The woman in purple, and the end of America.

In 1933, a man, named Branham, gave some prophecies that would involve America. So far, much has come to pass. There are only 2 left. One is about a woman in purple, and the last one is the death of America. Are we about to see the last 2 come true, in the next few years?

William Marrion Branham (April 6, 1909—December 24, 1965) was a Christian minister, usually credited with founding the post World War II faith healing movement. Today, he is considered a Scriptural prophet by those Christians around the world who believe that his ministry and teachings were supernaturally vindicated by God.

William Branham said he had received seven major prophecies in 1933.

*** I am just presenting information here. I am neither supporting, nor opposing, everything he said, as accurate.

When revealing them in later sermons, he said that the first five had already come true, and that they would all be fulfilled. He died in 1965.

1. “Franklin D. Roosevelt will run four terms and take America into a second world war. (True)

2. “The dictator that’s now arising in Italy will come into power. Ethiopia will fall. He’ll come to a shameful end. (Mussolini)

3. “The women have been permitted to vote. And in voting, someday they’ll elect the wrong man. (not sure who he meant- obviously someone whose mistakes would have serious effects on the future of the world or America or both….

he seemed to think that maybe this was fulfilled already, but he had never seen Obama, who lures foolish women, who want to have sex with him.

4. “Our war will be with Germany and they will build a great big concrete place and fortify themselves in there and the Americans will take a horrible beating. (Berlin Wall. World War II, millions of casualties)

5. “Science will progress in such a way until they will make a car that will not have to be guided by a steering wheel and the cars will continue to be shaped like an egg until the consummation. (Started with Volkswagon bug- Cars have rounded edges to this day)

6. “I saw a great woman stand up, beautiful looking, dressed in real highly royals like purple and I got little parenthesis down here, ‘She was a great ruler in the United States, perhaps the Catholic church'” (?)

7. “I saw this United States burning like a smolder; rocks had been blown up. And it was burning like a heap of fire in logs or something that just set it afire; and looked as far as I could see and she’d been blown up. (End of America as a powerful nation – war, terrorism, result of the woman in purple?)

There is not much we can do about the past prophecies, except note that he seemed to be accurate.

What about the last 2, and when will they come to pass.?

The beautiful woman in purpleAt first I thought this might be a real person, and it may well be, but America is represented by a woman. America is a beautiful country, blessed more than any other country in the world. Some say America is Babylon. I do not agree, but I will acknowledge that viewpoint.

Where does the color purple come from? I had not thought much of it until I looked at an electoral map of the USA for the elections. The swing states are called purple states, since purple is a mix of blue and red.

Here are 2 maps I have found, made at different times during the campaigning. Notice how the states are getting more purple, rather than more well defined.

The woman in purple may represent the result of the indecision, wrong thinking, and confusion created by false claims during campaigns. She would represent a country that does not know what it stands for anymore, a country that has compromised its values so much, that it cannot represent a definite image to the world. Purple is the color of a bruise….just a thought.

United States burning like a smolder; rocks had been blown up- this will happen after the woman takes over. There is no way to prove when this will happen. My opinion, which maybe be wrong, is that it will be soon, either during or right after the next administration.

I wonder what will initiate this destruction?  Christians and Jews are here.

Suppose the righteous leave the country?

Suppose the Christians get raptured, and the Jews return to Israel, to await their Messiah.

That would leave a large gap in the population.   The remaining people do not believe there is a war on terror, or that they should fight anyone, so possibly this is a good time for our enemies to defeat the cowards that are left.

Since the Obama win for President, I thought these pictures were interesting.  It may mean nothing, but it seems to an interesting coincidence:




or maybe it is Kamala Harris?

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  2. Hello Marianne,
    This is interesting because I was approached by yahoo the other day with the color purple. Also, my stepson is a gay man and he told me this color represents the gay and lesbian culture. Check out these url’s. Be sure to look close. Do a google search also.

    In Christ,

  3. Hi Thomas

    I guess we will see how this plays out. The gays also took the rainbow, and made it theirs….although the rainbow belongs to all of us…


    • Michele in purple?

      Yes indeed, America will burn (Rev. 18).

      Psalm 34

    • The Rainbow was made by God. It is a symbol of his promise to never destroy the earth with water again.
      I love the color purple. It’s my favorite color. But when a group of people try to declare colors are for them only is very selfish. God made all colors for everyone to enjoy.
      I may say my favorite is but I am not banning others from liking it.
      We are supposed to share all of Gods creations.

      • Now God set the rainbow 🌈 as a token to the earth and himself not by water anymore but fire not between people but the gay community took the rainbow as a symbol of their lifestyle according to the people in Sodom and Gomorrah Genesis 18 which city was destroyed by fire not water God know the forerunner for homosexuallity is America God will have to destroy it off the earth just the same

        • Amen

        • The Sodomites wave not the “Bow of God” but the cursed & banned multicolored Babylonian garment of Jericho.
          Prophecy ” cause they have not the love of the truth , God sends a Strong Delusion , that they should believe a LiE” , so all that believe may be condemned — SODOM, which is “Lust saturated”, all that is contrary to Love,, even going in its name, today being Legalized, Promoted and Glorified specifically by what is called Sodom & Egypt (its beliefs that killed Christ then & now) reveals America.
          God is Love & it is his perrorgative to Judge & he who created man in his image & likeness expects to find his character in man, if not would be discarded
          Note : A Strong Delusion from God is very difficult to discern unless one has genuine love.

  4. I remember looking into this guy and suspecting his predictions were either demonically inspired or run-of-the-mill guesses. The further into the future the predictions are, it seems, the more vague.

  5. Hi Brian,

    I included him here, just because I collect prophecies from different places and present them. I try to understand them, and see if there is relevance present. If so, I share it. I admit there are people who do not accept him as a prophet. I just let people decide what they want to believe after reading what I have collected and “analyzed.”


    • He said this women he saw in the vision could be the catholic church coming to power in the USA or it could be a women president coming into office. since the natural and the spiritual run along side each other, I think it will be both. no let me restate that I think it is happening as I write this. the catholic church has now increased it numbers by millions with the i migration of the Hispanic people, with them being 90% catholic. no reflection on them personally but it’s true. although many think Trump will blow Hilary out I think we’re close enough to the end to believe She could very well win. I have studied William Branhams teaching for some time now and have learned more from his simple yet profound teaching than all my studying before. He was a prophet.

      • chuck

        i guess we will see soon, by end of the year.

      • You’re wrong. Please do not respond unless know you’ll be 100% factual with your posts. Your 90% and 10% is totally wrong and off. Assumptions and facts are totally different, no disrespect intended.

  6. For decades I’ve looked at these end of days. I also read Wm. Branham’s books and found some confirmation of opinions I had come to. I believe Branham started out as a prophet/healer of God who later in life disobeyed God and began a teaching ministry. In his book it is noted he was forbidden being a Bible teacher. That seems to be when he went wrong in other areas, as well. Many of today’s weird Christian branches consider his teachings as basis for their reason to be. They believe man will become perfected so Jesus can come back to a perfect world. Of course, the leaders of these churches will be the leaders who bring about this perfection. We just had an example of their failed type rule in Lakeland, Florida.

    Getting back to the USA being blown up, I think that fits prophesy quite well. Israel must come to the place where they have no friend left in the world. Pretty much the only friends they have now are the USA, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Oddly enuf, these are the offspring of Europe, or Tarshish, as it was once known. Brittain is of course represented as a lion, and the Bible notes that the young lions of Tarshish will ask Russia if she has come for a spoil.

    I doubt that Bible entry was made casually, with no big meaning. I believe the USA will confront Russia when they (Gog & Magog) attack Israel. And this will be why Israel will be saved with Russia destroyed. And yes, also the USA destroyed, judged at last for her sins.

    Now, it is my hope that while the nuclear tipped missiles are airborn between Russia and the USA, that this is also the moment of the rapture as we are caught up. I am not positive this is the time of the rapture, but it sure fits in with other verses. And it is not needed to quote all the opposing verses here, as we have gone thru them time and again with both sides holding to their belief. As I said above, I HOPE this is the rapture, and that this is when that which holds the anti-christ back will no longer be present. DavWms

    • Why do you think he disobeyed God. How can a prophet disobey God. Because he taught your women to dress dicently.. Who can judge a prophet

      • Tapiwa do you think because Muhammed told women to cover their bodies, he is in the will of God? do you think because branhamites dress like mormons is what God requires? That is man-made righteousness which will get no one to heaven. Tell me of a woman that will make it to heaven because she wore the “branham” way?

