Healing for Jezebel



Now that we know about her, how do we help the soul that is bound and free her?


Who should be the vessel that God uses?

This is, for sure, the most difficult section for me to write. Healing a human soul after a deliverance, or after a person repents, or is stopped in their tracks is something only God can really do. Anyone who has been involved with her most likely dislikes her, or has negative memories of bad experiences with her.

So, anyone that God uses to help her has to forget who they are, what they feel, and what their memories tell them. They have to be lost in the love and will of God, in order to reach out, and help heal someone who has been so wicked, unrepentant, and damaging. The only person the former, or arrested, Jezebel should see in front of her is Jesus Himself. Only He can heal and deliver. Only He can touch and make her whole. Any person who tries to interject their own ways and methods will destroy all that God would want to happen. It will take someone who is close to God, who is pure of heart, forgiving, who can love unconditionally after being damaged, who is whole and mature in spirit. They need to be lost to self, and dwell in the shadow of the Almighty’s wings. That is to say, the “flesh” has to be dead, and the human spirit in submission to the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Consecration to divine will is paramount. Purity of heart is essential.

Find Jehu

The Bible tells of a newly anointed king who was able to destroy Jezebel by commanding her eunuchs (castrated slaves-victims) to throw her out the window. Jehu is not a passive male, but a masculine one, fully accountable, responsible, honorable, strong, decisive, highly moral and ethical, a leader who is self –realized and confident, a man whom God can trust to do his will, not given to lust, but has self control, and submits to the will of God. Jehu is the one to take the next step.

Jehu is should be a male, because of the ultimate influence he will have on Jezebel’s spirit, but if one is not around, then a woman who is gentle, spiritual, and a strong mother figure can substitute until a male Jehu is found. (Why a male? Because early on, the physical and spiritual power, ie. positive control, protection, she was seeking from her real father was not there, and so she had to become a power unto herself. Power and control became essential for self protection, since protection and control was missing as a child.)

Jehu’s role will be spiritual, definitely non-sexual, and one of authority over her. Jehu must have authority over both Ahab and Jezebel. He cannot be a subordinate to either of them.

Jehu’s first mission: Divide and conquer

Jezebel has always gotten her power from 2 sources: Ahab and her social network. She has to be separated from these influences in every way. She has to be totally cut off from them, or she will be re-infected. This will also be important in helping a recovering Ahab as well. Ahab must not have any supervisory role over her, even in a distant way. If this is the workplace, Jezebel and Ahab must be reassigned so that jezebel cannot manage under the authority of Ahab, or vice versa. If this is the marriage, a temporary physical separation is needed. If this is the church, then they need to be socially disassociated from each other.

Jehu’s second mission: Go back to her roots

What was the cause of the original behavior?

1 Re-enter the father figure – good and pure and loving. Jezebel needs to find the godly kind of love she never had with her father, and re-discover it in an elder, male mentor. Counseling can be set up for frequent contacts. Jezebel can review her life with her new father figure. He will give her the strength she never had before, so she can learn it is ok to be gentle, and weak sometimes, because she is protected now. She can go to him when she is hurt or afraid or angry.

The mentor should have an objective role in whatever situation she is in – work, home, church, etc. and she should be able to confide in him without worry of others knowing what is said. The mentor will listen to her story, then slowly, over time, guide her gently in the right direction. The safer she feels, the less aggressive she will become. The defenses and false behavior will decrease as she finds emotional security in her new father and friend. She will find value again as a woman, and learn she can have respect just for who she is. She will also learn that God loves her, and is a true Father as well. She will learn to feel loved. Instead of doubt, she will experience faith again. Anger will be replaced with forgiveness and gentleness. She will learn to trust more, and release control, instead of maintaining it to protect herself.


The father figure can be Jehu himself, or a trusted, qualified individual that Jehu recognizes as appropriate.

2. Re-enter the mother figure. If the early mother figure was somehow a failure to jezebel, an elder mother figure needs to enter. She enters as a companion, successful, objective, loving, caring, holy, and supportive. Jezebel needs a female role model to learn how to behave and learn from. She needs to learn the nurturing, spiritual values unique to women.

3. Both elder figures will advocate and explain the moral values that God has provided. Sinful behaviors will be discouraged, with calm explanations, and godly behavior will be encouraged and rewarded. No guilt will be assigned to her, but as she is encouraged to follow a godly path, she will win the praises of her new parents. She will learn that this is the way she really wanted to begin with.

They will both also explore the roots of her feelings, and help her see how everything went wrong, and why she chose to behave in the wrong way. She will learn to accept that positive behaviors are ultimately more rewarding. For example, she does not need to control a world if she feels safe in it. She no longer needs to seduce men to get love. She feels loved and valued without having to perform seduction now, and without demanding it. She will need a lot of positive re-enforcement of her new, more acceptable behaviors, in order to establish them as more permanent behaviors.

This may take months, or years, to accomplish. Or, you never know, she may bloom almost overnight. Sometimes the more strongly a person has been held captive by Satan, the more quickly they run in the opposite direction, once they are free, and know they are safe.


Jehu’s final mission: help Ahab recover

We need to understand that Ahab is a victim too. He also needs to explore his roots and have positive father and mother figures enter into his life as mentors and counselors. He needs to have the same help that Jezebel gets. Why is he so weak and afraid and dependent? He needs to discover that he has a Jehu inside of himself, who is his true self. Once he finds Jehu within, then he can finally find his strengths and true role in his environment.

480 Responses to “Healing for Jezebel”

  1. I have encountered 3 Jezebel Spirits in my life and they nearly destroyed my marriage. I can honestly say that there were times when I felt like I was the one with the problem because my husband was so bewitched by the power that these women had over him that he refused to acknowledge his loss of self control. He was weak minded and literally afraid to confront any of these women. He involved himself with 2 Jezebel Spirits through affairs; the other one was his mother. This article has given me much insight into how he became seduced. Our marriage is intact, but I still have to get up every morning and pray for God to keep my eyes set before me and not “behind” me. The pain that I suffered at the expense of these manipulative, hateful, hurtful spirits was more that I could have handled without the intervention of Jesus Christ. He help me up for many years and it was through His presence in my life that my husband was finally able to free himself of this oppression from this spirit. He tells me that he saw Jesus in me. I can only tell you that my prayer during this entire ordeal was to be more Christ like. It was a heavy cross to carry; it left me with many scars but I am stronger and my husband is now a Jehu. My mother in law has also been able to free herself of this spirit through the witnessed change in my husband and through the loving mercy and forgiveness that Jesus has taught me throughout this warfare. I want to know more about this spirit; I feel that many people, both men and women are being seduced and overtaken by this oppressive evil and it is only through prayer, God’s word and further insight into this demonic infiltration that people will be able to stand and bring these poor lost souls to redemption. Thank you for this informative site.

    • Dear Sister Cindy, I can totally identify with you and your situation – my husband is bewitched by women with the Jezebel spirit, starting with the most powerful one, his Mother, and some of his 6 sisters – we have been married 1 1/2 years and it has almost destroyed ouyr marriage, his walk with the Lord (he has a call to preach and now doesn’t even attend church)I am praying against this, the family opposed me almost immediately after we married and it’s been one major attack after another, from women who know the bible inside and out , claim to be prophetesses,and use thir “wisdom and knowledge” to control and manipulate my husband. He almost seems in love with his mother, has no boundaries where they are concerned. I am in the heat of the battle, just don’t really know how to effectively fight this –

      • gretchenAnn

        They are not prophetesses of God, but of Baal/ Belial.

        Can you move away from them?

        If not, you are going to have to be aggressive with all of them, and tell them off.

        Also, tell your husband to “man up” and stop submitting to their influence.

        In a case like this, the most aggressive woman wins.

        If it is you, then you have to help your husband find his inner masculine self, and use this strength to send these “ladies’ packing.

      • GrethenAnn,
        I do understand and have encounted this spirit in the chruch where my husband is the Pastor and was bewitched by this spirit for a season. To effectively war against this warring spirit is seek God for guidance and direction daily. Pray that his eyes will be enlighten to this spirit and that this spirit will be exposed (to him). You must stand strong on the Word of God and lean totally on Him and Him alone. Do not succum to the flesh because this is how this spirit operates. As far as those false prophetesses, they are operating in a spirit of divination. Therefore, you must pray against that spirit and its attached spirits. During this time of warfare, you must stay prayed up, fasted up and consecrated up…so you can stay up (in this battle). Remember, this battle is not yours, but the Lord’s and He will fight your battle if you have clean hands and a pure heart. Just stand still and see His salvation as His enemies are scattered…He has complete control over this spirit, but in all this He is strenghtening and teaching you for something much greater in Him! Fight this good fight of faith as a good solider and do not grow weary in well doing. Be encouraged because when this is all over your Jehu will arise and come against Jezebel(s) himself…and you just sit back and thank God…because it will happen if you faith not.

        • Thank you. I needed to hear that for myself. I am in battle with such a spirit and my husband is totally bewitched. She is trying to destroy my life and my kids’ life. If anyone do not believe in this all I can say that I was once a unbeliever, but when your life fell apart like ours did, you start to look for answers and I found them. I am so glad I know Jesus, because that is the only reason I am still alive.


        • Shame on you, she was sharing her experience in her marriage. “the man must leave his mother and father, cleave to his wife and the two shall become one”. I can relate to all the posts and was lead to read these posts. It is a spiritual battle and thank Jesus for his passion. To be Christlike is not an easy path, for like Jesus in the wilderness, we are tempted, like Jesus , we will experience betrayal, denial, torture, name calling, desertion, all the ways of Jesus in his passion, “love” for the Father. Our lives are in God’s hands. This Jezebel spirit is nothing in comparison to the unconditional love of God. I grew up with these spirits and recall the Hellish horrors of living there, no longer living in the past, grateful that God got me to this “present” the grace and gift of knowing that God was there all along, “the book of life is already written, let God do his job” I have free will, and gone around this mountain too many times. Time for me to truly follow Jesus, listen to the holy spirit, childlike faith and obedience to our Father’s will. Nothing is impossible to God! And remember, keep Fully present, aligned in the now with God. He is not in the past or future, it is all about the Nows! God bless your journey! He truly is with us!

          • Dear Kahala, Your understanding of how to be Christlike and that as he suffered, we will experience pain as well in the battle for our souls. I have a grand-son and he has two sisters. Their mother who has a jezebel spirit and I don’t use that term lightly, it is the truth, she has wreaked havoc in everyone’s life. It feels like being held hostage. The problem and danger involves the three children and the men who are seduced by her as she has ongoing multiple sexual partners on a regular basis. My grand-son is and has been slowly tortured by her in sadistic ways that are always explained away i.e. dresser fell on him supposedly she left him in the care of his six year old sister while she was in another room. He was only about 9 months old. Infectigo on his face so bad and she did’nt take him to a doctor until CPS was coming so she set an appointment so she could say he was going to see a doctor. Bite marks on his face. I’ve seen her poke him while he was sleeping, she didn’t think I was watching. Urine scalds from not changing his diaper, etc. I mean I could go on and on. I have been documenting now for a long time. CPS never believes she is doing anything wrong as she twists it that she is a great mom or whatever her lie is at the moment. The men in her life never believe she would do these things. She loves her two girls, but their life is tortured as she uses them as puppets and has actively taught them to lie and say this or that to cover up who she has been with….I am at the end of my rope, this spirit drains me, I’m trying to save my grandson and his sisters, though at least she loves the girls, but there isn’t anything there for my grandson. She doesn’t want to repent. I don’t want my grandson and his sisters to suffer under her care. What do I do? Please, I read that you grew up and went through Hellish horrors, so I feel you can relate. Will you pray for these children that they be freed from her forever unless she repents and the men involved see the truth? That God gives me the wisdom I need to know what to do? I would appreciate it so much!! God Bless You

          • Kahala Cromwell I like that ‘it is about the ‘NOWs’ Amen!

            ‘lo, I am with you alway ‘ Mt 28:20

      • Wow! Wow now I have seen everything .are you sure that the mother and sisters are the demon? Perhaps you should take a good look at your inside and before judging them pray for God.s Mercy for it is not only a duty but also a command that the son must love his parents as well as the rest of the family .It is perhaps the demon in you using you against his mother and sisters and not vice verse.Shame on you!

        • Wow is right, God Bless You Sister ! And no there is no shame on me, I do not receive that.
          No one is judging them, but instead the fruit, and the destruction they have left in their wake.
          Yes the Word says a son is to honor his Father and Mother -I have never had a problem with my husband and his honoring and serving and loving his family, indeed I have encouraged it – trying to come along side and be a part of the family I married into –
          A son is also to leave his Father and Mother and cleave to his wife and they are to be one flesh.
          When they set their sites against everything righteous and Godly in his life with their own seductive manipulative wiles,and for their own selfishness, when they call good evil and evil good, when they flat out refuse to submit,and insult and basically curse those women who strive to be Godly wives – as though they have a new way and new revelation, when they effectively immasculate the men in their lives and churches going from congregation to congregation, insisting on being in charge and center stage and when they can’t rule they ruin…when I hear them telling people in congregations not to be afaid, but to “receive their healing AND DELIVERANCE THROUGH THEM” yes I absolutely do see Jezebel. My post obviously struck a nerve with you, and I am sorry you couldn’t come along side me as a sister but instead chose to judge me -and I with the love of Christ in my heart suggest you pray as well – I assure you I am doing the same – Shalom

          • Calm down I understand and have been there. We have chosen not to be involved with this as it would serously challenge our sanity and marriage.

            • Cont’d from just above- in all this it is possibly possible o spot the ones who have been inflicted with difficult in-laws from those who haven’t. Those who are judgemental and do not feel what this woman has been through should be careful and quick not to judge. But should perhaps say nothing till they can have more caring and understanding.
              Not good to be ‘too righteous’ now – or like the Pharisee. We are commanded to love and be gentle with each other. Gretchen is speaking from the heart, rather than her head (and maybe vice versa for Amy) – let us help Gretchen with her hurt. The difficulties I had with my in-law mother and sister were strongly Jezebellic and it was a great blessing for my husband to overcome his submissiveness to these two powerful women and stand by his wife.

        • It is a common ploy of the enemy to use the verse “honor your mother and your father” to try and destroy marriages. There is a reason the Lord commanded a husband to leave his mother and father and cleave to his wife BEFORE there were parents and children in the world! The Lord knew this would be an issue. Marriage is the first institution established by God. The other institutions (governement, church) depend on the first one to be intact in order for them to be able to operate as God intended. This is why Satan LOVES to attack marriages/families. If he can take out the family, he can take over the world.

          We know that God hates divorce. We also know that Jesus said that “what God has put together let no man put assunder.” Anyone who attacks a marriage is being used as an instrument of satan to attack what God has put together. This includes mothers and mother-in-laws.
          When a man leaves his parents to establish his OWN family he no longer answers to mommy and daddy, but to God. He is responsible for his wife and children – his mom and dad are not responsible for them. It is the husband’s duty to be a spiritual leader in his home – not abdicate that role to his mother, his father, or even his wife. A grown adult with his own family can honor his parents by living a godly life according to the Word. It does NOT mean that he is subject to their discipline, decrees, rules, whims, abuse, whatever. And it most certainly does NOT mean that his wife must submit herself, her home, and her children to her mother-in-law.

          If the wife has an issue with the mother-in-law, it is USUALLY (not always) an issue with the mother-in-law not respecting the boundaries of her son’s marital relationship. This is very serious. It can destroy a marriage/family. The marriage of a son means the relationship with his mother has changed. The mother is no longer the number one woman in his life. He is no longer to please her above all others. His new number one woman is his wife. He is to please her. Many mothers are not willing to let go of that position . . . and wreak havoc on a marriage. They want to control their sons, the daughter-in-laws and their grandchildren. And many of them will wield the verse “honor your mother and father” to try and get their way.

          The relationship between a husband and wife trumps the relationship between a son and a mother. The son vowed to remain faithful to his wife and forsake ALL others for his wife. He is NOT put in a position to choose between his family and his wife. His family IS his wife. And he chose her when he said, “I do.”

          Furthermore, it is NOT commanded that a son must LOVE his mother and father. It is also not commanded that he must LOVE his other family. The command is “honor your mother and father.” A husband IS commanded to love his wife . . . as Christ loves the church. Honor does not mean love. Nor does it mean obey. One must be very careful when throwing bible verses at another. Somebody else likes to use bible verses to throw at people . . . and doesn’t get it quite right.

          • Dear Amy,
            It disturbed me greatly to see you put the scripture of “Honor your Father and Mother” and Satan using it to get his way as an answer. While there may be some issues with Parents and In-Laws, there are also many issues with Sons-in-Laws and Daughter-In-Laws.
            None of us have the take on all of what is going on. There is so much for us to learn and be aware of when it comes to learn how God wants us all to live. Remember, we are dealing with a spirit here and not the people.
            God gave this commandment “Husband is commanded to love his wife…..as Christ loves the church” and at the same time to honor your father and mother. One does not triumph over the other.
            And a wife is to be submissive to the husband. She also leaves her family to become one with her husband. She listens to her husbands heart, not try to make his heart all hers. She shares him with others, because she realizes without saying that she is second right after his love for Christ. She displays this confidence with great respect and honor for everyone that her husband loves.
            And the same with the husband.

            Look at a definition of Honor…..
            “Honour (honor), is adherence to what is right. To some people it is also standing by or for someone.
            God gave us commandments to what He knew would be hard to do.
            An adult child does not “have” to love their parents, It is only natural that a son or daughter would love their parents…and also God gave a commandment to honor them.
            Lets look at more scripture before anyone thinks they can just dismiss their parents or run away from them.
            1. The Hebrew word translated with our English word “honor” carries a wide variety of meanings. It is a complex word, one not easily understood without some thought.

            2. The Hebrew dictionary says it means “to be heavy, be weighty, be grievous, be hard, be rich, be honourable, be glorious, be burdensome, be honoured.”

            a. The concept is of something or someone who cannot easily be dismissed. Like a huge boulder in the road, it is something we must make allowance for; Like a heavy weight, it is pressing upon our thoughts; Like something glorious, we have a sense of awe or reverence for the person or thing.

            b. Honor is, therefore, the exact opposite of thoughtlessness and neglect. It conveys a sense of enormous importance to the thing to which it is given. It was an expression of value and worth.

            The Hebrew Concept

            1. The Hebrews had a highly developed code of honor. This was due to the teaching of Scripture. And the Scriptures nowhere bestowed greater importance on human relationships than on the duty of children to their parents. Listen to a few of these verses:

            a. Leviticus 19:3 ‘Every one of you shall revere his mother and his father, and keep My Sabbaths: I am the LORD your God’

            b. Deuteronomy 27:16 ‘Cursed is the one who treats his father or his mother with contempt.’ And all the people shall say, ‘Amen!’

            c. Proverbs 1:8 My son, hear the instruction of your father, And do not forsake the law of your mother;

            d. Proverbs 20:20 Whoever curses his father or his mother, His lamp will be put out in deep darkness.

            e. Proverbs 30:17 The eye that mocks his father, And scorns obedience to his mother, The ravens of the valley will pick it out, And the young eagles will eat it.

            2. This attitude was infused into the New Testament, as well, God putting it there to instruct us of our duty to our parents and grandparents. Here are but a few examples:

            a. 1 Timothy 5:4 But if any widow has children or grandchildren, let them first learn to show piety at home and to repay their parents; for this is good and acceptable before God.

            b. Matthew 15:4 “For God commanded, saying, ‘Honor your father and your mother’; and, ‘He who curses father or mother, let him be put to death.’”

            c. Ephesians 6:2 “Honor your father and mother,” which is the first commandment with promise:


            • Dear Rhonda,

              Your posting is an excellent litmus test for someone who is struggling with their relationship with their parents/in-laws. It is imperative that a person seek the Lord and examine their own heart.

              I(Amy) stand by my above posting for those who have sought the Lord regarding their parental/in-law relationship that seeks to damage the marriage relationship.

              We know that the Word of God never contradicts iteself. We also know that satan loves to “quote” the word in order to promote sin.

              In the case of an abusive/demon possessed parent/in-law, it may be honoring to them to separate oneself from them and pray for their healing – while not gossiping about the situation.

              It can be very difficult for a person with a normal/good parental or in-law relationship to fathom a bad relationship (not bad because of the child’s wrongdoing/attitude). What is standard in honoring a parent in a healthy relationship might be downright dangerous in a relationship with a demon possessed parent.

              • Can you explain a little more about the good vs bad parental/in law role? I have a father who needs some deep healing and has many demons and throws at me the honor mother and father verse when he feels I didn’t ever appreciate all the money he spent me when I was a child growing up. So over the years I have tried to tell him and apologize and tell him I honor him but it doesn’t ever seem to sink in. Is this loving and honoring or dangerous to his demise? I know I need to keep my boundaries with him until he gets healed but what is my role and how to I stay protected when I myself have struggled with Jezebel and working on staying free.

                • Erinn

                  Honoring means obeying your parents, and speaking respectfully to them and about them. Do you do that?

                  • Actually, “honor” does not mean obey as used in the Hebrew in Exodus. “Kabed” (honor) is a verb meaning “to weigh heavily, to be heavy, to be honored, to be made heavy, to get honor.” I would agree that “respect” would be a good way to put it.

                    Erinn, it sounds like your dad is using that verse to manipulate you/hurt you. He needs a healing from the Lord. When your Dad attacks you, you can honor him by respectfully removing yourself from the situation. There is no need to subject yourself to verbal/emotional abuse (unless the Lord is specifically calling you to endure it). Do not lash out at your Dad in the same manner he is lashing out at you. And then pray for him.

                    My mother-in-law is demon possessed. She claims to be a Christian and throws verses around (all used incorrectly, by the way) in order to get her own way. She inflicts horrible injury and expects my husband to bow down and take it because she finishes it up with “God’s Word says honor your mother.” She quit her job, blew through her money, and told us it is because we MUST take care of her (she’s only 18 years older than my husband – not old, infirm, etc.).

                    My mother-in-law is no longer a part of our lives. It is the best way we can honor her . . . and raise our child to know Christ. And preserve my life and our marriage (she tried to kill me and she told us at our wedding that she will always be number one over me in my husband’s life – so not biblical). Sometimes the best thing we can do for parents and ourselves is to separate ourselves from them. This frees up the troubled parent to seek healing from God (instead of focusing their energy on you). It also allows you to obey God in what He is calling you to do (in my husband’s case it was to be a godly husband and father – which his mother sought to disrupt).

                    Maybe this is too simple of an anaolgy: Imagine that you are an alcoholic. You realize you are and take the steps to break free of this bondage. Your dad keeps inviting you to bars and plopping drinks in front of your face. In order to keep from falling back into bondage, you must separate yourself from your Dad. The relationship can only resume when he stops pushing drinks in your face.

      • I was married to a jezebel, oh how I know her, so cunning out of public view! When ever confronting a jezebel ALWAYS do it in the company of 2 or more witnesses, NEVER, I said never alone! Always record conversations to prove your innocense and her guilt, video record all interactions when ever possible, you will need these as to your defense when the time arises, be always armed with proof for she will try to distroy you with her so convincing talented and polished lying technics. She will flee once she has publicly been revealed. REMEMBER THAT SHE WILL ALWAYS WALK WITH HER HEAD HELD HIGH, FOR SHE KNOWS NO SHAME EVER!
        For jezebel THERE IS NO CURE!
        The best you can do is make her flee!!!!!!!!
        GOD BE WITH YOU!


          • PS, A Ahab is a man with very little to no testicales, he is a mouse never to become a real man.
            LEAVE HIM, for he is a weak fool !!!

      • Hi Gretchen
        Been there. It is a real battle isn’t it. I believe God separated me from my powerful enemies because they were too strong for me. Remember the parting of the sea in the Old Testament. I did nothing – my mother in law caused the separation by trying to compare my husband to his younger sister and that she would get ahead of him materially in life if he didn’t watch it. These cruel comments drove my husband away from her matriarchal control. I took 10 years to fall pregnant probably due to the stress of that family – I believe God separated us to take the stress off me so I could eventually have children. From age 42 to 48 I had 5 children in answer to prayer and an incredibly deep walk with the Lord, where I believe quoting Biblical verses got me there combined with years of prayer. Now at 61 I have a 12 year old – my youngest. A bit unusual but who cares – it all happened in God’s time. My mother in -law died just under two years of my first child being born. The relationship with my sister in law is very distant and we don’t see her. She would try to destroy my marriage and my relationship with my children. I have tried to talk to her and find an attempt at making things work but she does not wish to change. I forgive her and see her more as a victim than an enemy but I keep away. Sometimes our enemy is just too strong for us and it is best to forgive but keep away.

    • I concur. I am presently going through this with my husband and have not yet have breakthrough. He progressively began to show and continue to show ALL the characteristics mentioned which confirmed not only that i was not crazy but about him as well.

      He holds the office of a pastor and that fact proves even more. Challenging to deal with. He hides behind it and uses it.

      I confess he blamed me but it is evident it is him. He no longer prays or reads the word much less study. He promotes his own version insisting he knows because he’s ordained.

      As his wife i do have compassion but not to the point of compromising Gods true word for all of us including him. He reacts that he is exempt. He has recently been diagnosed with cancer and blames it or another for what he does..even me at times. Whatever is convenient if he is confronted.

      I am trusting the Father for his complete healing deliverance and restoration.

      • joanne

        he is denying his physical condition. just keep praying for him, that god touches him and opens his eyes.

        as for bible study, he still needs to study the Word, ordained or not.

        I have a master’s degree in biochemistry, but if I do not keep up with the new information or even the old information, I am considered basically out of date and stupid in my field. new revelations all the time, and I am responsible to keep up with them.

        being ordained just means he is trained to STAY in the Word…it does not make him an instant genius that has all the answers, and no longer needs to study.

        I wish him the best on any cancer treatment he is getting

        I will agree with you for his healing and deliverance

    • I admire your courage. It is most difficult! I was married to one till she was unfaithful. The deception was mindblowing-and it came from her father- a pastor!after that God kept me for 13 yrs after until I saw someone seriously again. Now the same thing happened after 5 yrs again!
      Pastors says she won’t get truly saved. Do I stand in the gap for her still? Years of fasting & prayer does not seem to have had Any effect on her…just harder heart, more sin.

      • reuben

        usually jezebels do not repent or want to change. something very tragic, bad or huge has to happen to them to force them to wake up

        if you are nice to them, they feel there is no need to change

        it is always good to pray for them,

        god will bless you for that

        it is up to you to stay with her or not

        you might want to think deeply what attracts you to jezebels, and work on that weak spot inside of you…that way, this will not happen again

        jezebels need a Jehru to break them, a strong righteous man who is not afraid to confront the demon, and fight it face to face. if you are too nice, passive and sweet, you have the wrong spirit to deal with this, and need to strengthen yourself.

        I am sending you some prayers against jezebels and witchcraft. say daily

    • I know its been a while now, but I was wondering how you are doing ? Im struggling myself with this spirit. If you can email me at shuttleworthe80@gmail.com
      Thank you..

  2. I deeply appreciate your comments. I praise God that your marriage is ok. I have been through much too, so I can relate to what you are saying. I pray that your Jehu stays strong for you now, and your marriage is blessed.

  3. I want to teach this Study. Wow What an eye opener. Thank You

  4. Let me know what I must do to get your permission.

  5. Hello, I am a 49 year old women who after 30 years has moved back to my parents home due to my Dad being ill. My mother is the most severe case of Jezebel that I have ever witnessed and she seems insistant upon constantly trying to attack me and my behavior. My adult sister lives here as well and is very submitted to mother, while she is on massive amounts of psychotrophic, narcotic medications. I need some practical advise on how to literally behave around this evil spirit and EXACTLY what to do to deal with this very delicate situation, as I am in their home.

    • Say this prayer as often as you can May The Sacred Cross Be my light
      and not the Devil be my guide
      De cup that you offer is full of poison
      Drink it yourself.
      (Vade retro Satana) or stand behind me Satan
      In Jesus name .Amen

  6. there are different approaches…..I will start with Plan A…if this is not possible, let me know and we will go to Plan B

    Can you live elsewhere and still be near your Dad?

    you have 2 choices…….

    stay under her roof and submit, or she will evict you if you don’t

    get a place of your own, and then come over to see your Dad. In that case, if she is oppressive, you can stand up to her, because you are not under her roof, and you can go home if there is a fight.

    her power comes from controlling submissive people……the best response, if you are not under her authority, is to stand up to her and teach her the meaning of the word NO.

    since she is most likely a false accuser, I would bring witnesses with you, to back you up. if you and whoever you bring with you outnumbers her, she will be quieter, maybe not by much. She also gets her power by recruiting others against you, so if your forces are greater than hers, and you outnumber her, then she cannot fight back as well.

    • Dear Marianne, I wrote the above msg. in ’08 when I moved into my parents house to care for my dying father. He passed in May of the same year. My mother used my sister to tell me all kinds of horrible things, and that I was not wanted or welcome to stay there (you were right). Of course immediately upon my Dad’s death, I rented a place, as giving him nursing care was why I was there. He passed in May, and I moved out three weeks later. I didn’t have communication with my mother and sister until around Thanksgiving time when I decided that I would invite them over for Thanksgiving dinner. They actually came, but it was pretty thick atmostphere with mother and sister trying to confront me on Thanksgiving day. I told her that she would be asked to leave if we couldn’t just have a pleasant meal around the children and all. Her tactics got bad as she was leaving, accusing me of any and everything. For the last three years I have continued to invite them for the holidays, but they have refused to come. I sent them a letter a couple of years ago expressing my desire to have a relationship, and asking if my mother would be willing to go to counseling with me, I got no response. Now it is 2012… this past week I had dreams about my mother dying two nights in a row. The day of the second I was in the Spirit and I had a complete peace and humility come to me in regards to my mother, and I felt led to call her and tell her that the children (my grandchildren, who live with me), and I would like to see her. When I spoke with her and told her that, she went into full gear. She started by saying, “This is an answer to my prayers, I have been praying He would show you yourself.” She started again hammering me with the past (some true, some not), of everything she felt I had done wrong since childhood (I’m 53 years old).. I tried to just remain calm, telling her I didn’t call to go through all these things, but that I just want to see if we can have a relationship of some kind. It only got worse, with her telling me that she has always wanted that but that I have just always been bad, and if I had been a better daughter she would have been a better mother. She made so many accusations against me, I can’t even name them all (and wouldn’t want to). So, I told her that I take responsibility for the problems in our relationship, but I now want to see if we can get past them to be able to have something. To that she said, “well you should take the blame (which I wasn’t doing), because I’ve never done anything, it’s all you. You have treated me and your sister horrible and I have cried my heart out every day, begging God to open your eyes and telling Him to put you flat on your back until you do.. Then telling me that it will all be over soon and then He will let me know the truth, etc. etc. etc.” Still remaining calm I asked her if she would be wiling to go with me to talk to someone who could help us get to a place of communication. She refused, saying she didn’t need to see anyone…. then she hung up the phone with me. I’m sorry to say that I literally felt like I had been beaten and had no strength in me for a few hours.

      It’s the next day now and I just got a voicemail from my mother saying, “I had gotten an answer to my prayers about you and I messed it up. She said she was sorry that her big mouth got the best of her again. She said the Lord revealed it to her last night. She said she wants to see me and the children and that she loves us.

      I’m sorry to say I don’t believe that she is sincerely sorry, but am wiling to overlook even that. I want to show respect toward her and honor her and have some kind of relationship with her, but I just don’t think that without intervention it will happen.

      Please help me with advise at this point if you can and will. I graduated with my Masters in Theology in ’10 and now do ministry work, which my family has mocked and criticized. I want to be in perfect authority with God and I understand that it all works back to our parents..

      Thank you Marianne

      • Thank you Marrianne, I guess my main concern is my mother dying and our having never resolved anything. I do care about her and want the best for her, but can’t allow her to bring on these attacks with me. Is it wrong not to communicate with your mother that you’re suppose to honor and care for, especially in her old age?

        • hi renee

          I think you are going to have to resolve within yourself that she is mentally disturbed, and because of that, you will not get a normal response out of her.

          You need to protect yourself, while trying to show some kindness to her. I would bring another person into the interaction, as a support person, if you have phone or personal contact with her. that way you have someone on your side, to ward off attacks as they come. also, she may be less likely to attack, if it is apparent the person with you is on your side.

          this is also a time to present the message of forgiveness and salvation through Jesus, if you can get through to her.

          the support person may also help in this regard.

          whether she likes it or not, she is facing eternity and it does not sound like she is saved, so treading on her toes a little is justifiable.

          no matter how much she blames you, she is still responsible for her own sins and behavior. she will not go to hell for your sins, but for her own.

          She may take the repentance message better from someone else, rather than you, since she cannot admit she is wrong.

          maybe get a local pastor involved, a male, since she may listen to a man quicker than you…just be sure he is not an ahab…..check him first, and be sure he has a godly strong nature….

  7. Hello I am a 24 year old woman who has experienced 3 jezebels in my life. One is my sister who is older than me, the other is a gay male friend i had from school and the other is a male i met in church. I was suprised to think jezebel can exist in men but it sure can. The most difficult one of these to deal with is my sister. She was very controlling and undermined me when i was growing up. my parents were softies so gave into her while i stood back knowing something was wrong. I still find it hard to say NO to her without thinking of a good excuse first. Is there an easy way of saying no to stand up for myself?

  8. Jody,

    Jezebels are influenced by “acceptance” and power. You need people to back you up. When Jezebel sees others are on your side, and oppose her, she will more likely back down. She does best when she has people on her side too, so avoid that scene.

    You do not need an excuse. Just say NO because you do not WANT to. That is good enough reason. You say

    I do not WANT to do that….

    That is NOT what I am going to do…..

    if she asks for a reason, tell her you just do not want to..and that is your decision. repeat this point until she gets it., even if it is 100 times.

    remember, she got this way because people gave into her.

    good luck…also get some prayer from some good people. keep them close to you for support.


  9. Hello Marianna,

    I would like to know, if someone tells you that you have a sneaky spirit in you is that the same as a jezebel spirit?

  10. Sweet P,

    If “sneaky” is the only word they use to describe you, then I do not think it means you are a Jezebel.

    If you match the following description, according to them, there is a good possibility you might be:


    I hope things go well for you.


  11. Marrianne,

    Thank you for such a quick response. I found your Website on this week, I think it was on Monday. You have really great information in this website. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with the world.

    Sweet P

  12. Sweet P,

    You are welcome. Also, you will see, as you read, that Jezebels are dishonest and will falsely accuse you, making you the bad person. So you could actually be the victim of a jezebel, instead of being one.

    Read the information under this category. See if it matches your situation or that of anyone you know.


    Best wishes,

    • Marianne the believers/godly need relief at Hillsborough County Govt in they’re fatigued by those controled by the spirit of Jezebel. They destroyed my witness. Send them some help in Tampa, FL.

  13. Dear Marianne,
    Your site,is a GOD SEND! My older sister,told me she was delivered from this spirit.Then,she told me that our mother has it.Also,I believe my oldest daughter has it.How do we pray to help,our family? My mother is 78,she came from a rough German family.She was molested time and time again,by family members,from age 3 to 16.Her mother tried to abort her.She gave her life to christ,at age 37,so did my father.Still,all my life,I recall my mother always being,controlling,threatening,aggressive.My Dad was Ahab,quite,calm.just was led by my mom.My oldest daughter Jade,acts just like my mom.She became very rebelloius as a teen.When,she was almost 18,she ran away from us,to live with a evil guy from nigeria.because,of the jezebel spirit,our family has endured much pain.Jade is now cohorting with my mom ,against us.THe guy kicked Jade out a few months ago,we were all relieved,Then,my mom and older sister got Jade back with the guy! Now,my mom is helping them plan their wedding!I am a born again,holy spirit filled woman of God,I know this wedding is not God’s will for Jade! My mom came over yesterday,to give me more details,she purposeslly hurts me! Some one,told me the Jezebel spirit weakens,if the person goes to church.My mom used to go to church.Now,she won’t go,she makes everyexcuse not to! I love my mom,but I can not really have a relationship with her.I strive to honor her.Please pray for My mom Pat,and me Sandy, and OF course Jade.I desire the total restoratoin of my family,and peace>God bless yoou,for being here,to teach me about this from your site.

  14. Hi Sandy,

    The best approach is to find the Jehu in you family. If there is none, then you will just have to pray. I will put you on my prayer list.

    When someone attacks, do not accept what they say. Remember it is a spirit talking to you, not them. This will help to remember this. Shield yourself with the word of God, and his love, and let the insults bounce off you. Your family is not attacking you, Satan is…..

    You can acknowledge that they commented or something they did, but politely say you do not accept their behavior, and you wish to bless them, and that you love them. Jesus loves them too.

    Jezebels get power from others, as Jade and your mom are an alignment. So as long as they do this, they will reinforce each other. Since they are family, they cannot be separated from each other.

    Jade is entangled with this guy. He seems to be the stronger personality if he can kick her out. It might take abuse from him to wake Jade up. She will face someone who is worse than she is. Either he is bad, and she will get put down, and maybe learn a lesson, or if he is good, he might be the Jehu you are looking for.

    If you oppose the wedding, this will make Jade more intense about getting married, so do not comment about it. There is a lesson she has to learn, and this marriage – good or bad – must have some role in the lesson. Just go along with it, and let things work itself out. Then be there for her if the marriage crashes.

