Siener van Rensburg: Visions of the Future

What do a Boer’s words from South Africa in 1926 have to say about today’s world?

Nicolaas Pieter Johannes “Siener” van Rensburg (August 30, 1862 – March 11, 1926) was a Boer from the South African Republic -also known as the Transvaal Republic- and later a citizen of South Africa who is seen by some as a prophet of the Boere (or Afrikaners). Therefore his nickname soon became Siener, which is Afrikaans for “seer” or “soothsayer”. His seemingly accurate predictions of future events were typically wrapped in religious patriotism.


The nature of his visions invariably concerned the welfare of the Boere and Germany and were experienced by him as visual imagery to be interpreted afterwards. When the image of the Sisal plant occurred in his visions, he for instance interpreted this as a portend of an important meeting, assembly or parliament. He is believed by some to have made many accurate predictions of local events, including foretelling the death of Koos de la Rey, a general in the Second Boer War, and the political transition of South Africa after his own death. At times his visions also concerned international events, among which the start of World War I and the rise of Communism. He was unable to interpret some of his own visions. These, written down, are still open to interpretation, and believed by some to pertain to future events.

Early years

He was born in the district of Potchefstroom. He only received 20 days of formal school training and spent much of his youth as a cattle herder. At age 16 he participated in a government expedition against the rebellious tribal leader Mapog. He settled near Wolmaranstad in the then western ZAR, and married Anna Sophia Kruger in 1884.

Participation in wars

Nicolaas van Rensburg participated in the second Anglo-Boer War under General du Toit. When time allowed, he then revealed the visions to those around him. He returned to his farm before the end of the war. When the Union of South Africa came out in support of the Allied Powers in World War I, Nicolaas van Rensburg joined the rebels. The rebellion received a fatal blow even before it started, when the influential general Koos de la Rey was accidentally killed on September 15, 1914. The rebellion petered out and most rebels, van Rensburg included, were eventually captured and imprisoned for two years.

After his release Nicolaas van Rensburg returned to his farm. His daughter recorded his continuing visions up to his death at age 64. The van Rensburg family cemetery is located 11 km from Ottosdal, in the North West Province.


Prophecies from 1899 until his death in 1926:

* The outcome of the Boer War.
* The Great ‘Flu epidemic of 1918.
* England’s loss of all her colonies.
* Independence for Ireland.
* The atomic disaster at Chernobyl on April 26 1986.
* Lady Di’s death The divorce and tragic death of “a beautiful English Lady in a car accident who would be mourned by the whole world.”
* Civil war in Bosnia.
* Dr HF Verwoerd, former Prime Minister, will die at the hand of a close friend.
* The release of Nelson Mandela by ex-President FW de Klerk.
* The Necklace Murders by blacks against blacks
* South Africa will be governed by a black government.

Not fulfilled yet (scan the topics and read what you wish)

* Japan will be destroyed by earthquakes.

* Ethnical violence in Russia and Europe

Actually, this does seem to be in formation.  Muslims in Europe already are changing the population profile.  They represent a different religion and a race (Arab) within Europe.  Whatever they protest about, will affect the countries they are in.  I expect them to turn Europe against Israel, which has been the object of their wrath for thousands of years.

* Racial violence will explode worldwide at the turn of the century and start World War III, in which Germany and America will fight side by side.

* Laser weapons?: It is a chilling experience to read about his predictions in 1920 of this coming Third and Final War at the beginning of the 21st century when the armies of the world will use what he called “terrible electrical rays that sow death and destruction from above and below, and soak the earth in blood”.

*** This could be an EMP attack, which knocks out the electrical grid over countries.

The old prophet described the events on the battlefields of the world in such detail as though he himself had been an eye-witness.

In 1918 Rensburg prophesied:

“I see there will be a time when the whole world will be ploughed under. This will be the beginning of the Third – and last – World War and everything will be in confusion.

Then I saw a snake lying on the ploughed land. I could not see its head or tail.

Because of this decision his visions and prophecies have been preserved and have now become known throughout South Africa, and the following words are becoming part of the Afrikaner nation’s daily discussions: “‘Seer’ Van Rensburg said so….”

Seer Van Rensburg was visited frequently by prominent figures in South Africa, such as General JC Smuts, a former Prime Minister of South Africa, during his lifetime. In 1916 General Smuts, past Prime Minister of South Africa, as well as General J.B.M. Hertzog, gave witness before a Parliamentary Committee regarding the truth of this old Boer prophet’s visions.

However, the same Jan Smuts, not only prohibited distribution of the prophecies during World War 2, but when a friend of the Boer Prophet, Boy Mussmann, tried to publish them secretly, he was attacked by the police and the visions were confiscated.

Because of the controversial nature of his visions, the old Boer Prophet is today still the centre of many heated debates.

Shortly after the 1992 Referendum in South Africa, a prophecy by Van Rensburg, that a future Afrikaner leader would one day hand over power to the blacks, caused a fist-fight in Parliament.


After a vision on December 1917 and March 1918, he said immorality will increase throughout the world; he saw how a disease broke out in Africa as a result and mainly blacks dying from it.

It spreads throughout the world, but whites are relatively untouched by it.

He saw an old little ‘kaffir’ dressed in women’s clothing sit in Europe and droppings roll off him to the West (he is totally infected with this disease and the Western nations will also be infected).

Kaffir, kaffer or kafir, which once was a blanket term for black southern Africans (see Kaffir (historical usage in southern Africa)), is now utilized exclusively as an ethnic or racial slur. The original meaning of the word was ‘heathen‘, unbeliever or infidel, from the Arabic Kafir.

This was the first vision the Seer had which predicted worldwide decadence, immorality and pornography, also referring to a horrendous sexually transmitted disease’ as result. At that time nobody knew of the existence of Aids.

Divorce and death of Princess Diana

According to Professor A.G. Raath of the University of the Orange Free State, the Boer prophet predicted Prince Charles’ and Princess Diana’s divorce in January 1919.

The Seer said “a divorce was hanging over the head of a very renowned British lady of ‘noble birth’ (Diana). And when she dies, we prepare for a big election..”

Van Rensburg said “when he sees ripe wheat, it means an election is on the cards.” And this is exactly what happened! A few days after Princess Diana’s death on 29th August 1997, the first election shots were fired by the NP and ANC.

In three important visions in January 1916 & September 1920, he not only saw how Diana would be stripped of everything after her divorce, but that her sudden death would plunge the whole of England into mourning. He further said that there would be dirty tricks involved in her death, and that she would die in a car accident. The scandal, he said, which she brought over the Royal House was the reason she had to die. Among other things, there were rumours that Diana was expecting her Arab lover’s child and that she would marry him shortly.

South Africa

1960-1994, the South African government loses more and more grip on situations and circumstances because they ‘forgot’ their Lord and God that gave them the country in the first place.e.g.: daily opening prayer in parliament was abolished in 1972 for the sake of Muslims and Hindus.

1994 – Mr. van Rensburg correctly prophesied the release of Mr. Mandela, it’s political ties (communism) and the false and violent ‘peace’ that the man and it’s party ‘preaches’.

1994 until the death of Nelson Mandela: the era in which the Boerevolk (Afrikaners) lose their power in parliament, get persecuted, murdered and alienated from their origin/roots. note: South Africa has got with the ANC a 70% party; therefore it hardly can be called a democracy.

The death of Nelson Mandela to a new and more balanced government: right after the death of Nelson Mandela very big strikes and disobedience occur, and they followed by a local ( 3 of 7 provinces ) civil war for ground and power (eg: Zimbabwe type of actions).

These actions are however short lived; the revolt is quenched in a border town called Prieska and the people causing the revolt then are scattered. Mr. van Rensburg has prophesied that weapons will be transported over a railway line to that town; that railway has been completed last year.

During the time of that new government the Lord will return and establish His Millennial reign on the Earth, but also very big trouble will be upon the earth, and as a result many European refugees will flee to South Africa.

The second coming of the Lord being a jubilee year it’ll cause the borders of South Africa to extent beyond Zimbabwe and Namibia. Striking details in his dreams and prophecies are known, and symbols reoccurring in his visions are consistent and can be with relative ease correctly interpreted.

The World (especially England, France and USA)

America and England will become bankrupt and full of debts.

*England will be struck by 7 plagues when World War 3 is at hand.

England will be totally annihilated, even their ground will burn away as a Russian-led invasion will invade Europe, through Turkey, and use terrible weapons.

The invasion will be stopped in France by German-American forces. Mr. van Rensburg actually made a remark that Germany will receive new ‘ground-breaking’ technology from America that they (the Germans) will use to defeat the Russian invasion; the USA will be unable to respond in a timely manner because of a severe attack on their troops, ground and finances.

Mr. van Rensburg also indicated that the trouble for South Africa will be much shorter lived when compared to other countries also less troublesome, as the Lord will send His power and blessing causing South Africa to be a safe-haven for Christians from all over the world.

You can view a documentary on Siener van Rensburg here:


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  2. Nice one M

  3. Interesting!

    There’s other pages on the internet:

    And there’s a video documentary:

    A documentary on Siener van Rensburg which aired on SABC 3 a couple of years ago. After the show aired the presenter, Max du Preez was fired. It was rumored that the ANC government didn’t approve of the show. The official reason for firing Mr. du Preez, was because of a show he was working on about African culture and that some people felt they were being portrayed as savages by the footage shot for the show, showing the religious slaughtering of cows and chickens and native Africans drinking the blood.

  4. Hello Marianne,
    This is a very interesting post. How about this: McCain Wins-Democrats cry recount-Street People Riot

  5. give credit where its due the man predicted events that we see today. We better make our ways with God. Blessings

    • Time is running out and the tribulation is at hand. We cannot afford to be eccentric and we rather should seek a solid relationship with Christ Jesus before we end up on the smoking side of eternity.

  6. No pun intended on my previous post. I said it is interesting and it is. I know His voice. I am not asleep.

    In Christ,

  7. hi Humphrey,

    I put this here after an Afrikaner suggested it. I believe in offering all information to everyone, so everyone will have something to think about.

    Our relationship with God, as you say, is very important.


  8. In the third clip it says that three troughs with dry grass will be set on fire by a Turk in Europe. If my geography lessons do not fail me, I would not count Kuwait as part of Europe. I rather would suggest that there will be civil unrest in three countries like what we had in France some time ago. It may be a try to start a jihad in Europe.

    • I am an Afrikaner and a “visionary” Christian myself, let me try to explain. “Turk” here simply (may) mean an Arab…. don’t be too practical…as the metaphoric speech is sometimes a bit wider than we think… 🙂

      • For those interested in Siener’s electric beams, please watch the following documentary:

        • Yes, Phillip, I also watched those and it makes sense. Furthermore, there are secret bases near Perth in Australia as well as in Antarctica that have given man reason to believe that such rays are being tested/developed there.

      • Thanks for enlightening that, it does make a lot of sense with ISIS crisis in the Middle East and Russia’s interference in Ukraine, God Bless South Africa for no one dies for being Christian

  9. Hi GetYourOwnDeliverance,

    Interesting interpretation. I would expect a jihad in Europe eventually.


  10. Hi Marianne,
    if you see the percentage of Muslims in Germany, France and Great Britain and how they behaved after the cartoons in Denmark, it needs only some major incidence and we might have civil war.
    Do you remember the nights when hundreds of cars burnt each nights in France?

    • everybody remembers them all to well, those were not Muslims burning them cars.If thats what you are trying to say.

  11. Hi Getyourowndeliverance (GUOD)

    He said Germany and America would fight together against Russia. Maybe they would not like American involvement.

    I remember France, and Spain, and others.


  12. Here is another link to what we can expect of laser weapons
    If van Rendsburg is right then this might be a part of the groundbreaking technology.

  13. Hi GYOD

    That is possible about the laser weapons, also anti-missile technology. Russia has already complained that certain US technologies in Germany are considered threats, rather than defense. They have said, if they get used, they will “attack” back. This insinuates that the Russians assume the technology is there to protect Germany from Russia.


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  16. […] importante profeta Siener Van Rensburg che vissuto fra il 19esimo ed il 20esimo secolo (fonte: Siener van Rensburg: Visions of the Future Heaven Awaits) Ora non trovo pi la fonte esatta, ma mi pare proprio che Siener Van Rensburg abbia profetizzato […]

  17. Why leave my country?? Im a patriot and love my land that God gave to us. I shall not throw back the giving of my father. Stay and we shall be deliverd the path of true peace and freedom.

    • hi Famine

      I have talked to some from South Africa, and there is more to this. Apparently, the strife will pass, and it will become a haven for others being oppressed. God puts us in a place for a reason. We just need to trust in Him.

      • God sent Jan van Riebeeck here to set up a place in the wilderness (Rev 12 read with Isaiah 18) when life for TRUE CHRISTIANS will become tool hard in especially the Americas an Europe. Both the Dutch/Boers/Afrikaner and the British messed up HIS plan through being selfish and greedy, and not doing His will. Add to this the large atheist, Marxist following amongst the blacks and we have a recipe for disaster. The Boer had deserted God, as a nation, long ago. Just read the comments in Beeld/Die Burger and see what I am referring to.

        The Boer had failed in his purpose, which was to take the gospel of Jesus Christ into Africa. Instead, we took church and religion, did our own thing and not His will.

        Jesus Christ will only return when His true church is restored as predicted in Haggai and elsewhere. To achieve that, we have to OBEY by leaving the organised church as commanded in Revelation 18. Jesus does not underwrite the denominations and sects but only a unified, true bride.

        • That’s the truth 100%, but God will restore the Afrikaner.

        • So true , if I may add the the world is full of christians ,but not many are follwers of Christ . We have to have a Christ like mind ,and spot on about the church .Today the churches are a business
          I see how they are greedy for money ,they want to stand in the lime light and take all the credit and no glory is given to our God .The new church will arise .blessings to you 🙏

        • Amen!! Agree with what you say 100%!!

  18. I think that we are (realy) living in interresting times. You should also see Mayan/Native American prophecies. Now is the time to have, and to live in faith! It seems as if all the prophecies/predictions are becoming true.

    • hi perigrine6009

      I know about this American Indian prophecy:

      Do you know of any others? I would be glad to look at them.

    • Why the Mayans?? What part do they have in Jesus Christ, the Everlasting Father (Isaiah 9@::6) who also is the Creator? (John 1) Doesn’t HE know all? Why consult with pagan spiritualists and false prophets?

      • Why consult the dead (heathens/unbelievers) on behalf of the living (born again believers). We should not be hazy about this, it is completely sinful and forbidden by God, and we are to be blameless. I’m glad someone spoke up about it. And besides we as Christians walk by faith not by sight, we don’t need to *know* every detail about the future if we walk with Jesus. HE knows and it is sufficient – when He leads the way and we are following Him.

        • I fear that many structure their lives around these prophecies and not seek His Word as primary GPS device. Some will even take things into their own hands to force prophecies to transpire. That is as unwise as pulling an emerging butterfly from a cocoon, as that will certainly kill it.

          One virtue of the true believer is to wait upon the Lord as the battle belongs to Him and not to us. Every person acting in own power or insight is a fool as only the fool says “there is no God.”

          One should not frog march God into submission as some Boers are doing!

  19. Hi

    I think you dindt exactly reported the original text von van Rensburg. I dont speak about american new weapons for the german army against the russian but from new technology from an OTHER Germany that distroy the russian army by the the spanish border. I speak from vessel (flying saucer?) and i cant reveled the origin of this message. Its a big difference.

  20. Sorry for my poor english,I mean not I but he (van rensburg)

  21. jo

    i`ll send you a snap of something, make up trour own mind

  22. […] sal wees en dat dit in die Kaap provinsie sal begin.  Meeste Suid Afrikaners is baie bekend met Siener van Rensburg.  Vanaf 1871 tot en met sy dood in 1926 het hy meer as 700 visioene oor die toekoms van Suid […]

  23. As is obvious with the secret sign displayed by siener van Rensburg (his hand on a book on his leg)a clear indication how certain false prophets play and use masonry, as backing for secret organisations, divination, soothsayer, like witch of Endor and the resulting curses that followed. I challenge people to read the Scriptures,forbidding fortune telling, spiritualism, shamanism, contacting the dead, casting your lot with Godess of luck, gambling. All pagan origins, contact +27 (0)21 9480096 get their teaching dvd’s revealing the anti Christ deception we live under with Masonry in our Churches, leaders of our Governments, Mandella is a Free Mason, FW de Klerk and Pik Botha is Free Masons. Start to live a Humble Holy lifestyle is the call to have the discernment of the Holy Spirit pointing to the Lord Jesus Christ in all. We are in the grip of false prophets, ie. Crocus ministry, WIP and a Paul Bevin, Anita Giovannoni with their spiritualism and shamanism practices, also a Pastor Martin Pretorius and his friends TB Joshua agents of witchcraft and sorcery, drugs, prostitution and evil practices, locking hands with Muslims in destructive deception. Yes we have to pray Jeremiah 33:3 We are in the last days of how it has become a Middelburg/Witbank combined effort of Free Masons, Muslim joint venture of New age to distort and aid the influence of the ROMAN system of the Dutch Reform, AFM, Anglican, Baptist, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian Whore of Babylon system in society!

    • Nicolaas (Siener) van Rensburg was no mason, nor did he subscribe to any other fraternity. He was a simple shepherd and a true prophet, unlike diviners and psychics. Even I did get similar dreams from God, these are always aligned with Biblical reference and the things DO happen, which is the test for a true prophet.

      We cannot discount Joseph, Danie or any such “dreamers” of God.

      For the record, belonging to an organised church is SIN and we should get out of her – Revelation 17-18.

      It is out of LOVE that God sent old Siener to warn us but my nation must be the most stubborn, obnoxiously obstinate people on earth, as they simply DO NOT LISTEN.

      It is because God has a plan with South Africa that He is taking extra trouble in an effort to secure this land for His final purpose, when Christians from all over the world will congregate here. It is not the Afrikaner that is the elect nation as we like to believe, but rather God’s purpose that had seen Hom going the extra mile. Pity we don’t……

      • hi Pieter

        I believe Seiner was legitimate. I wonder, at times, why the born again africanners are going through all this. I wish them safety and help from God.

        • Marianne, the answer to this is in Zephaniah 3:8-13.

          We are outside of His will!

        • It’s very clear why the “Boers” are suffering at the moment……

          But my explanation will undoubtedly cause constination (& it’s not Apartheid).

          Die Boers is oppad terrug sodra hulle ‘obedient’ word.

          • They are not going to become obedient all of a sudden by themselves. God is going to test this Africaner Nation until they have become humble. Unfortunately not to many are going to survive the outcome thereof. It will also not be like some is thingking is going to be a race thing. It will be a holy nation, an eternal priesthood unto God. Then we will become a blessing to the world, doing what we were called to do from the begining, revealing the King of kings to the nations to the glory of God the Father of us all.

      • If you’re interested in Siener’s ‘electric beams’ vision, please watch the following documentary:

      • Jy het dit reg Pieter. Dis waarvoor die smeltkroes is

        Sterkte en GOD es Liefde. GOD sal sy kinders beskerm


        • Hi Louis dit is als die waarheid in Siener se boek die vierkleur sê hy die land sal weer deur die blankes regeer word ek glo dit ek beskou my self as n Sondaar maar kry soms visione wat waar uit kom ek is n trotse Boer en afrikaner

      • ja ons is n klomp hardkoppige mense, maar God is met ons – yes we are a couple of stubborn people but God is with us, i agree on your words

      • Hi Pieter,

        What is considered an organised church? And then what is a non-organised church?

        • Organised church is where there is an address, a banner/name, where that group has its own identity. The true church has no single leader but a body of elders who jointly govern the church but don’t rule over it.

          The true church needs no organisation as we already are one in Christ, we don’t have any other defined identity and we function independently. Every church getting together in the way of having a reverend or pastor in charge, already is following the RC root.

          In the days of the early church, also referred to as the church of Acts, one would come to a town and the believers there would simply be the Christians of that town. At Dobsonville, it would be the church of Dobsonville, at Greylingstad, it would be the church of Greylingstad. One unified body of believers, not five or ten retail outlets where the gospel gets sold as we see today.

          In the early church, there were pastorS, elderS, teacherS, deaconS but no singular pastor in charge as we see today. Jesus was the governor, not man. Members bowed to HIS authority and not to that of man’s.

          • It’s very clear why the “Boers” are suffering at the moment……

            But my explanation will undoubtedly cause constination (& it’s not Apartheid).

            Die Boers is oppad terrug sodra hulle ‘obedient’ word.

      • Hi Pieter,

        I am a south African living in the UK. I feel completely lost in my life here. I don’t want to come accross as self centered but I need advice. I have not been practicing my faith in the Lord for many years now. I want to move back to the path of Jesus now but not through organiaed modern Christianity as my scepticism of the convenient truth that is preached is false. Please advise me on where to start. Thank you, ernst.

        • Hello Ernst,

          You asked Peter for assistance, but maybe I can be of assistance. Your reply came to me also for some reason. You see, I had a similar desire to seek the paths of righteousness after years of walking my own way.

          One of the first passages I read with new eyes was Psalm 23:1-3 about 4 years ago.

          From these 3 little verses I comprehended that my Good Shepherd will put me on the right path for His name sake. I just needed to humble myself and let Him be my Shepherd.

          Here are some others verses that may help you with your request.

          “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart” (Jeremiah 29:13, ERV).

          “This is what the Lord says:

          ‘The wise must not brag about their wisdom. The strong men must not brag about their strength. The rich must not brag about their money. But if someone wants to brag, then let them brag about this:

          Let them brag that they learned to know me. Let them brag that they understand that I am the Lord, that I am kind and fair, and that I do good things on earth. I love this kind of bragging'” (Jeremiah 9:23-24, ERV).

          “Lord, help me learn your ways. Show me how you want me to live. Guide me and teach me your truths. You are my God, my Savior. You are the one I have been waiting for.

          Remember to be kind to me, Lord. Show me the tender love that you have always had. Don’t remember the sinful things I did when I was young. Because you are good, Lord, remember me with your faithful love.

          The Lord is good and does what is right. He shows sinners the right way to live. He teaches his ways to humble people. He leads them with fairness.The Lord is kind and true to those who obey what he said in his agreement” (Psalm 25:4-8, ERV).

          “Don’t worry about anything, but pray and ask God for everything you need, always giving thanks for what you have. And because you belong to Christ Jesus, God’s peace will stand guard over all your thoughts and feelings. His peace can do this far better than our human minds.

          Brothers and sisters, continue to think about what is good and worthy of praise. Think about what is true and honorable and right and pure and beautiful and respected. And do what you learned and received from me—what I told you and what you saw me do. And the God who gives peace will be with you” (Philippians 4:6-9, ERV).

          “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.…” (Matthew 7:7-8).

          “O LORD, You have heard the desire of the humble; You will strengthen their heart, You will incline Your ear” (Psalm 10:17, ERV).


          The Lord will help you when you open up His Word, asking the Spirit to lead you. You just need to pic a topic or a subject or a book of Bible and start reading – you’ll be amazed at what He will teach you. There are a few good topic within Heaven Awaits that can spark the flame of the Light that is within you too. 😉

          Finally, I suggest this little book –

          Psalm 105:1-4

        • Ernst,

          Please comment/reply, letting me know you received/read what I posted on August 9th. Thank you.

          Psalm 105:1-4

          • DJ

            Comment was in moderation. Just approved. So ernst will see what you posted.

            • Marianne,

              I was thinking my Amazon book link might be an administrative/posting issue.

              From now on – there will be no more referencing books, directing readers to Amazon. I’ll just name the book and author.

              This little book is excellent, pearls of wisdom.

              Thank you.

          • Such a lovely response. I hope you are still on this path. It’s Nov 2018 and I am blessed to have seen your response.

        • Try Andrew Wommack on google

    • Suzette, he never belonged to any fraternity nor did he give any secret sign. This man was Godly. For the record, I was once mistaken fro a Freemason by another Mason as I apparently were giving him signs all evening, that I would be one……. never in my LIFE! Siener was a true prophet and I can tell you that my wife and I had similar visions long before we even knew about him. Just THIS MORNING I had a call from someone stating that what I have seen in a recent dream, had come to pass a few days ago…… The problem is that we don’t realise that these dreams are warnings and that calamity CAN BE AVOIDED by steering clear of the wrong attitudes and deeds.

  24. Istand on my Rock, which is JESUS CHRIST THEREFORE, I can say to you stop dividing the christians, I am talking the true purchased through his blood. Our fight is against the enemy wich is all those who does not believe that the only way is through the cross of Calvary, there we received our freedom of choice. I BELIEVE AND HAVE EXPERIENCED IT. God does talk to you if your spirit is pure and filled with his love. I suggest you start seriously praying for the world, and stop pointing fingers. Don”t judge, because that means you have allready been found wanting. As a nation we must renew our covenant which our white government prostituted. I am not talking politics I am talking of a commitement we made with God our Father to deliver a handfull of trekkers, at Bloodriver. Think about it. Till we repent and make a new covenant God will not hear us.

    • The Bible only recognizes ONE nation and that is the “True Jew” who has a circumcised heart, the reborn, Spirit-filled and obedient servant of Jesus Christ. WE must get back to Him first and make that our priority. Now my next question is this: if we as Afrikaners have been restored as a nation, where and how do other true believers fit into His people then?

      Villa Herbst, please explain to me where all other Christians fit into your mould, or do they get cast aside?

      What makes the Afrikaner different from other believers? Where is Biblical grounds to be found for wanting us to be our own nation? Are we not supposed, as the Bible teaches, to be impartial and to welcome all true believers?

  25. i find it funny that he correctly said that we as the afrikaner volk will be alienated from our roots. isnt that what happened with mr tereblance? he was prosecuted (in jail), then murdered (as foreseen )and now the afrikaner volk are alienated from our roots! get your relationship right with God…..big things are going to happen now………who knows, maybe mr mandela will be murdered as well!seems to be the trend in south africa…..

    • AWB aren’t true Christians as they don’t believe in being reborn through Christ Jesus but through the seed of Abraham. They also don’t represent the true Afrikaner and was formed by intelligence agents to divert and derail some Nazi Afrikaners…

      One can only be a true Afrikaner if also a truly reborn Christian.

      • Good day

        I am new, and only reading through all the replies. Pardon me, but I do not think you know what you are talking about. The AWB does not believe that they are reborn through the seeds of Abraham! Where did you hear this? They are a political party with many different christians. I know, although I am not a AWB member, I am proudly South-African.


        • Many of them told me so themselves. They are not just a polictical organization but also a religious sect. They did openly persecute and hunted down one of teh Ystergarde members after he became a reborn Christian. I have had much exposure to AWB people and my views are based upon personal experience and not speculation.

          • Pieter……you are lost….you have no clue what you are talking about.
            Terreblanch was not a member of some sect but a Christian.
            You are an example of what is wrong with the Boers today. We all (well 95%) believe in God. We are the only nation who had 3 covenants with God. Most still feel immense pride that God led our forefathers through some hard times. Most of us still are immensely proud of our heritage. Yes there are some who are traitors and will be eliminated when the time comes but it will be His time and not ours.
            I do not for once believe that God is going to stone is all if we deviated a little from the path. Do you as a father not still love your stubborn wayward child?
            Is our job not to NOT judge our brother but lead him to the right path?
            When we start judging our own we have forsaken our religion, heritage and roots.
            Siener’s prophecies were to give us direction, to warn us what is coming. We need to stand together and pray for forgiveness for us and our brothers and sisters (our nation).
            We need to get back to our roots and start living like the old days….not material things but the Christian caring way of live. When we lend a hand to our neighbour’s at no cost,, when we fed the widow and her kids without boasting. When we really helped one another and gave freely.
            We have a long way to go but I do believe our salvation is nearer than what we think.
            I do believe that the tide will turn, if not with this May elections then the next. But this situation WILL end or have ended by 2024.

      • Jy kan darm maar n klomp kak praat! Hou liewer jou bek

    • BIG THINGS are happening right now

  26. To All Humanity
    Van Rensburg got this Gift from The Holy Spirit as spoken about in the New Testament.Turn to GOD an give your heart to JESUS He is the way and the light.There is no way to the Father but JESUS.
    We are suffering because of rebellion against GOD.We can turn our nations around but only through JESUS.
    Pray and repent Now do not wait
    JESUS is ALIVE!!!

    • Louis, very good advice indeed. Sadly, at this late hour, we still have those opposing the Biblical requirement for being reborn and people want to proclaim Jesus but from their religious perspective only. Their faith remains an academic one, not vested in a circumcised heart..

      I am afraid that our nation is too stubborn and rebellious to submit to His authority and would typically want to be their own Gods and have Jesus Christ as a mascot instead. That does not make anyone a Christian but being reborn does.

      Throughout His life, Jesus did not only teach obedience but displayed it as He was leading by example. Our Boer nation wants to serve Him on their own terms instead, which is not Biblical.

  27. It’s quite strange how every thing just falls into place. There is the Julius Malema hate song, the death of E.T and the amnesty of handing in weapons, it all fits just a little too well togheter doesn’t it?? Like julius said today ” I was singing that song since i was 9 year old and i will continue!!” So we can carry on refering to blacks as “” KAFFERS”” Because some of us were brought up by refering to them as that.That is what he’s saying. Atleast some of us have put the past behind and moved on. I do believe that God will help all of us who seriously believe that a free country to all is possible.If you read this pray because BIG things are coming our way!!!!!!!

  28. Kill the kaffers

    • X, your hatred shows that you are no believer. Your supposedly white skin, regardless, it means that you are a kaffir as that word means “unbeliever.”

      Expect to be killed by God in an eternal sense if you do not repent and return to serve your Creator, through obedience to His will.

  29. Ek is moeg geworry oor die dinge wat nou gebeur.hoekom mt onskuldige mense onder gaan.ek is bang vir oorlog.wat ga van my kinders word en hoe gaan ek hulle beskerm as ons mense aangeval word?ek huil in my hart want alles is so onnodig.

    • Annelize

      My gebede is met julle. As ek kan help, stuur my vertel hoe. Ek werklik omgee oor wat met jou gebeur.


    • Dear Annelize, the Lord in His wisdom puts us to various tests. For some reason, we face on of the greatest tests in our history and we have to be brave and put our trust in the Lord. Daar is ‘n rede waarom ons in hierdie verskriklike tye moet leef, en ons sal moet sterk wees in die dae wat kom. En glo my, my kinders is ook nog klein en my hart voel oorweldig deur vrees van wat met hulle mag gebeur. Maar glo saam met my dat ons eendag die groter doel sal sioen. Alle lof aan die Here.

      • I asked the same and got the folowing from GOD. Read (Jesaja) in the bibel that will tell you the hole resone .The book Jesaja is south Africa this came from GOD and as i red the book i can tel you all that is writen came clear to me and now see why this hapens and what will come to be.

      • The short answer is that we as the Boer nation had forsaken God through our warped beliefs and eccentric ideas of who we are. We do not believe in being reborn any longer, despite what Jesus, who is God, had been teaching Himself. We are using Him as a mascot and we wear our supposed faith like armor on the outside but are rotten within.

        We negate His salvation by going back under the law and by denouncing all other Christians from other origins. We wrongly believe that we are the lost tribes of Israel and stand our ground on that vehemently.

        We disobey God by being racist.

        The bigger picture is this: Jesus Christ, in His own words, did not teach a rapture as is common nowadays. Instead, in Matthew 24, we see that He had made provision for true believers, as also stated at the end of Revelation 12. It corresponds with Isaiah 18, for instance.

        As we will be the hosts providing accommodation for the true believers during the tribulation, we will need to realise that God will be sending us not Boers from abroad, not just whites, but also true believers from other ethnic groups and races.

        As long as we entertain the idea that only Boers can be saved or that blacks and Asians are animals, we remain outside of His will and exposed to assault by Satan. God’s protection does not cover a sinful life. As long as we oppose His will in saying that we don’t need to be reborn, we rebel against Jesus Christ, the creator, who is Everlasting Father. (Isaiah 9:6)

        We need to prepare ourselves, by purifying ourselves from sinful thoughts and ideas, by becoming compliant with His Word and to be open to ALL of His children.

        We cannot serve Him and fulfill our purpose here in South Africa as long as we are following our own sinful desire and ideas.

        • Pieter,

          You wrote – “We need to prepare ourselves, by purifying ourselves from sinful thoughts and ideas, by becoming compliant with His Word and to be open to ALL of His children.

          We cannot serve Him and fulfill our purpose here in South Africa as long as we are following our own sinful desire and ideas.”


          It is time, (and time is short) to establish/prepare our hearts, the Judge is at the door (James 5) around the world.

          Psalm 40

        • Pieter……please please stop this globalist multiculturalism nonsense.
          Where is it written that being racist is a sin?

    • Annelize, if you have God’s mark on your forehead, what can a man do to you? God is our tower and our refuge. My family and I have already gone through endless persecution, not by blacks, but in our very own Christian churches. It is so because the church is lifeless, people stampede after Angus Buchan but few get to Jesus Christ themselves. Clueless, directionless.

      • Amen Pieter! God is our only refuge. As alarming and upsetting as these prophecies are – especially to us with young children – we can completely relax in the knowledge that if we have submitted our lives to Jesus Christ, He is in control. Fear is from the enemy and he especially uses end-time prophecies to create fear and panic in people’s minds. The uncertainty of future events become our focus instead of resting in Him. We also forget that nothing that is happening is surprising God! He already knows the outcome of every situation. Go hide in Him when you’re afraid Annelize.:)

    • Anelize. Vertrou op JESUS leer die BYBEL behoorlik als is daar in wat jy nodig het. Moenie gaan op wat jy in die kerk leer nie want ek het al gesien meeste dominies weet nie wat aangaan nie. Al GOD es beloftes is in die BYBEL vir ons.
      Stuur my n mail as jy meer will weet en JESUS kan help.

  30. whats interesting to note, is that in his book a mention of a prominent polital figure is assassinated (murdered), as well as a mention of a glass coffin. ET has just been murdered, and front page news in a discovery of a new human species, the bones are on display in the glass casing!

    • @Shaun, I read the book and it seems to me the assassinated figure was going to be the one in the glass coffin. The assassination vision is about the retaliation of blacks marching on a big city and killing everything in their path. I do not think that ET’s death and the discovery of the bones are in relation to his vision.

      My reason for saying so, is because in his vision he sees the body of the assassinated person lying in Church Square Pretoria, for seven days where his followers mourn him and thereafter the march on a big city takes place.

  31. Sjoe, dis baie interessant!

  32. Wat nou van siener se visie van ‘n donker wolk uit die noorde? Lyk my die dinge begin nou bymekaarkom met die Ysland vulkaan ens.

    • Ek dink hy bedoel het ‘n inval vanuit die noorde. Maar ek kan verkeerd wees, en die donker wolk van die vulkaan is ‘n teken.

      • Ek het grootgeword in ‘n familiekultuur waar ons agv verskeie redes net meer kennis geneem het van ons omgewing as die gemiddelde persoon en dan was daar ook geleentheid om navorsing te doen op tye en plekke waar ander dit miskien nie sou aangryp nie. Akteur Lieb Bester se besoek(e) aan ons gemeente op Worcester in die laat sewentigerjare het die belangstelling net verder geprikkel. Hy was toe ‘n majoor in die Weermag en het baie interessant gesels oor die opkoms van die antichris, die rol wat kommunisme daarin speel (vandag nog) asook die subversiewe en koverte aanslag op die gedagtegangvan die gemiddelde landsburger. Later in my lewe sou ‘n ander majoor in die miltere intelligensie daarop voortbou en haarfyn beskryf hoe bv bedryfsielkundiges aangewned is om prgramme soos Frasier te skryf. Vir die geoefende oog is dit maklik om die verskuilde boodskappe in bv Law & Order of NCIS te sien. Meeste mense is onbewus daarvan, Meeste kan ook nie oortuig word nie omdat hulle kennisbasis en verwysingsraamwerk eenvoudig tekort skiet.

        Die lugmagbasis in Botswana het geen werklike rede om daar te wees nie. Dit was geheim gehou totdat van ons oud-spesmagsoldate daarvan gepraat het na hulle ontslag. Interessant genoeg dat Eskom (!) ‘n groot lughawe (daar is ‘n lugmagbasis) by Ellisras/Lephalale gebou het. in min of meer dieselfde tyd as wat die Amerikaners hulle basis gebou het.

        Daar is genoeg bewyse dat SA een of ander tyd – dalk gouer as wat ons dink – inmenging van die UN gaan sien, dis gewoon Amerika met wit karre. Siener van Rensburg was nie die enigste een wat dit vooruit gesien het nie en dis jammer dat sy gesigte deur politieke ontleders geinterpreteer is. Die boodskap is anders wanneer ”n mens biddend daaroor lees.

        Dus: daar is magsopbou wat nie deur die huidige regering se hantering van ons Weermag teengestaan kan word nie.

        Steeds oor Amerika: 16 Desember 1989 val die VSA die reubliek van Panama binne en voltrek ‘n staatsgreep. In 2001 word die film The Taylor of Panama daar gemaak. Op ‘n stadium neem iemand vir Pierce Brosnan rond in die stad en wys hom due ruines van daardie oorlog. Toe Brosnan hom vra hoekom die stad so stukkend geskiet is, antwoord die ander akteur (albei was kastig geheime agente) dat dit die werk was van “President Obama of America.” Obama? 2001 in ‘n fliek vermeld?

        Nou by biometrika. Ek het in 1979 gematrikuleer en was reeds van my St7 dae af bewus van die merk van die dier. Dus so vroeg soos 1976 was ek en heelwat skoolmaats bewus daarvan dat mense beheer sou word deur ‘n rekenaar wat toe reeds in Belgie gestaan het en die naam gedra het van The Beast. Al het geeneen van ons al ooit ‘n rekenaar gesien nie, het ons geweet dat dit dmv telefoonlyne en verskeie kleiners rekenaars gedoen sou word.

        Ek was sedert 1982 in IT (wat later ICT geword het) en ek het ook in 1985 my hart aan die Here gegee. Binne 2 dae het Hy my eenvoudig net insig gegee, my verstand geopen om die werled se geldstelsel te sien vir wat dit is en hoe dit werk. Nie sleg vir ‘n ou wat NIKS van geld en besigheid af geweet het nie.

        Sedertdien self met hoofraamstelsels gewerk, asook min-rekenaars (50 gebruikers) en voorlopers van die PC. Lank voordat MS-DOS met ons was, was my eerste eie rekenaar aangedryf deur CP/M. Ek ken ICT van verskeie kante af en kan gekwalifiseerd bevestig dat die merk van die dier in openbaring 13-14 WEL ook die mikroskyfie insluit. Google “IBM Retail Ad RFID” en kyk wat uitspring. Ek het baie ure in IBM se konferensies deurgebring en weet hoe hulle sisteme werk en hoe gereed hulle is om bv duisende HOOFRAME wereldwyd met 1 PC vanuit KAAPSTAD te kan beheer. Dis ongelooflik maar hulle kan met VSAN en Tivoli al dardie reusagtige rekenaars se tape drives en blade systems raaksien as EEN ENKELE hardeskyf! Wat meers is, hulle kan van buite af BEHEER oorneem van enige gekoppelde hoofraam en of LAN/WAN/MAN/Gan sisteem.

