Best Place to Create a Man Made Disaster in the USA


While I hope it would never happen,  where would I pick to create a disaster in the USA, while maintaining military might for future government use?

This is just a mental exercise.

It is just speculation, and up for discussion.

Rule out certain areas:

Needs to be East of the DUMBS area – protected by the government

Washington DC area and surrounding states avoided – government is still housed there, so north, south or west of Washington, DC

US Military bases would be avoided

A path to the area would have to be open for “assistance” to enter

Here are the location of naval bases:



Army Bases:





If it was an earthquake that was generated, we would have to look at the natural fault lines which could be easily manipulated or set off.




Combining all these maps together, the best place to create a man made disaster is in the north around the Great Lakes.

See red outlined area on map below:


If I factored in the political party loyalties, under a democratic presidency, I would choose Republican states as the most vulnerable.

This narrows it down to Indiana, Ohio, and West Virginia.

Take a look at Ohio:

It has fault zones to agitate.


2006 News
By July, 2006, Cleveland, Ohio was reporting quake swarms.

An Earthquake Every Two Weeks? It’s Happening Near Cleveland 
Jul 13, 2006

Without damage or injury and sometimes unnoticed, a corner of suburban Cleveland has become the earthquake capital of Ohio, shaking on average every two weeks since New Year’s Day and making people wonder: What’s next? Earthquake experts don’t know why the repetitive quakes have come at this time. Eye-catching series of earthquakes — measuring from magnitude 2.0 to 3.8

GodlikeProduction Live, written Oct 7, 2006.

Periodically, during the N American plate rip taking place steadily, there is evidence that rock fingers are being pulled apart, fault lines slip sliding past each other, and land rising or dropping. During 2004 and into 2005 there were seemingly endless reports of water and gas mains breaking, sinkholes developing and bridges and roadways buckling in the stretch zone. Crevasses occurred suddenly in Mexico and the SW.

In the Fall of 2005, there was a stretch stench noted across the continent, from moldering soil pockets suddenly exposed to the air and releasing methane gas.

During a two week period, mining disasters occurred at the Sago mine in W Virginia, eastern Canada, and Mexico, all trapping miners in well publicized rescue operations.

Methane gas was again the prime culprit. Blackouts along the Seaway are blamed on a single failure creating a domino effect, but the station at Niagara, along the Seaway, has been the culprit, repeatedly.

Quake swarms occur near Cleveland, Ohio, pointing to the separating Seaway as the source.

Virginia fault lines affecting West Virginia:


Fault lines in midwestern USA:


Seismic regions:


As I was studying this possibility, an earthquake

happened in Ohio!!!.


December 31, 2011

4.0 earthquake strikes in northeast Ohio


Prediction from the past about a large American earthquake:

The following, written by David Wilkerson in 1974, and quoted at The Watchman’s Cry Forum in December 2010:

Earthquakes coming to United States

The United States is going to experience in the not-too-distant future the most tragic earthquakes in its history.

One day soon this nation will be reeling under the impact of the biggest news story of modern times. It will be coverage of the biggest most disastrous earthquake in history.

It will cause widespread panic and fear, Without a doubt, it will become one of the most completely reported earthquake ever. Television networks will suspend all programming and carry all day coverage.

Another earthquake , possibly in Japan may precede the one that I see coming here. There is not the slightest doubt in my mind about this forthcoming massive earthquake in our continent.

I am not at all convinced that this earthquake will take place in California. In fact, I believe it is going to take place where it is least expected.

This terrible earthquake may happen in an area that not known as an earthquake belt.

It will be so high on the Richter scale that it will trigger two other major earthquakes.


Actual Cause of earthquake?

1. Government action

2. Drilling for natural gas in a dangerous way, stirring up the crust with methane explosions

3. Act of nature

4. Act of God: Punishment for betraying Israel, giving away more Israeli land to its enemies

UN still to vote on Israel – Palestine land issues

January 26, 2012


Final Note

I hope this proves to be only a mental exercise.

But man, either intentionally or unintentionally, is destroying nature.

And nature will respond.

We are in the end times.

Expect disasters, no matter WHERE you are.

Be prepared.

Repent of any sins in your lives, and stop the evil in your life.

Seek God, and the Messiah Jesus, Yeshua.

When it looks impossible, He will make a Way for you.


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  1. The date of January 26, 2012 for UN vote on Palestine/Israel is interesting. A member of Five Doves, Ron Reese, has predicted the probability of what he names Sudden Destruction/Rapture to occur on January 28. Attention has been paid on other websites to Ron Reese’s prediction. Holly Deyo of Millennium Ark has linked a story to Ron’s post on Five Doves, saying to pray over it, not setting a date but look with great interest at what he wrote. Stewart Best has also called attention to Ron’s January 28 date, even though he too is not a “date setter”. If you go to you can find the link to Stan’s article on Five Doves. Not
    everyone on Five Doves accepts this thinking, but many do.

    I am neutral on it because I will not set dates, but like Holly Deyo I am fascinated by Ron’s use of Biblical material from Daniel and Revelation.

