End Time Transfer of Wealth

There is a popular component of the prosperity gospel that the Church will become rich in the end times, so it can “spread the gospel.” The prophecy is from Isaiah, and refers to Israel, not the Church.

Isaiah 60:5 ‘The wealth on the seas will be brought to you, to you the riches of the nations will come’

Isaiah 60:11 ‘Your gates will always stand open, they will never be shut, day or night, so that men may bring the wealth of the nations ‘

Isaiah 61:6 ‘You will feed on the wealth of nations, and in their riches you will boast’.

Isaiah 66:12 ‘I will extend peace to her like a river, and the wealth of nations like a flooding stream’.

We are already in the end times, and the church is not rich. People are praying for money to make them wealthy. Supposedly, they will then use this money to spread the gospel, but this is a lie. They really intend to spend it on their bills, and themselves, with essentially nothing going toward the “gospel.”

I see website comments like this:


“Surely the days are coming when it will not be a question of raising finances for the work of God, but whether the people of God have the character and integrity to handle the mountain of money that will come flooding in.

The first reason for this end time transfer of wealth is that before the second return of Jesus, the Kingdom of God will grow into every last ethnic grouping in the world and will surely grow into multiplied billions of people.

Is not poverty a stain, wrinkle and blemish that will be removed from the body of Christ before he returns to be united with his bride – will there not be a prosperous, victorious and successful church waiting to greet her Lord when he comes in glory?”

The writer of this passage evidently did not read the new testament as well, since it describes “spots and wrinkles” as false doctrines and teachers,” – something that describes the writer, and his website. “Spots” have nothing to do with poverty.

The gospel was designed to be spread on a pauper’s budget. It costs little to open one’s mouth and testify. We do not even need to travel. The internet does it for us. However, when travel is involved, it does not have to be in 5 star hotels, and first class accommodations. And only a few travel, while the rest stay behind, and support the effort.

Maybe support of Christian TV is appropriate? Since most Christian TV programs spread “another gospel,” they do not qualify for support. Trying to convince poor people in other countries, or even in this country, that to get money from God requires them to “pay tithes,” and give away all that they have, does NOTHING for Jesus and his message.

The message of Jesus is the cross, repentance, and forgiveness through Him.

The end time transfer of wealth is for the benefit of the Jewish people, to return to their homeland, and prepare for their Messiah. It is not for lazy or greedy Christians.

Isaiah never mentions “the church,” and describes the wealth of the gentiles being given over to Israel, as the sons and daughters return to their homeland.

This is an obvious lie being spoken to the modern church, and the preachers will suffer for it.

The Church is not growing now, because it spends it money on itself, instead of on the gospel and the poor.

Nowhere in the Bible does it mention giving money, to get more money from God, and that Christians will be rich in the last days. The one passage about “do not rob God” from Malachi 3:10 is directed toward greedy priests who were keeping the money, given by the people, for themselves. Doesn’t this sound like today?

While Jesus and his followers did accept offerings at times, they did not fleece the flock, like what we see today. They were mainly self supporting.

How to get back on track with God’s will

If you want to be part of fulfilling God’s prophecy toward Israel, then you need to direct attention toward the support of Israel and the Jewish people.

Support can start now – today – and you will be blessed for it.

The greatest way to protect what you have is to dedicate it to the final wealth transfer to the Jewish nation. God will provide for your needs. If you only intend to use it for your own needs, then you may loose it all, as world markets crash.

Also, for those adherents of the rapture – whenever they think it is coming – there is the opportunity to leave remaining resources – money, property, etc – behind for their Jewish brethren, so that they can return to Israel, and usher in the coming of the Messiah, and become His.

If the Christians will truly be taken from this earth, leaving only Jewish believers behind, why leave the money for the wicked in government to seize? Hopefully, everyone’s family will “leave” together, so there is no longer any use for whatever money remains behind.

If Christians contacted Jewish believers (ie. traditional Jews) now, and informed them of the intent to leave them their remaining assets, in case of a rapture, wouldn’t that be a powerful testimony as to the truth of who Jesus is?

Or why wait? Support the aliyah (Jewish return) that is going on right now.  Or, give support to constructive Jewish projects (Orphanages, synagogues, schools, etc).  Invest in their future.  When the time comes for them to leave, they will be able to sell the property, and use the funds to return to Israel.

Because the rapture itself, with the end time transfer of wealth, would speak volumes about the truth the Christians had to begin with. This would help Jews recognize, and accept, the Messiah who has provided for them to come home.

It is prophesied that the Messiah would facilitate the return of the Jews to the homeland. How powerful a message, when He uses Christians to fulfill the prophecy!!!

The Christians believe in Jesus as the Messiah to come. The Jews do not believe in Jesus as Messiah. But, they are united in the same Messianic hope. Ultimately, I believe they will, one day, be united under Yahweh as the Messiah reveals Himself.

Be a part of this final miracle.

Ending on a somewhat selfish note, many people are worried about their money in a stock market crash. The only wealth that is guaranteed to be around in the end times, is the wealth that will be transferred to Israel.

For those who have earmarked their money for this purpose, or for those that currently support Israel and the Jewish people, the guarantee only applies to them. So, according to scripture, the only money God will protect, deliver, or preserve, is the money earmarked for Israel. Everyone else will suffer problems.

Do you want to be preserved in perilous times? Then support Israel.

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  2. Hi M
    I really think you are making a mistake here.
    You need to do a deeper study into identifying Israel as we are in end times and the Jews of today still have not accepted Christ as Saviour. I will make a prediction here, that Israel will be totally annihilated and not be built again and all Jewish owned corporations will go bankrupt. Then the people will say ” So how can they be the Israelites of the Bible”
    I beg you to just please just do some research and if you still don’t agree then fine, at least you will have more information.
    E-mail me and I will recommend some literature.
    I beg you please as i find you a sincere sister in Christ.
    Remember : Re 2:9
    I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, * (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

    This is a very bold statement and must be investicated.

    • What about the part that says once you come to Christ the storehouse of God will be open to you, giving so much that you will not have room to receive it? Is is not our responsibility to make jews rich. Many jews are smarter and thus far richer than us already. Let God provide for them. Save your money. In infaltionary times you do not know how long you will have to support yourself in retirement with ever diminishing resources.

      • hi Lyla

        That is a good idea to save money as much as possible. This post was referring to the money left by Christians after the rapture….what the best use of the money would be.

        We can either leave our money behind for the Luciferans and the godless people to use, or we can leave it to Jews, who will be persecuted, but will hopefully finally accept their Messiah when he comes for them.

        • so you consider ‘other’ people who are anti christ and have rejected Jesus as ‘Luciferans and the godless’, and yet jews who do the same thing are somehow worthy of your money because you say so? Get a clue, it’s the jews behind every war, ever collapse of government, etc, look it up and learn some some history. jews bolshevicks slaughtered over 30 million Russians, 9 million Armenians, 9 million Ukrainians, but YOU think we should give them money? SMH!

          • you sound like a typical antisemite.

            jews do not do as you say.

            I pray you find salvation through jesus, and stop the hate campaign.

            • That’s right we need to support all the jews God said He will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel Joan Az

            • jews are the biggest racists of any race. all they do is scream anti-Semite! holocaust! lets fleece the goyim for infinity sheckles! they are the luciferians of the world and the reason why the planet is in so much trouble today. the synagogue of satan comment is spot on.

    • “I agree”….S.H.R.

    • U say support the Jews but who are the true jews are they in Israel now


        • keka

          god loves everyone, not just africans

          you have been sold that fairy tale the africans are jews.

          africans want to claim the right to be called jews, but have no history of judaism as their faith. no history that the bible describes.

          jews practice judaism. africans don’t.

          so there is more to being a jew than being a slave….sorry.

          the world today hates the real jews, and is ready to invade Israel, not africa.

          the muslims / arabs know who are the real jews, and they have been attacking them for thousands of years

          nowhere in the ancestry of africans is there a relationship with yahweh. only the real jews.

          out side of tiny number of Ethiopians, Africans are not genetically Jews.

          Jews are Shemites, and Africans are Hamites.

          slavery once was world wide…and included multiple people groups

          While africans have been sold as slaves, the real jews have been sold as slaves also.

          the africans sold themselves into slavery…the real jews did not.

          the muslims still sell africans as slaves….

          the africans never were taken to babylon as slaves. the real jews were, as recorded in bible.

          the africans were never persecuted by hitler for their faith…only the real jews.

          the africans sold themseves into slavery, and had slaves themselves.

          those were Hamites in egypt who enslaved the real jews for 400 years….the pharoah was a Hamite…..

          over thousands of years, the jews practiced judaism as in the bible. the africans practiced voodoo before they converted either to Islam or christianity.

          the africans have zero spiritual historical heritage related to the bible. Israel is not in africa. it is in the middle east.

          as far as hatred goes, africans hate whites, even those who have helped them, and fought to free them, and helped them get education, housing, medical, food, and faith. africans have to blame someone else for their plight.

          they have to let go of their own hatred to be free.

          the days of slavery are long gone in america, yet africans cling to their victimhood, they stay in ghettos, and shoot each other, the fathers abandon or abuse their children, who grow up in crime, having no fatherly image to hold on to.

          most crime on blacks today is caused by other blacks, not the world, and NOT because they are being persecuted as jews.

        • Look up the Barbary slave trade. It was from 1530 to 1780. Africans kidnapped millions of Europeans and Middle Easterners and forced them into a life long horrendously cruel slavery. I can’t care about your slavery caused by whites until you care about my people’s slavery caused by blacks.

          Today there are millions of people in slavery around the world. Those pretty white females are kidnapped out of Russia and Eastern Europe at an alarming rate and sold into sexual slavery.

          Do you care? I doubt it because American blacks are so full of self- pity and bitterness. They act as if they’re the only people who have ever bern hurt.

          1 Peter 4:12 and 1 Corinthians 10:13 makes it very clear that no one suffers more than anyone else. We all have our crosses to carry but most of us don’t whine and riot and blame others for our crosses.

          • Somebody needs to read Duet 28 read the book of obadiah ,Zacariah…. ISAIAH 49. No one but the Israelites fits the curses. No one else. You can say what you want. But until you can back it up with scripture it only a thought or what you feel. When you get to going to EYGPT again by ship EGYPT means “bondage” and no man shall redeem, buy you!!
            Black Negros are the only people who are not aloud economic growth. All the celebs go to help Africa. Why not build schools and businesses here to help black folk like the Eygptian s Chinese, the Ethnic Africans not Israelite Africans/ Negroes. Our time of captivity and being low as duet 28 says will be up in 2019. 1619-2019 is the ending of the 400 year captivity of the Hebrew Israelites. I have proof. Where is yours in bible.
            That’s why the slavery in lybia negros/ Israelites…..the slavery of us Here in America Forced to become Christians and become slaves again outside of Egypt…Arab slave trade… Assyrian enslavement….African enslavement and American enslavement. Now you do the research. Alantic Slave Trade was funded by the Jew-ish people!!!! Hello.??? Wake up we negroes/ Israelites are the world’s biggest kept secret! Even Hitler says America has the precious jewels in their possession. Listen to Hitler’s confession.

    • Excellent point, that point is the only issue I’ve found on this website that truly disturbs me. But I doubt anyone here will heed your words; I’ve tried, to no avail, to wake up the Christians I know. Not one Christian alive would have backed what is happening in Israel today 100 years ago. It wasn’t until the evil lies of the Scolfield Bible that people would have even thought of backing Israel. The Christian TV is saturated with the “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you”, taking that scripture out of context to get people to support Israel. That verse was to Abraham and there’s nothing in it to say it transfers to Israel today.

      Rev. 2:9 and 3:9 are perfect.

      The New testament says that if one doesn’t accept the doctrine of Christ then we’re not to even wish them God-speed (peace) for in doing so we are partaking of their evil ways.

      It is the Jews behind every act of removing the Nativity scene, while they prop up their Menorah. I could go on for hours speaking of the high crimes Jews have committed against the world, especially Christian Europe. Barbara Specter a Jew and other Jews are behind the invasion of our whitw nations to destroy us with people who hate us. Before someone disagrees I pray you do your own research online. Jews have funded every war in white countries for centuries with their banks. Jews own the media in the western world and have pushed homosexuality, feminism and all the other isms on us. Look it up, Jews always bring down their host countries and the Jewish Bolsheviks tortured and murdered up to 66 million white Christians in Russia and Americans are next.

      Armenia and the Ukraine are letting the world know the millions and millions who were starved out was by Jewish planning. Why is it only white nations that the Jews hate and try so hard to destroy?

      Google this- Jewish ebcyclopedia states there is more Hebrew blood in Europe and its offspring in the world than there is in Jewry. It also says Edom is alive and well in modern Jewry.

      See fellow Christians, they KNOW they are the Edomites and they hate the white Hebrews. Israelect.com is a good start as is missiontoIsrael and many others like Ted R. Weiland’s site.

      Please pray and search out what I say.

      666–6 points, 6 triangles, and six sided hexagon==the star on Israel’s flag. I refuse to say star of David because King David did not have a star; but his son Soloman did and it was evil in the site of the Lord.

      Peace to all.