    You are doing the right thing. This is a very discouraging problem for a family member. I have a family member like that too. I have had to endure her for years. But things are slowly working out. Nothing is perfect yet, but she is less intense than before, and more polite. Jezebels can take a long time to heal because human pride is mixed in with the demonic spirit, and you have a mix of human will, and the demonic. If someone was just possessed, it would be easier to get rid of the spirit. But when the human allows entry to the spirit, and wants it there, it is an uphill battle. So, the best thing to do is allow the human to experience the destruction that the demonic wants, and then it will regret being associated with it. Eventually, it will not want the demonic around anymore, because it just causes trouble. At that time, the person is ready for deliverance.

    Keep being polite and loving. Love conquers much by itself.

    God bless you.

  15. These spirits have such an irritating tenacious bite. they are like rabid dogs who don’t want to let go of a bone thats tasteless and dry. Im angry to see how rampant it is in destroying and deluding families and MARRIAGES. When you know a rotveiler dog is famous for its inability to “let go” when they bite. I am glad to see that Cindy found restoration in her marriage. She has more grace than many. I would struggle to ever trust my husband after what he out myself and the children through
    but when you are looking at a truly delivered person then that worthwhile

  16. Coreeta,

    What you say is very true. But that is why these are demons, and not humans.
    They are truly vicious and do cling on. That is one way to recognize them.



  18. Dear Faith,

    Are you and your husband saved? That is my first question.

    If yes, then each day bind and rebuke all spirits of witchcraft in Jesus name, and plead the blood of Jesus over your husband. Get other people you trust to agree with you in prayer. If you can, at least occasionally get them to pray with you.

    If you have any way of contacting her, let her know that you are sending all her curses back on to her, so she will suffer if she continues to act this way.

    There are some prayers on this site, that you can use as a guide to prayer. See if they help you.




  19. I need to know how do you deal with this spirit when it is in your first-lady. I do not want to be out of order or anything like that. But it is making me not wanting to be around her.But at the same time i want to help her. she will not say that something is wrong. even when another pastor told her she had this problem. No one will say anthing about it so what can i do or should do.

  20. Dear Need Help.

    I assume you are referring to your wife. How can you be out of order with your wife? OR are you referring to the pastor’s wife? Sometimes they are called “first ladies.”

    If this is your wife, be strong and take charge. Say no to her, and tell her she needs to control herself, or you will do it for her.

    If this is your pastor’s wife, it is his responsibility to get her under control. If he is acting weak and passive, then he is an Ahab, and he will not do anything to change her. It is a co-dependent situation. In this case, all you can do is lift them both up in prayer, do no submit to any control behavior, and make a decision if you leave, or stay. Usually, when the pastor is an Ahab, nothing will change, and it is better off to leave. Once gone, you can keep them in your prayers.

    Let me know if this answered your question. If you look, there are other posts on the Jezebel on this site. Take a look at them too.


  21. Yes this has helped me.Thanks a lot.

  22. HI,
    Wonder if someone might have some insight to share. I didn’t know anything about this spirit until my wife told me we were over and eventually has filed for divorce. A couple days into our seperation everytime I turned on the TV there was this guy Bob Larson teaching on the Spirit of Jezebel (3 times in a row). On the 3rd occasion I actually listened and was amazed at how this seemed to explain my wife’s behaviour and why we have some many problems because I don’t want to submit to her and she won’t to me. Finally, playing scrabble the next day God got out the slede hammer when someone passed the dictornary. The page it was opened to had Jezebel at the top of the page – wife of Ahab who bought in Baal worship. I was really scared at first as I have never experienced spiritual warefare but God spoke to me that He was brining mighty warriors alongside me for this battle. He was more true to His word than I imagined but 5 mnts. later and my wife is still unforgiving, unrepentant and full of pride determined to end our marriage when God has spoken so clearly to both of us about our great destiny in ministry.
    I have tried to be loving to her but keep getting rejected and its getting extremely painful…God did give me a vision of Him breaking the fingers of this spirit as it clung to the window of my wifes heart many months ago now but it is still very prevalent. Under the direction of the holy spirit I have been fasting since Aug 08/08 but am finding it harder and harder to hang on for my wife.
    Please Help, Pray, suggest what I can do.

  23. Hi Alex,

    The Jezebel spirit is rebellious, and wants control. It does not repent on its own. Bob Larson uses a psychological approach to deliverance, which can be very long. THis is what usually defeats the spriit, but you have to have these resources available.
    1. never submit to her, maintain authority
    2. she get strength by recruiting supporters. so
    a. see if you can remove her support system, or separate her from it when you interact with her….do not allow her friends to be present
    b. get your own support system, and make sure it outnumbers what she has. it is a power play. you have to be bigger, and stronger, with more support than she has….she will respect the power play because that is what she is addicted to.
    3. do not be “nice” all the time…..you do not have to be abusive but firm and unmovable…..be positively aggressive with her.
    4. Pray for the spirit to be broken
    5. tell her to her face that she is a jezebel….identifying it will throw her into denial or a fight, but you need to expose the demon involved.
    6. be consistent
    7. continue to oppose her and demand respect and submission.
    8. confront her about what would have caused the spirit to enter…..it is some kind of emotional injury she is covering up…so to protect herself, she becomes the power and the force….she needs to let go and discuss the injury that led to the demon entering.

    do this much first..and let me know how it is going before we discuss other actions.


  24. When God took me thru learning about Jezebels, He showed me a parallel situation so I could connect with the Bible Jezebel. First, note Jezebel usurped wimpy King Ahab’s authority to evilly rule over the people. Likewise, many Christians usurp God’s authority to rule over the sheep. MANY Christian leaders do this, but they do not know they are doing it. To them it seems natural and proper…but one day, it will be the reason God’s people will be called out of the churches.

    The most usual way I’ve found that Jezebel spirits get into people is while they are yet children with no wisdom. We forget how traumatic those childhood times were when we didn’t get our way. Those were the perfect times for evil spirits to get us to make a vow that “Someday, I will let NO ONE rule over me!” Vows, even those made by children are powerful, and they stay in our sub-concious to guide us thru life, ever seeking advantage over others.

    As I went thru my deliverances, the Holy Spirit brot up long forgotten childhood memories and showed me how I agreed with an evil spirit, letting them come in. Once I saw the lie I had believed, I was able to command that demon to leave, and it did. I went thru several of these. Demons cannot stand the Light of Truth, and must leave.

    BTW, if you think just agreeing with an evil spirit does not invite them in, remember, all it takes for Jesus’ Spirit to come into us is for us to agree with Him…. DavWms

  25. Hi Dave,

    Very good thoughts. So we should be careful about what we agree to, and disagree with. I think we all need to look within, to root out problems before they harm us further.


  26. Thank you so much for all the research on this site about the Jezebel spirit. I’ve lived with a verbally abusive husband for 26 years. We have three young adult children. There has always been severe spiritual division between myself and my husband. He seemed to be tormented by Christ within me. To my devastation my husband in his manipulative ways and his authority postion encouraged our children in sin so as to make it normal and now has turned my children against God and me. I am currently separted from them because I had an emotional breakdown. Everything you describe about the Jezebel spirit describes my husband’s characteristics. My questions are – Where is God in this? I feel so abandon by God! Why has God allowed my husband to get away with this? I feel like my children have been taken captive. Your description of placing my children in problem or failure situation so he can be in control and deny help putting them in a dependency mode, where they will need him. IS RIGHT ON!! I feel like someone put me in a Sci Fi movie. The same vile wickness that has been in my husband abusing me is now in my children. What can I do to set my family free from this Jezebel spirit??? In Jesus Karen

  27. Thank you so much for all the research on this site about the Jezebel spirit. I’ve lived with a verbally abusive husband for 26 years. We have three young adult children. There has always been severe spiritual division between myself and my husband. He seemed to be tormented by Christ within me. Your description of the Jezebel spirit describes what I have lived with in my husband. Through manipulation and deception to my devastation my husband has turned my children against me and God. I am currently separted from them because I had an emotional breakdown. My questions are – Where is God in this? I feel so abandon by God! Why has God allowed my husband to get away with this? I feel like my children have been taken captive. Your description of placing my children in problem or failure situation so he can be in control and deny help putting them in a dependency mode, where they will need him. IS RIGHT ON!! I feel like someone put me in a Sci Fi movie. The same vile wickness that has been in my husband abusing me is now in my children. What can I do to set my family free from this Jezebel spirit??? In Jesus Karen

  28. Hi Karen,

    My heart goes out to you. You are not alone in this type of situation. The reason it happened is that Satan is loose, alive and well on planet earth. You were alone against him, and did not realize the slow erosion that was occurring.

    First of all, you need support for yourself. Try to gather friends and family. Share the concerns. When you deal with him, do it as a group. He will deny what he does, but so what, he is a liar. First you have to confront him for what he is, tell him what he is, and then tell him you reject him and his behavior.

    Dealing with the kids is harder because they are adults now. But you can still pray for them, ask God to send someone to intervene for you. Also, their defenses will be up, but overcome them by telling them you love them with the love of Jesus. Encourage them if they do something nice, saying that they are showing the love of jesus. it will be a long haul. this could take months or years, but do not be discouraged.

    Put everything in God’s hands. Tell him to fix any mistakes that you might make. If you have a chance to say a little prayer for them, just pray that they experience the love of Jesus and his presence and help. Let them hear you. THis will take a lot of patience on your part. That is why you need a support system.

    Also, divide and conquer. Only deal with the ex, or the kids – one at a time. When they get into a group, they gang up on you.

    this is a start. keep in touch, and write all you want to me.


  29. Dear Marianne,
    I have been reading your blog with great interest after my sister, who is born again, introduced the concept of the Jezebel spirit to me. I definitely possess the symptoms you describe and I need practical advice about how to approach my journey towards healing.

    My husband, in whom I seem to have invoked the Ahab spirit, suggested psycho-analysis, but of course, I’ve been resisting that idea. The problem is, I don’t go to church and I don’t know where or how to start looking for a church. When I read my bible I’m overwhelmed by the information and nothing sinks in. I want salvation but I have no idea how to reach out to God. My born-again family live in another country and my marital family are all Roman Catholics who wouldn’t relate to – may even disrespect – the Pentecostal approach.

    I’ve been struggling in my marriage and friendships for about 5 years now, the conflicts and disruption are escalating, and I feel like there is something deeply wrong: I say things I don’t want to say, behave aggressively when I set out to make peace, create chaos and anger in a marriage that has the clear potential to be great. My husband is a beautiful man who I could learn so much from but can’t because of my own unwitting and relentless stubbornness and its literally making me sick.

    I can’t emphasise how difficult it is to overcome the pride and sense of self-pity that this spirit engenders, completely demotivating you to be open about the problem you have and the fact that you know you need help. Its almost like you feel too ashamed to be worthy of help. The other day at the end of the service in my sister’s church (out of town), all I wanted to do was walk to the front to ask for a healing prayer and my feet were rooted in one place. No matter how badly I wanted to, I jucst couldn’t go up there. My sister and I have talked about it openly and after that dilemma, I couldn’t even LOOK at her! its funny. It really feels like being possessed.

    I am writing to ask you for some solid recommendations on the steps you think i should take towards seeking a Jehu when I don’t even belong to a church. How do i find a church? How do I break my sense of shame and start looking for help?

    Thank you for this wonderful site. Thank God I can start talking about all of this.

    Best wishes

    • First, reject the forbidden gibberish tongue of the “word of Knowledge” that has been substituted for the only form of speaking a human tongue different from one’s own control, to tell the Gospel to a seeking, present person. Read about gibberish utterance condemnation in Samuel, where the “Word of Knowledge was sought by King Saul, who went to a gibberish tongue speaking woman to find out what to do, as Prophet Samuel had died.

      Israel was told to immediately stone any who spoke any gibberish utterance. In our time, John Todd revealed he was given $40 million dollars to infiltrate christian churches with the gibberish tongue disguised as a gift from Creator! Their goal was to divide and weaken the entire Church, and thus bring it under the Pope. This is now being completed.

      GET OUT of all charismatic fellowship! Go, study the Original Hebrew Scripture, and in it, you will meet the One Who formed you, and has a specific purpose for your life!

      • dear claude

        I agree that we should use care in receiving from the supernatural, so that we can be assured it is of God.

        There are 2 kinds of tongues described:

        1. new tongues – speaking mysteries to god, which is for private prayer.

        2. other tongues – speaking the gospel to foreign lands, to evangelize them.


        maybe that link will help. it is up to us to be responsible and to discern the spirits, so that our choices are good.

    • Catholics have priests that perform exorcisms, so getting in touch with one might do very much good. They DO understand such things they just don’t go around screaming about it. Miracles happen at Mass where the priests anoint with holy oil the sick. I myself was healed of skin cancer, which disappeared completely after being prayed for. It is faith.

  30. Hi Lynda,

    First of all, you are already on the path you want, because your desire and heart is in the right place.

    Your recovery will happen as your husband discovers the Jehu inside of him. Sometimes men are “too nice,” and passive, letting this sort of thing happen. He needs to find his own inner strength and be more of the leader. He should understand, if he doesn’t already, that you are seeking to control things, because maybe he is not acting on certain issues. He needs to lead more, so that you can follow, and not feel like you have to be the one to act. And then, you need to lean more on him.

    You need to find a church that makes you comfortable. You may need to visit some. I can recommend someone who may be able to help you find something. You need a pastor who has a Jehu personality….strong masculine (no ahab) , honorable, happy marriage, even tempered, with a sweet, quiet (no jezebel), loving wife. Neither should come across as critical in spirit. They should actually be very accepting and loving.

    Also, you do not need to make a spectacle of yourself in front of the church. Make an appointment to see the pastor you chose and his wife, and bring your husband with you. Talk to them privately, and ask for prayer. Arrange for frequent sessions, so you and your husband can examine your feelings together with a more unbound couple who can support you.

    It makes my heart glad to hear from you. To see someone go from miserable to happy means a lot to me. Do not give up on yourself. The devil has already lost, and you have won. You just need to tie up loose ends, find out what is bothering you inside, so that you have acted this way, get some emotional healing, and then go live your life.

    let me know if you need a reference to a minister, based on your location.


    PS. I have just written to you, and the email address came back as wrong. So I will have to wait for you to check this site for your response. Please check your contact information. Thank you.

    • Hi Marianne I notice myself I have this spirit and also maybe my mom. I wanted to get help with this. Also, get closer to God. Are Word of Faith/Prosperity gospel bad churches to go to? I was thinking of Jay Bartlett is he good and have you heard of him?

      • Also, if Christian yoga is in the church should I stay away?

        • ashley

          why do you think you have this spirit?

          the reason I ask is many victims of abuse by jezebels get the guilt transferred to them, and then they are victimized a second time….so I want to make that distinction with you

          the prosperity gospel is a false gospel, based on greed, and entitlement…. you do not sow seed (money) to get more money….the true seed is the word of god, and the fruit is saved souls.

          jay seems legitimate. I follow him, but I have never met him.
          if you want to go to a meeting, go ahead, and see if this feels right in your spirit.

          any type of yoga is suspicious, even if it relaxes you. there are other ways to relax. each position is a way to honor satan. most people are ignorant of this.

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  72. Do you not know that Christ has set you free? We are set free from bondage to pagan superstitions. God has not given us a spirit of fear. We are truly free in Christ.

    • HI Contender

      I totally agree with you! finally!…… 🙂

      People have to know their authority in Christ to break out of bondage.

  73. I think you may have misunderstood what I said. When you are saved by Christ you are no longer in bondage. Christ sets you free. There is no such thing as a Jezebel spirit or the spirit of Jezebel like I stated on another of your pages. This kind of thinking amounts to pagan superstitions which have no place in the life of a believer.

    Trying to get people to be in bondage to fear by believing in superstition is not Christlike at all.

    • Dear Contender,

      I disagree. I see many Christians in bondage. They are saved, but ignorant of the devil’s devices. They are victimized, and need to know that Christ can set them free.

      This site is also for non-Christians who are in bondage. They need to know that Christ can help them also.

      The Jezebel spirit is real. It is usually known as a spirit of rebellion and control, but the term Jezebel just happens to be more descriptive. A Jezebel is a witch.

      A Christian may not be a witch, but might be a victim of one. I have seen many controlling, rebellious behaviors in “Christians.”

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    • Dear VopPiowino,

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      no, I am not from Moscow. I am from America.

  75. My daughter in law has had total control over our family since she came into my sons life 7 yrs ago.She has mistreated our grandson Christian so much and it was as if our son joined in like he got “brownie points”.I have tried in many instances to help my grandson and now she does not want him to have contact with us.When Christian(she is his stepmom)tried to get help from counselors at school,he got severely punished and was treated worse.Christian and his sister are down here near us visiting thier Mom for 1 mo and were to see us for 1 wk.She was making life so horrible for our son that he went to her superior officer (she is in medical field in military)and requested that he talk her into marital counseling as a last resort.I have hoped Christian would not have to go back to that oppression again because when he returns from visiting his mom or us,she has been horrible to him.Our son said the officer said maybe she shouldn’t see me right now but maybe cut thier visit short cause thats what shes insisting on .Should they go back 3 states away at this time? My heart sys it doesn’t seem best.

    • Hi Deborah

      How old is Christian and his sister? At first I thought they were small, but then you mentioned him asking for counseling at school, he then seemed older.

      As long as Christian is a minor, and his parents have custody, he has to do what they say.

      It is your son’s job to put his foot down and take authority in the home. Many times, aggressive women get in control because the man is passive. While most people might think of your son as a nice guy, there is something wrong inside, that he permits such behavior out of woman. Your son needs to find his inner strength and manhood, and stand up to her. She needs to learn what the word “NO” means, and it has to be him who says it.

      Start first with your son, and see if he can do some inner searching of his soul….why is he attracted to such a woman? Why does he let her do this? Why cannot he stand up to her? Why does he give into her, when it hurts the children?

      also, this is summer. there is no hurry to return home. The only way you can hole the kids is to prove emotional harm to the kids, and you need official documentation for that. You can also consider having this wife investigated where she lives, and a report given.

  76. My son had a girlfriend die in teens then married young,she left he got custody.He is so afraid of being alone.I wish he would feel strong in the Lord so that he doesn’t feel so needy.The children are school age.

    • so your son lives far away, near his ex wife? Since he has custody, see if he can just let the children stay longer, since her opinion is secondary, as the non- custodial parent.

      maybe you need to do some match making for your son. Encourage him to meet other friends. If he could meet someone nicer, that would help him and the children a lot.

  77. Hi Marianne, thanks for the insite. I fit so well with so much about the Jezebel spirit. My mum was raped at 15 and I was born to them after 5 children when they were in their 40’s. My brother is 10 years younger than me. As a result there was very little love demonstrated to me from both parents. Was shipped off to boarding school at 12 and grew very independant. I am born again & spirit filled, my late husband was verbally abusive & had an inferiority complex. He committed suicide in 2004 and since then I cannot recognise myself. I am afraid of everyhting and have no confidence in anyone including myself. My present husband is a wonderful man who is adventist. We are hurting each other to destruction when things get out of control for me. He has made some bad decisions in the past which have caused me much pain & I struggle to keep what I call balance and that turns into control. Please help with pray and advice. linda

    • Hi Linda,

      I will put you on my prayer list. Contact me by email (hit the reply button) and tell me more, so I can understand your situation better.

    • Hello Linda,
      I have found release from and healing of negative emotional patterns using the praying method in David Seamands’ book Healing of Memories and use of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
      Here is an interview of long-time EFT expert Carol Look:
      I have been helped quite a bit by a number of EFT email newsletters including hers.

  78. MY mom is sick has no will of living can she have a jezebel spirit in her If that is true pray for her prompt recovery.

    • hi yolanda

      It sound like your mom is depressed. I will pray for her.

      She needs positive words into her life. Read praise and thanksgiving psalms to her to encourage her.

  79. Hi Mariane until I read your website I didn’t know what happened to my 30 year marriage. I now know the spirit of Jezebel and Ahab ran rampid in my marriage. My husband and I separated the last two years of our marriage and when he came back he was horrible. He filed for divorce June 2nd and married another woman who has money and he claims he don’t love but he can live like he wants. In the decree he asked that my name be changed back to my maiden name, he said we had no children in the union in which we had 4 and he said the reason for the divorce was incompatiblity. Since the divorce and his remarrying he wants to still talk to me and see me. He claims he don’t love this woman she can provide the life he wants now in his life. I am so hurt and disappointed but now I know what happened. Do you think I should pray and fight for him because he has no clue of what is going on. When he calls I can hear how sorry he is in his voice but that could be the spirit of Jezebel as well playing the victim. I don’t know how to deal with this. What do you think I should do?

    • Dear Daughter of Zion

      I guess the first question would be, do you want him back?

      If yes, then proceed.

      Yes, he is under a spell, but he was vulnerable to this because of a basic flaw in his personality. He obviously is attracted to aggressive women, compensating for his weak side.

      He may see you as not aggressive enough for him. He needs female aggressiveness to make him feel good. This may be the basis for his “lack of compatibility” complaint.

      He has to get christian counseling to find out why he is weak in male authority, and has to be taken care of by an aggressive woman that he does not care about.

      He needs to get in touch with his male hormones and dump her.

      Until he does this, there is a chance he will go back to her.

      You need to find a Jehu personality – possibly a male counselor for him – to help him dig inside himself to find the root of his weakness.

      you can write back.

  80. Wow! You are so right – I do want him back because he is the father of my children and I was married to him for 30 years and I don’t plan to give up what God has given me to that spirit. I did loose my zeal I guess the past two years full of emotions and fear of what was going on. I do however want him to be the man God created him to be. I do not want a man that can’t provide and won’t hear from God. He is not willing to go to counseling at this time or should I say the last time I spoke with him. I’m in prayer and coming against the Jezebel and Ahab spirit and the other demonic spritis that have taken residence in him. Your websit has really help shine the light on my situation. I have always prayed and stood in the gap for my family and God has instructed me to continue and not to let this destroy what he has given me. I didn’t know what this was until I looked up the spirit of Jezebel. God put the name in my spirit while praying so when I got to work I pulled it up and boy did your website expose this spirit. I’m praying that he will repent and turn from this so that he can get help. In the beginning of our marriage he was not like this he turned passive when I started working years into our marriage. He became the silent parent and I became the head and he did whatever. If I had known what I know now I would have repented for my Jezebel behavior in taking the lead and gave it back to him. I didn’t know though. Wow this is something. Thanks for responding and your words of advise. Please also pray for me as I tackle this spirit. He is receiving ungodly counsel by his brother a preacher who has been married 5 times and has convenced him that what he did by divorcing me and marrying this woman 35 days later was alright as long as he is happy and taking care of his needs.

    • Dear Daughter of Zion

      Do you know any “real men?” If he refuses counseling, another man, who is godly, strong in faith and behavior could substitute.

      Plan A is using a Jehu…..

      Plan B is doing it the all female way…..yourself, but with other women backing you up.

      If you go this route, you are going to have to turn into a Wonder Woman, tell the stupid brother to keep his ungodly opinion to himself, and repent. Tell him he is a disgrace to the gospel of Christ for encouraging anyone to commit adultery.

      If he is associated with a church somewhere, I would turn him in for adultery, and have any ministry license revoked.

      Then you are going to have to confront both your husband and the Jezebel separately, and tell them off. Do not let them ever be 2:1 against you. That is a no win situation. It is a divide and conquer strategy.

      If your husband is looking for fire, then give it to him. But this fire will be a righteous one, not one of lust, lies, and perversion. Set an example, with your own behavior, and show him how HE should be acting on this situation himself.

  81. I can only say, “Praise God”, I am no longer under the influences of the jezbel spirit. It has taken me 38 years. How did I get free and why did it take so long? I knew from the beginning of my commitment to the Lord, that I had the gift of prohecy. Growing up in a large family, I had sisters that controlled and manipulated the entire family. Unbeknowst to me I married into a family of witches. I came to know Jesus after I was married, and after my mother had died. I have been delivered of everything imaginable. When my children were small, it was just me and them. Everyone was against us. All my children committed their lives to Jesus when thy were young. I have moved 5000 km away so I could get free from these people who practice witchcraft. It was very interesting, as my husband always had some female very close to him. First it was his mother and his aunt. Then it was his sister and then sisterinlaw. The it was one of my sisters. Then it came so called sisters in Christ. And finally now as I speak it is a daughter-in-law who married to my eldest son, who had prophecy over him before he married her. Some of my accusers have died now, gone to their reward. Some are on sick beds. God has blessed me with a daughter, who is not married. She has given up going to university to pray with me and support me. She drove the truck basically the 5000 km. God has blessed her with wisdom and discernment. The Blood of Jesus protects her now as I write this, as well as my children and grandchildren, finances and everything that pertains to me. Let us not be ignorant of Satan’s schemes.
    One cannot fight against the spirt of jezbel by themselves. Discernment from the Holy Spirit is #1 and those who are totally committed to Jesus for support who have had their senses finely tuned. As Francis Frangipane said in one of
    his books, “Satan has been around for eons, we have only been on earth a short time”, let no under estimate the power of the enemy. Also in one of his books…the only thing that protects us is the cloak of humility. Humility before God. Psalm 91

    • dear Iris

      It is a blessing to hear of your deliverance. Some things really take a long time, don’t they? But you are finally free, and that is what is important.

  82. Vi proffesional’niy blogger ili eto prosto dlya dushi tak skazat?

    • dear gjhyj

      I am not a professional blogger. I write to share Jesus and the Bible with people.


      Я не являюсь профессиональным блоггером. Я пишу на долю Иисусе и Библии с людьми.

  83. Все очень здорово)))

  84. It seems to me that some on this message board are much too permissive when it comes to dealing with a Jezebel spirit. This kind of person is excessively wicked and evil, and any kind of mild intervention could possibly make matters worse. The Bible is pretty clear to stay away from evil doers and to command them to repent. Evil is contagious, and if you are not rock solid spiritually (with support), they will try to DESTROY you. I grew up with a Jezebel mother who was extremely controlling and surrounded herself with other like minded women. The reason why Jezebel is so powerful in today’s society is due to the strong feminist ideologies that have take over our country. Women in general are given a free pass when it comes confronting evil, especially if they are attractive. And if they are a mother, it’s doubly hard. Being a son of a Jezebel, I have never experienced pain so extreme and severe. Before I knew she had this spirit, I lived with my mother for financial reasons. It was hell on earth. I had never felt so emasculated and depressed. And she had no hesitation in getting other family members to turn against me. By the time I left, I was so hurt, damaged and drained that I thought I was going to die. I find it extremely difficult even functioning in the real world because of the pain they inflict. And the thing is, I haven’t even talked about some of the dirtier things that she has done. Please beware, these people will smile in your face and plot to kill you with no conscience. The fact that we were family doesn’t matter. NOTHING stands in their way. My only advice is if you encounter someone like this ESPECIALLY a christian, get away, because evil is not content with being by itself, it likes to recruit and infect. Misery loves company.

    • hi KJ

      I have a whole series on the Jezebel, and this is the mildest page. The other posts give a very serious view of this problem. One only applies the approach on this page if one understands the rest of it, and is spiritually strong. The Jezebel has to also be at a point where she is willing to receive deliverance. Otherwise, what you said should be followed, and the Jezebel avoided.

      I have about 20 posts on this in total.

    • Yes. It’s true. Some witches are so adamant in their persuit of control and power, they will use all the forces of hell to destroy anyone who even raises a tiny whisper of objection. My marriage was destroyed by a Native American traditionalist witch with traditionalist ceremonies and I just let him go in disgust, even though the Holy Spirit told me distinctly he was merely a ‘captive.’ I reasoned, well, I will pray for an end to his captivity but that doesn’t mean I will go back to him. After 3 1/2 years I am still infuriated with him!!! Why was his love for me his wife of over 20 years and 3 children not greater than this woman’s witchcraft? – especially since he was a former christian and was delivered from being a victim of witchcraft spiritual abuse in the past? To my surprise and with a sense of horror and dread actually, I recieved the decree of God’s Word to be pronounced upon this woman “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live!” So, I struggled to understand why He would decree this and I then finally understood – sometimes, and only God knows, some pratising witches will never truly repent and will continue inflicting evil and harm to people around rthem while they are still alive – so now I am at the season where His Word will prevail and this is the season of my former husband’s deliverance and her punishment! May God’s Word prevail, and His Will as revealed to me through the Holy Spirit be done in Jesus’s Name.

      • oops I want to clarify that I am not to physically harm her in any way (lol) but that to simply pray God’s Word and His Decree upon her “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.” especially every time I discern another witchcraft attack upon me and my children. She has been doing this off and on for the past 3 years and it’s getting tiresome. During the last attack, she inflicted illness and pain. As soon as I blessed her, my enemy and returned her witchcraft curses in Jesus’s name, it ceased, that very minute! She’s actually making her self ill and miserable! I now realize why Jesus said to bless our enemies! It’s for our own good!!! She actually has the ability to manipulate spiritually weak people to physically attack me! It’s hard to understand I know, but the universe is much stranger than we can ever hope to comprehend! Please pray with me, in agreement that this traditionalist witch (Stephanie) be exposed to the entire community and my ex-husband be delivered totally from her power, enchantment and control! Thanks.

      • hi sara

        I am with you 100%. People watch Tv, and see one side of witchcraft. They see it as fun, entertaining, or powerful and exciting. They do not see it as evil, destructive, and lethal. BTW, you are still in my prayers.

    • Hello, KJ. I TOTALLY agree with you. I was previously in a situation with a Jezebel, and I thought God wanted me to minister to her just because He told me to show her love in spite of her bitter hatred/disdain for me (‘bless those who curse you’). Well, I left her church (group) last Monday and have chosen not to find myself stuck in another like situation.

      I’m sorry that you were raised by a mom with the Jezebel spirit. You have said it right: there is no conscience in this spirit. I confronted the Jezebel I knew (a month ago), and she recoiled and spewed poison about me to everyone. Jezebel is such an evil spirit that it really does baffle me that God allows people with Jezebel to continually destroy lives. I have not seen a greater abomination (except for ritual abuse) as the abominations that Jezebels commit with disdain square in God’s face and against everyone. I hope you are finding healing for your wounds, because Jezebels seek to take advantage of woundedness. Be well.

  85. hi, so you can be saved and still have a jezabel spirit that torments you?

    • dear help

      Do you mean you are saved, and someone else with a jezebel spirit torments you?

      —answer here is yes, definitely……they do not like saved people.

      or do you mean you are saved, and you feel like you could be this way yourself?

      — answer here is yes, also, especially if you have been around jezebels, and their influence has rubbed off on you….or you have been traumatized early in life, and have a need to control your surroundings, in order to avoid further pain.

      let me know if you need any more help on this.

  86. thanks for replying marianne.
    this is help again, yes I’m saved gave my life to Christ a long time ago, and it seeems when I do a work for the Lord, I get seriously attacked, spiritually. I’ve married for a long time, my husband works nights and my husband said the past year to two now, that he feels like I’ve changed, that I’ve become more independent, I control things and if it’s not my way, it’s the highway. I feel like there is something deeply wrong: I say things I don’t want to say, behave aggressively when I set out to make peace, create chaos and anger in a marriage that has the clear potential to be great. My husband is for the most part a good man who I could learn so much from. There’s days that go by that are good days, and I do God’s work by ministering to people, encouraging them with their walk with the Lord and then all of a sudden, I feel like I turn different, anything can set me off, but only with my Husband. I beocome stubborn and sometimes rebel. The other day we had a misundertanding and I repented and cried out to God to help me understand what is happening, and it’s weird but I felt as God said, something about a Jezabel. Help me understand this, and how you can be saved but yet have charateristics of a Jezabel. Help me understand cauase I love the Lord and my husband, but sometimes I feel like when I act that way, I greive the Holy Spirit. When I was a little girl, I remember my parents would fight and I always said, I would never let a man control me… does that have anything to do with it. Thanks. Help.

    • dear help,

      In a believer, the jezebel comes in through a wounded spirit. So if you have one, you are oppressed, but not possessed……if you are saved, you cannot be possessed. So that is good. Jezebels can get really bad if the host is an unbeliever.

      you are afraid of submitting to a man, because in your childhood, a man hurt you. so you have to protect yourself by putting up a wall, to shield yourself from being vulnerable to more pain. It is a survival thing.

      you need an older father figure, as I describe above. Do you have someone you can see as a gentle, trustworthy father figure? an older friend? a pastor? a relative? an older brother?

      you also need to talk intimately with your husband and explain the fears.

      you might need to create little exercises, to increase your trust until you feel better. this is something that you can work on with the male figures you choose to help you. you husband needs to study up on the different jezebel types so he can understand and help. He can start by reading this page.

      other pages (about 20 total):


  87. Hi, it’s me again help, thanks for the help and i think it helps explains some situations, I endure. Respectfully, help.

  88. My eyes were first opened to the Jezebel spirit through my former marriage. My former wife and her father’s family (generational) had a strong sense of control, manipulation, and lying spirits. Those spirits went down to my ex-wife (as in Athalia) and I had to deal with that during all my years of marriage. Little did I know, I had an Ahab spirit, that was generational through my father. God revealed this to me years ago and I’ve gotten delivered from that spirit through the Blood of the Lamb Jesus Christ. But since then, God showed me a young lady as my wife. She’s a very humble person for the Lord, only wanting the things of Him. In this situation, another Jezebel spirited person is present, not from the young lady, but another lady from the outside. This outside person has worked her way into a ministerial position of our church and has created a deep soul-tie with the person whom God has shown me to be my wife for His Glory. The Jezebel spirited flatters my friends family member and people of high positions at the church we attend by inviting them over to eat at her table and various other ways in order to gain access and control. The Jezebel spirited person recognizes the Jehu spirit that I asked God to replace me with once I got delivered from the Ahab spirit. She doesn’t want any part of my presence in her midst. And she covers her actions pertaining to me by promoting me as a bad influence. She uses my friends family members who are weak minded Christians to both gather information concerning me and my friend (in other words..our every move is documented by the messengers and the eunuchs of Jezebel). The Jezebel spirited person then contacts my friend and speaks negatively against me as if my friend is making a mistake in being in a God-feared relationship with me, in order to gain or re-gain control. When the Jezebel spirited person is not around, her evil spirit is in operation through my friends family members who eats at the table of Jezebel from my friends older kids and cousins who uses anger and dislike to control her every move. My friend being the humble person that she is, chooses not to rock the boat of the many, at the same time is afraid to express her true feelings of me because she’s afraid of the conflict of her family members and the Jezebel spirited person….ALL IN THE NAME OF WITCHCRAFT THAT POSES ITSELF AS BEING PROPHETIC AND CHRIST-LIKE. Amazing to watch. This is just a small part of the amazing story that’s unfolding. BUT IT’S DEFINITELY A HINDERING TO MY LIFE AND GOD’S PLANS. I watch as those family members who are under the Jezebel spirited persons influence swarms around my friend after church service is over in order to discourage both me and her from having contact with each other. My friend think that it’s just her family members being concerned about her, so she doesn’t want to rock the boat, she just allows it to happen. I know that I have to deal with this spirit with the right heart and motives, but with this spirit hindering our relationship, it’s controlling my life. I have to get out from under this spirit and defeat this nasty devil with the Blood of Jesus Christ and it’s presence in my life. I can’t quit and loose faith in God and say “forget this relationship with my friend”. If I do that, not only will the Jezebel spirit gain the victory, but it will continue to follow me (as it already has) from relationship to relationship to relationship until I deal with in the spirit. I fast, I pray, and I remain patient on the Lord, but I realize that the Jezebel spirit always wants me to get out of character by reacting through my emotions, I can’t talk to my friend because she is soooo fooled into thinking that this Jezebel spirited friend of hers is actually a “Naomi” spirited person and my friend has positioned her self as the “Ruth” follower to “Naomi”. This soul-tie has been formed like I’ve never seen before. Which could backfire on me and my character. If I leave my church, then Jezebel wins again. Get me out of the way to further her control. This is a very deceptive and nasty spirit. The more people this spirit influences to gain control through her flattery, the more she covers herself with them and dispatches her witchcraft through them while she watches from the sidelines. Again, this demon will follow me for the rest of my life until it’s dealt with in the Name of Jesus. Any Christ given help would be appreciated.

    God Bless you,


    • dear jehuwarrior

      The reason this Jezebel is loose in the church is because the pastor allows it.

      When you have this type of situation, you need to leave the church (there is nothing stopping her), unless the pastor stands up and acts like a man and gets rid of her.

      It will not be a defeat for you, unless you leave your girlfriend behind, to be transformed into an apprentice jezebel.

      This is happening in all churches, so do not think it is because of you this is happening.

      Talk to your girlfriend. Tell her about the Jezebel spirit, and the need to leave an infested church. Look over what I have written also to make you well informed. There are about 20 posts.


      Try to have her see that she is being trapped there. But the final choice is hers.

      You may need to spend some quality time outside of the church. Get into private time with God.

      I need to point out that you have already been married once. Jesus taught that only in the case of sexual immorality, can a man divorce a wife and remarry.

      This is ignored by the church now, and opens a door for things like you are mentioning.

      It would be best for you to spend some time as a single man, and get close to God, before you venture out with another woman.

      • Marianne, thank you for your blog! I am thinking my father is a Jezebel. He has for years accused my mother of being one. I recently read a ’30 traits of Jezebel’ and he shows all but maybe 2. He is not as cruel as some of what I have read here, thankfully. He has manic-depressive traits and is often in the ‘cheerful’ side of things when around people, plying his opinion and view of the world.