    Marianne, this is very interesting map material, and your correlations of them. It is quite horrible, of course, to contemplate the “greatest earthquake” predicted by David Wilkerson, to follow the big one in Japan.
    There will be terrible suffering, because homes are not usually geared to earthquake survival in that area, as far as I know.

    Praying for the soon enrollment of the members of the Lamb’s Book of Life, to escape what comes on the earth.

    What is the reference to the Marine Base on Ellis planetary system?


    • hi Mariel

      Note that I have added a “final thought” since you posted.

      I am not sure about the Ellis system, but I have heard that our technology is much more advanced than the government claims, and that we have bases on Mars already, and that there may be extra planetary bodies in our system that have not been revealed yet.

      I cannot set dates either. They keep putting off the vote about Israel.

      A friend just had a dream in which he felt a shaking in his area and was told repeatedly in the dream it was January 28th. It did not say which year. So we are taking a wait and see approach.

    • It’s really too bad that they don’t consider making it happen in the senate and house of representatives while it is packed. But then of course the lazy jerks would actually have to show up for work for it to do any good. Then we could restructure how congress is supposed to work-for the people like they used to once upon a time. They should have to pay for half of their health care plan, pay co-pays, deductables and balances just like everyone else and after they leave their job in congress they should have to shop around for another healthcare plan-just like the rest of us. No more lifetime pay either. That nonsense should have to stop and they have to show up to work 5 days a week, not 3 and not get paid if they don’t vote or create jobs. And no lobbying allowed. Starting over would be a blessing for us all. My vote is for D.C.

  2. Marianne! What a great post! Who would have thought it could be Ohio? I grew up on Chautautua Lake, New York, not far from that part of Ohio. We would go to Lake Erie for fun, never even knew what an earthquake was until I moved to So. California, many years ago…The news links you posted were very forthcoming & tell it like it is there, now. The brine or waste water practice has caused 11 eartquakes there this year, hardly nature’s way. The link/news artcle, posted approx. 1hr ago by, says these practices have officially stopped within 5 miles, will that be sufficient? I hope everyone reads that news article, it goes on to say that it will take weeks for the forced wastewater to settle & the area to be safe again….Heads up everyone….if a high magnitude quake hits this area, can you imagine the flooding from the Great Lakes? This is shameful, dangerous & reckless behavior for what reasons? Money & power..not of God.. Thank you for this post & all your timely research…no coincidences here!

    • I hope this proves to be only a mental exercise.

      But man, either intentionally or unintentionally, is destroying nature.

      And nature will respond.

    • what are you talking about, money and power has always been what religion is about, priests scamming you out of your money so often, that they start to believe their own scams, not to mention the crusades

      • The crusades are why your species exists at all today. They were vital and kept these orcs from doing what they ALWAYS DO, its called an existential catastrophe and changes ALL life on earth, forever. Its 2017. You ready for a crusade yet? Because now, it is coming for you.


    another Japan earthquake

  4. Time is faster now…don’t you think?

    Modern man since the 16th century has gone all out upsetting the order of nature. So little research and common sense has gone into “progress”…only profits and power.

    And that doesn’t begin to touch on the enslavement of human beings in the systems of economics. Their cries reach God’s ear.

    A beautiful plus today is the modern physics discoveries about the nature of reality. Science is proving that original being is the mind and will of God….that the “real world” is something like a hologram of constant change whose essence is left behind on the edges of black holes…and can be resurrected. Physics is going to seem more like religion than a lot of 3rd rate religion.

    Nature can recover quickly…anybody here recall when the Cuyahoga river CAUGHT FIRE in 1970? It was predicted fish and wildlife couldn’t live there for many decades….but the fish had other ideas. If the right decisions were made the Amazon, the rain forests, the ice caps…would all begin recovering quickly.

    This post is about disaster capitalism…something even Hitler and Stalin lacked. Such evil!

  5. …well it IS an interesting mental exercise! Even if it is unintentional or not, we may never know. But what is clear and “a no brainer” is the incredible lack of love for humanity, our earth and our God…no fear that God is in control…Another quake in Japan today, Christschurh & Siberia quaked in the last few days & Mexico City on Dec. 11, 2011.. Most of these areas are on the “rim of fire” where quakes are certain to happen, but 11 in Ohio?! I know we can get complacesent in regards to the reality of disasters, especially when disasters haven’t directly effected us. This post has changed my prayers & strengthens my need to be even closer to God and seek the shadow of His wings. I am praying more diligently for all of God’s people, those who know Him to draw nearer & for those who need to be saved. .Jesus is coming soon…Have a blessed New Year everyone!

    • That was a nice thing to write.

      If I was a CFR globalist who is part of Lucifer’s world system agenda, I might want to print more money to cause hyperinfation, bringing about a new world currency. Perhaps, placing sanctions on Iran’s Bank to cause a war which makes oil go to 200 bucks a barrel.

      Old knob would do something to keep his Marxist people in power.

  6. Leartherneck, our sanction of Iran’s central bank was signed into law yesterday, the last day of 2011, from a post I received. The sanctions don’t go into effect for 60 days, to allow accommodations, especially in the countries which do business with Iran’s central bank, which would also have banking activities sanctioned by the U.S..

