Honey Bee behavior predicts coming natural disaster


One of nature’s tiny creatures is more sensitive to the dangers, and the changes, around us than we are. The honey bee seems to be able to sense weather changes, and respond in time.

This is a letter describing the disappearance of the honey bees 2-3 weeks before Hurricane Gustav, and then Ike in Louisiana, in August, 2008. They just returned now, in November, after the hurricane, when it was safe.

Hi Marianne,

Fema set a deadline for picking up debris and tree limbs and will only pass one more time with their dump trucks.  So, I helped my brother Ronnie cut up some large tree branches still resting on his trailer this past Sunday. And today, (Tuesday), with me being busy working on a paint job, my brother decided to come over to my side of the street to gather up tree branches and twigs that I had already cut.

This is interesting, similar to your post about frogs gathering before earthquakes occur. When I had painted a local church statue a strange phenomenon happened.  A ball of honey bees swarmed above the statue of Mary I was painting and then a minute later they swarmed in  the top of a tree about 10 ft. away for another minute, and then they left as quickly as they had arrived.

A few weeks later as I pondered about that event I went out into my yard to observe a natural bee hive inside the base of a tree in my front yard that had been there for years. But the bees had moved away. This was about two or three weeks before Hurricane Gustav came, I even told my brother that the bees had moved away.  I waited and waited, and not a single bee could be found.

The next few days and weeks I had looked again.  Still no bees.  At the time my brother and I had just concluded that it was a natural occurrence, that for whatever reason, the queen bee had moved the hive away.  We forgot about it.

But today as we approached the familiar tree with holes at the base and one a little higher up, we both noticed something peculiar. The bees are back!  My brother speculated that perhaps somehow, they sensed something was endangering them (the hurricane) just weeks before the storm hit?

The pic I enclosed is the pre-storm bee-hive.  Today we saw the same hive with maybe one tenth the number of bees, ….but they are definitely back!


Science related articles on Bee Biology



A few mechanisms that may help bees sense a change in the weather:

1. Honey bees can sense changes in air pressure, but these are often not directly linked to the storms.

2. Second, the hairs on the bee’s backs are sensitive and would be affected by electrostatic buildups in weather clouds.

3. Finally, bees respond strongly to solar radiation… not simply to the intensity of light, but a more rounded response. Whether this is a direct stimulus, or a secondary effect due to the influence of solar radiation on plants’ ability to produce nectar is unknown. Under good flight conditions (reasonably calm and warm with flowers in blossom), the overall flight activity of a bee colony is reported to almost synchronize with changes in solar radiation levels.

Effects of meteorological factors on defensive behavior of honey bees



The main results show how the defensive behavior of honey bees is highly dependent on weather factors. Eliminating genetic variance, the following meteorological variables account for 92.4% of the variation in defensive behavior:

air temperature,

solar radiation intensity,

wind velocity,

relative humidity, and

barometric pressure.

Mysterious, Massive Disappearance/Death of US Honey Bees – Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)



http://blog.targethealth.com/?p=58 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colony_Collapse_Disorder

Albert Einstein made the statement, “ If honey bees become extinct, human society will follow in four years.” He was speaking in regard to the symbiotic relationship of all life on the planet.

Many people would be surprised to know that 90% of the feral (wild) bee population in the United States has died out. Recent studies in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands have shown that bee diversity is down 80 percent in the sites researched, and that “bee species are declining or have become extinct in Britain.”

European beekeepers observed similar phenomena in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Spain, and initial reports have also come in from Switzerland and Germany, albeit to a lesser degree.

Possible cases of CCD have also been reported in Taiwan since April 2007.

The cause or causes of the syndrome are not yet fully understood, although many authorities attribute the problem to biotic factors such as: mites and insect diseases Other proposed causes include environmental change-related stresses, malnutrition and pesticides, and migratory beekeeping.

It is being called Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) and is causing agricultural honeybees nationwide to abandon their hives, and disappear. This is raising worries about crops that need bees for pollination.

Bees have done quite well for millions of years, in the last 60 years that began to change. In recent years, beekeepers have been losing 25 percent of their hives each winter. Thirty years ago, the rate was 5 percent to 10 percent

There are no bee bodies; they simply all disappear, all adult bees are simply gone, sometimes leaving a queen and a few young hatched workers. This is unheard of, since normally a bee colony will do almost anything to protect its queen.

The hive is left intact, with capped cells of honey and bee bread.

What does bee behavior tell us about our future wellbeing?

During a natural threat, like a hurricane, the bees left. They came back when it was safe again. This is on a local level.

But where are the bees going on a national level, when they do not come back at all? Where are they migrating to?

What does this mean? Is nature trying to tell us something? Our agriculture and food production is dependent upon bee pollination.

It is good that in Louisiana, the honey bees came back to their original nest a few months later, after the 2 hurricanes. But it is not good that honey bees are disappearing from entire nations, on a global level.

Possible meanings to all this:

Seeing Bees, or other creatures, leave may indicate:

1. a coming adverse environmental change (weather, disease, chemical), which humans will eventually detect as well.

2. a current adverse change that is only detectible by bees, but not humans.

