Prophecy, Rapture, and the science of time travel

Did you ever wonder how the prophets saw into the future?Did they just see something, or did they go there?Will God use teleportation to accomplish the Rapture?

This is just a theory. An interesting thought.

The book of Revelation describes a highly detailed version in 3D about the future.How did John manage to write down so many details?It was as if he traveled in time to the future, not just had a “vision.”Maybe, he saw so well because he was actually there. At one point, God says come up hither, and he acts like he was transported into the future.

Many scientists think that we live in a bulk of parallel universes.An analogy would be slices in a loaf of bread.We are in one slice, and different universes are in different slices.Suppose we were able to step into a different slice, and find ourselves in the future?Maybe the rapture is an example of teleportation. Both Tesla and Einstein had explored the effects of electromagnetic fields and gravity, including experiments which caused objects and people to disappear.What they had done, is discover laws of physics that God already had in place.Here, when I mention God, I am only referring to Yahweh.Not someone else’s god.

Is this possible?

Teleportation Tutorial : Based On Tesla’s Magnetic Wall Theory

Illusion or real science? the arm outside of the electric field gets left behind.

The Philadelphia experiment

From Wikipedia, plus I saw this on “Unexplained Mysteries,” a TV program,which included first hand witness testimonies of some original sailors from the ship.

The experiment is said to have been conducted by Dr. Franklin Reno (or Rinehart) as a military application of a Unified Field Theory, a term coined by Einstein. The Unified Field Theory postulates the interrelated nature of the forces that comprise electromagnetic radiation and gravity, although to date no single theory has emerged with a viable mathematical expression.

Through a special application of some version of the theory, it was thought possible, with specialized equipment and sufficient energy, to bend light around an object in such a way as to render it essentially invisible to observers. The Navy, which was engaged in World War II at the time, considered this application of the theory to be of obvious military value and approved and sponsored the experiment. A destroyer escort, the USS Eldridge, was fitted with the required equipment at the naval yards in Philadelphia.

Testing began in summer 1943, and was successful to a limited degree. One test, on July 22, resulted in the Eldridge being rendered almost completely invisible, with some witnesses reporting a “greenish fog” in its place. However, crew members complained of severe nausea afterwards. At that point, the experiment was altered at the request of the Navy, with the new objective being invisibility solely to radar.

The experiment was performed again on October 28. This time, Eldridge is alleged to have not only become almost entirely invisible to the naked eye, but actually vanished from the area in a flash of blue light. However, the U.S. naval base at Norfolk, Virginia, just over 215 miles (346 km) away, is alleged to have reported sighting the Eldridge offshore, whereupon the Eldridge vanished from their sight and reappeared in Philadelphia at the site it had originally occupied, in an apparent case of accidental teleportation.

The alleged physiological effects of the experiment on the crew were profound: almost all of the crew were violently ill. Some were alleged to have suffered from mental illness as a result of their experience; behavior consistent with schizophrenia is described in other accounts.

*** note. The testimony I heard on TV from one of the sailors was that he was transported into the future, and it was maybe 20-30 years later.He met a man in charge of the experiment, but at first did not believe it was him, because the man was much older.The man had to explain to the sailor that he had been transported in time, as well as in space.

Still other members, like Jacob D. Murray, were physically unaccounted for — supposedly “vanished” — and five of the crew were allegedly fused to the metal bulkhead or deck of the ship. Still others were said to fade in and out of sight. Sometimes they would disappear, then crewmates would stick their hands into the spot they had disappeared and try to grab the crewmate, but, if they did not, that spot would burst into flames.

**** I think God does a better job at things like this.

Horrified by these results, Navy officials immediately canceled the experiment. All of the surviving crew involved were discharged; in some accounts, brainwashing techniques were employed in an attempt to make the remaining crew members lose their memories concerning the details of their experience.

No fully developed Unified Field Theory currently exists. Shortly before his death in 1943, Nikola Tesla claimed to have completed a Unified Field Theory; however, it was never published. Relatives of Nikola Tesla propose that much of Tesla’s research papers were seized by the FBI promptly following his death, and highlight the apparent coincidence between the year of his death and the supposed date of the Philadelphia Experiment.

Jacques Vallee describes a procedure on board USS Engstrom (DE-50), which was docked alongside Eldridge in 1943. The operation involved the generation of a powerful electromagnetic field on board the ship in order to degauss it, with the goal of rendering the ship undetectable — “invisible” — to magnetically-triggered torpedoes and mines. This system was invented by a Canadian, and the British used it widely during the Second World War.

What might be the conditions of the rapture?

