Nibiru (3) continued



This seems to be a popular topic, and my other pages are getting long.


So this is a continuation page.


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  1. Breaking Israeli news

    Is Nibiru Coming and Bringing Messiah In Its Wake?

    Nibiru described in ancient texts of jews

  2. john moore, retired special forces

    • This is a compilation of supposed Nibiru sightings, but they are all different objects found all over the sky. They can’t all be right, but they can all be wrong.
      And they are.




    • from brisbane weather channel

    • WATCH NIBIRU FORM? REALLY? Carnival barker: Hurry, hurry, hurry! Come see the great planet Nibiru form from nothing before your very eyes!
      Thru the magic of Photoshop… you won’t believe what your seeing! Hurry, hurry… step right up.
      Put your money in the box and come on inside the tent!
      How does anyone buy into this crap?
      Answer: “There’s a sucker born every minute!”

  6. Cara on Space at posted the Bisbane one as well and she also posted two from ISS.

    Here is one on February 9th and 10th

    And ISS took the one off on February 16th and it was the better of the two.

    Both were on my watch dates during the 5 planets lining up between January 20th and February 20th. Of course, Jim will tell us everything is a lie.

    By the way Jim, you said we are not to read into your comments because they are just comments and some of it is truth.

    So based on this information, 90% of what you comment on is all lies. So go stick your fork into it.

  7. What a gigantic pile of garbage!
    Clandestine Time Lord? Really? Is he your scientist to prove Nibiru? He talks of Annunaki Spaceships. Where are they in the bible? These are all just You Tube idiots and nut jobs with some fancy graphics programs and a lot of time on their hands.
    And just look at all the different images. Fuzzy ghost images of lens flare on some, then a deep space image of a red object resembling a globular nebula, Then a blue disk with cloud bands. A white orb drifting thru space.
    A dozen nibirus all over the solar system all at the same time. Why can’t all these YouTube experts agree where the damn thing is or what it looks like?
    Why does one guy say you need an infrared telescope to see it and others say it is right next to the sun at sunset and easy to see as long as you have a camera with a cheap-ass lens.
    And you’ve added to this the real search for a ninth planet that has been ongoing in the astronomy community for 75 years. That is a real planet but it hasn’t been located yet, but when it is found you will be very disappointed because it will never come anywhere near the earth so it will be useless to you for prophecy fulfilment.
    All you’ve done here is to perpetuate all the different Nibiru myths as imagined up by all sorts of You Tube idiots. Everyone has their own take on it and it is all a testament to the human imagination. Unfortunately they know little of science and they tend to make up 99% of everything they post.
    They have become expert carnival barkers, inviting gullible people into their tents to see the 5-legged dog, the monkey-man and the boy in the teacup. Any for what purpose? Look at the intros to some of these videos…. LIKE ME PLEASE, LIKE ME! FOLLOW ME ON YOU TUBE, PLEASE!
    All they want is attention. Hits. Likes. They love to fool people and I GUARANTEE you they know what they’re doing. They know they are spouting lies and they are counting on gullible peoplle like you to believe it. They are probably rolling on the floor with laughter when they receive comments from people who have bought into their bullyshirt.
    I know for a fact they don’t actually believe in their own lies. People can’t be that stupid and still be smart enough to use their computers to create their graphics and web sites, so they are actually pretty smart… smart enough to fool thousands of people, so you are in good company.
    And the You Tube idiots won’t be the only ones laughng at you when the Nibiru theory falls apart.
    I’ll be right here….

  8. Jim, your bogus paragraphs above are not worth reading because they are mostly made up of lies.

    Here is a very nice video for you to watch and it is very promising.!video/c1o27

    • good video

      • The 4 video’s are good and each are about 3 to 4 minutes long. The fourth one says Perihelion is in April of 2017 and will be seen by North America. In 2016 it is a little above Earth’s mid point. That is why the you tupes show it on the horizon.

        • I tried getting someone from here in north carolina that works up high in a hotel, and they said they did not see it.

          but my friend in pennsylvania says he sees it every morning

    • i think jim works as a troll for gov….I hear they get paid $600 a day to “bebunk” websites

      • Marianne, I agree Jim is a troll.

        I believe that the closer someone is near the equator line gets to see it more often.

        Where I live, I won’t get to see it till it is two days away for one of the moons. Nibiru is beyond the Oort cloud but its friends are what we will see up close like one or some of the 7 moons and then comes clobber time (Fantastic Four).

        • John,
          You are one crazy dude, astronomically speaking.
          The oort cloud is over a light year from the sun. Everything at that distance is creeping along at a snails pace. Any faster and it would escape the gravitational attraction of the sun and fly off into space, albeit it slowly. At that distance and orbital speed it would take Nibiru hundreds of years to reach the sun / earth. And you claim it will be here by 2017? That’s just crazy impossible.
          And then you say one or more of its moons will be here soon! How can a planet be 10 trillion miles away and its moons be nearby? By definition a moon orbits it planet, it does not go out on its own into the solar system and attack other planets. That is totally stupid science.
          It is clear you know nothing about astronomy or physics. No wonder you believe all the YouTube garbage out there.
          And what are you trying to tell Marianne? That Nibiru is more often seen by people at the equator? If it is in the Oort Cloud it is too distant to be seen in any telescope let alone by the naked eye. You are so inconsistent none of what you say makes any sense.
          But then you’re always posting nonsense. I recorded you saying that WW3 would start in the middle east on March 1st and all that has happened is a cease-fire was declared. But so far no one has declared WW3 as begun. No invasions or sneak attacks like WW2. So you missed another prediction. What else is new. Lets see, this makes… All of them. Well, no surprise to me. We’ll just have to wait for your next date. Must be coming soon considering your tight time table. You’ve lost another 6 months off your time frame with nothing happening since your predictions for last September. The 3-1/2 year tribulation is now down to 1-1/2 years. What is wrong with God’s calendar? Cause I don’t see any tribulation. Are you in a tribulation? How do you explain that?
          Well, I’d say that if nothing happens before Passover (Apr 22) you don’t have a chance in hell for your time table to work. I’ll give you till the end of the month and after that there’s no sense in reading anything you post.
          Good luck, dude. You’ll need it.

  9. Here are the latest reports on Nibiru:

    Does anyone here believe these videos?
    Raise your hands.

  10. NASA finally admits there is a solar system out there with 7 planets around it….something similar to nibiru

    • Yes, but it is not a double solar system, just a star with 7 planets, similar to our sun with 8 planets. A double solar system has never been documented. This is just one more standard solar system among millions in our galaxy. It does nothing to prove the possibility of a Nibiru system circling our sun.


  12. Planet 9 hypothesis alive and well
    By Deborah Byrd in SPACE | July 14, 2017

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