      • cathy

        if you keep up this tirade against jews, you might end up in hell yourself.

        there is a very tiny group of people, and they are NOT all jews, who control this world.

        to blame an entire race of people for the actions of a few is RACISM. you are a racist, and a willfully ignorant HATER.

        you CHOOSE to believe every lie out there.

        if you really loved christ, you would witness to those that are lost, not spread lies and hate about them.

        your soul is in danger, repent

  3. Hi Bee,

    I guess we disagree on this one. God promised the Jews that He would first spread them to the 4 corners of the world, but in the last days, he would gather them back. They would return with a new heart to serve him. Israel will always be Israel. If Goid refers to the church, He calls it the church.

    Synagogue of Satan refers to those Jews who would persecute the Christians …that was describing some opposition at that time to the gospel message…..

    considering the history of the past 2000 years, it is the Christians that have persecuted the Jews, not the other way around.


    • oh mariann, you really need to do some research, why don’t you start with something easy like, “In the jews own words” to see what they think of YOU. You are cattle, goyim, trash under their feet, they laugh at you ‘judeo christians’ because you are so easy to manipulate. I can’t wait unitl God kills every last one of satan’s children.

      • cathy

        you are misinformed. I am with jews constantly, and they do not talk like that. you have been picking up propaganda from the internet…..and that in includes false quotes from jewish sources

        • Why would you support anti-Christ? We are not to even wish them God speed. It was a Jew in 1965 that pushed through the 1965 immigration bill that let in many millions of non-Europeans like the Muslims and many more. Jews have been kicked out of over 100 countries. They band together and destroy their host nations from the inside. Google Jewish Bolsheviks. Do you know all none of the autopsies performed after the so called gas chambers proved not one died of gas? They died of typhus and starvation because Britain and USA bombed all the railways and Jews and Germans alike starved. Finally Auswitch (spelling) finally had to admit they had no gas chambers? Forensics proved that and now the other ‘death camps’ won’t test for it because the world would come unglued if the truth was out! The Jews fought greatly against the Red Cross putting out their records on the death count. Guess what? Only 270,000 people died and it was from typhus and starvation.

          I wish you’d at least investigate what I say. The only thing you have to lose is time and lies. You seem like you know how to research so why not?

          We are the world’s destroyers. Oppenheimer. Their Talmud is filthy. Google filthy Talmud, it’s disgusting. Check out Realjewnews, he was a Jew converted to Christ and he will tell you the truth. Or read The Thirteenth Tribe, which was written by a Jew, so they had him murdered.

          “We intend to turn Europe into a mixed race of Asians and Negroes ruled over by the Jews. Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi in Praktisher Idealismus 1925.

          Jewish encyclopedia, vol. 12, p. 250, speaks of the lost tribes in Europe.

          The Jews are not our friends and I promise you, you WILL learn that if you live long enough. There is so so so much more I just don’t have time to go into it. Why would you tell me I’m misinformed if you havent bothered to investigate what I say? Are you a ‘know it all?’ Hey, up until about 12 years ago I thought just like you and one day something happened and I litterly begged God for truth. I believe He gave it to me and will spend my last elderly years informing my people.

          • cathy

            you believe a lot of lies because you want to. and you will pay for this sin.

            you are full of poison from false sources. does the catholic church where you go teach all this?

            I cannot believe you ever begged God for the truth. you sound more like a muslim than a catholic

            the talmud is a book of civil law. it covers such topics as how much to pay your neighbor for damagin his property. I have read much of it. I bet you have not read one page, it is not filthy. you are a deceived hater and hate is a sin.

            the holocaust gas chambers are verified, not a hoax, there are plenty of pictures on the internet. the numbers of deaths are verifiable also.

            General Eisenhower had his troops document everything when he invaded Germany to free the jews.

            • Of course the Catholic church doesn’t teach this! It took years of studying the Jews own words. I bet you didn’t look into anything I said. You’re probably afraid to look and I understand. I can never forget why terror when I saw the truth. You didn’t try to counter logically a word others and myself have said. But you did throw down the racw card. I do like most of your site so will refrain from any further dialog or opinions on this matter of the Jews. May God bless you for the Jews sure won’t.

            • Oh Please wake the heck up lady! You have been decieved!!

  4. Hi M
    Ok, we’ll have to see how this plays out.

  5. Marianne,

    The only transference of wealth will be from rich to poor as the world becomes socialist in order to deal with an imminent global depression (as prophesied at Fatima). This will not work, and global upheaval will unfold. It’s a shame people who are interested in the future do not read Catholic prophesy, because everything going on right now has already been described by Catholic saints.


  6. Hi Brian,

    Well, the prophet Isaiah does describe the wealth of nations supporting Israel at the end. I would not be surprised that socialism occurs before then, since this world is a mess, and the masses historically tend to revolt against the rich, to gain their power and property.

    Which saints are you referring to?


  7. This is a popular idea for those who believe the church has replaced Israel, which isfalse doctrine. Many of the saint however don’t know the ministers they are following believe this at the core. It is a false teaching spread by men like K Copeland, C Dollar, K Hagin and even T.D. Jakes. But it is non biblical and relates to the teachings of the third wave. In this teaching the Church is the incarate Christ with direct authroity is usher in the kingdom on Earth.
    Question: If this is done, what will Jesus do when He returns, or why is He even needed? The Church has everything under control!!!!!

    Will the Church soon be showered with the wealth of the unrighteous, thus being able to fund the last, great global harvest? Again quoting C. Peter Wagner, “I think the time is ripe for those of us who are apostles to begin to understand the crucial role we have in God’s plan to release the wealth of the wicked for the advance of the kingdom of God.”

    But what does the Bible say? Pursuing a historical-grammatical interpretation—in other words, interpreting the Bible as it reads—try as one might, one cannot find this view supported in the Bible.

    Dealing first with the “wealth transfer” notion, indeed, we do find that there is a great wealth transfer prophesied in Scripture. However, it has nothing to do with the Church, but rather applies to Israel and the Millennial period.

    There are many other problems with the last-day wealth transfer notion applying to the Church. For example, it is claimed that there will yet be a last-day global harvest before the Lord returns, and that the Church will need great wealth to fund this objective as well as eradicating poverty in the world. Says Wagner, “In order to possess the gate of wealth to, among other things, develop plans to eradicate systemic poverty, we need to develop new structures of intercession to do the spiritual warfare necessary to transfer wealth.”

    However, the Bible says directly otherwise. Clearly implying that there would be little faith upon earth when He returns,

    So is there a great, last-day wealth transfer to the Church? Scripture easily and clearly settles this question. Yet, theologians who should have sufficient knowledge of what the Bible says instead prefer to trust their own intuitions and prophecies. This recent statement from Peter Wagner provides an example of such vanity, in which he appears to make his own decrees supersede Scripture.

    Spoken on the great reverential authority of the claimed office of an early New Testament apostle, he literally commands the earth’s obedience. Not even the first Apostle Peter spoke with such licence. (One also wonders why the foundations of the New Jerusalem will be named after the original 12 apostles and not more? Revelation 21:14.

    “I hereby take the apostolic authority that I have been given by God. I decree that vast amounts of wealth will be released supernaturally, even from godless and pagan sources. I decree that large numbers of God’s chosen people will be empowered in fresh and creative ways to gain wealth according to Deuteronomy 8:18. New inventions will multiply. Disruptive technologies will change the life patterns of the whole human race. The earth will disgorge vast riches of hidden resources. These will be entrusted to God’s agents. Profits will increase exponentially. It is spoken. So may it come to pass! Amen and amen!”

    Today, as all too frequently with other Third Wave Christian movements supposedly marked by “fresh moves of the Spirit,” new or revised theologies have been revealed on the strength of new prophecies uttered by their own prophets. The serious issue here is that these prophecies serve to revise what God originally said through his prophets and Scripture. Indeed, such revisions are not a new phenomenon, having been the mark of many if not all apostate movements or beliefs.

    The true Church of the last days, if anything, is more of a remnant than it is resplendent with wealth. Revelation 3:8 says that the church of the “open door” is weak and feeble; far from being imbued with worldly power and wealth. It is this little Philadelphian band of believers, to which is promised, “Since you have kept my command to endure patiently, I will also keep you from the hour of trial that is going to come upon the whole world to test those who live on the earth” (Revelation 3:10). If the Third Wave movements are correct, one wonders why it is the rich Laodicean church that is being reprimanded by Christ

  8. Hi Rev Williams

    Preaching about money pays well.

    It is like the ancient false prophets used to do- tell everyone “all is well,” instead of “repent.” Even the most righteous people make mistakes, and have to be reminded of this. To ignore the truth makes disaster come more quickly, and painfully.

    An ancient problem is still with us:

    Mic 3:11 The heads thereof judge for reward, and the priests thereof teach for hire, and the prophets thereof divine for money: yet will they lean upon the LORD, and say, [Is] not the LORD among us? none evil can come upon us.


  9. Reverend Williams, I couldnt agree with you more. I have no problem with a transfer of wealth in the biblical sense, the sense where the apostles shared everything in common and none had any lack. That a church can contain a millionaire and a welfare mother is evidence of our wavering and often blatantly misaligned priorities. I for one believe in prosperity. I believe that as our souls prosper, our health and other areas of life will too. This is bible. I know that God lives lavishly, exorbitantly, opulently in glory and that some saints will have a portion of it in this life. But not to be on “Cribs”. John 3:27 “A man can receive nothing, except it be given him from heaven”. Saints are given wealth to further the kingdom of God. Period. As we bless the house of the Lord, he blesses our houses. I heard a minister say once that we are coming to our promised land. The promised land prefigures heaven, not any experience on earth. The wilderness is this life. The Jews that left Egypt were rich in gold and jewels and luxuries; their spoils, their PAY for their generations as slaves. Yet they lived in tents. All the wealth they had meant nothing until it was time to build the tabernacle. Even with money in their pockets as it were, they had to rely of God daily just to eat, hence “Give us this day, our daily bread”. Also “For here have we no continuing city, but we seek one to come.” (Hebrews 13:14) Take some time and watch a lot of TV preachers, (nothing against them), many will use the same charlatanry that made sideshows and country fairs popular a generation ago, and for the same reason, money. Many of his saints will have great wealth (by modern standards) in this life. The truth is that compared to Paul and the other apostles, most of us are vastly wealthy. It kinda turns my stomach to know that there are Christians in other lands who have to subsist on food that we wouldnt feed our dogs and hold church in places we wouldnt bury our dead yet many American Christians dont feel “blessed” unless their tax bracket changes. How ashamed many of us will be when we stand in the company of such giants of faith before the judgement seat of Christ, how hollow we’ll feel when all of our concerns about mortgage and gas evaporates when measured against being martyred for the Gospel. One last point I’ll make is that the word “witness” (as in Acts 1:8 & Hebrews 12:1) is the same as the word martyr. I wonder how many believers of today would continue to be such if they knew death was their fate. The life of a Christian is a life of suffering. Nothing against having nice things, I have them and like them but they can all be taken tommorrow and my faith wouldnt be shaken. Our affections ought to be on things above not on anything temporal.

  10. Hi Amardo,

    Good insights. I think there are some people who can be trusted with money, and God will use them to help the kingdom. Many are not trustworthy. We in America, do not really appreciate how others live. I just sent $50 to a boy overseas, so he can feed his family for the next month. (Yes, I will send more soon)

    God does love to bless his people, but it is also his desire for us to do this also, in His Name. If we don’t, then we do not deserve the blessings we have.


  11. I believe that if we took care of each other, as they did in the book of Acts, there would be no poverty in this world. I am disgusted at the utter disgrace of prosperity preachers of today whom preach more on self-indulgence than sin and repentence. With the wealth the few of them have they could get together and wipe out poverty for good but instead they lavish themselves on things that moth and rust destroy. My God! I am praying for these men and women of God to repent before it is too late. (This includes K. Copeland, T. D. Jakes, Juanita Bynum, Paula White, you know the rest)

  12. By the way Marianne, I am in agreement about supporting Israel. Indeed, I believe The Lord would be very pleased if we did. Great article! :0)

  13. Hi Sila,

    These are God’s very elect that have been deceived. You are right. Look at the good they could do, if they used their money wisely. I have been on a tiny income for most of my life, and probably have given a greater percent of my income to the poor than they have.

    Israel is the key to being blessed. I am also praying the stock market goes back up, so there is some money left to transfer over.


  14. I stand in agreement with you in praying for the stock market to go up and stay there. Your website is a tremendous blessing! Thank you so much for your obedience and for sharing what you know to be True. God’s Blessings and favor upon you and your family Marianne :0)

  15. Hi Sila,

    Thank you so much. You are a blessing too, to me. May God keep and protect all believers in the times ahead, and provide for their needs.

    love and blessings

  16. Revelation 3:14-18 14 ¶ And unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write; These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God; 15 ¶ I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. 16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth. 17 Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked: 18 I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see.

    Handling great amounts of money requires a fear of the Lord, the absence of a love of money to avoid greed. People who are not prepared for that either waste it or use it for diverse lusts.
    These wealth greedy “apostles” and “prophets” try to produce works with money what only the Holy Spirit can do lastingly and the Holy Spirit is not in it. These people will find themselves having to make more and more compromises until they are swallowed by the One World Church.

  17. Hi GYOD

    I have a retirement account, which may die, and I will never see it. But I have already learned to live on just a little money, so my life is simple.

    If I have it, I share it. I just ask God to show me who it is. I share, and then I am happy. My rewards are in heaven.


  18. -I think, the prophecies of Israel (state) being wealthy in the endtimes is being fulfilled.