        • It is not written in the Bible that women should dress modestly? As long as it is the prescription of God then it should be obeyed. It is written also that if you love me keep my commandment. please don’t challenge God ‘word.

        • FYI Mormon woman definitely do not dress anywhere near Biblical dress as God intended. A woman should not cut their hair Mormons do. Woman is are not to wear male clothes in pants, Mormons do

        • Sorry my dear sis the word of God is the only way to heaven God call his followers a peculiar people like Abraham after waited 25 years for Issac God told him to offer the child as a burn offering , obedience is all God as for but we all can’t lay self aside but if we are going to be save we will have to deny ourselves take up our cross and follow Jesus

    • I dont think he disobeyed God.May be those who felt weak to follow the word of God as it should be Are the ones who began teaching wrong things.The devil is always competing to ruin the work of God.I think Bro. Branham is a man of God.Where did he actually go wrong? Millicent

      • william Brnaham twisted all the scriptures he could to make himself an “angel”. These are some of his false propheices. 16 men falling from bridge, south african meeting, the world will end in 1977, besides all the prophecies he made, he made them after the event. the 1933 visions he gave them in the 1950’s, after they had mostly being fulfilled. He had SDA teaching on the catholic church so i’m not suprised with his woman wearing purple.. to meet the description of the catholic church

        • pls dont come online and say what u dont know.. Bro Branham never said the world will end 1977. I can show u where he himself came back and corrected the ppl when they misunderstood him.. And also dont ever compare the fruit and trophies of his Ministry to that of Muslims.. Coz the world and all Churches testify of what he has taught.. His teachings are just the bible and bcoz impersonators couldnt impersonate the third pull they failed this time also.. And also note that u wount be forgiven if u speak against the same Holy Ghost teaching in the tabernacle… Dont act or talk lk a conspirator but talk with proves and be a true sound minded Christian than what am seeing and reading. God bless u.

          • Thanks Seth for right defining the truth about the great prophet am not only grateful for your comments but am deeply touched by it am looking for men who will make it right about His reputation I strongly believe this is the time to put things right about this great prophet of God.

          • God bless you bro

          • Seth: you are write, when it comes to the third pull the devil can not impersonate. Because its GOD himself in it and the devil cant go near it. it confuses the devil.

    • You’re missing things. America being blown up and fire doesn’t necessitate a war. I’ve had a “burning” instinctual feeling of something heading our way. Furthermore, i’ve increasingly taken notice that all science is compounded in lies. Einsteins theories were intentionally miswritten. As if only a small select group has access to the truth. The sky has/is being dimmed by chemtrail dispersals suggesting that somethings being hidden. I believe Nibiru (low-luminosity brown dwarf) is coming. It probably wont collide with earth, but moons seem to be ill fated. (Neptune, Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter) The debris caught in earths gravity well would be ablaze and cataclysmic. Revelations describes the sun blacked out and moon turning red as sackcloth=red-colored brown dwarf eclipse. Read revelations and it starts becoming clear…people pressed to the ground, opening of bottomless pit, and sounding of trumpets all explained by gravitational anomalies. I believe the bottomless pit is the bermuda/dragon triangle vortex being loosened. Lastly, itdescribes the wicked fleeing to the mountains-Denver International Airport. Which describes many of these things. However, people tend to think of the apocolypse as an instantaneous event rather than unfolding over decades (since WWII). The fires, like the ones depicted in the murals could refer to recent wildfires that occured in western america. Those fires were set on purpose to accumulate real estate for a new west coast like Lex Luthor’s plot in Superman.

      • hi sean

        I agree with you. When this post was written, I had not heard of nibiru yet. while it is still disputed, I think there is enough evidence for it. the fires may be due to fireballs falling from the debris fields as space objects like ison and nibiru pass by. nibiru makes perfect sense to me, as an explanation for the 6th seal and other events.

        • Fires were set by men. Check DIA murals, its all there. The mural fires were in wooded areas. The fires spread and destroyed homes/property that elites intend to claim after nibiru situation has abided. Other clues pointed me in this direction though. It started with a feeling of sheer terror and an acknowledgement of wormwood. I started looking through things after that. The facts and later omission of them always arise suspicion in me. 1983 nasa anounces its dicovery in popular science, then recants. IRAS infrared telescope wasnt launched to a random place in space. They KNEW what they were looking for. Its position could be triangulated to an estimated position using plutos farthest position from the sun and earths north pole tilt at point north pole tips away from the sun. There arent going to be many times where these phenomena align, but im guessing shortly before 1983. Other phenomena present are indicators. Retrograde planetary orbits, comet trajectories, asteroid belts, oort cloud and outer planets rings. Outer planet rings suggest that our binary system has a destructive companion star. Ever notice that the surface of a star could be comparable to hell? Ancient-sumerian text makes references to nibiru and its ruler Marduk driving a chariot through the middle of the sky.

    • but you are quorting William Branham

    • why are you quorting William Branham if you don’t believe him to be a prophet of God?

  7. The color purple I believe has a duel meaning. It can stand for royalty and also can stand for humiliation.
    A purple garment was placed upon Jesus, not because he was king but because it was an insult to all who looked upon him as king.
    The church in America has long since abandoned God yet it continues to preach a weak gospel that appeals everyone regardless of life style, adorning itself in priestly attire.
    When I look at the woman in Revelation,adorned in purple, I see the ultimate insult to the body of Christ. Priestly, yet filled with every vile sin, and the harvester of every evil thought there is. She has a cup of wrath in her hand, but Jesus spoke of a cup of suffering. Suffer that draws us closer to him. I see a mix of Islam and Christianity coming. The wrath of a people who reject Jesus as Lord. They are found in the cup she introduces to the world as terrorisim.
    In America it will be goverment supported to appease the Muslims. Just my Opinion. Very interesting topic.

    • In America it will be goverment supported to appease the Muslims. Just my Opinion. Very interesting topic.

      And you were right! 🙂

    • you were spot on, called Chrislam and govt is bending over backwards in bed and in love with islam and bashing christianity every which way they can!

      • William Branham is true prophet of God, those who despise him are those who want a weak gospel. The false gospel being preached in today’s world. Once the christian has developed inward beauty, his maturity & love for Christ manifest itself outwardly(dress code is not meaningless but it’s just that christians want to look like the word-wearing mini-skirt, skinny jeans aiming to attract young men. And then claim to be saved (its a lie). I do not despise bible teachers, but all those who go there for teaching, they do not have Holy Spirit because Holy Spirit teaches us everything(That’s why bible college is no for free, its not of God)-those are denominarions. That’s why all those pastors from bible colleges produces weak offsprings and turn to momerize sermon..

    • The mix of Islam & Christianity of which you speak has been outlined by one man only that I have studied, and that is evangelist, Dr. Jack VanImpe. He has taught of the melding of the faiths to erase defining lines, fooling the people into thinking we have no differences at all, because no one will outright accept forcible faith conversions. It is called CHRISLAM. VanImpe used to televise on TBN network until he was reprimanded by the network for talking about Chrislam. He was told to shut up. He said no way. He told of this whole story on his own show and why he left TBN. He then went to Daystar and they have no issues with his speaking and warning of Chrislam. Many false evangelists are preaching Chrislam. VanImpe tells of many of them. They include Pastor Rick Warren, the Obama excuse for the bone thrown to the Christians for show at Presidential events. Others are Oprah Winfrey supporters of her Life Class New Age trash, such as Joel Osteen and T.D. Jakes.

      • I am familiar with Van Impe….he is a good teacher. I have some of his books

      • There surely is the differences of faith & to the Commandments of Christ there need not be any compromise on the faith in order to Love thy Brethren into leading them to the Faith. Beware of them contrary to this intention by Secret philosophy especially through Freemasons even by its initiations to their cabals, who act as gods & are not, but to the one Prophecy of he who comes in his own name ,harbingers of death, conductors of false flag operations & in this case putting Islam against Christianity to self destructions, they have no god & are the ones figured & the figurers of the many alters in the Freemasonic Israeli supreme court, the Law leavened is cursed & unto these alters is seen off Spiritual Babylon, the ancient seat of satan before the division of the continents “the earth” where from rises the beast with its two lamb like horns, even unto the first beast from many waters when one of its heads that received a deadly wound is seen healing today.
        They by him who are to gather the nations to the prophecy of the Beast to war against the Lamb of God but unfortunately for them & fortunately for the poor /suffering & the ordinary was seen the Glorious Lord in His fulness, with eyes of as fire and the voice of a multitude standing in battle readiness,. Let them who Love God in the spirit & truth take cheers, for history has proved that none can stand up to the Lord of hosts, He who neither sleeps nor slumbers, even unto His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven, where there is neither Jew or Gentile..