This is presented as just a theory.Only Father Yahweh knows how he plans to do things. I am just entertaining a scientific notion here. But, if man has discovered how to do this, then obviously God already knows how and could do this if he wanted to.He has, historically, many times, used natural forces to accomplish His will.

(1) We know that we are entering solar cycle 24, a time when solar electromagnetic storms will be much greater than the last cycle.If God chooses to use his own natural laws to accomplish the rapture of believers, will this increase be enough to provide the proper conditions?

Increased electromagnetic flares will influence the earth’s Schumann resonance, which will affect human beings as well, since we are biochemical creatures with electric fields of our own. The bible does predict that there will be earth and sun changes in the end times.

(2) Since electromagnetic storms would affect everyone, how would the believers be different than non-believers?

a.the believers would have the genuine presence of the Holy Spirit, marked by salvation, and covered by the blood of the Lamb.

b.what would be the mark for the believers?The unbelievers will also receive a mark, but from the beast instead.In one place, the 144,000 are marked, most likely in the same way as the raptured believers.It is a mark of the Father’s acceptance.

Rev 14:1And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Sion, and with him an hundred forty [and] four thousand, having his Father’s name written in their foreheads.

How would the Father’s name relate to the means by which believers would be taken up?Jesus said, no one come to the Father except by Him.Jesus is the way, or portal, or door to the Father.The Holy Spirit sanctifies the believer.

c.believers have rejected sin, which is the presence of the devil, who is not a door, but an obstacle.

d.true believers have died to the flesh.I wonder how this affects someone’s physiology, and personal electromagnetic field.Studies show on extreme criminals, and mental patients, changes in brain wave function.So would holiness confer a different measurable energy around the person?I do not think anyone has ever tried to measure this, because they would not know how to set the standards before testing.

e.If believers are one with God (Yahweh), in harmony, in synchrony with God’s earth and with God’ presence, they would be on the same channel or wavelength as where God would be operating.The unbelievers would essentially be on another wavelength, and their personal energy field would not be what was required.

How does the Father Yahweh’s name (mark) relate to Tesla’s Magnetic Wall Theory?

Notice in the demonstration video,it was set up like this ( if you have not seen the video, look at it first before trying to understand this) :


Y is the glass

O is the circle ring of wire

in the glasses were batteries (-)

U is the destination steel cup

all is connected electrically.

antenna under and surrounding U

everything is connected (path)

what goes in through the O portal, ends up in the U – destination

The Father’s name and our relationship to the Father.


H is the container – believer

V is the door – Jesus

in the believers is the Holy Spirit

Y is the Father, the destination

all is connectedspiritually

salvation is the connection to the Father

everything is connected (path)

whoever goes in through the V portal (door- Jesus), ends up in the presence of the Y – Father – destination

Unless you have this set up, or path, you will not be raptured.Only the Holy Spirit can prepare you spiritually, so that you can have salvation (path) offered by Jesus, the door, and be present with the Father Yahweh.

If you try to reach Yahweh by any other path, it will not work. Forget Allah, forget Buddha, forget Krishna.There is no connection, no electromagnetic preparation of the Spirit. You are of this world, and not of the Father. You are not prepared.

31 Responses to “Prophecy, Rapture, and the science of time travel”

  1. […] here for […]

  2. That video is SHOCKING! Is it REAL???? My mind is telling me that it HAS to be faked!!! I’ve heard & read about Tesla before, but
    seeing that just totally…I don’t know, there’s no words!
    But it totally illistrated your explanation about those in the Lord, on His ‘wavelength’…
    …makes me think of the verse, “We dwel with Him (NOW! NOT later!) in Heavenly places…” & after jesus resurrected, He had no physical limits, walked thru locked doors, etc, this physical realm could no longer contain Him!
    Thanks for sharing the link….I’m off to check out more…not sure if I should show it to my daughter until i can explain it a little better than I could right now!
    (Do you believe it’s real, or an illusion?)

  3. Hi Anastazia,

    The video was performed by a physics student. I would tend to think that it is real. What many consider as “magic tricks” are actually applications of the laws of physics.

    God invented physics. So he should know how to use the laws to accomplish what He wants.


  4. I often think about the mechanics of the rapture, for lack of a better word. I spend a fair amount of time thinking about it; for me, its the end all of everything, it’s what I strive for, it will be the beginning of eternity with my Lord. Scientists assert that the visible universe is 92 billion light years across. Think about that for a moment. To try and put that in perspective, if the number of miles traveled while traversing from one end of the universe to another were objects the size of our solar system, the universe couldnt contain them. And our God has set his throne beyond even that. This is staggering, unimaginable. Yet he’s closer than the mention of his name. The angel Gabriel moved from the throne of God to Earth’s atmosphere the instant Daniel prayed. Simply mind boggling. The word Paul uses in Thess. for “moment” is atomos, indicating a period of irreducible time; a passage of time so small that it is indivisible. How Great is the Lord! Humor me for a moment: I imagine that throughout eternity, the (I’ve called them immortal humans in other posts) immortal humans will fill the earth and people the universe and fill it with the knowledge and glory of God and that we, the glorified saints will govern them. I picture sailing through the vastness of space with a thought, exploring the depths of God’s creation. Limitless, instantaneous, shining like the sun. No wonder God doesnt want us to love the world, or the things in it- we’d be selling ourselves far short of what he has done for us. Marantha!

