Homeless Go to Detention Camps


The church has failed to help the poor, and it WILL be held responsible for whatever happens to the poor in these FEMA camps.

Some churches help the poor, but most don’t.

Because of neglect, the main body of Christ will pay dearly for this neglect, and will end up in the camps also.

“You reap what you sow.”

Christians will have to come face to face with the ones they allowed cast into the camps to begin with.

Christians built better churches, sold more books and tapes, had more “blessings from God,” but they had no money for what was really important.


From Reference (1):

In a report penned by Paul Joseph Watson, the whistleblower says that Los Angeles County is preparing to round up and forcibly house homeless citizens in detention facilities referred to internally by department employees as “FEMA Camps,” though the source says that they have been instructed to refer to the detention areas as “low cost housing” facilities.

According to the source, law enforcement teams will soon be rounding up homeless individuals on the streets, checking them into the facilities, and detaining them indefinitely for “their own health and safety.”

What may be even more alarming, however, is that the government is reportedly planning on embedding these individuals with RFID chips presumably to track their whereabouts.

The program is focused around removing or relocating homeless people from the streets of downtown L.A., starting with Skid Row.

“We will approach them on the street asking if they need or want help usually offering food to get their direct attention, if they come into the office it makes our jobs twice as efficient,” said the supervisor.

“In most cases the decision is already made for them unless they become combative or belligerent in which case we send them in for a 72 hour psych evaluation and then transfer them while under sedation or heavy medication to the “facility.”

The supervisor stressed that the program would be “humane,” that it would help clean up the streets, and that the citizens being processed into the housing units would receive medical treatment, an RFID chip, room and board, but that “they cannot leave.”

The supervisor elaborated that the facility was not a prison, but that its population would be kept there “for their own health and safety.”

The whistleblower points to a page on the Department of Health Services official website which details how “roving teams” will help “provide short-term housing with health oversight to homeless DHS patients who are recovering from an acute illness or injury or have conditions that would be exacerbated by living on the street or in shelters.”

Many Americans will no doubt support these facilities because it’ll “clean up” their neighborhoods, making them safer and eliminating an eyesore.

They won’t even blink about people being forcibly rounded up, drugged, detained and tracked like animals, so long as it happens out of view of their Utopia.

The government will, no doubt, hail the successes of such a program and will likely look to expand it to other cities and perhaps even to larger segments of the population.

One hypothetical scenario that could be imagined is that as more and more dangerous individuals are added to domestic terror watchlists, the government will look to intern suspected terrorists and their associates in such facilities, for their own health and safety of course.

The White House recently approved a substantial expansion of terrorist watchlists, which already boasts a threat list that includes hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Under the recently declassified guidelines, being added to a watchlist requires no “concrete facts” or “irrefutable evidence.”

The guidelines go so far as to grant broad powers to White House administration officials to unilaterally add not only individuals, but entire “categories of people” to the lists.

One possible future envisions a scenario where specific “categories” of people are identified as dangerous to the public and, like the homeless, are rounded up for internment.

The dangers of such facilities and the means by which they will be populated if this is the actual plan in Los Angeles are a blaring warning sign that should be heeded by all Americans.

To paraphrase the poem by Martin Niemöller about the cowardice of Germans in the face of mass roundups – when they came for the homelesss, I did not speak out because I was not homeless...

Read more at http://freedomoutpost.com/2014/07/los-angeles-to-send-homeless-to-internment-camps-implant-rfid-chips/#fBxAcyULm2YbHmXS.99

From reference (2)

Activating FEMA Camps Across The Country

According to new law, several major cities are claiming that they want to clean up the streets.  In doing so, they aim at getting rid of the homeless in several extremely busy cities. 

The laws have made it literally illegal to be homeless despite your efforts.


In cities such as Washington D.C., Boston, and San Francisco, politicians explain that in effort to make areas more enjoyable to live in and appear more attractive, they are shuffling off the unsightly homeless people to locations just outside the major cities. 

The homeless have since been rounded up, arrested and given the choice or either jail, or a FEMA camp.

Of course, as most anyone would do, they opt for a “240-bed, 24-hour shelter,” rather than jail.  After all, a camp that explains that they’re there to help those in need sounds much friendlier, doesn’t it?


When they get there they are forced into a fence area with barbed wire on top—pointed inward for some reason—where they are forced to stay. 