    Iran’s responded by calling this an “act of war.” Heretofore they have said
    such would be an act of war. Now they say it IS an act of war. I hope I have that all correct, as it sounds very serious. The fact that there is a 60 day grace period might produce changes.

    Our most advanced U.S. sub headed for the Gulf yesterday from Bremerton WA. It was on rotation allowing for shore leave and restocking.
    Leaves were cancelled and resupply is to be done by helicopter, I read,
    rather than in home port. It’s a crazy way to begin 2012.

  7. Elle, it IS time to draw near the Lord and pray for the unsaved. Everyday activities, which we most go about doing anyway, seem less important now.

    I was helped by watching a video on EWTN (Catholic channel) yesterday. I had absolutely no intention of watching this, didn’t know it was there, but was surfing to find SOMETHING consoling and peaceful. This video is called Into the Silence, and it is an hour’s look at the monastery called
    Le Grand Chartreuse, in France, in the Alps. I am just amazed by the calm happiness reflected on the monks’ faces. This makes my times of being alone, which is most of the time, seem more like peace and reflection time than just being cut off from the worldly chatter. But of course i have things to do “out there” in the world, as do the monks–one of the things they did during a talking period was to go snowboarding and laughing like children at having such a rollicking good time.

    The video showed the great beauty of Le Grand Chartreuse in winter and summer. The monks must mourn as we do the passing of the health and beauty of the world. May it be restored soon.

  8. Mariel, Yes, I haven’t seen the full 2hr+ documentary, but I have seen clips of it over the years. I believe it can be found in DVD. Although I am not catholic, I have such admiration for the life of the monks & their divine devotion, so amazing. I have always wanted to spend a significant amount of time in silence & prayer with the Lord too & maybe someday I will! But like you, I do what I can & then have this life to tend to! I have been fortunate to live in some of God’s most beautuful creations on earth, truly God’s country. I have felt His presence, spirit & glory there. The setting of Le Grande Chartruese Monestery, in the alps, is in a wonder of (one of ) God’s most majestic, beautiful, glorious & spiritual creative masterpieces, God’s presence is there! We are so blessed that these monks pray for us, the sufferenig earth, for our healing & complete restoration…We must all pray for this too, while others may be planning our demise…the end is wrtten & we know HE is victorious! Blessings….

  9. Don’t worry, everything you will ever need to know is in the Bible. Particularly if it is all you have ever read.

  10. Steve, you are so right. It’s just natural “man’s” curiosity to wonder how things will play out. Worry is a sin & the bible tells us not to be anxious for anything..sometimes harder said than done!. So we must stay in faith & look to Him, that pleases our Heavenly Father…. as Marianne said, He will make a way for us!

  11. Well not so odd to wonder? I say this as it says, you will not know the hour or the day but you will know that it is at the door.

    The body is the temple of God and therefore the temples that hold the Holy
    Ghost sense the coming of trouble and the HIS return. It is just what
    part of all of the signs continuing to come will include all of us.

  12. It’s very interesting how earthquakes seem to be taking up the headlines around the world at the moment. These are the signs of the times, they are the storm clouds rising into the sky before us, to warn us of the nearness of Christ’s return. Math 24:7 “For nation shall shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and ther shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places”. Perhaps the earthquakes will be political as well as literal. The world in general isn’t looking out for the storm clouds, and continue as if the weather is just fine. Math 24:37-39 “But as in the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, And they knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so SHALL ALSO also the coming of the Son of man be”. Math 24:44 “Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh”.

    The storm clouds are many..wars; unatural affections; blasphemy; disobedience; haters of good, and so the list goes on with the birth pangs getting ever faster and ever stronger.

    Will the USA suffer greatly in YHVH’s plan..we don’t know..simple as. It is interesting though that Israel in order to suffer the “time of Jacobs trouble” could mean that the USA has an influential set back in the middle east. At the moment the Zionist masters of the USA (who sit as very influential members of one panel or another in the American administration), could find themselves for one reason or another, unable to wield the Zionist stick, or offer the carrot to get their way in the world. Obviously, YHVH has until now, allowed the Zionists leave to do what He declared would happen as a sign of Yeshua’s return i.e. the re-establishment of the nation of Israel. So, the Zionists have unwittingly fullfilled prophecy through their banking dynasties, who with their great wealth have financed the nation of Israel, and by maintaing Zionist strongholds in key areas such as macro & micro-politics, security services, media, and commerce etc, have brought the world under their control.

    The ubiquitous Jew is a remarkable phenomenon. The eyes that once looked upon the pyramids, now look up at the skyscrapers of New York. They are the head and not the tail, and will always rise to the surface however hard they are pushed is the divine order of things to be so, and woe betide anyone who should meddle or intefere with the divine order of YHVH. However, they continue to be a stiff necked people, and for such YHVH has unfinished business with the Jew, and He will eventually break their self will and faithlessness..especially that of the Zionists. Christ is coming to them and to us..Christ is coming for his bride.