So, we might need to think about what atmospheric changes are occurring now, that might be interpreted as adverse, not just for them, but for us also. What is “in the air” that is dangerous to the bees, that they need to “leave?”

3. This disappearance of the honey bee will decrease the global food supply, as bees are need for pollination of food plants. The 3rd seal of Revelation described a black horse, which represents famine on the earth. Perhaps, this tiny creature’s behavior is a clue that the black horse is getting ready to ride.

4. In case of future weather or environmental dangers, look around you, and see how nature is responding. If the honey bees, or other creatures, are fleeing the area, this is a good sign that you should do this also. Leave when they do, and you might just save your own life.

Additional reading (well done):

“No Bees, No Food”


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  2. Good morning. Without a doubt, God is an awesome Creator. Such accounts reveal the sheer folly in the theory of evolution. I heard an interview with a guy who preicts earthquakes with remarkable accuracy. Nothing mystical; he simply scours the missing animal reports found in newspapers from various cities. Days before an earthquiake is to transpire, there’s always an upswing in the number of requests to locate pets that have taken off. Likewise with the earthquake off the coast of Sumatra that created the deadly tidal wave. Animals in the affected areas headed for the hills days before the event.

    Thanks so much for the post and also for taking time to stop by. Have a blessed weekend in Jesus.


  3. Awesome picture! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hey Archie

    Nice to have you stop by. Honey bees and mother nature, except for the weird earth pictures, are really neat.


  5. The Seventh Sense

    Based on evidence and research that I have conducted
    over the last 7 years of the growing honeybee decline worldwide
    and it’s causes. I have dedicated the rest of my life to saving the honeybee.

    When one hears the term Colony Collapse Disorder, one tends to think in one order, while actually there are two distinct disorders.

    Colony Collapse disorder No. #1, is perhaps the one that is most focused on due to the many researchers taking part in it. It deals with mainly the trend of colonies of bees collapsing due to a weaken immunity system caused by many different things from pestilence,
    dieases, and man made toxin exposure. There is much merit to the research that has been done. In short the finale word from researchers in this particular disorder was due to so many things causing this, and also with the over working of the honeybee for pollination moving a colony of bees as many as four times a season into different habitats exposing them to more pestilence, and toxin residue from fields and orchards. Since the numbers have declined so rapidly many old time ways of keeping bees allowing them to have a normal life have been disappearing also due to the demand for pollination. The bees are over worked, they are constantly under attack from one of several pestilence that move into the hive, they are overly exposed to hazardous toxin residues, and the weakened immunity systems are genetically passed down from each queen. It is estimated that honeybees now are reaching very low numbers all over the world now due
    to this Colony Collapse Disorder No. #1.

    Colony Collapse disorder No. #2, is significantly different. And the losses are always in the millions. The first recorded incident was reported in Feb. 2005, by Hakenberg Apiaries, who is one of the largest pollinators left in America. Hakenberg walked outside one morning and discovered empty supers that were full of healthy bees the day before. Millions of bees had just left with no trace. Soon after that beekeepers were reporting losses the same way. You can read and watch more about Hakenberg Apiaries here http://www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/episodes/silence-of-the-bees/introduction/38/

    It is disorder No #2 , that I have done alot of research on and this is why this report is called The Seventh Sense. My speciality is bee navigation and how this precious little creation of God does it. As a paramedic I have been able to apply the biological and physilogical aspects of what makes up the honeybee. I answer alot of calls for Honeybee colony removals out of homes along with the removal of normal
    hanging swarms. I have been able to observe where bees go when the old queen takes her swarm and moves.

    It is interesting that the No #2 disorder did not begin until Feb. 2005 . The honeybee is very sensitive to earth system changes, and uses the sun as well as the paramagnetics of the earth. Any slight changes in any of these systems and the honeybee will pick up on it. Note, that just two months before the first incident was the great earthquake in Indoneisa in December of 2004, which effected many other land masses also.
    This earthquake was so powerful and due to the fact that it was under water, caused a massive amount of water in weight to shift across the surface of the earth. NASA , later proved that this massive shift in weight had actually caused the entire earth itself to shift on it’s rotational angle on it’s axis 1 / 100th of a degree. Although the effects were not seen or felt instantly, slowly we have seen increasing changes in our normal earth cycles. Ofcourse we have had changes in our climate occuring since the beginning of the industrial era. But, nothing such as a change due to the change in earth angle of rotation. I can go further into proof , but I will stop here.

    The Seventh Sense is what all of God’s creation has. Many have witnessed strange behaviour of animals, reptiles, sea life, and insects right before a storm, earthquake, or volcano eruption. There were no dead elephants or other wildlife found after the great earthquake in 2004 in India or Thailand. Nature through the seventh sense, knows things mysterious things, that for thousands of years during the pre-industrial era mankind watched for signs of coming changes. The honeybees are mankind’s warning system now that God has given. That change is coming and not the kind of change that a fallen economy brings, politians, governments, wars, and the obvious that are right infront of us.

    If one will take the time and consult the Old Testiment, they will find that God relates His blessings and His wrath on mankind by using agricultural terms. Not the terms of an ungrateful world of a modern day technological society.

