Have you ever done anything really stupid?


First there was Y2K. I stocked up, waiting for the end of the world.  God told me not to worry, but I did not listen.

Then nothing happened, and I forgot about all the stuff in my storage shed.  About 5 years later, I went in and had to throw a lot of stuff out.

Then, I got an email back in October saying there was going to be another disaster,  so guess what i did.  I stocked up again, but this time it was my car that got stuffed.

I was waiting to get bombed by Russians or someone,  and I knew that when the tribulation started,  Jesus told his disciples to head for the hills.   So, I was going to do that too.

No clue where I was exactly going,  or how long I would be there.

Well, we have not been bombed yet.  My car is full of stuff. While most people go to their pantry to get a new item to open and use, I go to my car.

It is only a Toyota Corolla!

here is my inventory overview:

Fruit loops

Sugar – 10 bags

laundry detergent

eye liner


canned meat

bar soap


coffee supplies

mashed potatoes

toilet paper

pancake syrup

canned fruit

canned vegetables

apple sauce

oodles of noodles

baby powder

apple juice

drinking water

cat food

aluminum foil


sleep aid – I guess I have to sleep through the bombs

canned Chinese

first aid stuff


chicken noodle soup

honey bunch cheerios


paper towels.

Well,  aren’t I silly?  It is a little strange.  I had to give a ride to some friends, and I had to move all the piles of food over, to give them a place to sit.  It is well organized, and a lot of it is boxed up.   My son wanted apple sauce to go with his pork chops, but I could not remember where the apple sauce was in the car, until I checked a while ago.  In box # 3!!!

Jesus told us to be prepared for his coming.  I bet he was not thinking of me when he said this.    🙂

Did I go to some crazy extreme?    Yes…….

But would I go to such a crazy extreme to prepare for Him to come as well?

definitely!    🙂

While the neighbors think I am nuts, I am all too excited about the Lords’ return.  He told us to be ready.  He told us to have our lamps lit, and full of oil.  Well, I am ready.  You should see the back of my car!  I have oil lamp back there too! (being Funny here)

Jesus told us that the kingdom of heaven is like little children.  They just believe what they are told, and they get all excited about things, and go to the extreme with childlike faith and enthusiasm.   That is how He wants us to be also.

We may not have to stuff our cars, but we should be very excited in our preparations for His return.    We should be on fire for Him, and not cold or lukewarm.

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  1. Marianne,
    you crack me up, you are so funny! Eyeliner!
    I too fight the urge to buy 20 acres in the mountain and have an RV ready to go. This last October I was panicking and I was talking to the Lord about what I should do in an end-of-the-world way, and He told me to go and buy a living room full of funky furniture! It went against every fiber in my body to obey, but I did! We now have once a week a bunch of people (around 15-20) coming over to pray and just chat. Amazing! I want to own 17 chickens and farm 5 acres, but I have to be very careful and listen to what the Lord wants to do with my short remaining time left on earth!
    When he tells me to pack the car, though, I’ll remember to pack my eyeliner and fruitloops!
    Thanks Marianne for making me laugh.

    • Hi Leslie

      That is what I call making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. You are good at converting the insane into something useful.


  2. I have also stocked up on many long lasting foods. Many beans and corn, which make a perfect protein. Also many bags of rice and canned foods, plus dried foods. I keep them in the house, tho. (LOL) I still must use my car for business hauling. Tho I am old, I think I can still make it in the mountains, should I need to. I’ve plenty of hunting experience and still have camping equipment.

    That is all just in case. I lean more toward the USA and Russia going to war over Israel/Iran. And I only live about 20 miles from one of the Russians’ primary targets, the Navy weapons depot in S. Calif. If the rapture does not come as my theory tells me, I doubt I will know what hit me.

  3. Let’s talk about that ‘War is imminent!!!’ Yes, Israel and Iran which will involve Russia and North America for starters. Quickly escalating to WWIII and then who knows?
    Maybe starting this week … Beware of the ides of March.
    I see total desolation of many lands.
    P.S. Don’t forget your can opener, and maybe a bottle of javex for purifying??? water.

    • Hi abigail

      I have my can opener 🙂 I put it back in the kitchen drawer, so I have to remember to take it out again. I also have stuff all over my kitchen. I was thinking chlorox for water purification. Javex? I had not heard of that. I will look into it.

  4. I did not like the prices they want for water purifier tabs, so I also planned on Purex. I forgot to mention I bring home 5 gals of bottled water each time I grocery shop.

