The Embodiment Of Love – (Why Everyone Matters)

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.

Before you were born I set you apart…

(Jeremiah 1:5)

It may be a cliché, but it doesn’t have to be:

Everyone Matters.

This is the Mantra of Jesus Christ and every angel in Heaven. This is the purpose of our lives. This is the meaning of our lives. It is why we are alive.

For we are all indispensable.

And how do we know this? When we look into the eyes of our elders, and see those very same eyes that were photographed decades ago, and how that very same sparkle and beauty and aura of what lives behind those eyes – how it still shines on, and how it always shallthis is how we know. And it is at this very pivotal moment that we become a part of who they were and of who they are all over again.

For we are not only where we come from, but who we come from.

Consider all of the souls that it took to lead us to who we are now, and to where we are now. Consider all of our ancestors who came before us to make us who we are now, who we shall become, and who others shall become when they become a part of us. In this way time becomes one – past becomes future. I know that this is true, because the flesh and blood that makes me who I am now existed thousands of years ago, and shall continue to exist (in some form or fashion) thousands of years from now.

The same is true for all of us.

This can be no accident.

Life is no charade.

Everyone Matters.


The seed of you did not come from nothing, because it came from God.

You came living before you knew that you were alive. You came breathing before you ever had breath. You came with contemplation before books were ever invented. You knew how to touch before you ever had hands. You knew how to walk before you could move. You knew how to run because of one who ran before you.

You knew how to love, because love is at the center of your being.

Love, as in you – is eternal.

You did not come from nothing.

The life that is you came from other life. And where there is life – death cannot remain. For there is no final death, even in the passing of life – only a moving on.

For we do not end. For we do not cease. Neither do the elements and chemicals that make us who we are – yet only for a moment.

For the making of us came beyond the elements and the chemicals of who we now are. Yet the only beginning was when elements and chemicals formed themselves in an intricate and immaculate symmetry, by the Highest Intelligence and Power to summon and order those elements and chemicals – which is the Only True Power – the Only Original Source.

And ONLY GOD can make this be.

For life cannot come from nothing, because it came from God.

And all that we do matters – no matter how trivial or inconsequential that it may oftentimes seem.

And there is always an Invisible Hand in all that we say and do.

Yet even before we were placed in our Mother’s womb, God knew who and what we would become.

And our relationship with the Father existed far before the time that we were placed in our Mother’s womb.

And everyone matters – without exception.


The Embodiment Of Love Is Jesus

Which leads us to the concept of what it means to give.

This to me is what it means to be like Christ, and what it means to give:

If you have love in your heart beyond all that is in your heart;

If you exude compassion for the vulnerable, the weak, and the otherwise defenseless;

If you never fail to speak the truth as gently as truth shall permit;

If you sacrifice more than you freely receive;

If you show that you have integrity when tested;

If you protect God’s creation as you would your only child;

If you shed a tear of empathy for all who suffer undeservedly – regardless of their station;

If you acknowledge the truth, accept the truth, and enable others to accomplish the truth;

If you pray for those you disagree with, and help their hearts to mend;

If you do not conceal the good deeds of others;

If you visit the sick and honour your forebears;

If you speak or think no lie;

If you bestow an act of good for an act of evil.

This is what it means to be a Christian.

For to be a Christian is to be like Christ.


Yes, it is the fulfillment of others that leads to our own fulfillment. Yes, it is the joy of others that leads to our own joy. Yes, it is the peace of others that leads to our own peace. For there is no greater endeavour than this – than to love as Christ loved, and loves. There is no greater dream or higher aspiration. This indeed is life’s purpose. It is not an enigma. It is never a mystery. For when we help others, inevitably – we will always end up helping ourselves. Yet this is not the reason that we give. It is merely the fruit that is bestowed for doing what is right.

To love as Christ loved, and loves – this is what being a Christian is truly all about.

This is something that exceeds even our beliefs.

And part of love’s purpose thrives upon self-examination – especially when we do so in the scheme of all humanity – and not as an island to ourselves.  Otherwise, we may tend to become too self-absorbed, losing sight of the overall picture. It is when we are alone too long that we forget why we are loved, and how much that we are loved. It is when we miss the heart of the matter. It is when we become too isolated from the clarity and understanding that God intends for all of us.

Which is why it is so vital that we each reach out our hands and our hearts to someone else in need. To do all that one can possibly do, means a conscience that is pure, blameless, and utterly undefiled – both before those who are hurting, and those who are not – in front of friend and foe alike, where Heaven and Earth can both agree, that we made a choice to love with all of our heart, mind, body, and Spirit – where even its very halo reaches the highest light and shadow of the Father’s. This means that we have done all that we were called to do – because love gives all of itself, until there is no self that remains – only US, and GOD.

This is the eternal mission of Jesus.

And love is – to be emptied of self.


For there is nothing that pleases God more – than to know that we have tried our very best – regardless of the consequences.

It is all about love.

And the husband of love is that of the truth.

Just imagine how much better the world would be if everyone first told the truth, and told the truth in love, while also making the choice to love others inside of the truth, and nothing except the truth. There would be far fewer divorces. There would be far less doubt. There would be far less confusion. Everyone could potentially be regarded as equals, because everyone would be making the same intelligent choices. And this absolute unity is the very ideal that the Church must always strive for and celebrate – whether achieved by one, or that of one-thousand.

