no idea what its LIKE NO IDEAAA or maybe you’ve been through it I’m nt sure I can’t judge BUT DONT GO BRINGING OTHER PEOPLE DOWN don’t u dareeeeee people have a story and reason and U HAVE NO IDEA I UNDERSTAND WHAT EVERY PERSON IS GOING THROUGH here. If u were in their shoes maybe u would understand????? Stop being so pathetic

    • To Janie fuck u, u damn bitch. Fucking faggots like yourself made my life hell. I’d love to smack you across the face a million times for the way people like have treated me and my brothers and sisters. You damn low life’s are so pathetic the way you step all over us for trying to be decent human beings. Nobody here wants you on on here, why. Because you’re a bitch and your input is worthless. I’m just saying what these other good folks want to say to you.

  163. Yes, that could totally be true…

    Oh wait, one of us modelled our face and abdominals in the 2009 summer edition of the Argos catalogue and you probably got yourself off over it;)

    You are full of hate, aren’t you? You should change that, or get yourself a large bottle of extra strong sun cream 😉

  164. feel the – spirit retreating already.
    Thank you and God bless

  165. Bless you. I felt this may have something to do with it but conformation from another of Gods elect really helps. Have a blessed day.

  166. Hi marianne, let me confess that you ve become more like a beacon of hope and joy to me from the time i stumbled on your blog! Let me say, i do appreciate all that you ve inspired upon me concerning the most high Jehovah, and our lord and saviour jesus christ! Thank you so much. Please keep it up. You know, am so shocked to discover about why some people will just hate me for no reason. Now i know, and this, my coming to read about this and knowing you, is for sure by the spirit! I have always asked myself what wrong i have done to people that they can hate me like this. And not only people i know, but even my close relatives. Some of them we dont talk to each other even now. Why would people want to hurt me either in words or deeds, just upon setting their eyes on me! After reading your message, am telling you am blessed! For the first time in my life, the spirit has revealed the missing link! Today, as am writing, i dont have anyone i can call a true friend. Its like i have a magnate that keeps on repelling people away, however hard i try to please them, it just doesnt work. Thank you my sister for this message. I will share this at our next men ‘s fellowship meeting!

    • dear peter

      i am glad you have the relief and the assurance you need.

      This world is not fair, and is getting darker and darker, as more people submit to the negative spirits around them.

      sometimes it is a lonely path, but just know there are others on the same lonely path as you.

      in spirit, you are not alone. the Lord is with you, and so are many others, whether you ever get to meet us or not on this earth.

      in the next life, we will all meet and rejoice together.

  167. Hi Marianne, thank you for sharing wisdom with us. Your wisdom comes from the Holy Spirit, that’s the great part. You do have a gift.

    It was the Lord who sent me here. This forum has been an eye opener.

    My whole entire life since childhood, I have been bullied and attacked by others. It has affected all areas of my life.

    It was so strange and weird. When I was younger and trying to find the right one to marry I had many strange things happen with the men I was seeing. Similar to what others have described here. Eventually, I did meet my husband. One of the things we had in common was that he experienced these oddities as well. However, we have been married 18 years now (last week) and are very happy. We both got saved about 17 years ago. Until we got saved we both had legalistic and religious backgrounds. But now, we both have a personal relationship with Christ Jesus. I believe it was God who brought us together. I think if I ended up with one of the others, there would have been trouble in the long run. I’m glad to have the man I have. Very grateful for what God did. Even grateful for the rejection I suffered because I know now that it was God’s protection. I can see that now in hindsight. For those who have been called to marriage, I pray the Lord will bless you with the person he has chosen for you.

    This type of attack has occurred repeatedly in my livelihood as well. Even before I came to know the Lord. It has happened over and over again. I have been fired from my job repeatedly. Nobody understands what I go through. They look at me like there must be something wrong with me. Or, I must have done something wrong. The last time I lost my job was last year. Everything was going well for 6 months. I got a fantastic review, got along with everyone I worked with. I worked in an assisted living facility. The problems started with I was required to take a class so I could pass medicine.

    The class was taught by the “nurse from hell”. On the first day of the class she went around to everyone and asked them how they handled stress. Most of the people in the class told her they “smoked”. When it was my turn to answer I told her I prayed. When I answered that I got a cold stare and in my spirit I knew it was over. I even felt the chill from others in the class. Then she told the class that smoking was an affective way to handle stress. (can you imagine a RN telling a group of people she was training that smoking is a good way to handle stress) At that point I knew I did not fit in there and I felt the evil. I managed to pass the class with a 98 average. Then I had to take the clinical which required me to pass out medication. When the day came, all I could feel was the hatred coming from “the nurse from hell” who was supervising the med pass. During the med pass I dropped a pill. The nurse from hell told my supervisor she could not recommend me for passing medicine because of dropping a pill. So, my supervisor had to let me go and told me she did not have any control over this.

