You will be Hated


This post is written by a young teenage visitor to the site. He is young but has been through much suffering. Read this young person’s thoughts. He has something to say.

I tried to leave it as unedited as possible. That way, you gain an insight into the innocence and personality of the writer. He granted permission to use his name and circumstances.

Suffering by Kyle Done

my suffering:

1. hallucinations, every night i face dark nights. full of pain of soul. noises and fear. and seeing this dragon

2. people-persecution for being different- one of my good friends often avoids me when i talk about god

3. loneliness, depression from being the only person that seems to want to follow god

4. being misunderstood

5. being a enemy of the world

6. things always go wrong

7 love hurts, loving whores, people who are filled wit anger. and the homeless. even thou i often try to avoid these people sometimes i reach out and they attack like a lion biting his master

8. even the church doesn’t accept me because the either don’t accept the needy or they aren’t right in heart

9. I feel abandoned by god. I feel like Jesus on the cross. nothing but darkness.  i am forced to rely on his promises instead of his joy

10. I feel like im 40 years old. got to fight to get out of bed

Kyle Done~ God Bless all! 🙂


Kyle’s sermon:

I would like to welcome everyone here today, i am going to talk about persecution, and how u can’t avoid it, if u live for Christ.

if u will turn your bibles too john 15:18-20, and repeat after me

“If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love you as its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you. Remember the word that I said to you: ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted me, they will also persecute you. If they kept my word, they will also keep yours.

if u are living for the world and living for yourself, others will welcome u, see u as your best friend. but if u start living for Christ. others will make fun of u cuz your different and even if others don’t. Satan sees your commitment. and will use those who belong to him to do what ever it takes to tear u down and wait even if it means using family.

bible warns us to imitate Christ (Philippians 2:5 walk as he walked)

and john 15 warns us if we imitate Christ we will be persecute. not because they hate us but because they hate Christ and don’t understand him.

that leaves us with a dilemma. we want to be like our lord and savior but we don’t want to suffer, what to do?  <:-)

lets see what the bible says, turn your bible to

Romans 8:17-18  Now if we are children, then we are heirs–heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, if indeed we share in his sufferings in order that we may also
share in his glory

For i consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.

interesting, now suffering takes a different turn. what r u going thru? headaches, a friend abandoned u, debt, maybe lost a job?

Paul states in Romans. that if we suffer with Christ we will be with Christ in heaven and it will be like nothing we experienced on earth.

but that leaves a downside 😦

if we choose to go the easy way. we might still make it to heaven but we will lose our rewards and lose our chance to reign with god.


next time u face a difficulty, a stress, a burden. or a headache, look to god for relief and he will make it worth your while!

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  2. Rich and strong with belief. May he always continue to be a warrior for Christ. Suffering breeds strength. Suffering appears to be the best way to increase our faith. Go through the fire. Don’t strive to escape the fire. God is always in the fire with you in the struggle.

    • Archie–good word. we know that through our struggles, we get stronger. “In our weakness, His strength is perfected”. it is just not too much fun though. it takes a strong Christian to be willing to suffer when they could’ve remained silent or remained indifferent.

  3. Hi Archie,

    I am sure Kyle will appreciate your encouragement.


  4. I have been there, and I am there now. Kyle indeed understands what it is all about. It is a lonesome walk with only room for one, his name is Jesus. As He suffered so shall we.

  5. hi Rev Williams

    I think “those that walk alone” tend to come to this site. It is a way of bringing us together. God always finds a way to provide comfort in some way.


  6. Kyle you sound like a Little Jeremiah the Weeping Prophet and God Is already using you Greatly! Enjoyed your post and sermon. Love in Christ

  7. thank u everybody

    • I Love you so much Kyle. Look how many years later you are still helping your brothers and sisters. May God remember your short but sweet and to the point sermon. I am going through the fire and being pressured like a diamond; though I am pressed I am not crushed however and He is indeed close to my broken heart, recording all my tears in His book.
      Stay strong all my brethren; His love is surely worth the pain. To live is Christ and to die is gain. We win either way. My tip for coping? Run to Him. Weary and burdened? Cast all your cares upon Him. Through Him you can be strengthened. Write to Him, sing to Him, paint for Him, surrender to Him. You will be given beauty in exchange for the ashes of your life suddenly and feel His comforting grace. He cares for you. I have seen this through my own past and present trials. God bless you all, Kyle and He who posted Kyles comments in his blog. Love to you all.x.

  8. Kyle is my son, He has always been very precious to me, we have had a long tough battle as he grew up but became a beautiful, God loving man for which I am so very proud of. I am sure he will touch many lives with his love of God. I wish he felt joy, happiness and acceptance but it something I can’t fix, only our Lord Jesus Christ can. I pray he finds a soulmate that understand him and will love him as a child of God. My joy, my son Kyle I love you, mom

  9. and i love you kyle, hope you have GREAT success :D,, (i think you should preachh 😀 really honestly) this was beautiful, i agree with mom.!

    Jenna(your sister :D)

  10. i dont think im called to be a pastor but i can still preach, thank u for ur posts, mom and jenna. means alot

  11. i do have peace and joy, every so often

  12. good sermon, Kyle. I am very proud of your journey of faith. Remember Romans 5:3,4. Keep on sharing your love for Jesus. Sometimes you plant the seed, sometimes you water the seed, but only God grows the seed. Keep spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ. I love you

  13. i love u too linda, hope u r doing well

  14. Kyle, take comfort in knowing you are one of the chosen ones. Yes, this means going thru much emotional pain, but it is worth it. As they said above, don’t find a way out of the fire. It is those who endure that will please our Father. You have become one of the few Jesus talked about when He told of the Narrow Gate and Hard Path that few will find and travel.

    I had not thot of it as Rev. Patrick said it above. This site is sent by God for the lonely ones who also are on that Path. God has chosen Marianne as a vessel to administrate this site, because she has also taken this Path and knows how to help others along the way.

    Years ago while I was traveling this Path, I had a vision. I saw wise people on the road thru rough mountains and valleys. I saw that they had already learned enuf to finish the walk, but they chose to go back and help others who did not understand what was going on in their life. They helped people see the spiritual signposts along the way that would show the way and show that God was guiding them, even if they could not see Him or feel His presence.

    Walk on, Kyle, you are on the right Path. Love, DavWms

  15. Holiness is not Worldliness. Always Endure To The END. This Is Only Temporary. Our King and Kingdom Is Not Of This World. We have Fellowship and Bible Study to know We are not alone. I feel so blessed when the World hates me, because I know and they know who my master: the one I serve Is (JESUS). GOD has always taken care of those spiritual battles (mountains).

  16. Marianne……..I love your site. It has comforted me and helped my knowledge grow. Inspiration to me in these times!

    GOD BLESS YOU………Marianne.

  17. Hi Everyone,

    I am glad to see such a wonderful response from people for Kyle. he and I chat almost every day. I know what he is going through each day, and it is very difficult for him. He is a blessing to be around.

    I want to thank everyone for their messages of comfort and love.


  18. Marianne, I am Kyle’s father. While I am sad that Kyle feels so much pain, darkness and loneliness . . . I am so glad that he has you and your site to help him in his journey to escape the darkness he feels and find the light of the Lord.

    Kyle, I don’t always show it, or express it, BUT I am so proud of you! You have not had an easy road and it is not likely to get easier soon. Stay strong and diligent in your pursuit and you WILL succeed. I LOVE YOU, Dad

  19. thank u david

  20. HI KYLE!!! I feel your pain that you are going through in this wicked world truely i do. All around me too, i have so called friends, but really not friends…seems like when “we” come to know the Lord God it’s as if we have leoparseee… so i do know your pain. Always remember Kyle that we are the chosen ones, and sooner or later this corrupted world will come to an end and the Lord God will renew it again, and boy i can’t wait for that day!!!

