Bible predicts final fate of Gaza and Palestinians

For the past several decades, the issue of the Palestinians vs the Israelis over land rights has apparently inflamed the world, and influenced politics as well. What does God say about the Palestinians final fate for their enmity towards Israel?

This is to examine the roots of the issue from a biblical perspective, and to look at the final disposition of the Gaza area and other territories according to Bible prophesy.

Divine assignment of the land

First of all, God had originally ordained that the tiny land would belong to the Jews, not others. But others were welcome to live there in peace under Israeli rule. Others would also be blessed, which they have been (oil reserves !!), but that tiny spot, in a sea of billions of square miles of Arab land, belonged to Israel. God had His reasons, and they need to be respected. This is all summarized in these other 2 posts, so it will not be repeated here:

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Prophecy from the Book of Zephaniah about Gaza

Zep 2:1 Gather yourselves together, yea, gather together, O nation not desired;

Zep 2:2 Before the decree bring forth, [before] the day pass as the chaff, before the fierce anger of the LORD come upon you, before the day of the LORD’S anger come upon you.

Zep 2:3 Seek ye the LORD, all ye meek of the earth, which have wrought his judgment; seek righteousness, seek meekness: it may be ye shall be hid in the day of the LORD’S anger.

Zep 2:4 For Gaza shall be forsaken, and Ashkelon a desolation: they shall drive out Ashdod at the noon day, and Ekron shall be rooted up

Recent events even indicate that Ashkelon, and other small towns near Gaza, are constant target for HAMAS destruction. This would result in eventual retaliation by Israel:

On March 1 and March 2, 2008, rockets fired by Hamas from the Gaza Strip (some of them reportedly Grad rockets) hit Ashkelon, wounding seven, and causing property damage. This is the first time that Hamas has been able to reliably strike Ashkelon. The mayor, Roni Mahatzri has stated that, “This is a state of war, I know no other definition for it. If it lasts a week or two, we can handle that, but we have no intention of allowing this to become part of our daily routine.”

On May 14, 2008, a Katyusha rocket fired to Ashkelon struck a clinic in the third floor of the Huzot shopping mall. This attack resulted in three people seriously injured, two moderately injured and eleven people suffered minor wounds. The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command said its fighters launched the rocket. (So this is the fiery serpent attacking Israel, which will eventually cause the destruction of Gaza.)

On June 16, 2008, a Grad-type rocket fired from the Gaza Strip struck an Ashkelon cemetery leaving one person lightly to moderately wounded. Another rocket exploded inside the city. The victim suffered shrapnel wounds to his neck. Several other people suffered from shock and were treated by emergency medical staff at the scene. Gaza‘s Hamas rulers took responsibility for the strike. Hamas here is the serpent or cockatrice, supported by the modern day serpent offspring of the ancient Babylonians. (This is explained below under the Isaiah prophecy.) The serpent is trying to destroy Ashkelon.

Zep 2:5 Woe unto the inhabitants of the sea coast, the nation of the Cherethites! the word of the LORD [is] against you; O Canaan, the land of the Philistines, I will even destroy thee, that there shall be no inhabitant.

*** If God said this to me, I would repent and leave the area alone. There will not be one Palestinian left in Gaza when God finishes coming against it. They will all die.

Zep 2:6 And the sea coast shall be dwellings [and] cottages for shepherds, and folds for flocks.

Zep 2:7 And the coast shall be for the remnant of the house of Judah; they shall feed thereupon: in the houses of Ashkelon shall they lie down in the evening: for the LORD their God shall visit them, and turn away their captivity.

*** The Lord promises to restore the attacked town of Ashkelon.

Prophecy from the Book of Isaiah

Isa 14:29 Rejoice not thou, whole Palestina, because the rod of him that smote thee is broken: for out of the serpent’s root shall come forth a cockatrice, and his fruit [shall be] a fiery flying serpent.

*** Philistinia or Palestina is the Gaza strip.

*** they are told not to rejoice if Israel is punished for some reason, and they think they have won the victory. This is because what comes next is much worse for them.

Isa 14:30 And the firstborn of the poor shall feed, and the needy shall lie down in safety: and I will kill thy root with famine, and he shall slay thy remnant.

Isa 14:31 Howl, O gate; cry, O city; thou, whole Palestina, [are] dissolved: for there shall come from the north a smoke, and none [shall be] alone in his appointed times.

*** smoke sounds like warfare of some kind. What is in the smoke will dissolve Gaza.

Isa 14:32 What shall [one] then answer the messengers of the nation? That the LORD hath founded Zion, and the poor of his people shall trust in it.

*** Here is Lord is saying that the area is reserved for Zion and the Jews, who are trusting God to secure the land that was promised to them.

The reference to the fiery serpent is interesting. It is assigned to destroy Gaza and the people there. What could it mean?

There are four possibilities:

1. Real serpents – unlikely since the passage is using imagery. Serpents do not produce cockatrices, which are disgusting filthy insects.

2. Angels assigned by God to destroy the Palestinian – Gaza area:

Seraphim in Hebrew means “flaming serpents.” In Judeo-Christian tradition, the Seraphim are the order of angels who surround the Throne of the Presence. They appear by name in the bible only once, in the vision of Isaiah:

“… I saw the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up; and his train filled the temple. Above him stood the Seraphim; each had six wings: with two he covered his face, and with two he covered his feet, and with two he flew.”

The Seraphs are also referred in the apocryphal Book of Enoch, and are associated with the “fiery serpents” who assaulted the Israelites in the Book of Numbers.

A seraph is most often depicted as one to four heads surrounded by six flaming wings, often covered with a multiplicity of eyes.

3. Demonic beings symbolized by, or in the form of, serpents with wings:

There is an Egyptian tradition of flaming winged uraeus serpents who guarded the Pharoahs.

4. The one reference to cockatrices being equivalent to offspring of serpents suggests this passage:

Jer 8:17 For, behold, I will send serpents, cockatrices, among you, which [will] not [be] charmed, and they shall bite you, saith the LORD.

This passage from Jeremiah described the coming Babylonian invaders as serpents and cockatrices. Applied to the passage above from Isaiah (v 29) , it would mean that offspring or offshoots of those in modern day Babylon (Iraq-Syria-Lebanon-Jordan-Turkey) will be responsible for the destruction. Perhaps Hezbollah or HAMAS goes out of control trying to destroy Israel. Smoke comes from the “north” (v 31) which could be rockets which hit the Gaza area. Some of the weapons they use are not precise, and can hit anywhere. The Babylonians are the serpents, and the offshoots located in Gaza are the seed of the serpents.

Map of ancient Babylon- the ancient serpent:

If the fate of Gaza is to be destroyed by God, and given back to Israel, then what about the West Bank?

The Bible is fairly quiet about this. It is also noticeable that most of the violence we see today is coming from Gaza, not the West Bank. Originally, the West Bank was also part of the ancient borders of Israel, and it has been occupied before, by the Syrians, Assyrians, and Babylonians, which are all overlapping ancient empires fighting for the same territory.

Much is said about Babylon in both the New and Old Testament. This will not be addressed here, as it is too big a topic.

Bible prophecy does mention Syria, which at one time included all of Israel, and today is represented by the West Bank, with the inhabitants there. This is a prophecy which has not come to pass yet. Syria is represented by Damascus, its capital city:

map of ancient Syria

Isa 17:1 The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from [being] a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.

Isa 17:2 The cities of Aroer [are] forsaken: they shall be for flocks, which shall lie down, and none shall make [them] afraid.

*** Aroer is in modern day Jordan

Isa 17:3 The fortress also shall cease from Ephraim, and the kingdom from Damascus, and the remnant of Syria: they shall be as the glory of the children of Israel, says the LORD of hosts.

*** in this verse, God mentions removing the defenses (and therefore the territory) of Ephraim (Israel) by using the “remnant” of Syria. Ephraim loses its fortresses (defenses), indicating defeat to the Syrians. Then God destroys Syria, when he is finished with Ephraim. The Ephraim territory is included in the modern area of the West Bank, along with part of the territory of Manasseh, Benjamin, and Judea. These areas lost their glory when they lost their territory to the Palestinians (remnant of Syrians). Ephraim represents the northern kingdom of Israel, which fell to the Syrians in ancient times, when they sinned against God. Today, there still seems to be a reminder of this. Ephraim will get its territory back when it cries out to its Maker.

Isa 17:7 At that day shall a man look to his Maker, and his eyes shall have respect to the Holy One of Israel.

*** In the end, the God of Israel plans to get the respect, and the territory, He deserves.

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  2. “Prophecy from the Book of Zephaniah about Gaza”

    You forget that it is 2008 now.

  3. Harun Yahya – An Invitation to The Truth

  4. Dr. Marianne: Well said!!

  5. Dear Dr. Ani,

    Thanks for the promotion. 🙂 I always wanted to be a PhD.


    • you people are all stupid 2 believe in this crap!!!!!!! this is all freakin poppycock and your a stupid person marianne!!! just shutup obelix(by the way,stupid n00000000ame yo hick!!!!!)and all you crazy hicky gays need 2 get off the computer and get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • you are so cute.

      • this crap??? Let me just tell you this, you are in for a rude i say RUDE AWAKENING !!! The reason being that like the majority of others,you don’t have any oil in your lamp and as a result your walking in darkness,not aware of where your heading!!! The time to seek for GOD,through HIS Word is NOW!! while it is yet light. Seek HIM with all your heart & you will find HIM,thats a promise ! Please dont waste another minute,please !

        • There is war everywhere Syria Ukraine C A R terrorism in Nigeria Mali Lebanon .blood letting people dying in thousands .,son killing dad husband killing wife and the latest Gaza feud that woke me up to the reality that the end is near.Let us all depart from iniquity for the coming of the Lord is very very near or how do u explain the case of Russia sending her soldiers to Ukraine .

          • Oh indeed!

            It’s terrible to see all these people suffering: but it is written in Scripture that this would occur.

            • Hi Veronica: it’s up to the people of God on earth to level the playing field….we should not stand around as atrocities are committed…don’t be trapped by worldly warmongers…we’re actually risking WWIII by provoking Russia….and do you know how many Christians and others were killed by Jews during the Gulag? ((HINT: it’s over 10 Million) solzhenitsyn was there! Kaganovich systematically starved more than 6 million

          • The whole world against Israel, GOD’S chosen, we are in the end days

  6. You forget that it is 2008 now.
    What do you want to imply?

  7. Hi Obelix,

    I am implying that ultimately the Gaza strip will go back to Israel, as God originally intended it. God had originally ordained that the tiny land would belong to the Jews, not others. But others were welcome to live there in peace under Israeli rule. So sometime in the future, this land allocation will work out differently than what we see now. Right now, the Jews are not allowed to live there, and this aspect is against God’s will.


    • And here it is 2014 turn on your news channel No one can stand against Gods perfect will every prophecy will be fulfilled from head to feet All Glory be to God the creator Amen

  8. Wow you people are nuts trying to use something written thousands of years ago as an excuse to uproot an entire people. What if native Americans had a religious text saying North America belonged to them does that mean we should give them everything and let them rule us.

    • The most logic thing i have heard. Also Muslims books say it belongs to them, so who gets it ?

      • The country goes to the people responsible for building it. Muslims had control of that area since the 7th century, yet in all those hundreds of years, they neither made it an officially-recognized, sovereign nation, nor did they do anything to improve it or make it prosperous. The Jews began arriving in “Palestine” around 1850, and it was they who began to farm the land, irrigate it, and make it flourish. By WWII, many more Jews came to the land, and also some Muslims, attracted by the fact that the land was now productive, but it was the result of hard-working, faithful Jews that made the desert literally bloom and rejoice. Of course, once Britain handed it over to the Jews in 1948, suddenly the nomadic Arab tribes who did nothing to make it successful suddenly have a “claim” to the country.

        It’s like an old piece of crappy land with a run-down shack on it. There were useless people who used the land as a flophouse for years while the deed to the land was in limbo, but those people didn’t do one thing to fix up the property: they just assumed nobody else would want it since it wasn’t particularly valuable at the time. Then some hard-working, intelligent folks moved in and began fixing it up, doing landscaping, and building a new house on it. So the government gives those people the official deed to that piece of land. Envious and resentful that they never bothered to do that, the shifty, unproductive people that squatted on the land before it was improved suddenly demanded to have the land back, even though 1) they did nothing to contribute to its prosperity, and 2) they already have official ownership of the surrounding 99% of the area. But it doesn’t matter: they resent the new tenants and their success, and will begrudge them that tiny 1% of land, because deep down, they know that the new tenants are a more intelligent, more faithful group than they, and they’re blessed by God. Esau can’t stand to be reminded every day of his relative inferiority when compared to his brother Jacob.

        The American “Indians” have no claim on the USA for the same reason: they were here for centuries and still hadn’t moved beyond living as a bunch of warring, nomadic tribes who lived in primitive conditions when compared to the Europeans who built Western Civilization. Both the Jews and the Europeans improved conditions for everyone living on the land, not just themselves, but the “Palestinians” and the Indians resent it because Jews/Europeans are a more advanced group of people obviously blessed by God. These Third-Worlders would rather tear down a beautiful, advanced civilization and make EVERYONE go backwards rather than thank a smarter group of people for their hard work and live alongside them peacefully.

    • That it is from so long ago and is what we see going on now is proof
      that it is God talking. Muslims are behind almost all terrorism so I doubt
      God wants them to have anything. So far the Bible is reading like a program
      guide to what we going on now. The Bible is my program guide and what it says has not failed to fit with the events we are seeing take place.

      • Reading comments of the ones who are in the dark saddens me because they taint others! The god of israel has given his word in the holy bible which outlines the creation, the exodus of Moses led by god to rescue the Israelites from Egypt and told us there would become a nation in one day called Israel! It is the 1 nation made by god and all others made by man! Israel was a nation may 14, 1948 and is at the center of the earth! The bible said Israeli descendants would be provided a land flowing with milk and honey!! The average income of gaza is &2k and the Israelites 30k! It is no question who’s side god of israel is on! Israel is attacked because people think they deserve the land but it is gods land! And it says in the bible “I will bless those who bless israel and will curse those who curse israel- it says also that gods wrath to the people who divide HIS land! When u read and understand the bible it is impossible to deny the truth! The universe has an originator and he is JESUS Christ!! Hamas uses Palastenian children to protect their missles! Do Muslims believe Allah created the universe? Or has any archaeological evidence been unearthed that has coroborated with their Quran? No! But there has been more than enough that has aligned with the bible! God is with israel – will always be and israel will never be taken from his people!!

        • Oh forgot to mention revelation- the end of the world- god says the surrounding nations will come against Israel and god said he will put hooks in their mouths and pull them out! And at the battle of gog-Magog where the antichrist(which I believe will be a powerful group of Islam led fighters to try and defeat god and his people) but of course god defeats them! And Allah – the Muslims god is a perverted (7 virgins), sooo what about the Muslim women do they have men waiting on them? lying(can lie to convert people to Islam), murderer ( all Jews and infidels should die), who say Jews wrote the bible wrong! News flash!!- the bible was on Dead Sea scrolls- the bible is the word of god not the word of anyone or thing simply god! Muslims have been brainwashed and will inherit the lake of fire if they do not find the true god! The son of the founder of Hamas is speaking out about Hamas and his son used to see israel as the enemy but then used his brain and realized the truth and became Christian! His name is Hassan Yousef- he is amazing!!! Most Arab Muslims get brainwashed so it’s astounding that he knew truth

          • Thank you. I’m Christian and I know the claim that the land is just theirs is such crap! Its a shame so many Christians are being deceived by this kind of nonsense!

            • does it matter you to that not only was there a legal transfer of land from the british to the Israelis, but the ISraelis also paid for the land.??

        • Amen

      • Amen John! The bible is the only road map we need. So many people blinded and deaf to what is about to happen when He returns for His people! Come Lord Jesus!

  9. Hi Logic

    It would be nuts if we were just going by what people said. But God has plans for this property for the end times.

    Any foreign people are welcome to live there peacefully, but they should not push off the ones it was originally intended for, and actually live there and make the land productive.

    If Israel was not there, the area would still be a wasteland. The Israelis were the only ones who could ever make the land come alive. Others are welcome there, as long as they do not try to kill people, which is what has been happening.

    Those in Gaza have been offered peace many times, but they would rather fight. So, they need to change from violent ways, or God will remove them himself. They have been doing better lately. I hope they keep it up.


  10. Some people just don’t listen. There Bible also said for thousands of years that the people of Israel would come back to their land from all nations of the earth. That happened in 1948. It spoke about the “Babylon war” ( Invasion of Iraq). There are many more prophecies but people just decide to stay deaf.

  11. Hi Kwazy,

    What you say is true, people follow their own thinking instead of cooperating with God.

    Since God already has it planned, people just need to comply. God is not trying to hurt any non- Jews. They are to live there in peace.


  12. We just have to keep preaching the Gospel of Jesus and keep praying for people.

  13. Very well Done, Marianne. GODS Will Be Done. One can clearly see it. The BIBLE (GODS WORD) Lives. I love the way GOD Works. Alpha and Omega. Whether it is: Past, Present or Future..GODS WORD Always Remains the Same. GOD doesn’t change, but the time period does. Throughout the Word of GOD : Israel, Israel is It. Roots of the Olive Tree (Jewish) that Gentiles get their nourishment. Cut the Root (Israel), the nourishment will break off and Die! I support and Love Israel.

  14. Hi David,

    If only the Palestinians would understand this truth about Israel, and just be willing to live peacefully there with the Jews. But they don’t want to. I hope that someday soon, at least some begin to understand this.


  15. Unbelievers will be the ones that have those Locust like, Horse sized Demons from the Abyss stinging them with their Scorpion tails for 5 Months. They will not be able to pass away no matter what.
    Only the Believers will NOT be stung.
    When these Demons are released there will be a pillar of Smoke from the Deep Abyss to signal their arrival.
    ENJOY NON-BELIEVERS, that will YOUR party time!

  16. hi Precursor,

    I guess you could say that hell has its own Katusha rockets to shoot (locusts). Of all the unbelievers, the Gazans are the most hostile and troublesome. They incite everyone else. It seems like they would be the first to go. I guess we will see. But I will be glad when Israel is finally free of them.


  17. Marianne,
    I think your insights are very strong and you reveal the prophisies with clarity—I feel truth– great site– thanks


  18. Hello John,

    I appreciate your kind words. May God bless you now and in the days ahead.


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  20. Hi Marrianne & Mega Shalom,
    First I find you site fascinating and a pleasure to look through. The Modern church is way off track regarding it’s stance with Isra’el because it believes the Old Covenant is just that ‘Old’
    Yeshua said that the church is built upon the Apostles (NC) and the Prophets (OC). Thus, He emphasise balance in scripture. If we ignore the prophets we become off balance. The Old Covenant prophecies relate directly with God’s dealings with Isra’el. The gentiles are woven into them because we are the vehicle God is using to to bring the gospel and establish them in their homeland. What ever effects them effects the world. The Lord is accellerating events globally in every arena. Mathew 24 is coming to pass.May His grace be with us as we enter these trying times.

  21. Hi Grant,

    I hope the modern church wakes up fast. In many cases, it is doing more harm than good (false doctrines, bad witness on TV,…etc). Unbelievers mock us for good reason, and it is even harder to share the true gospel.

    Those of us with our eyes open to worldly events may have to work overtime to compensate for wrong thinking and correct the errors that we see. The goal is to make the Word of God come alive and meaningful, and to reach the lost with the truth.


  22. Look at how much difference 2 buildings have made on you marianne

  23. I don’t care what land God wants! I’ll destroy him (God) if he tries. Gaza belongs to the Palestinians, not Israelites, nor God. If God has a problem with this- then let him come to me. The land in Gaza is not for God, but for Palestinian humans- and no one is gonna take it away from them or remove them. Fuck what that stupid-ass God Damn bible says- Israel will not regain Gaza, ever! And if they (the Israelites) don’t like that concept, then they can come to me for an explanaton. The End.

    • dear Philip

      God will be taking your land back soon. mostly likely in the next 5-15 years.

      • May god lead benjamin in what ever he needs to do to save israel and its people,glory be to our lord! I don!t think it!s going to be that long from now!may be next yr.!

    • A small puff of stinky smoke will be all that is left of those that oppose Yahweh,I would rethink that if I were you!

    • Everything belongs to God.God does as he pleases and he answers to noone or nothing,because noone or nothing is above or greater than he is.The creature and creation is not,and could never be greater than the Creator(God Almighty).The fool hath said in his heart,there is no God.And a foolish confused person would speak,think or imagine they are greater than God.SO don’t live and practise being foolish.Repent,surrender,accept and know that Jesus Christ is Lord of lords and King of kings and maybe the Lord may hear and forgive you.p.s. We all will kneel before Jesus Christ one day and confess that he is Lord of all.Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of the Father.

    • There is no such thing as Palesttians. They are mostly from Jordan, Egypt, and Syria. Arabs that refused to be a part of Israel in 1948, and went to war with Israel five times now, and counting. The whole thing is a lie the world system embraces to keep the oil flowing.

      On top of that, Islam a pagan religion/political system is at the heart of the problem.

    • Dumber than a box of rocks …I do Believe the bible talks about your blasphemy and denial of him …it’s now 2014 ..and the Israelis are marching on you now…you’re getting just as you’ve wished for … I guess this is where the saying …be careful of what you wish for comes into play.

  24. There is no such thing as Palestinians, they are mostly from Jordan, and Egypt. Arafat, who loved boys like Mohamed, was from Egypt.

    The so called Palestinians were kcked out of Jordan, and have gone to war with Israel five times. You would think these Muslims would start building schools, roads, water plants, etc…, instead of spending their money on weapons ships, and bombs.

    Good luck to you Philip. You seem so full of hate.

    • lesson you scumbag, first of all arafat is a pure palestenian who was forced out of palestine year 1948 to egypt .

      second of all, if you go back in history you will see that the first palestenin civilization was the Canaanites which is an arab civilization.

      third of all, jews were restricted from palestine by their own profit Mosess because when he asked them to fight along with him in palestine they agreed but then ran away like rats.

      last but not least, I hope you live a life of scumbags just like your ancestors who needed 20 profits to realize they have a god…… WITH LOVE scumbag

      • dear far

        then you should also know that God gave the land of “palestine” , named by the British, not God, to the Israelites, not the arabs

        and ordered that ALL the canaanites be destroyed, because they were so evil. they were pagans who sacrificed their children to Baal.

        arabs are descendents of abraham through Ishmael , who is a descendant of Shem, just like the israelites.

        arabs are NOT descendents of the canaanites, who were descendants of HAM, the son cursed by Noah.

        Ishamaelites were living in Egypt at the time and in the Saudi region.

        If the people in palestine / israel are real canaanites, then they should all be destroyed according to God.

        the current palestinians just might be canaanites, since they believe in violence and sacrificing their children to Baal.

        • you still didnt answer my main questions my fellow friend marianne.

          1- didnt god ristrict jews from palestine because they ran away like rats instead of fighting along with prophet mosess.

          2- didnt god send around 15 prophets for jews, but still they continuously got killed by jews.

          3- dont you just love it when Gaza children gets killed over and over again.

          4- your god didnt do that will against the crusades, now did he.

          5- how in the hill do you think you will survive when surrounded by hundreds of millions of arabs.

          6- i have a land in the city of lod, some day my grandchildren will surely visit it as owners.

          7- how dare you disrespect Canaanites, remember? their your ancestors.

          8- 65 years without shyness ? the death on our side, but fear on yours?

          9- no wonder why hitler killed jews, he didnt want traitors in his side.

          10- you say we sacrifice our children for baal? will my friend how can we tell them not to fight, when they refuse to die.

          • you have strange history which is not true. so I will not waste time debating with you…..

            prophets were sent to guide the jews…..arabs never had any….

            no one , except hamas, likes to kill gaza children

            god protects Israel from arabs

            canaanites are not my ancestors….God considered them evil and ordered them to be ALL destroyed….what man does not do, he will do in the end times.

            I am not afraid of anyone except God

            hitler killed jews because he was possessed by satan

            if you stop attacking the jews, they will leave you alone.

            if you continue to attack the jews, they will fight back.

            palestinians teach their children to hate and kill, and give them no future…they need to find God in their lives, and stop the murders

            • thanks but we already have a god, a god that does not hate any one, a religion were every one is welcomed to join, luckily our religion is not racist.

              thanks god because i was born as muslim

              you call me an ignorant of history then ill call you a media whore.

              Israel will fight any one that attacks them? remember what arafat did to Israel, when he only had simple weapons the ratio was 1:4, noticing that the intifada started from our side, but we all know that it was only a peaceful protests, at least untill Israel killed the 9 years old mohammed al dorra, then arafat turned Israel to hill.

              now lets talk about hammas, what do you think will happen if you put 2,300000 people in place that is as small as gaza without allowing food in or out ?

              did you know that gaza now manufacture their own cars? their own electricity generators?

              did you know that palestine had the first arab soccer team, the Palestinian national soccer team started year 1923, now how come the football federation allowed the Palestinian soccer team when their was no palestine back then?

              you say that palestine is refusing peace with Israel? how come Israel is asking for peace when you’ve just told me that god ordered jews to destroy Canaanites?

              now dont start saying that this is not true because am a palestinian i live in palestine and the story that i deliver is the true story wether you like or not.

              remember november, 30, 2013 ? when the whole world stood against Israel at the united nations ? remember?

              remember the gaza war when hammas announced they found dippers with the Israeli troops, hahahahaha now that was a funny one.

              • call me whatever you want….I did not put you in gaza…..someone else did, and it was not to them..israel allows food into gaza..

                god wanted the cannanites dead….if you are really that, then thank ISrael for disobeying God…..or you would all be dead

                palestinians attack israel all the time with missles…stupid thing to do

                Israel has given up 70% of its original land grant for peace…what have you given up in return?

                i do not believe you are true canannite….if you were, you would be a black person from africa, descendent of HAM and Canaan his son.

                if you look middle eastern, then you are a Shemite, but descendant of Ishamel, other son of ABraham….

                Ishmael was was given other land but not palestine… you are in the wrong location …if you were in the right location that god assigned, you would be blessed …

                look at the saudis…..they are blessed with wealth..they are like you but in the land god gave them..

                you are in the wrong place so you are not blessed.

                • i dont want your god to bless me.

                  ofcaurse israel gave 70%, and thats because its not really their land, they dont really care.

                  ofcaurse we wont agree on peace, why would we give 60% of our land away for peasants and scumbags.

                  50% of israeli people are arab jews.

                  dont you be so proud with your people, if it wasnt for the british you should be living as slaves in europe.

                  somali people are living were god has putten them, why didnt your god bless them?

                  if your religion is that good then why are jews a minoriti in world of religions ?

                  food is alowed into gaza? are you sure? ignorent

                  30, november 2012 the whole world stood against israel at the united nations. just a remainder

                  reallity says that palestine will be freed soon.

                  we have nothing to do with hizballah, hizballah is irani, go fight iran, or are you so scared?

                  jews is hated all over the world, cause history says they are scumbags :).

                  you say israel is a fair country? remember how Mahmoud Darwish was prisoned for saying a poem ?

                  due to your picture ill say youre 60 but your way of thinking says youre 5.

                  i promise that your grand children will visit PALESTINE to see their history.

                  • those that stand against israel are hate filled arabs, and they infect others, who have no god

                    i am not scared of anyone except the real god…..yahweh….so I am not scared of allah, the moon god

                    jews are hated because people belong to satan now. and satan hates jews.

                    yes you are getting food into gaza so maybe you should check your leaders and see if they are eating it all. if you are hungry, it is fault of your criminal leaders.

                    jews are a minority due to persecution and killing of them…

                    palestine muslims helped hiter kill them in europe and joined hitler army

                    you need the real god of the world, not allah…if you had the real god, you would not talk like this.

                    • thanks to allah am not hungry, i have every thing that i need.

                      thankfully we are getting all the food we need from egypt, believe it or not they sell us basic needs for less than half the price.

                      palestine was in war with europe! how come they fought their?

                      our leader Khaled Mishaal is a middle class man who lives in middle class villa.

                      Allah is the god who created you, so respect your self when talking about him.

                      How dare you use the bible when you are the one who killed jesus?

                      your government prevents Palestinian christians from reaching church’s continuously.

                      Rome is continuously asking our president to sue Israel for their war crimes, and Europe agrees.

                      the whole world stood against Israel at the 30th of november 2012 at the united nations. just a remainder

                      arabs are known for their bravery, and we all agree on that.

                      your holly cost will never give you the right for your war crimes.

                      Jews are hated all over the world because of Israel.

                      U.S.A is the only thing preventing us from winning the war.

                      you really need Allah to save your filthy soul ( sinner).

                      Water And Salt, Allah is with our prisoners.

                      I really love throwing rocks at your army, dont worry Allah is with me thats why their bullets always miss me :).

                      99 names for Allah, if you read them you will understand what islam really is.

                      Christians are in my heart, no matter what they will stay my brothers.

                      you didnt tell ware were your god when crusaders kicked you out of the holly land.

                      if you ware so blessed, then why did you lose the war against iran year 2006?

                      why did you lose the war against jordan and fateh year 1968 at the land of our brothers? if you are so blessed ?

                      no wonder their is no heaven or hell in your religion! its because you are all sinners in front of god.

                      why dont your government share the dead sea scrolls with the world? why do you incest of hiding the truth about your religion? or does the truth really serve Israel?

                      you keep on defending your self using god, dont you have any political views? poor Marianne , how childish of you.

                      when palestine win the war you will see how mercy-full arabs are, cause unlike hitler we will kill you all:) not because we are cruel, but because we dont want to live with shame.

                      I hope you see how Yemeni people fight, you will piss in your pants.
                      Yeminy jews are the best fighters in the Israeli army:) see? even your good ones are arabs :).

                      enjoy life Marianne, it wont end happily for you.

                    • again, if you hate and attack Israel, you will receive the wrath of God

                      your allah may seen to protect you, but you have not seen God’s wrath yet

                      satan is the ruler of most of the world…..until Messiah comes….then all enemies of ISrael will be destroyed or defeated

  25. Im truthfully glad to be able to read the So-called TRUTH from a Zionist!!!
    dear marianne, i see that your lack of knowledge or intentionally ignoring other scripts left you with these comments.

    However, I’ll gladly inform you that other scripts fortell the destruction of Israel!! why would God do that? well simply because they were all naughty children dear marianne.

    God gave the jews a land to stay but it was not empty because as u already know Middle East Region was full of people like Phoenicians palastine before it was called that was already full of live making trades with other people..i mean they ACTUALLY were alive, did not wait the jews 100 years while they were lost because God punished them for being ungrateful as u definitely know marianne.