    -I think, the Church are all who believe in Jesus and are newborn in the spirit.

    -Do you think the Father will forget and forgive that his “first” Israel murdered his begotten SON ?

  19. Hi Silvanus

    Ancient prophecies indicate that God will bring back a remnant, that has the law of God in their heart, with a renewed spirit.

    Jesus forgave them when he was dying on the cross, just like he forgives us for what we have also done. Jesus died for the sins of the entire world – past , present and future.


  20. With the current international financial situation,all I know is this.
    Just as the world of travel changed forever after 9/11, so too the world of finance will change on a global scale, which will begin to take place in 2009/2010.It shouldn’t come as any surprise to any follower of Christ, that the U.S is heading for a Democratic Socialist Republic.It will be the path of least resistence, but have major global consequences!

  21. Hi Glenn,

    That is very true about socialism. And the money invested in that pursuit will be wasted and accomplish nothing good. Only contributions toward the kingdom of God, wisely spent, will produce fruit.


  22. I don’t buy that the “prosperity thing” has to be an either/or situation.It ways all over the Bible, that those who properly steward what they have will prosper. And not just financially, but in virtually every area. It is a shame to the Church for so many of us to not be able to meet our needs, much less be unable to fund mission trips, needed buildings, publishing to spread the gospel, etc. It is truly sad when our young people have to beg for funds to go on mission trips, when their churches and most of their congregation should be able to fund them outright. Money should be the least of our concerns, when endeavoring to engage in ministry.

    I don’t think it requires us to buy into the more imbalanced teachings on prosperity, to be prosperous. Nor do I think that even if God intends to increase His childrens’ wealth, that would apply to all of us. The “lazy and greedy” ones wouldn’t be positioned for financial prosperity anyway; God knows who is capable of properly stewarding their income, and they are the ones who would have it. They are the ones who won’t be filling their closets w/ designer threads just because they can; they’re the ones that will be funding the missionaries, paying off church building notes, etc. And hopefully, be enough of an example to motivate the less mature to learn the principles of Biblical finances for themselves.

    So many of the people in the Bible we emulate were wealthy, I just don’t get this ‘fear’ of money or financial prosperity. I doubt that most of those who think not being ‘rich’ equals not being materialistic, would turn down a raise at their job. The most materialistic folks I see most of the time, are those in the lower income bracket: which is why they’re probably there to begin with. They do not know how to steward what they have, often seek handouts and depend on welfare or social services (a false fatherhood – we should depend on Rather God). This entitlement mentality coupled w/ failure to tithe and properly steward, is what keeps folks in poverty. And there is nothing holy about that.

  23. Hey Cindy,

    It is true that some can handle or steward money correctly. Others are greedy. The “end transfer of wealth” is a manipulation to get people to give money so they can be rich. It has nothing to do with true giving. In the end times, the people Israel will be the only one designated to receive wealth, and this is to build up Israel, Jerusalem, and the New Temple.

    In the bible, people gave money to help Paul on his mission trips, and helped the poor, and other churches when there were financial problems in their area. People really gave for the right reasons. When the right reasons are involved, god blesses the efforts.


  24. The poor
    The hungry
    The fatherless
    The widows
    Gods heart always goes out for them
    Think of them, help them,pray for them, feed them, bring Fathers love to them.

    Please read the website of Jerry Golden in Jerusalem. http://www.the jerry golden report.com
    The Holy One of Israel gave him a vision of helping the Jews to come HOME. Please read. Important. There is little time left we can help him financially to do what the Holy One of Israel has shown him to do.

    There are pastors with airplanes asking the widows to sow there seeds and there are pastors having almost nothing who give there last money to feed the widows.

  25. hi remnant,

    I took a quick look at the site already. I will more at it also. I also feel it is important to help the Jews return. Now with difficult economic times, support and funds may dwindle. I have asked the Lord to preserve me and whatever I have so I can also assist. I have helped with aliyah before, and I had promised myself that I would do this again. Also, with all the structural, medical, and financial harm caused by the Gazan conflict, they suffer in different ways in Israel. WE cannot turn our backs on those in need.


  26. Marianne;

    I really like this web site. It’s so interesting. I’ve been sharing it with others. There are a lot of points of view here that you would never consider unless you were exposed to them.


  27. Here is another view point.

  28. Abigail;

    I do try to look at other points of view, because sometimes there is truth in it and some people won’t listen to you if you only use Chrstian resources.

    I’m sure you are aware Jordan Maxwell is an occultist


    like crystalinks:

    I like to compare these to resources like this series of videos:


    Riddles in Stone
    The Secret Architecture of Washington D.C.
    The Eye of the Phoenix; the Secret of the Dollar Bill
    The New Atlantis.

    You can see they are talking about similiar things only one is from a Christian View point and the other an cccultist.

    Here’s the discussion on it;

    This country is under Judgement. It’s part of the end times scenario. It took me awhile to accept it. I expect to go to some hard times before the rapture.


    • Hi kitti

      I agree. There is much truth which is even acknowledged by secular sources. It does not mean that we become secular, just because we recognize these sources outside of Christianity.

  29. It takes a brave man …

  30. Israel is a TYPE of the true Israel, which is the true church, the true body of believers. Neither the state of Israel nor the Babylon or false church should get as much as a penny of the mountain of money that is coming, it is for the upkeep of His children and not to enrich anybody.

    My entire life and calling is about exactly this and I can assure you that little progress in my life was made whilst I a) supported the state of Israel 9we all go through that phase) and I b) planned funding church projects.

    The only true nation of God is the body of true believers, disciples, OBEDIENT followers. Matt 7:21 says it all……

  31. can i use that picture at the top for a book with ur permission please

  32. I was listening to Jon Courson a while back and at the end of Zechariah and in the last chapter it’s talking about the last Jewish feast of the calendar and the only holiday celebrated in the millennial kingdom:

    Zechariah 14:16

    And it shall come to pass that everyone who is left of all the nations who came up against Jerusalem shall go up year to year to worship the King the Lord of Hosts and to keep the Feast of Tabernacles.

    Jon was mentioning that the greatest concentration of Jews was in New York. In the millions. If the Jews moved to Israel it would be a ghost town. I was thinking what a statement it would be to the world if they just up and moved to Israel. The world would look and take notice. The World would know something is going on.

    Instead of the transfer of Christians money, of which I think there has been given a lot already, what a bleesing it would be if it came from the Jewish community, because after those tragic fires God knows they could use it. To absorb huge amounts of immigrants from around the world for Israel is a huge burden and costs a lot of money. With Americans immigrating it would be different, if they don’t wait until the change of currency or the crash. They actually could benefit Israel.

    Will they miss an opportunity and wait until it’s too late? Something to think about.

  33. Wasn’t Isaiah written during the time of exile? Isn’t it applicable to their return to their homeland in that age? I don’t get applying prophecy concerning the NATION of Israel to God’s Israel of today. God’s Israel is all believers all over the world. That was the blessing given to Abraham in the promised ‘seed.’ That is a prophecy of the Messiah. The ‘Branch’ in Isaiah is a prophecy of the Messiah to come. It was fulfilled, wasn’t it? There is no more Jew or Greek, male or female in God’s plan. He also said via Paul in 2Thess that he would send ‘a STRONG delusion’ so that the whole world would be deceived if possible. Read the Protocols of Zionists, look at the people who own the Federal Reserve Banking system, the media, movie and music industry, P3 businesses, and others that have the Big Banks named in the bailouts on their list of owners. These are GOD-LESS people, from whom comes the LAW-LESS one. They are destroying America and funneling trillions with impunity to their coffers. The whole world will have to bow down to their messiah, but those who follow the true Messiah and know how to identify him won’t be fooled.

    The double-blessing was passed to Joseph who passed it to his second born son, Ephraim. The House of Ephraim was dispersed all over the world by Assyria. These are the current Zionists who are robbing us blind. The promise is no longer ‘in the flesh’ but ‘by the Spirit’…

    • hi Anna

      There are also other prophecies about Israel’s return to the land in the last days. esp in Isaiah and Jeremiah. They will be given a 2nd chance at that time to accept their Messiah. And just as Jesus came before, he will come again to fulfill more prophecies. Scripture indicates that God will provide for the Jews to receive help traveling to Israel, setting up their own land, and prospering there, so they can survive.

      The current system who are robbing us blind are not “zionists.” They are just thieves. There is a popular, and evil, trend to blame everything bad on the Jews and Zion, which is wrong. This is a spiritual trap, to get people to turn against Israel, instead of helping her.

      Jews do not control the world economy. They are not all rich people after our money. If they were, they would not have to go to work every day to support their families, like we do. Most of the ones I know have very little, and are struggling to survive in this world. In the grand scheme, there might be one or two families involved, but there are many others who are not Jewish or Zionist who are part of the system.

      You need to just look at the world system and stop associating it with the word “zionism.” It is actually the Babylonian system, based on the gold standard. that book you mentioned is hate propaganda.

      • mariann,

        People often discuss the horrific black on black crime but the liberal media (owned by Jews ; look it up) is silent on the black on white crime rate which is higher. Have you heard of the knock-out game? It’s where several black thugs attack white people and knock them out just for fun. Google blacks burning whites to death. On Christmas Eve 2010 in Houston a little white boy, Jonathan Davis was kidnapped by a 44 year old black woman. She burnt him to death with a blow torch and threw him in a ditch then tried to blame it on the boy’s mother who it was proved she was at work. Jessica Chambers cute little 19 year old blonde was kidnapped in Missouri by more black thugs while she was pumping gas. She had lighter fluid poured down her throat and gas poured on her body then they struck the match. They tried to blame it on her father. There are many more that the news won’t report.

        The media makes blacks like Trayvon and that Ferguson punk into heroes while they scorn and poke fun at wonderful black men like Ben Carson and. Herman Cain.

        I was living in Tampa when Trayvon died and watched every minute of that trial for it was broadcast in that area. Trayvon had broken Zimmerman’s nose and was bashing his head into the concrete.

        In Ferguson the ‘gentle giant had just committed a strong armed robbery in an Asian store which wad caught on tape that was all over youtube because the media didn’t want to show it. He then attacked Darren Wilson and tried to get his gun. Even Holder had to admit the Officer shot in self-defense but it was ignored by the media also.

        It’s hard for me to care anymore about the black community when millions of people of all colors were and still are in slavery.

        I see them often write that whites care more about our pets than we do blacks. I reply and say our dogs don’t rob, rape, assault, and murder us by the tens of thousands every year. Since civil rights were passed blacks have murdered over 70,000 whites in America. Blacks murdered all the French in Haiti and have been begging for food ever since.

        The last time I used my tithes for Africans was in August of this year. I gave to Life Today for wells in Africa so the kids would have clean water. Two nights later I had a dream and in the dream God told me it was a scam. I googled it and found that, yes, the whites would pay and dig the wells but then black men would dismantle them to sell the parts off for cash. Never again will I pay my tithes to Africa.

  34. Marianne, I appreciate all the time and effort you have put into this website. I have learned a tremendous amount by visiting .

    I would like to say this: I am married to Christ ~ Not my beliefs. As the Holy Spirit leads then my mind follows. He sits upon the throne of our minds, transforming us. There is an awesome site that reveals how the temple is an image of Christ and his body. I will post the link at the bottom of this post.

    ~Are we equating Zionism with Judaism? http://www.serendipity.li/zionism.htm#antisemitism

    ~ And who owns the Federal Reserve Bank? 1. The Rothschilds of London and Berlin; 2. Lazard Brothers of Paris; 3. Israel Moses Seif of Italy; 4. Kuhn Loeb and Warburg of Germany; 5. Lehman Brothers, Goldman, Sachs; 6. The Rothschild-controlled Rockefeller interests of New York.

    Thanks for the rebuttal; however, shouldn’t we be arguing substantiated by proof? There is ample
    evidence to prove the authencity of this document. Two links provided at the bottom of the page.

    I understand that we have different eschatalogical views but elevating one race of people over another is contrary to our loving Creator who created all mankind and desires them to come to a saving knowledge of Him.

    Paul condemned the church for showing ‘favoritism.’ We are all equal in God’s sight. “There is no Jew or Greek” Gal 3:28; Col 3:11; Romans 11:12… The priesthood based on an indestructible life has made us all equal. The priesthood in the order of Melchizedek, not the priesthood of Levi OR the kingship of Judah
    Galatians 3:18 For if the inheritance depends on the law, then it no longer depends on a promise; but God in his grace gave it to Abraham through a promise.

    “Get rid of the slave woman and her son, for the slave woman’s son will never share in the inheritance with the free woman’s son.” Genesis 21:10; Galations 4:30
    Galatians 4:25 Now Hagar stands for Mount Sinai in Arabia and corresponds to the present city of Jerusalem, because she is in slavery with her children. (26) But the Jerusalem that is above is free, and she is our mother.

    2 Esdras chapters 9 &10 help us comprehend the meaning of ‘slave woman and her son.’ The woman is Israel and her son is Jerusalem where sacrifices are offered. Her son dying = Jerusalem’s destruction. This agrees with Daniel’s prophecy that all would be completed when
    ‘the power of the Holy people are completely destroyed.’ This was fulfilled in 70 AD when Rome
    sacked Jerusalem, destroying both the Holy House and the Holy City.

