Once In 28 Years: Blessing of the Sun


Wednesday, April 8th, 2009, Erev Pesach (Eve of Passover), we celebrate a once in a 28 year accordance- when the Sun returns to the exact position in the sky as when it was created, during the 6 days of creation. What meaning might this have for us?

It is a time to thank God for his creation, and admire His handiwork. The Jews recite a blessing called “Birkat Hachamah:”

“Blessed are You, Lord our G‑d, King of the universe, who reenacts the works of creation.”

Here is a complete explanation here:


In terms of other calendars:

The solar cycle is a 28 year cycle of the Julian calendar with respect to the week. It occurs because leap years occur every 4 years, and there are 7 possible days to start a leap year, making a 28 year sequence.

On the Gregorian calendar, there is a cycle of 400 years

The Mayan calendar has a 5125.25 year cycle.

Does this new cycle (206) indicate the initiation of other new things for us?

With the dire reports regarding world events, will it be our last time to thank Him, or does it remind us that God is always there, that creation will continue, and there will be a cycle 207?

It is interesting that it takes 3 sets of 7 years to accomplish the sun being in the same position as before. 7 seems to be a recurring theme in the bible.

In the Book of Revelation, there are

7 seals

7 thunders

7 trumpets

7 bowls

Daniel’s prophecy mentioned 70 weeks, and a last week (7 years) as a significant time.

The Moon also takes 28 days to orbit the earth. So there is the 28 number again.

God does have a way of being precise about his timing of events, even if they, at first, seem to be a mystery to us.

For those interested in God’s perfect timing, this April 7th, 2009, then would indicate a significant “start time” for something that is planned, or predicted.

If Erev Pesach, April 7th, 2009 is the beginning of the first 7 years, then the midpoint of that 7 years would be about October 7th, 2012.

Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) in 2012 will start on Monday, the 1st of October and will continue for 7 days until Sunday, the 7th of October. So the 3 ½ years would end on or about the last day of the holiday.

Starting Erev Pesach, what could be significant about the first 7 years, the second 7 years, and the third 7 years? ….. Or maybe just the first 7 years? That is enough to think about!

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27 Responses to “Once In 28 Years: Blessing of the Sun”

  1. […] as when it was created, during the 6 days of creation. What meaning might this have for us? Click here for […]

  2. It is so interesting to see so many upcoming events pointing to the soon coming of Christ. Just watching the news shows mounting evidence daily. News coming from the G-20 summit taking place right now is almost like reading the end of days prophesies in the Bible. And the Spirit and the Bride say, “Come!” DavWms

    • Hi David,

      The season is upon us. I see Jacob’s trouble ahead for all, but God’s assurance at the end of that trouble. I wish for this to happen quickly for my sake, but slow enough to include my loved ones who are not ready yet.


  3. Dave, I agree, we live in very sad times but also very exciting times. To watch the news today is like reading the bible, almost. Even the global monetary system they are talking about is so real to bible prophesy. Time is so short, and so few are interested.
    Marianne, you do such a good job here. I dont post much, only when I feel moved to do so. But I enjoy your site more than others.


  4. No, Marianne…
    I’m scare about that, because I’m not perfect and i made a lot mistakes..

  5. Very interesting. Isn’t April 8, 2009 the date North Korea has planned to launch their latest missile???

  6. Hi Marianne: Sooo scary that the current events are all relating to the bible like a jigsaw puzzle, and the stage is being set right now, men are being aligned for the big show down in the middle east and soon we will have Armageddon!!! What is so sad, is that I can’t even get anyone to listen to me that the ship is about to sink!!!! But just recently, my neighbor across the street that is temporarily staying there wants to hear about the gospel, praise Jesus! Thanks for sharing Marianne.

  7. Hi Marianne,
    I have just received a letter from Maurice Sklar. I thought to post it here, because it seems important.