  8. Hi Rev Williams

    Your interpretation is very, very possible. I would like to think that the woman in purple in Revelation would represent another country, region or religion, but once the true bride is raptured, what is left is not good at all.


    • the woman in purple signify a place called room,and she sit upon seven hills.other wise called the papacy,pope is the woman but we are still watching who will come and when…………but I see a young viabrante america whose age will be at the range of 27 to 30 yes soon will become the president of the united nation,

    • The woman in purple may be symbolic of the British empire. All american presidents come from the windsor blood line and they are in partership with the Queen and the other families who are behind the scenes of every government. Mystery Babylon the great mother of harlots and of the abominations of the earth. She was adorned in purple in Rev 17. Babylon is not america the country but the rulers and founders of America were and are all linked to the symbolic Babylon, which are the elitists and their greed. America was never a Christian country, it was built by Freemasons who disguised themselves as Christians independent of the British empire. The founders of America used the same colonial principles that the British used in all the countries they colonized. They wiped out as many indigenous people and then stripped them of their humanity and culture by putting them in residential schools where the catholic, anglican and methodist church abused them. The whole system is a lie. They claim to follow God but the acts they commit are satanic. Not so much of a mystery now that the truth is being spoken all over the internet.

  9. Hi Dave,

    I think True Christians will be around long enough to make sure the Jews get back to Israel. Isaiah speaks of the gentiles carrying the sons and daughters back on their shoulders, and transferring their wealth to them. Aliyah has already started.

    My hope is that if America has to fall in the last days, it is so that Israel can rise up….that the faithful here will do all they can to usher in Messiah, even if it means more war to push back the terrorists, so the Christians can be raptured, and the Jews can meet their messiah in their own land.

    May God give us all strength.


    • Repeatedly, Marianne doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Why? The first thing that stands out is terrorists. If you don’t immediately correlate that term with the CIA, then put it out of your mind. Now understand that there are two kinds of Jews. There are real jews and there are zionist imposter jews. Zionist jews are equateable to neocons. They served up real jews in WWII for material gain and they never stopped. These jews have been tricked by the devil to believe the “promised land” zion belongs to them and only them. Real jews may not actually claim their birthright until they are lifted and spared the rapture. The gentiles wont be so fortunate. We have things to attone for as descendants of the tribe of dan. The tribe of dan are conquerer Arian types or terrorists as viewed by those being conquered. Nazis belived in purifying Arian blood by reclaiming its ancestors and keeping it from their enemies. If youre in the habit of analyzing prophecy i suggest this… Nazis infiltrated our government post WWII. Since that time they’ve corrupted nearly every government, church, school, medical institution, and home. They have an affinity for the occult. So for the most part if youre looking for “prophecy” id suggest analizing what the other side prophesied. To do that google DIA. The four page mural shows a woman in purple-literally. She represents an actual false savior and the flowers represent a “miracle drug” concoction. Sonanda Matrea, a black woman will claim to be a christ ushering in a false peace. She wont refer to herself as jesus christ. Meanwhile, a gargoyle in briefcase stares down at you in mockery. They are “spiritual protectors” aka fallen angels preying on spiritual naievity. The facility in it if itself is prophecy offering protection to the wicked foreshadowing an event. The pale horse outside=more of the same. The greatest illusion is change. Only one thing has changed since the days of ancient sumeria and fallen angel taught mystery schools. Jesus Christ demonstrated an interuption of their ability to operate in daylight. We are quickly approaching the day where we are again slaves to masters as it was in egypt, babylon, rome, and sumeria. If christ is the one true king, that organized religion and government are blasphemy.

    • Sorry for saying you dont know what youre talking about or lack of making a point. This page is different in that its newest first and oldest last. Have read everybody’s posts and point or no you have respected everyone’s opinion. Thats a point in it of itself. It seems to me that branham was seduced. He offered “proohecy” which may have come true but only to seduce others. Aliens exsist or so theyd have you believe. Will refer to themselves as “angels of light” as they have been telling people they are trying to save them from a cataclysmic event. One ufo abduction researcher mentioned how theses events were often metaphysical and that asking for jesus to save them brought their experience to an abrupt end. Metaphysical meaning spiritual making them shape shifters in our thoughts. Their ships are not real and often they disguise themselves as aircraft. Theyve been here since day 1. It goes to the tree of knowledge. Man accepted the fruit and it was corrupt in that to take was to disobey god. We never stopped eating the fruit. The mystery schools of sumeria were instructed by these angels. Theyve been teaching us how to destroy ourselves beggining with physically/mentally and subsequently spiritually. The DIA gargoyle symbolizes this. Here’s food for thought. Why would “wise” men give jesus gold? So he could ingest it to keep his body clean and facilitate his connection with god in a world polluted. The frankincense and myrrh were vessels for prayer. Think about it though, why were egyptian, mayan, aztec slaves forced to mine it for their “gods”? As gold and silver are sought today despite their loss in value? To greater sustain their physical bodies. Silver is used to dip surgical equipment as an antiseptic. I theorize that microbes mistake it for iron used to respirate, can’t oxidize it and suffocate.

  10. You’re a weak-minded imbecile wrapped up in fantasy no different from the idiots who believe in magic spells, spirit channeling, The Celestine Prophecies or spend their spare time learning to speak Klingon.
    More pitiful is your desperate desire to inflict your moronic foolishness on the rest of the thinking world who have the ABSOLUTE, UNFETTERED RIGHT to be free from myopic brainlessness such as your ultra-literal and EXTRA-literal gobbling of pagan scribblings.

    When you understand why you reject all other gods, you will then understand why I reject yours.
    As for rejecting you, your writings are more than proof enough of brainlessness, lack of clear thinking, and a desperate need for some crutch with which to prop up a sad and intolerable life.

    Do me and all thinking people a favour. STFU, stay home, light candles…pray to your phantom. But stop inflicting your stupidity on the rest of us.

  11. hello cousin avi

    I recognize you. You are the abortionist from the other page. My thinking is very clear. I stand by what is good, not by what is evil.


    • don’t mind them soon we all will know the true God,Jesus is coming very soon””””— tell them more if the G.o.d is important to them than let them ask late Jackson and tupack

  12. cousinavi said:

    More pitiful is your desperate desire to inflict your moronic foolishness on the rest of the thinking world who have the ABSOLUTE, UNFETTERED RIGHT to be free from myopic brainlessness such as your ultra-literal and EXTRA-literal gobbling of pagan scribblings.

    Wow! I see you too are persecuted for telling the truth Marianne.
    I agree with her. She has ever right to make her place in hell.
    And just because she does not believe in hell does not mean it is not there waiting for her.
    God even give her the right to preach her gospel of self and hatred.
    We’re not angry at Muslims, tree worshippers, pagans shinto or any of the others. But for ungodly reasons they are angry at you for saying Jesus is the way.
    Maybe they should learn to give you the same freedom to speak that they have.

  13. Hi Rev Williams,

    I am ok. Avi is a guy. Notice how well he used his intellect to tell me how brainless I was. 🙂


  14. I BELIEVE AMERICA HAS JUDGEMENT COMING BECAUSE So Few WANT TO STAND UP FOR MORALITY in this country ANYMORE. So many of you are in denial! SO MANY HAVE DILUTED THEIR VIEW OF RIGHT AND WRONG…And refuse to stand for what is RIGHT! The colleges teach young people there is no RIGHT or WRONG! People think as long as we abide by the “rules of civility and obey the speed limit” we’re all good! Most of us really think we are GOOD PEOPLE! It says in the Bible that there is none righteous-NO, NOT ONE! We are NOT good! All sin has the same punishment- whether you are a liar or a cheater or a murderer. The biggest LIE that satan tells us is the “little sin-big sin” lie. That if we only commit “little” sins its OK and its not the same as a murderer. Well unfortunately unless you turn from your lying, fornicating, drug use or whatever sin it is you are into, you will have your punishment with the rest- because it says it in the Bible!

    “But people who are cowardly, unfaithful, detestable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and ALL liars will find themselves in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur. This is the second death.” Revelation 21:8

    Thats why Jesus came down here to die for us! Because not ONE OF US is “GOOD” Enough. By the way, usually when we think we are “good” its because we are comparing ourselves with other “imperfect” humans and not Our PURE HEAVENLY Father-There IS NO DARKNESS IN HIM AT ALL!