    So what does all this mean? There is an event coming on the face of the entire earth such as the world has not experienced since the great flood of Noah’s day. Could the Mayan Calender be right ? Perhaps. The 2012 date, is proving more and more to be fullfilment of biblical prophecy the closer we get to it. Mankind is in for what will be a blessing for some, and a rude awakening for most. The honeybee is taking to higher ground, confused for something far worst to come in it’s environment. Mankind has become his own worst enemy, and unfortunately for the honeybee and all God’s creation also.

    The number of manmade extinctions are too many to count. As man pushes the earth and creation to it’s limits. This being the primary reason for Colony collaspe No #1. Mankind will not beable to fix this time has run out, there is too much water in the ship and not enough hands to bail him out. Not even all the king’s horses and all the king’s men will be able to put this back together.

    AS for Colony Collapse No#2, well all I can say is folks better start getting ready. More so with themselves and their Creator.
    I have dedicated the rest of my life to saving the honeybee. And I will continue to uphold the rights of the honeybees existance.

    Recently , beekeepers are coming under more and more attacks from county and city governments, due to complaints of individuals
    that are ignorant and really do not care what happens to the honeybee.

    The State of Georgia has issued the Georgia Bee Laws to protect bees and the rearing of honeybees. Georgia along with Florida, winters the majority of the honeybee populations in the country. Overall public attitude has to change. But, it is expected that this change will not come until the dinner table is effected. Then as usually the case, they will try to find someone to blame instead of themselves.

    In Closing:

    Bees are declining at an alarming rate. There are two distinctly different Colony collapse disorders. One caused mostly by mankind. The other from an Act of God…. The result….is Famine! Every living thing on earth will be effected. And our water table is not doing very well either. Clean water and rainfall are far below the line in every area now. It is now 2008, the harvest seasons to come will tell us all quite a bit as to how long we actually have before they consider making a real life version of Soylent Green…

    Brother Chuck
    Beekeeper, researcher, Emergency medicine,
    and a washer of feet for the Lord.

  6. Hi Brother Chuck

    WOW, you have really added a lot to this post. I agree with you about the upcoming famine due to decreased food production.

    We also had a mid flood problem in the mid-west this past year. I do not know for how much of the next 4 years I will be here, but it would be wise to have some things set aside that will be hard to get later. I wish things were different.

    People will protest, like in other countries, where there is a shortage of bread, due to drought. We are too used to having what we need. In the USA, there are so many programs that provide surplus products for the poor. These will no longer be available in the future.

    Man’s primary job in the garden of Eden was to take care of nature and its creatures. He has failed to do this. What will be also sad is that, in the future, as he suffers for this, he will not repent, or have any regard for all the suffering he caused, for the tiny creatures that fed him, and kept him alive.


  7. What is even more alarming is the African BEE…They come into a gentle honey bee colony and turn them all evil…Seems like the bees tell us a story

  8. Hi Blair,

    True, maybe there is something about the climate of Africa makes makes creatures this way – some kind of infection or chemical.


  9. Hello,
    I’m french researcher in agricultural and food chemistry. I’m interested by the honeybee picture that you published in this blog. Do you accept that I use this picture for publication in a French journal of popular science to the community of chemists in france?
    Thank you by advance
    Analytical Chemistry Laboratory,
    16 rue Claude Bernard, 75005 Paris, France

  10. its global swarming!

  11. Where would we go when you look at that map does not leave much room to migrate

    • hi Judi

      I do not know the answer to your question about where to go. Right now, we can import food to where we are, if it is a food issue.

      If you hear of bad weather coming, you might want to watch how nature responds, and take a clue to leave temporarily, if needed. Sometimes here, on the east coast, when a hurricane comes through, those on the coast move inland until the storm is over, and then they go back home.

  12. Sockeye salmon also disappearing in Canada.



    • True! But there is also this year 2009, other problems.
      10.5 million sockeye would return to the Fraser River this year, but only a tenth that number has shown up! That is an incredible reduction!!
      This is mind boggling!

  13. Here is an article about the disappearing Cariboo.

    N.W.T. biologists estimated the Bathurst herd of the central barrens had fallen from over 120,000 animals in 2006 to 32,000 – a 75 per cent implosion representing the loss of nearly 90,000 caribou in only three years.

    The news was even worse to the east, where scientists studied cow-calf pairs in the Beverly herd.

    Aerial survey teams couldn’t even find enough pairs to get statistically valid data. A herd that numbered 280,000 animals only 15 years ago was simply gone.

  14. hey, I am doing a project at school on the Colony Collapse Disorder, and was hoping to get some info on bees. We are in need of ANY information that we can get our hands on. Thanks 🙂

  15. Its really intersting to see my state Indiana not effected as of 2007 (according to the map you posted) but to be honest I dont think I have seen a honey bee flying around my home in years. (used to see them all the time) in the last 2 years the yellow jacket havent been much of a pest ether (almost like there numbers have dropped) and the yellow jackets were bad to a point you wouldnt be able to sit outside in the day without getting bothered or attacked by a yellow jacket. I was able to spend alot of time outside last year (2009) and only seen 2 or 3 yellowjackets. so I also wonder if this CCD is effecting the wasps,hornets,yellowjackets as well (just not noticed since we do look at them as pests lol)

    • hi ddog

      The yellow jackets are in somewhat the same family of insects as the bees. It may be that all these creatures are smarter than we are., and know when to leave an area.