  21. Marianne…Am I on your mailing list? 😀 I hope so! Love this site.


  22. What an awesome article and bunch of responses. I’ve always felt sort of alone in my faith too so I totally understand. I’m blessed to have a wonderful circle of young people around me to love and mentor, and some of them are this way too. I’m 50, have three grown sons – the two youngest serve the youth in our church – and my heart just aches for how tough it has become for young people to live for God in our times. We must get across to them the importance of a deep, private daily walk w/ Jesus to keep up our strength up and remain near Him at all times.

  23. Hello Kyle, I understand so well what you are talking about and how you are or were feeling as you wrote out and expressed the wisdom gained through the sorrow of being unjustifiably hated. Unjustified hate from the world of course always brings personal pain and agony, especially when we love those who hate us intensely. I am a woman who is much hated. I am hated because I am a woman, an ethnic minority member (Native American-Ojibwe) being from a lower socio-economic bracket etc. etc. I experience abuse, physical, verbal, emotional and spiritual almost every day! I am hated even as I drive because I drive too slow or too fast. I am sworn at and cursed by strangers for the most absurd and trivial reasons. I am hated for a thousand reasons and for no reason at all. This really does erode my sense of self-worth but it always comes down to one remaining abiding Truth – God loves me even if the whole world hates me. So I manage to keep my self-worth intact just from this one singular wonderful Truth! I find the younger generation perceptive in their description of these class of people who radiate the disturbing vibes of hate – they call these people ‘Haters’. Their is no other word so simple and true. The world is full of ‘haters’ and these ‘haters’ all have similarities – they hate the innocent, the sweet, the lovers of Christ especially. I had another recent experience that conveyed this truth. I was at a small get together and one young woman sat mesmorized staring at me. She looked fascinated and increasingly agitated. She also looked confused. My presence was disturbing her immensely and she obviously could not figure out why. I felt her projections of hate mixed with revulsion. I am ordinary looking and usually don’t get second looks for any reason but this woman could not take her eyes off me. She then talked to me briefly in order to ascertain why she hated me I think. Finally, she sat back down quietly and then I guess she could no longer hold it in. Sher started calling me names and started putting me down and attempted to humiliate me! People looked at her in surprise, wondering what I had done to earn her sudden verbal abuse. I ignored her and did my best to avoid her physically. The next day, I met her again at mutual friends and somone casually mentioned God and it was then I realized what had transpired in my earlier encounter with her. At the mention of God, she exclaimed ‘God? He doesn’t exist! There is no such thing as God!” It was then the Holy Spirit opened my eyes. The spirit of anti-Christ residing in people irresistibly hates the spirit of Christ abiding in the hearts and souls of other fellow human beings. They cannot help it! At once I understood so many things. The clerk who stared at me with hate and maliciously denied my application for employment, the bus driver who cruelly alammed the door in my face, the police officer who hit me on the knee with his baton, the people who slandered me and made false accusations, the aggresive women who wanted to physically assault me, so many, I cannot tell you all and the incidents that happened. But for a fact, I will state that I did nothing to offend them. The presence of the Holy Spirit within me offended them! I then understood why Jesus said he had brought a sword! Why family members will be divided! This is exactly what has happened to my family. My own husband, once a Christian fell away and being filled with a spirit of anti-Christ started hating me and persecuting me and our own children though no offense on our part. These are the very people who will deliver us to the authorities to be martyred by the Beast! The world hates Jesus before we were hated and you are right, we must expect hate and as the world draws closer to the domination of the Beast, this hatred will be intense! But we are more than conqerors through Christ. You can email me whenever you want or are led to.Thanks again for your wisdom. Your words just made me want to cry inside, because I found someone who unfortunately (or firtunately) understood too well what I had been experiencing and feeling.

    • hi Sarah,

      You are exactly right. It is a spiritual battle that is going on over the bodies of those in the conflict. The demonic spirit that resides over the unbeliever will immediately attack the believer, just because of the presence of the Holy spirit over the believer. Notice how gentle and polite the Holy Spirit is in return, witnessing love, and not hate.

      For ages, people have called these “personality clashes,” but that is not what they are.

      This page is similar in content.

      You are not alone. So do not give up.


    • All I can Say is Be Blessed!!

    • This is exactly what I am experiencing and Have been going through most of my life!!
      Latest, my own ”Family” who have never been family but a bunch of Snakes they PLOT WITH NEIGHBOURS, BULLY ME AND TRY TO EVICT ME FROM MY OWN HOME !!!
      Yesterday it was my Birthday NONE OF THEM SAID A WORD !!!



      If Some people others want to talk or Keep in touch please write to me at.

      They stirred a Whole Jihad against me the whole town of losers.

      • andra

        so sorry to hear you went/go through this.

        pray god’s protection over you daily, and trust the Lord

        we have evil in the world, and it is not leaving until Jesus comes back

        when he returns, the wicked will pay a heavy price with torment for their on souls

        in the meantime, pray for their salvation, and this effort will bring blessings

  24. wow, i have goe thru nothing like wat u gone thru, u are a truewarrior. people mistreat me but they dont mistreat me like they mistreat u. thank u and i dont have ur email

  25. wow, i have goe thru nothing like wat u gone thru, u are a truewarrior. people mistreat me but they dont mistreat me like they mistreat u.

  26. Kyle, why the title said “you will be hated”? Anyway, I got depression all the time too. Have you overcome your sadness yet because you said people mistreat you and that’s something that is really bad and unfair. I really don’t like it if I were you. I hope you could feel better if the world is fairer. God bless.

  27. huh?

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  29. To day is the day before Easter tomorrow is the day Christ rose
    tomorrow is going to be the worse day the homeless people will always remember

    The ones that are now in tent cites because thy lost there jobs,there homes,some there family’s.

    To the ones that are on there last legs,that are about to lose there belongings, the ones that can’t afford to buy but one meal a day.

    That are trying to keep there head above the water to hang on to what little signs of life there is. To give a Easter basket to there child.

    To worrier about tomorrow when tomorrow gets here.

    To those that has want through a lot of presidents and not one time lost there world.

    As soon as Obama started running things started to turn.

    To those that bowed down to him, that shielded there tears,that followed him that voted for him the changed he kepted calling for

    Were you living in tents? were you hunger? did you lose your jobs?
    your homes? your family’s?

    Did you even know what changes he was reforging to?

    Due you even know today what changes he is talking about before thy are done?

    Heres a article to read might shine the light a little .

    http://news. s/ap/20090411/ ap_on_go_ pr_wh/obama_ challenge

  30. I was reading the post found a few new or old ones just the same there attitudes can match but some not as bad.
    I won’t respond because your action already done that for you.
    I didn’t write the bible god did
    I didn’t send my only begotten son to die on the cross god did
    I didn’t say the only way to heaven is throw me god did
    I didn’t say what was going to come upon the earth god did

    If a person can’t see what is going on in the world throw there own eyes thy have a problem.
    sift has always happen here on earth but kept getting worse now its to a boiling point that bubble is cracking its about to brake fast.
    A lot have already fill through that crack but haven;t reach the sewer yet
    What happens when people reach a point of know return?
    Thy start to panic, Thy group thy steal, the food there hungry I know some first thoughts go to the food bank have any of you been to one? I have you get three days of food once a month
    Thats when you will see trouble that you were so blind to see before
    thats how I fill marshal law will be order to control the kills stealing and every thing in between what better way then to make it are fought

  31. Bless your heart, Kyle. I can truly relate to the experiences.. May God guide you through with wisdom and so much love. 🙂 You are not alone. There are God’s people out there that are going through the same as we do. Big hug to you, dear.