        My mom hung on to their marriage till recently, always trying to please him, which is impossible.

        I wanted to share this viewpoint on marriage/divorce/remarriage, since you brought it up. http://gods-kingdom-ministries.net/teachings/books/the-bible-says-divorce-and-remarriage-is-not-adultery/

        Thank you again,


        • Full text of the study:

        • A

          I do not accept what he says…the truth is right there in front of him, and he manages to redefine it as something else.

          playing around with terms like put away as if it is not divorce.

          death penalty was always waived if the person repented of their adultery ….example king david.

          I do not care how many degrees he has….he is wrong…..the theology department in my university was also full of such unbelieving scholars who write about christ, but have no relationship with him.

          divorce is ONLY allowed in cases of adultery, or other sexual sin.

          not allowed for other reasons.

          and divorce and remarriage is NOT allowed, and counted as adultery also.

          and jesus said that if one married a divorced person, then they also committed adultery.. that is quite clear, yet he comes up with a different meaning

          only exception is if the marriage was to an unbeliever…in this case, there is no spiritual union between a believer and unbeliever

          even then, marriage was still encouraged if the unbelieving spouse was loving and faithful….this is because the faith of the believer could result in the conversion of the unbelieving spouse

          god hates divorce….

          and this man also twists Pauls’ words when paul said if divorced, then remain single.

          jesus did NOT care about hammurabi’s code….only God’s code

          marriage is more than a business contract.

          it is a spiritual union, calling in god as a witness, and a vow before god…

          and you do not get god called in to seal your vow and then break the vow.

          there are a lot of christians living in adultery now because of this kind of thinking

          I cannot say how god will deal with them, but they will experience judgement over this issue

  89. Marianne,

    My story is way too long to type on this blog. The Jezebel, however is a male, a Pastor and is out of control. I know that God is going to move in this instance as 90% of the congregation have been seduced and lulled to sleep.

    God made me the watchman and intercessor, and I’ve warred in the spirit realm for weeks on his behalf. It’s sad to see such a good man of God subjected to this spirit and watch how the demonic and satanic have gained ground in his life through the abounding of sexual sin.

    This blog speaks about Jezebel in a female host, are there any additional suggestions for the male as a host?

    I would appreciate any information you could share.

    • dear warrior

      I think the pattern is pretty much the same. It will still take a male authority figure to bring it down.

      The spirit usually infects women, but it has a stronger presence in a man, and therefore takes more work.

      It would also take a group effort, since spiritual authority is natural in a man, and he would have to be outnumbered to be defeated.

  90. Marianne,

    I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would see all that I have seen. That spirit is very strong to the degree that the male infected takes on different looks.

    Even more concerning is that the congregation for the most part either operate in that spirit or they’ve been lulled to sleep and are unaware. He’s blind to what is going on with him and the congregation is blind or at least pretend to be. The blind leading the blind. They have become the manifestation of what is unsubmitted in the head. My gifts are prophetic and I have visions and dreams and God has given me a lot of insight into this. I just know that it will indeed take an awesome move of God to bring down this spirit. I’m just glad I know He’s an ABLE God.

    Prophetically, I hear what comes to me in the form of conversations that would elude to the church leaders already talking about getting rid of him. The unfortunate thing is that this behavior has gone on unchecked for far too long by the very same leaders, so although his indiscretions opened the door, so many more bear and share responsibility as well. May God have mercy.

    In the meantime, I’ve removed myself from the church, yet I continue to pray and intercede.

    Please pray for us and pray that God will bring healing and deliverance to this man of God and the congregation. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, wisdom and revelation into such matters. I pray that God will bless you tremendously for being obedient to your call. May every promise and “good thing” from God, run you over as He truly manifests Himself in your life.

    Keep blogging, keep sharing… Thank you for allowing God to use you in a time such as this.

    ~ a warrior

  91. Wow, What eye opening post. Sounds like Jezabel, could either be a spirit or a psychiatric disorder depending on who you ask. Today, I’ve been researching this concept and I suspect I’ve been infected my whole life with this spirit or whatever it is. Having been raised by a poor Atheist single mother in the San Francisco Bay Area during the 1980’s … need I say more? Sucks for me, sucks for the rest of the world too. God I wish this generation of women, and just people in general weren’t so messed up and selfish. My selfishness and lack of regard for others is something I’m aware of, and try to change but let me say it’s a big struggle. God have mercy on this wicked place called Earth. Please us all to change our ways.

    • hi reluctant

      You have a good start on winning the battle when you know what the problem is.

      The hippie generation produced a lot of messed up kids. So do not feel alone.

      Just start doing for others, and consider their feelings before your own needs, and you will feel a lot freer.

  92. I have a question. I was married to a man for over 30 years we struggled most of our marriage we have 4 children he left me hooked up with this woman who manipulated him into divorcing me and marrying her. Since that happened he has been begging to come back home. He is married to this woman but does not love her and don’t want to be married to her. He has moved all his stuff back home and says he’s going to get his divorce. My prayer was for him to come to his senses and come back home and get out of that materialistic demonic union with this woman. Now that he has left her and wants to be reunited with me and his family. I don’t feel right because he is married but wants to be back with me. This woman is much older than the both of us she’s 16 years older than us. She used her money and power to lure him. He is so sorry he did what he did he sorry for her as well as his family. I’m tring to be Godly and not accuse or hate either of them. What I wanted has happened but he is not divorced yet and that bothers me. They are in the process of divorcing. I prayed against the Jezebel and Ahab spirit that was operating in the both of them. I’m still doing spiritual warefare because that spirit is a tough one and a deciever.

    • Daughter of Zion

      In the eyes of God, your marriage to him was the only legitimate marriage that existed. So divorce might be a civil matter, but to God, you have always been married to him, and are now still married to him.

      When he was with her, he was committing adultery. He was not “married” as far as God is concerned.

      Make sure your husband is sincere and complete in his repentance. And make sure he understands the Jezebel spirit, so he will not fall for it again.

      He also needs to look within himself and try to understand the weakness that allowed him to get involved with her to begin with.

      May God bless you and protect your marriage from here on out, and may you never be afflicted with this spirit again.

  93. Marianne,

    I have been dealing with this spirit for sometime now. Mine is long and drawn out story. I was pulled in by this spirit and I married him because he was such a protector. He built me up only to tear me down. What he did not realize who my Father was and that He would reveal to me this very spirit. I am not sure if he realizes what he dealing with. The abuse and abondement at a young age is what the root is. He has to control his environment and will not allow many to get close enough to hurt him. Everytime I bring up to him that he is dealing with a spirit he gets very angry or laughs. I can almost feel the hatred this spirit has for me. I am so glad you have this blog to help others and to give me more insight on what I am dealing with. This spirit was stealing my joy and almost had me to the point of feeling like I was crazy. He convinces others that I am crazy. This has been a very long two years that I have dealt with it. I know that my husband is carrying the prophetic word but this spirit has control over him. A pastor spoke this word about him only by seeing his picture and many others have prophesied this over him as well. I have removed myself and all I can do now is pray that God sends a Jehu into his life. I have watched this spirit progress and it uses the gifts that he has and it is VERY evil. I have even seen the look of my husband’s face change. Any other advice you can give please reply.

    • hi Leilani

      There seems to be an epidemic these days…..everyone thinks they are carrying the prophetic word…..others are “prophesying” over people saying they have the prophetic gift.

      this is all nonsense….god does not need that many prophets

      99% are fakes…..they are either self called, or called by the flesh of man

      so do not let this hinder you

      anyone who has a jezebel spirit is incompatible with the holy spirit.

      the 2 spirits cannot reside in the same person….

      pray that someone with some sense comes along and gets in your husband’s face and tells him what he is….and accepts no excuses.

      just be confident in yourself and God.

      put your husband in God’s hands and pray for intervention, as well as some humility for him.

      I will be in agreement with you.

  94. A woman I know at church continues to ask me to pray for her marriage. She has been married for over 14 years, they have 3 children together and they have been separated for more than 4 years. Her husband recently filed for divorce after informing her he has met another woman. The wife does not want the divorce and she has asked me to pray. The wife has nothing positive to say about her husband but yet she asks me to pray. The wife is withholding parental visitation from her husband even though the children love their father dearly but she asks me to pray. The wife has accused this man of abusing her but she asks for me to pray. The children who once spoke fondly of their visits with their father now seem to be afraid to speak at all but she asks me to pray. Her children often appear “lost” or depressed but she asks me to pray. This woman has shown glimpses of having a “quick temper” but she asks me to pray. This woman claims she has frequently called the police on her husband (she won’t say why) but she asks me to pray. This woman claims her husband beat her and caused her to lose a baby early in the marriage but she asks me to pray. This woman claims her husband is “demon possessed” but she asks me to pray. This woman has more stories of woe every week concerning her marriage but she asks me to pray.

    I am not sure what to believe. This woman just started attending our church 7 months ago. I know very little about her and do not have peace praying for her marriage. She berates her husband and withholds visitation from the father of her children but wants me to pray to restore the marriage. I have tried to ask her about her role in the relationship but she just says she does not know why her husband left and why he won’t come back. I have also noticed she is quick to gossip about others and quick to reveal personal information about others claiming “I have no secrets”.

    I believe we are being deceived and there is much more to the story than she is willing to tell. I do pray for her but I pray for the truth. I won’t pray for a marriage that, according to her, was dreadful. She says she “refuses” to allow him to divorce her. She says she “refuses” to allow her husband to see their children until he “gets rid of” the new girlfriend. Her 10 year-old daughter has said, “We can’t see our dad because he is an adulterer” clearly an statement taught to her by her mother.

    I have known women like this before. They are so good at playing the victim and convincing others of how bad they have it. Her behavior leads me and others in the church to believe she is hiding and withholding a great deal of information.

    The name Jezebel has come to mind while I pray.

    • dear “Jennifer”

      It takes 2 sometimes to make a mess. We do not know. The husband might be as bad as she is.

      I would pray that this situation get resolved, whether this means divorce, or a marriage where they are made for each other.

      I would also pray for the children who are caught up in this, appear depressed and deceived, and are not being treated fairly.

      It is up to your pastor to set some ground rules for general behavior in the church. Gossip and “little remarks” about others should not occur. True, sincere grief is a different matter. She needs to exhibit Christ like behavior if she is to attend there.

      the pastor might recommend marriage counseling. If she declines, then this would indicate she is not really interested in a restored marriage.

  95. Очень ценное замечание. Обязательно запишу это.


    Very valid point. Be sure to write it down.

  96. If a person has been bound by the jezebel spirit and is now free from this force how can this person ever be forgivin from the people or person she hurt…..

    • Dear Donna

      The Jezebel would be truly sorry, and ask for forgiveness from the former victims.

      If the victims are Christians, they should forgive her.

      If they do not forgive her, and she is really sorry, then Jesus will forgive her.

  97. Hi,

    I am so grateful for the insight on got on this spirit.
    I have been married for 1 1/2yrs. It’s my second marriage and I was single for eleven years prior. My husband is retired and I provide with the business, the Lord blessed me with. I hate it. The plan was that my husband and I were going to work together so that he can have the role as provider. It doesn’t work.

    In our 1 1/2 yrs of marriage, he has left me six times. He is from another state. I always got the best of his behavior on the phone. Once we are together again, he sticks to very few things we discussed.

    So much more, but the areas I question are:

    1.Could he have the Holy Spirit in him and Jezebel? (it seems like he battles back and forth with extreme behavior)

    2. Is it normal that he like to wear lingerie?

    3. I caught him going on to some gay men / cross dressing websites.

    4. He says he loves me, that I’m his life, and then attacks me with curse words.

    5. He hates it when I don’t agree with him.

    6. We’ve been jumping around from counselor to counselor, pastors, etc. I have been the only one wanting to continue after one visit. He doesn’t.

    7. I notice that he denies when his falsehood is exposed. He hates it.

    8. He says I drain him.

    9. My words have no weight or value. As kind, gentle and loving as I could possibly be, he still hates what I have to say coming from a Jehu stand point.

    10. He does not believe that during my eleven yrs of being single. That I was able to develop pure, loving, respectful relationships with men without “benefits”.

    11. He has a hard time believing me when I compliment him. He doesn’t take it purely. He always thinks there some kind of other intent/motive.

    He seems sorry on the phone, he comes back, and we go thur it again. He blames everyone else for his misfortune and lack of being able to work, etc. Plays the victim. Doesn’t take responsibility for his words/actions.

    Just wondering, am I on track that he may have this spirit?

    • dear Koce,

      You are right. He has 2 spirits.

      1. male jezebel
      2. homosexual spirit – he just does not admit it because he needs your support.

      Blaming the victim, and suspicion, is common in a deceitful personality.

      He does not trust you because he thinks you are cheating like he is. He is draining you, not the other way around.

      It is called projection of guilt.

      Essentially, you do not have a marriage. You are just supporting him in his need to be supported.

      Do you want this to continue? If not, break it off, before he drains you completely. You do not owe him anything, or any apology. You have to protect yourself. He is not going to change.

  98. Wow, thanks for the quick response.

    He’s a retired Marine and was top dog. He was the “player” before accepting Christ as his Saviour. Was married twice before. So though the women were all over him, he could still have “mommy issues” and “daddy issues” that confuse him and he be attracted to homosexuality?

    It totally doesn’t feel like we have a marriage, but would you elaborate a little more on this? You don’t believe that “deliverance” can come his way?

    He has a brother that does the same thing to one of the most precious God fearing woman you could imagine.

    I feel compassion for him. But yes, it is frustrating dealing with it.

    I want to stay separated until there is TRUE deliverance and repentance.

    Meanwhile, I am praying. I take my promise to the Lord to heart. I prayed and asked for confirmation before we got married. Had a meeting with our Pastor, and he gave the thumbs up. Now I feel like I am supposed to help him in his spiritual walk.

    Thanks for your prompt response. I appreciate it =)

    • hi Koce,

      I know this must be hard for you. I have to apologize if I was too matter of fact about it. I just hear so much about this behavior. I also feel your frustration.

      Your husband’s loyalties seem divided between you and whatever else he wants.

      He does not seem to want to get deliverance. He has to be willing. Maybe because of past failed attempts.

      How open can he be about what is wrong with him?

  99. I think my seperated wife has contracted the Jezebel spirit. She has made me out to be some kind of monster. Her pastor is Jehu. They are going around lying and decieving everyone. Backstabbing people and the like. The “pastor” even was going around trying to discredit his own mother. I would like to know some prayers for her, it hurts me to see her act this way. She never had a father figure and I think that is the reason. The church is a small non denominational one and has no really established family values. They believe that they don’t have to have boundaries. Please pray for the congregation that they are manipulating now.

    • Hi Jackson,

      I put you and your separated wife on my prayer list. The pastor is an Ahab. I think that is what you meant. He is enabling your wife to act the way she does. Best wishes. You are in my prayers.

  100. Hi there, I am currently studying on the Jezebel Spirit and have put together a Quick Reference Guide – Jezebel 101. If you are interested in receiving a copy, please email welchkylie@hotmail.com

  101. Спасибо автору за проделанный труд:)

  102. Hi Marriam, I’m back I was so encouraged by your email to me regarding my marriage to my husband as being the legit marriage but to date my husband has not divorced this Jezabel. It is almost like he’s afraid or under a spell. She continues to buy him whatever he wants which keeps him there. As stated before we struggled our entire marriage due to mismanagement on both parts mostly his and his weakness a the head. After 30 years of marriage he divorced me and remarried not evne 2 months after our divorce. I have stopped talking to him because it was too much of an emotional toll on me. He keeps calling and trying to come over and crying and asking for forgiveness and saying he can’t live without me. I dont understand this because if it’s that bad he should be able to get a divorce from this woman and come back home. I’ve been praying for him because what he has done is so out of character for him it’s as if he’s not the man I know. He acts as if he’s under a spell. He has become so materialistic and covetous. He’s always wanted what others had but would always come back to reality. His mother and sister possess the Jezebel spirit. He goes to this woman’s church who is lead by a woman who now is going to ordain him to preach the gospel in August. He’s life style is not in line with the word of God. If I allow him he would be with me and this woman. He does alot of things that is contrary to God’s ways. They are building him up and using God and his temple to do it. My question to you is how do I handle this should I start back talking to him? Should I be there for him? I really feel sorry for him because I know he’s not happy and/or in the will of God. He said he got with this woman because she owns her own business and she has all this money but he works more and harder than he did when he was with me. At first she told him what she could do for him oppose to what I could and was doing now he’s worst off then he was with me. What should I do because I still love him and want him back home. How do I fight this?

    • dear Daughter of Zion,

      He is an ahab (passive male) personality that needs strong (aggressive) women to do for him.

      he will continue like this, unless he gets in touch with his male hormones, and stands up like a real man, and does the right thing.

      with him surrounded by jezebels, there is not much you can do, except pray for him, and counsel him to get away from them, and seek manly advice from a real man, not what he is.

      the jezebels are using his male authority to advance their own goals.

      Him calling an whining about his situation is typical. He needs to learn to grow up and solve his own problems. He should not need to ask a woman to rescue him. If he calls, point this out to him. Tell him he has to learn to help himself.

  103. Прочитал, понравилось. Биг сенкс)

  104. Согласен, в этом есть какой-то толк.

  105. Wow It makes me know there is hope for everyone and Jesus really did come to heal all that are sick and oppressed of the devil.
    This message has me questioning my own self. If there is a trace of this in me and God sent you to help me; Thank You Daddy God. There is a whole nother level added to my understanding this day.
    Jesus is Lord.

  106. Hi there..rather timely that I stumbled onto this site. After 11 years (of living in a battle zone of a marriage) my husband has walked out on my daughter and myself. The Lord has revealed 2 things – 1 – there is a Jezebel spirit operating (both in him and in his mother) and 2 – God wants to save this marriage. So I have broken off all contact with with husband (because he has become extremely abusive) and also his mother and I am about to get on my knees and battle in the spiritual realm for him but HOW do I pray for him? Do you have any info or strategies on how to pray for someone who is infected with the Jezebel Spirit? Oh and I think he actually switches between being a Jezebel and a Ahab sometimes..Anyway if anyone has any info regarding how to pray strategically against this Jezebel and/or for the person infected by it, please let me know….Thanks…

  107. I responded about this article (ministering to a person with a Jezebel spirit) under another article. My personal counselor and pastor is in agreement with Jezebel. I asked God whether I should ‘war or run’; He told me to ‘love’ instead. I truly hate this spirit and the way it usurps people’s freedom and free will and was looking forward to ‘warring’, but thank God for this article, because I was wondering what God meant by ‘love’. The article talks about purity of heart, forgiveness, consecration to God’s will, etc., being requirements; and along with seeking God for continual atrategy (since this spirit already had my number before I recognized it working and has already drawn out its battle strategy), I will allow God to work those things into me. Please pray for me. I have two pastors agreeing with me, but I’ll need all the help I can get. I am excited though, because I can see that God will win, this pastor/counselor will be delivered from Jezebel, and God will re-make this Ministry the way He has chosen. I will print out the prayer against witchcraft curses (probably edit it according to my need), because Jezebel sort of breathes out witchcraft, and it’s good to be protected on that front. Thanks for the article.

    • dear ValleyAnt

      It may be that God wants you there, not just for the JEzebels, which will be LONG before they ever repent, but also for their victims. Look around.

      Find the emotionally injured, spiritually oppressed or disillusioned, and help them.

      This happened to me. I was in a church with Jezebels, with an Ahab pastor. I was to stay there, even though I did not like it. Finally the church split, the pastor took all his jezebels and nasty people with him, and left the church.

      I was to be there to help the church recover, find a new pastor, and help those who had been hurt by the gossip, and domination of the religious spirits. I was also there to help the Overseer understand what happened, so he could help the church as well.

      Finally, after about a year or so, I was released to go elsewhere.

      Sometimes, you are just not in a church for your own benefit. You are there to help others. God, in those cases, will take care of what you need, if you just obey Him, and do what He wants.

      • Hi, Marianne. I took a closer look at what you said. I’d thought you said it was God’s will that I focus first on Jezebel’s victims. I see now that you said that it’s not just for Jezebel but also for her victims. I agree. Jezebel’s victims here are ‘in deep’. I see that ministry to Jezebel requires much Wisdom and Grace. But now, I see that ministry to Ahab and even the Eunuchs and victims of Jezebel will also require a lot of Wisdom and Grace. I had initially thought that the victims would be the easiest to ‘reach’ and that Ahab would be ‘easier’ than Jezebel. Now, I can see that ‘there is no easy’ where Jezebel, her Eunuchs, and Ahab are concerned. I’ve been so used to ‘the easy problems’; but now, I’m in a place where I can depend ONLY on God’s Word, abilities, faithfulness/steadfastness/trustworthiness, Wisdom, and motives.

  108. Thanks, Marianne. I will see how things unfold. At this time, the captives (eunuchs) are not the primary focus God has given me but the captor (Jezebel). This truly flies in the face of my natural desire to ‘rescue captives’ and my natural resentment for captors/oppressors’. Instead of telling me to minister to the captives of Jezebel (which I know is part of it but is secondary at this time), God is telling me to minister directly to Jezebel. So far, He has shown me that I should only interact with and respond to the person and let Him interact and relate to her spirit; but He has told me not to interact with or respond to Jezebel nor the person’s woundedness (the things that gave way for Jezebel to enter in the first place) but to leave that part to Him. I am seeing that if a person with Jezebel is loved ‘on the surface’ (treasured/valued by reason of simply being human) and God’s Love is simultaneously shown to their spirit while their Jezebel is being ignored, it’s like two against one: God’s Love REACHES their spirit, and human love reaches them; so, Jezebel’s power and purpose are starved (and God Himself fights against it) till deliverance comes. This isn’t for everyone, but God knows what will work for everyone, so we have to follow His leading. It is appearing to me that this is the way that will work for this particular woman. Who knows how long it will take, and who knows how the eunuchs will come into play; but it is obvious to me that God has made a decision concerning this and intends to bring it to pass through the agreement of ‘one or more’ on earth who will ‘run’ with His decision. This passage comes to mind about what God’s plan seems to be here with Jezebel (‘one who is not innocent’) and her eunuchs (‘the downcast’): “What you decide on will be done, and light will shine on your ways. When men are brought low and you say, ‘Lift them up!’ then He will save the downcast. He will even deliver one who is not innocent; YES, he will be delivered through the CLEANNESS of your hands” (Job 22:28-30, NIV).

    • Hi ValleyAnt I just replied to your post but I think I forgot to hit the reply button 1st so you will have to go back to the original post to read…Regards, Debbie

  109. Hi ValleyAnt I just read your post with interest because I thought this was also the way I was supposed to go (with my husband) but one thing I have learnt is that THIS IS NOT EASY WITHOUT’S GOD’S DIVINE GRACE…and that it is ONLY the Lord Himself who can truly deliver the captor and more importantly, the captor has to WANT to get free & that this is not always something we will see because this choice is inside someone’s heart – a thing that only the Lord can see and/or if He gives us discernment.

    Well I may have just muffed up God’s plan regarding this because just yesterday my husband served divorce papers upon me (in a very nasty & revengeful way) & it has also hurt and traumatised our daughter who also had her hopes raised up (because my husband was being SO nice to me beforehand). Our daughter has since told me that she does not want anymore contact with her dad – something which I am going to get the blame for by my husband.

    So, I have basically ended all my contact and ties and efforts to reach out to him & basically told him to go off into the sunset & leave my daughter & I alone because I could not care less about him anymore. This was probably not what the Lord wanted but I have had enough & just want my peace back. Any suggestions or is it too late?

  110. Hi, Debbie. It’s not my intention to teach, so I won’t; and I am not able to give you any advice on what to do. However, I will share several ‘practical nuggets of wisdom’ that can at least aid you in what to pray about. As you consider the things below, it is only the Holy Spirit who can separate the true from the false (2Tim. 2:7).

    1. Ps. 119:130 says, “The entrance of Your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple.” This means that it is God’s wisdom/word on any situation of ours that can give us knowledge of even unknown situations/things and also give us understanding as to how to proceed.

    2. God gives understanding, but His understanding and our understanding (even understand HE gives us) are not the same thing. Pro. 3:5 says, “Lean not on your own understanding” but on God’s. Perhaps, the best example that shows that understanding from God and God’s own understanding are different is Solomon. God gave him more wisdom and understanding and knowledge than all before or since (except Christ in us, God’s Wisdom). But Solomon still fell into sin; God-given understanding (which is like a gift) isn’t the same as God’s own understanding which does not fall for or into sin. So, even when God gives us understanding (insight) into a matter, we STILL must rely on His own understanding and not run with the understanding He has given us.

    3. Pro. 4:7 says, “Wisdom is THE PRINCIPLE THING, therefore, get wisdom; and IN ALL YOUR GETTING, get understanding.” God’s People are destroyed not by lack of preaching, miracles, healing, or Love, but lack of knowledge (understanding, wisdom, insight, counsel, revelation). In every situation we find ourselves, God has the wisdom/understanding to unlock the puzzlement of it or our not knowing what to do.

    4. In the valley of dry bones, God allowed Ezekiel to see the total impossibility of bringing dead bones to life; THEN God said to Ezekiel, “Son of man, CAN THESE BONES LIVE?” As we know, God did bring the Life that seemed impossible; but He did so because He had Ezekiel, a righteous man, who would agree on earth with God who is in Heaven. Here is my paraphrase of what Job 22:28-30 (NIV) says of a person who walks uprightly before God (a person God trusts): “In step with God, His decision will become your resolve, therefore, that agreement will bring His will to pass on earth through you… When He commands deliverance, you will command it too, therefore, that agreement will effect deliverance. Because you walk with clean hands and a pure heart before God, He will even deliver/rescue/save/heal a most rebellious and wicked person through you.”

    5. Adding to the last point, varying levels of darkness, oppression, demonism, sin, and wickedness often require different levels of Light (faith, consecration, sanctification, holiness, laying down of life, denying the flesh and soul life). A man trying to cast out a demon causing his child a stomach ache wouldn’t need to be walking in much obedience before God; but a man attemtpting to wrestle with a strongman coming against his family would need more consecration, seriousness, and obedience before God. Jezebel isn’t just a spirit but also a strongman/principality. It’s not so much that it’s hard to ‘stand/win against it’ but that ‘standing/winning against it’ often requires a level of consecration to ONLY God’s will (as the original article says above) that most people aren’t willing to reach.

    6. Finally, the NT reiterates that we love one another (even as ourselves). If we love another as ourselves, we will bear their burdens; we will ‘come under’ their burden with them and FEEL it with them. The word ‘understand’ is direct: ‘to stand under’. When God’s understanding (or His Love) compels/controls us, we ‘stand under’ with others. Then, even when a person has a wicked spirit like Jezebel, and we understand (stand under) them, we SEE (Eureka!) where they are and will walk them out of it; because ‘standing under’, we will love them there as they love themselves and so be able to ‘bear one another’s burdens and so fulfill the Law of Christ’. The lack of this burden-bearing (really, the natural inability to ‘feel with’ or ‘stand under’ a person) daily prevents God’s Grace and manifest power (healing, deliverance, miracles, apostolic signs , etc.) among His People.

    If you can seek God (pray) about these things, God will give you the understanding you need, because it is the entrance of HIS words that both give light or knowledge of hidden things as well as understanding or insight/revelation regarding how to proceed (Ps. 119:130).

    “CONSIDER what I say, and may THE LORD give you understanding IN ALL THINGS” (2Tim. 2:7).

    • Thank you SO MUCH…this was EXACTLY what I needed to hear…you very obviously have great revelation about these complex issues..God bless you richly for taking the time to reply….Debbie

  111. Hi my beautiful, mighty, God fearing sisters in the LORD – I have read both ValleyAnt and Debbie’s comments and all I can say is “If God be for us who and what can be against us” I am proud of the both of you for your standing. I must say Debbie I think not having communication with your ex is not a good thing. I’ve done the same thing to my husband because I was walking in unforgiveness even though I convenced myself that I forgave him. I haven’t forgot what he’s done nor am I numb to the pain of divorcing me after 30 years of marriage and not even a month later marrying another woman. He has since wanted to come back and wanted to be with me and the other woman. I have been so unforgiving and angry with him until I missed the main thing and that is what Jesus would do. I’m not Jesus but he lives in me I must forgive and be compassionate to this man because we were together since the age of 19 and we are 51 now. He needs me now more than ever because he has been bewitched and tricked by Satan himself and he has hooked up with a Jezabel spirit that is 15 years older than he is. She is wealthy and has bought him and paid for our divorce and put her clause in the divorce which read that I had to change my name back to my maiden name and that we had no children in our union. We have 4 beautiful children all grown now. Now you can imagine how angry I was but guess what through all of this God has been talking to me and telling me “Fret Not myself because of evil doers they soon will be no more.” I have really grown because I don’t want destruction to come to my ex or his new wife. I really want them to fully repent and stop this nonsence. My ex doesn’t love her and I hear they ague all the time. This lady is 68 years old and my husband is 51 what do they have in common? Be still and allow the Lord to minister to you Debbie regarding your husband. I see my ex in a new way he lost his way – he fell for the lies of the enemy and went after the things of the world which has lead him to unhappiness tha he never dreamed of. We must pray for our husband regardless and pray that the enemy does not kill or destroy them he’s already stolen from them by them divorcing their wife that brings them favor with the Lord. ValleyAnt your words and knowledge of the Lord has encouraged me – Be strong and encouraged says the Lord – He is at hand in all of our lives.

    • Thank you Daughter of Zion…I think you are right…unforgiveness is a sneaky thing isn’t it?

      Only God enables us to rise above circumstances like this and only by His grace can we forgive MUCH; and what I have to remember is what the Lord has spoken to me, over the many years that this has been going on. One day, in desperation, I cried out to the Lord and asked Him – “what is it going to take to see my husband delivered?” He simply replied LOVE – so simple, so profound and yet so powerful.

      I am learning that love is the MOST powerful weapon on the earth against evil – including those taken captive by Jezebel – Jezebel is no match for the power of God. Jesus knew this and if he was tempted and tried with the same things we are – then surely the Jezebel spirit would have come against him in fury too & surely people who were vexed by this spirit were delivered from it in Jesus’ presence.

      I have ordered the new DVD by Wanderlust productions – “Furious Love” – the guy who did the Finger of God documentaries. I would recommend anyone get it – it is all about what we are talking about. The producer went into some of the most darkest evil, vile places on earth where witchraft and satanists gather (so I’m sure there were also quite a few Jezebels amongst this lot too) and he wanted to film God’s delivering power in these kind’s of people’s lives – he said he was expecting a powerful (and aggressive) show-down between the forces of darkness and evil but the Lord showed him that it was the power of LOVE that overcame this vile wickedness.

      It is no coincidence that these little websites are springing up all over the world – its such a great way for Believers to gather in Jesus’ Name. We don’t have to look too far outside our windows to see how evil the world has now become & we all know that the Lord’s return is upon us in nearness – so hey what a great harvest we can bring in if we all develop the genuine love of Christ in our hearts!

      God Bless…: )

  112. Well, I have finally signed off the duty to bring healing to a Jezebel. I only have two things to say about the Jezebel spirit:

    1. I don’t know who dreamed up such an abominable spirit.

    2. I can never apologize for hating this spirit.

    But I am glad Marianne was more right than I was: I wasn’t there to reach Jezebel or heal her. By her doings, she seemed more dead to me than those in the local cemetery… I mean, talk about a sentence of death and extra time given to someone already condemned several times over. It may take me a while to understand Jezebel’s depth of wickedness, but one thing is certain: though I prefer Mercy, I cannot compromise with Jezebel and her wickedness. Glad to be ‘released’ from that assignment.

  113. When I recently found a pile of pornography, I noticed it wasn’t as bad as some I’ve found laying around at our local parks. It looked more like what you would find at a local art museum, and also like the picture you are using for your ministry.

    • dear Ellen

      I do not consider the image on this page pornography. I do not endorse pornography.

      The woman in this image is covered, but portrays a spirit of Jezebel which is why I used it.

      Jezebel is a carnal creature and many are affected by it. It tries to be attractive, but really can’t, because of its evil nature.

      It is profitable to expose it for what it is.

  114. Ну что можно еще придумать?

  115. Максим

    Будучи исцелил от этого духа требует времени и терпения. Прочитайте эту страницу, чтобы начать.

    Есть и другие страницы также. Читать их тоже. См. здесь:

    Иногда бывает, что психология. Но много раз, ничего не получается. Единственный способ удалить дух с помощью Бога и во имя Иисуса. Вы должны ожидать, первое лицо
    хотят помочь.

    Если они отказываются, они не готовы. Если они будут готовы, их можно получить помощь.

    Затем отклонить духа во имя Иисуса Христа и его команде уйти.

    Бог благословит вас.

  116. Dear Marianne
    Today I encountered first hand the Jezebel spirit at work in my Mother in Law and the control/influence she wields over her pastor. I have been aware for some time that my MIl and some of my husband’s sisters have this spirit -the MIl being the most powerful, controlling of them all. I told my prayer partner, whose husband is a Minister and a close friend of my husband that I had a woman tell me she had slept with my husband as well as alot of other women in our community. I also told her that my husband has expressed an interest in seeing me intimate with other men and women.She told her husband who I guess in an attempt to hold my husband accountable told my MIL as well as her Pastor, unbeknownst to me. We went to their church today, and when my husband asked for prayer for our marriage my MIL rolled her eyes and got agitated. Then I was called up for prayer with him, my Mother In Law at first refused to come up and praym then when she did, she srated spouting off at me saying I need to come clean, be honest, and real and if there’s anything hidden to bring it out. Well I turned to her and apologized to her for anything I had ever said or done to hurt her or her family, she shot back with “you better come clean, for your own sake”. I was a little shocked, didn;t undersdtand what she was doing. Then the pastor calls us and our friends in his office saying there’s confusion and aught, My griends husband the minister told the pastor he had been told of my husband’s infidelity and wanted to get it out in the open – the pastor got angry, declared character assasination. Then asked where he has heard this from and he pointed at me.When asked by the pastor if he believed it,he said no. My husband denied everything, and said that if he wanted another woman he would tell me.He came out smelling like a rose, the pastor saying he’s know my husband many years and doesn’t believe any of it. Then the Pastor began to bash me for “telling our business” and assasinating my husbands character. Then the subject came up of my husband putting his Mother and her household before our own – not cleaving to his wife, but instead his Mother. I was raked over the coals for trying to come in between him and his family, and told its in the bible for him to be an obedient child and do all he can for his Mother,after all she gave him life, she is to come first. I gave him scripture and stood my ground but he contended with me every time. He was speaking as someone who has been told this, perhaps by my MIL, who is his spiritual adviser. He got these ideas from somewhere…then to drive them home, he told my husband that his wifes son in law was called by his Mother to go see her, his wife told him he couldn’t go and he didn’t, and the Mother died. I have never experienced such evil and manipulation in my life – my husband unfortunately is not spiritually mature enough to see what’s happening. And my MIL is sharp enough to have her Pastor do her talking for her – then the Pastor says what we discussed won’t leave the room, it’s not anyone elses business – then in walks my MIl and he tells her !What in the world happened ? My head is still spinning – I feel defeated – how do I fight this stuff ? What am I doing wrong ?

    • Dear gretchen

      Use equal force.

      Look at some of my pages on Jezebel. There is advice there.

      Jezebels are liars, so you should always keep witnesses and support systems close to you when you are around them. You went alone against HER support system.

      Call it like it is….if there are lies…call them lies…if she is a liar, call her a liar.

      If the pastor and the husband are ahabs, call them ahabs, in support of a Jezebel.

      Be bold.

      Tell them they are listening to a lying Jezebel, and they are her support system. And NONE of them belong in ministry.

      Get out of that church. The pastor is corrupt.

      Deal with your own family at home. Get support before you do. Have your friend present when you confront your husband.

      Get aggressive. Tell all the witches in your family that they are witches.

      Tell your husband to leave, and not to come back until he repents before God for his adultery.

  117. hi i found your site while doong study on the spirit of Jezebel, needless to say this spirt is prevalent in the lives of both men and women. i have been married for 15 years and it was not until my relationship matured with Christ that he answered my long awaited question. What is that spirit controlling my husband, needless to say i have given him the answer God gave me. the spirit of Jezebel, he is very much a narcissist in ways many would not imagine. he absolutely love the praises of people. he is very controlling and he is never wrong. this man can lie with a straight face, when our children or myself tell him that he has done something to hurt our feelings he simply denies that fact the it ever took place. iam a minister and so is he, but when he started to do things and have no recollection of having committed the act i knew that he was bound by some form or evil spirit. we are seperated and the more i obey God by not allowing myself to fall back into his atmosphere of control the more the Lord begins to heal me. i walked away with emotional trauma, Praise God iam healed and pray for his deliverance all the time. This evil spirit will kill you if you allow it to, but praise be unto the Lord he gave me a way of escape and without hesistation i ran away. our three kids and me have such an atmosphere of peace that we would not even think about returning to bondage. iam in the process of writing a book on how to destroy the evil spirit of Jezebel. I praise God for your information, this has truly given me more insight on how and what to pray for.

    Thank you

    • hi Tam

      I am always sorry to hear of anyone going through this. I am glad you got relief from this situation. I pray God keeps you strong and protected from any future hardships like this.