    Thus, God, in the end when he forgave them, directed them toward palestain and told them that they can live there away from the pharaoph in Eygypt. But as they were greedy before God punished them they were greedy in the lands. they considered themselves as the owner and have the right to own palestain, lebanon, Iraq, Syria and jordon. thats why today we see israel has taken part of southern lebanon and syria.

    inaddition dear marianne, my friend is from jordan and always commenting on how palestiennes took over the country after they were kicked out from their country by israelians. so palestiennes are not from jordan, a simple proof is their language is totally different.

    and dear marianne, God can not love children masakers, if u r going to say that Gaza do that with israel then i’ll send u LOADS AND LOADS of pics of children and women brutely killed 😀 i’ll be happy to open ur eyes were you’ll wish me to close them again.

    DO some googling YO! abt israelian butchers, coz God always wanted us humans to learn and not of course not to talk abt people specially if u werent sure, right dear marianne?

    and watching one side or hearing one party is not quite Objective 🙂 so go and see the palestinenne conditions and the masakers there then conclude who’s the cat and who’s the mouse.

    i wish your reply would be accompanied by pictures and i’ll send mine if you can’t find them inorder to publish them.

    If anyone out there wishes to see wht he can not see or forbidden to see..just tell me by replying on this website and i’ll help.

    thank you marianne.

    • Hello Nano.

      I have not ignored any scriptures. The land will ultimately belong to the Jews. God promised that he would bring them once again into the land, and when he did, they would never leave again. Israel is there because God is soon sending the Messiah to bring peace. This is God’s plan, and no one can change it.

      There is much slander on the internet against Israel, which I do not accept. I understand that local people – this is all they hear, so they believe it. This is sad, that they are deceived.

      I do not accept picture published by Palestinians, because they kill their own people, and blame Israelis for the massacres. They are very mentally disturbed people. They brainwash their own children to kill themselves, and harm others.

      They have no God in their lives to teach them right vs wrong, so all they do is lie. I pity them, because they are in such sin, and want to blame others for their sins.

      They tell others that they are the victims, when they are really the attackers. They are very confused and evil people.

      God will eventually eliminate all of them for their wickedness.

      I just pray that these people find the real God, so they can ask forgiveness, and be spared the punishment that is coming to them.

      • The comments from you are great! And it is the truth!! It is amazing that you explained it so well and also sad that some others are in the dark and will experience the wrath of GOD! The bible has told the story of the existance of Israel and the world for that matter- and it says what will happen and it will be too late for the ones who deny him. It is clear God has blessed Israel – the median income is 30k and Gaza $2k – The land is GOD’s land who made a covenant to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that their descendants will have a nation ‘flowing with milk and honey” the land is made by God and given to his chosen peope – the Jews! and says ” I will bless those who bless you (Israel) and will curse those who curse you) Israel is literally at the center of the world!! Radical muslims/Muslims are Anti-Christ and believe they will play a huge roll in the end of world! Muslims are full of hate, and perversion (7 virgins), and teach its okay to lie in order to persuade someone to their faith, They worship the moon God (well said Marianne!!)

  26. Dear marianne,nano is right!and who are u to say that the land of the palistinians belongs to jews ARE U A MESSENGER to say what is the fate of palestinians people!And what have they done to say that god will eliminate them!All what were they doing was die by u isrealians.When god made earth he didn”t say that this land is for palestinians or this land is for isrealians or this land is for lebanese…..SO WHO THE HELL ARE U TO JUDJE THAT!!!!!!!!!And the only one who is brain washung is u!!the only one who understands is NANO,and hah!and the only people who are desieved are those who say iSREAL IS GOOD AND THE PALESTINIANS ARE BAD BLAH,BLAH,THEY ARE ALL BULL!and the palestinians are confused because the isrealians threw on them a poisonous gaz!and marianne, plzzzzzzz when u come to ur senses reply!

    • Dear Mimo,

      You are nano, pretending to be someone else.

      God will destroy all enemies of Israel in the near future. The Palestinians need to repent of their hate, their murders, their lies, and all their other sins before they are destroyed.

      When America becomes less involved with Israel, due to problems at home, God himself will come in to defend Israel. The enemies of Israel will be many, but they will all die.

  27. hi its me again,as much as u are pissed about slandaring about isreal we are F*** pissed about taking F* BULLS**T about Palestine,ok,did u get that are ur brain is F** SLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • mimo, nano,

      There is no poison gas that makes Palestinians crazy. Their leaders do that to them.

      You need to work for peace, and not want conflict all the time.

  28. Hi i am not saying that the poisonous gas is making them crazy but the isrealians during the war with Gaza they released a forbidden gas and the prove is in the news,and why would thier leader do thet to them,their leader want what”s best for them!and also nano and are already working for peace,thats why we are in talking to u!and during the Lebanesse war in 2006,the isrealians people were only shocked there was no dead people only shocked people,while in Lebanon there was too many victims and babies who had nothing to do with this war and children!And to let u know i”am not nano,why the hell would i be nano!are u nutsssssssss!!!!And Huh!the Palestinians did not murder anyone!all what they did was take BULLETS AND ROCKETS FROM U isrealians!



    • Mimo,

      Both Hamas and Hezbollah initiate attacks against Israel. So Israel has the right to defend itself.

      If they would leave Israel alone, there would be peace.

      The land belongs to the Jews. It was legally given to them. Whatever land was lost through peace agreements, where the Palestinians cheated, will be returned to them by God, when the Messiah comes.

      • Marianne, every one has the right to defent their land. America defended it;’s stolen land from so called terrorosts so have the Palestinians and Lebanese ( Sheaa Farms

  31. Hi,Its Mimo!Well of course Hezbollah and Hamas would initiate attacks against isreal,its because isreal is attacking us and infiltrate our lands,and so Hezbollah and Hamas also have the right to attack!and when the Messiah come u jews will crucify him AGAIN!!!

    • Mimo

      Hamas and Hezbollah are savage terrorists. Messiah will destroy them when he comes.

      • Mariamme, Israe;l was founded by terrorism, such as Irgun, Livni’s dad belonged to one, long before there was a Hamas ot Hizbullah….remember King David Hotle, or shall i refresh your mem. First suicide killer was Samson ( a Jew)


    this is the REAL nano, memo is my bro..i told him abt the ridiculious website of yours and he wanted to comment!
    “OH my Gosh!! they both know ENGLISH!!!AND USE SAME NETWORK?!!” umm YA!!DAH!!!

    also Messiah will not come for the jews but only to the believers. and honey jews do not believe in Jesus, u do not need a script to know that!! if they believed in him they would be christians now, it doesnt need a big brain to figure that out!

    also if u r saying God gave them palestain then why would they take lebanon and syria?! its not from God nor legally given to them!! besides if some one came to ur house and took a room in it without ur permission and refused to get out would u accept that?
    of course no! and ur saying palestiennes took their own land from jews and thats wrong then how come jews have the right to take other lands?

    if u really read scripts then u should alreday know that they want the whole region but apparently u read none!

    are they paying u or somethng? coz they should!! spreading lies is not a virtue, taking money is much dignified in ur case!!

    also, a living soul in this world and specifically in the middle east and as a survivor of war, i would say that i didnt hate anyone nor done anything or i am now nor i will, so me and my family should not suffer as we did, our house shouldnt be attacked by flames and our skin burned just for being alive in a territory near israel, NOT FOR ISAREL!! but near it.

    finall words: as i said before hearing a party and ignoring another is not OBJECTIVE, your mind can not endorse the massacers of israel then dont watch or see but do not judge!! judgement should be based on hearing 2 parties and thats what justice is even in AMERICA!! thus u r not objective but subjective thus u shouldnt speak as if u r the sound of GOD!!

    a closed eye woman should not be speaking specially if she cant hear either. no need to reply coz ur talking non-sense! if u were an objective person and listen to the 2 parties i might even respected u for that. but a woman who opened one door on the issue and left the other would be only a joke!

    sorry for being rude, but im a straight-forwarded person, and my ethics prevents me from respecting u!! ur a kind person and intresting one too but too bad that u did that horrible mistakes that not an even 5 years old child can do!!

    messiah coming for jews!! u really made me LAUGH!! well if i didnt know jesus better (i mean forgiving and loving) i might say he’s coming to take his revenge from his murderers!”THE JEWS”


    • Nano….and Memo

      The scriptures are clear. The Messiah will come for the Jews, who are waiting for him.

      The true belivers in Jesus (Christians) who are ready will be raptured.

      The rest will have to remain behind with the Jews, for purification during the tribulation.

      The Jews will realize that Jesus is the Messiah when he gets there. He knows this.

      Jesus will also come for any believer who calls upon him for help and salvation. This includes Muslims and others.

      I have heard both sides of the middle east conflict.

      I am very aware that the Palestinians want ALL the land, and want Israel wiped off the map. That does not sound friendly or fair.

      I am also aware that Israel has honored every peace agreement, but the Palestinians have constantly broken every promise to stop their violence.

      Israel has already given away about 70% of what was originally awarded to them in 1948. Still the Palestinians complain. They are greedy and demanding, and they lie constantly.

      I have seen the brainwashing videos on how they teach their children to hate.

      I would not want these savage people as neighbors. If they were in America, they would all be in jail for violence and child abuse.

      Your problem is that you have evil leadership where you live. All you hear is propaganda and hate. You need to listen to something else and find out the truth.

      If a Jew got hurt in Gaza, the people would attack him, and beat him to death. If a Palestinian got hurt in Israel, he would be brought to a hospital and helped for free. That is the difference between the 2 groups.

  33. dear marianne,

    you chose to believe ur artificial eyes and ears “the media” and i chose to believe my biological eyes and ears, thats the difference between us.

    as for what u said abt Jesus coming to give salvation for those who asks, well thats true! thats wht i want to say!! God and Jesus are NOT monsters or big powers of hatred!! however, sinners of all religions will be punished including christains!!

    AS for jews, you r not one of them so you shouldnt speak as if u r! u dont know if they are waiting him or not. i mean if u really did then u must have done a research or something to conclude that. i mean u conducted either a quantitative or qualitative research on jews and aked them if they r waiting or not for Jesus.

    besides that, u r talking as if u dont know history :s it seems to me that u think Jesus died in a natural way or just simply joined God without being crucified by the jews!!

    didnt u kn that the jews asked the romanian ruler to crucify Jesus and demanded Barabas to be set free?!! and as Jesus promised the jews, after they crucified him, the jews temple was destroyed..:S becoz he said he can do that. don’t u know that?!!

    also, for the record, if the jews are really waiting for Jesus then they think that our beloved jesus is a fake and waiting for the true one!! thus,…i believe u should conclude wht i trying to say!!coz its obvious!

    if u wana say that they believed in him then i’ll say it again:

    THEY WOULD BE CHRISTIANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY DO NOT BELIEVE IN HIM, NOR HIS TEACHING!!!! COZ IF THEY DID THEY WOULD BE CHRISTIANS!!! GOSH!!..:s:s:s:s ask urself why u r not moslim?! its becoz u dont believe in prophet Mohammad and im not saying u have to!!ok!! but since u didnt believe in him u remained christain that also implys on jews, if they believed they would have joined christianity!

    and as a christian u should know that our lord said we need to believe in him without seeing him when he awaked at the 3rd day and joined his students, where sonme of them didnt believe until they saw him, dont tell me thats incorrect coz i’ll spare u from replying and i’ll answer u directly: GO ASK A BISHOP or to sunday school!! incase u knew it, u should already know that according to this teaching jews are sinners thus Jesus will not come to rescue them and im not saying he’ll come to save the jews enemy but I AM SAYING: he’ll come for the believers and who will believe!!ONLY!!! Jesus is not an instrument of REVENGE!!

    and dont keep telling me SCRIPTS says this and that coz a christian person should not accept to say that jesus is going to come to kill people!! when jesus was alive he killed his enemys??? NO! he cured them LADY!! and now u want to say he’s a killing machine or a big ball of hatred and ugliness!! u should have noticed the contradictions between the lord’s teachings and the scripts?!! are u saying that jesus is a lier and he’s not forgiving and loving?!! are u saying that when he said “Let the children come to me” he meant not all children, but only those who u think are worth?? u r picturing the palestiennes parents as criminals and teaching their children to be like them which is not the case coz my family and my friend’s families and all the people around me are normal people just like u and ur neighbors, i even think we r better!! bcoz u spend ur days talking ugly abt people that does nothin from wht u r saying, while we do not talk about u being discriminators, which u r!! we dont even think abt out u guys, we just live in peace and harmony w each other and TAUGHT at schools to love other and accept them!

    i believe that u changed the beautiful picture of God and Jesus, and turned them into monsters who are coming to get people!!like boggie men or something..and thats a HORRIBLE sin, i am not God but i know this God would not accept anyone to describe him like u did!! u need to go and confess..

    PS: i don’t mean all americans, only those like marianne, coz i am not blind, i saw the protests done all over the world including american ones, and i wanna thank them all..LOVE U..

    Dear God,

    I am horrified by what i read here. However, i know you gave us humans chances to get back on the right track, and i am doing my best everyday to follow ur teachings, i do not store hatred, at least not for more than 15min :% hehe..i know that iam not perfect coz none of us are but i still love all people whether white or black or yellow or red, whether its my friend or foe, whether he’s from my religion or not coz u told me so, i hope u r pleased from me. we can be misleaded sometimess, but i am sure you will help those who want to be by urside at the end. God forgive marianne coz U R LOVING AND FORGIVING!

    • Hi nano

      I appreciate your passion. I try to be fair. I do understand the complex nature of the middle east problem. The last thing I want to see is anyone hurt. My heart aches when I see anyone die.

      I know hundreds of Jews personally. I know how they think. They are waiting for their Messiah. They just do not know it is Jesus that they are waiting for.

      I am aware of the works of Jesus. I am a Christian who has studied the bible for 40 years.

      A small group of Jews, in leadership, condemned Jesus to die.

      Most Jews did not know about his arrest and trial. I have been to the courtyard where the trial occurred. It does not hold many people.

      Many Jews believed in Jesus before he was condemned by the leadership. The first Christians were Jews.

      Because of what a small group of Jews did to Jesus, the entire nation suffered, and were dispersed to the ends of the earth.

      Jesus will come to defeat the enemies of Israel, who have invaded it to destroy it and the people there. He is not coming to cause bloodshed. He is coming to stop it. Even Muslims believe he will come to defeat the Antichrist. This will occur in battle.

      God has always blessed the good people and punished the wicked.

      Palestinians – they do teach hate to their children. They are taught to hate, and kill Jews. I have seen the videos on Al Jezeera, and other TV networks, I have seen the children taught, I have seen the children as young as 3 years old learn to kill, and scream out “kill Jews, and death to the Jews, rivers of blood!” They sacrifice their babies to kill others. This is murder. The glorify death and murder.

      Ancient Canaanites were destroyed by God because they sacrificed their children to their god, Baal. Aren’t these Palestinians doing the same thing?

      These children are so brainwashed. The God of love does not teach parents to sacrifice their children to murder others.

  34. u r contrasting urself and yet talk like ur not!! jesus coming to make peace not bloodshed yet in the beggining of the page you were saying that the enemies will die in one of the many horrible ways u described!!if u changed ur mind then simply change ur website :S..

    and yea moslims believe in messiah and say that he’ll come with mahdi to make peace so moslims are not anti christ like u said in another topics.

    i havent read ur other topics coz i dnt have time, however my friend was laughting at ya when u said ramadan is static and takes 3 or 4 months!!!! from where do u get these info!!!i mean ur references are just ppl like urself :S and not a real moslim. i mean if u wana ask for medical advice you would go to a plumer or a doctor? so if u wana info abt moslims ask them to give u correct answer and not to look like a fool!!!!!

    as for the videos, one of these a person is talking abt history and thats not wrong even in media laws!! 2nd our children arfe not locked in a dark room they know whats happening to them!! i mean come on!! what would a child think if he saw his house down because of missiles and has to sleep under the sky!! because israel loves us did that?!!!! so they have every right to say and do wht they r doing!! infact the talking boy is considered very courageous and extraordinary!! u might not kn but there are children who write wonderfull poetry abt their heros too..and they are not different from the israelian children nor american ones nor.. bcause they also stand by their soldiers side and say bad things abt their enemies!!:S dnt u live there to c that!!!

    a simple proof that israelien children and parents are just like palestiens and even worse coz our children do not wish death to israelien children however in the lebanese war israelien parents brought their children to sign their names on missiles and say “its a gift from us to the lebanese children” yea that looks pretty sane to me!!

    as for the jokes abt jews im sadly to inform u that there are also sketches abt messiah and mohammad!! ex. Denmark from God allowed them while we wer forrbiden. u want us to respect urs then u respect ours. u want to leave children out of it so let ur children.

    also there are scripts that say the opposite wht u say as we see in the videos sayings.. are u allowed to believe in scripts and they not?

    also in other topic..u have religion freaks as we do. those how think themselves descendents of messiah and need to marry as much as they can even kids to have kids!! also those who wear like strict moslims and do not communicate with anyone!! did u forget that u have freaks as we do?! are they allowed and our freaks not?
    we have discriminators like u R and others..are u allowed and they not…

    wana change?! then start from u

    also the highest cime level is where?! America! we do not have serial killers who kills many civilians for mental diseases or rape women or children..and those students who kill themselves after killing many collegees,..we do not have schools where children bring weapons,..we dont have children who bulls other children because they are treated badly at home..:S

    do not fix us lady..coz u have much worse problems..instead of worrying for ur far away neigbor start by ur next neighbor..NO..start by ur own home.

    sorry but i wont be teaching u no more coz i have exams, and summer vacation is at doors, its time to have fun, u should too coz life is short..or at least go help ur homeless and hungry ppl,..

    Farewell……….no need to thank me:P

  35. and hey dont be envious!! if dubai has money to make creative things u shouldnt talk bad at them..coz the longest tower in the world is in Malasia, also wht abt evil tower? it can be seen from outter space also great wall of China..dont u have any envious words to say abt them? or becoz they are not arabs!!! come on they believe in God and done nothin wrong to ya

    aaaaaaaaaaaaah ok ok imn sorry i forgot

    ur a DISCRIMINATOR!!! ok suit urself but God wont like it:P

    it seems u need an asylum to fix u 😦

    now farewell..

    • nano

      It is clear that these children are brainwashed to commit murder. There is nothing positive to say about the Palestinians. they are all bloodthirsty.

  36. Wow I cannot believe that so much anger and evil can come from one person. The Bible tells us the truth we do not need radical leaders to tell us what we should do. The Arabs/Palestinians should trace back from where the Moslim religion originates and then you will see it started with the Jews, the only thing is that Mohammed went and changed the religion to suit him. But like Marianne says Jesus will return and maybe you can be part of that. Who knows.

  37. The Son of GOD is Coming!!! Will you be Ready!!!!

    Fear GOD and know that he is the All Mighty GOD!!!


  39. Nano & friends,
    I think you are missing the essential point in what is being said here. First of all it has nothing to do with human beings. Not Palestinians, Israelis or any other imperfect human beings. Each will be judged accordingly so forget about assigning blame.
    This is all about God’s word, as written in prophecy thousands of years ago. I don’t think you understand this point as Mohammed was not a true prophet. The Koran contains virtually no prophecy (one). On the other hand the bible is about ⅓ prophecy. God tells us that we will know he is God because only He can predict the future.
    So fat there have been over 1500 fulfilled prophecies including the giving up of Gaza, the west bank (soon to be fulfilled) and the division of Jerusalem. And when the European Union’s charter is signed next month, another will be fulfilled.
    After so much fulfilled prophecy, Christians have become certain that the rest will happen also – exactly as written.
    Did you know that God predicts that in the near future a group of 10 Muslim countries will attack Israel “to make its name no longer known to the world?” Sound familiar?
    Most every Muslim can’t wait for that one to happen, especially Ahmedinejad.
    If you want to know the outcome, there’s good news and bad news for Muslims.
    The invading army will be virtually wiped out, not by Israel but by God himself. That’s the bad news. But the good news is that God will actually reveal himself as the one and only God. Obviously he will not be Allah, or Buddha or anyone else. The world will come to know him and everyone will have the chance become one of his people.
    This is not an act of vengeance but of protection. He will not start the war, he will end it.
    The Christians will not be spared a great tribulation nor will the Jews. The church will go thru a great upheaval and destruction and Jews will have to be taught that Jesus was their Messiah 2000 years ago and that he is soon to return. Those who believe will receive eternal life, those who don’t, including Muslims and others, will not. At his return, Jesus will judge the wicked and they will be destroyed. I’m afraid that will no doubt include, Hitler, Mussolini suicide bombers. (Sorry, no virgins).
    I know I sound oh so sure of what I’m saying but I’m only quoting prophecy. Either you believe that 1500 completed predictions is simply luck or coincidence or you do the math and become a believer.
    So no need to blog with me. This is a matter between you, the bible, God and your math teacher.

  40. just a snapshot. Jews forced out of Gaza, while the Palestinians are fenced into Gaza. Do the Jews know something of Zephaniah ?
    To wash or sweep away all humans and animals. the birds of the air
    and even the fish ? Is this not a giant Tsunami ? A quake at Crete and Rhodes, by Dec.21st, 2012, planetary gravitational pull of the allignment. Earth off it’s axis ? the Hand of God to
    cut off the remnant of this land, to be as Sodom, a swamp of salt marshes, in Noon of the day, ending by evening ? Wait and see.


    Israel threatens to destroy hostile Lebanese border positions
    Israel has given Lebanon an ultimatum to dismiss or court-martial the local commander guilty of ordering the sniper fire which killed Lt. Col. Dov Harari and triggered a major clash Tuesday, Aug. 3

    PA: Hamas military chief in Rafah ordered rocket attacks on Eilat, Aqaba

    Israeli forces arrest 55 Palestinians in West Bank

    UN Teaches Jihad in Jerusalem

  42. Thank you marianne, i have found this to be very insightful and i discern God’s spirit working through you which has also allowed me to open a level of trust and curiosity. Is there more you can tell me about the battle in which the anti christ falls? thanks!

  43. Thank you Marianne for this excellent work!
    I invite you and others to “Dukes of Edom and the Fate of the Palestinians”

  44. One of the reasons I think we have some time to go until Messiah comes is all these testimonies, I keep running into . It’s incredible and very encouraging. I’m glad more people are becoming bolder and speaking out and not being afraid to share

    They aren’t the fake testimonies I posted on:

    This is a New Face, unlike Walid and Mosab Hassan Yousef who most people are familiar with.

    This guy received a message through the TV like Raul Ries’ testimony over on:

  45. Goeie Nuus.


    Jesus sê: “Amen, Amen, Ek sê vir jou; as iemand nie weer gebore word nie, kan hy die koninkryk van God nie sien nie.
    “Amen, Amen, Ek sê vir jou; as iemand nie gebore word uit water en Gees nie, kan hy die koninkryk van God nie ingaan nie.” (Joh.3:3-5)

    Hier vra Nicodemus dieselfde vraag waaroor ons ook wonder; hoé kan iemand as hy oud is weer ‘n keer gebore word?
    Hoe kan God ‘n sondaar in sy koninkryk kry? Ons weet tenminste dat geen sonde ooit in die heilige koninkryk van die heilige God kan kom nie.

    Toe God die mense gemaak het, het Hy hulle gemaak na sy beeld en sy gelykenis; dit is twee dinge van God; Gees en siel. Siel is dieselfde woord as lewe; die mens is dus gemaak met die lewe van God, want God was sy Pa.

    Ons praat dus oor Lewe: die Lewe wat Jesus Christus IS. (1 Kor.2:2) “Want ek het my voorgeneem om niks anders onder julle te weet nie, as Jesus Christus, en Hom as gekruisigde.”

    Hierdie goeie nuus het met geen godsdiens of met geen kerklike leerstellings iets te doen nie; dit vra nie vir die goedkeuring of saamstem van enige mens, of van iemand se “siening” of teologiese opleiding nie.

    Dit is enkel en alleen ‘n feit; die waarheid wat God vir elke mens sê; dit is dié nuus wat elke mens op hierdie aarde moét hoor. Hierdie boodskap is die enigste werklike en betekenisvolle waarheid wat daar is vir elke mens—tot in ewigheid.

    Dis uiters noodsaaklik dat elke mens dit moet hoor; dit is die oplossing vir àlle probleme; dit is genesing vir elke siekte, vir enige mens; dit is die lewe wat Christus is.
    Dit is die evangelie; die krag van God tot redding vir elkeen wat glo.

    Dit het net enkel en alleen te doen met ‘n siel en sy God.

    Jesus sê: “Ek het gekom om te red wat verlore is.” Hierdie nuus is vir mense wat na God soek. In werklikheid soek elke mens na God, maar hy weet nie wàt hy soek nie; hy weet nie dat daardie leemte en verlange en soeke wat in sy hart is, die soeke is na God in Christus nie.

    Kom ons praat oor Lewe; ons praat oor die naamwoord: lewe. Nie die lewenswyse of die manier van lewe nie. Elke plant het iets in hom wat lewe is; gras het gras-lewe; die naamwoord lewe. In elke dier is daardie spesifieke soort dier se lewe; dit wat hom maak lewe binne in hom; dit wat sy liggaam lewendig maak.

    Toe God vir Adam ‘n liggaam uit die stof van die aarde gemaak het, was daardie liggaam ‘n volmaakte mens; maar heeltemal morsdood; hy het géén lewe in hom
    gehad nie. Totdat God sy eie Godlewe in hom ingeblaas het; toe eers was hy ‘n
    lewende mens; ‘n lewende siel; die liggaam het toe lewe in hom gehad.
    Toe was Adam ‘n menslike liggaam, met Godlewe in hom. Hy het nie plantlewe of dierlewe in hom gehad nie, ook nie menslewe nie want ‘n mens was nie sy Pa nie—hy het Godlewe in hom gehad.

    God het vir hierdie mens gesê dat die dag as hy van daardie sekere boom van kennis van goed en kwaad sou eet, daardie dag sal hy sekerlk sterwe. Hy het geëet en hy hét toe ook daardie dag gesterwe; hy het uit die Godlewe uit gesterwe en dit is vervang deur ‘n ander soort lewe; ‘n ander pa se lewe; die ander lewe se naam is SONDE.

    Toe het Adam nie meer God-lewe nie, maar sonde. Dit is die ander lewe; die God-lewe is terug na God toe en die sondelewe het sy plek ingeneem. Sonde. Dit is die soort lewe se naam. Daardie dag is hy in sonde gebore—die teenoorgestelde van wedergeboorte.
    Die gras se lewe se naam is graslewe; die dier se lewe se naam is dierlewe; die mens se lewe se naam is sonde.

    Jesus sê vir Nicodemus: “wat uit die vlees gebore is is vlees, en wat uit die Gees gebore is, is Gees.”
    Elke iets bring voort na sy eie soort; elke diersoort plant sy eie soort voort. As mens koring saai, kom daar nie sonneblom op nie, daar kom koring op; elkeen bring sy eie soort lewe voort.

    Presies so, plant die mens die mens voort; elkeen wat nà Adam as mens gebore word, het dus dieselfde soort lewe as Adam; sondelewe. Dis nie die werkwoord, die sonde wat hy doén nie, of die werke wat hy doen nie, dis die lewe wat hy IS. Die soort lewe wat hy gebore is, IS SONDE.

    Deur al die eeue het God se liefdehart gesmag daarna om die mens weer daar te kry waar Adam en Eva was voor die sonde; weer uit God gebore met God se lewe in hulle sondeloos en sonder kennis van sonde; heeltemal onskuldig en heeltemal rein. Sodat God met hulle kan gesels en by hulle kan kuier, soos Hy by Adam gekuier het—want God het die mens lief met ‘n ewige liefde.

    God het verskillende profesieë aangaande Jesus gegee, tot daar waar die tyd ryp was waar Hy Hom moes stuur. Toe doen Hy iets sò wonderbaar; Hy vorm die menslike liggaam uit die vrou, Maria, uit die maagd, en Hy neem weer sy Godlewe en sit dit binne-in daardie liggaam. Daar word weer op die aarde ‘n mens gebore met ‘n menslike liggaam, maar met die God-lewe in Hom.

    Jesus het nie die soort lewe met die naam van sonde in Hom gehad nie, want Hy was nie uit ‘n man gebore nie; Hy was nie van Adam afkomstig nie, so Hy het nie Adam se lewe gehad nie. “Heilige Gees het haar oorskadu;” Hy was die Saad van die vrou—soos God aan die begin gesê het. (Gen.3:15) hy was die volmaakte, sondelose mens.

    Maar dit het nog nie die ander mense verander nie; al die ander mense wat ooit gebore was, was van die sonde-lewe van Adam. Toe die tyd in God se tydtafel aanbreek waar die mensdom gestraf moes word vir hulle sonde, toe maak God vir Jesus sonde, om Hòm te straf in die plek van die mensdom.
    “Want Hy het Hom wat geen sonde geken het nie, sonde vir ons gemaak, sodat òns kan word geregtigheid van God IN Hom.” (2 Kor.5:21)

    Sonde is die lewe wat die mens het; die mens-lewe wat ons van Adam kry; nie die sondes wat hy doen nie, maar die sonde wat sy lewe IS; nie die dade nie; nie die leefwyse nie, maar die lewe-soort. Die soort lewe.

    Hierdie sonde het God vir Jesus gemaak. Hy het nie sonde gedoen nie; God het Hom die sondelewe van elke mens, van Adam af tot die laaste wat nog gebore sou word, gemaak.
    Die straf van die sonde is die dood. Nie die fisiese dood nie, maar die tweede dood; die poel van vuur. (Openb.20:6) Tog moet die mens eers fisies doodgaan voordat hy die straf van die sonde, die poel van vuur, kan ingaan. Toe straf God die sondelewe van die hele mensdom—in Christus.

    Jesus het die smart van géseling, van die doringkroon, van die spuug in sy gesig, van die spot en veragting, alles ter wille van my en van jou verduur. Ons het dit verdien, maar ons het dit nie net verdien nie, ons is daarvoor gebore—ons soort lewe moes gestraf word. Maar Hy het die straf van òns af weggeneem, op Hòm, sodat ons dit nie hoef te dra nie.

    In sy liggaam is elke wetsoortreding en sonde en elke siekte van elke mens ingeslaan. (1 Pet.2:24)
    Sy liggaam was deurgaans sondeloos en volmaak, want hy het die sondelose bloed van God in Hom gehad—dit is waarom sy bloed vir die hele mensdom se sonde kon betaal.
    Die Bybel sê die siel is in die bloed; dit beteken die lewe is in die bloed. Jesus het die God-lewe in sy bloed gehad—nie menslewe wat sonde is nie.