  32. thank you soo much. i have given up following somethinh that will never turn out. but alone never will be. thank you for your comment

  33. So you are hated? What did you expect? If you are a Christian you don’t belong to the world you belong to Christ. Rejoice. Again, I say rejoice. Stop all the negativity. You will have trials but Christ gives you the peace that passes all understanding.

    Sorry, but I find too much negativity and false teachings here and felt led by the spirit to speak out against it.

    I’ve been a believer for a long time and have been through many trials and the Lord has sustained me through them all and will continue to do so.

    Believer’s should rejoice and rest in their relationship with Christ.

    Does that mean that your life will be easy and you will never suffer or be persecuted? Certainly not. Your hope is in eternity not in the here and now.

    And before someone accuses me of not understanding persecution think again. I am the only saved person in my family of origin. My family hates me and treats me like dirt. I’ve spoken out against many false teachings and have been accused falsely, ignored, and mocked many times. Do I care? Yes and no. I don’t like being hurt but these people doing the hurting that are unsaved and corrupt will be dealt with in due time.

    When you look through the lens of eternity and put it into perspective it is easier to understand why things are the way they are.

    • You have authority in Christ. Because your name is written in the book of life,
      you have authority over demons and scorpions and serpents.

      Have you ever walked in somewhere and demons recognizes who you are?
      Twice now in the last two weeks this has occurred to me.

      I walked into a community facility full of people.
      I was going there to watch my grand child in swimming lessons.
      Didn’t know anyone there. Didn’t speak to anyone.
      I was just walking.
      As I entered this building two people sitting near the door
      started to say to me ‘we recognize you, we know you,
      you belong to Christ, we know you….”

      Immediately I recognized that these had demons and I just walked by.

      The point is this, they cannot hurt you.
      They cannot touch you.
      You have authority in Christ, and demons know this.

      • I don’t see how your reply relates to what I was saying.

        Some of you people on this site seem to have an unhealthy preoccupation with demons and false spirits.

      • Abigail you said “As I entered this building two people sitting near the door started to say to me ‘we recognize you, we know you, you belong to Christ, we know you….”

        Immediately I recognized that these had demons and I just walked by.”

        If this was the case and you are a believer then why didn’t you present the gospel of Christ to these people? If what you say is true then by preaching the gospel you could have done them a great favor.

        In other words, if you presented the gospel to them and they converted then their problem would have been solved.

        Do you belong to some kind of deliverance ministry?

        • Hi Contender,

          It is not an unhealthy preoccupation with demons, dear, rather it is a discernment which is a gift from God, through The Holy Spirit.

          I simply was referring to the authority given a disciple (student) of Christ, in Christ.

          And you don’t present the gospels to demons. You cast them out!
          But this only as The Holy Spirit leads.
          Other than that you just simply walk away.
          Demons already know the Power of God and they are already condemned.

          And to answer your question I don’t belong to anything or anyone save The Lord Jesus Christ and The Father Lord God Almighty.

          p.s. It was the demons who recognized me, or should I say The Power of The Lord in me.

          • I’ll overlook your spiritual pride, dear.

            I think you missed my point.

            Correct me if I am wrong but I don’t believe that you are considered to be an apostle.

            It is the human being that is being held captive by the demon if indeed they are really possessed as you claim. Therefore, it is the same human being that needs to hear the gospel of Christ in order to be delivered. You’re not presenting the gospel to demons since they are permanently condemned but you are presenting the gospel to the human being who is being held captive.

            Do you think that if Christ was there that he would just do nothing and not set those humans free of their bondage to demons? Would Christ just walk away and not care about the spiritual condition of these humans? I would think not!

            By how you are writing it seems that it is more about you than about the bondage and suffering of those human beings held captive by the demons.

            Your so called discernment is of no value if you are not doing something with it.

            I totally disagree with what you are saying and it is not scriptural at all.

            Acts 19:13-16 NIV
            Some Jews who went around driving out evil spirits tried to invoke the name of the Lord Jesus over those who were demon-possessed. They would say, “In the name of Jesus, whom Paul preaches, I command you to come out.” 14Seven sons of Sceva, a Jewish chief priest, were doing this. 15(One day) the evil spirit answered them, “Jesus I know, and I know about Paul, but who are you?” 16Then the man who had the evil spirit jumped on them and overpowered them all. He gave them such a beating that they ran out of the house naked and bleeding.

            Jude 1:9 NIV
            But even the archangel Michael, when he was disputing with the devil about the body of Moses, did not dare to bring a slanderous accusation against him, but said, “The Lord rebuke you!”

            Mark 3:14,15 NIV
            He appointed twelve—designating them apostles[a]—that they might be with him and that he might send them out to preach 15and to have authority to drive out demons.

            James 4:7,8 NIV
            Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. 8Come near to God and he will come near to you. Wash your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded.

            According to you, you have the authority to cast out demons yet when a situation presents itself you fail to do so. Are you saying that some individuals deserve to be delivered and others do not? God is no respecter of persons so I would think that God would want all people to be free of bondage and to come to salvation.

            Sorry, but I really don’t buy your story.

            This reminds me of the church of Corinth.

            • Dear Contender,

              I am sorry if I conveyed pride, it is not my intent.
              And I do not consider myself an apostle, but a disciple.

              Besides I was not sent by The Lord to the world.
              but I am sent to my house.
              These people are not of my house and so I just walked by.

              The discernment given any believer is a gift from God.
              And any gift from The Lord is to Glorify God.

              Now concerning devils, rejoice when They recognizes
              The Living God in you, because then you know that your name is written in heaven.

              The Lord is very Holy and when His Holiness dwells in you and is recognized by hell a person is definitely
              reminded of Him ‘The Lord God.’

              And I have no idea of what happened to these two individuals after I walked by.
              Maybe in that hour they were delivered by The Power of God, since they cried out.
              And if so then they would be in their right mind and give Glory to God whom He delivered by His Power.

              Now here are some scriptures to the effect of Devils
              and The Power of The Lord.

              Mar 3:11
              And unclean spirits, when they saw him, fell down before him, and cried, saying, Thou art the Son of God.
              Mar 3:12
              And he straitly charged them that they should not make him known.
              Luk 4:41
              And devils also came out of many, crying out, and saying, Thou art Christ the Son of God. And he rebuking [them] suffered them not to speak: for they knew that he was Christ
              Luk 10:19
              Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.
              Luk 10:20
              Notwithstanding in this rejoice not, that the spirits are subject unto you; but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven.

              And my ‘story’ is true.
              I gave it to you to help you.

              • Help me with what? My post was regarding being hated because when you are a Christian you don’t belong to the world. Christ himself said not to be surprised when the world hates you since it hated him first. My post had nothing to do with demons and possession. That is a whole other topic.

                What do you mean exactly by “Besides I was not sent by The Lord to the world.
                but I am sent to my house.
                These people are not of my house and so I just walked by.” Where is that in the Bible? Are you familiar with the story of the Good Samaritan?

                I don’t see how you can in good conscience walk by demon possessed people without trying to free them of their bondage by preaching the gospel to the people?

                I believe I have discernment also mainly in the realm of false teachings which certainly abound on this website.

