Can Satan tell the truth?


We have frequently heard that “the devil is a liar.” But can Satan tell the truth, and if so, how does that affect us?

“You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature; for he is a liar, and the father of lies.” (John 8:44).

Along with Satan, numerous other angels ‘fell.’ They went along with Satan’s scheme, based on lies and deceit. Angry Jewish leaders called Jesus, “Beelzebul, the ruler of the demons” in Luke 11:15.

Satan used his ‘secret knowledge’ to bait Eve. He hates truth and light. He lives on lies, deceit and darkness.

So if he is such a constant liar, and hates the truth, can he actually tell the “truth?” If so, what would be the motive behind telling the “truth.”

Deceit behind the truth

He can’t speak the truth, without the intention to deceive, distort and destroy. He knows God’s Word, but misuses it to cause confusion, and disobedience.

He is so clever that we need our Lord to protect us from him. Don’t trust his words that suggest, “It won’t make a difference.” “A little won’t hurt.” “Just this time.” These are the phrases by which he gains a deeper influence on your life.


The truth behind the forbidden

Astrology – Why did God forbid the study of astrology? There is a lure about it, and the lure comes from the, sometimes, very accurate descriptions given for birth charts, sun signs, etc. The problem is, at some point, the deception sets in, and then the very inaccurate portion takes over. This way the person is lulled in with some nuggets of truth, and then mislead with untruth. There is always enough truth presented to keep the person coming back for more.

Tarot, psychic readers – Interesting mental game. We assume the cards are telling everything, or that the reader’s spirit is in tune with the “cosmos.”

This is what is really happening: the reader has a demonic spirit presiding over her (or him). The subject also has a demonic spirit over him, which has been assigned to that subject, and is familiar with him quite well. The 2 spirits are communicating over the 2 people.

The subject’s spirit tells the reader’s spirit what it needs to know, and this is communicated to the reader. The reader then verbalizes what its own spirit tells her.

So, many true things will be communicated to the subject, and this will win the confidence of the subject.

Once the confidence is won, any sort of garbage will be given next, usually in the form of “advice.” This advice will bring down the subject spiritually, and be more destructive in the person’s life, than helpful.

Example 1. A woman is told her husband cheated on her, which is true. She is NOT told he sincerely repented of this, and wishes to make amends and stay with the family. She then takes the advice of the reader to divorce him, thus losing someone who loves her.

Example 2. A man is told that there is a new love in his life. (this is because he is dating someone, and the demon knows this). The girl is accurately described to him. She will be the right one for him, and this love will last forever. It turns out she is only dating him for sex, and his money. She will abandon him.

False prophets

a. intentional liars – many lie, and just make things up. They are just in it for the attention, and offerings they collect.

b. foolish and deluded – many have been encouraged by their church to follow this path. You just pray for it, and suddenly you have it, by your own prayer efforts! Or, you, not God, just decide for yourself one day, that you are a prophet, because you understand the obvious.

The notion that everything that comes to your imagination is from God is delusion. As long as it sounds good to you, it must be true and from God. The bible speaks about those who prophecy from their imaginations.

Jeremiah 23:16 Thus says the LORD of hosts, “Do not listen to the words of the prophets who are prophesying to you. They are leading you into futility; They speak a vision of their own imagination, Not from the mouth of the LORD.

But God also said:

Rom 1:21 Because that, when they knew God, they glorified [him] not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.

2Cr 10:5 Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;

c. gossip mongers – Others prophesy the gossip they have heard about you in the church. They get their secret information from those that think they know about you, because they really do not hear from God enough to know that listening to gossip is a sin.

d. However, once in a while, a “gifted (anointed)” one comes along, and seems to tell the truth. The same principle as the psychic is applied here. It is just the communication of demonic spirits over the people involved. This one is really dangerous, because they are willfully in league with demons. Just remember, that the only anointed one was, and is, Jesus.

Example: I know one young girl, who was “prophesied” over. He first appealed to her pride, and said she was going to have a big ministry. She was “anointed” to be a prophet. He told her things about herself, which were true, to win her confidence.

He then told her to take a leap of faith, and sow the biggest seed ever into the “work of God,” to show she could be trusted with God’s money. She was then told to marry her boyfriend, and that he would be a partner with her in ministry. She obeyed. What happened to her?