    After getting let go from my job was when I came upon this website. I think it was God that led me here. I did pray about this and the attacks have slowed a bit but have not stopped completely. I am in another job now and have taken and passed the required class to pass medicine. However, the attack is coming from someone else now (I will can her “the hater”). However, the supervisor although not a Christian is aware of this persons behavior, and so far “the hater” has not had any credibility in accusing me of things. I have heard that “the hater” plans to leave and I hope it’s soon.

    I noticed, that when the attacks slowed down the enemy (or devil) attacks in other ways. The devil is getting desperate because he knows his time is short.

    That’s about it anyway, thank you for “listening” God Bless You ALL.

    • dear mslightningboldt

      I can really relate to what you said. My first experience with jezebel spirits was with a “nurse from hell”.

      She did not like the cross I was wearing around my neck, and told me to take it off. I refused. Then all was downhill from there. She falsely accused me of many things, then failed me. I had to appeal the grade to get it removed.

      Haters also hate us when we are doing a good job, and they aren’t. They are jealous, and want to discredit us.

      I have had those too. I hope you will document everything you do, in case you get back stabbed. Do not assume anything.

      • Just because someone gets jealous of you for doing a good job, it doesn’t mean it’s because of spirits or demons. Humans are competitive for status and resources, which includes jobs. As for the cross, Christians are perceived as arrogant, snooty, etc. by the media. The latest movie, “Easy A”, comes to mind.

  168. Marianne, another weird thing that happens. When I visit extended family I actually get physically sick with cold like symptoms. My husband and I don’t have children so I have always been good to my nieces and nephews and treated them like my children. When we came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ they all turned against me, became confrontational and even gang up on me.

    at one time my family controlled me. when I got saved they lost control and that makes them angry.

    since my mother lives with them I cannot avoid them. however, when I am around them I don’t say much. We always try to stay at a hotel if possible. I still try to be kind to them and show them God’s love.

    I get sick with visiting my husband’s family also. They don’t understand our relationship with Jesus either.

    But it is strange that I always get sick when I am around extended family. I wonder if perhaps there is a spiritual reason. I got sick twice last year both times I was visiting relatives.

    I have not visited with extended family since last November and sure enough that was when my last cold/flu was.

    like I said in my last post, it affects every area of my life.

    thank you again! God Bless!

  169. marrianne, correction. I got sick 3 times last year, each time we were visiting family.

    • mslightningboldt

      Being around negative people causes stress, which weakens our immune system, and lets us get sick. Maybe you need to keep your visits short.

  170. I JUST had that reaction tonight as I was going through the store, there were approximately 7 or 8 people that my husband knows, huddled in a group in the center of the isle. I SMILED and said, “excuse me, can I pass through?” I started to say, “hey how are ya’ll doing?” because they DO KNOW my husband, but after I asked them to excuse me, they turned around with sour looks on their faces AND IGNORED my request, but proceeded to spew venom about me to each other – WHILE I STOOD THERE LISTENING to it! It REALLY hurt my feelings, because if my husband had been with me, they would have smiled and acted nice, but since he wasn’t – THEY WERE VERY NASTY, and very intimidating. They’re like backwood type black magic witches. I use to hear them bragging on some of the things they’ve done to people to drive them insane – like hiding in their homes, taking things, putting sex toys in the beds like trying to make this one couple think that the other one was cheating, stuff like that – just rotten stuff. They USE to work for my husband but I couldn’t handle their very vicious nature and energy, and eventually my husband fired a couple of them. Its very disconcerting, and very intimidating, but I try to ignore them BECAUSE I’M SCARED OF THEM! AND they live across the street from me! They got mad at this one neighbor theirs kids got into a squabble (and the girls were only 8 years old), instead of letting the kids work it out without any outside influence, those WOMEN in that house put a note on the other girls door telling her parents “next time it’ll be them!” THEN they put some sort of explosive device thingamagig in the mailbox and BLEW IT UP! One will go to jail for actions such as ALL OF THE ABOVE, but there’s still a WHOLE family over there who are RUTHLESS to the core! But there is ALWAYS one of them at least, in jail. Like the worst one JUST got released tonight! So now I’m like, “DAAARRRRRNNNNN!

    • robin

      they are depending on your fear. stick up for yourself, you do not have to stoop to their level, but let them know if they dare do anything they shouldn’t, you will report them to the police. if they know what is good for them, they will keep their mouth shut, mind their own business, and stay on their side of the street. be aggressive with them, but always have a witness around when you deal with them.

    • Oh wow, I find this so hard to believe. What’s worse than one evil person is a group of evil people, because they can all act together. Some people feel powerful in groups. I find it so hard to believe that some people could just be so incredibly mean and hateful to others without reason. I don’t know why people are like that. The world is already such a dark and cruel place, why would anyone want to add anymore evil to it? Unless of course they are under the influence of Satan and the other fallen angels, who can affect the human subconscious mind. That’s all they can do. When they “tempt” people they are just manipulating the human subconscious mind to affect their emotions and feelings, and filling the people with anger and rage so they lash out on others.

      • Michelle

        it is good that you have the wisdom to recognize this evil. it will save you someday soon

  171. Thans ks, I am a born again believer and have alwayo@bered

  172. Has anyone found sticking up for yourself leads to being laughed at or targeted more? It’s like the people get a kick out of making you angry.