                You said “Now concerning devils, rejoice when They recognizes
                The Living God in you, because then you know that your name is written in heaven.” The Bible does not say this it says “However, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.” How is your name written in the Lamb’s Book of Life? By having faith and believing in Christ for your redemption.

                Every believer has different work to do and if your story of demon possession is true then maybe this happened as a test of your faith. Did you ever consider that?

                • How would you have confronted these
                  two individuals?
                  How would you have freed them from the devils?
                  I am willing to learn from you if you can teach me.
                  How many times have you walked by devils?
                  In your own family you say there are problems. How do you deal with those problems?

                  • I don’t believe there are demon possessed people behind every corner. I do believe that evil spirits(demons) can influence people just like God can influence people. I don’t believe that actual cases of demon possession are as common as some deliverance ministry advocates portray.

                    However, as to your questions. I would prefer to present the gospel of Christ to the human beings in question. I believe the gospel is sufficient for deliverance and that Christ is the one who delivers and sets one free.

                    If you are into the more direct confrontational approach I think it would be wise to correctly assess your power and authority and not overestimate this. I probably wouldn’t use this approach but if I did I would use “The Lord Rebuke You”. Example taken from Micheal against the Devil in regards to Moses. The only problem being that if the demons leave the person and that vacuum left is not filled with the Holy Spirit upon the victim’s conversion the person could be repossessed and in a worst condition than they were originally.

                    I think it is very important to emphasize the gospel and not underestimate it’s power. The focus should be Christ and his power, not ours.

                    I have not personally come across a demon possessed person so I cannot speak from experience in this regard. But, I have been actively persecuted by people who were obviously influenced by evil spirits.

                    Slightly related I did have a disturbing experience with a shadow person which some people believe to be manifestations of demons. In that case I used the “Lord Rebuke You” phrase and the shadow zipped across the room and disappeared. It never recurred. I’d rather not speculate on this experience though since subjective experiences can sometimes be deceiving. I think it safer to stick to the inspired Word of God as laid out in the Bible.

                    As for my family of origin. That has nothing to do with demon possession since none of them are possessed. How do I deal with the problems? I don’t really anymore. I’ve told them what I don’t like and have confronted my mom regarding her need for salvation. She is not interested. Even my son has tried to talk to her and to no avail. My sister is not a believer and we never were close so since the relationship is nil the contact is the same.

                    I think the Christian’s focus should be the gospel of Christ and not on someone’s extra-biblical knowledge or subjective experiences which could be deceptive.

                    • Contender and Abigail,

                      I think “having demons” could mean either oppression, under the influence, or possession, which would be the extreme case. Unless the “host” is willing to be delivered, it is not possible to deliver them.

                      ***start a new column….this is getting too narrow…..

            • How apt. 1 Corinthians 13 springs to mind. Clanging gongs. Stop attacking your brethren contender! (Your name says it all, I lovingly observe). There is no need to be angry and hostile. We all praise Jesus here and all comments made seem to be very biblical so please, contend with us as we contend with you and the Lord will contend with and for, all of us. ❤️

      • I agree with you, you know where you goin. When they persecute you is a sign of them going to be destroyed(Philippians 1:28)so don’t fret, for christ is with you by yuh side and stand firm and you’ll win souls, love your enemies, and forgive them for vengeance is God’s and that’s part of giving your burdens to the Lord Jesus Christ our Lord and savior but it sound like you know your scriptures well keep it up is food for the soul, I could definitely relate to yuh but you not the only one going through.and suffering for Christ’s sake the truth,Good luck to yuh stay strong and keep growing wisely, God blesss

    • this is so true I have lost most friends and family now that I really speak and post thing on line of the Lord we should not feel so desperate .this sounds as if someone is walking in a dark lonely place even though I have lost alot I gained afriend whom is always there and see nothing but clear blue sky and bright lights for I know at the end of every trail there is a blessing

      • hi kimmy

        Do not be discouraged. You have a good soul and heart. Jesus said we would be hated by the world, just like he was. But this life will be followed by eternity, where we can be with him forever.


  35. Dear Contender and Marianne,

    The person possessed or tormented by a devil is not even aware of that fact.
    Anyways this has been my experience. So if that person is under the grip of a devil and is not aware of it, how can they ‘be willing to be delivered?’

    And the devil has blinded them to the fact and so holds that individual captive.

    The gospels says that The Lord gives a disciple Power over devils.
    And that is true! Now here I will clarify that a disciple is a student of The Lord. A disciple is one that follows the Shepherd and does what he sees The Lord do.
    A disciples hears The Voice of God and obeys Him. So a disciple is a servant of The Most High.
    Now Jesus says: ‘ I do what I see My Father do.’
    And again ‘I do the works of Him who sent me.’
    Now that is Good News! It is The Father that does the Works.

    Let me give you an example … actually I will give you two.

    I know this woman and she is a believer.
    Somehow or someway she became a captive of a devil. I didn’t know this in the flesh and she was not conscious of it either.
    But I noticed along with many other people, over a period of maybe a year, how she had become unbearable and mean. It was hard to speak to her, she was always right although she never truly listened to what was said.
    Anyways to make a long story short, I had been praying for her in a most simplistic and short prayer every day for her. No one knew what was wrong with her.
    If a person would visit she would just simply go to her bedroom and close the door.
    She had become isolated and when in amongst people, very nasty.

    The Lord showed me in a two second vision a devil between this woman’s eyes.
    As soon as I saw it The Lord removed it.
    The next day, and since then, a very different person. Color returned to her cheeks and she was again her sweet self.
    To this day she doesn’t know what happened to her, nor anything about devils.
    That is the miracle of The Lord.

    Now here is my second witness.
    Another woman who for a period of over a year, kept loosing weight, hardly ate,
    became very miserable and very mouthy. Also she is a believer.
    I also prayed for this person every day, just reminding The Lord about her, in a very simple prayer. And by the way when I pray it is always simple and always just me and God.
    Everyone of her family was very concerned about her since she would refuse food and some believed that she was ill and so did I.
    Again The Lord showed me a two second vision in which I saw a devil controlling this person’s mouth. It was was about an inch from the sides of the mouth.
    And I saw The Lord remove it. And yes at that very same time one of her daughters was released as well from the same devil. I saw it all in two seconds or in an instant.

    The next day I met this woman and she had no idea what happened to her at all.
    Except that she told me that the previous night all of a sudden there was a cry from deep inside her and she bursted out in tears and cried like never before from deep within her.
    Her continence was different and her cheeks were pink. I spent some time with this now sweet woman and all she did the whole time was eat.
    She has no idea what happened to her and I never told her.
    Her family is very glad and are praising The Lord for a miracle, because now she eats and is pleasant.
    So there and this is true.
    The Lord sets the captives free. Not in a show but in truth. And the captives which are set free have no one else to Glorify but The Lord.
    And so I give thanks.

    • So are you saying that the Gospel of Christ is not powerful enough? Do you even believe in the Gospel of Christ for your salvation? Do you not know that when you are a believer in Christ that the Holy Spirit resides in you and you cannot be possessed by demons? How can light live with darkness? Do you think that Christ and the Holy Spirit would allow a demon to possess a believer’s body which is the temple of the Holy Spirit?

      Your visions and teachings are false and are not supported by scripture.

      By propagating these false teachings you are leading people into bondage to fear of being demon possessed.

      What you really should be doing is preaching the Gospel of Christ for the salvation of souls. Saved souls don’t have demons living in them.

      This is a deception which purpose is to lead people into bondage so they would be in fear instead of freedom in Christ.