She donated a large gift on her credit card, which she could not pay, then later was forced to file for bankruptcy. She married the boyfriend, who turned out to be an illegal alien, who abused and abandoned her, and gave her 6 children to take care of on her own. She will never have a ministry. She has her hands full with the children, and she is exhausted and bitter.


Famous ancient prophesies

Nostradamus – these are blurred, cryptic, and generalized quatrains which can be manipulated to mean whatever the reader wishes to read into them. This is to pull saints away from God’s Word, and into the word of man, or the dark spirit he serves. There is, as usual, true elements, once hindsight is used, and false ones to cause confusion, and not clarity.

Mayan calendar – this is an interesting one. Quetzalcoatl is considered the god of the ancient prophesies for 2012

Click here for more

appears to be Lucifer, or Satan, himself. The bible says that Satan knows that he has a very short time left, in the last days. Could it be that he knew, from early on, what his deadline was?

Possibly, Satan was bold enough to announce his next physical appearance as god of this world, for all those who worshiped him. This would be to win the confidence of his followers, and to prove that he is “true,” and not false. If this is the case, then saints can use the information to their advantage, and make plans.

When things are VERY important, sometimes God just lets Satan make his mistakes, so that the saints can prepare to protect themselves, and fight.

Scripture says that in the last days, Satan will “wear out the saints” and win, at least temporarily. God would want the saints to be warned, so they would not despair. If the date 2012 is true, then God is allowing this for his own purposes, and to warn, and protect the saints from deception. (I am not saying that the 2012 date is correct. We will have to wait and see.)

Dan 7:25 And he shall speak [great] words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.

Ironically, in the end times, when so many false prophets, who claim they are Christians, have arisen to say all is well, it would be a twist of circumstances for one of the greatest prophecies to be given by Satan, and it actually be correct.


Strategy against the “truth” of Satan

Read the bible, and commentaries, study the wiles of the devil. Know his ways.

Be prepared to hear truth mixed with lies. Reject any mixed messages.

Understand that there are people around you, close to you, who can be used against you. Study and understand how to detect when they are lying to you.

Do not be influenced by your affection for them, because anyone can be a victim or be used, if they are ignorant.

Read this post: Lie to Me! Click here for more.

It will review the psychology behind lying and deception from others. Learn to be wise, and protect your soul from the coming delusion.

36 Responses to “Can Satan tell the truth?”

  1. […] “the devil is a liar.” But can Satan tell the truth, and if so, how does that affect us? Click here for […]

    • No, and just like the picture above with the serpent wrapped around the apple….it WAS NOT AN APPLE THAT EVE PARTOOK OF!!! SAYS NOTHING OF AN APPLE. PEOPLE WOULD KNOW THE DECEPTION IF THEY WOULD READ THE BIBLE AND USE OTHER MEANINGS BY HEBREW AND GREEK TO UNDERSTAND THE WORDS CHANGED IN THE BIBLE. The devil will try to twist the word of GOD around to his liking and if you haven’t read with understanding and asked GOD to give you eyes to see and to not be deceived, YOU WILL BE!!

  2. No. Can B.H.O. tell the TRUTH??

  3. Good writing sister. Well said.

  4. According to legends, if you catch the Devil “sleeping” and pluck one of his “hairs” he *has* to tell you the truth! I went into a “trance” and did this. The answers I got were sarcastic and in riddles i.e. cryptographic responses.

    For example; I asked:

    Can you tell me about Nazis today?

    My response was the following:

    “Which Nazi Sect do you want to know about”?

    I quickly ended the conversation!

  5. Satan/Lucifer can tell the truth. He quoted Scripture to Yeshua while Yeshua was in the wilderness for 40 days. What Satan spoke was true & not a lie. We know that Scripture is truth. Satan knew & spoke this truth to Yeshua.

    • Hi ari

      good point. the truth can be used for evil.


      • satan cannot tell the truth he can only quote scripture which is truth but clearly the scripture says that he is the father of lies-i know b/c the truth has been stolen. He’s using someone elses. He has to disquise the truth as his lie. The truth is that a person that seeks true justice is a truthteller. Even as an angel of light he can’t tell truth b/c it unravels as a lie. Angels are making sure he can’t falsely accuse Tracy Laschell Hodge-Powell. Her spirit seperated from her body when she repented-sep/oct
        2008 was delivered but true deliverance is a process only Christ will finish that would be considered that the call was answered. he’s knows how to make copies of people.