  5. Great post!! I love reading about time travel and physics. Together, and apart. Both are fascinating to me!
    I had read up lots on Tesla. I know he was sick at the end of his life time too, and the thinking of many is that he was so sick at the end of his life because he was around electromagnetic frequencies during all of his experiments. HIGH electromagnetic currents. He had the same physical symptoms people with fibro and EMF suffer with. Interesting stuff, but forgive me for going off on a tangent.
    Now I’m begging you for more posts on physics. 🙂

  6. Hi Amy

    ok. I will look into more physics related topics. If you have any suggestions, let me know.


  7. I shoot video and can tell you that this is a hoax. I say this in all seriousness as if you will look again at it, you will see the person is behind the table when setting up and then not when performing the magic. i think that if he were to stand behind the table you could see the illusion better. Even when he puts his hand in, to get the last object he put there, it doesn’t seem to move the same way. It is a faked video using post editing software in my humble opinion. Even if it is not faked, Jesus did say in Matt 24:24 …will show great signs and wonders…

  8. Hi Mark

    It is an interesting video. What difference does it make where he stands? I assumed he had to back off so his could extend his arm without being shocked.

    Do you think, if a rapture occurred, that something like this could happen, or do you believe in such phenomenon?


  9. Here is another way to help see it as fake. In order for the current to flow there needs to be a wire on BOTH ends of the battery. He only hooks up one on each. Tesla’s theories are out standing and have looked at his work before. He was a very smart man. I think we are using some of his principles today.

  10. Hi Mark,

    Suppose he hooked up the + end on one battery



    – end of the other battery?


  11. that video is very obviously a video editing trick. yes teleportation is scientifically possible due to entaglement etc. but that is very obviously a MAGIC TRICK.

    this kind of self delusion and incredibly lax reasoning is what i’ve come to expect from christians the world over.

    if you are looking for answers you could start by asking the right questions.

  12. Hi zarathustra,

    This post was only meant to explore the possibility that God would use his own scientific laws to accomplish a rapture event. Man has shown this is possible, as in the Philadelphia experiment.

    I personally think the rapture would be a purely spiritual phenomenon, so that man will not be able to duplicate it.


  13. The wisdom of men is foolishness to G-d.

  14. hi leatherneck.

    Yes, sometimes I get way out there….. 🙂


  15. Marianne;

    I read the Left Behind Series, but the last book is sittitng on my shelf. Have you seen the Movie?

    I Corinthisans 2:7-9

    but we speak God’s wisdom in a mystery, the hidden wisdom, which God predestined before the ages to our glory; the wisdom none of the rulers of this age has understood; for if they had understood it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory; but just as it is written, “Things Which Eye has not seen and ear has not heard and which have not entered the heart of man, All that God has prepared for those who Love him”

    Th Above scripure is the reason I have not read the last book. It cannot be described in a book.


  16. This is a great site and loaded with excellent information. I hope you don’t mind if I share a website that offers a witnessing tool for those who will be left behind. Check it out at


  17. The enemy has conspired against this great God fearing nation and the nations of the earth:
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  18. When Chuck Missler lived down in this area, I loved going to Wednesday night Bible studies, because he always pulled stuff like you’re talking about into his teaching. It was always over my head, but he got so excited about it, it made you excited.

  19. Well i have proof(My personal theory) biblically that Teleportation exist: Acts 8:38-40 He went from Gaza to Azutos or somethin like that or vice versa. Can you explain that to me please?


  20. Here is something a bit different.

  21. MORE SPEC: If you even clicked onto the first WORD of this letter (instead of deleting), you are an AMAZING ‘watcher.’ But, I venture to say that the scenario is even clearer. Well, it HAS to be, since the Prophet Daniel SAID it would! What am I to do?…..Give up?? Remember that labor pains (as in childbirth) are continually closer as birth nears but I also understand it is VERY hard to give heed to a Rapture date at this point with all the previous failed dates. But, as in labor, the observer never knows which ‘contraction’ will bring about the birth!

