Kundalini and the Holy Spirit


Kundalini is a false version of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is REAL, and it is possible to have a tangible experience with the Spirit.

However, not every supernatural experience is of God.

The spirits have to be tested.

And one should never blaspheme the Holy Spirit, calling Him evil, just because there are evil counterfeits to His presence.

The task for the believer, or seeker, is to test what kind of spirit is active, and to make a good decision.


Holy and Unholy

Both can bring a surge of energy and power

Both can bring a certain amount of “lack of control” as the spirit is in control, more than the person during a “power moment.”

Both can produce a hot feeling.

Both are supernatural experiences.

The difference is

The holy spirit is HOLY, and produces holy behavior, and worship. The power transforms us, helps us overcome evil, and brings us into the presence of God.

It ultimately quiets our soul. He makes us thirst for the Word of God, and to be alone with God.

Kundalini is NOT holy, and does not produce holy behavior. It excites us, but does not transform us, does not help us overcome anything, and we are not closer to God as a result.

It ultimately takes our peace away, and makes us less calm. We do not have any more interest in the Word of God than we did before, and we prefer social activity to aloneness and solitude.


Man with a dog leash on, in a service. Where is his mind?

The Holy Spirit will not make you howl like a dog, or act in a fleshly way. Sin will leave your life.

Kundalini can produce disabling spasmodic movements, kriyas, that persist long after the “touch” has occurred.

The Holy Spirit does not do anything that takes away your free will, or participation. He does not disable you for normal activity.

People experiencing kundalini do not change their ways. They continue in worldly ways.

A good example is a kundalini preacher who divorced his wife after having an affair with a staff member. Another example is a preacher who preaches prosperity instead of holiness.

I have been in one kundlini meeting where the preacher forced laughter, just to get the audience started. Humor is contagious, so everyone joined in.

This is not of God. I just sat there disappointed.


Kundalini appeals to those who want to be drunk, and lose control, just for the sake of losing it, to see what it is like, and revel in stimulation.

It is for people who want to get high on something.

The Holy Spirit is for those who want to be sober, have control over the devil, worship God, and minister to others.

To seek the Holy Spirit is a good thing.

We ask and we receive because we ask with a pure heart, and humble intentions, and because we use our discernment to discover God’s true presence.

Those that seek kundalini may think they are getting a good thing, but they ask amiss, and do not have a pure heart.

They are deceived because they chose to be deceived. They lack discernment, and sometimes just want “something,” rather than “Someone.”

Compare Videos:

(1) Kundalini service


(2) Holy Spirit service



We have a choice, and this choice is determined by our hearts.

Both good and evil are present in our environment, even if we are in a church service, so we have to check our hearts to see what we are really asking for.

If we really want holiness, a pure repentant heart, and the presence of God in our lives, the Holy Spirit will come into us, and bless us.

If our heart is not pure in intent, and we want sensationalism, fun, and a weird experience, with no repentance, or change in our spiritual behavior, then the enemy will invade us.

It is possible for some in the same meeting to receive a kundalini spirit while others receive the Holy Spirit, just due to where their heart is.

The minister in charge of the meeting can also have a big influence.

A true repentant heart, seeking God, will find Him, even in the worst environments.

A fool will be deceived in the best environments.

Guard your hearts.

Do not waste your energy running after the wrong thing.


If you have had a kundalini experience, and want the true presence of God, then you first have to repent of asking amiss, and being in the flesh.

Confess your sins, ask Jesus into your heart, if you have not already done so, submit to God, then rebuke the false spirit in Jesus name, and tell it to leave.

This requires you knowing your authority in Jesus, and the power of the Blood of Jesus, so if you are not versed in this, get assistance from a bible believing church or individual.

If you are not convinced you have the power to make the spirit of kundlini leave, then it will not leave. You have to be confident and authoritative.