  118. After 25 years of marriage my husband left me to be with my former friend. She really wants me dead. she told me if she hates someone she wants everything from that person. To be honest, I am very intimidated by her. My husband does not talk to me at all and not even to his kids. My husband sold our house and we have to be out of the house in 2 weeks. This woman was planning all this while pretending to be my friend. My husband was never someone who would destroy people, but now he is detroying his family. After my husband left God lead me to read the book “breaking intimidation” by John Bevere and thats when I realized what is going on. She is everything you described about the Jezebel spirit and my husband has the Ahab spirit. We need to be aware of these things and build our lives on Jesus. The church is not warning us and we have to prepare for war.

    I want my husband back and I want my family restored and I will do whatever it takes, but sometimes it is not easy. This woman takes her daughter to school where mine is in school and I see her everyday. I can feel her hatred towards me. Sometimes my husband will be there as well and then he ignores his kids. He will be all over this woman in public and does not care if his chidren see it. This is truly evil. Fact is, I know she is capable of killing me. She thought I would commit suecide after all the terrible things my husband said to me. it was terrible and I nearly killed myself, but I cannot leave my children to be with someone like her and will not kill myself. We came to australia 2 years ago. Thing is, in 2 weeks my husband changed into someone completely different. For the firs time I saw the devil taking over someone’s life. And destorying our family. But I know God is stronger and He will have the victory.

    thanks for your website. God bless you

    • hi Marina

      You certainly have my prayers. This will take time, if you want your husband back. To beat a Jezebel, you have to have a support system (friends) that is bigger than hers, more influential people, and be more aggressive than she is. The Ahab automatically get pulled to the one with the most “power.” Your aggression can be positive, where the Jezebel’s is negative.
      I do not know enough about your situation, but you have to find a way to upset their “happiness/” Teach your kids what is going on. They may be the key to all this.

    • My Dear Sister Marina, I know your pain I just came through it with my husband of 30 years who left divorced me and married another woman. He left me for an older woman who had money. She manipulated my husband paid for our divorce and gave him promises that only God can fulfil. One thing I want to tell you is “What God has joined together (you and your husband) let no man put ashunder. I don’t care what they are doing in God’s eye’s you two are still married and they are committing adultry. It will not last during this time stay prayerful and listen to God. When your husband come around as my husband has your heart will be soft towards him. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you forgive him and to heal your hurt and disappointment. God is still in control never forget it. I continued in the things of God. I Prayed for my husband prayed against that Jezebel spririt that was controling him I bind and caste out that Ahab spirit in my husband and I have seen the transformation. This is real and the warfare is as well get in there and fight the good fight of faith in the spirit and also pray for that woman God will turn that whole situation around. I thank God for Mairanne as well because when it happened to me I didn’t know what it was and I just happen to click on this website and to my surprise I saw what I was up against. I continue to bind and loose this spirit in my husband and my life. I Rebuke and cast it out speak to it by faith with the word of God and demand it to take it’s hands off my husband and family. God’w word is true and it will accomplish what he sent it to do if we take it and do it. Your husband will be back during the time he’s away keep him lifted up and your kids. Remember God is LOVE – He tells us to forgive so that we may be forgiven and our prayers will not be hindered. It’s not easy but it can be done because I’ve done it and I’m doing it. Be strong woman of God and trust God who is able to do exceedingly and aboundantly above all we can ask or think. He is faithful that promised and his promises are yeah and amen. Testimony – My Ex-Husband told me the other day that God has to be in me because he know I wouldn’t even talk to him after what he’s done but I talk to him and I show him love even after all he’s done. Our relationship is better than ever and we have a new love for each or maybe the love we had for each other in the beginning but life and living just caused us to loose sight. He sees God in me and that is what I’ve always wanted and I got my husband back. He’s filing for divorce and he is so sorry for what he did and I forgive him. I’m praying for you –

  119. Wow, daughter of Zion, I needed to hear that. I decided to trust God because after all with Him everything is possible. I really needed your answer and you will never know how much. I am so thankfull to Marriane for giving us all these answers to our questions. We really do not now enough. I will pray for you too that your husband will be the man God wants him to be. I am truly glad for you. I just reminded myself that we do not have to tell God how big our problem is, but to tell our problem how big our God is!

    Thanks to you and to Marianne and bless you!

  120. Hi Marianne,

    How do you teach this subject to someone who is from a very reformed background and does not really subscribe to teachings like these that have been labeled by most reformed theologians as either heretical or plain false doctrine? And also, I’m in a pentecostal Church and usually get a chance to teach some of the leaders there. They have expressed some concerns about one of the top leaders in the Church. I felt prompted to start the topic with two of the men last week and I pounced on your website in my attempt to research more on this. I have known about this subject for a very longtime and feel quite equipped to teach it. Please recommend something.(let me know if my query is not clear) Thanks & God bless what you’re doing.

    • hi Pizzle

      I am not sure exactly what you mean. If you do not think you can convince them from the point of doctrine, use psychology.

      A jezebel is known in the secular world as a sociopath, and is considered incurable. In the spiritual world anything is curable.

      You can bring up academic sources, and criminal histories, as examples. Then you can tone it down to everyday people, and show how some of these traits show up in the “average” person, and cause problems for family, church, etc.

  121. Hi,

    Thanks for the quick response. I’m not confident that I would do well with Psychology-how does that work and how do I then connect it to scripture? The second part is clear, thanks.
    The other questions I have is, can you teach this to persons of low spiritual maturity? Especially if they still don’t have a grip on other fundamentals of the faith? How do you ensure that they don’t run out and turn into witch finders or see a witch in everyone that opposes them?

    Thank you very much.

    • Hi Pizzle

      I think anyone will be able to understand it. Everyone understands “trouble.”

      Give examples of jezebels / sociopaths. I have about 20 different posts on this. Read some of the posts, and the comments where people describe their problems. You can use them as examples.

      for example….

      a man’s wife leaves him and makes up lies about him abusing the children, so she can put him in jail.

      A husband is attracted to an immoral woman who comes in and breaks up the marriage. He no longer loves his children and seems confused.

      A coworker lies about others and controls the boss, who believes everything she / he says.

      Present it as dealing with bad personalities.

  122. Sounds good. Thanks again. Grace & Peace

  123. Прямо как в музыке. Те же семь нот, а сколько разных мелодий…

  124. Note:

    Anyone who writes about Thailand on here, or does not discuss the topic will be marked as spam.

  125. Healing a demon? How can you heal a soul that God has not forgiven and turn into a demon? If God did not forgive her .He had his reasons so please stay clear of god’s business .you cannot and should not waste your time and prayers on a demon .She will remain a cityrzen of hell for all eternity.Rather guard against her

  126. ——————————————————————————–


    April 3, 1996

    My Vassula, My little pupil of these end of times, I will dictate to you now a heavenly discourse on My Mother’s Heart ….

    as I have said to you previously; My Mother’s Heart and Mine are so united that They become One; the Virgin of virgins, the Holiest, forever now in Heaven, My Mother, continues to be proclaimed in Heaven as: My Mother; 1

    when I, God, descended to be conceived by the Holy Spirit and be born by the Virgin Mary, I came into My heaven! I descended from one heaven into the other, I left one throne to sit on the other; like the lamp shining on the sacred lamp-stand, I found Her Heart, shining from within and without;

    I have been welcomed in this Paradise to be glorified; what had been lost2 and profaned by Eve was to be gained3 and sanctified by the Virgin Mary through Her perfect obedience and humility; and through this Woman, My Reign on earth will once more come; My Reign on earth will be founded in each heart; once more there will be poured on you My Spirit, so lavishly, that this aridity of now will be transformed into a fertile land;

    it had been said that at the end of times, Our Two Hearts would raise apostles, and they would be called: apostles of the end of times; these would be instructed by the Queen of Heaven and by Myself, to go forward in every nation, to proclaim without fear the Word of God, even when they would be drenched with blood, by the Enemy’s vicious attacks, they shall not be broken; their tongue would pierce the enemies of My Church, like a double-edged sword, by exposing their heresies;

    they would never stagger, nor would they know fear, because I would provide them with a spirit of courage; the destructive whip would not catch them; they would not leave one stone unturned; they would pursue the sinners, the lofty speakers, the great and the proud, the hypocrites, the traitors of My Church, they would pursue them with My Cross in one hand, and the rosary in the other; and We would stand by their side; they would shatter the heresies and build faithfulness and truth in their place; they would be the antidote of the poison, because they would sprout, like buds, from the Royal Heart of Mary; 4

    these apostles of the end of times would call on God, their Father, and God, their Father, would call on their spirit; they would call on Mary, their Blessed Mother, and their Blessed Mother would call on them to become witnesses of the Most High; and the Holy Spirit would give them a spirit of zeal to be ready for God, to be ready for this Battle, that day, the haughty crown of the powers of evil will be trampled underfoot by the Woman adorned with the sun, and by all Her children;

    the second Eve, in whom I have given enough power to overthrow Satan and his empire, will crush his head with Her heel; this enmity is not only given between the Queen of heaven and Satan, but it is given as well between Her children whose empire is in Her Heart, and the children of the Devil, who have built their kingdoms in him and through him, and who are in your days your biggest persecutors; many of these are worshipers of the Beast, the scholars and the philosophers of your times ….

    I, in My Trinitarian holiness, had chosen this humble Maiden to become in Her perfect virtues and graces, the Woman who would challenge, by Her virtues and graces, the entire kingdom of Lucifer, who constantly flies into a rage and who trembles with fear at the sound of Her Name;

    I tell you, no less than the height of heaven over the earth is the greatness, the power and the splendor of Her Name; let all who live on earth revere before the Queen’s Heart; She has never ceased protecting Her children from the ambushes of the Evil one, who, in your times, has5 set out openly to give battle to My Sacred Heart, and to all the army of My saints; but soon, the empire of the Evil one will be broken up and his sovereignty will be uprooted by the powerful Hand of Mary; 6

    in all truth I tell you: there is no one on earth or in heaven, or in the angelic powers that has been given such great authority and power over all, as your Blessed Mother, after My Power and My Authority; for I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the One who is, who was, and who is to come;

    I suffice by Myself, as you know, but it is through Mary’s Virginal Heart that My Redemptive plan began, and it will be again through this Holy Heart that I will accomplish My Salvation plan; so honor Her Heart, you who fly into a rage at the sound of Her Name, and understand that She is the Joy of My Sacred Heart, the Joy of My celestial court;

    Her thoughts from the day of Her Conception were always in union with My thoughts; Her Heart, in total submission to My Father’s Will, was an incessant prayer, an incessant hymn of love, an adoration to Me, your triune God, but One in the unity of essence;

    – today, in these end of times, where the battle is raging on Our Two Hearts, 7 and on Our children who witness the Truth, I tell you: run to your Blessed Mother, who, like a hen who hides her chicks under her wings, will hide you, too, under Her Mantle;

    ah … but so many of you have perished even before you were born, with all the prohibitions to the devotions you once had on Her Virginal Heart! all because of your human doctrines and your rationalistic regulations, you have regulated your heart and your life according to this worldly life; O slaves of Sin! slaves of money! slaves of Satan! consider yourselves dead and putrefied!

    well then, your time of lust is almost over now; have you not heard that the Splendor of Dawn8 is going to reign and shine in each heart that has been consecrated to Our Two Divine Hearts from which they will obtain divinisation? that divinisation that the human race lost at its fall …. since sin entered the world through one man, and through sin, death; yet My plan of Redemption was to be laid out by Mary’s Co-Redemptive Heart, the second Eve, perfected in the Image of God, so that I, the New Adam, would find My Paradise in Her Immaculate Heart;

    will I hear from you, generation:

    “my heart is ready, Lord, to learn to love and honor the Tabernacle that carried Your Sacred Heart; it is true, that from the womb I have gone astray, I have been in error since my birth; like Esau I have been running away from my Mother to look after my interests and achieve them by harrying others; I have been depending on my own strength; I hated my brother who, contrary to my heart, meditated on how to please our Mother’s Heart and remained near Her, receiving in abundance Her Graces; I have not been like Jacob and his descendants;

    “Lord, my heart is ready to learn and love with honor the Sanctuary of the Sanctuary Most Holy, so that no deceit will enter any more in my spirit ever so spiteful, who harassed, like Cain, his brother then finally killed him; I will stop hounding those who belong to Her Immaculate Heart but instead turn to the Virgin of virgins and become another little Jacob, so that in Her Graciousness, She pours out of Her Virginal and Immaculate Heart, on me, abundant graces so that my soul, once Hers, will feast on Her riches, making my heart an ornament of beauty in the Ornament of Beauty;

    “let my heart, Lord, desire and long to gaze on Your Sanctuary9 to see Your Power and Authority, to gaze in the Treasury of the Sanctuary and feast most richly; do not allow my soul, any more, Lord, to go down to the earth below, like Cain or Esau, but lift my soul to Her Most Holy Heart to become an heir too by receiving, like Jacob, heavenly blessings;” 10

    – come, let your thoughts be on heavenly things now so that you will be able to comprehend what Wisdom is hiding from you; for this you need self-abasement and repentance; the mystery that had been hidden for generations is now being revealed to you; your hope of salvation is at your hand’s reach;

    have you not noticed how, in these end of times, the Queen of Peace is passing over the earth, escorted by My Angels? have you not noticed how Her Immaculate Heart is proclaiming My Word to you all and preparing My Reign? have you not noticed how your Blessed Mother’s Heart is training Her children and forming them Heart to heart so that everyone is ready for My Reign? have you not noticed how, from Her Treasury, She is perfecting you in Her Heart for Me?

    I have given the Queen of Heaven and earth all the jewels of Wisdom in Her Heart, and from this treasury She gives abundantly Her graces to take you out of the power of darkness and make you great saints and apostles, and great warriors to join Her in this great battle of your times;

    with Her Maternal love, the Queen of Heaven seeks all ways to obtain your freedom so that you gain heaven; She instructs you and reminds you that you, too, are Her child, belonging by grace to the imperial household of the Saints in heaven and that She reserved for you, too, a throne among the Saints;

    – there is nothing I cannot do for the Delight-of-My-Heart11 because from the beginning there was nothing in Her that would see things differently from the way My Father, I, and the Holy Spirit would see them; Our12 Will was in perfect union with Her will; Her desires were Our desires; for I am the Heart of Her Heart, the Soul of Her Soul, the Spirit of Her Spirit; have you not heard of Our Oneness in Heart, Soul and Spirit?

    – My state on earth, as God-Man, was divine, yet I was obedient, living under the authority of My Mother and My Adoptive Father; I emptied Myself to assume the condition of a slave by accepting death, and you, generation, have not yet understood that the True Vine cast His roots in the Vineyard13 of My Father, and the Spouse of the Holy Spirit; the City of God, 14 the Promised Land, is your Mother too, in whom you owe honor; ah, generation, how could your heart have taken such a deceptive path to abstain from Her intercession?

    have you not read: “the Lord God will give Him the throne of His ancestor David?” 15 the Queen of heaven and earth is My Throne too; She is Throne of your King, who was made flesh from David’s line …. the Lord your God, “would rule over the House of Jacob forever and ever and His Reign will have no end;” 16 the Jacobs of today are Her children, the apostles of the end of times, and the great Saints that through My Mother’s Heart are raised and formed, to be one heart with Us forever and ever, for My Reign in their heart will have no end;

    be one;


    1 Title of: “Mother of God”, “Theotokos”.
    2 Eve lost the entry to Paradise for Herself and all her children.
    3 Mary gained the entry to Paradise and for all Her children by the Redemption and Sacrifice of Jesus.
    4 Jesus means that Mary will form them.
    5 The Evil one.
    6 Fatima’s message: “In the end My Heart will triumph.”
    7 Allusion to Rv. 11: ‘The Two Witnesses’.
    8 Jesus means His Reign to come.
    9 Mary’s Heart.
    10 All this was like a confession given to us by Jesus so that we say it.
    11 Mary, our Blessed Mother.
    12 Holy Trinity.
    13 Our Blessed Mother.
    14 Our Blessed Mother.
    15 Lk. 1:32.
    16 Lk 1:33.




    April 3, 1996

    My Vassula, My little pupil of these end of times, I will dictate to you now a heavenly discourse on My Mother’s Heart ….

    as I have said to you previously; My Mother’s Heart and Mine are so united that They become One; the Virgin of virgins, the Holiest, forever now in Heaven, My Mother, continues to be proclaimed in Heaven as: My Mother; 1

    when I, God, descended to be conceived by the Holy Spirit and be born by the Virgin Mary, I came into My heaven! I descended from one heaven into the other, I left one throne to sit on the other; like the lamp shining on the sacred lamp-stand, I found Her Heart, shining from within and without;

    I have been welcomed in this Paradise to be glorified; what had been lost2 and profaned by Eve was to be gained3 and sanctified by the Virgin Mary through Her perfect obedience and humility; and through this Woman, My Reign on earth will once more come; My Reign on earth will be founded in each heart; once more there will be poured on you My Spirit, so lavishly, that this aridity of now will be transformed into a fertile land;

    it had been said that at the end of times, Our Two Hearts would raise apostles, and they would be called: apostles of the end of times; these would be instructed by the Queen of Heaven and by Myself, to go forward in every nation, to proclaim without fear the Word of God, even when they would be drenched with blood, by the Enemy’s vicious attacks, they shall not be broken; their tongue would pierce the enemies of My Church, like a double-edged sword, by exposing their heresies;

    they would never stagger, nor would they know fear, because I would provide them with a spirit of courage; the destructive whip would not catch them; they would not leave one stone unturned; they would pursue the sinners, the lofty speakers, the great and the proud, the hypocrites, the traitors of My Church, they would pursue them with My Cross in one hand, and the rosary in the other; and We would stand by their side; they would shatter the heresies and build faithfulness and truth in their place; they would be the antidote of the poison, because they would sprout, like buds, from the Royal Heart of Mary; 4

    these apostles of the end of times would call on God, their Father, and God, their Father, would call on their spirit; they would call on Mary, their Blessed Mother, and their Blessed Mother would call on them to become witnesses of the Most High; and the Holy Spirit would give them a spirit of zeal to be ready for God, to be ready for this Battle, that day, the haughty crown of the powers of evil will be trampled underfoot by the Woman adorned with the sun, and by all Her children;

    the second Eve, in whom I have given enough power to overthrow Satan and his empire, will crush his head with Her heel; this enmity is not only given between the Queen of heaven and Satan, but it is given as well between Her children whose empire is in Her Heart, and the children of the Devil, who have built their kingdoms in him and through him, and who are in your days your biggest persecutors; many of these are worshippers of the Beast, the scholars and the philosophers of your times ….

    I, in My Trinitarian holiness, had chosen this humble Maiden to become in Her perfect virtues and graces, the Woman who would challenge, by Her virtues and graces, the entire kingdom of Lucifer, who constantly flies into a rage and who trembles with fear at the sound of Her Name;

    I tell you, no less than the height of heaven over the earth is the greatness, the power and the splendour of Her Name; let all who live on earth revere before the Queen’s Heart; She has never ceased protecting Her children from the ambushes of the Evil one, who, in your times, has5 set out openly to give battle to My Sacred Heart, and to all the army of My saints; but soon, the empire of the Evil one will be broken up and his sovereignty will be uprooted by the powerful Hand of Mary; 6

    in all truth I tell you: there is no one on earth or in heaven, or in the angelic powers that has been given such great authority and power over all, as your Blessed Mother, after My Power and My Authority; for I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the One who is, who was, and who is to come;

    I suffice by Myself, as you know, but it is through Mary’s Virginal Heart that My Redemptive plan began, and it will be again through this Holy Heart that I will accomplish My Salvation plan; so honour Her Heart, you who fly into a rage at the sound of Her Name, and understand that She is the Joy of My Sacred Heart, the Joy of My celestial court;

    Her thoughts from the day of Her Conception were always in union with My thoughts; Her Heart, in total submission to My Father’s Will, was an incessant prayer, an incessant hymn of love, an adoration to Me, your triune God, but One in the unity of essence;

    – today, in these end of times, where the battle is raging on Our Two Hearts, 7 and on Our children who witness the Truth, I tell you: run to your Blessed Mother, who, like a hen who hides her chicks under her wings, will hide you, too, under Her Mantle;

    ah … but so many of you have perished even before you were born, with all the prohibitions to the devotions you once had on Her Virginal Heart! all because of your human doctrines and your rationalistic regulations, you have regulated your heart and your life according to this worldly life; O slaves of Sin! slaves of money! slaves of Satan! consider yourselves dead and putrefied!

    well then, your time of lust is almost over now; have you not heard that the Splendour of Dawn8 is going to reign and shine in each heart that has been consecrated to Our Two Divine Hearts from which they will obtain divinisation? that divinisation that the human race lost at its fall …. since sin entered the world through one man, and through sin, death; yet My plan of Redemption was to be laid out by Mary’s Co-Redemptive Heart, the second Eve, perfected in the Image of God, so that I, the New Adam, would find My Paradise in Her Immaculate Heart;

    will I hear from you, generation:

    “my heart is ready, Lord, to learn to love and honour the Tabernacle that carried Your Sacred Heart; it is true, that from the womb I have gone astray, I have been in error since my birth; like Esau I have been running away from my Mother to look after my interests and achieve them by harrying others; I have been depending on my own strength; I hated my brother who, contrary to my heart, meditated on how to please our Mother’s Heart and remained near Her, receiving in abundance Her Graces; I have not been like Jacob and his descendants;

    “Lord, my heart is ready to learn and love with honour the Sanctuary of the Sanctuary Most Holy, so that no deceit will enter any more in my spirit ever so spiteful, who harassed, like Cain, his brother then finally killed him; I will stop hounding those who belong to Her Immaculate Heart but instead turn to the Virgin of virgins and become another little Jacob, so that in Her Graciousness, She pours out of Her Virginal and Immaculate Heart, on me, abundant graces so that my soul, once Hers, will feast on Her riches, making my heart an ornament of beauty in the Ornament of Beauty;

    “let my heart, Lord, desire and long to gaze on Your Sanctuary9 to see Your Power and Authority, to gaze in the Treasury of the Sanctuary and feast most richly; do not allow my soul, any more, Lord, to go down to the earth below, like Cain or Esau, but lift my soul to Her Most Holy Heart to become an heir too by receiving, like Jacob, heavenly blessings;” 10

    – come, let your thoughts be on heavenly things now so that you will be able to comprehend what Wisdom is hiding from you; for this you need self-abasement and repentance; the mystery that had been hidden for generations is now being revealed to you; your hope of salvation is at your hand’s reach;

    have you not noticed how, in these end of times, the Queen of Peace is passing over the earth, escorted by My Angels? have you not noticed how Her Immaculate Heart is proclaiming My Word to you all and preparing My Reign? have you not noticed how your Blessed Mother’s Heart is training Her children and forming them Heart to heart so that everyone is ready for My Reign? have you not noticed how, from Her Treasury, She is perfecting you in Her Heart for Me?

    I have given the Queen of Heaven and earth all the jewels of Wisdom in Her Heart, and from this treasury She gives abundantly Her graces to take you out of the power of darkness and make you great saints and apostles, and great warriors to join Her in this great battle of your times;

    with Her Maternal love, the Queen of Heaven seeks all ways to obtain your freedom so that you gain heaven; She instructs you and reminds you that you, too, are Her child, belonging by grace to the imperial household of the Saints in heaven and that She reserved for you, too, a throne among the Saints;

    – there is nothing I cannot do for the Delight-of-My-Heart11 because from the beginning there was nothing in Her that would see things differently from the way My Father, I, and the Holy Spirit would see them; Our12 Will was in perfect union with Her will; Her desires were Our desires; for I am the Heart of Her Heart, the Soul of Her Soul, the Spirit of Her Spirit; have you not heard of Our Oneness in Heart, Soul and Spirit?

    – My state on earth, as God-Man, was divine, yet I was obedient, living under the authority of My Mother and My Adoptive Father; I emptied Myself to assume the condition of a slave by accepting death, and you, generation, have not yet understood that the True Vine cast His roots in the Vineyard13 of My Father, and the Spouse of the Holy Spirit; the City of God, 14 the Promised Land, is your Mother too, in whom you owe honour; ah, generation, how could your heart have taken such a deceptive path to abstain from Her intercession?

    have you not read: “the Lord God will give Him the throne of His ancestor David?” 15 the Queen of heaven and earth is My Throne too; She is Throne of your King, who was made flesh from David’s line …. the Lord your God, “would rule over the House of Jacob forever and ever and His Reign will have no end;” 16 the Jacobs of today are Her children, the apostles of the end of times, and the great Saints that through My Mother’s Heart are raised and formed, to be one heart with Us forever and ever, for My Reign in their heart will have no end;

    be one;


    1 Title of: “Mother of God”, “Theotokos”.
    2 Eve lost the entry to Paradise for Herself and all her children.
    3 Mary gained the entry to Paradise and for all Her children by the Redemption and Sacrifice of Jesus.
    4 Jesus means that Mary will form them.
    5 The Evil one.
    6 Fatima’s message: “In the end My Heart will triumph.”
    7 Allusion to Rv. 11: ‘The Two Witnesses’.
    8 Jesus means His Reign to come.
    9 Mary’s Heart.
    10 All this was like a confession given to us by Jesus so that we say it.
    11 Mary, our Blessed Mother.
    12 Holy Trinity.
    13 Our Blessed Mother.
    14 Our Blessed Mother.
    15 Lk. 1:32.
    16 Lk 1:33.


  127. In the Bible, the Queen of Heaven is a pagan goddess, and G-d was very angry with Israel for baking bread to her. This is one of the reasons Israel was destroyed. Also, Mary is not co-regent with Christ in Heaven nor a virgin as she had other children after Jesus.

    Man’s tradition is not the word of G-d. Do not pray to dead people.

  128. Listen up! This are not my words but a warning to all of you who trashes Jesus Christ Holy Mother by the Big Boss Himself .So are you sure you want to continue in your stobourness all the way to Hell .Well that is going to be your own funeral .That is all the warning I have to give you .The rest is going to be up to you.

  129. actually this is a page about healing a person with a jezebel spirit…so guys….try to stick to the topic…..thanks!

  130. Excellent description: I married and had my beloved daughter by this exact example and it almost killed me. But GOD was already on it by placing a hunger for Him, His Word and to be involved in ministry somehow although my mind could not dispose of the marriage covenant. The root causes were fatherlessness, a lack of Christ in upbringing, and a generational curse from family and this spirit took advantage of my back problems and working too much. But GOD prevails to save you from the snare of the fowler and the noisome pestilence. He placed me in Cornerstone Church with patient loving people and put supernaturally the ‘best education that money cant buy!’, and protected me and taught me. My exwife finished her masters in Criminal Justice and got my daughter back in 2000. The spirit tried to get me to leave the house of God time and again using my daughter as a lure and everytime the benefit of complete dying to myself and entering the secret place kept me here. It does scramble the mind and will look to pound on any weakness to destroy you. My daughter has suffered severely, pay attention to every detail of this website. Pay attention to Malachi 4:5-6. God is raising up the spirit of Elijah again. My heart is turned to my daughter who is 18 now and has been robbed of much, but the enemy has to return 7 times everything he has stolen. Take authority, believers. Spend time in the Secret Place (Psalm 91). Proclaim the Word, pray in tongues, take authority over this spirit and throw it out of your life and family. Lean not on your own understanding, and stand and see the salvation of the Lord. ASK God and He does answer and is faithful and just to perform His Word. I have endured for 13 years, physical ailments, even stabbing, and having done all I STAND now! Little secret, “The JOY of the Lord is my strength” and yours too. Learn to delight yourself in the Lord.
    He put a hook in my exwife and daughter jaws and drug them here and is working mightily. Restoration takes longer if you are not strong in Christ. Derek Prince is/was a great teacher on this subject and the most gentile person I had every met even after years of ministry in deliverance ministry. God will surround you with the best if you can cry out with all your heart. But this whole situation opened a much more tremendous life. Spiritually I eat steak everyday! Have a direct connection with Pastor Hagee’s push for Israel and now Joy cometh in the morning! and its your morning too. Lose your life so you can gain it!
    God BLess

    • Hi Leslie

      It is good to hear that this experience is behind you , or almost behind you. Now, you are in a better position to help others with the same challenges. Consider doing this. There is a lot of restoration that needs to be done, with God’s help, of course, and we need people who care and get involved.

  131. I am dealing with sooo much. I believe that I have been bound by the Jezebel spirit. I am the youngest of 3 and have always gotten my way because of it and because I’m the only girl. Growing up in a Christian family, I never really stayed attentive in church and was always seeing things as a way to feel loved. I felt like all sins were equal, so therefore I was always forgiven by God, no matter the sin. Yet, as I went into middle school, I had a close friend that was a non-believer, and she would make little potions for guys to like her, and I let myself fall into that realm. As I grew up and went on to high school, our family moved out of state for a couple of years, then moved back but to a different school district than that close friend I had in middle school. I felt alone. I kept giving into the lies of satan and came to the point where I felt like if I didn’t have a boyfriend, that I wasn’t pretty, or worth loving. I fell deep into lust as my sophomore year hit. I would go to church with my family, but only go through the motions and in the back of my mind was constantly thinking of my friends and those I was dating and how I would meet the standards of being an overachiever. I got a couple 4.0 GPA’s in high school, then in college made the President’s list my first semester. Eventually, I got way caught up in the world, and a couple times fell back to the magic stuff and tried to do a spell to get my boyfriend to want to stay with me and tried everything on my own to persuade him mentally, physically (sexually), and emotionally. My grades began to slip, and I only achieved part of my goal for college. I became a CNA, but never got into the full nursing program to become an RN. After a while of living my life so wrong, I really wanted to learn how to be right for real. I engaged myself in the word more and began counseling sessions with my grandfather whom is a true Christian pastor. I cut off sexually immoral stuff with my boyfriend because I wanted to be set free of all that stuff. Eventually, my boyfriend became the persuader and I gave in again. I was devastated and felt like I continually turned my back on the One who created me to not live like that but to live for Him. I even ended up feeling so bad and sorry for myself that I stopped going to church and wanted to try to get right on my own. Big mistake! I just ended up falling more and more into sin all over. I began fighting lots with my family and even stopped a couple sessions with my grandfather to retrieve sleep. Then, I just began hating myself and even told God that I hated Him and was done with Him if he wouldn’t help me stay happy. I didn’t understand what true happiness meant, because I always found it in worldy values and sin. My boyfriend eventually broke up with me, and then I felt again that I needed someone to be with. I gave myself a couple months for me to get over my 3 year relationship, and moved on to the same type of guy as before, and fell into the same exact lie of doing spells to get him to want to stay with me forever, and then since I was beginning to feel uglier as my health was going wrong, I did a spell to make myself prettier. I never knew the full truth of the Holy Spirit until I kept getting sicker and sicker, and the guy I was dating ended up being the controlling one and it became too hard for me to go down that road of immorality again so I broke off the relationship when I went to the hospital. My first stay in the hospital during the weak before Thanksgiving of 2010, they found a tumor on my left adrenal gland but kept trying to diagnose my symptoms according to regular diseases that were occuring in other patients with such diseases. Then, our close family friend, whom happens to be a devout Christian and husband to my Spiritual counselor scheduled an appointment with me to help me figure out what this golf ball sized tumor was all about. Usually adrenal gland tumors are inactive, but it seemed to be that mine was producing 4 times the amount of cortisol my body needed. When this was found out, they scheduled for me to have my tumor removed that very weekend. It was amazing that my new church pastor had come to pray over me before surgery, my surgeon prayed over me, my old sunday school teacher that helped pray with me in third grade about asking God into my heart came to visit me, my old pastor came to visit me, and my brother and his wife came down from being a couple hours away just to visit me. Then, my grandfather also came every single day of my recovery. And, yes, of course my parents were there every day as well. The only family that couldn’t come was due to being out of state. Anyways, back to my haunting history of sins. I still am in recovery of having my whole left adrenal gland taken out on December 18, 2010. I have not had a deep, peaceful, sleep for about a year. I have been diagnosed with severe insomnia, and my weight while I was severely sick dropped 22 lbs in just 3 weeks, and since my surgery, I have gained 9 of that 22 back, and am at a fairly healthy weight of 114 lbs. I am 21 years of age, and should be at least 125 lbs. It has been a long road and scary/dark path brought on by my own self the past few years. I have been bulding up strength to become healthy again, but am still having the same symptoms as before the surgery. My mouth is consistently dry and my severe insomnia has left me with an achey body. When I swallow, it’s as if I have no saliva to swallow, and my cheeks have sores in them. My skin coloring has been more of a grayish color, rather than the healthy skin tone of a regular human being. I have been going to church and engaging myself in a Beth Moore Bible study with my parents. Some of it has helped, yet a part of the verses we have come across have felt drastically real to me, in which I long to not be real for me forever. The verse of Revelation 21:8, and later on in the chapter of Revelation 22 speaks about how the sexually immoral, and those who engaged in evil for pleasure will be spending the rest of forever in the fiery pit of sulfur. Also, those who have committed the unforgiveable sin have no choice and no place of repentance. I didn’t know a lot of the Bible growing up because the important parts that talk about where people go forever according to their faith wasn’t always taught emphatically. I was the girl who just went through the motions. I still am a girl struggling to become alive in Christ as a woman. Something’s blocking me. I pray, but I feel like the verses that talk also about how if you keep on sinning and never truly repent, that is considered a blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, and also performing spells is equivalent to Jezebel, makes me so frightened that I have done both. I want my regular functions to come back and to be healthy again, and not to sin this time. But, I long for true healing to be able to come to a place of repentance and to serve God in the way He wants me to go. I have been so confused all my life, because I wanted it to be all about me. Now that it has been all about me, I no longer want it to be all about me. I have found what it means to be a true Christian, yet I am struggling each day with forgiving myself of my past, and with finding that merciful peace God gives to those who truly love Him and who seek His face. I try not to relive my past, but I continue to relive it, even unintentionally as my physical ailments pop up and don’t seem to match with those who have gracefully recovered major physical ailments. I feel as if mine is permanent and that God hates me for sinning willfully, and for telling him out of anger that I didn’t want anything to do with Him, even though deep down I have been struggling to get to Him instead, so that I may feel a peace wash over me. I have also prayed the sinners pray several times, yet have felt nothing. It’s as if I have a deadened soul. I just want Jesus, and I truly long to serve Him and keep being told that I’m forgiven, even though I haven’t yet felt it. Is there a way for me to break free and become born again, or since I have believed and engaged in spells and wanted it all my own way am I doomed to never find healing and joy again?

    • hi Melinda

      You have several issues, but they can all be resolved.

      1. you do not forgive yourself, which is why you cannot feel the forgiveness that is waiting for you. You need to let go of the guilt. Remember humans have hang ups but God doesn’t.

      2. your illness might be a wake up call to have you seek God. So start in the Word and just stay there until you feel better spiritually. You have to replace the bad thoughts with good ones.

      3. you are still sick. You need to be checked out again.


      make sure you have your heart and vitamin B12 checked.

      Also the dryness is usually due to medication.

      What kind of medicine are you on?

      Your body is going from a condition of too much cortisol ( to control stress) to mostly likely none or not enough. The sores are due to stress that your body cannot handle.

      Your doctor, or doctors, should help you on this.

      4. You need to focus on the physical problems for right now, because you might be bordering on an emergency, and do the bible reading as you are able. Once you feel better, you can then work on feeling loved again by God. He is waiting for you, and will not leave you during your recovery.

  132. Hey Melinda,

    G-d is a G-d of the heart. He wants your heart more than anything. He loves you Melinda and it doesn’t matter how many times you tell Him that you hate Him, it will never never never change how He feels about you. Every parent knows this to be true, for when our children inevitably tell us they hate us we realize it doesn’t matter-we love them anyway. This is the same with our Heavenly Father.

    Honestly spend time with Him alone. Cry to Him…let it all out. He will be Faithful in His promises and you will be given forgiveness which brings peace and ultimately sleep. But even though G-d will be faithful in forgiving you, He reminds us that we have to forgive ourselves!

    Let it go-Let the past go and do your best to change your lifestyle. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!

    What is important to realize is that when G-d forgives us, He FORGETS our sins-our past. It is as if it never happened.

    Psalm 103:12
    …as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us.

    1 John 1:9
    If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.

    Stay in G-d’s presence and stay in His word and everything else will just fall into place…just like He said, “see first the kingdom of G-d and all these things will be added (given) unto you” Matthew 6:33

    Ask Him also for His Holy Spirit. Very important.



    When the Holy Spirit comes upon you will receive peace and joy that surpasses our understanding. ***You will also be protected and sealed until the day of our redemption.

    2 Corinthians 1:22
    …set his seal of ownership on us, and put his Spirit in our hearts as a deposit, guaranteeing what is to come.

    Philippians 4:7
    And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

    G-d is not a liar-so we can always take Him at His word! 🙂

    Melinda, He LOVES you…No one is hopeless in G-d’s eyes.