    Another lie the devil tells you is that it would be impossible to turn from all sin. But when you call on the name of Jesus and ask Him to change your heart and life, He is faithful and just to finish a good work He starts in you! (Philippians 1:6) Just say a prayer to Father God-inthe name of Jesus- And ask Him to take over your life!

    God sees EVERYTHING we do, whether in public or private… And IT WILL ALL BE BROUGHT OUT IN THE OPEN in the end!SO many now think GAY MARRAIGE is OK (its not!) AND KILLING BABIES is OK(Its NOT!)And teaching there is more thn one way to Heaven. I didn’t write the RULES- God DID. Jesus IS THE ONLY WAY!

    Along with having GAY parades down the streets, mardi gras(which by the way, I found out that during mardi gras they all bow down to a golden calf- coincidence that this city as destroyed? I don’t think so…) IT IS NOT OK.

    It says in the Bible that gays, sexuallly immoral, liars, etc. will have their place in the lake of fire. The GOOD NEWS is that people, as long as they are still alive, have a chance to turn from their wicked ways and that includes you COUSINavi!!!


    PS…I’d recommend that CousinAvi and any other unbelievers check out the numerous first hand testimonies on or

  15. oops it was actually

    Love ya all. Have a good weekend. Catrina 😉

  16. By the way, Abraham Lincoln also had a vision or dream about the next president (Obama or McCain) being our last president before this country is destroyed by attack from another country… I believe the rapture will happen before this. But I think that people should also realize how little time they have to REPENT of their sins and turn to JESUS! Abraham Lincoln also had a dream about being assasinated right prior to being assasinated in real life, so I believe his dreams/visions hold weight… GoodNight All

  17. Hi Catrina

    That is interesting about Lincoln. Do you have the reference or proof for that story?


  18. Hi M
    If you are interested in reading prophetic books we also had a prophet, his name was Siener Van Rensburg.
    He predicted this stock market crash in the world, amongst many that have already happened in Sa but globally he has predicted that England will betray USA with an alliance with other countries, Japan will be devastated with a huge earthquake.
    Russia being drawn into the fight all leading to the build up of a world war amongst other things, he does concentrate more on SA but mentions many global events as well if you are interested.
    Here is the site which is down at the moment but keep trying.
    The Prophet Siener Van Rensburg
    You can order the book from them.

  19. Hi Bee,

    I checked that site, and it was “suspended.”


  20. Marianne,

    Do not let small minded people bother you. Christ said the world would hate you, because thay hated him first.

    Although, I do not think much about this so called purple stuff, you have a right to write whatever you wish. I stood a post to help protect that right. So, you go girl!

    How can you prove a negative? You can not. For example, there are no green little space men. Prove it.

    BTW Marianne, ban that Troll. He has a foul mouth.

  21. Hi Leatherneck

    I try to present everything I find, and then try to see what valid content is in it. It is then up to the reader to decide if it means anything to them. If there is a grain of truth, then I have left no stone unturned. I do not know what to think of the purple thing either, but it may ring a bell with some people.


    • There will be a female savior. The color purple is indicative of devotion, healing abilities, loving, kindness, and compassion. It is also the color of royalty, high rank, justice, wealth and dignity. She will be considered the anti-Christ in the beginning, but somewhere between 2023-2025 will be known by many as the person sent here to save them. There are two sides of a spiritual being, male and female. the male entity already presented itself through Jesus and the second coming will be a female to complete the “whole” of the spirit, bringing greater truths to who we are and meaning/interpretation to the bible. There will be re-reading of the bible as Pope Francis indicated.

  22. The Lord revealed to this slave two great events that will take place before his second coming.

    1. A very large number of Christians will die in the city of Mumbai.

    2. Many holy people suffering for the sake of Christ will also die in U.S.A

    Taken from

  23. Hi Golda,

    I believe what you are saying about the USA. I have things on my heart I am not discussing yet. But in the next 2 months I might.

    The conditions are ripe for persecution of Christians in the USA, even though from appearances, it looks ok. I am constant exposure to unbelievers and I hear and read the hatred and violence that is there.


  24. Marianne, watch it with the Branham idolatry. This man is AntiChrist and spawned the “Apostolic Prophetic Cult” of C Peter Wagner, Bill Hamon, Rick Joyner, Bob Jones, Paul Cain, Mike Bickle, Cindy Jacobs, Che Ahn, Lou Engle and of course, their latest male Jezebel Todd Bentley of Lakeland.

    Branham taught the false doctrines of the Latter Rain and Manifest Sons of God heresies. Also dominionism.

    This is the bulwark of the AntiChrist church. Do the research and you will be horrified.

    • myfriend you don`t know what you are saying, arisemylove, if you could know how this has helped my soul you can`t call it antichrist while is them who reveal who is anti-christ others you don`t know where you are

  25. Hi AriseMyLove

    Thank you. I collect opinions from everywhere, then analyze them for any possible truth. No one has to believe them. When I present them, I just put the results out there, I do not endorse it as actually true. My tendency is to pick through things from different people, and see if there is any truth at all. As you see, equating the elections to the woman in purple is really stretching it. Apparently, Branham got a few things right, so I looked at the rest of it.

    What I am really looking for is strings of comments made by different people at different times, when no one knew each other. If they all come to the same conclusion, then maybe the common element is something to think about.


  26. That is a common sense approach but not a Biblical one. I appreciate your site and your faith but encourage you to “study to show yourself approved… so as to divide the Word of God rightly”. Meaning, I implore you to study Branham’s heresies, even a little bit, so you know for yourself that he has tried to rebel against the Word. I say this because these false prophets have spawned and multiplied and we need that quick discernment of the Word in order to navigate these end times.

    I believe it was a Jezebel spirit that animated Branham and his ‘children” of false prophecy. This is why Bob Jones, Paul Cain and Todd Bentley all fell into such weird perversion. Jezebel teaches sexual immorality ala Baal worship. Cain and Jones were caught prophesying or praying during the times they molested the men and women they were molesting! Bentley was in adultery during Lakeland! Jezebel’s Baal rites were prophesying during the sexual rites in the Temple at Baal.

    Same sex plus false prophesy thing going on. Very strong demonic spirit. These men and women of the Apostolic Prophetic Cult are operating in a familiar Jezebel spirit . Be careful. We only have the Word. And bless you, very much, in His Name.

    • And yet, the Catholic church has been in adultery, child molestation and devil worshipping for most of its entirety, but yet, you still listen to them, do you not? What’s the difference if Todd Bentley had an affair or other issues going on and taught of love and Jesus at the same time? There is no difference. But if you are willing to listen to Christianity with all their wrong doings and talk indifferent of Todd because he made mistakes, doesn’t that make you a hypocrite, thus breaking one of the ten commandments?

  27. Dear AriseMyLove,

    Thanks. I am, by training, a scientist, and I have a tendency to want to “examine all the data” that is “out there” to possibly find a kernel of truth.


  28. By all means, examine, and glad to know there are charismatics with degrees out there. Just remember you have the standard of the Word to judge all things by.

    Bless you and keep you.

  29. Marianne,

    ?…Prior accuracy of what has already came and gone. Thank you for sharing the electoral map. You are right about the cowardliness of the people and not having the stomach and realization of the war on terrorism. I have thought this before about the rapture : (A thought). Christ will Come As thief in the night, unexpected. Warnings of not to asleep and not be in a drunken state, be sober. Always be ready all times. What happens on New Years Eve (Worldwide, Globally), Many don’t have to work the next day (New Years Day)and so many are in a drunken state, many peoples minds are focused away from GOD and on other festivities of their own.

    Marianne….I share your thoughts ! I could see that. It makes sense.

    Note: On Barrack Obama ( I spiritually see a Wolf in Sheep’s clothing).

    • War on terror was clearly a coup to forfeit personal liberty and sway people to support war-nazi tactics. Why have people (public opinion) supported war in almost every administration since WWII? This war on “terror” began with iraq then afghanistan to remove those that our administrations installed. The wars on: terror, crime, drugs are fear tactics with the intent to disseminate with propaganda. How about the war on poverty or homelessness.

  30. Conclusion..This could very well be our last Christmas!

  31. Hi David,

    Just pray and trust God.

    From another prophecy given to a man who had a near death experience with the Lord., Jesus will come in winter, in the night, not daytime, for the American time zones. It will be warm outside, so it is the beginning of winter, or the end of it.