Extra information:

1 hour videos – lecture:



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  1. Walter Veith’s Total Onslaught series has about 12 lectures on this and other subjects like The Secret Behind Secret Societies, New World Order, The New Age, The UN and the Occult Agenda, Hidden Agendas, Battle of the Bibles, Changing the Word, Revolutions Tyrants and Wars, The Islamic Connection, The Crime of all Ages, Two Beasts become Friends, The Wine of Babylon.

  2. I see you have had real experience with this, Marianne. I did, too, but in my case I didn’t do kundalini yoga in order to have a “sensation”, but in order to heal. I had sought healing in the New Age for a LONG time, but I was undiagnosed and I was never fully healed. The kundalini experience knocked me off my pins for months. I was in bed for months. I thought I would never work again. I did recover, though. This was before my husband and I really started seeking Bible understanding and the Holy Spirit. I think I recovered because I never denied the true God, as some do in “meditation” circles, so God had mercy on me.
    During the experience I could barely eat and lost a great deal of weight. I was too shaky and weak to leave the house, I could not sleep except 15 minutes a night (no exaggeration). I had diarrhea the whole time, as it goofed up my nervous coordination….as attested by Hindu sages who write about it. In the East, one cannot do kundalini unless in perfect health, and I was not in perfect health.
    I understand completely what you are saying. Holy Spirit does NOT produce the type of results you describe. Hallalujah!

    I learned how to “ground” the nervous energy that had become incoordinated. I taught a few others how to do this.

    Blessings, Marianne, an important post!

  3. I too have had newage “enlightened,” healing experiences. This was many yrs. ago; I was born again, married to a non believer and started mixing Truth with what could be true, newage=sewage: no typo.

    God too had mercy on me because I never denied JESUS and was very wounded. Of course Satan was leaving me alone; there’s little resistance when one is swimming downstream. This false/evil spirit, appearing as an angel of light is very sensual, and awakens carnality to it’s fullest, not pleasing for a child of the Most High. I could easily get what I “thought.”

    Through HIS love, patience,& chastisement with me; I have come full circle back to Truth. The Holy Spirit leads, guides, comforts, and gives real peace! Thank you Sweet Jesus for never leaving or forsaking me.

    Your daughter,

    • susan

      we have all been a little bit new age at times….because it sounds ok.

      we have a merciful god who watches over us, however, and he guides us into the truth

      • Hi Marianne,
        Yes, it is common I was immersed into newage as a young teen before being saved and then again as I wrote above. Yoga was a gateway and “new” thought, healing, etc.; honestly I was more then a little into it. Thank you Holy Spirit who guides us into ALL Truth, and sets us free from deception.

      • Yoga is NOT satanic as long as you practice it unto Him. He created it. They practice it in heaven but it’s for Him. The devil has stolen EVERYTHING from Our Father. It’s time for us to stop being scared of things of the world and take it back because it BELONGED to Him FIRST. This is HIS Earth. We need to stop referring to everything as satanic because the devil didn’t create anything. I truly pray that ALL 7 billion plus of my brothers and sisters will understand that very soon.

  4. Man, where do I start, I am having trouble even writing this. I have spent years of my life ministering in this movement. But I have ministered the Word faithfully(which has made me quite the outcast). I live in Albany Oregon the city where the Elijah list is based. I have openly spoken against the Elijah list, Bentley, and most of what came out of the Toronto airport movement. I have also spoken strongly against the Redding Bethelazation of the American Church. But my message hasn’t been an ‘anti’ message but rather a message to the Church to come back to Jesus Christ and His Word, and to be lead by the true Spirit of God rather than deception.
    I of course absolutely believe that the Church is to walk in the power of God as Christ gave His authority to the Church to do so, and the Spirit of God empowers and emboldens all who will believe the Word concerning the power of the Gospel.
    But I also realize the greatest power that the true Gospel of Jesus Christ posses is the power to transform the lives of lost and worldly sinners, AND the continual transformation from glory to glory.
    In these false movements you will rarely see transformed people, but you will see a transformed Gospel, a Gospel that labels you ‘unloving’, judgmental, and religious, if you should stand on the Word of God, avoid evil and unGodliness, and refuse to participate in the ‘behind the scenes’ worldliness of the false crowd.
    They are constantly seeking an experience but rarely ever seek God in Prayer and His Word. And His Word has largely become an offense and as a physical sign of that you will rarely see these folks carrying a Bible to Church or anywhere else.
    Anyway I could go on for quite a while, but the one thing I will say is that the true Church has yet to rise up in any real power. We are wise to avoid evil and we must also equally encourage each other to stand up in what is right.

