Sunspot activity, economic stress, and terrorism?

This is the last solar cycle 23. We are beginning solar cycle 24. Each cycle is about 11 years.

Graph reference:

I have noticed that the last stock market crash, the infitada against Israel, and the 9-11 attack occurred during the peak (2000-2002) of the last solar cycle (1997-2008). The last cycle was peaking about 3 years after onset, lasted 2 years, then started a decline for 6 years. Solar cycles and the magnetic activity can affect brain waves, and peoples’ decisions and behavior.

Reference (stocks):

3 years into the solar cycle the sunspots were peaking for a 2 year period. This exactly lines up with the stock market crash.

10th Worst Stock Market Crash in USA:

Date Started: 1/15/2000
Date Ended: 10/9/2002

Total Days: 999
Starting DJIA: 11,792.98
Ending DJIA: 7,286.27
Total Loss: -37.8%

If the solar cycle 24 follows the same pattern, which is speculation, then another economic crash – or correction – could occur about 2011. This would last about 2 years. I wonder if this would open the way to another terrorist attack, or an all out war, since a collapse in the economy would make the country more vulnerable to self defense.

If the terrorism increase occurred in the same pattern as above, a major event would occur in 2012.

** Note – I notice that investment oriented people are visiting this post. The general pattern for risk taking is NOT during the solar peak periods. Be very conservative, or do nothing at all. The best time for risky speculation is at the beginning or end of a solar peak. This is when you can think best, and make better decisions. As the peak time approaches, brain waves become more desynchronized, and the DESIRE to take risks is stronger, but it is also the time for crazy thinking, and the possibility of FAILURE is higher.

This is also why I predicted the next peak period will bring increased terrorism, maybe a war. This is because terrorists are already crazy, and anything will set them off. This does not mean that we should not be on the lookout at other times. We should always be vigilant.

Human intelligence is connected to electromagnetic activity. Could storms of electromagnetic activity from the sun influence human behavior, causing disorientation and erratic decisions?

Human intelligence: The brain, an electromagnetic system synchronized by the Schumann Resonance signal . Medical Hypotheses , Volume 60, Issue 6 , Page 843 N . Cherry


The human brain is a biological organ. On one hand it is soft, flexible and adaptive, but on the other hand is relatively stable and coherent with well developed intelligence. In order to retain intelligent thinking in a soft and adaptive organ there needs to be a constant, globally available, synchronization system that continuously stabilizes the brain. Rapid intelligence and reactions requires and electromagnetic signaling system, supported by a biochemical system. The Schumann Resonance signal provides a brain frequency range matching electromagnetic signal, providing the synchronization needed for intelligence.

Here is a link to Dr. Cherry’s conclusion that sun activity affects human health (different articles):

Schumann Resonance signal, which is modulated by the solar activity, and is detected by the human brain, and modulates the Melatonin output, is related to serious depression and suicide. Can it influence suicide bombers to go into action?

In a similar way, people handling large financial decisions might be less rational (less “synchronized”) and make poor decisions, as they did before the last crash. We recall that they portrayed a false positive economy, shooting prices up, and giving investors over inflated values for their stocks. Eventually this ended in a crash and a correction. Will those in charge of Wall Street and markets around the world make similar bad decisions again during this period?

Is all this a coincidence? Maybe, but it is something to think about. I compared solar activity over the last century with stock market crashes. There is usually some connection.

In the market crashes I listed below, I marked the years that were correlated with high solar peak activity. The greatest activity was in 1950 and 1960, but there was no crash. That was the era of the Korean and Vietnam wars. I also noted that terrorism started gaining momentum in the 1970’s, and it has been around ever since. This could be related or not. Sometimes, war stimulates an economy.

