Large Black Birds Overhead



Raven soaring.

I wonder what they are doing here.

Eze 39:4 Thou shall fall upon the mountains of Israel, thou, and all thy bands, and the people that [is] with thee: I will give thee unto the ravenous birds of every sort, and [to] the beasts of the field to be devoured.

Large black birds, either ravens or crows, have appeared in my area after 25 years of not seeing any around, especially in residential neighborhoods.

We do not normally see ravens in North Carolina.

This reminds me of Hitchcock’s movie, “The Birds” in which the birds took over the town, and harmed people.

My daughter thinks they are crows, but I am not sure. They soar like eagles, and they are so huge.

If they are crows, they are strange ones.

Crows, which are smaller, are a little more common for this area, and flap their wings in flight. Crows do not soar. They flap.

They might be ravens, which are rare around here. They are huge, and soar through the air. I can see them flying from at least a mile away.

Watching some of them, they are almost too big to be considered ravens as well.

I read of one type of crow that is a mix between a raven and a crow, but that is not indigenous to this area. It is from Africa, I think. It is called the Pied Crow.

As elements of nature, they respond to natural changes.

If they are ravens, either they are coming here because of a danger somewhere else, or there is about to happen something around here, and they are drawn to it.

I guess I am still undecided.

But for either crows or ravens, they are omnivorous, and can behave as birds of prey.

Isaiah had mentioned that ravenous birds would be brought in when God judged sins, and brought death to His enemies.

I just hope this is not true for my area.  But, maybe it is.  Makes me sad, if true.

-Information below I collected on these birds (extra reading):

(Corvus corax principalis) Crow family


26 to 27 inches


Glossy black above, with purplish and greenish reflections. Duller underneath. Feathers of the throat and breast long and loose, like fringe.


Like male.


North America, from polar regions to Mexico. Rare along Atlantic coast and in the south. Common in the west, very abundant in the northwest.


An erratic wanderer, usually resident where it finds its way.

When seen in the air, the crow is the only other bird for which the raven could be mistaken; but the raven does more sailing and less flapping, and he delights in describing circles as he easily soars high above the trees. On the ground, he is seen to be a far larger bird than the largest crow. The curious beard or fringe of feathers on his breast at once distinguishes him.

Ravens acquire early on in life the fortunate habit of eating whatever their parents set before them — grubs, worms, grain, field-mice; anything, in fact, for the raven is a conspicuously omnivorous bird

Crows are smaller with squared tails

Common nests are on rock ledges and cliffs. Nest cliffs close to human activity were not taller than those in remote areas. Observed proximity of roads and dwellings to nests had no significant effect on nest productivity. Nest sites were found between 335-1130 m above sea level, with 44% below 580 m. Successful nests below 580 m fledged a mean of 3.08 young compared to 2.37 at higher elevations. Starvation of nestlings, due to a loss of feeding efficiency in adults nesting at higher elevations, was suspected.

(Corvus americanus) Crow family


16 to 17.50 inches


Glossy black with violet reflections.
Wings appear saw-toothed when spread, and almost equal the tail in length.


Like male, except that the black is less brilliant.


Throughout North America, from Hudson Bay to the Gulf of Mexico


March. October.
Summer and winter resident.

When the first brood of chickens is hatched, the crow’s serious depredation begins. Not only the farmer’s young fledglings, ducks, turkeys, and chicks, are snatched up and devoured, but the nests of song birds are made desolate, eggs being crushed and eaten on the spot

Range of The Common and Familiar American Crow

In North America, the American Crow (Corvus brachyrhynchos) is a common sight. These noisy birds live throughout North America in summer, except for the extreme north and very deep south. In winter, they vacate the colder regions, ranging throughout the United States, southern British Columbia and Atlantic Canada.

They are common in both urban and rural areas, taking advantage of both road kill and garbage. If you see a large black bird, about 48cm (19in) long, especially in the city, it is probably an American Crow.
North American Range of The Common Raven

Common Ravens (Corvus corax), are much less common than American Crows. The normal range of Common Ravens includes all of Canada except the southern Prairie Provinces. In the United States, they occur in Alaska, in the west including the mountains, around Lake Superior, and in the northeast. Common Ravens occur in many other locations globally.