  133. Thank you to Marianne and Lindsey. I am taking hydrocortisone to try to wake up my other gland to be functional. I am also taking Probiotics mornind and night. Then at night I take some tylenol and trazadone for sleep aid. Yet, I still don’t get the right sleep and it feels like when I swallow my ears make a noise like when I had earaches, but they do not ache. I have tried all methods of mouthwash and stuff that Sjogren’s patients use for dry mouth and lack of saliva, but they don’t seem to work. I love the Bible and I love what it offers as well. I just keep getting verses on wickedness sent to me by my friend via text and they make me feel like I’m amongst the wicked and not able to be forgiven for the spells I did. And the way the Bible talks about the unforgiveable sin in the concordance, it matches to how my life has gone and to my past along with my recent past. That’s why I feel so hopeless and afraid. I know God’s not an author of fear and that He doesn’t want any of His creation to go to hell, but I am attacked everyday by the same stuff in the Bible. I don’t know how to fully believe that I can also be saved even after doing spells and acting the way I did. The unforgiveable sin is speaking against the Holy Spirit or diliberately sinning. Is taking part in doing spells a form of speaking against the Holy Spirit? My family says it isn’t, yet I can’t get out of the thought then that they are just saying this because they love me and are my family. Is there anything along with delving into the word that I should speak out to help cleanse me to have everlasting life? I think a lot of my attacks are due to me being home alone a lot of the time and I’m out of work due to the recovery process being up to a year or until my gland is able to wake up and function the way God designed for it to. I have been a violinist since 4th grade, and I have played a little bit since surgery, but get whiped out after 1 song most of the time. It would be such a blessing to have the energy back to play it and to go running like I used to enjoy doing as well. There is something still blocking and making me feel like I’m forever lost.

    • hi Melinda

      Dry mouth is a side effect of tradazone. If you stop, that the dryness will heal. Try something more natural for sleep, like melatonin. You can get that at the pharmacy without a prescription. Take 5 mg 2 hours before bed.


      If you were lost, without the holy spirit in your life, you would not be feeling remorse for any wrongdoing in your past.

      you need to let go of the guilt. You are already forgiven if you are sorry.

  134. The Jezebel that was mentioned in the NT is dead.

    TUESDAY, 15 MARCH 2011

    Who was Jezebel?
    In the book of Revelation chapter two, it mentions Jezebel who calls herself prophet. Who is the one that called themselves prophet? Was it Elizabeth Claire Prophet (USA) ? Did you know that the word prophet was not her original name?

    Chapter 2 gives the following criteria regarding the woman.

    1. The people tolerate her.
    2. She calls herself Prophet
    3. She teaches Satan’s so-called deep secrets.
    4. She leads followers of Christ astray.
    5. Her followers commit acts of immorality
    6. They eat things sacrificed to idols.
    7. She was given time to repent and return to God but she was unwilling.
    8. She was put on a bed of suffering.
    9. Those that committed adultery with her suffer.
    10. He strikes her children (spiritually) dead.

    After that, the chapter talks about a different person, the one that is victorious due to doing the will of God until the end.


  135. Hi Marianne, I left a bit of my testimony last night, bout the Psalm 91 angels the Lord sent to protect me when a male Jezebel was charging me. That was just one of numerous Jezebel’s I’ve encountered in my life, since childhood. Our family life was like Walt Disney growing up, with the exception of my only sister being a Jezebel and me Ahab my entire life. My only brother had a great relationship with both of us. I’m not sure how this Jezebel spirit arrives. I had a Mother -in-law that claimed to be a witch. When on vacation with friends I discovered my husband in bed with a woman. This was before I was born again. I tried to forgive him, but couldn’t. I stayed for a year trying to get over it. He began to go out to the bars and come home at 4:00a.m. and I had to be up at 6:00 to go to work and ran up a bunch of debt on credit cards, at that time it was over my head and I filed for divorce. I was the major income earner in the end as he was partying all night and sleeping all day. I left him with a home ,barn and 11 acres of land and asked for 17,000 took my horses and left. The barn was brand new I took a loan out myself and paid for that. So he definately didn’t get taken to the cleaners, but told everyone in our community that I was a gold digger and stole him blind. He ended up with some rare heart disease and almost died within a year of me leaving. I loved him truly but he would never appologize for what he did, and would screach at me for being a party pooper when he was in bed with the other woman. He started getting physical when he’d arrive home from bar after the second time I left. Well I remarried in a couple years, I was in my early 30’s, thought this guy was my knight in shining armour. All this time my entire life I thought I was a Christian, but never knew I should be born again. I was never baptized as a child either. This husband was a nightmare, he ended up looking like James Brolin in Amiddy house of horror. In hind sight our neighbours I’m sure were practising witch craft, as I remember Sterl walking around like he was in a trance , doing what ever the neighbour wanted. I found it strange as he seemed so strong before we moved in together and got married to be ordered around like that from another man. He talked about himself by name, Sterl does this , Sterl wants that, then he got really VIOLENT insisting that I change the beneficiary on my life insurance, just an example. I felt like such a failure , couldn’t beleive this was happening to me. I kept it secret as best I could, I finally went to his Mom for help as she and I so I thought were very close as “she said I was the daughter she always wanted”, (she never had daughters just boys). She turned into my worst nightmare instantly. It is a bad story. I ended up victim services counceling, lost everything home, car, just got my animals out and a grocery bag of clothes. I was a mess mentally, completely broken. My councelleor ended up giving me New Age self help stuff, which paved the way for a female friend that I met by evntually double dating, as my councellor was telling me I needed “to get layed”, (can’t believe I was so stupid) anyway Double dating became friends with a girl from around home, that I knew a bit high school age , but not as an adult. She had a library in her home and a shrine with big crystal boulder rocks, feathers, dream catchers and a whole bunch of stuff in her kitchen for potions. She was an executive accountant for our Provincial Gov’t (State Gov’t) I judged her because of her job thought she had her act together. Well she came out and told me she was a Shamen Priest, said she had all these past lives, and that I was her sister in a past life, in some Indian tribe where Sittin Bull was Chief! Hahaha!! I can laugh now, Thank God! This was during the time I was functioning under a trance like state, and I would come home to Mom & Dad’s and tell them , oh I met a sister from another life! Hahaha! My Dad , “What are you talkin bout girl, theres no such thing as reincarnation, who is telling you that?” He immediately bought me a Bible and within 24 hrs of having it I read in the New Testament warning of false teachers, and a story bout Mary the fortune teller that had the demons cast out. I was immediately delivered from the trance like state. And I gave my heart to the Lord immediately! Ran up the road to where the witch lived and read to her and her commonlaw husband the scripture I had read, and told her what she was doing was wrong!!!! I my Lord they through me out, and threaten to shoot me!!!! Well these people live only a few miles away. She claims to talk to the dead and shapeshift, also psyic surgery. I prayed the Lord would remove both the counsellor ( who I also ran in with the bible and showed her) she hugged me and cried, now doesn’t see clients she is the head of the place and I guess all Christian councellors there last I heard. The witch I prayed she be removed from handling our Gov’t money decisions, and she was. Now she is top executive assistant to a Christian politician that is elected for the Federal Party. I pray she gets removed from there too In Jesus Name and that politician and his family are protected In Jesus Name Amen! So you see Marianne there is quite a few, that I believe are cursing me, or I’m not sure if it’s like a flu bug transferring to people that I love. Any way my brother , sister, Dad, & Mom have all shown the characteristics, I’m not sure if we’ve been delivered and it’s healing time or what. I explained last night that I believe the Holy Spirit led me through the deliverance. I’m praying thats the case. I am wondering am I suppose to tell him and my family what happened, like bout Jezebel, cause what Christian they are I think that would freak them out and do more damage. But how do I explain what happened. Can we pray God tells them, and they know for sure that is what happened so we can all be a loving close family again all closer to the Lord. My sister hasn’t been delivered she is still very nasty , slandering, mocking, and lying about me. She has 4 adult children 3 girls, 1 boy two grandbaby boys. 1 of the girls is married to my (former nephew from my first marriage) yes that is really uncomfortable, at their wedding 2 yrs ago I could feel the evil vibe big time with all my old in -laws! the second girl is not married but living with the Dad. Please Marianne can you help me ? I need someone to unite In prayer with me as my church , doesn’t like to mention the Jezebel.They think I’m off on a bunny trail. I know God has led me through this to answer my question why Is this happening to me? I felt as soon as I became “born again” that Christianity , was the answer to solving the problem with family violence. Please unite in prayer with me Marianne , I’m praying to live in the Lord’s Victory and have His Glory in the midst of my life and with my family! My family completely reconciled, restored, healed and experiencing life abundantly the Lord’s way living in laughter, peace, joy and harmony on Earth as it is in Heaven! In Jesus Name Amen! I tried to make a long story short. Just felt you needed to see the pattern. Love ya Sister In Christ, I’m single now for 11 years at 50, never got to have children. I definately felt the shunning of churches, as theol divorcee after all the men . Wrong I was only after Jesus! God Bless please reply!

    • hi Wendy

      I will agree with you in prayer for all your family.

      The sad thing is how far people will go in the wrong direction when they do not have Jesus in their lives.

      Rebuke and bind, and declare destroyed, all spirits of witchcraft and blindness (and anything else they have) over them in Jesus name.

      Cover them with the blood of Jesus for their salvation.

      Pray the presence and holiness of God over your family.

      • I agree as well!

        Matthew 18:18“I tell you the truth, whatever you bind on earth will bed bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will bee loosed in heaven.

        19“Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. 20For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.”

        🙂 🙂 🙂

        • Thank You Lyndsey ! God bless! Me , Mom& Dad, brother Tom and new wife 2 step children, my sister Carol and husband , 4 kids, 2 grand sons. Pray for all Salvation cause I’m not sure if the Jezebel has been doing the superficaial thing there, Colossians 1:9 to end of chapter Lord we pray for all my family please Lord see that they recieve a consistant feeding of Your Word Sweet Lord and that You will give them understanding of Your Word and plant it in our hearts! Open their spiritual eyes and ears Lord I pray for all of my family members to accept Your gift of Salvation aswell for Natasha that works for my brother! In Jesus Name Amen! Hallelujah! God Bless Lyndsey! Thank you sooo much Complete Victory and Glory for the Lord on all this in 2011 is also what I pray Amen! No more Jezebels in my life Lord In Jesus Name Amen!

    • Hi my beautiful, blessed of the Lord siser Wendy I am in agreement with you and others that are holding you and your family up. Our God promised that when two or more come together in Jesus name as touching and agreeing (paraphrasing) whatever we ask it will be done. I’m standing and believing God for you and your family in Jesus name – Together we are going to beat this evil.

      • Thank you Daughter of Zion!!!

        Thank you for having my back on the battlefield!!!! Your beautiful to sweetie!!! God Bless you with your heart’s desires! Love you, your Sister in Christ Wendy

  136. Hi Marianne,
    Thank you! My brother just got married for the first time ever 2 years ago at the age of 51. He never was commonlaw either. He is a docter of veterinary medicine. He was a wonderful person til thi happened to him bout 8 or 9 yrs ago. I am hoping that his wife will be the one that looks like Jesus to him. He had a proceedure done on his heart to remove these spots, by laser. Had his back go out on him and in pain quite often, dizzy spells, he would go to chiropractor that snaps his neck. He has charged me on several occasions over the years, using his big build, smashing fists, screeching & shouting, throwing things and then punishing me by taking my work away. Yes I worked on and off for the past 8 yrs for him. He has gone through many female staff like 25 in 9 yrs. Only small 2 employee practise. The girl that works out there with him now, physically injured me, torn rotar cuff, Isaiah 53:5 By His stripes I’m healed. You could feel the evil vibe out there, at work , with those 2. So that co worker seemed like the sneaky one that would set traps for me, but I always stood on Psalm 91:3 Only I’d say Protect me from the snare of the fowler.The Holy Spirit would give me a heads up to take a quick review of her work , that I had to step into complete and would discover like 4 vaccine reminders out of 20 that were being sent out to people that their dog had already deceased. She was constantly setting these traps for me to try and make me look bad. And I would just leave a nice note to her about the mistake with the proper way to do. I believe a combination of these failed traps, triggered the green eyed monster to come out and she physicaly flipped out. My brother remained in a trance like state and just sat their and did nothing and let her get away with hurting me. Then the both of them lyed and denied. Made up horrible stories about me! I felt like I was run over by a bus!!! The betrayl, it was a brutal attack by the enemy! The Lord provided “all my needs”, he gave me shelter from the storm and restored me and strengthened me. I felt the Lord preparing me to hold him accountable and I checked myself bigtime to make sure I was in God’s Will and timing and it was amazing the rock solid peace I had inside for that interaction with my brother, while he was going wild pounding his fist on the counter and shouting,I remained peaceful, it was truly amazing the peace surpassing all understanding through that. His new wife however , turned to protective mode, and believes everything he says and she came up here and threw the Bible I had given Tom like 12 yrs ago in the snow bank, told me to never come on “her” property again. Which was really painful as the wasspecial to me to be the vessel to give my brother his bible. They sometimes go to church, she is divorced with two children, and her ex she says is bipolar and apparently he has a crippled back, and has been giving her the silent treament for bout a year and she couldn’t stand him and left. The witch that works for the politician lived right across the road from their marital property. So I have to wonder if she is voodooing us as I know she did stuff like that and went to witch conventions down in the United States. In Arizona and New Hampshire, also in Toronto Canada and one time she was in on organizing a convention here in this province’s capital city on a Haloween night. It was all in the news about 10 years ago. She is very deep into that stuff. So please can we pray she be converted or stopped or something! I ‘m not sure how to pray for her anymore. And do you think with my brother, for a complete healing, should he know about the Jezebel spirit. Or NOT? Please advise, thank You Marianne and God Bless!

    • hi Wendy

      Somehow, I feel like your brother is having trouble in his business, and he is taking it out on everyone. Pray for the holiness and peace of god to come upon him.

  137. Hi Marianne,
    My brother needs that Prayer You have under the picture of the healing hands for him to be set free from this thing. I know with every part of me that the Lord has revealed to me that this is it , you did an A plus job Marianne of this study, for a clear and simple break down of each type. Please pray for him to be completely free of this. My brother used to be a real honest , clear conscience , couragous, tender hearted , easy goin, and when it came to money, he used to be a guy that drove a good used truck into the ground before he’d waste money on fancy stuff. Now he lies so much and is still since the “accountability, strong confident,confrontation that the Holy Spirit” led me through which he flipped out about, that was about 1 year and 4 months ago. I’ve been with him a few times just me and him all the while I’m praying under my breath. We seem to be pretty good, no bad vibe, but not the complete feeling of God’s Victory that I pray for. Then when he is around with Mom & Dad, I observe that he is still speaking worst case cenarios, lying, speaking nasty about people, worry worry and things come true. I’ve tried to tell him to pray bout the worries and not speak them. He says like” I know this is gonna happen”! When I worked with him, I would pray against what he’d say, and I’d say it quietly but yet loud enough for him to hear” I pray against that Lord, bless this business Lord” . And the clent would show up on time and pay their bill on the spot, and their man eating dog, would be quiet as a lamb for us to work with.! All the Glory to God ! And when Tom noticed and would be shocked time and time again I would say God answers prayer! Giving Glory to God! My brother doesn’t get it, that UNFORGIVENESS IS A PRAYER BLOCKER! So because of the Jezebel in the BATTLEFIELD OF HIS MIND, “trapping” him in unforgiveness, he doesn’t experience the flow. Getting back to what his character is like bout money, he is doing the “Big Image” thing and spending money he hasn’t got!!! He tells me this stuff, he feels bad after the big purchase , but won’t take it back and get something more financially wise. He tells me how he is being “tormented”, this way but it’s like he’s in a trance when he’s spending. Then gets mad and freaking out bout the added pressure he just put on himself. He never used to be like that til like the last 6 or 7 years, then since he got married almost 2 yrs ago it’s way worse. Like he’s trying to imply to his wife that he’s “Daddy Mega Bucks”, she has no idea of his “dark side”. I pray that she is the Jesus , he needs to heal. I pray these layers all get peeled away from him and she never gets to see Jezebel In Jesus Name Amen! I hope the “BRICK WALL” he hit with me, was the wake up call and Jezebel is being kicked out by him and God of her residence in my brother In Jesus Name! I don’t know how this is gonna play out. But the financial is tied in with Jezebel, making my brother a jerk, acting like a rich snob, insisting to be called DR. instead of Tom, he was never like that! The money is credit he’s spending he is way in debt. I prayed for God to intervene and stop the wedding, as I was concerned he would end up hurting his wife physically down the road if he didn’t get DELIVERED. I don’t know his wife at all, throwing that bible in the snow bank, did not impress me as , her looking like Jesus, Let me tell ya! The Lord works in mysterious ways is all I can say. I haven’t been unfriendly to her at all, I was really disappointed that who ever he married, I was hoping that we’d really bond and be tight! Notta for that so far, she is cold as ice! Lord please give us Tom back, healed and even better than the old nice believing Christian Tom. In Jesus Name Amen! God Bless Marianne! What a beautiful work you have done here! For me to get to meet another person that has experienced very similar attacks of the enemy is just so amazing and just makes me LOVE GOD ALL THE MORE!! LOve ya girl! Wendy

    • hi Wendy

      This is sounding more and more like someone I know. Tell him his business will improve when he stops cursing himself.

      Everything that is coming out of his mouth is bringing his business down, because it is all negative.

      And then he thinks he has to buy big” to impress others that he is successful, when he is struggling.

      The only way to break this cycle is to tell him to stop cursing himself with his own bad behavior and negative talk.

      He is bringing all this on himself. He needs to stop.

      Tell him God will bless him when his behavior changes. Then he will not have to go into debt to have things, because those things will come to him.

  138. Hi Marianne,
    Due to the “healing separation time”, between me and Tom, unless the Lord creates the meeting , I really think God has gotta be the one to tell him that, NOT me! He talks to me few and far between, not like everyday like it used to be. Like maybe once a month if that. Please pray the deliverance of witchcraft prayer you have for my family. The way I’ve prayed it , is I list him both as victim and the enemy. As I believe the enemy is attacking my family. Isaiah 54:17 No weapons formed against “my family” shall prosper! In Jesus Name Amen!

  139. Hi Marianne,

    i need some guidance. I cant explain all yhe detail theres way too much here but i was in prison ministry for almost 10yrs, then i fell, long story. I have come to realize i have been the victim of the jezebel spirit. I am a very strong prophet and have a heart and passion for the Lord and the things of the Lord. The Lord has used my in amazing ways to show His glory and free many, many women. Im no longer in ministry and havent been for a few years, some things happened before I fella and not I realize it was the work of Jezebel. Im n a situation at the moment with someone who operates with theis spirit very powerfully. All the signs you listed fit this person perfectly and i often find it interesting that people around her just cant seem to pull away from her, they get obsessed with being with her or pleasing her yet shes not even nice to them, as a matter of fact shes down rite nasty most of the time. She treats me quite poorly most of the time and i dont fall for it, one of my giftings is compassion and the ability to love unconditionally and i dont have a problem saying no to her or showing her and teaching her the things of God and for some reason she cant seem to pull away from me, even though most of the time she not really nice, gets very angry at me for no reason, yet she respects me and i see her try to live out things i tell her or teach her. Anyway, often i find myself pulling away from her because i tend to get my life sll wrapped up in others and lose myself, helping them out but she can be so hurtful at time as well. So, now i know and its clear to me what i am dealing with and things and events now make so much sense, puzzle pieces fit perfectly but i need advice on what to do in this situation.

    • Marie

      What is the relationship of this person to you? Someone in the family? at work? at church?

      Why and how are you wrapped up with this person?

  140. I met her through a friend and we became friends. However, with my years of mentoring, i often look at the relationship as mentor/mentee

    • hi Marie

      Since it is a casual relationship, and you are not comfortable with her, tell her that you and she have different priorities, and agendas in life, and you need to focus on your own goals.

      So you will not have time for associating with her.

      Wish her well, and that she finds another relationship that will share similar interests with her.

  141. But who is going to help her get free of this aweful spirit?

    • dear Marie

      You and I will agree in prayer for her. Remember it is Jesus that sets us free, not other people. If you can find someone local who can talk to her in person, then you can include that in your efforts. I am not local to you. It would have to be someone she would trust as well.

  142. Hi,
    After reading this article, I am embarrassed to admit that I need deliverance from this spirit. My pastor has taught on this many times and he’s actually looked at me during the teaching, but I was so blinded that I could not receive the truth. I know that I am a failure to God because I have not accepted the forgiving power and love of Jesus Christ as I should. I have prayed, cast down, and even loosed the spirit of God over my life. I know that I have been forgiven, but I FEEL like the spirit is still in operation. I am not a manipulator, but I have harbored unforgiveness for many, many, many, many years. I want to be free and will declare it from the heavens.

  143. I want to learn more about this……..!

  144. Hello,
    I have never believed in spirits or demons until a few months ago when God gave me a much needed spiritual awakening. My eyes have been opened to so many things I have been so blind to. I struggle daily with doubt, a proud heart, lack of courage, and fear. I am just seventeen and just when the Lord really put his presence in my life my parents began the process of their divorce. My spiritual mother told me to look into the Jezebel spirit because the Lord had told her that that spirit has control over my mother. I didn’t really believe it, but as I continued my research I found an article about the Jezebel, her characteristics, etc. that seemed to be written directly for my mother. I have always had a very close, now I see, very controlling relationship with my mom. I love her, and always will for the simple fact that she is my mother, but I confronted her a few months back about the many lies and exaggerations she told, and even her manipulation, and all hell broke loose. She threw back at me every imperfection I possess, and more than anything explained to me how much it “freaked her out” the way I had been acting (my life, every part of it, has been changed by the true presence of God.) God allowed me to speak in tongues with Him one night a few days after I had really received Him. My mom told me that that had “scared her” and she even began to cry. I couldn’t believe the woman who had always encouraged me to grow in my faith was saying such morbid things against TRUE growth in Him. She also has a “boyfriend”, that she convinces everyone is just a friend, my dad has had several affairs throughout the years and I can’t believe that after watching her, and being the one she would come to for comfort about it, that she would turn around and have an affair as well. I am at a complete loss, I feel like I’m loosing my mom, the one person who has been constant. It hurts to think that this spirit has taken control over her, I don’t know what to do, how to act, but mostly I don’t know how to love her. The things that she has been doing right now are personal attacks on me, my heart is bitter, I need help, I need encouragement, I don’t know how to handle my new found faith with so many continual attacks and I don’t know how to act or even begin to interact with my mother again, or if I even should. help, please.

    • hi Alea

      First, do not worry.

      You will have to be assertive with your mother so she will not control you. But you will also have to balance this with proper obedience for legitimate instructions from her. you do not want to end up being rebellious when rebellion is the basis for the jezebel spirit.

      I would find support from other friends, family who are christians, people you can pray with, and who will support your new faith. being around your mom is a test of your faith, and since you are still young, and need to be under her care, it will be a challenge. just do not end up like her.

      pray for her. Tell her you are praying for her, and that you love her. Let the love of God do the work in her that you cannot do.

  145. I believe my husband has a jezebel spirit in him he is loud, rude, obnoxious and never admits when he is wrong and refuses to apologize when he has been caught in the wrong. He has been physically and spiritually abusive to my daughter and then every time I confront him he tries to get me mad at her. He has bipolar along with this he also has not had contact with is family due to his father molesting him. I have tried to talk to him about forgiving his father and going back around him but he does not budge. We are in counseling now and he thought he had the counselor played until the counselor saw through him and told me that my husband was about control and that he has had this issue for a long time. Our counselor has encouraged me to stand up to him and let him know that I will not let him speak to me the way he has been speaking to me or my daughter. Yes my husband has fought me very hard or should I say this spirit is fighting me very hard but with God I will take her down and she will go to the pit of hell. God is so awesome and I know with God all things are possible. Please pray for me to be able to dismount his spirit and cast her out once and for all. Any insight would also be helpful.\

    Thank you Melissia

    P.S I am on fb as Melissia Droppa if you would like to become friends prayer patterns then please look me up and lets pray against this evil spirit that is trying to take over our families as well as America.

    • hi melissa

      I will put you on my prayer list and agree with you on this. The counselor is right. You have to assert yourself, and he has to learn the meaning of the word “no.” But be careful, if he starts physically hitting you. he may go out of control. If that happens, you will have to call the police.

  146. I have been reading all the comments for hours. Just in the past couple of days I am realizing my stepdaughter may have this spirit. She is in her late 30s. At 16 she got pregnant and left home. My husband and I tried to help out financially when we could, and with baby sitting. My relationship with Anne started out rocky when my husband and I first married. Soon after we were married I got pregnant and had a son. He is now in his 20s. He is serving the Lord in a nearby church. My husband and I got saved 10 years into our marriage. As the years went by, my relationship got better and better with Anne. She has had 2 sons with different fathers, and has been married 4 times in her lifetime. I have observed a controlling spirit in her as long as I have known her. I am only now starting to realize what it is. My husband and I are worship leaders in our church. We have been so busy building this church over the past few years I think I wasn’t paying attention to what was happening. She and I have gotten to be pretty close as friends, keeping in touch at least a couple of times a week. This said…..
    She is always angry with someone, either at work, or in her family. Someone is always on her “list” of people she’s just not speaking to at the time. A few years ago she told her step father that her biological mother was having an affair. The rocky marriage was finished after this happened. It bothered me, but I have tried to distance myself from her rants over the years. This past week we were talking about family issues, and we had what I would have considered a minor disagreement. I thought nothing else of the conversation. My husband and I are very busy in ministry and his ailing mother also. I told her I hadn’t seen my family in over a year and we’d soon have to go and visit them, as my parents are older and we need to make some decisions about moving them to our part of the country. My brother is very ill, with a bad genetic disease, and from years of alcohol abuse he’s got other medical issues. She said “well you take care of your family and let daddy take care of his”. I said well I need his support right now, and he needs my support. To make this story come to an end finally, I could hear her ranting with my husband. He was on his cell phone at the time. I could hear every word. It was very ugly. She was telling him that she wanted nothing to do with me, and she’d talk to him at a later time. I’m the type of person that if you have a problem with me lets get it resolved right now. I don’t like the sun going down on anger. Later that evening she called my husband and I answered the phone because I was on the other line. I took the opportunity to ask her again what was wrong. She said “I am not ready to talk to you, when I am good and ready we’ll talk”. She said I need to talk to daddy first and tell him. I said well that’s not fair, If you have a problem with me you should be speaking to me about it. She tells me it’s a good thing she’s not talking to me right now, because she loves me and wants to handle me correctly. By now I am not feeling very loved. So now I am thinking what in the world did I say to set her off. Does it even matter. Going to my husband and not talking it out with me is not biblical. I’ve been fasting and praying for most of this past 24 hours. Anne was so controlling of her son that he moved out at 19 to get away from her. I’ll say this, everyone around her, has always acted like they are afraid to make her angry. My question is this, is it biblical for me to distance myself from her? We live over an hour away from one another, so we already have miles between us. I fully expect her to call me in the next week or so and say “I’m ready to talk”. I am not sure how to handle this at that point. I have thought of telling her I now need some time to pray and think. May I also say I am disappointed in my husbands reaction when Anne was talking to him so viciously on the phone. If we are married and one as the bible says why didn’t he tell her she was wrong? A question I need to find the answer to.

    • hi joy

      You and your husband are a unit. If there is an issue, you should both be present during the discussion.

      no “behind the back” stuff.

      First talk to your husband, and let him know all that you have experienced.

      My sense is that this issue started way back when she was a teenager.

      Girls that get pregnant at 16 and leave home have issues.

      Repeat behavior with different men is also saying that she never connected with her father correctly, in order to have a stable, healthy relationship with any man. Now she is grown.

      You have had the relationship with her father that she never had. A close one.

      You are in her way , she thinks. Since you are there, she feels she needs to compete with you for his affection.

      She needs to connect with her father ( hence the secret conversations) in her own relationship with him to heal what is broken there.

      But that does not mean she should break up what you have with your husband for her to be close to him also.

      this is what she is doing…..she is trying to make you two distant from each other, so she can be the one that is closest to him.

      in other words, you need to move over so she can be #1 with him.

      This is an unhealthy approach.

      Discuss this with your husband. He needs to understand the twisted thinking she has, and understand she is manipulating him away from you so she can finally be the #1 she has always wanted to be.

      She needs to understand you can both be #1 in different roles….she is the daughter and you are the wife. He needs to be aware of her emotional needs and be able to explain this to her.

      At some point he needs to bring you into the discussion, but I can see where he should at first talk to her alone….so she feels she has his attention.

      Approaching this, you and your husband should be in total agreement about bringing her closer, and should discuss any issues to come up together, so that you are a united in approach. He also needs to let her know that you are not just his loving wife, but someone who loves her as a mother would. So she can have BOTH of you …..

  147. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. My husband is at Annes house as we speak helping her do some repairs on her home. So he won’t be home for a few days. Our pastor says it is a mistake for my husband to have gone to her house at this time. He’s in her camp, and that may not be the best at this time. I am praying and trusting in the One who saved me from an eternity in hell to be my voice. If the Lord can raise Lazarus from the dead he can speak to their hearts. It is amazing what prayer and fasting can do for your faith!

  148. Hi Marianne, Lyndsy and Daughter of Zion,

    Wendy here from April 2011, remember my entire family, I was asking for to be delivered from evil. My brother Tom the veterinarian, my 80 year old Dad, my Mom and my sister Carol and my siblings families. Dad will be having surgery Oct. 28. I know I’m “not to lean on my own understanding and to TRUST IN GOD” ❤ But I think, that Psalm 23 is happening to Dad. I pray In Jesus Name that Jesus, The Holy Spirit and God be the three "characters", that confront my Dad to get "the Jezebel to leave him" forever In Jesus Name Amen! I also ask for the Lord to rise up an army to fight for my Dad and every member of this family to be released from the spirit of Jezebel and any other bad spirit sent by the enemy, In Jesus Name. I also asked for Our Lord and Saviour to "engage as many angels as it takes to get this VICTORY COMPLETE" In Jesus Name Amen ❤ Jesus came to set the captives free, so we could live life abundantly , Praise the Lord ! So I ask In Jesus Name for my Dad to be delivered from this evil and that we have more time together to build a healthy father , daughter relationship, living life victoriously and life abundantly In Jesus Precious Name I pray Amen! Thank You Lord for answering our prayers for my Dad and me and my entire family , delivering us from the enemy, safely, healing us, protecting us, giving us wisdom of Your Word, standing on all of Psalm 91 for protection, healing and deliverance and Lord help me and each of my family learn to instinctively stand on and "do", James 4:7 when You Lord alert us to , James 4:7 "Submitt to the will of God, RESIST the devil, AND THE devil WILL FLEE"! Thank You Lord for that promise in James 4:7 So In Jesus Name FLEE devil , RIGHT NOW I COMMAND YOU TO LEAVE MY FAMILY IN JESUS ALMIGHTY NAME !!!! Hallelujah !!! Praise the Lord for His Victory for me and my entire family WILL BE DELIVERED , AND SET FREE FROM THE STRATEGIES OF THE ENEMY TO DESTROY ANYONE IN MY FAMILY, OR THE FAMILY UNIT , PRAISE THE LORD !!! ISAIAH 54:17 NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME SHALL PROSPER , OR THIS FAMILY IN JESUS NAME AMEN!!!! PRAISE YOU JESUS THANK YOU JESUS !! HALLELUJAH!!!



  149. Hi Ladies,

    Wendy Prime here, thank you Marianne for standin strong with me in this battle through to the complete VICTORY, All the glory to God , In Jesus Name , Amen ! Lord please watch over protect and bless Marianne with her heart’s desires In Jesus Name I pray Amen!

    Tried to find Melissia Droppa on fb and couldn’t find ya. I’ll try again, later.

    Love Wendy Prime

  150. Hello Marianne,
    I have somewhat of an update. My husband went to visit Anne, and he said just as he fiigured she is no longer angry with me, and seems to be over it. The other day I phoned my husband to give him his messages, and to tell him the heat wasn’t working in our van, and she in the backround said laughing that I need to borrow someones auto heat blanket. What I need is for the heater to be fixed.. My husband said he’d tend to it this weekend. Her somewhat light hearted laughing in the backround is her way of saying to me I am over whatever you did to me and now I’m ready for things to go back to the way they were. I have tried to talk to her twice, and she wasn’t ready, now she wants to go on like nothing happened.

    I did explain my concerns about Anne with my husband. He said not to talk about things she has done before, because that wouldn’t be right. We’ve all got things we did in the past, but I am talking about lifetime patterns here. In my husbands words “lets move on”. This is the first time in many years Anne’s anger was directed at me. But it’s always someone. I told my husband for my own health, I need to keep distance for a while in order to pray for both of us (Anne, and me), and my husband also. I think the pattern she has fallen in to in dangerous. I am a peacemaker, and have always been that , and so is my husband. But I feel her behaviour was disrespectful. And I believe it needs to be confronted at some point. I don’t want to fall into the slippery slope of unforgiveness, but at the same time, some times confrontation needs to be done. Angry words can fester in someones heart, and I don’t like it that she was that upset that she felt she couldn’t talk to me. I am in ministry and don’t want the Holy Spirit to be grieved about anything. The annointing in a church is important, so that’s why I tried to work out what ever this is right away, because I don’t like the sun going down on anger it’s wrong. The bible tell us to make it right with someone who is upset with us, but my question is this what if the someone is an adult child. Annes been in my life since she was 11. We’ve had some trials over the years, but it’s always been because I leave her alone for a bit, then she’s ready to be friends again. To me this isn’t heathy. If Anne continues to live in this sort of pattern, the best thing I can do is pray. ……So now I pray and wait.

    • hi Joy

      It sounds like Anne wants to pretend like there is nothing wrong so she does not have to admit wrongdoing and repent. This is denial and suppression of the sin, rather than the cleansing of it.

      At the moment, it is quiet, so let it be with her. But tell your husband that as long as she is free to deny sin he is not doing her any favors. He will have to be the one that tells her to come into reality. But he first has to be willing. So now you have two of them in denial.

      Just keep praying, and play it by ear.

  151. Hi Marianne,

    I have just discovered your website and have found it very helpful reading. I have loved the Lord Jesus all my life; my mother teaching me about Him from birth. I attend a wonderful church, with a pentecostal, well-balanced platform and wide ministry. I have been struggling this past year because I have been in the midst of a very bizarre family situation in which it has been impossible to get to the truth.

    My son and daughter-in-law(christians) say that my son-in-law(catholic, but not really sure what its all about and married to my christian daughter) is evil and has abused their daughter. They say that this has been confirmed by therapists and three christian women with a prophetic ministry who go to people’s houses and pray against spiritual forces over their bloodlines.

    I am devastated because these women have also prayed with me and I respected their ministry, (although I have been concerned that they have no church covering and two of them are married to non-christians). The reason for my devastation is that they have aided in the escalation of my family situation to a point of destruction, as this has fuelled my son and daughter-in-law’s beliefs that they are correct.

    The problem that I have is that I have been crying out in my heart for Father God to show me the truth for most of the year and have been seeking advice from various counsellors (professional and christian) and prayer ministry and the journey I have been on shows the complete opposite of this. Everyone that I have spoken to, including mature christian friends, other family members who know the situation and christian and non-christian professionals) all believe that, from I have been describing has been going on, my son and daughter-in-law are pyschologically unwell. (They both have a background of pyschological problems)

    My path as I have made a quest for the truth has been peppered with false accusations against my husband and I , who have tried to speak truth into the situation and not take sides, without avail. We have been often been denied access to our grandchildren, our daughter has been described as evil and they have said that “spiritually” they need to cut themselves off from her and her husband. Our family life is controlled by our daughter-in-law and our son goes along with everything she tells him, even though at times it is totally irrational what she is saying and the events she describes so bizarre. In my journey through this I have found out that she has lied or exaggerated about a lot of things. Interestingly it all came to a head the week after my son-in-law said he would like to start attending church again and came with us to ours. (He now has shrunk back because of the accusations).

    I believe that God has been showing me, amongst other things, that I am dealing with a Jezebel and Ahab spirit. However, I am struggling in the fight because of what women I respected have told me and them. Does God work this way-telling some people who minister one thing and others who minister but know other things about the situation another? These women went on what was told to them by my son and daughter-in-law and those I have seen have gone on what I have told them from written records of behaviour that I have kept.


    • hi S

      Forget the so called women prophets….they are fakes, no matter how much you like them. The get their information from deluded people, not from god.

      forget the counselors….most are humanists, and godless. they also go by what people tell them..

      go to the child herself….question her alone, without the influence of others around her.

      your daughter is a jezebel, and she is leading your son around by the nose, along with everyone else.

      she needs to be put in her place and be told to keep her sinful mouth shut.

  152. I appreciate the gentle response to my clear statement to leave the Charismatic church. However, the key issue that is clear from the response is the text used as base for assuming that “new tongue” is the term used by the writer of that passage. If indeed that was the term used,, it would conflict sharply with all other admonishment to never believe the word of one who speaks a tongue that has no human understanding, and the reason for this admonishment is overly clear.

    When anyone portends to speak a “word of knowledge” from Creator, that word has to be confirmable to the Pentateuch, the five books Moshe’ inscribed in stone, in Mount Sinai, in present day Saudi Arabia. In fact, that Mt. Sinia is NOT in Southern Egypt is a very clear example of this confirmability of a word of knowledge. When he wanted to make a pilgrimage to Mt. Sinai, and he wanted to know where to go, Constantine consulted with his mother to see what she would discover. His mother was a famous witch, speaking the foul gibberish tongue forbidden even to mention in all Jewry.

    Her directions to the South of Egypt was blatantly against clear accounts in Exodous, and it in now well known that all the historic places Moshe’ went to great length to record for Mt. Sinai’s actual placement are still named by locals as in the time of the Exodus.