    • dear zionfire

      thank you for your insights. I was trying not to mention names, but you did hit a few.

      i can understand spiritually hungry people getting pulled into this. their lives are empty and they need a touch from god…so they go where the activity is.

      but the activity is not what they really need

      it is sad

      continue on in your efforts….eventually the deceived will wake up when they find their lives were as they were before, and they are still spiritually hungry

      then finally they will appreciate the true gospel and the word presented as it should be.

    • Zionfire,
      What a great testimony. Marianne touches on a very significant point, and that being the alternative has never been given to these people.

      A.W. Tozer once told a story to Ravenhill about a minister who told him if the Holy Spirit were to leave the church today, it would still continue to operate the way it did before. This is the big problem with the fundamentalist movement, in that it eventually got taken over by the scribes and leaders who dictate interpretation to the flock, rather than The Spirit of Truth revealing the Truth to the individual. Verbal inspiration was replaced by this “cult of textuality” as Tozer called it. They may have all the right doctrine in their belief statements but their church is dead to the Living Word of God. You can usually spot these people as they will sit there and quote doctrine, and give mainstream interpretation of scripture. If you enter one of these churches you are sure to get a sermon on those doctrines that is devoid of inspiration from the Holy Spirit.

      In my time, and through the Holy Spirit’s guidance, I have learned that Satan always attacks from 2 towers. Self righteousness vs lawlessness, Antisemitism vs. Judaizers, Charismatics gone wild vs. The dead pew sitter who mimics the scribes teachings….I could go on with this list. Point being, neither alternative is the right way.
      very few find the Narrow road that is a Spirit filled walk with the Lord, and Worship that is done in Spirit and truth. A Faith that has both sound doctrine and sound attitude is rare.

      Lately, we had the “Strange fire” conference, with many modern fundamentalists coming out and attacking the Charismatic movement. But in doing so, closed the book on all Spirit filled inspiration, and Hearing “the voice of God”. Many of those preachers are ones which I used to follow, MacArthur, Sproul, Justin Peters, etc. Though they were right in coming out against the craziness of the charismatics, they failed to give them a Spirit filled alternative. Instead, what replaced The Holy Spirit was a version of Calvinistic Charismatic teaching.

      What was missing. Godly sorrow, Unity of Spirit, the message of God’s Love and mercy coupled with his righteous judgment, Righteousness through Sanctification by faith, Total surrender, and the filling of the Holy Spirit. In a nutshell, the door was closed to revival in these churches.

      So now, The choice the church is left with, crazy charismatics, or dead fundamentalist scribes…Not much of a choice.

      Oh How I pray that they would see a church that is on fire for the Lord. If they did they would quickly run away from this craziness.

    • Thank you – I agree. If we have not yet fully realized what it means to submit to God, who is Love, we stumble. We should be careful not to twist His Word to suit our will. We cannot carry on doing things that seem okay, if the Word of God is clear on certain things. We only need to trust Him and follow Him! we shouldn’t chase satisfaction of our own understanding!
      Why else would we engage in things not advocated by God… only to serve self. When He finally gets hold of self and gets the chance to minister to us in Love, that is when real change happens and peace follows.

      Thank you for standing!!

    • Please email me.

  5. “The holy spirit is HOLY, and produces holy behavior, and worship. The power transforms us, helps us overcome evil, and brings us into the presence of God.”

