Covid Fatigue Recovery


Just because the hospital sends you home, does not mean you are completely healed.

After reading several sources, all of which I cannot remember now, I am summarizing the information to help others.


What is Covid Fatigue?

Fatigue is very common after viral infections, such as COVID and normally it settles after 2 or 3 weeks.

However, in some people it can linger for weeks or months.

COVID-19 symptoms can sometimes persist for months. The virus can damage the lungs, heart and brain, which increases the risk of long-term health problems.

By Mayo Clinic Staff

Most people who have coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) recover completely within a few weeks. But some people — even those who had mild versions of the disease — continue to experience symptoms after their initial recovery.

These people sometimes describe themselves as "long haulers" and the conditions have been called post-COVID-19 syndrome or "long COVID-19."

These health issues are sometimes called post-COVID-19 conditions.

They’re generally considered to be effects of COVID-19 that persist for more than four weeks after you’ve been diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus.

Older people and people with many serious medical conditions are the most likely to experience lingering COVID-19 symptoms, but even young, otherwise healthy people can feel unwell for weeks to months after infection.

Common signs and symptoms that linger over time include:

· Fatigue

· Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

· Cough

· Joint pain

· Chest pain

· Memory, concentration or sleep problems

· Muscle pain or headache

· Fast or pounding heartbeat

· Loss of smell or taste

· Depression or anxiety

· Fever

· Dizziness when you stand

· Worsened symptoms after physical or mental activities

· Marianne’s addition – brain fog

Organ damage caused by COVID-19

Some adults and children experience multisystem inflammatory syndrome after they have had COVID-19.

In this condition, some organs and tissues become severely inflamed.

Blood clots and blood vessel problems


Basic cause of Covid Fatigue is INFLAMMATION!!!


You need:

Anti-inflammatory medicine like ibuprophen. (I take 2-3 gel capsules of 200 mg each twice a day with food.)

Anti-inflammatory foods

Energy Foods


Anti-inflammatory foods


Fatty fish like salmon



Green tea

Bell peppers




Olive oil

Dark chocolate / cocoa



Foods to avoid:



Energy Foods




dark chocolate


yerba mate


goji berries

sweet potatoes









seed ( chia, flax, pumpkin)


green tea





leafy green vegetables


Drink lots of water!

Also, nutritional supplements like omega 3 oil, vitamin C and D, and NAC can be helpful.

Hope you get better soon!

49 Responses to “Covid Fatigue Recovery”

  1. Hope it gets better for you!

  2. 5~26~2021 On Yahweh’s Green Earth. King David in Psalm 24:1.
    Yahshua the Son of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON! PRAY NOW to
    be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1
    HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

    Again, I have found Omega 3 Fish Oil capsules a healthy substitute for Ibuprofen which can cause heart attacks and other harmful symptoms.
    Today I read that a more evil virus may be coming at us down the pike.
    NAC (Cysteine, and amino acid) capsules from Swanson Vitamins has
    helped me not to have flu and Coronavirus’ since 2009. 600 mg. capsules for less than $10.00 a bottle. Child: 1/Daily Adult: 2/Daily
    Stay Well Naturally!


    • True. I thought about adding the traditional supplements but then I got lazy!

    • Agree, good quality supplements can be very helpful to strengthen the immune system. That and eating right, moderate exercise, getting plenty of sunlight, trying to stay away from the oxygen zapping “cell” towers, doubly so 5G, and from “smart” meters.
      I turn off the doom and gloom news.
      From all the research I have done the vaccinated are at higher risk of catching any infection due to the spike inserts in the shots. That I fear is what its coming a few months to a year from now. That and increased 5G installation of cell towers like in Wuhan and India resulting in many “corona” cases…
      All part of the Agendas…
      Praying daily for those who have succumbed to the constant pressure and received the shots and for the rest not to get it.

      • Shofar good points. I am worried about the people who have been vaccinated. The news says that about half of Americans have been vaccinated already. That’s a lot of dead people if something goes wrong

        • Marianne, we do not know what to believe from the MSM news. People who have been “shot” should pray for deliverance from any evil in the vaccinations and the nose-jab testing. And, not take any more! A rumor is that the drug companies will have mind control over those vaccinated with their vaccines. ???


          • I was just listening to a congressional report where someone was testifying that the Adverse Events from the vaccine we’re only 1% of what was actually happening. This means there should be about forty thousand deaths so far from the vaccine.

            • SO SAD!
              Yesterday I decided not to wear any more masks. I had forgotten mine at Home Depot. I just told my love that I am not going to wear them anymore. (I have been thinking about this for awhile.) So, I did not wear one in that store. No one said anything to me about it.
              Looking like a bandit or Moslem woman? I’M DONE!
              When they ask me, “Where is your mask?” I’ll reply I have a health problem. It’s “I need to breathe!.” lol

  3. Thank you. me too!

  4. I think that the vaccine is not safe at all. Whatever is they are injecting people with is junk. They are already talking or saying of a third shot. I wont take it, I don’t think that the 5G has to do anything with it tough what I think they are doing is messing around with your DNA which most likely change your whole system. Soon or later will see the effects on them people that have taken the shot, or maybe not, but the Government has so much power over the weak minded people that probably in a short time will make the vaccine mandatory and there is the argument about all this covid thing. God Bless

    • If you have to repeatedly take a vaccine then it’s not very effective

      • Yes Marianne. Somehow I am thinking that repeated vac’s are just their way of finally losing us. Here in CA they are saying that close to 65% of the population has been vaccinated. I believe that they are lying about this. Now, Gov. Nuisance has announced $50.00 gifts to everyone getting one with a chance to win a million+. NO! NOT FOR ME! Sadly, government mandatory vaccinations seem just around the corner.