    Why is the gibberish tongue banished from Believers? Accountability, in a word. No tw people can ever decipher a given gibberish utterance in exactly the same way, unless they have connection with spirits that themselves are obscure, and can easily have hidden agenda(s). There is vital reason to always resist the temptation to gain supernatural information, since doing so is always susceptible to intervention by demons.

    If anyone can dare to study the Original Hebrew Scripture to learn the truth behind the purposed re-writings done in current Bibles, thten that person gains the “new tongue” that is foretold. Isaiah, I believe it was, recorded a clear passage about this “new tongue,” and it was the Living Word implanted in the hearts of Believers, which had never before the Crucifixion been experienced.

    The charismatic apostasy was purposefully introduced in Christian Churches to divide and weaken the strength that Lucifer could not otherwise infiltrate, by a team of persons under the authority and finance of the Illuminati, in the 60s. A man who was commissioned to spearhead this mission was given the Grace to see his great error, and after he had revealed the plot to many Believers, he was murdered.

    In fact, the Illuminati is an arm of the Church of Rome, which is determined to place ALL religion under the Pope’s rule, by any means to do so, just as its “chistian” leader, Constantine had started to do in his quest.

    We know Rome will rule in a spiritual and financial manner over all Earth, in the Final Day. and we now see the Charismatic Church aligning with Papal authority that stems directly from Fallen angel Lucifer.

    So, I repeat, “Leave ALL Charismatic forms of church immediately, and escape the great calamity that Creator will use to wash His Earth clean of this apostate monster.

    • dear claude

      I acknowledge that a counterfeit version of tongues exists, but this does not mean the real, holy tongues cannot exist as well.

      Why should god cancel his gifts, because the enemy has falsely copied them? If anyone should quit the practice, it should be the counterfeiter, not the creator.

      clearly, constantine’s mother had only gibberish, and NOT the gift of tongues.

      there is also the provision that no one should speak in tongues in public, unless there is someone with the gift of interpretation. If there is none, then the person should remain silent. this way, there is no self promotion, gibberish, or abuse of the gift.

      I think the real issue is that many may have the counterfeit, instead of the true tongues, which is a gift of the holy spirit. And yes, we should avoid all counterfeits.

      jesus said we would know the tree by its fruit. if someone’s heart is right and pure before God, if they ask, they will get the true gift. with their gift, they will continue to lead a holy life, one that is pleasing to god, and glorifies him.

      if someone has ulterior motives and an impure heart, they will get deceived into receiving the counterfeit. and their lives will be a disgrace to God.

      so, I understand your concern about the falseness, but not all is false.

      we need to discern the good from the bad, cast out the bad, and embrace what is good.

      god bless you for your ardent zeal for righteousness in the church.

    • My marriage is currently being tormented by a relentless Jezebel. Her goal is to destroy my husband and our marriage. It is woman he began having an affair with that he worked with and within 6 months he has became completely bewitched by her. He has attempted coming back to me and our two children twice, just recently as last week he spent a couple of days with us. His parent got us a hotel room, we cuddled, talked, made love 3 times, and made plans for our future. Saturday his cousin dropped him off at work and we haven’t heard from him since. Yesterday his aunt spotted him wth looking sad and confused. All I do is pray all day, everyday. Praying God protects him against the evil assignments of the witch, ands that she continues to reveal her evil ways to him. She has weakened his spirit so severely, but I know that I can heal him in time if I can completely get him away from her. He has become so irresponsible since he met this woman. Used our income taxes to take her on an expensive trip to Vegas (where we had OUR honeymoon), while leaving me and his children with $200 to survive off of while he was gone with her for 5 days. Allowing her to isolate him from family and friends and monitor his phone calls. She belittles him and even hits him whenever she gets mad enough. When he left her last week she had punched him in his eye and busted a blood vessel. We had to give up our house because he had been spending all his money on her. He has told me he wants our family back together and has wanted this for months now, but he just does not understand the evil he is dealing with.I have to stay armored in prayer because the extent of this situation is surely enough to drive a person insane. He has came back to me twice only to be lured back to her with her lies and manipulation. I know God is working on him, and I have many prayer warriors behind me including my Mother-in-law and I know he will come out of this. It’s just hard because I miss my husband so much and want us to truly be a family again. I know he must get stronger in Christ before he will be completely free of this evil spirit, and I pray he will open up and let the Holy Spirit in in heart, mind, and soul. I won’t give up on him!

  153. Thank you. Perhaps I was not too clear. Every utterance of a sound, even the most tiny, must have a definable, human understandable relationship to a common, discernible human term, symbol, or similar common understanding between communicators, to be acceptable in the realm of Truth. Truth is a term that defines Creator. It is a term that is definable, has definite, provable boundaries, and is able to defend itself based upon its own merits and content. Absolutely NO other, indiscernible utterance is acceptable to Creator, as He states over and over in His Own Living Word! why do people want to add and to subtract from what He plainly says about the gibberish tongue, except that they want to inflate themselves above others?

  154. Yes, the one Who created us all has but one view. His is the one you appear to have little concern with, and mislead those who trust you to guide them to His Eternal Presence. He lists specific un-blessing for those who sit in your seat. That’s not my “view,” BTW.

  155. Hi Marianne,

    Is it possible my boyfriend can still be “haunted” or contolled by his ex wife’s Jezebel spirit? She was domineering in their relationship, always told him what & how to do everything. I am quite the opposite and ask what he likes. He is shutting down when asked. They were married 23yrs and she still contacts him to tell him when and why to call their children (grown adults, on their own.) It doesn’t end there, but I haven’t seen any information about continued attachment of her spirit. I have heard he will need to be made aware of it and renounce it himself. Please, advise.

    • hi Indie

      Yes, he is allowing her to control him. I suggest you take charge. She does not call your house and give him orders. You will take the call and discuss with him what he wants to do. She is not the boss.

      He needs to man up. He has an ahab ( passive male) spirit which enables and permits her behavior. in a case like this the stronger female wins.

      So, you do not need to be negative, but assertive. Tell your husband her phone calls are disruptive and need to stop. Since the children are grown, he does not need any contact with her about them. They can contact him directly if they need something. If you have to, change the phone number so she cannot call.

      Let her know she will not disrupt your home and control your husband. He does not belong to her anymore.!!

      • Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I understand what you are telling me. Absolutely, he does not belong to her anymore! She is currently married to her fourth affair, that occurred during their marriage!! They have been divorced for 12yrs now. And though we do not live together, been courting for 15months now, I will be assertive in the future. Even though she purposely ran into me once, at our church, I believe to see what she was facing, as she held her hand out for a shake, the Lord lead me to place my arm over her shoulders, like a half hug. I do believe it shocked her, but in any case, it was the Lords love. (It shocked me actually!) And she “marked” her territory in front of me once, handing her coat to him at an event for him to hold, even though her table and husband were closer. I was so shocked I couldn’t move. But it will never happen again, I will react. But does he need to renounce her spiritual connection to him in any way other than saying, “no” to her? Thank you so much for your help.

  156. How do you manage and protect yourself and yoour own in the mean time from the attacks of jezebel while this longterm healing process is on-going?

  157. First i’d like to thank you for this teaching this word. I recognize this spirit in myself. In my past relationships i’ve been controlling, and played victim many times and most certainly been on the attack. The relationships in my family and personal life have been very hurtful. I’ve endured a lot and based on what i’m learning is where that spirit thrives. On our hurt and ability to trust. Once we give in to it, and turn away from God, I recognized it a norm to have the issues I was having with the men in my life and with my family. The word says “My people die for lack of knowledge.” Now that I know what this enemy is. I can lean on God to free me from the traits and embodiment of it. I claim right now in the name of Jesus Christ, I’m free from this evil spirit. I am the righteousness of God and satan has no power over me.

    • dear Mimi

      Your comment really blesses me. Most jezebels are trapped in this and do not recognize it, and therefore do not escape it.

      It give me joy when one is able to break free.

      May God give you strength and the support to completely overcome this, and help you be the woman He intended you to be.

  158. It is obvious that you and your mother have a problem much like my daughter and I .But since you believe that you are capable of feeling the Spirit .You should also remember this “.Honor thy mother and thy father”
    and Jesus will also tell you this:”I Obeyed My Father even into death”. Are you sure that it is your mother who has the spirit of Jezebel?Think about it ?

  159. Hi

    I think my husband displays a jezebel spirit. I have stood by him for 10 years while he was addicted to drugs and gambling…. and now that i have read some of the info about this spirit…..i am already exhausted and overwhelmed. Help!


    • hi Laura

      you will help from a support group there to be able to work with him.

      you can pray for him, but action is required also.

      without action, you will be waiting a long time with your prayers.

      Find a pastoral counseling group there and expalin the situation.

      he also has to WANT help.

      does he?

  160. About honoring thy mother and thy father: We as children should always remember that as we grow up ,we do not stop being our parents children .our god demands that we honor our parents even though at times we believe our parents are wrong .perhaps we should remember that what we put out so shall we have in return as we also age .Instead of criticizing our parents perhaps we should search into a medical issue such as dementia .dementia is one of most terrible illness that can attack an elder person .It leads them to believe the worst of everyone including their own children .They can be very abusive to everyone .Often they forget the present and go into the past .and there is nothing anyone can do to change their minds ,that for no fault of their own .Perhaps you should seek medical advice from a doctor .there are drugs which can control this devastating diseases .speaking from experience .

  161. Do you not find the image related to this post as too provocative for someone researching deliverance from this spirit and lust?

    • dear steve

      no. I do not have a spirit of lust that can be aroused.

      if someone is in need of deliverance from lust, that is a different issue, and the picture is not the problem, the spirit is.

      she is covered.

      the picture shows the spirit.

      this post is about deliverance from jezebel.

      you have to recognize the spirit in order to overcome it.

  162. I was married to Jezebel for 26 miserable years. I lived with her lying, cheating, hurtful comments toward me and our 4 daughters. Finally she left for another man that she soon found out was not interested in any committment. She is currently remarried and making another man suffer each day.

    My biggest problem is that my 3rd daughter is the spitting Jezebel image of her mother and is breaking her husbands heart. He is in Afghanastan in the army and she is here chit chatting with other guys and not even hiding it. They have two babies. One is 1 1/2 and the other is 6 months. He is a loving father and is growing in his faith as a young believer. He is willing to do anything to save his marriage and not lose his children and his wife for that matter. I was the stable figure for the kids as they grew up so I’m not sure who the Jehu should be. When I try to talk to her she shuts me out and withholds the grandchildren from me. She is currently coming back around a little but if I start getting in her business she will simply run again.

    She is going to Christian counseling but I have no idea how that is going. She is only doing because her husband has cut her finances way back until she gets some help.

    Any suggestions?

  163. Dear Marianne,

    Indeed there is a God and he does show himself when we seek him.I had been praying like i never had when God led me to your site.I have been married for 2 years now and our son just turned one. My husband blows hot and cold in that today he will show such love, profess his love and say that we are the best thing that ever happened to him.The next day he will act up i.e go out all weekend without calling then show up and expect everything to be normal. When i talk to him he says he doesn’t understand why he does the things he does and attributes it to the fact that he had been single for over 40 years- we have a 14 year age gap. He had never been in a serious relationship and all of his relationships were very casual. He was the classic case of the bad boy. I knew all these things after we were married and he told me himself reason being that he truly desired to change and make our life as a family successful.
    He is very selfish and will do anything and everything as long as it makes him happy without caring how it affects anyone else. When we met he made me stop working and support him in his business which i have done with such diligence that we are doing very well.You would expect that he would take care of me but he doesn’t(i.e in terms of a woman’s unique needs).He does pay all the bills and ensure that we live in relative comfort but it ends there. The rest of the money he spends going out with his friends and other women. He stopped sleeping with me over a year ago with various excuses e.g he is unfit, alcohol, the fact that i was pregnant etc but he is also addicted to porn which he knows i don’t approve and locks himself up when watching almost daily.
    His mother is a classic Jezebel who works very hard for her children to alienate their father up to date. My husband especially does not see eye to eye with his father who is a classic Ahab.
    My husband is a non believer who would not buy into the idea of the Jezebel spirit though there was a time he would beseech me to ‘help’ him. He knows he has a problem but wants me to solve it yet there is no commitment to it (the blowing hot and cold).
    I had thought of leaving but the God has put it in my heart to stick this out. He has worked in me that i have died to self and i no longer get worked up or emotional over what my husband does. He is an aggressive Jezebel so you can imagine how much my spirit has been broken over and over.
    I want my husband’s healing and deliverance because i need to enjoy my marriage as God intended. I need for God’s glory to be seen in this situation. I also don’t want my son affected by this bad spirit. I need this spirit bound and loosed in Jesus’ name!Please pray for us without ceasing coz the situation is very BAD. Is there a way we can be in constant touch so that you may mentor me in the way forward?

    • dear Pauline

      I am so sorry to hear of this trouble, so early in a marriage.

      Yes, you can keep in touch with me by email.

      since he is secular in his thought processes, you can use the term “personality disorder,” which sounds mild enough.

      tell him he is hurting his own life, and there is a baby that will be affected if he does not get help.

      he seems to understand his problem, but feels trapped in it, and expects you to tolerate this.

      see if you can arrange some christian counseling and get him in there.

      but first see if he would cooperate ….present it as a way to get him help, and help the environment the baby is in…..so it does not look like an attack on him….tell him you are concerned about the wounds he experienced with his mother and father, and want him to get better.

  164. My sister my heart goes out to you – I’ve been there I was married for 30 years when my husband left me and my last child of 4 for an older woman with money (Jezebel). He left me to live in a hotel with no help with our last daughter during her senior year of HIgh School because of that she was labeled as homeless because the hotel was out of the district of the high school she was attending before he left and we had no address. My daughter had a horrible senior year to where she couldn’t think let alone do her studies. I went through hurt, disappointment, embarrasment, humiliation, unbelief, and loneliness. BUT GOD! Through this I learned to trust and lean on God and his word and He brought me through. Now I can honestly say I’m glad I went through this because it has taught me to love myself and see life in a different way. Before all I saw myself as was a wife and mother not a person of worth if not that. God created you and made you beautiful and precious if your husband does not see you like that and don’t realize what he has in you and his family you must leave him to God. I can’t tell you how to pray or believe but I can say for myself I have stopped praying for our marriage to be restored because my ex-husband knew I was praying for our reconciliation and he used that to come back to me when he wanted to be with me only to leave my 3 times to go back to the Jezebel that he married after a month of divorcing me. He continues to call and text me but I don’t answer because it comes a time when enough is enough. I will never again be taken advantage of by a man who don’t care enough for me or his family to hang in the marriage as he stood before God and said he would. He wasn’t the best husband but I was in it until death do us part. He didn’t even appreciate the blessing and/or the gift that God blessed him with. He went looking elsewhere and Jezebel caught him. God is not going to go against your husband’s will and in my case my husband’s will is to be with the woman he has married but want to come back to me because I’m familiar. I want more than that so I have decided to close that door. I have prayed for him to come back home for 3 years since this has happened and each time he has come back he has left to go back to this Jezebel. The woman is 74 years old and he just turned 53. She is his mother’s age and she has a son his age. The spirit is ugly and will destroy everybody it comes in contact with. I have decided not to let it control or keep me on an emotional roller coaster because my ex-husband will not open his eyes to this spirit. I will be praying for you for God to heal and give you strength to be the woman and mother that gives him glory. You deserve the BEST out of life – the ABUNDANT life Jesus came that you may have. Interceeding for you my sister.

    Daughter of Zion

  165. after 10 yrs of my jezebel keeping me an illegal citizen I left her last night after she threatend to call the cops on me because i was going to buy 2 milk goats today to help us with milk and meat. the real reason she turned on me is i have finally got my boss to pay me cash instead of checks in her name and took control of my income from her. she totally fears me getting legal. i have had support groups for immigrants like me try to help me but being a male they don’t have any where for me to stay during the process. being homeless has always sent me back home and kept me in her control. i am going to sleep in a truck this time and try again to get legal so i can stay and fight for my kids. my boss got me a prepaid card so i could keep my tithe from her. today i found out she had found it in my wallet took my number and spent my tithe money. i have reported it to the cops and the company and will take her to court. this is the first proof i have that she has been stealing from me since she took my ins money 10yrs ago. i hope any 1 reading this in a similar situation will find encouraged to stand up to their jezebel too.

    • Ian

      You are too poor, you should not be paying tithes when you have no place to live.

      you need to stop.

      keep your tithe money, and get legal help.

      I hope court decides in your favor.

  166. Our Son is married to a Jezebel and we have been through a very hard time almost unbelievable, we have just found this out but just putting all the clues together and now she has completely seperated from his family and when I talked to him last time I didn’t even recognize my Son it wasn’t him, what do I do?

    • dear russell

      She has a strong influence on him. It will take a group effort. expect legal problems if you oppose her, but you can do it. Your son is passive, and letting her take the lead. this means that he will go with the most aggressive party involved.

      She has to be met head on, and she will fight back. But a group effort will have more influence over both her and him. He will go with whoever is winning the battle.

      You should be aggressive, but not nasty. You can be positive and firm. show a united front against her negative actions, but show willingness to help her improve.

  167. Stephanie

    You need your OWN pastor and friends. You are outnumbered.

    you need a balance of power on your side

    Find a church of god, and talk to the pastor. Explain things to him.


    also contact social services and get some help. tell them of his abuse, and your disability.


    it is NOT your fault…do not accept this guilt.

  168. hey stephanie call mosaic family services 214-821-5393 they are helping me they are in dallas. i am 30 miles east of jacksboro they will know where to send you in your area. My prayers are with you. I live in a tent and have no vehicle else i’d help u my self

  169. Stephanie, I feel your pain. I too have lived with being told I was infected with this evil hateful spirit! With some expert help I have learned that it was my husband and not me. Please stay strong. I do not want to post my information publicly but if you would like someone to have as support I’m sure Marianne can pass on my information to you. She knows it’s ok. I’m very weak and vulnerable to my husbands domineering spirit and nature. He is telling me how he is just wanting us to be friendly and divorce and then going behind my back and running me through the mud. I’ve done nothing but love this man. I’ve prayed to the Lord to lead me in the path of righteousness, be the wife God wants me to be. I know i’ve stumbled along the way, but I know now despite his criticism of me, I’ve done the best I can. Just know Good put you there for a reasond

  170. Thanks Kahala. Got your message. Lovely verse you gave me. Yes I had a fight on my hands but God after 10 years of battling this family gave me 5 miraculous children in my 40’s. Yes to have the children we needed to separate from the family (a long time) – God gave me a verse – your enemies are too powerful and he showed me a verse when he took someone in the old testament away from their too powerful enemy-he separated them.

  171. Hey Marrianne I would like to email you in private if you don’t mind thanks ian

  172. it wont be posted on your site?

  173. I wanted to share the chorus of a song I havent heard in a while but heard this morning….. Maybe it will help some of you who feel you are in a hopeless situation. I am guilty of trying to fix things I can’t myself too often instead of asking God for the help only He can provide. God wants you to love your spouse and support them to heal from their past experiences or current views of your spouse and living situations. The vows did say in sickness and in health…. So please pray to God to do the impossible, because what may seem impossible is nothing to Him.

    Unsinkable ships, sink
    Unbreakable walls, break
    Sometimes the things you think would never happen
    Happen just like that
    Unbendable steel, bends
    If the fury of the wind is unstoppable
    I’ve learned to never underestimate
    The impossible

  174. today i had a harsh Lesson how easy a Jezebel can twist the truth and lie and get people on her side. I had a scathing verbal attack on my character based on what 1 person told my attacker. a mentor I have sent me these words from the bible which gave me another lesson. (Deu 19:15) “One witness shall not rise against a man concerning any iniquity or any sin that he commits;by the mouth of two or three witnesses the matter shall be established.” I too will be careful how I respond to some 1 that isn’t present when some 1 else is telling me about them. unfortunately an out come of the advice given to my jezebel now i have lost contact to my children both via text or physically until i get before a judge . I haven’t been told this but every attempt I make to talk to them is blocked. not in a bad way but always a legitimate reason why they cant talk to me. So I assume maybe wrongly that personal visitation will be blocked too. For any 1 needing to see children I have been told by a lawyer kids and parents have rights to see each other un less other wise orderd by a judge. And it is not dependeant on wether you pay child support or not. if at all possible child support should be paid. So fight for your rightsand your kids rights if you are experiencing visitation problems. God Bless y’all

    • visitation and child support are different issues.

      you should be able to have visitation, unless there is proven some harm to the children.

      You should be making a “best effort” to pay child support, and should have documentation of this effort….receipts, cancelled checks, etc.

      If your income is irregular, there should be frequent reviews to see what your average income is, and adjustments made.

    • Wow Ian, I have had to endure abuse from my spouse for years too. My spouse was constantly checking the mileage on the car, and watching ail the money in the household. Even when I had proof on my activities my partner accused me of things I was innocent of. This person even stole money and claimed when they were in a better position in life they would return the money. I hope the Lord blesses you and your family. I think you may be worrying too much over some things in your life. I remember a saying that I think of often: “Let go, let God”. Infact its in my office where I work. Give your worries to God, He will make them right, you are powerless without God’s help and blaming your wife won’t help you. God says you are responsible for the actions of your family, you are the head. I hope this helps you.

  175. Thats a very interesting point about visitation and support marrianne the email I got specifically said i don’t deserve to see my kids if I am not paying support. yet I have only been paid 160 bucks in the 2 weeks I have been gone. And i assure you my lawyer will want to see all the evidence of income and expenditures when I see him in a couple of weeks. I was snake bit last year and when my wife lost her job after just 8 days i went back to work even tho my leg swelled up and I was in pain dr said minimum of two weeks rest but best is 4. I did what I had to to take care of my family. I don’t appreciate any 1 calling me a dead beat dad and telling me to man up that does not know me or what I have done. as this person in their email said. i am not happy about the way my marraige is ending up. But i am done trusting over and over again and the promises broke. savigs spent behind my back, and being threatened with cops to stop me leaving. And much more stuff that goes with the jezebel spirit. I am letting go and letting God my wife is my sponsor to be a legal citizen when my divorce goes through it’s in Gods hands wether there is a way for me stay here or have to be deported. I firmly believe God will allow me to stay some how and i will be able to do whats right by my kids. I found out last year some jobs like farming are protected because american citizens don’t want to do them. I have a job right now on a farm and will be trained on the machinery very soon. which will make the odd days i get a lot more odd days. To my soon to be ex who i know is now visiting this site. it took me a while to understand this but the jezebel spirit is a spiritual problem not a flesh and blood one. So I am leaving the spirit driving you and not you. And I pray you too will want rid of that spirit too. God bles sy’all

    • Ian

      I can only respond to what I am told. I am not clairvoyant, and would not want to be.

      Make an effort to support your children.

      Get your employer to document what he gives you, with dates, and amounts.

      Make sure you give something to your wife for your kids, and have this documented also. For example, have your employer draft part of your check and write on it “for child support.” then he sends the check to your wife, and gives you a copy of the check.

      this way you are in the clear.

      If you give nothing to your wife, then you do have a problem and your children suffer.

      I have someone living with me who just arrived from another country, and I understand the rules about citizenship for foreign born persons.

      Contact your local embassy and get a copy of your paperwork.

      You do not need a lawyer for something you can do for your self.

      You are actually legal in this country. You just do not have the papers to prove it. So make an effort to get them, and get a green card.

  176. Unless the law has changed Marrianne there is aa 90 day time limit to file your paperwork. After that you are no longer in the country legally if you entered legally as I did. I am in good hands now I have help from an organisation that will give me both counselling and legal help for my divorce and visitation. A few weeks ago I worked on a church parking lot. I am being sent their for help with my legal status. He is working in our lives even when we don’t think he is.
    God gave me a beautiful sign today. A humming bird came to the feeder I was sitting close to it hovered close to me and chirped several times and for a few minutes it seemed it was looking at me trying to talk to me. and i marvelled at 1 of the wonders of Gods creations. Was a great start to a wonderful day.
    A little over a week ago I got poison oak or ivy. for a few days i used my usual stuff (which umprompted my wife got 4 me and I will repay her this payday) did not work. I prayed with a tv evangelist as he prayed for healing my itching subsided 90% I was covered from chest to ankles I now have no itching or rash Praise be to the Lord.

  177. I too have been in an abusive relationship for 10 years. It started pretty much from day one. But I stayed with my marriage hoping that promises made would be promises kept. None were ever kept. I am now trying to keep my promise and vows before God. I dont like the person he was but I feel like I am married to this man and I am to stay with it. Why would God join me to a man he doesn’t want me to be with? It says in the Bible in Malachi that God hates divorce. That He only allowed it because of the hadness of man’s heart. But as such it’s an allowance and is a LAST RESORT for someone who is unrepentant. My husband has slandered me almost all through our marriage. I’m hurt that he seems to take such joy in running me through. There are so many things he has done throughout our marriage that he tells me he did because I asked for it, and I wonder what he is talking about. He comes and goes from our lives in and out, in and out. I had a teacher at one of my children’s schools tell me “Well atleast he is consistent. Consistent at leaving.”
    When he returns he says it’s because of me, the last time he came back I felt very used from day one. He refused to speak to me on just about anything that pertained to us. I was saddened and hurt over his unwillingness to even just share his feelings with me. He refused to attend church with me stating they were a “false church”. He told me once on a Sunday after talking with someone there he was planning to go to my Baptismal the following Wednesday but since that happened he wasnt going to go. That devastated me as I am sure he knew it would, I felt such anger at the church I never returned. I felt I was choosing my husband over a hateful event that happened at the church. I think he knew it would help get me out of there. I feel reasonably sure he may be possessed of the Jezebel spirit. I dont know if he knows or not. He has accused me of being a Jezebel and you could see the glee with his calling me this. It wasn’t like he was seeking to help me, he just wanted a new name to call me. I’ve been called just about every name in the book and some he taught me.
    I read where a Male Jezebel likes to inflict physical pain (especially in private moments between and man and his wife) he was often very rough and I would look into his eyes and just see a hard stare. I never really could understand the stare.
    He is narcissistic, I wonder at him, how he treats our children, he will look at his dinner and then at theirs and say they don’t need as much as he does. If he gets ahold of sweets, he is going to eat everyone of them and not save some for others. The few times he has had chocolate, he doesn’t offer me any. He just doesn’t share what he considers his. When he has enough money that’s when he runs off declaring I am trying to control him or his money. I’m left wondering what was the true and real reason or if he is incredibly paranoid?????
    I have in the past tried to give him money for savings so he could feel confident that we had money for whatever lay ahead and he has pressured me to spend it then when we had what we needed at the time. This did happen recently. I was confronted and told we were not saving money a few weeks ago, and when I tried to return money to him to save I was told that it wasnt to be saved, and it needed to be spent. He pressured me to spend it eating out one day (all 4 of us) and when I forgot that is where it went he pretty much implied I had spent it on something other than the family. Even after I remembered where it went I still felt like I was the “bad guy”. Just days after my offering him this excess cash he took off again claiming I wanted his money. I confronted him on his lavish spending when we didnt have the money for it. That he was supposed to be saving but yet he was spending it! His reply was that the things he bought were going to “pay” for themselves in a year. He wanted to buy something for me for $400 supposedly. I don’t think that he really intended to but it was what he claimed. The reason being anytime we are at odds especially when I stand on the logical side of the fight (which isnt always often as I am a woman) he will say something to the effect “Well, I was going to buy you ______ but since you have done this you messed it all up for yourself! How do you like that?” Honestly at the time I felt relief because it was too costly and well above our lifestyle.
    He doesn’t see what a bad influence he is to our son, he will threaten me physically in front of our children. The next time around our son will threaten our daughter in almost the exact same way. He even punched her yesterday! My son has seen what he thinks a man is supposed to do to women. He is threatening and forceful to me and other women in our family!
    Ive wrote a book and I haven’t even got through even a minoot part of the turmoil our lives have become. Writing this I wonder if I should throw in the towel, but I see that is failure to my Lord. My biggest problem is notting letting God have it all. I feel like the Israelites going to Canaan told it was just a short trip, but not trusting the Lord to do it His way in His GLORY. It’s hard for me to ask someone’s help and then accept it. But I know that’s what I need to do. I have to keep telling myself I can’t do a danged thing! That only could or ever will! But as long as I don’t have the faith I should in Him, He is going to keep me circling in the desert for the next 40 years. That I think is my biggest weakness, just letting Him do what He does best.

  178. The Lord’s Little Girl needs to claim Psalm 91 entirely for herself and her kids and I pray Zechariah 2:5 Lord be a wall of fire round and about Lord’sLittleGirl and her children, Your glory in their midst. I pray the prayer of Colossians 1:9 to the end of the ch. for her and the kids and the husband. Lord we ask for You to intervene in this situation and keep this woman and her kids safe from this guy, Lord we ask You to get him Lord to a place where You Lord work this out of him and release this woman from this burden In Jesus Name we pray for this family’s deliverence from evil, Thy Kingdom come , Thy will be done In Jesus Name we Pray Amen! Thank you Lord for protecting this woman and her children In Jesus Name Amen!

    • Thank you Wendy. I will read those scriptures and get the kids praying with me.

      • Psalm 103:20 says The Lord’s angels hearken to His Word , so please Lord will You assign an army of Psalm 91 angels to stand shoulder to shoulder around her and the kids, and around the entire property keep them safe Lord from the husband, rise up Lord Heavenly Father , Jesus and the Holy Spirit and sort this out with this man with the rest of the family sheltered by You Lord and safely out of harms way, have Your peace reign Lord , keep Mom alert to “abide” in You Lord, and stay out of harms way In Jesus Name we pray Amen! Thank You Lord for protecting her and the kids Amen!

  179. Heaven Awaits and God’s prayer warriors please pray for the deliverance and healing of “Peter G.”, that the Lord will be a wall of fire around any woman in his life, the Lord’s glory in the midst. Lord I ask that Your will be done Your Kingdom come in this guys life, Lord I pray that You raise up knowledgeable strong Christians all over this guys life, Lord give him a healthy fear of the Lord , draw him to Yourself Lord I pray Colossians 1:9 to end of ch. for him, reveal Your Almighty self to Peter Lord, convince him that You are very real indeed without a doubt Lord , shine Your light into his darkness, all the glory to You God In Jesus Name we pray Amen! Thank You Lord for answering prayers for Peter In Jesus Name Amen!

  180. Hi Marianne,

    Please unite in prayer for the deliverance from evil of Eloise S.K. She is the vessel the enemy is using to bring destruction of a beautiful family. Jeff.K and the kids need protection, peace, strength. Guard their mouths of negative speech, silence Eloise’s nasty mouth. Have Your peace reign in this situation Lord, Psalm 91 entirely for Jeff and the kids Lord, Lord be a wall of fire round and about Jeff, Your glory in his midst, No plague comes near Jeff’s dwelling, Isaiah 53:5 By Jesus’s stripes Jeff is healed! Cover Jeff in the Precious Blood of Jesus, Cover the marriage in the Blood of Jesus and the family unit, we stand united Lord against the stratedgies of the enemy to destroy this marriage of 31 yrs and family of 8. Lord we ask for Your Powerful Intervention in this matter, we ask that You get Eloise and cleanse her of this unclean spirit , restore her gentle kind loving character, refresh her love for Jeff and the family, cleanse her from the sexual affairs, convict her of her wishing harm to Jeff and greed, humble her Lord, give her a healthy fear of You Almighty Lord we pray Colossians 1:9 to end of ch. for Eloise , Jeff and kids. Lord strengthen Jeff’s faith, lead him Lord help him live victoriously with giving ALL the glory to You God . Lord help Jeff be alert to Your ways. Lord help Jeff hold the territory You have given him, surround the home and property with Your warrior angels Lord, preventing any evil to enter, have Your peace reign there Lord and within Jeff, give Jeff peace within surpassing all understanding Lord , Lord supernaturally guard Jeff’s bedroom and keep Eloise out , do not let her throw Jeff’s belongings or any item out of his bedroom, hold this for him Lord , James 4:7 help Jeff submitt to the will of the Lord , resist the devil, and In Jesus Name we command you devil to leave this family, leave this home right now Amen. Thank You Heavenly Father , Jesus and the Holy Spirit for standing up for Jeff and the family unit and taking the victory for Your glory In Jesus Name Amen! Thank You for ALL things are possible with You Lord ! Amen!

  181. Hello ya’ll,
    I have spent the last 4 weeks praying to the Lord to help me to understand what has occurred in my marriage. The Lord has revealed some hard facts to me about my blindness to my husband’s pain. I am giving myself over to the Lord entirely and trusting He will lead me in righteousness and deliver me to safety.

    My husband is concerned that all of this is a way of manipulation on my part. It is not, but I have a track record of insensitivity toward his feelings.
    I thought I was really loving him, but upon some things the Lord has lead me to I see differently. It’s not that I want to be insensitive to his feelings, or I do not care, it’s that I was too focused on too many people saying “You deserve to have a hobby too”, “You have rights too” true I do have rights. But with bad choices I forfeited some of those rights, the same as a person who goes to jail for bank robbery loses his freedom to come and go as he pleases.

    I have a duty to my husband to make sure he knows that he is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to me. I started out that way, I feel, but I moved away slowly with resentment because of his attitude toward me. Something I felt I didnt deserve, but honestly in actuality I DID DESERVE it. I owe alot to my husband, in order to mend hurts in our past I needed to be more accountable to him, so he would feel like maybe he could trust me again someday.

    I owe alot to the Lord too and although I have learned to love our Lord Jesus Christ as I should it’s been only recently. Our Lord has stated He is jealous and expects us to love Him most of all. I still loved my husband more than God just last month. I had a great respect for God and a real fear of Him about not following His Word, but I still wanted to be with my husband more. The Lord has shown me what a destructive habit that could become. True I need to love my husband as much as I humanly can. But I committed a grievous sin by demoting Him from my heart to #2.

    Things happen for a reason for the good of us and our souls if we are smart enough to turn to God and ask why and He tells us. And we prove to be much smarter if He rights our lives and we continue to abide His Word and live that way afterward.

    Marianne I wonder if truly I am a Jezebel. Or if I was???? I desperately want the Lord in my life, I desperately want to have a Godly home completely intact and everyone satisfied with their life in the home and not so dissatisfied to want to leave to feel imprisoned (that is a ghastly horrible thought), to be watching for that moment they feel they must bail.

    I watched a video of a woman talking about teaching people how to be married, that it is something we must learn and I thought yes that is for me. As I said in an email, I have a great track record for botching. I don’t know how to be married to make a home, a home. I’m not looking for a pity party, just stating a fact.

    I just pray the Lord will share with me the secrets of providing a safe haven for each and every member of my family. Ive read several sites and see paralells between my husbands behavior and my own. I have had to endure some things that were torturous for me, but I also created some of my own problems a few years ago and then didnt address them as I should have, and it has spiralled downward. Yes I have experienced bad times, but I know if the Lord can teach me His perfect ways, I can do my part to have a harmonious and peaceful life within my home.

    Please pray for me to be inspired to act and learn in the Lord’s perfect way. To allow Him the time He needs to help my husband through this rough patch. Pray that all good comes for us both, not necessarily together but just good fortune will come our ways. We both need healing, I feel so clear at one point and next so confused. If I have Jezebel tendencies I desperately need help from the Lord and prayer from my brothers and sisters in Christ.

  182. Dear children of YHWH,

    My wife and I are currently fighting the same battle. One of her friends have the Jezebel spirit and has been manipulating my wife and with that I should include that my wife also has the Jezebel spirit. I’m not sure which one, but this one is very cunning and deceiving, also quick to get angry over the smallest of things that don’t go her way. She doesn’t like praying together with me at all and sometimes asks me if she is bi-polar. Bi-polar seems to be just a nick name for having the Jezebel spirit… Anyways….

    My wife is currently (since the 1st of October) with her family and friends, about 3000 km away from me. Since she has been there our communication started breaking down, after about a week when she left.

    She was to go visit her family and friends because she missed them.

    I know for a fact that this friend of hers has a very strong control over my wife as they grew up as kids together and got separated and then met up later in life before I met my wife.

    All of the signs that relate to a person being infected or possessed with the spirit of Jezebel is present in my wife. This scares me because she would sometimes tell me that I made a growling noise but I heard nothing, as if she is trying to pin-point me as being possessed. She has complained and said many times that when she was younger a spirit or entity use to follow her around and she could sometimes feel this entity with her or in her presence. This has come up a few months ago as well.

    When she left I felt that someone was watching me the whole time. As if someone was watching me to see if I would do something wrong in YHWH’s eyes so that I might be under YHWH’s judgement. I staid truthful and kept myself clear and clean from other woman in order not to be given over to the “authorities” should I break YHWH’s Law of Adultery.

    I have read many articles and write-ups of this Jezebel spirit/entity and have been praying and asking YHWH to strengthen me and my wife so that she may see this spirit and become clean so that YHWH can remove it from her.

    We had many fights over the last 3 years of being together 99% of them probably came from her being alone during the day as I work during the day.

    She phoned me once and said she is afraid and that I should come home, so I asked her why and she said it feels like someone is watching her, she said it feels like this shadowy figure is back to torment her. I don’t remember if I went home after she called me, it was a while ago that this happened.

    As she left to go live with her parents, after about 2 weeks she started getting distant, our conversations would abrupt on iPhone, in that she would say “Sorry I have to go sleep now. Good night.” Just like that. Usually we could spend all night or stay up late talking on iMessage on iPhone or sms and we would always end our conversation with “I love you toooo, xxxxx.” but we would end up talking on and on and on. Now though it is as if the phone is given to someone else, as if she switches into someone else in the middle of our conversation and she would say “I have to go spend time with my family. Chat soooon.” and then we haven’t even been talking 2 minutes on iMessage. When I phone her, her voice doesn’t sound the same, she sounds like someone else.

