Forget it!


Why is it so hard to let go of the past?

Phl 3:13

Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but [this] one thing [I do], forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before,

Phl 3:14

I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

I can remember injuries from my childhood.

While I hope I can moved on, they are still in my memory, and they can affect my behavior.

I will react in certain ways to similar situations, or I will give similar situations more scrutiny than novel situations.

Our memories are there as a database of information.

We learn from our experiences.

It helps us make better decisions, hopefully.

But we can become trapped in past bad decisions, and repeat them over and over.

We have some choices to make:

1. Use past good experiences and decisions as a basis for future success

2. Use bad experiences and decisions as a basis for future success, by not repeating them.

3. Use bad experiences and decisions as a basis for more failure…….by allowing them to either

a. Entrap us in the past, and immobilize us

b. Serve as a source of bitterness

c. Coax us into repeating the same experiences to somehow find redemption in them, in that we think we can somehow do the same thing, and get a different result.

d. Allow them to justify our current failures, and deny responsibility

e. Allow the bad past to define who we are

f. Use them to convince ourselves that God does not love us


Concept of being born again

When Jesus first addressed this issue, perhaps it meant more than just accepting Him as Savior, although that was critical.

He may have also meant that He would wipe away all our sins, and remove the past that hurt us, and put us in bondage to our sins and mistakes.

We could start over!

It would not be our past that defined who we were, but it would be our relationship with Him that would do this.

Instead of failures, we would be a holy, successful people.

Instead of bitter, we would be joyful.

Instead of trapped, we would be free!


Think on the good things

While it is human nature to think back, and dwell on the past, we must look to the present and future with the eyes of Jesus.

Phl 4:8

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things [are] honest, whatsoever things [are] just, whatsoever things [are] pure, whatsoever things [are] lovely, whatsoever things [are] of good report; if [there be] any virtue, and if [there be] any praise, think on these things.

Instead of remembering all the lies, think on what is true and honest.

Instead of thinking about all the unfairness, think on the justice of God.

Instead of thinking about the unholy and impure, think on what is pure, virtuous and lovely.

Instead of dwelling on bad reports, think about the good reports.

Instead of failures, think about the successes.

Instead of sadness, fill your heart with praise!

Instead of thinking of your past, think of your future with Jesus in heaven!

We can overcome the past by understanding our relationship with Jesus, making it a close one, and focusing our minds on the “prize” waiting for us in heaven.

This earthly life, and all its problems, is not our final destination.

Not even the grave is the end of our lives.

Death is just the beginning of eternity for us.


Final note

For those who have not accepted Jesus as savior and redeemer of their lives, there is still time.

Prayerfully consider your past, and what you want your future to be.

18 Responses to “Forget it!”

  1. God is so good. Just when you think that all’s lost, he steps in right on time.
    I love you for this one. God Speed.

  2. I wrote a piece on this yesterday on my blog but nothing as good as this! your writing style, use of images and content are captivating. Its nice to see someone else using the KJV too, im relatively new and haven’t found a blog that sticks to it so its nice to see. Keep up the good work! God bless.

  3. Hi Marianne!

    I like this, also! So much, I reposted it to my FaceBook page.

  4. This is an important concept. I have lately been having moments when I feel free of the past, and looking to the future.
    Some scientists say that old people (like me) more and more think of the past. We have increased long term memory and reduced short term memory. This seems to be true for me. Maybe it was because my worldly life, though not happy, was more vibrant and alive than my present life, when most interests are in the past. In the past I had hope, even though things were difficult. In the present, the hope becomes much more narrowly focused, being only on Heaven now. Only on the things of Heaven, such as praying for the salvation of those I know and those I don’t know. So when I drift into reverie, it is mostly about a past, which had some exciting and hopeful things in it, especially when I was a child. And so I tend to dwell on the woeful events that aborted most of my childish hopes.

    This is futile, going back and forth between lost hopes and lost times when I was “alive” physically, striving to better my world.

    I believe, however, that Satan and our own inborn wickedness is responsible for much of the miseries we remember over and over. It is
    not entirely “our fault”. We must not overly criticize ourselves for having “failed”. I tend to feel like a failure, but much of my failure was due to Satan. I had a genetic illness and that was not my fault. I know many people with this defect, on line, and I have to say this is true for them too.
    They could not completely eradicate the effects of this disease on their lives. If Christian (as many are) they can mitigate the effects of the disease on their lives. That is all. Jesus can heal but in most cases he does not heal us of this defect, as it has a purpose dimly understood. So it is natural that we remember many bad things, and we should not blame ourselves for this, but realize that FORWARD is the key now!

