It is not about us!


Are we oriented toward Service to Self, or Service toward others and Jesus?

Service / Response Modes

God typically asks us to do what seems to be the impossible.

It is His way of stretching us, and making us grow in Him.

According to our abilities, interests and circumstances, God has us serve Him.



1. Joseph – quickly obedient

In the Old Testament, young Joseph was given notice that there was to be a famine in the land of Egypt.

His first action was to not just prepare for himself, and those immediately surrounding him, but for all of Egypt, and all the world around Egypt.

In the end, he saved his very own family, the nation of Israel, by his selfless obedience to God’s command to store up for the famine.


2.. Elijah – too tired

He had just fought with 500 prophets of Baal, and won a great victory.

Exhausted from his battle, he was unable to provide for himself, so YHVH God sent birds with food to feed him.

He was rewarded for his service to God.


3. Jonah – avoidance behavior, panic mode

Jonah was told to go to Nineveh, and tell them to repent.

He hated them, and did not want to go.

The first thing he did was run the other way, until he came to his senses.

He then went, and did what he was told.


3. Poor widow – weak but faithful

There is a story about an old widow and her son who were both dying in a land of famine.

The prophet Elijah came, and asked for her last cake.

In obedience, she offered it to him, and then was provided for by God for the remainder of the famine.

She was rewarded for considering the prophet’s need over her own need.


4.. General – Lazy or uncaring person

This person will not consider the needs of others.

If others are in need, they will ignore them, or claim they have nothing to give, when they actually do have something to give.

They just don’t want to get involved with the lives of others.

As long as their needs are met by God, they are happy enough.

If they are in need themselves, others will have to give up what they have to help them, so they become a burden, rather than an asset.

Lazarus the beggar was too destitute to give. The rich man should have helped him but didn’t.

He did not care about the beggar, who was in real need.


5. Truly destitute – not able

Lazarus the beggar, mentioned above, was too destitute to give.

God cared for him in this life, and the next, he was comforted in the bosom of Abraham.

The lepers had nothing to give. Once healed, there was one who grateful, and returned to thank the Lord for his healing.

This person is truly unable to give of their substance, because they have none.

But even with this type of person, we can see them offering to do something out of gratitude for help they receive.


Where is our focus?

Life presents many challenges and responsibilities.

We either meet those situations with our best efforts, or we fail to meet the challenges.

We either become mature, responsible and independent individuals, capable of being an asset to God and others.

Or we remain immature, irresponsible, and dependent personalities.

It is our choice.

These are perilous times, and those that understand the scenario of the end times know that our world will grow darker, and much worse.

Any situation is really not about us, it is about God, and what He wants us to do, and how He wants us to respond.

We can look to the secular world and learn.

Most jobs are service to others, not service to self.

Human value is determined by how valuable a service is that one can provide.

The spiritual world is not much different in this regard.

While the human soul is always valuable because it is a creation by God, the rewards come when we obey God, and serve Him and others in love.

Jesus taught that the greatest among his apostles would be the servant of them all.

We should pray about what God wants us to do.


Being prepared for life

When we look at the world, preparedness is a virtue.

The American Red Cross is an organization designed to act in an emergency. It is highly organized.

Many churches and ministries area are also ready to come in and help.

When disaster strikes, the needy go to those who have taken the time and trouble, and made personal sacrifices, to prepare for others, as well as for themselves.

The needy do not go to those unprepared.

Sometimes the biggest challenges, battles, and emergencies are spiritual, not physical.

And we should have on ourselves the whole armor of God, or we will experience harm and defeat.


The needy

Jesus said the poor would always be with us.

That is a sad statement, because it indicates He knew we would fail at charity – the greatest commandment, which is love.

The needy are exempt from service, unless it is on their hearts to do something.

The bible is full of promises to those who help the poor.


Thoughts about calls to action

If there is a message on my website that is presented as if from God, I first give it proper consideration.

I do not automatically disregard it.

I first look to see if it is reasonable in context, and then I wait to see what happens.

If it requires action, I may act, if the call to action seems reasonable.

Messages are not presented to generate fear, but thoughtfulness, and to give information about present, or future, circumstances.

Understanding a possible future event is wisdom, and gives us the freedom to prepare for it, or pray against it, if it is negative.

Fear or anxiety may be an initial reaction, if the call to action seems overwhelming, but we should eventually respond with reason.

We always have a choice as to how to respond.

Nothing is forced, or insisted upon.

