Iyar 5, 1948 – Re- Birth of Israel


On May 10, 2011, Israel will celebrate its 63rd birthday being back in

its land.

There are 2 important holidays this year for Israel, one day apart:

Yom Hazikaron – Memorial Day for fallen soldiers of Israel, May 9th

Yom Ha ‘atzmaut – Birthday of Israel, also called Independence Day,  May 10th (original date May 14th, Iyar 5)

Outside of the birth of the Messiah, this fulfillment of prophecy is one of the greatest in the bible.

While the same hostile neighbors plot its destruction, as they did in 1948, in initiating the Arab – Israeli conflict days later, God’s promises to Israel still hold firm.

See here for the Arab initiated war with Israel days after its rebirth.


63 years later, after 2 intifadas, a 6 day war in 1967, and the Lebanese war, all initiated by their enemies, Israel is succeeding and out performing its enemies in economics, military competence, medicine, science, agriculture, music, education, etc.

This is because Israel believes in pursuing life, not death.

clip_image002[5]  Hebrew word for “life”

So jealousy abounds even more.

There is a 3rd intifada planned, again, 5 days after the birthday, to

re-initiate hostilities and injustice against Israel.

This is discussed in a separate post.


What is interesting from a prophetic point of view, is that a covenant is planned at the UN for September, 2011 to remove more land from Israel, and create a Palestinian state. This is supposed to create “peace.”

It is also interesting that it will be the last 7 years of a 70 year residence in the land.

This may not just be a coincidence, for those who understand the importance of any 7 year period in prophecy.

It is very important for all godly people to support Israel at this time.

God will judge us as to who supported Israel, and who turned their backs.

In the meantime, I say to Israel, Happy Birthday!!!


40 Responses to “Iyar 5, 1948 – Re- Birth of Israel”

  1. https://heavenawaits.wordpress.com/poem-to-zion-my-love/

  2. Praise God because he will keep her always.

  3. TIME

    Seventy years old
    I see from the cold bald sun
    How bold The Lord of Hosts is.

    Set your words aright
    In your soul,
    Making every paper
    A space to say ISRAEL’s name better.
    Let us see the forms,
    For seventy years have come in
    With such a post
    Like of the post-war painters.

    Paint, write, sing, sing My People:
    Sing such songs as from the temple.
    Write the poetries on blocks,
    Make the words soft but sharp,
    Paint the salvation scene—
    Saluting the Christ’s army without corruption.

    The pain it takes is real…
    Just as My meals are sealed,
    Though We don’t know the hedge to heed to,
    Yet the film is a mesh,
    Penetrating from the hills of the cash
    Where the seal is made mild.

    The Time is above Seventy and approaching Ninety.
    His eye is the sun,
    His left eye’s been healed from the optical surgery,
    The old Nation is yet very strong
    And alive…
    Stress and weakness excluded,
    His nerves never boost His veins dry.

    Save the Time,
    Save the Lot-
    Pick the sand from your toe
    And take a hand-full to see the surface clearly,
    Then look up,
    The sun is like a ball,
    A bright round ball
    Pacing behind the dark cloud
    Away from their shame to a space
    So bright above the black smoke
    Beyond the white cloudy heavens.

    Save the Time,
    Save Israel and
    Say you are there-
    And do not make it bare
    For after the snare
    Comes a prey,
    Then the flair is paired…
    But the sun must keep to the stairs
    Climbing upward to the bay
    Never to sink again before the time…
    Seventy years have come and gone,
    Then you begin like a youth again
    Until you grow older after many years,
    Yet you keep on living.
    Say We can make it,
    And save the Time
    For posterity.

  4. Today is Yom HaAtzmaut, Independence Day in Israel. However, I (Dov bar Leib) celebrate it as Yom Atzamot, literally the Day of the Dry Bones (both words share almost identical spelling in Hebrew). The Day of the Dry Bones is part of the first half of Yechezkel’s (Ezekiel’s) vision (in the books of biblical prophecy, Yechezkel 37:1-14).

    The four winds part (the next part of Yechezkel’s vision), which according to the Sfas Emeth will be on Tisha B’Av, has not yet occurred.