      • it is interesting. maybe they are tired of the bad economy in indiana lol. they cant find work anymore 😛

        ill have to watch this spring and see how many I see.

  16. Folks take note to stematic pesticides. A pesticide that is on the seed and goes up into the plant as it grows. Goes into the pollen and nectar.
    I keep bees. A few years back in the fall when we lost a hive or the queen went bad and the hive died out you had to get the hive picked up within a week or so if not the wax moth would eat the wax comb and the combs and frames would be wrecked so bad you could not use them again.
    Now when you have CCD the bees leave and you can come back in the late fall and pick up the dead hives and the wax moth are not there at all. Why??? I believe because the honeybees brought the stematic pesticide back to the hive in the pollen and nectar and depletes the hive and the wax moth are killed when they enter the hive. Wax moth cannot live in the bee hive either.
    Man is killing himself with chemicals.

  17. Areley, read Love GERMAN

  18. I thought that I would share something that I recently read in a book entitled “The Tutankhhamun Prophecies” by Maurice Cotterell. In this paragraph the author is referring to Tut-ankh-amun,a past Pharoah of Egypt who reigned 1333-1323BC. Tutankhamun was a sun god who is paralleled with many prophets such as Lord Pacal, the Buddha, and Jesus Christ all of who Maurice attempts to prove were all the same incarnation. They were all the same person, from the cuts from the same cloth!!!
    Here is the paragraph that took me back upon reading:
    “The association with the bee is even more important. The mask presents us with a dichotomy:Tutankhamun was head of the royal household, king, which is curious, because the head of the beehive is the queen; at the same time he is shown carrying a sting, but the male bee, the drone, does not carry a sting – only the queen and worker bees carry a sting. Tutankhamun, as a male bee, could therefore not carry a sting, as the mask portrays; this is an impossibility. So what does this tell us? It tells us that Tutankhamun was on the one hand head of the hive (the king, although incorrectly portrayed as a queen) – there could be no other way to express this – yet we recognise that he was male (despite being portrayed with a sting). The drone is unusual among bees, as it is born from unfertilised bee larva; no sperm is involved in it’s procreation., unlike the queen and the worker. It is born through a process know as parthenogenesis, virgin birth. A male bee is as much the brother of a bee as her son. This confirms that Tutankhamun was born thru a virgin birth, an immaculate conception.
    “From the front elevation, we note the number of horizontal bands corresponds with the rotation rate of the sun’s equatorial magnetic field seen from earth, the 28 day fertility cycle. His beard takes the form of a snake which ends in the tail feathers of a bird, confirming once again his name, the feathered snake.”

    This book also states that bees are controlled by the radiation of the sun, a statement that I have not fully been able to substantiate. I just find it amazing to see this link between a man-god of whom had put hidden symbols throughout his tomb, as it was in his solid gold mask inlaid with opaque blue glass, imitating lapis lazuli. It’s height was 18 inches and it’s weight was 22 1/2lbs. The symbology of the bee’s stinger is also somehow related to the male penis. As I am aware that the male sperm counts have been falling recently I am lead to believe that there must be a connection. I hope to get to the bottom of this mystery, as I am sure that the answers were given by those that could see the past, present and the future.
    Check out my blog site for a coming article, as I look for the link that will open another door to this most amazing mystery!

    • DEAr Emerson

      This theory is quite whimsical. The Egyptians had no interest in bees, nor did they pattern their lives after them.