    • kiki

      stick up for yourself anyhow. God is on your side. the devil will be laughing at them later when they find themselves in hell for being so nasty.

  173. Just remember YHWH isn’t mocking you. You have an eternity with Him 🙂

    Others, if they treat you bad you know that in the end you are then one that wins.

    Follow Yeshua’s example and forgive them and hope that for their own sake they find YHWH too.

  174. Ya’ll are all right! THAT is along the lines of what I DO say to them, only I’ll say stuff like, “Keep treating me like that, and I hope I’m in the crowd that gets to see God judge you and sentence you to hell!” I’ve asked them “aren’t you afraid of God’s wrath for what you do to people? And they’ll laugh and say THERE IS NO GOD, AND I’M CRAZY for thinking that! And you know what, I might sound hateful when I say this HOWEVER, I DO NOT PITY THEM for the day they DO realize THERE IS A GOD, but I doubt that day will come BEFORE Judgement Day. I have actually SEEN these people performing rituals under the full moon and I’ve also found oak leaves on my doorstep WRITTEN IN what looks like blood, that said, “DIE ROBIN, DIE ROBIN, on and on until there was no space left on the leaf to write anymore. I laminated THAT one leaf and kept for evidence in case anything ever happens to me.

  175. There is no god.

  176. I walk into a store people look at me as if I make them uncomfortable or their scared. I get on public transportation and get negative reactions. Security guards always think I’m up to something and follow me. I get in a checkout line and cashiers never greet me they slam my stuff down as they ring me up. When people look at me their face snarls/scrowls up and they carry this attitude on towards me and I haven’t even done anything yet.

    In some cases I become invisible to people, cashiers don’t even see me and skip over me and go on to the next person. Cab drivers do not stop for me and if they do they are mad at me before I even get in. If I am sitting in a seat people cannot sit next to me for some reason it’s like they are repelled/frightened away by some block, same as when I am in a grocery aisle. People can’t walk down an aisle if I’m in it. Nor can they stand under a bus terminal if I am in it. This in return makes other people uncomfortable around me and so they all join in.

    Some people cannot look me in the eyes. When I am walking down the street I can see people get on defense mode as if they are ready to beat me up as if I am someone about to cause trouble to them.

    People do NOT see me a a regular human being. I’ve seen people freeze up as stiff as a board at the sight of seeing me.

    The other day this lady called me gorgeous and a guy called me beautiful, but the way people treat me out in the world I feel SOOO ugly like I am frakenstein walking around. 😦

    Marianne, is this something that I am supposed to experience with everyone as soon as I step foot outside? The only time I don’t get this treatment is when I am at home by myself.

    I know God says we are to be apart of the world, but not of it. But it’s like I can’t go anywhere. I even get this treatment in the church. Everywhere I go people are SCARED of me, giving me mean looks, not wanting me around, hating me, uncomfortable around me. From children to elders.

    Marianne, I need your help. Please give me an in dept answer because at this point one little sentence is gonna break me. I need to know if everything i mentioned is demonic and WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO IN LIFE IF EVERYONE ON EARTH TREATS ME THIS WAY??? It hurts when people run away from you you know.

    • Syndi

      It is spiritual rejection by ungodly people.

      Unfortunately this is most people now. the Lord is coming for a remnant of believers, which will be less than 10% of the population, maybe only 5%.

      what you do is carry on with confidence, look positive and accepting, and silently pray for protection and strength when this happens.

      Also pray that God blesses you , which would cancel all curses, and that he give you favor with people.

      people can be made to show you favor even if they really do not want to

      do not let them influence your opinion of yourself.

      what counts is God’s opinion of you, not theirs.

  177. This isn’t really the best advice, but I have THE SAME problem and you know what? I just stay home UNTIL I HAVE to go out! Thats no way to live, but neither is being treated like that. So I’ve chosen to just recluse myself. It beats getting my feelings hurt THEN lashing out when someone mistreats me DAILY. A friend of mine USE to think I was exaggerating, UNTIL he went with me one day – then he KEPT apologizing and telling my husband, “honestly man, I DON’T know WHY they treat your wife like that, but they do!” And he went on to tell my husband he was with me for 4 hours and saw me verbally attacked no less than 3 times! He was a believer after that day! It sucks you have to prove to people who know you that you’re being treated differently, AND NOT SO NICE! Good luck to you, I know exactly how it feels. Just try not to shut yourself off from the rest of the world like I have – beileve me, its not fun, but its habit now. I especially don’t like people to go with me anymore because it embarasses me when someone treats me poorly, then I feel like whoever went with me might be looking down at me because I NEVER handle it the right way! When I get my feelings hurt, I lash out the same way they did to me, but then they go around telling everyone they didn’t do anything to deserve that BACKLASH! Please…The world is becoming more and more MORALLY bankrupt by the day. Bully’s are coming out of the wood work and if you retaliate in any manner – YOU’RE THE BAD ONE! It kills me. So I guess when that good ole, “turn the other cheek” comes into play, even though its harder for some of us than others – that probably IS the best way to be.