    Toe Jesus sy asem uitblaas, sê Hy: “Vader, in U hande beveel Ek My Gees.” Dit is: “Doen U met My Gees dit waarvoor Ek hier sterwe; dit wat U beplan het—om U wil te doen; Ek het gekom om U wil te doen.” (Heb.10:5-10)

    Sy volgelinge het sy liggaam in die graf gaan bêre, maar die Gees van Jesus het in die strafgerig ingegaan. Die geregtigheid van God, die wetsreg, die hooggereg, die onsigbare gereg van die ewigheid het in werking gegaan met daardie Gees van die Here Jesus Christus. In sy Gees het Hy die straf gedra van alle wetsoortreding wat ooit op hierdie aarde gepleeg is of gepleeg sou word—vir elke mens. (Heb.9:14)

    Jesus het vir Adam op Hom geneem Hy het vir Adam gesterwe, so Adam het in Hom gesterwe daardie dag. Hy het sonde, wetsoortreding, ongehoorsaamheid wat die sondelewe van Adam IS, geword, en daarvoor is Hy gestraf—daarvoor het Hy in die hel gaan brand; dit is die tweede dood.

    Daar is baie kinders van die Here wat sê Jesus was nie hel toe nie. Wel, as Hy nié hel toe was nie, dan moét ek hel toe gaan. Nie net omdat ek sonde-lewe gebore was nie, maar ook omdat ek die dade van sonde gedoen het—ek het die hel verdien. So, as Jesus nie in my plek hel toe is nie, dan moet ek nog hel toe gaan.

    As Jesus net vir my fisies gesterwe het, dan hoef ek nie meer fisies te sterwe nie; Hy
    het vir my al drie dode gesterwe; onthou, ek wàs reeds dood in sonde; toe moes Jesus eers die dood in sonde sterwe sodat Hy daar kon wees waar ek is, voordat Hy die fisiese dood kon sterwe, en daardeur was dit toe moontlik om ook die volgende dood in te gaan; die hel.
    Die eerste dood van die mens, is die dood wat Adam gesterwe het; dood in sonde, waar alle mense is wat uit Adam se bloed is; die tweede dood is waar die fisiese liggaam sterwe en die derde dood, is die hel.
    Omdat die mens reeds die “dood in sonde” (Efe.2:1) by Adam geërf het, het die mens nou nog twee dode daarna; die eerste dood is die fisiese dood en die tweede dood is die hel. Maar in werklikheid was dit drie dode; verstaan jy?

    Jesus het die straf van die sonde, my sonde-lewe, vir my gedra, en hoe dankbaar is ek!
    Jesus wou die sondelewe, wat duiwellewe is, doodmaak en uitwis; Hy kon nie elke mens gryp en die duiwellewe wat in elke mens is doodmaak nie. Hy kon ook nie die duiwel doodmaak en so die sondelewe wat hy is doodmaak nie—die mensdom was reeds honderd persent besmet.

    Toe dien Hy die duiwel die grootste slag toe; iets wat hom totaal onverhoeds betrap het; Hy, Jesus, word daardie sonde, die duiwellewe, en hy maak dit tot niet in die hel!

    Hy sê: “Niemand neem My lewe van My af nie; Ek het mag om dit af te lê en Ek het mag om dit weer op te neem.” Sò maak Hy die duiwel, wat mag oor die dood gehad het, tot niet deur die dood! (Heb.2:14)

    “Aangesien die kinders dan vlees en bloed deelagtig is, het Hy dit ook op dieselfde manier deelagtig geword, sodat hy, deur die dood hom tot niet kon maak wat mag oor die dood het—dit is die duiwel.” (Heb.2:14)

    Maar nou moet ons onthou; ék was die sonde-lewe wat Hy geword het; Hy het in werklikheid ék geword en dis vir MY wat Hy in die hel uitgebrand het. Ek is mét Hom gekruisig (Gal.2:20) en saam met Hom—IN Hom—hel toe; daar het Hy die sondelewe wat ék was uitgebrand, totdat die Reg van God tevrede gestel was; tot dit alles betaal en gestraf is. (Jes.53:5)

    Die doodstraf wat vir MY bedoel was, omdat ék die skuldige was, het HY gevat. Toe die hou val, spring Jesus voor my in en Hy vat MY hou!

    Wat ‘n Verlosser! Wat ‘n God om te dien!

    Toe alles wat sondelewe is uitgebrand was—soos die brandoffer van ouds, wat die voorspelling hiervan was, toe kristalliseer uit daardie verbrande as van my sondelewe, die suiwere Christus-lewe—en ek mét Hom! Hy staan op en ek met Hom! Suiwere Opstandingslewe van Christus.
    Al wat toe van MY oor is, is die suiwere opstandingslewe van Christus.

    Daarom is die nuwe lewe wat ek nà wedergeboorte het die opstandingslewe; die ewige Lewe. Toe is ek en jy, en elke ander mens, voor God geregverdig.
    Toe kom sy ewige Gees, sy suiwere opstandingslewe, terug in sy liggaam, en God sê vir Hom: “U is My geliefde Seun, vandag het Ek U gegenereer.”
    Gegenereer is geboorte gegee aan; daarom is Jesus die eerste in die wedergeboorte; soos elke normale geboorte, is die kop eerste gebore, daarna volg die liggaam. (Kol.1:15-20)

    Hierdie Opstandingslewe van Jesus Christus, die Geeslewe, is die àlles van God; dis alles wat God ooit gedoen het; alles wat God IS, die vervulling van sy hele plan.
    Nooit kan daar weer ‘n aanklag van enige mens of duiwel teen daardie opstandings-lewe van Jesus wees nie, want Hy het klaar betaal! Maar in die dood was Hy ék, gevolglik is dit ék wat klaar betaal het in Christus; dis ék wat in Hom opgewek is; dis ék wat nou daardie suiwere opstandingslewe het waarteen nooit weer ‘n klag kan wees nie! (Rom.8:1)

    Ons praat van die soort Lewe. Nou kom God met die uitnodiging vir elke mens, om wedergebore te word en deel te kry aan daardie nuwe lewe—en die ewige lewe te lewe in die koninkryk van God.
    Die sondelewe—wat elke mens se lewe is—kan nooit, nooit in die koninkryk van God ingaan of dit sien nie. Dit sê Jesus. (Joh.3:3-5)

    Die mens moet ‘n ànder lewe hê voordat hy in God se koninkryk kan ingaan; hy moet God se lewe in hom hê. Hy moet dus uit ‘n ander Pa gebore word om ‘n ander Pa se lewe in hom te hê—dié lewe wat hy van sy aardse Pa, van Adam, in hom het, kan nooit in God se koninkryk ingaan nie. Nét Gees kan; nie vlees nie.

    Nou roep God en Hy nooi elke mens: “Want so lief het God die wêreld gehad, dat Hy sy eniggebore Seun gegee het sodat elkeen wat in Hòm glo, nie verlore mag gaan nie, maar die ewige lewe kan hê.”

    Al wat JY moet doen, is om te glo en aan te neem wat Jesus klaar vir joù gedoen hét; JY hoef dit nie te doen nie; jy hoef nie “goed genoeg” te wees nie; Jesus het dit juis kom doen omdat jy nie goed genoeg kàn wees nie—dit gaan nie oor “goed genoeg” nie, maar oor ‘n ander soort lewe.
    Omdat ék sondelewe was, moes ek ‘n ànder soort lewe kry. Wat doen ek nou?

    Ek sien en erken ek is verlore met my sondelewe en ek bekeer my; ek draai òm van my lewenspad wat ek tot dusver geloop het, na Jesus toe—ek neem vir Jesus aan as my Verlosser en Saligmaker en my Here (Rom.10:10) en ek sê dit vir Hom: “Jesus, ek neem U aan as my Here.”

    Dan doen Heilige Gees self daardie heerlike werk van wedergeboorte van my gees en my siel—my lewe. Wanneer God sien hierdie mens is ernstig; hierdie mens wil ‘n nuwe lewe hê, die mens bedoel wat hy sê, dan vind die wedergeboorte plaas.
    Ek verloën die sonde-lewe wat ek het; ek vereenselwig my met sy kruisdood en ek sterwe uit die sonde-lewe uit om by Hom ‘n ander lewe te kry—die opstandingslewe van Christus wat God in my gee.
    Deur die bloed van Jesus; die lewe (siel) is in die bloed; deur Jesus se bloed in my het ek nou die nuwe lewe; die ewige lewe; geregtigheid.

    As dit moontlik was vir die wetenskap om ‘n skaap te neem, hom onder narkose te sit en sy skaaplewe uit hom uit te opereer, en terselfdertyd ‘n leeu se lewe in hom te plant en daardie skaap word wakker; wat is hy dan? Hy lyk nog nét soos ‘n skaap van die buitekant af—maar wat ‘n verrassing vir die ander skape! Hy IS nié meer ‘n skaap nie; hy is ‘n splinternuwe spesie, iets wat nog nooit vantevore was nie!

    Presies so werk dit wanneer jy met jou hele hart vir God aangryp as jy sien Jesus het dit klaar vir jou gedoen en jy WIL ‘n nuwe lewe hê.

    “Wat van die begin af was, wat ons gehoor het, wat ons met ons oë gesien het, wat ons aanskou het en ons hande getas het aangaande die Woord van die lewe—en die lewe is geopenbaar, en ons het dit gesien, en ons getuig en verkondig aan julle die ewige lewe wat by die Vader was en aan ons geopenbaar is.” (1 Joh.1:2)

    Jesus IS die Ewige Lewe wat geopenbaar is. Ek neem dus vir Jesus, die lewe, aan as my àlles; my Here, my Meester, my Verlosser. Dan doen God in een oomblik daardie operasie, want ek vereenselwig my met die kruisdood van Jesus.
    In een vlietende oomblik dood God die sonde-lewe, wat die mens-lewe is, uit my uit, en Hy plant die suiwere opstandingslewe, die ewige lewe wat Jesus is, in my in!
    So is ek dan ‘n menslike liggaam met God-lewe in my; die opstandingslewe van Christus wat binne in my lewe.

    Dit is wonderbaar! Slegs die Christuslewe, die wedergebore lewe alleen kan in God se koninkryk ingaan.
    Daar is géén ander metode nie!

    Dit gaan nie om hoe goed ‘n mens is nie; dit gaan nie om die dade wat jy doen nie; dit gaan om die soort lewe wat jy IS. Dit is die menslewe met die naam van sonde wat die mens se lewe IS omdat mens die sonde-lewe in die bloed van Adam in jou het, wat nie in die koninkryk van God kan ingaan nie.

    Iemand moet die Christuslewe hê om te kan ingaan.

    Dis nie hoe goed mens is nie; dis nie aan watter kerk jy behoort nie; dis nie of jy lidmaat is van ‘n kerk nie; dis nie hoe ver jy geleer het nie; dis nie hoe ryk of beroemd of hoog jy is nie; dis ook nie of jy predikant of bedelaar is nie; dit alles het totaal niks met die saak te doen nie.
    Al wat hiermee te doen het, is jy moet ‘n nuwe lewe in Christus hê.

    Die beste en hoogste en geleerdste mens wat ‘n skoon en “heilige” en voorbeeldige lewe lei, is steeds dood in sonde en totaal verlore; tot hy vir Jesus aanneem en deur die bloed van Jesus Christus wedergebore word met die nuwe lewe wat in die bloed van Jesus is—as hy nie wedergebore word nie, bly hy vir ewig verlore.

    Of jy ‘n Jood of Israeliet is, en of jy ‘n heiden is, dit het niks met die saak te doen nie. “Want in Christus het nòg die besnydenis, nòg die onbesnedenheid enige krag, maar ‘n nuwe skepsel.” Die nuwe lewe.

    My geslagsregister gaan net tot by Jesus Christus: Letta, dogter van Jesus Christus, Hy is die saad van Abraham; die Saad waaruit Abraham gegroei het. Géén ander geslagsregister tél nie; net dat ek uit Jesus Christus gebore is.

    Die wedergebore persoon gaan dan nié onder die Joodse wette in nie; hy is in Christus
    —die vervulling van die wet. Almal wat wedergebore is, is é1keen in Hom; ons is dieselfde geestelike liggaam, met Jesus as die Hoof.

    Stel jou voor; die Gees, die Opstandingslewe, is soos ‘n groot wolk, soos die teenwoordigheid van God in die Ou Testament voorgestel was. Elke mens wat wedergebore is, is deel van dieselfde geestelike wolk. Dis nie iets anders in die een en weer iets anders in die ander nie; elke mens wat wedergebore is, is een en dieselfde, want hy is die Opstandingslewe van Christus; hy is deel van die liggaam van Christus.

    ‘Want ons is almal ook deur een Gees gedoop tot een liggaam.” (1 Kor.12:13,14)

    Of iemand wat wedergebore is na MY sin goed genoeg is, tel nie. Of hy in enige ander mens se oë goed genoeg is, dit tel nie. Of ék hom aanvaar as deel van die liggaam, dit tel nie. Dit het niks met MY te doen nie; dit het niks met enige derde persoon te doen nie; dit het net te doen met die Hoof van die liggaam, Jesus Christus.

    Mense dink dat die ewige lewe ‘n tydperk is waarop jy hoop, of wat jy eendag sal ingaan na jy dood is. Nee. Die ewige lewe is die naam van die soort lewe wat Christus IS. (1 Joh.5:20) “Jesus Christus, Hy is die waaragtige God en (Hy is) die ewige lewe.”

    Die oomblik wanneer iemand wedergebore is, lewe hy die ewige lewe, want dit is die lewe wat die pas-geborene van sy nuwe Pa het; die lewe is in die bloed van die Pa. Die ewige lewe is nie ‘n hoop nie, dis ‘n werklikheid vir nou.

    Saam met Hom opgewek, saam met Hom laat sit in hemelse plekke. (Efe.2:6) Nou is jy één Gees met Christus; been van sy been en vlees van sy vlees. (1 Kor.6:17) “Wie die Here aanhang, is een Gees met Hom.” (Efe.5:20) “Want ons is lede van sy liggaam, van sy vlees en van sy bene.”

    Ons het dus dieselfde Naam as Hy; ons is nou uit ‘n ander Vader gebore; soos ons die naam van ons aardse Pa gedra het, so dra ons nou die Naam van ons hemelse Vader.

    Daarom moet jy ingedoop word in die nuwe Vader se Naam. Jesus gee opdrag en sê: “Gaan maak dissipels van alle nasies en doop hulle in die Naan van die Vader en van die Seun en van die Heilige Gees.”
    Daar moet dus ‘n Naam wees wat die Naam is van die Vader, want “vader” is nie ‘n naam nie, dis ‘n aanspreekvorm.
    Daar moet ook ‘n Naam wees wat die Naam is van die Seun, want seun is ook nie ‘n naam nie.
    Daar moet ook ‘n naam wees wat die naam is van die Heilige Gees, want Heilige Gees is ook nie ‘n naam nie.

    Ons weet dat die apostels verstaan het wat Jesus sê, en dus tot op die letter gehoorsaam was aan sy opdrag, so daarom het hulle gedoop in die NAAM van Jesus Christus. (Hand.2:38)

    Daardie ou sondelewe word dan deur die doop begrawe in die dood; as iemand dood is, moet hy begrawe word. Daaruit staan hy dan op in ‘n nuwe lewe. (Rom.6:4) Die nuwe lewe is die opstandingslewe van Jesus Christus; die ewige lewe.
    Dit is die loot wat God in ‘n ander wynstok inent; wanneer hy van sy eerste wynstok afgesny word, is hy dood vir daardie tydperk wat dit duur totdat hy weer in die nuwe wynstok ingeënt is—die nuwe Wynstok is Jesus Christus—en dan begin die nuwe lewe van die nuwe wynstok sirkuleer deur daardie loot—en hy lewe weer.

    Heilige Gees leer en lei ons in die hele waarheid, en Hy herinner ons aan alles wat Jesus vir ons gesê het. (Joh.16:26. 1 Joh.2:27) Ons lewe nou dit wat Jesus deur sy Gees vir ons sê.

    Met die doping met Heilige Gees wat jy as geskenk van God kry omdat jy nou sy kind is wat uit sy bloed gebore is, (Hand.20:28) ontvang jy krag om van Jesus ‘n getuie te wees; jy gaan vertel vir die ander mense ook hierdie baie goeie nuus—en die Gees werk saam met hierdie woord wat jy verkondig.

    Daarvoor hoef jy nie te gaan leer nie; as jy gedoop is met Heilige Gees, dan hét jy die toerusting om dissipels te maak. JY lewe die Woord en dit werk vir joù; jy vertel die Woord vir ander en elkeen wat dit ook doen, vir hom werk dit ook.

    Jy bid nie vir krag nie, jy gee krag. “Die evangelie is krag van God tot redding vir elkeen wat glo.” (Rom.1:16) Jy géé die evangelie en God se krag werk sy wil.
    God gee ons die bediening van versoening; ons gaan vertel vir elke mens hierdie goeie nuus, dat God reken sy sonde nie meer vir hòm toe nie, want Jesus het dit klaar betaal.
    Ons doen goed aan alle mense, want ons het die lewe van Christus in ons.

    Let mooi op; ons probeer nie om soos Jesus te wees en te lewe nie; ons doen en lewe sy Woord en Hy lewe IN ons; ons IS deel van sy liggaam. ‘n Leeu hoef nie te probeer om soos ‘n leeu te wees nie; hy is sommer net ‘n leeu!

    Elke dag delf ons dieper in sy woord, en elke dag leer Heilige Gees ons net meer van die waarheid; ons groei daagliks, terwyl ons die onvervalste melk uit die Woord kry en spoedig die vaste spyse by Hom begin eet—deur Heilige Gees, uit die Woord.

    Die lewende Christus lewe noù IN ons; Hy is nie iemand wat 2000 jaar gelede dood is en nou “iewers in die hemel” sit en ons moet hier op die aarde sukkel en onder mekaar stry en elkeen moet maar sien kom klaar nie.

    Alles behalwe. Die lewende Christus woon noù hier IN ons deur sy Gees en ons hoef nie te wonder oor iets in die Bybel nie, ons vra net vir Hom. Praat met Hom; gesels met Hom soos jy met jou beste vriend gesels, aanhoudend. Hy word nie vir jou moeg nie; Hy het jou lief; Hy gee om.

    Baie gou sal jy leer om te “hoor” as Hy met jou praat; jy hoef nie die beste voet voor te sit en ‘n ander stem op te sit as jy met Hom praat nie; Hy kén jou; Hy is altyd IN jou en by jou; moenie probeer voorgee wat jy nie is nie; Hy is jou lewe.

    Mense dink—en dit word vir hulle so geleer—dat hulle in Jesus se teenwoordigheid kom as hulle in die kerk kom—en dan weer uit sy teenwoordigheid as ons by die huis is; dan kan jy ontspan! So iemand ken nie die noù-Jesus wat jou lewe is nie. Jy kom nie op sekere plekke en by sekere geleenthede in die teenwoordigheid van jou lewe nie, en dan gaan ontspan jy wanneer jy weer uit jou lewe se teenwoordigheid uit is nie; jou lewe is mos jou lewe binne-in jou!

    Ons kàn nie uit sy teenwoordigheid wees nie; selfs as iemand nog nie vir Christus as sy lewe het nie, is hy ook nooit uit die teenwoordigheid van Christus nie—dis tyd dat mense dit besef; God is altyd oral.

    Dit is so heerlik om te weet dat jy altyd in Jesus se teenwoordigheid BLY; jy kan nie uit sy teenwoordigheid kom nie, want jy bly daar. Ons is in sy koninkryk in gebore; ons delf en ondersoek en lewe daarin—en ons groei na sy beeld, van heerlikheid tot heerlikheid—ewig met Hom in sy koninkryk, in hemelse plekke.

    Veronderstel jy ry op ‘n pad en jy is van plan om ‘n paar kilometer vorentoe by ‘n afrit links af te draai, om oor die brug te gaan, na jou bestemming toe. Ek is jou vriend en ek is in ‘n helikopter bokant jou en met jou in verbinding.
    Skielik waarsku ek jou en sê jy moet oplet na ‘n modderpaadjie wat ongeveer honderd meter vorentoe slaplinks uitdraai, jy moet dit vat, dit bring jou weer later by die afrit. Voor in die teerpad is ‘n obstruksie en die pad is tydelik gesluit.

    Jy sal my onmiddelik glo en sonder om een keer te twyfel, my instruksies volg. Hoekom? Omdat jy weet ek kan sien waar jy nie kan sien nie.

    Maar vir God, wat vir ons instruksies gee vanuit sy alsiende posisie, glo mens nie. Daarom wat jy jou so dikwels vasloop en in die moeilikheid beland. Om God se woord te lewe en te doen is lewe en sukses—in enige rigting.

    Nou kom ons weer terug by lewe; die sondelewe wat in die bloed van Adam is, is die boom van sonde, en die sondes wat die mens doen, is die dorings wat aan die boom groei.
    ‘n Doringboom dra dorings juis omdat hy ‘n doringboom is; die mens doen sondes soos moord en vloek en suip, juis omdat hy sonde IS. Die sondelewe is die boom; die sonde-werke is die dorings.

    Mense dink as hulle geeneen van hierdie sigbare sondes doen nie en ‘n goeie lewe lei en gereeld kerk toe gaan, dan is hulle goeie voorbeeldige “Christene” en reguit op pad hemel toe.

    Dit sal nie help vir iemand om die dorings almal af te knip en vir hom paar plastiese vye aan die takke op te hang nie—dit bly steeds ‘n doringboom. Hierdie boom moet met wortel en tak uitgekap en in die vuur gegooi word, en ‘n vyeboom moet in daardie grond geplant word—‘n vyeboom kan onmoontlik nie dorings dra nie. Lees daaroor in Jak.3:12.

    Iemand wat nog nie wedergebore is nie, is dood in sonde; sy gees kan nooit sterwe nie, maar sy “siel” is dood in sonde; die Bybel sê: “Die siel wat sondig moet sekerlik sterwe.” Onthou, Adam se siel het gesterwe uit God uit; sy hele nageslag is nou dood in sonde. (Efe.2:1)
    Die gees was die baas oor die siel en die liggaam, maar met die sonde waar die siel gesterwe het, het die siel toe die oorhand gekry oor die gees, en daarvandaan heers die siel met sy menslike Kennis van goed en kwaad toe oor die gees en die liggaam.
    Daardie goeie “Christen” wat soveel goeie werke doen en so vir mense preek en wat nie wedergebore is nie, omdat hy dink hy is goed genoeg, kyk na hom: hy is dood.
    Hy is verlore. Hy bly dood en verlore totdat hy miskien eendag vir Jesus aanneem as Here, en dan deur die bloed van Jesus weer gebore word met die nuwe Pa se bloed in hom.
    As hy egter nie weer gebore word nie, en hy sterwe, dan is hy verlore—soos hy hier op die aarde verlore is; dan gaan hy hel toe—sy gees met sy dooie siel. Die gees kan nooit sterwe nie, maar die siel is dood en lewe dus nie vir ewig nie! Daarom is dit die tweede dood; die siel het gesterwe met die sonde van Adam, en die siel bly dood tot in ewigheid; dan is hy vir ewig dood; verlore weg van God af.

    Met wedergeboorte word die siel (die lewe) gered en lewe hy dan vir ewig met die ewige lewe wat hy van sy nuwe Pa kry. “En die einddoel van julle geloof, die saligheid van julle siele verkry.” (1 Pet.1:9) Ons lees nooit êrens in die Bybel dat die gees gered moet word of dat die gees wedergebore word nie.
    Oorspronklik is dit nie die gees wat uitgesterwe het uit God nie; dit is die siel. Die gees en die siel is die beeld en gelykenis van God; die gees is onsterflik; dis die siel wat gesterwe het en dus dood is in sonde. (Efe.2:1)
    God sê: “Die siel wat sondig moet sekerlik sterwe.” Nie die gees wat sondig nie.

    Jesus sê: “Wat baat dit die mens as hy die hele wêreld wen maar aan sy siel skade ly? Of wat sal ‘n mens gee as losprys vir sy siel?” (Matt.16:26)

    Wanneer iemand deur God wedergebore word en die nuwe lewe wat in die bloed van Jesus is in hom lewe, dan is sy siel gered; dan het hy die saligheid van sy siel verkry. (1 Pet.1:9)

    Mense dink die gees word gered en die siel is maar net die “verstand” en sintuie van die mens. Die siel van die mens is die lewe; die Godlewe wat Adam gehad het was die God-siel.
    Sy siel het uit die God-siel (God-lewe) uitgesterwe toe hy ongehoorsaam was, en toe is hy nie meer “’n lewende siel” nie, maar ‘n dooie siel. Hy was dood in sonde—met sy hele nageslag. (Gen.2:7. Efe.2:1)

    Die mens se brein is deel van die sterflike liggaam; die siel van die mens is gesetel in die brein-gedeelte van die liggaam, dis spesiaal so gemaak, atoom vir atoom, om die ingewikkelde siel te huisves. Die siel bewoon nie nét die brein nie, maar die hele totale liggaam, want die siel is in die bloed, en die bloed is oral.Die gees van die mens bewoon die “hart” sowel as die brein—gees en siel is nie geskei nie. (Heb.4:12)

    Daarom, wanneer Jesus deur wedergeboorte die mens se siel red en die mens die nuwe siel (lewe) in hom kry deur die bloed van Jesus, dan is die mens totaal gered en genees en verlos—sover as wat daardie bloed kom; gees, siel en liggaam. Dit moet net verkondig word, dat mense dit kan weet en glo.

    • translation

      Good News.


      Jesus said, “Amen, Amen, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he can not the kingdom of God sight.
      “Amen, Amen, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and Spirit, he can not the kingdom of God enter therein.” (John 3 :3-5)

      Here Nicodemus asked the same question which we also wonder, how can anyone when he is old once again be born?
      How can God be a sinner in his kingdom have? We know that no sin at least once in the sacred realm of the holy God can come.

      When God created man, he had made in his image and his likeness, which are two things of God, spirit and soul. Soul is the same word as life, man is made in the life of God because God was his father.

      We therefore speak about Life: Life of Jesus Christ. (1 Kor.2: 2) ‘Cause I got my mind to anything else of you know, if Jesus Christ and him crucified. ”

      This good news has no religious or not religious teachings have something to do, it does not ask for the approval or agree to any man, or someone’s “vision” or theological training.

      It’s simply a fact, the truth of God for every one say: it is the news that every person on this earth to hear. This message is the only real and meaningful truth out there for every man-for ever.

      It is imperative that every person needs to hear it, this is the solution to all problems, it is healing for every disease, for any man, this is the life Christ.
      This is the gospel, the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believes.

      It just simply to do with a soul and his God.

      Jesus said, “I come to save the lost.” This news is for people who seek God. In fact, every person looking for God, but he knows not what he wanted but he did not know that that gap and longing and a search in his heart, the quest to God in Christ.

      Let’s talk about life, we talk about the noun: life. Not the lifestyle or way of life. Each one has something in him that life is, grass grass-life: the noun life. In each animal that particular kind of animal life, what makes him alive inside him, what his body to life.

      When God created Adam a body from the dust of the earth, was that body a perfect man, but quite stone-dead, he had no life in him
      scales. Until God was his Godlewe entered into him blow it, even when he was a
      living human being, a living soul, the body has to live in him.
      When Adam was a human body, with Godlewe in him. He did not plant life or animal life in him had not even human life because a man was his father-he Godlewe in him.

      God put this man said the day he that certain tree of knowledge of good and evil would eat that day he will die sekerlk. He ate and he then also died that day, he got out of the Godlewe died and was replaced by another kind of life, another father’s life, another life is called SIN.

      And Adam is no longer God-life, but sin. It’s another life, the God-life is back to God and the sin of life has its place was taken. Sin. This is the kind of life’s name. That day he was born in sin-the opposite of rebirth.
      The grass’s life is called grass life the animal’s life is called animal life, human life is called sin.

      Jesus said to Nicodemus, “from the flesh is flesh, and born of the Spirit is spirit.”
      Each brings something forth after his kind, every species its own plant species continue. If we sow corn, sunflower is not on, there are corn, each brings its own kind of life continues.

      Exactly so, plant a man man continued: anyone to Adam as a person is born, so the same kind of life than Adam, sin life. It’s not the verb, the sin that he does not, whether the work he does, it’s life that he is. The kind of life he was born, is sin.

      Throughout the ages God’s loving heart yearned to become the man back there to get where Adam and Eve were before the sin, once a child of God with God’s life in their sinless and without knowledge of sin, totally innocent and totally pure. So God with them and talk with them to visit, as he visited Adam-because God made man loves with an everlasting love.

      God has different prophecies about Jesus given to where the time was ripe where he had sent. When he does something so wonderful, He is the human body of the woman, Mary of the Virgin, and took back his Godlewe and put it inside the body. It is back on Earth a man born with a human body, but the God-life in him.

      Jesus was not the kind of life with the name of sin in him had not, because he was not a man born again: he was not derived from Adam, so he did Adam’s life had not. “Holy Spirit overshadowed her,” He was the Seed of the woman-as God in the beginning said. (Gen.3: 15) he was the perfect, sinless man.

      But it still does not change other people, all the other people ever born, was the sin of Adam life. When the time comes God’s timetable which humanity should be punished for their sin, when God makes Jesus sin, to punish him in the place of humanity.
      “For He made Him who knew no sin do not sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in him.” (2 Cor.5: 21)

      Sin is the life of man: the human life that we have Adam get, not the sins that he does, but sin that his life, not the actions, not the lifestyle, but life-like . The kind of life.

      This sin, God made Jesus. He did not sin, God is the sin of every human life, from Adam to the last yet born would be made.
      The penalty of sin is death. Not physical death, but the second death, the lake of fire. (Openb.20: 6) Yet the man only physically die before the penalty of sin, the lake of fire will come. When God punishes the sin of life of all mankind-Christ.

      Jesus was the grief of géseling of the crown of thorns, the spit in his face, the scorn and contempt, all because of me and you endure. We deserve it, but we did not just earn it, we are born to us-kind of life should be punished. But he punishing us away at him, so we do not have to carry.

      In his body Illegal activities each and every sin and sickness of every man was hit. (1 Pet.2: 24)
      His body was continuously perfect and sinless because he has the sinless blood of God in him had-this is why his blood for all mankind’s sin was paid.
      The Bible says the soul is in the blood, it means life in the blood. Jesus the God-life in his blood had no-one life is sin.

      When he made his breath, he said, “Father, into Thy hands I command my spirit.” It is: “Do You with My Spirit for which I am dying, what you have planned-to You want to do, I You seemed to want to do. “(Heb.10 :5-10)

      His followers called his body into the grave in store, but the Spirit of Jesus in the judge entered. The justice of God, the wetsreg the high reg, the invisible dish of eternity into force ahead with that Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ. In his Spirit he bore the punishment of all Illegal activities ever on this earth has been or would be committed-for every man. (Heb.9: 14)

      Jesus Adam Himself He died for Adam, so Adam had in him died that day. He sin, Illegal activities, disobedience of sin life of Adam, became, and before he was punished for it-he went into hell fire: it is the second death.

      There are many children of the Lord Jesus was not hell. Well, if he does hell was not then I go to hell. Not just because I live sin-born, but also because I have the deeds of sin did-I deserve hell. So, if Jesus is not my place to hell is not then I still go to hell.