Sometimes, if it is a true word, the call to action may not be for our own benefit, but for the purpose of service to others.

For example, Joseph did not have to spend 7 years harvesting crops and storing food.

He would have been well provided for anyhow, as he already lived in the Pharaoh’s house, and God would have provided for him as the nations starved.

But he knew it would benefit Egypt, and eventually the surrounding nations, including his own family, so he put forth the effort.

If we automatically feel we cannot respond to a call to action, because we think it is just for ourselves, or we are overwhelmed by it, or we want God to take care of us and the problem instead, we will reject the idea, and may miss out on this kind of blessing of doing this service for others.

Showing the love of God to others in need is a great witness, and is an opportunity to grow in the Lord.

You do not have to be a “Joseph” to help others. You can do something small and humble.

Most of what God tells me to do never benefits me directly (sigh, that would be nice…..), but in the long run, it empowers me spiritually.

This is because I have to step outside of myself, and my needs, and consider the trouble, and need that may belong to others.

I am driven by the Lord’s compassion and mercy for those in trouble.

I hope others will consider any call to action as an opportunity to serve others, in Jesus name.

And God will be faithful to care for us, as we serve him.


Upcoming Famine

Famine and drought is already here in the world, and it will get worse and spread.

How will you respond?

The call is not about you… is about HIM… YHVH.

16 Responses to “It is not about us!”

  1. “AMEN! Out of the abundance of the mouth, the heart speaks! God’s message is LOVE! Everything in the Bibile is about HIS LOVE. IN fact, it is a love letter addressed to us! Every scripture is woven around it, every LAW hangs upon it…God HIMSELF IS LOVE, Christ the essence of that LOVE, the HOLY SPIRIT the manifestation of that LOVE.

    The cross, oh the cross, cries out about HIS LOVE…”forgive them Father, for they know not what they do!” Of all the things HE could say…HE says this…interceeding for the very ones who drove the nails into HIS hands…for those whom HE served, those whom HE healed. Oh such love!

    He warns us that at the end time, the love of many will wax cold! This grieves my Spirit greatly! In my opinion, I belive he greatest thing we can do is to be HOT for HIM. A candle cannot wax cold if it is on fire or has a flame. If we are so busy doing the Lord’s work, sharing HIS LOVE abroad…and by LOVE I mean ACTION; then we need not fear that we will be among those whose love has waxed cold!

    “Bless those who curse you; pray for those who despitefully use you….LOVE your enemies.” Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul and with all thy mind and LOVE your neighbor AS YOURSELF, these are the two greatest commandments given to us by the Father.

    LOVE! Now look at 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 and you will see how the Holy Spirit moved over the Apostle Paul to educate us on how to love, which then leads to a promise from the Lord that WILL NEVER be broken: “LOVE NEVER FAILS!” Personally, if ever there was something to invest in…invest in LOVE….HE WILL NEVER FAILS US…and all our actions and all our time in loving others HIS way will NEVER FAIL, but produce an abundance of fruit.

    This message is the burden the Lord has given me to share with all mankind and I am breathless waiting for the reaping of all that has been sown for HIM! To God be the glory and honor forever!

    As the Lord has told us, “the harvest is bountiful, but the workers or laborers are few!” How utterly sad.

    People we are to be kingdom builders for the Lord, not empire builders for ourselves! The world will grow darker as evil prevails more and more. time is of the essence, we must put HIS LOVE into ACTION…now! Noah faithfully built the ark despite the mocking and scoffing of others. His obedience and faithfulness to the Lord was honored by God. The rains came, the floods rose and only Noah and his sons and their wives were saved!

    A spiritual flood unlike anything we have seen or will ever see again is heading our way. Those who have grown into a dependent and loving relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ will be prepared… it will be testing unlike anything we could ever imagine.

    We are the GLORY of God. We are to be HIS badge of honor, having obtained through tribulation and trials, HIS character of LOVE. Let’s not disappoint HIM please.

  2. God has always served man.. About time we served him..Jesus who was God in flesh washed feet, cooked meals, healed, etc….