    Abigail, I see several things happening in the same time period, but most do not see that the coming war and a pretrib rapture could very well happen at the same time. If that is the way it goes, it would also give the anti-christ a good excuse (Big Lie)
    for where all those Christians went, in all the confusion.

    And if the USA then goes thru judgment, as it must, there would only be left the modern Babylon that the Bible mentions the ship captains standing off at sea, mourning at the smoking ruins of the greatest trading nation in history.

    And of course, this would leave Israel without a friend, and vulnerable to accepting the antichrist as their Messiah when he supposedly becomes their protector. There are several other details that would take too much room to cover. DavWms

  5. Good news about WWIII is that it will at most only last four days.
    Bad news about it is that no one will be given much time to escape.
    The surprise will be a surprise!
    Now David, the discussion on pre tribulation or mid tribulation or post tribulation or somewhere in between all these assumptions for ‘the rapture’ I am not an expert.
    And I personally think that NO one is.
    Only God The Father knows of His perfect timing. But we should pray to be accounted worthy to escape.
    Nonetheless I can truly say that I Do trust in Him who is the Resurrection and Life.
    May His Name be blessed forever.

    • I agree with your post! My mistake was not preparing for the last days and trusting the Lord-Immanuel with my baggage. He said he’s the I AM.

      • Immanuel is the beginning/end-hope praises for his shed blood sacrifice on Calvary for all even when he knew i wouldn’t obey.
        from the keyboard of Tracy Hodge

  6. Why, why you do that…What do you mean bomb?

  7. The upcoming war with Russia is nothing to laugh about.
    In the DNC Playbook there is a chapter that is already written
    by the Pentagon:
    “Choreographed War With Russia: US Popluation Is Expendable”.
    Does it involve nuclear detonations? My guess is yes.
    Everywhere you look there are DVD’s, Video Games, Movies ect
    that all deal with survival after a nuclear explosion. This is in the Global consciousness in the USA at the moment. Unfortunately, I live near a target in Murray Hill, NJ. BELL LABS now known as Lucent-Alcatel. Peace.

    • hi phil

      It looks stupid when nothing happens, because people like to set dates. The dates come and go, and nothing. Friends make jokes. But the stuff is still in my car. In case of evacuation, there is no way I could bring everything anyhow.

  8. LOL, I did not set a date of either the rapture or the coming war. But remember that Jesus chided those who did not know the season they were in, being the religious leaders who should have known. Instead, we find two common people hanging around the Temple who were looking for the coming Messiah.

    Likewise, it is those who are looking for His coming for the Bride that will be ready. The Bride knows the season, but not the exact date.

    I agree that many “experts” on the rapture timing have tossed their bit in the stewpot. One thing when figuring the timing is to know that the Jews and the Christians have different destinies. That needs to be taken into consideration when we try to figure out when the rapture will come, pre, mid, or post.

    The Bride will have a Heavenly destiny, in new but spiritual bodies like Jesus had after He arose. The Jews will yet live on the earth in flesh bodies thru the millenium, yet with good health and very long lives.

    If we do not take that into account as we read the Bible’s words about His comingS, we will not be able to see what comes where or when. I strongly suggest you consider that more than just letting it pass thru your mind with no effect. Ask yourself if the Jews and Christians have different destinies. It is right there before you in the Bible to see. And if you do see this, then you will be more able to discern the seasons.

    Here I’ll repeat what I have posted before on other threads. That if we see previous mention in the Word, it shows what future prophesies mean. For example, Enoch and Noah lived on earth at the SAME TIME, just before the Flood. TWICE, God said that Enoch walked with Him, and God took him up in a mini-rapture before judgment on the earth. But God said ONCE that Noah walked with God, and Noah made it thru the Flood on the Ark.

    As I see the meaning of this pre-mention, it shows that God will rapture those who walk close to Him and thereby miss the wrath. But we know the Jews do not walk close to Him, having refused the Messiah. So they will go thru the next judgment on earth. Yes, the most of them will survive miraculously, but their destiny then is to remain on earth and to fulfill prophesies that pertain to that time. This, after Jesus puts His feet on the Mount of Olives. DavWms

  9. But not everything ran smoothly.
    In Geneva, where she met Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov for dinner, her gag gift of a “reset” button to symbolize a new chapter in U.S.-Russia relations went awry.
    Taped onto the red button was the word reset in English and Russian. The only problem, said Lavrov, was that reset had been incorrectly translated by a Russian-speaker on her staff.
    Instead of saying reset, it meant “overcharge” or “overload.
    This is the story of Mrs. Clinton in Russia
    Some gags or jokes are just not funny.
    And as for those who would mock let them mock.