    The Closing Of The Gates Of Grace
    Maurice Sklar
    Mar 30, 2009
    Tonight I watched as the Holy Spirit gave me a vision.
    I saw two massive gate doors – both on the right and the left of the earth. They were made out of gold with precious gems embedded in them. They were positioned over the earth in the spirit realm. On the other side of the gates was heaven. On our side of the gates was the earth suspended in space. Then I saw a mighty angel on each side of the two gates. They were standing as sentries guarding the doorway or portal from the two realms. They each had a large sword in their hands that was on fire and it seemed to spin around perpetually in every direction and it shot these flames out all around them. I was amazed and awed at their glory and size. They seemed as large as the earth below them. The gates were even larger in size than they were! Both the angels and the gates were glowing as bright as the sun, it seemed. On the heavenly side – light was streaming like a river flowing toward the earth. As I looked into the glorious light, I saw the Lord sitting on His throne in great majesty with many crowns on His head. He had an iron/bronze-looking scepter in his right hand and an old-fashioned-looking harvesting sickle in the other.
    Suddenly, I heard His voice. It sounded like a roaring ocean of water and wind as He spoke. I have never heard such a sound before. He said,
    “The time has come to close the gates of grace upon the earth. The nations have rejected Me and My Father long enough. Lift the coverings of protection off of those nations that have chosen Babylon over my Kingdom. I will no longer protect them from reaping what they have sown.”
    Then the two angels on each side of the golden gate leaves began to move slowly to shut the giant doorway/portal. I noticed that this was a slow process, because I saw the seasons change on earth and some years pass before it was fully closed. As it was closing, I was able to look closer at the river of light that was pouring upon the earth. In it was every blessing and healing grace, forgiveness, unconditional agape love, and the constant flow of angels carrying all these wonderful blessings to the earth.
    Right before the gates shut, I heard the Voice of the Lord say,
    “Come up here, my Bride, and escape the wrath that is about to be poured out upon the earth.”
    I heard a nearly deafeningly loud blast of heavenly trumpets from both those angels at the same time, and suddenly, I saw multitudes of souls – millions and millions of them – ascending out of the earth very fast in a flash of light. The river of light coming through the gates met them in the upper atmosphere of the earth and then reversed itself and all the souls and the river of light went back up out of the earth and into the closing gates back into heaven.
    Then I saw the gates finish shutting completely – at a much faster rate now after the souls from earth had finished going into heaven. Then, it became so dark that I could no longer see the stars even. There was no more river of light flowing down upon the earth. The earth was covered in what looked like white neon hexagon shapes in a web above the earth (please see my teaching “Visions from the Dallas Revival 1985” on my websight) It rapidly became opaque where I could no longer see the earth underneath. I just saw a brownish looking color –like a stagnant pond – where the oceans and land could be seen only a few moments before. Then, nearly just as fast, the whole earth seemed to be swallowed up in the thickest black darkness I had ever seen. It was like a black hole in the universe. It made the rest of the universe look light in comparison, if I could describe it that way.
    I felt so sick and hopeless as I saw this. Then, just like I had heard back in the vision in 1985, I began hearing the screams of millions upon millions of souls that I knew were trapped in that darkness below in the earth. The Holy Spirit then spoke to me and said,
    “This is now coming upon the whole earth as a snare and a trap. This is what the nations have chosen. As they have done, so shall it be done to them. As they have cursed, so shall they be cursed. As they have condemned, so shall they be condemned. The time of My wrath shall surely come. The nations shall drink of the wine of the wrath of My cup that I have mixed for them. Woe! Woe! Woe to the earth for the hour of her judgment has surely come! Babylon shall now fall and be consumed by the fire of my wrath.”
    Then I realized that these were still events to come in the future. But I also somehow knew that it was imminent. Once again, I saw the doors of the gates of grace still remained partially open. I knew that this was our present time now. I was so relieved to see the river of light flowing into the earth again. But, the doors were closing fast! They weren’t fully opened as they were even a few years ago. I knew that we didn’t have much more time. The Lord spoke again so loudly and powerfully:
    “Warn them! Time is very short! You must preach the gospel and work while it is still daylight. The night comes very soon, and no man can then harvest in the time of grace ever again. The doors of grace are beginning to close. REPENT! REPENT! REPENT O Earth before the river of light stops flowing! Then you will face Me, not as Merciful Savior, but as the Judge of all the earth. Who will hear and heed the final call of the silver trumpet’s clarion of Grace, Grace! My Spirit will not strive with sinful man forever. Come to Me now while there is still a little time left. I am coming soon for My overcoming Bride. Keep your lamps burning…Watch and Pray…I AM AT THE DOORS OF GRACE! They are closing quickly….Come into My ark of safety…come into the Bridal chamber and the doors will SHUT…I AM COMING FOR YOU, MY BELOVED!”
    I pray that we all take heed to God’s prophetic warning and be ready when he appears for His glorious, waiting Bride.
    Love in our Messiah,
    Maurice Sklar

  8. “The time has come to close the gates of grace upon the earth. The nations have rejected Me and My Father long enough. Lift the coverings of protection off of those nations that have chosen Babylon over my Kingdom. I will no longer protect them from reaping what they have sown.”

    Marianne, I have felt this for so long. I believe this prophecy is right on target.
    I felt every emotion when I read it. Time is so short, and people need to know, but so many do not seem to care.
    I have felt God’s hand of protection has lifted from this nation, and He will take His Bride out of here before He pours out his final wrath.
    Thanks, again!!!