    • Robin Bednarczyk, I know what you mean about how when you react to the way they treat you that they say they didn’t do anything. They’re the ones who are offended even though they are the offenders. They just use it to vilify you even more. If you don’t react then they get mad and say you’re conceited and disrespectful for ignoring them. If you try to be kind to them because you naively think you can cancel out hate with love, then they say that you are a liar and it’s all an act. No matter what you do they’re never happy and always find a way to vilify you even more. They always twist everything around.

      I used to get mad, but now I try not to because I fear that this anger will lead to hate and I don’t want to turn into the type of person who hates for no reason. And it’s also very painful when these people (I’ll call them A) turn people (I’ll call them B) who have known you for some time against you. It’s like your actions don’t count for squat. It doesn’t matter how much you have helped B and how much you are there for them, B suddenly forgets all that and choose to believe all the lies. It doesn’t matter that your actions prove all the lies and preconceived notions about you to be false because people refuse to see them. I used to think that actions speak louder than words, but that’s not true. Lies and hate always prevail.

  178. I am glad that I found this article. I feel as though I get attacked often, too. As strange as it may sound, I often feel “energy” from other people, if that makes sense. Some people give off negative energy, and some give off positive energy. Now, some of it could also be appearance and expression and body language. For example, someone who dresses intimidating and glares at others just looks mean, and one would stay away not because of demons or bad energy but because of the way they look and act. I think that the human mind picks up on that stuff, whether we are aware of it or not. It’s not always right to say that it’s because of “demons.”

    People are stressed out, tired, broken, etc. and when someone gets abused and mistreated their entire lives, they lash out or take it out on others to get their power back. It’s basic psychology. Also, some people might have a kinder/calmer/more peaceful outward appearance and others get jealous of that. It might not always be because “oh, the demons are attacking me because I’m just so pure and good and they are just so bad and going to hell so they are jealous of me.” I do agree with you and the comments on a lot of it, though. I have had people come against me and plot against me constantly all during my life, often without reason. I came to Christ when I was 17 years old in high school and at 16, when I started doing experiments with religion, I noticed kids at school started attacking me constantly, bullying me, etc. and it got worse right before I turned to Christ. One girl really hated me. She constantly laughed at me and tried to mess with me every time she saw me. Well, we had one mutual friend on Facebook and I checked out her profile, and she had all this Satanic stuff on it, I KID YOU NOT. She had a shirt with a cross on it with an “X” drawn on it. (Bad Religion, I think) and talked about “sending demons to people” in her status. She had pics of her smoking weed, drinking, and TONS of gay rights rainbow stuff. I was like, wow, she could have had demons and Satan used her to get me while I was in high school. She, even in her pictures, had this dull, black, glazed look in her eyes. Very, very cruel eyes. And that was when she wasn’t wearing these red/bright blue contact things, making her eyes look even scarier.

    I had one friend turn on me, too, during the time I turned to Christ. 11th grade. She became hostile, mean, and started just ripping me to shreds behind my back, and not once did I ever utter a bad word to her. Ever. She too had the same look in her eyes. Dull, dark, and this glazed/shiny look. I have never met someone as simply hateful as her. Ever. She of course didn’t believe in God. She did so much damage and hurt to me, two years after high school (I’m only 20) and I still haven’t healed. She even contacted me on Facebook and started tearing me down again, and I just broke after that. I feel sorry for her, because she said she had been molested as a child and had unsympathetic parents and she got picked on a little (she was kind of ugly) but still. I prayed for her, and still will, because as mean as she was I could see from looking at her that she was broken and defeated and was simply being mean because she didn’t want to be the only one on the bottom, and she didn’t want others to be happy if she wasn’t. We should pray for some of those that persecute us, because they could be hurting really badly. And, because of their hurt and anger, Satan can easily use them. I think even Adolf Hitler had been abused as a child by his father?

  179. I also wanted to add one more thing. Since evil and good are ripple effects, such as someone who is abused abusing someone else, and the cycle continues, likewise with good. So, sometimes people who hurt us are actually hurting inside and need prayers. We should not fight fire with fire here.

    Another thing. When I was in high school, and in life, I have known people who are atheists or those new agers who believe in a one religion, and they are kind, nice, open minded, etc. and they get attacked as well, even though they are not Christians. How can one explain that? Unless Satan and the other fallen angels simply hate anyone who does good and shows kindness, regardless of if they are Christian or not. Likewise, some “religious” people I knew at school and in real life talk about “the lord” and “Jesus this” and “Jesus that” but they do some of the most horrible things. Like, on the freeway this one person had all these Jesus bumper stickers but they sped and cut in front of people and used no turn signals. And in high school there was a Christian clique who always talked about Christ and Jesus but they openly idolized the Kardashians and were some of the snobbiest, meanest, most gossipy and cliquish people I’ve ever known.