    • God is a zionist.

      those wielding the greatest influence own arab oil

      • Hi Marianne,

        With all due respect, I would hope that nobody would liken YHVH to the Zionists who operate on a totally secular and political plane, or to bring YHVH down to their level. The Zionists are performing a function on behalf of YHVH, and in so doing are unwittingly the true Jehovas Witnesses.

        The Lord of Heaven in remembering His Covenant with the Jews for the sake of the Fathers, entitles the Jew by virtue of a blessing to Abraham to inhabit the land of Israel. However, inhabiting the land of Israel, and inheriting it for an everlasting possession are two different things. The re-establishment of Israel is proof that YHVH works with the Jew, thus proving to the world He is true, whereby validity is given to the call to repent, and to be baptised into the saving name of Yeshua the Christ. The promise that was given to Abraham was based upon his faith in YHVH, who forseeing Christ had placed his trust in the gospel message..not so the Zionists! However, it is YHVH’s plan to create a new spirit within the Jew, and to bring them back into the fold from which they have strayed. Just as it pleased YHVH to bruise His Son, so He will subject Israel to a time of wrath in order that the nation repents.

        The biblical references to Zion (Isa 62:1; Ps 2:6; Zeph 3:14 are but a few verses) are to do with the coming kingdom of YHVH. A kingdom that will be established by Christ, and whose government (Isa 9:6) will be in Zion. YHVH’s kingdom on earth will comprise of Christ and his bride, and togetther they shall rule over the earth from Jerusalem when Christ shall sit upon the throne of his father David (Lk 1:32)..this is Zionism. The Zionists have profaned the true meaning of Zionism from YHVH’s perspective, who through political intrigue and other clandestine operations, have brought biblical Zionism into disrepute. Zionism will be achieved when Mashiah comes, and not one second before, and to try to do so is to usurp the Almighty’s decree on Zionism!

        As for the ownership of Arab oil, the Zionists control it through financial entrapment of the Arab world. The Arabs have largely been free from usury, and therefore free from the tyrany of the Zionist banking dynasties until recent times. I have fairly regular contact with those who work for international investment banks, and who confirm this is the case. Unfortunately, as the Zionists will find out you can’t control religous fervour and fundamentalist ideology through financial/economic entrapment. Any attempts to stay-off a fanatical hatred by such tyrannical entrapment will serve only to intensify such hatred.

        For all said, we admire the Jew with fond affection, and pray for their peace as well as ours.

        • hedley

          it looks like we will not agree on this point.

          to me , zionism was around long before christianity.

          and there is no “bad” zionism which is jewish which is in contrast to the “good” zionism which is christian.

          zionism refers to the establishment of Israel as a legitimate nation.

          many positive efforts were made by Jewish settlers. many sacriifices were made, and many died at the hands of the arabs you admire so much. were you aware that arabs from palestine contributed to the holocaust?

          while there may be some jews who are bankers, MOST are not. the international banking groups have both jews and nonjews. most bankers I knew are NOT jewish.

          you have accepted the demonization of jews in this world,…if you look into the history, you will find an arab foundation to it.

          arabs never bow to jews, and they are capable of tyranny and robbing with world without any help from anyone.

          while there are many good arabs as well, the effort to blame all the ills of the world is not fair. and not true.

          • Hi Marianne,

            I have to tell you that Zionist and Zionism is nowhere mentioned in the bible, these words are derivations of the word Zion, and Zion is nowhere used in the bible to describe a group of Jews looking for a homeland. Zion is a place of holiness, and where holiness will be established in an elevated place for all to see in the Kingdom Age of YHVH. As you wish to use the term Zionism, I will also use that term for the purpose of this discussion. Zionism is the establishment of the kingdom of God on earth, and one which will mirror the garden of Eden. Zionism is Eden restored, with one world capital and government in Jerusalem, and Christ will be it’s King..seated on Zion YHVH’s Holy Hill.

            The biblical references to Zion are with the Kingdom of YHVH in mind, which under king David acted as a pattern for that greater kingdom and King to come..thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven..this is Zionism. All power and authority in heaven and on earth has been given to the Son to achieve the establishment of Zionism.

            Zionism as you see it, is somewhat different, and is one which expresses the ideology of the body politic of Jews known as Zionists. A body politic which believes it is the biblical right of every Jew to be entitled to inhabit their historical homeland of Israel, both in peace and in safety. Zionism in this context would be better labled nationalism, with the claims of Zionists based on the promises given to Abraham being based on circumcision of the flesh, and not of the heart.

            The Lord Yeshua had to contend with the nationalists/Zionists of his day. Rebuking the Zionists of Christ’s day was not demonising something that was good, rather it was correcting the errorenous ways of those who thought they had it right, but who were far from the true teachings of YHVH! The Pharisee claimed to have Abraham as their father, and consequently thought they had a right to a Jewish homeland. Yeshua rebuked the Zionists of whom Yeshua described their father as the devil, and cosequently their homeland would be hell. Without Yeshua being both the foundation and cornerstone of their claims, they simply had no claims, and it remains so until Yeshua returns to turn their hearts back to YHVH.