Physical Differences Between American Crows and Common Ravens

The most obvious physical difference between an American Crow and a Common Raven is size: the raven is bigger, about 63cm (25in). The difference between a large crow and a small raven can be very subtle, however, especially if the two are not standing side by side. There are other physical features to note:

  • The bill of a Common Raven is larger and heavier, and has a less obvious downward curve—the raven’s upper bill does curve downward at the end but is more parallel for most of its length.
  • A raven’s throat feathers look shaggy and fluffed out, a feature best seen from the side, in a perched bird.
  • The tail feathers of a raven form a wedge shape, while a crow’s tail feathers form a fan, a feature most easily observed when the bird is in flight.
  • In flight, the wing of a raven may have a sharper bend than that of a crow, and the primaries, the long feathers at the tip of the wing, are more separate, with space between them.
Behavior Differences Between Common Ravens and American Crows

Because crows are so common, most people have plenty of opportunity to observe them; ravens are more elusive. There are some behavioral differences that can help distinguish the two:

  • Ravens don’t flock—they are often solitary but are sometimes seen in pairs. Crows have large family groups and sometimes gather at crow roosts of thousands at dusk.
  • Ravens tend to remain in wild undisturbed areas, although they are gradually becoming more common in rural areas.
  • During flight, crows typically flap their wings. Ravens are more inclined to soar, and may do somersaults in flight.


Crows that soar … and paraphyly in ravens

by David J. Ringer



Visible only as specks to the unaided human eye, Pied Crows (Corvus albus), soar hundreds of feet above busy, crowded Nairobi, rarely needing to flap their black, oar-shaped wings. Their distinctive silhouettes, and perhaps flashes of their white breasts, identify them as they mingle on the thermals with Black Kites and Marabou Storks.

A group of taxa is said to be paraphyletic if the group contains its last common ancestor but does not contain all the descendants of that ancestor.

A genetic study published in 2005 found that Pied Crows — a common species throughout much of sub-Saharan Africa — are embedded within the Northern (Common) Raven, Corvus corax (Feldman and Omland 2005). Pied Crows were found to be sister to a ‘Holarctic clade’ of ravens (Eurasia and most of North America), while a genetically distinct raven population centered in California was recovered as sister to the Chihuahuan Raven, Corvus cryptoleucus (map of North American populations). This study backs up an earlier one (Omland et al. 2000) that found similar results but had not included the Pied Crow.

If they are merging back together after a period of geographic isolation, then, even though other species have split off from the two populations in the intervening time, they will probably still be considered the same species. Paraphyly happens at the species level (and apparently much more often than we realized) — that’s just how it goes.

Ravens soaring


Many bird populations migrate long distances along a flyway. The most common pattern involves flying north in the spring to breed in the temperate or Arctic summer and returning in the fall to wintering grounds in warmer regions to the south.

The primary advantage of migration is conservation of energy. The longer days of the northern summer provide greater opportunities for breeding birds to feed their young. The extended daylight hours allow diurnal birds to produce larger clutches than those of related non-migratory species that remain in the tropics year round. As the days shorten in autumn, the birds return to warmer regions where the available food supply varies little with the season.


Bird migration pattern






64 Responses to “Large Black Birds Overhead”

  1. That’s funny because my sister lived in North Carolina for some time and now lives in Virginia, her husband is in the Navy so they can be some where for a few years and then relocate and then come back. I asked her when I talked to her a few minutes ago and she said that when she lived there back in 2003 they saw black birds. I think that birds migrate to where ever they can go. I doubt that just because black birds are flying over head North Carolina that it means that Christ is coming back even though many people know he already is and from what I heard when I watched something called revelation now with this man named Jack that we have been living in the end for some time.

  2. Are those photos of the birds you saw? Were the birds flying together in pairs or alone?
    Could you see their beaks? have you considered the black vulture?
    It is hard to help you without the proper info. If these photos are yours then we know …
    try to take your own photo of the birds.

