Dream – Few Faithful Ones Left


Do you have the heart you need to have?

But when the Son of man comes, will He find faith on earth? (Luke 18:8)

I had a dream which I believe is a comparison between Trump looking for loyalty in his own followers and country, and Yahshua/Jesus looking for loyalty in His own people.


Dream 2/2/2019

The country seems to be in a spiritually dark state in general, but good things have happened under Donald Trump, which is denied by the faithless and wicked.

President Trump wants to know who is still loyal.

It seems to be his birthday, which is in June.

There is a large room for guests to come, and celebrate with food, music, and dancing.

It is a small crowd (maybe 50 – 100 people) for a large room.

There is some old fashioned music playing.

Trump has encouraged us to celebrate and rejoice.

Only two of us get on the dance floor and dance.

The rest of the small crowd just stand around, doing nothing.

Trump comes into the room and says there are only two of us who are with him in spirit.

End of Dream



The marriage supper of the Lamb may end up being a very small gathering.

There is a lot of lawlessness, treachery and betrayal in mankind at this time.

There is an evil outpouring of hate and slander all around.

TV news and YouTube is full of it.

People are increasingly cold, deceived, being deceived, and deceiving others.

Not only do the wicked speak evil against God’s chosen, but there are many false prophets now who speak word curses against the righteous, claiming they hear from God.

Whether it is because of the deluding influence of the false teachers or the persecution or the fear of death, the zeal of many false professors will diminish.

Their love toward God and toward the church will “grow cold.”

9 “Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and put you to death, and you will be hated by all nations for my name’s sake.

10 And then many will fall away and betray one another and hate one another.

11 And many false prophets will arise and lead many astray.

12 And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold.

Matthew 24


15 Then from his mouth the serpent spewed water like a river, to overtake the woman and sweep her away with the torrent.  Revelation 12


Neither the Lord nor Trump is deserving of the disloyalty and behavior of deluded, hateful, uncaring, evil people.

They are both kings, and one works for the other.

Both want love and appreciation for what they have sacrificed themselves to help us.

Both know what it is like to be hated, and spit upon.

Both have sowed effort, and have yearned for a fruitful harvest.


The Lord will judge us on how we have treated others.

Even if we disagree with someone, we do not have to mistreat or abuse them.

We are to show the love of God toward them, and forgiveness over injury and mistakes, and a willingness to help them correct what is wrong.

Because if they are really wrong, how will they learn, unless we show them the right way, and the love of God?


The marriage of the Lamb is coming.

Many have been invited.

Jesus wants us to rejoice and celebrate His salvation.

Will we ignore the invitation, or dance with Him?

Confirmation regarding the month of June as possibly significant

Dream – Time for Roundup

Do we ignore Jesus?

Jesus Kneeling by the Side of the Road

19 Responses to “Dream – Few Faithful Ones Left”

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  2. Interesting dream’ I agree plenty of false teachers and prophets on the rise’ like you said, social media, you tube etc; discernment is now the key’ we need to ask God for Wisdom & discernment’ but I remember this and we all need to Fear Not” we are all concerned with world events doesn’t matter where we live, we must be in the know, But we must also “FEAR NOT”

  3. Thank you, Marianne. You are right.

  4. I am still praying for God to pour out His Spirit over the whole Earth
    before the Jews build their Temple. We still have not seen the Power
    of God manifest like Jesus said it would. We need to pray for a Great
    Awakening and a New Charismatic and Jesus Movement so that we
    can bring another harvest of souls into God’s Kingdom. It is still day and
    we need to work while it is day before Jesus returns and the night comes
    when no man can work.

    Dan K.

    • dan

      Amen! there will be a day when no man can work, so the time is now.

    • Amen. I recently talked to a woman who is in her 70s and was part of the Jesus Movement in the 70s. She’s in Florida I believe. I left a message on the site you provided. “The harvest indeed is plentiful, but the laborers are few.”

  5. President Trump has the ability to clean out the swamp but he hasn’t done it.
    Every other president has fired the people who worked for the previous president so that they could prevent their enemies from running the asylum. He must be getting influenced by the wrong people.
    But Mr. Trump isn’t strictly a republican or a democrat and has had to learn how deadly his enemies can be. He should practice in the mirror, “You’re fired, and you’re fired, and you’re fired.”
    The rhinos already cost us the House. What is the Mueller investigation going to cost us?

    • chris

      the mueller investigation costs us 1 million dollars a month..so far he is investigating everyone but trump himself. russian collusion is a hoax. the DNC knows seth rich released the emails to wikileaks, which is why they killed him. hillary is the one who colluded on the uranium one deal, and had russian bank and saudi backing for her campiagn.

      Trump is doing more that you think. there have been 40,000 indictments. 11 top politicians are already in gitmo, and bozo and hillary are next,.

      mccain and gwhbush were executed. bush jr is there now. along with a group of democrats from obama admin.

      trump has been weeding out the traitors. but you will not hear this on mainstream media…..media silent on anything that is positive about trump

      • So why are there no democrat indictments? Why is Hillary off scot-free? I won’t be convinced about Mueller until Obama and Hillary are in prison. All Mueller cares about is Trump “colluding” which isn’t anything but verbiage. There is no crime called collusion. Obama’s entire organization was rotten to the core. What happens to them? Nothing.
        Anyone in Gitmo is a terrorist…not a politician.
        What you say about Hillary is true. And I believe Seth Rich was murdered as well. His mistake was taking what he knew to the FBI.

      • Wait, what did you mean by “mccain and gwhbush were executed. bush jr is there now. along with a group of democrats from obama admin”?

  6. Trump really needs support from godly people right there with him. I don’t know how many he has but God knows he needs them. He should furnish his cabinet with godly people. May God give him the wisdom and help he needs, because the torrent of attacks coming against him are on the highest level this country has ever seen against any president. Even he first got elected, witches publicly declared a war against him and said they’ll be cursing him. Wow.

    Anyway, faithfulness (or loyalty) is a quality is on short supply today as we all know. May God provide Trump with in-person faithful people who will be his armor bearers and bear his burdens and bear him up in ongoing and continual prayers. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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