    I think Satan uses Christians to do the most damage. For example, people who support gay marriage are 9/10 times to be atheist and despise religion and God. Now, Satan uses religious people to bash them and talk about Hell and all that, to make Christians look mean and hateful. Correlation? Satan used me once in high school. I have never talked about this, but I will.

    At 18, months after being saved, for my senior year I was convinced that I had to have long hair, wear dresses, no makeup, etc. or I was impure. I was convinced that the inner did not matter but I had to look a certain way. Well on my first day, one of my teachers gave us a paper to fill out and describe ourselves. Well, I felt compelled to write about the bible, and even wrote that I opposed gay marriage. What a weird thing, but I felt “compelled” to write it but something in me told me “erase it.” So I did.

    Well, heh heh. My teacher hated me immediately afterwards and was passive aggressive to me the entire time, giving me dirty looks and making the class read stories that bashed religion and made religion look stupid. I had no idea that this man was one of the most atheist pro-gay rights people of anyone I’ve known. Some of my friends on Facebook have him on their list, and I looked and he had nothing but rainbow pro-gay junk all over it, ALL OVER IT. Nothing but gay this, gay that, and of course, all of these anti-religious writers popped up on his “likes” list. I thought, wow, Satan used me here to look bad. He actually used me here, and I was only 18 and had not even been a Christian for a few months but God still let him use me.

  180. It is also sad how this reejcetion only happens to certain people within in families. My sister can make friends with people and they add her on Facebook. Me on the other hand, they just stare and make rude comments. I am ignored and people generally don’t like me no matter how friendly I am. People have told me how much they like my sister as if I’m not good enough. I just don’t understand that I have this jealous, rejection spirit follow me and not her when we grew up with the same parents in the same household. It is frustrating. When I try to explain it to my sister she just doesn’t get it and thinks I’m complaining.

    • kiki

      your sister should stick up for you and tell others that unless they accept you, she will not accept them as friends.

      they are just mean

  181. Also, does anyone find this happens more with attractive people being mean to you or is it just me?

    • kiki

      what you look like has nothing to do with it

      • I think you are misunderstanding me. I am often attacked by evil, attractive people for whatever reason. Which makes it more difficult to me because people tend to belive beautiful people are nice and unattractive ones are evil. Look at the fairy tales – the pretty princess and the evil, unattractive stepmom. Sometimes I find the prettiest people to be the meanest to me. They may be beautiful on the outside but are ugly inside. This isn’t a surprise because Satan was the a beautiful anmgel before it was a fallen angel.

        • kiki

          If you feel inferior to others, people will respond and treat you that way.

          You have to rise above this inferiority complex, and show the love of Jesus to others.

          Let this love heal you.

        • I understand how you are feeling exactly ( not just someone who says that ) I mean exactly in every sincere manner possible its always the attractive people! Who seem to be acting evil I get mad with people like I was sitting on a bus just a few minutes ago and people they even bang your chair satan is so evil and smart with his ways its scary like the people think its funny and smirk and I looked bak at her sometimes I feel like its humans and people but its always demons and spirits in higher places I think its the attractive people know they are so good lookin and aren’t so humble about it

    • she’s right it has nothing to do with how you look. satan dont give a care how anyone looks. that’s why you see sometimes gorgeous Godly people getting treated like crap. satan is more concerned with your soul and destroying it.

      people have told me IM pretty or beautiful yet i still get treated like im a bad person because it’s spiritual warare not a battle of flesh and blood.

      but i think i know wut u mean with the attractive people treating u bad. maybe its more attractive people that treat u bad because they are more vain and glorify their looks over God so the enemy uses them more cuz they are narcissists. they are closer to their looks than they are to God. it’s very rare that i meet attractive TRUE followers of Christ. I think it’s because attractive people get so caught up in the world cuz their good looking and thats what the world likes so they go to the world over God cuz the world accepts them cuz they look good.

      • Thanks for understanding me Syndi about how evil SOME attractive people can be like the world owns them something for their beauty.

    • I believe that looks don’t play a part in it, except that Satan loves to pick on attractive people to make his message more appealing. I have been told that I’m beautiful, which makes people hate me even more, i believe because Satan tried very hard to get me to sin against God, which I did for a while, but as I get older and take a stronger spiritual stand and move away from the sinful way of life the hatred becomes stronger and more frequent. I still get several men contacting me monthly (usually around the full moon)

      • Dear Joanna

        Suggest, you spend more time in front of the GOOD BOOK, and less in front of the MIRROR. Just , SAY’IN

        • [syndi
          It is not blasphemy to detect demons in people.
          When people are rude to you, get back in their face and ask what their problem is….
          ask them if they are aware of their behavior, since usually it is influenced by demons, not God or their brain.
          Marianne said this on May 27, 2013 at 1:25 pm | reply]

          Wyatt – What is your problem? Are you aware of your nasty behavior that is likely caused by demons?