  10. You poor dear! I have a mental picture of your car! The world is a serious place and the Prince of this world deserves no trust. Many of the leaders of the world, maybe most, are friends with the Prince. Pray for the return of the King!

  11. Dear Marianne,
    “Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.”
    (I love the King James Version …)
    So, do not fear the Russians, do not fear your dreams, do not fear life, please!
    Best regards!

  12. I don’t think of it as from fear, to be prepared. We know judgment has to come on the USA, and famine is predicted by some in the near future. Joseph prepared for the famine. David took 5 rocks into battle with Goliath, and i doubt the extras were in case the giant’s 4 brothers might come out for a fight. DavWms

    • I believe we all face judgement as individuals when we die cause it’s the moment of real truth. But, I’m just wondering what kind of judgement you’re talking about when refer to the USA as a country. So, what did you mean?

  13. Marianne, I had no idea, you were living around Jerusalem!
    I have got a problem! Got no hills here! 😉
    When Y2K approached, my pastor said:”Don’t panic, nothing will happen. Don’t belong to those, who will be selling their generator and tons of food later.”. He was right. The only thing that happened was that I had to show up 1am to oversee the starting of the computers at my employer.
    Remember the bread and the fish? If that will not be a time of miracles then there will be no need for them later.
    Abigail, why do you think, WWIII will last only four days? Got any revelation on that or is that pure speculation?

  14. oh…

    maybe WWIII is imminent. one thing which is pretty certain is that jesus ain’t coming back. people who are dead (especially for 2000 or so years), don’t tend to get up again.

  15. Zaruthstra, you didn’t answer my question back on the “Divine vs Natural Dreams” subject. It is the question about 5th from the bottom on that thread. DavWms

  16. For all those who mock Marianne’s disaster prep,
    I ask you to read the following. The following
    is from December 2008.

    Headline from the Russian News Agency:

    “Topol-M ICBMs enter service with new missile regiment in Russia”


    MOSCOW, December 24 (RIA Novosti) –

    A complex of Topol-M (SS-27 Stalin) ICBMs entered service on Wednesday with another
    missile regiment in central Russia, a Strategic Missile Forces spokesman said.


    “Russian missile regiment to go on duty with Topol M Dec.24 – SMF”

    A regular missile regiment, armed with the Topol-M (SS-27 Stalin) ICBMs, will go on
    combat duty in the Ivanovo Region on
    December 24,
    the Russian Strategic Missile Forces said Friday.



    Russian missile regiment to go on duty with Topol M Dec.24

    “A regular missile regiment, armed with the Topol-M (SS-27 Stalin) ICBMs, will
    go on combat duty in the Ivanovo Region on
    December 24,
    the Russian Strategic Missile Forces said Friday.


    “Test launch of Russian Bulava ICBM unsuccessful-defense official”
    December 23rd

    23/12/2008 11:49 SEVERODVINSK, December 23 (RIA Novosti) – The test launch of a Bulava
    intercontinental ballistic missile, capable of breaching anti-missile defense systems,
    from a submarine was unsuccessful, a source at the Belomorsk naval base said on Tuesday.



    According to the above article,
    the Bulava ballistic missile is described as:

    The Bulava (SS-NX-30), carrying up to 10 nuclear warheads and having a range of 8,000 kilometers (5,000 miles)
    So, above report is dated 12-23-08 at 11:49.

    Now, where is Severodvinsk?

    According to wikipedia:
    Severodvinsk is a city in Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia, located in the delta of the Northern Dvina,
    35 kilometers (22 mi) west of Arkhangelsk.
    In the Soviet period, the town was named


    Yes, they launched a MOLOTOV COCKTAIL.

    “Another setback for the Bulava program”

    The test launch of the Bulava sea-launched ballistic missile, conducted on December 23, 2008,
    ended in a failure after a malfunction of the third stage of the missile triggered its self-destruct

    The launch was performed about 06:00 MSK (03:00 UTC)


    03:00 UTC is 10PM ET.

    This missile was launched on December 22nd, 2008 at 10PM ET in the US.


    OK, so you may ask what happened on 12-24-08 US Time?

    Here it is:

    “Three new Glonass-M satellites in orbit”


    On December 25, 2008 the Space Forces conducted a successful launch of a Proton-M launcher
    from the Baykonur launch site.