    If you read the prophesy of the Dry Bones carefully, it is nothing less than the physical ingathering of the exiles (of the Jewish people) before the return of the spirit. It is very clear. It even says avdah tikvateinu (“our hope is lost”) before the bones come together, which is an exact line from HaTikvah (the national anthem of the State of Israel).

    Purim is exactly 30 days before Pesach and Chanukah is exactly 60 days after Isru Chag of Sukkot. So the Sfas Emeth postulated that the Rabbinical festivals are lunar reflections of the Shalosh Regalim (the 3 biblical Jewish festivals when all men had to come to the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, namely Passover, Shavuos, and Sukkot). At the End of Days Shavuot would have two Rabbinic festivals associated with it, one exactly 30 days prior and one exactly 60 days after isru chag of Shavuot.

    The 30 days prior one is Yom Atzamoth (Yom HaAtzmaut – Israel Independence Day) while the one 60 days after will be on Tisha B’Av and will celebrate the spiritual rebirth of the four winds, which has not yet occurred.

    Because only the first half of Yechezkel’s vision has occurred so far, many Chareidim (Jewish ultra-orthodox) are confused by what they see (and stand against the seemingly physical fulfillment completely lacking a spiritual component).

    May we merit the four winds and the geulah shalayma this year!

    • hi Gavriel

      From what you said about the end time festivals, it seems like all is fulfilled. Yom Atzamoth and Tisha B’Av are already a reality.

      What is the spiritual rebirth of the 4 winds?

      • Only Independence Day (30 days before Shavuot – like Purim 30 days before Passover) has been fulfilled, but not only Tisha B’Av is not yet holiday but it is a day of mourning, and God promised that he would transform all fasting days (4 of them) into days of joy, especially Tisha B’Av which is greatest mourning day…that would mirror Hannukah, as what Hannukah is to Isru Chag of Succoth, 60 days later;

        Ez. 37:9 Then said He unto me: ‘Prophesy unto the breath (Ruach), prophesy, son of man, and say to the breath (Ruach): Thus saith the Lord GOD: Come from the four winds, O breath, and breathe upon these slain, that they may live.’

        Ruach is not physical breath, but divine soul which God breathed into Adam, Israel is restored in flesh, but divine breath of salvation didn’t enter into them on mass scale, this can happen only when Jews accept Yeshua as their Mashiach!

        14 And I will put My spirit (Ruach) in you, and ye shall live, and I will place you in your own land; and ye shall know that I the LORD have spoken, and performed it, saith the LORD.’

        Four winds could correspong to four archangels – Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael, or to four levels of the soul – Nefesh, Ruach, Neshamah and Chayah; Or two four elements that encircle Throne of Divine Chariot – “a stormy wind”, “a great cloud”, “flashing up fire” and “a brightness roundabout”; Or Seraphim’s faces: Lion on the right, Ox on the left, Eagle from behind and Man in front;

        • Hi Gavriel,
          Can you please tell me where in the Tanakh Yahweh promises to change the 4 fast days of mourning into days of joy.

          Thanks, Amanda

  5. My Father,

    Help us, all of your children, to come to the knowledge of who we really are in you. That it is not the Jews over there and not the Christians outside of the land of Israel. But only one people bear your name, Kol Yisrael! May Eliyahu come and bring the restoration of all things, turning the hearts of the Fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the Fathers, that we be one in Yahshus Ha Mashiach.

    Pray for Yisrael!!!!

  6. Al the prophet that God promised as already been to Israel twice exactly as God predicted. The first time he planted her in the Jezreel Valley for a gathering on his holy hill in May 2006. She travelled from one end of Israel to the other. The second time he sent her to Jerusalem in September 2007 to embed the covenant for the children on the temple mount on 999.

    Christ told the Jewish orthodox that they would only know when the Queen of South had arrived because the sign of Jonah would be seen by them in Israel. The sign of Jonah turned up in May 2010, and because they took no notice the fires came next. 5 million trees burned on the Mount of the Prophet. Prophecies state that if Israel still does not do the will of God the floods will come next upon Israel.

    Remember this that the bible tells you that God loves ZION more than Israel. The daughter of ZION as received her kingship, exactly as Prophet Micah predicted that she would after she returned from the USA e.g. Babylon.