    • I got the pictures from the internet, trying to match them up with what I saw.

      But the first one with the blue background does look like what I saw.

      There were some at the end of my driveway, and I scared them off, but I did not see their beaks. I was at the opposite end of the driveway – about 50 feet away.

      Small flocks, maybe less than 10 together.

  3. Does this look like him?

    • Yes. They flapped their wings to get into flight, but once there, they glided, or soared. Do vultures do that, or do they keep flapping their wings?

      • I believe what you are seeing are Turkey vultures looking for food. As more and more people populate the land, there are more and more animals that get hit by cars. These birds can smell decaying flesh for miles and miles. They normally glide and circle over when have found fresh road kill. They are not a sign of end times. They are good, and they keep disease from spreading, and cleaning up the dead animals.

    • They looked like that from a distance. all black and huge.

      according to here

      I do not think it is a regular vulture, because of the voice.

      The head looks different too. Head is more like a crow or raven. It is feathered.

      In fight, they look just like the picture given.

  4. And this is raven … larger than a crow …


    flies like this.

  6. And here is a crow … a lot smaller.

  7. Well you’ve got me. A vulture, a raven or a crow?
    Ravens soars but not as high as an eagle … I’ve watched them trying to pull the feathers out of the tail of eagles.LOL But the eagle soon lost the ravens.
    Scavengers are all very smart birds. They can devise all kinds of tricks for survival.

    • me too…I think it is bigger than a crow, but one of the others…it can stay out of my yard….I will chase it away…makes me wonder what it means….I have never had birds like this in my neighborhood… it does mean a change in the natural surroundings.

      • Try to tame it … Soon they will have little ones … they are cute and will enjoy your cats.
        These are not mean birds … they are playful and always in search of food.
        Enjoy the creations of our God.

  8. Marianne,
    If it is a black vulture then they do exist in your neck of the woods.
    As for ravens … maybe the snow you all got brought them along.
    They might have went more south than usual.
    The weather has changed and therefore it might have confused some birds.
    Good topic of discussion.
    As long as it doesn’t rain crocodiles …

  9. See how smart this one is …

  10. I lived in Portsmouth Virginia for a year when I was in the Navy and we used to get crows by the hundreds in the field next to our house. They looked similar to the crows I would see back in New York growing up. There was no shortage of them in either place.
    Not too many here in California. I think they have ravens here.
    Anyway, I don’t know how far you are from Portsmouth but finding crows in North Carolina doesn’t seem all that unusual. Maybe their migration route has changed in your local area. Or maybe they just wanted a change of scenery from Virginia.
    I don’t think I would worry too much in any case.

  11. Read the Raven by Edgar Allen Poe. It will scare you.

  12. Well, I haven’t seen (heard) so much ravens as they are in Israel, and I live 15 years in Israel and it was not like this all the time, only for last 2 years; The feeling they reflect is not of that of presence of uncleanness (acc. to common opinion) – I would feel that I think, but of judgment, divine judgment and prophecy; They help to purify, acc. to Ezekiel and also acc. to Zoroastrian burial tradition (which I doubt was taught by Jeremiah when he traveled there);


  14. Help me more about this type bird I’m still lost.There are so many different types of birds here where i live so i don’t have a problem with them large,extra large i love all birds.What type does the Bible speak of as signs more than the rest.I know over the yrs.cause of the weather patterns they are confused and don’t know there way in the me back please,Thanks,GP

    • Hi Gracie,

      All animals are God’s creatures, and they only act upon instinct. IF there is a change in nature, this affects their behavior.

      For example, I have a friend who had a bee hive in his yard. 30 days before Hurricane Gustav (category 4.0) hit, the bees left. They did not return for 3 months, after the hurricane season. The same thing happened before hurricane katrina (category 5). So, now he watches the bee hive for warning signals.

      Nature is there to give us clues, and warnings.

      Maybe seeing the wrong birds in an area does mean confused weather, and to expect more of that. It might also mean that they are fleeing from somewhere that is about to experience damage.