  32. Marianne:

    Have you heard of “Our Lady of Medugorje”?

    Could this be the “The Lady in Purple”?


  33. Marianne:

    Here’s another video:

    THE LAST POPE; a look at St Malachy Prophecy. He was cannonzied in 1190. He had a vision of the 1100 Popes who would rule until the end of time:



    • In this sense Kitti, I am glad that there is an end of time!!
      Enough with these demi gods!

  34. You are all deeply psychotic.
    Profoundly gone fishing.

    • cousinavi

      you are funny. 🙂

      you made me laugh.

      • Really?
        End times, rise of Israel, destruction of the Temple Mount?
        The 2nd coming? Revelations?

        You REALLY believe this?
        It’s such a sad thing that you would allow imbecilic delusions to affect the way you vote…and, given that you do, that you are permitted.

        Virgin birth? God sent his son to be tortured and crucified for YOU?
        No good but god?

        Is evil his absence, or a consequence of his presence?

        Your condescending wish thinking is offensive on its face.

        • cousinavi

          I really meant my first comment. It was not condescending. I found your comment refreshing after a long day.

          I do not expect everyone to believe the way I do. Sometimes I put things on my site to see what other people think.

          Endtimes is not so far fetched. Iran is screaming at Israel, and threatening to blow it off the map. Rise of nuclear weapons that could destroy the planet. North Korea wants to blow up the USA. Terrorists are running around the world causing problems. people are wondering what the Illuminati will do next to seize world power.

          God is good, satan is evil.

          we are all sinners before god. If we say we are perfect then we lie. we all need to fix our ways. If not, we will face the punishment due our sins. Jesus volunteered to take our punishment for us, if we will repent and accept his self sacrifice. This is an act of love.

        • Youre the biggest dumbshit ever. You attacked the one person here that hasnt really conveyed an opinion. Worse you know everything thats wrong but have nothing to say about the truth. Because you attack what you percieve as weak. Did it make you feel good? Internalize it and attack yourself like you normally have to when theres no “prey” present. Think weve got a cutter.

    • i think the woman in purple is Oprah and not the first Lady.

      Mr. Obama is arrayed like a prince and …
      Oprah like the Queen of the south.
      Just speculations.

      • I also think Oprah could be the woman in purple. She remains the most influential woman in america. She has more than an exterior beauty – she is philanthropic & generous (that is a form of beauty..?). She is new age (for what that’s worth?). Mostly – she was in the production “The Color Purple” – often mentions it & has promoted the drama extensively. Purple represents wealth biblically – she is supremely wealthy.

  35. The enemy has conspired against this great God fearing nation and the nations of the earth:
    There is none to stand in the gap and intercede for the people of the Lord. All seek their own gain. People roam over the mountains like sheep without a Sheppard. But the Lord God of Hosts will not allow the mischief of the evil one.
    The people relied on Corporate America for an unfailing check and have not prepared for these times. Corporate America became greedy, therefore transferring all the work the people had to places where they can profit not a 100% but over a 1000% if possible. They used the people to extract the sketches of what it took to build this great nation. Your children engineered the trains, the factories, the mining machines. Yet all has been taken, and the people are left to be slaves to greed and be consumed.
    The Government needs complimentary support we can provide. Governance is countered by selfish interests, legal manipulation and corruption. Blindly and unwilling they have been used in the exodus of Jobs, manufacturing and wealth to greener pastures.
    Where there is no vision the people perish. The country suffers for lack of knowledge to decipher the times. Where is the Church, the Body of Christ, and the Leadership of the Church?
    Church arise encourage the people. The state does not want to stand with you but you can stand for the People. Provide Manufacturing skills, help reopen factories, restore trade with developing countries. Quit criticizing the Government; use the little support they provide grow the country. “Occupy till I come” said the Lord Jesus Christ, engage for God’s sake.
    Watch what you listen in the News-media; Despite our advanced education, there has never been a people so misinformed as ours. Distortion of facts and control of knowledge as this is worst than Communist propaganda in the Cold War era.
    Help the people with raw material procurement, import and exporting. The world still buys and sells, or else China would not still be in business, we alone willow in politics and speculative financial demagogies. You can still afford homes, if only there were jobs and home values were not manipulated. China prizes our products, Africa, Asia and Mediterranea still need what we make, and Europe wants a competitor.
    Gather your strength, resources and knowledge. For the sake of the body of Christ, the Land and the People we will provide engineers, researchers and developers in any field there is. Engage for sake of the people. Contact us:

  36. Hey Mariane

    What do you think about Branham? Reason I asked you about him is because my father follows him. Has been for years. Apparantly branham says that being a freemason is OK. And apparently Ufo’s are judging angels. He speaks of how the 2nd coming has allready gone and now we wait for the 3rd coming. And all the christians will get the rapture. If we dont follow his prophecies we will not be saved. A picture of him in the dark preaching with a hallow (pillar of fire) above his head. And the photo taken in the sky of the cloud formation that was the face of Jesus (God) formed by seven angels. He died in a car crash by a drunk driver whilst on way to church to preach sumthing about “the trail of the serpent” i think it was.

    My Grandmother believes in a different person too. A lady. Apparantly she is the images of god (there are photos and a specific number of them, maybe 4) and theres a photo of jesus above them that she says is the head of god.

    What I believe is what the bible says alone and use our amazing human spritual complex minds to the best we can on earth as it be.

    Matthew 24:
    24: For there shall arise false christs, and false prophits, and shall shew great signs and wonders insomuch that if it were possible, they shall decieve the very elect.

    And Im in searching for those right scriptures to say to them that is pin pointed on the fact of it all. Like that scripture from Matthew24:24 I’m writing it in my fathers birthday card because its his birthday today. Have a great week end and take care. God bless / 😀 Jah bless


    • I enjoyed your telling off of cousinavi but at same time have to acknowledge thay you’re as judgmental as he is. The irony is that your name is Catrina. I cant call you wrong about louisiana but there is more to than than meets the eye. Paganism may have been why it was desroyed but not the how. Mankind has developed the ability to generate weather as discovered by Tesla. Poor nations have become a target. So who do we go after? Those that have the right to worship as they choose (as god intended) or those that mass murder. There has been an active campaign against those less fortunate for thousands of years. Vaccinations and fluoride are similar destructive methodologies. Public opinion often serves as its medium. Its wrong to be gay therefore its ok if theyre killed. Its wrong to smoke marijuana therefore let them rot in prison. Believing in Christ isnt good enough, emulating is required. So please notice that there are similarities to yours and his opinions.The way people are isn’t always their fault. Sometimes we are responsible for them because our choices and beliefs affect their lives. All we can do is show compassion.

    • Trail of the serpent is about the tribe of dan. Daniel is the son of jacob and prophet of god that lost his way. The tribe of dan were conquerors than named everything they conquered dan. D-N because the vowels didnt matter. Swe den, Den mark, Scan din avia the Dan ube. They account for european Arian types. Leaving a discernable trail, aka the serpents trail. This “prophet” sounds like someone that also lost his way.

  37. Carol Valentine and Ken Vardon of are followers of Branham. They are very anti-jewish.

    From: Bible Believers’ Church
    Date: 7/15/2010 6:12:40 PM
    To: Kittii Doherty
    Subject: Re. Doctrinal

    Dear Sister Doherty,

    Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    I have no idea what you are trying to say. You have condemned the Holy Bible and historic fact, the most eminent of Jewish historians way back to Josephus as well as the editors of every Jewish and all other encyclopaedias. You have presented me with a photograph pretending to be Lahore, Pakistan, which is NOT Lahore or anywhere in Pakistan . . . having ministered in Pakistan since 1986/7, I know Lahore, and inform you that NOWHERE in Pakistan would a woman venture out onto the street without a veil over her head.

    You seem to be concerned about Islam and Muslims yet the Prophet Abraham said that these people will never amount to a hill of beans, and Jesus warned us against the enemy of Israel, the Edomite Jews and Romanism. You have sent images of “The Council to Restore an Educated Electorate” listing some of the members of the Jews’ City of London CFR and Bilderberger groups that rule the United States, select your presidents, and control most nations of the world, including the Communist countries . . . See It is these Jewish organizations that are using dumbed-down Americans and innocent Muslims as pawns in their game to divide and conquer the world.

    You are so dumbed-down you cannot see that the US is and has been a colony of ‘the City of London,’ like Britain since she was defeated in 1688. You need to do your homework.

    “Islamophobia” is a Jewish plot that was being spread through the churches when I was in school in the 1950s. You are confused because you do not check your sources and research before compiling irrelevent and conflicting material. You need Christ in your life.