      • The word ‘Gospel’ means ‘Good News’. So the Good News is that in Christ and Christ in you … you have authority over devils, Satan and Hell itself, even over death.
        You have authority with God in you and you in God over sickness and diseases; over serpents and scorpions; over all the deceits of the enemy; over anything that exalts itself over God and His Truth.
        That is the Good News!
        This is the authority given a servant of The Lord.
        And this is the message of the gospels.
        Mary Magdeleine believed but still seven devils had to be removed from her.
        Salvation STARTS with believing in the resurrection and proceeds unto everlasting Life.
        And yes you should Fear The Lord. And yes you must work your Salvation with Fear and Trembling.
        We are commanded by The Lord to pray one for the other. Why?
        Because of the attacks we all suffer from the enemy of your soul.
        The devil comes to steal and to kill and to destroy! That is his nature.
        When we sin we fall from the Grace of The Lord. Then we leave ourselves open to the viles of the devil.
        The Lord made a way out of this mess and that is the gospel of truth.

        But mind you, it is not a person that expels the devil … it is The Spirit of The Living God.
        What I have said is Gospel. And these are not my teachings but the teachings of the Living God.
        And if there is sin in your life you need to first repent (change your ways)
        with a Godly repentance, a sincere repentance and the be baptized in water and then be baptized in His name and the be baptized in His death and then be baptized by His breath and the be baptized by The Holy Spirit and then be baptized with The Fire of The Lord, God ALL Mighty.
        And then walk with Him Holy. Sanctified and justified by The Lord.
        But until you have shed the old wineskin and the old nature of Adam you need help.
        I would pray for you but I do not know your name.
        As long as you sign off as ‘contender’ you will ‘contend’.

  36. may God be glorified by this post.

    street people — watch how “Nausicaa” deals with the little fox-thing. it is scared so lashes out. he teaches it to not be afraid. 🙂

    the TRUE church (body of Christ) WOULD accept you. pray for a healthy congregation! God can lead you. i never dreamed there were any in my city after visiting close to 100. now i’ve found one half kilometer down my road. praise God!

    “abandoned by God.” the airy-fairy “Christian” reply is “don’t worry, of course God loves you.” the scriptural truth is that there are SPECIFIC ways to test yourself and see if you are in the faith, if you are elect. there are lots, but start with the letter of 1 John. if you find ASSURANCE, then you will find contentment and joy. if you don’t find assurance, then weep and mourn and throw yourself at the feet of Jesus. if it bothers you, then it’s a very good sign. the reprobates don’t care much. interestingly, another of the scriptures to find ASSURANCE that you are Christ’s, is the passage you mentioned where Jesus said we will be hated. if i called myself “Christian” and was not hated for Christ, i would be VERY afraid.

    i disagree — those who take the “easy way” will not be in heaven, no way, no how.

    P.S… i’m also lazy about capitalization, but God is worth it, if nothing else! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  37. A testimony of someone holding firm to their faith through suffering will bring more to your fold than a happy, happy, joy-joy announcement that is not felt.

    You are not a clanging gong or a banging cymbal.

  38. Hi Marianne,

    We know that hate and envy is synonymous to the murderous spirit.
    The enemies of the Cross of Christ are also our own enemies.
    The enemies of Truth are also enemies of those who know and serve The Truth.
    Not that this is our choice ….
    For if it were, we would much rather that all men would be as Christ.
    Alas man rejects The Holy in favor of lies and deceit.
    But we trust that it is God Himself that will reward them to their faces those who despises Him.
    Are we not all His Sheep and He the Shepherd who pulls us out of the jaws of the wolves.
    Bless His Holy Name.

    • No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.
      The Lord God affirms this.

  39. one of the best scriptures to remember is in James 1:2 Consider it pure joy the troubles and trials that you face, for the testing of your faith will develope perseverence, so that you may be complete and mature, lacking in nothing

  40. David Wilkerson Today

    MONDAY, JULY 19, 2010


    You’ve heard of the U.S. Army’s Special Forces—a highly trained
    army-within-an-army, an elite unit of dedicated soldiers. Special Forces are
    made up completely of volunteers, fighters who have been noticed and called out
    by their superiors.

    Before the war in Afghanistan, Osama bin Laden had said American soldiers were
    weak, cowardly, not trained for mountain warfare. He predicted the Taliban
    would send U.S. troops home in shame, but he hadn’t counted on America’s
    Special Forces. This fearless unit invaded Afghanistan with a mere 2,000
    soldiers. Within days, it had located all the enemy’s strongholds.

    I believe God is doing something similar in the spiritual realm. While in
    prayer, I was impressed by the Holy Spirit with the concept—God has been at
    work in the heavenlies on a covert operation. He’s raising up an
    army-within-an-army, searching his regular troops to form an elite unit of
    volunteers. This special force is made up of warriors he can touch and stir, to
    do battle with the enemy. We see a picture of this in the Bible, with Saul’s
    special militia. The Word tells us, “There went with him a band of men, whose
    hearts God had touched” (I Samuel 10:26).

    God’s special forces today include the young, the middle-aged, even the
    elderly. They’ve been training in their secret closets of prayer. Their
    intimacy with Jesus has taught them how to fight. Now they know how to do
    battle on any spiritual plane, whether in the mountains or in valleys.

    God’s army-within-an-army is in place in every nation. Its activity may be
    covert now, but soon we’ll see it doing exploits in the name and power of
    Christ. God’s Word is coming forth, and the famine is ending. The Lord will
    prevail. His Word shall conquer all.

    “The people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits” (Daniel

    “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up
    with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk,
    and not faint” (Isaiah 40:31).

  41. I agree it is a cold and lonely road to travel.I last night shared the route I’m traveling and i got negative response.And these are people that say that they are saved.Thanks,GP

  42. The internet is a truely amazing tool…it has literally opened up the world to ordinary individuals like myself!!This site looks attractive and the little I have read has touched my heart deeply and yet I dont know you and have never met you. I myself was mildly depressed since early chilhood but totally unaware of that fact: born into a working class family who were not Christians as a sensitive child their un-godly behaviour deeply disturbed me. I alone in my family went to church until age 13…when rebelion took over. I married at 19 a man who although loves me has been for 40 years verberly mentally and emotionally abusive towards me. I had a dramatic conversion experience at age 35..I began a blog last year and intend to write down all my years of trials living in a difficult and challenging marriage but have only just started as I dont have lots of time to create my site due to work commimtments. However all that siad my husband during my 25 years of living for Christ has gone further and further away from God….he hates me more every year the more kind loving and forgiving I am the worse he becomes…love and kindness dont work for him…Its hard sometimes for me not to revert to his ways of rudeness critisim and abuse his behaviour always provokes me to turn back and be like him….Yes we will be hated and by those closest to us on a constant daily basis can be draining. God is faithfuyl though ….after 40 desperate years God blesses and delivers and avenges me again and again….My whole life is to be devoted to sharing Jesus Christ with the world how he is working in it today and can help us overcome every obstacle…….To God be the Glory..

    • Hi Angie

      I can sympathize. Many of us (believers) are experiencing the unbelief and rejection of family and loved ones. All we can do is our best, and then put the rest in His hands. There is nothing we can do by then. It is up to God after that.

    • Angie…firstly, I’m sorry you have such belittlement in your own home.

      Second…there is a beautiful book called “Our Thoughts Determine our Lives” by an Orthodox monk, Elder Thaddeus. An interview with him is also on Youtube.

      He can do EVERYBODY here a world of good, Kyle included. The book is one of the best, ever, by anybody.