      So, for example, if a bird is usually found west of the Appalachian mountains, and suddenly they are seen east of them, then maybe the area west is about to get hit with something that would be dangerous for the birds.

      For me, ravens are not found much on the east coast, so if that is what these birds are, then it is a warning for those areas where they came from.

      If they are black vultures, then they are supposed to be normal for this area, and I should not be concerned too much.

      However, seeing any bird of prey in a residential neighborhood is strange, since the birds usually stay in wooded areas.

      But then, with all the house construction going on around my area, it is possible that they got flushed out of the woods, as their habitat was destroyed.

      • I love you … dear Americans … I mean this from all of my heart! 🙂
        You are all so dear to me.
        From your neighbor, a Canadian.
        I too … ‘i don’t have a problem with them large,extra large i love all birds’


    • Thank you Gracie …

      Love does cover a multitude of sins …

      Isa 33:15 He that walketh righteously, and speaketh uprightly; he that despiseth the gain of oppressions, that shaketh his hands from holding of bribes, that stoppeth his ears from hearing of blood, and shutteth his eyes from seeing evil;

      Isa 33:16 He shall dwell on high: his place of defence [shall be] the munitions of rocks: bread shall be given him; his waters [shall be] sure.

      Yes people NEED to hear that they are loved.
      Jesus shed His Blood so that even those who do not respond favorably to your words and to your gift should receive freely what you have been Given.
      Acts of grace and acts of mercy and acts of gratitude and acts of forgiveness and acts of servitude are all so that their souls may be saved.
      For it is true that once death has engulfed the body of your loved ones it is too late for them to receive from your mouth and from your hand … and so it is also for the stranger in your midst.

  16. We have seen robins for the first time in the two years we’ve been living in South Carolina. Of course, isn’t a flock of crows called a “murder”??

    • oh gee, that is not too reassuring., is it?

    • I sure hope I flopped of crows does not mean murder for the past two days at certain times I have had a thousands of black birds fly in my yard I was putting my makeup on and all of a sudden I had to stop because I heard this huge at noxious sound of birds and walked outside and thousands was in my yard of thousands flying in my yard to hang out for 7 minutes that I found weird at the same time the noise became to be a little piece for a not so obnoxious so I don’t know what this means I do feel like it’s a sign I don’t know if its a good or bad one but they did bring me peace

      • aj

        If they gave you peace, then don’t worry about it.

        I usually chase birds away and then say a prayer to be on the safe side.

        they could just be looking for warmer weather and they are flying in a group.

  17. ok my daughter loved the video clip of that kitten and the crow and it made me laugh. The crow is right cheeky aswell!
    But I always associated crows neighbouring around with” death” or coming death. Sorry sounds morbid but you’re right marrianne, these crows are drawn like this for a reason. It is right for us to be vigillant.

  18. hi, in west Texas we had huge black crows that would sit on the high lines on highways around Pecos to Carlsbad , New Mexico. we now live in north west central Texas and have hugh flocks of what we call grakels that make a great deal of noise and mess if they roost in your trees. They stayed at the Wal Mart store in our town in the trees at their parking lot and there were so many that stayed there it made such a foul mess and oder they cut the trees down. In south east Texas they have huge swarms of black birds and red wing black birds . There are so many when they fly it looks like black formations in the sky that move twist and turn like a school of fish move in the ocean. Every where i have ever lived in Texas we have always had black birds of some sort. i am 70 now and they have never been sighns of evil as far as i know. Hope this will ease your mind. God bless.

  19. can you please link in my new blog to your blog and remove

  20. i have seen these birds line up every morning in a tree there are so many of them as if they are wating for someting to happen at that time of day . on my way to work at 6:45 every moring the tree is full of them and more is still flying in like something is calling them to the area . i am so affarid for the childerning getting on the bus. i leave in fayetteville nc and know that things just dont happen with out a reason and plan and we as people of God should be praying and bending these spritis of darknest. we as people are so busy with the natrual things and not seeing with the spirtial eyes that God as given us.