      If Jesus only died for me physically, then I do not physically die, he
      got me all three dead died remember, I was already dead in sin, then Jesus must first death in sin shall die so he could be where I am, before he physical death could die, and therefore it was then possible to the following death to go, hell.
      The first death of man is death which Adam died, dead in sin, that all men are from Adam’s blood, the second death is where the physical body died and the third death, hell.
      Because the man already “dead in sin” (Efe.2: 1) Adam inherited, the person has two more dead then, the first death is physical death and second death is hell. But in reality it was three dead, do you understand?

      Jesus took the punishment of sin, my sin life, for my worn, and how grateful I am!
      Jesus wanted to probe life, who devil lives, kill and wipe, he could not hold every human life and the devil in every man kill you. He could not kill the devil and so the probe life he is not kill-men were already infected hundreds of percent.

      And he serves the devil the greatest blow, something he totally caught off guard, He, Jesus, that sin, the devil is alive, and he makes it not in hell!

      He said: “Nobody takes my life away from me, I power it up, and I power it back on, too.” So he makes the devil, the power of death had become useless by death! (Heb.2: 14)

      “Since the children are flesh and blood partake, he also, in like manner partook, and he, by death him could not make the power of death-it is the devil.” (Heb.2: 14)

      But now we must remember, I was sin-life that he became, he in fact I became it’s me who he was in hell fire. I am crucified with Him (Gal.2: 20) and with him-in him-hell, there he sin life that I was burnt out, until the Law of God was satisfied, for all pay and punished. (Isa.53: 5)

      The death penalty was meant for ME, because I’m the culprit, he was captured. When the sunken, jumping Jesus before me and he help me keep!

      What a Savior! What a God to serve!

      And all sin is burnt out life-like was the burnt offering of old, who forecast this was to crystallize out of that burnt ashes of my sin life, the pure Christ-life and I met him! He stood up and I met him! Pure Resurrection Life of Christ.
      All that to me about is the pure resurrection of Christ.

      Therefore, the new life that I went to regeneration, the resurrection, eternal life. Then you and I and every other man is justified before God.
      Then came his eternal spirit, his pure new life back into his body, and God said to him: “You are My beloved Son, this day have I begotten thee.”
      Generated given birth to, therefore, Jesus is the first in the rebirth, like any normal birth, the head came out first, followed by the body. (Col.1 :15-20)

      This resurrection life of Jesus Christ, the spirit lives, the All of God, that’s all that God has ever done, everything is God, the fulfillment of his whole plan.
      Never again can a charge of any man or devil by that resurrection life of Jesus to be, because He already paid! But in death he was I, therefore, it is I who is ready to pay in Christ, it’s I who raised him, it’s me now that pure resurrection life by which never a charge can be! (Rom.8: 1)

      We’re talking about the kind of life. Now, God’s invitation to every man to be born again and part to get to that new life and eternal life to life in the kingdom of God.
      The sin life of each person’s life-can never, never enter the kingdom of God or go see it. It says Jesus. (John 3 :3-5)

      Humans have a different life before entering God’s kingdom will come, he must be God’s life in him have. He is therefore in a different father born to another father’s life in him to have the life-from his earthly father, Adam, in him, can never in God’s kingdom to enter. Just Spirit, not flesh.

      Now called God and he invites every man: “For God so loved the world had that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life.”

      All you have to do is to believe and accept Jesus ready done for you, you do not need to do, you do not “good enough” to be, Jesus came to do it just because you do not good enough to be-it’s not about “good enough”, but a different kind of life.
      Since I sin life, I had a different kind of life. What do I do now?

      I see and admit I’m lost in my sin life and I repent me, I turn to my life ‘which I previously went to Jesus-I took Jesus as my Savior and my Lord (Rom.10: 10) and I tell him: “Jesus, I receive You as my Lord.”

      Then do Holy Spirit itself that glorious work of rebirth of my spirit and my soul-my life. When God saw this man seriously, these people want a new life, the man meant what he said, it will take rebirth.
      I renounce the sin of life I have, I associate me with his crucifixion and death comes from sin to life in him another life to get-the resurrection life of Christ that God in me.
      By the blood of Jesus, the life (soul) in the blood by Jesus’ blood in me, I have a new life, eternal life, righteousness.

      If it were possible for science to be a sheep to take him under anesthesia to put his sheep’s life out of him to operate, while offering a lion’s life in his plant and that the sheep wake up and what is he? He looks just like a sheep from the outside-but what a surprise to the other sheep! He is no longer a sheep, he is a brand new species, something that never before was not!

      Exactly how it works when you are with your whole heart for God embrace Jesus as you see it done for you and you want a new life.

      “What about the very beginning, we heard, we have seen with our eyes, what we see and our hands handled, concerning the Word of life and the life was manifested, and we have seen, and we witness and declare unto you that eternal life with the Father and was manifested unto us. “(1 Joh.1: 2)

      Jesus is eternal life that was revealed. I take so for Jesus, life, as my everything, my Lord, my Lord, my Savior. Then do God in a moment that operation because I associate me with the crucifixion of Jesus.
      In a fleeting instant death to sin-God life, the human life, from me, and He planted the pure new life, eternal life that Jesus is in me!
      So am I a human body to God in my life, the resurrection life of Christ into my life.

      This is wonderful! Only the Christ life, life can only be reborn in God’s kingdom come.
      There is no other method!

      This is not about how well a person is not: it’s not about the deeds you do, it’s the kind of life you are. This man lives with the name of sin that human life because human sin in the life blood of Adam in you, not the kingdom of God can enter.

      Someone needs the Christ life to enter.

      That’s not how well one thing: it’s not what church you belong, it’s not whether you are members of a church, it’s not how far you have not learned, it’s not how rich or famous or high you are; it’s not whether you are a minister or beggar is not, it all totally unrelated to the business to do.
      All to do with this, you need a new life in Christ.

      The best and highest and geleerdste man who is clean and “holy” and exemplary life, is still dead in sin and totally lost, until he accept Jesus and the blood of Jesus Christ reborn with new life in the Blood of Jesus-if he be born again, he remains forever lost.

      Whether you’re a Jew or Israelite, or whether you are a heathen, it has nothing to do with the thing to do. “For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision any power, but a new creature.” The new life.

      My genealogy goes only to Jesus Christ: Letta, daughter of Jesus Christ, he is the seed of Abraham, the seed from which Abraham grew. No other genealogy count, just that I have from Jesus Christ was born.

      The born again person is not under the Jewish laws but he is in Christ
      -Fulfillment of the law. Everyone who is born again, is é1keen him, we are the same spiritual body with Christ as the Head.

      Imagine: The Spirit, the resurrected life is like a big cloud, like the presence of God in the Old Testament was set. Every man is born again, is part of the same mental cloud. It’s not something in one and something else in the other, each man is born again, are the same because he is the resurrection life of Christ, he is part of the body of Christ.

      ‘Cause we were all baptized by one Spirit into one body. “(1 Cor.12: 13.14)

      Or someone who is born again after my sense is good enough, do not count. Whether he in any man’s eyes are good enough, it does not count. Whether I accept it as part of the body, it does not count. It has nothing to do with me: it has nothing to do with any third party to do, it just has to do with the head of the body, Jesus Christ.

      People think that eternal life is a period in which you hope, or one day you will go after you died. No. Eternal life is the name of the type of life that is Christ. (1 Joh.5: 20) Jesus Christ, he is the true God and (He is) the eternal life. ”

      The moment someone is born again, he lived the life eternal, for it is life that the newly-born of his new Dad, life in the blood of the father. Eternal life is not a lot, it’s a reality for now.

      Along with him raised with him seated in heavenly places. (Efe.2: 6) Now you are one spirit with Christ, bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh. (1 Cor.6: 17) “Who the Lord is one spirit.” (Efe.5: 20) “For we are members of his body, his flesh and his bones.”

      So we have the same name for him, we are now from a different father was born, as we called our earthly father wore, as we now carry the name of our heavenly Father.

      Therefore you must be baptized in the new Father’s name. Jesus commissions and said “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.”
      There should be a name be the name of the Father, for “father” is not a name, it’s a form of address.
      We need a name be the name of the Son as son is not a name.
      We need a name be the name of the Holy Spirit as Holy Spirit is not a name.

      We know that the apostles understood that Jesus says, and so to the letter obeyed his command, so therefore they were baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. (Acts 2: 38)

      That old sin life is then buried by baptism into death, if someone is dead, he should be buried. It is he in a new life. (Rom.6: 4) The new life is the resurrection of Jesus Christ, eternal life.
      It is the branch of God in another vine vaccinate, when his first vine is cut, he died in that period that lasts until he is again in the new vine grafted-new Vine Jesus Christ and then start a new life of the new vine circulating through that branch and is alive again.

      Holy Spirit teaches and guides us into all truth, he reminds us of what Jesus told us. (John.16: 26. Joh.2 1: 27) Our lives are what Jesus by His Spirit tells us.

      With the baptism with the Holy Spirit you as a gift of God is because you are his child from his blood is born (Hand.20: 28) you will receive power of Jesus to be a witness to be, you’re going to tell the other people this good news and the Spirit working with this thing that you preach.

      Therefore you do not learn even if you are baptized with the Holy Spirit, then you have the equipment to make disciples. You live the Word and it works for you, you tell the word to others and all that do for him, it works well.

      You pray for strength, you give power. “The gospel is the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believes.” (Rom.1: 16) You give the gospel and God’s power works its will.
      God gave us the ministry of reconciliation, we will tell every one this good news that God is counting his sins toward him, because Jesus paid it finished.
      We do good unto all men, because we have the life of Christ within us.

      Make nice, we try to be like Jesus and live, for we do and live His Word and He lives in us, we are part of his body. A lion does not seek to become like a lion to be but he is just a lion!

      Each day we dig deeper into his word, and every day learn Holy Spirit just more of the truth, we are growing daily, while the sincere milk of the Word and soon get the solid spyse with him started eating by Holy Spirit, from Word.

      The living Christ in our life now, he is not someone who died 2,000 years ago and is now “somewhere in the sky” and we should sit here on the ground struggling and fighting among themselves and everyone should just coming end.

      Anything but. The living Christ living here in us by his Spirit, and we do not have to wonder about something in the Bible, we only ask Him. Talk to him, talk to him like you with your best friend talk incessantly. He is not your tired, he loves you, He cares.

      Very soon you will learn to “hear” when he talks to you, you do not have the best foot to put and another vote to put you speak to him again: he knows you, he’s always in you and with you, do not try to pretend you’re not, he is your life.

      People think and this is their so-learned that in Jesus’s presence comes as they come to church and then out of his presence when we are home, you can relax! As someone unfamiliar with the now-Jesus you life. You come to certain places and certain events in the presence of your life, and then you relax when you are back from your life the presence of things, your life, Is not your life inside you!

      We can not of his presence: if someone is not Christ as his life, he was never in the presence of Christ-it is time that people realize this: God is always everywhere.

      It’s so nice to know that you are always in Jesus’ presence glad you can not from his presence come, because you live there. We are born into His kingdom, we dig and explore and live in it and we grow in His image from glory to glory-forever with Him in His kingdom in the heavenly places.

      Imagine driving down a road and you’re going to be several miles ahead at an exit to turn left to cross the bridge to go to your destination when. I am your friend and I were in a helicopter above you and in your connection.
      Suddenly I warn you and say you should look for a dirt path about a hundred meters ahead slow left turn out, you should take it, it brings you back later at the exit. For the road is an obstruction and the road was temporarily closed.

      You’ll believe me immediately and without once doubting my follow instructions. Why? Because you know I can see where you can not see.

      But for God, we give instructions from his all-seeing position, believing man. So what you so often vasloop and get into trouble. God’s word to live and do life and success in any direction.

      Now we come back to life, the sin that lives in the blood of Adam, the tree of sin and the sins that humans do, the thorns on the tree growth.
      A thorn tree bears thorns because he is a thorn tree, the man doing sins such as murder and cursing and drinking, because he is sinful. Sin is the tree of life, the probe works thorns.

      People think if they display none of these sins and a good life guide and regularly go to church, they are exemplary good “Christians” and going straight to heaven.

      It will not help someone to spines all down and cut him some plastic figs on the branches to hang-it remains a thorn tree. This tree must be to root cut down and thrown into the fire, and a fig tree should be planted that land-a fig tree can not possibly be wearing thorns. Read about it in Jak.3: 12.

      Someone who has not been born again, is dead in sin, his spirit will never die, but his “soul” is dead in sin, the Bible says: “The soul who sins shall surely die.” Remember, Adam’s soul died from God: all his descendants are now dead in sin. (Efe.2: 1)
      The spirit was in charge of the soul and body, but sin which the soul is dead, the soul prevailed over the spirit, and from rule the soul with its human knowledge of good and evil when the spirit and the body.
      That is good “Christian” that so many good works and so for those who preach and not born again, because he thinks he is good enough, look at him, he’s dead.
      He lost. He remains dead and lost, until he might one day accept Jesus as Lord, and then the blood of Jesus be born again with the new Dad’s blood in him.
      If he does not born again, and he died, he lost-as he is here on earth is lost, then he goes to hell-his spirit and his dead soul. The spirit can never die but the soul is dead and not live forever! Therefore, it is the second death, the soul died with the sin of Adam and soul remain dead for ever, he is forever dead, lost away from God.

      In regeneration, the soul (life) saved, and he lives forever in the eternal life that he gets his new Dad. “And the end of your faith, the salvation of souls gain.” (1 Pet.1: 9) We never read anywhere in the Bible that the spirit must be saved or born again spirit is not.
      Originally it is not the spirit uitgesterwe from God, it is the soul. The spirit and the soul is the image and likeness of God, the spirit is immortal, it’s the soul that died, so dead in sin. (Efe.2: 1)
      He said: “The soul who sins shall surely die.” Not the spirit that sin.

      Jesus said, “What doth it profit a man if he gain the whole world but lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul “(Matt.16: 26)

      When someone is born again by God and new life in the blood of Jesus in his life, his soul, he has been the salvation of his soul obtain. (1 Pet.1: 9)

      People think the spirit is saved and the soul is but the “mind” and senses of man. The soul of man alive, the Godlewe that Adam had the God-soul.
      His soul from the God-soul (god-alive) uitgesterwe when he disobeyed, and when he is not “a living soul” but a dead soul. He was dead in sin with all his descendants. (Gen.2: 7. Efe.2: 1)

      The human brain is part of the mortal body, the soul of man lies in the brain part of the body, so it’s especially made for nuclear atom, the complex soul sleeps. The soul occupied not only the brain, but the whole entire body because the soul is in the blood and the blood oral.Die spirit of man occupy the “heart” as well as the brain-mind and soul are not separated not. (Heb.4: 12)

      Therefore, when Jesus rebirth man’s soul and save the new human soul (life) to get him through the blood of Jesus, then the total human salvation, healing and save-as far as that blood come, spirit, soul and body. It just preached that people can know and believe.

  46. Die gedeelte wat ek gepos het kom van n friend af . Dis egter n stuk wat ernstig bekyk moet word. As ons glo dat die BYBEL waar en juis is dan is wat daar staan die woord wat ons moet volg. Geskreewe dan JESUS se woorde +”Ek het nie gekom vir die wereld nie maar vir my verloore volk” Adam en Efa is geskape na als geskape is en slegs in Hulle is die Gees Van GOD geblaas.Slegs aan hulle is die bevel gegee dat Hulle oor als en almal moet heers. Ten laaste as gedagte om te ponder JESUS seg Gaan nie na die heidene maar my verloore volk want julle sal nie klaar kry voor EK weer kom. Ons vergeet dat daar twee kante van heiden is. Die kant van verloore Israel wat wegedwaal en ander gelowe aangeneem het en uitleef is heidene. Dan is daar die wat nie onder die wed van GOD is nie hulle het nie die WED ontvang nie dit was slegs vir Israel gegee so daar is die geene wat nie GOD se volk genoem is nie wat nie duer GOD beveel is om SY wed te onderhou nie. Almal wil gelyk wees GOD stel n organogram van reels en regulasies en ons moet bietjie terugstaan en kyk wat ons doen glo en se die WOORD VAN GOD is al wat saak maak en dis waar en juis amen.

    • translation:

      The part that I posted came from a friend down. However, it’s a piece that should be seriously reviewed. If we believe the Bible is true then there is the word that we must follow. Geskreewe then Jesus’words “I have come to the world but for me verloore people” Adam and EFA is created if and only created in them the Spirit of God geblaas.Slegs they have ordered that they about when and everyone should prevail. Finally, if thought to ponder Jesus seg go to the Gentiles, but my verloore people because you will not have gone before I come again. We forget that there are two sides of the heathen are. The side of Israel that verloore wegedwaal and other religions have adopted and live are Gentiles. Then there are those who are not covered by the pledges of God do they have no WED received it was only for Israel so there is geene not God’s people called duer not what God commanded to fulfill his pledges to maintain not. Everyone wants to be the same God is an organizational chart
      of rules and regulations and we need some back and see what we do believe and say the word of God is all that matters and that’s true names.

  47. Marianne:

    Thank you so much for your continued revealing of God’s Word concerning the fate of the Palestinians. This is an area of God’s Word, I believe, is being opened up day by day. Even the turmoil in Egypt that will spill over into much of the mideast is a part of this Work of God. I hope that some will visit my site. The message was created in the year 2000. God bless your work.

    Gary Hulin

    • Hi gary,

      I expect the turmoil to increase. It is the belief of muslims that their savior, the mahdi, will arise out of chaos. So it is necessary to create chaos.

  48. I am amazed at the BULL i just read. If and only IF you beleive in the corrupt Bible, then you clearly see that it contradicts and inconsistant with it’s claimes and verse. That is because of ommitions & additions.

    The land was given to Abraham’s seed as !EVERLASTING ” covenant..then it is contradicted by God giving it again to saac alone ( which is an obvious insertion)…then later God tells the Jews to “SHARE” the land with other people …!!??Which one ?

    Abraham had to “BUY” his burial place from a none jew !!?? but he was suposed to have had it all.What it seems like is that God gave “LOTTS OF LAND ” in Canaaan to the jews , but not all( as the top shows). So land could mean a “piece of land” which makes more sense. Then again the Bible says he gave all the Land from Euphrates to Egypt !!!??? what did he exactly give ?

    The palestinians must have been the indeginous peole whom converted to Judaism , then Christianity( and still many are) then Islam.

    • What ommitions & additions? The Jews have 1/6 of 1% of land in the Middle East. How much do the children of the slave girl from Egypt called Hagar have?

      The only Bull I read is called Islam which follows a mad man who raped, and murdered. His name is Muhammad.

  49. You display videos of what Palestinian kids are told to say, but so do Israelis teach their kids hatred and lies in school as apart of their education. Here is just one. If you cannot open it then fish it out:

    As for the promised land, here is one that clearly state that the jews are to share the land. This means the land is actulally a plott of land:

    It shall be that you will divide it by lot as an inheritance for yourselves, and for the strangers who sojourn among you and who bear children among you. They shall be to you as native-born among the children of Israel; they shall have an inheritance with you among the tribes of Israel. Ezek 47.21-22

    please some one explaine how can this be ?

    • vixi

      The Jews are to allow others to live on the land, as long as the others are peaceful. But the Palestinians are not peaceful. The land is also to be Israeli land, and not turned over to the others.

      The promise of the land was through the line of Abraham, Isaac, and then Jacob.

      God never promised any land to Ishmael. He was to live in the desert regions. and he moved into a oil rich area known as Saudi Arabia today.

      But he did promise that he would make him a great nation also, and have 12 princes under him.

      • Marianne That is the biggest lie. The Promise ( if you beleive in it) was made to Abraham and his SEED for EVERLASTING , Gos never said Isaac, this Isaac one is a later insertion tha contradicts what God promised before.

        Lie again Israel does not ideologically accept Palestinians to share a land, they need it all for their Messiah to come and that is NOT Jesus. Get a grip and wake up.

        • There is no such thing as Palestinians, they are mostly from Jordan, and Egypt. The so call Palestinians were kicked out of Jordan, and non of their Arab brothers offer them a place of their own.

          The so called Palestinians are kept in limbo for political reasons. Israel offered these Arabs peace to live in Israel if they would not go to war in 1948. Now, about five wars later these followers of Muhammad teach their children Jews are from monkeys, and pigs, and should be murdered. Notice the latest terrorist bomb, and the 50 mortars from Hamas.

          You see vixi, you are blind, because you waorship a false god called Allah. History, a correct version, knows Allah as the moon god Sin.

      • You Muslims claim the bible cant be correct because a person said so, and that person is a liar- Muhammad, he’s a liar, sexual pervert, (which has continued – teaching men they will have virgins waiting to have sex in paradise! Sick o’s (our lord and the JEWs same lord do not believe in lying) so u think the GOD they believe in which teaches not to lie, among many other great qualities but u think those Jews made up the bible? Everything in the bible that says would happen has happened – Israel became a nation and would be surrounded by enemies, the tiny land median income is 30k, WHY? Because the land is blessed by Yahweh! It says in the bible he will bless those who bless and support Israel (just look at America- has been blessed) and curse those who curse Israel!! why do u think Israel has never lost their battles? Who is on her side- the LORD Jesus Christ! Archaeologic evidence supports the bible! The bible says what is going to happen in the future and it will! The Muslims are following the religion of Satan!!

  50. Leatherneck. Youare contradicting your self. If there was no palestinians, then who are the people who were kicked out of Jordan AND why ?. Never mind there were no Israel before Jacob, but does not mean they never exsisted. Remember there were indiginous people who’s names and religion changed over the time, and are the palestinians. Just like there was no Jordan before Jesus, there was no Iraq name before…etc ..YOUR POINT !??

    • Vixi
      there are millions of unused acres of desert in the muslim countries surrounding Israel. why not just give palestinians a plot of wasteland and see if they can bring it to life as the Israeli people have done. Problem solved.

    • Someone owned my house before I bought it. So it is mine now.

      territories change hands.

      The palestinians are actually Egyptians and jordanians and moved there in the 1960s.

    • Vixi,

      They were called the PLO. Now the PLO is split. They call themselves Palestinians. Hamas, and Fatha are the two factions within these Muslims.

      When Rome burned down the Jewish Temple in 70 AD, the area was renamed Palestine. Jews are the true Palestinians.

      I hope the point I made in a more early post is more clear now.

  51. Really like you website. I will be back to read more. May God Bless You!!

  52. Hi, I know it’s late to comment since this was first published ages ago but after reading this post, I just couldn help but comment.
    I do believe, you Marianne have good intentions. I don’t know if you’re a Jew or Christian but still, I believe you want to follow God and preach his message… HOWEVER…
    1. According to recent genetic studies (done by Israeli geneticists) Palestinians and Jews are more related to each other than Jews to Europeans and Palestinians to Arabs… The test shows how Palestinians are descended from ancient Hebrews who mixed with invading populations (Romans, Ottoman Turks, Arabs) and then converted to Christianity or forced to convert to Islam. You can’t argue with DNA studies – especially if it’s done by Israel!
    2. Since the majority of Palestinians are of Jewish descent, then ther are technically the chosen people also as the chosen people is not if you’re a Jew or not – but if it is if you’re descended from Isaac… This is why how even if you’re a Jew – if you’re not descended from Isaac – according to the Jewish holy book – you are not chosen.
    3. Zionist movement is man made! According to the Jewish holy book – The Torah… Israel would be made when the messiah comes… Since Jesus hasn’t had a second coming yet… Israel is technically illegal and against the word of God. Go check out Jewish Rabbis who are against Israel!
    4. Have you seen the massacres occured in Gaza! Israeli war on Gaza was illegal under international law! They used White phosphorus and targeted civilians! Just look at the pictures… How can God not care for the Palestinian people? How can he support murder? Remember the ten commandments – you shan’t kill! And yes, God can do what he likes… But that’s God and not man…
    5. The Palestinians do want peace – check out the wilileaks and how the PLO nearly gave up
    East Jerusalem for peace (do you know how sacred East Jerusalem is to Muslims – Al Aqsa Mosque is where their prophet ascended to heaven)
    6. Any murder is wrong!
    7. Hamas uses home made rockets and stones. Israel uses drones, war planes, high tec weapons funded by USA! You do the math!
    8. How can you say who goes to heaven or not!
    Are you a prophet or some kind of angel… NO!
    At the end of the day, you have not looked into the scriptures clearly and with an open mind! Arabs and Jews are genetic brothers and are the sons of Abraham! God blesses them both according the the Old Testament. Palestinians and Jews are even closer related so how would you explain that huh? Can God send someone of Jewish descent to hell? Can he send an innocent being? Cos God created us and he loves us! Just because someone is a Jew that doesn’t make them automatically go to heaven! Now feel free to challenge this but before you do that just research it. Research the genetic studies done, research it all… Then go to Palestine and look theough their perspective… See how they live life! Anyhow, I didn’t mean to be offensive and stuff I just believe differently to you! Anyway, God bless you all!
    P.S. Not all Palestinians are muslims… Sincerly, from a Palestinian Christian.

    • Shakira

      If you were a Christian, you would not be living there.

      The Palestinians have a 100 year history of terrorizing and murdering Israelis……murder is wrong, and the Palestinians even murder their own, so they can show bloody bodies to the media, and blame it on Israelis.

      They are only related through Abraham…at best…..not Isaac…..and many are not related to Abraham either. Canaanites are decedents of Cain and Ham. They are not descendants of Shem, who is the family of the Jews.

      Send me your scientific references on genetics.

      I have heard all this propaganda before.

      • Marianne,
        I am quite shocked at your comment of “if you’re a Christian you wouldn’t be living there” that is really offensive and quite un Christian… Palestinian Christian have been in the holy land since Christianity was started and was one if the first Christians to have walked this earth. We do not terrorize Jews, Palestinians and Jews have been living in peace for years. We even helped them by selling them land in the war!
        As for Palestinians and Jews being related… Here are the proof (Israeli research by the way) –

        And for video proof –

        NOTE: If the video doesn’t work, just go to Youtube and type in” Palestinian jewsish origin”

        So yeah what more proof do you want? And if you think that Israeli opression against Palestinians is proaganda – just give me a shout and I’ll enlighten you with more videos… And yes, I know what you’re gonna say next and how this is all propaganda blah blah blah. But before you say that – please go to Palestine/Israel – go get samples of different Palestinian/Israeli mens blood – do scientific research on their genes – study their chromosones – publish a genetic report – then  say it’s “propaganda”… And no I do not hate Jews, I understand that us Palestinians and Israelis are related. I haven’t got anything against them – just the people that opress Palestinians. I love Jews
        so don’t say we terrorize Jews! That is just sterotypical and uncalled for. Have you even met a Palestinian in real life? Cos you know, it’s best not to base opinion on what you see in Anti Palestinian Fox and CNN news. And yes, I admit, there are really horrible Palestinians out there! Hamas is one of them and I’m ashamed to say that they are Palestinian, but still isn’t there bad people and extremists in every race/cointry/religion? So please, Marianne, don’t hate us just because of a tiny minority who create havok. We are a people of God too. Thanks for the interesting (even if i dont agree with it) post anyways and God bless.
        P.S. I don’t live in Palestine, I live in the USA! But I do have Christian relatives in Bethlehem which is why i was quite offended with your comment. Anyhow, Peace for the win!

        And Marianne, if you are true? According to you, does this mean I’m going to he’ll for being Palestinian? I’m a Christian and I love my faith, but since I’m a Palestinian… I can’t go to heaven? According to you?

        • I did not say all Palestinians go to hell. Jews were Palestinians before the others moved in.

          Genetics- like I said, they go back to Abraham….SOME OF THEM….and so the genetics…but after that, it does not matter…because the arab behavior is horrible.

          CNN is anti- ISrael. Fox is pro-Israel. CNN is a liberal organization that is severely slanted against ISrael. It would criticize Israel for planting flowers.

          The Muslim palestinians are known for starting conflicts constantly, and Israel is forced to defend itself. If the Muslim Palestinians were not there, it would be peaceful. It is not their land. As you say, the Jews paid for the land, making it theirs, and then they have spent the past 2 decades giving them Israeli land in order to have peace. Most of them came from surrounding arab lands, and did not live there originally. Arafat was an Egyptian.

          The Palestinians want ALL of the Israeli land…….and you know this…….and they have declared they will push Israel into the sea, and they will kill and shed Israeli blood until they get what they want. This is evil.

          You have your own racial bias in favor of these people. Most :Christian Palestinians are Arabs, not Jews, and they have allegiance to their own race before their religion. I have seen “Christians” protest in favor of Islamic terrorists and against Israelis who were just trying to protect themselves. That was disgraceful.

          God will settle this issue, when he cleans up the land, and only those with a pure and righteous heart can stay there. Those intent on murder and hate will be destroyed.

        • By the way, those are not legitimate scientific journals.

          • Okayy… To be honest, I’m very tired of arguing. I have my views – you have yours and like you said, no one will know what will happen but God. There are many things you’ve pointed out that I just simply do not agree with but hey – I don’t really care what others think, I only care what God thinks soo… Yeah, kudos to you for spreading Gods word (even if i think you might have interpreted it wrong in many ways), thanks for the post… interesting discussion and God bless.

      • Marianne,
        I am quite shocked at your comment of “if you’re a Christian you wouldn’t be living there” that is really offensive and quite un Christian… Palestinian Christian have been in the holy land since Christianity was started and was one if the first Christians to have walked this earth. We do not terrorize Jews, Palestinians and Jews have been living in peace for years. We even helped them by selling them land in the war!
        And as for killing our own just to disgrace Israel – seriously??? I mean what a ridiculous comment… Just go to Gaza please??? Go there, then maybe your eyes would be open.
        As for Palestinians and Jews being related… Here are the proof (Israeli research by the way) –

        And for video proof –

        NOTE: If the video doesn’t work, just go to Youtube and type in” Palestinian jewsish origin”

        So yeah what more proof do you want? And if you think that Israeli opression against Palestinians is proaganda – just give me a shout and I’ll enlighten you with more videos… And yes, I know what you’re gonna say next and how this is all propaganda blah blah blah. But before you say that – please go to Palestine/Israel – go get samples of different Palestinian/Israeli mens blood – do scientific research on their genes – study their chromosones – publish a genetic report – then  say it’s “propaganda”… And no I do not hate Jews, I understand that us Palestinians and Israelis are related. I haven’t got anything against them – just the people that opress Palestinians. I love Jews
        so don’t say we terrorize Jews! That is just sterotypical and uncalled for. Have you even met a Palestinian in real life? Cos you know, it’s best not to base opinion on what you see in Anti Palestinian Fox and CNN news. And yes, I admit, there are really horrible Palestinians out there! Hamas is one of them and I’m ashamed to say that they are Palestinian, but still isn’t there bad people and extremists in every race/cointry/religion? So please, Marianne, don’t hate us just because of a tiny minority who create havok. We are a people of God too. Thanks for the interesting (even if i dont agree with it) post anyways and God bless.
        P.S. I don’t live in Palestine, I live in the USA but with Christian relatives in Bethlehem! Peace for the win!