  182. Wow, I feel as though I have finally found my people. This phenomena of having people hate me on sight has disturbed me since childhood. I’ve tried putting my spirituality on the shelf to fit in, which only works for a while, then suddenly the leader of the group that I’m trying to fit in with will look me in the eye with hatred and turn the entire group against me. I even stopped looking people in the eye for a long time, until I read “the Power of Eye Contact”, now I practice it daily, and have never had so much hatred coming my way as now. I pray several times daily for God’s Holy Spirit to guide me and protect me. I see people in vehicles driving towards me missing stop signs looking at me with anger and hatred, I see people aiming for me as I walk, on the sidewalk or in a mall. I have lost jobs when new managers come in and hate me on sight. I have been maligned by co-workers who turn managers against me, I have had family hate me. One of the common factors I find between these people who hate me is reiki. I’ve been researching how evil spirits are linked to reiki, which led me to this page. I would love to set up a meeting with everyone in the thread, to meet in one large room. I believe we have a destiny of leading others to salvation in a way that modern religion can’t. I believe that there are good parts to each religion, until ego/evil stepped in and took over the exploitation of followers. I believe we have the ability to form one true religion that will take us through this final battle of good and evil that is obviously getting so nearer and nearer. We are obviously hated for having God’s name written on our hearts. Thank you for confirming what I have believed for a few years, and have been on the search for my group of people who felt the same. High Five everyone ❤

    • joanna

      I wish we were all closer together, meeting would be great. However, we are spread out all over the north american continent. But someday soon, we will be leaving this planet, and then we all will meet and rejoice together.

    • There is no fight against good, and evil. The word made flesh has won the deed to this world showing G-d’s laws are just.

      It is now a battle for souls.

      All religions can get together, but Christianity is the only one that is not about works getting to heaven, so Christians will be hated.

      Soon, the Restrainer will be removed, and a lot of those who worship G-d the father in Christ name will be remove too. However, the Bible reads some devout Christians will remain to show the way to a lost world.

      Second place is first loser, and don;t wait for your mommie to come do it for you!

    • Hi five to you Joanna.!

      Hehe yeah its amazing to come here and find people who i can relate to on a spiritual basis. and i’ve had people almost get hit by cars and things because they were too focused on fufilling satans desire of giving me evil looks. but these r just to name of few of the things that happens to me.

  183. oh dear, I see so many are still clinging to their religious roots. Thats ok, when the time comes we will know for sure, until then its all just speculation and interpretation. I hope you pray on this and request clarity. ❤

  184. marianne i have a question for you. is it ok if i consider everyone who treats me wrong upon sight w/o reason a demon? or wold that be blasphemy? let me give u an example.

    like when i go to church the greeters at the door most of the time give me an evil look or stare at me and never greet me or give me handout. but will smile at the next person and give them one. i’d instantly consider them a demon.

    and im not sure if this is blaspheming the holy spirit or not. these ppl r in church and obviously do have some knowledge of christ but since i see demonic work in them and the attack me, i consider them a demon. please let me know thnx.

    also when i get into a cab, the cab driver is always mean to me w/o een knowing me. once again i would consider this person a demon……

    let me know if this is the right thing to do and if i even do it with other chirstians who are cruel to me, am i blaspheming the HS thnxx!!

    • syndi

      It is not blasphemy to detect demons in people.

      When people are rude to you, get back in their face and ask what their problem is….

      ask them if they are aware of their behavior, since usually it is influenced by demons, not God or their brain.

      • how do i not let these occurrences stress me out? which ultimately leads me to have a head/body ache because I’m constantly battling from the moment i step foot outside until i am at home.

        I’m not gonna lie marianne its hard for me to stay at peace during this because i notice every attack. i wish i was better at ignoring it as you are. the fact i can’t ignore it is what causes my stress head and body aches. i cannot be peace. their stares are so cold, their darkness is so immense i can literally see and feel it surrounding them, they have penetrating evil that puts me at unease.

        i would say only 2 people do not attack me out of the thousands of people i encounter daily. its impossible to ignore this marianne. if i didnt have emotions and wasn’t so aware of such things, life would be much easier for me. the key is to turn off being so away of these attacks and just think of God…but this is not the case marianne.

        • syndi

          I am sending you some prayers for protection against witchcraft.

          print them out and say them each day, I will be in agreement with you in Jesus name.

          I am no stronger than you are.

          it is the Lord that is strong, and we need his protection.

    • There is a women in Europe, Maria Devine Mercy who is claiming to be contacted daily by Jesus, Our Lady and even God the father. Her web site is She’s catholic and so am I but these messages are for everyone. She predicted quite a lot and also the messages are that people who are spreading the truth in these times will be ostracised because the devil will do everything in his power to stop them.

  185. Boy! My husband dropped the bomb on me, yesterday, He said, he doesn’t have to go church, because the church is in him, And I asked him, “If the church is in you why isn’t it manifesting in our lives, (as Husband and Wife), he said, well because Yahweh has His timing, I said yes He does, but we have to do our part: pray, go to church, and read the Bible. Again he said, its in me. He broke my heart. I really have a lot of serious praying to do, I do admit Im passive, but know Im, convinced, how serious bondages my Familiy has. And I ask Yahweh for forgiveness, I got a lot of praying to do. My husband’s aura sometimes scares me. And another thing, too, everytime I give my testimony, how Yahweh, delivered me from seizures (Epilepsy) I start getting them, back to back, that’s not good. Please pray for me, that I will do Yahweh’s will everyday, for the rest of my life here on earth. I had to confess that to you (people); Confess our sins to one another.