  21. Wherever the black birds were before now, those metropolitan areas of further north latitude probably do not miss these cackling black nuisances. : ) Bird migration depends on multiple variables, including temperature and earth’s magnetic field line position & strength. Sometimes migration errors arise such as in these two links:

    But other times, migration patterns can be altered due to gradual (decade plus) changes in average temperatures and magnetic field position & strength. The following two links detail how in the most recent 30 years since 1980, earth’s average temperature and magnetic field stability both have exhibited strong change from what has been ‘normal’ over the past 100 years. While the current rise in global warming is attributed to manmade pollution, humanity could NOT be the cause of the simultaneous acceleration of the earth’s magnetic north migration! Global warming is probably caused by the magnetic north anomaly which would allow for increased atmospheric solar heating via decreased earth’s magnetic sheath strength. Also, since most bird migration is predominantly magnetic field dependant, recent migratory pattern shifts suggest change in the earth’s magnetic field, more so than global warming.

    As a point of history, I remember 30 years ago in the southern USA winters were colder and summers were milder. I know an 80 year old man who told me of his 1940s boyhood experiences in Mississippi where he would hunt wild rabbits for food with just a stick. With bewildered curiosity, I asked how? He said Mississippi winters back then always accumulated large snow drifts, and he would just follow the rabbit’s tracks until the tracks stopped, and reaching down into the snow there was a rabbit. Currently, winter snow drift accumulation for Mississippi is very rare, so things HAVE changed.

  22. Im glad someone else is curious about the ravens besides me. I took notice about a couple of months ago how I was seein ravens everywhere. Not crows, but ravens. I have lived in Montana going on 4 years now and can honestly say I’ve never ever seen this type of gathering of ravens. For instance my daughter and I seen about 15 ravens on ground outside of Wendy’s. Again not small crows, but big stark black ravens. I have read scripture referencing ravens and all seem to point out that the raven was mentioned usually before a drought and famine or during. Would love to hear from others if you have insight to why the change.

    • dear Anonymous

      there may be a connection between the ravens and the drought that is current in this country. they expect a food shortage this winter or next spring, due to the crop failures experienced this past year.

  23. I just saw something that I have never seen in my life and it was so beautiful and so rare that I had to get online to share. It was a formation of Four Giant Ravens soaring through the air making the most beautiful formation .I marveled at his site for almost 3 minutes or more. I had to get online and see if there was something Biblical about that. And then I saw this post….

    • I think, for the most part, scenes of nature are meant for beauty, and to the glory of God. I would expect nature signs as a warning to be less common. I think you have a nice memory of something beautiful. Don’t let this post discourage you from this memory.

  24. This might sound silly however, I recently had a dream of a fairly large all black bird about 6 feet tall. I watched it leave the ground and fly straight up into the air. Its a bird I have never seen or heard of. I felt intimidated as well as amazed to see that creature. It has truly felt like the dream was a revelation. Something awaits.

    • hi jamie

      yes something awaits.

      If this represents something personal, it is a large worry, so let it go, and trust God. Do not let things that are about to happen intimidate you. If you trust in the Lord, you will be safe.

      this also could represent the things to come. in the end time battles ravenous birds are called in by God to dispose of all the dead bodies

      Thou shalt fall upon the mountains of Israel, thou, and all thy bands, and the people that [is] with thee: I will give thee unto the ravenous birds of every sort, and [to] the beasts of the field to be devoured. (Ezech 39:4)

  25. I live in NV and we had a 4.2 quake on the NE side of town a couple of days ago. As I left work minutes later, on a different side of town (where I felt the quake, but not very strong), I noticed a dozens of crows (possibly ravens) hanging around the entrance which I’ve never seen before. Incidentally something unfortunate happened to my family within that same hour, but I agree with Marianne that nature is there to give us clues and warnings. These birds most likely simply relocated from the NE (less populated) area just before the quake and settled temporarily in my area.