  43. contender
    i get what you are saying, however, each journey is different. some of us are just discovering how to handle persecution. it comes in difference waves for all of us, yet some of us, still struggle, just to make it through each day. the original person posting, kyle, is a teenager. i am 51, but i really connect with him more than you. maybe it’s because i had to use a search on my computer to even find out if this sort of thing is happening on a daily basis, as it does with me? the “church” is so busy running around being “happy” and it does make you wonder if you are going insane. i am surrounded by people and circumstances beyond my control. i thank God these people are sharing on this post, as it makes me understand it more. negativity is here, contender, because we are suffering, and carrying the cross… thanks, all.
    Leonard Ravenhill said, “The world says ‘laugh and they laugh with you’, however, I change it. Weep, and you weep, alone.”
    Thank you, Lord, for this time of darkness, because, in the darkness your light shines brighter… May our Lord help us and teach us to trust Him more.
    Kelly in SC

  44. Dear friend Kyle,

    I am glad to see all the support and spiritual guidance that you have received from others that read your sermon. I will leave that guidance to them and offer a bit of advice that has helped me through the darkest of times. I know it might seem mundane, but you might try getting a dog and/or cat.
    Their innocence, honesty and love comfort me when nothing else does. In their eyes I see reflections of heaven, and for a time, can forget where I dwell.

    May God walk with you always,


  45. This is an great tistmony my encourgmet too you my friend is too continue living for jesus I agree when you live the christain life the world really mocks you but remember that jesus when he hung on that cross he defeated the devil now the devil is mad and he know his time is short so my friend fight the good fight stand up for jesus john 316. Look up romans 5 8. 1cor 2 18. Godbless yours truly les

  46. Hi Kyle, and hello marri-anne!
    Good evening, good morning whatever it may be wherver you may be!

    I was on the internet seeking answer’s for things I couldn’t ask much people, I do feel different and I do feel the world hates me!
    This website has helped so much its so good to know I’m not the only one too, I’ve suffered way too much in my lifetime too I’m only 20 , 21 this year and life hasn’t been easy!

    I literally feel like the WORLD actually hates me, I lost my faith and I blamed god for things I did Suffered, for some reason I feel like I have a greater purpose now I have to serve god and spread his word too, I wish you all the best in life, we might all suffer but it is true going through the pain god loves us and heaven does wait.

    I don’t know what to do its a struggle for me most days to get out of bed, I’m scared I’m worried the world knows and I’m scared they hate me I don’t know why I feel this way!

    But I would like to say GODBLESS you KYLE , and everyone who has commented on this page!
    I feels so strange I feel so out of place in this world, I always show my love to people sometimes too often not coz I seek attention but truly from my heart that’s how I feel, what’s going on kyle hELP

  47. Scared

  48. Hello, My name is Alyssa. I have had many problems with being in public but these didnt start until i became a teenager. I fgured it was because of the circumstances society places on women and girls to look better and thinner and blonder. I never had a problem as a child talking to anyone and everyone making friends everywhere. I grew really depressed and tried suicide. it’s been several years since then and tho at first i thought things were going to get better im still waiting…i figured that once i lose weight (im 5’9 and was heavy) and get a few things fixed with my appearance things will turn around. well i have lost weight now and i dont exactly feel compared to the majority of people im around that im ugly, more just not as attractive as id like to be. well all this aside i find it a challenge to be around people ever. started with public and aquaintances. if i wasnt close with you i was nervous and usually got my feelings hurt. people making looks laughing saying things out lod that was obviously a mockery at me. well this hate which was always masked to be liking me eventually spread everywere! now i cant even go into a gas station to buy a soda withough feeling overwhelemd and offended by anyone and everyone. even my family have seemed not themselves last few years. for instance i noticed my grandmother (who i was raised and went o church with growing up until her recent withdrawl) giving me nasty looks and sticking her tongue out behing my head… lol what?!!! it was so bizarre and was happeneing around the same time everyone else was faking liking me that i ignored it to comfort myself. older women look at me like im a monster little kids sometimes have smart things to say to me as if they were trying to push my buttons but how would they have the knowlegde to say these things knowing that it will hurt me being as yound and as uninformed of my life as they are? im really scared. I feel like the world wants me to kill myself or just hates me so much casue maybe i smell horrible and dont know it or maybe im really 500 lbs but i tricked myself into seeing a thin girl but that doesnt make since when ppl give me compliments on how trim they think i am.. compared to before. it all seems like a stream of people are connected to eachother and they really hate me only they are pretending to like me for what reason? to get into my head and learn my thoughts so they can later destruct me some more? i scream and cry and whisper and pray that God will hear me or maybe Im messing it up cause im saying God instead of Jesus and he’s ignoring me cause like the rest of the world he hates me too? I really dont know who to turn to or where i can go to feel ok and maybe eventually at piece. I hear crap about the world blowing up and these fake people joke with me about shooting me all the time. put fake guns with their hands and pull trigger. out of nowhere lol and many people have done this and then they laugh like thats normal?!! my boyfriends last three have done this. weird coincidence? i dont think so…. I find little strength with in me but i stretch it as far as i can. music lifts my spirits and sometimes i feel like hes trying to tell me it is going to be ok, but then i think maybe im nuts and im the one who is bad and evil and im fooling myself to believe that im not? but i have so much love for genuine people and all animals and even bugs which i always hated and i just dont understand when i break down and cry n lose my mind temporarily and talk with my mother she pretends to care and i catch her smiling and making looks like how pathetic and just like a look from “mean girls” the movie and its so bizzare! is this really happeneing bc they are trying to tell me im crazy and dilusional but how can i be that way when i hear the way they talk and minipulate eachother in my family and then see everyday people ripping others off just to make a quick buck, these are the people telling me im crazy?! then if im crazy what in the heck does that make u all?! im sorry for ranting and raving but im in panic mode and i know i need to confide in someone and i think i have been in god but I think maybe hes pushed me out and doesnt want part of me? i really hope Hes here and this isnt another set up of control because its too real in an unreal way to be just a book. I feel like im trapped in a world of demons that look like loving little angels and I cant stand life and havent been able to for at least 7-8 years now. PLZ help me if this is still a working site. Thanks Kyle for posting and sharing becasue i feel like the exact same way and then some myself. Love and God bless! ~Alyssa

    • dear Alyssa

      It sounds like you are around a lot of unbelievers with demonic spirits.

      This is our world. You need to find some decent people you can trust.

      Do not let unsaved people define you. You are your own person.

      You said you lost some weight and look better. you should be proud of yourself, and others should be proud of you too.

      I want you to print out and say this prayer each day against witchcraft, which is essentially against demonic spirits and curses…..

      also ask god in your prayers each day to bless you with favor and good friends and to protect you from negative people.

  49. I am comforted by the fact that if the devil is attacking me through others then I know i’m affecting him and I have no problem with that, makes me smile, shows that I am serving YHWH and living like Yeshua and Lucifer hasn’t the slightest control over that, and he hates it! He’s constantly reminding me that I’m doing good, the worse he is to me the more it pushes me to do more, the worst he can do is have me killed right, but dying serving my creator brings eternal life in which to serve Him, so the deceiver loses either way.

    We have the most wonderful God the one true God who always was, is and will be and it will be the biggest honour ever to meet Him some day, and on that day none of this evil will exist.