        Die chip veroorsaak ook agressiewe nuwe kankers, net soos in Openbaring gestel. Dan is daar steeds prominente geestelike leiers in hierdie land wat vir Christene leer om die chip te laat inplant “want dit is niks te doen met die merk van die dier nie.” ‘n Moslem het teenoor my gekla dat hulle as Arabiese Moslems ontevrede is met die Indiese Moslems wat dit vir hadj-gangers na Mekka wil inplant om beheer oor mense te kan oorneem.Moslems, Hindoes maak beswaar – Christene moedig dit openlik aan!

        God skryf SY NAAM op ons voorkoppe en daarom mag die chip nie daar kom nie, want dit is die simbool van die antichris, dis satan homself. As jy dit ontvang het, kan jy NIE die ewige lewe ingaan NIE. Daarom moets mense geleer word om dit te weier.

        Ons regering en banke werk saam en is deel van die groter netwerk van die BRIC-lande (Brazil, Rusland, China en India) wat lankal saamwerk om die 666 hier en in hulle lande in te faseer. Ruse wat daarteen gekant is, het amper tien jaar gelde die film “6” gemaak om mense daarteen te waarsku.

        Dit is belaglik dat ons mense evangeliseer, tot by die Here kry en dan laat merk vir die antichris. Die merkproses het ingeboude meganismes wat die inplanting onomkeerbaar maak.

        Ons dominees en pastore preek nie meer uit Openbaring nie en ons mense gaan ten gronde agv gebrekkige kennis. Die swye is erg genoeg maar wat onvesrkoonbaar is, is dat mense AANGEMOEDIG word om dit te gebruik!

        Herlewing gaan kom in Afrika maar wat SA aanbetref, het ons eers die hekkie van ongekende militere geweld wat op ons wag en dit kan enige tyd losbreek, die tekens is reeds daar. Meeste sal onkant betrap en meegeselur word, hulle lewens prysgee, omdat die waarskuwing onwelkom was. Mense WIL nie die boodskappe hoor nie.

      • Hi Marianne,

        Ek werk nog my hele lewe met rekenaars. vandat ek 5 is (ja voor skool) en eks nou 35. Ek het BSC rekenaars en BEng elektronies geswot.

        Ek wil net een comment maak:
        Daar is geen manier dat ‘n chip ooit ‘n mens se denk patroon oor kan neem nie.


        • It won’t take over your thought process but it will govern your actiona……and I have been in ICT ever since 1982. Identity is what it is all about……..and control of finances & trading, access control, etc. Use your B.Sc, add some common sense and investigate IBM and you will see what I mean.

      • There was no vision like this……not prior to our Government breaking up and running like cowards…..
        Get Prof Rath”s book or FH Pretorius’ books. Those are more correct than the ones from Snyman.

  33. Kan iemand my help of se waar ek Engelse boek oor Oom Siener te kry asb.

  34. Thank you Marianne, for your wisdom and love on this page. Let us be strong and stay true to our beliefs, because one day we will see the greater picture. Bless you all.

    • You are welcome, Aniek. These are times when we all need support, and the mercy of God. To receive mercy, we should show mercy. May we all be well, and safe.

  35. I am also looking for a copy of the english translated book by adriaan snyman – voice of a prophet. I think what we should remember is that, its an interpretation of the original writing of siener van rensburg, so its open to debate. Its the same as the nostradamus interpretations, there is no way to be 100% correct. You will never find a book out there, that will dictate the future word for word, its impossible. So assassination/murder of a political figure, a glass coffin holding bones of an undiscovered species, the volcanic eruption in Iceland, who’s to say that this isnt what Siener actually saw.

  36. No one can determine what will happen in the future!!! leave God’s job to him and stop trying to make things worse! Seriously rediculous! Not all afrikaners are white, so everyone get your facts straight, you think black people are rasist look at all of you, now maybe can you recall why this is all happening????? What happened in the past has nothing to do with our newer generation, so take your boer issues and go fight them yourselves, not all white people have to do with this!

    • @irritated…haha…”boer issues”…these “issues” have to do with you to, my dear friend…very interesting article… I’m surely going to get myself this book. Was sent stuff in an email yesterday – quite scary all those things, but will eventually happen. God bless “our” people in South Africa.

    • “Irritated” We will all be standing together should something happen – so prepare yourself..!!

  37. irritated, whats your problem. we are discussing a book here you idiot. its ridiculous, not rediculous. if you have something interesting to say they contribute, otherwise dont.

  38. @irritated , at the end of the day , the war that are going to happen in South_africa will be between The Believers Of God and Non Believers no matter what colour you are…? If you are so irritated please feel free to get of the site and go do what ever you do….

    • Someone seems to be getting the message right……. as a proudly white Afrikaner, I also know that my first citizenship and identity is vested in Christ Jesus, that I am firstly one of His nation of “true Jews” and that I am part of that kingdom spanning across the globe, inclusive of all who believe in this way.

      Forming alliances outside of this or secondary thereto, is dividing His kingdom, having divided loyalties and serving another god. Do not separate yourselves from God’s kingdom by pursuing a non-eternal citizenship. We are aliens to this world and establishing a secondary group identity is falsehood.

      Be one in Christ and follow HIM only.

  39. I believe

  40. Instead of being irritated, fearful or worried, why not turn to God in answer to His invitation in 2 Chronicles 7:17 which reads as follows: “If My people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves, pray, seek, crave, and require of necessity My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land.” If we as South Africans come before our God and seek His face, will He not turn away all the disaster and evil? He did it for Israel when she answered His call to turn to Him? Are we not also His children? There was a place that said that we deserved what we will be getting BUT in God there is a place where we receive forgiveness. Jesus died on the cross and nailed every writ and script that was against us to the Cross. Colocians 2:14. He is Faithful and True and will forgive us our sins. Look to Him and fear not. If it comes and you belong to Jesus you are going one way TO HIM. Turn to Him in prayer, hand yourself over to Him. He holds the future and let Him hold you in His nailscared hands.

    In the love of Christ

    • @ Madelein

      The best post so far. I am from the USA and think of returning to SA. Lot’s of fear inside me over these issues. Read a very disturbing article in a USA magazine about the current situation in SA…the murders of farmers – the youth leader(?) etc. I also have a family with small kiddies. Things are looking dim in the USA.

      What struck me in the article was a summery of what happened during the blood river war in Natal. And what happened before that when Dingane murdered 70 of the boer leaders who wanted to be reconciled with him. Dingane silenced the crowd and then yelled “Kill the Wizards!” Sounds almost like “Kill the Boers”

      I almost think that this youth leader might be the one laying dead in the streets of Pretoria. Who knows?

      But the Lord gave the battle to the Boers at blood river because those men went doen on their knees and prayed to God for help. Much the same way as how David and the Isrealites seeked the face of God…leading to blessing. The opposite we also know is true.

      Blessgins to all…..Florida – USA

      • Henk…that’s the problem. Us Afrikaners think that a weekend with Oom Angus brings us closer to God. We can run to him but when last did you see us men fall on our faces without belonging to some movement or action of some sorts?

        These things CAN be avoided if we just will submit to the authority of God.

        Before you return, read this:

        1. Our Dutch (Holland) ancestors came here to bring the gospel to
        Africa and founder Jan Van Riebeeck made a covenant with God on
        April 6, 1652. Our French ancestors came here in 1688 because
        they were being persecuted for their faith in Europe. They were
        the French Huguenots. German blood was added later.
        2. Our forefathers BOUGHT land, I saw some of these deeds of sale
        myself. Much of the interior of South Africa was no man’s land
        due to the murderous raids by the Matebele of Zimbabwe. Unlike
        in other colonies, we did not STEAL any land, but the British
        did so at the and of the Anglo Boer War.
        3. From as far back as around the mid-1800’s, the BLACK SETTLERS in
        Cape Town started riots inspired by atheist communist Karl Marx.
        AS whites are outnumbered 9:1, the white Afrikaner realised the
        need to protect everybody’s rights from both British oppression
        and violent majority rule.
        4. This view was strengthened as the result of the Anglo Boer war
        when the British used roughly 450,000 troops to burn down our
        farms. Women and children were interned in the most inhumane
        way in concentration camps, where they wre fed ground glass
        mixed with their gruel. Upward of 26,000 died as a result.
        After the war, the British chased black farmers of their land
        and it were the white Afrikaners whom had shown them mercy.
        5. Blacks sided by the British oppressors and also by the atheist
        ideologies of Karl Marx. The Afrikaner realised the danger due
        to unfavourable demographics and started working at Afrikaner
        nationalism that would find its way into government so as to
        protect the rights of all minority groups as well. AFRIKANER
        BLACK VIOLENCE AS WE SEE TO THIS DAY. We don’t hate blacks,
        actually were are fond of them and respect them….BUT we will
        oppose their anarchist, ungodly violent conduct with our last
        drop of blood.
        6. During apartheid years, immense amounts of disinformation was
        spread around the globe through a media driven by the New World
        Order. the lie was swallowed, hook, line and sinker.
        7. The decay of South Africa is unbelievable. Don’t be fooled by
        the obvious, scratch underneath the surafce and see what had
        happened to social welfare, health care, education,
        infrastructure, scientific research, etc.
        8. Whites are excluded from job positions – the Afrikaner
        government secured jobs for them during apartheid and looked
        after them.
        EXEMPT! When they then burnt down schools, universities,
        hospitals, etc’, the minority white taxpayers were VERY upset,
        of course! ( I was a tax officer at Inland Revenue at the
        11. Anyone criticising me is welcome to do so AFTER you have come
        here and applied your wisdom in PRACTICE. Anything short of
        that means a lack of insight, you cannot compare this to the UK,
        USA or any other country.
        12. Can you justify 4,000 farmers killed brutally? Or the 600,000
        that, unlike blacks, do not get food coupons or other assistance
        from the Government. They live in the most desperate
        circumstances and even THEN get robbed by the blacks, as we did
        in both Zandvlei near Muizenberg as well as at Kommetjie, both
        camping sites around Cape Town. My family and I had gone to
        hell and back, we could not sleep at night as many times black
        hands came from under the canvas and grabbed our stuff. We
        lived through many winters in the wet and cold, whilst blacks
        were given tents and even heaters!


      • Piet Retief was a Freemason and so were others in his party. Zulu shamans/witchdoctors can discern spirits as we have repeatedly observed in the mission field. They were most likely killed because of their covert worship of Jahbulon, who is Satan. Many lower ranking Freemasons don’t reallize what they are involved with. The celebrated Sanusi Credo Mutwa has similar understanding and mentioned same to David Icke.

        So many Boers today suffer from spiritual bondage related to the Satanic fraternizing of our ancestors. I really doubt they knew what they were doing, but that still gave Satan the title deed to the third and fourth generations…..

        Few Boers were sieners like Sarel Cilliers and Niklaas van Rensburg. In general, our ancestors were religious but had little or no real relationship with God. In all their piety, only a handful really were reborn and guided by His Spirit.

        We owe it to Jesus to become reconciled with Him. Read Zephanaiah 3:8-13. It say more than meets the eye.

        If we want to be true Boers, we need to be true Christians first. And we cannot own God as our pet, but we must serve Him and other nations around us in His love.

        No with whips!

    • Wonderful wisdom and insight, Madelein!

  41. The Masonic principle is simple:
    Skep n model van vrees en mense sal volgens die reels speel.
    ,soos Albert Pike gedoen het (the architect and predictor of 3 world wars with the help of satan)-google dit maar.
    Hier het ons dieselfde model deur n “Siener” hy skep n toestand deur vrees. Dit gebeur tien teen een want die mens glo eerder die stelsel (en media) en nie die Woord (bv naasteliefde, hoop, vergewing).
    Dit speel ten einde af “met die hulp van Duitsland” (blou briewe -kleur van messelary) wat niemand anders as die VN is nie met die vals messias (Pous, RK Kerk) Een stelsel regoor die wereld. want die pheonix (messelaar simboliek) kan net uit as (chaos) verrys.
    Ons sal moet baie wyer as net ons land kyk. Die draak gaan baie soos die Lam lyk en praat.(Openbaring)
    As jy nie in Christus is nie; is jy in die wereld – en OOP vir enige vals hoop en vrees.

    • baie waar

    • Goed kom ons kyk na wat geseg word. Siener het nie eige gewin uit die visioene geneem nie hy het altyd dit as GOD se woord gestel. Hy was neederig arm en glad nie in die lig van sy eige ek nie. Nou seg die een outjie hier dat die goete kan Vrymeselaars wees. Nee mater daai mense is vol van hulself kom bledie ryk voor en is in die kolig en in die voorgestoeltes. So ou siener pas nie daai prentjie nie. Die WOORD egter is waarom als moet draai so kan ons elkeen selfs ons eige geskreewe dinge hier bekyk en beoordeel. So was wat hy geseg het BYBELS? ek kan dan mos tereg seg ja so duer die oorlewing is sy gedagtes en dade uit eer aan GOD gedoen nie vir homself nie. Dan die volgende vraag het sy visioene waar geword ? Nog n bybelse oordeel en dan weer ja dit het so wat nou? Die antigristiese voorspelings vaal een na ander en hier word die ou oomie sin waar so sou jy dan kan seg dat daar erens iets in steek?
      Nou seg ons ook om bang tewees is antigristies as iemand ons waarsku. Onthou ons dan nou vir Job? Hy gaan waarsku Nineve en seg 40 dae en julle word verwoes. Sjoe daar spring daai klomp om en gaan beklaag hul sondes voor GOD en die kruks was dat hulle ernstig was en wat gebuer? GOD hoor en trek SY hand van verwoesting terug!! En daar is ou Job smoorkwaad!! Sien ons n selfde tendens hier onderons? Neem die woord en gaan met dit na GOD en soos Nineve laat ons boetvaardig wees en GOD kan ons baia seer en hartseer spaar. Die siener se woorde is waarskuwings nie verdoemenis nie neem wat goed is en laat ons bou in JESUS naam.

      Toe Daniel in die luekuil was hoekom was hy daar? Sjoe GOD het hom nie uitgeruk nie nee GOD was saam hom daar en het hom beskerm. In die vuur herd onthou GOD was daar en hulle het nie gebrand nie. So GOD neem jou nie uit jou beproewing nie maar is met jou daar en beskerm jou en elke mond sal getuig ons het n GOD amen.

      Nou die woord hier uitgeleg van hin siener is derhalwe die weg om jou gedagte te laat soek gaan soek die woord van GOD die ware woord is die BYBEL en daar sal jy GOD se woord vir jouself vind. Ons het soveel maagde sonder olie wat slaap en waneer die kenis jou by die eenigste deur sal kan laat ingaan sal jy ok wegewys word met gebrek aan kenis. Gaan en kry extra olie vir jou self die wapenrusting is in die BYBEL gaan leer wat GOD wil he nie wat ander wil he nie maar groei in GOD dis die reding wat ons gaan nodig.

      Glo maar daar is opad wat geprofeteer is mag die wat ore het hoor en gaan soek na hulle weg tot JESUS want daar is groot dinge opad en waneer die basuin blaas is dit telaat. GOD stuur gereeld boodskape draai terug dis nie bang maak dinge nie dis n VADER wat SY kiners waarsku hou op sondig en ons luister ma swaar.
      Gaan da oorlog wees? Daar is alreeds so subtiel dis onmenslik en ons almal wat hier skrewe kyk ander pat. Dit sal mos nie met ons gebuer. Dan so met CPF gedoente sien jy hoe n man 8 keer gesteek word helder opdag vir niks in sy eige huis. Voel jy so magteloos as die een polisie man na hin ander gevang word vir diefstal en aaranding somer 12 n week! Nee mense die dinge gebuer werklik en getuig kan ek van baia woord wat gegee is van GOD ma hier praat ons nou oor n profeet en ja Siener van Rensburg is n profeet nie was nie want die woorde word waar so kyk na dit en neem die getuienis aan GOD het uit die profesie ons dan belowe tot sukses in GOD se naam so warom sal ons bang wees vir dit wat moet kom GOD sal voorsien amen. Laat GOD se woorde GOD se woorde wees so sal dit wees amen ja amen.

    • Jan, verduidelik assbelief wat dit beteken om “in Christus” te wees. Ek weet waarvan jy praat maar baie ander begryp dit nie. As jy nie omgee nie, verduidelik in Engels asseblief want hierdie is ‘n internasionale forum en dalk is dit jou geleentheid om mense van buite ons Afrikaner-grense te bereik met die evangelie?

  42. Hi Where can i find a book of Siener Van Rensburg?

  43. Okay so we know what are going to happen, but what are we doing about it

  44. The electromagnetic waves causing bloodshed at a distance sounds like HAARP. This Afrikan man seems sincere and sorry for the world. I like prophets who cry…Jesus wept over Jerusalem. We must pray, fast from greediness of all sorts, and trust, trust, rtust. Only the very humble will be safe from satan and harm. Elation of heart, conceit, and SNAP you’re caught. Live in Bethlehem with Mary and Joseph…smell the animals, the straw, the earth. “I am meek and lowly of heart…ye shall find rest.” Think of Our Lord as an earthworm, trodden underfoot, oxygenating the earth. There is safety, with Him and all who belong to Him.

  45. Hi ek wil nt weet of hy die wereldbeker sokker ook voorspel ht

    • Siener DID say that SPORTS will become the god of the nation…..I don’t think that he had said anything specific about the FIFA 2010 World Cup, though. For the record, very poor people were evicted and left homeless in Portswood Road, Cape Town, a few weeks before kick-off.

      The soccer had a very bad impact upon some as FIFA rules caused retailers to lose money.

      Sports has replaced God as the 1988 referendum proved – most voted pro_NEW WORL ORDER just to be able to be accepted back into world sports……!! many openly admitted this, even!

  46. Baie interresant

  47. Interesting info indeed!

  48. …those who hear but do not listen….

  49. And remember something else…his visions are from GOD, these visions from die Indians are wrong.

  50. I don’t think that Van Rensburg was a Freemason – his visions were unplanned and not to be linked with fixed or man-made symbolism. I sometimes right poems and regards this kind of inspiration as something similar: in a flash one senses something that you know transcends normal boundaries of space and time. Deja-vu experiences possibly also relate to this. Perhaps his visions were part of a divine mystery to give people hope in times when life was difficult, and for many after the Anglo-Boer War scars would only heal over three generations and more. I however do think that people should avoid sensational claims; in the end life is about a daily internal struggle within individuals and the search for the Light within. Hardship will always be there, anywhere, as long as we dwell in bodies that decay.

    • hi Ben

      I agree. Man has a spirit that connects with the natural creation, the supernatural realm, and his creator. Inspiration comes, and enlarges our perceptions.

  51. Hi All

    Here is the link to Sieners facebook profile alot of open discussions on it!/pages/Siener-van-Rensburg/119051528105827




  53. pieter kontak my asb by

  54. 70% of the truth with in prophecy is missng. i.e Ra or Yahwe, is stil in African languages & believ system, blood line of Judah, in our true culture God is Alpha&OMEGA, A person is sacret “uBUNTU” any 1 drinkn blood, worshpng water creature(SNAKES) yes its evil. if U knw Africansm! 2 worshp any1 but God? its not of an African. Learn from San/XE i.e Bushmen writngs, ba Lobedi, ba Lemba surving knwldge of pure Judah. Abundens of knwldg is stil untouchd & dies with our eldrs/stil killd. e.g use of “anti ccr5 delta+32 gene{nonCaulcacian}”synthetic agent used to xterminate blacks &others. Ironicaly stil writen in 2500yrs Peru, Mexico, Timbuktu, nothrn cape RSA, ETHOPIA, TIBET.. Our childrn stories. Of an African is peace, luv, forgivnes,ubuntu botho 3ness.. Read yo Bible with unbiasd pure heart. Xolile 0847616235

    • Xolile

      Jesus Christ was the Creator God – nothing needs to be added to His prophecies. He is God, there is no trinity as churches teach but rather God appearing in various forms, always symbolic of purpose or function. Interestingly, the great Zulu sanusi Credo Mutwa also stated the same and said that some whites are bad because they worship the biggest false god Jahbulon. In that, he referred to the Freemasons, I suppose.

      No, my dear friend, there is nothing missing. We should onlu accept what Jesus Christ had taught. No addition required as all is already happening just as He had shown.

      There may be many prophecies but which are inspired by Jesus? Millions of other prophets existed but only those sent by Him are true.

  55. xolile…..please write in a way that you can be understood….abbreviations and acronyms may be good for text messages but to do this in conversation is simply not good. speak to me in full sentences and not like a tenth grader school gangster….please!

    I am aware of the Kgalagadi Bushmen (please do not call them “San” as that is a BAD word….like “Kaffer” or “Boer” or “Kiwi”….). These Bushmen have in the oral traditional folklore the story of Noah’s flood, for instance.

    Africa has a huge role to play….Isaiah 18. Xolile, African animism is not in line with the new covenant through Jesus Christ, the Creator God. I never said these ancient beliefs don’t exist……but test the spirits as its origins are EVIL.

    The question is this. to all of mankind: if we submit to Christ Jesus and OBEY His will, will we then still kill another? I guess not. The problem with man is that man wants to be in control, man wants to have his own will done and man wants the supreme God to bow before him.

    There will always be strife as longs as we do NOT allow God to be just that….God!

    For the record, old Siener said that the bad blacks wile live amongst many good blacks and that is why they will not be able to be attacked to purge the evil from the good. The very same is true for the abelungu, of course, as we see how the bad lives amongst the good. It only takes a few bad ones to make a crowd look bad.

    Forgiveness will come when blacks stop using atheist, Marxist methods to force their way, when they stop worshiping Satan through the violent mass action that gave rise to apartheid in the first place. As long as blacks claim to be reborn but display this satanist attributes, there will be no Ubuntu or Msakhane or peace…..most of us whites do not hate blacks but we do hate this satanic conduct, we cannot understand why any person in his right mind would have so little self-respect to become part of such ungodly behaviour. Right now, evil, ungodly China is being drawn into Namibia….500,000 of them! Talk about getting rid of oppression from the white man and then voluntarily submitting to the evil authority of the most evil oppressors in the world!

    Mugabe does it
    Mbeki did it
    Mandela was jailed for it
    Zuma is doing it

    That was what apartheid really was about… keep these evil forces from coming from afar to OPPRESS AFRICANS! But, typical of the Black African, once again greed is stronger than character and these leaders are selling out their very own people to a nation that even as I write here, torture people for their faith…and not only Christians, but all believers of various faiths.

    Rhis stupidity was foretold by Siener as well……..but the white man gets the blame. Xolile, it is time for the black African to evolve and to rid himself of the immaturity that had kept him as the slave of others for 600 years in terms of the abelungu and tpousands of years in terms of the Arabs.

    You will ALWAYS be slaves of others as long as you are greedy, sell your own as slaves to others like Zuma is doing with the BRIC countries……it is time to take responsibility for yourselves.

    Get rid of ungodly communism, get rid of violent strikes, get rid of greed, get rid of downright laziness (even the ANC mentions this in Parliament!) and roll up your sleeves, become willing servants of mankind and your country, be prepared to work extra for no money like us whites do……MATURE and then you won’t be slaves!

    Just Saturday I saw again how selfish my Xhosa colleague is and how unprepared she, as a self-proclaiming reborn Christian, is to do as I did, to work and hour for free. Not even hard work….. but this selfishness and greed is what keeps the black man committing social suicide…and, because he remains in denial, always blaming others, the black man will remain a slave. By his very own CHOICE.

    While blaming Bush for New Orleans, black armed policemen in uniform turned against their own…… TYPICAL!

    Fo5get ancient teachings; comply with His plan for YOUR future, grab hold of the perfection that he has for you! Christ Jesus was not European, so he isn’t “the white man’s God” but God to all. And His plans are perfect, He is anxious to bless YOU but read Isaiah 30, see how the black man chooses to serve people that bring shame and no honour! Rid yourselves of the bad flies and take up the wonderful position that Jesus Christ is anxious to bless you with…………if you will allow Him!

    As for whites using synthetic stuff…..I do believe you and I also know that this is evil…have you asked WHY they see the need for that? Even so, I oppose that as I oppose the 4rg Reich which is the NWO.

    Xolile, call your people to WAKE UP! They must not give reason for others to want to oppress and harm them, which is what they are doing with this evil of Cosatu and its satanic allies! There is a better way, a perfect way…….. email me

  56. Interesting. I agree with what is foretold by this man. The black people of this country had better wake up for when the time comes God will be on our side once again and your numbers (As it was with Blood River) will count for nothing and you will be swallowed up once again. You never learn. I’m sorry for it but even if we have to beat it out of you we’ll force you to grow up. We aren’t a violent people and we will not live in violence. I hope it happens this way because things cannot continue in this aimless direction. When it does, fall on your knees and truly repent for you cannot fight the power of the Lord God.

  57. I am interested

    • he mentioned trouble with blacks displaying gross civil disobedience by blacks when the ice melts. he knew nothing of ice……..but he was spot-on! he also said that the bad blacks would live amongst the majority good ones, making it impossible to fight the bad.

      he also said how terribly far away removed from God the Afrikaner/Boer would be – and even that is soooooooo right!

      there were many, many other visions for today that have come to pass. bear in mind it was not this man but the Almighty Creator God (Jesus Christ) whom had spoken through him. The revelation is of the highest divine order.

      • There is no justification for murdering Boers. Murder is murder.


          • You are correct as a country or nation we seem to be in a sinking ship, I’m deeply concern?
            Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

          • may god go before you and protect your every step

            • Much appreciated may the same blessing be returned upon you and your loved ones.
              Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

  58. ..jammer om te pla …

    …ag kan XOLILE dalk net haar foon optel as ek bel man….

    ..die blerry selfone darem maar nou vir jou hoor..n oneindigheid ek se vir julle..
    ..die kontak besonderhede is mos reg..”Xolile 084 761 6235″
    ..kan iemand dalk net vir haar ook n ou luitjie gee namens my en net vir haar vra om n “please call me” te stuur na my nommer to so naby 02:10am in die oggend by Cell:084 761 6235

    Baie Dankie julle darem maar nou vir my hoor.

  59. So true. Xenophobia started in Freedom Park, South of Johannesburg. United Nations monotoring the situation.

    • It wasn’t even xenophobia but pure, unrefined hatred and racism. Xenophobia is a fear of strangers, what we see here in South Africa is hatred of foreigners. Racism is racism and black Africans have been murdering each other for centuries before white people showed up and started building something of lasting value on this continent.

  60. I think we will see that earthquake that will destroy japan shortly.
    I also remember reading somewhere in his prophesies that Island’s will sink ??

  61. Pieter jy praat nou twak. Ons God is nie almal se god nie hy is die wit man en Boer se God. Broer, jy kan nie jouself n Boer noem nie as jy so glo, eers siener het geweet wie hulle was.

    Ek gee net vriendelike korreksie hier vir jou van een Boer na n ander Boer.
    Matthew 12:36-37 (KJV)36 But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. 37 For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.

    • Bee, He was the God of the Semites first.

      Noah had three sons. One of his sons was Japhet and Japhet had a son, Gomer. Gomer’s descendants settled in parts of what we today call Europe. They were the Swiss, Swedes, Germans, Belgians, English, etc. Other grandchildren of Japhet became the Italians, French, etc. This had happened at least 1,400 years before the Israelites were taken into exile, thereby negating the idea that we are the lost tribes of Israel.

      Shem and his descendants, from whom Abraham came, remained in the Middle East. Out of Shem came the Israelites, over time. They were called as God’s people but were rebellious and arrogant. More than 1,400 years after Gomer and his clan departed for Europe, the Israelites were taken into captivity and remained there for roughly 250 years. It was not only the house of Judah but the entire nation that were exiled and the entire nation returned to their land. There was apartheid between Judah and Israel. The Israelites were called the Samaritans and co-existed with the Judeans but they did not freely mix.

      Later, Paul and others like him, would take the gospel of Jesus Christ to our ancestors in Europe. This is when the white man came to worship Jesus Christ – less than 2,000 years ago. This shows that God is not just the white man’s God but that He had adopted us as gentiles. Read Acts 15 as it gives some background on this.

      It is wrong in terms of both the Bible and history to see God as just the white man’s God.

  62. I see there is a concerted effort here to white wash any guilt of the Afrikaner form everything that happened in our history.

    There is one this I know for sure, you can’t fool God or Jesus, they know exactly what happened, if you really are christian you have GOT to face reality.
    The dutch were displacing the Xhosa when expanding east after the Dutch East India post was settled, this was the first fighting that took place here, “the cape frontier wars”, a conflict over land and cattle, cattle which BOTH sides had before they met mind you.
    so it cannot be claimed the dutch never took land from the indigenous people.
    The Dutch were importing and using slaves from the early stages of the Capetown settlement, and I’ve seen their sleeping quarters, you can’t claim some sort of high christian notion of treating their fellow man with love.
    Then in rolls the British empire and yes, they just take take take, and wherever there was something of value they moved in and took it.
    Conflict with Britain was inevitable, and deserved, although really, the Dutch were doing pretty much the same thing to the Xhosa.
    I don’t know what was up with Britain at that time but they were just downright nasty and evil.
    The used concentration camps and tens of thousands of women and children died of disease and poor hygiene but the comments on being fed ground up glass smacks of sensationalism and invention, there is no report of such rubbish where did you find that information?
    Next up Apartheid… er, apartheid was to protect the blacks from evil??? please! I had a bit of experience in this “protecting” the blacks by Afrikaners in my army years, lets just say it seems most Afrikaners have fallen a LONG way from god.
    Apartheid was the Afrikaners final icing on the cake of a long list of racist laws and policies enacted by the British government which the new Afrikaner government was happy to keep, mind you, they just added their extra group areas act and racial classification acts and lots of land grabbing etc…
    And all of this was about one thing, subjugating the indigenous population and slave races that were bought in (Indian,Malaysian etc…) and ensuring that they would be a great source of cheap labor, that’s IT!
    Not some mystical christian based evil protection thing.

    Seriously! you think you are fooling God or Jesus? how do you think they feel about what you are saying.
    Stick to the truth, its the only way!

    Also on to the 3000 Farmers murdered, you make out as if all these people were all Boers met n roer, you will be surprised I’m sure, to find out that some of that number were in fact English, or never mind that, not even white! you’ll find some Indians in there!
    Also this 3000 PALES into insignificance when you compare that to us general non farmer murder numbers.
    310250 <– that's a Quick best case scenario number that is WAY under the actual total
    This is not a war on the Afrikaner, don't make it out to be one!
    Its a war on us all..

    • Mark, witch BIBEL are you reading? Read the whole chapters and then remark on the Words off JESUS HIMSELF. JESUS said and I quote “I did not come for the world but for my lost nation the Israelites.” JESUS said if you are a slave serve with a good hard do not long to be the master as you will serve ME with graze as a slave “ Wow then there will be slaves but yet ye will not be as such as with love to JESUS you will be blessed in all you do. The BIBEL tell it as it is change ye it not. Adam is white and yes then JESUS will be as such as HE talks off HIS people. Adam where given the right to rule and nowhere were anything said to the contrary, and as we want to proclaim we believe the BIBLE as true and just then that is the High racy off the truth. We change GOD s word but lass it never will be changed GOD told you and JESUS told you not one letter will change untilled HE JESUS come to JUDGE!!! There is sin and thus JUDGMINT will be. GOD and JESUS belong to nobody yet both claim the raze off Israelites as theirs both said that that is the raze THEY chose. Out off Israel is born the CHRISTIANS thus today we are still brothers but one side still claims that JESUS is not yet born and out off JESUS and twelve apostles teachings the CHRISTIANS grew . Who brought the word off CHRISTIANITY any other nation but the whites? Live as the word tells us and not as the world tells us. CHRISTIANS are obliged to honour GOD s will yes that is JESUS will as well as he told us that he do GOD s will. You can not believe in JESUS and do the worlds decree you must follow what is written to you to have the real blessing off JESUS. Who ever you are if you want to be a CHRISTIAN then acknowledge the word off GOD AND JESUS and enjoy the blessings when you follow this word. It will be the only way to be blessed .A Proved were given the sight off years to come and yes it will be argue as you may but the word of GOD will be as such GOD never lies. Truth is there as the visions come true why will you be so sceptic? The test is done thus the truth been told rejoice as there is word off blessing at the end after the horrible life that is now we will again see GOD s graze let the word off GOD life amen.

    • Mark, if it weren’t for two things, there NEVER would have been an apartheid government:

      1. British oppression and their ungodliness
      2. Black violence in the 1800’s fuelled by Karl Marx AND the wealthy British of the Cape.

      It was about preservation of the RIGHT TO WORSHIP JESUS CHRIST.

      Study the history of SA and see how much EVIL came from the British, even today these idiots killed ET and thought he was a popular Afrikaner leader, that it would spark civil war. Britain and China are both fuelling the fires of civil war in Zimbabwe, both are atheist rulers and very greedy.

      Get that straightened out; then we can talk……..

      White Afrikaners could not even own more than 49% equity in any business. We got along with the blacks just fine until BRITISH “missionaries” instigated war………and the British were the promiscuous, god-less people whom had oppressed all and took land away from blacks, leaving them with nowhere to go after Anglo Boer War! Get your facts, straight!

    • Mark, there is a name list with the names of more than 3,000 Afrikaans people that were brutally murdered.

      You are very biased and rather ill-informed about SA’s history,

  63. In response to Bee (23 Jan 2011) I also believe that an earthquake of great magnitude destroying Japan shortly, is imminent. You also make mention that you may have heard “isands will sink” in Meneer Sieners prophecies. Are there any interpretations of Meneer Sieners visions in relation to the CERN LHC underground particle accelerators experiments in Geneva???

    The CERN LHC particle accelerator is a 100m underground gigantic scientific experiment, consisting of thousands of magnets, which uses sub-atomic particles to recreate the conditions after the “big bang” which annihilated the dinosaurs. This allows physicists the opportunity to delve into the unknown depths of particle physics in an attempt to learn the origins of the universe.


    In 2009 to 2010 there has been an increase in the number volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Could these volcanic eruptions and earthquakes be the result of the CERN LHC experiments? Bear in mind that the technology behind this underground experiment and its high power and high energy is too great. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions had increased during the use of the CERN LHC and had decreased when it had not been in use (“islands will sink???”). Please see:

    I have found this and various other sites informative in an attempt to further understand prophecies, visions and interpretations. I have only recently learnt of Meneer Siener and would like to know if there could possibly be any visions or interpretations of any of the content spoken of in this post.

    By the way, I am not an Afrikaner, neither am I a Christian but I am a South African and this web forum has given me great insight into the rich culture, history, stories and the people of this country that are very rarely spoken off today and for that I greatly respect you all and Meneer Siener.

    One thing is for certain. Every prophecy and vision is slowly materializing and it all leads up to a series of events which casts a dark shadow over the existence of the human race. It now just boils down to faith, forgiveness and togetherness. It may be difficult to do given a present and future that is scared by the past but let us not lower our standards for the foolish few.

  64. And check this out as well

  65. And Japan was hit by a massive earthquake today resulting in servere flooding. Just a note on Oom Siener, in his live he never read anything but the Bible.

    • hello Lain

      We must pray at this time, for God to forgive any sins, and show mercy on us. My prayers are with those in Japan, as well as other places that suffer.

  66. @ Marianne: Amen

  67. Hi. I am asian by mixed marriage, I live with a Zulu family in Northern Natal. Those of us who are truly saved have nothing to do with Amadlozi (ancestral spirits) and believe them to be demonic in origin, though Zulus see them to be the good guys. In the flesh, I am from a mixed marriage background of Asian (Chinese) and white but according to the spirit I am a new creation in Christ. I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live but Christ lives in me and the live I live in the flesh I live by faith in the son of God who loved me and gave Himself for me. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him will not perish but have everlasting life. And the Lord has made both Jew and Gentile, one body and broken down the partician… the commandments… When I have read Rensburgs writings, translated into English I read some things that seem to contradict the gospel. For example, for God to bless the Afrikaaner the Afrikaans need to have a reformation like at the time of Ezra and get rid of their foreign wives. But biblically speaking, if both huband and wife are believers then it is not a mixed marriage though one be black and one be white. He also sees that South Africa will once again become a white country ruled by the Afrikaans under God. But my bible tells me that all who live on the earth will go after the beast. I also read that antichrist will call people from all nations to come against God’s people Israel. I believe that any nation that humbles itself before the God of the bible in true repentance, whether Zulu, Xhosa, Boer, English or Indian will see the Lord answer the prayer of deliverance and that extends to nations with mixed ethic peoples in it. This world is not our home, we are just passing through. My people is not my Asian forebares, not my portuguese forbears or my english forbears. My people is not those who share the same passport but my people are those bible believing Christians who have been made into a royal priesthood and holy nation, seperated from all the nations of this world. If there is a night of the pangas, I will not stand with the whites and I will not stand with the blacks, I will not stand with the yellow, green or whatever colour. I will stand with Phumlani, Jabulani, Francois, Tony, Donovon, Kim, Jonny, Celani, Girly, Jannie, Hendrik, Sandile etc. I will not stand with Desmond Tutu with his false gospel and his immoral and unbiblical standards and I will not stand with Rick Warren who is setting up the world for the Global one world religion with his Global peace plan. We must not think according to the flesh and the world’s standards and man made apartheid but know that God’s apartheid is between believers and unbelievers not about skin colour.

    • dear msindisi

      I would agree with you. The reference anyhow, to foreign wives, is a reference to unbelieving wives. As an American, I can travel to another country and be considered a foreigner there. But this does not cancel my Christianity.

      • Thanks Marianne for your reply,

        In the case of the prophecies of Van Rensburg, the historical context and the way it is interpreted by Adriaan Snyman and a number of Afrikaans that I have spoken to the Ezra passage was used by Van Rensburg in a very racial and not only religious manner. Van Rensburg is seen as the Boer prophet, prophesying to his own people, and about other nations, much like an Isaiah, or a Samuel. South Africa has been prophecied by Van Rensburg as one day, after the Swart Gevaar the whites will prevail and take back “their land” and this land will once again become a land governed under God. As part of the reformation Afrikaaners will have to put away their foreign wives. It is still seen as wrong amongst conservative Afrikaans for an Afrikaaner to marry a black person, though I am seeing some Afrikaaners marry Asian. Indians are seen as Kulis though some very Christian Afrikaaners afford them with dignity and respect. The people of the covenant and the AWB in and around my area in Northern Natal, hate the black man and have very little respect for Indians or chinese. A number of them, and all of the people of the covenant see the Afrikaaner nation as Israel and see the Jews of Israel as a bastard nation. They are the ones that uphold the myth that the Jews are an evil race who are trying to take over the world following the Protocols of the learned elders of Zion, which has been proved a fake composed by Russian secret agents before the pogroms hit Russia. Rachkovsky employed persons in Paris to copy points from the book ‘Dialogues aux enfants’ by Maurice Joly which was a satyr on Napoleon for which he was sentenced to imprisonment, and also elements were taken from a Herman Goedsche book in German, which title I cannot bring to memory. These principles of domination were simply their in European history already. They were simply repackaged in a way to put the blame on the Jews for the problems they were having in Russia. They claimed the Jews were getting filthy rich off the backs of the Russians when the reality was that Jews were amongst the poorist of Czarist Russia.