    I am afraid this is true of Satanic spirits too but the HOLY is different and the GOD is different. (people believe they have ‘great insight and are ‘guided’) This is the danger that modern Gnostics fell into and many present day churches that have ‘found the light’. I have no solution.

  6. Dave – excellent comment.

    There is a “spirit” that deceives, pretending and giving false prophetic, spiritual insights.

    It is active within Pentecostal churches today.

    Python – spirit of divination (Acts 16:16).

    Can’t tell them about it – they don’t listen because the spirit of pride (Leviathan) works in the same pool.

    Psalm 25

  7. The Serpents will hide in caves from the Sun.
    Do you see what He did there?

  8. Marianne:

    I have reviewed your website occasionally and appreciate the full range of topics you list out for discussion. What is most interesting is the commentary from others. The origins of Yoga are obviously Hindu and supposedly each posture is a ‘sacrifice’ to a Hindu god, of which there are millions. But I do want to say something about physical exercise here and I know that many will disagree. First, I want to state my position that I am born again and have been educated in conservative Christian colleges including Wheaton Seminary and do not buy into any Eastern mysticism. It is subtle that Hinduism and Buddhism get re-packaged for the West to consume, but it is also unfortunate that we as Christians cannot be smart enough to separate out that which is good from that which is bad. For example, when I was in grade school and high school, (years ago now), Yoga was not on the radar in any public arena. I recall being at a bed & breakfast with my wife in my 20’s and was watching an older woman by the pool doing some unusual stretches and asked what she was doing. She replied Yoga. I believe that was the first time I had ever heard the term. Anyway, in high school, I remember in gym class that we had a month focus on gymnastics in which we did things like head stands, shoulder stands, hand stands, push ups, back bends, leg lifts, knee to the head stretches and more. What is interesting is that I can list out a Yoga name for each exercise that we practiced in high school. For example, head stand is sirsasana; shoulder stand is salamba sarvangasana; push up is chatarunga dandasana; etc. The word ‘asana’ simply means pose or posture, and is at the end of every Indian word for a Yoga pose. My question is “where did Yoga ever get the corner on exercise and brand it such so that no Christian should ever touch it or engage in it?!” My feeling is that there is excellent physical benefit to stretching and keeping flexible, especially as we age. It is more important than building muscle mass. But honestly, must we run like scared dogs because it looks like something practiced by people with different religious beliefs? Please hear me out folks. I am not advocating wholesale Kundalini or TM, or any of the Eastern religious baggage at all. But if you become fearful of doing any of these stretches just because they have a Yoga counterpart, or are even called Yoga, per se, I believe it is sort of absurd. We must be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. We must be aware that there are things about Yoga we cannot accept as well, but usually, they have nothing to do with the stretch. Christians should avoid saying ‘OM’ because this is a word used to call on all spirits. Christians should not repeat mantras because they are prayers to heathen gods. But you CAN praise God and meditate on Him while you exercise, can’t you? I agree with one other person who commented that its time to take back things from Satan. He lives to steal, kill and destroy. We let him take things from us that can actually be beneficial because of needless fear. So I say, hold on to that which is good and throw out that which is bad. If you do a push up or have a kid that is a cheerleader who does a back bend (urdhva dhanurasana) please don’t have a panic attack, OK? Peace.

    • Hi Mike

      I would agree with that. exercise is exercise…..if someone adds something else to it, then discretion is used. I am sure mankind was “stretching” before yoga was invented.