    The launch took place at 13:43 MSK (10:43 UTC) from the launch pad No. 81.

    The launcher equipped with a DM booster stage delivered into orbit three new Glonass-M satellites.
    (10:43 UTC) equals 5:43 AM Eastern Standard Time.

    What is a a Proton M Launcher?

    Apparently it delivers Glosnass-M Satellite.

    Glosnass is a navigation system, the Soviet/Russian equivalent of the U.S. Navstar/GPS system.
    (10:43 UTC) equals 5:43 AM Eastern Standard Time on 12-24-08.

    The Glosnass GPS System is the used to target any
    missile strikes in the USA.

    Perhaps many of you reading this notes, “like” to be tracked
    by GPS devices.

    Perhaps you won’t like being “stalked” by a GPS device
    when put to the test; when there is a National Emergency.

    For those fans of the “Terminator” movies, I invite you
    to research SKYNET and Artifical Intelligence.

    Google: Planned Emergency Producers

    For those who still laugh, Good Luck to you!

    May there be Peace On Earth and good will toward Mankind

  17. I stocked up too, but it was good, because I was later on very hungry LOL

  18. Anyone here read David Wilkerson’s urgent message posted on March 7/09??
    Maybe the hills are the place to run to.

    • Hi Abigail

      I think David Wilkerson is about 8 years too late. Most of America know this from public TV. It is fairly logical that America is going to be attacked again, and NYC will again be a target. So will some other cities.

  19. When David Wilkerson speaks, I listen. And if it is already a known message, I take it as confirmation. This, especially because i also sense a soon calamity for the USA.

    I now intend to increase my food stocks because several visitors have seen what I have gathered, and I suspect they will head to my home if and when calamity hits. I wonder how much violence will come from those who are not prepared, and will seek out rations from those who have done so? Times, they are a gitt’n interesting. DavWms

    • Hi David,

      Most of the violence will come from those who expected financial support from the government, based on empty campaign promises.

  20. Many senses a calamity destined for north America. I think there is a difference though between sensing and hearing from The Lord.
    War is imminent!! And this is not a sensing. This is a hearing. Again confirmed to me as
    “I guarantee it! ”
    As for violence in the streets that could certainly escalate with gangs etc.
    One thing that David Wilkerson is for sure right about is that ‘this is the wrath of God’
    I know that this is the beginning of such.
    Much more in store, FOR THOSE WHO HATE GOD AND HIS SON Jesus Christ.
    And for the person who did ask whether WWIII lasting only four days was speculation
    I must admit that it is only rational deduction on my part.
    Although I am not the only one who thinks this way, I myself have not heard from The Lord on its’ duration.

  21. I also had a HORRIFYING dream that I wrote about, on my own Blog- it is a lot like what Wilkerson said. I dont look TO Wilkerson- he is like confirmation. He has the advantage of having a big ministry, so, if he gets it out there, we can look at it, and discern our own situation. I look at this blog as a comfort right now. As for David being late, No- he has been prophecying this message since the late 1950’s. “Set the trumpet to thy mouth” and “The Vision” are both books that almost all of it have come to pass. I am in NYC, and Wilkerson can only do so much, like any other man/woman. As I stated, this blog in particular is more of a refreshment and a velvet hammer 🙂 🙂

  22. Hi Marianne,
    Yes I have read your articles and again I do comment that I like your Website. I can tell that you go to great lengths with your photos and your research.
    But if I may here make an argument difference between sensing and hearing.
    The Holy Scriptures speaks of us as the body of Christ. Not all can be the hand and not all can be the feet and not all can be the ear.
    Yes there is a difference between hearing and sensing. I may sense imminent danger
    but unless I hear, I may not know which way to go or what it is that I am running from.
    Of course we all have intelligence and logic and rational. But these are not necessarily
    wisdom as to what to do since without the voice of God all we are left with is the same as all the heathens have.
    They too can sense danger.
    We must be led by the wisdom that is from above because his thoughts are higher than ours.
    Thank you for listening!

  23. P.S.
    The great feast of Esther and Mordecai Has begun, Purim will reveal what is under the Masks.
    Proverbs 16:33
    The Lot is cast into the lap,
    But its every decision is from The Lord.

    • Hey Abigail.

      (1.) Happy Purim. I just got back from the Megillah reading.

      The last blessing is good to recite at this time:

      “Blessed are you, Lord God, King of the Universe, who has granted us life, sustained us, and enabled us to reach this occasion.”