        And if you’re right? According to you, Im going to he’ll for being Palestinian even though I’m a Christian? According to you?

    My first post needed correction so here they are;
    *Palestinians are descended from the ancient Hebrews as not all Jews were expelled from the holy land… The poor Jews stayed as they worked as labour for the Romans.
    *I wrote “Can someone send someone of Jewish descent to hell?” and the answer is yes cos not every Jew is good (sorry for my misunderstanding, English is not my first language)
    *and yes God can do anything he wants!

    So those are my corrections! I hope I didn’t come off mean or anything I was just frustrated because I’m sick and tired of us Palestinians being looked down upon especially in America! I don’t hate Jews at all – I have Jewish friends! And I’m not Muslim (Palestinian Christians were one of the first Christians) And I also hate getting “So when did you convert?” At the end of the day, I love being Christians and I love Jesus and respect everyone! But just how can you support massacre! I felt for those Jews who suffered in the war bit how can they do the same to others when they experienced it themselves! I hope I didn’t offend anyone! I love Jews and I think they are nice people – Jesus was a Jew so you can’t really hate Jews if you’re a Christian! And also speaking on behalf of the Muslims… Jews and Muslims have been living in the holy land for thousands of years. Jews in Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia etc got along well year ago and the problem only happened recently. I don’t know what will happen but all I can do is just pray for peace throughout the world! God bless.

  54. As for the peaceful Palestinians, they swore on Allah that they would stop firing rockets into Israel at the end of 2010, just to prove to Israel that they are not aggressors. Here is a list of rocket firings so far this year:

    According to the Israel Security Agency’s monthly summary, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip launched 17 rockets and 26 mortar shells were towards Israel in 25 separate attacks. This represented a decline in number of projectiles fired from December 2010, which saw 15 rockets and 38 mortar shells launched in 30 separate attacks.[11]
    January 1
    In the evening, a mortar shell fired by Palestinians in the Gaza Strip landed near a kibbutz in the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council. A woman suffered from shock, but no physical injuries or damage were reported. The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine claimed responsibility for mortar attacks that day, saying that it had fired four mortars at two military posts in Israel and adding that it would “cling to the option of resistance and confront the Israeli occupation”. That night, Israel responded to the attack and to a separate attack two days earlier with airstrikes on two targets in the Gaza Strip, described by the Israel Defense Forces as a Hamas terrorist activity center in the north and a weapons manufacturing facility in the center of the territory. Palestinians said that two people were injured.[12][13]
    January 2
    A projectile fired by Palestinians in the Gaza Strip hit the Eshkol Regional Council.[14] The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine claimed responsibility for attacks that day, saying they had fired several projectiles at Israeli targets late at night in response to “ongoing Israeli aggression against the people of Gaza”. However, an Israeli military spokeswoman said she was not aware of any shells launched from Gaza at that time.[15]
    January 4
    In the afternoon, a Qassam rocket fired by Palestinians in the northern Gaza Strip exploded near a kibbutz in the Ashkelon Coast Regional Council. No injuries were reported, but several greenhouses sustained damage. No militant group claimed responsibility. Israel responded that day with airstrikes on a Hamas militant training facility in the central part of the Gaza Strip and a smuggling tunnel in the south. No injuries were reported.[16][17][18][19][20]
    January 5
    Two mortar shells fired by Palestinians in the Gaza Strip landed in open areas in the Eshkol Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported.[21] Five additional mortars hit the Eshkol Regional Council that day, according to the IDF website.[22]
    After nightfall, a Qassam rocket hit an open area in the Eshkol Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported.[19][23]
    January 6
    In the morning, a mortar shell fired by Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fell in the Sdot Negev Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported.[24] The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine claimed responsibility for mortar attacks at that time, saying that it had fired three shells at an Israeli military base near Kissufim. However, an Israeli military spokeswoman said she was not aware of any attacks in that area.[25] Israel responded that night with airstrikes on two sites in the Gaza Strip, which it identified as a Hamas terror base in the north and an infiltration tunnel in the south intended for carrying out attacks against Israelis. No injuries were reported.[26][27]
    January 7
    Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fired a projectile at Israel. No injuries or damage were reported.[28]
    January 8
    At about 2:20 pm, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fired four 181-millimeter mortar shells at Israel, all of which landed in the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council. One of the shells hit a residential area within an agricultural community in the area. Three Thai foreign agricultural workers were injured, one seriously, one moderately and one lightly, all by shrapnel. A number of other people suffered from shock. The shell also killed a cat nearby. Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility, saying that it had fired six mortar shells at an Israeli military post near Nahal Oz.[2][29][30][31][32]
    Towards the evening, an additional Palestinian mortar shell landed in an open area in the Eshkol Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported.[29]
    After nightfall, Palestinians fired a Qassam rocket which landed in an open area in the Eshkol Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported.[33][34]
    Within an hour, Palestinians fired a second Qassam rocket into the Eshkol Regional Council. Truck driver Yitzhak Zaafrani was lightly wounded in the face and his truck was damaged.[33][34]
    January 9
    In the morning, Palestinians fired a Qassam rocket into the Eshkol Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported.[34][35] Israel responded overnight to the attacks of the previous two days with airstrikes on two terror activity targets in the Gaza Strip. No injuries were reported.[36] According to DEBKA, the targets were Hamas underground command centers recently built by engineers from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.[37]
    January 10
    In the evening, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fired three rockets at Israel. One hit an industrial area in Ashkelon, while the other two fell in the Ashkelon Coast Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported.[38]
    Later, Palestinians fired another Qassam rocket which landed in an open area in the Eshkol Regional Council. No injuries were reported.[39]
    January 11
    In the morning, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fired a rocket which exploded south of Ashkelon. No injuries or damage were reported.[40] Israel responded overnight to the attacks of the previous two days with airstrikes on two Hamas compounds and a Palestinian Islamic Jihad militant training base.[41]
    January 16
    Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fired three mortar shells at Israel, all of which exploded in an open area near a kibbutz in the Sha’ar HaNegev Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported. The Color Red siren did not sound.[42]
    January 17
    In the morning, a Qassam rocket fired by Palestinians in the northern Gaza Strip exploded in an orchard near a community in the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported.[43]
    January 18
    In the early afternoon, four mortar shells fired by Palestinians in the Gaza Strip landed in open areas in the Eshkol Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported.[44]
    January 21
    A mortar fired by Palestinians in the Gaza Strip landed in an unspecified location in the western Negev. No injuries or damage were reported.[45]
    January 25
    In the evening, a Qassam rocket fired by Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fell in an open area in the Sdot Negev Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported.[46]
    Later in the evening, a second rocket exploded in an open area in the Eshkol Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported.[47]
    January 31
    A Qassam rocket fired by Palestinians in the Gaza Strip exploded in an open area in the Eshkol Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported.[48]
    A Grad rocket landed near a residential neighborhood in the city of Netivot. The explosion disrupted a wedding in the vicinity of the landing site; four people suffered from shock, and damage was caused to a road and a parked car. Another Grad rocket exploded near the city of Ofakim a few minutes later, but no injuries or damage were reported.[48]
    Israel responded on 2 February with an airstrike on a smuggling tunnel under the Gaza-Egypt border. No injuries were reported.[49] Israel also submitted a letter of complaint to the United Nations.[50]

    According to the Israel Security Agency’s monthly summary, Palestinians fired 6 rockets and 19 mortar shells at Israel in 14 separate attacks.[51]
    February 4
    Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fired a Qassam rocket into the Sdot Negev Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported. The Color Red alarm did not sound.[52]
    February 6
    Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fired two mortar shells into the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council.[53]
    After nightfall, two additional mortar shells landed in open areas in the Eshkol Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported in either incident.[53]
    February 8
    At around 11 am, two mortar shells launched by Palestinians in the Gaza Strip landed in a kibbutz in the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council. One projectile landed in a parking lot, damaging a car. A second landed in a nearby field and damaged a hose. No injuries were reported.
    Shortly after 2 pm, two more mortars were fired at the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council from the northern Gaza Strip. No injuries or damage were reported. The Color Red rocket alert system sounded during both attacks and residents of the area were asked to temporarily remain in their homes. Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility, saying the attacks were directed at a military post east of Khan Younis.[54][55][56]
    Israel responded to the attacks with airstrikes on an infiltration tunnel in the northern Gaza Strip, a rocket manufacturing facility, and a third target near Jabaliya. Palestinian sources said that eight people were lightly injured.[57]
    February 9
    The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine said that its militants fired a projectile at an Israeli military jeep in the morning. The Israel Defense Forces said they were not familiar with the incident.[58]
    February 14
    Around noon, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fired a Qassam rocket into the Eshkol Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported.[59] The attack, which occurred after several days of relative calm, coincided with the swearing of Benny Gantz as new Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Forces. Ilana Curiel of Israel News speculated that the attack was a signal by Palestinian terror groups that they would not “make life easy” for him.[60]
    February 23
    Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fired three mortar shells at a kibbutz in the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council. One of the projectiles exploded near a soccer field, another near a pool and the third outside the border fence. No injuries were reported. The Color Red alarm did not sound. Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for mortars fired that day, saying it launched two shells at IDF forces which crossed the fence into the Gaza Strip.[61][62]
    Around 9:30 pm, Palestinians fired three Grad missiles at Beersheba, one of Israel’s largest cities. One of the missiles hit the backyard of a home in a residential area, causing extensive damage to surrounding houses and vehicles. Four residents – two adults and two children – were treated for shock. No physical injuries were reported. The Color Red alarm sounded through the city mere seconds before the explosion. This marked the first time Beersheba was hit by Palestinian rockets since the 2009 Gaza War.[62][63][64]
    Israel responded that day with an airstrike on a Palestinian Islamic Jihad cell in eastern Gaza City, wounding three militants. This was followed by several airstrikes on military targets throughout the Gaza Strip, which caused heavy damage to buildings. The following day, a further airstrike on a Hamas vehicle in the Al Salaam area of Rafah killed one person and wounded several others.[65][66]
    February 26
    A mortar shell fired by Palestinians in the Gaza Strip landed in an open area in the Eshkol Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported.[67] Israel responded with airstrikes on Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad militant facilities in the Gaza Strip. Four Palestinians were lightly injured.[68][69]
    February 27
    Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fired a Qassam rocket at the Eshkol Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported. The Color Red alarm did not sound.[68][69]
    A mortar shell was fired from the northern Gaza Strip Israel but landed in Palestinian territory near the Erez border crossing. No injuries or damage were reported. Residents of three towns in the Shaar HaNegev and Ashkelon Coast regional councils were requested to remain in their protected spaces for fear of additional attacks.[70]

    According to the Israel Security Agency’s monthly summary, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fired 38 rockets and 87 mortar shells at Israel in 47 separate attacks.[71]
    March 3
    During the night, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fired a projectile at the Sdot Negev Regional Council. The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine claimed responsibility for the attack, saying its militants had fired a C5K rocket at an Israeli military tower near Kissufim. “We choose the option of resistance as the means to attain our national rights, and promise the Palestinian people that we will continue resistance against Israeli forces,” a statement from the group said.[72]
    March 4
    Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fired two Qassam rockets at Israel. One exploded in the Sdot Negev Regional Council and the other apparently landed within Palestinian territory. No injuries or damage were reported.[73]
    March 5
    Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fired a rocket at an unspecified site in the western Negev. No injuries or damage were reported. Israel responded with airstrikes on Hamas militant posts in Zeitoun, Deir al-Balah and Khan Younis. No injuries were reported.[73][74]
    March 9
    After nightfall, a Qassam rocket fired by Palestinians in the Gaza Strip landed in an open area in the Eshkol Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported.[75]
    March 16
    Palestinians fired a rocket into Sderot. No injuries or damage were reported.[76] Israel responded with an airstrike on a Hamas compound in the Gaza Strip, killing two Hamas militants and injuring one.[77]
    March 18
    Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fired four mortar shells at Israel. Some fell in unspecified locations in the western Negev,and some fell within the Gaza Strip.[78]
    Around 4 pm, Palestinian terrorists fired six additional mortar shells into the Eshkol Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported.[78][79]
    March 19
    In the early morning, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fired 54 mortars on Israeli communities within a period of 15 minutes. A man and his wife were wounded by shrapnel as they fled toward a safe zone. Several homes on a kibbutz were badly damaged. One mortar shell landed on the rooftop of a kindergarten, but the building was empty because it was Shabbat, the Jewish day of rest. Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it was a response to the death of two of the group’s militants in an Israeli airstrike several days earlier.[80][81][82][83][84] According to The Telegraph, the unusually extreme attack by Hamas was an attempt by the Islamist group to divert its people’s wrath and to avoid being engulfed by the concurrent popular uprisings in the Middle East.[85]
    Israel responded with airstrikes and tank fire, killing one Hamas official and injuring four others.[81]
    March 20
    On the Jewish holiday of Purim, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fired a mortar and two Qassam rockets at Israel.[82]
    Later in the day, Palestinians fired a Grad missile at southern Ashkelon. One elderly woman was lightly injured, and several other people suffered from shock. Sirens were heard in the city.[86] British Minister for the Middle East and North Africa Alistair Burt condemned Hamas for its attacks on Israel as well as its assaults on Palestinian protesters in the Gaza Strip, saying: “Hamas should not think that while the attention of the world is elsewhere we will turn a blind eye to their actions. The indiscriminate targeting of Israeli citizens, as they celebrated the Jewish festival of Purim, is unacceptable.”[87]
    March 21
    After nightfall, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fired a Qassam rocket at the Eshkol Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported.[88]
    March 22
    Around 4 pm, Palestinians fired four mortar shells at Alumim and Sa’ad. No injuries or damage were reported.[89][90]
    In the evening, Palestinians fired a Grad missile from the northern Gaza Strip and several mortar shells at Ashkelon; the Grad landed south of the city. No injuries or damage were reported.[91]
    In the evening, the Israel Defense Forces attacked a Palestinian terror cell in the midst of preparing to fire a long-range rocket into Israel, killing four terrorists. Israeli military sources said the same terrorists were behind the Grad missile attack on Beersheba on 23 February.[92]
    March 23
    During the night, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fired a Grad missile at Ashdod, which landed in an open area south of the city. This was the first time Ashdod, one of Israel’s largest cities and relatively far from the Gaza Strip, was targeted since the Gaza War. Sirens were heard in the city and in nearby Gedera and Kiryat Malachi. No injuries or damage were reported. Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.[93]
    At 5:30 am, Palestinians launched another Grad missile at Beersheba. The rocket hit a street in the midst of a residential area. A 56-year-old man was injured by shrapnel that penetrated his third-floor apartment, and three other people suffered from shock. Several buildings, including a synagogue, were damaged. Fearing additional attacks, the city closed schools and universities for the day. Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility, saying, “This is an initial reaction to the Zionist crimes against our people in Gaza.”[90][94][95]
    Four hours later, Palestinians fired a third Grad missile at Beersheba, hitting an open area within the city.[90][95]
    Later, Palestinians fired seven mortar shells at the Eshkol Regional Council and one at the Shaar Hanegev Regional Council. Some of the shells contained white phosphorus.[96]
    US President Barack Obama condemned the attacks as well as a recent Palestinian terrorist bombing in Jerusalem “in the strongest possible terms”, saying that “there is never any possible justification for terrorism”.[97] Israel responded to the attacks with airstrikes on terrorist training sites, weapons-smuggling tunnels under the Gaza-Egypt border, and an abandoned rocket launcher. No injuries were reported in the airstrikes.[98]
    March 24
    Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fired twelve projectiles at Israeli towns throughout the day, reaching deep into the country. The Israeli cities of Beersheba, Ashdod and Kiryat Gat kept schools closed for the day, fearing additional attacks. The Ashkelon municipality held classes as usual, but the local Parents’ Committee urged residents to keep their children at home.[98][99] EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton condemned the attacks as well as the recent Palestinian terrorist bombing in Jerusalem in “the strongest terms”, adding that “attacks on any civilians are completely unacceptable in any circumstance”.[97] Details of some of the attacks:
    During the night, Palestinians fired a Qassam rocket at the western Negev. No injuries or damage were reported.[98]
    In the morning, Palestinians fired a second Qassam rocket which landed in an open area south of Ashkelon. No injuries or damage were reported.[98]
    Shortly before 11 am, a third Palestinian rocket fired from the northern Gaza Strip exploded in an open area in the Eshkol Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported.[98]
    Around 12:15 pm, a fourth Palestinian Qassam rocket landed in an open area in the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council. No injuries were reported.[98]
    Just before 2 pm, Palestinians fired a fifth rocket at the Eshkol Regional Council. No injuries were reported.[98]
    Two Grad missiles were fired at Ashdod. One struck south of the city and the other to its north; the explosion of the second projectile was heard in Yavne. The Color Red alarm was heard throughout the city, as well as in Ashkelon, Gedera and Gan Yavne.[100][101][102]
    A few hours later, a rocket landed in Sderot and a mortar exploded in the Shaar Hanegev Regional Council. The Color Red alarm sounded. No injuries or damage were reported.[102][103]
    In the evening, Palestinians fired six mortar shells at the Eshkol Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported.[104]
    Israel responded during the day with airstrikes on Hamas buildings in the Gaza Strip.[104]
    March 26
    Early in the morning, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fired two rockets into Israel. One landed in the Eshkol Regional Council, exploding three yards from a home in one of the area’s communities. The house was severely damaged but the eight family members who were sleeping inside were unharmed. Another home was moderately damaged. The second rocket landed in an open area in an unspecified location. No injuries were reported.[105][106]
    In the evening, a third rocket hit the Eshkol Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported.[105][107]
    March 27
    A Palestinian Islamic Jihad cell near Jabaliya was attempting to launch a projectile into Israel when it was targeted by an Israeli airstrike. Two PIJ militants were killed and three PIJ militants were wounded.[108]
    March 29
    Palestinians fired an unspecified number of Qassam rockets at Sderot, but all the projectiles fell within the Gaza strip. The Color Red alarm sounded in the Israeli city.[109] Israel responded the following day with airstrikes on a Palestinian Islamic Jihad cell, killing one PIJ terrorist and wounding another, and on a smuggling tunnel in the southern Gaza Strip.[110]
    March 31
    Around 7:30 pm, Palestinian terrorists in the northern Gaza Strip fired a Qassam rocket that landed in an open area south of Ashkelon. No injuries or damage were reported. The Color Red alarm sounded in nearby communities.[111]

    According to the Israel Security Agency’s monthly summary, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fired 87 rockets and 57 mortar shells at Israel in 63 separate attacks.[112]
    April 5
    Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fired a Qassam rocket at the Eshkol Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported. Israel responded with airstrikes on two militant infiltration tunnels in the northern Gaza Strip. Palestinians said that four people were lightly to moderately injured.[113] The following day Israel carried out additional airstrikes on another militant infiltration tunnel in the north and three smuggling tunnels in the south. No injuries were reported.[114]
    April 7
    Main article: Hamas school bus attack
    Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fired a Kornet anti-tank missile at a school bus in the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council, outside Sa’ad. In the explosion, 16-year-old boy Daniel Viflic was critically injured with a shrapnel wound to the head, and the driver was moderately injured.[115][116][117] The boy died of his wounds ten days later.[118] Hamas issued a press release that evening claiming responsibility, calling the incident a retaliation for a previous Israeli strike that killed three Hamas leaders and vowing further attacks.[119] The fact that the Russian-made Kornet is a laser-guided weapon indicated that the school bus was intentionally targeted.[120] The attack opened a several-day stretch of violence in which Palestinians launched over 100 projectiles at Israel and Israeli responses left 19 Hamas militants and two civilians dead.[121]
    Israeli President Shimon Peres said the attack showed that Gaza had turned into a terror state.[122] The United States condemned “the attack on innocent civilians… in the strongest possible terms, saying “there is no justification for the targeting of innocent civilians and those responsible for these terrorist attacks should be held accountable.”[123] British Foreign Secretary William Hague “unreservedly” condemned the attack as “despicable” and “cowardly”, and said reports suggested that the school bus was deliberately targeted.[124]
    Over the next three hours, at least 45 additional Palestinian projectiles hit Israel. Residents were instructed to stay inside their homes, children were ordered to stay inside schools, and police sealed roads in the area for fear of additional attacks.[115] European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton “strongly” condemned the attacks.[124] Details of some of the incidents:
    One mortar hit a home in the Eshkol Regional Council. The house was damaged but no injuries were reported.[115]
    A Grad missile fired at Ashkelon was intercepted by the Iron Dome defense system, marking the first successful interception of a short range rocket in history.[115]
    After nightfall, three Qassam rockets were fired into the Ashkelon Coast and Eshkol regional councils. No injuries or damage were reported.[125]
    Israel responded with airstrikes on terror cells and smuggling tunnels.[126]
    April 8
    Despite the announcement by Gazan terror organizations of a unilateral ceasefire at 11 pm the previous night, Palestinians fired at least 24 mortar shells and 6 rockets at Israel, causing serious damage to a factory and to chicken coops.[126] Hamas, Fatah, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the Popular Resistance Committees, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the little-known Abu Al-Qumsan Brigades all claimed responsibility for various attacks.[127][128] Israeli children in the danger zone were held in school for safety reasons until the attacks ended. 450 schoolchildren at the “Nitzanei Eshkol” school were evacuated with a security forces escort. No injuries were reported.[129] Details of some of the attacks:
    In the afternoon, sixteen Palestinian mortars shells exploded across southern Israel. One shell hit a chicken coop in the Eshkol Regional Council.[130][131]
    Later in the afternoon four more mortar shells landed in open areas south of Ashkelon. No injuries or damage were reported.[132]
    Four rockets were fired at Ashkelon. Three were intercepted by the Iron Dome defense system.[126]
    In the evening, two mortar shells were fired at a kibbutz in the Shaar Hanegev Regional Council. A residential structure was damaged.[126]
    Israel responded with airstrikes, killing four Hamas militants and one Popular Resistance Committees militant.[133]
    April 9
    Palestinians fired over 65 projectiles at Israel. Five people were injured while running to bomb shelters.[133] Details of some of the attacks:
    Overnight, 15 Grads were fired into Israeli territory. The Iron Dome defense system intercepted five of them near Beersheba and Ashkelon.[133]
    A rocket fired at a kibbutz in the Shaar Hanegev Regional Council damaged homes and a water main.[133]
    After nightfall, two rocket barrages hit the Eshkol Regional Council.[133]
    Israel responded with airstrikes, killing two senior Hamas militants and one Popular Resistance Committees militant.[134]
    April 10
    Palestinians fired about 20 rockets and mortars at Israel.[135][136] Details of some of the attacks:
    In the morning, three Palestinian mortar shells hit fields belonging to a kibbutz in the Eshkol Regional Council. The projectiles damaged electrical cables, causing power outages in nearby communities.[137]
    A Palestinian rocket hit an open area in Ashkelon.[138]
    A Palestinian Grad missile fired at Ashkelon was intercepted by the Iron Dome rocket defense system.[138]
    Shortly thereafter, two Palestinian rockets hit open areas in the Shaar Hanegev Regional Council and the Sdot Negev Regional Council.[139]
    In the afternoon, a Qassam rocket exploded in an open area in the Eshkol Regional Council.[140]
    Two mortar shells hit an open area in the Eshkol Regional Council.[141]
    Two more mortar shells hit the Eshkol Regional Council.[142]
    Around 9:30 pm, shortly after Palestinian militant groups announced a ceasefire, a Qassam rocket exploded in an open area in the Ashkelon Coast Regional Council.[136][143]
    Israel refrained from responding to the attacks.[121]
    April 12
    According to the Palestinian Ma’an News Agency, al-Qaeda-affiliated Gazan militant group Tawhid and Jihad claimed to have launched two missiles at Nirim at 7:50 pm. The group said its claimed attack was “a response to Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip”, without clarifying further. However, the Israel Defense Forces said they were not aware of a rocket atttack taking place at that time.[144]
    April 15
    Palestinians fired two Grad missiles at Ashdod from the Beit Lahiya neighborhood of al-Atatra in the northern Gaza Strip. Alarms sounded in Ashdod and nearby Ashkelon. One rocket exploded in a residential area and the second landed outside the city.[145] No injuries or damage were reported. Israel responded several hours later with airstrikes on militant targets. No injuries were reported.[146]
    April 18
    On Passover eve, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fired a Qassam rocket at the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council. It exploded in an open area near a kibbutz, and no injuries or damage were reported. The Color Red alert sounded in the area and in Sderot.[147]

    According to the Israel Security Agency’s monthly summary, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip perpetrated only one rocket attack on Israel during this month.[148]
    May 28
    Overnight, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fired a rocket at the Eshkol Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported. This was the first such attack in six weeks.[149][150]

    According to the Israel Security Agency’s monthly summary, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fired four rockets and one mortar shell at Israel.[151]
    June 15
    At about 9:30 pm, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fired a Qasssam rocket at the Eshkol Regional Council. The projectile landed in an open area, and no injuries or damage were reported. The Color Red siren sounded in the region.[152]
    June 21
    After nightfall, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fired a mortar shell at the Eshkol Regional Council, followed half an hour later by a Qassam rocket fired at the same area. No injuries or damage were reported in either attack. The incident affected an Israeli national civil defense drill the following day. Israel responded with an airstrike on an infiltration tunnel in the central Gaza Strip, causing no injuries.[153][154]

    According to the Israel Security Agency’s monthly summary, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fired 20 rockets and 2 mortar shells at Israel in 18 separate attacks.[155]
    July 3
    In the morning, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fired a rocket at the Eshkol Regional Council, causing no injuries or damage.[156][157] Israel responded with an airstrike on an infiltration tunnel in the northern Gaza Strip, also causing no injuries.[158]
    July 5
    Mohammed Said and Kamal Abu Moamer, two members of the al-Qaeda-affiliated group Tawhid al-Jihad based in the southern Gaza Strip, were killed in an Israeli airstrike as they were preparing to launch a rocket into Israel from the central part of the Strip.[158][159]
    July 9
    In the evening, Palestinians fired three Qassam rockets at Israel. Two rockets hit open areas in the Ashkelon Coast Regional Council; a third landed within the Gaza Strip. No injuries or damage were reported. Israel responded with an airstrike on an infiltration tunnel in the northern Gaza Strip, causing no injuries.[160][161]
    July 12
    Around 10:15 pm, Palestinians fired two Qassam rockets at Israel. One of the rockets exploded several feet from a home in the Sdot Negev Regional Council, damaging it, while the other hit an open area in the Shaar Hanegev Regional Council. No injuries were reported. The Color Red siren sounded, and residents also received text messages asking them to enter fortified spaces. Israel responded with airstrikes on two Gazan sites identified as weapons manufacturing facilities, causing no injuries.[162][163][164]
    July 13
    In the morning, Palestinians fired a rocket at the Shaar Hanegev Regional Council. No injuries were reported.[163][165] Israel responded with airstrikes on two tunnels in the southern Gaza Strip and a third in the north.[166]
    July 14
    In the morning, Palestinians fired a rocket at the Shaar Hanegev Regional Council. In the afternoon, Palestinians fired three more rockets at unspecified areas in Israel. In the evening, two more rockets were fired at the Shaar Hanegev Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported in any of the attacks.[166][167] Israel responded with airstrikes on four Hamas training camps in the Gaza Strip. Palestinian sources said that two children were lightly injured.[168]
    July 15
    Palestinians fired a mortar shell at the Eshkol Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported.[169]
    July 16
    Overnight, Palestinians fired a rocket at the Eshkol Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported.[170]
    July 17
    Starting about 1 am, Palestinians fired three Qassam rockets at Israel. The first rocket hit the Ashkelon Coast Regional Council. Two additional rockets exploded later in the Shaar Hanegev Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported. The Color Red alarm did not sound.[171][172]
    July 19
    After nightfall, Palestinians fired a Qassam rocket at the Sdot Negev Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported. Israel responded with airstrikes on terror targets in the Gaza Strip, causing no reported injuries.[173][174]
    July 28
    In the morning, Palestinians fired a Qassam rocket at the Ashkelon Coast Regional Council. The Color red alarm sounded in the area. No injuries or damage were reported.[175]