            It so easy to gloss over the terms of the Covenant promises given to Abraham. However, with prayerful study we start to appreciate the full extent of the gospel message as understood by Abraham, and what the seed (Gen 13:15) meant in terms of the promises being conditional. Gal 3:16 “Now to Abraham and his seed were the promises made. He saith not, And to seeds, as of many; but as of one, And to thy seed, which is Christ..v’s 28-29 “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond or free, there is neither male or female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise”.

            Abraham wasn’t a Jew until he accepted the call to leave Ur, and believe in YHVH. The root meaning of the word Hebrew is to cross over, and that is what we do when we turn to Christ. Rom 2:28-29 “For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh: But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is one of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God”.

            My concern for you in being so robustly supportive of the letter, and your staunch solidarity for Zionist nationalism, is that you have missed the true meaning of Zionism!

            • i understand the spirit of the word….God is not finish with Israel, and will keep his promises to it. One is to protect it.

              when you see the UN divide Jerusalem, and take away more ladn to give to its enemies, this will anger God, and you will see disasters come upon the earth for abusing Israel.

              • Hi Marianne,

                Yes, all who burden themselves with Jerusalem will come to harm. Despite the fact that the Jews/Zionists haven’t accepted Yeshua as their Messiah, YHVH remains jealous for His people. The eyes of Lord are upon the land of Israel from one of the year to the next, and any who rough-shod over it will arouse the fierce anger of YHVH towards them.

                However, YHVH has done everything, and continues to do everything possible to show His people that He is with them. After all they are back in the land of Israel, and all who have come against them so far have been humiliated. What more can YHVH do to persuade His people that He is with them in fulfillment of prophecy, in order to cajole them into faithfulness. The re-establishment of the nation of Israel is a huge statement which has been broadcast to the world since 1948. The only thing the Jews have to do is to put their trust in the Sovereign Lord, and he will fight for them as He did in the day of battle. There is absolutely no need for the Jews, and their Zionist movement to do anything, except to be still and wait upon YHVH. So, the Lord Almighty has done everything, He has done His bit, and now it’s time for the Jews to do theirs! Shakespear said something along these lines “sharper than a serpent’s tooth is a thankless child”.

                It seems that the Jews and the land of Israel will continue to come to trouble..”Jacobs trouble” due to their stiff-necked characters. The Jews will have to realise that their peace and safety is in Christ just as Abraham believed. Jesus said they would not see him again until they say “blessed is he who cometh in the name of the Lord”. This will only happen after a serious and violent humiliation on the part of Israel.

                If the land of Israel is to be divided into sections, then its the Lord’s will. Nothing can be done unless the Lord sanctions it..NOTHING. It pleased YHVH to bruise His Son, and we have to accept the Lord’s Will in everything. We cannot do anything to prevent the Lord’s Will, we can’t turn to the right or the left to avoid it, because whichever way one turns to avoid it, it will be the cause of it.

                Whilst the Jews remain faithless, they are as much a part of the problem of the middle-east as anyone else. Let’s continue to pray for them that their Zionism, will be to focus upon the holy mount of the Lord, and to desire it’s establishment by Christ..this is the true concept of being Jewish!


  14. Marianne

    You speak truth. The jewish business people I know are very honest.

    I don’t think our issues have anything to do with the Jewish people.

    I am sure you know this that the Rabbi that died who 108 years of age
    saw the Messiah and he told him he was Jesus Christ. How does any one think if they were evil that God would come for them or appear to the Rabbi.

    Quite the contracry he is coming back for his people. Everyone who serves a purpose is being attacked in so many ways today. If we are Christians lets not attack our own. Christians are graphed into the tree, if they had not
    failed expectations of the Father we would not have had a chance.

    Love the Jews even if you can not get them to understand about Jesus Christ. Doesn’t just talking about him make you happy, it lightens my load and releives whatever burden. The Rabbi is not the only one God talks to or is appearing to.

    Jesus told Rabbi Kaduri that he is coming after the death of Ariel sharon.

    God knew these days would be rough for the believers, he said it will take patiences. He said the enemy will wear out the saints if he could. Many are waiting physcial and spiritual healing, others mental, other continuance suffering from attacks of spiritual warfare. I think Marianne for you personal this is why he told you just to wait. You i feel and I could be wrong but you carry large burdens for other people. It is difficult when you have family and then when you have others who you grow to care about and they suffer you suffer with them.

    He knows all about you and your waiting and your patiences and above all your love and sensitivity to everyone. Some times the things we wait for we don’t realize are not forth coming out of another miracle so much bigger and greater. The great things don’t happen overnight and only a true child can understand. Helping to heal the understanding of someone is to be a great
    teacher. I am so happy to know it will not belong before we go hom to be with the Lord. I would rahter it be for the rapture but when I look at the world I can only hope that God is able to shelter all of his children in the coming storm.

    Be blessed richly in your goodness toward Gods children, your love and graciousness can only come from one place. You tolerate all of us to the full extent and you speak when you must.