      (2.) We do not have to agree on everything. I guess what I meant is some people are more subtle than others. I was told in September, before the crash what was to happen, and that I should just continue on in what I was doing. Not to stop or change. So, that is what I am doing.


      I realized a week later that the “green snake” was the economic collapse. It was 4x bigger than the red one. And the crash started with 4 companies.

      So, I will prepare, to be wise. But if I stay on my course that God has assigned me, I will be be doing what he wants me to do.


  24. people have been preaching the end times and setting dates for the return of christ for hundreds of years. things are certainly going to get pretty ** bad pretty ** fast, this is obvious for anyone to see.

    this is not indicative of jesus’ return.
    jesus was a wise man who died (he would certainly be dead by now even if he survived crucifixion) and was deliberately misinterpreted by people like the apostle paul who twisted his message and claimed he had “risen from the dead” – this is nonsense and clearly physically impossible.

    • zarathustra

      the bad times you see happening now, and will see in the future, were prophesied in the bible.

      Rising from the dead is not impossible, if you are the son of God.

  25. What some nasty talk,on a blog for Christian,or so I thought…wash your mouth out with lye soap… I would have thought you would at least “edit” the bad talk,,,,

    • Hi Deb

      Sorry. I was really tired after about 50 comments and I missed that. I went back and edited the profanity, which is my policy anyhow. Thank you for pointing that out, and making this a better site.

  26. Yeah, Zaruth. And 11 of His dumb apostles were willing to die for that lie, huh? Yeahright. DavWms

  27. For those of you who take notice of David Wilkerson word, He has posted a further word dated March/9 /09 in regards to ‘The Urgent’ message.
    I personally think that even the Host of Heaven have not witnessed what is about to take place on the Earth.
    There is no preparation that can prepare us for what is about to take place.
    If the Lord Himself calls it ‘Terrible’ then think how terrible is terrible for The Lord to call it such.
    Take Note!!

    • hi abigail

      chag sameach. I think once God has sanctioned punishment, there really is no where to run, and no way to avoid it. We should make some attempts to prepare, but just repent and pray for protection. Then let the cards fall where they may.


  28. “Yeah, Zaruth. And 11 of His dumb apostles were willing to die for that lie, huh? Yeahright. DavWms”


    people have always been willing to die for an unreasonable belief in the afterlife.

  29. That’s great, you didn’t forget your makeup. How did you fit all that in your car? We are supposed to rotate the items in our stash so they don’t get out of date. I stocked up for Y2K and I stocked up after September 11, 2001. I don’t have a stash now. I really should do that again.

    As for preparing for the afterlife, there’s not much we can do except accept the invitation. The price has been paid and the plans already finished.

    • Hey debbie,

      that is just the stuff that does not need to be refrigerated. THen there is all the stuff in my freezer and closets. I told my son to make sure his truck is ready, and my daughter her SUV is ready…because I am going to stuff them too. 🙂

  30. i’m gonna die sometime. i would die to save someone i love. i would not die for an abstract concept.

  31. Hi Marianne: Where are the kibbles for your cats? Are they coming along too? And, don’t forget the sand…

    Zarathustra: Have you become a legend in your own mind???? I think you do believe in the Lord God and that he is returning SOON, or why else would you be on Marianne’s website???? To grow and learn?? or to be a nuisance?? Blessings to you otherwise!

  32. Zaruth, you crossed your wires on your, “yes” answer above. If they knew it was a lie, then they would have no incentive to die for it, because there would be no afterlife hope. DavWms

  33. Zaruth,
    I agree with you. We are all going to die sometime. Most people would die to save someone they love. And I for one would not die for Any Abstract Concept either. But I guess it is something else when asked if one would die for someone that hates one. Though the world hated Him he died for them and gave His Life to The Father knowing that God could and would raise Him up from the dead. And God did.
    Proving to all hell that Life is from Him who also is capable to give it to whom loves Him.
    Now Zaruth this is not a vague concept. This is The Truth.
    Come and join us.

  34. david- self delusion is not the same as a lie. i guess they assumed it was an eschatologically verifiable belief.
    belief in the afterlife is an insult to life, it degrades it and makes it worth throwing away. a predicate of life is temporality, the concepts “eternal” and “life” are mutually exclusive.

    • zarathustra

      When David comes to conclusions, he is “deluded.”

      When you come to conclusions, it is “self- analysis.”

      Ironic, isn’t it?

  35. parable of the fig tree, matthew: 24:32

  36. exactly my point! the more extreme the belief the more terrible the fruit.