    August 1
    Palestinians fired a Qassam rocket at the Ashkelon Coast Regional Council. It exploded near a Bedouin tent, injuring 55-year-old shepherdess Fatma Saria in the lower limbs. The Color Red alarm sounded in the region.[176][177][178]
    August 3
    At about 10:30pm, Palestinians fired a rocket at the Lakhish Regional Council, between Sderot and Kiryat Gat.[179] The Abdullah Azzam Brigades claimed responsibility for the attack.[180]
    August 4
    Shortly after midnight, Palestinians fired a rocket that exploded at the entrance to Ashkelon. Five people were lightly injured seeking shelter after the Color Red alarm sounded.[181] Israel responded with an airstrike on a Hamas militant center in the Gaza Strip.[179]
    In the evening, Palestinians fired two rockets at Kiryat Gat. No physical injuries were reported, but two people were treated for shock. The Color Red alarm sounded in the city.[178]
    August 7
    After nightfall, Palestinians fired a Qassam rocket at the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council. The rocket landed near a kibbutz, triggering the Color Red alarm.[182]
    Later, Palestinians fired three mortar shells at the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council, damaging a fence.[183]
    August 15
    Palestinians fired a Grad rocket into Beersheba. Israel responded with airstrikes on five targets in the Gaza Strip, killing one armed Hamas terrorist and wounding several others. In a separate incident, several Palestinians were scattered by the Israeli Air Force as they were attempting to fire a rocket into Israel.[184][185]
    August 18
    Palestinians fired two rockets at Ashkelon; at least one of them was intercepted by the Iron Dome defense system. The Popular Resistance Committees claimed responsibility. Later, two more rockets fired at Ashkelon were intercepted by Iron Dome.[186]
    August 19
    Palestinians terrorists fired 17 rockets and several mortars at Israel. Responsibility for various attacks was claimed by the Popular Resistance Committees and Fatah’s Al Aqsa Brigades and al-Mujahideen Brigades.[187] The streets in Beersheba were said to be empty for fear of rockets. Details of some of the attacks:
    In the morning, a rocket fired at a Jewish religious seminary in Ashdod injured 10 people, two of them seriously. Several blocks away, a Grad rocket landed inside a synagogue while worshipers were praying, but failed to explode. There were no injuries. The synagogue was partially demolished in order to clear the rocket.[188] The al-Qaeda-affiliated Abdullah Azzam Brigades claimed responsibility for the Grad attacks, saying they were a response to Israel’s targeting of the Popular Resistance Committees leadership the previous day.[189]
    Around 4 pm, two Grad rockets exploded between Kiryat Malachi, Gedera and Gan Yavneh. One of the rockets started a fire, damaging a building.[190]
    Around 5 pm, a Qassam rocket hit the Eshkol Regional Council.
    Around 6:20 pm, two rockets hit Ashdod and the Sdot Negev Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported.[191]
    In the evening, a Qassam rocket landed near a kibbutz in the Shaar Hanegev Regional Council.[192]
    In the evening, two mortar shells hit the Eshkol Regional Council.[193][194]
    After nightfall, two rockets hit the Eshkol Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported.[195]
    Around 10 pm, a Grad rocket fired at Ashkelon was intercepted by the Iron Dome defense system.[196][197]
    Israel responded with airstrikes on four targets in the Gaza Strip, killing senior Popular Resistance Committees commander Samed Abdul Mu’ty Abed as he was on his motorcycle.[198]
    August 20
    As Hamas announced it would renew attacks on Israelis, Palestinians fired 64 rockets at Israel. The projectiles reached Ashdod, Ashkelon, Beersheba and Ofakim, forcing more that half a million Israelis into bomb shelters. A Grad rocket fired at Beersheba killed 38-year-old Yossi Shoshan of Ofakim, who was on his way to ensure the safety of his his 9-month pregnant wife. Many others were injured in Beersheba, Ashdod and Ofakim, including a 4-month-old baby.[199][200][201] Details of some of the attacks:
    Around 4 am, two rockets hit the Eshkol Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported.[202] Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.[203]
    Two rockets fired from the northern Gaza Strip hit the outskirts of Ashdod, seriously injuring three Palestinian aliens working in the local industrial zone. The three were rushed to Kaplan Medical Center for treatment.[202][204] Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.[203]
    Around 8:30 am, a rocket fired from the northern Gaza Strip hit an open area in the Be’er Tuvia Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported.[202][205] Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.[203]
    Around 9 am, a Grad rocket landed in the Bnei Shimon Regional Council just north of Beersheba, triggering the Color Red alarm. Eight people suffered light injuries and shock.[202][206][207] The Popular Resistance Committees claimed responsibility.[203]
    A rocket fired at the Lachish Regional Council at noon exploded on a section of Highway 35, from Ashkelon to Kiryat Gat, severely damaging it. The highway was closed to traffic.[208]
    Just after noon, two Qassam rockets hit the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council, one landing in a kibbutz and the other in an open area. No injuries or damage were reported.[209][210]
    A rocket fired at Ashkelon was intercepted by Iron Dome.[211]
    Four mortar shells were fired at the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported.[212]
    A Qassam rocket was fired at the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council and a mortar was fired at the Eshkol Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported.[213]
    Two mortar shells were fired at the Eshkol Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported.[214]
    Five mortar shells were fired at the Eshkol Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported.[215]
    A mortar shell was fired at the Eshkol Regional Council.[216]
    A Grad rocket fired at Beersheba was intercepted by Iron Dome. The Popular Resistance Committees claimed responsibility.[217]
    Five additional mortar shells were fired at the Eshkol Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported.[218]
    Grad rockets were fired at Ofakim. One rocket hit a home, wounding a 4-month-old baby, a 9-year-old child, and a 20-year-old man. Hamas claimed responsibility.[219][220]
    A barrage of Grad rockets hit Beersheba, killing one person and injuring at least ten, four of them seriously. The Popular Resistance Committees claimed responsibility.[221][222]
    Two Qassam rockets hit the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council.[223]
    A Qassam rocket fired at Israel exploded within the Gaza Strip.[224]
    August 21
    In the morning, two mortar shells were fired at the Eshkol Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported.[225]
    In the morning, a Qassam rocket hit the Ashkelon Coast Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported.[226]
    In the morning, three Grad rockets fired at Ashkelon were intercepted by Iron Dome.[227]
    In the morning, two Grad rockets were fired at Beersheba. One was intercepted by Iron Dome; the other fell in an open area near the city. No injuries or damage were reported.[228]
    In the morning, a rocket hit a school in Beersheba, damaging it. No injuries were reported.[229]
    In the morning, two rockets were fired at the Beersheba region. No injuries or damage were reported.[230]
    Shortly before noon, three rockets hit near Ashkelon. No injuries or damage were reported.[231]
    Shortly after noon, a rocket was fired at the Ashkelon Coast Regional Council. No injuries were reported.[232]
    During the evening, a Qassam rocket was fired at Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council. No injuries were reported.[233]
    Though a ceasefire has been declared starting 09:00 P.M. that night, two rockets were fired after that time. No injures were reported.[234]
    August 22
    During night, a rocket was fired at the city of Ashkelon and was intercepted by the Iron Dome defense system.[236]
    Another rocket was fired early morning at Eshkol Regional Council. No injuries were reported.[237]
    At night, a Qassam rocket was fired at Ashkelon and landed in an open area. No injuries were reported.[238]
    A rocket fired at Hof Ashkelon Regional Council landed near greenhouses and started a fire. No injuries were reported.[239]
    Another rocket landed in Hof Ashkelon Regional Council just before midnight.[240]
    August 24
    Palestinians fired more than 20 rockets on Israeli communities. Grad rockets fell on the cities of Beersheba, Ashkelon and Ofakim, injuring a 9-month-old baby. Israel responded with airstrikes, killing a senior Palestinian Islamic Jihad operative invlolved in a recent terrorist shooting attack on Israel.[241][242]
    August 25
    Palestinians fired at least 15 rockets and mortars at Israel.[243] Details of the attacks:
    Five Qassam rockets were fired at the Shaar Hanegev Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported.
    Four Qassam rockets were fired at the Eshkol Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported.
    A Grad rocket fell in an open area near Ashkelon, without causing injuries or damage.
    A Palestinian mortar shell caused extensive damage to the Erez Crossing Terminal, which is frequently used by Palestinians to enter Israel for medical treatments.[244]
    Israel responded with airstrikes on several targets in the Gaza Strip, killing two Palestinian Islamic Jihad militants involved in the attack against the Erez Crossing Terminal.[245][246]
    August 26
    At about 3 pm, Palestinians fired a Grad rocket at Ashkelon, despite a ceasefire announced by Palestinian Islamic Jihad the previous day. Shortly after 10 pm, two Qassam rockets were fired at the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council. No injuries were reported in either incident. The leftist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine claimed responsibility for two attacks on Ashkelon.[243][247]
    August 27
    A Qassam rocket fell in the Negev. No injuries or damage were reported.[248]
    August 28
    A Grad rocket fired was fired at Hatzerim in the Bnei Shimon Regional Council, near Beersheba. After nightfall, a Qassam rocket was fired at the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council. No injures were reported in either attack. Tawhid wal-Jihad claimed responsibility for both.[249][250][251]
    August 29
    A Qassam rocket was fired at the Eshkol Regional Council. No injures or damage were reported. Tawhid wal-Jihad claimed responsibility.[250][252]
    August 31
    Two Qassam rockets hit the Eshkol Regional Council. No injures or damage were reported.[253]

    September 5
    A rocket fell in an open area in the western Negev. There were no casualties or damage. [254]

    If they were better shots, there wouldn’t be any Israelis left to retaliate.
    No wonder Israel checks every ship entering Gaza.
    Try that with almost any other country and Gaza would be hit like the US hit Baghdad at the start of the war. I would say that Israel is exercising great restraint. Since the end of Operation Cast Lead, 548 rockets and 356 mortar shells have been fired into Israel.
    You can see why Israel might get a bit annoyed.
    Maybe you would feel better if Israel simply lobbed one rocket into Gaza for each one they receive. An eye for an eye – that would be fair, eh?
    God should approve of that, right?
    Personally, i think that might be a good idea. Maybe then the peace-loving citizens of Gaza might be able to convince their crazy cousins to stop firing rockets and start growing food instead.

  55. this is the biggest bunch of bull shit i have ever seen… christian and jewish extremists using religious propaganda to cause hatred for another religion that believes in the same God. absolutely pathetic… pathetic

    • Christians, and Jews are not doing anything to cause hate for Islam. Islam does it all by it’s self. It is a cult of death following the god of the Kaaba. Muhammad who enjoyed raiding caravans, murder, and rape made the god of the Kaaba the only god to worship. There was 360 false gods until Muhammad made Sin the only god.

      Sin, or the god, also known as Allah is the moon god. That is why you have the moon on your Mosques, and why the world system loves Islam.

      Abraham was never near the Kaaba, and he did not build it. Nor, would Abraham think the black rock took away sins.

      The truth is in Histroy if you care to read anything other than the Koran.

  56. This is the spirit of Gaza is the same as the spirit of Iran, which is the spirit that caused the holocaust

  57. Dear Marianne,

    As an messianic Jew and a family member of Israeli’s, I thank you for your well constructive and informative posts. I have learned a great deal of information which has enriched my knowledge even further. There is no question that Israel has given the Jews the land of Israel. The entire old testament is about Abraham’s people claiming the lands of Israel. Isaiah even mentions of Jews pressing there faces against windows like doves, seeing there historical homeland for the first time. Some Muslims will always try to justify the Palestinians violent actions because there land was “stolen”. But the truth is, why has “Allah” been protecting the Jews from its own believers?

    Many as you see argue that Palestine has historical claims. From a human perspective, The Balfour Declaration endorsed by the League of Nations in 1922 has given full historical sovereignty over the land, which includes West Bank, Gaza and Trans-Jordan. There is not a single document from 1922 till today that surpasses this agreement. When the British hacked up the land and created the state of Jordan, Britain had absolutely NO rights to hack this land up what so ever. God has even mentioned that his land would be divided up and the nations who did so would be punished (Joel 3), Which also includes the 1947 partition plan which the arabs rejected.

    The arabs and Anti-Israel’s tend to skip a few historic events in its history. First you never hear them mention that Jewish immigration was widely accepted by the arabs of Palestine. Most Arabs of Palestine supported zionism, so much so that the Mufti Hussieni had killed more arab zionist supporters than Jews or Brits! It was the Jews with gods grace that brought economy and employment to the land. And guess who benefited off of it? Thats right the arabs. What were the arab brothers doing for the Palestinian arabs before Jewish immigration? Nothing. Remember, The mufti and some supporters were against Israel. Majority of the arabs were fine with zionism, and they certainly did not want to be evacuated from there homes!

    The arabs will claim that they were ethnically cleansed from there villages. How come American and Arab reports during the war never reported this? Why would Israel accepted 100,000s of arabs as Israeli citizens if they were killing them at the same time? Why did the Mufti forced evacuations to make way for arab fighters to kill jews? The flight of arabs of Palestine is always skipped.

    How come the illegal occupations of Gaza by Egypt and West Bank by Jordan are never mentioned either. How come a PA state did not champion between 49-67? Instead, a military occupation was implemented and the arabs were restricted of movement and lived in poor conditions. You will never hear arabs or anti-zionist admit responsibility of the arab bloc for a failed arab state. Its always the zionist and settlements, even when settlements occurred 30 years after the conflict started.

    Not only human documentation gives sovereign rights for the Israeli state, but this couldn’t have been done with out god. Even the bible predicted that a country would be born in one day. Ask a nazi in 1940 if the bible’s prophecy for a jewish state would of happened and they would of laughed in anybody’s face! Jealously is what these people feel and resort to violence and propaganda to make themselves feel better.

    Those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who curse Israel will be cursed. Its this simple. God bless and bless the Yeshua!

    • hello Yarden

      Thank you for the input on Palestinian history. True, much history is deleted when anti-zionists are presenting their claims.


  59. Well marianne Israel is not a holy place..for the given reasons……..
    most israeli have done pre marital sex and prostitution and lesbian all over the unholy land of israel……..all these are condemned in bible……..
    They even drink alcohol …….this also condenmed in bible.
    They enjoy party sex and child sex….so nasty……they the israelis are against bibilical laws .
    Hah!!!!!!marianne…….. 55% jews dont believe even the existent of God…….they have gone to hell for sure!!!!!!!!
    I will ask marianne “Why God sent Zabr to David for israelis……why God sent Torah to Moses for Israelis….why God sent Gospel to Jesus for israelis???????????”
    Answer:God sent Heavenly Books only to bring the Israeli BASTARDS to come in the path of God…..hah marianne hah
    I know you will not accept this comment and MAY not post it????????!?!
    To the non muslims…………..
    CHRISTIANITY=PAGAN+50000 ERROR+TOO MUCH WRONG SCIENCE+WRONG MATHS+FOLLOWERS DONT FOLLOW LAW OF THE BOOK(ABOUT 95%……………..+Unscientific Magic….for this reason atheism is rising……….
    MY FRIENDS DONT DEPEND ON MEDIA…….READ THE QURAN…..IF YOU FIND SUSPICIOUS THEN CONSULT WHO KNOW BETTER………….Please read quran by knowing arabic language it will suite the best…..because translations causes error….but no error in arabic Quran……

    • Maher

      the only places correct in the Quran is what it copied from the Bible.

      I am sorry to see you are full of hate, lies and profanity.

      Hate is a sin


  60. visit this site…!!!!!!!!!!!please if you want to know abou the …….(i am crying)
    SEE….…… dear friend please know about the absurbities you are following………..Please see Bible and match the vetses and think logically…..about the site……… christian site will gurantee this to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Again see…..

    Oh my non muslums both bothers and sister visit both islamic sites and christians site…..dont follow blind belief stupid magical stories…….islam accepts logic in its Shariah(Ijma.and Qiyas)….but Bible=blind belief+logical error…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHO IS ST.PAUL TO AMMEND OLD TESTEMONT???????????HE ISNT PROPHET HE DINDT EVEN SAW JESUS……huh Learn…………that……
    There is NO AMMENDATIONS IN QURAN……..THE LAW OF GOD ALMIGHTY!!!!!!!!!You want proof……then take science and take Bible and Quran infront of you….Judge!!!!!!!!!

    • Maher

      The boys were NOT used as human shields. That is even obvious from the pictures.

      the boys are taught to kill and destroy Jews.

      they are brats……violent youngsters..criminals…..HAMAS teaches children to be violent criminals, instead of doing something useful, educated, and positive.

      so the ISraelis stopped and arrested them, but did not put them in harm’s way.

      they were just making them stop the violence.

      in one picture it is evident that the soldier is protecting his prisoner.

      HAMAS does satan’s work..

      all the children should be rescued from GAZA and reprogrammed into positive thinking. If they stay under HAMAS islamic rule, they will never have a good life

    • Muslims are cowards, and brainwash their children to do their fighting for them.




      hate , death war.

    • The Koran, as the angel said to Mohamed, is for the arabic speaking people. So, if I understand correctly from that, Mohamad is the first and last prophet for the children of Ishmael. The angel spoke messages for Ishmaelites, not the children of Abraham’s legal wife who was Issac and his descendants. Hagar was a descendant of Canaan, Noah’s grandson. Canaan was cursed by Noah and condemned to be a servent for ever to his uncles Seth and Japath and their descendants. So, shall the servent rule in his masters house? I don’t think so. Spend a little time reading the book of Genesis, and get a full understanding of G-D’s dealing with his children.

  61. Isaiah 14:28-32 tells us that God will destroy the Palestinians.

  62. I really, honestly didn’t believe there were so many utterly crazy people in the world until I came across this site. The collective lunacy makes the world a seriously dangerous place. The people who made up all this rubbish should be so, so ashamed.

    • How did you feel at Friday paryers when everyone worshiped to the pagan shrine called the Kaabba, and hoped the god Sin would hear their prayers like Muhammad did?

      • if u dont know bout islam dont simply say it s wrong n rubbish..n lot more..plz luv thy neighbours..for your info kaaba is not a pagan shrine..learn more about islam n u will understand..dont speak up if u dont understand about islam..pls ask if u dont understand dnt acused err is human..

        • A correct history book shows me to be correct. The god of the Kaabba, also known as Allah in Arabic, is the god Sin. The moon god. Abraham was never near the Kaabba, and did not build it.

          Please read about Islam. Don’t just believe what your Imam tells you to.


  63. We can argue and conjecture about the fate of the palestinians but Christians can be clear as to the reasons and the results of the age old hatred that began between Jacob and Esau.
    The cause of God’s judgment upon the Philistines is again made clear:
    “Because the Philistines have dealt by revenge, and have taken vengeance with a despiteful heart, to destroy it for the old hatred; Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I will stretch out mine hand upon the Philistines, and I will cut off the Cherethims, and destroy the remnant of the sea coast.  And I will execute great vengeance upon them with furious rebukes; and they shall know that I am the LORD, when I shall lay my vengeance upon them.”   ( Ezk 25:15-17)

    For more about what God (the Christian God, not to be confused with “Allah”) has to say about these things and the fate of the Palestinians and those that have dealt trecherously with Israel please visit my site:
    Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

    G Hulin

  64. Its wonderful to hear the truth for a change.

  65. So many missiles send from gaza to israel the last week. Satan knows that gazas time soon is over and uses his people the palestin. To damage and kill gods people. Soon their will not be people left in gaza.


    The Gaza strip today is the home of thousands of refugees displaced from previous Arab/Israeli wars. The plight of these descendents of Ishmael and Esau is not the result of “Israeli occupation or oppression”, as presented by the anti-christ media; but, rather, it is the result of insane policies by rogue nations that seek only the destruction of Israel. The ultimate power of the wicked is found to be in Satan who struggles to influence the policies of nations: “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Eph 6:12) The rulers of this world are leading us into what will be a series of wars at the beginning of the tribulation that among other equally devastating events will result in a “consuming” of the Philistines living in the Gaza strip. The Gaza strip has become a breeding ground for Islamic terrorists and homicide bombers. Decades of lies and indoctrination of the Palestinian children has a whole generation of “thorns and briers” ready to do the bidding of the Islamic devils who rule from high places and seek to utterly destroy the “nation not desired” (Israel). However, the “remnant” of Israel that comes to know Jesus Christ as their Messiah at the middle of the tribulation will be given the “promise of the birthright” in full in the Kingdom of God at the return of Jesus Christ (the Advent). His exhortation is clear that they (Israel) should seek the Lord before it is too late. By accepting Christ as savior now one may avoid the coming tribulation on earth.

  67. This is all true!! Believe in this, otherwise you will rot in hell!

    • No one will “rot” in hell. G-D loves all his children even the wicked, yet he also says that every sin must be paid for, and no one will escape until the utermost farthing is paid. However, there are degrees of wickedness. As Paul says in FIRST CORINTHIANS chapter15 verses 40 to 42; there are degrees of glory(or reward) likened to the stars, moon ,and the sun. Each individual, after his punishment, will inherit that degree of glory that he is entitled to, and will be most happy in. The exception to this are Satan and his Angels ,the unredeemed, and the most wicked of this earth, they will go to a kingdom of no glory, some call this outer darkness, and they will be miserable for eternity.
      Be carefull who you condem, lest ye be judged in a like manner. Jehova is the JUDGE and his judgement is just.

  68. Jesus is good.israel will overcome.

  69. 1 Jesus left the temple and was walking away when his disciples came up to him to call his attention to its buildings. 2 “Do you see all these things?” he asked. “I tell you the truth, not one stone here will be left on another; every one will be thrown down.” 3 As Jesus was sitting on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to him privately. “Tell us,” they said, “when will this happen, and what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age?” 4 Jesus answered: “Watch out that no one deceives you. 5 For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Christ, ‘ and will deceive many. 6 You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. 7 Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. 8 All these are the beginning of birth pains. 9 “Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death, and you will be hated by all nations because of me. 10 At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other, 11 and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. 12 Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, 13 but he who stands firm to the end will be saved. 14 And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.

    God’s Word is Truth. He has said very clearlythefate of the palestinians and the “perpetual hatred” thathas resulted in this search for “peace and safety”.

  71. so due to these Biblical prophesies, Israel got a divine right to commit atrocities on the Palestinians just like nazis did to them? So my fellow Christians where is your sense on justice? Where are your values? You seem to have lost it and are being blinded in your faith. Where on earth can you still justify the killings of innocents people. No religions does tolerate that. Wake up before and stop your double standards when it comes to the Palestinians case. Never forget that when the Romans and the Europeans persecuted and killed the Jews they found a safe place to live amindst the so called ignorants Arabs who welcome the Jews as their cousins.

    • Israel has only defended itself against the terrorists.

      It has a right to do so. I warns civilians to get out of the way, and HAMAS tells the people to stay and be killed.

      Deaths in Gaza are due to evil Hamas.

      Hamas targets civilians. It kills its own people.

      Israel only targets Hamas buildings. It protects civilians.

  72. Marianne
    The animals has sent over 800 misslies the last week. But if they only have shot one it would have been to much. I wanna make war against the animals. Is their a easy way to beome a Israel soldier???

  73. Im from Msia. Very interesting to read this blog..
    Funny thing happen in Msia too that even current/ex-corruption leaders keep blaming Israel for the war to Palestin but they ignore many corruption cases here in Msia. Furthermore, Msia passport is not allowed to visit Israel. Sad thing.

    May God clean and bless Msia’s land.

    • dear william

      Corruption is a vile and sad thing. It means that man has rejected God, and does his own desire.

      I pray with you that God helps your country, and provides for those who are still faithful to him.

  74. Thanks Ms Marianne. ur blog keeping me awake to reading till now. Here is 1.23am.

    In Malaysia here, as Christian is not allowed to preach to Malay, its prohibited n will be arrested by police.Pls pray tat the situation will be overturned that people has the freedom of faith.

    May God continue to gives you strength and wisdom. In Jesus name, Amen.

    • dear william

      God has not forgotten your country. He is calling all to come to him.

      May you get the breakthrough you need, and may malaysia get a powerful visitation from the Lord.

  75. Marianna

    wow a lot of good points my I ask Marianna are you from the united states ? I agree with you god will take care of his people and there land

  76. in the days of samuel the prophet not one word his prophecies fell to the ground. god will bring isreal under his rod of correction and avenge her enemy nations .open your eyes its all going there

  77. Psalms 133
    1 Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!

    Luke 13
    35 Behold, your house is left unto you desolate: and verily I say unto you, Ye shall not see me, until the time come when ye shall say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.

    Acts 1
    20 For it is written in the book of Psalms, Let his habitation be desolate, and let no man dwell therein: and his bishoprick let another take.

    (Rom 10:1 KJV) Brethren, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved. 2 For I bear them record that they have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge. 3 For they being ignorant of God’s righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God.;

    Even Heaven awaits the Jewish return TO God, Jesus Christ, and rather NOT TO THE PROMISED EARTHLY LAND;The New Testament Scriptures makes it now certain that the national restoration of Israel after the flesh is not a part of the revealed will of God, but that the reverse is true. God regards natural Israel earthly kingdom with utter detestation, and He will never restore it, Next when John the Baptist preached to the Jewish people, saying, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand,” he was not announcing the setting up again of the earthly throne of David for israel as many Jews, some professing Christians falsely hoped, believe it would happen again.


    Zionist Christians have to be real fools to falsely even now overlook all their wrong doings done by the Jews trying to reclaim the land in their own strength as the end goals still do not justify the means

    • dear noncomformer

      there is a difference between not being saved, and being “utterly detestable.”

      Israel in the flesh is, in fact, much more honorable than its surrounding gentile neighbors.

      In the flesh, it still obeys the 10 commandments, as a whole, although there are exceptions everywhere.

      other nations commit abortions, murders, thefts, etc. crime is very low in Israel., which is in sharp contrast with places like Gaza and South Africa, which have the highest crime rates in the world.

      Israel is seeking God. It is just blind as to who its Messiah is, and this will change as Jacob’s trouble initiates.

      also, physical restoration of natural Israel was promised in scripture, it was to go from a barren desert to blooming like the rose. This is true today in modern Israel, who has been the ONLY presence in 2000 years to cultivate the land and make it productive. It is now the most advanced, most highly productive country in the world.

      thank you.

  78. nonconformer,

    Of course those who reject Christ, including Jews, will perish, so why are you, like someone else on this site, fixated by Jewish unbelief, when it corporately constitutes less then 1% of worldwide unbelief? By unbelief, I mean those who do not truly know Christ. And what is a sign of not knowing him? Something as simple as resenting a fellow human having the opportunity to flourish, after centuries of being trampled!…In fact, there is a beautiful plant known as “wandering Jew” ( ‘Tradescantia fluminensis’), which of course would not survive in your garden, since you take great delight in trampling anything with a Jewish connotation….. However, do you not think it poignant that even a plant has been named to signify the plight of the Jews? I suppose not!

    Why is this? The answer is simple. You, like so many others, have yet to deal with the inherent Gentilic jealousy evident throughout Christendom and the off-spring of Ishmael. There can be no other rational explanation as to why a flock of people so derisory in number and innocuous, should be hated so?

    But jealousy, has no rationale, as evident in the rantings of so many, who think they can get away with using an exegetical platform to make their demented ant-Semitic spew appear credible. And you are clearly one of these!

    So dear brother, take your insane jealousy to the Lord, as many have done before you, and be comforted by the fact that there is neither Jew nor Gentile in Christ; and further realize that all we need be concerned about is the fruit of the Olive tree, many of whom are Jewish brothers in Christ.

    So lets follow Christ’s command and direct all our energy into increasing that fruit for heavenly glory, and refrain from jealousy, and the resentment toward God retuning a people to the soil where they were always purposed to flourish, and where they need to be for their survival.

    Once you have been set free of your burning and self-destructive jealous disposition, then you will see clearly the Lord’s hand in this matter, but if you choose to persist in blindness, then don’t be surprised if you find yourself on one of the dead branches that are to be thrown into the fire of everlasting destruction….as a result of your self-righteous condemnation, and affront to the sovereign authority of God.

    Be blessed.

  79. I have a question to you people. In Sweden when we buy a Bible now we have the apocryphal books in the Bible. When we bought a bible many years ago it was only the OT and NT. So now it is OT, apocryphal books, NT. Is this the same in USA??? And if it is, when did they start to add apocryphal letters to the Bible in USA???

    • Adam,
      Most Catholic bibles have the apocryphal books in the bible. My Mom’s finnish Bible had the apocrypha in it. It largely depends on the version you buy. As the Lutheran church has moved to rejoin the catholic, they have also taken to the catholic Bible.

      Some translations also will have a Catholic and a anglicanized version of their translation, such as the New revised standard version (NRSV) Though Both include the Apocrypha, One keeps these books isolated at the end of the Bible (sometimes in the middle), while the catholic version has them interspersed throughout.

      The following site should help.

    • Adam,
      Does your version have Chapters 13, 14 in the book of Daniel as well? Just curious.

      • dru
        I know that Ortodox and Catholic Church have the books in its bible but I was curious if you protestants in Usa also have rhis books. thanks for the answer. By bible has extended part of Daniel but I don’t know if it is chap 13 and 14.

        • Yes we have these books. Though they are not considered the Word of God. In other words they do not overule the sixty six books on theological questions.Did the Link above work for you?

          I know some denominations like the Baptists do not teach these books at all, and therefore do no not have them in their bibles, But it is not like they are unknown to us. Nor are they “Banned”.

  80. dru
    yes the link helped me. in sweden this scriptures are standard now but for you they are only in some translations.

    • Yes, we are free to read them. there is no state religion dictating what must be in our bibles, as there are in many european countries. It is pretty much a choice on the part of the churches. I think they are all worthy of reading, even the books that have theological discrepencies with sound doctrine, or have historical innacuracies, so long as they edify the church. I do call into question if someone quotes them as inerrant scripture superceding the canon of 66 books.

  81. I noticed a comment to read the quran in Arabic to understand what it says. The Arabic language was created and not fully developed until 900 A.D. Mohammed did not speak Arabic, the language at his time was tribal and mainly parts of Aramaic dialect. In essence the quran was not originally written in Arabic and was not compiled until at least 250 years after Mohammed. After redactions in 800-900 A.D. the quran took on a whole different template as well as the hadith and sunna.


    -The Popular Handbook on the Rapture:
    Experts Speak Out on End-Times Prophecy
    -Coming Events and Present Duties, Future Prophecy;
    -Prophecy: End of Days Bible supposedly valid Studies
    -God’s War on Terror: Islam Prophecy and the Bible
    Entering Into God’s Project: Prophecy on Terror;
    -Prophecies on World Events;
    List Price $29.95;

    Many people think that the end times biblical prophecies about the end of the world and the Battle of Armageddon as You know, are for the weirdoes, religious fanatics , societal oddballs, extremists, those persons who afraid to face life ahead of them and falsely now do look for an escape from it.

    The Basic problem also is not the Bible detailed Prophecies themselves but rather how many people misinterpret them, and it seems few of them even agree with each others still..


    Now don’t you think that something spiritually important as this, so essential as this, would be available freely to all rather.

    1 Timothy 6:10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

    Not just the Book of Daniel, but the Book of Revelation itself is now also Considered by many one the strangest book in the Bible. Not many people can say they they really understand it too, but for 2000 years, this book also has been wildly popular. Why would anyone still bother with the books book that many love to hate, Many people also hate the Torah and Jesus’ revision of the Torah, Well the reality is that if you are a Non Christian believer, and without the Holy Spirit, you really cannot understand this book, especially in the light of the fact that one often is are reading other people’s mail, as this book was, is specially written for the born form above Christians. First thing I too had discovered is that controversy is nothing new if the devil can help it.. He the devil really does likes tearing the truths into shreds, distorts it, so that alone should not discourage you from reading these books

    Now many of the most well-known undeniable New Testament prophecies about Jesus Christ himself were foreshadowed by the Old Testament prophets centuries before the birth of Christ and these require no serious reinterpretations.. including his death on a cross and his stated beforehand resurrection next from the dead..

    But it is those other supposed Future prophecies about the end time anti Christ, about the Fallen Babylon, the New world Order, the supposed Restoring the nation of Israel, the supposed Rebuilding of the Jewish temple, the Battle of Armageddon that are very doubtfully being presented, misrepresented even and why?


    2 Corinthians 10:5 Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; Titus 2:13:13 looking for the blessed hope and glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ, James 5:7-9:7 Therefore be patient, brethren, until the coming of the Lord. See how the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth, waiting patiently for it until it receives the early and latter rain. 1 Peter 5:4:4 and when the Chief Shepherd appears, you will receive the crown of glory that does not fade away. 1 John 2:28-3:2: 28 And now, little children, abide in Him, that when He appears, we may have confidence and not be ashamed before Him at His coming. Jude 1:21:21 keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life. Revelation 2:25:25 But hold fast what you have till I come.

    The prophecies, about the rise of the Antichrist and the Battle of Armageddon, were first recorded by the prophet Daniel in the sixth century B.C. where Daniel wrote his God given prophecies during the 70 years that the people of Israel were held captive in the land of Babylon.

    Daniel himself had served as part of the royal court of King Nebuchadnezzar, who reigned in Babylon from 605 – 562 B.C. The prophecies came in the form of dreams, both the king’s dreams and Daniel’s dreams. For most of the details, Daniel was personally now given the interpretation, but not all. Note that. Now the full details about the future Antichrist, and the nations involved too, even the exact times, is not given to us by God, or in the Bible rather these days too there exist today rather a lot of misinformation, misinterpretations, lies even.. and if God wanted us to know all the details he would have already now mentioned them specifically in the Bible. The Bible does not go into much detail about the end times because we are rather to concentrate on pour present relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Even Daniel himself was not given now all the details.. Dan 30:4 But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased…. 9 Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end.