    Please pray for me, my name is “Jacques Francois Mostert”, and my wife is “Roxanne Mostert”. We need your prayers children of YHWH.

    Be strong in HIM!!

    My Yahweh be with us through this very difficult time in the world.

    • dear jacques

      You need to take authority in this situation.

      yes, pray, but take action.

      Go get your wife. This situation has been going on too long.

      See if you can find a godly pastor who can pray with you to deliver your wife from this demon.

      explain to your wife what is wrong with her, that you love her, that she must trust you, and let you pray for her.

      she needs to be in agreement with your.

      use the authority of the blood of jesus….command the demon to go in jesus name and do not take no for an answer, do not get tricked into stopping your prayer.

      with the godly pastor, say this prayer over her, and continue until you see improvement.


      modify the prayer to make it fit your wife….it is just a guide.

      • Thank you Marianne that prayer has a lot of power, and more words with meaning than I could think of. Thank you very much.

        I will have to wait till end of next week before my salary comes in, I pray and please pray with me that she can stay strong on her own with YHWH by her side until she comes home.

        Her dad said he will buy her a flight ticket to come home next week (this week coming). But if that doesn’t materialize then I’d have to go fetch her on the weekend.

        May Yahweh bless you and your family and others that read this.

      • Marianne, I have lost my woman to another man!! *cries*

        When she went to her family and went out with her friends, she met a guy and I’m assuming this guy caught her in a down spiral and wormed himself into her life. This is why she wanted to divorce me. I spoke almost an hour with this guy on the phone because he answered when I tried calling her on her cellphone. He just took the phone from her. We (me and him) had a fierce conversation and then it went down to being a good conversation with understanding. But I believe that he either has the Jezebel spirit in him or he is being manipulated by her so that she can get a divorce from me, getting what “she = the Jezebel” spirit wants. The Devil never has any room in my house and therefor he is using a less educated religious person that believes in God, but doesn’t believe in the old Hebrew names of our God. He was the one telling her that God and Yahweh are different and that I am not a Christian. I think some or part of this is from a religious point as well because she doesn’t want to be with someone that does not believe in God. I do believe in God, she knew about the Hebrew names from the beginning yet it wasn’t a problem until now ??? Maybe because I want to be too close to YHWH and Jezebel doesn’t like it ??? Obviously.

        I have to go to the Magistrates court tomorrow and get papers for a divorce. He (this guy = Jaco, not me btw, my name is Jacques) will bring her here (to home or where home once was) so that I may talk to her face to face and discuss our relationship. Jaco is coming with and wants to be witness to our conversation (not sure why). They are coming in his car and I have to help pay for the fuel to get them back to where they came from.

        ??? What do I do now ?? Do I continue with the divorce ? Is there no way out of this ???

        What happens if she divorces me now ? On what grounds does this not turn around and point at me and say that I have broken God’s law ?? Have I ? God says that we are not allowed to divorce but only if one of the partners committed adultery ?? I have not committed adultery !? Has she by allowing herself to be open to other men, in her heart ? Is it because of her heart that changed against me that she has committed adultery ?? What does God say about this ??

        God help me!!
        3 years!! Why!?!?!?!?!!

        • jacques

          you are divorcing her on the basis of adultery – she and this man are having an affair.

          do not let this man in your house.

          he will NOT NOT NOT be a witness to anything.

          you do not have to do anything this evil man says.

          you are the boss of your house,. and until you and your wife are divorced, she is still your wife, and she will talk to you alone. you do not want or need his continued interference.

          go get your wife.

          you also do not need his transportation services.

          have a good talk with your wife, tell her she is in adultery, she is a jezebel and needs to repent, and you are going to divorce her because she is an adulteress…..

          tell her also that you are a christian and her boyfriend is a lying devil, and if he comes anywhere near you, you will punch him out and he will lose all his teeth, and maybe his life. you are NOT a piece of garbage and will not be treated that way.

          when you are finished talking with her, bring her back and dump her useless body back where you found her.

          unless you can get her brain straightened out by talking to her, you will have to give her up to her witchcraft family and evil boyfriend.

          • Hi Marianne

            I can’t reason with her at all, she has made up her mind. What I am doing now though is while putting her things into boxes. I include stuff that might have memories of us, something to remind her of who we were. It is a long shot but maybe memories will trigger something in her to switch back to her old self again. But I’m not so sure if that will work. I have given it up to YHWH to sort out so its all up to Him now.

            Somehow, I am shocked at how well I am handling it, although I can feel the emotions inside bottling up and I will eventually cry like a man cries instead of just inside.

            I never thought this would happen to me though. We were so happy in the beginning, until the devil came in and took my wife away, like a sheep herder sleeping while the wolves grab one of his sheep and tear them to pieces. That is in fact what has happened, only I am not the herder, Yahshua is.

            • jacques

              this is the work of the devil, and as long as your wife cooperates, you cannot go against her free will, so you have to let her go.

              just once she is gone, pray for her salvation.

  183. Jacques, I am so sorry. I pray that our Lord would get her attention. I believe that a lot of Sheep and Goats are being divided. My husband left 3 months ago. I too tried to make a beautiful marriage, but have endured emotional abuse. Where is our Lord in all these things? This on top of having a debilitating illness which I am determined to get through with better life choices as far as health / eating. I have been doing that fir awhile. My heart goes out to you in prayer. Lord, may your grace and mercy STOP this woman from entering into further sin. Take her from her horse and allow her to see what she is doing and wish or her to do relative to a faithful husband.

  184. She is not divorced yet. Yes, he can pray and fast for her salvation. The Lord is still able.

    • hi stephanie

      it is a truly hard thing when those we love turn against us, and get torn from us.

      It seems like the Lord is absent, but it may be that these people have to be removed from our lives in order for the Lord to help and provide for us.

      he is separating the wheat from the tares, and we are the wheat.

    • Stephanie or Marianne, what is a proper method of fasting that I can do to achieve this ?

      • jacques

        How you fast and pray is up to you. Just make a plan you think you can stick to, and then do it.

        do not do a total fast..where there is no food or drink…because you will only last 24 hours or less.

        stay hydrated. either reduce or stop food for a determined amount of time.

  185. Thank you guys, I really appreciate the prayers. I still believe she can be saved. Only God can turn things around now. She is in His hands now. Lord God Almighty, if it be your will, let her turn around and come back home. Please YHWH I ask this in the name of your Son Yahshua.

  186. Jacques, I have no method. Seek HIM and simply take time to spend with HIM. It’s not about ……I do this so that you will do something for me, but rather I hear your heart. It’s about ….. Pushing aside fleshly things for HIS given time if it is HIS desire for you ….. To meet with you and for you to draw close to HIM. Whatever HE may want to speak to you. I just find that at times, WE need HIM so much at these times that we want to hear HIS heart and be ever so close to HIM. I have found that through a fast, even at the end of the fast, the Lord has brought great comfort to me which I desperately needed.

  187. I am about to lose contact with her in the next 2 days. She doesn’t want to give me her new phone number as the phones she always used were registered in my name at the service providers Virgin Mobile and CellC. She is sending those two phones back to me. The one is an iPhone which my Dad will take over and the others are a Samsung Phone and Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

    I have been feeling very heavy in my heart, as if my heart could fail at any moment. I have never felt this before, what is this feeling ? Sometimes my heart beats one strong beat, almost like a push and then it lets go, almost as if someone has their hand in there, keeping it beating… strange strange feeling.

    Once when I was little and young, I had a vision of the last days of the earth before a massive ice-age hit. I remember distinctly talking to Yahweh afterwards and He said to me “There will be many tears, but if you can make it through this, then you will be in Heaven with Me.”. I did see short clips of what He meant by that before He said it. But I didn’t see anything to do with my current situation. However those words “There will be many tears…” says it all, because nowhere in my life has such sadness and madness befall me. I presume YHWH did not show me this because I would have avoided the obstacle and probably not have learned a valuable lessons. I can say that I am still learning all the time since. But the last few days have been the worst. I have to let go but I can’t see her, I can’t touch her, or give her that last kiss goodbye. I can’t even talk to her and say goodbye.

    I am at the moment still deciding whether I should continue packing her boxes or going to sleep rather and continue on tomorrow, it is 12:47 AM now, almost past midnight.

  188. Jacques, please do not lose heart. I don’t want you to listen to man, but perhaps this is stress which caused me to have some irregular rhythms in my heart. Hang in there my dear brother. I am not a big fan of medicine, but sometimes it may be valuable to get us through when stress is so demanding of our bodies. Do you have a primary doctor? I am not sure of your beliefs, but I know that stress is so difficult on our bodies and he tells us not to worry. Our frames are but flesh and sometimes we need help even if only for a season. Do not worry about what I shared. I am perfectly okay. I needed some help for a bit of time. Pray about this. You will be in my prayers and keep us posted. The Lord has everything in HIS hands. He loves you more than I can even get across to you …..

  189. For now, I would do some deep breathing exercises to do your best to remain relaxed. I know it seems impossible. Do you exercise? It is good to go for a walk if you feel up to that…..exercise keeps rid of cortisol from stress in our bodies. Eat well whenever you can. Extra raw fruits and veggies…… Love you my brother !!!

  190. Thank you Stephanie and thank you Marianne.

    I don’t know if she was lying to me, but she told me earlier today that the guy “Jaco” that I was talking to was just a friend. So whats clear to me that if that is true through all the lies she has been telling the people, in the Jezebel spirit, very deceitful and tactful with her lies and deception, then I’m not sure what the reason really is why she is divorcing me because she doesn’t want to tell me. So spun up in her lies. She doesn’t realize that she is the victim of this spirit. By the sounds of it, her Dad is the father of lies and pushes her into different directions with many arguments. That man needs help from God. He has many times tried to sexually seduce her when she was younger and I would be very surprised if he didn’t molest her. Her mother tried to keep her away from her Dad (even though the mother and father are still married) because of what he did to her when she was younger. Now my wife doesn’t remember what he did to her but her mother doesn’t want to tell her either. So I’m told her Dad is evil, but why did she want to go see him in the first place rattles my mind, maybe she thought he changed.

    It is a web of confusion and my wife is tangled into it. Without my help she can’t get out. She is too weak to ask me to come fetch her, but she is strong enough to tell me not to come there. I mean, why is she so afraid ? And afraid of what ?? Is she really afraid ? Or is someone using a method of control on her through the spirit ?? Or is it psychological ??

    I phoned her mom yesterday to speak to her dad, but the mom said “Sorry we are busy right now. Why do you want to speak to him?” And I told her that I would like to tell him to buy her a bus ticket or flight-ticket to come home. Then she said she will speak with my wife to find out whats going on. So maybe it is the family doing all of this and just acting innocent ?

    The thing is, my wife ran away from there in the first place because her parents are so controlling. She knows this. I think she missed her parents so much that she was open to all sorts of attacks and now because she missed them so much she is doing everything they ask just to stay there and keep them happy.

    Only God knows whats really going there.

    As I was packing her boxes, I came across love letters she wrote me while I was at work during the day, the first year that we were together. I remember how things where before we took the Loop (birth-control device) out. After that everything started to spiral down hill. Her hormones started messing with her mind and feelings and soon after that we started fighting about the smallest of things. I wish I never took that Loop out. We would have been together still. These devices have such effects on us that we have no idea of the consequences of them until after when we think back on where it all started. But I may be wrong, I only base my answers on what I know, and seeing that it isn’t everything because I can’t be knowing what really goes on in her mind. Though, sometimes I wish I could.

    So far the divorce is still going through from her side. I told her to go to the Magistrates Court to get the papers. Apparently they told her that she is a bit late for divorce and that its going to take a very long time to go through and will extend well back into next year. If this is the case, then we are still legally married until divorced right ? So that means I am allowed to see her because she is still my wife ? Or can she legally stop me from seeing her ? As in, seeing, I mean, talk to her face to face ? I hope she relaxes eventually and YHWH helps her come to the proper conclusion that what is busy doing isn’t right in His eyes and that she should come home.

    We may hope, and pray.

    I have also decided to fast for 5 days starting yesterday. I haven’t eaten anything yet, only drinking 100% fruit juices and water. Praying and talking to Yahweh often while I’m not packing her stuff.

    I have fasted like this before for 22 days but I had Matzos to eat.

    • since you really cannot depend on anyone to tell you the truth there, or put her on a bus for you, you always have the option of going there yourself, and walk right in and see her. talk to her alone to get some answers. I would not tell them you are coming, or they might put up a physical or legal barrier.

  191. Jaques-
    A divorce here on earth has no jurisdiction in Heaven! You must be patient and be faithful and true to her as her husband who walks in faith and righteousness of the Lord. God says several times in the Bible that He HATES divorce, He will allow you to go on your way (the way I read the Bible and translate it) as she is an unbeliever, but only if she files. You must not let the defilement of divorce be on your hands! Divorce is a sin. Obviously she is immature and only looking for her pleasures. I knew someone like that once. I dont mean to hurt you on all of this, but there are NO scriptural grounds for divorce. People read Matthew wrong to mean that adultery is grounds for divorce but Jesus never said it was, He also said that upon separation you are to resume life as if you are married to her, because only God can separated what He has joined. And He only separates people through death. There are great articles on this topic throughout the web. Rejoice Ministries is a great start, I search the words Chrstian and divorce. There are prayers you can say that really do work, like praying a hedge around your wife. I have seen it in action recently. I hope you will find peace in all of this. Shalom

  192. I have tried to reason with her, I have tried to speak with her AStandar, but all to no positive result. I told her I am fasting and praying and she asked me “Why hasn’t your prayer been answered yet? You should take it as a sign.”.

    She is sending in the divorce papers next week. Its going to take months for it to clear so I pray that her heart changes over the course of this period.

    She said “I just don’t love you anymore. Get it in your skull. I don’t want to be with you, I don’t want to see you, I don’t want to be near you.”

    Yeah, I’ve been crying, and praying like so many of you out there with the same issues. It all seems lost, yet I have faith that God Almighty will fix this.

    Thanks AStandar for the peaceful message.

    I will remain married in my heart to her, I will always carry my ring, if its not in my pocket it will be on my finger, but I will always have it with me.

    God Almighty Yahweh, thank you for the time I have had with my wife. I let her go now into your hands and may you look after her and bring her back when her eyes open up. Bless her with many blessings. And let her know that I still love her and think of her everyday. Amen.

  193. Dear God’s children, God gave me insight today on what is permissible in divorce and what is not. I will past below for reading:


  194. I have sent this to my wife in hope that she would read it. I pray that she does.

  195. Jac.
    1 Cor 7 gives as info that we are not allowed to divorce when we are married and this is the latest info about marriage in the NT. I live in Sweden here is the place where people seperate most in the world. They are mocking the words from the lord and soon they will fire up Sweden and the most part of the world.

  196. Thanks Adam,

    Yes you are right. My wife thought that Adultery is only when you fornicate with other men when married. She didn’t hear my many previous conversations with her when I told her that even if she divorces me and marries someone else she is adulterating, but tonight her eyes regarding that opened up, but suffice to say she wants to rebel and do her own thing like an immature little girl.

    I am glad that God’s words have sunk in a little further. However, suffice to say that, she still wants a divorce.

    She now knows (after repeating it more than 10 times during the last few days to her) that she is not allowed to re-marry or take another spouse, whether it be marrying them or kissing or intercourse. She is not allowed to do that, end, period. And praise Yahweh!! Its the first time I hear her say “Good night I would like to talk to God now.” … She hasn’t done that in a very long time. I pray Yahweh is working on her heart!! Keep praying for me and my wife children of Israel, keep praying!! The more the number the better!! 🙂

    Have a good nights rest. Its now 1:46 am.

    May Yahweh watch over you and protect His covenant and precious people O ‘ Israel.

    God bless you all.


  197. I am married to a girl that has a jezebel spirit. I read on your website that she can be healed by God. But I am confused she left the house and she says she is repentant but typical of Jezebel it sounds like an insincere repentance. She told me that to come back to the house she I would have to sign her residency paper because her visa nearing its expiration date.
    Every pastor i have spoken to has told me to go ahead and divorce her since she wont come back home. Again she told me she would only come back home and begin counseling if I sign the residency papers. What advice can you give me.

    • Jose

      It sounds like she only wants you for her residency papers.

      Do not sign,

      Once she gets residency, she will leave you again.

      the only exception to this would be if you had originally refused to help her, which is why she left, and she wants to know that you love her enough to keep her here.

      pray for her, that she sees what her problems are, and she does the right thing for both of you.

  198. GOOD LUCK if she can be healed. I had no luck with my wife, I left her no good @$$. Just as in the story of jezebel, she was eventually slayed! A jezebel is a sociopath, this is their personality, it is who they really are. You will find out as time goes on with every victim they become wiser and sharper. Like it is written in the BIBLE jezebel was eventually slayed.
    my suggestion, man up and leave her, dump her and don’t be a cry baby about it, in time you will realize that you came out ahead!
    I had faith, I tried my best, I lost time and everything I had BUT I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER NOW!!!
    Good luck, & be smarter!

    • You need faith – real faith. Not a fake sort of faith that really doesn’t believe. I am sorry to hear that you feel good about leaving your wife and are advising another to do the same. Afake sort of happiness…….

      • Wow where do we start here, first of all you don’t even know me, you attacked my faith but that’s ok the enemy does that, anger does that and I forgive you . PLEASE lets stick to the subject of jezebel here and as you can see the spirit of jezebel is powerful. So powerful it even reaches us as we now speak trying to destroy our good work as we try to reveal and expose her, evil too gets angry when the opportunity arises. Have you even read the story about jezebel, did you even comprehend that at the end she was slayed. JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE IS HAVING MARITAL PROBLEMS DOES NOT CONSTITUTE A JEZEBEL SPIRIT but at the same time it is much easier to solve a marital problem than it is to heal and deal with a real jezebel spirit . In both cases REJECTION is painful and takes it’s toll on the party attached.
        A true jezebel only has love for his/herself, she has sympathy nor feels empathy for NO ONE! Every jezebel has A AHAB, are you AHAB? When you are dealing with a true jezebel you are dealing with an POWERFUL EVIL SPIRIT,
        Heaven forbid you put your hands on her and you find yourself in prison for a long time leaving you locked up as she celebrates her newly found freedom from you. So called love comes and goes divorce is a everyday reality nowadays and worldly love has no guarantee even and no matter how much we want need and desire it.
        Only GODS love is real and everlasting JESUS LOVE FOR US WAS PROVEN ON THE CROSS. A true jezebel enjoys the pleasures of the world, he/she does not work, she despise work but enjoys hoarding the spoils and riches of her newly found fool and she enjoys taking full charge of the relationship AND THIS IS WHERE THE BATTLE STARTS, her weapon to seize and CONTROL you is merely words like, I WILL LEAVE YOU, I AM LEAVING, those words bring the strongest yet weakest men to there KNEES as they now SUBMIT and BOW to there new MASTER> entrapped by only the chains of love desire and lust for her. To escape is easy we just need let go, BUT OUR LOVE AND FAITH STANDS IN THE WAY, simple logic is everywhere but hard to grasp when blinded. A jezebel does not desire a poor man/woman, what would be the point. Poverty is a place that a jezebel does not seek for herself but eventually she places her fool there, for she has found another! Easy come easy go is her way, she is very charming and talented, just as easy as she/he caught you, she catches another, its her way!
        Put your faith in JESUS and just walk away. Jesus will take you to a perfect place that he has prepared for you.

  199. I fought Jezebel through the word of God…..it took 10 years but God answered my prayers and I overcome. Do not talk to me about lack of experience. Stay with God an d you will get there without resorting to the ways of this world. I am sorry I did not mean to upset you- I have been there not with a spouse but with a mother and sister in law. In Christ my heart goes out to you – I understand tha damage, the devastatation….I do not judge you — God loves you.

  200. I reread what I said to you originally – I sincerely apologise if I did the things you said I did to you. I know Jezebel and all that you say abot her I perfectly understand. You have aobviously suffered – I care deeply about your suffering. This website can catch you on an off day – and I guess that is what I had. GOD LOVES YOU – that is all you need to know. Let my words roll over you if i HURT YOU – i SAID THE WRONG THING – PLEASE FORGIVE ME.

  201. Thank You, No I am not hurt but yes I overcame a tough battle, she could not and did not want to be saved or changed. I’m am so happy now and free of her evil. I am glad that we can come into agreement, I am glad we serve the same GOD, I am glad we are on the same side.
    Peace be with you!
    Remember fighting the Evil Jezebel Spirit takes a team effort!

  202. We must all come together in a team effort for the power of evil is strong BUT THE POWER OF PRAYER IS STRONGER for our JESUS is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, he is all power and might, he is pure love, our refuge is in his name, in his word. JESUS LOVES YOU/US ALL!

    • I agree – peace be to you. I feel we are united in the pain and rejection we have felt in this life – just as Christ suffered pain and rejection. But we can use our experience for the good of this world – for righteousness and healing. I am Australian. What country are you from – am I allowed to ask?
      You know these things bring you very close to God. I overcame through a spiritual battle using the Word of God, many years of prayers. It was a deep, deep walk and I love the Lord. He is Lord of all – He rules. I asked for His guidance every step of the way and He showed me the key to overcoming. I lived under His wings for protection – He removed me from my enemy in the early days as my enemy was too strong for me. Any of this familiar? Yes I fought Jezeel and Ahab. The name I use is not my real name. I have the name of a powerful biblical figure. – but it is linked to fighting and winning. God bless you, indeed.

  203. Very good words you have spoken, I wish GODS peace for you.
    I live in California U.S.A.
    I have read many comments here about so called jezebels, but I in fact was married to the real thing. She was so sly when we met, things seem to be so wonderful and perfect until the day we got married and she revealed herself. Instantly I was living in hell, it was immediate evil, extortion and she used the law against me, the evilness was unimaginable. I found a Christian church to find refuge, there the pastor and his wife forbidden her to attend there because of her wickedness. Soon after the pastors wife had called me to warn me that my wife had paid someone to have me murdered. The evil she possesses is strong and many. For entertainment she loves the game of wits and she too is well versed in scripture. As she lay sleeping I have prayed over her only to deal with a demon as he spoke through her sleepness. She wanted my life and lifestyle, my possessions, my hard earned money. Her plan was to destroy me and run off with the spoils.
    The physical abuse was worse than the verbal, I can go on and on but what would be the point. REMEBER THAT A TRUE JEZEBEL IS DEMON POSSESSED AND NOT JUST GREEDY, SELFISH OR PERMISCUESS!
    My divorce is final this month THANKS BE TO GOD!

    PLEASE TAKE HEED I BEG THIS OF YOU WHEN YOU DEAL WITH THE DEMON SPIRIT OF JEZEBEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    JUST REMEMBER as in the story of jezebel she was demon possessed AND IN THE END SHE WAS SLAYED!
    GOD will eventually have his way with her.
    WALK AWAY even if you have been defeated, you are not dealing with a human but that of supernatural evil!

    ASK yourself this, Am I righteous enough, faithful enough, prayed up enough , strong enough to contend with a real demon, am I truly in GODS favor? It is written that It is OK to flee from the grasp of evil so that you can live another day, so that you are able to pray another day, live another day, GOD WILL HEAR AND RESPOND TO ALL PRAYES WHETHER IT BE YAY OR NAY!
    You must be victorious in your living and your story as a testimony.
    Do not get caught in the snare of lust and desire of jezebels seduction for I know her many sexual talents and her false feeling of love for you. Even Samson with all his strength was seduced and in the end he found victory in GOD!!

  204. I concur with your comments- get out, especially if satanic/occult books are sighted, no conscience with kids, strange behaviors a rocking and chewing fingers to blood when young (ie, mine was having sex with Wiccan soldier in front of my daughter when I was at work), glassy eyes, sensing in spirit that God is preparing you for changes in places to live and different city, etc.
    I watched God answer with a blue spark video as I called out to Him on what to do as I was demanded a divorce and scared for my daughter! GOD DOES ANSWER PRAYER IN COMBAT MODE AND WON 3 YEARS OF MY DAUGHTER SMOTHERED IN GODLY FAMILY LOVE AND GREAT, BIG MINISTRIES IN OK AND TX! (ie, Rhema, ORU, VICTORY, CORNERSTONE)…YET SHE GOT HER BACK AND SCREWD HER UP…YET AFTER A STATE TO STATE LAWLESS RUN, THEY BOTH ENDED UP HERE IN SAN ANTONIO AI GOT TO WORK FORE 7 YEARS AT CORNERSTONE WITH HAGEE CLAN, AND LEARN STRAIGHT FROM HAND OF GOD IN HIS HOSPITAL AND UNIVERSITY BEING MIRACULOUSLY PROVIDED FOR THE WHOLE TIME WHEN I COULD DO NOTHING BUT TURN A WRENCH….AND IT WAS THE GREATEST FULFILLMENT FROM MY 30s to 40s from learning from Lord directly about things so deep and fully rounded about my ex to present prophecy, and its been life in a death situation for eventual back surgery 4 yrs ago. God does answer and tactically move us in combat ways if you’re ready to stop all for Him. But that’s fore a diff. time! DO NOT LOVE THIS WORLD AND ITS SYSTEMS…THE JUST SHALL LIVE BY FAITH!

  205. I found this web site last nite. First there are 32 traits of a Jezebel, death either of someone else or suside. I am a Christian. I have been saved by the blood of the Lamb . From the very moment of conception Satan has tried to kill me. My mothers husband tried to do an abortion on her while I was in her womb. Needless to say life before birth and for the 65 years that have followed have not been easy. There have been many Ahabs in my life. my father and my step father molested myself and my two sisters, and our mother knew. Years spent in orphanages or foster homes. Worse yet being returned to my mother and the man she was living withand their achol. Being pushed out of a second story window by my brother. Falling out of a car going 60 miles an hour at liage 5. I divorced my first husband after he had killed my son with a hammer when I was 71/2 months pregnant, and then he married a second wife while still married to me. My current husband (42 years) has allowed his brother and uncle to sexually assult me. When I came to him for protection he said,”you are a big girl deal with it yourself.” With no provocation I have been man handled by total strangers when I was shopping at the local food mart. There has NEVER been a Godly man in my life to protect or honor me. I have had to develope a strong mantel in order to survive. Needless to say I do not trust anyone. Because I am not a submissive wife I have been accused of being a Jezebel. My husband has been a member of a small (70 member) church all his life. Same one where his mother and sister go(both very domineering women). He will listen to them any day before he consults with me . I want to submit to my husband but in order to do so I have to trust him. I do not. I do not feel safe with him or loved by him. For years he has allowed many, his family, our children, grandchildren, son-in-laws, friends, strangers) to disrespect me in every way possible. When our daughter, in a rage, broke my back 8 months ago he said NOTHING to her. I long for a Godly marriage. One in which my husband will love me as Christ loves the church. I hear submit, submit, submit from his family, but to whom? I feel like a ship without a captain. Adrift in the world alone except for my Lord. I admit that I am not an ideal wife, but I want to be. I have become independent because I do not have a mate. I am a widow who is still married. I am not without sin. I freely admit that. It is only by the grace and mercy of my Heavenly Father that I can continue to breathe. Some people see me as rebellious because I do not conform to the community in which I live. I do not submit to my husband’s mother. ‘His’ family is not the one that lives in our house it is the one a mile from our home. I do not believe that what has gone on and is accepted as normal within his family is right. I’ve begged him to move away from his family and he told me that he would choose the land over me and our children. Some of the traits listed are part of my personality and I can see where they can be viewed as being a Jezebel. I do not believe that I am so terrible as to be called a Jezebel. Yes I sin and I know that my only hope is in Jesus. Oh that I could just be in the Heavenly rhelm even today. To live without the temptation to sin. To live in peace with others and with myself. To be free of this life to live eternally with my Lord, with my Heavenly Father. To know the love I so need. How I look forward to being part of Christs bride. Father God in Jesus precious name I ask that you forgive me my sin and cleanse me moment by moment. Take any shadow or part of Jezebel from me. Lead me Father in your path. Heal me Lord God. Send someone to walk beside me, someone to trust, someone to love. Heal my family, heal my memories. I am lost without You. If I pray for strength than they will say that I am pushy. Make me weak in You. Make me accept every situation I find myself in. Break my will Lord . Help me to face each moment as you did with out bitterness or revenge. Shut my mouth. so that I cannot speak evil. Father God even if that means I will never say another word. Help me Father God put the Jezebel spirit away form me. Shield me Jesus let me hide under your wing. I can’t live like this any more. You know my heart Lord, stop the words of men from hurting me any more. Keep the false prophets away from me. Deal with my sin Lord but keep condemnation away from me. Do not reject me Father, You are my only hope. In Jesus name I pray.

    • dear on my face

      you are not a jezebel. it is common for real jezebels, and demonically infested people in general, to accuse the victim of what THEY are.

      your family is a bunch of devils.

      I would advise getting away from ALL of them. a family dog would get more respect than you do.

      Is there somewhere you can go?

      Consult social services, and tell them you are a victim of dometic violence and sexual abuse. See if they can give you some options, like a home for battered women.

  206. I disagree totally, you make it seem so like a fairy tale with a good ending! You make it seem like the demon spirit of jezebel is sooo coopertive and sooo willing and eager to change! A jezebel is evil, she enjoys the power, knowledge, evil, wickedness and especially in the power of her per miscues behavior. A True jezebel is violent and evil she is demon united in the enjoyment of evil. Remember that satan too can give you the desires of your heart! Remember that not all people are good, not all people want to follow god AND not all people love nor want jesus as lord and savior just as not every christians name is written in the Lambs Book of Life! We may all want to think that everyone in gods house is worthy, BUT that is not so! MOST people that you are reffering to are NOT jezebels, they are ill minded unruley or just may have selfish habits which does not constitute a genuine jezebel spirit, in this case their life can be changed and salvaged!!! Remember in the story of jezebel she was SLAYED in the end and it did not end well like in one of your happy fairy tale endings. Damn it, let’s be real here. Its ok to flee! Its ok to feel like you been defeated, run for your life and live another day for the powers and principalities of evil are strong! We must all know and understand our boundries, we must all understand our power of prayer but we must all understand that all people are not gods people. This is so throughout the bible, just look as in the days of NOAH which are coming again, look at sodom and gomorha it is everywhere today. Just like in those days god will have no mercy! Those that believe in god/jesus stand firm for his arrival is soon! Woe to those that have not been faithful and those that have turn there backs. Defend yourself against jezebel by secretly audio or video recording her in action, you will need this as proof as to your own credibility! Fight back!

    • joseph

      I agree with you, for about 99.5% of Jezebels. They will not change.

      But there is a very small percent that will want to change.

      the others we fight with fire , the holy spirit, and the law.

  207. I’m sorry but in a day and age of many laws and law enforcement you and you alone chose to give those that hurt you victory and freedom. As a adult you had the power to bring those to justice but you and you alone chose not to. With the law that god has provided you with to protect you, you and you alone did nothing. And now it is you and you alone that must live with your own decisions!

  208. YES, I can agree here with you. The rate/percentage of recovery/change IS basically the same as a sociopath, psychopath, pedophile, homosexual or rapist, which is very few to none. To a TRUE JEZEBEL and these other evil beings, it is we that are not normal and for that reason we become there prEy, we become the hunted. THAT is why we become victims. WE MUST FULLY UNDERSTAND THAT” NOT” ALL PEOPLE ARE GOOD PEOPLE, for just as GOD has his faithful, SO DOES SATAN!
    I was asked why do the good die young? My answer was, so they no longer have to suffer here on earth. Why do the good die young or in the hands of the evil? Why does it seem that the evil live so long and carry on?
    We are told not to be lovers of the/this world! We must separate ourselves, protect ourselves, we must be prayed up, fully faithful and righteous. The hedge of protection is for those that *ONLY* DO NOT TOLERATE EVIL!
    PLEASE my brothers and sisters in CHRIST, listen. Jezebel is supernaturally powerful and evil, flee so that you may live another day!
    Jezebel is powerless when you are in the company of 2 or more witnesses.
    The best defense that you can ever have is PROOF!
    I CAN’T STRESS THIS ENOUGH, SECRETLY AUDIO and VIDEO tape all confrontations and communications with Jezebel, for you will need this as proof as to your credibility!

  209. joseph if you are writing to “on my face”. I left my first husband because of abuse, it took the death of my first son, but I will not leave my current husband. I believe in our commitment to God to marry til death do us part. In addition to that commitment, we have grandchildren to consider. Two of which I raised, they are now young adults who are serving the Lord, one as a pastor and the other a Christian counselor. Additionally there is a precious little 3 yr old who needs me. I will not abandon this baby. I laid down my life once to keep two little boys out of the foster system and God has blessed them. I choose now to lay down my life for this 3yr old. Back to the point I first logged on for……..Sometimes what may appear to an outsider as rebellion or Jezebel spirit is just a means to survive. Please do not be quick to judge anyone . Sometimes even though ones actions are sinnful they are not indicative of Jezebel. They can be knee jerk reactions to awful circumstances. One needs to look to the heart through Jesus eyes. Look to the motives for sinnful behavior. Jezebel acted out of greed and a need to control. Her evil life was dedicated to Baal. Her sin was hers because of her devotion to her false God. The root of this abomination is in her rejection of the God of Israel. Even a kitten will lash out at a hand that abuses it. A starving animal will attack in order to survive. A wounded bear will kill to protect its cubs. Yes many,as I do, struggle with anger, malice toward those who have wounded us, unforgiveness, gossip, etc, etc, etc. I cannot answer for all only for myself, I am sinnful but I claim my redemption in Jesus. I will be completely made whole when my Lord and SAVIOR returns, when I finally lay down this dirt body and walk with Him in Heaven. Until then I pray that I can make a difference for my family. That I will not loose my way, that everyday my Father enables me to live humbly for just one more sunrise. Yes there is a pervasive spirit of Jezebel in this evil world. Many men and women have her traits. But Jesus came to save the lost. And there cannot be one who was more lost than her. Final rejection of God All Mighty is not something that happens often. I believe that the judgement and rejection that is moving within the body today is one of Jezebels greatest tools. I say this because when you are very wounded and almost without hope and turn to the body the very last thing you need is judgement. God has sent the Holy Spirit to move within our hearts to bring us to repentance. It is our priviage as believers to show the hurting and guilty the path to forgiveness and grace. There is no comdimnation in love. The most damaging relationship I have ever had, even above the things that have happened to me , is the church members who judge and rejected me. I came to the house of God for help and mercy, to find forgiveness and support to keep going, to find pure love not one tainted by sexual perversion. I came to find the fruits of the spirit, instead I found judgement, rejection, isolation, perverted love, gossip, slander among other painful things. I know that God does not behave like this. I know a woman who says she is a prophet, She says she is sent to whip the money changers out of the temple……she acts like she is above the law and she and only she has the answer. My comment to her was that she is not Jesus Christ and she has no business judging others….that’s the work of the Holy Spirit. If I didn’t already know my Lord and Savior I would turn away from such hopeless anger and rejection. Not that I am any better. I fail almost every moment. I want to close with this comment it is by grace through faith that we are saved. It is our job to live that grace and mercy especially to those who hurt us the deepest. Jesus is our perfect example. May each one of us pick up our own individual cross and bear it in His name. Father God give me strength to become weak in you. Shut my mouth so that I can no longer grumble with complaint but lift praises and thanksgiving unto You oh Lord. Even in the awful circumstance of this life on earth. Come even now my Lord, come!………….But not before my family and all those who struggle come into the Kingdom…have mercy on Your creation Lord, lead us home to You.

    • So are you claiming to be freed and blessed or are you still struggling?
      The reason I ask is that I read what you wrote but it don’t sound like you are one bit happy!
      We as faithful servants, righteous in our ways are new creations, we are not bound by those things that once held us down. We now live happy and fulfilled lives. Some people are quick to give satan all the credit, we need take responsibility for our bad choices and for our not very well thought out plans that came back and jumped out bit us in the butt!
      We that have been freed are truly freed, thanks be to GOD. Our problems are now far and few. Life is a blessing and a joy.
      We now celebrate and give thanks to GOD!

      • I JUST WANTED TO SAY, THAT EVEN *JOB*in the end of his ordeal WAS NOT BOUND TO HIS WIFE!
        So what did become of her, huh?