  3. i fill blessed even though i have little its not much but at times its all i got i told a story about the bad times i have but how god always provides theirs not only the five of us its also her daughter and granddaughter and her son that has come from Ohio almost a year ago thy both work could take care of there self but she fills as though its her job to feed them supper along with us and when we due theirs always enough to take in there lunch and theirs times that my son that is also on ssi lives with his dad of choose have vary little but out of that food box theirs always enough to go around what thy don’t us its passed on to others her to can very well due for there self but through the kindness i try to show those to that there are more then the three of them what Christ has done for us he can due for them also if are world would only give are lord are god a try there would be no then thy wouldn’t be able to due if its done through Christ

  4. The love of many grow cold. For us to help ourselves, we must help others when we see a need. It is as simple as getting a blanket for a person who is sick, and cold. Though you may be tired, it helps spread G-d’s love.

    His love is in us. So, it is about us also. To be an example even when faced with the enemys of Christians is not always easy, and to help someone in need, tired, or sick takes being aware of your surrondings.

  5. Amen. Good thoughts.

    Food for thought: Did God tell Jonah ‘Go straight to Ninevah? Don’t pass go and don’t collect $ Or did He intend Jonah to go to Ninevah by way of Joppa, by way of giving his life to save the lost ship mates, by way of water burial in the great fish, and by way of ressurection ‘
    ‘out of the belly of hell.’ Jonah 2:2. I can only imagine the depths of the annointed witness Jonah gave to the Ninevites after he became the type of Christ’s sacrificial death, burial, and resurrection….after he had learned from experience the desolation awaiting the unrepentant cast out of God’s sight.

    Matt 12:39 But he answered and said unto them, An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given to it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas: 40 For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.

  6. What is in God’s interest is in our interest but we don’t always realise how. I suppose that is what faith is for.

  7. Information on helping East Africa:–how-to-help.html

    Below are organizations that are working on relief and recovery in the region:

    International Medical Corps: The group has mobilized teams in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia — three countries expected to bear the brunt of the drought — to respond to this growing humanitarian crisis.

    Save the Children: Save the Children has launched a major humanitarian response in Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia, feeding tens of thousands of children, providing life-saving medical treatment, and getting clean water to remote communities.

    World Vision:
    World Vision has established 6-month response plans for Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia.

    American Red Cross: The American Red Cross’ disaster relief efforts help those affected by the drought and current humanitarian emergency in Horn of Africa. The group is working to develop community resilience to help mitigate the effects of future crises.

    US Association for UNHCR: UNHCR is working in Somalia and neighboring countries to provide security, shelter, medical care, food, clean water and basic necessities.

    Oxfam America: Oxfam has set up water and sanitation facilities in the camps and is providing therapeutic feeding to women and children, and distributing food aid.

  8. Marianne

    I pray that the storm turn back out to sea and not hit land fall and that God bless all of our nation and hold you and your family in the safety of his hands.


  9. thank you pattie

  10. Marianne and Bros. and Sisters in Christ

    Tonight is one of my saddess days of my life. My husband died this evening unexpectedly. My heart is grief stricken, please remember me in your prayers. I am in SC and having to drive back to Missouri. I also have to make decisions regarding getting him to his final resting place.

    My husband was the kindest person I ever met in my life, there was never a person who could have said anything disparaging against him.

    Be blessed in the name of Jesus Christ,

    • dearest Pattie

      I am so deeply sorry to hear this sad news. My heart goes out to you at this time. If there is anything I can do, please let me know. May the comfort, love and peace of the Lord be with you at this time.

    • God bless you Pattie.

      May Yeshua comfort you at this time, with the knowledge that you will see your husband again. My heart goes out to you.

      Be Blessed

  11. Joseph was told about the famine for the reason that God wanted him in a position of power. That famine not only allowed the saving of Israel and Egyptians but if you look closely it also meant that private ownership for Egyptions was taken away from them and they were now subject as slaves to Pharoah yet the Israelites lived in luxury owning lands and favour.

    God was not trying to save the Eqyptions for any other reason that for the benefit of Israel

  12. LOVE THE WORDS: any given situation is really not about us , it is about God and what he wonts us to do and how hew wonts us to respond.
    those are very good words to live by.

  13. I am so sorry I didn’t know you personally but my prays are going up for you and your family I would like to be leave we are put on this earth for a reason when are job is done then we return back to are father and he tells us well done my child speaking about me I don’t always under stand what i am sub-post to due it just happens and I know when my job is done on earth i pray and try really hard each and every day that he sees me w earthy in his eyes I heard be leave it or not on t.v sat night something i thought was really with dueling this guy said you don’t have a good day until you first help someone then you have a good day makes sense to me what we due for others its given back to us even more god bless you in every walk of life my god be with you

  14. I emma i am poor i want to have mony pls thanks.

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