  19. Dear Marianne,
    I am not sure why you would respond as u have. I assume that you have not looked into Maurice Cotterel’s website, or any of his work, but I assure u, none of it is whimsical. Perhaps my interpretation of it was whimsical. LOL
    What I do know is that the Earth is being bombarded by radiation from the sun. King Tut was a sun-god, and the symbolism on his gold mask found covering the head of his dead body makes this quite clear. He also left plenty of evidence found thru-out his tomb which links the number of days in what the Inca termed The Great Cycle, as the sun goes thru many cycles, the long cycle lasts some 5,000 years of which we are coming to the end of just such a cycle in the year 2012.
    The Maya were aware of the importance of these cycles as they were told by their god, Lord Pacal, that there have been four such cycles of which man participated in, all of which ended in a Great Earth Cleansing. They therefore prophesized that this ending would end similar to the first four. The Mayan are know thru-out the Native’s as the time-keepers. This is why the Native-American communities are all aware of a potential doomsday type senerio’s for the majority of the earthlings.
    King Tutankhamun’s tomb had a bottle of honey in it, that was still edible after 3,500 years, when it was finally in the hands of men again. Honey being connected to the importance of the purity of the spirit. His Sarcophagus contained nine levels, matching the Egyptian nine levels of afterlife which we know to be synonamous with their Underworld. The Maya also worshiped the number nine, and those that know bee’s will know that there are nine levels of comb found in all beehives. And after the fact that a jar of honey was found in the room with the sarcophagus which contained the mummy of the pure Lord Pacal wrapped under nine layers. Take this and match it to his gold mask with the same bands found on bee’s on his chin and I’d have to be dumb, blind, naive and stupid not to see some type of connection. But in case your not paying attention to any of this there is more.
    On Page 203 in The Tunankhamun Prophesies I read:
    The Freemasons lodge is ofter symbolized by a beehive. The Hierarchy of the Brotherhood (degrees of initiation) is structure like a beehive, with only one, or at most a few, higher initiates per lodge . The many more lesser ranking members can be compared to worker, and soldier, bees. Workers ensure the collection and and production of funds (honey), while the soldiers protect the hive and ultimately the Queen (The Grand Master) from the turbulent realities of the outside world. In this way the Grand Master can achieve spiritual realisation free from the troubles of everyday existence.
    We also know that the masons are obsessed with sacred geometry as is evident in the many cathedrals built between AD1150 and 1350 that relate to their beliefs in this sacred geometry of which is just recently been coming to the forefront of many new age esoteric teachings. As you know, the honeycomb incorperates the hexagon which includes the angles of 30, 60, and 90 degrees (30 + 90 = 120).
    Did you know that the duration of the short-term sunspot cycle can be calculated using a simple hexagon shape, or an octagon. Also the duration of the longer-term cycle of 1,366,560 days (3,740 years) can also be calculated using the hexagon inside of a Pentagon. This is why Freemasons revere the hexagon, octagon, and pentagon, and these together with the solar cross and square, form the basis for the geometric shapes prevenlent in man made sacred geometry.
    As if that isn’t enough, Lord Pacal’s Sarcophagus has the number 144.000 written across his forehead, the same number the lord Jesus fit to save in the bible from death when the angels vowed to the Lord God the Father to destroy all those of the Earth. We also find this number entwined in the symbolism of Tut’s Tomb. And is case you were not aware, Light travels around the earth at 144,000 miles per second. And guess how many times it cycle’s the Earth per second. If you guessed 6.66 times then you win the prize.
    Marian, I may be new to this game, but what I am not is a fool. I think that you delivered a well written paper on the bee’s. My heart is with the bee’s and all of God’s beautiful creations. And what I know is that the bee’s are effected by the radiation of the sun, as are we humans. A women is incapable of having her menstal cycle in a cave beneath the surface of the Earth because of the same reason that the Mayan’s were trying to tell us that there women were having fertility problems from a sun-spot minimum. We are now in a sun-spot maximum, so I guess we should be O:K except that we are coming to the end of the Fourth Sun, and about to enter the Fifth. We know that the Earth has cleansed itself before at the end of previous ages, the question for us is simple, will it do it again?
    This latter question is what we need to be focused on. Not only that, how do we obtain immortality of the Soul. We know that the Bible reference 144,000 of which the Lord vowed to save before the Great Destruction. Was he really saving 144,000 of us, or was he saving those of us that had light coming out of our forehead entwined in a Halo traveling 144.000 miles per hour around the Earth, and of which upon Death will join the already immortal God in eternal Heaven. Perhaps 666, the mark of the Beast is nothing more the Earth, hence the saying we’ve all heard since inception, “Hell on Earth”. Perhaps Earth is Hell, and Hell is Earth. And for us to excape this Hell, we need to link up with the Light Body (the soul) and rejoin God adding to his total energy self. Since we all came from Light, we must become the Light in this Hell, in order to live forever and add to the Light of the Lord!!!
    God Bless you all, and I will prey for all of you tonight, as I do all the time, Be One…

    Tutankhamun, Lord Pacal, The Freemasons,on is,
    If women’s cycle’s are effected by lack of sun, then what happens when there is all this extra radiation coming from the sun. The answer could be nothing, but the answer could also be the women may start to have other kinds of fertility problems. I find it just as strange that Tutankhamun had two baby fetuses in his tomb. One of which
    As we know the bee’s are not dying, they are relocating.

    • Dear Emerson

      I responded the way I did because you said Jesus and Buddha were the same person. I do not believe that. If Jesus had been here as other people, he would have mentioned it.

      I appreciate the beauty of nature and the organization and science of the bees. I also think Egyptian history and ancient culture is very interesting. I did not know about the honey in the tomb.

      Tutankhamun portrayed as a queen because of a stinger present? I do not see one. And that he was a product of virgin birth. I do not accept that as truth, but as a myth and cultural tradition. I see something on his chin, but it is a beard, not a stinger.

      The story of the virgin birth starts in Genesis, and was carried into all the descendents of Adam, as they waited for Messiah. The story got distorted a little over time, and people who wanted pre-eminence tried to identify with the messiah, but this does not make them correct. I do not accept Tutankhamun as this messiah- sun god figure. It was just their culture to make the leaders their god. However, it is interesting that the Messiah concept was alive in Egypt, even if they misunderstood the concept.

      The feathered snake in Mayan culture was Lucifer. Lucifer has always competed with Jesus, and tried to replace him. He has been successful quite a bit, but that is the way history has gone.