        I agree with you about your view of Christianity Marianne but I feel that you are reading Van Rensburg as a twentieth century American and not as an Afrikaaner of the Anglo Boer war nor as numerous Afrikaans read them today. There are cell groups of Afrikaans having survival classes, keeping up skills of preserving foods and forming a radio network and some of these cells even storing up weaponry for the black uprising. This is not all Afrikaans but I am speaking of the ultra right wing Afrikaaners. They base their beliefs of the uprising prophesied by Van Rensburg. In Springs, among some Afrikaaner friends, they told me a lady minister had a dream about white killing white, and they spoke of a belief that if white will not side with white, they will be seen as untrustworthy and supporting the blacks and therefore they will have to be shot by whites who are fighting for the white cause. I do not know how prolific this belief is throughout South Africa and to my knowledge I don’t know if Van Rensburg even mentioned anything about this. Marianne, Do you have any proof that Van Rensburg was not speaking in terms of mixed marriages with people of other skin colours or culture group but only about putting away unbelieving wives, whether they be white, black or coloured?

        GrtSA, I take what you say but I also see that Adriaan Snyman who is the main promoter of Van Rensburgs prophecies, also the main guy who decifers the sayings, does take this to speak of having a white goverment. Whether he has changed his views in the last couple of years. But he speaks not for the church as a whole in this uprising but for the Afrikaaner. The Boer must get his own republic but before they do so there must be a total reform as in the days of Nehemiah. (It is already contextually racial for we see it is about a Boer republic and not a mixed South African one). The total reform links to the vision of the pork sausages hanging over the chairs of parliament. South Africa is rich in minerals and precious metals and this is the prize that everyone is fighting over but it belongs to the Boer NATION and will remain with them, the seer assured HIS people. This is the reform that is linked to the putting away of foreign wives. And linked with that is the enemy of the boer which are primarily with the ‘Kaffir’ ( van rensburg used the term to refer to the black as numerous right wing afrikaaners do around my area) and this connected to secret agendas emanating from America, England, ANC/SACP alliance and the liberal Afrikaans in an attempt to destroy the handful of boers but it will come to nothing.

        Van Rensburg saw a small ‘kaffir’ rising half way out of the earth, he grew into a mighty warrior fully out of the earth with a shadow of a long spear falling across the whole land. (Black violence) Van Rensburg said to the Boers, his advice was to fight even if it had to be with backs to the wall. The Black man will disappear into fog. The English South Africans will leave south Africa the same way they came in, (i.e with nothing but the shirts on their backs) and then there will never be another enemy to wrong the Afrikaaner. The Afrikaaner will be liberated from all just as Israel was delivered from Egypt. His prophecies on these issues are concerning the liberation of the Afrkaans nation, their survival and their ascendancy as a people ruled by God and freed from the mixture of other cultures and influences. This does not match the description of the church in the book of Acts that was racially mixed even having Simon the black man (Niger) as a leader in the Church at Antioch. It does not match the biblical idea that there is one body of Christ composed of all nations. Paul rebuked Peter publically for withdrawing from Gentiles to placate the sensibilities of the Judaisers alleging to have come from James. It was a denial of the Gospel. So is any system that seperates on the basis of skin colour or culture and not on the basis of wrong doctrine or false gospel. That is the problem I have with Snyman’s presentation of, and the Afrikaans right wing depiction of Seiner Van Rensburg’s sayings. He fits into this idea that the Afrikaaner is to be seperate from all other nations unto God to be ruled by God. It is a denial of the gospel. Deut 13:1ff teaches us that we shouldn’t primarily judge a prophet or a dreamer of dreams on the accuracy of his predictions or his signs or wonders (though a true prophet must be 100% accurate with any predictive statements he makes) but the main test is what kind of God is he telling us to follow. Is it the same God of the Bible or is it a god or gods that are different to the God of the bible. I refuse to make definite judgment on Seiner Van Rensburg himself for I would need to read an english translation of his writings preferably without Adriaan Snyman’s commentary trying to colour it but what I have read from Snyman and what I have heard from my conversations of Afrikaaners who are into him communicates a God who wants to keep peoples seperate on the basis of racial background and this being a proposition that should be extended to even church meetings. For instance there is no way that they would sit under a black pastor because the pastor is black.

        All nations will follow after the beast. The beast will wear down the saints and God will give believers into Antichrist’s hands to be martyred by him. He who is faithful to the end will be saved. This is indeed time to repent and to get on our knees. This is a time to be ready for Jesus’ return and not for building an earthly kingdom that will supposedly be under God’s control. The only way you can be an overcomer is not by escape or by creating an earthly fortress but by the blood of the lamb, by the word of your testimony and by not loving your lives even to death. Jesus’ kingdom is not of this world but of the world to come. Beware of the papacy but the papacy holds to creating God’s kingdom on the earth now, and the reformation kept to this augustinian heresy and the dominionists still hold to it today and they are joining forces with the papacy to do it. We must get rid of this baggage and be ready, witness to all men, zulus, to afrikaans, to xhosa, etc persuading all men everywhere to repent. Converts need to be baptised and we need to disciple new believers in Christ. We need to be looking up for our redemption draws nigh. We need to accept the Lord’s discipline now and know that judgment starts in the house of God. We need to know and believe with all our hearts that the way of the cross is the way of victory and not merely the way to victory. The cross is where we are victorious and the resurrection is oure vindication. Look to our persecuted brothers and sisters in moslem and communist lands. They are beautiful. They are carrying the cross and offering to the Lord the sweet smelling aroma of identification with him. We are to shine the light in the dark place and not to take up arms to gain a temporal reward unless our government requires us to do so and then we only do it in obedience to the earthly governement the Lord has put over us. God’s people only perform civil disobedience when it means that obeying the law of the land means disobeying the law of God, such as pincing incense to ceasar and hailing him as Lord. Our government is the ANC. To get the ANC out of power we resort to the democratic process that God has given us, we do not wage a physical war against it. This means that there needs to be a South African majority that does not want the ANC in and as whites are in the minority they will have to vote along side black people who also do not want the ANC in power. Voting for a white party is going to fail because a white party will never have a majority. The majority of South Africans are not white. Vote by all means but know that South Africa will never ever be the nation God intends it to be before Jesus comes back and reigns from Jerusalem. Know that our focus is not politics but the kingdom of God manifested within the Church. Let the world get it wrong but we as the church need to get it right. When someone comes into our churches they need to tangibly see the kingdom present in the lives, hearts, relationships and the fellowship of the brethren and this will only happen when the following is done.

        Seperation from the world. Modern church growth movements are trying to attract the world with wordly amusements rather than the convicting power of the Holy Spirit and the Gospel to all nations.

        Chopping off of false doctrine. Christians want their ears tickled with motivational speaking and personal prophecies, with positive talk and with success promising messages rather than the eternal and holy word of God. The church has become self focussed rather than God focussed and this is a cancer that will destroy the churches. Just look at your local Christian bookshop and see how many books are there that are titled, ‘seven ways to feel great’ ‘how to maximise your potential for God’, ‘the key to success’ etc. The false word of faith, prosperity gospel, social gospel, purpose driven, ecumenism and multifaith agendas, spiritual warfare and transformations, global day of prayer, seeker friendly all have to be swept out of the churches. The prophets prophesy for gain, they prophesy falsely and the New Apostolic reformers rule by their own authority and my people love it so, but what will you do at the end of it.

        We need an awakened emphasis on content based Christianity of substanse and a moving away from gimmicks and putting on a show. We need to be heady Christians with head knowledge and heart felt belief. This idea that God is not interested in head knowledge is a lie from Satan to keep the church defensless from seduction. God has made Himself known in His word and that word must touch the heart, the spirit and the intellect also. This is not about gaining a degree in theology but about a love for doctrine. Doctrine must be paramount in the life of the Church.

        Following doctrine must come a sincere love of the brethren. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, by the love you have for one another. That must be true regardless of the racial background of the skin colour of true brethren. I am closer to my brother Phumlani than to my own natural youngest brother. That is not because I love Zulus more but because Phumlani is truly following the Lord and my brother is not. That love must be from the heart and extend practically in areas of need as the Holy Spirit guides us. With that there must also be awakened in all of us, especially in the whites, the ability to recieve from our brethren also, even to recieve gifts from our poorer brethren. Would you be able to recieve hospitality from a poor Zulu brother? If you don’t you rob him of the blessing of giving. When we both give and recieve we acknowledge our equality before the Lord. The blessing you will get from recieving hospitality offered to you as genuine relatioships are forged in the local church is not the food he gives you or the blessing of being in his house but something that comes from the Holy Spirit in such fellowship. Love must be mutual.

        We need to have our hearts open to the conviction of the Holy Spirit and allow His word to pierce our innermost being. We need to hear God’s voice ourselves and not merely rely on some mystic who claims he has a more direct line to God. God will speak to you in the context of fellowship- with bible based Christians. We need to speak the harsh truth in the gentleness of God’s love with one another and pray for each other out of a genuine heart.

        Lastly we need to be looking for Jesus’ return, seeing the signs and longing for Him to take us away with Him. Our lives must be seen as wholly His possession, so that we would give our lives gladly for His name’s sake in the persecution that is now coming to the west. He who loves and tries to keep his life will lose it and he who loses his life for Jesus’ sake will keep it to eternity.

        • msindisi

          I only go by what people tell me about Seiner. So I have a page here for people to discuss South Africa, and what Seiner said.

          It sounds like you have much more insight than I could have, as an outsider.

          From the biblical passage about interracial marriage, I just assumed it was a biblical interpretation. If Seiner meant something else, I would not know that.

          It is just the way my brain works, but I also see everyone in the world as white, except the very dark Africans. So, to me, Asian is white.

          But it is such a foolish thing to focus on race. God created all of us. To discriminate based on race is to insult God, and imply what he created is not good enough.

          Our judgments should show we care more about godly behavior, than looks.

          While I know persecution is predicted, I do not know how prevalent it will be. No one likes to suffer, and I hope I don’t. I know my family is not ready and will not be. I cannot get them to focus otherwise. I am ready, but I will also pray for protection during bad times.

        • Msindisi

          Some Afrikaners are God’s children but many aren’t and the probem with Siener is that the right-wingers with a quasu-christian religion has adopted and adapted what Siener was shown by God, to suit their views.

          God’s nation is the collective of true believrs in Jesus Christ; no race can lay claim to that.

          I also get such dreams and ver accurate at that. It happens that a white person is shown as black and vice versa. Each time it refers to the colour of the person’s spirit.

          I think that there is a way different interpretation for Siener.

          • Msindi,

            One cannot argue that Afrikaners, or white Afrikaners are going through a terrible dark time. Not only whites, but blacks – poor blacks and poor whites.

            Siener’s visions can ONLY be interpreted differently, as we all are different and have different opinions. One cannot however deny the correlation to parts of his visions and occurred events.

            South Africa is in serious trouble. In 10 years the country has dwindled. You may argue and refer to skewed stats or reports at your own demise.

            What has the ANC accomplished FOR ITS OWN PEOPLE since 1994? Besides ENRICHING the inner ring, and allowing and promoting polarization? They have also invited the Chinese into our once Christian country.

            Look at the paradox:
            – Old South Africa with Japanese = Success.
            – New South Africa with Chinese = Failure.
            – Old South Africa = Strength in Unity = Success.
            – New South Africa = Strength in Diversity = Failure.

            I sincerely hope that Siener is correct, because it’s the only positive news out there.

            As a South African I know we can regain our status as a top country, and we have great people living here, white-black-coloured. If we truly live and work together we can achieve great things.

        • Msindisi

          A group of white radicals, a small minority yet very obvious in the public eye, believe that white people are the ten lost tribes of Israel.

          The lost tribes were never lost but were called Smaritans and there was apartheid between them and the house of Juda (and Benjamin.)

          The Israelites in the Bible descended from Noah’s son Sem or Shem. As such, they are Semites.

          Europeans descendednt from Noah’s son Jeftha and mostly from Jeftha’s son Gomer. These are the British, Dutch, Germans, Swedish and Austrians. From Jeftha’s other sons came the Kelts, Iberians, French and Italians.

          They were already resident in Europe at least 1,400 years before the Israelites went into exile in Babylon!

          There is NO way in this world that most whites can say they descended from Israel’s “lost” tribes! It also proves that Jesus is NOT the white man’s God exclusively!

          You are right – we need the holy spirit. We won’t get that as long as “Christians” toyi-toyi and ruin the country. Much of what is wrong with SA is NOT the fault of apartheid neither can whites be blamed for everything.

          It is time that Christians become reborn and filled with His Spirit.

        • Hi Msindisi

          The Bible only recognises one true nation, that being His people. You are so right in much of what you are saying and I so hope that more will come to this understanding. As an Afrikaner/Boer, I am much concerned about “my tribe” following the Mayans or going after humanism and hedonism instead of Jesus Christ. iMpi yaseNcome (Bloedrivier) was where God showed His power and it never was a military success on the Boer side but rather His answer to cries of desperation by a handful of believers. In years to come, some of the most true Christians I had ever met, hailed from the amaZulu!

          There are black pastors who visit sangomas and some go to live at that cave near Senekal in the Free State where they worship “ancestors”, then return to their church congregations to preach the messages received there. There also was a Xhosa reverend who had written a book on Xhosa culture for the abelungu to read. In that book, he kistifies ancestor worship.

          Europeans were as superstitious as were Africans. Even to this day, perhaps 1% of Europe truly are Christians and most follow all sorts of spiritual beliefs. It is not uniquely African. We need to understand that man is sinful, regardless of pigmentation on the outside. God shows some blacks as white to me, or whites as black, depending upon the colour of the spirit ruling that man’s heart!

          Siener mentioned the majority of black people to be good folks and he never would have said that if he really was anti-black or racist, for that matter. To this day, I do not approve of improper conduct, regardless of who the offender is.

          We need to understand that, to the truly reborn and obedient disciple, nationality means being Christian.

        • Msindisi

          Of course we will have a white government, but one different from what racists believe. God depicts the colour of the heart in my many nightly visions and I am used to see some whites shown as pitch black and also some blacks shown as white.

          Jesus Christ is going to end worldly governments and ours will be replaced by a true theocracy in good time. Only true disciples will be allowed to govern and their hearts will be as pure as man’s can be.

          My visions usually are warnings, so that I can warn others to be prepared and to be comply with His will. Few will listen and therefore, many will succumb during the war that should be happening fairly soon. It will be a time when only/mostly those having His mark on their foreheads will survive IF they follow His second-to-second guidance.

          While Siener was a man of God, his jargon should be taken in the context of the era he had lived in. Sadly, some Boers are taking his visions out of context and force it into their mould, just as they rule over God by reducing Him to their sole property and they display Him as a tribal mascot. They are boastful of this God they don’t really know.

          I was shown the Worcester bombs in dreams beforehand. My own cousin was nearly killed by it. I have met the original designer of that attack, who had turned to Christ before the bombs were finally placed. The AWB Ystergarde wanted him dead and he and his family had to flee and go into hiding. His being reborn was not welcome with his former allies, who now were hunting him down for the literal kill. I do not see planting bombs to kill or maim innocent citizens as an act in obedience to the Holy Spirit and I also don’t regard persecution of any believer as such.

          We need a true reformation in this country and we need to be cleansed of the filth that had gathered over the centuries. We need people to accept and believe the entire Word of God and not only parts of it.

          Jesus prayed for unity amongst His children and that should be our objective. Blacks remain anarchist and supporting atheist Marxism whilst whites remain exclusive and divided at the same time. Both groups are racist and that does not speak of the Holy Spirit.

          If we humble ourselves and pray……………..

        • Sister you have wisdom and your focus is right. I read all of the prophesies of Siener and I share much of your sentiment. They bring fear. Siener obviously was annointed…. The question is by whom? With all this accuracy about the future the Lord surely would convicted him that His kingdom is not about race? This why Jesus said that we should judge by the fruit of a person. I also find it difficult to allign many of Sieners prophesies with the bible’s. It seems like the followers of Sieners prophesies lost vision of the central instruction Jesus gave us before his ascension. Acts 1
          6 So when they had come together, they asked him, “Lord, will you at this time restore the kingdom to Israel?” 7 He said to them, “It is not for you to know times or seasons that the Father has fixed by his own authority. 8 But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” 9 And when he had said these things, as they were looking on, he was lifted up, and a cloud took him out of their sight.
          This country belongs to everybody of all races. We have a mandate to establish God’s kingdom. Jesus will hold us each one of us accountable one day for our work in His kingdom. All disciples of Jesus are supposed to have a ministry. We are labourers in this country. Now is the time like never before to pray and humble ourselve. God love this nation and His will is that everybody will stand in a relationship with Him. He loves all people and wants to redeem all people. He doesn’t show favourism. We cannot stand back We cannot afford to be complacent and apathic and just agrees with what a man like Siener said. There is a place where come in agreement with a prophecy (true or false) and believe it and it comes to pass. We must allign ourselve with what God binds Himself to in His Word not with what a man said contrary to the bible. Even if Siener only read the bible it doesn’t safeguard him from false prophesy. Satan knows the Bible better than we. This is why we need to be led by the Spirit as sons (and daugters! 🙂 ) of our Father. Not by Siener whether he was right or wrong about the future. May the Lord bless you with more revelation and faithfullness

    • Msindisi, yes, we are HIS nation and what defines “the true Jew” is being circimsized in the heart, meaning to be reborn and an obedient disciple of Christ Jesus.

      Siener was a true man of God but most interpretations of his visions were done from a radical perspective.

      In dreams, God had show some whites as black and some blacks as white; every time, it panned out to be that person’s spiritual status and attitude that was show, not pigmentation.

      I am a proudly white African, an Afrikaner but, first and foremost, a disciple of Jesus Christ. I am totally intolerant of people coming in His Name and think they are more privileged than others, or have more of a right to existence.

      Siener was no racist and he lamented the fact that the bad blacks would be living amongst the many good blacks! He would not have said that if he was a racist.

      I discriminate upon conduct and have even performed citizen’s arrests a few times, mostly WHITES!

      We can only expect His blessing if we are joined together, true disciples from all nations, as one unified body of believers. Many South Africans err in thinking of themselves in a South African context only, instead of seeing ourselves in a global perspective. Our Calvinist religion also had brought a very eschewed way of thinking, which is legalistic, fundemantalist and devoid of grace.

      80% of us claim to be Christian but then participate in violent strikes, being disobedient citizens, being anarchist and fighting for our “rights” – which all comes from the mind of Karl Marx, the atheist Jew. How can we call ourselves Christian in a socety fraught with fraud like ours, or people – black or white – who even drive as they please and have no respect or consideration of both the law and others? We are a sick society and we’d rather return to Jesus Christ soonest.

  68. I have read with interest some of the comments on this page, and I think some people are missing the point.

    The world is about balance; if the balance is even we all get along. The apartheid system was wrong because of an imbalance. Oppression caused resentment and that was allowed to fester for long enough to become an issue that needed to be redressed.

    Democratic elections were supposed to even that out and restore balance, for a wile that did work but now the scale is tilting the other way. It must be remembered that as a white person we allowed the elections in 1994 to take place, we all thought it would make life fair and better. The vast majority of the people that asked for change had nothing to do with the original architects of apartheid. We all want equality and the security to be able to practice our religion.

    I believe the “siener” was able to see the imbalances. There are many other profits that have similar visions and all relate to an imbalance.

    As long as the imbalance stays in place there will be upheaval. The current ANC government is promoting itself to the detriment of all others and this is what is causing the resentment and strife in this country at the moment. It is all starting again.

    The predictions of “siener” don’t actuality state that the whites will take over like it was in the past, it is merely a statement that we will have representation in the government that will uphold our side of the story and allow the white population to build a home that is not going to be threatened every 5 minutes.

    I don’t think the current government is the right one for South Africa. But it is up to us to deal with what we have until the need for change is visible to all the population. That time is coming fast: the promises made by the government that have not been kept will be there own downfall. I think the prediction of a new South Africa with a future will arrive very soon.

    The world is in the middle of really big change right now. The Middle East is going to go bang shortly, the dependence on oil is also going to be a big problem. The world at the moment is over populated and the resource gauge is on “E”. Mother Nature will not allow this kind of imbalance to go on for much longer. The budgets of countries are no longer based on any precious metal if you need more you just print it. At some point the stock markets will implode. There needs to be a correction. It may sound terrible but a really good world war may be just the right answer to deal with an imbalance.

    9 billion people is just way too much. After a correction it will remain to be seen if we have learned our lessons. Will we go back to unchecked population explosions with no thought of feeding everyone? Every country needs to be able to feed its population without importing food, and then we have balance.

    The words in the bible are a list of instructions for survival. These same words are part of older religions and they all seem to say the same thing, help on anther and don’t let greed get out of hand. Good words to live by but under the current conditions in the world it is a bit difficult to embrace.

    The world is changing right now; the prepared will get through it. The animosity between nations is going to snap. When it does the world will go mad for a time, sanity will return when the balance returns. It is at this time the world will need to change drastically. Knowing the prophecy will give all of us an edge. The edge will only be there is we listen and learn from the past.

    As for South Africa, if the situation becomes untenable the change will happen fast and bloody, at some point the Afrikaner will say enough, I think there will be quite a few other races that will say the same thing at the same time. It is from this camaraderie that the new South Africa will be built, it will be multiracial, it will also have boundaries that none of us will cross. Then we can build the utopia that we are capable of having.

    Just a question of time.

    • Apartheid was reaction to black rioting and anarchy, which was instigated by the wealthy Jews and British, who were keen followers of Karl Marx, the atheist father of communism. Marx was imbalanced because he rejected Jesus Christ and created a system which would lead to the deaths of well over 170 million and the oppression of well over a billion of people.

      The only equalizer, the only perfect balance remains in Jesus Christ, who is the Creator. As the Creator, He holds the rights to your soul and mine, to our hearts, hands and feet. If we do not make Him king, we are imbalanced and the fruits of our works can be seen in the big world out there.

  69. Please people repent and turn to JESUS, These are the last days. If Japan yesterday did not convince you, what will? The next thing to happen will be UHURU here in South Africa and the political situation is ready for this. Wide spread hatred for us Boere.
    GOD will help us he is true to his promises but many will die in order to galvanize our nation. Beware of the Papacy as that will lead to death. South Africa will become a home for the Christian.
    Also what is happening in north Africa was foreseen by Van Rensburg. Israel will soon be attacked by the Arab nations and this was confirmed by the leader of Algeria on BBC Live.

    The time is here

    • Pity the right-wingers hijacked Siener’s visions as these were truly God-given wisdom to carry us through the tribulation. Many expect a rapture but that teaching makes Jesus a liar in terms of Matt 24. As Jesus cannot lie, of course, we know that the tribulation awaits us.

  70. Japan will be destroyed by earthquakes so another one came true.

  71. I just wanted to note regarding your stupid comment that “Israel has been the object of muslim wrath for thousands of year” that Israel has only existed for a couple of decades, so your statement cannot be factually true.

    • dear Jacobian

      No, it is true. Muhammed commanded to kill the infidel (Jew) where ever they could find them. Just because they were not in the state of Israel does not mean there was no persecution.

      A couple of decades?

      The Grend Mufti of Jerusalem made sure Hitler had several Muslim brigades to help kill Jews in WW2. Google it and learn.

      here is a timeline of persecution of the Jews. The Catholics and Muslims were either one or both involved at times.

      by arabs alone:

      • Dear Marianne,

        The original poster stated that “Israel” was the object of Muslim wrath, and my point is that this claim was factually impossible, not that Jews have never been persecuted under Muslim rule.

        I would also disagree with your statement that Mohammed ordered all Jews to be killed – were that true there would have been no middle eastern Jews at all since they would have all been killed already by Muslims. In fact, if you review Muslim history you’ll find that many Jews were active in trade, were allowed to conduct their religion independently, and some even participated as ministers of government and held high level occupations.

        Of course, this does not mean that they were treated equally to Muslims or that they never faced injustice, but their treatment was a far cry from the “kill all jews and infidels” line that you espoused.

        In fact, this line is from the wikipedia link you provided:

        “As such, they [Jews and other non-muslims] were accorded rights and were not persecuted for their religious beliefs unlike most parts of Medieval Europe, but were not accorded full privileges such as those accorded to native Muslims”.

  72. Have a look at this video clip…just to add to Jan van Riebeeck who landed here and the afrikaner slowing being murdered or driven out of South Africa…probably something for another discussion but interesting as well.

    • Ruan, I couild not get it to play on my PC……can you perhaps post a short note stating the gist of it? Thsnks!

  73. Where can I buy a copy of Siener van Rensburg’s original book. Afrikaans or even an English version if it is available

    • hi Gideon

      I knew someone working on a book once, but it has been 2 years, and I never heard back from him. Just check book stores. They have a master copy of all books in print.

      • Good morning Marianne,
        Born in Belgium and living in South Africa with my two sons (17 and 22), I read your comments what brought me to think about Heaven, Paradise, Adam and (St)Eve, Satan, Apartheid and our South African ANC government.
        My conclusion:
        To find stability in live, one need the right and the left side in society, but my wagon moves in and between. I use the extremes to show me where The Road is but I move away from the edges. The senseless killing of 79 Norwegians by a madman confirms again my view (for me).

        • dear frans

          I would agree about the senseless killing. Insane people are not just on the “edges” of the road, but all over it. They are out of control.

          I think one can be passionate about one’s beliefs, and not be dangerous to others, especially if the beliefs are consistent with goodness and peace toward others.

          If the passion is ruled by hatred, or by harm to others, then the belief system in not worth dying for anyhow.


  75. it all comes from the book god wrote

  76. […] also explains how most people who tried to publish his visions were silenced by the government! Siener van Rensburg: Visions of the Future ? Heaven Awaits I just stumbled upon it last night in regards to Japan and was really amazed. […]

  77. It is funny yo read that this article was written in 2008… read the part of Japan and earthquakes!! 2011

  78. Van Rensburg’s prophecies as well as Johanna Brandt’s have been an encouragement to me as a white Christian European. 2 of the 3 sons of Noah Japeth&Shem were white.The black&colourd races come from Ham. It is interesting how the black aspect of Ham is exploding everywhere while Japeth(Europeans)are dying out. Something evil is behind this narrowing down of the human gene pool. I hold the same hope for North America that we will like South Africa be a hope for Christians. However Europe is in a sad situation that will only get worse. Europe has abandoned its Christian heritage&the Islam&atheism are going to collide violently quite soon. Jesus Christ when He comes back will put all things back in order. This coming back is more than general&specific revelation but direct divine revelation.

    • hi Ronnie

      That is a good point. Where did all the white people go, if originally, 2/3 of them were white, due to Japeth and Shem? I do not know the answer to that question. But I do hope for everyone’s safety in these last days.

  79. Marianne, several years ago I came across a book&arthur about the 3 sons of Noah&the roles they played in human history.His name was Arthur Custance(1910-1985)&he was born in England, emigrated to Canada in 1929 became a Christian& started a study in 1938-1953 on the sons of Noah. He did not publish his books til the early seventies but had trouble because the publishers thought they were racist. Ham-black&coloured races-physical-mechanical aptitude-early invention&exploration&pioneering. Shem the brunette Asiatic whites spiritual-Judaism&Christianity, Japeth the ruddy whites(Europeans) -mind(illumination) came science&technology&in the spiritual-theology. Also Japeth carried the spiritual since Shem rejected Messiah but will pass back to Shem when Jesus comes back. Marianne in the next 50 years the number of European whites will diminish over 50%. While the number of blacks will double. 25%of worlds population will be African black&blacks elsewhere can push it 30-35% while whites only 8-9% The human gene pool is fast becoming black&other dark brunette Blonde hair, blue eyes are becoming rare&maybe extinct. BTW the book is The Three Sons of Noah&The Roles They Played In Human History.

  80. What I have to say here is off topic, but Dada Bhagwan (an Indian spiritual leader) has said that WW3 shall occur any time between 2012-2022 in that we see the west being nuked out.

    1. Buildings will cease to exist and everything will be burnt to ground level, 2. Bodies shall be terribly mutilated, burnt beyond recognition
    3. Approx 66% popuation shall be wiped off this planet
    4. The value of the US dollar shall drop terribly
    5. Middle East shall be the cause of this major war

    Most of the white population shall be extinct as their nations shall be the target.

    • hi Kshah

      That sounds about right. Your leader must have been reading the bible. That is what I conclude as well.

    • There are plans to reduce the world’s population to just 500 million, from roughly 7 billion.

      God is preparing a safe(r) haven in Southern Africa for true Christian refugees BUT we need to address the anti-Christ attitudes before that can happen. We have quasi-Christianity that manifests differently amongst whites and blacks, both needing to be addressed before we can become unified as the true church of Christ, as it was in the early Church.

      It is a prerequisite for the return of Jesus Christ.

  81. No, what he has been talking about is the visions he has seen, he is also the one who claims that the time period for all this to happen is anytime in between 2012-2022. Remember the bible does not describe any of it this way, neither does the bible talk about the time period.

    From my personal experience I have noticed that whatever he has said about myself has all turned out to be true and many others have also experienced similarly about themselves.

    Now I’m certainly not forcing anybody to believe anything, I just thought I should share what he has said here.

    Mothershipton, Nostradamus, Edgar Caycee and many others have said similar things.

    One other thing my own spiritual master has also said is that after this major WW3 the world shall experience a really peaceful time period for another 2000 years after that humanity will once again lose all its good values and shall start degrading thus it shall always be cyclical.

    • hi kunal

      I was referring to the book of revelation. The second seal to be opened in the end times is the red horse of war.

      Rev 6:4 And there went out another horse [that was] red: and [power] was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.

      This is world war 3.

      Wise people in these modern times can also discern what is coming. So we examine what people say, and use wisdom in evaluating them. If they seem to be correct, then we should consider what they say.

    • Edgar Cayce denied the Incarnation and Christian tradition, and also believed in reincarnation….if you’re a New Ager, own up!

      Jesus said no one but the Father knows about all this…NO ONE.

      • hi deanna

        While Edgar cayce predictions are wrong according to Christian tradition, there were some valid comments that have proven true. Sometimes, we have to sort through secular information and pick out anything reasonable from what is wrong. WE do this every day with the news we hear on TV, and things we read on the internet.

        • That would be true of Adolf Hitler, Stalin, and countless souls in upper or lower hells. But I’m not keen on using their words to make my points!!

          • of course….I was just pointing out that the secular world gets it right sometime. but I would not want a secular mind…..

            • The problem with Cayce and other new age occult people, is that they take the place of true religion with gnostic secrets and posturing. They appeal to hero worship and pride, their claims to secrets hidden since the world began and other bull****.

              Personally, I would avoid them like a mad dog…

              • true. I think I would rather stick to the bible for predictions.

                • Amen!!
                  Our Lord said to have our speech be “yes” and “no” because beyond that is only from the devil. That spirit has had many, many centuries to practice arguing and seducing people.. human.curiosity and self confidence can open the door to hell and being out-witted.

                  Did you ever see “The Devil’s Advocate”? It’s melodramatic, but really shows the inner battle on a big COLOR screen! Pacino has great lines. Keanu Reaves asks of satan, “Are we negotiating here?” The reply, “ALWAYS! ALWAYS!”

                  Have a blessed weekend, Marianne and all here! Thank God for this beautiful weather.

      • Deanna, the Bible talks of this time period and clearly states what will happen. Even global warming has been predicted in Revelation 18.

        Try Ezekiel, Daniel……….the time periods are there for all to see. We have entered the final church phase of Laodicea in 1844 already and this will run to the end, meaning to His return.

  82. Brilliant site.

  83. Marianne/Deanna the truth is the truth and the devil knows the truth. Just because Siener’s truth came fro the other side does not mean that we need to trash it. When Daniel and Joseph went into captivity and were the king’s advisers they did not criticize the practitioners of the dark cults, but they were part of the king’s collective board of advisers. Now Siener was under the impression that he was operating as a servant of God in terms of advising the Boer leaders of the day and he is still doing that day, whether or not it offends our Christian sensitivities. The fact of the matter is that no Christian prophet has stood up and spoken with such clarity as Siener has and I would say that the revelation that he had received is absolutely critical for us a nation today, i order that we may regulate our lives accordingly. The fact of the matter is that we as a nation have been called to repent fro our sins and to scale down our lives in preparation with what is coming. The nation (black and white) has been called to prayer and to humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God. In all of the dreadful things predicted there is a message of hope. So take your prophetic words and test it against the revealed truth and you will see that they match perfectly.

    • hi Adriaan

      While I tend to stick to bible for predictions, that was the point I was trying to make above.

      There is other truth out there that is legitimate, and can be proven, so why not consider that also.

      The bible did not tell me it was going to rain today, but the weather man predicted it.

      If Seiner had accurate information that could benefit and help people, then we should pay attention to it.

  84. A loud amen to that. Would be interesting to see what would happen if a special advisory team to the president were to be established in South Africa, whereby all of the country’s spiritual leaders from both sides of the fence could collectively submit their spiritual insights to the president in a non-spooky way. I would be very interested to see how these spiritual revelations overlap and mesh. Now that’s a thought that would make every sensible pentecostal recoil in horror. Yet that is exactly the situation that Daniel and Joseph found themselves in, but it did not affect them in the least in terms of their walk with God. In fact their trouble never came from their mix-matched team of fellow advisers but from nasty jealous outsiders. I think there is a lot we can learn from across the fence, like Siener’s visions. Just looking at that Max du Preez video has opened my eyes to so much and a lot of aspects of what is currently happening in the world just fell into place and has made me a more confident borne again Christian. None of the things that Siener revealed was a secret and did not serve to benefit himself or any particular individual. It was spoken for the benefit of our nation and by that I mean every right thinking South African who wants a future for his or her family. Based on what Siener has said it would seem as if a lot of South African’s that have gone over to Europe may very well be forced to consider coming back home because of the impending violence. What Siener has said about England makes so much sense. The likely hood of an opposing country bombing England from the air over long distances seems very likely. Most of our world’s surprise attacks have come from the air and I think that England should prepare itself for such an event. As a country we have been warned: Trouble is coming. So its time for Christians to rise up in prayer and to intercede for our country (black and white). It’s time to put aside our denominational differences and to collectively call on God to sustain and protect us during this time that war clouds are gathering. Above all it’s a time to make wise choices. To change the subject check out the following link:
    Funny that they never taught us about this brave Boer warrior at school?

    • I was talking about Edgar Cayce…and others who claim gnostic powers and delve into the occult. Don’t know enough about Seiner.

      When people need medicine and correction God does send prophets, I agree. But scripture warns us to be very cautious about them.

  85. I agree with you Deanna. To be approached with caution like a person who harvests a rubbish heap for valuables. A rubbish heap is a dangerous place and there is always the risk of contamination. It however appears that the Boer Christians during the Victorian period mixed their belief system with superstition and divination. There is a term for that and it is called ‘syncretism’. See the following link: .
    Syncretism is still practised in some parts of the world and what it means that certain elements of a seemingly incompatible belief system is selectively incorporated into one’s own belief system, whilst rejecting the more overtly conflicting elements. It’s almost like incorporating a bit of white magic into one’s faith. Today we would call it New Age. Apparently some of the faith teachings we are getting today in the Church is based on what is called ‘New Thought’, which is apparently a doctrine of Scientology, which was given a Christian flavour by a great American preacher EW Kenyon.
    Why I hold Siener van Rensburg in such high esteem is because he was a devout Christian and even though he crossed over to the secular side of the spiritual universe he did so because he perceived the gift that he had as a gift from God and he used his gift for the benefit of the nation. What is interesting though is that we have two children in South Africa (a boy and a girl) who had near death experiences at the time of their birth and both of them are clear sighted and have had visions of Jesus and have received warning messages for the nation with a call to repentance. Now what do you make of that?

  86. Our modern world and heaps of literature has the power to influence “open minded” people to the brink of disillisionment and even an acceptance of religious pluralism(Verleidelike leringe van duiwels en leunagtige waarseery). However, still, nobody can say Jesus is the Christ without the Holy Spirit. The Bible even says that His name is great amongst the gentiles, although they don’t ackowledge Him as the saviour. Why is it then that miraculously a few people, with all this incredible access to information don’t actually go astray? The answer is again – only through His Spirit and Grace and not through any form of philosophy would anyone be truly convinced of His truth. You therefore don’t have to be an intellectual and have sacred demonically inspired dogma in your armour, but you should rather have humility which will eventually open your spirit up for true Divine working to convince you that Jesus is in fact the One and only Good Shepherd.

    With the above in mind, lets get back to Siener and his authenticity:
    Was he very clear in who God is? Yes, he only read the Bible and only believed in the Gospel
    Did he make money with his gift or did he use it to be a “Good Shepherd” to his people? (Hy het nie homself probeer stig nie en daarom ter wille van gewildheid leuenagtighede verkondig om geloofwaardig voor te kom nie)
    Yes, he was very poor and wanted no earthly compensation, but actaully suffered extreme emotional turmoil for exercising his gift.
    One of the criteria to distinguish beween a false prophet and a true prophet is the accuracy of his predictions. Don’t loose sight of the fact that even the Bible says that we will see through a mirror into a riddle and we will only see partially and not wholly. There are many very good examples of predictions that many believers and even non-believers, should recognise as evidence of accuracy for example: The prediction of the Petrol Factory close to Vereeniging predicted decades earlier or the boiler that would blow off its lid and the town that would become like nothing(Chernobyl – I evaluated this as accurate revelation although he only saw it partially – for instance he did not mention the name of the town).
    Another way to look at Siener: What fruits did he bare? Was he humble, compassionate, loyal, faithful, mercifull, hated violence, non-adulterous, piece-loving etc. I cannot find bad fruits in his character or get the idea that when he faltered that he would not feel ashamed and ask God for forgiveness.
    Was Siener God-seeking or did he walk after his own spirit through occult means. He did not consult evil spirits though occult means like using chrystal balls or tarrot cards etc or other means of invoking occult visions. Siener said that it came involuntary beginning with a feeling of a pressure in the back of his head. Biblical scripture confirms this phenomenon that the dreams and visions comes from God with great turmoil under great pressure.
    The dreams and visions that the pagan king’s sorcerors could not reveal, were revealed to Daniel through divine means. Obviously, they also new things, that’s why they were sorcerors, but non of them proclaimed to know God. Daniel instead, proclaimed to know God, so did Siener also proclaim that he knew only God of the Bible. Godly revelations were only revealed to Daniel not the pagan sorcerors.