    Here are the high points now:

    150 days from Jan 24, 2012 (which was 360…1 perfect yr…. from Jan 29, 2011, UFO) plus another 23 days is SUNDAY, TAMMUZ 25, the likely SIGNING. This is the start of the first 1260 days when a.c. keeps covenant w/ Israel. 150 days, of course, match the 150-day delay in the Noah story.

    Three days later is WED, July 18, presumed Rapture, which is the start of the 1260 days of Elijah and Moses’ ministry as well.

    1260 days of Elijah & Moses’ ministry til their murder by the satanically ‘risen’ a.c. is Wed, Dec 30, 2015; and I made it clear that Dec 30 minus the projected loss of 23 days (when earth straightens) is the KISLEV 24 of Haggai 2. So Dec 30, the day the a.c. ‘rises’ (Great Trib starts) will be seen as Kislev 24 in retrospect when the trib is over. It stands to reason that the day Satan enters the a.c. is the day that ‘all Hell breaks loose’ upon this earth. Read Haggai 2 & know that no other day on the Jewish calendar holds such an extreme prophecy of world tumult.

    RETURN (2520 from Sun, July 15, 2012 SIGNING) is SHAVUOT, SIVAN 6, June 9, 2019 (SUNDAY). Shavuot is, of course, the b-day of the Law and the b-day of the Church (Pentecost). It is a type of ‘Wedding Day’ since this is the day the Jews will have called Jesus back. Shavuot is the day that the Church STARTED and it will be the day the trib ‘ENDS’ when Jesus RETURNS.

    75 days (30 mourning/45 judg Nations) past June 9 reaches August 23, VIRGO 1, the first day of the Mazzarot cycle.

    10 days past the Rapture is the Fast Day of AV 9, the likely Divine Victory in the mts of Israel. Add exactly 207 days (7 Jewish mths) of burying bodies & bldg of 3rd Temple to arrive at Feb 20, 2013, Adar 9, start of the 2300 days (exact) of Temple Worship (Dan 8).

    This means that the N. Invasion of Israel will occur within the 9 days after the Rapture (amidst the incomparable world chaos)….Ezek 38-39.

    The 1260 days of Petra Protection span Sunday, Dec 27, 2015 (a.c. stops dy sacrifices/breaks covenant/sets self in Temple/is killed) to the Return Sunday, Sivan 6, Shavuot, 2019.

    1290 & 1335 from mid trib are fine with the trib ending on the LAST day of the Mazzarot cycle, LEO 30 with the next day being VIRGO 1.

    At the Return the earth date ‘backs up’ to May 17, which is a Wed, 3 days past May 14……..but no matter, since the count of May 14 holds because of the Sunday count start BEFORE May 17. It is still the beginning of the 71st yr of Statehood.

    Av 9 minus the 3 wks (earth tilt that will minus) still counts as Tammuz 17 (4th mth Fast Day); but as for the Fast of Tevet 10 being a day turned to joy, there doesn’t seem to be an exact day upon which to focus. It really doesn’t matter, though, since the Return of Christ creates joy for all 4 Fast Days anyway.

    As for the 280-day ‘spiritual gestation’ period for the Church and for the Remnant (both being the ‘BODY of Christ’), the 280 fits even better, since both 280’s span Succoth to Tammuz 28. (Succoth is the primary celebration of the Millennium). The Rapture is Tammuz 28 and the end of the trib is Tammuz 28 (exactly 7 Jewish yrs), both dates 280 from Succoth.

    So now, I’m looking to Wednesday, July 18. As for the presumed SIGNING this Sunday, July 15, know that the threat of chemical attack from Syria has Israel extremely concerned (among other MEGA threats); and if Israel ever needed a ‘Peace Pact’ for protection, it’s NOW. As far as I can see, the next few days should be very interesting. The July 15th solar flare effect and eclipse of moon & Jupiter add some validation as well, if applicable.


  22. Well! I was reading the article and the discourse on time travel. I was very excited to know how different people had experience time travel. But shocked to see at the bottom that you are talking about the God Yahweh and not about anyone’s God. Its shame you need to grow up and see that God is only one and He is the God of all mankind -what you say shows how conservative and narrow minded you are, You forgot who is God and want to see only through your tapered vision and want the rest of the world to do the same- sorry we are educated and we should behave like one

    • indira

      that is correct. there is only only God and his name is YHVH ( pronounced yahweh or yahovah). this is the name he gave himself in the bible.

  23. Interesting that if you leave out the science, many if not all the parts concerning the Prophet’s in God’s word or the promises in God’s word leave it just as it is by Faith in Belief.
    If you add the science (Which God created) then as for myself I find no confusion (which is the only tool the evil one has) my Faith and Belief stay intact. Does this make any sense?

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