    • Hi Patty

      Maurice Sklar is a sincere person. I agree with him. What grieves me is the loss of loved ones, that we may all leave behind, if they don’t wake up immediately. My impression is that it will be in the next year and a half.

  9. Hi,

    First of all I am glad that N.K. mission did not take place today. Some have called it a toy, a firecracker, a rocket and a missile. What people seem to forget is N.K. alliance with China … If it was just a firecracker why are there at least 15 u.s. armed ships in that region? Well soon enough we will know the payload.
    Now on the time of Grace coming to an end, I believe it is already. We are in my opinion in the time of Mercy. His Mercy is Everlasting.
    His Title is Everywhere. He is King and Almighty!
    Marianne why do you say that your impression is that ‘it’ will be in the next year and a half?

  10. Hi Abigail

    As we get closer to year 2011, the solar cycle 24 will reach its peak, and it is possible that large solar storms will occur, along with effects on the earth. If we have any improvement in the social or physical environment, it may be brief. Since this is the beginning of another 7 year cycle within a 28 year cycle, we will see clues by this summer, what to expect for the rest of the time.

    As I sat and re-read the book of revelation, it was obvious to me that any Christians that fit the descriptions of the churches that were rebuked by Jesus would have to suffer the tribulation. Only Philadelphia was promised it would escape the trials. I personally do not think I will be here much longer. I cannot say how I would “leave.” My whole generation is dying earlier than the last one. My parents lived to be in their 80s. My cohorts are dying in their 50s.

    Since I am not a prophet, please do not feel bound by anything I say as absolute. The way the world is going now, “it” could be another war, where many get killed. Maybe we will get lucky and get raptured. It seems like the rapture is only for the Bride. The unrepentant church will have to go through the 3 1/2 years along with Israel.

  11. Hi Marianne,

    Your response saddens me. Are you ill? It is twice now that you leave me an impression that your health is suffering.

    We Christians are to overcome. I do not mean to preach but just to remind us, that
    He who abides in us IS mighty!

    And Marianne why would you say you are not a prophet since you are His Servant?
    Your reward is with Him.

    I would love to see His Glorious Hand defeat His enemies. Like He did when He took off the wheels from the chariots of the pursuant Egypt. I would love to witness the complete defeat of His enemy. And I look forward to the day when Satan is chained up!

    Blessings to you and yours.

  12. bbc news breaking news

    Japan says that that N.K. has just launched.

  13. Well I think we will never know what the payload was. Apparently there is no satellite in orbit. Strange.
    The blessing of the Sun this year, this time occurs the day before passover, which is also a rare occurrence.
    I have heard that only a few times in the history of man that the timing aligns this way.
    One of those times was at exodus.

  14. Hi Marianne,
    I have found some writings on the blessing of the sun for this year. May this cheer you up.

    G-d is hidden during our Exile. We can’t find Him. We know He is here, but we don’t know how to find Him. Or maybe it’s the other way around? Maybe we are the ones who are hiding. As the Torah says, “the man and his wife hid from G-d among the trees of the Garden….” [1]
    But right now, my friends, the game is over. We’d better be ready, because He is going to find us very soon, and when He does … watch out!

    On Wednesday morning, April 8 the Children of Israel will recite Birkas ha Chama, the Blessing of the Sun. The fact that it will take place on the day before Passover is extremely unusual. The Ostrovster Admor, who lived some two hundred years ago, reportedly said that this occurred only a few times in history, including immediately before the Exodus from Egypt and before the original miracle of Purim. The Ostrovster apparently predicted that its next occurrence, which is in a few days, would be a prelude to the Final Redemption and the coming of Moshiach ben Dovid. Others say this is not so, and the dates come out wrong. I am not in a position to comment on this, but let us for a moment try to understand a little about the Blessing of the Sun and what it could mean when it falls on the day before Passover. What difference does it make when it falls?

    We bless the sun when it stands in exactly the same POSITION it did at its original creation and at the exact TIME of week at which it was created. This happens only once every twenty eight years, when the universal clock is set back to zero with the return of the sun to its starting point.
    Every twenty eight years, the world begins anew.
    In fact every day the world begins anew. As we say in the Morning Prayers, “In His goodness He renews daily, perpetually the work of creation.”
    So too, every month also the world begins anew with the appearance of the New Moon. As we say, “To the moon, He said it should renew itself as a crown of splendor for those borne [by Him] from the womb.”
    The renewal of the sun, however, is a renewal of all creation, because it involves a return to the original work of that First Week. But on that first week of creation everything was spoiled only two days later when Adam and Eve rebelled against G-d in the Garden of Eden. So G-d gives us a new chance every twenty eight years, when the universe is renewed in purity. But, each time, that new beginning is immediately spoiled again, because mankind is still rebelling against G-d.
    But when Birkas ha Chama falls out on the day before Passover, all that changes. Why? This time, before mankind has a chance to spoil the renewed perfection of the universe, the holiday of Passover intervenes! Passover is a holiday of freedom from spiritual and physical slavery. On Passover, the Children of Israel CRY OUT TO OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN: “Get us out of this agony! Save us! We have no power to save ourselves! We are being destroyed here! We are at the forty-ninth level of depravity, drowning in impurity and idol worship! Save us, our Father! Save us, our King!”
    And when that CRY OF AGONY comes immediately after the universal clock has been reset to zero, it intervenes BEFORE the rebellion has a chance to ruin the perfection of creation! Then the invincible power of creation retains its purity because it is joined with the invincible power of Passover. The children are freed from slavery and the world is infused with salvation from Heaven!