Officials claim that they do not want the homeless returning and, once again, staying in the city, so they are only allowed to leave by scheduling a FEMA shuttle to their desired location.

They are carefully watched and made sure to return to the camps—a place that seems a bit more like prison than previously explained.  But what else are they going to do?


(See also: Obama Quietly Orders One Billion Dollars Worth Of Disposable FEMA Coffins)

Local governments have taken to accessing them without resistance and using them to incarcerate those they deem an inconvenience.



After all, the government would need a place to “house” those that are deemed a threat to government progress.

There is no room for treasonous patriots to interfere with their agenda, and those perceived that way would coincidentally have a place to be contained.

(See also: Secret FEMA Death Camps: Already At A Location Near You)

So what do you think—is this really just an attempt to clean up large cities or is the government preparing its plan for the American people?







This is happening in many locations.

It is not being reported in the news as much yet.

When martial law is in full effect, do you want to live or die?

Psalm 41

Blessed is he who considers the poor.

The Lord will deliver him in time of trouble.

The Lord will preserve him and keep him alive.

And he will be blessed on the earth.


24 Responses to “Homeless Go to Detention Camps”

  1. Oh, Lord, “FEMA Camps” as “low cost housing” facilities, for people’s “health and safety”? It would be laughable if it didn’t bring tears to my heart, and a gut wrenching apprehension, “Has it started?”

    Those who are down and out on our streets, who would miss them?

    The (FEMA) camps have been called by different names in the past, “internment camps”, “detention camps”, “outposts”, “reservation”, “concentration”.

    Martin Niemoller’s actual poem ends with, “Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak out for me.”

  2. A lot of people are already tracked by nano tech RFID. It is estimated there are over 1/2 million being tracked this way, by satellite, and people on the ground who do this…it’s the Occult and military. I reported a child porn ring, so they are tracking people who report a crime one of the members is into, it is organized crime, that is our government. Well there isn’t much else that can happen, if people aren’t willing to help the homeless, they have to stay somewhere safe, but I’m sure most of them will be euthanized, that is what happens next.

  3. The churches are housing the illegals crawling through our borders but cant take care of the homeless so the Orwellian government is using the excuse of cleaning up our streets and places them in concentration camps.
    It wont be long before they find excuses to pick up conservatives and true patriots that speak their minds. Once this country goes down the rest is easy for the false Messiah and false prophet.
    At least till the real Messiah Yeshua returns. Meanwhile people need to speak up and be aware of what is going on.

    • Shofar – In your post you state: “It wont be long before they find excuses to pick up conservatives and true patriots…”

      I understand the Obama administration is who / what is in office, but is it the “liberals” and “lefties” setting up this Orwellian government? It is usually the leftest politicians wanting to take care of the homeless and pass out entitlement assistance. Or, is this (the FEMA camps) the new assistance from the left? (Maybe I didn’t read Marianne’s reference articles closely enough.)

      I haven’t seen the encroachment of our government as being of the left or the right and I personally don’t see myself on the left wing or right wing of politics, I am disgusted with both parties and all of Washington.

      Or, maybe I read too much into what you were saying. (It’s hot here – 103 – and I am tired.) 🙂 Just wanted clarification or further referencing, to read later. (I am a bit over the top here brain wise.) But, most interested.



      • Hi Dennise the powers that be do not want criticism that might shed light into what they are doing. We are at a critical point in the history of the United States. Things are changing rapidly. One thing we should have learned from the past is that in dictatorships dissenting views are often met with restrain or worse. This country is heading in that direction and may be there already. The homeless incarceration and the show of force at the Bundy ranch may just be muscle flexing.