  26. If you see a crow it is a signs of witchcraft , they give you information on where it is, and who it is.

  27. Well I too have started a search about black birds. I know that this past year we started getting Huge crows in the field behind my house and trees in the front of the house. Started noticing them around. Then four days ago I looked out the window to the back and saw even larger – six black birds – vultures in a group and a neighbor out looking at them. Then they flew over my house and another house close by. Gives me the creeps especially NOW that the vultures are around. Feel like it is some sin. By the way – we are on the west coast in California about 50 miles north of San Francisco. Very strange to see these vultures let along the crows (not small)! I also feel uneasy and don’t know why!

    • Joanne

      the area you are in, in my opinion, is in for trouble…this is not superstition.

      God sends in birds of prey before a slaughter….it is the bird’s job to clean up the dead bodies. this will happen until the battle of armageddon.

      I have seen this too. what you need to do is pray the protection of god over your house, neighborhood, and general area.

      I did this and I have not seen the black vultures as much lately.

      I hope you are aware that both chinese and russian troops are in this country for martial law. the chinese have mostly the west coast, and the russians are mainly on the east coast. however, both are everywhere , in general.. there are millions of them, and have been incorporated into US military. they are an open presence in Hawaii.

      Prepare for an “invited invasion” of foreign troops in your area sometime in the near future. Haven food, water, and ammo ready and be prepared to stay home and not go anywhere where there is trouble. Spend time with God and ask him to direct your path and protect you.

      consider evacuating if necessary.

  28. […] Large Black Birds Overhead […]

  29. I live in Jamaica, West Indies along the north coast where there are a lot of Hotels etc. Small blackbirds always fly in and feed on left over foods on the terrace dining tables of these hotels. Anyway last Thursday I saw about 100 birds fly and nest on an electrical pole exactly in the front of my yard. where there is a street light affixed. Of course I wondered what it meant ( I live on a hill near the sea, 7 minutes form the hotels) I also live in a residential neighbourhood with 1000 houses….so…why mine? However they stayed all night but by daylight they dispersed. 6 days later (last night) they came back and dispersed again this morning….(is this a blessing or an omen)….

    • anthony

      you said this is common to have birds, so normally this would not mean anything.

      if the birds came twice and ONLY to your house, it might be worrisome, a warning.

      there is only one prophecy I can think of that relates to your area, which is a bad one, that an asteroid will hit the Caribbean and cause a huge tsunami…this is to kill millions of people….

      it is thought that this will happen before the end of this year, during a full moon is due now…..I cannot prove the prophecy or the date.

      but I can give you the information and you can decide.

      an earthquake and tsunami wave of over 1000 feet high….so if true, maybe you are to move to higher ground, if you live near the beach…..

      the next full moon is dec 6th

      if you are not sure, it would not hurt to move to higher ground and see what happens.

  30. I am living in South Africa and I have seen the huge black bird twice in my life time. Both times a supernatural miracle happen in my life. I will like to share my experience with anyone that care. This is a misery that I can’t comprehend.
    Firstly: my time get shorter for 7 to 8 hours while travelling alone in the car.
    Secondly: I got healed from liver shut down and pancre cancer.
    I will like to discuss my experience and I also have prove on this events.

  31. I’m trying to figure out this type of bird I had an incident in California whereim from. I was walking on a path of a bridge with some sort of human animal who is trying to protect me from the evil spirit and I screamed when i saw the evil spirit right after I screamed I locked up I saw a big black bird fly over me it was so close right over my head it was just big and black I couldn’t tell what it was I’m not trying to be contacted by anything or by anyone I just wanted to know what it meant.

    • salina

      both the “human animal” and the evil black bird spirit were a danger to you.

      you need to get saved , and under the protection of jesus

  32. I am seeing groups of Ravens in Maryland more frequently each year.

  33. I had a big black bird follow me to a prison and most of the wY back home. It was a big black bird but have not seen it since.

  34. When they Caw Caw in the early morning outside your window does that mean death

  35. Well , this is November 2017, New York City. Lately Flocks of Blackbirds have been spotted. And I mean turning daylight into night. Has to be Thousands of them. Biblical ; tells me the Coming of Christ.

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