    2 Esdras 11:39 The end of God’s ‘times’ came through the 4th Beast (Rome). End of Jewish ‘times.’

    The term ‘last days’ is used anytime Israel came under judgement: Egypt, Babylon, Assyria, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome.
    The last days of a Jewish age. ” For this is the time of punishment in fulfillment of all that has been written.”Luke 21:22..The last days reached its fulfillment in 70 AD, after God had put all Christ’s enemies under his feet. (See Isaiah 66:6 for a description of God’s enemies.)

    “but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed heir of all things, and through whom he made the universe.”Hebrews 1:2
    “No, this is what was spoken by the prophet Joel(2:28):”‘In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people.
    Acts 2:17 (fulfilled prophesy).

    2nd chance? They’ve had many chances and God called them his enemies and he destroyed them in 70 AD. Why would God show ‘favoritism’ when he emphatically says “I do not show favoritism.” ?? If he prefers Israel in the flesh over Israel by faith then he is a liar!

    722 BC Fall of Israel (Northern Kingdom) to Assyria
    608 BC Daniel and some Nobles from Jerusalem taken into Captivity
    581 BC Fall of Judah and Jerusalem to Babylon(Southern Kingdom)
    538 BC First Return from Exile to Jerusalem
    4 BC – 29 AD Life of Jesus the Messiah
    70 AD Fall of Jerusalem and God’s enemies to Rome

    All tribal records tracing ancestry were destroyed when the temple was razed and burnt to the ground by Rome. There is proof to me that God is no respecter of persons and their ancestry. He chose Israel for a specific purpose, made a temporary covenant with them and completed it when he fulfilled the eternal covenant for all mankind, the promised ‘seed’ of Abraham. (Christ/Messiah/the Annointed One/Priest of God, Most High, in
    the order of Melchizedek, on the basis of an eternal life, not tribal lineage).”… the genealogy is not to be reckoned after the birthright.” 1 Chron 5:1 (pattern repeated many times for clarity.)

    link for the temple secrets

    Kind regards

  35. Zion in the world walks entirely contrary to this truth; it defies it, opposes it and is the enemy of it, forever. As shown in the arrogance of Menachem Begin (Israeli Prime Minister, 1977-1983) who stated boldly, “Our race (speaking of the Jews) is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.” – Menachem Begin.” Now imagine if any non-Jew of reputable influence ever said such a thing in the 20th century! Imagine the outcry and ramifications! Does this sound like the ‘Israel of God’ of which Paul spoke? Begin merely uttered what millions of zealous Jewish Zionists believe in their hearts, and example in their Apartheid rule of the land of Palestine today.

    • Anna

      That quote of MBegin and the source you have is a lie. he never said that. and the source is demonic at best.

    • Anna,

      I cannot speak directly to the quote you made, but if it was said as you put it (which I find highly unlikely) not all elected officials are of Yisrael. Remember, not all who say they are Jews, are Jews! Some of the elected officials are called “the elected mob”. They do not represent the heart of the people or the nation of Yisrael. Tzion is Yah’s beloved and He will cleanse and restore it to it’s prominence as the center of the world. All nations will flow to it. The gentiles from the nations will bring the Jews back to Yisrael and will be kept as slaves in that day. Yisrael will be comprised of ethnic Jews and gentile proselytes (converts). All of those who are of the seed (the Word of Yah) will be of the Woman, Yisrael. At that time Yisrael will be comprised of ethnic Jews and gentile converts. Both equally Yisrael. Yisrael WILL NOT BE THE ALL GENTILE CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!

      Isaiah 14 1-2

      For HaShem will show mercy to Jacob. He will choose Ysrael again and grant them rest upon their land. The proselyte (foreign convert) will join them and be attached to the House of Jacob. The nations will take them and bring them to their place, and the House of Yisrael will possess them as slaves and maidservants upon the land of HaShem; they will be captors over their captors and they will rule over their oppressors.

      You need to understand that the land in question was given to Jacob (Yisrael) to be a possession forever, and so it shall be. Yah gave them title deed to the land. Arabs live peacefully with Israeli’s inside the border of Yisrael now. The Palestinian problem is a straw man to do nothing but bring hate and war to Yisrael. What you need to be concerned about is whether you will be of the House of Yisrael, or a slave to Yisrael. You choose, and Yah will cause it to be. If you have some fancy notion that “the Israel of God” is a bunch of swine eating gentiles, you might want to rethink that;

      Isaiah 66: 17

      Those who prepare and purify themselves to go to the gardens, going one after another to its midst, and those who eat the flesh of swine, the abominable creature, and the mouse will be consumed together – the word of HaShem.

      This chapter in Isaiah is speaking of the latter days, the days we are living in.

      I don’t mean to be harsh, but this world has seen way too much anti-semitism!!!!

  36. We are the body of CHRIST. We as Christians are grafted into the vine, Romans 4:13
    King James Version (KJV)

    13For the promise, that he should be the heir of the world, was not to Abraham, or to his seed, through the law, but through the righteousness of faith.

    Romans 11:23
    King James Version (KJV)

    23 And they also, if they abide not still in unbelief, shall be grafted in: for God is able to graft them in again.

    We are gentiles grafted into the vine of Abraham and Issac. We are the church as Jesus abides in us. We are the believers! There will be a new Jerusalem to come down from heaven. This is GODS City.

    Revelation 21:2
    King James Version (KJV)

    2And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.

    Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel.

    Obedience is better than sacrafice. Do what the word of God says to do with your wealth. This may not just be money. Give to Cesar what is Cesar’s (pay your taxes). Give 10% to Gods house. Anything else you do with your money should be because you were lead by GOD. Not by man or a preacher. Do not throw your pearls to the swine. Give to a worthy cause.
    If you feel that GOD wants you to give to the displaced Jews to go home to Isreal then listen to GOD but, make sure its from GOD. Pray about it in earnisty and the LORD will guide you.

  37. Who are the the jews in the book of revelation who say they are jews but are the synagouge of satan. Rev.3,9,10 who wil these lying jews bow down to, and who are the ones that didn’t deny HIS name, and obeyed HIS commandments?

    • Someone has been doing their homework. Excellent question!

      Is it possible that this first group could look anything like an eagle?
      I’ll pass on the second group.

      • Ok gr8! Can’t wait to hear feedback! Remain blessed!

      • Just got lost.

        an eagle?

        I would guess 2000 years ago, all the christians were jews initially.

        the jews that rejected christ were of the synagogue of satan.

        but this is 2000 years later…..so today.,.

        the synagogue of satan would be “christians” who crucify christ today.

        • I could have been wrong in appraising the question. Let me fill in blanks of what was not said. There exists a Christian youth movement today which so deeply acknowledges the seriousness of the times in which we are living, that they each individually eat, sleep, & drink 7 days a week, the book of Revelation over and over and over plus other parts of prophecy. They call it ‘Eating the Scroll.’ There are tens of thousands of these youth. The movement is fueled by diminished trust in Pre-Tribulation Rapture eschatology. These feel like they will actually live through the whole tribulation and therefore seek to fill their lamps with oil before the great tribulation begins, because if correct then Matt 25 oil becomes one of Life’s most important questions after the issue of eternal salvation. They congregate together and certain of their leaders have divided up Scriptural Prophecy, especially the Book of Revelation into 1000s of small analytical questions with the express purpose of thoroughly understanding every single nuance of the Book. I have read many of these questions and am familiar with the format.

          So when Nikia asked the question, the phrasing of it sounded a whole lot like that compendium of questions, hence my mentioning her ‘doing her homework’. (Some of them use the internet to help them with their homework questions, as there are school of ministry curriculum courses about all this stuff.) So my answer to her was based upon that assumed frame of reference. And rather than just outright giving her the answer, I pointed her in an inspired direction where she could hopefully discover not only the glorious direct answer, but also a broader integrated view which links several pieces together.

          Out of the billion or so who surf the web, the odds that one of those Scroll Eaters would land on this blog is not large, but I took a long shot and went with it in my reply. After all, I landed here so why not one or two of them also?

          Was a little uncertain about her waiting to hear feedback. It is possible she meant she ‘could not wait to hear feedback’ (from her bible study peers). Lets see if she makes another post to clarify.

          • I am happy and thankful the youth rejected the Pre-Trbber interpretation and are “eating the bitter scroll” of prophecy. Please – watch Daniels Timeline that is listed and linked on the right. It presents solid scriptural evidence that the youth are eating better than most adults. Acceding to this 2003 video production…..

          • Simon Peter was very opinonated! The LORD told the disciples that HE would be killed, and Peter “said no LORD that will not happen!” On the mount of transfiguration, the disciples wanted to build altar to the LORD, and Peter said “let’s build three altars!” Peter was often rebuked for his opinons! As the body of CHRIST we are suppose to be on one accord and one minded, GOD’S people are all in agreement. We must be very careful of giving our opinon, what we think or what we feel, or what we guess, and make sure we are lead by the HOLY SPIRIT before we find ourselves judging a matter, before hearing and knowing all the details.

          • I look forward to the day when GOD’S people CAN be in agreement, perhaps during the millineum when the adversary does evoke our flesh unto missing the mark.

            If we take the talent entrusted to us and put it in the ground, we are wrong. If we say too much, we are wrong. If we say too little we are wrong. If we say without doing we are wrong. Holy Spirit is in us, but does not use audible words. We are expected to reach out and love, yet the very act of reaching out can be misunderstood. The yoke is supposed to be easy and the burden light, yet even beautifully righteous Job, fell prey to the flesh, wishing he had never been born.

            I do not know how all the details of a matter can ever be known before judging a matter. Honest upright Judges decide upon partial data, when the whole truth of a matter is vague at the end of a time allotment. Even the act of throwing out a case, due to insufficient evidence can be injustice, because there were valid wrongs which remained unrectified.

            And if struggling with laying hold of the LORD, and dealing with our flesh were not enough, there are external snares, attacks, and deceptions to deal with. May the LORD pour his grace heavily upon you, me, and his whole body during these days. May he give his servants strength and put His words upon their lips, for His own words is what He longs to hear the most.

          • I have been searching also for the answer to that question. In searching the internet, you get all kinds of answers. Who are/were these Jews who claimed to be Jews?

        • Thanks for your response! I agree with that statement, just wondered if rev.3:9,10 “lying Jews” referring to the jews of Israel? I understand the jews have full control over media, and publishing rights, if this true, the jews make billions of dollars in the music industry, and other sources of income in the earth concerning media and publishing. Looking at the industry of media broadcasting, including news networks, record labels, and other media distributions by the jews, this industry is totally anti-christ. Which is In response to them crucifying CHRIST today. They are some of the riches people on the earth, and have been for a very long time! What have they done to help the body of CHRIST or for Israel?

          • Since the only adjective is the word ‘lying’ then we do not know their country of birth or nor how large there number. I have heard of the same media claim, but was never interested to explore it for confirmation. Jewish lintage is extraordinary gifted by God, so their natural high energy level, creativity, and intelligence drives much of their success, rather than the anti-semite stigma of corruption which they have been broadly accused of. If were possible to align on a grid all the ethnic strands side by side and then correctly appraise tendency for corruption to each, then I would suspect you would find all races to be about equal.

            It was particularly facinating to learn that the little encircled “U” which is on most of our groceries represents approval as kosher by the “U”nion of Jewish something or another, so this jewish food label stamp is on items in every home in America.

            I disagree with you about affixing blame for the crucifixion of Christ, to the Jews today. Jesus and all his early followers were Jews, therefore to dislike the Jewish ethnic group which crucified Christ is also to dislike all of the Jewish Apostles, Christ, his mother and father, even the whole seed of Abraham. So I would try to disconnect the ‘anti-christ’ label from this or any other ethnic group, because Sin itself is worthy of addressing, but gene pool is not.

            You ask what Jews have done to help Christian or Israel? If it were not for whole collective seed of the Jews, Christians would not exist. As for the land of Israel, Jews remain peaceful regarding Christian historical sites within the land. Also, the Jews of Israel as a comparison with other nations are statistically more educated and produce more new creative products than other nations (so I have heard). There likely are many other good qualities which I do not know of. Same would be true for a great many nations.

            With regard to addressing sin, antichrist, and money keep the following statement in mind:

            Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

            Thus as long as Satan is allowed to roam free in the earth, he is always within near reach of top authorities. Temptation to sin at the top of authoritative structures, is very, very strong. This is why it remains important for people to pray for the heads of state, that God would lead them out of temptation to do evil.

            • Just can’t recall what other people claim to be jews and are not. I have heard claims that America is Israel. I will attempt to attach links of jewish owned media companies. I do believe that all races are equal. In CHRIST we are all one. If it is true that 96% of the world’s media is controlled by jews, crucifying CHRIST today is a metaphor of how anti-christ the most of the media is today. http://Theunjustmedia.com http://www.Rense.com

          • 1) I am NOT defending Media in the following statements:

            I have heard it preached that Adolf Hitler in 1930s Germany as part of his ‘ethnic cleansing’ political platform, attempted to establish “positive christianity” citing the Jews as the ones who crucified Christ and therefore, this ethnic group must become as though it never existed. This form of slanderous Anti-Semitism is extraordinarily Evil.

            Scripture warns us to flee from the very appearance of evil. Hitler was a very evil man. This is why I strongly oppose metaphor’s or otherwise even remotely hinting at ‘crucifying CHRIST’.

