Mother’s Day – A Tribute


By Christopher B. Copas


"A Mother Is Never Neutral"


Eternal, indomitable, unbreakable, irreplaceable

Our Mothers are like angels

In a not so hidden disguise.

No matter the number of hours or the traces of tears,

No matter the danger,

No matter the fears;

No matter the wheels that spin and tread,

No matter the worry inside of her head,

No matter the valley or the mountain ahead,

A Mother climbs high through elevated air,

A Mother climbs far up every long and lonely stair—

As my Mother watches there— 

On a mission and a prayer.

And no matter if the bells do suddenly chime,

For what seems as a moment trapped in time— 

A Mother will always journey on,

To protect her precious brood and pride—

From the mountainous deluge,

From the perilous divide.

For no matter the number of apparent goodbyes

A Mother never leaves her children behind.

For no matter what occurs on the inside,

A Mother is a Mother

Both within and without.

A Mother is a Mother forever.

For this we all should sing and shout—

That to be a Mother in many ways—

Is what this life is all about.

A Mother is tender,

A Mother is patient,

A Mother fails never

As a Mother loves forever and ever,

As forever and ever a Mother is loved.

For a Mother never leaves her children’s side—

Until she knows that her child,

Even her only child—

Can make it on their own.

Yet this alone—

Only one like a Mother knows.

To this alone.

To this alone.

For Mothers are never neutral;

For tried and true—

They always stand

By me and you.


A Happy Mother’s Day To All,

Christopher B. Copas


14 Responses to “Mother’s Day – A Tribute”

  1. Marianne

    Even though I am a Mother I think of my own on that day and she has passed over and is now in the presence of the Lord.

    We used to sing a song to our Mothers on Mothers day in church this poem makes me think of it.

    You are so kind Marianne, I know the Lord has to love you all the things you do for other people and yet you have never seen them you receive them by faith only a child of God could do such.

    Have a blessed and happy Mothers Day..

    • you made me cry Marianne!

      “For a Mother never leaves her children’s side—

      Until she knows that her child,

      Even her only child—

      Can make it on their own.”

      This made me remember that “dream” of my mom after she died when she came to me, grabbed my hands and said “I am alive and well, I am alive and well”!

      Not even death can keep a momma away! 🙂

      • Dear Lyndsey:

        It was a good cry, I hope! For I too have shared this very same experience. And that is precisely why this poem was written.

        For our tears are like raindrops from Heaven. For our tears prove the substance of our love. Without them, and it would all remain within.

        The most profound verse in the Bible (I believe) is also the most brief:

        JESUS WEPT. (John 11:35)

        To all those who miss their Mothers who have gone on ahead of us (including my own) who wait for us on the other side:

        May you always remember the smiles and the laughter. May you always remember the warmth, the encouragement, the strength, the loyalty, the compassion, and the love that only a Mother can give.

        For her love is with you, and your love is with her.

        When we suffer the passing of a loved one, their flesh may pass away, but their love does not pass away. For our love is with them, and their love is with us. For their love travels with us forever. For their love is the spark that leads to new life. For their love is the footstep that paves the way to an always open door. For their love is the very air that we breathe. For their love indeed is the VERY HEART of Heaven.

        And love is greater than death.

        • You made me cry again! LOL

          Thank you so much for your beautiful words and understanding of the heart 🙂

          G-d has indeed blessed you my friend!

      • Dear Chris,
        Dear Chris,
        I need your help . I lost my mom a week ago and I miss
        her so much. Lyndsey you are completely right ,the quote from Jesus Wept and the lovely words after I will treasure for life.
        I took Mom to watch Jesus of Nazareth years ago,I cried almost all the way through. Jesus means a lot to me. He touches my heart and always will but I am considered by churches to be a misfit so I don’t go but I sing and talk to the Lord each day. Please email me at……..many thanks……..trevor

        • trevor

          I forwarded your comment to Christopher, to make sure he gets it.

          do not feel like a misfit. the one missing it now are the churches, because they have lost their first love, Jesus.

          you are closer to the Lord than you think..

          I pray the Lord heals your hurting heart from the loss of your mother.



    God Bless!

    • You are welcome. This poem was written by Christopher B Copas, so the credit goes to him.

      • I understand to whom the “Poems'” credit goes too…but I give you an “equal” amount of “CREDIT” for having the “wisdom” and “foresight” to “republish” it here for the rest of us to find!!! “truthfully”…I would never know about this if it were not for YOU!!!

        (along with everything else that has crossed this website!!!)

        So A BIG “THANK YOU!”, Marianne, for ALL that you are doing…HERE!!!

        Your “endeavors” are NOT going “unnoticed”…and I am sure I can speak for most everyone…”we” appreciate ALL that you have done, and continue to do!!!


    • A Bundle of Thanks, Magnanimous One.

  3. For all with eyes to read:

    Where would we be without our Mothers?

    Consider what our Mothers have done for us!

    I exhort each of you to make an indelible record of what it means to be a Mother, and to share that record with the world.

    Best Always,
    Christopher (CBC)

  4. Dear Trevor,

    I understand your pain firsthand.

    And I know that it’s very difficult to translate the grief that we feel to those who haven’t shared the same experience. And that is why this website is precious. For by taking the time to open up, you will continue to encounter those who have suffered as we have – and that will lead to greater healing.

    Remember also that you are the Living Church, and that you will always be loved and needed. And please never forget … that love is greater than death. So may you be comforted by the knowledge that a Mother will always be a Mother – no matter what, where, or when. Her love for you will never die.

    And there is always someone looking out for us – even when we least expect it.

    I am also assured that the Holy Spirit will speak with you about your Mom when all is quiet and calm.

    You are not alone.

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