      I think the Egyptians were a spiritual people, with their own ideas, and had an interesting interpretation of the divine. I just do not accept them as getting it right.

  20. Well, we are all here together, so those of us who choose to use our history as a means of understanding our present should come together and unite in our many similarities, rather then divide in our subtle differences.
    As for Jesus, and the Buddha being incarnations of one another, for me this a new concept. I am lead to believe that they are both tremendous people, who came here to leave us messages, that their followers decided would be more powerful to them if they hid their true meaning from the many, by hiding all of the important messages in plane view throughout Architecture, Scripts, Art, and mysterious tombs.
    I found an example of the latter from the thirteenth-century French Bible Moralisee (c. 1235-1245), in which, remarkably, shows Christ not only as the Great Architect (with sunspot loops being emitted from his head) designing the Universe with the compass (freemason symbol) and creating order from the firmament, but the picture is enveloped within a cantonned shaped window epitomising the sun. I can’t for the life of me understand why we all seem to follow a God or son of God of whom leaves us clues to our own true nature as earth-beings in ways that are filled with misunderstandings for the massed of people that prey to being.
    And why is it that the one’s who never see through the ‘maya’, or the illusion of what the great secret is live in the dark, while those of us who take the time to decode the messages of the past seem to be much more capable of achieving enlightenment.
    I live in Pennsylvania, and I recently realized that this was the center of Rosicrucian Society in the beginning of the white mans America. I’ve seen Engravings of the Rosicrucian rosy cross with bees flowing around the rose. An inscription reads “the rose give honey to the bee’s”. I can only assume that because the Rose is often depicted in the center of the cross, that the Rose is the embodiment of Christ who wore a crown of thorns at his Crucifixion. I then depict from this scene that man is the bee’s of whom if they feed from the rose, or Christ, will be given a state of purity,, which is the honey, and as we know, honey is so pure that it’s capable of lasting for an eternity.
    Now I find that story of the rose fascinating, but once again, it’s only fascinating to those who are witty enough to see what is hidden in plane sight.
    And, as for your interpretation of the Feather’s Snake in the Mayan Culture as Lucifer is bewildering to me. In my study, the snake was a symbol of the divine in many cultures across the Globe. I see the snake in Tibet, Egypt, Central and North America, as well as many other’s. All of these cultures seem to use the snake as a means of rebirth, in that the snake is always depicted as a local snake that has the ability to shed it’s skin, such as how the papyrus linked the uraeus (a shedding snake) with King Tut. The Mayan’s believe much the same, that he who is seen with the snake has the ability to reincarnate itself. To lose it’s outer layer and still retain it’s purity.
    It seems that the idea of the feathers has to do with the soul’s ability to reach the heavens upon death. In essence, a snake without feathers will stay on earth and be seen in the culture as the god who awaits the dead in what I believe the Catholics or Christians call pergetory, when the soul arrives at Peter’s gate.
    I’m constantly seeing similarities between the different gods, for instance the Importance of the four angels that came in the vision of St. John in the Book of Revelation.
    “I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth or sea, nor any tree. And I saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God, and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels, to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea, saying, “Hurt not the Earth, neither the sea, not the trees, until we have sealed the servants of our God on their foreheads. And I heard the number of them which were sealed: and there were sealed an hundred and forty and four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel. (Revelation, vii)
    This same number appears on the forehead of Lord Pacal (the feathered snake) as depicted on the lid to his sarcophagus. Also in King Tut’s tomb there were 143 pieces of material, of which the body of Tut was number 144. And if one becomes aquanted with the mathamatics of harmonics, 144,000 is written as 144.
    Also, in the last quotation from the Book of Revelations, the son of God appeared from the East before the four angels of the four corners of the Earth. This fits perfectly with the beliefs throughout Central America, and Egypt. As The mosaic mask and other objects that covered Lord Pacal’s tomb tells the same story found here in Revelations.
    Both kink Tut and Lord Pacal were associated with four gods that stemmed from the four corners of the earth. Isis, Nephys, Neith, and Selkis for Tut, and Quatzelcoatl, Yoatl, Xipe Totic, and Tonatiuh. Agian, they were associated with the compass, and four directions.
    To take this one step further, the bible tells of “a beast which rises from the sea…” which has seven heads and ten horns and ‘…upon his head the name of blasphemy… here is wisdom, let him that hath understand count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred three score and six…’
    The number 666 was missing from the clues found in the Temple of Inscriptions, but were found encoded in the beads around Lord Pacal’s Necklace, hidden from plane sight, as they were encoded in the number 13 which broke down into the missing 6’s and 7’s from Lord Pacal’s prophetic necklace.

    Here is some interesting Food For Thought, thanks to some hard work by Maurica Cotterel!