  4. Good Lord, WHAT’S NEXT? Maybe something like that movie “Purge”? It’s scary. While I’m not homeless, I DO HAVE A HEART and try to help as many people as I can, but restraining them in this manner is unacceptable and unconstitutional. And as far as the churches go, all the churches I know of who “help feed people” only appears to give canned items they don’t want in their pantry’s anymore. If it’s not outdated, they give stuff like beets, spinach, and beans that alot of kids won’t eat THAT even if they are hungry. I know because I was going to see my step dad at the church he pastors at, and as I walked in, this lady was walking out crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said, “would your kids eat this?” holding up two cans of beets and several cans of spinach. My heart ached for that woman, and even though I didn’t really have it to give, I gave her $30 for some food THAT WOULD BE ENJOYED by her kids and her, and since I couldn’t give much, I DID leave with a heavy heart AFTER I talked to my step dad. THEN I went into the church and questioned my step dad on that. He said he couldn’t help what people bring in to feed the hungry and “IF THEY WERE THAT HUNGRY, they’d eat what is given to them” – HOW HEARTLESS to hear from someone who I thought was a better person than that – after all HE IS the pastor of one of the biggest churches in this city. My heart kind of changed toward “the churches” after that. All I DO KNOW is God will hold EVERYONE accountable for what they allow and tolerate, AND FOR THOSE THEY TRY TO SWEEP UNDER THE RUG. It’s sickening. And I know it’s hard for a normal thinking person to rationalize, BUT there ARE SOME people who truly CAN’T take care of themselves or others, AND those who truly CAN’T find a job to support themselves or their families, THEY NEED HELP, NOT PUT AWAY IN SOME CAMP TO JUST die. It’s just heartless, and sad. My heart aches for them as I type this in my comfortable home with a steady income, because there are ALOT of people who don’t have that. They need HELP NOT to be hindered in any way, and THIS sort of thing HINDERS them in bettering themselves. SHAME ON OUR GOVERNMENT AND SHAME ON OUR SO CALLED CHURCHES.

    • dear robin

      it is good to hear your concerns and your heart. Maybe, with this revelation about the homeless, you can help your stepfather see what you see. Maybe this is your assignment from God.

  5. Maybe it is. It didn’t dawn on me until you said it 🙂 I’ve even taken in homeless families in my home until they could get on their feet (one family of three I took in for two years), and regardless of what people think, they DID NOT steal from me or take advantage of me, or do anything unjust to me or my family. NOW that family is thriving in Ohio without any help whatsoever other than they’ve found jobs, they have a stable, secure home to live in and a car to drive – they’re doing it like the rest of us, or most of us anyway. I just try to help people when I see them in need, but I think you might be right – maybe that IS my assignment from God, I’ve just been so focused on other things (personal) I didn’t see it. I think I need to start paying a little bit more attention to it than what I have. Thanks Marianne! And please keep up your research, if it weren’t for people like you informing others of whats going on, I don’t think we’d know otherwise. God is gonna reward you greatly in the long run, which by the way, is where it counts 🙂

    • robin

      well yes, you got part of it. 🙂

      I meant also that you witness to your stepfather…..he needs a lesson in how to really help the poor.

      Imagine if his whole church did like you did with the homeless family you mentioned….the whole church would be blessed!

  6. Why don’t you just take it as red that the Church is a cover for mass control and financial and physical abuse and not the lovely institutions you have been brought up to believe and move on into an adult world view like everyone else has had to?

    • david

      amen to that…the church has turned into mystery babylon…and will experience a famine that it has inflicted on the poor…..this will happen soon…..god is tired of a fake church that walks in disobedience.

  7. That is because the church that is identified as such is not really the church or real bfide of the real Jewish Messiah. For too long Rome/ Babylon has tried to sustitute the real bride of Messiah unto which Gentiles and all of Israel are to be grafted. To make matters worse the adversary has seen to it that hate and persecution has befallen the real bride Israel. Ever wonder why things like the global condemnation of Israel occurs even when they go the extra mile and do what no nation has ever done letting the so called ” Palestinians” know ahead of time where they will bomb in an effort to stop the daily barrage from Hamas. However when terrorists like Isis murder Christians or other Muslims you dont hear much about it.

  8. America is in SERIOUS TROUBLE,get close to the LORD ,NOW,your almost out of time,the death camps will be full for a little while,and then as the poor and homeless are killed,they’ll be room for christians and anyone who don’t like whats going on,AND that means they will be coming to kick in your doors,you will fight or be taken to the camps,THE POLICE GANGS should have been disarmed 50 years ago,and never allowed to have weapons again,NOW you’ll pay dear for having ignored them,and their reign of terror on america..THE SLAUGHTER at KENT STATE UNIVERSITY,should have woke up the dead,instead the american people celebrated their death,how dare they oppose the DEMON GOVERNMENT FROM HELL,..that was the churches and population of america who will be soon waking up in hell…………….

  9. Exposing the Shadow “Elite” Controlling the World!!! 😮 😮

  10. re education camps

  11. Where have 200,000 homeless (many are homeless vets) Vanished to???


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