** note that overall, the intensity increases in each cycle after 1948, when Israel became a nation again.

9th Worst Stock Market Crash:

Date Started: 11/21/1916
Date Ended: 12/19/1917

Total Days: 393
Starting DJIA: 110.15
Ending DJIA: 65.95
Total Loss: -40.1%

8th Worst Stock Market Crash:

Date Started: 9/12/1939
Date Ended: 4/28/1942

Total Days: 959
Starting DJIA: 155.92
Ending DJIA: 92.92
Total Loss: -40.4%

7th Worst Stock Market Crash:

Date Started: 1/11/1973
Date Ended: 12/06/1974

Total Days: 694
Starting DJIA: 1051.70
Ending DJIA: 577.60
Total Loss: -45.1%

6th Worst Stock Market Crash:

Date Started: 6/17/1901
Date Ended: 11/9/1903

Total Days: 875
Starting DJIA: 57.33
Ending DJIA: 30.88
Total Loss: -46.1%

The 5th worst stock market crash:

Date Started: 11/3/1919
Date Ended: 8/24/1921

Total Days: 660
Starting DJIA: 119.62
Ending DJIA: 63.9
Total Loss: -46.6%

4th Worst Stock Market Crash :

Date Started: 9/3/1929
Date Ended: 11/13/1929

Total Days: 71
Starting DJIA: 381.17
Ending DJIA: 198.69
Total Loss: -47.9%

3rd Worst Stock Market Crash:

Date Started: 1/19/1906
Date Ended: 11/15/1907

Total Days: 665
Starting DJIA: 75.45
Ending DJIA: 38.83
Total Loss: -48.5%

2nd Worst Stock Market Crash:

Date Started: 3/10/1937
Date Ended: 3/31/1938

Total Days: 386
Starting DJIA: 194.40
Ending DJIA: 98.95
Total Loss: -49.1%

Worst Stock Market Crash Ever:

Date Started: 4/17/1930
Date Ended: 7/8/1932

Total Days: 813
Starting DJIA: 294.07
Ending DJIA: 41.22
Total Loss: -86.0%

If this happens to be a reliable theory, then we can plan our investments – and our defenses – accordingly. Any thoughts?

*** date: (11-09-08) Realize that not every crash occurred during a peak period (date is colored above if it is), but the likelihood is increased during one. Notice that most crashes listed above did occur during one. We are now experiencing one now, and I have some suspicions about this one. I am waiting myself to see what happens.  But whatever happens in the short term, there is a danger of a reoccurance by 2011-2012 that a bigger one will happen following this one.  There may be a temporary recovery in between.  If so, let your stocks go up in value, and then pull out.

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    “The problem is, the eruption occurred on the side of the sun facing earth which means, the Coronal Mass Ejection is on its way to the planet earth. It’s expected arrival is Aug. 3. This is known as a geomagnetic storm, and they have been known to cause electrical power outages and damage communications satellites. They drive shock waves which produce energetic particles that can be damaging to both electronic equipment and astronauts that venture outside the protection of the Earth’s magnetic field.

    Expect the government and all observatories to be on high alert.They know a CME is coming, they can probably prepare for its arrival. The reason I find this particular story interesting is because the event being discussed continues to happen more frequently, and on a larger scale than prior events of such a magnitude. Is our solar system going through a time of great change? Should we spend more time laying under the stars? We will see how this particular CME effects earth on August 3rd. It will effect the area of earth facing the sun. “

    • hi Lyndsey

      It sounds like we all need to stock up on batteries and candles, etc, and something to help us stay cool in summer. Hand fans!

  3. A BEHEMOTH SUNSPOT EMERGES: A large and active sunspot is rotating over the sun’s southeastern limb on Oct. 17th.

    This sunspot could cause a sharp increase in solar activity over the weekend. Earlier this week, while it was still hidden behind the southeastern limb, the active region unleashed several M-class solar flares and hurled a massive CME into space.

    Considering the fact that the blast site was partially eclipsed by the edge of the sun, those flares were probably much stronger than their nominal classification. Now that the sunspot has revealed itself, X-flares may be in the offing.

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