    If you read the Bible, you will always find strong faith connections to any religious deed – we cannot just call any “funny” deed as pagan. Moses put a snake on a pole in the desert as a sign of taith to the Isrealites, yet the Isrealites were punished for making a golden calf. Why then? The answer : The Bible is very clear about this point: That which is through faith is not sin, that which is not – is actually witchcraft. Also, Christ said through me you will find your fruit. This means any deed, without the root of Christ is pagan in nature.

    My conclusion about Siener: He was a true Godly Inspired Prophet.

    • hi manie

      I agree that it is possible to give an accurate prediction, and not be religious. God gives different gifts to whomever he wants.

    • Manie

      You have summarised it quite sensibly. Someone said that Siener was not even reborn. I disagree. Nobody can have such Godly visions and insight without being attuned to His Spirit.

  87. …..Third and Final War at the beginning of the 21st century when the armies of the world will use what he called “terrible electrical rays that sow death and destruction from above and below, and soak the earth in blood”.

    *** This could be an EMP attack, which knocks out the electrical grid over countries.

    In the original Afrikaans text it talks about “blue lightning”…I was just wondering about this and I think there are two possibilities…I don’t think it’s an EMP, because and EMP only affects electronics.

    Blue is the colour for Germany in his prophecies…so either it is a literal blue ray, like laser, or it will be some kind of ray weapon in German hands.

    I believe he says that the German army will initially be overrun, but then the Germans will regroup and then defeat the invading army.

    It doesn’t matter wheather or not people believe these prophecies or not, the proof of the pudding….

    I call his words prophecies, because predictions are just that…so it may or may not happen…a prophecy WILL happen.

    Unfortunately there are many of his visions that still remain unexplained, and unfortunately there are some of the prophecies that are tainted by personal opinion from the author of the book….one prophecy in his translation says that one of the reasons that the Afrikaner will go trough this, is because we eat pork…really!?

    I think you can read your newspaper and listen to the news with these prophecies(especially the ones Siener explained himself) and with the Bible (ultimate reference and authority) in mind.

  88. Hi,

    I am a Afrikaans speaking white South African. I do believe that Siener van Rensburg was a prophet from God, ( Amos 3:7 ) but I also believe that people are interpreting his visions for their own gain. If you read Revelations and other parts of the bible relating to the end times, you will find there is a lot of similarities.

    The day I gave my life to Christ I became a part of a new family, the family of Christ and in this family race does not count.

    I do believe South Africa is heading for big things and that God has a devine purpose for us, I think a big revival ( It is already happening )is goiing to break out in South Africa, and we will become a save haven for Christians around the world. I think the nation that Siener saw reighning again will be a christian nation, but a true rainbow nation as God intend it to be! He talked about the “vierkleur”, can this be symbolic for a rainbow nation.

    For God anything is possible! Halleluja!

    • hello Tess

      I am very concerned about the welfare of the while South Africans. I share in your hope for a better time, where it is safe for you again.

  89. You forgot to mention uhuru which will happen! He said UHURU will start the local war in SA among the different provinces, not the way you put it, you should have mentioned that!

  90. Apart from princess Diana, the “siener” also saw an “Important Englishman being murdered and many people coming to hold hands for payment from his estate”: Bret Kebble fitted perfectly into that description. Just look at all the related issues of the Italian Drug Boss(Agliotti) and the Big boss of the South African police who is now going for his 15 year Jail term – probably in Hospital like friend Shabier Sheik. It is all related to Kebble’s death.

    It is rather a pity that many whites use these prophesies in the wrong way. The prophecies were meant to admonish the “Volk”. The “Volk” certainly did become proud and arrogant instead of being humble before God.

    In spite of everything the territory is needed to house Christians during and after ww3. Whether these Christians will be whites only, I doubt.

    • Derick, a very intriguing observation indeed!!

      Your views upon the application of these prophecies as well as the actual purpose of South Africa are also 100% correct. We just need to be cleansed of radicalism first.

  91. Israel – can never return to Palestine because the LORD promised a new place, Israel is a nation 3250-3300 years old, and is formed of a people that remain dispersed throughout all the countries of the globe, a chosen people.
    Moreover I will appoint a place for my people Israel, and will plant them, that they may dwell in a place of their own, and move no more; neither shall the children of wickedness afflict them any more, as beforetime, 2Sa 7:10

    2Sa 7:10 Moreover I will appoint a place for my people Israel, and will plant them, that they may dwell in a place of their own, and move no more; neither shall the children of wickedness afflict them any more, as beforetime,

    1Ch 17:9 Also I will ordain a place for my people Israel, and will plant them, and they shall dwell in their place, and shall be moved no more; neither shall the children of wickedness waste them any more, as at the beginning,

    Ps 44:4 You are my King, O God: command deliverances for Jacob.

    Ps 80:8 You have brought a vine out of Egypt: you have cast out the heathen, and planted it.

    Jer 18:9 And at what instant I shall speak concerning a nation, and concerning a kingdom, to build and to plant it;

    Jer 24:6 For I will set my eyes on them for good, and I will bring them again to this land: and I will build them, and not pull them down; and I will plant them, and not pluck them up.

    Eze 37:25 And they shall dwell in the land that I have given to Jacob my servant, wherein your fathers have dwelled; and they shall dwell therein, even they, and their children, and their children’s children for ever: and my servant David shall be their prince for ever.
    Eze 37:26 Moreover I will make a covenant of peace with them; it shall be an everlasting covenant with them: and I will place them, and multiply them, and will set my sanctuary in the middle of them for ever more.
    Eze 37:27 My tabernacle also shall be with them: yes, I will be their God, and they shall be my people.

    Am 9:15 And I will plant them on their land, and they shall no more be pulled up out of their land which I have given them, said the LORD your God.

    Ps 89:22 The enemy shall not exact on him; nor the son of wickedness afflict him.
    Ps 89:23 And I will beat down his foes before his face, and plague them that hate him.

    Isa 60:18 Violence shall no more be heard in your land, wasting nor destruction within your borders; but you shall call your walls Salvation, and your gates Praise.

    Eze 28:24 And there shall be no more a pricking brier to the house of Israel, nor any grieving thorn of all that are round about them, that despised them; and they shall know that I am the Lord GOD.

    Ho 2:18 And in that day will I make a covenant for them with the beasts of the field and with the fowls of heaven, and with the creeping things of the ground: and I will break the bow and the sword and the battle out of the earth, and will make them to lie down safely.

    Re 21:4 And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.

    Ex 1:13 And the Egyptians made the children of Israel to serve with rigor:
    Ex 1:14 And they made their lives bitter with hard bondage, in mortar, and in brick, and in all manner of service in the field: all their service, wherein they made them serve, was with rigor.

    Ex 1:22 And Pharaoh charged all his people, saying, Every son that is born you shall cast into the river, and every daughter you shall save alive.

    Jud 4:3 And the children of Israel cried to the LORD: for he had nine hundred chariots of iron; and twenty years he mightily oppressed the children of Israel.

    Jud 6:2 And the hand of Midian prevailed against Israel: and because of the Midianites the children of Israel made them the dens which are in the mountains, and caves, and strong holds.
    Jud 6:3 And so it was, when Israel had sown, that the Midianites came up, and the Amalekites, and the children of the east, even they came up against them;
    Jud 6:4 And they encamped against them, and destroyed the increase of the earth, till you come to Gaza, and left no sustenance for Israel, neither sheep, nor ox, nor ass.
    Jud 6:5 For they came up with their cattle and their tents, and they came as grasshoppers for multitude; for both they and their camels were without number: and they entered into the land to destroy it.
    Jud 6:6 And Israel was greatly impoverished because of the Midianites; and the children of Israel cried to the LORD.

    1Sa 13:17 And the spoilers came out of the camp of the Philistines in three companies: one company turned to the way that leads to Ophrah, to the land of Shual:


    BibleTruth ( KJV )
    The Revelationthat I received the county is ” South Africa ” Praise you the LORD.

    Hendrik van den Berg

    • Hendrik

      You are so right! And who is the “true Jew” ?? The NEW nation created by Jesus Christ, consisting of both reborn Jews and Gentiles, obedient disciples.

  92. Toe sê Hy: Jy sal nie meer Jakob genoem word nie, maar Israel; want jy het geworstel met God en met die mense en het oorwin. Gen 32:28

    Gen 32:28 Toe sê Hy: Jy sal nie meer Jakob genoem word nie, maar Israel; want jy het geworstel met God en met die mense en het oorwin.

    Gen 17:5 Daarom sal hulle jou nie meer Abram noem nie, maar jou naam sal wees Abraham, want Ek maak jou ‘n vader van ‘n menigte van nasies.

    Gen 17:15 Verder het God aan Abraham gesê: Sarai, jou vrou, moet jy nie Sarai noem nie, maar haar naam sal Sara wees.

    Gen 33:20 Daar het hy ook ‘n altaar opgerig en dit genoem: Die God van Israel is God.

    Gen 35:10 en God sê vir hom: Jou naam is Jakob; jy sal verder nie Jakob genoem word nie, maar Israel sal jou naam wees. En Hy het hom Israel genoem.

    Num 13:16 Dit is die name van die manne wat Moses gestuur het om die land te verken; En Moses het Hoséa, die seun van Nun, Josua genoem.

    2Sam 12:25 en Hy het hom deur Natan, die profeet, Jedídja laat noem, ter wille van die HERE.

    2Kon 17:34 Tot vandag toe handel hulle volgens die vroeëre gebruike: hulle vrees die HERE nie, en handel ook nie volgens hulle insettinge en volgens hulle gebruike nie, of volgens die wet en volgens die gebod wat die HERE die kinders van Jakob beveel het, aan wie Hy die naam Israel gegee het.

    Jes 62:2 En die nasies sal jou geregtigheid sien en al die konings jou heerlikheid; en jy sal met ‘n nuwe naam genoem word wat die mond van die HERE sal noem.
    Jes 62:3 En jy sal ‘n sierlike kroon wees in die hand van die HERE en ‘n koninklike tulband in die hand van jou God.
    Jes 62:4 Jy sal nie meer genoem word Verlatene nie, en jou land sal nie meer genoem word Wildernis nie. Maar jy sal genoem word: my welbehae, en jou land: die getroude; want die Here het ‘n behae in jou, en jou land sal getroud wees.

    Jes 65:15 En julle sal jul naam vir my uitverkorenes as ‘n woord van verwensing laat agterbly, en die Here HERE sal jou ombring. Maar sy knegte sal Hy noem met ‘n ander naam,

    Joh 1:43 En hy het hom na Jesus gelei. Toe kyk Jesus hom aan en sê: Jy is Simon, die seun van Jona; jy sal genoem word Céfas, wat vertaal word Petrus.

    Ope 2:17 Wie ‘n oor het, laat hom hoor wat die Gees aan die gemeentes sê. Aan hom wat oorwin, sal Ek gee om te eet van die verborge manna, en Ek sal hom gee ‘n wit keursteen, en op dié steen ‘n nuwe naam geskrywe wat niemand ken nie, behalwe hy wat dit ontvang.

    Gen 32:24 Maar Jakob het alleen agtergebly, en ‘n Man het met hom geworstel tot dagbreek.

    Hos 12:4 In die moederskoot het hy sy broer by die hakskeen gehou, en in sy manlike krag het hy met God geworstel.

    Hos 12:5 Ja, hy het met die Engel geworstel en die oorhand gekry, hy het geween en Hom gesmeek. By Bet-el het hy Hom gevind, en daar het Hy met ons gespreek.
    Hos 12:6 En HERE God van die leërskare, HERE is sy gedenknaam.

    Gen 25:31 En Jakob antwoord: Verkoop eers jou eersgeboortereg aan my.

    Gen 27:33 Toe skrik Isak geweldig en sê: Wie is dit dan wat wild gejag en vir my gebring het? En ek het van alles geëet voordat jy gekom het, en hom geseën—ook sal hy geseënd bly!
    Gen 27:34 Toe Esau die woorde van sy vader hoor, skreeu hy met ‘n baie groot en bitter geroep, en hy sê vir sy vader: Seën my ook, my vader!
    Gen 27:35 En hy antwoord: Jou broer het gekom met bedrog en jou seën weggeneem.
    Gen 27:36 Daarop sê hy: Sou hulle hom Jakob noem, omdat hy my nou twee keer onderkruip het? My eersgeboortereg het hy geneem, en daar het hy nou my seën geneem! Verder vra hy: Het u vir my geen seën oorgehou nie?

    Gen 31:24 Maar God het na Laban, die Arameër, in die nag gekom in ‘n droom en vir hom gesê: Pas nou op dat jy met Jakob geen goed of kwaad spreek nie.

    Gen 31:36 Toe word Jakob kwaad, en hy het met Laban getwis; en Jakob het geantwoord en vir Laban gesê: Wat is my oortreding, wat is my sonde, dat u my so vurig agternagesit het?
    Gen 31:37 Nou dat u al my goed deurgevoel het—wat het u van al u huisraad gevind? Sit dit hier neer voor my broers en u broers, en laat hulle oordeel tussen ons twee.
    Gen 31:38 Twintig jaar was ek nou by u. U skaap— en bokooie het geen misdrag gehad nie, en die ramme van u kleinvee het ek nie geëet nie.
    Gen 31:39 Wat die wilde diere verskeur het, het ek nie na u gebring nie: ek moes dit vergoed; van my hand het u dit geëis, of dit al bedags gesteel is of snags gesteel is.
    Gen 31:40 Ek was ‘n man wat bedags deur die hitte verteer is en snags deur die koue, en my slaap het gevlug van my oë.
    Gen 31:41 Twintig jaar was ek nou in u huis; veertien jaar het ek u gedien vir u twee dogters en ses jaar vir u kleinvee; en u het my loon tien maal verander.

    Gen 31:42 As die God van my vader, die God van Abraham en die Vrees van Isak, nie aan my kant was nie—ja, dan sou u my met leë hande weggestuur het. God het my ellende en die moeitevolle arbeid van my hande aangesien en verlede nag geoordeel.

    Gen 31:43 Toe antwoord Laban en sê vir Jakob: Die dogters is my dogters, en die seuns is my seuns, en die kleinvee is my kleinvee, ja, alles wat jy sien, is myne; maar my dogters—wat sal ek hulle vandag kan aandoen of aan hulle seuns wat hulle gebaar het?

    Gen 31:44 Kom dan nou, laat ons ‘n verbond sluit, ek en jy, dat dit ‘n getuie tussen my en jou kan wees.
    Gen 31:45 Daarop het Jakob ‘n klip geneem en dit as gedenksteen opgerig.
    Gen 31:46 En Jakob het aan sy broers gesê: Bring klippe bymekaar! En hulle het klippe gaan haal en ‘n hoop gemaak en daar op die hoop geëet.
    Gen 31:47 En Laban het dit Jegar-Sahadúta genoem, maar Jakob het dit Gal-ed genoem.
    Gen 31:48 Toe sê Laban: Hierdie hoop is vandag ‘n getuie tussen my en jou. Daarom het hulle dit Gal-ed genoem,
    Gen 31:49 en ook Mispa, omdat hy gesê het: Mag die HERE wag hou tussen my en jou as ons mekaar nie meer sien nie.
    Gen 31:50 As jy my dogters mishandel, en as jy vroue neem by my dogters, dan is geen mens by ons nie: Kyk, God is getuie tussen my en jou.
    Gen 31:51 Verder sê Laban vir Jakob: Daar is dié hoop klippe, en daar is die gedenksteen wat ek tussen my en jou opgerig het—
    Gen 31:52 hierdie hoop klippe is getuie, en die gedenksteen is getuie dat ék na jou kant toe hierdie hoop nie sal verbytrek nie, en dat jy na my kant toe hierdie hoop en hierdie gedenksteen nie sal verbytrek met slegte bedoelinge nie.
    Gen 31:53 Die God van Abraham en die God van Nahor, die God van hulle vader, sal regter tussen ons wees. En Jakob het gesweer by die Vrees van sy vader Isak.
    Gen 31:54 Toe het Jakob ‘n offer gebring op die gebergte en sy broers genooi om brood te eet. En hulle het brood geëet en die nag in die gebergte oorgebly.
    Gen 31:55 En Laban het die môre vroeg opgestaan en sy seuns en sy dogters gesoen en hulle geseën. Daarna het Laban vertrek en teruggekeer na sy woonplek.

    Gen 33:4 Toe loop Esau hom tegemoet en omhels hom en val hom om die hals en soen hom; en hulle het geween.

    1Sam 26:25 Hierop sê Saul vir Dawid: Geseënd is jy, my seun Dawid! Jy sal groot dinge doen en sekerlik die oorhand kry. Daarop het Dawid verder gegaan, en Saul het na sy woonplek teruggekeer.

    Spr 16:7 As die HERE behae het in die weë van ‘n man, dan laat Hy selfs sy vyande met hom vrede hou.


    BybelWaarheid ( 1953 )

    Hendrik van den Berg
    As jy af wil kom van my lys, druk ” Reply ” plaas haalaf daarin.

  93. Egipte is in die teenwoordige tyd die wêreld.
    Die engelse woord ver ” banier ophef is,[ and set up an ensign ] Beteken om n vlag te lig op militere skepe. Om te versamel die verdryfde en verstrooide kinders en intebring deur ” Duitswes ” na Suid Afrika.
    ” Ensign ” Heb. ‘oth, a military standard. A flag raised on military ships. To gather the dipersed. And bring them via South West Africa to South Africa.
    Die Woord verklaar homself:

    En in dié dag sal die Here weer vir die tweede keer sy hand uitstrek, om die oorblyfsel van sy volk los te koop wat sal oorbly uit Assirië en Egipte en Patros en Kus en Elam en Sínear en Hamat en uit die kuslande van die see; Jes 11:11

    Jes 11:11 En in dié dag sal die Here weer vir die tweede keer sy hand uitstrek, om die oorblyfsel van sy volk los te koop wat sal oorbly uit Assirië en Egipte en Patros en Kus en Elam en Sínear en Hamat en uit die kuslande van die see;
    Jes 11:12 en Hy sal ‘n banier ophef vir die nasies en bymekaar laat kom die seuns van Israel wat verdryf is, en versamel die dogters van Juda wat verstrooi is, uit die vier hoeke van die aarde.

    Jes 60:1 Staan op, word verlig; want jou lig kom, en die heerlikheid van die HERE gaan oor jou op.
    Jes 60:2 Want kyk, die duisternis sal die aarde oordek en donkerheid die volke; maar oor jóu sal die HERE opgaan, en sy heerlikheid sal oor jou gesien word.
    Jes 60:3 En nasies sal trek na jou lig, en konings na jou stralende opgang.
    Jes 60:4 Slaan jou oë rondom op en kyk—hulle almal kom bymekaar, hulle kom na jou toe; jou seuns kom van ver, en jou dogters word op die heup gedra.
    Jes 60:5 Dan sal jy dit sien en straal van vreugde, en jou hart sal ontroer en verruim word; want die rykdom van die see gaan na jou toe oor, die skatte van die nasies kom na jou toe aan.
    Jes 60:6 ‘n Menigte kamele sal jou oordek, die jong kamele van Mídian en Efa; hulle sal almal uit Skeba kom; hulle bring goud en wierook en verkondig met blydskap die roemryke dade van die HERE.
    Jes 60:7 Al die kleinvee van Kedar sal vir jou versamel word, die ramme van Nebájot sal jou dien; hulle kom as welgevallige offer op my altaar, en Ek sal my heerlike huis heerlik maak.
    Jes 60:8 Wie is dit wat daar aangevlieg kom soos ‘n wolk en soos duiwe na hulle vensters?
    Jes 60:9 Ja, op My wag die eilande, en die skepe van Tarsis kom vooraan, om jou seuns van ver te bring. Hul silwer en hul goud is by hulle, vir die Naam van die HERE jou God en vir die Heilige van Israel, omdat Hy jou heerlik gemaak het.
    Jes 60:10 En uitlanders sal jou mure bou, en hulle konings sal jou dien; want in my toorn het Ek jou geslaan, maar in my welbehae het Ek My oor jou ontferm.

    Jes 60:11 En jou poorte sal altyddeur oopstaan; hulle sal bedags of snags nie gesluit word nie, om na jou toe aan te bring die rykdom van die nasies en hulle konings in triomftog.
    Jes 60:12 Want die nasie en die koninkryk wat jou nie sal dien nie, sal ondergaan, en dié nasies sal seker verwoes word.
    Jes 60:13 Die heerlikheid van die Líbanon sal na jou toe kom, die sipres, die plataan en die denneboom almal saam, om te versier die plek van my heiligdom; en Ek sal die plek van my voete heerlik maak.
    Jes 60:14 En die seuns van hulle wat jou verdruk het, sal gebukkend na jou toe trek; en almal wat jou verag het, sal hulle neerbuig by jou voetsole; en hulle sal jou noem: Stad van die HERE, Sion van die Heilige van Israel.
    Jes 60:15 In plaas dat jy verlate en gehaat is sonder dat iemand daar deurtrek, sal Ek jou maak tot ‘n ewige heerlikheid, ‘n vreugde van geslag tot geslag.
    Jes 60:16 En jy sal die melk van nasies suig en die bors van konings suig en sal weet dat Ek, die HERE, jou Heiland is, en jou Losser die Magtige van Jakob.
    Jes 60:17 Vir koper bring Ek goud en vir yster bring Ek silwer, en vir hout koper en vir klippe yster; en Ek sal Vrede as jou owerheid aanstel en Geregtigheid as jou bestuurders.
    Jes 60:18 Van geweld sal in jou land nie meer gehoor word nie—van geen verwoesting of verbreking in jou grondgebied nie; maar jy sal jou mure Heil noem en jou poorte Lof.
    Jes 60:19 Die son sal bedags jou lig nie meer wees nie, en as glans sal die maan vir jou geen skynsel gee nie; maar die HERE sal vir jou wees ‘n ewige lig, en jou God sal jou sieraad wees.
    Jes 60:20 Jou son sal nie meer ondergaan nie, en jou maan nie kleiner word nie; want die HERE sal vir jou wees ‘n ewige lig, en die dae van jou treurigheid is verby.
    Jes 60:21 En jou volk sal almal regverdiges wees, vir ewig sal hulle die land besit—as lote deur My geplant, ‘n werk van my hande, tot my verheerliking.
    Jes 60:22 Die kleinste sal ‘n geslag word en die geringste ‘n magtige nasie. Ek, die HERE, sal dit op die regte tyd gou laat kom.

    Jes 61:1 Die Gees van die Here HERE is op My, omdat die HERE My gesalf het om ‘n blye boodskap te bring aan die ootmoediges; Hy het My gestuur om te verbind die gebrokenes van hart, om vir die gevangenes ‘n vrylating uit te roep en vir die geboeides opening van die gevangenis;
    Jes 61:2 om uit te roep ‘n jaar van die welbehae van die HERE en ‘n dag van die wraak van onse God; om al die treurendes te troos;
    Jes 61:3 om vir die treurendes in Sion te beskik dat aan hulle gegee word sieraad vir as, vreugde-olie vir treurigheid, ‘n gewaad van lof vir ‘n verslae gees; sodat hulle genoem kan word terebinte van geregtigheid, ‘n planting van die HERE, tot sy verheerliking.
    Jes 61:4 En hulle sal die ou puinhope bou, die verwoeste plekke uit vroeër dae weer oprig en die verwoeste stede weer nuut maak wat woes was van geslag tot geslag.
    Jes 61:5 Die vreemdelinge sal staan en julle kleinvee oppas, en uitlanders sal julle landbouers en wynboere wees.
    Jes 61:6 Maar júlle sal priesters van die HERE genoem word; aan julle sal gesê word: Dienaars van onse God! Julle sal die rykdom van die nasies eet en op hulle heerlikheid julle beroem.
    Jes 61:7 In plaas van julle skande ontvang julle ‘n dubbele deel; en in plaas van die smaad sal hulle jubel oor hul deel. Daarom sal hulle in hul land ‘n dubbele deel in besit neem, ewige vreugde geniet.
    Jes 61:8 Want Ek, die HERE, het die reg lief; Ek haat die roof met onreg, en Ek sal hulle getrou hul loon gee en ‘n ewige verbond met hulle sluit.
    Jes 61:9 En hulle nageslag sal bekend word onder die nasies en hulle nakomelinge onder die volke; almal wat hulle sien, sal hulle daarvoor aansien dat hulle ‘n geslag is wat die HERE geseën het.
    Jes 61:10 Ek is baie bly in die HERE, my siel juig in my God; want Hy het my beklee met die klere van heil, my in die mantel van geregtigheid gewikkel—soos ‘n bruidegom wat priesterlik die hoofversiersel ombind, en soos ‘n bruid wat haar versier met haar juwele.
    Jes 61:11 Want soos die aarde sy plante voortbring, en soos ‘n tuin sy gewasse laat uitspruit, so sal die Here HERE geregtigheid en lof laat uitspruit voor die oog van al die nasies.

    Jes 62:1 Ter wille van Sion sal Ek nie swyg nie en ter wille van Jerusalem nie stil wees nie, totdat sy geregtigheid uitbreek soos ‘n glans en sy heil soos ‘n fakkel wat brand.
    Jes 62:2 En die nasies sal jou geregtigheid sien en al die konings jou heerlikheid; en jy sal met ‘n nuwe naam genoem word wat die mond van die HERE sal noem.
    Jes 62:3 En jy sal ‘n sierlike kroon wees in die hand van die HERE en ‘n koninklike tulband in die hand van jou God.
    Jes 62:4 Jy sal nie meer genoem word Verlatene nie, en jou land sal nie meer genoem word Wildernis nie. Maar jy sal genoem word: my welbehae, en jou land: die getroude; want die Here het ‘n behae in jou, en jou land sal getroud wees.
    Jes 62:5 Want soos ‘n jonkman ‘n jongedogter trou, so sal jou kinders jou trou; en soos die bruidegom bly is oor die bruid, sal jou God oor jou bly wees.
    Jes 62:6 o Jerusalem, Ek het wagte op jou mure uitgesit wat gedurigdeur die hele dag en die hele nag nie sal swyg nie. o Julle wat die HERE herinner aan sy beloftes—moenie rus nie
    Jes 62:7 en laat Hom nie met rus nie, totdat Hy Jerusalem bevestig en maak tot ‘n lof op aarde!
    Jes 62:8 Die HERE het gesweer by sy regterhand en by sy magtige arm: Waarlik, Ek sal jou koring nie meer gee dat jou vyande dit eet nie, en uitlanders sal jou mos nie drink waarvoor jy gewerk het nie.
    Jes 62:9 Maar hulle wat dit insamel, sal dit eet en die HERE prys; en hulle wat dit oes, sal dit drink in my heilige voorhowe.
    Jes 62:10 Gaan in, gaan in deur die poorte, berei die weg van die volk! Vul op, vul op die grootpad, gooi die klippe weg, steek ‘n banier op oor die volke!
    Jes 62:11 Kyk, die HERE laat dit hoor tot by die einde van die aarde: Sê aan die dogter van Sion: Kyk, jou heil kom; kyk, sy loon is by Hom en sy beloning is voor sy aangesig.
    Jes 62:12 En hulle sal genoem word: die heilige volk, die verlostes van die HERE; en jy sal genoem word: die begeerde, die stad wat nie verlaat is nie.

    Jes 63:1 Wie is dit wat daar aankom uit Edom, met bloedrooi klere uit Bosra? Hy daar, pragtig in sy gewaad, wat agteroor buig in die volheid van sy krag? Dit is Ek wat in geregtigheid spreek, wat magtig is om te verlos.
    Jes 63:2 Waarom is u gewaad so rooi, en u klere soos dié van een wat die wynpers trap?
    Jes 63:3 Ek het die pers alleen getrap, en van die volke was niemand by My nie; en Ek het hulle getrap in my toorn en hulle vertrap in my grimmigheid, sodat hulle lewensap op my klere gespat en Ek my hele gewaad bevlek het.
    Jes 63:4 Want die dag van wraak was in my hart, en die jaar van my verlossing het gekom.
    Jes 63:5 En Ek het uitgekyk, maar daar was geen helper nie; en Ek het My verbaas, maar daar was niemand wat ondersteun nie. Toe het my arm My gehelp en my grimmigheid het My ondersteun.
    Jes 63:6 En Ek het volke vertrap in my toorn en hulle dronk gemaak in my grimmigheid; en Ek het hulle lewensap op die aarde laat afloop.
    Jes 63:7 Ek sal die goedertierenhede van die HERE prys, die roemryke dade van die HERE, ooreenkomstig alles wat die HERE aan ons bewys het, en die veelvuldige goedheid jeens die huis van Israel wat Hy aan hulle bewys het, na sy barmhartighede en na die grootheid van sy goedertierenhede.
    Jes 63:8 Want Hy het gesê: Hulle is tog my volk, kinders wat nie sal lieg nie. So het Hy dan vir hulle ‘n Heiland geword.
    Jes 63:9 In al hulle benoudheid was Hy benoud, en die Engel van sy aangesig het hulle verlos; deur sy liefde en deur sy medelyde het Hy hulle verlos; en Hy het hulle opgehef en hulle gedra, al die dae van die ou tyd.

    Jes 63:10 Maar húlle was wederstrewig en het sy Heilige Gees bedroef; daarom het Hy vir hulle in ‘n vyand verander: Hy self het teen hulle gestry.
    Jes 63:11 Toe het sy volk gedink aan die dae van die ou tyd, van Moses: Waar is Hy wat hulle uit die see laat optrek het saam met die herder van sy kudde? Waar is Hy wat sy Heilige Gees in hulle midde gegee het?
    Jes 63:12 Wat sy heerlike arm laat trek het aan die regterhand van Moses; wat die waters voor hulle uit gekloof het, om vir Hom ‘n ewige Naam te maak?
    Jes 63:13 Wat hulle deur die watervloede laat trek het soos ‘n perd deur die woestyn, sonder om te struikel?
    Jes 63:14 Soos vee wat aftrek in die laagte, het die Gees van die HERE hulle na die rus gelei. Só het U u volk gelei, om vir U ‘n heerlike Naam te maak.
    Jes 63:15 Kyk van die hemel neer en aanskou uit u heilige en heerlike woning! Waar is u ywer en u magtige dade? Die ontroering van u binneste en u barmhartighede het hulle jeens my ingehou.
    Jes 63:16 Want U is ons Vader! Want Abraham weet van ons nie, en Israel ken ons nie. U, o HERE, is ons Vader; ons Verlosser is van ouds af u Naam.
    Jes 63:17 HERE, waarom laat U ons wegdwaal van u weë? Waarom verhard U ons hart, sodat ons U nie vrees nie? Keer terug ter wille van u knegte, die stamme van u erfdeel!
    Jes 63:18 U heilige volk het dit vir ‘n kort rukkie besit; ons teëstanders het u heiligdom vertrap.
    Jes 63:19 Ons het geword soos hulle oor wie U nie van ouds af geheers het nie, oor wie u Naam nie uitgeroep is nie.

    Jes 64:1 Ag, as U maar die hemele wou skeur, wou neerdaal, dat die berge wankel voor u aangesig
    Jes 64:2 —soos vuur die houtjies aan die brand steek, vuur die water laat opborrel—om u Naam aan u teëstanders bekend te maak, sodat nasies voor u aangesig kan bewe
    Jes 64:3 wanneer U vreeslike dinge doen waar ons nie op gehoop het nie—as U maar wou neerdaal, sodat die berge wankel voor u aangesig!
    Jes 64:4 Van ouds af tog het niemand dit gehoor of verneem nie, geen oog het ‘n God gesien wat werksaam is vir wie op Hom wag nie, behalwe U.
    Jes 64:5 U kom hom tegemoet wat met vreugde geregtigheid beoefen, hulle wat aan U dink op u weë. Kyk, U was toornig, en ons het gesondig; in dié toestand was ons baie lank, en—sal ons verlos word?
    Jes 64:6 En ons het almal geword soos ‘n onreine, en al ons geregtighede soos ‘n besoedelde kleed; en ons het almal verdor soos blare, en ons ongeregtighede het ons weggevoer soos die wind.
    Jes 64:7 En daar was niemand wat u Naam aangeroep het, wat hom beywer het om U aan te kleef nie; want U het u aangesig vir ons verberg en laat ons wegsmelt deur ons ongeregtighede.
    Jes 64:8 Maar nou, HERE, U is ons Vader; ons is die klei, en U is ons Formeerder, en ons almal is die werk van u hand.
    Jes 64:9 HERE, wees nie uitermate toornig nie, en dink nie vir ewig aan die ongeregtigheid nie; aanskou dit tog dat ons almal u volk is.
    Jes 64:10 U heilige stede het ‘n woestyn geword; Sion het ‘n woestyn geword, Jerusalem ‘n wildernis.
    Jes 64:11 Ons heilige en heerlike huis waar ons vaders U geloof het, is met vuur verbrand, en al wat vir ons dierbaar was, het ‘n puinhoop geword.
    Jes 64:12 HERE, sal U by hierdie dinge U bedwing? Sal U swyg en ons uitermate verdruk?

    Jes 65:1 Ek het My laat raadpleeg deur wie na My nie gevra het nie; Ek het My laat vind deur die wat My nie gesoek het nie; aan ‘n nasie wat na my Naam nie genoem is nie, het Ek gesê: Hier is Ek, Hier is Ek!
    Jes 65:2 Ek het my hande die hele dag uitgebrei na ‘n opstandige volk wat wandel op ‘n weg wat nie goed is nie, agter hulle eie gedagtes aan;
    Jes 65:3 ‘n volk wat My gedurigdeur in die aangesig terg, wat offer in tuine en rook laat opgaan op bakstene;
    Jes 65:4 wat in die grafte sit en vernag in verborge plekke; wat varkvleis eet, en daar is brokke onrein vleis in hulle skottels;
    Jes 65:5 wat sê: Bly daar! Kom nie naby my nie, want ek is heilig vir jou! Hierdie mense is ‘n rook in my neus, ‘n vuur wat die hele dag brand.
    Jes 65:6 Kyk, dit staan voor my aangesig geskrywe; Ek sal nie swyg nie, tensy dat Ek dit vergeld het; ja, Ek sal dit vergelde in hulle boesem—
    Jes 65:7 julle ongeregtighede en die ongeregtighede van julle vaders tesame, sê die HERE; dat hulle offerrook laat opgaan het op die berge en My smaadheid aangedoen het op die heuwels—ja, Ek sal vóór alles hulle loon in hulle boesem toemeet.
    Jes 65:8 So spreek die HERE: Soos wanneer iemand mos vind in ‘n tros druiwe en sê: Verniel dit nie, want daar is ‘n seën in—sal Ek doen ter wille van my knegte, om nie alles te verniel nie.
    Jes 65:9 En Ek sal ‘n nakroos uit Jakob laat voortkom en uit Juda die erfbesitter van my berge; en my uitverkorenes sal dit erflik in besit neem en my knegte daar woon.
    Jes 65:10 En Saron sal ‘n weiveld vir kleinvee word, en die dal Agor ‘n lêplek vir beeste, vir my volk wat My gesoek het.
    Jes 65:11 Maar julle wat die HERE verlaat, wat my heilige berg vergeet, wat ‘n tafel dek vir die geluksgod en die mengsel inskink vir die godin van die noodlot—

    Jes 65:12 Ek sal julle bestem vir die swaard, en julle almal sal buig om geslag te word, omdat Ek geroep maar julle nie geantwoord het nie, Ek gespreek maar julle nie geluister het nie, maar gedoen het wat verkeerd is in my oë en verkies het wat My nie behaag nie.

    Jes 65:13 Daarom, so sê die Here HERE: Kyk, my knegte sal eet, maar julle sal honger bly; kyk, my knegte sal drink, maar julle sal dors wees; kyk, my knegte sal bly wees, maar julle sal beskaamd staan.
    Jes 65:14 Kyk, my knegte sal jubel, omdat hulle hart vrolik is, maar júlle sal skreeu van pyn in die hart en huil deur die verbreking van gees.
    Jes 65:15 En julle sal jul naam vir my uitverkorenes as ‘n woord van verwensing laat agterbly, en die Here HERE sal jou ombring. Maar sy knegte sal Hy noem met ‘n ander naam,
    Jes 65:16 sodat hy wat homself seën in die land, hom sal seën by die God van waarheid; en hy wat sweer in die land, sal sweer by die God van waarheid, omdat die vorige benoudhede vergeet is en verborge vir my oë.
    Jes 65:17 Want kyk, Ek skep nuwe hemele en ‘n nuwe aarde, en aan die vorige dinge sal nie gedink word en hulle sal in die hart nie opkom nie.
    Jes 65:18 Maar wees julle bly en juig vir ewig oor wat Ek skep; want kyk, Ek skep Jerusalem om te juig, en sy mense om bly te wees.
    Jes 65:19 En Ek sal juig oor Jerusalem en bly wees oor my volk; en daarin sal nie meer gehoor word die stem van geween of die stem van geskreeu nie.
    Jes 65:20 Daarvandaan sal nie meer kom ‘n suigling van ‘n paar dae of ‘n grysaard wat sy dae nie vol uitlewe nie; want ‘n seun sal sterwe honderd jaar oud, en wie sondig, sal, honderd jaar oud, deur die vloek getref word.
    Jes 65:21 En hulle sal huise bou en bewoon, en wingerde plant en die vrug daarvan eet:
    Jes 65:22 hulle sal nie bou dat ‘n ander dit bewoon nie; hulle sal nie plant dat ‘n ander dit eet nie; want die dae van my volk sal wees soos die dae van die bome, en my uitverkorenes sal die werk van hulle hande self geniet.
    Jes 65:23 Hulle sal hul nie tevergeefs vermoei of baar vir skielike ondergang nie; want hulle is ‘n geslag van die wat deur die HERE geseën is, en hulle nakomelinge is by hulle.
    Jes 65:24 En voordat hulle roep, sal Ek antwoord; terwyl hulle nog spreek, verhoor Ek.
    Jes 65:25 Die wolf en die lam sal saam wei, en die leeu sal strooi eet soos ‘n bees, en stof sal die voedsel van die slang wees; hulle sal geen kwaad doen of verderf aanrig op my hele heilige berg nie, sê die HERE.