    • zarathustra

      There is nothing terrible about preparation. Even the news media is predicting economic doom and possible war.

      What kind of fruit do you have?

  37. grapes and oranges.

  38. grapes and oranges. i think my point is that if you think your days are numbered, you shouldn’t waste your time trying to prevent the inevitable. if you know you are going to have to leave your current way of life- why waste time preparing so you can prolong your life in exile instead of getting on with making the most out of the time you have left.

    it seems to me that you are making these preparations partly because you have nothing better to do.

    everybody needs a way to waste their time- is filling your car full of stuff that will get blown up if you are bombed anyway really the best use of time?

    • zarathustra

      there are different justifications for preparations. We can prepare just for ourselves, or prepare to help others. If I die, then there I go. But I can leave behind something for others.

      I have plenty to do. Just answering all your comments takes time. I have about 50 -80 people each day who write to me. There is also my own personal business, which has to be taken care of.

      If you heard there was going to be a snow storm, and you would be trapped in your house for days, you would prepare. If you heard a hurricane was coming, you would prepare. If you heard there was going to be – inevitably – an enemy attack, you would prepare. England and many countries have been invaded in past times. How prepared were they? If the Jews had been more prepared for Hitler, they would have escaped him.

      So there are real dangers, and to be prepared is wise. To have some fun and make jokes is also good, because it keeps us in a positive attitude.

  39. Hi Marianne.. no disaster for now.. 🙂

  40. http://www.trumpetersmission.com/MapofInvasion.php
    Don’t know how accurate this map is …. but nevertheless worth looking at.
    Hold fast what you have, that no one may take your Crown.
    Thank you Marianne for this website.

  41. Zarath assumes we are all delusional. I wonder by what measure he finds himself not delusional. He agrees with men who have never produced one bit of evidence that evolution is real, but who find themselves backed into corners with what they have said in the past. Their only escape from that is to proclaim a “new” revelation, one that the odds are innumerable against that it could happen in trillions of years, let alone the early evolutionary guesses of thousands of years.

    In this, each believes the other scientist must have an answer yet unknown to all. But they don’t, and none is willing to look into truth for himself. I remember about 20 years ago, when both evolutionists and Bible teachers were invited to debate in front of college students across the USA. In EVERY case, the students voted that the Bible teachers won. And this, among secular students. (The leader of the evolutionists dropped out of the debates soon after they started.) DavWms

  42. From the CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR 12 hours ago:

    “A new Cuban missile crisis? Russia eyes bomber bases in Latin America.”


    “For Evil to grow, good people sit and do nothing”.

    Upcoming CHOREOGRAPHED war with Russia: US Population Expendable

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  44. I remember going to visit a friend at the end of 1999, and when I went to use the bathroom, I passed by an empty bedroom that she had completely stocked from floor to ceiling with bottled water, cans of tuna fish, and pretzels. I asked her what all of that was for and she said “Y2K”! She was serious but I thought it was hilarious. I wonder what she thinks about it now!

  45. Jesus points you to the SPIRITUAL not the carnal. Jesus told you not to worry about what you will eat, drink etc. If he said DON’T WORRY its a command. When Isreal left Egypt they only had a couple of days food, God fed them. Christians are so busy trying to save thier lives in this world, that they miss the message

  46. This made me laugh also,stocking her car full of food,& eyeliner? why worry about makeup in a huge disaster?and the poor kitty with head stuck in the vase.had to laugh! Mr.Z.sound’s like such a hater! wouldn’t it be a beautiful thing if one day he become’s a christian and regret’s the negative comment’s he wrote to Marianne and is her friend one day,and is thankful for everybody’s replie’s to him about the gospel.

  47. Hi! I know this is an old post but I really need cheering up! and this particular blog caught my eye. Thank you very much for posting. Even the people’s comments were funny and timely. God bless you all

    • Have I ever done anything really stupid?

      Lord have I ever, what was I thinking? Certainly wasn’t on my agenda, for sure.

      You have your eyeliner, and I will have my lip gloss in my pocket. 🙂

      • Great thoughts of your sin alone will drive you to despair; but great thoughts of Christ will pilot you into the haven of peace. Charles Spurgeon

  48. Amen.

    Charles must have had Romans 8 on his mind at the time of this quotation. The whole chapter applies –


    “For those who are according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who are according to the Spirit, the things of the Spirit.”

    Thank you for sharing his quotation – it just made my day!

    Psalm 27

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