    • mc

      your husband is not that wrong. the church IS in us and the Lord IS in us.

      in fact, if the Lord is NOT in us , going to church is useless..

      Just pray with him at home, keep the faith , and be patient.

  186. I recently went to a “christian” church where I felt and saw angry faces. It was the pastor and many of the praise and worship team as well as some of the deacons and members. It was my first time there. I was giving gifts as a first time attendant. One of the cd’s had a sermon by the title of learning how to pray. But when I put it onto my mac the title that read was the the three and the weeping coffin. I found that really strange.

    • george

      not sure about your CD.

      Either they took a used CD and tried to write over it, or you really got the CD about the coffin on purpose.

      I would not go back there, since you saw all that anger.

    • Hello George! Wow another person all these situations and feelings people have I experienced and more and maybe as I look into more i have felt that way going into a church and thinking everyone’s mad with me and angry faces. I love how people can relate its amazing how everyone is feeling the way I have too! God bless you so much. 🙂 XOXOXOXOX BIG HUGS

  187. kiki, I had a big problem with my appearance.I am average looking and live in a foreign country, in a small city,
    with few reborn christians. They would immediately treat me with noticeable dislike, looking down on me and obviously
    antagonistic towards me. Even the reborn Christians would treat me like that. Then I learned to pray that the Lord
    would let His light shine through me and to send His ministering angels with me and for me to find favour in the
    eyes of the people. I have to do it every day. It is getting better.. and you know I don’t worry anymore about being
    beautiful, because it is Jesus’ beauty that the people see. Now they say to me ‘Oh you look so beautiful, you are
    getting younger’. God bless you, you are beautiful.

  188. Thanks for this site.. I thought I was the only one. My mother hated me
    when I was born, she already gave up two kids, before I was born.My
    step siblings hated me and did not want parents to love me. I discovered
    the Bible at age 11, how I did love that book, it gave me hope and a feeling
    of love. My mother came into the room and whipped me real hard with a
    leather belt ( I still have the scars). I have always been naturally attractive,
    not something I strive for. But I know it was my Discovery when I was 11
    years old that got me through all of the horrible spots in my life. I am hurt and rejected even to this day. But I recognize it is demons trying
    to have a good laugh on me, and I rebuke them. Just say “satan go to hell
    it is your home.” If I want to be beautiful I would love for a bright light
    to shine forth from my face of the love and compassion our God has for
    us. Beautiy is of the heart.although I would never feel prejudiced against attractiveness.! If only people could love each other instead of compete.

  189. We need some good strong prayers to abolish
    demon possession. Amen.

    • laura

      I will send you some prayers to print out and say each day. I will be in agreement with you, in Jesus name.

      You have a strong spirit even when you are persecuted for belonging to the Lord. Do not ever despair. God sees your love and inner beauty, and will be with you always.

  190. Finally, an answer. I could be standing in a checkout line and watch the cashier’s attitude change, and know beforehand it was going to change. I could watch her facial expression go from happy, to nasty as I walked up to check out, and never understood why. I was pleasant; I didn’t say or do anything to upset her. I could also feel the presents of people’s spirit before we even talked to talk. I thought it was me and tried to work on how I approached people, but nothing changed. I’ve had friends that have refused to go places with me because they’ve seen this is action. It happens everywhere. My doctor’s office, my child’s school, stores, the library, Even over the phone. I started to pray before approaching people and even though I could still feel their negative feelings towards me, I felt better. Now it makes sense. Thank you for this information. God Bless

  191. Finally, an answer. I could be standing in a checkout line and watch the cashier’s attitude change, and know beforehand it was going to change. I could watch her facial expression go from happy, to nasty as I walked up to check out, and never understood why. I was pleasant; I didn’t say or do anything to upset her. I could also feel the presents of people’s spirit before we even started to talk. I thought it was me and tried to work on how I approached people, but nothing changed. I’ve had friends that have refused to go places with me because they’ve seen this is action. It happens everywhere. My doctor’s office, my child’s school, stores, the library, Even over the phone. I started to pray before approaching people and even though I could still feel their negative feelings towards me, I felt better. Now it makes sense. Thank you for this information. God Bless

    • betsy

      Just know it is them, not you.

      people are negative now, and allow demonic spirits to influence them.

      just assert yourself, and show you are better than their little demon buddies say you are.

      hold your head high and keep going.