  15. Per Exo17:14 and Deu25:19, the Amalek portion of the Arabs will always be a problem for Jews. In a somewhat parallel manner, but far less obvious, the Gen49:17 serpent tribe of Dan remains a problematic black sheep for his own Jewish kinsmen. Notice the absence of Dan from Rev7 where his kinsmen were marked as servants of God. Notice the subtle language of (Gen 49:16 Dan shall judge his people, As one of the tribes of Israel.) which seems to imply Dan will pretend to be one of his brothers outwardly, but inwardly there is this snake like compulsion to take executive political office over the whole house of Israel, even over the whole world. Notice the scriptural association between Dan and snakes in the following prophetic passage:
    Jer 8:16-17 The snorting of his horses is heard from Dan: at the sound of the neighing of his strong ones the whole land trembleth; for they are come, and have devoured the land and all that is in it; the city and those that dwell therein. v17 For, behold, I will send serpents, adders, among you, which will not be charmed; and they shall bite you, saith Jehovah.
    And this other derogatory verse highlighting a problem in the tribe of Dan:
    Amo 8:14a They that swear by the sin of Samaria, and say, Thy god, O Dan, liveth; …
    And Rev21:12 says the names of the 12 tribes were written on the gates of the New Jerusalem, but it does not specifically say Dan to be one of those names. In like manner Rev21:14 says the names of the 12 apostles were written on the foundations of the New Jerusalem, but Acts1:20 tells us that Judas was replaced by a 13th apostle. Though scripture is unclear, some believe Judas was of the tribe of Dan. We know that Samson of the tribe of Dan according to pattern of Gen49:16, was a Judge over Israel and had a besetting sin of pride and addiction to worshipping women of unkosher faiths.

    But the chief way in which the serpent tribe of Dan is like the Arabs is in the following scriptural parallel: Ishmael as the Patriarch of the Arabs was born from Abraham’s sin of Gen16:2. Dan as Head over his tribe was born from Jacob’s sin of Gen30:4. Both of these were born from Abraham’s sin of doubting God’s promise. Yet thankfully God’s grace thru Messiah established before the foundation of the world, atoned for these two critically pivotal sins, and thereby brought forth mercy and grace through establishment of the tribes in the promise land of Israel unto the birth of our Lord God who in the flesh tabernacled among us, eclectically atoned for us, and eagerly awaits the whole of us unto himself. So there are these two small parts of Abraham’s seed which were NOT born of faith, which continue today within world counsels, to bring disgrace upon the goodly name of Israel and the goodly name of Zion in like manner to Cain’s bloodshed of his very own sibling brother. Some sins take thousands of years for God to repair.

    • so where and who is Dan today?

      • I knew a lawyer who by reason of his vocation considered himself a kindred spirit to Dan, thus the legal counselors of justice who form a platform for governments of the earth have something in common with the tribe of Dan since his name literally means, “Judge”. Some believe to have traced Dan’s descendants northward from Israel and over into Europe, but many of the other tribes are along side went that route also. I read of someone who said the tribe of Dan was the source origin for the Danish and Denmark. The tribe of Dan has also been claimed to be the origin of the Vikings. is just one of thousands of hits from a Google search of his whereabouts, but I have never put much effort into pursuing his specific whereabouts. It is enough for me to know his scriptural start and noticeable absence from the Rev7 servants of God.

  16. 5 squared

    I am not certain if I understand your point? I think I am missing something.

    I do agree that Dan is a tribe that is not of the promise, was not the trible
    of Dan the one that sided with the Musslim races which were against the Jews. I have to look up theexact scriptures.

    Oddly enough it is my understanding that this may also have something to do with the coma of Ariel Sharon. He sided with the ottoman group and went against his own people right before he the stroke hit him and put him in a coma. Men can set their hearts to do evil all they want but the delay will finally be know more based on the words.

    The Angel of the Bible says there will be no further dely, is that time now? It would seem so but we are servants and told to serve and not to faint in weary doing, or to worry in caring for the things of this world, we are to have patiences when we pray and don’t recieve an answer. God said, endure hardness. That tells you these days will have sorrow and things difficult to endure but God is preparing his people. I say the nation of the USA, has a motto of “IN GOD WE TRUST” and that for along time it was more then a mere motto. Many want to speak evil of Israel and the linage of the nation but all of man kind needs to point the finger at himself and repent. God has a desire to save the people but they have no desire in some case til the end to be saved. He said he will give them a chance to put away witchcraft and confess their sins and they will not after many opportunities.

    God could some any day and he does not have to rapture the church to role out judgements or punishments. He said he will keep us safe who call upon him and trust and believe in him. He brought the jews out of Egypt and through the land of Goshen, he brought Lot and his children out of Sodom and Gormmaraha, and he Noha and his family through a flood and they were all like in a buble or an ark a place of safety. Time for God changes nothing. If he can make the Angels invisible he can do the same for you.

    We may not know the day or hour he cometh but the sings of his coming at the door. He is given every man an opportunity to repent. But in my opinion we are at the door. We are waiting the final shoe to drop!