    • Dear Sister- Mariel Strauss – What you said is so “Profound” and so full of Truth”. It humbles me to hear such a confession. I feel as though I could really sit down and listen to you talk more.
      Are heartbreaks of the past really do come back in are later years. At 14 years old I was in a Bad Car accident. My best friend like a brother to me died in that car wreck. I escaped with just losing a Kidney and internal injuries. Yet God was with me all the time. And I did not know it. My Wife of 47 years had a serious stroke at 62 the same age I was.
      It has completely changed me by the suffering and pain of seeing my Beautiful wife having to suffer. I’ve been her only Care/taker since then. She cannot walk by herself etc. etc.
      But we have to look at the Glass being “Half full” instead of “Half Empty” and I Praise my God to have her with me still. She is like an Angel to me. Our love has grown extremely greater through the pain.
      And the Bottom line is – That my “Love for Jesus Christ has done the same. Like you “All I think about is my Lord and how He suffered for me and overlooked all my faults. And led me to truth in the golden years they call.
      So my heart is with you as I know “Jesus ” is with you as well. May your life be blessed and fulfilling in all things. I loved your testimony —

  5. If you think of the past you renew your herts, it is like beating yourself with a stick, it just continues the pain that you felt so long ago.

  6. Yes Cornishevangelist – I know that is true as well. As I heard a great man say. God forgives and puts or Sins in the Sea of forget fullness. But man can forgive but can never forget.
    That is the “Greatest Battle ever fought” in your mind. Satan always wanting to bring you down. When my Wife was hanging between Life and Death for 2 weeks. Everything I ever did or said that was not good seemed to come to my mind. It was a great battle. Though we were blessed and happy most of our Marriage. Satan brought up every thing to me I ever said wrong to her. Showed me I did take her for granted, and I was selfish.
    When she came out of it. Believe me I told the Lord if He would let her Live I would never surpress my love for her ever again. She’s living – And Im keeping my promises. I tell her all the time everyday. What she means to me. Friends we only have this side to do these things to the ones we love. Make sure you do that especially with your family and loved ones. My Conscience is clear now. The Lord does show you “Yourself” sooner or later if you One of his.
    Now “How Much More” should we do the same for Our Husband Jesus Christ. Yea

  7. An angel said, “Are you prepared to accept the damage to your soul”?

    I thought for a moment, and then my answer was, “my soul may be damaged, and I am no longer like I used to be, I may have to live with this damaged soul, but I will repent of the way that it affects me”.

    The angel said, “That is why you sin so easily, and succumb to temptation because your soul is damaged, because of all the bad things that have happened to you through your life”.

    He repeated, “Are you prepared to accept the damage to your soul”?

  8. To simplify, angels are messengers of the Lord, and the Lord sent one of His angels to tell me and other Christians that this life has damaged the souls of His people.
    Just like you cannot do anything about your physical scars, but accept and live with them, so is your soul ( that is your mental state), has been scarred, that is damaged, by your loses, disappointments, and failure to do what is right through your life, it has scarred you deeply. You have to accept that your mental state has been damaged.

    And because of this your failings to live a good Christian life has been hampered greatly. You are very susceptible to the enemies temptations. So don’t let the enemy of your souls bash you by your failings in the past and your failings in the future, because you know, and the Lord knows that you have been damaged, just repent, and don’t live in condemnation. Hope this simplifies it or maybe explains it better.

  9. Marianne, I love your website and the wisdom you share. After many years as a born again Christian I was being oppressed by a controlling Jezebel spirit. I know now that it was I who allowed it by not knowing what Jesus did for me at salvation. My self perception was pretty bad because all these years I believed the enemy’s lies stemming from rejection and harsh treatment as a child and even into adulthood. I knew forgiveness was not optional. I took care of that a long time ago, but I was guilty of not believing what God said in His Word, “If any be in Christ they are a new creation. Old things are passed and all things become new.” I looked up the Greek meaning of “new” and it indicated not new time-wise but in nature and identity. I was now a child of God and I was to believe what the Word said and not what any person said. That oppressing, lying spirit no longer controls me! Free at last by the Truth of God. Wanted to share what the Lord has done. All praise to Him!

  10. Marianne, just days after I wrote you the Lord gave me this verse to pray continually: “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Doing this gives us a holy covering and allows us to take the higher ground. I use this for both past hurts, and present hurts or offenses.

    Praying for your complete recovery.

    • dear barbara

      thank you for your prayers. the second week of recovery is easier than the first week. praise God.

      I agree

      forgiveness and forgetting go together. clinging to anything except God holds us back.

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