    And yet many future prophecy liars still do dare to speak to us all about supposed future truths that God has not even revealed to anyone yet here too..

    Malachi 3:2 But who may abide the day of his coming? and who shall stand when he appeareth? for he is like a refiner’s fire, and like fullers’ sope:

    Why is it so many people claim that Jesus is coming soon when no one can know the exact time even. yet. Jesus is coming back soon, even maybe today.. and already he has been coming back for 2000 years, and yes he will come back.. but why are so many wanting him to come back now, immediately? wanting to go to Heaven even? and why is it that so many of the people who claim they want to go to Heaven now , and they say they want Jesus to come back for them when clearly still,many of them are still unwilling to Serve God here on earth firstly, even when they are unwilling to live with Jesus now here on earth.

    Escapism? Deliverance or Running away? Jonah ran away from God… Being saved is not about immediately going to Heaven, but serving Jesus firstly here on earth.. Are you even doing everything you can to serve Jesus Christ here now firstly before you go to heaven next? or are you so heavenly minded that you are of no earthly Good?

    Revelation 3: 12 Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him my new name.

    Revelation 21: 2 And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.

    Some people are using still their corrupted, unregenerated, human spirit to try to understand God and his truths and not by the Holy Spirit so they clearly here will fail at it still too. I also know some people have their minds falsely made up about a lot of things based even on the false teaching of their denomination and it would be a great shock to their system to admit it may be wrong..

    Please be like the Bereans of old who “searched the Scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so” (Acts 17:11) with prayer and true help of the Holy Spirit.

    and while you are waiting for Jesus to come are you serving Him now?

    2 Thessalonians 2:1. 1 Now, brethren, concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to Him, we ask you, 2 not to be soon shaken in mind or troubled, either by spirit or by word or by letter, as if from us, as though the day of Christ had come. 3 Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition, 4 who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits as God in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God.

    Notice that above passage states that the man of sin is to be revealed BEFORE Jesus comes and that Paul is warning Christians not to be deceived by others who teach otherwise.

    I Cor. 13:9 Paul said, “… we prophesy in part.” There are two reasons for this. One is expressed in Prov. 4:18, “But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.” In other words, the revelation of truth is progressive and needs to be checked out, confirmed by the Holy Spirit, the Bile, even others..

    Just because we have the Bible doesn’t mean we have all the truth at our disposal. The truth contained in the written word must be “opened” or revealed by Christ if we are to understand it and benefit. All the study in the world will not take the place of Christ opening the book and ministering living anointed truth suited to the time and need.

    Daniel, as great a man of God and yet he was, was still even told to shut up the words and seal the book till the time of the end. Daniel 12:4. The end times was the begging of Christ Ministry on earth and the the related New Testament development and it’s Pentecost.. As only Christ has the authority to “open the book” (Rev. 5:1-5)

    • thenonconformer,

      You are going to see “the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits as God in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God” (2 Thessalonians).

      We are sooo close to everyone recognizing he who is riding the white horse (Rev. 6:2).

      And when you recognize (see) the son of perdition in the coming months, before the Day of The Lord (as we read in Joel chapter 2) – be prepared, comprehending this:

      “They defeated him because of the Lamb’s blood and because of the message of their witness. Even when facing death they did not cling to life” (Revelation 12:11, CJB).

      “He who wins the victory will…be dressed in white clothing; and I will not blot his name out of the Book of Life; in fact, I will acknowledge him individually before my Father and before his angels” (Rev. 3:5, CJB).

      Consider the wise counsel of James:

      “Be patient, therefore, brothers, until the coming of the Lord.

      See how the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth, being patient about it, until it receives the early and the late rains. You also, be patient.

      Establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand. Do not grumble against one another, brothers, so that you may not be judged; behold, the Judge is standing at the door [Day of the Lord].

      As an example of suffering and patience, brothers, take the prophets who spoke in the name of the Lord. Behold, we consider those blessed who remained steadfast.

      You have heard of the steadfastness of Job [under great testing of his faith], and you have seen the purpose of the Lord, how the Lord is compassionate and merciful” (James 5, ESV).

      Psalm 28

  83. Matthew 24 32-34.

    That is why so many know Christ’s return is imminent.

  84. I have read and studied Bible prophecy since about 1970 and have understood that Israel will ultimately defeat its enemies and that the temple on the Temple Mount will be built before Jesus’ return. I am truly amazed (and blessed by God) that I see and understand many events taking place on Earth today are as He guided in the writing of the book of Daniel and John to write in revelation. Since 65+ years have passed since Israel was recreated in 1948 I believe there are less that about 40 years during which ALL of Gods events will be completed. I expect, that since the reigning Pope Francis is somewhat old, and he is the last Pope before the Antichrist sits on God’s throne in the temple we will probably see the temple built on the Temple Mount before the next 10 years time passes. The Eastern gate remains closed and Jesus will enter the temple mount by that entrance. I will expect things to go into fast-forward action when Israel is given the authority to build on the Temple Mount. Since Peace Negotiations with the Palestinians is now under way (again) we might see Prophecy fall into place soon.


    • antony

      God says he will destroy all his enemies….which include the palestinians, balylonians, syrians, aetheists, etc….children included, because they have been trained since babyhood to kill others and are demonically polluted. also God will not open a day care center for children of these hate groups, so they can grow up to be like their parents. this is the curse of the parents on the children.

      This is the way of God the father. and in the end times, which is now, god will toss most of mankind into the lake of fire for its wickedness.

      Jesus chose a time to come to earth to minister God’s word to mankind…it would be a time when he would be killed…..he volunteered to die for the sins of mankind….so it was NOT just jews that killed jesus, it was romans, gentiles syrirans, chinese, africans, germans, swiss, muslims, americans, etc……all mankind’s sins cause the death of Jesus…not just the sins of one people group.

      I have no doubts about the bible. I understand its contents.

      the jews and the christians, according to Jesus, have the same God, the FAther Yahweh.

      the muslims have a different god, allah, who disagrees with most of what Yahweh says.

      jesus was MORE than a prophet…he was and is the Son of God, who shares the divine nature of his Father God.

      the jews were chosen to bring forth jesus….as messiah….most of them believed in hiim except for a small power group who had him crucified. then after that the leaders taught that jesus was fake, which is a lie

      the jews will have one more chance to recognize jesus as messiah…but it will be in very dangerous troubled times…..the ones that survive will accept him finally.

      most of the world will be destroyed….including muslims , chrsitians and jews….ONLY the ones who recognize the power, authority of Jesus will call upon him to rescue them…and only they have a chance t be saved…..the rest will be killed and destroyed…..

      there are a lot of fake christians now…and bad jews, and bad muslims….they will be destroyed.

      Jesus had compassion on the repentant sinner, not the one who keeps sinning….the father will only have compassion on those who respect and honor his son and his sacrifice on the cross for the forgiveness of sins…if people reject this forgiveness, the Father will destroy them in hell.

      so what are you going to believe, or do, to make sure you go to heaven and not hell?

      • God bless you Marianne, yet you need to study GRACE salvation. Luke 18:9-14. The best ‘christians’ still sin! 1John 1:8. If God only has compassion on those who do not “keep sinning”, then NOBODY will be saved! John says if “WE say we have no sin we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us”.

        Read Jesus’ parable of the Pharisee and the publican. The Pharisee, repented of his sins and bragged about his good deeds and commandment keeping, yet Jesus said the publican went down to his house “justified” (forgiven) NOT HE PHARISEE! The publican brought no good deeds, nor future promises to do better; he beat on his breast and “confessed” God be MERCIFUL to me A SINNER.”

        The plain teaching here is God forgives LOST sinners by HIS MERCY, not our works!. Our good deeds or bad deeds have nothing to do with forgiveness of sins, but God’s mercy alone. Eph. 2:8-9 Titus 3:5. Salvation is a “gift of God; not of works.” Good deeds can be noble attributes AFTER we are saved, but are never to be used “in order to be saved” OR KEEP US SAVED! (1Peter 1:5)All our righteousnesses are “filthy rags” to gain entrance into Heaven! (Isaiah 64:6)

        We are SAVED by HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS. (Romans 3:25-26) (Phil. 3:9) (Romans 10:1-4) Not our own. The publican asked God to be “merciful” to him A SINNER. In other words, he admitted HE COULD NOT SAVE HIMSELF! The word “merciful” means to “be a propitiation” or “sin offering”. The publican was asking GOD to be his sin offering! How? By His Son Jesus, who died for our sins and rose again from the dead. Only by Jesus’ shed blood on the Cross can sinners be saved. Works are not allowed in God’s plan of salvation. Romans 3:27. Only BY FAITH in God’s perfect sacrifice of His Son on the cross can sinners BE SAVED.

        A truely “repentant sinner” must come to God without his works and TRUST only in Jesus as his hope for eternal life. Eternal life is a free GIFT by our FAITH is God’s mercy alone Romans 6:23. Good deeds can only come AFTER we are saved, when the Holy Spirit indwells in us and empowers us to be able to perform them. Even then, those good deeds are NOT part of our salvation, but FRUIT of our salvation. You must have the ROOT (Jesus) before you can have the FRUIT. We will always be plagued by our sinful “flesh” until THAT day, when God redeems the BODY! Romans 8:23. We will still, but hopefully as we GROW we will sin LESS. We will never be SINLESS until we get to Heaven by God’s GRACE.

        • I understand all this. I never said salvation is by works.

          there is a difference between a repentant sinner and one who will not repent.

          grace is for those who will repent.

  86. I am confused then by your statements that there are…

    “a lot of fake christians now…. they will be destroyed.

    Jesus had compassion on the repentant sinner, not the one who keeps sinning….”

    I understood you to mean that “fake christians” are those who keep sinning, thus those who do not repent (stop) their “sinning” are not saved and will be destroyed. Christians are “saved” sinners. It is impossible for us to judge who is truely saved and who is not. (God sees the heart) Many saved, Bible characters did notorious acts unbecoming of a believer, yet they are mentioned in Hebrews 11 as men of FAITH. There is a popular, unbiblical teaching going around today about “lordship salvation” that a sinner must “repent of their sins” before they can b saved by ‘grace’. Your statements seemed to reflect that–I apologize if you meant otherwise.


    • I am referring to those who REFUSE to repent, and WANT to continue in sin…but expect to considered saved anyhow….

      being saved by grace involves repentance and this is biblical….but this is not a one time event….

      as humans we are weak, and are expected to “work out our salvation” as we fail daily, but we depend upon the Lord for his continual forgiveness as we strive toward the higher calling that is in Jesus.

  87. “Ye do err not knowing the scripture.”

    Phil 2:12 has nothing to do with being saved–You have also failed to mention verse 13 which states:

    “For it is GOD which WORKETH in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.” Phil 2:13

    These 2 verses are not about attaining, meriting, keeping or “working” for eternal life. Paul is commending christians here how they served God even more so in his absence than when he was with them. What don’t you understand about “eternal life” being a “gift” by simply believing on the Lord Jesus Christ? Rom 6:23.

    The pharisee “repented of his sins” was keeping the law (tithing) but was still going to Hell. The publican brought nothing but his FAITH in God’s mercy as a lost sinner. Jesus said: “This man went down to his house JUSTIFIED rather than the other.” Do you believe what Jesus taught here?

    I do not see it in your response.


  88. You moron. Abraham was a Philistine origin, God called him from Canaan and sent him north to the ‘holy land’… he kept Israel away from Gaza and various territories. How can you say Philistine are extinct, Palestine are Arabs. You think you are ‘Pure Jews’… Pure jews were blacks and resembled Africans they were not blonde’s, brunettes. You clearly mixed with European and other women (which was forbidden). God also Punished Israel for its sins, So how come Gaza is “extinct” and Israel “exists”…Then Israel is also Extinct and no longer a sovereign. Double standards. Today Israel has occupied and judgment will fall on it as on the Nazi’s

    • liz

      you obviously never read the bible.

      abraham was from UR, of the chaldees, which is modern Iraq…he was not a philistine.

      philistines were giants who were hybrids of devils who had mated with human women..

      king david of Israel killed them off

      do you see any giants in “palestine?”

      pure jews are descendents of Shem……who has light brown skin

      africans are descendents of Ham, who was black

      Europeans are descedents of Japeth, who was white

      God has an everlasting covenant with Israel

      he does not have one with arabs, which god called heathen pagans, and wild men in the bible.

      arabs are god’s enemies in bible, and they will all be destroyed someday soon, unless they accept jesus as savior.

  89. Cindy,

    Right on.

    It is sooo close –

    “Establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand…the Judge is standing at the door” (James 5:8-9).

    This is bigger than Gaza. Gaza is a micro event compared to what is about to unfold.

    “Come now, you rich, weep and howl for your miseries that are coming upon you! Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are moth-eaten. Your gold and silver are corroded, and their corrosion will be a witness against you and will eat your flesh like fire. You have heaped up treasure in the last days.

    Indeed the wages of the laborers who mowed your fields, which you kept back by fraud, cry out; and the cries of the reapers have reached the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth.

    You have lived on the earth in pleasure and luxury; you have fattened your hearts as in a day of slaughter. You have condemned, you have murdered the just; he does not resist you” (James 5, NKJV).

    Maybe The Lord will show mercy, or harden hearts?

    Psalm 20

  90. civilians are beaten by Hamas to force them back into the buildings they know have been targeted for destruction.

    Here is video that purports to show Hamas fighters beating and whipping their own civilians in order to force them back into those buildings.

  91. Hamas Caught Preventing Wounded Palestinians From Entering Israeli Hospital Built To Help Them

    Before Israel bombs a building in Gaza, it gives civilians the opportunity to evacuate; Hamas beats those civilians until they go back inside. There is apparently at least one building Hamas doesn’t want wounded Palestinians going into – an Israeli hospital constructed near the Gaza border.

  92. Well done marianne indeed God is with you and the people of isreal in this endtime. Blessings

  93. I think this Ukrainian problem is to keep Russia away from Syria, so region 4 of the WTO can be born. Russia is not to happy with the move, so they pull Iran’s chain and Hamas fires a butt load of rockets. Now, we see a full blown war in Israel and the surrounding region with the Muslim Brotherhood poised to gain more power.

    Region 1 of the WTO appears to be under attack. I suspect this southern border asymmetric warfare is to cause an even greater crisis in the coming weeks, or months ahead. Possibly illness overwhelming Hospitals and schools and armed revolt to implement martial law for example. But, I do not know, I suspect.

    Are we looking at brush fires that are getting out of control? Are we seeing the beginning of a global war? In any case secure your perimeter and be especially watchful at night. I use a German Shepherd and rose bushes, plus a strong fence to help me keep my family secure.

    The Bible tells me not to worry, but I fear for the innocent.

  94. Leatherneck,

    I think your right about things getting in order (NWO by region). The symbol of Ukraine is the Trident. Hummm?

    Did you hear about an investment/reserve bank and currency alternative developing between Russia, China, Brazil, India, and S. Africa? I hear this bank will be ready to open doors in 2015. Perfect timing.

    As for protecting the innocent – I think there will be a clear, obvious line of delineation between inhabitants in the land. There are those waking in darkness and those waking in light (innocent). Those who are innocent put on the Armor of Light.

    “Let all the inhabitants of the land tremble, for the day of the Lord is coming; it is near, a day of darkness and gloom, a day of clouds and thick darkness!” (Joel 2:1-2).

    Dogs and guns will not be sufficient for this kind of darkness. Those who do not put on the Armor of Light (Christ) will be experiencing darkness – this is mental, emotional and spiritual – zombies.

    I think putting trust in prayer and dry gun prouder is for John Wayne types in an Alamo situation – they got wiped out.

    I think the author of this post (“House that Stood”) got it straight.

    There are no German Shepard dogs or guns in that house and these verses below support the above dream.

    “The Lord’s curse is on the house of the wicked, but he blesses the dwelling of the righteous” (Proverbs 3:33).

    “The house of the wicked will be destroyed, but the tent of the upright will flourish” (Proverbs 14:11).

    “Come, my people, enter your chambers, and shut your doors behind you; hide yourselves for a little while until the fury has passed by” (Proverbs 26:20).

    So —- reading all of Joel chapter two we get to this,

    “And it shall come to pass that everyone [innocent, by His mercy and grace]who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.

    For in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there shall be those who escape, as the Lord has said, and among the survivors shall be those whom the Lord calls” (Joel 2:32, ESV).

    “Some trust in chariots and some in horses [weapons of warfare], but we praise the name of Adonai our God. They will crumple and fall, but we will arise and stand erect.

    Give victory, Adonai! Let the King answer us the day we call (Psalm 20, CJB).

    Blessings to you.

  95. Marianne,


    “And it shall come to pass that everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. For in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there shall be those who escape, as the Lord has said, and among the survivors shall be those whom the Lord calls” (Joel 2:32, ESV).

  96. Well, DJ I am all for putting trust in G-d, but G-d wants us to meet him half way, or more.

    The Alamo was a fortified position. It is Marine Corp doctrine that a fortified position can not stand without support. One of the reasons you see Marines running so much is to out maneuver the enemy.

    Your understanding of military tactics is a civilian understanding. As a Honorable discharged Marine I do not wish for a physical conflict with anyone, but if MS-13, or moon god worshipers want to harm my friends and family, I am willing to discuss the matter with them.

    What I think will happen is chaos will occur to a point of martial law and region one will become one out of three countries. If G-d decides to send me to hell for utilizing my knowledge in the defense of what’s mine to the point of deadly force, then so be it.

    Weapons have never solved anything except slavery, ending communism, Nazism, and I suspect Islamism. I guess Israel will need to lay down their arms and wait for G-d to protect their children sleeping in the cribs. Grow a pair DJ.


  97. Hi Marriane,
    Your site was very helpfull but i have one doubt, So many things what God had promised seem to happen in and around Israel what about people like me Indians who believe in Christ what is God’s promise for us…

  98. Maybe posting my personal belief may offend others n cause dislike but i m not afraid n I do hope you do not to take it personal but just have an open mind…….
    I really believe that instead of innocent people being killed and territories being destroyed in the middle east, what really needs to be debolished is all RELIGIONS: the Muslim, the Christian and Jewish religion.., etc. May God have MERCY but many people have taken their religions too far. I think their “bibles” doesn’t predict their future and does not guide them correctly but instead makes nations divide, having them (the FOOLISH ones) depict what is written instead and also twisting words around to do evil in the name of God/Allah. Im so sick of hearing of so many horrific crimes and wars done in the name of God and by so-called Christians with a book in their hand, committing geonocide, massacres, injustices to their own people, invading other countries, taking people’ rights and spiritual beliefs, producing slavery, stealing resources from other countries causing poverty and violating human basic rights, it has happened even in this country (USA) we are standing on right now! Its just disgusting, and almost incomprehensible how humans -not aliens- have killed millions of people from what i like to call “unnecessary warfare” but it just keeps on happening over n over again, and why? Well, except from people just being GREEDY and EVIL, again i really believe that 50% or more of this humam crisis is DUE TO RELIGION and the belief that all evil can be justified and be forgiven by having a religion. I know what i have written may be misunderstood or taken the worst way possible but im not the one that has cause thousands of deaths, advocated for war or participated in it- I’m against it! Need to add that If i had written the bible, the main thing i would write is : killing and war is evil and should be avoided, please use common sense and goodness to do right, all humans shall have same basic rights therefore be fair amongst one another and dont inflict suffering n pain on others, if you do, you will go to hell here on earth and after death! But only fight in self defense, punish and emprison the evil doers accordingly”. Smh I know the bible has the 10 commandments and good things in it but maybe its hard for many humans -including the so-called intellectual ones and those in power- to really understand all the stories without misinterpreting them. Dont get me wrong, i also believe some sort of faith and spirituality is needed in human existence but i just know that alot of this warfare n injustices could have been dramatically reduced and perhaps not even exist much today if it wasnt for all these religions and GREEDY ones. May God bless n Deuces y’all!

  99. Let’s see, the mainstream media gives more attention to what happens in Gaza than anywhere else on the globe. Iraq and Syria have been in mass genocide mode with ISIS and the government’s of the world barely flinch but when Israel defends itself against HAMAS it’s time to call Israel a genocidal country. The world is so backwards it’s stupid!

  100. And you are Christians? Followers of the prince of peace? Who said love your enemies and pray for them? You are liars! And the truth is not in you!

    • dear higgins

      yes we are christians, and believe in peace….but the terrorist HAMAS does not believe in peace….we can love our enemies but do not have to submit to their evil…

      yes we pray for them but they do not change and continue to attack Israel, christians, and other groups with the intent to murder them…

      right now multitudes of christians are being slaughtered in syria.. they behead them and cut off their arms and legs…they commit genital mutilation of women……

      even their children learn to hate and kill

      is that ok with you? or do you only grieve for dead terrorists?

      and that IS the truth..!

      so do you support evil and genocide against Israel, christians, and other groups.??

      or are you fair enough to allow them to defend themselves?

  101. Israeli artillery fire hits UN school,
    killing at least 20 FEATURED Posted by Alex Kane A child in the aftermath of the Israeli
    attack on an UNRWA school. (Photo:
    Reuters and EPA) A child in the aftermath of the Israeli
    attack on an UNRWA school. (Photo:
    Reuters and EPA) Israeli military fire hit a United Nations-
    run school in Gaza today, killing at
    least 20 people and injuring an estimated 90 people. The school
    under attack, called the Abu Hussein
    girls’ elementary school, is located in
    the densely-populated Jabaliya
    refugee camp. The United Nations Relief Works and
    Agency (UNRWA), the group that
    serves Palestinian refugees, issued a stern statement placing the blame for the attack on the Israeli army. “Last night, children were killed as they slept next to their parents on the
    floor of a classroom in a UN
    designated shelter in Gaza. Children
    killed in their sleep; this is an affront to
    all of us, a source of universal shame.
    Today the world stands disgraced,” said UNRWA Secretary General Pierre
    Krähenbühl. “We have visited the site and gathered
    evidence. We have analysed
    fragments, examined craters and
    other damage. Our initial assessment is
    that it was Israeli artillery that hit our
    school, in which 3,300 people had sought refuge.” Krähenbühl added that the Israeli
    attack violated international law, and
    that UNRWA had informed Israel of the
    location of the school 17 times. The
    Palestinians who were sheltering there
    had been told by the Israeli military to flee their Gaza neighborhoods, only to
    be hit by Israeli shells at the place they
    thought would be safe. An estimated
    240,000 displaced Palestinians are
    being sheltered in UNRWA facilities. Israeli army spokespeople claim that
    Palestinian fighters fired from near the
    school–a claim they have frequently
    made when confronted by their
    attacks on civilians. It was the second time in two weeks
    that an attack on a UN school caused deaths. Israel denies it hit the UN school in Beit Hanoun it bombarded
    last week, though Gaza-based journalists like The Daily Beast’s Jesse
    Rosenfeld have cast doubt on those claims, writing that the
    evidence appears to indicate Israeli
    fire hitting the area. The attack killed
    16 people. UNRWA spokesman Chris
    Gunness said last week that three other UNRWA installations had been
    fired on by Israel, injuring five
    Palestinians in one incident. UNRWA has also had to contend with
    Palestinian rockets being stored in
    schools that were abandoned. But
    there is no evidence that the schools
    hit by Israeli fire have rockets in them. The attack on the UNRWA school in
    Jabaliya came after another night of
    heavy Israeli bombardment. The Gaza
    Ministry of Health said that over 70
    Palestinians were killed since midnight. That brings the death toll to well over 1,200 Palestinians, the vast
    majority of them civilians. Israel declared what it called a
    “humanitarian window” for four hours today–but also said it would
    continue to operate militarily in areas
    where soldiers were already firing.
    Hamas called it a declaration meant for
    the media and did not halt its fire.
    Israeli shells killed at least five Palestinians during the “humanitarian
    window , Ma’an News Agency reported. And
    another Israeli attack on a market in
    the Gaza neighborhood of Shuja’iyeh killed at least 15 people.

  102. marianne. Do u know wat the word occupation means?
    There was a pro-Israel rally of 10,000
    people in New York a few days ago, a half
    block from the United Nations,
    and Rabbi David-Seth Kirshner, the president of the NY Board of Rabbis, suggested that Palestinians who voted
    for Hamas are combatants who
    deserve to be targeted by Israel. He
    said: When you are part of an election
    process that asks for a terrorist
    organization which proclaims in word
    and in deed that their primary
    objective is to destroy their
    neighboring country and not to build schools or commerce or jobs, you are
    complicit and you are not a civilian
    casualty. The crowd cheered. Kirshner went on
    to say that the Israeli army is “the most
    moral army in the history of
    civilization.” He ended his remarks
    with the word, Amen. The rabbi did not make it clear how he
    would sort out Palestinians who voted
    for Hamas. In the last election in
    Palestine, in 2006, Hamas — the
    “terrorist organization” to which
    Kirshner was obviously referring– got 440,000 votes, 44 percent of the
    electorate, according to Wikipedia.
    Fatah won 410,000, the PFLP 42,000. Senator Chuck Schumer and many
    Democratic congresspeople also
    spoke at the rally, on 47th Street. None
    were on the stage when Kirshner
    offered his spiritual counsel near the
    end of the gathering. Kirshner, from the Temple Emanu-El site Below is the context for Kirshner’s
    remarks, beginning at about 3:00 in
    the video above. Kirshner (who was
    introduced as president but identified
    with three different titles, 1, 2, 3. of the New York Board of Rabbis) began by
    saying that the United Nations was
    condemning the killing of civilians in
    Gaza. Ladies and gentlemen let me make
    something very, very, very clear to all
    of you gathered. If you are wearing
    jeans and a t-shirt and you are
    carrying an AK-47, you are not a
    civilian, you are a combatant. When you welcome Hamas into your
    living room and allow them to launch
    rockets next to your sofa, you are not
    a civilian you are a combatant. When you are part of an election
    process that asks for a terrorist
    organization which proclaims in word
    and in deed that their primary
    objective is to destroy their
    neighboring country and not to build schools or commerce or jobs, you are
    complicit and you are not a civilian
    casualty. And lastly when you fail to heed the
    pamphlets, the phone calls, the text
    messages and the warning shots
    telling you to evacuate a building, and
    instead use yourself as a shield and
    use innocent children as a shield, you are not collateral damage. When you
    ignore those very moral warnings and
    align yourself with Hamas, you are a
    combatant. As Adam notes, the statement could
    apply to anyone who voted in that
    election in 2006; I’m interpreting it to
    apply to Hamas supporters. Elsewhere in the speech, the rabbi
    identified himself wholly with the
    Israeli government, saying that “we
    gave them freedom nine years ago,”
    referring to the end of the settlement
    program in Gaza. Kirshner hosted Gov. Chris Christie at Temple Emanu-El, his conservative
    synagogue in New Jersey, last year. He
    spoke at the Israel lobby group AIPAC in 2009.

    History repeating itself and
    this grinning grim reaper is
    inciting murder. And getting
    cheered for it.

    ah, the beauty of zionist
    apologists & human rights
    deniers, they keep twisting
    themselves into a pretzel at
    their own hands.

  103. Then surely all the kids in Israel
    are legitimate targets seeing as
    how their folks support Likud.
    Or is this another one of those
    situations where one standard
    applies to the targets of the Zionists and another — or none
    at all actually — to Israel?

    By those standards then Israeli
    people are also responsible for
    the massacre going on in Gaza.
    Surely you are not implying that
    Israelis are above the laws that
    Palestinians must adhere to? Considering the war crimes
    going on in Gaza and the
    number of casualties the Israeli
    people then have a lot to
    answer for.

    for a people who
    were victims of racism, it is
    disappointing they have this
    racist nation full of haters,
    and that crimes against non
    Jews are okay. They lost their moral
    compass long time ago.

    Israel claims it isn’t
    occupying all of the Palestinian
    territories, since the 2005
    disengagement from Gaza. In that case Article 2 of the 1907
    Hague Convention permits the
    inhabitants, on the approach of
    the enemy, to spontaneously
    take up arms. In addition, if you
    are going to recognize them as civilian combatants, then the
    laws and customs of war
    require that they be treated as
    POWs whenever they are
    wounded or captured. Israel
    can’t simply label them as illegal combatants and violate its
    obligations under the Geneva
    Conventions. In any event, the prohibition
    against collective punishment
    applies to “civilians” and
    “civilian combatants” alike.
    Article 33 of the 4th Geneva
    Convention prohibits collective punishments and reprisals: No
    protected person may be
    punished for an offence he or
    she has not personally
    committed. Collective penalties
    and likewise all measures of intimidation or of terrorism are
    Pillage is prohibited.
    Reprisals against protected
    persons and their property are
    prohibited. link to That was hardly anything new.
    Collective punishments were
    already prohibited by Article 50
    of the 1899 Hague Regulations;
    Article 50 of the 1907 Hague
    Regulations; and Article 46, fourth paragraph, of the 1929
    Geneva POW Convention. It was
    also prohibited by Article 26,
    sixth paragraph, of the Third
    1949 Geneva Convention on
    Prisoners of War.
    The nicest thing is, the children there get blasted just for playing outside, & then everytime israel denies it was them only for evidence to completely refute their lies again & again & again. Is God’s chosen ppl pathological liars as well? As well, as land grabbing children killing, UN staff killing psycho paths? What you are is a zionist & genocide apologist marianne. Sephardic jews distance themselves from zionism. That’s what israelis are, zionists. Or didn’t you know that marianne?
    This isn’t judaism at all. The abrahamic jews have all come out & condemned this slaughter of innocence that you see as justifiable marianne. It is israel that keeps breaking ceasefires. It is israel that completely ignores UN calls for immediate ceasefires. It is israel that keeps targeting UN installations. Are these God’s chosen ppl marianne? Zionists all over are saying that israel is fighting a ‘war’… Really? I
    sorta think that maybe they
    shouldn’t say that, but they seem to think saying they are
    in a “war” with the ppl of gaza
    excuses everything they do.
    Zionism needs a Pope of
    explanations, its becoming a
    say anything comedy. I didnt do it, but if I did I was
    perfectly justified. naked power
    is often accompanied by moral
    The boundaries between Zionism
    and mainstream Judaism have
    completely dissolved and collapsed
    over the last half century — they
    now comprise a single ideology
    and culture. One can’t imagine a greater disaster for Judaism. The
    reputation and fate of Judaism now
    rest in the hands of a single nation
    — Israel — and whatever possibly
    mad regime is running it at the
    Are these God’s chosen ppl marianne?
    If you ask an authentic jew if GOD threw him out of his homeland, he’d say ‘yes’, & that they’re not allowed un return. So if jews are not allowed back un israel, admitted from their authentic rabbis. What land are you talking about rightfully being returned marianne? Every sephardic jew will tell you that they’re not allowed any land because God punished them for their disobedience. It’s in the torah. But zionists don’t go by the torch – they go by the talmud – which if you’d observe very well – is the most vile, & racist book these is where it tells its ppl that a non jew is subhuman & that he should be killed if he’s not useful to them. Are these God’s chosen ppl marianne? Moses obeyed all ten commandments, the talmud is completely against those commandments – are these God’s chosen ppl marianne? Jesus was sent un the jews un guide them away from the talmud & back un the original word, the torah. They felt nothing but contempt for jesus because he was foiling their zionist plans & so they plotted un have him killed – they were pharisees that worshipped the talmud’s racist & genocidal teachings. I ask again marianne, are these God’s chosen ppl?