    Those who destablised the middle east are going to have to pay for it, I beleive. Which I did not understand until today but those individuals did not take due caution for the nation of Israel and I believe the Father will not forget it. It is a lot like when David numbered the Jewish people, he had to select from three options of punishment. I don’t know if we will get that option, I think the punishment and the amount of death has been decided. To many people have had the same dream., some as recently as 3 months. God gives dreams and visions and not always are there times to the coming of it or I should say in mine there is not. Unless he has a desire related to me and his timing for my safety is what I feel. When I dreamed of Washington, I had a husband and was alone. The dream was more than 12 months ago and now I am without a husband and have a son marrying and may be in that exact spot where I saw horrific things taking place during the month of May. But it could also be sooner or even later. I feel this that it is tied to the UN and their decision, chich I also think is a done deal.

    When the UN says they are siding against the nation of Israel all evil of war will break out and in my opinion our nations capital will be one of the places taken down,

    The good news maybe that with that happening we will as a nation come to our selves again other than Israel. It may be some hard times but the Lord will carry us through. But for people to think that all of our trougble is because of Israel is just a lack of understanding. If they had not failed we would have nothing to talk about and would be distant without hope but that did not happen. We have hope if we take it and the wise thing to do is to consel With God as to what to do to be ready. We will have to look only to him for our very lives, food and exsistence and he may raise us again to help our sister nation. Anyway it is my prayer based on the wings being snatched off the leopard in Revelations . I have hope that this nation will remain free if the people of this nation will turn their eyes back to Heaven and raise their hands toward him that he may make us Holy again and that he may heal our lands that we may live until he take us to him.

    No one should think that our trouble is Dan or any nation or trible of Israel. We are our trouble when we leave the Lord and cousel with everyone but him and we take to us snakes and scorpions and spider in our palaces and think we are ok.

    The pyshics speak in the nations house and people carry on gay activity and try to say that God said it is ok they are born that way, that being drunk is ok, that doing drugs is ok, that a little stealing is ok or practicing a few spells is ok or and worshiping along with it some demon God or thinking it is ok for our nation to watch nations give little boys for women to a bunch of perverts who don’t like women and instead for their demonic mentality they behead women and even men none doing righteous and the righteous looking the other way while churchs rape children and cover it up and ministers and pastors have affairs. It is all sin and the heat of the fire is such that it is worse than the worse bomb that is going to come and it may be the only way God can give some wake up calls, many innocent babies will die but if salvation is returned then so be it. Who is a more honest judge than God, there is none?

    But we each individually must turn from our sins, not some, not part of the time all of the time. This is not a sports event this is your soul and there is not alternative chance once the book is closed.

    • I agree with you that no tribe is the source of our trouble, even Dan. If per chance in another time I were placed by God in front of one of the gates of the Holy city and I looked up and that gate just so happened to be named Dan, I most certainly would desire to enter. I would not argue or be bothered at all. But if I were to read all the gate names and discover Dan’s name to be replaced by Ephraim, it would not come as a surprise.

      As for sin, Genesis tells us it was Eve that sinned first. But I postulate that Satan went that route only because it was quicker, and if Eve had never been created eventually Adam in some weak moment, even though he was sinless, he too would have become beguiled and fallen. The responsibility upon the shoulders of humanity seems to be a yoke of impossible weight for any to carry. And as you uprightly addressed; there is a book and there is an appointed time for the closing of that book. Woe to us, for outside of the blood of the Lamb, we perish. All hope is gone…

  17. “The responsibility upon the shoulders of humanity seems to be a yoke of impossible weight for any to carry”

    Not really you just have to kill the dragon and stop talking self indulgent rubbish.

  18. Squared

    It sounds like we are basically on the same page but regarding Eve,
    I ask you to consider that a man has to keep his house in order. Man is the head of women and God the head of man, right. Adam was the head of Eve if she sinned and gave him fruit and he ate, was he not then lacking in his responsiblity did he not also succumb to the attack of satan.

    Remember that God said he was a “Murderer” first.

    Please don’t misunderstand being a christian serving the Lord with
    your whole heart you have been tested and more so now than ever.

    He is diffinately wearing on the saints with his stealing, killing and destroying right now! I never realized that his stealing was a desire not just to take your personal positions, your desire to serve God but anything that keeps one some what, what I would call someone human. So with the stealing he does his best to kill the desire of saints in serving God as they are always shadow boxing the enemy. Of course the Lord warned us about him.

    As I know you must agree, along with all who standing to stand for God and even then we are warned not to think that we are anything lest he get advantabe of us from his devices. We then have to load up our two edged sword out of our mouth with scriptures like Isaiah 50:7: Because the Sovereign LORD helps me, I will not be disgraced, ? Therefore have I set my face like flint, and I know I will not be put to shame. Another one for me is also 54:17 No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against you in jugment you shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, said the LORD.

    Well Dan as is with all who have issues or have fallen short of Gods’ glory (including us) is in the hands of the Lord God who is more merciful then any.

    Ephraim is in the promise of the tribes part(s) as we know. Considering that Jacob wrestled with the LORD and did not give up. God found much favor. Josephs twin sons therefore inherit as Simeone and Rueben and not the sons of the tribe of Israel but instead the blood of Jacobs line. Jacob proved he had integrity and carefulness regarding the birth right and the working for the marriage blessing two times.