  6. Hi Marianne: I sure needed this!!! I tend to read about the Mayan stuff relating to 2012 just to see what it says whenever i see it on the net or when i see Nostradamus in the checkout stand….but this puts me back in check with our Lord God!!! Thank you!

  7. Just a wee comment on Phil’s reply.
    First, the Devil never sleeps!
    Second: His heart is hairless!

  8. Hey, gd message. Thanks for the references about israel btw. I’ve been busy with uni. You can search me on facebook if u have it. Kwazy Doo

  9. Legion called Jesus, the Son of the Most High God, which is the truth. Satan can tell the truth.

  10. Satan bends truth to fit his ojective and purposes. Just as he tempted Jesus in bending the word of God. If You are the Son of God, throw Yourself down; for it is written, HE WILL COMMAND HIS ANGELS CONCERNING YOU and ON their HANDS THEY WILL BEAR YOU UP
    SO THAT YOU WILL NOT STRIKE YOUR FOOT AGAINST A STONE. Jesus countered this by stating “YOU SHALL NOT PUT THE LORD YOUR GOD TO THE TEST. Scripture must be known in it’s entirety through the Holy Spirit.

  11. With refer to Tarot, Astrology and stuff like that, I wouldn’t say that such things could be called “evil”. There is a certain similarity to stuff like alcohol or any kind of drugs – not in a physical but in a mental sense. The real problem is not to experience something like Tarot. The problem is that you have to be careful and use it with respect. Otherwise you become a mental addict.
    A long time ago, I tried it out (Tarot) and I have to say that I do not regret to have passed through the experience. The cards are just an ancient “psychological instrument”. And they can be “mirrors” to stimulate your fantasy. But in the end, it’s all a matter of personal interpretation.
    Well, after a short while I quit for a simple reason: It’s a waste of time. There are better ways to get “access” to life and to yourself.

    • Hi Peter,

      What you say is true. God forbids things for different reasons. Some things are just addictive, and take the place of God in our lives. So it becomes a form of idolatry. There is some truth in everything, and it is that element of truth that fascinates and traps us, causing us to become obsessed with it. There is also just imagination and falseness mixed in with it,m which will steer us in the wrong direction. You mentioned tarot, I can think of astrology in the same way.

      For other reasons, God says not to eat pork, because he knew, especially in those days, that pork had parasites in the flesh of the meat. Pork was not evil, it would just make someone sick.

      Any time we accept something as total truth (tarot, astrology) or ok (pork, other foods) we are putting our faith and well being in the wrong things. This blocks us from spending more time in the total truth of god, and living a better life in general.