    • Yoga has NOTHING to do with Satan or ritualism! Maybe the modern day church owners/controllers got unnecessarily scared thinking if they lose their followers in someway or the other 😉 and published those videos. Yoga is a very ancient Indian concept, more-or-less equivalent to today’s (modern day) gym-exercises, to stay fit, WITHOUT any instruments!!! And its much better way to keep oneself 360 degree healthy & fit, BOTH internally and externally. It’s core concept is way beyond any Church’s understanding. Its getting negative reputation (EVEN in India, it’s birthplace) from the past few decades because it can destroy our GYM-Industry or Fitness business to a lot of extent. Just like you found the above video, you could also do some none-biased research thru google, too. For example, practicing it regularly can stop aging without any medicine, expensive beauty-creams, etc. But practicing yoga is a bit cumbersome (just like visiting Gym regularly).

      • I have had a yoga class at the local gym.

        the exercises are fine.

        it is the philosophy that they teach while they exercise that is not of God…..

        I stopped going to the class because I did not want to get indoctrinated in their religion.


    Its so funny to see that millions of Christians does mischief & misdeeds, small or big each and every day. And then blame it on something unseen termed as Satan.
    People shout “I believe in the Lord”, “I believe in Jesus Christ”, then shoots Bible quotes faster than a gun…but in their practical life none follows any of the teachings listed in the Bible!!!
    They run like hell after money and/or women throughout their entire life and screams “Jesus is our Savior, Messiah” and what not…but avoid Mark 10:25 like shit!!!
    90% of them can’t even understand what Christianity really is & teaches, but tries to experiment with concepts of other religions, and when failed miserably, shows smartness in insulting all other religions…reminds me of Grapes are sour 😉

    Kundalini knowledge is NOT for Christians, why bother?

    • I do not do any of that…and I am christian…but I follow teachings of Jesus, not man

      I have seen satan…..he is nothing

    • Satan is a defeated foe and is at his most dangerous(he has nothing to lose).

      Mark 10:25 The eye of the needle was a small gate next to the main gate in the wall of the city of Jerusalem. A camel could fit through this gate if it wasn’t carrying anything on its back. Jesus was making a point that a rich man with baggage could not make it to heaven, it would be easier for a camel to go through the eye of the needle. This has nothing to do with knitting.

      • This is the true meaning of Mark 10:25 :-

        It is impossible for anyone to be saved on his own merits. Since wealth was seen as proof of God’s approval, it was commonly taught by the rabbis (of past & present) that rich people were blessed by God and were, therefore, the most likely candidates for heaven. Jesus destroyed that notion, and along with it, the idea that anyone can earn eternal life. The disciples had the appropriate response to this startling statement. They were utterly amazed and asked, “Who then can be saved?” in the next verse. If the wealthy among them, which included the super-spiritual Pharisees and scribes, were unworthy of heaven, what hope was there for a poor man?

        Jesus’ answer is the basis of the gospel: “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God” (Matthew 19:26). Men are saved through God’s gifts of grace, mercy, and faith (Ephesians 2:8-9). Nothing we do earns salvation for us. It is the poor in spirit who inherit the kingdom of God (Matthew 5:3), those who recognize their spiritual poverty and their utter inability to do anything to justify themselves to a holy God.
        The rich man so often is blind to his spiritual poverty because he is proud & arrogant of his accomplishments and has contented himself with his wealth. It is impossible for him to humble himself before God as a camel is to crawl through the eye of a needle. It is this proud, arrogance, etc., which transforms 99% of us from a human to a Satan when we get the taste of wealth & power.
        You want proof? How many???

        In today’s hardcore materialistic world how many of us have the guts to practically follow Matthew 19:21??? So whats the point then shouting “I believe in Jesus…” and so on?

        Just saying… 😉 😉

        • true

          the prosperity message of today goes back to this misinterpretation also..

          those who are rich are blessed, and those who are not rich, do not tithe enough, and are being cursed by God.

          • Yea, joels the only one that’s clarified in a book of his that those less well off financially can substitute with a little of their time(like helping them do something they have to do, serve at soup kitchen or if same church or school and rhey need ride to pick them up. its giving someone in need just the same.

        • I basically said the same thing. You can’t go to heaven with baggage.