  50. I’m hurting real bad from being hurt in the church. It seems like everyone I trust and love mistreats me and they snach my heart out my chest and stomps on it. I walking around on this earth searching for love in the church and I feel broken emotionally disturbed due to abuse as a child. I thought I Could find some love in church and I got a rude awaking. Crying all the time from being hurt in the church and in the world. So I been isolating myself to ease the pain. All I want is to glorify God and love others even if they don’t love me back.

    • dear tamika

      You may find more love outside the church than inside of it.

      find social groups in your community that will support you. as a child abuse victim you do not need any more abuse. you can also try a different church and see if they are any better…

      just remember that Jesus lives in side of you and inside other true believers…..if you want Jesus, it will be inside of yourself and someone else…you do not need a building with strange people in it

      I can send you some links to try in your local area.

  51. I Am Not Like Anyone Else Who Are Being Hated Like Jesus The Way He
    Was 2,000 Years Ago And Even Today People Don’t Use Hate But Rather
    Than Love And Not In A Disrespectful Way!

    PS The Bible Teaches Love For Everybody And Even Strangers
    And Foreigners! Remember Christ’s Teaching To Love One
    Another As He Himself Loved Us!!!

  52. This warms my heart, as i leave here feeling no longer alone. Instead understood. God bless you and those that relate that all might find strength to keep there place in heaven amongst christ.


  53. I’m suffering every day , trials ,health issues ,broken relationship ,disobedient daughters,is very hard ,when you don’t have a relatives,I was a reject child .How many Thanksgiving alone , they invited me then ,they changed their minds, My love for them is genuine , they despised me.

    • Rosie

      I am so sorry to hear of how you suffer. Loneliness is a very difficult burden to carry.

      Please know that the Heavenly Father loves you and so does his Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit is also there to comfort you.

      I encourage you to read the bible, psalms, then the book of John. then other books…..there is strength in the scriptures to help you through life.

  54. This is so true. If we never suffered because of being a Christian, there would be no rewards to look forward to.
    As hard as it is sometimes, it will be worth it. Its nice to see an authentic person who is so honest. Thank you

  55. Hello I’ve been feeling like this but I struggle. With a little bit of pride but I want to walk in the Lord’s foot steps but sometimes I feel alone… But sometimes the enemy lies saying I am not saved but I know God’s with me… I want to know if you can pray over me with the relationship with my Jesus and that I can be more serious in my relationship with him and feel better … Thank you God bless you 😊

    • alicia

      I am sending you some prayers for blessing and for praising god, to draw you closer to Him

      print them out or download, and say them every day.

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer.

      stay strong in the Lord.

  56. Thanks so much for creating this page and I believe God directed me to this page.because Ineeded encouraging words like this. my Mum once did indicated some for me in my Bible to comfort me when I am at school but unfortunately it lost now. Thanks again and stay blessed. AMEN.

  57. I came upon a certain website that was talking about ” God wants of to be more human not like him.” I was puzzled by this kind of doctrine. but when I came to this site, I was happy. I know it is God that directed me here. PLEASE MY DEAR BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN CHRIST ; EVEN AS WE TASTE FOR THE LORD AND HUNGER FOR HIS WORD, WE OUGHT TO BE VERY CAREFUL IN THE KIND OF WEBSITE WE VISIT. BEFORE YOU VISIT ANY CHRISTIAN SITE, PRAY FOR GODS GUIDANCE AND PROTECTION. because there are heresies as Paul and Peter said.
    The word of God warns us to imitate Christ(Philippians 2:5 walk as he walked) that means Love as He Loved, Care as He cared. now since humanity means Possessing or manifesting love for mankind, this shows that God is humanity and humanity is God. how can someone now say God wants us to be more human not like Him, when our saviour Jesus has urged us to be Holy as Our Heavenly Father is. Let’s look at the scripture
    Romans 8:17-18 Now if we are children, then we
    are heirs–heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, if
    indeed we share in his sufferings in order that we
    may also
    share in his glory
    For i consider that the sufferings of this present
    time are not worthy to be compared with the glory
    which shall be revealed in us………………….
    Thank God for this site, may God continue to bless you and foster your ministry.

  58. My immediate family (husband & adult daughter who lives with us) dislikes me. The relationship between my husband is strictly business (paying bills) while our 23 year old daughter yells and screams at me when she can’t have her way or when her dad makes her angry. I’ve asked her to help me around the house with chores and I have to hear her complain. If I ask her to take me to my doctor appointments ( I’m 65) she has all kinds of excuses like she has to study for a test (she’s in school pt and work as a Pharmacy tech ft) or she has to rest up on her day off. Talking to her Dad does no good for he only say’s things like ” going to school and working can be kind of stressful, maybe I should lightened up on her”. I’m the one who has been diagnosed bipolar and have to take anti depressants daily. She tells me I’m crazy all of the time. Talking with these counselors does no good because they are not properly trained; all the psychiatrist does prescribe me medicine

    • Jacquelyn

      you have a compound problem..the restrictions associated with the illness, and the family reaction.

      most people who take antidepressants can still drive. is there a reason why you cannot drive yourself to the doctor and other places

      i spend 10 years in college. I understand the stress there, the time invested, and the desire to have a day of rest. your daughter is already over worked with a full time job plus part time school. I can see why she would complain about more things to do.

      your husband operates in the neutral zone.

      most mental health people have no idea what they are doing. they take a few classes, get a certificate, but have no analytical skills to understand problems, and actually help the patient. they just sit there and take notes.

      why are you bipolar? how do you know this is a correct diagnosis and you are on the right medicine?

      some symptoms are due to spiritual causes, and mental health people are usually clueless, as they consider themselves humanists, which is atheistic in nature.

      so they cannot help you if the root cause is spiritual, instead of chemical.

      when did you become ill?

      do you know how it started, and what seemed to cause it.

      let us go through these questions first, to verify your condition, so we know what to do next

  59. I know how you feel kyle I feel this way on a daily. Imagine your whole life being outcastes no matter how good you are to people….but being that I love God, I’m pretty, I am an child of God, I’ve mad the honor roll majority of my life, I’m quick to give , I have a good heart, I’ve have expierenced many kinds of abuse in my and etc.. People still don’t care and they use you and tear down after like many others. Ive never had a ” boyfriend”. So I feel nobody wants me and even my mom… The point is “good people” of this world that are treated like garbage we are not alone!!!!!, God is our lover, our best friend, and savior. Its hard to see that way sometimes because you want genuine people you on earth too. Kyle you are not alone man

    • liah

      you are not alone either. it is so sad that the world is so negative.but all this will come to an end someday soon I hope, and we will have the joy that we suffered for.

  60. Sounds like you have some serious mental disorders. Have you been evaluated for schizophrenia? Jesus loves you, but all the prayer in the world can’t heal a serious mental illness. I pray you find help and healing. I will pray for you dear one.

  61. I love this. GOD BLESS.

    A Friend in Christ.