    God sent us a prophet in these last days. Whoever he was, you must receive his Message, which is Christ.

    Yours sincerely in the love and service of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Your brother-in-Christ,

    Anthony Grigor-Scott
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    ——-Original Message——-

    From: Anthony Grigor-Scott
    Date: 7/11/2010 9:26:13 PM
    To: Kittii Doherty
    Subject: Re: Doctrinal statement

    Dear Sister Kittii Doherty,

    Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Thank you for visiting our Church WEbsite and for writing.

    > Does Bible Believers have a doctrinal statement? Are they pre,mid,post tribulation or preterists?

    Yes, we believe every Word of the Bible. Christ takes His Bride Home as He took Enoch Home . . . before the tribulation. Once a bride has found favour with her husband, she is approved as the testing period is over.

    The following is a sample of our FREE weekly Newsletter. If you would like to receive it regularly, please write me a note. Please make full use of the Christian resources on which focus on the present Truth—what Jesus is doing now.

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    Bible Believers’ Newsletter is dedicated to those of like precious faith and whosoever will receive the truth. Everything presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

    God bless you,

    Anthony Grigor-Scott


    Signs of the End of the Ages
    The prophetic list of signs foretold in relation to the end of the world and the Coming of Christ for His Bride is quite lengthy, including an increase of knowledge, repetition of the circumstances of the days of Noah and Lot, the rise of anti-Christ, a flourishing global economy, wars and earthquakes. These conditions and the instability of world affairs, have convinced scientist, economist, politician and psychic, as well theologians, that a major catastrophe is imminent.

    I wish to alert you to one more vitally significant sign which, likewise, has found its fulfillment in our day. This sign is unique in that it is God’s essential warning before any major, scriptural happening. It is at once His most vivid yet most overlooked and misunderstood sign.

    Amos 3:7, “Surely the Lord God will do nothing but He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets.” God’s pattern of dealing with His people has always included sending prophets. Amos states emphatically that God does nothing without a prophetic forerunner.

    History also reveals that seldom was a prophet greeted without skepticism and abuse. No matter how great their Divine vindication, they suffered at the hands of those to whom they were sent. Jesus told the Pharisees in Matthew 23:3l-36, it was their forefathers who were guilty of the blood of all the prophets from Abel to Zechariah.

    Maintaining the consistency of His Word, God promised us a prophetic messenger to announce His second Coming. Only one ministry in this century could qualify as that messenger. William Branham was vindicated by god, and recognized by his contemporaries as a major prophet, then rejected by that wayward and arrogant Laodicean generation.

    It’s commonly considered that since the first advent of Jesus Christ, God no longer uses prophets to minister to His people. A carnal interpretation of Scriptures such as Luke 16:16, “The Law and the prophets were until John,” and Hebrews 1:1, “God, who at sundry times and in various ways spake in time past unto the fathers in the prophets, Hath in these last days spoken unto us in His Son . . .” is taken as proof of this. However these Scriptures do not point to a cessation of prophets. They state only that the partial Word of each Old Testament prophet was fully expressed in Christ, the Logos (or Word), when he appeared in flesh.

    The New Testament abounds with prophets after Christ, aside from the prophetic ministries obviously manifest in the Apostles Peter, Paul and John. Let’s consider Ephesians 3:l-5:

    “For this cause, I Paul, the prisoner of Jesus Christ, for you Gentiles. If you have heard of the dispensation of the grace of God which is given me toward you: How that by revelation He made known unto me the mystery (as I wrote afore in few words, whereby, when you read, you may understand my knowledge in the mystery of Christ. [In other words, I’m a vindicated prophet]). Which in other ages was not made known unto the sons of men, (or prophets—Ezekiel 2:1,) as it is now revealed unto His holy apostles and prophets by the Spirit.”

    Here Paul shows that New Testament prophets not only exist but are ordained to carry the mysteries that the Old Testament prophets (sons of men) under the Law saw as a shadow. “In these last days God has spoken unto us by His Son,” defines the first advent. The Son is still speaking through His ordained messengers.

    The Scriptures are equally clear that a prophetic ministry would be focal at the end of the world; first, to restore the Gentiles to the true message of the Son, (the Logos or Word), and second, to deliver the Message of the Messiah to Israel during the great tribulation (Revelation 11). The following Scriptures together, point to this Gentile forerunner:

    Amos 3:7, “Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but He revealeth His secret unto His servants the prophets.”

    Remember—before any significant, Scriptural event, God always speaks to a prophet. For example, Noah before the flood, Abraham before the burning of Sodom and Gomorrah; Moses to deliver Israel; John the Baptist before Christ’s first advent, Paul to the Gentiles, the two witnesses to the Jews of Revelation 11.

    Malachi 4:5-6, “Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord: And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.”

    The Spirit of Elijah is here prophesied to precede the Day of the Lord. Any Bible student understands the great and dreadful Day of the Lord is the end of the age when plagues of God’s judgment are poured out upon the Christ-rejecting Gentiles (Isaiah 2:12,19; I Thessalonians 5:2,3; II Peter 3:10). Notice this twofold prophecy, Elijah will come:

    To turn the heart of the fathers to the children,
    To turn the heart of the children to their fathers.
    In the following Scriptures we will see where this prophecy was PARTIALLY fulfilled.

    Luke 1:17, “And he shall go before Him in the Spirit and power of Elijah; to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just; to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.”

    This speaks of course, of John the Baptist, but notice: the Holy Spirit divided the prophecy of Malachi and showed John fulfilling the first part only; John did not precede the great and dreadful Day of the Lord. He preceded the earthly ministry of Jesus as the Good Shepherd.

    Matthew 17:10-12, “And His disciples asked him, saying, Why then say the scribes that Elijah must first come? And Jesus answered and said unto them, Elijah truly shall first come, and restore all things, But I say unto you, That Elijah is come already and they knew him not . . .”

    Notice how Christ maintains the continuity of the previous Scriptures, also dividing the prophecy concerning the Elijah ministry. Jesus indicates that PART of the Elijah ministry is already fulfilled and part remains to be fulfilled. In this further aspect of the Elijah ministry, He declares he will “restore all things.”

    II Thessalonians 2:3, “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall NOT come, except there come a falling away first and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition.”

    Paul was stating that the Lord’s Day would not come Until there was a “falling away.” the greek word is “apostasia” and means a forsaking of the faith. If we continue through II Thessalonians 2, noting particularly verses l2 to I5, it becomes evident that Paul was warning of a falling away from the Word of God as delivered by the Apostles. This is precisely what ensued from about the fourth century, when Roman Catholicism gained pre-eminence, replacing the authority of Scripture with the authority of church dogma, marrying Christianity with paganism.

    Acts 3:20-21, “And He shall send Jesus Christ, which before was preached unto you: Whom the heaven must receive until the times of restitution of all things, which God hath spoken by the mouth of all His holy prophets since the world began.” That is, the fullness of the Word.

    Notice the similarity to Matthew l7:11. Peter agrees that before Christ’s return, there must be a restitution or “restoration” and identifies “all things” as God’s Word “spoken by the mouth of all His holy prophets.” It is a restoration of ALL the Word of God and as the Word comes only to a prophet, God must send us a prophet in this day (II Peter 1:20-21).

    Let us now apply this Scriptural picture to our concluding text to establish:

    Elijah is to restore “ALL things” (Matthew l7:11.)
    All things are to be restored BEFORE the second PHYSICAL Coming of Christ (Acts 3:2l.)
    All things refers to God’s Word as it came through His prophets (Acts 3:2l; II Thessalonians 2:3; II Peter 1:20-21.)
    Revelation 10:7, “But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as He hath declared to His servants the prophets.”

    The angel to the seventh or Laodicean Church Age is identified as the messenger who would preach the mystery of God that has been declared to the prophets. This mystery is how God incarnate and gained the pre-eminence of Christ, how Christ redeemed His Bride in each age, and is gaining the pre-eminence of His end-time Bride, and how He will restore us back to Eden. This incarnation of God in Christ and Christ in His true Church is the whole Message of God’s holy prophets and apostles. This seventh angel then will reaffirm this same Word or Logos to the end-time Gentile church. The “end-time” began when Jesus opened the Seven Seals and revealed them through this prophet (Daniel 12:4, 9; Revelation 10:4).