            If 96% of the world’s media truly is controlled by those of Jewish blood, I assure you that these would make up only a tiny fraction of less than one percent of the whole ethnic group. So for the sake of the 99+% of these people, please carefully weigh Mercy, Grace, Love, and Righteousness along with History of how Satan has tormented this ethnic group as a whole for eons. I for one, feel Jews have been punished and harassed FAR MORE than their sins deserve.
            2) the claim that America is Israel

            (2a) First and foremost one must define what ‘Israel’ the claim is referring to for it can’t be the land, since they are geographically separated. (2b) In recent history, many Jews who fled from wickedness in WW2 Europe came to America. (2c) Is it anyone with Jewish gene fragments as some people claim the American Indians and other have? (2d) Is America a major location where the so-called ‘Lost Ten Tribes’ of Israel migrated too? (2e) Is it something totally different than genomes, such as a Spiritual Jew per Romans 2:29?

            Rom 2:29 but he is a Jew who is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God.

            Of course, Jews fled to other nations as well and there are ‘Spiritual Jews’ in many nations, so this would not exclusively be America. The only support I can imagine for such a claim is in that America as a ‘New Country’ of very young 235yrs age has been a primary destination for those fleeing harassment, by reason of US documents like the Bill of Rights, making all races equal. This in turn would support any of the above listed possibilities.

            In contrast, America has also been a migration destination of all the wide the milleu of ethnic groups and religions all mixed together. Because of this syncretism of all beliefs about God or gods, from Satanism and Paganism to Christianity and Judaism, then America as a whole could never be Israel. The KKK, Islamic, Aryans, and other Anti-JudeoChristian sectors of America would hate the idea of anyone labeling their current homeland America as Israel.

            If anything, because America is a collection of pretty much all tribes and bilingual tongues, then this collective whole all in one enclosed geographic spot would eclectically be called Babylon, for the tower of Babel was as gathing spot for all peoples of all types. I am not saying American cannot be Israel from a restricted viewpoint, but rather am attempting to present a balanced broad view, which is what Truth itself attempts to do.

            So we have to pin down the person who says America is Israel, and get them to clearly explain from what frame of reference they are talking about when they say; ‘America is Israel’. See the delimma?

          • cont. 2) the claim that America is Israel

            The below viewpoints ‘web links’ factor into Biblical Prophecy. There are MANY CONFLICTING BELIEFS in the links below, but for the person who is deeply rooted in Scripture, and is full of the Holy Spirit, and is desiring to piece together:

            a) how Anti-Christ as a ‘type’ of Christ could EVER be embraced by orthodox Jews as their True Messiah, and why the Rev6:2 horse is white, and why Isa45:7 creation of evil by God is contextually paired with King Cyrus, and why Jesus Rev5:5 is a Lion, yet Satan 1Pet5:8 is a Lion, yet Babylon Dan7:4 is a Lion, yet end-time Jerusalem Isa29:1 is a Lion(Ariel), and what the Hos11:10 Lion’s voice is going to sound like, and why there are curious anomalies associated only with the Rev6:1 first trumpet.

            b) how God is using the nations to accomplish His will.

            c) how America might legitimately be a key part of Israel. And why scripture many times pairs Judah with Israel, yet many other times pairs Judah with Ephraim, therefore what the difference between Israel and Ephraim is. And who the Jer31:6 watchmen are.







        • Christians don’t call themselves Jews. The Synagogue of Satan, those who call themselves Jews and are not.

          Marianne, numerous people on this thread have given you more than enough information about those who call themselves Jews. You’ve been told several times about their media and banking control. Do you ever bother to look it up or are you stubbornly standing your ground ? Is there a reason you refuse to look into what we’ve said? It’s after 3am here and I reallt have to get some sleep. I hope God opens your heart enough that you’ll at least look into what we say with an open and honest heart.

          Good night and blessings to all.

  38. I just goggled jewish owned media companies. The links I attached were links that popped up after I goggled jewish owned media companies. My mistake.

    • you are listening to and reading hearsay, which may or not be true.

      you are repeating opinions on the internet about how rich jews are,

      the jews I know are not rich.

  39. Thank you! I also thank our LORD and Savior for the SPIRIT of Truth! The HOLY SPIRIT that leads us into all truth! The light showed up in darkness, and the darkness perceived it not! Everything done in darkness will come to the light! Thank you JESUS for revelation of your word! HE doesn’t reveal truth to know-it-alls, but to those that are obedient. I pray in the name of CHRIST JESUS that the spirit of truth come upon the body of of CHRIST! I decree and declare in JESUS name that your people will not be blinded or divided by lies of the enemy! I plead the BLOOD of CHRIST JESUS over spirits of false hood and I bind spirits of know-it-alls, which is a spirit of pride! LORD for your word says the humble and the peace makers will inherit the earth! And the pure in heart will see you face to face! In JESUS name I pray! JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth! AMEN!

  40. Is phillipians 2:2 present,past,or future? Before or after the millineum? Concerning talents I agree with you. Saying too little, in the book of proverbs, a wise person use few(less) words, especially when dealing with what the bible calls a fooloish person! According to 1peter3:4 a quiet spirit is of great value in the sight of the LORD. How good is a word when spoken in due season! The word of GOD is the audible voice of the HOLY SPIRIT.if we love GOD with all our heart,soul,mind,and strenght,and love our neighbors as we love ourselves, we WALK in love,the is no law against love! It’s the greatest gift! It never fails,for GOD is love. Concerning the yoke,”it’s not suppose to be” it is easy, and HIS burden is light! To prevent getting misunderstood say what the word says, don’t take away or add to it,let your nay be nay and your yea be yea! Not opinons, or feelings. Concerning Job, in order to share in the glory, we have to share in the suffering! Job got double for his trouble because he never cursed GOD. If we walk in the flesh we will reap corruption (death), if we walk in the Spirit we will reap incorruption (life). HE has given us power over our flesh! In CHRIST JESUS our flesh is subject to us! I’m in agreement with your prayer! I touch and agree in JESUS matchless name AMEN!

    • The paradox problem with Phillipians 2:2 is the semantic definition of Love. English blends together into the word ‘Love’, all manner of diverse depravity plus appetites & affinities plus friendships plus Holy upright love.

      Of course Phil 2:2 is ONLY talking about the Agape love of 1Cor13. But the English language which Americans use is extremely vague. I have had multiple people say to me; ‘I love you’ when Agape love was the FARTHEST thing from their mind by reason of their anti-thesis actions. Satan himself will say ‘I love you’ in order to get you to be of one mind with him! – – See the problem?

      So as long as we live in a culture that is illiterate to Phil 2:2 Agape Love, then it cannot be the present.
      Irrespective of the above problem, if Holy Spirit is thoroughly allowed to dominate a group, then Phil 2:2 can become true in such a circumstance. Prayer for grace to bring forth such truly Holy domination is our only hope to fulfill Phil 2:2. I exhort you (and all we who are like-minded) to pray with all fervency that Holy Spirit wells up within you (and us) to press toward that excellent goal. Amen?

  41. Love is universal in the kingdom(body of CHRIST). Phil.2:2 Paul was talking to believers in general. I agree “most” english words are deceptive. Well, I love you with or without Agape love! Because love is what unites us in the kingdom(the body of CHRIST). Love not just only in word,but in deed as well! The only power satan has over us, is the power we give him, wrong thoughts and wrong ideas opens us up to the enemy, also walking in the flesh, not ignorant to his devices, in CHRIST we have been give power over the enemy and all his little imps! Lol! There is a group that the HOLY SPIRIT dominates, phil.2:2 is true! GLORY alone be to GOD! There are a people that know CHRIST and the power of HIS resurrection! That are sold out to GOD! That have no fears or doubts, and that’s in hot pursuit of HIM! A group that knows that it’s in HIM that we live,that we move, and that we have our being! A group that doesn’t make no decisions without HIM! Sons and daughters that are led by HIS HOLY SPIRIT! We are in prayer that the LORD unites us to those that are HOT for HIM! And those that truly understand the kingdom! The great mystery of GOD is that the gospel is for all that want it! All have been grafted in! If the world see that we have love one for another, then the world(the unsaved) will give GOD GLORY! We are living epistles, we might be the only bible people read! I exhort you too! Keeping pressing in CHRIST! The question mark at the end of your reply made me do the ugly laugh! Lol that’s f-u-n-n-y lol!

    • I appreciate the kind words you have said. Really, for sure!

      Nikia, I want to make sure you and I are on the same page. Two things give a red flag in my spirit:

      (1) Jude1:8-10 suggests the Archangel Michael would never refer to demons as “little imps”, which hints of fleshly overconfidence.

      (2) New Ager believers very much prefer to use the word CHRIST, speak of love as universal, and are resolutely positive in speech just like you seem to be. Were you aware of that? Nikia, do you believe in a New Age of Christ Consciousness set now before us in 2012?

  42. I believe that there is one LORD,one FAITH,and one BAPTISM, I belieive GOD is the same today,yesterday,and and forever more! The new Ager thing not aware of this group! I do know that we are not to carried away by every kind of false doctrine, that the word of GOD(the gospel) is the only doctrine we are to live by! Religion is dividsion, and in the end we will all submit to one GOD! Well, let me clarify on imps you are right,(thank you HOLY SPIRIT) in the english translation of this word imp it means young or small demons, deceptive english translation of that word, angels and demons are ageless! Thanks for the correction!

    • Wiktionary – Imp: 3. A child of the Devil; a malevolent supernatural creature, similar to a demon, but smaller and less powerful.
      I was not aware of this,
      yet it remains prudent to err on the safe side of having too much respect for that which we cannot see, verses too little respect for the spiritual realm.
      New Age believers use nearly identical terminology to Holy Spirit filled believers. They believe themselves to be filled with the ‘Christ Spirit’ and they ARE filled with a Spirit, but not the Holy Spirit of Truth. They speak much of unity, look forward to the soon return of Christ, and are so liberal that they embrace all religions to be united under Christ when he returns. Of course it is the Anti-Christ they are waiting for, but they unwittingly call him Christ. Believers in such doctrines of demons, fill a significant portion of the seats of the christian church! Prudent discernment regarding this pervasive look-a-like is not useless debate, for one’s salvation is at stake. We can win souls into the thousands but if the associated doctrines are not fundamentally sound, then we have unwittingly misled those thousands into perdition. So rather than vain debate, these latter times deceptive devices are worth understanding in order to confirm that we are actually saving a soul from hell instead of preventing a soul from entering heaven.
      The Bereans of Acts17:10,11 were called ‘nobel’ for intellectually comparing new doctrines against the written scriptures, thus Paul was strongly complementing them for doing what some might term ‘debate’. How is the testimony of Truth defended by us without debate?

      In contrast to this, there is of course a type of vain debate which is pure foolishness such as: (1) Can God make a rock so heavy the he can’t lift it? (2) How many angels can fit on top of a pin head? (3) Yeah, well my church steeple is taller and more steep than yours! There are far more subtle vain debates of course like: (4) If God is truly love and truly does not will for any to perish, then why did he create Satan to be predestined to the Lake of Fire? Questions like this last one cannot be understood with the human mind, therefore they are best left alone until we get to heaven, for they lead to rebellion and division.
      As for you Nikia, non-christians of every flavor (including New Age believers) find it repulsive to openly repent of anything, nor are they aggressively open in focused prayer. Your heart desire to do what is right among the Lord’s sheep is very much needed and appreciated. May heavenly Father increase his grace upon your heart and upon your lips, both in prayer and among others. Amen.

      • PRAISE GOD! I respect that you try the Spirit to see if it be of GOD, JESUS CHRIST is LORD! 45squared 45×4=180? Just wondered if that’s how you came up with that screen name? Would I be wrong to say that you think there are contradictions in the bible?

      • To square a number is to multiply it times itself. The number 45 is more important than my squaring it.

        The Holy Spirit of Truth is incapable of Lying. There are thoughts in scripture which seem contradictory. Usually there is a deeper root of understanding just below the surface for us to uncover a gem of wisdom. I understand some, but there are multiple mysteries I remain perplexed about, and still other mysteries yet to be uncovered that I never have heard of, nor will ever know. The Bible is like a bottomless pit or shoreless ocean, mind blowing in its full disclosure.

      • Bible – cont.

        Will give you an example of scripture’s depth. A few years ago I spent a few hundred hours doing Bible Code research to see if there was any thing to it and if so, what patterns might arise. A pattern began to emerge of a giant cross-reference system built into the Hebrew text such that the surface text under a code Often (but not always) had a context commonality. Also there are picture codes, for example http://exodus-codes.com/shuttle.htm having the Columbia text appear in the form of an airplane in a nose-dive down to earth. There are other picture codes, but the cross-reference system to me was the most dynamic.

        Should add here that attempting to set dates with Bible Codes is a flawed approach because dates commonly appear all over a matrix, so who is to guess which date has anything to do with the code? – Most negative press surrounding Bible codes has to do with ‘date setting’ which did not come to pass as interpreted.

        There also are a great many false codes which are so simple that they commonly appear as a result of mere chance. The highly ordered codes significantly defy chance, for example http://ad2004.com/Biblecodes/Hebrewmatrix/ComingofElijah.pdf

        So for complex integrations to show up, that bible text would have to be pretty much perfect, without a single letter out of place, else the code would disappear.