  10. I take it that two people at same service can end up, one getting Holy Spirit and other kundalini is because scientifically it’s the same physical energy flow through nervous system since a couple physical symptoms they have in common. It was definitely supernatural/psychedelic but no dog barks, lion and wolf sounds or passing out wallering and painful screaming. I wasn’t sure about the animal thing because I saw barking on another church video but couldn’t picture Joel Osteen goimg animalistic with headbanging or anything. He cries when he gets energy flow when preaching usually.

  11. […] Kundalini is a false version of the Holy Spirit. […]

  12. Help me

  13. Thank you so much for this insightful and discerning information. God greatly bless you.

  14. Thank you guys for this. I was trying to look up why pentecostals stand on their heads because I heard the testimony of Heidi Baker, and the Spirit of Wisdom came upon me afterwards very quickly before my brain had time to process what I heard about, telling me, “she nearly broke her neck.” I don’t know much about her, but she definitely has physical reactions to very physical things, even though she has a transformed life. I wanted to know why I have never stood on my head for the Gospel, and I guess I know that it just wasn’t God’s will for me to break my neck!
    I think that the reason for the weird reactions to Kundalini are due to demons, as the Spiritual realm is very unsafe and very powerful, enough to knock someone who is experimenting into a world of trouble. God works on consent because He made freewill, while the Devil takes away all freewill and binds us in slavery. I have talked to 2 people in depth concerning their unsafe experimentation in the spiritual realm, but neither of them were Pentecostals and neither were Christian, so I am still unsure concerning a broad ultimatum about Spiritual openness, but I know that it generally leads to Good things when people are immersed in nothing but God’s love simultaneously. Thanks again guys!

  15. Help me go judgment in heaven. Kamil book

  16. Hi, you don’t know me but I came across your website and I need help.
    I was at a conference called “power & love” from Todd White the last 4 days. It was really intense, I learned a lot about the power of the Holy Spirit and was able to pray over so many people and we saw real healing. It was great. Except, last night at the conference they did a giant prayer tunnel where you walked through and people laid hands on you and prayed for you to receive the “spirit of fire”, basically the baptism of the Holy Spirit but more if you had already received. I felt like it wasn’t right and I told everyone in my group and they said it was the devil trying to tell me not to do it. So I did it, but the entire time I walked through the tunnel I was in consistent prayer “God please protect me”. Now, I didn’t feel anything other than extreme anxiety and shakiness because of how intense it was. The adrenaline in my body was crazy. My whole chest felt on fire. But other people were on the floor convulsing and shaking and some were completely passed out. I just didn’t feel right about it and now I’m terrified I gave the devil the opportunity to put evil spirits on me. I researched a lot and believe it was Kundalini spirit. I am really scared and I feel super stupid and I don’t know what to do. But, I also didn’t invite anything. I didn’t want it! Can anyone give me any insight? I ONLY want the Holy Spirit, the true Holy Spirit from Jesus of Nazareth that I love! Not whatever the phony spirit I saw was. Please pray for me and if you have any wisdom or direction to lead me please please give it!

    • Kaitlyn

      since I do not know this todd white, I cannot really comment too much.

      in general, the holy spirit leads, he does not push or force you.

      this group may have been positive, but over zealous, and scared you.

      or the wrong spirit was present….

      I have been in prayer meetings where the whole group seemed to benefit, except me

      so I went into my prayer closet, when no one was around, got on my knees, and decided to stay there until I got the baptism of the holy spirit….it was just God and me….eventually, I did get what I came for,, and it was very special….I did not convulse or shake….

      It was a gentle experience. I just opened my mouth in faith, and made sounds (not english) just to have my mouth moving, and allowed the holy spirit to transform my sounds into a special prayer language,….I played some nice worship music also.

      I first noticed the sounds changing to a phrase I did not intentionally say, “holy living water.”

      this encouraged me, and finally about 45 minutes later, I received the baptism, and the gift of tongues .

      it was a peaceful happy time…..