    Someone told me that Iran has fifty-five locations in which uranium is being processed. They are all under cities so they can’t be bombed. Israel – as well as Jewish communities around the world — is surrounded by enemies. The “ultimate weapon,” apparently invincible, is aimed directly at our people. The world is jumping up and down, licking its collective lips as it prepares to carve our tiny, apparently defenseless nation into little pieces.

    Is that what you think, nations of the world?
    Well, Pharaoh also thought so just before his entire army was drowned. Haman also thought so before he was hanged from his own gallows. Hitler, may his name be ground to dust, also thought so before he shot himself in the Berlin bunker.
    Iranian worm, are you bigger than G-d? Are you threatening the Ruler of the Universe and His beloved children! Just wait and see what G-d has in store!
    “For behold, the day is coming, burning like an oven, when all the wicked people and all the evildoers will be like straw and that day will burn them up, says G-d, Master of Legions…. But a sun of righteousness will shine for you who fear My Name, with healing in its rays….” [1]

    Ready or not, here I come!
    G-d is coming out of hiding. The game is over, my friends.
    Creation will be reset in a few days, but this year the power of Passover will immediately overpower the evil inclination as the Children of Israel cry out to our Father in Heaven: “Ana Hashem, Hoshia Na,”
    Please, our Father, Save us Now!
    Please, our King, save us Now!
    “And on that day G-d saved Israel from the hand of Egypt and Israel saw the Egyptians dead on the seashore… Moses and the Children of Israel sang this song to G-d, and they said, “I shall sing to G-d, for He is exalted above the arrogant!” [1]
    My friends, let us prepare for the coming Redemption!
    Soon the earth will be purified and the rule of evil will end. The Children of Israel with all our friends will live in a world of peace and harmony in which the Light of G-d will emanate from Zion and the Temple will shine from Jerusalem!
    May we see it this year!
    Roy S. Neuberger

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  16. Agnus Dei frightens the devil

    The early Christians knew the power of prayer, and repeating powerful words of truth that Jesus gave to the Church.

    We are all familiar with the Lord’s prayer, but not many Christians today are familiar with the sacred words and phrases that the early Church used to ward off evil.

    Agnus Dei is such a phrase that the early Christians used.

    The roman catholic church used to use this phrase, but abandoned it for no good reason.

    When we see a picture of a lamb holding a cross, it means Agnus Dei, translated from Latin into English it means Lamb of God.

    These words are a powerful weapon in the Christians arsenal. When trouble comes, cry out, “ Agnus Dei”, which means Lamb of God, and the devil will flee, Jesus prevails always.

    Prayer of One Who proclaim Agnus Dei

    O my Lord Jesus Christ,
    the true Lamb who takes away the sins of the world;
    by Thy mercy which is infinite, pardon my inquities,
    and by Thy Sacred Passion, preserve me this day
    from all sin and evil.

    I carry about me this holy Agnus Dei in Thy honour,
    as a preservative against my own weakness,
    and as an incentive to the practice of that meekness, humility, and innocence
    which Thou hast taught us.

    I offer myself up to Thee as an entire oblation,
    and in memory of that Sacrifice of Love
    which Thou didst offer for me on the Cross,
    and in satisfaction for my sins.
    Accept this oblation, I beseech Thee, O my God,
    and may it be acceptable to Thee
    in the odour of sweetness. Amen.

    AGNUS DEI – The Forgotten Sacred Words and Phrases of the early Church.

    Hope this bless you all

    • Hi Cornishevangelist,

      That is a beautiful prayer. Sometimes, in this modern age, we forget the simplicity of prayers like this, which have so much meaning.

  17. Glad you were blessed Marianne.

  18. Hi can you prayer for me for divine wisdom of God in my minstrie&with anointing of prophecy.can your prayer for real miracle of R236 000,blessing of the sun,can contact me no +27747344739

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