    The first three chapters of the Book of Revelation describe the characteristics and condition of seven Gentile churches once located in Asia Minor typing Seven Church AGES to come. It is erroneous to presume that this discourse only had an application to John’s day. The first verse of the Revelation describes its contents as “things which must shortly come to pass” (in the future). Thus the entire Book is prophetic, beginning with the immediate future and continuing through the Gentile dispensation to the calling of the 144,000 Israelites, the Millennium, the White Throne Judgment and even the new Jerusalem.

    These seven churches then were also prophetic and their characteristics applied to seven AGES within the dispensation allotted by God to the Gentiles. From Ephesus to Laodicea, each Age had an angel who would bring it a Message from God. These “angels” are NOT to heavenly but to earthly messengers through whom “the Spirit speaks to the churches.” Over the past two thousand years, God has raised up a succession of great, spiritual leaders such as Paul, Irenaeus, Martin, Columba, Luther, and Wesley to preserve the faith, from age to age.

    After the Dark Ages, the reformers were anointed to begin a restoration. God blessed the ministries of Luther and Wesley with mighty revivals as the Light of His Word was reopening to them. The followers of these messengers, however, refused to keep on walking in the Light as God was continuing to unveil it. They stopped at a partial restoration, organized, denominated, then died and assumed the formalistic characteristics of the organization from which they were once delivered. Revelation 10:7 states that the ministry of the seventh angel, or the angel to the Laodicean Church Age, would be to finish the complete mystery. This final messenger will declare all the Word, from which the early church apostatized, and reveal the mystery surrounding the rapture and the second appearing of the Lord Jesus.

    * * *
    I’ll warrant those who know only what organized religions teach know nothing of the prophet Jesus promised God would send us in this day. The majority is always wrong in Spiritual matters. So unless we’re constantly in the Word, we won’t be familiar with what God is doing NOW?

    Unless we’re constantly in the Word, we’ll have to rely upon what others say. If those others are denominational ministers and priests, they’re beholden to organizational creeds and the educated guesses of dead men, not free to follow the leading of the Spirit.

    Nations assume the authority of a god over their citizens, because they have the power to take their life. Denomi-nations have power to destroy their soul. Those who refuse to submit to their authority are branded heretics, or “the enemy”, and excluded from certain privileges reserved for those who yield allegiance and accept their mark. This happened to Elijah, Jesus, Martin Luther, John Wesley, and William Branham. Throughout history, all men who have been signally used of God were rejected by organization. Organized religion is NOT of God. In Isaiah 8 God calls it accursed; in Revelation 2 and 19, Jesus says its end is the Lake of Fire

    At the end of this Gentile dispensation, all the organizations will unite and agree to give their support to the Beast. There’ll be a boycott against the faith and the non-elect will receive their teachings and do their bidding or be killed. But following a brief and powerful display of the Spirit—unknown to anyone except the end-time Bride, or true Church—God will take them Home for the Wedding Supper.

    Faith is Spiritual revelation, or a clear understanding of God’s Word. As God’s Word comes only to a prophet, the unchanging God sent us a prophet to restore the apostolic faith, finish the mystery of God, and call His elect out from all man-made systems into the unity of the faith for the manifestation of the Sons of God and the translation. His Sheep receive that revelation, but to the majority it remains a mystery.

    In Acts 3:21 Peter prophesied, “Heaven must receive Jesus Christ until the times of restoration of all things, which God has spoken by the mouth of all His holy prophets since the world began”. Or, “When That which is perfect is Come”—the fullness of the Word (Christ)!

    This matches the prophecy of II Peter 3:2-4, “Remember the Words which were spoken before by the holy prophets, and the commandment of us the apostles of the Lord and Savior: knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own creeds, and saying, “Where is the promise of His (parousia) Coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation”‘.

    As Ishmael scoffed at Isaac, so these men of reprobate minds concerning the one and only faith scoff at the righteous. Peter said they would. His prophecy is coming true today. Denominational children of the bondwoman will not be heir with the Son of the free woman, or true Church. That’s why Jesus promised faithfully in God’s unchanging Word, to send US a prophet in these last days to restore the apostolic faith, finish the Mystery of God, and call His people out from the sin of organized religion.

    Can you see It? The Bible promised us a genuine, vindicated Word prophet in the Spirit and power of Elijah to restore our heart to the understanding once delivered unto the saints?

    Peter prophesied the destruction of our world by fire “as it was in the days of Lot”. The destiny of denominational believers in THIS day is the Lake of Fire (Revelation 2:21-24; 19:20; 20:10).

    Revelation 10:7, promised that in the days of the Voice of the seventh angel—before he sounds his MESSAGE, Jesus will have opened the Seven Seals, and the mystery God has already declared through His holy prophets will be revealed. This Voice IS Christ. If you can receive it, the revelation of the Seven Seals brought Christ back to earth in W_O_R_D Form in 1963.

    The Message of this prophet was the “Shout” of I Thessalonians 4:16 which awakens both wise and foolish virgins as Jesus foretold in Matthew 25:6. both “trim their lamps”. A lamp is something that gives light in the absence of the sun. But we walk by faith not by sight, so the virgin trim their faith, circumcising their understanding of all denominational teaching, which jesus calls sin. The “shout” calls God’s elect out from unbelief in the revealed Word and is the new birth of the wise virgin in this day.

    Revelation 18:4, “I heard another voice from heaven” (this is the “Voice of the Archangel,”—Christ, in the heart of the Bride, confirming the “shout” of the Prophet’s Message from Genesis to Revelation) saying, “Come out of her (not everybody), My people, that you don’t partake of her sins (or unbelief), and receive not of her (Tribulation) plagues”.

    The “Trump” marks the end of the Gentile dispensation, calling the Bride to the manifestation of the Sons of God during the resurrection of the Church Age saints, and calls the 144,000 to their Feast of Trumpets and Atonement.

    Now don’t imagine Brother Anthony told you not to go to church. You must attend church, especially as you see the day of the Lord so close. Try to find a CHRISTIAN Church, one that believes and preaches the FULL Gospel—and the present Truth. But if you can’t find such a Church, attend an organization, but live the Life as a testimony to the Hope within your soul. If you can’t get a loaf you might find a few crumbs. But don’t receive their error.

    Don’t accept what I’ve said just because I said It. Take what I’ve said back to your Bible, and prove It. Make absolutely certain it is what God’s said. I want you to be resting on God and His promises for this day, and to know it by faith.

    God is only making epistles of the present Truth. We must recognize our day and its Message because Christians can only manifest the Word He is fulfilling now (I John 1:7).

    When we can see the present Truth coming to pass in our lives, we have found our position in the Body of Christ. We know we are born again and sealed to the day of our redemption.


    Pass it on . . . Send this article to someone you know
    Brother Anthony Grigor-Scott is a non-denominational minister. He has ministered full-time since 1981, primarily to other ministers and their congregations in various countries. He pastors Bible Believers’ tiny congregation, and is available to minister in your church.

    • Branham sounds like a nut case in that he claimed, according to this site, that it was HE THAT OPENED THE SEVEN SEALS….It says clearly in the scriptures that Jesus/Yeshua/Lion of Judah/Son of David is the ONLY ONE WORTHY to open the seven seals…”5 And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, Gen. 49.9, 10 the Root of David, Is. 11.1 hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof. Revelations 5:5


        He Opened the 7 Seals?

        “And the Angels took me into that pyramid of themselves – the mysteries of God known only to them. And now, they were the messengers that come to interpret that pyramid or that Message of the secret of these Seven Seals which lays with inside the pyramid.”

        “We find out that during that time I saw seven Angels in a form of a pyramid that swept down and picked me up. And I was brought east to open the Seven Seals for God.” (Commission By Seven Mighty Angels 1963 “Standing in the Gap” Jefferson, IN V-6N7 Sunday 63-0623m “80”).

        It is Jesus who alone is worthy to open the 7 seals. He opens them according to the bible and this even has not happened yet no matter what Branham claims. A number of loyalists to Branham have tried to spin this saying the mystery was revealed to him, but he clearly said he opened because he was the angel ordained to do so.

      • No, he sounds like an Anti-Christ. Many will come in my name said Jesus, but they are wolfs in sheeps clothing.

        I can not think of a better person to be ran off on a pole, tared, and feathered!

    • I’m not sure if Anthony is suggesting Jesus is gonna get married but i assure him that is not what’s meant by “bride” in revelations. I’m not one to be like the Bible aficionado, but bride meant Israel and his people/bloodline. The ones lifted from the earth into heaven and spared the rapture. The rest of what you wrote was legit though.