  43. The word of GOD says we are to keep our conversations stayed on CHRIST! Whatsoever things are pure,true,honest,just,lovely,things of good report, if there any virtue, and praise,think on these things! Those things we both have learned and received and heard and seen in HIM, do them and the peace of GOD shall be with us! The enemy wants to keep the body of CHRIST bickering and debating amongst ourselves, especially in this hour. We must be so united and sensitive to the HOLY SPIRIT right now, that our main focus should be on CHRIST and the great commission and that’s winning souls! That’s what the wise do! The enemy’s hope is that we continue debating and searching for truth, when truth has already been established in CHRIST JESUS! HE is the way,the truth,and the life! That’s what the unsaved needs to know in this hour! LORD in the name of JESUS I repent right now for debating and searching for truth when truth has already been established, LORD I repent for focusing more on digging for truth when the truth lives inside of me! FATHER in the name of CHRIST JESUS I request that you keep my focus on your word and winning souls and uniting a people for you GLORY! I plead the blood, the word, the water, and the SPIRIT over any distractions that would keep us from what you called us to do, or what you want to do thru us in this hour! In CHRIST JESUS name I pray AMEN! In CHRIST we are all one there is no longer no greek or jew,small or great,male nor female, before CHRIST died, in jer.31:6 HE was talking to Israel, after the death,burial,resurrection, and the accession, all that choose CHRIST will share in the inheritance! AMEN! Concerning end time wealth transfer, man shall not live off of bread alone, but off of every word that proceeds out the mouth of GOD! It’s not money that we need, it’s GOD’s wisdom and power!!!!!!!!!!!! Which has already been given to his people!

    • Hi Nikia,

      I was just wondering as to why you would pray for forgiveness, and repent from seeking understanding of Gods truth?
      Or why you would repent, (to change ones mind from) from discussing the truth?

      Perhaps I misunderstood what it was that you were saying? I apologize in advance if I did.

      However, the epistles themselves were basically the result of debate, and the correction there of.

      The Jerusalem council that is described within the book of Acts (15:6-21.), over the subject of circumcision, was resolved by debate.

      And if one does not posses understanding, how can one fulfill the scripture of 1 Peter 3:15.
      “But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:”

      The first two (2) Spiritual gifts that are mentioned by Paul within 1 Corinthians 12:8. are “wisdom” and “knowledge”, or the transliterated Greek “Sophia”, (Strong’s 4678), and “Gnosis”, (Strong’s 1108) respectively. Both refer to the wisdom or knowledge of “man”.
      (Gnosis is far different that “Epignosis”. Gnosis is limited to man and his knowledge or intellect, where Epignosis is having a precise and correct knowledge of things that are ethical and Divine. The remaining 7 gifts that Paul mentions are those that are Divine in nature, bestowed upon a believer through only the indwelling gift of the Holy Spirit. Therefore there are (7) seven Spirits of God that correlate with (7) Spiritual gifts.)

      I just personally believe that discussion amongst and with other followers of Yeshua is imperative.

      Be Blessed

      45, I checked out some of those links. Interesting stuff! Thanks.

      • Thank you for the encouragement.

      • Shalom! The repenting was for me, I felt convicted by the HOLY SPIRIT to repent because it seemed as if I was going back and forth with, and using the word of GOD for ammunition towards fellow believers. I desire for the people of GOD to already to be established in truth, that when we connect, that we will all begin to share with one another what the HOLY SPIRIT is speaking to us, and in our sharing that we will receive confirmations, that we are all on one accord, also that we be so established in truth that when we connect instead of constantly correcting one another, which isn’t a bad thing to do, that we share praise reports and tell of HIS marvelous works! I desire when we connect, that we exhalt HIS HOLY name! He created us to give HIM glory! We are in a season of the enemy trying to take the praises off the GLORY of GOD and keep our attention on everything he(the enemy) is doing and saying! Not ignorant to his devices, but sometimes we give him too much attention! JESUS did not get frustrated with the devil, and HE hardly ever paid satan any attention, HE just told the enemy it is written! HE also said shut up and come out! I do understand that we are to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves. Truth is established, JESUS is the way the truth and the life! Do we ever get so wise or so righteous that we don’t repent? I set aside my pride, and humbled myself under the mighty hand of GOD, when I he convicts me to do so! I don’t have a problem with confessing my faults one to another, the repentance was for me. You are welcomed for the info I shared! I apologize for assuming that jews were rich, I should have classified that statement by saying some american jews I have learned of.

  44. Just led by the HOLY SPIRIT to share with you, that HE loves you, and to have no fear of those who can kill the body, but fear the one who can kill both the soul and the body, fear of GOD just simply means to hate sin. (2025) interesting, you seem to be very wise, help me out, no man knoweth the hour, not even the son of man, has these codes proven that man does/or can know the time of the last day? There was a teaching released in 1996 called the divine destruction of America can she avert it? The message is on youtube, just wondered if you would be willing to obtain this teaching, in order to watch in it’s entirety? By Louis Farrakhan.

    • 1) Undefiled wisdom is like grabbing a fist full of water, ‘there for a moment’ leaving only its temporary wetness behind, until that too evaporates. To truly hate sin, one must comprehend it, and if one fully comprehends it, then despair soon follows for who is perfect except the Lord? Thus the comprehension of Job42:6 leaves us hopelessly at the mercy of the undefiled blood of Jesus. So undefiled wisdom drives us immediately to feet of virgin born/crucified/died/buried/resurrected/ascended to the right hand of Father God Almighty: Yeh-Hoh-Shoo’-Ah, for there is no other human/creature/orWhatever by which any of us can receive regenerative cleansing except by him alone. Furthermore, Prov1:24-26 threatens us with sobering words that God holds us accountable to pursue wisdom, or else expect calamity! So though the water slips through our hands, we must continue grasping after this pure stream of life, undefiled heavenly wisdom.

      2) “Is it possible to know the hour?” During his public ministry, Jesus said Mat24:36 only Father knows. Indeed Rev5:3 confirms a large amount of future endtime information was hidden behind a veil spread across all mankind. After the resurrection, ascension, and enthronement of Jesus, Jesus broke open that endtime information and made it available to humanity. I am personally persuaded that additional knowledge of times and seasons was part of that unveiling. Problem is, 1000s of we humans have attempted to grasp the question of when without success thus far. But let me as you a serious question: If you were to know the exact assigned date of your death, would it not become a huge burden upon your shoulders? …Each year passing by, The Big Countdown, sometime seeming too fast, then other times seeming too slow, but ever so steadily creeping forward… To know decades in advance the time of one’s death is something God fortunately has spared us from knowing. This is an example of: “Ignorance is bliss.”

      But in contrast, Jesus flat out REBUKED the religious leaders Mat 16:3 for not discerning the signs of the times. Likewise, Amos 3:7 supports that knowledge will given in advance to the Lord’s people. This may or may not include dates. Of course there is ARE appointed dates which do not change, ever. Ezekiel and the Apostle John being given a measuring stick to measure physical dimensions, points to the exacting precision of God himself regarding everything, including dates. Isa52:8 tells us there will be a time in which all the watchmen of God are in agreement with one another regarding a set time. To me this means that the whole basket of evidence will be so deeply profound that the majority of spirit filled believers will have a deep conviction sweep through their souls that yes, this is THE time. Thus far, I have not seen anyone present such a dynamic picture. Perhaps the two witnesses might arrive early and being inspired of the Holy Spirit, will breathe such a breath of spiritual understanding with regards to timing that it will pour through the church. That’s just one possibility of many. Or maybe it will be subtle, but pervasive. The point is, Isa52:8 hints at some kind of broad spread confidence, such that unification of the oil-filled bride happens by default, rather than by effort.

      3) Codes support the authenticity of the divine inspiration, plus help pull together congruent themes into bite size chunks. Codes are worthless in regards to answering the interrogative question of: “When?”

      4) The below YouTube link seems to be what you are talking about. The phrase, “The Divine Destruction of America” implies an assumption of a cataclysmic end to America specifically, but NOT to any other nation, and it is a near-term (our lifetime) urgent matter of paramount importance. The phrase, “can she avert it?” from a Biblical point of view, contrasts the story of Sodom & Gomorrah against the story of the city of Nineveh during the days of Jonah. Coupled with these two stories, one must include God’s predestinated timing (something like the predestinated 70 years of Jer25:11). If we pray and fast long enough, can we push it past the 70 years? Yes and No. Yes if we did it, but God will cause the human hearts to fail so that we cannot fulfill the minimum necessary requirement. Either way, God gets his way. If it is well before the 70 years, will its destruction from God come early? Pray DOES move the hands of God, but again only so far as it does not step outside of his predetermined dates. It is complex. Praise the Holy God of Heaven, for his ways are truly kind to all of humanity, even if we cannot comprehend the reasons for his doings.


    • Hi Nikia,

      Ok, I watched the whole Louis Farrakhan video all the way through. Wow, hard to know where to start but can only assume this video to be very important to you or you would not have wanted me to view it.

      Mat_5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

      Scripture says peacemakers are children of God, but I am going to be very honest with you up front that I am both blue eyed and white skinned, so you may wish to stop reading right here and you may want to revoke your earlier statement of love toward me because of what my ethnic group is. Just want to let you know before your launching into reading my comments about the video.

      (1) I make no excuse for the enslavement of any people of any color. Slavery is wrong. Furthermore, every color of people on the planet has had slaves in one form or another, including dark skinned Africans enslaving their fellow man. Please consider not only http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slavery but also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indentured_servant and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serfdom because these other two are the ‘more common’ forms of historical slavery where white persons are the slaves. Of course war conquests from every race throughout history have made slaves of those being conquered, usually by making them pay tribute tax to the king of the dominion. Hopefully after reading these, you will agree that it is the Powerful (usually Rich) People who enslave the poor of every color. It is frustrating sometimes to be a white male, because it is the only racial/gender social group that cannot claim any kind of minority mercy status. Homeless white males are quite common. And I have had ‘minority’ race co-workers pick racial fights with me at work, knowing I could never win, just because of my skin color. So when the so-called ‘Honorable’ Elijah Muhammad labels me a “blue-eyed devil” just because of my ethnic heritage, it is frustrating because I have never had a slave of any kind, yet I myself have been required to submit to wicked persons for a significant part of my life. The fellow in the video ought to be pointing at wealthy people if any, because it is only the wealthy people who support the idea of slavery. It was wealthy people who pushed the American Indians off the land, for they were the ones who could afford weapons to do so, and hire lawyers to make false trade agreements with the Indians, only to later be broken. Lust for money and power was the enemy, not skin color. And because it takes money to make money, the wealthy people are the primary guilty ones. It is not the Jews. It is not the Caucasians. It is not the Blacks. It is not the Asians. It is not the Hispanics. It is the wealthy. So Louis Farrakhan ought to point his finger at the genuinely guilty instead of those who have different skin color than his audience.

      (2) On the 1997 interview of Louis Farrakhan http://www.finalcall.com/national/mlf-mtp5-13-97.html he said; “The Qur’an says that God created Adam out of black mud and fashioned him into shape.” Yet Genesis 2:7 says God made Adam(man) out of the Ground. Now the words ‘Adam’ and ‘Ground’ are nearly identical in Hebrew, differing only by one letter, and both words are derived from the word for ‘Red’. This does not mean ‘Indian American’ red. It means Red Iron Ore in the soil, which makes up the Oxygen carrying part of our blood. So the color designation during the creation of humanity has nothing to do with race, but rather it is that Humanity could inhale air (like unto inhaling the Holy Spirit) and thus become a living creature, full of the life of God, not Allah (which brings me to the next point.)

      (3) In the video, Louis Farrakhan says Jesus was Muslim. Now as I understand it, Muslim means ‘submitted.’ And perhaps this is the reason he said Jesus was Muslim, but the problem is Islam http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islam did not exist until 600 years after Jesus. So how could Jesus be a Muslim? I suppose the answer would be that Muslims believe Jesus was only a prophet who submitted himself to God the Father, and therefore that makes him a Muslim. Only problem with that is, Christianity teaches Jesus IS God, which is the only way he could ever pay for my sins or your sins. I will say it again. If Jesus is only a sinful human prophet, instead of being the perfect God himself, then his blood is worthless. Jesus cannot save you, me, or anyone if he is not God. Understand? See, this is one of the reasons why we Christians love God, because He humbled himself out of heaven, even humbling himself down into a slobbering baby, even humbling himself to be laid in an animal feeding trough, and later THIS ETERNAL GOD humbled himself unto death on the cross. Because he was sinless, it was impossible for them to kill him. He had to release his Spirit to die, else he would have just stayed up there hanging on the cross in severe pain, but living on and on and on. You see, Jesus went on to humble himself to taste death. Likewise, once dead, death COULD NOT hold him in death. The only reason he stayed dead for three days was to fulfill scripture. It probably was difficult for him to stay dead that long, for the life within this eternal God was jumping to spring back to life from that body! Death could never keep God from springing to life, for God is the source of all life. So in Jesus, we are not talking about just a man who was resurrected by Allah. No, we are talking about God himself, basically waking up from a nap of sorts. Yes he was fully dead, but how could the uncreated eternal wellspring of life ever stay dead more than a moment? Understand now who Jesus is and why He is no mere prophet?