  12. Scripture says there is no truth in satan. However, this does not mean that he cannot quote it. He spoke the Word of G-d in Mt. 4:6 (taken directly from Psalm 91:11-12), when he tempted Yeshua in the wilderness. Because satan has no truth in him does not mean he cannot speak truth. What I understand this to mean is that satan has no residual foundation of honesty, integrity or goodness abiding within his being BUT he can still speak from Scripture to use it as a weapon against us. We all know that it’s possible to say something without actually believing or living it ourselves. This is what satan was doing by quoting Psalms 91 to Yeshua in the wilderness. Satan was being hypocritical in that he was throwing Scripture (truth) at Yeshua which he himself wasn’t living by.
    Another thought to consider is this….if satan & his demons cannot speak the truth, then in Mark 9:1-17 where we find Yeshua casting the unclean spirit out of the man & into the pigs; why would Yeshua have asked the spirit for it’s name, if it wasn’t going to speak the truth? We have all grown up believing the spirits’ name was Legion. Why? Because we accept that the spirit was telling the truth to Yeshua. Simply because a spirit is unclean or demonic does not mean it cannot tell the truth.
    Again, Acts 16:16 shares how the slave girl with the spirit of divination correctly shared that the apostles were servants of G-d & proclaiming the means to deliverance. We find truth coming from a demonic spirit here.
    Again, in Job 1:7-12 & 2:1-7 we find satan in conversation with the L-RD G-d. Since G-d Himself is truth….satan would find his weapons of falsehood, deception & lies totally useless while speaking with G-d in this conversation. I don’t deny that satan’s tone was accusatory against G-d for blessing & protecting Job, but satan was speaking honestly with G-d in this conversation.
    One of satans’ descriptions is that of “accuser of the brethren”, from Revelation 12:10. He brings words of attack or opposition against us, whether in the High Courts of Heaven or in the depths of our own souls. He tells us we’ve failed, or we’re not good enough or we’ve missed our calling or whatever.
    This is tricky ground here, because the problem with these negative thoughts is that often our feelings agree with them! We feel like a failure or condemned or that someone is better than us. Our feelings are real. There is no such thing as a good or bad feeling. Feelings aren’t sinful. They simply ARE. But I’ve come to realize that one of satans’ deceptions is to take something that’s ‘real’, such as a feeling…& try to make this take the place of “truth”.
    If I base decisions or actions on my feelings (which are real) instead of on the truth of G-d’s Word….then I’m setting myself up to fall into greater error.
    This is where “truth” can become a weapon.
    Let’s say I’m minding my own business one evening while driving home from somewhere. It’s getting dark out; the roads aren’t too busy. I’m doing everything right. I’ve got my headlights on. I’m driving within the yellow lines on my side of the road. I’m obeying the speed limit. By all standards, I’m in the right. I’m correct. I’m obedient.
    Along comes a drunk driver from the opposite direction. The driver is swerving in & out of their lane….back & forth. They seem like they’re about to go off the road into the ditch when they suddenly come flying right into my lane!
    I’m not doing anything wrong. I’m staying within my boundaries. I’m not moving. I’m not speeding. I’m not in the wrong here! HE’S the one driving his car on the wrong side of the road; not me! He’s wrong & I’m right. I’m not moving. I’m right, I tell you. Right!
    Yes; I’m right. I’m dead right.
    Truth can be used as a weapon to harm, injure or crush people. This is what satan was doing with the L-rd in the wilderness. I find myself doing the same thing….where I use facts to justify my position while disagreeing with someone else. I get so caught up in proving myself “right” & them wrong that I lose sight of my attitude. I wind up winning the conversation because I proved just how right I was….but I lost the battle because in the process, I was proud. In the process, I sided with satan & I also became an accuser of the brethren.
    Truth can be spoken by satan. It can be mishandled. Truth can be mistaken for that which is real. Truth can be wielded like a sword to cut down our opponents, including other Believers.
    Truth is not always used to bring forth life. When mishandled, it can be used for evil purposes & yes, it can be spoken by satan & his followers.

    • good insights.

      • writing all this was not necessary…….this is simply a yes/no answer and HELL NO satan will never tell the truth GOD said he is a lier and the father of it……… doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure it out

    • and lies can kill and supress another man’s life (look at the scandals of the sexually abused…being kept in a cellar or not…but certainly being surpressed and dominated and being made the fool…so they would not tell anything…that’s the evil spell being forced on another person if you can understand what I mean)….stand firm in the truth and it will set you free in the end….the one who’s lying wants to keep you down and doesn’t want to admit the truth because of pride…that’s the kind of pride that is wrong….although this does not mean that you, who is the victim of this crime, don’t have to love this ennemy…no no….but you’ll surely like it for him to repent…and ask for Jesus Christ His assistance…because you won’t be able to do it even without His assistance….because He is the Almighty and even though you have been victimized…because of the fact that you’re living in this world and your name is not Mary, the mother of God…you will probably also have sin’s to be forgiven and you’re maybe being a good christian only because He called you and He has done many things for you…and has asked you to forgive every single soul that has ever hurt you…

      • life is about forgiving..leading and helping each other in the work of salvation…warning your brother and trying to snatch them out of hell…preparing for the life to come…searching for the truth…following Jesus Christ….and knowing how God put’s a very big emphasis on the ten commandments, in order for us not to be going astray…..

  13. A good way to gain “your OWN knowledge” is to realize certain things about Lucifer in logic. Lucifer is the PEAK of power! That’s why there is NO “LIFE” inside. The energy of the being Lucifer is CHAOTIC, absolutely prevents life due to the immense power.

    Any form of power that PUSHES is his. This is in words, emotions, logic, physicality, sexuality, VISUAL STIMULATION. Ultimately anything that prevents LIFE (discourages, incompasiates, or destroys).

    so can HE tell the truth? The ONE? the FATHER? yes, he can, if it will give him power over you or others through you. YES.
    most likely though you will have a misguided impression of it.
    The words without the right philosophy.