    “Each of the Teacher’s (Lord Pacal, Krishna, Buddha, Christ) taught in ‘parables’, allegorical stories that invoked ‘pictures’ in the mind, enabling the ancient esoteric teachings to be handed down through generations on the one hand, and yet concealed from disbelievers on the other hand. Each performed miravles and was born through an immaculate conception. Each was associated with a star at birth, and at death. Each was associated thru names: Krishna means ‘the anointed one’ (to baptise), Christ means ‘anointed one’ in Greek, and Buddha’s mother’s name was Maya, an ancient Sanskrit word meaning ‘illusion’. (Also King Tut’s wet nurse whom breast fed him and also who was the architect of his Temple upon his early death went by the name ‘Maya’)… Each was said to be of the one god that radiated light from the sun, and each prophesized destruction. Each believed in reincarnation, and each promised to return again in another life. (The god Vishnu of the Indian Holy Trinity is said to have reincarnated nine times, the ninth occassion as buddha. It is said that he will reappear again as the god Kalki at the end of the present cosmic age.)”
    The number nine was revered in the Egyptian Book of the Dead and both Lord Pacal and King Tut were only Nine Years old when they took the throne!
    These similarities are real, and what they mead I think is a question that begs for an answer. Maurice gives an answer, but I have a long way to go to see what it will all in the end, mean to me. Did I just say ‘in the end’? LOL
    Sorry if I write a lot, my mind works like the words on this page and I love sharing. One Love Across Every Nation!!!

    • Pure paganism/New Age Lucifer worship. Best of luck Blackfoot, I think you will need it. Of couse, you will do well when it comes time to worship the New Age Avatar.

    • You might enjoy this site, as it follows what you have written.


      Notice the heart? Who elce has a heart to follow, and pray to? The Queen of Heaven?

  21. Hello

    My name is John Harding Stourbridge UK and I have found the answer and solution why Honeybees are dying.

    Honeybees have not just started dying, they have been dying for centuries. It is onlt the introduction of the paracitic mite Varroa that has esculated the problem to the media and mainstream public which has not been helped by Einstien allegedly saying, honeybees and mankind would perish, this is not the case.

    I have kept Honeybees for 30 years and there is one comman denominator why honeybees are dying.

    Honeybees did not ask to be put in beehives.

    Honeybees did not ask to be taken away from their suvival source.

    Mankind took them from their natural habitat, trying to domesticate them.

    Mankind unknowingly put them into to beehives which is OK but moved them to where mankind wants them, not where the bees want to bee.

    So for centuries Honeybees have dwindled, with all this happening before Varroa, Pesticides, Microwaves, Mobile Phones or their Masts.

    So who is killing Honeybees, the one comman denominator;



    JOHN HARDING, harding@clavies.freeserve.co.uk or 07974121472 or 01384 423557

    • Dear Mr. Harding.

      Thank you so much for sharing that information. I appreciate the scientific explanation to the disappearance of bees. I like to distinguish between natural and supernatural causes. Your information was helpful. I hope the bee keepers make some changes.

  22. […] […]

  23. I find what little I’ve been able to read at this time, fasinating. I feel you and your guest share many of my conserns aswell.
    We are, without doubt facing a storm like no other.
    Take Care,

  24. Ive notice that when the chemtrails appeared the bees dissappeared.

    • hi Mike

      I have heard that pollination is down by 75% due to bee disappearance. Maybe this is one cause. With no pollination, many food crops will be in short supply.

  25. With all the talk of the honeybee population declining and how sensitive the honeybees are to changes in our atmosphere how do you explain the strange occurance of honey bees that only fly around my doors at night? The bees are very docile and they don’t seem to swarm or sting you they just fly around the doors at night, some die and are left on the porch or steps and a few stranglers linger around for about an hour or two after sunrise then they disappear. I have had professionals come to the house to verify they are in fact honey bees and nobody can seem to find where they are coming from and why they are only out at night. What does this mean.

    • hi Patty

      I am not surprised.

      I head a report last winter of a large flock of birds coming north for the winter and freezing.

      There is a pole shift going on, which will get worse, and the bees have no idea where north or south is now, so they head in the wrong directions and act confused.

      If you have a porch light on it may attract them to your door.

      Or you have have something electrical/ magnetic that attracts them, as their little radar systems navigate by electro-magnetism.

      It could also be that they have been exposed to something toxic and this has affected them, and they are slowly dying.

  26. Dear people, it is time to wash your eyes and brain with clean water . You are spraying innocent bees with paralitic poisons for over 200 years, and expect them to survive?????????????????? Now stop Monsanto (roundup), all other giant Alchemists from developing and selling genetic,
    infectious,nuclear, paralitic, asphicsating drugs and poisons, because they kill everything alive on Earth, including you, my freinds. Either you stop them-or they will kill you. The choise is limited – you or them (although “them” are dying as much as you}, but they die fabulously rich.
    Please ban and eliminate ALL Chemical and Communication (microwave) Industries for next 100 years- that is minimum.

    • hi Jon

      Good idea, but Monsanto is already out of control. The poisons are on all our food.

      The radiation from the japan disaster is not helping either.