      (4) In the video, Louis Farrakhan refers to the Book of Revelation as ‘Revelations’. This is a very common mistake made by people who wish to reference the book, but are basically illiterate to its content. I know my comment sounds harsh, but stay with me for just a moment. OK? The very first verse of the book says it is the ‘Revelation of Jesus Christ’, not just a collection of prophetic revelations about the future. What this means is that during Jesus’ earthly public ministry life, he was clothed with a human body like ours, but great dynamics of his heavenly glory remained hidden. The Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ, reveals a magnificent picture of who He is, why He came to earth as a man, a full complex layout of humanity and spiritual principalities fighting, and how in the end it is still Jesus ruling over all things. Yes, scripture (Rev19) calls Jesus: King of Kings and Lord of Lords. So we are talking about God here, not some mere prophet. For God said; Isa 42:8a “I am the LORD: that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another…” If God does not share his glory, then Jesus could not be a mere prophet, No, Jesus would have to be God himself!

      (5) In the video, Louis Farrakhan talks about the 666 which somehow gets him to the year 1996 (the year in which the video was produced.) He says the year 2000 is going to be bad, but he also says 2004 is going to be end. End of what I’m not sure. Of course its 2012 now, so his calling out of those two uneventful years labels him to be a false prophet. He did not say “maybe” something will happen. He directly indicated it (one date or the other) as being a termination point, period. He did not claim like a watchman to be observing the seasons and times with evidence that anyone else could evaluate. He just flat out picked a date out of thin air. He was wrong. By presenting his authoritative voice above evidence, he sealed his fate as a false prophet.

      (6) In the video, Louis Farrakhan talks about huge blocks of ice falling out of the sky, mile high mountains springing up from the earth, floods, etc. Did not happen. He also talks about a huge spaceship which he claims to be the same as what Ezekiel saw in Eze1. He says that spaceship which is filled with smaller crafts (each having bombs) cost a huge amount of gold and was seen in Japan and was going to come to America to drop bombs on America. But what I could never figure out, if this terrible war machine was built and housed in Japan, why was it not used in World War Two to defend the Japanese from the two Atom Bombs dropped there? Does not make sense. Have to throw this one out too.

      (7) In the video, Louis Farrakhan DOES NOT talk about the Rev17:16,17 leaders of the earth conspiring together to bring down Rev18 Babylon. Instead, Farrakhan says a wall surrounds America and fire comes not from other nations, but from Allah. Farrakhan kindles racism by saying blacks will be the only ones to live during the 1000 year millennium, and He goes off on some tangent about white males desiring to mate with black females in order to get them pregnant so as to ensure their way into either the millennium or heaven or something… Really strange far out there stuff. But the God of the Bible looks at the heart, not skin color. Every ethnic color will be represented in heaven, the millennium, and hell.

      (8) for what its worth this link references Farrakhan: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beliefs_and_theology_of_the_Nation_of_Islam#cite_note-0

      (9) an extra 2 cents…
      There is a Unionization of continents of the World. Europe, Africa, and South America have already been formed, but for some strange reason the North American Union considered to be just conspiracy theory stuff with nothing on the horizon. Hello??? Wake up call. You are next North America!


  45. You have characteristics just like CHRIST! I love how you give/talk in parables! That’s sooooooo awesome! John 8:51 says truly truly I say unto you if a man keeps my sayings, he shall never see death. We don’t die we sleep! I love proverbs! In CHRIST we are fearless! Wisdom is the key thing, in all our getting get an understanding. In order for the body of CHRIST to see eye to eye, we must finally come united in agreement in the things of GOD. I clearly understand in HIM there is no bond or free we are all one with no divisions. No big I’s and no little u’s(hope you like that short parable! Lol!) A united people of GOD(YEWAH) comes greater revelation because we put more demons to flight, and there is power in unity! Ps.133. 2.) If I knew the hour of my death, of course I would want that cup to pass from me! Lol! In CHRIST death has no power over me! The HOLY SPIRIT had been revealed your gender to me but not your race! Lol! I have never read or studied a Qu’ran I wouldn’t call it holy because of the very fact that in it JESUS isn’t GOD! Concerning the video, I was just led by the HOLY SPIRIT to share a part of my testimony with you where the LORD has brought me from and many many others like me, out of darkness into HIS marvelous light! JESUS IS GOD! HALLELUJAH! 3.) As far as your comments sounding harsh, it was the most gentle comments I’ve received from you! Brother 45sq. You are a AWESOME man of GOD! Wasn’t sure why the HOLY SPIRIT led me to this particular site when there are many others on Marrinne’s page, but now I know, it was because HE wanted me to encounter you! If you love ME, feed my sheep! You are doing just that! I’m so full! Thanks for the royal banquet you’ve prepared for me! Lol! I pray GOD continues to keep you in HIS will. AMEN

  46. To GOD alone be the GLORY! Glorias es el senor! Alabanza DIOS! 45square is awesome too!

  47. To awesome Jesus alone be ALL glory.
    So this fellow was part of your background?

    Would you like to share with the rest of us?

  48. Hi alienated! I’ve always heard that the prophetess Juanita Bynum was a one of them prosperity preachers, I was led to watch one of her messages on youtube called unfeigned faith, it was a message from 2005 manna fest conference, she clearly and boldly stated that real faith isn’t money, but trusting GOD without money. Just wanted your feedback on this message, I’ve heard her being labeled as being all about money.

    • I think you should check out some other videos of hers.

    • Nikia,

      Was the 1.5 hour video above that you specifically wanted ME to watch, is it literally part of your background experience, or were you putting a racist video out there just because you have had a hard time in life? Please clarify your testimony.

  49. Well, not really a big fan of hers, but this particular video was quite contrary to what I have always heard about her, so are you saying that you have viewed this video? or are you saying you will not?

    • nikia

      I would say the video claim would be inconsistent with her behavior and luxurious lifestyle. I would see it as a self promotion, and not reliable.

  50. Well, just curious, what’s your thoughts on proverty.

    • poverty stinks.


      Pro 28:6
      Better [is] the poor that walketh in his uprightness, than [he that is] perverse [in his] ways, though he [be] rich.

      Jam 2:6
      But ye have despised the poor. Do not rich men oppress you, and draw you before the judgment seats?

      Rev 3:17
      Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:

  51. There is a misunderstanding, if you are referring to the Juanita Bynum video, I meant to share that with alienated, not 45 squared. The video I was referring to about unfeigned faith has nothing to do with race or prosperity, but faith, I just want to hear other believers thoughts on certain issues concerning bible beliefs in hopes to connect with other fellow believers in order to unite and tear down boundaries, and ill-spirited mind sets among fellow believers. As far as my pass, I’m free from my pass. It was good that I had been afflicted, I don’t look back on my past with sorrows or bitterness, in CHRIST JESUS I’m truly free! Just hoping to meeting new brothers and sisters in the faith! I want to be connected with other brothers and sisters other than those I see around me! Just reaching out to love and to get an understanding.

  52. The end time transfer of wealth is for the benefit of the Jewish people? , I agree it is not for lazy or greedy Christians. But this is also an excuse for Jewish tell you to give all your money to Israel.
    This is an obvious lie as well, being spoken to the modern church, and the preachers will suffer for it.

    The Church is not growing now, because it spends it money on itself, instead of on the gospel and the poor. BUT promoting giving all your wealth to the Isreal is not biblcal.

    Here is where this site is seriously FLAWED (although there are some excellent points on other topics)

    “The greatest way to protect what you have is to dedicate it to the final wealth transfer to the Jewish nation. God will provide for your needs. If you only intend to use it for your own needs, then you may loose it all, as world markets crash.”!!!???? Are you kidding?

    That is where I had to stop and “question” them! – it all comes down to this – Jesus said BLESSED are the poor – WOE to the RICH – it is simple
    Pray for the peace of Jerusalem , not the fleece of Jerusalem – don’t be deceived !

    • dear DCC

      there is biblical basis for blessing Israel, we are blessed when we bless it, and cursed when we curse it.

      If all the “good christians” are either going to die or get raptured, and all there is left on the earth are evil satan worshippers, it seems to be a good choice to leave what one has to the people of Israel, who are earmarked for salvation during the tribulation.

      Of course, if it is not the time of tribulation, and it is just an ordinary world, one can leave their money to whomever they want.

  53. Unfortunately, this is almost all correct. The biggest flaw within the interpretation is stating that “only the Israelites” will inherit ever-lasting life…..

    Money transfer is completely legitimate….as we’ve seen that happen time after time….(as it is currently taking place in 2012 with U.S. to China)…..However….one has to forget the “names of nations”…..U.S., China, England…blah blah…..you do focus on Israel…..but….in this focus…..RE-arrange the English spelling to: IS REAL.

    The thing people in our world today forget about is that Jesus, Moses, Buddhah, Muhammad, and all the great prophets were human….and had experienced something amazing within their life causing them to realize that the MOST value should be placed in the things you CANNOT see with the eyes…..And, each one of these prophets told of JUST that……Sadly, when they passed away or were killed by those who were unwilling to believe them…..people that wished to remember them, innocently constructed images in which to have a memory of them and pass on to future generations……These innocently done images have caused no end of grief for SO many years now…..

    Luckily, for those who will look PAST the images, and look INTO the words and deeper meaning behind the texts…….It is THOSE people who will achieve eternal life…..BUT, “eternal life” does not mean STUCK in the current body your soul may inhabit. =)

    Just ask yourself a few questions: Do you like to be treated kindly by people? Do you like to be given a hug when you feel sad? Do you like to have someone say kind things about you to others? Do you like to know someone CARES about you and how you feeling???? IF you answered YES to those questions, just try to keep in mind that no SINGLE person on this earth has the right to judge any other person on earth for any thing that other person may believe…..Now, ask yourself ONE last question: Why should you treat any person on the planet ANY different than you would have them treat you? =) Here’s to a bright and glorious future to those who know how wonderful it feels to be connected to those GLORIOUS invisible gifts of emotions we’ve been given……All my best to everyone from New York City. – Eric Vest

    • hi Eric

      I agree with what you are saying, but I never said that only the Israelites would inherit everlasting life.

      This post speaks of a time when all the believers in Christ have been raptured, and God is ready to pour out his wrath on the wicked. Israel gets stuck in this but is protected, due to a covenant God has with Israel, to eventually save Israel and help it accept its Messiah.

      So during this time, the only ones worthy of any donations would be Israel, as the rest are wicked and going to be destroyed. However, I am not that narrow. There are some bad Jews too, so they need to shape up, or they will experience the wrath as well.

    • Hello Eric, do you have a personal relationship with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ? The Son of the one and only living God. And have you asked our heavenly Father to bless you with wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and discernment?

  54. im building a house and im finding difficult, pls tell me what location to stay during the wealth transfer so that i can be e benefiary in order to build two more houses?buchi, nigeria for life.

  55. Obviously, God new that there would be a false Israel that claims to be his people and called them the synagogue of satan. He was speaking to the Churchs in Revelation. The people who you are refering to are europeans who have religiously studied judism. They are not of the Tribe of Judah. They are fueld by satan and are deceivers. Thats why anglo saxon americans support this false israel.

    • the false israel is the false church, which he explained in revelation.

      jews in Israel are jews….they practice judaism…..and have done so for centuries….this is a daily commitment and they keep it

  56. Dear Nalor

    Dont Like WHITEY?

  57. is your money fire – proof ? read the bible , love JESUS , love others.
    let go of greed, you came with nothing and you will leave with nothing.

  58. the JEWS are not the real JEWS .rev2v9, the zion jews own all the money in the world, own all media in western world own all polititions in the world ,they do not need money ,.assets . under there jewish law non jews are evil,not humans , not pure like them .all the riches of bankers are linked to jews bloodlines ?your article is a joke ,no research done ,?no facts given,have no idea about god

  59. prayer for God to reveal His wisdom to you as you read The Holy Scriptures and you will not be distracted or confused about the truth.

  60. Where in the bible does it teach that the Jews have a separate way of salvation other than through JesusChrist who said I am the way, the truth and the life and it is finished?

  61. One of the real questions which must be asked is: Who is Israel? Israel is the name of the family of YHWH which includes all 12 tribes not just Judah (and his companions), or what is known as the modern day nation of Israel. We as believers are grafted into the “nation” of Israel. All those who call on the name of Messiah Yeshua and walk in His commandments by faith, are the children of Israel – some through geneology and some not. It seems the transfer of wealth as prophetically pictured in the deliverance from Egypt is “transferred” near the end when the “Egyptians” give their wealth to those departing Egypt after the time of testing, as they depart. Those who by faith have the blood of the Lamb, and obedience to the faith, who-so-ever will. A mixed multitude came out of Egypt with the Israelites,

    The scriptures say we will know the end from the beginning, the history of the Israelites is also foreshadow for generations to come. Blessing Israel is good, knowing who Israel is good. Its not about being Jewish per say but Israelite. its a deep scripture study on the restoration of the kingdom to “all Israel” as prophesied through out the scriptures (especially in Ezekiel 37), and the in-gathering of the seed of Abraham (both natural and spiritual). any one can message me if they want to hear more.