When we stop asking ourselves the selfish questions, and instead, consider others before ourselves, our needs are more likely to be answered, and over a much longer and sustainable duration. To seek out the goals of others. To help others achieve their own dreams, many times, if not all – can lead to the ultimate fruition and fulfillment of our own. To live our lives through the lives of others as much as possible. To look within others to find our true character.

For the very quintessence of our being is to love and to be loved. This is the primal heartbeat of every man, woman, and child everywhere – regardless of class, race, heritage, or the circumstances of our birth. This is something that does not depend on our intellect alone, or even on our emotions. Yet it does depend on the awareness of our own love, and it deepens the awareness of our own love, and the love that is destined to be shared for all and by all. This to me is why Jesus came into this world – to show that such love is indeed the Answer and the Way – and that it is possible to fulfill that love in the here and now – as long as we make the right conscious choices, and by consulting with all those who are or may be affected by every move that we make, and by every word that we speak.

Consideration for the thoughts, feelings, and opinions of others is yet another aspect of the endless love of Christ.


I believe and I know that we came into this world to fulfill God’s love, just like Yeshua – who was able to do so more powerfully, vociferously, succinctly yet thoroughly than any other man in the history of man. Yet it still takes all of us. And we all have the capacity to love and to be loved. Without one and there cannot be another. For we are all irreplaceable. And it is the destiny of every human being to fulfill that capacity. Once that potential is fulfilled, we have done all that we have been called on this Earth to do. This is when God is forever pleased, even satisfied – when we fulfill His Will by opening up ourselves – to love and to be loved – even risking it all, just as Christ Himself did; our time, our energy, our resources, and even our own physical bodies – because love indeed is well worth the risk.

It is better to have loved than not. Yet there is no greater relationship than to love somebody as much as that "somebody"loves you. Mutual and equal love is the ideal that all of us should aspire to attain – and to forever and ever keep.

It is the opinion of this author that Jesus came into this world to love, love, love. And when He returns, it will be His reward to be openly loved in the first person before the entire human race, when His love at last returns unto Him – in the form of us – and when and where our love for Him and for all of us – is reflected through His own. This is what Jesus meant when He spoke of the glory that He has always had with the Father before the world ever was. Love that is both achieved yet freely given. This indeed is the glory of God, and the eternal joy that awaits – for all those who love God with all of their very being – who shall be openly loved by the God of love with absolutely all of His.

This is a love that is forever unshackled – a love that has come full circle.

This I know, because I am living it – on the inside.

By Christopher B. Copas

11 Responses to “The Embodiment Of Love – (Why Everyone Matters)”

  1. Christopher says “I know because I am living it (this love) on the inside.”

    Yes, this love is not dependent on what we look like on the outside or even always on what we do. It is a flame in the heart.


  2. Love is the most powerful force in the universe…It can move mountains…Love never fails.

  3. This is such a great piece to read and to reflect on.
    Thank you so much.

  4. This post is for those who love and long to be inspired, and who love and long to inspire others.

    This post is for those who seek answers rather than questions, light rather than darkness, and love rather than hate.

    This post is both for those who are at peace, and those who desire to be.

    This post is for those who rejoice when they find common ground, and who honestly strive for unity and consensus.

    This post is for those who live earnestly and fervently for the truth, and who yearn to embody the Spirit of Jesus in all that they say and do.

    This post is for you.


    And in closing:

    To all those who have commented both here and elsewhere – I give you my most abundant and everlasting thanks.

    May Marianne’s blog always be a place where folks can go…to find warmth, comfort, and shelter…peace, hope, and love…and an always open door. May it be forevermore!

    For this indeed is my birthday wish.

  5. Please remember Rev. Patrick who post here and on some other blogs to encourage people who are under attack by the enemy.

    He had a son who returned from military desert storm and mentally did not recover and the enemy attacked his brain and the young man was found dead and it appeared he was convinced to take his life based on a note.

    We know that young man was not himself and oppressed to the max.

    Life is a precious thing, it was made by God. All children when new, young and old are to be held up before the Lord. We are precious in the site of the Lord. Please hold up Rev Patrick and his family in your prayers. There son is surely with the Lord as he had a desease but his family is here and in a need of healing that also can only come from Our Lord and Savior.

    • hi pattie

      so true. I have not heard from rev Williams lately. I will forward your comment to him to let him know your kind thoughts toward him, who I am sure is still in need of healing.

  6. Dear Reverend Patrick, (and also to Pattie and all who read this):

    The awesome truth about life, in wartime or not – is that we are never alone – even when it seems that we sometimes are.

    When a dear one passes from this life to the next – the love that he or she feels for us does not pass away. In fact, quite the contrary – that love only grows more powerful. And love is neither deaf nor blind. For we can see their love and hear their love – and they too can see and hear ours.

    For there is no distance when it comes to matters of the Spirit.

    The comfort is in knowing that God’s mercy abounds forever – and that His love is so spacious, timeless, gracious, and kind – and so very magnanimous, magnificent, endless, boundless, majestic, and eternal – that it transcends all and everything.

    For love is greater than death. And with that love comes a mightily resplendent and forever serene place that otherwise would have never been known – had we not been tested with the greatest “loss” of all.

    For those that we love, who also love us – carry our love with them beyond time, beyond death. And the same is true for their love as well. Yes, their love for us is alive within us – and forever it shall be. And all that it takes is an earnest and heartfelt prayer to bring that love to the surface. For their love is literally right there waiting.

    We are never alone.

  7. With child… My fourth… This is good prayer and Informative
    … Should be only contemplation….Health, Protection, and Well-being. Not a Negative Experiment of Insult and Humiliation for Mother.



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