        • The vaccine is mandatory in Canada I just read an article about it. They’re going door-to-door to force people to take the vaccine. And they are also going to churches and sticking people there

          • Hi Marianne. That’s terrible but predictable. Leave it to the Christian churches to do the Christian Vatican’s evil bidding!
            If it comes to that time here in the U.S.? It’s time to go into hidling!


            HALLELUYAH! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”


    now you know why Fauci ban hydroxychloroquine ,

    it would have made the experimental vaccine unnecessary

    in Australia , they do not allow physician use hydroxychloroquine

    it is crime to use hydroxychloroquine to cure covid virus .

    “The elites (everywhere) force people to have vaccine , they are

    Pharma-Fascism ( the name found in telegram )

    • I agree!

      • 6~17~2021 On Yahweh’s Earth Psalm 24:1
        Yahshua His Son Returns VERY SOON! Be saved and
        sealed in THEIR NAMES. Revelation 14:1
        HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

        Wearing masks is no longer required here in Southern Cal.
        (as of June 15 ) What will they try to do to us NEXT?


        • They will probably turn off the power. To get power restored you will probably have to get vaccinated

          • Marianne, that’s a real thought! Biden has suggested (again) that July 4th activities may be cancelled unless everyone gets vaccinated. Sigh.


            • I keep seeing more reports of deaths after VAX!

              other reports that an EMP coming end of July?

              • Thanks! Weather is strange here in So Cal. Had a tiny bit of rain this a.m. Rare in July. Maybe the rumored huge volcano under the coast here is getting ready to blow. ???


  6. Trump is going to return back before Aug.

  7. Trump is going to return back before Aug.

  8. [video src="" /]
    what I think about the vaccination for COVID.

  9. bot jones wife

    • The Two-Horned Beast of Revelation 13 will prove to be the government of The United States. It turned its power over to the the Christian Vatican decades ago. Ulimately, it will enforce The Mark of the Beast in verse 18.
      It’s Christianity. The Greek translation of the #666 is the pagan name
      Jesus Christ.


  10. Ivermectin and Covid-19: how a cheap antiparasitic become political

    elite ban all those common and ordinary medicine , they insist people to have vaccine.

    argentina did a study/test on ivermectin to cure covid. very effective

    NEW: Australian politician Craig Kelly drops Ivermectin truth bombs in parliament, he’s been banned from Facebook for his “misinformation”, listen to these stats! (check this news)

    • 6~24~2021 Still Yahweh’s Earth Psalm 24:1
      Yahshua His Son Returns VERY SOON!
      PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM.
      Revelation 14:1 HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

      Again! NAC (Cystein, a healthy amino acid) 600 mg.
      capsules are rumored to prevent H1N1 flu virus. It
      also helps our lungs, digestion, and other body functions.
      Swanson Vitamin’s brand has prevented all flu and/or
      Coronavirus for me since 2009. (No flu vaccines either.) It costs
      less than $10.00 a bottle. Adult: 2/Daily Child: 1/Daily
      Stay well cheaply and naturally!


  11. You may want to check this out:

    • Hi Shoshana! Now there is a “booster shot” for the COVID-19 vaccine.
      Bummer! One rumor is that this COVID business won’t end until 2025. ???
      My understanding is that Yahshua may return on a Yom Kippur in the years
      2023 through 2027. This is based on a footnote in my Holy Name Bible for Luke 1:2. A date is given for the government official ruling the time Yahshua was born. 11 B.C. – 7 B.C.
      It seems to me that we are near the last of The Last Days. The last year will be the time of greatest trouble. It has been called “The Day of Jacob’s Trouble.” No, we are not there yet.


    • Shoshana, thank you for all of the helpful info. Please remember. For those already vaccinated. Yahweh is able to heal us of ALL bad reactions to these
      poisons. We just need to claim His promises. And, NOT take any more vaccinations!

  12. Detox! That is the word Father gave me this week, detox specially metals. This web site has different protocols to do it:

  13. Spanish researchers declare covid 19 is caused by graphene oxide. Graphene also found in influenza shots… and can be delivered by air. This is a metal toxin that can weaken immunity, etc. Again detox!
    From the article:
    “Inhaled graphene oxide causes inflammation of the mucosa and with it loss of taste and partial or total loss of smell. Graphene oxide acquires powerful magnetic properties within the body. This is the explanation for the magnetic phenomenon that billions of people around the world already present after different routes of administration of graphene oxide. Among them the vaccine.”

  14. Summary: detox.
    Strengthen immune system via vitamin C, D, & Zinc.
    REST IN THE LORD Yeshuah.
    Do NOT comply with mRNA nano technology vax experiment.
    It’s part of the depopulation Agenda .

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