    Jes 66:1 So sê die HERE: Die hemel is my troon en die aarde die voetbank van my voete. Waar is dan die huis wat julle vir My sal bou? En waar die plek wat my rusplek sal wees?
    Jes 66:2 Want my hand het al hierdie dinge gemaak, en so het dit alles ontstaan, spreek die HERE. Maar op hierdie een sal Ek let: op hom wat arm is en verslae van gees, en wat bewe vir my woord.
    Jes 66:3 Wie ‘n bees as offer slag, is soos hy wat ‘n man doodslaan; wie ‘n lam offer, soos hy wat ‘n hond se nek breek; wie ‘n spysoffer bring—dit is varkbloed; wie wierook as gedenkoffer bring, is soos hy wat ‘n afgod prys. Soos húlle hul eie weë verkies het en hulle siel ‘n behae het in hul verfoeisels,
    Jes 66:4 so sal Ek ook hulle ongeluk verkies en wat hulle met skrik vervul, oor hulle laat kom; omdat Ek geroep en niemand geantwoord het nie, Ek gespreek en hulle nie gehoor het nie; maar hulle het gedoen wat verkeerd is in my oë, en verkies wat My nie behaag nie.
    Jes 66:5 Hoor die woord van die HERE, julle wat vir sy woord bewe! Julle broers, julle haters wat julle verstoot om my Naam ontwil, sê: Laat die HERE heerlik word, dat ons julle vreugde kan aanskou! Maar hulle sal beskaamd staan!
    Jes 66:6 Hoor—’n rumoer uit die stad! Hoor—uit die tempel! Hoor—dit is die HERE wat sy vyande hulle dade vergeld!
    Jes 66:7 Voordat sy weë gekry het, het sy gebaar; voordat smart oor haar gekom het, is sy van ‘n seuntjie verlos.
    Jes 66:8 Wie het so iets gehoor? Wie het sulke dinge gesien? Word ‘n land op een enkele dag gebore? Of word ‘n nasie met een slag gebaar? Want Sion het weë gekry, meteens haar kinders gebaar.
    Jes 66:9 Sou Ek naby die geboorte bring en nie laat baar nie? sê die HERE. Of sou Ek wat laat baar, self toesluit? sê jou God.
    Jes 66:10 Wees bly saam met Jerusalem en juig oor haar, almal wat haar liefhet! Wees vrolik saam met haar, baie vrolik, almal wat oor haar treurig gewees het!


    BybelWaarheid ( 1953 )

    Hendrik van den Berg
    As jy af wil kom van my lys druk ” Reply ” plaas haalaf daarin.

  94. Voorwoord:

    Nicolaas Pieter Johannes (“Niklaas” of “Siener”) van Rensburg ( 30 Augustus 1862 – 11 Maart 1926 ) was ‘n Boer in die – Zuid-Afrikaasche Republiek -ook bekend as Transvaal – en later ‘n burger van Suid-Afrika wat onder volksgenote gesien is as ‘n profeet van die Boere. Gevolglik het hy bekend gestaan as Siener. Sy akkurate voorspellings van toekomstige gebeure het bestaan uit patriotiese en godsdienstige beelde. Gedurende die Tweede Vryheidsoorlog het hy onder die Boere ‘n goeie reputasie opgebou en ‘n getroue kameraad en adviseur van genl. De la Rey en pres. M.T. Steyn geword.
    Behalwe dat hy kon lees en skryf, was hy verder ongeletterd. Nogtans het bekendes soos Generaals Koos de la Rey en Christiaan de Wet hom dikwels geraadpleeg. Hy het sy eerste visioen gehad toe hy 7 jaar oud was en daarna meer as 700 tot en met sy dood. Hy het die meeste van sy visioene self verklaar.

    ‘n banier ophef ”
    Dit is die vlag in Profeet Siener van Rensburg se visioene.


    Die Woord sal homself verklaar:

    en Hy sal ‘n banier ophef vir die nasies en bymekaar laat kom die seuns van Israel wat verdryf is, en versamel die dogters van Juda wat verstrooi is, uit die vier hoeke van die aarde. Jes 11:12

    Jes 11:12 en Hy sal ‘n banier ophef vir die nasies en bymekaar laat kom die seuns van Israel wat verdryf is, en versamel die dogters van Juda wat verstrooi is, uit die vier hoeke van die aarde.

    Jes 11:10 En in dié dag sal die nasies vra na die wortel van Isai, wat daar staan as ‘n banier van die volke, en sy rusplek sal heerlik wees.

    Jes 18:3 Al julle bewoners van die wêreld en bewoners van die aarde, as ‘n banier opgehef word op die berge, kyk! En as die basuin geblaas word, luister!

    Jes 59:19 En hulle sal die Naam van die Here vrees van die westekant af, en sy heerlikheid van die opgang van die son af; want Hy sal kom soos ‘n saamgeperste stroom wat die asem van die HERE aandrywe.

    Jes 62:10 Gaan in, gaan in deur die poorte, berei die weg van die volk! Vul op, vul op die grootpad, gooi die klippe weg, steek ‘n banier op oor die volke!

    Ope 5:9 Toe sing hulle ‘n nuwe lied en sê: U is waardig om die boek te neem en sy seëls oop te maak, want U is geslag en het ons vir God met u bloed gekoop uit elke stam en taal en volk en nasie,

    Jes 27:13 En in dié dag sal daar met ‘n groot basuin geblaas word; dan sal kom die wat verlore is in die land Assur en die wat verdryf is in Egipteland, en hulle sal die HERE aanbid op die heilige berg in Jerusalem.

    Jes 43:6 Ek sal sê aan die noorde: Gee! en aan die suide: Hou nie terug nie! Bring my seuns van ver, en my dogters van die einde van die aarde af,

    Jes 49:11 En Ek sal al my berge tot ‘n weg maak, en my grootpaaie sal opgevul wees.
    Jes 49:12 Kyk, hulle hiér kom van ver, en kyk, hulle dáár kom van die noorde en van die weste, en hulle dáár kom uit die land van die Siniete.

    Jes 56:8 Die Here HERE wat versamel diegene wat van Israel verdryf is, spreek: Ek sal by hom nog meer versamel, by sy versameldes.

    Deu 32:26 Ek sou gesê het: Ek wil hulle wegblaas, hulle gedagtenis onder die mense uitroei—

    Psa 68:23 Die Here het gesê: Ek sal terugbring uit Basan, Ek sal terugbring uit die dieptes van die see;

    Psa 147:2 Die HERE bou Jerusalem op; Hy versamel van Israel die wat verdryf is.

    Sef 3:10 Oorkant die riviere van Kus vandaan sal my aanbidders, my verstrooide gemeente, my offerande bring.

    Joh 7:35 En die Jode sê onder mekaar: Waar wil Hy heengaan, dat ons Hom nie sal vind nie? Hy wil tog nie na die verstrooides onder die Grieke gaan en die Grieke leer nie?

    Jak 1:1 Jakobus, ‘n dienskneg van God en die Here Jesus Christus, aan die twaalf stamme wat in die verstrooiing is: Groete!


    BybelWaarheid ( 1953 )

    Hendrik van den Berg
    As jy af wilkom van my lys druk ” reply ” plaas haalaf daarin.

  95. Pieter

    On your coment about the AWB you claim that you have quite extencife contackt with them and that your vision is thus ligid. Disagree in total as you never talked to me and my legance so who had you talk to? Those that is sharing so called info with you are clearly not part off the real core. We believe in JESUS and we believe that the 35 and 53 BIBEL is true and just and that is writen is the word off GOD. The poeple you describe is the Duagters of Sion and not AWB. You have your side and then there is the truth come and speak to the real AWB and not make up some bogus storys. We totaly believe that Siener is a prophet and that what GOD word is is GOD s word it will be as GOD has spoken. How is it writen it is the small foxes that will destroy the vinyard and to me you and those you talk about is the small foxes however GOD has spoken so what ever you want to do you will never change HIS way amen in JESUS name yes amen.

    • Willie

      Dis nie of julle GLO nie maar of julle Hom gehoorsaam en volg. Lees weer Mattheus 7:21-23.

    • Willie

      You imply that only your version of AWB is correct and that the few thousand I had met in my life hold no representation of the organization? Have they appointed you as their solely mandated spokesperson?

      Go back into your own clan and teach them to become reborn, to be filled by the Holy Spirit and to worship Jesus Christ alone, not to uplift political leaders but to lift His Name on high! And to live in accordance to His Word, where Mercy and Grace rules, not elitist exclusive beliefs.

  96. Hendrik said:”Psa 68:23 Die Here het gesê: Ek sal terugbring uit Basan, Ek sal terugbring uit die dieptes van die see;
    Psa 147:2 Die HERE bou Jerusalem op; Hy versamel van Israel die wat verdryf is.
    Sef 3:10 Oorkant die riviere van Kus vandaan sal my aanbidders, my verstrooide gemeente, my offerande bring.”

    Hendrik, You can’t take verses from all over the Bible and quote them totally out of context. You are turning the Bible into a prostitution manual. Read the Bible in context of a chapter as well as the historical context.
    Unless you understand within what historical/Biblical context a chapter is written the world will be as confused as you obviously are.

    How did Christianity get so derailed?

    What about all the false prophets? Math 24

    • Derick

      The Bible is a dynamic book and not static – the Holy Spirit makes it alive in different ways to different persons at different times for different reasons so as to guide His people during specific conditions in specific situations. He also claims to be ONE God but appears as a burning bush, as three men, as nine entities, or seven spirits, as HE chooses.

      I have volumes of similar visions of my own, more than 90% of which had come true and some are even transpiring as I write here. None of it contrary to His Word but then I am open to His guidance and I know His voice. I do not square Him into the restrictive mould set by human scholars who want to box HIM into their little container in the lab.

      God is dynamic and so is His Word. I recommended getting to know Him instead of studying just His book!

      • Seers, like yourself, may have this kind of advantage. However, other poor souls have to study and understand the Book, before they see the whole picture.
        I am trying to teach people. I merely do the work, the Lord will, Himself, bring about the harvest.
        Be thankful for what you have and be careful how you sow lest your seed fall on shallow ground and wither again quickly.
        The definition of “faith” as in “believing” is a “Sure knowledge and a firm trust”. Unless you show the door to people, they won’t know where to enter. The rest is up to the “Creator of the harvest”.

        • Derick

          There is nothing different or special about me, except that I choose to spend all of my free time at His feet and not watching rugby, for instance. I spend time at the feet of Jesus because I find Him to be better company and a reliable friend. I don’t follow the famous pastors but get my teaching first hand.

          I was born as a normal baby to a normal mother, grew up in a regular home and had no special education or privilege anywhere. I was given a choice to serve Jesus or not; I chose to become reborn and, as a result, want to spend my time with the One that I love because He first loved me.

          Become His loyal friend, spend time with Him and you will see that the same things may happen to you. It really is nothing special reserved for an elite but freely available to anyone wanting to be with Him.

        • Derick,

          I agree with Pieter here. Let me give you food for thought – Should the Spirit of the Father be inside you, how can you NOT have the FULL power of the Father? It is impossible! You cannot have only half of the Spirit or say a tenth of Him. You have His Full power. He is present or He is not. However we are mere students of the Power and need to master it. “Seeing” is but one of the very first abilities that we develop once we start to truely walk with Him as it is the communication lines that actually opens up. However I guarantee you that all of this can only be achieved though complete and utter humbleness. None of this can come into existence in the presence of any form of self-love. Also remember that we always need to find His Will in everything.

  97. All falling into place now!

    • Jy is reg, Martina, net jammer dat ons mense hulle God gebruik as wapen maar Hom dien met lippetaal emn nie met die hart nie. Siener se voorspelling is ook wat Hy aan my gewys het; slegs ‘n handjievol gaan ontkom want die meerderheid wil Hom nie (werklik) volg nie. Met hulle hele wese, maw. Met al hulle hart, krag en verstand, met hulle hele wese nie. Daar word ruimte gelaat vir afgode soos die rugby, die hilux, met eish!, ja!

      Kyk op 4×4 forums hoe Toyota die afgod geword het; die manne sal MOOR om hulle punt te stel maar, soos in my droom van 2010, is hulle afwesig en moet die vroue en kinders aleen regkom.

      Sit tog maar Legend40-wapentjhies op hulle grafte en lawe die blommetjies met eish!, ja.

  98. Interesant Pieter so jy seg almal wat deel het aan n organisasie soos die AWB is boos en doen nie die wil van GOD nie. Jy oordeel my en my meede lede dan en seg ons is nie ware gristene nie en sal nie deur die poort van ons GOD se heemel ingaan nie. Tog spreek GOD met ons HY wys ons die weg en met feite waar die WOORDE van GOD tot stand gekom het is ons nou deur jou veroordeel sonder dat jy ons ken mag die woorde van GOD wat spreek oordeel nie jou gespaar bly en mag GOD jou vergeewe ons vergeewe jou in JESUS naam amen. Die voorum is opgdra aan n PROFFET VAN GOD en nou is ons hier in n gesprek oor ons self die woorde van Oom Van Rensburg is hier so mooi van pas en ons glo steeds dat die woorde wat deur GOD gestuur is waar sal word ou Pieter ja ons is Ghristene en nie jy of iemand anders sal ons uit JESUS se hande kan ruk nie ons glo in die DRIE EENIGE GOD en ons glo SY woord is SY woord amen.

    • Willie

      Ek het vele vriende binne die AWB gehad en was by baie aan huis, somtyds vir ‘n naweek by hulle oorgebly, ens. So was AWB-lede op hul beurt by my aan huis. Baie gesprekke is gevoer en die een indruk was blywend: dat wedergeboorte vir hulle nie nodig was nie en dat Jesus se offer aan die vloekhout dus nie tersaaklik was nie. Enigeen wat Jesus Christus misken, is aan die kant van die Satan. Hierdie selfde mense het aan my gese dat ek swart en dus ‘n dier was en dat hulle my dus kon skiet.

      Wanneer iemand aanvoer dat hy/sy ‘n Christen is, beteken dit dat daardie persoon die hele Bybel moet aanvaar en nie net gedeeltes nie. Hy moet dit boonop binne Bybelse konteks aanvaar en nie volgens een of ander menslike interpretasie daarvan nie.

      Kolossense 3 het ‘n boodskap wat almal behoort te lees en te verstaan, naamlik dat alaml op aarde voor HOM gelyk is wanneer hulle in Hom glo. Ek sien dit nie binne die AWB nie.

      Voorts het baie AWB-lede asook ander Boere dit by herhaling gestel dat die wit Kaaplandse Afrikaners NIE deel van hulle is nie omdat ons Kaaps-Hollands sou wees en nie Boere nie. Ek is toevallig binne hulle Boeregrense gebore en het ek my belangrikste kinderjare daar deurgebring, op een van wyle Genl. de Wet se plase nogal. Tog word ek uitgekryt as Cape Dutch wat nie deel van die Boer is nie. Na dekades van rondtrekkery in die land, as gevolg van wersverplasings alleen, dink ek dat dit ‘n onbegaanbare taak is om te besluit wie is Boer en wie nie.

      Sulke praatjies en laertrekkery verdeel God se ware volk, wat belangriker is as enige entiese assosiasie.

      Die boek Handelinge, egter, vertel my wie God se volk is en wie nie!

      • Regtig ? Is da dan eenige volk wat GOD uitverkies het volgens jou? Handelinge praat pertienent van die volk Israel. GOD se dat die nageslag van Abram se kind uit die slavin sal indereewigheid noot erwe nie sal ons dit vir jou verwyder want dis teen jou beginsel as JESUS self dit laat opskryf dat Hy nie vir die wereld gekom het nie maar vir SY verlore volk moet ons dit seeker ok verwyder anders kan jou siening nie regverdig wees nie. Waneer die apostels tereg in die nuwe testament wys dat daar sal meer as een manier wees hoe ons JESUS sal volg die wat die vroue hulle hoofde bedek die wat in tale sal spreek en die vroue mag nie in die kerk spreek nie ok die is in Handelinge geskryf nee dit moet seeker ok uit. Die woord in Detrenomium 7 waar of wolhaar? Nee ek weet nou nie meer so mooi nie JESUS se as een net groente eet en glo vleis eet is n sonde los hom want as jy hom dwing om vleis te eet sal jy deel dra a sy sonde nou wil jy ander dwing om jou te volg en sal dit goed wees? Stellig nie die woord is reg soos jy se in deele geskryf en elke hoofstuk is waar en juis so die heele woord is waar en juis en ons glo in JESUS in hart en siel ma jy het nie reg om ons uit die Heemel te hou nie net JESUS het daai reg en ons GAAN HEEMEL TOE OF JY ONS DA WIL HE OF NIE!!

        • Willem

          Net Israeliete? Kyk weer!

          Handelinge 2 / Acts 2
          They were all amazed and marvelled, saying to one another, “Behold, aren’t all these who speak Galileans? 8 How do we hear, everyone in our own native language? 9 Parthians, Medes, Elamites, and people from Mesopotamia, Judea, Cappadocia, Pontus, Asia, 10 Phrygia, Pamphylia, Egypt, the parts of Libya around Cyrene, visitors from Rome, both Jews and proselytes, 11 Cretans and Arabians: we hear them speaking in our languages the mighty works of God!”

          Kolossense 3 / Colossians 3
          Don’t lie to one another, seeing that you have put off the old man with his doings, 10 and have put on the new man, who is being renewed in knowledge after the image of his Creator, 11 where there can’t be Greek and Jew, circumcision and uncircumcision, barbarian, Scythian, bondservant, freeman; but Christ is all, and in all.

          Show me where God had excluded anyone from His Salvation. You are not speaking truth from the Bible, Willem, but applying parts of it to suit your own perverted opinions. If you are a true believer, you will accept the entire Bible.

          If only Israelites can be saved, you will remain unsaved as we are from European descent, which originated from Japhet’s son Gomer, at least 1,4000 years before Shem’s descendants were carried away in exile. We are not the lost tribes of Israel, I can assure you, as history had proven that we are Gomerites and not Semites.

          Don’t believe lies but take your Bible and read it, believe it and follow it. Also, the Bible NEVER said that only Israelites will be saved and the Bible is very clear upon the FACT that Gentiles will be saved as well.

          Please do not come with a false, unbiblical gospel.

  99. My droom op 27 Feb 2012…dis asof ek sit en kyk na die TV weer aanbieding…….ek sit allen voort die TV ..
    Die weer word op die TV skerm aangebied..( amper soos Johan Schults )
    Dan staan hy op die linker kant en die hele Suidelike Afrika word BLOU
    Onder aan die SKERM…. in groot rooi letters.
    WARNING SUNAMI ……WARNING…vanaf Mosselbaai op tot Durban..
    Ergtse reen storms oor ander dele..van Suid -Afrika…. Baie , baie reen /Winde… huise se dakke word afgewaai, veral plekke in Port Elizabeth.
    2) ‘N jong wit seuntjie, sowat 12 jaar oud kom skreeu vir my,,,
    Daar kom die water in die straat af, toe ek self staan en kyk, water sowat een meter ” soos rollende rivier “in die straat afgerol.
    3) dele by die seefront , soos Summerstarnd, in Port Elizabeth,, Sumani
    skade, motors word deur die seewaater mee gesleur….baie erge skade.

    MY eie Familie Geskiedenis….
    Albei my Oupa’s was saam met Oom ( Siener ) Niklaas van Rensburg
    op 11 Desember 1899, in die slag van Magersfontein gewees.
    My Oupa Theunis van Rensburg ( gebore 12 Jan 1873 ) het self aan my oorlede Pa ( Phillip Martinus van Rensburg, gebore 20 Feb. 1918 ) gese’ hoe OOM Niklaas (Siener ) vir die Boere bevelvoerder, Genl. Piet Cronje’ gesmeek het om
    1) nie skuiling op die koppies by Magersfontein te soek nie,
    want God het hom in ‘n visoen gewys dat die Engelse magte die koppies gaan bombaarbeer en sodoende sou baie boer gesneuwel het. Dan sou slag verloor gewees het teen die Engelse magte.
    2) In sy visoen het die HERE vir Oom Niklaas gese’ die boere moet
    loopgrawe , VOOR die koppies grawe, dit was omtrent bevraagteken deur Genl. piet Cronje, hulle moes die Vrystaatse Preisdent, M.T Steyn inroep !!
    In een van die loopgrawe, dis waar my Oupa Theunis
    deur ‘n Skotse soldaat se bayonet in sy rug gesteek is, maar hy het die soldaat doodgeskiet, ens. Geen mediese behandeling nie, maar Oupa Theunis en my ander Oupa ( Johannes Holtstzuisen ), sy broer was eerste Luitenant van die Vrystaatse artillirie gewees, ens, ens.
    het voort geveg, tot hulle , albei my Oupa’s, saam met Genl Piet Cronje’ by Paardeberg moes oorgee ( Feb 1900 )en as Bannelinge na Indie gestuur. Na die kamp in UMBLALA , as krygsgevangenes tot 24 Feb 1902 gewees. Genl Piet Cronje was baie harkoppig gewees..Jammer ne’ Hy homself was teen Oom Niklaas ( Siner ) gewees tot al die boere se nadeel en oorgawe.
    Ek het nog nerens van die betrokke viseon gesien/ gelees nie.
    Net die mondelings vertellings,oorvetel van my Oupa’s, aan my eie Pa. Dis my familie , die van Rensburg, se weergawe van die “Slag by Magersfontein ” en Oom Niklaas se persoonlike aanbevelings oor die loopgrawe onder aan die koppies. My Ouma Johanna Holtzuisen, gebore 3 Sept 1896, en haar boetijie, oom Andries was die enigste oorlewenes van die KONSENTRASIE KAMP in BLOEMFONTEIN. Ek het net die voorreg
    gehad om my Oom Andries Holtzuisen , as ‘n jong seun te ken.
    Luitenant Holtzuisen se grafsteen is mooi behoue in Brandfort se begrafplaas..ander kon ek nie vind nie…..

    My naam… Errol van Rensburg..
    Op 19 MAART 2012.

    • Hallo Errol…die BLOU dalk aanduiding van VN wat ons inval? Kyk na VN/VSA magsopbou in Bostwana en elders in Afrika.

      • Alles vanuit die gees het multi-vlakke. Ek gaan jou hier net op die geestelike vlak ‘n bietjie inwy……

        Die weer word op die TV skerm aangebied..( amper soos Johan Schults ) – (Dui op die Geestelike toestande van SA)

        Dan staan hy op die linker kant en die hele Suidelike Afrika word BLOU – (Blou is die Kleur van Wysheid – verwys na geestelike insig wat dwarsoor die land versprei. Geestelik omdat Links altyd verwys na die geestelike kant en regs na die wereldse of vleestelike kant. Dis ook een van die kleure van die 7 Oergeeste van Vader – daarom ook 7 kleure in die reenboog. Ook is dit die kleur van RafaEl – een van die 7 aarts-engele)

        Onder aan die SKERM…. in groot rooi letters.
        WARNING SUNAMI ……WARNING…vanaf Mosselbaai op tot Durban.. (Rooi is die kleur van Liefde -van Vader se oneindige Ewige Liefde. Tsunami hier dui op geweldige geestelike Waarhede wat die land sal oorstroom vanuit die Ewige Liefde – let op dat dit nie noodwendig aanvaar word deur die mensdom nie.)

        Ergtse reen storms oor ander dele van Suid -Afrika…. Baie , baie reen /Winde… huise se dakke word afgewaai, veral plekke in Port Elizabeth. (Winde wat dakke afwaai dui op die geestes huise (Kerke) wat ontbloot word deur die Vader se Krag deur die oorvloedig Waarhede wat Hy uitstort en hulle (geestelike intansies) so ook baie “skade” sal berokken in die dogmas.)

        2) ‘N jong wit seuntjie, sowat 12 jaar oud kom skreeu vir my,,, (Dui op die jong rein Waarheid wat gevestig word en in die lewe geroep is deur die Ewige Liefde – 12 jaar oud dui op die 12 gebooie nl die 10 van die ou Testament PLUS die 2 van die Nuwe Testament wat Vader gegee het maw die totale Volheid van die Liefde van Vader)
        Daar kom die water in die straat af, toe ek self staan en kyk, water sowat een meter ” soos rollende rivier “in die straat afgerol. (EK is seker jy verstaan nou wat die water hier simboliseer. Ek mag nie alles net gee nie – jy moet self arbei en soek ook– die betekenis van die strate sal jy vind in Matt 22:10. Laat weet as jy nie regkom nie dan sal ek verder help)
        3) dele by die seefront , soos Summerstarnd, in Port Elizabeth,, Sumani skade, motors word deur die seewater mee gesleur….baie erge skade. (Net so sal jy seefront, Sunami, motors, skade, meegesleur deur seewater dalk beter verstaan?………..)

  100. Swart leier sterwe

  101. I’m a Afrikaner in South Africa. I did 15 years of studies with regards to prophecies In the book of Daniel and Revelations and the prophecies of Siener van Rensburg. Siener said that a Zulu will be murdered (Julius Malema or Zuma) and the sign to attack is Mandela’s death. We as Afrikaners are prepared for this event -defensive. Many of us returned to God and when we have to, we shall fight tot the death. Yes, South Africa will be the Christian haven country. In the same time WWiii will commence in the Northern parts of the world. H.A.A.R.P will be used to annihilate small countries such as England. It is said/proven that HAARP was used against Japan. Glory to God Almighty for the “fall away” has to take place-where the secret societies and orders , the black pope’s agendas and the Brittish settlers motives will be exsposed. Also the Free Masons. The jesuites. This country, South Africa, will be a haven and we will welcome those who ONLY believes in Christ our Savior.

    • hi freddie

      Mandela is in his 90s, being born in 1918.

      I am surprised he is still alive.

      But you have my support and prayers.

    • Vision some time in 2010:

      young teenage boys wearing blue overall trousers and gumboots pull at a horizontal wheel about 5 metres in diameter. they pull from south to north but grow in size and strength as they turn with this huge iron wheel. they now become fully grown and strong, by the time they look back towards the south as the wheel turns.

      black people hoeing and raking in a gardan, seemingly busy but nothing grows and there is nothing to harvest. The soil is dry and barren.

      Very expensive hearse in a procession at the gate of AFB Swartkops, the gate just below the SAAF Monument there. Motorbikes and very expensive black luxury cars make up the concoy. A8 Audi, 7-series BMW, S-Class Merc. Behind the hearse, more luxury saloons and then SUV’s, all black. X5, ML, Range Rover. Finally, more police bikes. Blue lights and sirens. The hears is very, very long, unusually so. Its coachwork is high, like some cars used by the British monarchy.

      Another vision showed Gauteng on fire, from Centurion/Midrand to Vereeniging surrounds. Including West and East Rand.

  102. hi freddie Mandela is in his 90s, being born in 1918.

  103. Julius Malema or Zuma)

  104. Pieter, ek wil graag verder met jou gesels. Kan ek jou email asb? Karina

  105. Hy het die wiel van hier af na die Kalahari sien rol, en van daar oor die hele wêreld

  106. “Ek het ‘n eienaardige optog van mense gesien; Ek sien ‘n wawiel rol uit Kaapland oor die ganse Suid Afrika en sien ‘n groot skare mense saamdrom. Dis ver in die toekoms

  107. GOG

  108. gog en magog

  109. Gog, the land of Magog, the chief prince

  110. Gog, the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech

  111. Gog, in die land Magog, die vors van Ros,

  112. Pres jacob zuma

  113. Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma

  114. dood van n swart leier ?????

  115. 1994 until the death of Nelson Mandela

  116. death of Nelson Mandela to a new and more balanced government

  117. I’m a Afrikaner in South Africa. I did 15 years of studies with regards to prophecies In the book of Daniel and Revelations and the prophecies of Siener van Rensburg. Siener said that a Zulu will be murdered (Julius Malema or Zuma) and the sign to attack is Mandela’s death. We as Afrikaners are prepared

    • I had a vision of a funeral procession. The current president Zuma is not liked by all within his own ANC organisation and I fear that some of his own may want to get rid of him violently. Time will tell but the stage is set as Malema and many others want to see Zuma go. The ANC is divided between nationalism on one hand and communism on the other.

      And, South Africa as a whole is a nation on a fatal collision course because we serve man’s selfish desire instead of serving Christ Jesus in unison.

      • The only two South African presidents who had left office peacefully was Blackie Swart and Nelson Mandela. Each and every other change of office was brought about by silent coup.

  118. Tsunami also predicted for Cape Town but a flood spanning the width of the interior as well. These floods, including the blue tsunami above, are possibly indicative of TROUBLE. In so many dreams that had come true in my own life, I can state that many floods shown to me ended up being trouble either in my own life or in that of others. It is a well-established idiom with me. Also the Bible says that “when the enemy comes like a flood, He will raise a standard against it.”

    Be prepared as only a remnant of us will remain, because most will choose to succumb as surviving will be too much trouble or effort.

  119. A BLUE tsunami may be indicative of a UN invasion, as a possibility.

  120. In researching these prophecies, we may easily be drawn into a situation where we see things in isolation. That is dangerous as we may lose perspective upon God’s purpose and intent. We must ask ourselves WHY we as Boers/Afrikaners are in this position, what had God wanted to achieve through us and where do we stand in relation to His will.

    We must understand that it isn’t about us but about His will and purpose, about His kingdom which is eternal. He had sent us to this part of Africa because of His greater plan, but we tend to see ourselves as a destiny in its own right. There is a reason why we were sent here and that is to evangelise Africa and prepare a safe(r) haven for all of His children during the days of tribulation.

    Through Siener, God had said that restoration of the Afrikaner is conditional to our obedience to Him. So many of us come in His name and proclaim that we are His people, but are we? Are we obedient to His will at all? Or do we own this God we are so proud of, do we fit Him into our make-up as and when it suits us?

    This is not about us but about the Jesus from Nazareth who is God manifest in human format so that flesh could redeem flesh, as life is in the blood that was shed.

    This is about restoring His kingdom, the original church of Acts and, if we as the Afrikaner or Boer nation place our national identity above that, we have become idolators. His Kingdom simply has to be the highest priority and forming our own national identity simply has to secondary to that, if at all.

    By dividing the nation through entities such as Boerevolk, AWB, Dogter van Sion, British Israelites and similar movements, we fragment society and bring division in the same way that man-made church denominations do. Every act of division is a divorce from the Living God’s kingdom and an act of disobedience to His will, as His will is that we should be unified before Him alone.

    Anyone following a different path should explain here how his/her organisation would act to unite ALL true Christians.

    The Bible says that he who separates himself is a follower of his own desire. Such attitude is totally antichrist.

    Always use this test: how and where do I fit into His true global church or body of believers? Do I belong to any society or fraternity that excludes others through how we associate? Does my organisation allow ALL true believers to be members? What are our objectives and intent?

    Only an organisation compliant with the true church can ever be legitimate before Him. Jesus Christ has no teacher’s pet! Hy het nie witbroodjies nie.

    • Pieter ek sien my oupagrootjie oupa en pa is somer so nou nie meer Ghristene nie so nie deel van die uitverkoore groep nie want hulle is nie groot gedoop nie slegs klein gedoop. En jy seg so da aan die een outjie as dit nie hergebore wore nie is dit reguit hel tou. Himmmm … Jy matig jou nogal lekker aan so net jou siening ga die Heemel berwe ons sal ma dan moet sien ne!

      • Willem

        Ek deel nie met sienings nie , maar met FEITE. Ek het vrede met opinie want dit is altyd subjektief. Ek verkondig Waarheid uit die Woord van God. Ek oordeel niemand nie maar stel bloot die standaard van die Woord van God.

        Jy lyk my na een van daardie wat Jesus sou gekruisig het omdat jy nie van Sy boodskap hou nie. As jy ‘n probleem het met die noodsaaklikheid van wedergeboorte, konfronteer Jesus Christus daarmee want dit was SY opdrag en kwalifikasie wat HY gestel het.

        Jy het ‘n keuse of jy Hom sodoende gaan gehoorsaam al dan nie. Feit is dat jy dan die gevoilge van jou besluite sal moet dra, of jy daarvan gaan hou of nie. Jou siening tel geen punte nie want jy is nie Jesus nie en jy maak nie die reels nie. Dit is Sy reg.

        Nee, ek matig my nie aan nie maar bring ‘n reguit, suiwer boodskap uit Sy Woord. Toe ek hiervoor geroep is, het HY gese hoe hardkoppig mense sal wees, soos jy dit hierbo bevestig. My hande is nou skoon van jou bloed en neem liewer jou griewe op met die Koning en nie sy nederige dienaar nie. Ek is nie geleerd genoeg vir jou geselskap nie want ek lees net die Bybel.

        • Wel die Bybel is waar en juis en dis n debad hierdie jy maatig jouself aan as waar en juis . Jy stel dit deur jou woord dat jy die waarheid ken en verkondig dan se jy jy is nie geleerd genoeg nie nou wat verkondig jy dan as waarheid en juis in JESUS se naam? Onthou jong die Bybel is gekrewe en dit staan dan pertienent dat daar sal voor GOD gespreek word van die goeie dade wat gedoen is in JESUS naam wonders duiwels uitdryf en die andwoord is dan … Maar EK het jou nooit geken nie!Daar is net een wat WAARDIG is om te oordeel en dis JESUS ek en jy kan net gesels en nie een van ons kan die ander oordeel nie hoopeloos te veel mens en vol sonde wat elke dag bely moet word. Jong ons kan tot in eewigheid debateer maar die BYBEL is waar en juis en daar sal ek met jou saam stem ek is nog nie groot gedoop nie en GOD het my al baia woord gegee en dit het waar geword so ek glo ek is n Ghristen en soos jy se kom ons gee dit vir JESUS laat JESUS se woord JESUS se woord wees amen ja amen. Geseende dag verder in JESUS amen.

          • Moenie my “ou broer” noem solank jy moeilkheid soek en jou verdraaide Godsbegrip predik nie. Jy oordeel oor Siener en jy le woorde in my mond. Die probleem is dat jy duidelik nie wedergebore is nie en nie weet wat dit is om werklik ‘n verhouding met Jesus te he nie. Voorts is jou Skrifkennis uiters gebrekkig en jy dryf ‘n eiesinnige agenda. Jy weerspreek die Bybel.

        • Pieter ou broer jy erken saam ons dat Oom Siener n ware Profeet is en dat hy n man van GOD is en dat hy Heemel toe gaan. Maar Broer hy was nooit weder geboore nie nooit grootgedoop nie. As dit dan die eenigste moontlike weg is volgens jou waar heen nou? Ons ander glo ok soos Oom Siener en nou maak jy ons tot niet met die siening maar tog sonder jy die Profeet tusin ons uit en se dis reg Hy Gan Heemel toe. Is daar dan diegeene tusin ons geloof wat jy sal oordeel as reg? Jou Standpunt is dus aant wankel broeder jy kan nie een uitsonder en die res verwerp nie. Gristelike groetnis in JESUS naam amen.

          • Willem

            Hou op hare kloof, klippe uitbreek en dan heilig en vroom klink. Leer spel en gaan lees jou Bybel. Moenie vir een oomblik dink dat Siener nie gered was nie; hy was immers iemand wat, anders as jy, ‘n vriend van God was en in Sy teenwoordigheid geleef het.

            Dit is sotte soos jy wat verwydering tussen mense bring, verdeeldheid saai en God se koninkryk skaad. Jy hou jouself vroom, le woorde in my mond, jy soek moelikheid wat daar nie was nie. Die Bybel is uitgesproke oor die een wat “stir.” Jou hele kommentaar vandag was net om argumente uit te lok, jy oordeel sonder day jy eers nadink, jy het verseker sonder Sy mandaat kom dinge kwytraak en mag God dit van jou eis, omdat jy alreeds die broer van die verwoester en die teenstander van Jesus Christus en Sy Ware kerk is!

            Wyk agter my, Satan!

    • There is quite a tremendous misunderstanding here as you conflate the Boer people with the Satanically created Afrikaner which was a term conjured up [ or rather appropriated ] by some Cape Dutch intellectuals [ who are of course not part of the Boer people as the Boers developed & emerged on the Cape frontier ] in 1875 on Paarl at a time when the actual Boer people were independent within their internationally recognized Boer Republics or on the Cape frontier. The British occupiers under Lord Alfred Milner deliberately promoted the term Afrikaner in order to lump the smaller Boer Nation in with the larger Cape Dutch population who were incidentally historically pro-British. Those who infer that the Boers & Afrikaners are the same are perpetuating a massive lie & a Satanically inspired fraud.

      The Afrikaners are mainly descended from the Cape Dutch & the Afrikaner leadership is a total pawn of the Satanic run New World Order power. Which is not to say that Boer leadership is not compromized but it is a clear fact that trying to work with the Afrikaner is a suicide wish as they are on the whole totally on board with the Satanic Globalist Police State agenda of national disintegration. You misleadingly assert that the Boerevolk are a “division of a nation” yet fail to realize that the Boerevolk ARE a distinct nation unto themselves just as the Acadians are a nation unto themselves distinct from the French Canadians / Quebecois. [ Google for the important article: The Boers Documented as a Distinct Nation. ] There is a plethora of documentation demonstrating that the Boers are a distinct nation apart from the Afrikaners. The Boerevolk [ Boers ] are not a political organization but rather the descendents of the Trekboers: the nomadic pastoralists who developed on the northeastern Cape frontier starting a few decades after the arrival of the tyrant Jan van Riebeeck. Those who coalesced within the south western region of the Cape became known as the Cape Dutch & it is they who are the bulk of the so called Afrikaners whose larger numbers marginalize the Boer Nation.

      The Afrikaner establishment organized AGAINST the Boers during the 1940s when the Boers were organizing to restore their occupied Boer Republics. [ Google for the important video: Verwoerd was not a friend of the Boer Nation. ] Further demonstrating that the Boers are not part of the Afrikaners & sure as hell cannot stand with them on any front. The Afrikaners were recruited to power over South Africa [ as a surrogate colonial power / middle man regime ] by the British themselves to make sure that the Boers would be subvered seeing as they were now indoctrinated with the erroneous notion that they were Afrikaners as well. Now I just know that some dullards will accuse me of “division” despite the fact that there is nothing to divide! The Boers ARE a distinct & separate entity from the Cape Dutch descendents & have been for over 325 years now. The term Afrikaner is enemy propaganda which lumps the smaller Boer people in with the larger Cape Dutch population.

      Now the AWB, Dogter van Sion, British Israelites are indeed groups aimed at diving the Boer Nation. Probably to divide the Afrikaners as well but you will note that the Afrikaners do not even have to be divided as they are fully on board the Satanic Globalist agenda & those who are not are not a sufficient threat to the agenda – unlike the Boer Nation. The bulk of the Cape Dutch descended Afrikaners are even programed to see the Boers as “extremists” & have historically looked down on them as per their outlook. Note that the AWB, Dogter van Sion, British Israelites are all designed to target & divide the Boer people specifically. The AWB is not even named correctly because most Boers were conditioned to see themselves as Afrikaners as well. Do you see how far this rabbit hole of subversion goes? It is the Boers are are most targeted for extinction as the Afrikaner elite have thrown the Boers under the bus a long time ago & have long since made plans to survive the coming turmoil. The Afrikaner financial giant Sanlam funds prominent ANC figures. Wake up: the Boers are facing total genocide is they do not get out from under Afrikaner domination.

      Nothing is more divisive than promoting a rigid political or religious outlook because it is irrelevant whether the Boers were developed in Africa as part of a plan of “evangilization” because for one thing the Boers never engaged in such in the past as this was always the tool of the European missionaries who were a real treat to the Boer Nation in the past. The Boer people have to transcend all of this divisive political & religious claptrap & stand together if they want to regain any form of self determination or to simply survive & they will especially have to divorce themselves from the Afrikaners whose money power propagandizes & works AGAINST the aspirations & long term survival of the Boer Nation.

  121. Thank you Pieter, I can see that what you have written here is in Spirit and is Godly wisdom, and I will take it to heart, that any doctrine/belief etc that causes separation/division amongst true followers of Christ must not be in Spirit but is of the flesh.