    BTW for my opinion I would be careful of the interpretations on this page. there IS TRUTH but its INCOMPLETE. NOT EVERYONE who goes to another realm is talking w demons. KNOW YOUR STUFF BEFORE YOU FLIRT! DONT SUPPORT THE WRONG SIDE OF “YOUR” PERSONAL BEING BY ACCIDENT!

  14. I didn’t know where to post this. This is a video with Caryl Matrisciana who talks about Harry Potter and the spiritual warfare going on right before our very eyes….

    Caryl Matrisciana- Spiritual Warfare
    A Radio Liberty Production. Learn about spiritualism and the dangers of the occult.

  15. Harry Potter Witchcraft Repackaged Interview The 700 Club

  16. A sign and wonder by the devil, of our end times?

  17. some people cannot comprehend well…….. the question was can satan tell the truth? and no he cannot!! focus on the word “tell” he can never tell the truth its not in his nature to tell truth………now focus on the word “quote” he “quoted” or one can say “repeated” a scripture “the WORD of GOD” to Christ in the wilderness……….anyone can repeat or quote something after another person rather its what mom or dad said or GOD, does it mean that they are not a lier?….its some religious leaders that are out in this wilderness preaching, quoting scriptures, and carrying the bible and going straight to hell because they are liers.

  18. Satan is the great counterfeit! He was created by God and can ONLY mimic God and can NOT BE God. God has the Power to make Satan tell the truth and knows ALL of Satan’s lies/truths since he created him. Satan can physically speak truths, but uses them for his deceptive outcomes, thus in the end making him a liar and what may appear as ‘spoken truths’ to be witnessed with passing time, as lies. Can one speak to you and tell you that they love you, while stabbing you in your heart? Thus, what is the real truth in such an act? Any form of ‘control’ is of lucifer, whether the feminine manipulation through disguise or the male manipulation through intimidation. Satan is an usurper. God allows Satan to display his true nature, knowing he will be exposed for the liar he is. Satan wants to destroy mankind in any fashion he can conjure up, through his God-given powers; which makes him a real danger to mankind. God says basically, don’t go there, ignore him, don’t worship or follow the ways of satan. Great discernment must be developed and practiced to do this however, as lucifer has had multi-milleniums to practice his nature. He can be rebuked through the name of Jesus Christ, the ONE lucifer must answer to. In God’s time, lucifer will be judged.

  19. Just a few questions: Who is the satan? Who is the nachash? Is there a difference between the two? Do angels have free will? Can angels deviate from their mission? Can angels be as powerful as or equal to G_d? Does the satan have the power to destroy man? What spirit do the angels have?

    • Jay

      You have short questions which have long answers.

      Satan is the lead fallen angel.

      the nachash is up for debate. some say it is the serpent in the garden. others say it was a member of the reptilian race who deceived Eve, which would explain better the “seed of the serpent.” concept. there are also references to it which make it really sound like the snake creature.

      the reptilians may be a subset of the fallen angels. one way or the other, they are enemies of Israel and mankind.

      I would think angels have free will, because that was exercised in the decision to rebel against God in the beginning.

      I think the angels which remain have used their free will to obey God.

      They would not deviate from their mission. Fallen angels deviated to begin with but now obey satan.

      Angels are powerful, but not like God. they use the power given to them by the creator to carry out his will. it is not their own power, but his.

      satan has the power to destroy unrepentant, wicked man. he cannot touch the souls of those who belong to God, it is possible that wickedness can cause the death of the righteous, but in this case, there is a human element involved. for example, there was a moment of weak faith, failure to pray for protection, lack of support from other believers, willingness to be martyred, etc. an exception to this is god’s decision to allow the believer to be tested.

      angels have a heavenly, divine nature, which is similar to a glorified body. this divine nature is imparted to them to accomplish their missions, but it is not on an equal basis with the divine nature of god. The spirit of angels is not as the spirit of man. I cannot explain this part, but I understand it has to do with magnetic, electromagnetic, and polarized energies which give them certain properties and characteristics that are different than humans.

      fallen angels and heavenly angels differ in these properties as well.

  20. […] Can Satan tell the truth? […]

  21. Who is true? I will follow the true one.

  22. Thats the truth lg teach us how to stay on the wright path and our family and save the world and get rid of satan for life and all what he bond us with

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