  62. Thank you young man. You’ve been chosen. A lot of us have including me. I get mocked for having the holy Spirit, I can even see the demons in some of my coworkers. Remember stay with the lord no matter what and turn the other cheek. Demons and Satan do walk among us and unfortunately a lot of us are still sleep. Whether they like it or not,some of us were called to do the Lord’s will and it will be done. God bless you. : )

  63. I am in love with this. I desperatley want to build a loving and romantic relationship with God. I too am scared of what might happen.nalthough this sounds wierd, I am scared of loosing faith and sometimes I have felt inadequate and unworthy of gods love. Despite this, Both God and Jesus reassures me of their love for me which I think is excellent. Please pray for me- my name is tom mulekezi. I am not afraid of my faith in God. I love you all

  64. This world makes me so so heartbroken. I see so much love of money not love of God. Its like I can feel the suffering of everyone everywhere. Its like a weight on my shoulders. I wish I could save them all. Only God can. I try n Love all. Its hard at times after being devastatingly hurt & abused so many times. Im tormented w strange health conditions that make me lose all hope at times. Ive never felt that I belong here or this is my home. Im constantly saying I want to go home (wherever home is) Ive been betrayed by family & those Ive helped when I was suffering in poverty myself. I see monsters & other unknown creepy things at night. I feel this world hates me. I could go on & on. I feel like Im under attack on all sides & the walks are closing in. Even on worst days my Passionate Love for the 1 True Living God is so strong it holds me up from falling on my face. Then I realize thats why Im attacked because I Love him with an Everlasting unexplainable that frightens them. If they kill me Id die😵 saying I love u see u in a minute my love 😘💋😍💞 lol Love dont cost a thing. It cant be destroyed. The Power of Love will see us all throuh our sufferings. We all know we will spend forever in loving joy with the truth😊 I Love You All!!

    • jess

      I am so sorry you are suffering. what concerns me is the monsters you see at night. you are being plagued by demonic attacks. so you must fight back.

      I am sending you prayers against witchcraft and other spirits, and against curses. you have the authority of jesus on your side. you just need to know how to use it to stop the attacks.

      I am also sending you some healing prayers and prayers for blessing.

      i suggest you print out and say each day

      I am going to agree with you in prayer for a good turn around for you

  65. I have the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ gods son living and breathing inside of me I feel him shiver I know he is there and always has been I am the second youngest out of 9 and I’ve always been what I thought the black sheep of my family always was the weird annoying sister still at 39 I’m not invited to things made fun of behind my back etc it’s hard because my daughter has felt it also and they all claim they are Christians but certainly don’t act like it, I don’t feel sincerity from any of them I feel if I were sick they wouldn’t help me I always felt alone in the world like I had no family and thank Jesus every day for adopting me it’s hard though because I’m still in the world and I can’t commune like I want to with my only one and only and I mean ONLY friend Jesus I don’t feel I’m missing anything from this life I feel more like I don’t want any parts of it because everyone thinks talks and acts different than I do I just want to be at peace not rushed not arguing not talking about stupid things I can’t imagine anyone that gets excited about God like I do I feel all alone people think I’m crazy no one wants to be around me long well a few people but they certainly are not my family most people love me or hate me I’m not bad not mean not hateful I do speak the truth and will stick up for others I certainly don’t hold back if I need to fight for something but I’m usually right I know this because God helps me. I don’t want to be right because most times it pushes people away but I have to say what I feel and know is right I’m not going to go along with them or others just to keep peace I rather be alone or of I’m with others talk about good things enjoy music laughter deep things I do my know I’m just discouraged lord please send me someone I can relate to I want a God fearing husband the lord knows it’s just really really hard. People treat my like I’m stupid and childish for not taking life the way they do they look down on me it doesn’t bother me it’s just very hard to see gods plan in the lives of other I have so much faith in God for everything and all they can think about is clothes and vacations and money etc it’s just so crazy! Anyone else feel like this? I think I need to move away from the attachments to my earth flesh family and really be free from all of them.

    • liberty

      what you describe is very common among true believers. jesus predicted that one’s own household would turn against a believer. it is a very hard cross to bear. all we can do is trust in him, and keep on moving…and pray for our families. do not be disheartened. god will reward you for your faithfulness …

  66. Thank you..

  67. Hi. My name is Jerome. I can definitely relate to what you are talking about because I have experienced these things first-hand. I have been threatened by my family and even some neighbors, because of my preaching and even praying. I have no support even from the church I go to. I have been even put in jail for preaching at the park. I have had personal attacks by demons at times. But I just keep testifying for my Lord. My advice is this: Remember that heaven is going to be much better because then we will be with Jesus and we will suffer no more. The verse I have held onto is this: he that confesseth me before men I shall confess before my Father and his angels but he that denieth me before men, shall be denied before my Father and his angels. Also remember that God is watching and that your never alone. This has helped me in many ways. God will never leave us or forsake us. Another thing to keep in mind is that all these people are going to still stand before Our Lord. I hope this can be an encouragement to you. Romans 8:28 for all things work together for good to them that love the Lord, who are called according to his purpose. Your brother in Christ, Jerome. Keep testifying and don’t give up no matter who comes against you. Greater is he that is in you than that is in the world found in the book of 1st John.

    • jerome

      thank you for your beautiful words. and remember too, that you are not alone. there are others like you also, preaching and teaching, and being treated the same way…but to God be the glory!

  68. It’s painful as light shines through, darkness fights to preserve itself.

  69. I wish I can be a lukewarm Christian. I wish I can just sit in the church and just go home and that’s it. Then if I am lukewarm then I will get the least amount of persecution possible and still get to heaven. I am tired of getting mocked daily on a Hardcore basis, because I do my best for the Lord and other people my age just sit there and act secular like its nothing I am so sick of it already.

    • miguel

      I understand your pain

      those that persecute you now will be in hell soon

      jesus was also persecuted hardcore…… we would have tools at our disposal, to fight such attacks

      the tools are available to all of us….using the name of jesus, the blood of jesus, and his authority, we can ask heaven for protection

      soon, all christians will be persecuted in the USA, like they are in foreign countries.

      the mocking is mild compared to what will happen in the tribulation.

      people like you will be protected, if you learn to pray for it, while others who are not tested like you are now, will become victims

      I am sending you prayers against curses, and for strength. also say psalms 91 every day

      I will agree with you in prayer for your protection. also ask others to support you physically and spiritually by praying with you. there is safety in numbers.

      do not give up. you are being trained for spiritual warfare.

      god is with you

  70. I am going through something similar and it is very hard to deal with. My heart tells me it’s people I know and love who are doing this to me.
    The whole town was staring at me and they all touch their faces on the right and shunned me. My daughters mother has done the same thing. I feel like I am being watched. I have no peace , the people I trusted are going against me. I know the truth but they want me to question myself . I know God had given me some tools to fight because I would not be here if He did not. I feel like I am Ron watched, I feel like they know everything I do . My own family is not good , they sold me out I believe.
    Now this started with so called friend , I believe all that was planned.
    I low is a war. I feel like I have an entity with me and the people can see it. The other thing is that a person I share a child with and years plus another friend. I can’t believe they would get together to hurt me. The things that I see is enough to make you have ageart attack. I will continue to pray because it’s the only thing that can help me.
    My own brother has hurt me so only The Creatror can help . I don’t want to harm will not happen.

    • steve

      I am not sure why they are doing this. but you have to rise above it.

      this is only to hurt you. it is bullying….

      but you do not have to accept it or submit to it.

      resist, and confront people who do this. tell them you do not accept this.

      when you pray, reject all curses in Jesus name, and reject them as null and void, destroyed by the power of God

      I am sending you prayer against curses. also some for strength

      say daily

      I will agree with you in prayer to cancel this negative effort against you

  71. Hey they are really comforting words Kyle. Even In a Christian home you can be persecuted at times because people don’t understand. They said Jesus had a demon (mark 3:22) but we know that was untrue! Thanks for sharing, God bless you Kyle

  72. This is so true! And the part about your family hating you, is true. And it really happened after I came to Christ and since I have been secluded reading God’s word, it has gotten worse. Of course, I have failed in some tests and not responded as Jesus would do. Please pray for me and all Christians who are going through this trial, to be like Jesus, respond like Jesus, think like Jesus, and to focus on Jesus. Praise the Lord for his goodness!

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