      I have seen some people receive in a group, as the group excitement excites them too, and others tell me they had to take a walk in a meadow or in the woods, to be alone with god.

      from any prayer meeting, take what is good for you, and do not worry about the rest of it. we are all different, and will respond to god in various ways

      there is a path for you also…

      it sounds like you need the private experience, so try that.

      the important thing is to really want the holy spirit, and to see him as a person, who loves you, and not a “thing”….

      so you are seeking Him, not “it”

    • As hard as it is to hear, Todd White is a false prophet. I too was getting into the “run around healing” movement when I had a major check in my spirit that something was very, very off. Over time, I started to notice things that were off in White’s teachings and began doing research. For example, his teaching that God tested Abraham because Abraham had fallen into son idolatry. That isn’t taught anywhere in the Bible. In Hebrews, we learn Abraham had utter confidence in God – he believed God would raise Isaac from the dead. That test was a beautiful foreshadowing of God sacrificing His own Son, His Son being willing to die like Isaac was, and that God would provide a replacement sacrifice for us. White took Jesus out of it.

      I also began picking up on odd claims. Claims like “In 10 years I’ve never once felt shame or condemnation.” Or “In 8 years I’ve never once felt rejected” or “In 8 years I’ve never once lusted.” I found that rather strange, seeing how even the most zealous, devoted, Holy Spirit filled Christians managed to stumble in the Bible.

      I then found that he had claimed to be sinless, which didn’t surprise me after hearing him say the previous things.

      The last nail in the coffin was finding out that he runs with well-known prosperity preachers Benny Hinn and Copeland. Recently Copeland began fundraising for a 19 million $$ estate for White, and White has claimed Copeland is a mentor.

      Run, run away.

  17. You have your facts all wrong my friend! It’s easy to speak your lies when all you know is what you know. You sound brainwashed and attuned to this box religion preaches and presents as the gospel. What is the best way to control someone’s mind? By developing doctrines that instill fear into the minds of the believers. The word “Blaspheme” is cognitive to the creation of fear, and to think that the one we are not to “Blaspheme” against is “The Holy Spirit” let’s chime into this “truth”.

    Kundalini and Christ could be one in the same, or work together for the transformation as a scencion of ones light body. As children of light that we are. We begin to shift from this dimension to the others. I served the Christian church for 8 years, and this Holy Spirit was extremely inconsistent. Does not show up when called upon, it seems to only happen strongly when a group of people are thinking the same exact thought. Which in reality it is just the power of creation we all have as when Kundalini is activated along with the Third Eye, it makes everything that much easier. Kundalini does transform, it destroys old wounds and hurts, it brings out everything that needs to be forgotten! My experience with Kundalini has been awesome!

    Just because there is lack of knowledge of it doesn’t mean it’s wrong. I mean you probably still believe in a devil, and that Christianity is the only way! Biggest lie of the century. Do your research buddy. The church is fueled by the government and guess what the government cannot be trusted.

    • arc

      if god could be manipulated to act every time someone calls upon him, he would not be god….he is not our dog who obeys commands.

      god is sovereign. he acts when he wills it, but is more responsive to those of great faith and/or a humble heart. most churches lack this now, so I can see your disillusionment with that

      you nervous system can be manipulated into a kundalini experience, so kundalini is not the holy spirit. a bunch of neurons firing off is not god
      nerves can die, god can’t

      although the apostate church supports the government, and the government is apparently in league with this apostasy, the church is also hated by the government.

      there is a church organization which is irrelevant to god, and then there is a true body of believers, which is a small group. apparently, you have not encountered any of them.

      kundalini also opens the door to demonic oppression. be careful. it is best to drop this fascination with neurons firing off due to manipulation.

      you need to find the real god, and not a sensory experience. he is real. he created the neurons you are playing with.