    • “The second time he sent her to Jerusalem in September 2007”

      What was her name? Do you remember?


  7. hi IBM

    It is a little confusing to me too.

    But it is because on the Jewish calendar, back in 1948, it was Iyar 5, which happened to be May 14/15, 1948 on the solar calendar.

    But this year Iyar 5 falls on May 9,2011. But because of some other reasons, they decided to celebrate it on May 10.

    To make it a little more confusing, the Jewish day starts on the evening before on the solar calendar and ends on the evening of the next solar day.

    So, after sundown, on May 14, 1948, to them is the next day ( May 15).

  8. hi IBM

    It was May 5th in 1976. See this link:


    here is some history for that year in Israel


    Israel has had a history of wars. Lebanon was having a civil war at the time, and later on, in a different year, this involved Israel.

    I do not think one has to be born on a special holiday to have deeper meaning to their lives.

    Having Hebrew blood would give her a particular cultural and religious background.

  9. I read on the Internet the September 11th is the day they will submit the UN resolution to create a PLO state. That is quite something! Huh! That date must really be important to them! Maybe it’s important to the devil (antichrist), who knows? It seems like it. I’ve always wondered if the US allowed 911 just to happen. I really do. Bin Laden planned it but I think the US found out about it and didn’t stop it. But I could be wrong, but that is what it seems like.

    May 15th is Nakba, that is Sunday. It is the day that the PLOs lament that they had to leave their cities and towns when Israel was created. Already today there is some trouble in Jerusalem. Arabs are calling for a big march against Israel. You never know what can happen now with all the big uprisings. The Arabs are feeling empowered.

    We don’t hear anything from the US about what they are doing with the information they got from the Bin Laden raid. I heard on the Internet that Obama told Pakistan he will go after the remaining main terrorist leaders with our without Pakistan’s permission.

    Things are definitely in an uproar and there is a lot of commonition happening right now. The bible tells us not to enter Israel now. Once Israel is surrounded by her enemies, we are suppose to flee. With Egypt falling, Isreal is totally surrounded now by enemies.

    According to the bible, I think, Gaddifi or his forces will retain control because this is one of the nations that is in the Psalm 83 war.

    Things really aren’t looking good over there in the Middle East. I’m preparing for the end now as much as what I can. Physically I’m really being attacked now. It just reminds me so much about how the bible says that God will shorten the days for the Elect’s sake. That has got to start happening very soon.

    There’s also definitely been a nuclear meltdown in Japan. Eventually the radiation that goes into the water will make 1/3 of the rivers bitter. I believe. It’s one of the seals. There is so much that they must not be telling us about Japan. Not to mention when Japan’s quarterly ecomonic reports start to come out. They pumped billions of dollars into their stock exchange to keep it from collasping after the earthquake.Literally in 2 days they pumped almost $200 billion into it.

    Definitely looks like the tribulation is extremely close to starting now.

    Remember 2 things the bible tells us is not to be troubled and not to be terrified when we hear of these wars and commotions. If anyone is having fearful feelings go read verses like Luke 24:6. It will take the fear away when you read it.

    Sister KIm

  10. Israel Clashes With Protesters on Four Borders
    Published: May 15, 2011

    JERUSALEM — Israel’s borders erupted in deadly clashes on Sunday as thousands of Palestinians — marching from Syria, Lebanon, Gaza and the West Bank — confronted Israeli troops to mark the anniversary of Israel’s creation. More than a dozen people were reported killed and scores injured


  11. The following is the daily Torah portion for May 15th, 2011:

    Torah Reading for Bechukotai

    Leviticus 26:3-27:34 1st Portion | 2nd Portion | 3rd Portion | 4th Portion | 5th Portion | 6th Portion | 7th Portion | Complete Reading

    Chapter 26
    3. If you follow My statutes and observe My commandments and perform them, ג. אִם בְּחֻקֹּתַי תֵּלֵכוּ וְאֶת מִצְוֹתַי תִּשְׁמְרוּ וַעֲשִׂיתֶם אֹתָם:

    4. I will give your rains in their time, the Land will yield its produce, and the tree of the field will give forth its fruit. ד. וְנָתַתִּי גִשְׁמֵיכֶם בְּעִתָּם וְנָתְנָה הָאָרֶץ יְבוּלָהּ וְעֵץ הַשָּׂדֶה יִתֵּן פִּרְיוֹ:

    5. Your threshing will last until the vintage, and the vintage will last until the sowing; you will eat your food to satiety, and you will live in security in your land. ה. וְהִשִּׂיג לָכֶם דַּיִשׁ אֶת בָּצִיר וּבָצִיר יַשִּׂיג אֶת זָרַע וַאֲכַלְתֶּם לַחְמְכֶם לָשֹׂבַע וִישַׁבְתֶּם לָבֶטַח בְּאַרְצְכֶם:

    While Yah is watching over Yisrael, the majority of the Jews and their “distant” brothers, are still in a state of ignorance and rebellion. The daily Torah reading explains a lot about why we are seeing Yisrael, the land and the people, in the distress they are in (which includes the United States due to the large numbers of Yisrael who live here. Not just Jews), and the reason for the 3rd Intafada beginning on this day. Having said that, prior to 1948 you would have been hard pressed to find just 1 Messianic Jew. Now they are numbered in the millions and many in the West are beginning to understand who we really are in Mashiach!

    Pray for the coming harvest of Yisrael from the Gentiles and ethnic Yisrael

    • Al
      I saw somewhere that there are approximately 15000 messianic Jews in Israel. Do you know about this?

  12. Hey Dru,

    Yes, I have read about this. They say there are about 120 Messianic congregations in Yisrael now, with numbers between 10,000-15,000. I do believe that as time goes on, their numbers will increase everywhere there are ethnic Jews. But in addition to that, I believe that many in the church are going to come to a realization of who they really are in Mashiach and will join their ranks. We live in exctiting days!!!!

    • Just out of curiousity, what is different about their beliefs, and the “mainstream” gentile churches? I know they celebrate the Jewish feasts, etc. I have no problem with that, but what do they feel is the role of someone like me, a gentile? (Unless I am a Danite? LOL)

    • That is fantastic!!!!
      Jesus is our King, not long now and we will be saved from this insanity on the planet.

      I was born on 1973/02/05 can someone tel me my real date, I do not know how to work it out. The Bible said that the antichrist will change the time and the Vatican did.


  13. Hey Dru,

    G-d thinks of your role as a JEW 🙂

    Romans 2:29No, a man is a Jew if he is one inwardly; and circumcision is circumcision of the heart, by the Spirit, not by the written code. Such a man’s praise is not from men, but from God.

    Galatians 3:29 If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.

    Galatians 4:7 So you are no longer a slave, but a son; and since you are a son, God has made you also an heir.

    Ephesians 3:6 This mystery is that through the gospel the Gentiles are heirs together with Israel, members together of one body, and sharers together in the promise in Christ Jesus. 🙂

  14. There is only one reason why Israel was gathered again in 1948, their destruction in Armageddon! http://sabbathsermons.com/category/israel/

  15. Marrianne that is true, 2018 will make Isreal’s seventieth year as a nation. Before 1948 there were various skeptics that said&even writing books saying how that Isreal would never be a nation. Even my own mother born in 1924 said that everyone where she lived would say that Isreal would never become a nation When Isreal became a nation the skeptics were still not convinced but said, give it 3,5,7,10,15,20,25,30 ect years and Isreal will still fall. Well Isreal has been a nation nearly 64 years. What do the skeptics say now?

    • hi ronnie

      2018 should be an interesting year, if we live to see it.

      I pray that all righteous people are protected until Messiah returns.

  16. Modern day Israel is a false regathering. The Holy Land will only be cleansed by the return of Yahshua. Have you not seen the Maitreya Logo on this very site? The ‘Star of David’ is the symbol of Saturn…..the symbol of Satan. Israel was recreated so that Apollo can rule from there when he comes posing as the Lord Himself. Jesus called it Sodom & Egypt in Revelation. Just as Jerusalem fell in 70AD, it will fall 70 yrs after it false re-establishment. “For when you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies, know that the desolation is nigh” Luke 21:20 This is that desolation in which the Lord pointed out that Daniel spoke of. YHWH is the one who regathers Yisrael. Until that time He is our dwelling place.

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