  122. Pieter
    Sal graag van jou wil weet glo jy dat da n oorlog ga wees soos Siener geprofeteer het?
    En wa sien jy jou in die geval as da so hin oorlog is? Veele manne het al van GOD woord gekry waar hulle vir GOD sal staan somige is tesoriers van die finansies wat moet kom ander moet die vroue en kiners ga beskerm ane wee is soldate en leiers so wa ga jy wees?

    • Hallo Willem

      Van my plasings hierbo wys duidelik op ‘n oorlog wat kom. Die probleem daarmee is dat God waarsku teen die oorlog maar dat ons mense koppig is en graag oorlog wil sien, waar bdie meeste van ons mense uitgemnoor gaan word. Dit is agv ons rebelsheid en wederstrewigheid en weiering om Hom te gehoorsaam en ons aan Sy gesag te onderwerp.

      Ek berei my reeds sedert 1985 voor vir my roeping wat ek baie goed begryp, maar wat ek nie op ‘n openbvare forum kan bespreek nie en ook nie voordat HY my magtiging verleen nie.

      My advies is dat elkeen baie seker maak dat sy/haar verhouding met Jesus Christus rostvas is en dat die baie snert rondom goidsdiens dadelik gestaak word, soos bv gebedslappies en allerhande outydse rituele. Ons het ‘n direkte lyn na Hom sedert die voorhangsel geskeur het maar ons volkie leef in die Ou Testamentiese verlede. Hulle plaas hulleself onder die wet en hy wat onder die wet is. is vervloek, volgens die Bybel.

      Nie een van ons se rol tydens die oorlog of daarna is naastenby so belangrik as om Hom te dien en veral te gehoorsaam nie.

      • Waar Pieter waar die roeping is wel daar en die woord is dat daar ok baia gebed moet wees. Die oorlog egter is nie JESUS se begeerte of goedgesindheid nie maar Satan sin en die sal die reg tot oorlog konkel. Die ander woord is ok dat die Beast voor sy tyd sal losgelaat word die dood wat uit die lug sal reen is erg maar GOD sal beskerm solank ons bid in JESUS se genade dit gan kom ons gaan baia sien sterwe .Interesant dat jy jou roeping al in 1985 ontvang het my eerste sig gekry het net voor die eerste wereld beeker waar Mandela as leier gekies was en my roeping of taak vanaf GOD eers baia later gekry het. My vriende sin is nogal al om myne gewees om en by dieselfde tyd .Ja oorlog gaan da wees dis egter GOD se tyd.

  123. I just need to qualify here that I don’t trade in opinion but in Biblical fact, also that I had the luxury of having had the opportunity to spend years in seclusion, at His feet. Afterwards, I did a little Bible school certificate which is nowhere near any form of theological training BUT it had confirmed time and again what I had learned from God beforehand.

    God had opened the doors to Non-Jews even in the early days, where He said that anyone following the ways of the ancient Jews and believed in Him, could join in their meetings and live among them. In the same vein, we seen in Acts 15 how non-Jews are excluded from keeping any laws, we see that anyone with a circumcized heart can be part of His nation, in Romans 2, etc.

    Some Boers are totally deceived by teaching from false preachers who teach them otherwise. This is one of the reason why God had sent Malema and his young lions to test the Boers. The Boer is the architect of his own downfall and ONLY repentance and return to God will save them.

    I have had my say. I am not going to argue with the rebellious and I will rather expend my energy towards those who are standing with a pure heart and a clear conscience before Him.

    Jesus commanded us to be reborn and baptised to be saved. Even He, despite having been sinless, was OBEDIENT and was baptized. Not my opinion, this is clearly written in the Bible.

    Anyone here unhappy with the Biblical truth, take your concerns up with Jesus Christ and go argue with Him. He had made the rules, not me!

    • Pieter it is clear that you are eager in the word off GOD. But you are stipulating that the rule off law is only in reborn and baptised again as you believe to be done. This form that you so gallantly defend as That Oom Siener is a just and real Prophet off GOD is contradicting your stand in hole. Never were Oom Siener reborn or baptised as you so gallantly want to forced and said JESUS made the rules then what off this clearly and true Profit we admire here ? This make the ruling off your believe thus contradicting to be honest. If Oom Siener is indeed cleared by you as true a PROFET of GOD, then what about those that believe in JESUS same as he did with the same believe and acts and state off mind?

      • How can you say that he was not reborn? Who has appointed you as his judge? Where do you get privilege information regarding his salvation or lack of it?

        He lived in God’s presence yet you want to tell me that he was not reborn? Get real, Willem, you just want to argue and not come to wisdom. Get to know God in the same personal way that both Siener and I did, by spending time in His presence. Years on end, then we talk again. Truth is intolerant of error and so am I.

        You can argue until the cows come home, Willem, but you will not change Jesus Christ or His Word. That is what matters in life – His unshakable Word.

        Let us state matters as it is: you want to hear that you can enter heaven in an unsaved state but you will be disappointed to learn that JESUS CHRIST said that it would not be possible. Become compliant with His teaching and stop arguing by making rather stupid comments.

  124. One thing is abundantly clear and that is that virtually non of you really understand what the Bible is telling you. I suggest you guys stop this silly bickering.

    • Derickwhite, I understand pretty well what the Bible is teaching but one gets to do with people who want to force God into their own mould. These right-wing Boers believe that only they are able to be saved and they believe that they are the lost tribes of Israel, which is something incorrect both in terms of the Bible and history. Furthermore, they call themselves Adamites and go on by saying that God did not create blacks and Asians. Their belief is that the latter two population groups are animals made by aliens. They ignore Biblical teaching and they furthermore exclude all non-Boer Christians from His people. In short, they are radicals with a warped sense of reality and are dangerously fundamentalist.

      It does concern me as we need this space of real estate called South Africa to for God’s purpose in the end times tribulation but we are stuck with these Satanic radicals who seem to own God and hold sole exclusive rights to Him. They are dividing His true nation and deceive themselves while standing in God’s way.

      The bottom line is that Jesus taught Nicodemus, in a rather direct and abrupt way, to be reborn. The need for being reborn is a central message of the Bible yet these people oppose even the teachings of Jesus in this.

      Their religion is a legalistic one, negating the salvation and grace of Jesus, through going back under the law. As for Siener, I cannot begin to think why he would not have been reborn, as he had a very close relationship with God, unlike most Boers. We Boers claim to be a very Christian nation but the sad reality is that, a hundred years ago, a few true believers such as Siener and also Sarel Cilliers, stood out from the crowd. The rest were taught how to read and write, using the Bible, and that is why they claim to be Christian.

      Reading the Bible, believing in God still does not make you a disciple. Jesus taught us to make disciples, but the organisational church hardly ever did that, but made mere believers instead. The Satan and his demons also believe and shudder when hearing the name of Jesus. The Boers, however, have less reverence than even the demons!

      As long as we have people like Willem going around, causing strife and division, we will have the kind of trouble we are having today. Old Siener even predicted that!

      I can assure you that the problems will not be solved until all believers start obeying God’s wishes, in becoming a unified body. Now, here in South Africa, the various Afrikaner/Boer churches cannot even worship together and they most certainly will not worship with non-whites also. They remain a racist, exclusive group who claim the sole exclusive right to salvation through Jesus Christ. They use the Bible to justify their heresy and believe that only they are righteous before God.

      It is no simple matter with no simple solution. I can see why God repeatedly showed me in dreams that the bulk of them will die during the coming war, because of their arrogance and stubbornness.

  125. I apologise for some of my abrasive postings above. When the Lord called me as a messenger between 1985-1987, He repeatedly said that He would make me brazen because I would need to deal with rebellious, unteachable people who would not listen. He did say that I should speak even if they did not want to hear. It is not easy for me to be in this position, to be hard and intolerant. The thing is that the Truth is intolerant of error.

    If only my people would heed to the cry from God Himself, to leave their petty beliefs and embrace His Truth instead!

    If we all obeyed, there would have been unity, no wars, no crime, no strife, no hardship BUT man wants to be in control, man wants to be smarter than the next person and this is how earth has ended up being over-exploited, polluted and dying.

    If we all obeyed, there would have been lasting peace.

    We all need to die to ourselves first and become new beings.

    If society around me was healthy and compliant, God would not have needed to use me to correct His people and I would have preferred teaching instead of warning. There would have been no need for even Siener to warn, as we would not have needed any. The mere fact that God needs to raise a messenger to bring warning and possibly to give direction, shows that we do not deem Jesus Christ sufficient for our every need. We want more, while His sacrifice was complete. That is why we are suffering and why He had sent the young lions to tear us apart and to decimate us, as He did with another disobedient nation mentioned in the Bible.

  126. Where to find Siener’s book in English

  127. Shuuuuu I stumbled on this website how sad, to hear people “inside the House of the LORD” speaking like that. We are obviously not reading the same Bible – there is no way that we are. Anyone can quote the scripture back and front and use it as it s pleasing. I am a Black South African woman and I am born again and I love the LORD, and most of all I love you and trusting and praying that the LORD will open your eyes one day to the TRUTH. To the LORD we are all the same He LOVES us where is this hatred coming from? Which spirit is that?

    All of us from different nations have been raised with stereotypes about each other, but have each of you ever took time to ask the LORD to reveal the TRUTH which is himself to you as an individual and why he created nations. I have done that and I am still working on it. RACISM is a sin – Its a sin to point fingures and calling people names because none of us can create a being, only God can.

    Are we trapped in SOuth Africa in the sin of racism. Everytime when looking at a person with hatred did you know that you have a murdering spirit in you. Let alone that you are not in jail. But you are trapped in a spiritual jail and locked untill you asked – the MASTER for forgiveness and kindly ask him to show you the way out of JAIL.

    Some of our problems in this country are because of unforgiveness, we have not forgiven each other. And guess what streaming to church on Sunday playing holy holy. let me strictly address the concerned individuals with racist remarks. Is this what you are preaching in your Churches – “Blacks this, Blacks that, Mandela this Mandela that, De Klerk this De Klerk that. Yhoooo is that a church. You shouldn’t even utter someone’s name without an agreement of God and accusing people of such this. Those people who wrote such bad things about other People do you really know the LORD???

    Those who have visions, get the word of God to align with those visions, prophecies must be judged according to the WORD. There is the opposite spirit also on the move. God’s visions cannot promote hatred and racism those are lies – they are not coming from GOD. We have people today murdering others saying GOD has asked them to, its a deception people.
    Those are lies. Wake up to the TRUTH Jesus Christ – the Only Saviour of ALL NATIONS.

    We need to repent people and ask God to forgive us – of Lies, of hatred.
    It is unacceptable – who ever is racist, sit in a church and sing Godly, Holy songs. “Infact the LORD says you have no right to decree any of my commandments”

  128. After reading the prophesies of oom Siener van Rensburg, I was wondering what he refered to when he said certain things of the end times will happen when the ICE START MELTING.

    Then I found these two very interesting articles, please read this, it is mind opening.

    and the following

    Paris – A vast ice shelf in the Antarctic peninsula, a hotspot for global warming, has shrunk by 85% in 17 years, the European Space Agency (ESA) said on Thursday.

    Images taken by its Envisat satellite show that the so-called Larsen B ice shelf decreased from 11 512km² in 1995, an area about the size of the Gulf state of Qatar, to only 1 670km² today.

    Larsen B is one of three ice shelves that run from north to south along the eastern side of the peninsula, the tongue of land that projects toward South America.

    From 1995 to 2002, Larsen B experienced several calving events in which parts of the shelf broke away. It had a major breakup in 2002 when half of the remainder disintegrated. Larsen A broke up in January 1995.

    “Larsen C so far has been stable in area, but satellite observations have shown thinning and an increasing duration of melt events in summer,” the agency said in a press release.


    Ice shelves are thick floating mats of ice, attached to the shore, that are created by the runoff into the sea from glaciers.

    Scientists say they are extremely sensitive to changes in atmospheric temperature and can be hollowed out from below by warmer ocean currents.

    The northern Antarctic peninsula has been subject to atmospheric warming about 2.5°C over the last 50 years, a figure that is several times greater than the global average.

    Ice shelves are not the same as ice sheets, the vast blanket of frozen water that covers Antarctica.

    If these melted, even partially, they would drive up sea levels, threatening small island states and coastal cities. But the scientific evidence is that the ice sheets so far are stable.

    “These observations are very relevant for measuring the future behaviour of the much larger ice masses of West Antarctica if warming spreads further south,” ESA quoted Helmut Rott, a professor at the University of Innsbruck in Austria, as saying

  129. […] […]

  130. I was wondering about the picture of the boy’s face with Africa on it. What is the source of this amazing graphic?

    • hello Ubuntu

      I do not remember the exact source for the picture. I found it when I googled Africa for this post. I agree that it is a great picture. I am glad I found it.

  131. watter provinsies gaan veilig wees as die oorlog begin ? ek is in Oos-Londen op die oomblik, maar dinge gaan maar woes hier. en orals waar ek navraag doen lyk dit dieselfde. Transvaal seker die ergste ! miskien die Vrystaat of wat dink jy

    • skakel in by hulle baseer en berei voor gebasseer op Siener se visioene. hulle het groep leiers in elke provinsie.

      in my opinie gaan die enigste direkte en onmiddelike geweld in gauteng wees. ek glo nie die manne sal nie vir lank ‘n “weermag” kan ko-ordineer en effektief kommandeer nie. Siener het ook gese dit gaan nie lank duur nie.

      ek dink die ROOI zone is die heel Witwatersrand gedeelte. dit is ‘n eiland wat maklik afgesluit kan word. dit is ook die kern van sa se finansiele sektor.

      Volgens Siener sal “Kaapland” veilig wees en baie wittes sal in die laaste ruk soontoe trek. My gevoel is beslis erens weg van gauteng / jhb. dus KZN of Kaap.

    • Die Noordkaap verseker en die WP, en moontlik Wes transvaal. Die Tswanas is die mees betroubaarste swart nasie.

  132. According to Siener van Rensburg, Germany has the technology long before the 3rd WW, and not given to America as stated here.

    The technology is from German blood, and could come from America in the sense that German scientists etc. is working in the States.

    He makes it clear however that Germany will become stronger than ever before, at the head of a Christian leader. Also important Germany and America are allies. They crush Russia at the borders of Spain, not France.

    The destruction of England is due to their plundering in the past, also the genocide on Boer woman and children – God’s Payback so to speak.

    Did you know that Germany is the main host of American Forces families in Europe???

  133. Siener also predicted:

    1. The fall of the SA pension fund
    – Recently SANRAL upgraded our roads, and it was later made known that government pension fund was used to fund the project.
    – SANRAL failed in a court ruling to enforce citizens to pay toll on the new upgraded roads, which would have crippled the already tax-stretched citizens.

    2. The violent and cold blooded murder of two prominent Afrikaner leaders
    – It seems he referred to later modern SA.
    – Eugene Terreblanche, leader of the right wing AWB, was murdered in this fashion a year ago. He was a prominent Afrikaans leader and figure.
    – In my view one of two has been realized.

    3. The leader of the post ANC ruled South Africa, will come from Eastern Cape area. He will be a God fearing man, and a true-strong Christian.
    – We have seen Angus Bucham attract people of all colour and race, masses never seen before in SA.
    – Not sure if he originates from EC.

  134. One more thing……Siener predicted that South Africa will be handed over to the blacks / ANC by a man that came from Vereeniging. FW de Klerk, which was the man that did so, was born and raised and educated in Vereeniging.

    Now the coward lives in Greece, and shouts his mouth off at a distance. Consequently his wife was murdered cold blooded, a mystery to today, in South Africa.

    He is our second Louis Botha, because like Louis Botha betrayed Koos de la Rey, so did FW de Klerk betrya his people. Leaving them at the hands of COLD BLOODED MURDERS. May he too take his own life like Botha did, and live a shameful and guilt ridden life to the end, like Botha did.

  135. Fantastic Reading

  136. hi how do i get hold of the site or book of siener van rensburg?

    • Tyron

      I got this information from other websites cited. I knew of one person who was writing a book who is from Africa but I was never aware of whether it was finished or published or not.

    • Tyron, I went onto one of Siener van Resburg’s websites, and there was a guy from Minesota, America who said that he had the full English version including the explainations of every vision. He sent it to me and I compared it to the original Afrikaans version and it is spot on. please send blank mail to and I will send you a copy immediately.

      • Ansie

        If you have a complete version, can you send it to me also? I would like to see how it compares to what I have. I would like to improve the website.

        • Hi Marrianne,   I compared it to the original Afrikaans book that I have, and it is a true copy of that one. His daughter wrote down all his prophesies (Anna Badenhorst – I am also Anna Badenhorst but no relation). It is amazing how correct all his visions are. He also stated that in the time following his death, he will almost be forgotten, but when his visions start becoming reality, many people will start reading his prophesies again.   Good luck with your website   Regards   Ansie



    • Shaun, yes Siener was 100% accurate simply because he was just a messenger. God is the source and HE doesn’t err. Pity so many wrong interpretations exist; God speaks in parables and uses metaphors. The uniniate will obviously interpret from his/her own errant perspective. Contrary to popular belief, Siener did interpret many of his own visions.
      Furthermore, back then but also today, there are many true believers who are also true seers.
      Joel predicted that it would be like this after the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

      The Afrikaner had become a God-less people whose biggest idol is their own legalistic religion, something that bolsters their belief that they alone are His chosen people. That is heresy and that is leading to their demise.

      Afrikaner religion negates salvation brought by Jesus, who is the Everlasting Father (Isaiah 9:6, John 1) because they keep laws meant for Israel. They also claim to be descendants of Israel, being the ten ”lost” tribes. That claim is easily refuted historically AND Biblically. They believe in false teachings and will be held accountable for being stubborn in their idolatry. Their religion is the milling stone around their neck.

      The Afrikaner rejects the true Jesus and will be judged by the law they keep so religiously. Read Acts 15, Colossians 2, etc.

      The Bible states that anyone under the law is cursed. The Afrikaner dresses himself with a curse. That is his downfall.

      • Although most items stated about the Afrikaner above are correct some statements are not. Father NEVER stated that ANY of the laws HE has given is for Israel only. It was for them AS WELL as any other person from wharever nation who CHOSE to recognise the HIM as their Creator and who were willing to pray to HIM. The ten Commandements is for every nation on this earth. So is the Two Commandments of Love given by HIM in the New Testament.

  138. As I am a seer myself, I already confirmed where it will be relatively safe. However, only a small remnant will escape anyhow. Complacency will be the killer. Various parts of that vision have already been fulfilled and Juju is bringing the rest into fruition as I write here.

    The latest, most complete book on Siener was published earlier this year – 2012. It confirms my own visions in many ways.

    Interesting to note that Siener was no racist and his mention of blacks, even in his own interpretation, mostly has to do with situations, transactions, etc.

    God won’t ever discriminate as many people do. Many blacks in South Africa are endlessly racist and so are many whites. Both claim to be Christian but their ways are in conflict with His Word.

    Colossians 3:17 is important reading.

    Millions of **good blacks** will suffer together with the whites, as also predicted by Siener.

    Even at this late stage, we spill our guts in bitter hate instead of repenting and returning to God. We want to be yoked under the law instead of living in grace.

    We are a rebellious people. Our double-sided national anthem shows just how ungodly divided we are. At least the black part of the song is a beautiful prayer to the Living God. The white part is a statement of human pride instead.

    Hosea 4 rings true……….


  140. Title: Niklaas van Rensburg – Die Siener
    Author: AWG Raath
    ISBN: 9780799350999
    Invest in a good Afrikaans – English dictionary to translate or use Babel Fish, Google Translate. It is worth the effort.

  141. Of jy glo in GOD of jy glo in “sieners”

  142. A3, your own Bible teaches you that God, who I not just believe in but know intimately, sends prophets, seers. for example, look at Joel, Joseph, Daniel, etc. This really is how God works.

    What is heresy and, in my opinion blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, is the reckless interpretations by all and sundry not ordained to do so, who then comes in the flesh and warp God’s message, making Him a liar by adding their own biased opinion to it. The true message gets obscured and the people then don’t repent. What happens next is that the rebellious, stiff-necked Boer then comes and builds his own false beliefs upon these invented lies.

    The Boer has become his own God.

    The second form of blasphemy against Him lies in rejecting His true prophets. A3, your careless observation is reckless as you are exposing yourself to His judgement by rejecting His messengers.

    Siener’s words are wrongly seen as his own. None of his visions were his own; he just was the messenger who relayed God’s message. The way in which he is being idolized is sickening. The Boer will defend Siener with his last drop of blood but will continue doing his own thing and not obey God out of love.

    It is time for the Boer to stop worshiping leaders, symbols, traditions and his culture. It is time to repent and return to the Everlasting Father, who is Jesus, and to start doing His will and not your own.

    Ik heb gezecht.

  143. Whose purpose is being served here, that of the Afrikaner or God? Where in the Bible does God mention His support of this exclusive, elitist group of people? Much is said about Boer traitors but does the Boer see how he has betrayed God?

    Our sole purpose on earth is to serve God and to build a unified body of Christ. There simply is no room for being exclusive. Jesus prayed for unity, not division.

    As an Afrikaner myself, I am alarmed to see that a nightly vision is coming true: a flood of violence starting as a mere trickle but it will become severe and only a remnant will be saved. That remnant will consist of the handful of true disciples of Jesus Christ.

    Being His people is not merely based upon belief but rather Whose will we serve, Whose Spirit we obey. The Boer’s religion gives him a false sense of security and entitlement. He has to become truly reborn and obedient to the Holy Spirit.

    We were sent here with the Bible and our audience was sent down from higher up in Africa, so that we could build a new nation for Him and to serve His purpose in the end days as we see in Isaiah 18, Matt 24 and Rev 12.

    We grandiosely failed in our purpose as we remained devoid of His love and grace. We had become our own religion and our own downfall.

    Repent! Repent! Repent!

    Return to Jesus Christ, our Everlasting Father (Isaiah 9:6) and let His seven Spirits rule within our hearts (Isaiah 11:6)

    Let us become pure at heart and serve no other ideal, no other desire, no other purpose than His perfect will alone.

  144. […] […]

  145. Pieter,

    Few will understand you cristal clear words……… for the eyes are worthless if the mind (and hart) is blind…

    • Dear Liviet 🙂

      In Ezekiel 33, we are taught to warn regardless of whether they will listen. When God called me in 1986, He already told me that “they” won’t listen but that I had to warn regardless. I am just cleaning their blood of my hands. Nobody who has read here, can tell Him that “we did not know.”  :”-)

      Jonah preached, a city repented and all were saved.  So I will keep trying……despite being fully in agreement with you 😉


  146. I understand. We have been send all over and are warning and quite frankly I doubt that many can claim “we did not know”. Just like Noah and, and, and……

    However, keep it up. Just call if you require support – although I know that some are like EliJaHuW – sourcing their Oil from inside the neverending Cruse of eternal Love.

    Blessed are those who believed without seeing.


    Ps: “Jonah preached, a city repented and all were saved” …………. and sadly fell back onto their old ways and refreigned to listen to His furher warnings via Nahum nor TsephanJaH and was completely destroyed about 200 years later never to rise again……..

  147. I have the complete book of Siener van Rensburg in English in electronic form. Should anyone be interested in obtaining a copy, please mail me on (It’s 211 pages long)

    • This person gives you the book but a month later they are asking for help, in my case they said they were stuck in UK london after they were held at gunpoint and want £1250. Be aware, long live the boer…

      • I think someone was using her email address and doing this. I got the email also and ignored it.

        • I was so shocked when Daniel sent me that mail, coming from my email adres. I got a mail from yahoo saying that they have detected suspicious activity on my emails that comes from Nigeria. I was not in London, nobody robbed me and I do not need money. If I needed money I would have asked money to forward Siener van Rensburg’s book. Please see the report from Yahoo below:
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          Nov 02, 2012 2:20 PM Browser Mail Access Nigeria

  148. Words from Father: “In Hell the flame of self-love burns the highest of all.”…….

  149. God raised an audience for His message, a harvest to be collected for His throne. From the north came the ”Bantu” tribes we know today as the amaZulu, amaXhosa, Basotho, Venda, Lemba, Shona, Shangane, etc.

    More or less at the same time, the Bible came from the south, by virtue of the Dutch. Jan van Riebeeck made a covenant with God to spread the message of eternal life, of escaping bad karma and endless reincarnation, to living in His spiritual paradise.

    Black and white occupied the land of the indigenous Khoisan and left them with neither land, nor recognition of their rights or language.

    Then the British came and first took what ”belonged to the Dutch”, then they took all land from the ”Bantu” people. By 1915, most South Africans were disenfranchised. Both Boer/Afrikaner/Dutch and blacks were not allowed to trade freely, 30,000 Boer farms were burnt to the ground and land was taken from blacks as well.

    Whites oppressed blacks.
    Blacks oppressed whites.
    Whites oppressed whites.
    Blacks oppressed blacks.

    God shed tears to see how arrogant and proud these oppressors were while pointing fingers at another. While all proclaimed Him, none served His will. While eight out of ten South Africans claim to be Christian, we wallow in anger, frustration, greed, hate, racism and all wanting to be the exclusive owner of this piece of real estate.

    We forced people to live in certain exclusive areas, we make laws to discriminate, we even burn our people in the streets while we sing God Bless Africa.

    And the Messiah writes with His finger in the sand……

    Each wants to serve his own will, each wants to have his own ego carressed, his own pocket lined and selfishly to please himself. Hardly ever is any consideration given to our Creator’s perfect will and everyone wants to assume, assimilate and collect as much as possible without putting anything back into society.

    We have become a nation of gluttonous egocentricWe have become a nation of gluttonous egocentricWe have become a nation of gluttonous egocentricWe have become a nation of gluttonous egocentrics.

    I would say that we should repent from our sins, we should become reconciled, we should have restitution and restoration to our intended role.

    When we become true to our purpose, we will see revival, not ecstatic charismatic insanity but repentant return to our Creator.

    Only then we can expect His return! Right now, we are frustrating His objectives and sabotage His blueprint for eternal salvation.

    Our religion and our man-made toys are the f

  150. Hi There everyone, I understand the war in South Africa is about to unfold. This will be a racial war starting out of the massive strikes that are currently going on. Google news 24 and see Julius Malema and Zwelinzima Vavi on comments they are starting to make. The whites are warned.

  151. I have read Raath’s book on Siener yet again. Referrals to ”kaffertjies” (blacks) mean bad circumstances, bad transactions or bad governments. It is not a literal depiction of people. And it adds up to my very own visions at night.

    The elitist, racist Boer who denounces we Afrikaners, is nothing short of devisive evil opposing God’s blueprint. We ”Cape Dutch” have always been keeping the vows and never were arrogant and loveless enough to reject the Boer. The drivel written by Republican1795 is proof of an uncicumsized heart that needs to be reborn. I detest that kind of arrogance, hence my tone.

    Surprise! God is erecting Juju to humble the Boer! The arrogant Boer will need to be humbled so that he can need God and return to Him. And it has started already. Marikana, De Doorns are only the beginnings.

    Obey God, serve Him and get off you high Boer horse!

  152. Perhaps those in religion yet remote from God don’t realise that being a ”siener” is as common as Coke. We read about this in Joel 2 & 3, for instance. Even in the days of Niklaas van Rensburg, there were numerous other seers, even very young children. It is no talent but rather God using His true children to deliver messages, usually to a rebellious people.

    People almost worship Siener, they idolize him. This is most probably because their religion keeps them from hearing from God directly. They fear the future because their love for God is incomplete. Now they look at predictions to soothe their tortured souls.

    Why they need to follow a mortal man and not the Living God, is beyond me. Sadly, they then also get deceived because they lend their ears to false interpreters (Isaiah 30) and they follow those deceptive teachings religiously.

    As reborn Christians, our national identity resides in the Kingdom of Heaven. We are alien to this world and any worldy nationalist movement should not enjoy any preference.

    Fear God and obey Him; draw close to Him and rest at His feat. Exhange the rugby and esih! for Truth and Reality.

    Become reborn and led by His Spirit. Don’t act upon own insight by obey His Spirit. Then we won’t need to cling to Siener or Angus for dear life. Jesus is our Everlasting Father (Isaiah 9:6) and we should seek His counsel instead of hanging onto the lips of mortal man.

  153. I am appalled by the comments of the “christians” above. All the “Boers” are thrown in one bag and condemned! Siener was a mortal man. So was all the profets in the Bible. Siener warned us against idoltery of sports. The Afrikaner relying on their human leaders instead of God was is the main reason for the situation in South Africa today as predicted by Siener. I, and many others I know respect Siener for what he was. The Bible is our anchor in life. The interpretation of the Bible by some above is og great concern. The Bible must be read from the very firs page to the very last page.

  154. I was wondering where might I find the prophecies for and after WW3, what happens to the world and is there any thing about the future of Africa as a continent?

    • dear Kunal

      The prophecies for and after WW3 are found in the bible…books of Daniel, Ezechiel, Joel, Zechariah, and Matthew, Luke, and Revelation, as well some others, including some of the epistles.

      the world as we know it will be destroyed. satan will be bound for a 1000 years, then cast into the lake of fire. Yeshua, Jesus, the Christ ( Messiah) will reign on a new earth. there will finally be peace.

      • Thanks for the prompt reply, yes the world as we know it shall ‘end’, infact my own spiritual leader Dada Bhagwan said that Nukes shall destroy most of the civilized world as we know it.

        The survivors of the war shall restore the land back to what it should have been, this is mostly to do with the native first nation people.

        dadabhagwan also tells us that humanity shall then enjoy peace for another 2000 years after that we shall start digressing again. Whereby we shall enter the 5th time cycle whereby people shall be 2.5 feet tall, life span shall be only a max of 30 yrs… (effects of kalyuga).

        So does Christ come after WW3, or ?

  155. […] link: Well, Mandela did not die, Julius Malema did not make the country ungovernable with big strikes and disobedience , though there was certainly a good dose of that, and….. the civil war for ground and power was short lived and quenched and has been scattered. What I found most interesting was that one of the accused in this Bomb plot, came from Prieska! All the ingredients were there for the making, however as with all things, we have choice on the outcome. And hopefully it will be peace, prosperity and South Africans uniting in diversity and seeing themselves as human beings and not as a colour! As for van Rensburg, the last of his prediction augurs well. Another interesting point. All these events, Mandela’s illness, the shooting down of a military plane over Kwa Zulu Natal, the bomb plot against the ANC, occurred around what was once known as The Day of The Vow, under the Afrikaner Apartheid Regime. The implications of all these events, have however turned into what this day is now celebrated as, The Day of Reconciliation. I am deeply concerned for my country. I have been avidly reading your posts and many others. I can see a whole Xe, CIA, Nazi scheme going on here which could only result in bloodshed and instead of working towards the high morals, values and integrity that Mandela and Oliver Thambo strove for, southern Africa is threatened with  devolving into a worse situation than we found ourselves under Apartheid. Mugabe’s Zimbabwe hangs as an example. The positive view in all of this, is that if the “Cabal,” as you call them are brought down, the chances of this happening here, will be minimalised. Another positive is that someone or someones in South Africa, has really got their thinking cap on. I do suspect that these people also funnily enough, include the “good” Afrikaners We have one of the best banking systems in the world and we have joined BRICs. A move that is incomprehensible to most South Africans especially as they see the Chinese as a major threat and are oblivious to the real threat, that of the Cabal Nazi CIA which is far more horrific as far as I can deduce. And who in their right mind in the end, wants their body and soul owned by the Vatican? Their money controlled by a One World Bank sanctioned by the Vatican, and a One World Government advocated by the Vatican? I not not know about anybody else, but I only answer to “God,”I have a direct line and I do not need the confessional exchange of the Pope or anyone else for that matter to do it for me, and I certainly do not need to pay them for that facility! So Ben, thank you for all the info that you have and are putting out. I am very grateful. And I wish you all the best for the New Year. Should you wish to post this on your page, feel welcome. Though for obvious reasons, I would like to stay Anonymous. There will be a number of people who do not appreciate my views in this e mail Cheers / link to original article […]

  156. […] link: Beh, Mandela non è morto, Julius Malema non rendere il paese ingovernabile, con grandi scioperi e disobbedienza, anche se era certamente una buona dose di questo, e ….. la guerra civile per la terra e il potere è stato di breve durata e spenta ed è stato disperso. Quello che ho trovato più interessante è che uno degli imputati in questo complotto bomba, è venuto da Prieska! Tutti gli ingredienti erano lì per la realizzazione, ma come tutte le cose, abbiamo la scelta sul risultato. E speriamo che sia la pace, la prosperità e sudafricani che unisce nella diversità e di vedere se stessi come esseri umani e non come un colore! Per quanto riguarda van Rensburg, l’ultimo dei suoi auguri di previsione così.  Un altro punto interessante. Tutti questi eventi, la malattia di Mandela, l’abbattimento di un aereo militare su Kwa Zulu Natal, la trama bomba contro l’ANC, si è verificato intorno a quello che una volta era conosciuto come Il giorno del voto, sotto il regime dell’apartheid afrikaner. Le implicazioni di tutti questi eventi, hanno però trasformato in ciò che questo giorno è oggi celebrato come, il giorno della riconciliazione. Sono profondamente preoccupato per il mio paese. Ho letto avidamente i tuoi post e molti altri. Riesco a vedere un intero Xe, CIA, regime nazista succedendo qui che non poteva non provocare spargimento di sangue e invece di lavorare per la morale alto, i valori e l’integrità che Mandela e Oliver Thambo adoperò per, l’Africa meridionale è minacciata da devolvere in una situazione peggiore che ci siamo trovati sotto l’apartheid. Mugabe dello Zimbabwe si blocca come esempio. La visione positiva in tutto questo, è che se il “Cabal”, come li chiami vengono portati verso il basso, le probabilità che questo accada qui, sarà minimalised. Un altro aspetto positivo è che qualcuno o someones in Sud Africa, ha davvero ottenuto il loro pensiero sul tappo. Io sospetto che queste persone anche stranamente, sono il “bene” afrikaner  Abbiamo uno dei migliori sistemi bancari del mondo e ci siamo uniti BRIC. Una mossa che è incomprensibile per la maggior parte sudafricani tanto più che vedere il cinese come una grave minaccia e sono ignari del reale minaccia, quella del nazista Cabal CIA che è molto più orribile, per quanto posso dedurre. E chi, sano di mente, alla fine, vuole il loro corpo e anima di proprietà del Vaticano? Il loro denaro controllato da una Banca One World sanzionato dal Vaticano, e un unico governo mondiale sostenuta dal Vaticano? Non Non so nessun altro, ma solo rispondere a “Dio”, ho una linea diretta e non ho bisogno lo scambio confessionale del Papa o chiunque altro per quella materia di farlo per me, e io di certo non bisogno di pagare loro per tale impianto! Quindi Ben, grazie per tutte le informazioni che si hanno e stanno mettendo fuori. Sono molto grato. E vi auguro tutto il meglio per il nuovo anno. Se volete pubblicare questo sulla tua pagina, sentire i benvenuti. Anche se per ovvie ragioni, mi piacerebbe rimanere anonimo. Ci sarà un numero di persone che non apprezzano le mie opinioni in questa e mail Cin cin / link all’articolo originale […]

  157. […] link: […]

  158. Do we have any more current living prophets in any of the african countries, I have only come across Dr. David Owuor, we need a current prophet who can lead us away from the destruction that we’ve all brought to outselves.

  159. […]  link: […]

  160. […] link: […]

  161. pieter wil net graag weet wie is vir ons en wie is teen ons. wie gaan saan ons staan sodat ons weet wie is teen ons

  162. Jammer Pieter om jou babbel te bars, maar jou voorvaders was seker die volksverraaiers waarvan al die boere oor praat. ongelukkig blyk dit my dat jy geensins uitmaak van die Boere geskiedenis nie! Jy kom voor as die tipsie draadknipper vir die Engelse in die Boereoorlog. Dis Hartseer om te weet dat daar nogsteeds Afrikaners is wat hulle brood aan beide kante gebotter wil he.

  163. Yes, he was indeed a tru prophet of GOD

  164. where can i get this book – i can only find the afrikaans edition, would like to get the english version

  165. Send me an email on and I will forward you the full english version

  166. How can I be part of the awb I where part of the suidlanders but send them email and don’t get any reply back for the can anyone help me I stay in the eastern cape plz and stay on a farm

  167. We need akin prophecy these day more than ever

  168. […] When I read his stuff, I see it unfolding before my eyes, very strange and interesting too, see his prophecies at […]

  169. […] When I read his stuff, I see it unfolding before my eyes, very strange and interesting too, see his prophecies at […]

  170. Did he predict only Melson Mandela. did he predict any thing about the two black presidents meeting (obama and mandela) ?
    my next question did he talk about only one black president or many black presidents (all the presidents that followed after mandela)
    could it be that he was refereeing to obama the only black persedne the use ever had

    • He did predict Mandela. Also he did predict the rest of black presidents. Siener was NOT the only Prophet is SA….

  171. I can give you a real prophecy. Soon, people in usa will start war against their own goverment when they realise that the goverment was behind 9/11

  172. why

  173. why where they involved to prove what

  174. […] […]

  175. Very interesting

  176. The railway line is not yet completed my own father is building it but its nearly at ludiritz

  177. hi,

    i’ve been lately reading about sa and this siener van rensburg and his visions. topic seems interesting but i’m not sure what to think about it. i know that he died before apartheid was implemented and that he was not part of it. however, i don’t know what his opinion would have been (concerning apartheid) if he would have been living longer? .. do you? any references or evidence? and to be honest, i don’t know that much of apartheid either, do you?

    i don’t think that black or white people are that different but many times their culture is. If you take just one young black child and put him into different culture (white culture, for example) he becomes part of it. I have seen this because in my country there are not many black people and i have had black friends who acted just like any white people because they had been living in white culture with no black influences all their life. however, if we take sa and the black culture there, i don’t think that my view, concerning sa black culture, is very positive (tribes killing each others for centuries, necklace murders, kill the white people-song still singed today, etc.). therefore, in a way, i understand the opinions of the white sa people who hate blacks. but i think that instead of hating the black people, they should hate their culture, or the evil that is part of that black sa culture (Eph 6:11-18). Because, if there is lot of evil, envying etc. in the culture, it is hard for them (sa black people) to adapt christian values, since if they do, they are many times seen as a traitor in their own family. in short, it is not right to hate people, but it is right to hate evil savage culture. correct me if i’m wrong, i’ve never been to sa and know nothing about this in practise, these are just my conclusions. but i think that this is the way this problem should be seen. btw, i hate the traditional/ancient culture of my own country and people, or the evil parts in that culture, shamans and other evil things. therefore, please, don’t call me racist if i say that i hate similar things in black culture of sa.

    now, i have some questions concerning apartheid and other things, for those that know about them and/or are willing to answer. i’m interested about the truth, whether the truth is politically correct or not. i think that mainstream media is full of lies, has always been, but especially nowadays is.

    my first question:
    -do you think that it is hard for different races to live among each other.. and therefore a separation is necessary? If we look at usa, it seems to me that huge racial conflicts are arising (just like siener said). I think that people in general have a tendency to blame different and different looking people for their own problems. therefore, when the hard times come, different races will start fighting each other and bloody civil war is much more likely to happen than in a situation where there is only a homogenous group of people in the same area. do you think that it goes like this or not?