  18. So please tell me why kundalini is present in our body why god have given kundalini energy to each and everyone of us…
    Because kundalini is Goddess
    Mother of God’s Mother of Jesus…
    She is not Satan you are Satan talking bad about your own loving mother
    Shame on you…

  19. The Kundalini Is The Holy Spirit! What Your Church Doesn’t Want You To Know
    I think this is amazing. Took a lot to finally come out and say this because of all the fear but Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you FREE!

    • shaan

      kundalini is satanic. it is not god.

      there is no goddess.

      mother of jesus is not kundalini or the holy spirit

      mary is just a woman who is dead now, for a long time

      you are deceived

      come out of this deception or you will suffer in hell

      your faith in demons will eventually cause you much suffering

      yes the truth will set you free, but you do not have the truth yet

  20. You didn’t answer my question I ask u what kundalini is doing in our body?
    If u don’t know about goddess kundalini than u are a stupid person
    U will go to hell she is mother universe she will punish u very badly but she is very forgiving and a compassionate lover I know I’m rude I want to insult u because without knowing the fact due to lack of knowledge u r insulting Indian’s Hindu culture because people in west are fools stupid people u all killed Jesus Christ don’t have faith even in him u have not accepted him as god or even as son of god…because u people are faithless eating non vegetarian food u want to do kundalini yoga it is not for u animal’s if u eat satvic vegetarian food than only u can achieve success and grace of kundalini she is playing with all of us making us fool all the time it is her way of dealing with sinners who don’t deserves her…but still drinking wine eating mutton if u want to do that than don’t blame her u r stupid fool who is trying to impress the Empress of whole universe it is a spiritual practice done by full devotion with full faith it is not for fun u have to be serious.. Actually u people want to show to everyone that u Christians are great and your culture is best but u people never came India if u came here u never dare to think like that because our culture our religion is older than 10,000 years or more and kundalini is related to each and every god if u insult such a old and real religion than u r biggest fool and u r Satan believe me if u insult god u r Satan and u will go to hell..

    • shaan

      you have to understand you are on a christian website, not a hindu one.

      according to the bible, you are pagans worshiping false gods, and it does not matter how old your religion is.

      satan is over 10,000 years old too.

      there is only one God, who is Yahweh. all others are false.

      salvation is not based on food or diet, but but repentance, and the forgiveness by the blood of Jesus.

  21. Hi. My name is Kris. Currently I am in Excelsior Springs at a place called Fellowship of the Martyrs.
    Around me I see a lot of really weird stuff passing itself off as heavenly in origin – it is a very mixed bag of beauty and awfulness, and everything kind of sucks while being awesome at the same time.
    When coming here I was told that a spirit called Python (Kundalini) resided along the human spine, and was almost impossible to get rid of. I figured it was a lot of shite, till I had squirmy feelings all along my spine soon after, and it freaked me out.
    Everyone swears they’re demonologist no.1 around here, and that they see shit in the spirit (making any outrageous claim they feel like – “hey, Kris, did you know Jesus and Appolyon are the second person? Srsly forreal, God told me, it’s all in the spirit. See there’s what the carnal Bible says and what it really means in the spirit.”. So basically they say whatever the hell they want, and it’s a non falsafiable claim.)
    I’m tired of this nonsense.
    I want Christ Jesus. I want to be holy. I want the Kundalini gone. I can feel it digging into spots in my body.
    Do I really have authority to remove this thing? I hate my own cynicism. I’m not trying to focus on people around me. But I don’t want to use Christ as a cloak for heresy and shitty behaivor.
    I mean no offense by my language. I am rather distraut, and lonely. I do not know who is lying and who is telling the truth. Where is the Body of Christ?
    Please reply.

    • *same person not second person, my mistake

    • kris

      emailing you…you have the authority if Christ is in you, but be prepared for a fight.

      the “church” is large, but the body of christ is small, as it is just a remnant, now that the apostasy has begun.

      I am sending you some prayers to say daily, if you can do that.

  22. Kundalini is built into all humans and is our birthright. It will absolutely put you in direct contact with God/Creator.

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