  104. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Jerusalem and
    Diaspora Affairs, the Ministry
    of Tourism and KKL-JNF
    revealed that sixty-percent of Israeli Jews believe that the Jewish people in Israel are a nation separate from the Jews abroad. When asked to choose what defines
    the primary connection
    between Jews in Israel and
    Jews in the Diaspora, only 13
    percent said nationality. A
    plurality of respondents selected Jewish culture and
    tradition (40%).
    Original jews that stick to the teachings of the torah are separate from the jews in israel marianne. The original jews, the authentic ones were once God’s chosen ppl. The zionist pharisees in israel never were. Do you find it surprising that the authentic jews would distance themselves from these so called jews & condemn what they’re doing marianne? They emphasise that zionism has nothing to do with judaism. Yet here you are saying that those ppl in israel are only taking back what’s theirs, when the authentic jews deny that it is theirs. Yet, here you are being an expert on things jewish, & you’re not even jewish yourself, & then we have these authentic rabbis, the ones that worship the God in the torah contradicting everything the zionists in israel claim… But yet here you are campaigning on behalf of zionist child murderers, justifying their acts against ppl of gaza that are being massacred, especially their children. & what makes that worse is that these so called jews are occupying palestinian land, driving its ppl into concentration camps, bombing them including the UN that is there to try & offer relief to the women & children against their occupiers. & this occupied land when it tries to defend itself against the racist occupier that’s killing their children, you call them terrorists. Yet, over 1,300 palestinian civilians have been massacred, over 300 of them being children, their water is contaminated, electricity cut off because the power plants have been targeted & bombed, they’ve got nowhere to run to because the israelis target UN safe havens, & kill UN aid workers along with the children. Is this God’s chosen ppl huh marianne? A chosen ppl that practise zionism instead of judaism? Whilst the real jews are in total disgust at what they’re doing & dismissing any claims that this that’s happening has anything to do with orthodox judaism. Or do you wish to question these authentic jews too?

  105. Not really sure if hell is big enough
    to hold all of these folks– 86.5% of
    Israelis support the genocide of
    Palestinians. How many rabbis? I know the US
    Congress is at 100%. 95% Israeli
    ‘academic colleagues’ of the
    authors and signatories to the letter
    in The Lancet. btw– isn’t this incitement?

    • semperfi

      the land there never belonged to the palestinians…..which is a misnomer, since before the state of israel was established, all the inhabitants, jew and arab were ALL palestinians…..

      there has never been a palestinian state….the property was owned by the british and then legally transferred to the jews, to give them a homeland after the holocaust.

      the arabs there are refugees from other arab states because they were not wanted there either…..they are problems to them.

      all the propaganda that you present is just that…I have heard it before… need to learn the truth…

      the israelis do not commit genocide…they defend themselves against the HAMAS terrorists…..they warn people to get out of the way…..HAMAS is satanic, and the deaths in GAZA is due to HAMAS activity, not Israel…Musilms kill each other, in the name of ALlah.

      Palestinians have been attacking Israel since 1948..with the intent to destroy all innocent life there….this is satanic. I have no sympathy for them, in fact, if up to me, I would have bombed them into the stone age long ago, and ended everything.

      god does not even like them, and in the bible, he calls them cockroaches.

      the UN is arab – muslim – satan dominated, so I do not care about what they think.

      there is nothing wrong with zioniism…god is zionist, and promised the jews would come home and they have, and that no one will make them move again.

      i f anyone occupies the area, it is HAMAS…..Israel is legally there by the legal transfer of land to them by the British.. the arabs are free to stay if they behave, but they don’t.

      I am aware of the stupid self hating jews who try to say Israel should not be there, but they are ignorant of the will of god, prophecy and history, and they are too busy kissing butt to be genuine….they are willing to sacrifice others to make themselves safe and look good to their enemies……they are cowards….

      they do not represent the majority of jews, in fact, in a population of about 12 million, there are only about 200 of them

      jews that follow torah, and have normal brains, support the state of israel.

      all jews in Israel are legitimate….they came in from the diaspora, and they are not leaving.

      but you are right about one thing….the grim reaper is happy….palestinians are dying because HAMAS does not care about them…and they plant rockets in the people’s homes, UN locations and mosques….ISIS and HAMAS are satanic.

      Israel has given away most of its land for peace to a group of satanists who who not care about peace….so I do not support the satanists… no matter how much they lie and scream how victimized they are…that is a demonic method to get sympathy and I am not falling for it.

    • this is the real genocide….get your facts straight

  106. although from the holy quran it appears that Allah the glorious and exalted has given or promised a holy land to the children of israel, at the same time why cant all the people of Gaza be airlifted to some other place to save lives?


  108. Sure GOD gave the right way to Israel but the problem is that Israel now have to answer for what they did GREED GOD said go and build that land and share to your neighbor but Israel only become greed they got richer and powerful and hateful. Look the war is about more and more they want that land to be bigger they are not content with little, but the end is near and the war is with themselves it’s coming GOD will come to protect his land and save only 1 good Jews 1 hear me 1 so in all that mass only 1 will be saved is in the bible and in the Koran and all.

    • brasil

      You apparently know nothing of the daily activities in in Israel. Israel supplies truckloads of food, medicine, and building materials on a daily basis to Gaza. It provides jobs for Palestinians, and takes care of injured in their hospitals. It warns people to get out of the way when bombin occurs…

      Israel has given away 70% of its land for peace. This is not greed, but generosity.

      the problem is that Gaza is ruled by Satan and Hamas, who persecute the people, starve them, and force them to stay where the bombs are so they will die. Hamas shoots hundreds of missiles into ISrael every it is NOT a victim, but an attacker. If hamas would stop, Israel would not respond.

      In the end, God will destroy all of Gaza for all the evil it has done.

  109. Oh my word how stupid you are. God did not WRITE the bible genius.

  110. The word of God is the word of God weather you like it or not Gaza will be surely destroyed and this is just the beginning of the prophesy. Blessings marianne

  111. Your theories are foolish and make Christians look ignorant and superstitious. Please stop drawing lines from ancient literature to events today. That’s not how the Bible works…You see, if you would have studied the culture behind these texts and their origins, you would realise that most “prophecies” we’re written after the events took place as a sort of reflection on Israel’s mistakes in light of a deuteronomistic world view. Regardless, the Age to Come is a time of peace. It will not be brought through the violence caused by the Israelis and Pakistan. Murder is always wrong…claiming that Israel is somehow justified in their killing of hundreds of people is a flawed thought and the quickest way to get people to STOP taking you seriously. So, I guess what I’m saying is please stop spreading your ignorant conservative evangelical apocalyptic paranoia. Thank you.

    – A Concerned Christian

  112. Anonymous Christian ??? Ummm… How does that work you are ashamed to openly claim Christianity? But let us be frank you clearly am reading another Bible than me. Because the Bible I am reading is a history written with the Blessing and orders of GOD HIMSELF. The reason is to have a clear understanding of GODs will and what will happen if we make the same mistakes. Many Prophesy’s written in the Bible is yet to be fulfilled. And it will be! Many other Prophets have spoken with the blessing of GOD about what will come again this is written also in the Bible . I believe that what is written in the Bible is true and just amen. One Prophet that this web is honouring spoken words is daily coming to be true and this should then show you that there will be Prophets then now and in the future . Now when you are attacked and start to defend yourself you became murderers according to you. Should the Israelites go and hand out Lollypops against terrorists that is sheltered by thousands of people approving there actions as terrorists shooting rockets into Israel? Ever heard of the words the dealer is as quality as the stealer? All these people now crying is those marching day after day against Israel. They know what Hamas is doing and a proofed it .A nation allowing this is as guilty as those doing it they are funding it they should have taken action against them they had ambient time. They could have given the terrorists positions and then only the terrorists would have been attack but they chose to be one with them then they are to blame with what happens to all they had a choice!! I wish the people all over would stop blaming others we all have decisions and we all will be judged by our own decisions in judgment day!!! Every one there still have choices and it is there’s to be made it all can stop they just need to make a choice and lay down there weapon’s that is all.

  113. weapons in mosque

  114. I am Arab Jewish the real Jewish, and I must tell the truth that the politicians trying to hide it. and its like this:
    what said in the bible about the Israel land means at that time for the people whom were living at that time before muses and jesses born when fern in Egypt and the other tribes kicked the Jewish out and they moved to the surrounding lands the Arabs countries now, Yemen and Oman and Saudi and the glove and…. he was talking to the people at that time and what god will do to them make land for them at that time and it happened. when muses came and god made him win on frown then the Jewish returned to Palestine and Jordon and Lebanon and Egypt, and at that time it was the best country for the Jewish from Egypt to Jordon. so the bible doesn’t mean now and you have to find the information from its root and the roots are with the land of the Jewish people the Arab’s and this is what the Arabs saying and its the truth.
    and its with the Arabs what the Arabs says its the truth its their history not the European or African or the American history..
    a lot of people round the world convert to Judaism but that doesn’t mean that the are Jewish race and Israel is their land. its political issue and a lot of people in Israel even they were not Jewish converters the politicians in Europe brought them to Israel because the people who are the European Jewish were few so they want Israel to be big in its population they brought un Jewish from the poor people round the world from south America and Asia to Israel then they became Jewish converters,

    the only race Jewish are the abs Jewish . and the land is theirs and they were living in peace with their cousins the Arabs because the Arab’s are Ishmael the son of Ibrahim from his other wife, they were living in peace for thousand’s of years.
    the leaders their who are making the political decisions are converters not real Jewish. so its not their land they are occupiers, they occupy the Arab’s Jewish and Palestinians land and they say why the Palestinian fight.
    those converters the bible said about them as the following:
    in revelation 2:9 ESV/% helpful vote ( I know your tribulation and your poverty and theselander of those who say that they are Jews and are not but are synagogue of Stan ).

  115. IDF Transfers Truckloads of Goods into Gaza


    (cannot get Link address)

  116. don’t forgot that a lot of the Arabs Muslims and Christian now that include the Palestinians before Christianity and Islam were Jewish and convert to Christianity and then when the Islam comes convert to Islam, so the land is the arabs land

    • roff

      it has not been arab land since 1099 AD….different owners

      last owner before Israel was the british, and before that were the Ottomans…

      there has never been a palestinian state, ruled by palestinians…..they were just residents there under different owners….

      and so were the jews that lived there…..they were “palestinians” also

      Ancient times
      1.1 Prehistory
      1.2 Egyptian rule
      1.3 Early Israelites
      1.4 Israel and Judah
      1.5 Babylonian rule 586–538 BCE
      2 Classical era (538 BCE–636 CE)
      2.1 Persian and Hellenistic rule 538–160 BCE
      2.2 Hasmonean dynasty 160–37 BCE
      2.3 Herodian kingdom 37 BCE–6 CE
      2.4 Roman rule 6–390
      2.5 Byzantine rule 390–611
      3 Middle Ages (636–1517)
      3.1 Arab rule 636–1099
      3.2 Crusader and Ayyubid rule 1099–1291
      3.3 Mamluk rule 1260–1517
      4 Ottoman rule (1517–1920)
      4.1 Old Yishuv
      4.2 Birth of Zionism
      4.3 World War I
      5 British Mandate of Palestine (1920–1948)
      5.1 First years
      5.2 Increase of Jewish immigration
      5.3 Arab revolt and the White Paper
      5.4 World War II and the Holocaust
      5.5 Illegal Jewish immigration and insurgency
      5.6 United Nations Partition Plan
      5.7 Civil War
      History of Israel – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



    hamas uses hospital

  118. Gaza was destroyed and repopulated numerous times in history:, so prophecies have been already fulfilled in the past, but maybe this time it will be left desolated as it is said:

    “For Gaza shall be forsaken,
    And Ashkelon desolate;
    They shall drive out Ashdod at noonday,
    And Ekron shall be uprooted.
    Woe to the inhabitants of the seacoast,
    The nation of the Cherethites!
    The word of the Lord is against you,
    O Canaan, land of the Philistines (Palestinians):
    “I [God] will destroy you
    So there shall be no inhabitant.” (All ‘Palestinians’ and their allies should take note …)
    (Zephaniah 2:1-7)

    • And
      Amos 1:7-8 CPDV

      And I will send a fire onto the wall of Gaza, and it will devour its buildings. And I will destroy the inhabitant from Ashdod, and the holder of the scepter of Ashkelon. And I will turn my hand against Ekron, and the remainder of the Philistines will perish, says the Lord God.

  119. […] […]

  120. I can not get my head around God being behind the genocide of the palestinians. This is not the way I think of the almighty. Aloving good Lord if love Keeper of little children. I will never understand

    • jill

      God is not behind the genocide. Satan is…and those who follow him…called HAMAS. ( islamic terrorists)

      Just about ALL the aid sent to Gaza is spent on warfare, and tunnels into Israel to kill Jews. I tunnel costs them about 1 million dollars…think about how much food that would buy.

      Hamas uses civilians as human shields, and puts their missiles inside hospitals, schools, and people’s homes, so they are targets.

      israel works to protect its people, and hamas works to get everyone killed.

    • I just read this and I had to respond to it because this is the thought so many Christians and believers have – that GOD is too loving and he will just keep forgiving and wont ‘be mean” to people – WAKE UP! Our creator is full of wrath – look at the wage of sin, its death! Our LORD is so righteous, he cannot allow darkness in people to live and be with him- this is why we are to put our trust in Jesus – he took our deserved death, and in him alone we are to ask into our life and he gives us his gift of the holy spirit to help us abstain the best we can from temptation and sin and without his help it is impossible – Our life should be for his glory, not ours- the LORD did not create the family dynamic for the husband and wife to have look-a like’s – and for our happiness, frankly its about him and his happiness, but the creation of children was for dominion over the earth, to have godly people over the earth. This culture loves their own pleasures more than GOD and the culture may claim to love the LORD but they deny his power and see him so minutely -as a grandfather who wouldn’t dare harm anyone, we as TRUE believers must FEAR our LORD, and remember that he alone has the keys to your eternal life and where our soul goes on forever- well, only HE knows, but we must start fearing his power and seeing ourselves as unworthy of his love and mercy! Just remember (when people want to doubt the power and wrath of him) the Flood, Exodus and the multitudes he allowed plagues to torment them and killed the firstborn Egyptian children then he ultimately destroyed the biggest army of that time in Egypt, or look at Lot’s wife who turned to look at the sinful city when GOD destroyed it and instructed her not to look back – she was put to death by turning into salt, in Numbers 11:1 when people complained, God burned them to death! There are so many examples of his fierce anger and power! But that is often looked past and focused on the love of him but not the fear that we should all have in him! He doesn’t care so much about our happiness and all about us mentality.. It is all about him!! Woe to those who He will punish those who do not know God and do not obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus- 2 Thessalonians 1:8
      There is a day coming, a day of vengeance and his anger will be unloaded-The LORD understands that its the eternal life that matters, not this earthly flesh life, and dying on earth just means our eternal fate is at hand! So to him, killing on earth just gets that person to their eternal life.

  121. Thats the problem all around the world today – people who believe in Yahweh and the 3 (father, son, holy spirit) as 1 have the belief of a grandfather or a power up above who is kind and forgiving, but people do not realize his almighty wrath, and anger for the wicked, unbelieving, unrighteous, un-repentance, un-holy. The Lords anger will come upon the enemies against him and that goes for the enemies toward Israel as well!

  122. Envoy: Hamas the’ Real Culprit’ in UN School Strike

  123. Captured Hamas Combat Manual Explains Benefits of Human Shields

  124. IDF proof: Hamas fired into UN facility, killed 15

  125. the word of God is alway true and every word of God shall come to pass so every body must believe in the word of God

  126. Prophecy coming true!!!

  127. Hey there Marianne! Really loved reading through your blog and appreciate the fact that you put such effort and passion into it. Thumbs Up! Ignore the haters as they have nothing else to do…I think they are better off watching the pro-palestine mainstream media. And yes the prophecy is unfolding as we speak.

  128. palestinians faking death for cameras…..see them move under the sheets…..

  129. Dear Marianne. Thank you for this article. You may want to know that the 35th Brigade of the IDF is named after snakes and its insignia is a picture of the flying serpent. Regards David

    • david

      it is probably a reminder of the dangers they have to face.

      the flying serpent was a danger to the Israelites during the 40 year exodus in the desert after leaving egypt.

  130. Thanks you have really helped me and I have understand the lesson very well.

  131. Dear Dr am glad for this Bible truth,coz I was wondering as to way the palestians and the Israelst fighting.

  132. Fuck your religion; it’s the false religion of man; that is why you worship a man god and not God itself.

    • until you clean up your mouth, you cannot represent God here.

      we worship God, and his son…..who was his son before he ever came to earth…it is the will of the Father God that we honor his Son.

  133. Any god who condones racial superiority cults and genocide is the devil.

  134. Would Jesus approve of the way Israelis bombed hospitals, schools and homes, murdering innocent old people, women and children? The Bible teaches that we are not held accountable for the sins of our ancestors, but every man will be held accountable for his OWN sin. Peter taught that God is no respecter of persons (Acts 10: 34-35). Jesus Christ is routinely blasphemed and cursed in Israel today. The Talmud (their holy book) calls him the son of a whore who had relations with a Roman soldier. For some reason, it doesn’t seem fair for God to excuse your sins just because you claim to belong to a superior ethnic group. God offers salvation to ALL nations on earth. Christians who rejoice in the torture, slow starvation, humiliation, and slaughter of others are NOT Christians, and they’d change their tune in a hurry if THEY were the ones living in a rubble heap and unable to get food or medicine for their loved ones because they were under a brutal, ILLEGAL, medieval seige.

    • patricia

      I am not going to argue with you. you are a typical antisemite.

      you do not care about terrorist Hamas bombing Israel with thousands of missiles per week, or the deaths of jews….

      you do not care about hamas using civilians as human shields, which actually causes the deaths you speak of.

      you do not care about evil.

      you do care care about the truth of god, yet as a hypocrite you believe in the genocide of jewish people, as the palestinians do…

      the death of all jews and wiping ISrael off the map is their only goal…..

      palestinians are liars, and devils from hell…there is no truth in them.

      you choose to be deceived, and act like you know the bible.

      you dont know anything.

      you are a hater….and you do not belong to god so get over your superior critical attitude.

  135. Well said Marianne!! Love it! You are exactly right! That is the problem – antisemitism! Those people do not see that Israel is being attacked by Hamas and the people who support it are blind to see that Israel must defend themselves – they (Israel) dropped leaflets, and made them aware of where they would attack Hamas so Palestinians could go to safety! Israel didnt start this! However, the PA, Hamas, and all supporters believe in the destruction of Israel because they believe the land was taken from them and act like victims! Your mad? Take it up with YAHWEH – It speaks in the bible before Israel became a nation that the Israelite’s would be brought to a land flowing with milk and honey and that Israel would become a nation in a day! May 14,1948 was a bible prophecy! It is GODs plan! The Evil as in the followers of Allah will never take Israel over no matter how hard they try-
    What is going on is not about the land of Israel it is bigger than that! It is about the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! As it says in the bible I will curse those who curse Israel and bless those that bless Israel. Israel is the apple of his eye. Israel was created by GOD and all other nations are man made! Israel is ironically centered directly at the center of the world! Your Kingdom come your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven! Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand! There is no where in the Muslim, Buddah, or other faith for which describes how human beings came to be, how different languages became, how Israel would be hated and all followers of the true word of God would be hated for his name sake, how all the archaeology lines up with every bit of the bible! There is NO denying the Truth and that truth is of GOD the father, the Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit – our GOD is three in 1
    May the Lord wake these people up and show them the truth that he is the only true way to Life.. in eternity

  136. Gaza couple convicted for the murder of her child in Sweden can not be deported after serving his sentence – risks themselves murdered in Gaza

    Once again it is confirmed how lawless it is in Gaza and the Swedish taxpayer must house the murderers so that they do not intend to get into trouble if they were deported. A couple of Gaza have been sentenced to life and six years in prison for slaying his 8 year old daughter with eg a rolling pin. How a district court may conclude that both are guilty but only one sentenced to life imprisonment can of course each one imagined highly questionable to.

    The prosecutor did not press for deportation to Gaza because “They risk being subjected to inhuman treatment.

    Taxpayers must pay for islam

    • how long was their sentence.?

      the sentence should have been getting killed the same way they killed their child.

      • I missed the Point that they killed a Child and their so called leader raped a Child. One of the only got 6 years because they are muslims and maybe the judge was afraid of suicide jihadist or something.

        I can not understand why Europe and Us imports muslims. islam have nothing to do in this countries. They are not allowed to leave their faith either.

        Yisroel forever!

  137. I just read a UN report that islamic state crusifies Christian children.



  138. Be patient (although difficult) Our LORD (the true GOD) Yahweh will return and show all who are against Christ that they are following Satan religion and our LORD is coming and there will be a day of vengeance on those who have persecuted his followers. I fear America will be attacked at some point i mean people have to be delusional who think radical islam is not our #1 threat? The President says our threat is global warming! Im sorry but would rather a sunburn vs. a dirty nuke in the hands of all those who are dead set in their ultimate aim and that is to destroy USA and Israel so the world will be ruled by Islam! We continue to give Iran time to produce long range missles and nuclear weapons capabilities and we are encouraging Israel to give up part of her land to her enemies who want to annihilate them. Now with America turning away from the Christian values and condemning Israel for protecting themselves when attacking Hammas! We are in the days of Noah and when we see this look up our redemption draws near!!!!

  139. God gave that land to Israel, BUT only on the condition that they obey the covenant. Seeing how Israel is hosting and promoting gay pride parades in the land (even in Jerusalem). Israel’s fate will resemble that of Sodom and Gomorrah.

    For Jerusalem has stumbled and Judah has fallen… And they display their sin like Sodom; They do not even conceal it. Woe to them! For they have brought evil on themselves. – Isaiah 3:8-9

    But go ahead and make excuses for Israel and keep telling yourself that God will excuse Israel for their immorality.

    • commentmaker

      sin is everywhere…all over the earth

      not all Israel is gay…just because here are some gays there…..

      palestinians are worse, and most are murderous liars…who would sacrifice their children to their god, teaching them hate and murder as well. they do this to have sex with 72 virgins when they die….

      most israel is good, but true, they do not know their messiah.

      this will change soon.

      israel will go through jacob’s trouble for their current sins

      and their enemies will experience the wrath of god.

  140. If I were a Jew; I too, if read on this “Zep 2:5 Woe unto the inhabitants of the sea coast, the nation of the Cherethites! the word of the LORD [is] against you; O Canaan, the land of the Philistines, I will even destroy thee, that there shall be no inhabitant” would leave too; I mean “that there shall be no inhabitant” is what the text reads. It does not read that the Jew shall inhabit it. No; no. It reads “that there shall be no inhabitant; let’s be real hear. So let us not read the text through Jewish lens, because clearly that puts the Jew in grave danger remaining in that little slice of land it has taken hold of.

    • gynnie ann

      if you read the rest of the passage, the land is reserved for the jews, the people of judah…no one else should live there

      The land by the sea will become pastures
      having wells for shepherds
      and pens for flocks.
      7 That land will belong
      to the remnant of the people of Judah;
      there they will find pasture.
      In the evening they will lie down
      in the houses of Ashkelon.
      The Lord their God will care for them;
      he will restore their fortunes.

  141. Utterly ridicules that grown people think a creator of this vast planet and all its life, created borders for them to live. Then decided to like some of his creations more than others. Man created evil, man is God.

  142. I have rarely read such utter twaddle. God destroyed Israel and has sent out into the streets for others to come to the wedding feast as he promised and these “Jews” that lie because they are Ashkanazi converts (and remember the head British rabbi Jonathan Sacks was chastised years ago for openly stating the fact that you cannot be a Jew unless your mother is a Jew) and so cannot ever have been real Jews because they carry not one drop of Davidic blood in their veins. The Sephardic Jews are real Jews but are treated as second class citizens in occupied Palestine and of course the whole Palestinian people have exactly the same genetic background as the Sephardic Jews but not the Ashkhanzi “Jews”. Christ said that when he returned he would destroy those that called themselves Jews but who lie. It seems that this site in ignoring these simple facts told by Christ to John the Divine and that Christianity is the only way to God is in denial of Christ.

    Christians, true Christians, i.e. not those who side with those foolish people who deny Christ and murder children with Phosphor bombs in occupied Palestine, would never think of a dusty old place in the middle of nowhere as the New Jerusalem. Christ said those who listened to him were like the man who built his house on rock. This site, and the thieves of the Palestinian people’s rights have both built their houses on sand and not on Christ’s word. More fool them. It seems Christ was right when he told women to be quiet because clearly Marianne has nothing worth saying if she is producing drivel like this.

    • john

      palestinians, for the most part, are savages that have constantly attacked Israel since 1948. they hate and teach their children to hate and kill.

      missles have been fired into israel on almost a daily basis for years.. so much that it is old news, and not even reported any more

      Israel deserves to defend itself.

      that is not arab land…it is Israeli land… no muslim paid for that propery but Israel let them live there.

      there has NEVER been a Palestinian state.. that is a fairy tale

      all jews are jews, if they practice their faith.

      askenazi are not converts, but even if they were, they would still be jews

      same with christianity….

      you would be saying anyone who converts to christianity is not a real christinan, but only those whose parents were christians.

      someday, god will send all those violent Palestinians to hell and cleanse the land, returning it to ISrael.

      so instead of sympathizing with this murderous people, Palestinians, pray for their salvation,,,,,unless, of course, you think converting to christianity would not save them, as they were not born that way, and they are not allowed to convert, in your opinion

  143. Wow, so amazing whats taking place so much to take in may HASHEM YESHUA give me understanding of his word , the enemy knows his time is short !!!!

  144. God is not a Jew, Christian or Muslim. I have absolutely no doubt that God hates Israelis and Americans much more than Palestinians… God cannot be a psychopath who loves violence, oppression and murder…. Please use your God-given reason and conscience, be rational, be consistent and humane. All religions are man-made, I say this as an ex-Muslim….

    • ozcan

      God would not hate any person, but he would hate the person’s own hate and violence.

      religions are man made, that is a generalization

      Judaism and Christianity were started by God, not man. However, over time, the influence of man has taken over to some extent, so it is not like it was in the beginning….that is why people get disillusioned.

      Islam was started by Muhammed, a man. Many religions are philosophies….

      I do not agree god hates israelis and americans more than palestinians… are just taught to think this way

      israelis and americans are typically not violent, although there is some crime in each country.

      palestinians are taught from children to murder and hate…their children are lost completely….instead of good schooling they are taught jihad, so they become useless creatures instead of individuals who can contribute to society…..islam teaches to kill the infidel, rape, beat their wives, lie for allah, and have sex with children and call it either boy love/play or marriage, and commit genocide….this is why god will eliminate the palestinians

      americans and israelis have a right to defend themselves against such demonically possessed people.

      god wants love, not insanity or hate

  145. A fame believer in the restoration of Israel(Jerusalem) as the city of God,I feel relieved to be given hope through these reverations.God will thwart the schemes of the adversary and put things in order

  146. The Palestinians are genetic descendants of the Jews. It was mainly the upper classes that were driven out and became the diaspora. The poor remained. These remnants converted to Islam several centuries later under pain of death. The “Jews” who came back are frauds. They are less genetically Jewish than the Palestinians are and the Israeli government has always known this. Ben Gurion’s government knew this and attempted to assimilate them into Satanic Christ rejecting Judaism, but finally gave up. There was never a pride parade in Israel until the fake Jews arrived. Now Israel is covered with gay pride. And you say this is God’s will? Your god must be Satan. Or you are a blind fool.


    • Synangog

      that is a fairy tale about the palestinians…..the jews in israel are real….and the palestinians are arabs who came from egypt and other arab countries, where they got kicked out due to their hostile behavior.

      the palestinians are a wild group and ungodly….they are ancient enemies of israel, and have proven this by their satanic behavior, bombing, slandering, hating, killing, even their children commit murder and are trained to hate and kill

      as far as gay events, most muslims practice rape and pedophilia, as well as murder of “unbelievers” is allowed in the quran….. this is all satanic.

      the remmant was also jewish that remained in “palestine” a name given to israel by those who looked down on israel. it comes from the word “philistine,” an ancient enemy of Israel.

  147. The Christian Israelis, who are they? Labeled Christian Arabs but are Palestinians. 154,000 Christians residing in the West Bank and Gaza. God’s Word should be read in its simplicity, from the beginning to the end. Plucking scripture out one at a time can be taken out of context, one must read the chapter to know the subject. Example: Zeph 3:1-2 “Woe to her that is filthy and polluted to the oppressing city! She obeyed not the voice; she received not correction; she trusted not in the Lord; she drew not near to her God”. This is Jerusalem. Read the whole chapter. Isa 14:29 “…whole Palestina…” Hebrew-6429=”strangers; “the whole of the land of the Israelites” Who are these strangers? It is not the the true Shemitic nations; Genesis 10:22-30 Hebrew-8035 Shem is the eldest son of Noah, western nations of Asia, the Persians, Assyrians, Arameans and part of the Arabs. Shemitic=Semitic. This article is anti-semitic! Isa 14:12 “How art thou fallen from heaven O’ Lucifer, son of the morning! [No star here] How art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations”. Read the whole chapter, please! The prophets are historically, present and future. Circa 1984 I had a college friend who was a Christian Syrian. Syria once had aprox. 52% Christian population. I am appalled that spoiled American Christians advocate the murder of true Shemitic Christian peoples. You are deceived/brainwashed like I once was due to 100 years of biased propaganda in this country. AND Satan/Lucifer will appear at the 6th trump, for his last rodeo, though it seems he has already deceived the whole world as it is written! Do not underestimate his deception for that is the tribulation, shortened to 5 months or the very elect will be deceived! Be real careful, my friend that you are not caught doing the work of Satan (in your hand) and in your mind believing he is Jesus, caught in the act of worshiping the devil when the true Christ comes at the 7th Trump! Losing your salvation, a third will die spiritually, not physically! Pnuema is air, breath, spirit so if you are still in your very, very fleshly body and are not in the spirit to welcome your true Savior then you are a satan worshiper and no longer a Christian! Be careful who you follow blindly, quit worshiping the fleshly nation of Israel, and the Jews! As a true Christian Jesus Christ should come first! Jesus gave a new commandant, “Love your neighbor, as you love yourself”. Who are your neighboring nations? Wake up! Time is short! Learn the parable of the fig tree! This generation of 1948…2018 is 70 years, a generation!

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