    • Will share a personal story. I had a bee investation begin in the attic of my home in 1995. Saw some honey drip through the roof in one spot. Thought they would move out eventually, but they kept growing. By 2000, they were dive bombing me every time I would walk out to my car. This went on month after month, year after year. Extremely annoying in the summer when its hot because higher temperatures make bees far more anxious and aggressive. And of course I was stung. Began checking around for bee removal people and got some really high priced estimates who also were going to rip out the walls and ceiling. I went both to local hardware stores and online to look for chemicals to remove these pests but none of the insecticide labels said the chemicals would hurt bees at all. Extremely frustrating!! Made me feel like my home was cursed because those $^%$&^% bees kept dive bombing me every time I would come or go to my car or to the mailbox. Those bees were ruling the home I was paying for, and they were being obnoxious at that! My bees were free for the taking to ANYONE who wanted them, but all I got was jeers, laughs, and large minimum price quotes with no guarentee of lasting results.

      I was told that bees fall under some sort of endanged species code, as a kind of environmental protection with regards to chemicals and so standard pesticides have manufacturing chemical limits to under the threshold to kill bees. Because of code, pest removal companies were not allowed to use chemicals, hence the only option was to rip out the ceiling and walls. So by 2005 I waited until it was wintertime and in the middle of the night so that they would all be moving slow, and went up into the attic and spent several hours filling a 5 gallon shop vacume full of thousands of bees, honeycomb, and honey. What did I do with them? Well I let them go back into the wild where they came from… Yeap, I kicked them out in the cold of winter!

      And though this decreased their population momentarily, they STILL came back !!!!!! Eventually I moved out. The bees had won.

      My point is, bees are not ‘always’ as fragile as claimed. Yes bee populations are threatened, but what is a homeowner to do when THE BEE INVASION BEGINS? They even kept people from coming up to my door out of fear of being stung. And if someone who was seriously allergic was stung on my property, guess who would have been legally liable? : (
      Oh no, wait. Maybe bees are endangered everwhere EXCEPT the safe haven of being under my roof… HMMMMM ! errrrrrr.

  27. Sir,a honey bee is following me since from last month it is flying near n round my head n face…why it is like this?if u let me me know it would be a grat help to me

  28. I hate to shoot the whole “left and returned” theory in the foot but it is highly unlikely that that is what happended. Why they left may have very well been because of the hurricane. The returning bees however could have come from anywhere. It is not uncommon for a swarm to set up housekeeping in an old hive. In fact, beekeepers make swarm traps by placing old wax and other attractants in a box. Personally I use old hive boxes and have been very successful.

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  32. Thank you with eternal love and light:)

  33. […] Fact Source […]

  34. Yes absolutely correct ,it is the sign of end age.
    This creation groans with pain due to sin.one day Jesus will us free from this slavery.
    Praise GOD

  35. I enjoyed reading your article. Recently two behives have settled on children’s hostel building which I just painted. I felt good about their coming. I send them my vibrations that I am happy to have them.

  36. Well only thing I can say to that is. WELL PUT I raise honey bees and just this past Thursday I checked. My hives its October they looked Strong and Friday as I was mowing. And as I passed one of my hives there was just a few bees out side so I opened the hive up to find maybe. 2 hands full of honey bees and the queen every bee had left and this. Was a big hive 2 Deep. Brood boxes and 3 Medium Suppers needless to say I was not happy

    • glenn

      my friend in the post had his bees leave right before a huge hurricane.

      nature is smarter than we are.

      I cannot say for sure, but the government and military is on alert for some sort of large disaster…

      try to be prepared with emergency supplies ASAP

      do your best and then pray….

      • I have had to look up the significance of bees in relation to calamities and checked this website.

        Here in the Philippines, we just had a swarm of bees strangely flying in a metro district surrounded by huge buildings.


        This is alarming as what preceded this was lots of deaths of different sea creatures in the different parts of iur country.

        Something’s really happening and i feel like it’s warning us of what’s to come in a grand scale, something catastrophic. God help us.

        • fritz

          the pacific ocean is essentially dead, now that fukishima has poisoned the sea.

          this entire earth is really contaminated, so we are all affected, either by fukishima, or something else.

          I agree that a catastrophe is soon coming for the earth.

          man has destroyed nature, and nature will respond.

          I pray that everyone who has a heart, and has reason, understanding that this is God’s earth seek His forgiveness and repent before him, asking for mercy and protection in the time ahead of us.

  37. Hi there, did you see the news today (17/5/2017) about the massive swarms of bees in central London, I live in further up the country (UK)
    This is very strange behaviour for over here, not one I’ve heard of before that’s for sure…..anyway I just wondered what you make of this event today???
    Thanks in advance x

  38. 11~4~6000 (out of 6000) Already! Sabbath in this Last year and Jubilee.
    Yahshua the Son of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON!
    Pray NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM.
    Revelation 14:1 HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

    Marianne, I noticed this your thread and clicked on. Recently, there was a
    little pile of dead bees near our front door. I noticed them while cleaning.
    Last night, while taking off my outdoor shoes to go in, I inadvertently stepped on a LIVE bee and was stung! This has not happened to me in years. For a few minutes it was intensely painful. I understand some folks get purposely stung by bees to help their immune systems. NOT ME! I am wondering WHY they are dying in front our door. We have ALOT of vegetation and flowers so I don’t believe they were after the few fake flowers there. Maybe they were trying to get away from something, come inside? No more bare feet outside!


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