    – i have read about bantustans, separate states for coloured people in sa during apartheid reign. some people say that black people didn’t have a right to own land. is that true? how about bantustans, couldn’t they own land there? why is that the bantustans were not successful? was there some political reason, like that sa was blackmailed by other countries to widthraw bantustan implementation or was it that people of bantustan could not produce food for themselves etc. ? what happened?

    -is it true that many of the boers and other white people only wanted to have some part of current sa for themselves and give rest for the blacks etc. but their political representatives somehow made a deal with british so that the whole area of current sa was kept unified under one “federation”? if so, is it true that this made some boer people angry since they knew what kind of problems this would inroduce? and that this would later lead to apartheid since they had no other way keep the sa in order (now, if someone says that it was easy to keep the country in order, i must say that i don’t believe it. just look at the sa now.)?

    -opinions about suidlanders and other white groups? what do you think about them? do they represent racism and hate or is it that people are just talking bad things about them because of mainstream media’s twisted view of history? it seems to me they are waiting for uhuru to happen and trying to get their own republic which would be some minor part of sa. is this true?

    -can you recommend some good references and links to true history of sa? where can i find a “real truth” about apartheid and things that lead to failure of bantustans? i’d like to know how the things really were, i no more can believe this old “artists against apartheid” / “i’ll never play in sun city” / “rainbow nation”- marketing propaganda that ignores too many facts and details.

    from very far away.

    • dear northpole

      I think someone from SA is better qualified to address your questions.

      my impression is that the local population was not skilled in farming and the boers were. so the boers used the locals on their farms and taught them. the boers were not responsible for the people’s initial ignorance and limitations, their local culture and lack of civilization was. however, the working relationship seemed to be beneficial to both sides. Schools and churches were provided for the locals also. locals did not starve any more. they had food to eat, because the skilled farmers enriched the area with their products.

      then the british moved in and the conflict began between the english and the boers. there was a fight for the land and the english won.
      the english then turned the locals against the boers and accused them of apartheid.

      the apartheid was a british political move to gain allegiance of the locals and move them away from the boers.. eventually the locals were educated enough to participate in government, but then the communists moved in to control this.

      when there is no God, there is no rules to follow, as far as treating your fellow man.

      so now the locals had been turned against the boers, and were told to seize property and kill whites. so they take the farms but do not know how to farm, so they are now suffering again.

      I do not think the boers ever hated the blacks. and originally I do not think the blacks hated the whites. this grew over time as the wrong influences came in and interfered with the relationship.

      now we have to pray that the hate goes away, and people stop killing the whites. and things go back to a peaceful way.

    • I recommend you read the following link and decide for yourself, you can cross check any of the facts and make up your own mind if you are interested in the real reason for apartheid and what happened etc. herewith the link:


  179. all south african whites will return and we will return stong and stabel fuck this lets play

  180. Amazing post ! We must reading man and van

  181. Northpole – The answer is really simple. The majority of people in SA just want everything and do not understand that you actually have to work for it. They have been lied to for years and think everything comes easy. They look at white people and see that they have a better live than themselves without realizing that white people actually work for it. I am one of those who would work until 2 in the morning to make extra money so my family have a great live. Working my ass off is not nice but it is a necessary sacrifice if I want a decent life. I also understand that should I steal stuff at work, strike and loot shops the chances are slim that I will be employed again. Every single thing that I have I worked for and then sometimes some lazy !@#% comes along and steals it. I grew up dirt poor but because of years of hard work I managed to create a comfortable life for myself. Most of the people in SA don’t think like me and those who do are also labeled as ‘too rich’ or ‘previously advantaged’ and such crap. It is unfortunately part of the culture. For example – since their existence the Zulu males sat in front of their huts, drank beer and wade war while their woman cooked and their kids looked after their cattle. Now they still want to sit on their asses and just receive everything without realizing that they should work for what they want. Any idiot with two braincells can put things together if they just read up a little can figure out what is really going on in SA.

    To the South Africans – We are a great nation and you won’t find people as kind as us in many other places. This is one of the main reasons many of us turned away from God and do not follow Him like our forefathers did. Most good white people I know would rather stay away from church than to be a hypocrite. A lot of people think it is better not to serve God than to try, fail to uphold His law and be a bad example to Christians. People would rather believe what they are being told about the Bible than read it themselves. If you think you know the Bible ask yourself a simple question – How many animals of each went into the ark with Noah? If your answer is 2 then you are just another sucker that fell for the lies of the church. Go read Genesis 7:2. How many other things did the church not tell you? Do you know that the law of God has been replaced by a better covenant? Do you know that following Jesus is the most fun and easiest thing to do? If you hunger for Jesus but find the Christian life too difficult then please go to and get the free video podcast every week. Ask other Christians around you if they perhaps have a copy of ‘Condemnation Kills’ by Joseph Prince. It is difficult to get hold of unless you buy the disks but if you persist it WILL save your life. The only thing we learn in church today is what we should not do. Going to church just makes us feel bad about ourselves. One thing you won’t hear in church is that Jesus already paid for all your sins, including those you committed today. He did not die on the cross so you can be constantly be reminded about how bad you are. We are not stupid and we know when we do something wrong. He died on the cross so you can be free. It doesn’t matter if you fall, He will always pick you up and show you the way forward. Jesus sees us like the father of the prodigal son. Go read the story and see the father as Jesus and you as the son (Luke 15:11). What did the son do or say when he came back before the father gave him a feast? If you turned from God because you are tired of feeling bad then I urge you to read the New Testament again and look at what happened after Jesus died for you, especially the things John said. Don’t let the lies of the church rob you of the best life on earth!

    When the time comes those close to Jesus will be protected, as they are protected from all the bad things that is already happening in SA. I am looking forward to the day when we have a country full of true believers in Jesus Christ. It will surely be a country like no other and I would not want to miss it for the world!

    Mag die Here julle oe oopmaak en onder Sy beskerming neem.

  182. yoh geez this overwhelming. may the lord jesus christ come. i remembered that when i got born again five years ago a certain group of white people used to chat about seer nicholas van rensburg-s prophecies on some chatsite. today when i woke up to the news that mandela has passed on -may his soul rest-, i quickly remembered the name van resburg prophecies. and now its all starting to make sense since i also serve in the prophetic. a week ago the lord spoke about judgement. i could hear the word judgement in my right ear. i told my son. i saw what looked like people or a town or a group being judged. but after reading this, its all set. da will take over south africa. that is what van rensburg signifies when he says mandela will die under new and more balanced government. this a sure prediction because we can all see da is ready to take over and reign with integrity.

  183. Whether you are black/white/navy/coloured/brown, just go and read Deuteronomy 28 the curses that will fall on the nation(not the state) of Israel when they forsake their Lord and God and also the Lamentations of Jeremiah chapter 5 in the King James Bible/version… In the end u’ll know who u are and why u are where u are 2day living the life that u are now living(whether as head or tail). May the good Lord give u the heart to accept the truth… Dnt forget that the ANC or SA politics are under the watchfull eye of the British Empire, the puppets jst play their part or work according to the given orders..

  184. […] When I read his stuff, I see it unfolding before my eyes, very strange and interesting too, see his prophecies at […]

  185. The is abt 2 cum to n end

  186. i feel sorry for you people that believe all this shit…

  187. Hi, I’m reading the website of Siener van Rensburg and what I see from all the comments is that all of you don’t Know the Most High God. Question: How can you call people who are different from you kaffirs and think it’s right. The bible teachers us that not all that call me by name will enter the kingdom of God. Jesus come for the meek and weak, He created both the “kaffir” and the supreme whites. You white people had everything that black people can only dream of. You abused your power and made others feel small and hopeless. You know what makes it so difficult your great grandfathers slept with our great grandmothers when they wives were asleep and we were created. I don’t hate any whites cause I know I have to stand before the King of Kings one day. I love what you guys stand for , I love your passion for Christ and you structured ways , your obedience, but you tend to misuse Gods name for your own benefits. What is men that God should be mindful of him. May the peace of God that surpasses al understanding be with all of you. May you know that Christ died for all.

    • Whites abused their power, sure they did. No one is infallible. But the whites never starved their own people for votes, the white also fought a 40 year war against communism on our borders to protect you. Now the godless communist ANC is in power and WE ALL NOW SUFFER. You talk about abusing powers. If name calling is the only legacy of the past then so be it. But i for one and many south africans suffer even more now under your race’s rule. White people in south africa have done what we have always done. PAY OUR TAXES. Accept responsibility, and stop being ungrateful. Your terrible situation you live in now, or your family members is so long gone away from any disadvantage from apartheid. Its simple, Tribal mentality, intimidation therefore you vote. You are all scared of the white man while the black man starves you. HYPOCRITES! 600 blacks died under the apartheid regime, that’s an undisputed statistical fact done external liberal companies. You killed each other before power, and you have starved and murdered each other plus whites while in power. So the next time a white calls you a kaffir its because of that continuous very fact. Because of the savagery that runs this country. And sorry if you feel hated, because i definately despise the fact that i must still pay taxes while have 119 race based laws against from getting a job. And we still get our shit together. Whats your excuse???? Not even Jesus is good enough for you. Jesus would rebuke you just as much for your stupidity. God gave you a brain, use it. The Devil tugs at your heart, and thats why this country is in the shit its in. BECAUSE OF GODLESS COMMUNIST KAFFIRS!

  188. What is the purpose of a prophet? To give hope when God’s people do not believe anymore!
    Isn’t that true for today? We as Afrikaners do not stand together, weather in our religion or politics. We are confused. We distrust each other due to the fear of traitors in our midst We do not know left from right any more.
    Does this ring a bell? Siener comes to mind.

    We as Afrikaners/Boers need to learn how to let go. Stop clinging to earthly things and release our self from what is binding. Only after this acceptance can we revive our belief in Christ. Our Lord Jesus need to take away from us that which caused us to lose focus from Him. We need to go through a process to become pure again. All the guidelines of how we should live our life is in the bible.
    If we can do that, we will be a stronger heard and stand united behind our Saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ! Again, Siener comes to mind with his warnings and messages of hope.

    Like the book of Revelation, what has been cast in stone will happen. We need to use these prophecies to remain focused during our times of trouble; focused on the fact that our Lord will look after us as He is true to His living Word. He cannot change. All we need to do is live according to His guidelines. We need to repent and distance ourselves from sin.

    Sin isn’t just limited to the 10 commandments. Although it is the core of our submission to God, we need to adhere to the other instructions as well. To be pure, we need to rid ourselves from all sinful influences. We have become soft. In biblical times gays, interracial marriages, etc., would have been judged to be stoned! Why? To remove the negative influences from society to remain a pure and true people to God.

    Whether we accept this or not, God is busy with His process of purification. We need to praise Him through these times, because the darker it seems to get, the stronger the light will pierce this coming darkness. The impact will be greater so all can see that our Living God really lives and is the True and Almighty who will liberate us from this sinful world/NSA with its negative influences contradicting everything that the Living Word tell us. God hates what this country has become, but love His outcasts that are still believing in Him.

    Nelson Mandela is not a god! Although he gets the attention that no other states man has ever received in history, we should surely know that something is horribly wrong in our country and the world. Just imagine how Jesus must feel with all the attention Mandela is getting! On the other hand, SA is now drawing the kind of attention where God can truly show His power and grace for all to believe in Him! What better stage do you need?

    Nelson Mandela’s statue, his legend, his godly figure and his country, the new south africa, is built with feet of clay………it WILL come crashing down!

    We should rejoice in the hate the world and our enemies in SA afford us as God said: “Those who are for Me, is against the world”. We Afrikaners/Boers must have done something right for the world to hate us this much!
    Be aware and prepared to leave everything behind like Lot, and focus on Christ as the day of reckoning is fast approaching!

  189. Clearly Sir you using the bible to suite your own needs and wants. God is for all not just white people. God made all of humanity. Why don’t you read the book of Genesis, nowhere does it say that one race should be above another race It clearly states that men will have dominion over the animals of the world but clearly black people are seen as animals. Surely when Dr Verwoerd died the same kind of attention was bestowed upon him by all the whites who believed in his ideology. Same for Mr. Mandela , the world rejoice in his life and legacy but you right he is not God so Margaret was not God either and she was honored. So let’s give glory to God in knowing that all things works together for good for those who are in Christ Jesus and called according to His purpose. Jesus did not die a death on the cross for White people but for Jews and gentiles.
    Moses, a Jew, apparently married a black African and was approved by God.

    We learn in Numbers that “Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses because of the Cushite woman whom he had married, for he had married a Cushite woman” (Num. 12:1). A Cushite is from Cush, a region south of Ethiopia, where the people are known for their black skin. We know this because of Jeremiah 13:23: “Can the Ethiopian [the same Hebrew word translated “Cushite” in Numbers 12:1] change his skin or the leopard his spots? Then also you can do good who are accustomed to do evil.” Attention is drawn to the difference of the skin of the Cushite people.

    In his book From Every People and Nation: A Biblical Theology of Race, Daniel Hays writes that Cush “is used regularly to refer to the area south of Egypt, and above the cataracts on the Nile, where a Black African civilization flourished for over two thousand years. Thus it is quite clear that Moses marries a Black African woman” (71).

    In response to Miriam’s criticism, God does not get angry at Moses; he gets angry at Miriam. The criticism has to do with Moses’ marriage and Moses’ authority. The most explicit statement relates to the marriage: “Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses because of the Cushite woman whom he had married, for he had married a Cushite woman.” Then God strikes Miriam with leprosy. Why? Consider this possibility. In God’s anger at Miriam, Moses’ sister, God says in effect, “You like being light-skinned Miriam? I’ll make you light-skinned.” So we read, “When the cloud removed from over the tent, behold, Miriam was leprous, like snow” (Num. 12:10)

    God says not a critical word against Moses for marrying a black Cushite woman. But when Miriam criticizes God’s chosen leader for this marriage God strikes her skin with white leprosy. If you ever thought black was a biblical symbol for uncleanness, be careful; a worse white uncleanness could come upon you. By John Piper. Go read it.

    • White people do not have God are beasts

      Black people who do not have God are beasts.

      The ANC and Mandela were and are godless.

      Mandela put tires around white people and set them on fire.

      He was a beast

      On his death, we should celebrate that he is dead. he was a godless monster and terrorist.

      if the world celebrates him today, it is because the world is godless, like he was.

      • Truly spoken amen!

      • Wow Marieanne…… said in 2013 !!!

        The “unGodliness” is that the whole world is of the mindset that we are obliged to ‘live’ amongst our “enemies”; the Godless.

        When will those who understand God ever wake up to how the “enemy” has hoodwinked them !

    • Tracy, are you from SA? If you are, then you are living in denial of what is happening around you. If not, then you have no idea of what is happening here.

      Tracy, not to be funny or anything, but if you want to make assumptions and dedicate a whole piece to that, then please go ahead, but note that I have not once, except for referring to interracial marriages as sin, referred to whites only. By the way, it doesn’t stop only with black people.

      I have not heaved whites above black either. If I wanted to I would have dedicated my piece to that, but I’m not going to as I don’t believe that white people are better than black people and also do not have the right to do that. If you have a problem that I’m referring to myself as an Afrikaners and or Boer then we have a problem as that is my and many other ethnic Europeans in SA’s existence which we cannot deny. It does not mean that I’m lifting white above black. Of course there are people of other skin colour who are more religious than I could ever hope to be and deserving of a place in heaven which cannot be denied.
      But please see the content of my message as a message to my own people to wake up and see the Truth and turn away from the sin deliberately imposed on our country that so many people easily follow. The Mandela god is one of them and will only lead to disappointment and sorrow.
      If you expect me to throw scriptures back at you to defend myself, then I’m sorry but that won’t happen as I can pick and choose which scripture will suite my needs and it will be an ongoing debate. You can have the knowledge of the bible but still not be able to see the Truth.

      But believe me when I say that not all is well in SA. Did you think when I referred to the enemy that it was intended for black people? Our biggest enemies sit outside SA borders that set SA up to fail. Unfortunately a lot of people will be hurt during this process, not to mention the fall of SA. Our fight is not against humans, but against satan who uses people for his own good.

      We need to blow the trumpet to wake people up but also to deliver a message of hope. If we knew and didn’t do anything, then we are to blame. We have to act quickly and be sure we have oil in our lamps as night is fast approaching.

    • So Miriam and Aaron spoken against Moses. Be careful to not loose the answer as Aaron was not punished at all only Moses Sister. This Positions of rule as imposed by GOD HIMSELF is long gone forgotten and it will come to judgment day that day it will be known GOD tell you what HE wants you do not tell him what to do you ask and obey when HE talks.

    • Wrong again Tracy. Leprosy does not make you “white” You believe the lies from the Devil, thats the doctrine of demons – You lavish in lies. Thats exatly what a Kaffir is, i liar, murderous demon.

  190. Arrie,

    God bless the Believers in SA.

    Psalm 31 and 20 are for those who know Him as Savior and Lord, calling upon His name. In His name, we have the victory over powers of darkness and the oppression of the enemy (Satan).

    Psalm 25

  191. Hallo Arrie, I am South African and I am colored:) I don’t believe in putting any one on a pedestal. Everyone has flaws so does the Afrikaner . How many blacks were killed during the white regime. All of us have to stand before God one day and answer. God does not look at deeds but the condition of the heart. I have lots of Afrikaner friends and family which I respect and will do anything for but one thing that I see in them is they love for others no matter how you look like. I might have taken offence while reading your comments and I apologise for it. I am from a inter racial marriage and took offence from your statement. we agree on one thing for sure, I also believe that no one is above God that is why I don’t follow the news about Mr Mandela and his funeral. He will stand in front of God now. Have a great evening and may the Lord bless you and keep you safe.

  192. I love your site. I am not a religious person but I do believe in paying it forward and doing what I can to help ,your fellow man. Thank you

  193. […] Siener van Rensburg: Visions of the Future […]

  194. Mandela was the greatest uncle Tom that the whites needed just to stay above any race on earth, It is them who put him in prison and it is also them that also released him. Mandela has not freed the black man from the cruel hands of our “masters” . Now they deceive black community and the whole world to think that Mandela is some christ like person who came in peace for peace in order to free his people from the bonds babylon and Egypt(the power that is now in Europeans as the pyramid and the all seeing eye at the back of American 1dollar bill bears witness) and to remove the guilt that every white person have for dehumanising black people(hence S.A is now a “good example of raibow nation thru Mandela” to the whole world). If Mandela was Christ, children of Israel would not still be scattered around the world(Europe, America, western Islands, South Africa and Australia) Christ could have gathered them from the lands of their captivity.

  195. Any way Christ was black meaning even the antichrist will be black too hence as we see the rise of Mandela with his number 46664 where by the two 4’s that are covering the bible 666 will fade away with passage of time and 666 will be all that is left and there will be no turning back when all truth is out and the devil has blew his musk off. You are dealing with smart people not fools, plz wake up. Who can suspect Mandela to be Antichrist? only those who know the well covered truth that the children of Israel are black people!

    • Christ was black!!! Finally someone has come up an informed analysis. So were Hosni Mubarak, Moses and the Israeli as we see them today. They also wrote their scriptures in an African language and strongly believed in ancestral spirits (this explains why the bible is based on indigenous African belief systems).

      • no this is not true….Moses was Semitic , descended from Shem, not descended from Ham, and wrote in Aramaic.

        Also, Moses did NOT believe in ancestral spirits, which are demons. He was monotheistic and believed in YHVH GOD.

        • Of course Christ was not black. If he and his disciples were, then the entire bible would have read like Credo Mutwa’s books.

  196. Has anyone here read any of the visions of siener? Mandelas body is on display at the union buildings and a special glass/see through hearse were build for his funeral.

    On the topic of Apartheid, some of you would find ” A hundred facts and one lie” a useful read. And also Leviticus 20:26 reads: You shall be holy to me, for I the LORD am holy and have separated you from the peoples, that you should be mine. Apartheid is part of my religion.

  197. And who is Mandela really? .Use a youtube downloader as this will be removed soon.

  198. A wise and a careful white person who is a South African citizen knows why he should adore Madiba, simply bcos this name Madiba is a new name that yo fathers will use to take more African riches and the world’s riches without spilling blood that will dent the conscience of yo future generations. Wisdom is something else, isn’t it? And @cyto since u believe that apartheid is part of yo religion, well plz dnt continue to deceive yoself bcos the cat is out of the bag, the people that are victims of slavery and apartheid are not chinese/Indians/Mexicans/Europeans/bushman/ethiopians but they are black people the so called “kaffirs” or “negro” the by names depend where the Lord scattered them as He said in Deuteronomy 28(curses of Israel) that “ye
    shall be plucked from off the land whither thou goest to
    possess it. {28:64} And the LORD shall scatter thee among
    all people, from the one end of the earth even unto the
    other; and there thou shalt serve other gods, which neither
    thou nor thy fathers have known, [even] wood and stone.
    {28:65} And among these nations shalt thou find no ease,
    neither shall the sole of thy foot have rest: but the LORD
    shall give thee there a trembling heart, and failing of eyes,
    and sorrow of mind: {28:66} And thy life shall hang in
    doubt before thee; and thou shalt fear day and night, and
    shalt have none assurance of thy life: {28:67} In the
    morning thou shalt say, Would God it were even! and at
    even thou shalt say, Would God it were morning! for the
    fear of thine heart wherewith thou shalt fear, and for the
    sight of thine eyes which thou shalt see. {28:68} And the
    LORD shall bring thee into Egypt again with ships, by the
    way whereof I spake unto thee, Thou shalt see it no more
    again: and there ye shall be sold unto your enemies for
    bondmen and bondwomen, and no man shall buy you”……THERE YOU HAVE IT FOLKS…Am not surprised when u call us KAFFIRS n NEGROS n BABOONS bcos the Lord said “The LORD shall bring thee, and thy king which
    thou shalt set over thee, unto a nation which neither thou
    nor thy fathers have known; and there shalt thou serve other
    gods, wood and stone. {28:37} And thou shalt become an
    astonishment, a proverb, and a byword, among all nations
    whither the LORD shall lead thee”…U JST CANT OUTRAN THE TRUTH, CAN? Go glorify the LORD YEHOVAH for this revelation 🙂


  199. Mhlanga, the only thing that your proving here is self-pity, and try to justify anything you say by using words like “KAFFIRS n NEGROS n BABOONS”, when YOU are the only one here calling yourself that!!!!!! I, just like you have right of opinion, and if that is how you identify yourself to any white man, then I would not deny you.

  200. What self-pity? “The LORD shall bring thee, and thy king which
    thou shalt set over thee, unto a nation which neither thou
    nor thy fathers have known; and there shalt thou serve other
    gods, wood and stone. {28:37} And thou shalt become an
    astonishment, a proverb, and a byword, among all nations
    whither the LORD shall lead thee”…As far as reality and truth are concerned there’s no evidence of white people being brought by their Lord to their enemies/unknown nation that would rule over them, BUT as for black man a cruel master was sent to take him to Egypt(slavery) ONCE AGAIN until the Glorious coming of the Lord of lords and king of kings… Deuteronomy {28:68} And the
    LORD shall bring thee into Egypt again with ships, by the
    way whereof I spake unto thee, Thou shalt see it no more
    again: and there ye shall be sold unto your enemies for
    bondmen and bondwomen, and no man shall buy you” … Our money tells the history of South Africa, the bushmans the big 5(Lion,Rhino, Buffalo, Tiger, Elephant), the white peoples’ industries and their mines but it says nothing about blacks bcos they know that Van Reebiek brought them in with ships just like they did to the others that are in America, France etc

    • Mhlanga thus you say that blacks was not in South Africa before. You say The whites brought them here. Thanks for that .
      But for you to claim that the BIBEL talks about the black men is true to the nature of the black man. They earn nothing they take that others have. And yes the Blacks are mentioned in the BIBEL. The nations big of build with shining skin yes that is the black nation talked of. While all this GOD is Talking to HIS nation the White people and we tried to teach you the only way home to JESUS by changing the way you will not get to the right Dore. Sadly never were the Blacks in Paradise only Adam were the one that blush and that is why when Eve and Adam ate of the tree of knowledge you were not part of that action thus not a natural knowledge to have. Talk and believe what you want the BIBEL is direct and the words is true ;;MANY WILL CALL MY NAME BUT ONLY FEW WILL BE HEARD. To truly believe JESUS is what HE is to change that is to loose HIM and never find the way to HEVEN. Many White people nowadays believe JESUS to be there little brother forgetting that the only day JESUS will come to earth is JUDGMEND day. And HE will be the JUDGE with no mercy at all! The biggest win of all of the Deville is to have the people believe in things that is wrong so they are not praying to GOD any more to false ideas and believes . To concur a giant like the Christians that is the only strategy the dark side could think of and so many is following the dark angel into hell. You want to be a Christian believe GOD and not the wrong teachings all men were once slaves now be a Christian and believe JESUS as the true BIBEL tells you amen.

    • Please stop talking shit, You claim on this whole african intellect that you all just threw away at some point for huts and spears, you are a liar, your father is SATAN.

  201. Is there a book or resource where the actual words that Siener van Rensburg spoke can be found. Though I believe in prophesies, where are the literal words, as opposed to the translations? For instance, talking about Princess Diana but not giving his actual prophesy leads me to believe that maybe it’s been translated to suit the happening, rather than this actually being what he said. Is there an official document that has his exact words on it?

    • sarah

      I do not know about the actual words. I have just repeated what I found here.

    • It is said that after the Seer passed away, his daughter Anna collected all the visions she wrote down and handed them over to a museum in Lichtenburg. In addition to these, people like Boy Mussman and Oom Krause also contributed towards building the knowledge base by writing letters iro interaction with the seer.

      Hope this helps.

      • Thanks TruthSeeker…I also seek the truth. What book is it that people refer to having read which states all of this information. I’d be interested to read it.

        • Sarah, the book is called “boodskapper van God” written by Adriaan Steyn. I have an english version in .pdf. Reply with your e-mail and I’ll send you a copy.

          • Thanks, I would, but I don’t really want my email address on a public blog. I’ve tried to click on your name/profile symbol to somehow send a private message but it doesn’t appear to want to do that. Ah well. Might need to get it myself – but thanks so much for the information.

          • Or not….I can’t seem to find it in any Google searches or on Amazon…

            • You will not find it in any bookstore in South Africa or abroad. It is out print, and the original publishers do not have anymore copies left except personal ones.

              You can create an e-mail account that you are going to use just once, with false names and personal details of course.

          • Hi Truthseeker, Will you be so kind to email me a copy at Regards, Johann

    • sarah

  202. Die Siener het gesê dat in die laaste dae sy voorspellings weer op by mense se lippe sal wees, die tyd is hier!! Die leun word geglo en die waarheid word verkrag om mense te behaag. Ons mense moet koelkop bly en nie die heeltyd almal afkraak en vernietig met ons woorde nie, ons moet geken word aan ons dade!!

    • The Seer said that in the last days again his predictions on people’s lips will be, the time is here! The lean is believed, the truth is raped to please men. Our people should remain calm and not constantly denigrate and destroy all of our words, we need to know our actions!

  203. U just a racist

  204. Hi

    I have been watching this page for quite a while. I think the predictions are probably going to happen, but I see one problem. I think the interpretation of the Mandela part is wrong. There is nothing that says that the black man freed is also the man indicated as the the start of problems at his death.

    Although the prediction seems to be closer than ever before I think it is still some way off. The problems I have are,the strikes are not country wide yet, the person that dies and is lying in state would probably be white.

    As stated in the prediction Afrikaners need this to finally come together and face problems as a group. That would not be Mandela. Also there are some other problems that have to line up first, a second flooding in Japan maybe, and the ground in the UK would need to be contaminated. And lastly much higher level of tension in the middle east. Not to mention the rearming of the USSR.

    I think we are going to have to wait a little longer before things get better in SA, the cANCer is going to get a bi worse before it gets any better.

    • If you have read the book, then you would have come across the phrase “This black leader will lie in state…” The person lying in state is black, at least according to the book. In my opinion, this is Mandela. I doubt if Zoomer or any of his deputies would receive the type of funeral described in the book.

      Subsequent to this, the book describes another vision the Siener had: “I see a coffin being lowered into a grave. Fires emerge, but one great fire emerging in front. Naked people appear.” One does not need to be Einstein to interpret this vision.

  205. Very interesting!!

  206. An extract from the book: “On 1st August 1917 Van Rensburg saw people in Gauteng using firewood again—there is no power, and most people have nothing but cold porridge to eat. This is a clear vision of a massive power failure in Gauteng.”

    South Africa’s largest electricity provider was in the headlines of every news channel last night (20 Feb 2014). It appears that it (Eskom) has ran out of reserves and the demand far exceeds the current capacity to supply electricity. I think this will most likely lead to yet another “fulfilled” prophecy.

  207. OUER profit a white man prophesised that blacks will be rioting all over the world. This is alarming coming to be true! 100 of blacks this week pushed there way into Spain over the border demanding a place in Spain. thousands at this moment are rioting in Israel demanding citizenship. Russia have the same as well as France; England; Germany;Australia and now even Italy and Egypt. All over the world as predicted the black so called refugees is now demanding citizenship. Another spot on for the Seer.
    Remember he said after the burial will we see our hardest ever struggle! Both ANC and EFF is calling for ownership rule to abolished. Both will push for it to gain support from the masses and to have the most votes 2014. EFF openly calls for war against whites and no one arrest him or even take him to court. The fire is starting slowly and suddenly as any fire grows it will reach peak stage it is not time bound as the LORDS time is 1 day as a 1000.
    However it will come to be. There is still some predictions to be runner-up before the final war. The great sickness that will convince the blacks that whites is responsible need to come many will be in quarantine that day. The total failure of Eskom. The railway to Ludritz must be finished not yet done completely. The letters from Germany need to reach the parliament. Angela morkel need to loose her seat in parliament in Germany a man will take over that favour the Boers. The third world war need to be in full swing in Europe. Then will we be ready by our LORD GOD will to enter into the final war.

  208. You talking pure nonsense ancestors are nor demons, you and Moses are actually demonds.

    • True to your believe as an ancestral believer and traditional man. But you are here on a CHRISTIAN believer forum and as a true Christian I do believe that there is only HOLY spirit JESUS and GOD. Thus any other spirits will be redeemed Demonic by me. In my eyes you are praying to dead people and only Demons will answer you as the BIBEL so many times proofed . Thus your ancestors are demonic they are not Angels neither are they from GOD . To be a true believer in JESUS I must tell you that only in the believing and work for JESUS can HEVEN be earned no other way is there. As proofed by your believe your ancestors is still in there grave awaiting judgement day you can only summons them at the grave remember thus they are proof by your own actions not in Heven . So sorry sir to you they are real to me they are demons.

  209. Thankyou for this website. Van Rensburg is a true profit and God has prepared the way ahead so that we do not have to fear things to come, but we must trust in His love and provision. Van Rensburg’s prophesies give us hope that God will provide even in times of war. Van Rensburg said ”I see a gun pointed at me, the Afrikaner, but then the black guy pointing the gun at me turns around, just as he is about to shoot and aimes at his fe
    llow blacks instead” don’t fear, but pray that God will forgive us and show us mercy. Like in the days of Ester God may turn all those who hate us against each other and there will be peace and prosperity in South Africa.

  210. Rugstekers In die “Boervolk” Hier & Nou. Dit is in Somige Se Gene en Die Geskiedenis Word Herhaal. Daar is Ook Duitse Bloed in Die Boervolk Se Are… Willem

    • Comment from Mathys J T in English

      Backstabbing In the “Boers” Here & Now. It is in Gene’s and Some History repeats itself. There are also German Blood in Mississippi veins … William

    • I am following the word of the LORD given by HIM to his Prophet. One sure thing is starting to come to pas as two people will attack the Leader in SA financially with aggressive actions. The two will be one a women of Black descent and a man of black descant. These will be to financially ruin the leader as in Jackop Zuma. They will succeed and he will be carried buy NUM warriors shoulder high away from the attack. There after America leader a black man will start to focus on SA but his attentions will be diverted by a eastern war action threatening his land. It will be in a time when the Mango trees are in bloom and some fruits ready to be picked in the Transvaal area after a long rainy season.

      • willeim

        I do not follow you. So has there been any fulfillment of this prophesy?

        • Jacob Zuma is criminally charged for millions of Rands utilized at his home stead for upgrades done at Nkandla residents. He must repay all and will be further more criminally charged by Julius Malema and The DA Representative a black women in Parliament. Russia and US is getting on a stand off over Ukraine We just had a long rainy season with floods everywhere. The mangos is ripen in Transvaal area. So yip I think we will see this one to be fulfilled.
          Dear voter,

          The Public Protector’s long-awaited Nkandla Report shows, in great detail, just how far President Jacob Zuma went to steal your money to build his R246 million home.

          It also explains how his network of crony ministers tried to shield him by lying, covering up and trying to prevent the investigation from going ahead.

          Advocate Thuli Madonsela faced many challenges in completing this report. There were repeated attempts to bully her and prevent the investigation from taking place. We are grateful for her dedicated and unwavering effort in completing this task.

          The Public Protector’s report is damning of President Zuma’s conduct and found that his actions were “inconsistent with the Constitution”.

          The DA has initiated impeachment proceedings against the president.
          Impeachment is a serious step and should not be used lightly. But the magnitude of the president’s misconduct deserves the most serious sanction.

          Please join us in demanding President Zuma’s impeachment by signing our petition.You can also help us fight this corruption by making a donation here.

          On 7 May, add your voice to the millions of South Africans who have had enough of Zuma’s ANC. Vote for change. Vote DA.


  212. Sien Verwysing Veral Oor Israel in die Eindtye. Alle Werklike Boodskapers Is leesbaar. Bly Weg van “Soothsayers” & “Stere Voorspel” in Die Media. Dit Mag jou Lewe verwoes Maar God se Hand is ALTYD daar Om jou te Beskerm. Amen.

  213. A Prophet is NOT a Soothsayer. John 1:1-3

  214. Hi Truthseeker, PLEASE send me a copy of the PDF book. My e-mail is

    Thanks for sharing

  215. […] Siener van Rensburg: Visions of the Future […]

  216. I believe in His predictions and prophecies. God bless his Word.

  217. Baie dankie vir die woord Van God,dat ons nie in die duister sal wees nie

  218. Here is one interpretattion

    ‘I see there will be a time when the whole world will be ploughed under’

    If he was seeing the whole world from space he could be talking about space junk.

    the headless and tailess snake could be a ship/arc

    it kinda makes sense.

  219. Remember Deuteronomy 28 the curses of Israel…There is no proof of white men being slaves in history of mankind and whitemen always enjoy life wherever they are 🙂 . “And the LORD shall scatter thee among all people, from the one end of the earth even unto the other; and there thou shalt serve other gods, which neither thou nor thy fathers have known, even wood and stone.
    65 And among these nations shalt thou find no ease, neither shall the sole of thy foot have rest: but the LORD shall give thee there a trembling heart, and failing of eyes, and sorrow of mind:” Deut 28:64-65….Only black men has fulfilled this NOT arabs/Indians/Chinese/Mexicans/Europeans….In S.A in America, In France in Arabia, in Australia etc a black man is there to bear witness to these great words of the Lord….Until Christ returns peace to you all.

    • white men have been slaves, remember the jews in egypt?

      they were there for 400 years.

      slavery is part of middle eastern and eastern asia history

      black slaves are experiencing the curses of HAM, not Israel

      • Dear Mhlanga and Marieanne,

        You are both unbiblical and need to look at how you are handling scripture. Mhlanga, to attribute the suffering of black people to God’s curses on Israel is as theologically absurd as the belief that certain Afrikaaners had that they were also like Israel and could have a national covenant with God. God’s national covenant with Israel was unique and the only way non Jews enter in is through the gospel which is to all nations. God has not chosen a nation for His own outside of Israel and they still retain that status as long as the sun, stars and moon keep shining. Jeremiah 31:35ff. Black peoples are generally ham and white peoples are generally Japheth. There are black Jews like the lemba people from Zimbabwe who have preserved a Jewish identity and have Jewish DNA and there are black people from Ethiopia who are also Jews but you cannot apply that to the majority of African nations and those black Jews would be offended to think you could. You are outsiders according to their view.

        Marieanne, since where was Ham ever cursed? I do not see Noah cursing anyone whose descendants would come to Africa or that would be black. Is there a racial issue you have with black peoples coming out in your mishandling of Scripture?

        • Ham was cursed through his offspring Canaan. Gen 9:25

          this does not mean people have a right to mistreat his descendants.

          • Then you contradict what you stated to Mhlanga because not all of Ham’s descendants are recipients of the curse but Ham through Canaan. Canaan was not black and neither did he reside in Africa. To apply this to black Africans is nothing more than white racist eisegesis. The subjugation and destruction of Canaanites is recorded in Joshua but there is even salvation for the Canaanite, Rahab, Uriah the Hittite and the syrophonicean woman who came to Jesus. To apply the Canaanite curse to Africans is unbiblical except in the sense it applies to all people who do not follow the Lord, including white Europeans. But in that case the same could be said about applying theMisaic curses to Africans but then you would have to concede that umhlanga was correct. But then I would still say you were both wrong according to a literal exegesis of scripture.

            • Canaan was Hams son… bible only records one sons, so through Canaan, all descendants were cursed.

              i agree however that blacks are usually used for slavery, but other races have been slaves also.

              I think he was trying to prove that since blacks were slaves, that they were the original hebrews….

              this is a popular belief among blacks….but they have no history of practicing Judaism.

              • That is not true. According to Genesis 10:6 Ham had 4 sons. The first three listed came to Africa. Cush, from whom came Nimrod, eventually came to Africa and was the ancestor of the Cushites. Miriam was the ancestor of the Egyptians, whom Israel served as slaves. Put was Libya. Canaan never went to Africa but settled in the land of Israel as did his sons. Genesis 10:15-19. Black Africa was never under the “curse of Canaan”.

    • Yeah thast why you kaffirs are doing nothing but killing and raping in every country you are in. Sorry but that is not a trembling heart and failing eyes, your cause the suffering and even more suffering to your own. You get more hands out than ever from the white man. Why don;t you read past your one passage you quote. DOn;t try and do the white man thing and argue with facts, your fact is nothing but a lie because your actions are totally contradictory to what that passage has stated. You pray to the devil, as long as you are praying to the dead you are nothing more than a servant of Satan, as long as you continue destroying everything you touch, you are a servant of Satan, as long as you acclaim uncle marx you are a servant of Satan. White people don;t like living in filth and shit. We never have, it took one plague and we said no more. You vote and starve, Hate the white man all you want, the more you do, the more your own leaders starve you. YOUR GODLESS COMMUNIST KAFFIR DEMON LEADERS

  220. […] of the Future: RIP Eugene […]

  221. ….we are here…we watch…we wait…we analyse….we communicate.