  62. Many of us Christians of all races have often been misguided about the meaning of this passage because we are only accepting what we assume to be the OT interpretation. Unfortunately Marianne, you are very misinformed about the meaning of this passage too, as well as so many other things it seems. But remember: in order for us as believers in Christ to understand the full meaning, we must know the whole Bible (and also remember: in Revelation, Jesus specifically tells us not to “add or take away” from God’s Word too!). That means we must also look to JESUS and JOHN and their teachings on the end times in REVELATION for the complete understanding. Here, you will see our world as it is today; and parallels to all the references in Isaiah also, and that’s where your clues are. On top of that: through the NT, you also receive GOD’S meaning – the fullest meaning – of “Israel”, “Jew”, and “Gentile”; NOT MAN’S interpretation, not that of the physical realm, and certainly not the dictionary’s, lol! You must think in the spiritual: this is where you’re thrown off course in your understanding. Just know this: we are not to be yoked in any way with those who DO NOT BELIEVE IN JESUS, and only Christians believe in the full bible. PERIOD.

    • so you just added nothing to the correct interpretation……

      I am aware you disagree, and do not consider jews worthy of anything….

      so where does the end time transfer of wealth go to?

      christians being persecuted in the tribulation?

      christians raptured away?

  63. Hi. Lol
    This matter is funny. I would like to know maybe I didn’t study much but didn’t the Bible say that when we are born again we are now adopted and we are no longer gentiles?didn’t Jesus in the Ephesians abolish this matter. Cause if I quote on amplified version it saysEphesians 2:10-15 For we are God’s [own] handiwork (His workmanship), recreated in Christ Jesus, [born anew] that we may do those good works which God predestined (planned beforehand) for us [taking paths which He prepared ahead of time], that we should walk in them [living the good life which He prearranged and made ready for us to live]. Therefore, remember that at one time you were Gentiles (heathens) in the flesh, called Uncircumcision by those who called themselves Circumcision, [itself a mere mark] in the flesh made by human hands. [Remember] that you were at that time separated (living apart) from Christ [excluded from all part in Him], utterly estranged and outlawed from the rights of Israel as a nation, and strangers with no share in the sacred compacts of the [Messianic] promise [with no knowledge of or right in God’s agreements, His covenants]. And you had no hope (no promise); you were in the world without God. But now in Christ Jesus, you who once were [so] far away, through (by, in) the blood of Christ have been brought near. For He is [Himself] our peace (our bond of unity and harmony). He has made us both [Jew and Gentile] one [body], and has broken down (destroyed, abolished) the hostile dividing wall between us, By abolishing in His [own crucified] flesh the enmity [caused by] the Law with its decrees and ordinances [which He annulled]; that He from the two might create in Himself one new man [one new quality of humanity out of the two], so making peace.”

    So in short I will say now Yes is no Jew nor gentiles weer are all the sane we are the body of Christ. We are one, we are all indulging in Abrahams blessings. So what an I saying? We are to spread the gospel we have to live one another and care for one another. And for us to be rich is for his purpose in us remember that we are his righteousness as Jesus said I do what the father does so are we supposed to do what was instructed to us.Zechariah 1:17 Cry yet again, saying, Thus says the Lord of hosts: My cities shall yet again overflow with prosperity, and the Lord shall yet comfort Zion and shall yet choose Jerusalem. So when you say we have to be rich we have to be abs God is rich and remember the Bible says what is of the flesh is of the flesh brother I am off spirit. And when repture takes place those who worship God in truth and in spirit will be meeting the bride so it’s sad for those who doesn’t believe sad. Cause the Bible says in rev 12 woe unto those who are in the Earth for the accuser of the brethren is cast down into the eartg his time is finished and he knows it. Whoooh I am glad cage I am saved I don’t see myself in that calamity. Thank you Jesus

  64. Well spoken!

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  66. As for me i can’t even feed my family i need money ; i love to do God’s work ;

  67. Listening to you pillocks spouting so much crud, is it any wonder that so few people nowadays really believe in Christ.
    Why do you all seem to have this overwhelming love for Jews? By and large, Jews are unpleasant people, especially the Orthodox. They wouldn’t urinate on you if you were on fire, not that is, unless they could charge you twenty bucks for their piss. Get real, People.

  68. Hi Marianne. The end times wealth transfer is a bit of a hot topic right now, especially in the prophetic circles. Many actually believe that the Lord shall use a small group to have wealth that will do great things, but they don’t see the context of the prophecies. Had I not been led to your blog, I don’t think I’d have seen it either. So I thank the Lord for you!

    However, I do hold the notion that the Lord may indeed “transfer” some of the corrupt’s wealth to the righteous Jewish and Gentile Christians… Just not on the scale everyone expects by “prophecy”. Here me out? Earlier this year, during a time of intercession, my mother was asking the Lord as to what lay ahead for us this year. She saw the word “restoration.” It’s only several months later that we found out about Shemitah being a year of restoration, this year. So I believe that, maybe, the Lord is “synchronising” His people to His calendar and divine will as a unit, whether we know it or not. And I was reminded of the Gentiles being grafted into the olive tree to partake in the eternal promise and covenant of Abraham ( I know, in context, the Scripture speaks of the salvation through Christ; but He always exceeds our expectations of what He’ll do, doesn’t He? ) So maybe He does indeed transfer to Christians a portion of the “great end times wealth transfer,” because of the grace given to us. This doesn’t mean we replace Israel, as many have us believe, but we become co-heirs, in a way. Israel still gets her larger portion, and Christians who love the Lord well get a tiny allotment.

    Your thoughts?

    Also, about the email I sent you… I’ve since confessed the sin to my mum. She’s all right with it, amazingly. I feel more free, too. Praise the Lord! Don’t really know how to tell her my doubts, though. Mostly because I’m still unsure myself. There’s always another hurdle, isn’t there? Father help us…

    • sherry

      I assume God will pick out those that need the money, and those that don’t.

      he may distribute it according to need, or to those specially assigned for a purpose, where money would be needed.

      natural Israel or spiritual Israel……

      we must remain faithful, and he will care for us

      I am glad to hear the personal issues are resolved.

      be patient with yourself, and allow god to strengthen you for whatever you feel you need to do.

      • Yes, amen to that! Natural and Spiritual Israel are both His, and He will do as He pleases with us. We just have to remain faithful to the Highest One.

        Amazingly, I was able to relay my doubts to my mother today, and she was surprisingly receptive. Yet I also made it clear to her that, it is not the Father I am doubting, but the manifestations of counterfeits. I trust the Father to reveal all truth. Perhaps the Lord is doing something here. Because I found a book called “War on the Saints” online through a blog from someone who came out of Bethel and “Charismania,” as she calls it. You actually quoted this book in a blog post of yours – Counterfeit Presence of God. It’s quite strange that I would find it after a few weeks of reading that post. To my understanding, the author came out of the Welsh revival, but later denounced the manifestations as Satanic in nature. It’s worth a read.

        Thank you very much for your reply and your well wishes. God bless you! ❤

  69. Thank you sharing this powerful word! I stand for Isreal! I am a born again christain. Unfortunately I believed a lie under a pentecostal church. When I was little I had the biblical foundation but never taught about Isreal (that I am aware of). I have supported Isreal here and there but now I am on track and it would be my honor to support Isreal more. I’ve been praying a lot about my direction in life and God showed me last night the truth I was seeking. Praise God for his faithfulness!!!Again, Thank you for sharing! May God bless you and Isreal.

  70. U say support the Jews but who are the true jews are they in Israel now

  71. […] Source: End Time Transfer of Wealth […]

  72. I am already doing what Genesis12 :3. Those who bless Israel will be blessed. I personally know every verse in the Bible is true. I have seen to many answered prayers & blessings for it not to be true.💒🌹📖😐

  73. Jews that deny Christ as savior are hell bound. Their Talmud curses Jesus Christ and denies that He is God. God called Abram and blessed HIM for believing God. The Chosen Ones are not the Jews but the church of Christ which includes people of all tongues and nations. All who believe God and His son Jesus are called Children of Abraham. There is a reason Jews have always been conquered for a season and persecuted, and the reason is that they pollute society and the world with their wicked sins. Jesus himself called them children of Satan, blind leading the blind etc for a reason. Every nation has sought to expel them for decadence and destroying or overtaking their economy through usury and for polluting people with their immorality. And they believe they are the chosen of God. How convenient to pass oneself off in society as the persecuted, worshipping money and seeking to own everything while impoverishing others. We are not to bless Jews or Israel. We are to bless God and do good even to them- God’s biggest enemies, and let God deal with their wickedness in the end

    • fred

      gentiles that do not believe in Jesus as savior are hell bound also.

      but jesus said to spread the gospel FIRST to the jews, THEN the gentiles, as the jews were the chosen people, and had a right to be saved.

      jews HAVE been persecuted by haters and devil worshippers.

      they have been blamed falsely for every evil in society, as if ALL other people are so innocent.

      unless you repent of your own bias and discrimination, you will end up in in a dangerous situation where god will not show you mercy when you cry out for it

  74. Now hang on a minute – There are good Jews, and bad Jews; good blacks, and bad blacks; good whites, and bad whites; and so forth. Do you deserve to be treated harshly for the sins of the louder majority? Surely not! Yet what did our Messiah teach? Are we not to “turn the other cheek?” Especially in the name of Christ? I know we are to seek justice, and be zealous, for both are good, but we ought not neglect our King’s teaching, even if we are wronged. A student is not greater than his teacher; if even our Teacher prayed for forgiveness for His enemies, should we not do the same?

    Furthermore, let us look at the charge Christ brings to those who “are not Jews” within the culture of the time the NT was written, shall we? Link here: http://theancientbridge.com/2015/03/unscriptural-rebukes-pt-2-you-pharisee/

  75. One of the best and informative sites I’ve visited.
    Holy Spirit filled here.

    Great work Marianne 😉

  76. If you are talking whitell people who say they are jews then my brother go and study and again and study this topic again but if you are talking about black people who are the true hebrews then you are the right track


  78. Your comment is quite hilarious. The very thing you nlame Christians of your doing yourself. Remember the Jews tejected Jesus, only a remnant of Israel will be saved.

    The wealth transfer is Gods decision who gets it, its a blessing passed onto Abraham and his descendants through Christ Jesus the Messiah.

    How is giving the money to JEWS ANY different to Giving wealth to Christians. THOSE who accept and honor Jesus NOW?

    Perhaps you need some clarity from the Holy Spirit.

    • sarah

      the wealth transfer is for those remaining after the christians are removed.

      so that is the clarification, and this is mentioned in the post

  79. The Jews reject Christ. Christ condemns their religion, love of money and hipocrisy. Christ has choice words for religious leaders assuring them they are hell bound lest they repent. Jews have been thrown out of the countries they’ve inhabited and oftentimes killed for their financial transgressions in the practice of usury and for their immorality. Sadly they have been identified as a moral plague. We are to love them but call them to repentance. They are not the chosen ones that spite God and rebel against His son Christ

  80. The truth. Everyone is fighting for the financial blessing and covenant. Jews were told to seek God’s kingdom through Jesus first then the blessings would be given to them Matt 6:33. But they are money hungry too. Bless our Jewish family members but gentiles and Christians should not have to die just so they can have new cars and houses.

  81. Hello, I just read your post on Transfer Of Wealth and I have exciting news for you – hallelujah. The Transfer of Wealth is TRUE & REAL. Jesus Christ in the marketplace is TRUE & REAL. And I’ve been God-chosen out of the world, anointed and sanctified, and equipped for this purpose as “a” leader of the end-times global paradigm shift movement of God-Jesus as to be an Example Of Truth. Please review my testimony and review God’s Plan for Humanity. AND GET PREPARED!!!

    Saved By Jesus & Transfer of Wealth Testimony >> http://isohealthy.org/miracle-rv/
    Jesus Christ in the marketplace (last pages of flip book presentation on God’s Plan) >> http://isohealthy.org/about-us-presentation/

    • hi bonnie

      I listened to your video. It is always good to hear about how God reaches out to people and brings them into a better place. And you are so thankful too. May God bless you always.

  82. In the end times apostasizing and the love of money is exactly what was predicted in the Bible. The secular world and the holy church can hardly be distinguished any longer. So how will the gospel be preached effectively anymore? Through persecution. Persecution will be the tool for salvation in Christ. When God allows mass persecution like never before in history people will come because they will see the beauty of dying to themselves and physically dying for God as martyrs before being ushered into the greatest life yet to be lived in eternity. Those who reject Christ will be wiped away from history when they are burned to ashes in the lake of fire

  83. This to is false. The only wealth Israel and Jews need is the Gospel. Not money. Part of the problem was Jews not wanting to give up their covenant blessings. So they killed Jesus. Now, Caucasian jews abuse the transfer of wealth to steal from the descendants of the Levites who have the covenant blessings, African Americans.

    • loni

      it looks like you have been taught the black hebrew myth

      no african american is hebrew by ancestry. they came from west africa, not ethiopia, who has a small tribe of blacks who claim jewish heritage and actually PRACTICE judaism.

      if you look at pictures of them, they have a black-white mix to their skin tone, not just black. this is due to early marriage between jewish tribes and africans thousands of years ago.

      this happened because the Jews/Hebrews broke the covenant by mix marriages and idolatry and were then punished. afterwards, they kept the tradition of marrying only within the tribe, and so maintained their features.

      african americans have never practiced judaism, but are trying to claim something that is not true. the religion of most of africa is voodoo, and in recent times, Islam, which was forced on them.

      if caucasian jews have money, it is because they worked hard and EARNED it. africans have nothing that the Caucasian jews can steal. they are mostly broke due to generational curses caused by their ancestors practicing paganism and spirit-ism.

      all jews had covenant blessings, not just the levites, if they obey the commandments. that is why most jews prosper.

      everyone needs the gospel. so i agree with you on that.

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