    • Wow Betsy!!!!! I understand how you feel oh my goodness its amazing how were not the only ones I even go to the checkout and the cashier people give me attitude and look at me like they hate me. It’s hard because nobody really sees it and they say we are crazy but thank GOD praise him that there are people like the souls on this website. GOD BLESS YOU BETSY XOXOXOXOXOXOXO always stay safe and happy and stay strong beautiful lady!!!! God loves you beyond anything you could imagine take a smile from your heart and spread it amongst the world. Stay strong beautiful no matter what x lots of love and hugs to you

  192. Yes, the Mormons, are the ones who hates me. I leave the Lord his wrath and his vengenace as it is written: My vengeance is mine, sooner or later I will pay them. God is just. The Bible testified to me: If any man or any angel preach a different gospel than what we preach, anathema is he. The Bible led me to the right way that Jesus Christ is the way, the life and resurrection and I trust in the Messiah, Jesus Christ that there is no other gospel and other Savior and other Messiah, that the Messiah, I worship is the Prince of Peace, the King and Lord and Savior and I trust in the Lord who is not racist and who is not evil, and who is not respecter of person and the Lord who never makes mistakes. This is the kind of Lord I trust and fear and serve him and God is my witness that the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints is not the true church because their evil testify to the Lord in heavens. God is witness. Can a gospel teach racism and hate that is not white? God is Aryan like my Reich and not Jewish like the Mormons and Anglosaxons and Mexicans. The bible testifies that flesh and blood cannot inherit heaven. When we die, we are spirits angels of God forever and ever, and are in glory and we cannot inherit heaven flesh and bones and blood. The Bible testifies and the Book of Mormons denies the veracity of Jesus Christ and the Father and the true mysteries of the kingdom of God. Because the Mormons believe God is a flesh and blood and the Bible says God is a spirit and we cannot go heaven because we are flesh and blood.
    May 2, 2007

  193. So when these people stare mincingly at us, do they actually SEE our Holy Spirit or do they see our physical face and it’s just the demons looking through them at us? For example the person that the demon is using sees my physical appearance, but the demon using them sees my light? Correct? The person doesn’t see what the demon sees, but the person gets influenced. Correct?

    I notice when a person is looking at me, they too, are confused as to what is making them look at me and why. Some of them have to shake their head and blink to snap out of whatever has a hold on them to glare at me evilly. I am aware they are being controlled by and evil force, however, they have NO idea whats going on. Which in return makes the person think because they are looking at me, there must be something wrong with me that they need to be cautious of.

    I’m gonna assume, the demon that has spotted me, then communicates with other peoples demons and next thing I know two more people are taking glances at me and looking at me with disgust, hatred, question or caution.

    What do you think Marianne?

    • you are correct.

    • This has been utterly amazing to me. The comments are quotes of my feelings over the years. I have always been hated or betrayed by short lived friendships, hated by perfect strangers with looks of disgust and jealousy from women all of my life as well as men at times. One young lady looked at me and snarled I want to bite you. I am a believer and love the Lord now 51 yrs old, with tears in my eyes, because I’ve felt so alone as a result of constant alienation and rejection by my children and family as well whom I love with all my heart. It is yet difficult to understand why it appears to be a certain group of people more targeted than others with this level of intense demonic assault. Why are all believers, with the Holy Spirit not experiencing this? I experience this rejection by ministers for no reason! I have had constant hindrances to success and blocks in the ministry with my husband. We are both very loving and kind people, but we are both hurting and very wound by the constant setbacks as satan uses vulnerable people. At this point we, we have no personal friends, and I feel this is because of me. People are drawn to him, but at some point they turn away when I come into the picture. This is very troubling and hurtful to me for him. We remain prayerful and hopeful to be strong in the power of His might. Reading this has truly blessed me, I have been praying for answers, THANK YOU!

      • dear Marie

        I think this is not just due to demonic attack, but it is a concept of “right ministers, wrong location/ or wrong crowd.” Women have a tendency to be more sensitive than men, so they pick up feelings quicker, whether they be negative or positive.

        not everyone who claims to be christian or born again really is, no matter how good they seem on the surface. and not everyone who really is born again is at the same level of maturity, no matter what they claim, or how they act. not all ministers are ministers of God. they are businessmen.

        the closer you are to God, the more rejected you will be by negative people. you need to refocus your ministry efforts on those who are receptive to the holy spirit and are either on the same level spiritually, or are lost, and would actually appreciate what you do for them.

        I suggest you think about what is it that characterizes your ministry with your husband. is it a teaching ministry? one of mercy? evangelistic? you need to identify the population of people who would welcome you, and need you.

        do not waste your time in the wrong place, or with those who reject you. people who reject you are the wrong crowd. you need a new environment with new people.

        also, this world is growing much darker, and true believers will be hard to find. true seekers , who are not saved yet, are still out there, but also hard to find.

        ministry should not be based on popularity. it should be based on truth. and if you have the truth, and offer it, the right people will respond.

        seek the Lord on this. my impression is that you need to be in a gentler place, where people are simple, not sophisticated, and kind, patient, and loving, not hard, rejecting, and cold.

        • Thank You So Much!!! I feel like you and this site is a great place of comfort and healing for people called to this kind of walk with Christ for a purpose to be revealed in this life and eternity. You have spoken prophetically concerning me and my husband, we have been pastoring for 27 years and a shift has come. God Bless you and your family!

      • Hi Marianne, I left the above post, please feel free to comment, thanks Marie