  222. The British will pay Heavily for Killing Women & Children in Concentration Camps. Blacks were also Concentrated and/or “Relocated” (Locations) C J Rhodes I Believe.

  223. The British will pay Heavily for Killing Women & Children in Concentration Camps. Blacks were also Concentrated and/or “Relocated” (Locations) C J Rhodes I Believe…

  224. Very interesting

  225. Ek het vanoggend wakker geword en ek voel gedwonge om die volgende aan elkeen wat glo en verstaan die volgende met oortuiging te doen.

    Ek vra dat die mense vandag ‘n gelofte afle om elke aand 8 uur hul deure toe te maak en die Onse Vader te bid, sodat die Here kan weet en erkenning kry waar Sy kinders is. Sodat die beker van smart in die tyd van nood wat op ons deur drimpel is sal verby gaan. Amen

  226. I am realy tired of this seer van rensburg saga these are books sucked from peoples thumps to make money out of unfortunate and desperate people who lost their faith in God, and is gulluble enough to pay 150 rand and more to read unproven tales just because they have no faith in God. Plz put the 150 to good use give it to an organization that can feed your hungry children. Well fed children is more important, not unbiblical soothsayers and profits of doom that put their own interpretation to a good man’s words. Next thing u know u will be bowed before people not God. Believe me all false profets and idols havew feet of clay. 1 Peter 5.7 Says that we must put all our cares in front of God. The only One that can solve it for us. No man or other book or falsehood.

  227. Profesie volgens die Bybel: Is tot stigting, positief, nie om af te breek nie. Vrees: Is negatief n wapen van die vyand en afbrekend van aard. En wat jou mond bely is wat na jou toe kom goed of sleg. Al wat die kommentare reg kry is om n wig tussen mense in te kap en mense te verdeel in twee groepe. n Hius wat verdeel is kan nie staande bly nie. Almal klink soos gelowiges op die komentare en dis mooi so gooi eerder die drie of vier verskillende weergawes eenkant en keer terug nie die Bybel en na God se Woord dit is waar ons alger vrede sal vind in Sy Almagtige Hande.

  228. Mariane read again the book people buy is not

  229. Darkness WILL befall South-Africa and last for weeks. Prepare!

  230. Hallo mense Ja ek is terug met ‘n groot boodskap wat ek gekry het van bo. Net vinnig: ek se net soos dit is want ek verkrag nie my geloof om in almal se goeie boekies te bly of om saam te praat nie. ek gee net my boodskap deur vir die wat weet waar hulle pas en dit verstaan.
    Boodskap: Eintlik net die boodskap uit die Bybel.

    Ek het vanoggend wakker geword met die woord PATRIAAG in my kop. Toe wil ek weet wat dit beteken. Ek nader toe my woordeboek nadat ek my vrou vra wat dit beteken.Wel ek kry toe die beskrywing van ‘n Patriaag soos wat Abraham en Jakob was.
    Toe vat ek my Bybel en maak hom oop sonder om te soek lees ek waar ek dit oop gemaak het en daar kry ek my boodskap.

    God is ons Patriaag en soos die woordeboek se – Vader, Hoogste gesag, Heerser oor jou huis, Pa. So as ek se God is ons Patriaag stem julle tog saam?
    Ja dan lees ek wat ons moet doen anders sal dit maar nie goed gaan met ons nie. LEES LEVITIKUS 26 – DIE HELE HOOFSTUK. Daar sal julle sien dat as ons/julle doen soos ons moet het julle niks om te vrees nie. O ja, is dit nie toevallig soos oom “glasoog” se voorspellings nie!?
    Vir die wat verstaan waaroor dit gaan.
    (En moet nie vergeet om steeds die ONSE VADER te bid elke dag)

    • translation

      Hello people Yeah I’m back with a big message that I received from above. Just quickly, I just like it’s been since I do not rape me faith to stay in everyone’s good books or to talk with. I just my message to those who know where they fit and understand.
      Message: Actually, just the message of the Bible.

      This morning I woke up with the word PATRIAAG in my head. And I want to know what it means. I later when my dictionary when I asked my wife what it beteken. Wel I found the description of a Patriaag as Abraham and Jacob.
      So I took my Bible and opens it without searching I read where I made it open and I get my message.

      God is our Patriaag and as the dictionary’s – Father, High power, ruling over your home, Dad. So if I say God is our Patriaag voice again now agree?
      So then I read what we have to do otherwise, it will not only deal with our stuff. Read Leviticus 26 – THE WHOLE CHAPTER. There you will see that if we / do whatever we have to you have nothing to fear. Oh yes, it is no coincidence as Uncle “glass eye” s predictions !?
      For those who understand what it is about.
      (And do not forget to continue to pray the Lord’s Prayer every day)

    • Mens luister wat hierdie persoon se en gaan lees jou bybel. Dit wat hy sê kom uit sy hart en hy is net n boodskapper wat getrou sy werk doen wat God vir hom se om te doen. Maak jul oë oop en lees jou bybel want God roep sy kinders en dit is tyd.

      • translation

        One listen to what this person and read your bible. What he says comes from his heart, and he is just a messenger who faithfully doing his work which God told him to do. Make your eyes open and read your Bible because God calls his children and it’s time.

  231. Danksegging.
    Here Here deur U se genade is daar spys op die tafel.Dankie in Jesus naam. Amen.

    mense jul moet wegbreek van tradisie of wat oupa jul geleer het. Want dit (hier bo) is wat sie Here wil hoor met die klem op Sy genade, sal almal verstaan. Jul vergeet nie van Jesus nie en onthou dit is nie jul geld wat kos op die tafel sit nie al dink mense so.

    • translation


      Lord God by Your grace is there is food on the table. Thank you in Jesus name. Amen.

      people must turn away from your tradition or what your grandfather taught. For it (above) is that God wants to hear tion with emphasis on His grace, all will understand. Jul forget about Jesus and remember it’s not your money that food on the table, not all people think so.

    • Amen en amen iemand wat nie bang is vir die Woord van God nie en getrou luister

  232. Word wakker en kyk rondom julle. Daar is genoeg tekens van die ramp wat gaan gebeur soos voorspel vir ons land. Julle weet dit moet gebeur om weer te wys hoe magtog God is en net deur Hom sal daar genade wees en verlossing. Wake-up mense ons moet net weer terug draai na Hom. Hy wag op ons om net daai tree te neem.
    Begin sommer om sy gelofte na te kom. Hierdie naweek is PAAS naweek. Het julle geweet dit is dieselfde maand as wat Moses die gelofte op die berg af gele het en die 10 gebooie gekry het, en die opstanding gebeur het. ALBEI gaan oor die verlossing van Sy volk mits ons Sy verordeninge nakom. Dan sal Hy ons deur Sy genade red en vrede in ons land laat gebeur.
    Hierdie naweek gaan lees Exodus 34. Dit is wat Hy wil he. Dit is nie meer net ‘n vakansie vir julle nie. Dit is ernstig. Hy vra so min ons vra so baie. Maak julle dit reg met hom.
    Ek is nie ‘n prediker nie net ‘n boer. Ek leef net soos julle, het nie meer as julle, EK HET NET GOD IN MY HART. Luister asb! Ons gaan weer alles moet optel, maar alles sal lekker wees maar eers die smart. Onthou net HY sal dit vir ons doen deur Sy genade – hou net Sy verordeninge.

    • translation

      Wake up and look around you. There are enough signs of the disaster that will happen as predicted for our country. You know this to be done to show again how magtog God, and will only be there through him grace and salvation. Wake up people we should just turn back to Him. He is waiting for us to just take those acts.

      Dive to fulfill his vow. This weekend EASTER weekend. If you know it’s the same month as Moses received the vows on the mountain yellow and the 10 commandments, and the resurrection happened. BOTH is about the salvation of His people, if we keep His laws. And he will deliver us by His grace and peace in our country happen.

      This weekend will read Exodus 34. This is what he wants. This is not just a holiday for you. This is serious. He asks so little we ask so much. Make you do it with him.

      I’m not a preacher, not a farmer. I was just like you, more than you, I HAVE ONLY GOD IN MY HEART. Please listen! We are going to have to pick up everything, but everything will be nice but first the pain. Remember he will do it for us by His grace – just keep His laws.

    • amen

  233. Very interesting prophecies. I think the Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine is the beginning of the conflict van Rensburg talked about. If a larger war broke out, it would likely be Russia and China versus the US and a European coalition led by Germany, just as Rensburg predicted. As far as the racial violence, this is already happening in every Western country and getting worse everyday, though mainstream media ignores it. There is massive black on white and Asian crime in the US, including the “knockout game” beatings and an epidemic of beatings, rapes, and murders of non-blacks by blacks. In contrast, there is almost no white on black crime. In Europe, we have an explosion of beatings, rapes, and murders by African and Muslim immigrants against white Europeans. I pray for the white population of South Africa most of all. I think the wave of farm attacks and constant rapes and murders will get worse for them. I think it will being another Zimbabwe, only much worse, and that the white population there needs to be ready to defend themselves and escape before things get beyond the point of no return. They need only look at the crimes that have already happened to understand what much of the black population has in store for them.

  234. //The death of Nelson Mandela to a new and more balanced government: right after the death of Nelson Mandela very big strikes and disobedience occur, and they followed by a local ( 3 of 7 provinces ) civil war for ground and power (eg: Zimbabwe type of actions).

    These actions are however short lived; the revolt is quenched in a border town called Prieska and the people causing the revolt then are scattered.

    I say this is a prediction-in-progress….Tuesday The SADF sent in troops to quell Anti-Immigrant Violence…maybe this is the start of something bigger…so far nothing about the town of prieska….but watch this space.

  235. This is a warning to all people on earth. To repent. And the only one who can save a person is Jesus Christ our Lord and God! Just pray and ask Him, He wil!

  236. What does the word say about breaking a promise (bond) made with God? We made such a bond with God At Bloedrivier that we the afrikaners will build a monument and on that day each year we will gather and thank Him for protecting us from the zulu army, which He did. Just thinking that we are being punished for not honouring that promise

    I heard a very intresting thing from a elderly zulu man, it has been told over the generations that the zulu impis saw bright figures above the boer incampment when they attacked. Not knowing what it was they were filled with fear and even though they far outnumbered the boers it ate away at theyre courage. If anyone else can comment on this it will be good to know what they think.

    • chris

      those were angels protecting the boers

      • And what does the word say about the bond we broke when we allowed the ANC atheists to turn our holy day into just another public holiday? I read one person commenting that we saw ourselves as a nation of God but according to him we not jewish. If it is about DNA (which it is not) we are a mix of european people including jewish families that came here im the past. I feel that the bond of bloodriver does make us a nation with a duty to our Lord, it does not make us special or some kind of master race. It means we owe a debt to Him.

        • It makes the Boers a nation……not the others.
          Oom Klasie spoke to his people…….the Boer people, many things were said in secret that were not written down.
          Siener loved his people and spoke about their future, his religion was most certainly not what the charismatic type churches of today would like it to be.
          They lived, ate and breathed God whilst living very close to nature. It would be almost impossible for outsiders to understand him.

          Sieners people were the Boer nations and only the Boer nations.

    • God het die boere met krag gevul en die lig wat bokant hulle gehang het het vrees in hulle gebring, maar die boere het nie geweet van die lig nie, want in die Bybel skryf dit die heiden sal jou vrees want op elkeen se voorkop is Jesus se naam wat in Hom glo, en net die heiden sal dit sien.
      So sal dit in vandag se lewe weer dieselfde gebeur as hulle besef ons weet wat hulle besig is om te doen aan ons deur die langmes storie.

      • translation

        God filled farmers with power and light above them hung brought fear into them, but the farmers did not know of the light, because in the Bible it writes the heathen will fear you because each one’s forehead Jesus name who believes in him, and only the heathen shall see.
        So will it be the same is happening in today’s world as they realize we know what they’re doing to us through the langmes story.

  237. Ons Boere volk se oe moet nog oop gaan.
    Ons is soos n volk wat slaap.
    Ons is al klaar ontwapen.
    Ons moet saam staan soos die slag van Bloedrevier.
    Net God kan ons help.

    • translation

      We Boer people’s eyes must still open going.
      We are like people who sleep.
      We are already disarmed.
      We must stand together as the battle of Bloedrevier.
      Only God can help us.

      • Just as in the OT, God a covenant with His people. So too did have one withe Boers at Blood river. God is asking for a covenant with you right now, wherever you are in this world. If we read 2 Chr 7:14. If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves , and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways. Then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land. The prophecies are to warn us. But God will look after His Bride.

    • Siener het gese veg al veg jy met jou rug teen die muur.
      Dit was sy advies.
      Die vierkleur sal weer wapper.

      Vir die van ons wat weet sal die tye nie so erg wees nie!!!

  238. God has no nation save Israel. The people that Jesus separated for Himself are from all nations. When I place my earthly nation(s) above the people of God (the multinational) church then it shows I have no understanding of the Gospel and need to be born again. If you would rather stand with unregenerate boers than with born again Zulus you need to repent and be born again into a new family, the family of God. Here we have no lasting city but we seek the one built without human hands, whose builder and maker is God.

  239. I could speak of unregenerate Zulus and born again Afrikaners. The point is that God’s people is not one nation but Jew and Gentile are one in Messiah.

    9 And they sang a new song, saying, “Worthy are you to take the scroll and to open its seals, for you were slain, and by your blood you ransomed people for God from every tribe and language and people and nation,
    10 and you have made them a kingdom and priests to our God, and they shall reign on the earth.” – Revelation 5:9-10

    • Talk is all that you will have left…….the predictions are happening one after the other with no change, your interpretation will change nothing.

  240. The Zulu believers I know do not murder anyone. But I have seen Afrikaners beat up Zulus. Go figure. But the born again Afrikaners I know do not beat up anyone either. God does not look at the colour of our skin nor our ethnic background. Black, white, Jew, Gentile all come to God the same way, through believing faith in the Jewish Messiah. When we are born again we become part of a new family, the family of God with all, from all nations who repent and believe. There is no separation in the kingdom of God. We are all one. And to this heavenly family is owed the allegiance of every born again person more than their allegiance to their ethnic and national background.

    • just something from history..i know there have been some wars.

      and some ongoing persecution

    • You can talk trash all you want. God may not see color but he sees sin, but skin identifies you, You want black pride and criminalise white priviledge. You are sick

    • Oh please, whites have only seen the barbaric savagery by you blacks for 23 years. Whites have seen whites SKINNED by you blacks, THERE ARE PHOTOS TO PROVE IT, not like your evasive “Combine harvester” lies

      • Yes. There are certainly disposable evils done by some Africans. If my family were attacked in this way, I could only pray that those brutal and despicable people would get saved. If they don’t they will spend eternity in the lake of fire.

        I look at Yeshua (JESUS), the son of God, and see a man of sorrows, acquainted with grief, like one from whom men hide their face, rejected by His own kinsmen. By the hands of Roman men, was beaten, tortured, His face was barely recognisable, was lacerated by a cat-o-nine tails with bone and pieces of metal (a scourging that many apparently did not endure) then mocked, spit upon, beaten, had to carry his own cross (which He had not even the strength to bear), He refused the fall which would have helped Him deaden the pain just a little, had nails in his hands and feet, and his lungs were filling with fluid, to breathe He had to push up on His feet. He took the sin of the world, felt a separation with His Father, was mocked by His kinsmen and in the midst of this, He asked His Father to forgive His mockers and tormentors. He prayed for their salvation!

        You are right, God does not see skin, He sees sin. Judgment will be meted out all and I would hate to be in their position when judgment comes. The innumerable tortures inflicted on their fellow human beings will be meted out to them for eternity. Their skin will burn forever but they will never run out of skin to burn. May God be merciful.

        27 “But I say to you who hear, Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you,
        28 bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you.
        29 To one who strikes you on the cheek, offer the other also, and from one who takes away your cloak do not withhold your tunic either.
        30 Give to everyone who begs from you, and from one who takes away your goods do not demand them back.
        31 And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them.
        32 “If you love those who love you, what benefit is that to you? For even sinners love those who love them.
        33 And if you do good to those who do good to you, what benefit is that to you? For even sinners do the same.
        34 And if you lend to those from whom you expect to receive, what credit is that to you? Even sinners lend to sinners, to get back the same amount.
        35 But love your enemies, and do good, and lend, expecting nothing in return, and your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High, for he is kind to the ungrateful and the evil.
        36 Be merciful, even as your Father is merciful. – Luke 6:27-36

  241. Yes. I have posted about the awful and wicked farm murders on my Facebook site. We have had farm attacks in our local area. The last farm murder in the area was of a farm less than 2km from where I live. Thankfully the police apprehended and the murderer who was from the local area. The locals toy-toyed outside the police station warning that if they released him they would kill him. He had gotten some guys from Mozambique to accompany him. Farmers and farm workers are at great risk and are easy targets. This is not something I am ignorant of. I have known people attacked and some raped. This is prevelant in our society.

    The reverse-apartheid notion is just a lie. There is discrimination against white people. I know a white, Afrikaans lady who works for Home Affairs. She is very good at what she does but will never be promoted. She is descriminated against, in that regard, because of the colour of her skin. The way BBEEE has been implemented and the land claims (and primarily because of corruption in the higher echelons of society both black and white) are unjustifiable and will contribute to the nation’s economic collapse. But this is not the separate development of ethnic groups. White people are not forbidden to go into townships without a pass and I know quite a number of white people who go into townships and informal settlements. At building sites there are no white people lined up to have their heads used as something that black people will wipe their trowels on as my white friend experienced when he first came to South Africa. There are no separate toilets, separate buses which it is deemed illegal to ride on if you are white. There are no black only areas. White people live in Soweto. I know a foreign couple whose wife is white living in a Zulu homestead in rural Natal. There are white people dating people of colour, it is not against the law any more. Apartheid was certainly descriminatory but descrimination is not the same thing as the implementation of a legal system aimed at the separate development of the races. There may be some places in South Africa that may practice it but not in the places I have been toad lived in South Africa in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Eastern Cape, KwaZulu Natal, and Western Cape and Limpopo.

    Also the sources you cite are irrelevant to the point I was making. Our Zulu brothers and sisters in Christ, whose lives God has changed (and I speak from experience) have nothing to do with these murders and robberies. I contrasted them with unsaved Afrikaners. This was not a racial distinction I was making but a spiritual one. We should pledged our first allegiance not to the Afrikaners or the Zulus but to the Body of Messiah, which has both Zulu and Afrikaner in it. Our cell group is made up of Zulu, Indian, Mixed race, White New Zealand, English South African and also Afrikaners who are literally boers who operate a boerdery not far from us. This is what I am referring to. They are not seeking to gain a land for the Afrikaner but living in this world as those who are not of it. They are seeking the Kingdom of God and the salvation of souls, no matter what ethnic background those souls come from. That is also my desire. And when black or white people do not understand this and nationalise their religion in separist terms then there is a denial of the gospel. I am glad the Jews of Antioch with Paul and Barnabus did not refrain from mixing with non Jews or our European nations may have never have turned from their pagan roots and we may have never gotten the good news. (Acts 11:19-20).

  242. Israel will be destroyed from the face of the earth because they do not regard Jesus as the Messiah ~ see the Holy Bible KJV

  243. “Thus saith the Lord, which giveth the sun for a light by day, and the ordinances of the moon and of the stars for a light by night, which divideth the sea when the waves thereof roar; The Lord of hosts is his name: If those ordinances depart from before me, saith the Lord, then the seed of Israel also shall cease from being a nation before me for ever. Thus saith the Lord; If heaven above can be measured, and the foundations of the earth searched out beneath, I will also cast off all the seed of Israel for all that they have done, saith the Lord.”
    ‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭31:35-37‬ ‭KJV‬‬

    “I say then, Have they stumbled that they should fall? God forbid: but rather through their fall salvation is come unto the Gentiles, for to provoke them to jealousy. Now if the fall of them be the riches of the world, and the diminishing of them the riches of the Gentiles; how much more their fulness? For I speak to you Gentiles, inasmuch as I am the apostle of the Gentiles, I magnify mine office: If by any means I may provoke to emulation them which are my flesh, and might save some of them. For if the casting away of them be the reconciling of the world, what shall the receiving of them be, but life from the dead? For if the firstfruit be holy, the lump is also holy: and if the root be holy, so are the branches. And if some of the branches be broken off, and thou, being a wild olive tree, wert grafted in among them, and with them partakest of the root and fatness of the olive tree; Boast not against the branches. But if thou boast, thou bearest not the root, but the root thee. Thou wilt say then, The branches were broken off, that I might be grafted in. Well; because of unbelief they were broken off, and thou standest by faith. Be not highminded, but fear: For if God spared not the natural branches, take heed lest he also spare not thee. Behold therefore the goodness and severity of God: on them which fell, severity; but toward thee, goodness, if thou continue in his goodness: otherwise thou also shalt be cut off. And they also, if they abide not still in unbelief, shall be grafted in: for God is able to graft them in again. For if thou wert cut out of the olive tree which is wild by nature, and wert grafted contrary to nature into a good olive tree: how much more shall these, which be the natural branches, be grafted into their own olive tree? For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in. And so all Israel shall be saved: as it is written, There shall come out of Sion the Deliverer, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob: For this is my covenant unto them, when I shall take away their sins. As concerning the gospel, they are enemies for your sakes: but as touching the election, they are beloved for the fathers’ sakes. For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.”
    ‭‭Romans‬ ‭11:11-29‬ ‭KJV‬‬

  244. Its amazing how angry we are to each other, probably Siener van Rensburg and everybody else like him are responsible for all this anger where ever they are need to repent that is if there is a chance to do it. They have poured oil and paraffin on fire. And if this Siener Van Rensburg ? I have not read his books as they are in Afrikaans, but from the snippets of people’s comments – I do not like his prophecies/ that is if they are correctly recorded I repent if people put lies under his name. I want to hear what is he saying because racism does not come from God.

    I don’t care what, and who says what “if he says blacks would die of AIDS” that’s a lie right there. Aids affects all groups then racism was on his head and heart too.
    Lastly – I noted that some of these “prophecies” people assumed that he must have meant “this”. If then that is the case somebody is putting words on his mouth cause prophecies are never coming as a complete picture – the racist “Afrikaner” calling themselves christiaans are just the same as those muslims killing people in the name of Allah. Let me tell you they are lying too. The real God is peace and love for everybody. I don’t know these murderous racist from all the national group they are probably the Satanists all of them. Whether they are Afrikaners or muslim, if u think you deserve to live more than the other person then you are the devil – you belong right in hell.
    N.G Capetown

    • Siener said Europe would be swamped by immigrants, this would lead to racism and civil war. He said they would flood Europe like locusts. This is happening now in Europe.

    • Sieners prophecies were for the Boer people, when he spoke about other nations it was in relation to the Boer people, when he said what was going to happen to other nations in was so that the Boers could see the signs. His prophecies were not meant for others. Siener never created hate, he merely spoke about the effects of it. Modern Christianity is most certainly not the faith practised by Siener. He claimed our trouble in the future would be because we forgot the old ways. He never spoke for anyone but the Boer people and gave guidance to them, that much should be pretty clear.
      He was very clear when he said that the churches would become useless and lose their way, meaning Boer churches.
      Siener also never said whites would rule South Africa again, but he said that they will get their freedom and goverment. He saw the old boer flag hoisted again. That has nothing to do with South Africa. The Boers never stole land from anyone, don’t mix Boer history with white history.

  245. Kindly request you to predict my future pertaining love,money,work,health,lifestyle,prosperous etc.And give guidance my name is Mduduzi Leonard Mpungose(real surname khumalo)D.O.B:1974/07/07

    • leonard

      sorry, I am not a fortune teller.

      if you want a good future, read the bible, give your heart to god, repent of your sins, and trust him.

      if you want a bad one, just wait and it will happen soon to everyone.

      • Hi Mariaane,

        Glad to see you still labouring with this page.

        In Adriaan Snyman’s English version, at the top of page 53, the interpretation given (17yrs ago) that the Zulu will be accepted.

        Can you elaborate your understanding/interpretation about this plz.

        This week Zuma (a Zulu) addressed the General Assembly of the UN’s 70th Annual General Meeting.

        Is ZA signing up to the Paris protocol in November 2015 ?

  246. I agree we live in a time where those prophe
    cies are being fullfiled in my country south Africa and the whole world.

  247. Ons sien vandag die kriminele ellement volksvreemd wat satanies rondhardloop soos ‘n brullende Leeu. Paul O’Sullivan een Ierse Suid-Afrikaner pak korrupsie & misdaad oor ‘n wye spektrum aan. “Jy pis nie in ‘n Ier se bier nie, dis Iets wat jy nie doen nie” aldus Paul.

  248. Noudat Turkye die Russiese vegvliegtuig afgeskiet het, het world war 3 officially begin. Turkye is deel van NATO wat Amerika en Duitsland insluit. So ja, dit sal nou begin met die Russe wat Turkye gaan invade en dan kom Amerika en Duitsland vir oorlog. NATO vs BRICS? Ek sal nie verbaas wees as hul al klaar laser wapens gemaak het nie. Al wat ons kan doen is bid. Die Here is ons Herder.

    • translation

      Now that Turkey Russian fighter jet shot down the world war began officially third. Turkey is part of NATO, including the US and Germany. If so, it will begin with the Russians that Turkey will Invade and then came America and Germany for war. NATO vs BRICS? I would not be surprised if they have not already made laser weapons. All we can do is pray. The Lord is our Shepherd

      • Yes Sieners “Turk” just lit that fuse. As the old man said.
        It is also interisting that the Afrikaners also started a mobilisation campaign throug solidarity to save the country from ruin. Again using Afrikaner money and effort to fix ANC incompetence.
        And again they are accused of racism for no reason whatsoever.
        So the Afrikaners are singing “the call” of South Africa again and Sieners war just kicked off.

        The American Mandela……..Obama will now bring ruin to the USA.

        Remember Sieners words….”for those who know, it will not be so bad”

    • Our Pension fund was ransacked by the Government of the day to pay SANRAL as our roads were not sustained by this “Democracy” The Public Protectors office is us because of roadshows by me Tuli. Hence Constructive dismissals go on unabated. Eish!

      • Siener said they will steal your pension fund…….it now has happened to so many people……..worked hard their entire lives and they are now destitute. What a disgrace this ANC government is….nothing but thieves and liars.

    • Ek kan nie SANRAL betaal nie want Binnelandse Sake het my pensioen gesteel. Vra Paul O’Sullivan en mister Willem Vorster!

  249. China is eventually going to take over South Africa with out one shot that will be fired. I saw this in two dreams in the late 1980’s. They will kill many people. In the one dream I saw anything not Chinese is the enemy. The thing will start with the issue on clean energy.

  250. We are in a Jubilee year right now. It ends October 3rd, 2016. The US, China and EU markets are collapsing as we speak (many others as well). The US is on the verge of civil unrest. England just stated they want out of the EU but the EU is vetoing their request. Germany and other EU nations are about to stop letting in refugees. This past summer in the US; our supreme court said denying gay marriage is unconstitutional (a lie), a statue of the 10 commandments was removed from in front of a court house in OK in the middle of the night, people were protesting and defending the actions of criminals over the police, atheist organizations are attacking Christian businesses, and a nine foot tall, one tone statue of satin was erected in Detroit. Who knows (other than God) what the future holds and when events will happen, but I know we can all read the writing on the wall.

    • Doomsday talk is just talk…… although Widsom (Spiritual and Worldly) are an important knowledge base.

      Prophecy cannot be “followed” but can be judged historically.

      Serve the Kingdom rather than sit about hypothesising about things we don’t understand yet….

  251. Please read the following article and compare it with Seer van Rensburg’s and Johanna Brandt’s visions/dreams concerning the boer’s last battle for freedom. Confirmed by Rick Joyner:

  252. Ja-nee, julle praat n klop twak!
    Siener Van Rensburg het baie gese wat uiteindelik uitgekom as waar, of reg, maar alles is eintlik oop end baie mense sien dit as onwaar. Ek is n our Afrikander, ek woon in die kou noord van Kanada, en is getroud met n “Indier”. Siener Van Rensburg is nie God nie, maar hy het die waarheid gese, in sy eie manier, Ek hoop dat ons land kan leer, maar soos altyd, jy kan n perd leir tot water, maar hy hoef nie te drink nie

    • translation ?

      Oh yes, you speak a pat nonsense!
      Seer van Rensburg, many said that eventually came to be true, or right, but everything is really open end many people see it as false. I’m a career Afrikander, I live in the cold north of Canada, and is married to an “Indian”. Seer van Rensburg is not God, but he said the truth in his own way, I hope to learn our country, but as always, you can horseback Leir to water, but he does not drink

  253. My husband agrees with all of these visions. He also had a dream or a vision about the wolfe that wants to destroy the world. Swolloing Cuba and other places.

  254. Is it possible to obtain an English translation of the book?

  255. Like

  256. Wish I could have all this in Afrikaans

  257. Our south Africa is go to be like Zimbabwe

    • Yep……..expropriation of land without compensation is next…….genocide of farmers already in progress for many years, poor getting poorer, cost of living rising exponentially. It’s very sad.

  258. Have patience the earth is created for the righteous and the elect not the unrighteous elite. The Lord has sent His word to accomplish what it must accomplish. Have patience and watch.

  259. Is it that the Lord if coming to bless South Africa? What about the rest of humanity?

  260. will do do in time to come

  261. […] are seeing the fulfilment of the prophecies of Sienar van Rensburg and our deliverance is closer and closer every […]

  262. […] Siener van Rensburg: Visions of the Future […]

  263. I agree all his predictions are being realized, what a prophet, thanks

  264. Those who can not see in modern times how things are changing and how Sieners prophesied all of it must be in denial.
    Its happening worldwide already!

  265. I think you might find this 1968 prophecy by an old Christian Norwegian woman very interesting. I already read this prophecy in the 1990’s, so I can assure you that it was not made up recently. It actually correlates with many of the things Siener van Rensburg prophesied. Amazing!

  266. Ek will hoor wat my toekoms is

  267. I am in possession of a hand letter possibility written by Siener Van Rensburg dated 1926 wherein he made certian predictions. Not sue if he wrote it or if some-one wrote on his behalf. Unfortunately there are some pages missing. If some one can tell me how I get this on the website or to a Museum.

    • willem

      if you scan it and send it to me….. I will post it on this site, then you can copy the link and share in other places. do not give it to any government agency in south africa, as they should not be trusted with such a delicate writing from a white man.

  268. Hello can anyone email me the “Nicolas van rensburg part 2 – 3” (video), seems to be missing from the internet, cant find it

  269. […] Source: Siener van Rensburg: Visions of the Future […]

  270. This is so true!

  271. Great prophecy praise God

  272. […] Source: Siener van Rensburg: Visions of the Future […]

  273. Just reading these past comments, why don’t you read the book again to find answers. I read this book 4 years ago and I still can remember parts of it. Remember he interpreted his vision as best he could for the people in his time to understand them.

  274. Alois Irlmaier had predicted the same as many other prophets. I found the last prediction that WWIII take place between 2022-2025 (Ruben Stein).

    • Jan

      interesting. the way things are going I would think it would happen before then

      • Agree, the Turkish Lira is crashing. Something is brewing in Turkey, like van Rensburg predicted. Turkey will be the flashpoint of the 3rd one. Let’s wait and watch what happens. Also it has been the hottest since 110 years in SA and Europe sees a drought. I wonder what will happen, it even is summer, like predicted.

  275. I think it is starting now. The Turkish Lira is crashing, drought in Europe and SA.

  276. Hey, how’s it going?

    I want to pass along some very important news that everyone needs to hear!

    In December of 2017, Donald Trump made history by recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Why is this big news? Because by this the Jewish people of Israel are now able to press forward in bringing about the Third Temple prophesied in the Bible.

    Jewish Rabbis have publicly announced that their Messiah will be revealed in the coming years who will be a leader and spiritual guide to all nations, gathering all religions under the worship of one God.

    Biblical prophecy tells us that this Jewish Messiah who will take the stage will be the antichrist “who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits as God in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God” (2 Thessalonians 2:4). For a time he will bring about a false peace, but “Therefore when you see the ‘abomination of desolation,’ spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place (Matthew 24:15)…then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be” (Matthew 24:21).

    More importantly, the power that runs the world wants to put a RFID microchip in our body making us total slaves to them. This chip matches perfectly with the Mark of the Beast in the Bible, more specifically in Revelation 13:16-18:

    “He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

    Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.”

    Referring to the last days, this could only be speaking of a cashless society, which we have yet to see, but are heading towards. Otherwise, we could still buy or sell without the mark amongst others if physical money was still currency. This Mark couldn’t be spiritual because the word references two different physical locations. If it was spiritual it would just say in the forehead. RFID microchip implant technology will be the future of a one world cashless society containing digital currency. It will be implanted in the right-hand or the forehead, and we cannot buy or sell without it. Revelation 13:11-18 tells us that a false prophet will arise on the world scene doing miracles before men, deceiving them to receive this Mark. Do not be deceived! We must grow strong in Jesus. AT ALL COSTS, DO NOT TAKE IT!

    “Then a third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, “If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand, he himself shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out full strength into the cup of His indignation. He shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb. And the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever; and they have no rest day or night, who worship the beast and his image, and whoever receives the mark of his name” (Revelation 14:9-11).

    People have been saying the end is coming for many years, but we needed two key things. One, the Third Temple, and two, the technology for a cashless society to fulfill the prophecy of the Mark of the Beast.

    Visit http://WWW.BIBLEFREEDOM.COM to see proof for these things and why the Bible truly is the word of God!

    If you haven’t already, it is time to seek God with all your heart. Jesus loves you more than you could imagine. He wants to have a relationship with you and redeem you from your sins. Turn to Him and repent while there is still hope! This is forever…God bless!


    We all know God exists. Why? Because without Him, we couldn’t prove anything at all. Do we live our lives as if we cannot know anything? No. So why is God necessary? In order to know anything for certain, you would have to know everything, or have revelation from somebody who does. Who is capable of knowing everything? God. So to know anything, you would have to be God, or know God.

    A worldview without God cannot account for the uniformity and intelligibility of nature. And why is it that we can even reason that God is the best explanation for this if there is no God? We are given reason to know or reject God, but never to know that He does not exist.

    It has been calculated by Roger Penrose that the odds of the initial conditions for the big bang to produce the universe that we see to be a number so big, that we could put a zero on every particle in the universe, and even that would not be enough to use every zero. What are the odds that God created the universe? Odds are no such thing. Who of you would gamble your life on one coin flip?

    Is there evidence that the Bible is the truth? Yes. Did you know that the creation accounts listed in the book of Genesis are not only all correct, but are also in the correct chronological order? That the Bible doesn’t say the Earth was formed in six 24-hour days but rather six long but finite periods of time? That the Bible makes 10 times more creation claims than all major “holy” books combined with no contradictions, while these other books have errors in them? The Bible stood alone by concurring with the big bang saying, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth” (Genesis 1:1); and says our universe is expanding, thousands of years before scientists discovered these things. Watch a potential life-changing video on the front page of http://WWW.BIBLEFREEDOM.COM with Astronomer(PhD) Hugh Ross explaining all these facts based on published scientific data. He has authored many books, backed even by atheist scientists.

    Jesus came to pay a debt that we could not; to be our legal justifier to reconcile us back to a Holy God; only if we are willing to receive Him: “For the wages of sin is death…” (Romans 6:23).

    God so loved the world that He gave us His only begotten son, so that whoever believes in Him, through faith, shall not perish, but have everlasting life. Jesus says if we wish to enter into life to keep the commands! The two greatest commands are to love God with all your heart, soul, strength, and mind; and your neighbor as yourself. All the law hang on these commands. We must be born of and lead by the Holy Spirit, to be called children of God, to inherit the kingdom. If we are willing to humble ourselves in prayer to Jesus, to confess and forsake our sins, He is willing to give the Holy Spirit to those who keep asking of Him; giving us a new heart, leading us into all truth!

    Jesus came to free us from the bondage of sin. The everlasting fire was prepared for the devil and his angels due to disobedience to God’s law. If we do the same, what makes us any different than the devil? Jesus says unless we repent, we shall perish. For sin is the transgression of the law. We must walk in the Spirit so we may not fulfill the lusts of the flesh, being hatred, fornication, drunkenness and the like. Whoever practices such things will not inherit the kingdom (Galatians 5:16-26). If we sin, we may come before Jesus to ask for forgiveness (1 John 2:1-2). Evil thoughts are not sins, but rather temptations. It is not until these thoughts conceive and give birth by our own desires that they become sin (James 1:12-15). When we sin, we become in the likeness of the devil’s image, for he who sins is of the devil (1 John 3:8); but if we obey Jesus, in the image of God. For without holiness, we shall not see the Lord (Hebrews 12:14).

    The oldest religion in the world is holiness through faith (James 1:27). What religion did Adam and Eve follow before the fall? Jesus, Who became the last Adam, what religion does He follow? Is He not holy? He never told us to follow the rituals and traditions of man but to take up our cross and follow Him (Luke 9:23). There are many false doctrines being taught leading people astray. This is why we need the Holy Spirit for discernment. Unlike religion, holiness cannot be created. It is given to us from above by the baptism of the Spirit. Jesus is more than a religion; He is about having a personal relationship with the Father. Start by reading the Gospel of Matthew, to hear the words of God, to know His character and commandments. Follow and obey Jesus, for He is the way, the truth, and the life!

  277. As Noted the timing and the day of the week that you shop has a lot to do with the number of buyers that visit a store. The year’s busiest shopping day was not Thanksgiving day this year. It was Christmas Day. There was no big rush to make last minute gifts or Decorations Retailers didn’t put out more ads for purchasers to find deals or gifts early in the morning.

  278. [4 July 2015]

    Earlier today I got a ride from Lewiston to Grangeville, Idaho. I walked out of Grangeville about a half mile and this car pulled over to give me a ride. It was an older couple. They knew some friends of mine that lived in the Kooskia neighborhood. They said that they could drop me off at my friends’ place.

    As we were driving down the road, the husband told me about a vision that an ex-Muslim had from the Lord. He had been a dyed-in-the-wool Muslim for a number of years and then he surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. He had been in hiding because he had a lot of death threats from his Muslim family.

    Here is the ex-Muslim’s vision:

    He saw the Lord in all of His glory. Then he saw George Washington kneeling before the Lord. George Washington was pleading with the Lord and said, “Please don’t let the wicked take over my country [the United States].”

    The Lord replied, “I will not let the wicked [unrepentant abortionists, homosexuals, earth worshippers, etc] take over your country, but I will have to destroy it first.”

    • Tim

      I can believe this. The wicked has polluted this country so much that it would have to be destroyed and rebuilt. The righteous will be spared but in order to really purify the country a lot of things have to be torn down. Then we can get back to our natural roots. And live like they did in the Garden of Eden.


    Just as he predicted. Laser weapons are a reality.


    The laser weapons are now official.

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