  210. I am free in Jesus but we still live in a very sinful world where those who do not know my Lord along with the powers of darkness try to steal that forgiveness and joy. When Daniel sat alone in the lions den he was strong and free in his faith but he was still in the lions den. Hungry beast all around him were ready to devour him, as the evil one seeks to kill, steal and distroy even today. It was and is only the Father who kept him and me safe. My faith is strong however God does not promise us a free pass on temptation and trouble. I know that it is often the trials in life that allow our faith to grow. Often it is our tears that water the mustard seeds of faith. Just saying , sometimes it is the believers who are the most difficult to deal with. God has a path for each of us to follow and in Him we must go where He sends us. Even if it is the difficult path of continuing to live in a desolate place. I am here and I do not know what His devine plan is but I will follow where He leads. I have been in the fire for many years and not once has He left me. Like Daniel I hear the lions roaring very loudly at times. But I KNOW that my Father stands between me and their teeth.This is one former captive who is free and I know what that freedom cost. My heart breaks for my family who are still in bondage. If I run away for my own confort, who will love them? Who will there be to pray for them? Who will fight for them? I know that these are the free gifts Jesus give to us but He has called me to deliver them. To stay and live the good news. That is not to say that I don’t get tired or discouraged, I do. I have cried an ocean of tears, prayed, travailed, been on my face (seems like I stay there most of the time) I am an overcomer in Him. It would be easier to go to Africa or South America than to live among people who remember my past and continue to try to nail my forgiven sin back onto my heart. If we take the salt , then what? Our nation is on the very edge of distruction because we have removed God from our midst. Like Jezebel we have turned our face from God and He will not withold His judgement much longer. I have to believe He delays His return only to allow His lost children to be led home to Himself. Yes the spirit of Jezebel is roaming throughtout our land, in fact all over God’s creation. Yes, we have victory over her and all the powers of darkness in the holy name of Jesus. Make no mistake we are in a battle for mankind. But eternal life begins and ends with just one person. Jesus. He is our only hope and we must share that hope with a lost world, even my husband and children, grandchildren, in-laws. With the women at the local store. With the kid who recently stole $2500 from me. With the lady at Wal-Mart. I will be accountable, He said “Go ye into all the world” My world is in my home. My battle field is in my kitchen. Oh that I could run away. But I will, with the help of my Father and by the power of Jesus name and the indweling of the Holy Spirit, stand. I am just a humble wife and mother, a redeemed sinner, a toe nail in the bride of Christ but I claim Ephesians 6: 13, ” so that I may be able to withstand on that evil day, an having done everything, to stand firm.” Bless you all and keep encouraging the body. When I first logged n the lions were roaring very very loudly:? But this time has reminded me again of God’s amazing love and power 🙂 I no longer hear the roaring.

  211. You are very right on the aspects of a” real Jezebel”. She is known as the ” STRANGE WOMAN” of Proverbs 5&7, and the woman of Isaiah 47. BEWARE as every detail of using men to get money and possessions is the formal training some get thru the occult and Anton Lee Vays, ” THE satanic witch” book, etc.
    Mine had these his out in the house and claimEd them as part of her psychology studies. Not true in any regard. We had a child and she has suffered horrible satanic abuse for last 13 years and ive been in hiding the first 7-8 years at Cornerstone church with a severely degenerated back that God have me reprieve from for a decade. But at last He gave me my daughter to put as much of the Lord into her life with Godly people before my ex found a loophole to get her back right before 8 years old. She and I have both suffered, her Moreau a her mother violated every God given child innocence thru immorality and witchcraft that I am still in shock about yet her mother also finished her masters in criminal justice and learned to manipulate system and due to my spinal portions, i’ve been marooned around family for medical health and reliability@she coast my inheritance, home mind and body, yet I am victorious in Christ Jesus andlearned that the loss of all things is but dung compared to gaining Christ:-) !
    As it stands, these hidden motives in unequal yokes don’t get found out till they strike (and as in my case she had outside help of awiccan boyfriend and others plotting to do me in and run off with the goods. But I cried out to the Lord and he sowed me a blue spark video with me and my wife having a discussion on back porch next morning and me suggesting I take our daughter for next 2 years and go stay with her mother in Alabama while she f inished school- and she did it because the house bought by my meager inheritance was the bait…and little did I know it, but my daughter won for 3 years with me, my Bible graduate parents, saved sister and other godly family and church family that put strong seeds in her before mommy dearest, Margaret Sanger lover,, child abusing loveless put child last and run state to state to keep my girl as Farr away from Christianity anda daddy who dearly wished for old testament handling of situation. Since, my kid has been in2 mental wards, a cutter and stabbed me 3 times in 2007 after Alabama interdicted and got her back to me for 10 months prior sending me on a helicopter ride to the trauma hospital after she decided to start speaking to Ms mind control serial killer lover

  212. CALL THE COPS!!!!


  214. Can relate to this message in somewhat way. The message behind the message of what Christ taught / teaches us about love and forgiveness and the more deeper things.

  215. Dear Marriane,

    I was just informed of this spirit while a young lady ministered to me. I described to her various things about myself and the extreme hate that I have with this “spirit” in me. At that time she informed me of this spirit. I hate it and I know its generational and want to break it terribly. It causes me depression, anxiety and most of all extreme anger. I have placed this on everyone else, knowing that I truly have something I need to face. How do I change it and break this spirit. When she finished praying for me, it felt like a electric shock, I am thanking God for delivering me because thats the way it felt. This occured about an hour ago! hence me coming home and googling it…please reply asap. thank you

    • keisha

      that is a long discussion…so i cannot answer completely here.

      read the post above and think about it.

      you need to back to the roots of the problem and work it out, with God’s help

      you also need a strong male figure to balance you out.

  216. i have read the comments above and most of them appear to be from someone who knows a Jezebel etc etc. I have a very strong man in my life, and has I spoke to this woman that ministered to me, I realize that i am in danger of pushing him away and or losing him, hence me seeking help to break this spirit. If you can not give me direct insight or answers then I ask you pray for me. The root is definitely from my mother and her mother. However I am terribly afraid to pass this on to my daughter and would rather die than to have her God Loving spirit be tainted by this spirit and or have my fiance come against something that he does not deserve!!! I hate this spirit in me, I want to change. help!!!

  217. Jezebel must NOT BE tolerated. Opening a door to a love with this spirit after 20 yrs of trying confusion and shame, you realize that she has grievously rejected God’s Holy Spirit of Truth. THIS WOMAN will NEVER REPENT. For she has blasphemous the Holy Spirit and committed a sin unto death. Polluting and burning countless innocent lives with NO REGARDS or remorse. No more pitty. This article should be cast down from the internet as its teaching FURTHER TOLERANCE FOR the Jezebel Spirit. This whole article in fact smells like false doctrine. Like a DELIBERATELY set trap…. in the Spirit of erro. This whole article is a demonic ploy to keep millions of countless ppl who suffer the errors of these woman and the Jezebel spirit to be accepting of it.

    NO!! She must be cast down destroyed and never to be remembered or honored. Neither for her good or bad deeds.

    • dear truth

      This article is not about tolerating jezebel. I have plenty of articles about that.

      this is about healing the VICTIM of jezebel, who is the HOST of the spirit.

      the spirit is evil, but the human being is a victim.

      if the HOST is able to understand the infection, and repent and work for deliverance and salvation, then we should support that person, for the sake of their soul

  218. thank you Marianne for sorting out the confusion of the prior person. If all things are impossible then we are not lining up with the scriptures.

  219. Where is the need for repentance? THAT is what is needed. “Come out of her my people and be separate, says the Lord.” Unless enough/every one of those caught up in the spirit repent – AS WELL AS Satan, AND whatever commanding spirits in charge of Jezebel and Babylon repent – there is no real hope for those caught up in it.

    You have all of these COMMANDS (or is it advice?) on dealing with those who (presumably) repent of this spirit… Very interesting in itself.

  220. of course all things are possible BUT only through Christ who died for us and bore our sins. This underlies the whole christian faith and is a given. Yes prior to all is to acknowledge what he did for us on the cross and to respond acknowledging our sinful nature seeking forgiveness for our sins and yes, repenting.

  221. To be free of this

  222. I am a strong, self-confident woman who is entirely committed to God’s perfect will and sanctification. God has given me a man who is controlled by this spirit. He has a mother and eldest sister who are highly controlling – I suspect they have the Jezebel spirit as well. He is a very deeply wounded man. I have been told time and again that I am very “male” in nature and personality, even though I am a very feminine woman with all the traits traditionally assigned to females. God has been healing him by placing His unconditional love for this man in my heart. I do not see his reactions as a reflection of myself. I still love him deeply and tell him so, but I do not allow him to control and manipulate me at all. I set firm boundaries, but still love him. I am seeing how he is blossoming slowly, and I sense that God will deliver him overnight as I have been praying and fasting for his complete deliverance. I sense that he has been sexually abused and has blocked the memory because it’s too painful to deal with. It was a long road, though. Initially, because of my feelings for him, my own vulnerabilities and weaknesses, his condition almost robbed me of my sense of self and my beliefs, until God gave me revelation about what the problem is. Now I can feel his heart healing, beautiful thing that he is. He is like a little boy, lapping up the love of God through me like a tender little puppy. His head hangs when I tell him who God says he is, when I tell him how much I love him and how wonderful he is. No-one but God is responsible for this healing, for this relationship. There is no other mother or father figure involved in his healing at this stage. I am it. My point is this – male and female is a physical expression only. Society has assigned roles based on gender. In the spirit, there is no gender. Consequently, God can heal anyone through anyone if God chooses, as God is neither male nor female. I see his healing happening before my very eyes. So does my prayer group.

    • dear easter

      I am glad he is improving. he most likely has the arab spirit, which is a passive spirit, letting the female dominate.

      by being a positively assertive woman, this can help restore balance where negatively aggressive women have done damage.

      keep it up

      when he is ready to spread his wings, be sure to step back and let him take more control

  223. dear easter
    I have been through all this with the mother in law and the sister in law and the weak husband. yes you have to overlook some of his short fallings and let him heal. God made a way for me to be separated for a long time as they were too evil for me.Long story, but he gave me a verse about my enemies being too strong for me and he separated me from them – somewhere in old testament. They were Jezebels, controlling, manipulating, who knows what evil stuff they were into. I survived, had the children I so longed for, and my husband is with me – not them. Mother dead now, sister I don’t see. I forgive but I don’t need to be in sister in laws presence to be put down in front of my children. She has all the female attributes you talk of and even in her 50’s is v beguiling. Watch out for control by these means as they are a form of manipulation.But my life is going along OK now – husband does not like me to control him in any way, shape or form.

  224. Heaven awaits… I have both the passive and the aggressive. As most men I was promiscuous. But I also strayed from a path into a life of drugs. I had children with two women one who has been my best friend and actually brought me back to the light. By her own self reclamation. Introducing god back into my life after I was in a relationship with another woman. Who is violent controlling uses sex as a weapon uses daughter as control. I am finding peace and the spirit I know I have to help both these lives. The violent controlling one feels like the one I was meant to be with. But at this moment I am in the home with the quiet one reconnecting with the children and god. There is not a sexual relationship with this one anymore which had been my hardest fight with them both. Now I am striving for monogamy tell marriage. How do I help them both. Without damaging both there lives more.

    • rich

      You need to get in touch with your male hormones and put the violent jezebel in her place. she is wild because you let her be that way. if you stood up to her, she would back down.

      you have not damaged the jezebel…she is already on self destruct mode…..you will do her a favor by reeling her in and show her that YOU are boss, not her.

      if you have to use legal means to see your daughter by the jezebel, then do so, and establish the rules for contact.

      right now you are still attracted to the wild one, but understand this is lust, since her appeal to you is demonic, and not holy…so unless you break her like a wild horse, or wild dog, you cannot have a relationship with her

      be tough with the wild one, and gentle with your best friend….

      continue to focus on being a real, godly man, and not a useless guy, with destructive behaviors ( creating children with scary environments, children alwasy get hurt in this type of thing)

      it might be that you should just have a friend relationship with both of them, and move on to a stable relationship with a good person who is also attractive to you.

      I am also sending you some prayers against witchcraft ( jezebel is a witch, and you are in recovery) and some prayers for spiritual healing and strength.

      print them out and say each day…I will be in agreement with you..

      remember your past does not have to haunt you in the present….. you have what it takes to break curses and start over with a good outcome.

  225. My 45 year old daughter has this Jezebel spirit and I need to know what to do to come against this? 2 people have prophesied to me that this is what is going on with her… I don’t talk to her now because she is so horribly mean to me.. she is divorced and has 3 girls… when this was very noticeable was after her Dad died which was 11 years ago… He was very stern with her but loved her very much. I love my daughter and want deliverance for her and have prayed many prayers for her so any spiritual help you can give me is very much appreciated… thank you!!

    • carlene

      I am sending you prayers for deliverance against witchcraft, and for salvation of unsaved loved ones.print them out and say each day. I will be in agreement with you.
      combine prayer with action…just keep trying.

  226. Thank you for this post, it was really helpful, God has gave you such great sound wisdom on this issue.

  227. Dear Marianne,
    I have a calling.
    Many Pastors on the net say run.
    Please pray for me.
    Please can you send me the prayers against witchcraft as well as healing strength, etc.
    Do you have many successful testimonies of marriages being saved.

    My first, now ex wife is also controlled by a jezebel spirit.
    With the first wife after the collapse, i lost my home, three kids which she turned against me, she turned almost all the relatives and got my parents to suspect me & shun me. She circled all my friends n relatives spreading lies. Shocking…and many believed her, even the Pastors.

    I am on my second marriage and like the first I shockingly discovered is also one. She’s bossy, extremely aggressive, never apologises, never admits wrong and tries to call all the shots and is so stubborn. She’s very proud as well, does not admit when she is wrong and cant say sorry.

    Since I met this 2nd wife I have sunk into poverty, am unemployed for 16months I do love her and want to have a breakthrough and victory here.
    I am about to confront her because I’m enough,…must I move out and then look for a Jehu father for her & myself? .
    Please advise me, and thank you for your blog.

    • phil

      you are a passive male.

      you did not learn your lesson in the first marriage.

      so you married another woman like the first one.

      if you got married a 3rd time, you would have the same problem.

      you are a male, get in touch with your male hormones.

      the JEHU you are looking for is supposed to be YOU.

      be a man, if you don’t, you will be treated like the woman in the family, with the woman bossing you around.

      every man should be a JEHU….if he has all his hormones.

      why are you so passive and weak, and why are you attracted to aggressive women?

      you need to find out why you are so weak….something has suppressed your maleness to make you weak before women.

      YOU do not move out….tell HER to behave or get out…..and if she gives you any more problems, you will get a restraining order for her nasty self, to stay away from you.

      give her an ultimatum, shape up or ship out.

      if you cannot do that, then get a real man pastor to do it, or the police.

      you have my prayers but you need to shape up also.

      when you do, find a godlly woman instead of a witch.

  228. I promise I’ve been going through everything I read here with my wife, I pray that God help me with her, I do she is possessed with this spirit. She was victimized as a kid by a father figure, and lost contact with her real father, her mother left her with the person that done this to her, I’ve tried to confront her and tell her about this sprit, but she does exactly what the Scripture says get very irrate mean and want listen. I need God to send someone to help me cause I love my wife and I’ve been trying to cast this spirit out but I need help, is it anyone other there can help me, I’m in Houston Texas, God please help me with my wife.

    • renas

      I am guessing that you are being too gentle with your wife.

      you have to be very strong, assertive, and take control

      give no room for her to act that way.

      you are the boss of your house, so take charge.

      use your male hormones

      jezebel submits to male authority that is aggressive, I do not mean abusive, but coming on very strong

      if she becomes physically irrrate, then grab her and sit her down, and tell her to shut up

      if she screams, put your hand over her mouth, and tell her your hand is staying over her mouth until she learns to behave herself.

      tell her you are NOT her father, nor are you anyone who has ever hurt her.

      and tell her she has to submit to you and God, and reject her demons, or she will spend many days being disciplined until she does submit.

      tell her you do not allow demons in your house and she has them

      tell her you are the boss of the house, NOT her, and she is to do as you tell her….otherwise you will get rid of her or put her in a mental hospital

      get tough!!!!

      a female jezebel will submit to any male authority if the man sticks up for himself

      you are doing her a favor, because she really needs for you to do this…..

      tell her you are doing this for her own good.

      she needs to feel the strength of a caring man, who will help her get rid of the demons and rescue her from their torment.

      demons tell her to take charge to protect herself from men

      so you have to show her you have the strength and authority ( through Jesus) to get rid of this fear, and she does not have to control you to trust you.

      you are the boss, and you are going to help her.

      do not be weak around her….because it makes her feel she has to control everything.

      be strong.

      I am also sending you prayers against witchcraft and other spirits….print it out and say it each day….even out loud in her presence.

      I will be in agreement with you

  229. How can I do all this when she is so evil, she always trying to put me out when I let her know what she has been doing with another married man, we have talked to his wife and his mother about the affair she was having with him. She has cried to me promising she never do it again, now they are still sneaking around, and when I tell her I’m going to contact his wife again she tries to deny it, she tells me how much she hates me and keep asking me to leave. My brother and her brother made me realize she was possessed with this demon. My brother told me if I leave her she will be damn. Can I get some advice, I’m trying to save my wife and marriage.

    • renas

      you are being too nice to her.

      threaten to divorce her and keep all property and children, as you are filing on basis of adultery.

      you have to threaten to kick her out….you pay the bills, not her, so YOU stay, and SHE leaves.

      she who else will take her.

      right now, she assumes you will keep forgiving her so she can stay there.

      the only way to save this marriage is to threaten to end it.

      otherwise , she does not take you seriously and sees you as weak.

  230. PLEASE email me more info.

  231. Praise God for google…. as my son is presently married to a lady with according to what I was led to this morning having all the symptoms and power of a “Jezebel” spirit. As a christian I am fully aware of the fact that they are both “victims” with a huge concern to help them be set free….. Need your help please…. thank you and Bless you for your valued input found on Google this morning.

  232. This is God own message aka spiritual reality Divine truth.

  233. After some prayer, God reviled to me that I am infected with the spirit of Ahab. I have spent a life time with the spirit Jezebel. Literally every relationship I’ve ever been in. I have allowed myself to tolerate and be completely dominated by her. I am in the process of repenting to God for my behavior. I have not done what God has commanded me to be. I am going to be taking over as spiritual leader of me family. I will protect them with the help of Christ.

    My wife is infested by the foul spirit of Jezebel. This past week my wife flipped out over something so small it’s still hard to grasp what happened. At one point my wife looked at me and said; “see, see, I am having a hard to time controlling the Jezebel in me”. She is under strong influence. She’s cut off all physical contact and threatened to move from the bedroom. I do thank God he did not allow her to follow thru with moving out of the bedroom. I am ready to do what is needed to defeat her and end her rein. But at the same time scared of what she is capable of doing to my marriage. How do I fight this foul demon and keep my marriage intact? Do I pray and wait for God to reveal the Jezebel spirit within her? This only solution I can come up. Until she sees what dwells inside, am I capable of fight her? I would appreciate advice in me reclaiming my wife and marriage back to God. Please pray for me and my wife Donna. We really could use it.

    • troy

      you are still together and that is a hopeful sign

      you need to get in touch with your male hormones. deciding to against be the head of the family is a strong decision, so good for you

      you have to take charge. when jezebel acts up, stand up to her, and tell her to behave herself, or there will be consequences.

      you are in charge of this marriage, not her, and she has to comply with your decisions.

      you are the spiritual authority not her

      find out how she got infected to begin with …..emotional injury? bad influences?

      advise her to repent of all sins, and ask for deliverance from god, because she is a mess for a wife.

      since she does not see what you see, TELL her. if others see it, get them to back you up….back jezebel into a corner and get her to admit what she is

      i am sending you prayers for deliverance and for strength…restore your inner self and get tough with the demon holding onto her

      I am also sending prayers for unsaved loved ones, and prayers for healing (emotional).

      print out and say each day

      I will be in agreement with you in prayer

    • email to you did not work

      check your login and make correction

  234. Had it not been for the Holy Spirit leading me to this website I would still be wondering what happened to 33 years of marriage. My husband hooked up with a Jezebel and divorced me and his family. It happen when we turned 50 the woman (jezebel) was 70 he’s living a horrible defeated life and cant break from the stronghold – Ive been in prayer for his deliverance and that his eyes be opened to what is happening and he run for his life to Jesus. Its like he has no control over his life.

    • CER

      Since your husband is already gone, prayer is what you can do best for him.

      men submitting to aggressive women is a sign there is a loss of masculinity somewhere in their life. this goes back to childhood, where he was oppressed by someone, and this stiffed him. then he went looking for the strength he did not have in someone else.

      if you have any contact with him, be the strong person he needs. tell him you are praying for him.

      I am sending you prayers for deliverance from various spirits…he actually has an eunuch spirit….powerless…ahabs are stronger personalities which empower the jezebel and profit from jezebel activities

      print out and say each day

      I will agree with you in prayer

  235. I have this spirit. I have repented, and I am deeply ashamed. Where do I go from here?

    • Anonymous

      once you have repented, you need to make sure the spirit that infected you is gone.

      you need some good people to pray with you to be sure you are free.

      find a spirit filled church near you, and make an appointment to see the pastor


      contact st Andrews Presbyterian Church near you and ask how to contact Pastor Dave Palmquist

  236. I am a Jezebell and I need help. I want to be free from my darkness before its too late. I pray someone can help me

    • leah

      tell me why you think you are a jezebel> what is wrong? how do you act and feel?

      • I watched this video and it was like the video was about me, my life, everything that makes me, me:

        For years I’ve been diagnosed with depression, suicidal thoughts, social anxiety, and Borderline Personality Disorder. Doctors say I have all of this and keep medicating me, but I don’t feel even slightly better. They pin these illnesses to the core reason “why I am the way that I am”, but it doesn’t feel right.

        I feel lost in the smog in my mind, a looming shadow always following me, all ways urging me to be destructive. But that video felt so personal, like ready the pages of my diary. I burst in tears to feel I finally understand what’s wrong with me, and the thought I could be free from this.

        I was an unbeliever until that moment. I have accepted Jesus Christ into my heart, and pray the Lord will help me cleanse my soul to be free from this demon so that I can better serve God’s will.

        If you have any knowledge of how I can be free from my own Jezebel Sprint, I plead with you to tell me so that I can be saved

        • leah

          I do not see you as jezebel yet….your stated problem do not match the video.

          do you manipulate people and confuse and hurt them?

          do you attack or criticize others?

          do you lie a lot?

          do you care if others are hurt by you?

          do you use sex to control men?

          do you insult people? back stab? make them doubt themselves?

          do you suck energy out of people?

          do you transfer your traits and faults onto other people?

          do you disrupt relationships?

          are you a bully?

          are you sneaky?

          do you play victim after hurting someone else?

          do you practice witchcraft?

          do you demand attention, and take attention away from others, so you can have it all?



          have you ever been mistreated or abused?

          have you ever been victimized in any way?

          does anyone in your family practice new age, witchcraft, occult?

          is anyone in your family a mason?

          • I started out in life born into a large family of Jehovahs Witnesses. At the age of 16 I ran away from home. Since then the Jezebel spirit truly was able to blossom. 12 years later here I am at 28.
            It would probably be easiest to answer each question.

            > do you manipulate people and confuse and hurt them?
            Yes. Every relationship, whether friends, boyfriends or just sexual conquests.

            > do you attack or criticize others?
            No. As a general rule I hate confrontation.

            > do you lie a lot?
            I’ve improved but I more exclude certain truths

            > do you care if others are hurt by you?
            No. I hurt people when they deserve it. Revenge

            > do you use sex to control men? Yes. I use it as a weapon to punish them when I don’t get what I want. Or as a way of controlling them when I want something

            > do you insult people?   back stab?  make them doubt themselves?
            I used to be very two-faced. I loved causing kaos around me. A friend would tell me s secret and I’ll tell others. But then I’d snitch on their secrets too.
            When the friendship executable broke down I’d use immense destruction to hurt them as much as possible.

            > do you suck energy out of people?

            > do you transfer your traits and faults onto other people?
            I don’t know

            > do you disrupt relationships?
            I don’t know

            > are you a bully?

            > are you sneaky?
            Extremely and secretive

            > do you play victim  after hurting someone else?
            If an old boyfriends caught me out in something I did wrong, I’d always be able to switch on the water works and spin it around so he’d feel bad and I became the victim

            > do you practice witchcraft?

            > do you demand attention, and take attention away from others, so you can have it all?
            No. Now I’m more of a recluse
            > ——
            > now….
            > have you ever been mistreated or abused?
            Yes. My father beat me for nearly everything. He broke down my confidence, and made me feel so inferior and worthless. He broke my bones on more than one occasion. I’d never see him due to his eldership within the religion. My mother drank and had eating disorders

            > have you ever been victimized in any way?
            I don’t know

            > does anyone in your family practice new age, witchcraft, occult?
            I was looked bag into Buddhism not to long ago. I have looked into the occult as well in the past.
            But I believe my parents possibly practised witchcraft or the occult as far back as before I was born

            • leah

              I am being careful here because I have many who come, who have been brainwashed and intimidated into thinking THEY are the problem and the jezebel, when it is really someone else doing the damage and reversing the blame onto them, giving them a guilt complex.

              you appear married now. how is your relationship with your husband/?

              are you equals, or do you dominate?

              whatever spirit you have, it is grieving you, and you need deliverance. I can see trust issues which make you withdraw from others, and the beatings you got made you feel helpless, now you need lots of control, to prevent further harm.

              the family witchcraft is another generational curse on you

              We need to find you someone close to you to pray with you. I can also send some prayers as a guide. you need a strong male figure, fatherly, or grandfatherly in nature, who is very close to God, patient, very kind, and can help you feel wanted and safe. if your husband is a good man, maybe he and / or an older male figure in the family can help you heal.

              you have made the biggest step. you know something is wrong, and you want to get better.

              you can also directly email me. if you dont want to post on the site.

  237. I think me and my last husband may have had a Jezebel and Jehu in ourselfs.

  238. Hello my name is Cheyenne. I’m 20 years old and I am currently a Jezebel spirit and trying to break free of it. I have a spiritual mother figure who is helping me but I am hurting her as I fight this battle. Reading the article has opened my eyes and shown the truth of what and how I had become. My biological father left my mother who is also a Jezebel spirit. He not only left her because he was controlled by her but he also left for another woman. He was also convicted of being a pedophile. And when she let another man in the house to live I was sexually molested by him. Since I left the toxic household of my mother’s I had seen the neglect and evil she has done. The woman who has taken me has been so kind to me yet I have been horrible to her. I try to listen to her and obey the rules and get into God’s word. But the more I follow the more I fall. I can’t find a “Jehu” because of my current living arrangements. So how can I get rid and heal myself from this spirit?

  239. Thank you

  240. the only thing missing is a picture of my X daughter in law
    may GOD have mercy on her soul .

  241. Excellent just how they are

  242. Please contact me. I need your help to cast Jezebel out. Please pray n ask the Lord what His will is for this please

  243. I didn’t realize how much of biblical history I never grasped even though I was raised young with church as important as school. I was an 10 year old girl when my parents divorced and by age 11, my father…my hero….showed me through clinched locked fists what alcohol does and I’ll never forget the instant stars I saw. I was being bullied by groups of girls like wolves verbally and physically from 7th grade to my junior year in high school. I was called a “whore” yet I hadn’t even made out with anyone ever. I never fought back as I didn’t understand what I had done wrong yet no matter where I went or even by living with my mother, changing schools 4 times….I always was targeted by groups of girls. My mother quoted bible verses yet decided $1300 in Mary Kay make-up to never be sold was a better investment financially then paying for my $30/month mild anti-psychotic prescribed meds without consulting my doctor (cold turkey at age 13) then abandoning me in a trailer park after a married neighbor molested me would be healed with memorized bible passages. My oldest sister sleeps with more men and brags about it yet asks my church to pray she get full custody of her 3 young children as she just mqrried husband #5, got exposed for online bondage porn and finally admitted she is a swinger (she bankrupted then cheated on all other 4 husbands) and spends all her time on her phone fighting with the 3rd exhusband & children’s father for custody only to pay no attention to anything but her phone when she does have visitation of them. Both my mother and only sister take no ownership of their mistakes, faults or damage to their life as well as the children they bare and fight for custody to abandon their children to secure their new future (manipulate men into marriage).

    I’ve witnessed heaven and hell but always believed God was always watching over me. I stopped going to church and read all the history, religions, science beliefs, meditation practices, physiology techniques, avoiding witchcraft spells (sister & mother) and spent 23 years of my life surviving what shocks every doctor, metor, and priest that I survived to surrender to God above to use me as an already sacrificed daughter of God for Zion to give those in the CERN released black hole hell Lucifer created by a science experiment challenging God (remember….God makes no mistakes even when free will makes mistakes that he later has to order a 130k year “search and rescue mission” over – as when it’s all said and done 1,010 years from now….will be perfect) I knew that God was going to show up and split the USA in half in a day in 2002 but had to validate I wasn’t insane or tricked by Lucifer or perhaps a better writer & story teller than I had thought….but creation energy (God) and thought energy (of a 5 year old laughing daughter) will always be bound to every atom and every smiling sole mate w/ families in their own gardens of Eden (we all have an idea within us of what Eden looks like) and the 2nd arrival (not to be confused with Jesus’ 2nd coming as this planet is to be returned back to its’ owners of dinosaurs and Giants before it was flooded for the evacuation mission) and Jezebel I had thought for some reason was originally Lucifer’s soulmate before he wanted to test a theory that creation & thought energy (not any thought energy – that’s where the “experiment challenging God” went wrong real quick) collapsed on itself (when you try creating a universe on an already existent universe it creates a black hole or “hell” where Lucifer quickly found himself trapped)

    Jezebel’s “spirit” was reenacted by God’s only daughter as she wanted to remind Lucifer what he had left behind to answer 3 question’s we’ve all been wanting the answer’s to and I bet after God shows up and by 2026 absolute intergalactic peace for 1,000 years before the 2nd coming of Jesus (when Lucifer is released from purgatory to ride alongside Jesus to clean-up all his mistake mess before returning this planet to dinosaurs)

    And that’s the version of God, heaven, hell, and Jezebel that I prefer to vote on as I always do…..the happy endings with worldwide block parties as I lost my dad but hope my vision of seeing him in his fast hotrod boat smiling super again happens one day….even if the girl riding and smiling next to him isn’t me

    Seeing people happier than when they first crossed my path is my $ my currency as it means the same thing no matter your language, your religion or where in time you find yourself and I prefer “The Shirley Temple Effect” it does take more patience and practice to spread happiness but it’s more permanant when you do

    I know how hard I cried when God gave me the task of repeating this story out loud and I still cry as this is the 1st time in my life when I wasn’t bullied & called names….now crazy is the 1st that I even called myself….but years of begging and trying to negotiate a better representative….try talking God out of anything after talking him into giving Lucifer another chance because we all make mistakes except for….God….yeah he won

    This is the 1st public message board I’ve ever relayed daughter of Zion and I’m more from the show-me state….I’ll let God show you if this story is by God or if it’s fake

    • amenimity

      you sound very injured.

      you are welcome here.

      bullies are kicked off the site.

      I will pray for your healing.

      May god bless, heal, and protect you

      • Who amongst us isn’t injured with no scars? Until one is put in a position to live or die….or fight back to survive….one doesn’t know what they’re truly capable of achieving or what they’ve got until they fight back for life.

        Those that survive the worst trials and tribulations thanking God and appreciating the strength only entrusted in the purest of faith are tried so heavely as to lead those blind and wounded back upon their path and way back home

        For we all seek and want the same things:
        A Home

        We all deserve these things, even our enemies and if our enemies had these things….they wouldn’t be our enemies now would they

        We all get a lil lost just trying to find our path and way back home and it’s up to each of us to help guide those lost back upon their path and way back home

        We shouldn’t play God in his name as that to God is the worst offense

        Killing in the name of God is playing God
        Judging any stranger or enemy when wounded is playing God
        Speaking words of hate of anyone is playing God
        Proclaiming God “hates” is playing God
        Wanting revenge and hurt when those make mistakes even toward you as we all are on our own paths in our own ways on our own time clocks and no 2 paths the same – you have no idea what happened to those that hurt you as maybe they were hurt beyond your worst nightmares but only hope that God heals their wounds as he heals mine wounds and all of yours

        Hope for everyone to find their happiness one day as we have all hurt someone by mistake and will make mistakes each and every day. Mistakes aren’t measured the same way but measured by how you learn and grow by God’s grace, patience and ever lasting love and forgiveness as only God knows where each soul has been and will never give up trying to show you his purpose for each soul’s path on single unique journey’s

        Just when you think you’ve figured out all on your own religion….God always historically shows up to remind us all how very very little any of us have ever known and challenges you on every possible accord until that last breath when he brings you back to your heavenly home

        Always greet anyone you walk past with a cordial smile as you never know how much such a simple gesture can mean to each stranger as we all fall a part a bit inside various moments of each day

        If you are to spread the word of God….he prefers you smile instead as he takes care of the rest

        Without mistakes, there’d be no growth of humble comic relief. Always spread the word of God with honest laughter and remember only laugh at your own daily stupidities as God judges your soul by every smile you spread and counts each one individually

  244. Oh please this is a bunch of garbage.Jezebel is here in Broward county FL.and her cohorts are here with her following me around.she certainly is a black stupid whore.

  245. Please pray for me Apostle, I am also a woman who needs deliverance. Thankyou for this enlightenment.

  246. Can an Ahab be delivered, forgive, and be transformed by God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, through the renewing of their mind, into the Jezebels (who is their former spouse)Jehu? I know all things are possible with God and consistently hear the cries for deliverance from this person ( to the point of the spirits naming themselves), nobody in their family, including their two teen age children ( boy and girl who are not mine) understand or have any compassion for them, and I have no direct support from other believers, or family, as they have all written them off out of fear of retaliation ( this includes four older female siblings, one a self proclaimed witch, and a mother who would lie about a murder for them).. I understand spiritually what is actually happening in this person and their family, through the Revelation of the Holy Spirit, as well as what they have revealed themselves with their words, actions, and many discussions about their past with them and family members. So my question is, can a transfomed Ahab ( I enabled this spirit, knowing in my heart it was wrong, read I was Decieved), then lead their former spouse to Gods deliverance as their Jehu? It seems God has been healing, and delivering me from so much in the past 3 years for exactly that purpose, I have grown in Relationship with Him more in that time than in any other period of my 30+ year walk, This includes a year of my life serving as a missionary.. My heart has always been one of Trust in God 1st, unconditional love of others, and a desire to see people set free from Sin and Death.. I believe in this particular battle, the victory is so close, but at the same time it appears to my five senses to be so far away… Thanks for your time, and may God Bless You Abundantly for your faithfulness to our Spiritual Battle!

    • never alone

      I think you answered your own question. 🙂

      with sincere intent, and repentance, ANYONE can turn from ANYTHING wrong and come back to the Lord, and serve Him well.

      god bless you

  247. Does a Jezebel know when they are having sex with someone
    Or does that host not remember

  248. My mother accused me of having a Jezebel spirit, how do I know if I do andie how do I get rid of it? Some of the things I read here sounds like me but there are other things that is definitely not me, I am not an evil person, I don’t hate, I pray all the time. But I do get very angry and it is almost always directed at my mother. I hate fighting with her, I love her so much but I think she can be so evil sometimes and I don’t know how to handle it. Please help me.

    • inge

      can your mother explain WHY you have this spirit?

      sometimes people say this because they are ignorant of what jezebel is, so they accuse anyone who disagrees with them………..or…..they are accusing to hide the fact that THEY have the spirit themselves….this is transferring the blame from themselves to you

      you do not sound like you have it, but since I do not know you, i cannot say this and be 100% sure.

      many young people are susceptible to having it when they are maturing and challenging their parents…the goal is to learn to disagree without becoming evil about it.

      I can help with prayers,, but I need to know more

      what is your relationship with jesus? what is your mother’s relationship with jesus?

  249. Is there any experienced people I can talk to or email about a situation regarding myself?

  250. I need help for my self can i get a type of med help for it or counselling…. pls help me

  251. good church counselor and deliverance minister. Dont waste your time with secular psychology. “the carnal mind is enmity (hatred) against God”.

  252. Jezebel Spirit doesn’t only enter woman. It does so also with men.

  253. Where does one find counseling of this sort?

    • Patti

      that is a good question. most churches will not touch this subject, and if they do, it is only to preach against it, not heal it.

      if you can find a local holiness church, church of god, or assemblies of god, and explain what your issues are to the pastor, and ask for help, and prayer, that would be a good start

      you can also ask questions on sites like this, and we can help you with the answers, and keep you in prayer

  254. This is one of the hardest things for me. I still love her and know she still loves me but she is so caught in deception and stubbornness. We broke up…the disgard thing.
    I still pray for her salvation but prophetically bad things have been seen in her life. Demonic activity.
    It’s hard to walk away completely. Is repentance possible for her. Seems near impossible.

  255. Please HELP me cady out this evil jezabel spirit strong hold our demons or unclean spirit not of jesus

    • guadalupe

      is there someone bothering you who has this jezebel spirit, or do you have the jezebel spirit?

      understanding this can make a difference in how you get help..

  256. I am dealing with a Jezebel Spirit and it is my pastor and his wife, the assistant pastor. We have been dealing with the Jezebel and Ahab spirit for 4 years. I have prayed and a listed help. They would quiet down and come back more strong. Jehu both male and female have come and gone. I see no recourse but to leave my church. I hate the idea of leaving but these spirits are firmly entrenched and have great support. He used to be a great prophet, although he still gives a great word not the same man. Please help! I have seen the fall of this ministry and pray that something can be done before it is too late.

    • lynne

      the best way to help them is to leave t hem and let them fail. staying only supports them. they are in authority there, and are entrenched in their roles of jezebel and ahab. any jehu you saw was not real. pray for them from a distance.

  257. Just been thru a serious 5 yrs plus relationship with this thing. No amount of prayer, anointing or ministering seemed to have helped for longer than 2 weeks.
    Ended in betrayal without any remorse . They leave you to pick up the pieces with NO remorse. God probably has to strike them with lightning to wake them up.

    But God. All I can say.

  258. […] Healing for someone with a Jezebel spirit (added 1/28/’23) […]

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