    Be blessed

    • Concerning Adams responsibility to overseeing Eve, I’m not sure if your take on that lines up with what 1st Timothy 2:14 says…. “for Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived, fell into transgression.” I know a lot of people don’t like that verse, but it is in the word of God, and the context of the surrounding scripture seems to be pretty clear and to the point. I have heard some pastors say that these verses were for “that era of time for their society and way of life”. But then why does Timothy go all the way back to the beginning for reference?

  19. Wow kevin

    I am sure I read that many times but it never hit me as you. You are right that is exactly what the word says, but you must examine around the scripture to get the fullness of the word and the situation.

    That sounds like even though he went along with it was a part of it, it is not contributed to him. But I don’t think that is what is being said here. If it were it would contridict the word itself. God expects men to have their homes under control. Also Adam blamed God for the Wife he gave him.

    Also I will admit some women are more gullible then men. They according 2 Timothy 3:6 the word says; For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead capitve silly women laden with sin, lead away with divers lust. This scripture speaks of the same thing.

    If man is the head of women then he is responsible for his wife, if he has his house in subjection. Obviously Adam did not have his house in subjection and I really don’t think we can count him as a non-partaker of the sin. He
    was not deceived, to me that makes it worse for him. He knew he was sinning and went along with the hairbrained schemes of Satan.

    I don’t think that man can stop a willful women anymore than a women can stop a willful man.

    The word says to me that the LORD looks more merciful on women as she is less in the world of a mans’ mind and since he controls most things even when he has a wife who is bright or domineering. The world even to this day leads all credit reports and everything else by a man, even is the wife out paces his earnings capacity by three times. She may be temperate,
    given to performing charity, taking care of elderly, giving birth to children, having faith and being a part of the church and so on.

    But above all of these things we are neither male nor female . Galatians 3:28 says, there is neither Jew, nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.

    Please Kevin if I am missing something let me know. But I don’t think God loves one more then the other, much less one sex esteemed in Heaven above another. I think it was a a matter of the world, that she made us to have a lesser place due to her participation in the sin and willfully being lead to transgresses by Satan. I don’t think she knew she was sinning but he fully did. Didn’t he?


  20. Wisconsin

  21. Nuclear power plants around the world


    January 28, 2013

  23. Read your Bibles, pray to the Father for deliverance from strong delusions, stand in God’s presence and trust Him- you will KNOW when He has spoken to you. The enemy is still lying about God, saying God is holding back good- “He didn’t really say NO one knows the day or the hour, not even the angels or even the Son, but ONLY the Father” did He? Surely He is just hoping you will go completely mental and waste your entire life trying to guess which day it will be.” ( or some version of that lie)

  24. 12~29~2019 Happy Sixth Day of Hanukkah The Festival of Lights
    Yahshua the Son of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON! PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1 HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

    WOW! This is a very old thread and I just now read its title so will post here now anyway. We here in Southern CA have had strange weather all year. The summer was very cool then in fall we had some heat. Now its cold (for here) at night and in the early mornings. Recently, a storm night brought us 3″ (RARE!) The recent storm before 1 1/2″. (We have our own gauges. ) A few months ago a lady told me that a friend of hers working for NASA told her that they have seen a very large volcano off the CA coast but are not telling the public.
    When driving I look at the skies all the time. Recently I saw a mountain in the distance looking like an erupting volcano because of the clouds moving at the top. I quickly looked twice. Yes, it looked just like one! I have recently seen a few others like that. Yesterday, there was a 3.3 quake not far from here. Did not feel a thing because the ground is so wet.If a large volcano erupts off the coast, we can have a giant tsunami here in a New York City second! This would be the opposite of what was shown in the 2009 movie, “2012”. Instead of the coast of CA falling into the ocean, we can have the ocean coming in wiping out the coast like what happened in Indonesia in 2004 and in Japan in 2011. Some years ago they made the movie “Volcano” about one erupting in Los Angeles. I wanted to LOL. What do we really know? There isn’t a better time then NOW to put ourselves into Yahweh’s Hands!


    • jayna

      stay safe

      • Thank You Marianne! Everyone in the U.S. could NOW be in terrible danger. That’s because these are the diabolical “Last Days”. Here they are not forecasting more rain this week but I feel some coming. (After all, my father’s family were farmers. lol) The ground here is totally WET. If we have much more rain there will be flooding in places.The stock market closed down today. (There was a rumor that the stock market could be collapsed and blamed on President Trump.) There is news about North Korea in the background.
        Today is the eighth and final day of Hanukkah. People of the world will celebrate the beginning of a “new year” in one of the coldest years here that I remember. Brrrr! Yahweh The Creator of Everything HATES the man made holy days and “New Years Day” is one of them. May we all survive this new Roman Catholic year 2020 is my prayer. We can only be SAFE and SAVED through Yahweh’s Son Yahshua. HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”


        • Oh, high winds are forecasted for places around here especially tonight. Personally, I am being reminded of a big quake or volcano. Yesterday, a crow cried for a very long time on the top of our fir tree out front. Years ago that happened before we had a small earthquake not far from here. The wild birds and squirrels are not eating like normal. Kitty is! lol Yahweh’s nature sometimes warns us for which I am thankful!

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