  38. America, America, GOD shed his Grace on thee! The woman in Purple comes from the Bible itself – read the Revalation prohecies – it represents the Catholic Curch – (but it could also represent the US because of our Purple Mountains – the Rocky Mountains!)

    O beautiful for spacious skies,
    For amber waves of grain,
    For purple mountain majesties
    Above the fruited plain!

    America! America!
    God shed His grace on thee,
    And crown thy good with brotherhood
    From sea to shining sea!

    O beautiful for pilgrim feet
    Whose stern impassion’d stress
    A thoroughfare for freedom beat
    Across the wilderness.

    America! America!
    God mend thine ev’ry flaw,
    Confirm thy soul in self-control,
    Thy liberty in law.

    O beautiful for heroes prov’d
    In liberating strife,
    Who more than self their country loved,
    And mercy more than life.

    America! America!
    May God thy gold refine
    Till all success be nobleness,
    And ev’ry gain divine.

    O beautiful for patriot dream
    That sees beyond the years
    Thine alabaster cities gleam
    Undimmed by human tears.

    America! America!
    God shed His grace on thee,
    And crown thy good with brotherhood
    From sea to shining sea.

  39. THought….

    the woman who rides the beast also wears purple.

    • This thing about the color purple..

      The last foundation level in New Jerusalem is made of Amethysts which is the color:PURPLE.

      It’s the color of royalty….spiritual royalty.

      Purple happens to be my favorite color and i know Jesus likes it too. But the Luciferian gang have just taken it and claimed it as their own

      Well they lost out.Satan and his pathetic gang of disciples. Dillatantes. Frauds. They only THINK they are royalty. But God say His kids are royal. We are a ROYAL priesthood a holy nation set apart unto the Lord. The saints need to meditate upon that not to puff themselves up but to know the high calling of which they have been called

      Not being all name it and claim it but the saints REALLY ARE King’s kids! And Jesus loves the color purple.

  40. Has no other First Lady worn purple?

  41. The lady in the purple… rather obvious… the harlot that will ride the beast…
    Catholicism and the apostate church… the great whore that sits on many waters… I know everyone loves and swears allegiance to this beast/land, when we as Christians know that our kingdom is not of this world, as Jesus himself said, “my kingdom is not of this world” and neither is our as we inherit heaven through Him.

    • that is a more reasonable view than the one claiming America is the harlot babylon.

      America has become corrupt, but only because the church has become corrupt, and does not inspire anymore.

  42. Let us wait

  43. America has spoken, we do not even have a “real” Christian candidate running for president. Obama is a “secular” Christian, whereas the only other running mate that was chosen was Mitt Romney who is a Mormon(look up mormons), I have family members who are Mormons, and let me say that Mormonism is not related to Christianity in any way, shape, or form…. Joseph Smith is there savior and the Book of Mormon(which is fundamentally altered and revised regularly with no consistency) is their “Holy” text that they go by(not the Bible, canonical Jewish Texts+ Texts written only by apostles).

    I emphasize that the two “majority”/popular picks by our country are not professed Christians… as the American people have chosen who they favor. Pretty crazy for a country that was once…Christian in it’s foundations.

    • Dear, Sam

      The 2012 Election was unique. obama is a MUSLIM and a mere 14th ammendment citizen, does not meet the higher legal standard (NATURAL BORN CITIZEN; born on USA soil, of Citizen PARENTS). Romney is a MORMAN. I know a lot of Brothers & The USA government like to trash the LDS, but I encourage everyone to familiarise themselves with the HISTORY & PROPHESY’S of Joseph Smith! The man predicted the USA civil war in 1832, His own DEATH 5 days prior to being LYNCHED. His WHITE HORSE propecy (1843) claims the “CONSTITUTION will hang by a THREAD, and the LDS will help restore it”. We shall see if it is fullfilled!

  44. ‘I saw a great woman stand up, beautiful looking, dressed in real highly royals like purple’. This might be the Protestant church, or a female Protestant bishop, I think, like in Germany (I’ve got some good reasons to assume Germany ‘is’ Babylon – e.g. Herodot placed the Germanii in Southern Persia (see Carmania, resp. Kerman/-shah today). For ‘rocks blown up in the U.S., followed by vast fires’: This might be an eruption the dangerous Yellowstone volcano !

    • Perhaps. Except i likened babylon to the us and i meant the UK. Yellowstone may blow but as a secondary event following a first.

  45. I’ve got to add something not to be misunderstood: There’s a difference between the Whore Babylon (in Revelation) and a positive Babylon (like under Nebukadnezar II): IMO the whore is the Dark (Babylonian) Brotherhood (= the Fallen Angels and their children = Illuminati?! of Book Enoch, I think; see David Icke). In Revelation of course she’s associated with Rome, too…

    • hi aquarious

      you may be right. I am starting to think that babylon is just a term for anything that goes against what god is., what you mention is part of that description.

  46. […] […]

  47. Are you serious man? Talk about a massive stretch of (not even) 1/4 truths and facts and guesses and outright nonsense. Seriously- I don’t call people out for their beliefs- but it’s so obvious you’ve attempted to sew together this shoddy tale… it’s quite frightening… I’m not sure if you really think all of this… or if you’re just really poor at trying to get ‘unique’ content to hopelessly fuel your floundering attempt at affiliate marketing…

  48. Information from Tom

    This Vision was in 1933. And told all over the world. In 1960 Bro. Branham wrote a book telling of this 1933 vision. Rev. Perry Stone also put this in his monthly book a few years ago. I thought I would share it with you all . It is all fulfilled but #7.

    “The Lord Jesus spoke to me and said that the coming of the Lord was drawing nigh, but that before He came, seven major events would transpire. I wrote them all down and that morning I gave forth the revelation of the Lord.

    (1) The first vision was that Mussolini would invade Ethiopia and that nation would “fall at his steps”. That vision surely did cause some repercussions, and some were very angry when I said it and would not believe it. But it happened that way. He just walked in there with his modern arms and took over. The natives didn’t have a chance. But the vision also said that Mussolini would come to a horrible end with his own people turning on him. That came to pass just exactly as it was said.

    (2) The next vision foretold that an Austrian by the name of Adolph Hitler would rise up as dictator over Germany, and that he would draw the world into war. It showed the Siegfried line and how our troops would have a terrible time to overcome it. Then it showed that Hitler would come to a mysterious end.

    (3) The third vision was in the realm of world politics for it showed me that there would be three great ISMS, Facism, Nazism, Communism, but that the first two would be swallowed up into the third. The voice admonished, “WATCH RUSSIA, WATCH RUSSIA. Keep your eye on the King of the North.”

    (4) The fourth vision showed the great advances in science that would come after the second world war. It was headed up in the vision of a plastic bubble-topped car that was running down beautiful highways under remote control so that people appeared seated in this car without a steering wheel and they were playing some sort of a game to amuse themselves.

    (5) The fifth vision had to do with the moral problem of our age, centering mostly around women. God showed me that women began to be out of their place with the granting of the vote. Then they cut off their hair, which signified that they were no longer under the authority of a man but insisted on either equal rights, or in most cases, more than equal rights. She adopted men’s clothing and went into a state of undress, until the last picture I saw was a woman naked except for a little fig leaf type apron. With this vision I saw the terrible perversion and moral plight of the whole world.

    (6) Then in the sixth vision there arose up in America a most beautiful, but cruel woman. She held the people in her complete power. I believed that this was the rise of the Roman Catholic Church, though I knew it could possibly be a vision of some woman rising in great power in America due to a popular vote by women.

    (7) The last and seventh vision was wherein I heard a most terrible explosion. As I turned to look I saw nothing but debris, craters, and smoke all over the land of America.

    marianne for tom

  49. Shalom.That very interesting.I believe that the bible is the Word of God,i believe we are living in the last days and the Bible told us that before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord,God wl send Elijah.(Mal 4:5).John saw and hear when seven thunders uttered their voice.John was about 2 write what he saw and hear,But the Angel told him 2 seal up those things and write them not.(rev 10:3-5)Oh!it hidden until when?But in the days of the seventh angel,when he shal began 2 sound,the MYSTERY of God should be FINISHED,as he hath declared to hs servants the PROPHETS(rev10:7).Hs disciples askd hm.Why then say scribes tht Eli’-as must first came.Jesus said truly Eli’-as shal first came(future tense-th’s one coming)and restore All things.But 2 them Eli’as is already come.(Matt17:10-12).I believe that Prophet William Marrion Branham is that Eli’as 4 this age.God has vidicated hm in 1963 February 28 in Arizona,USA.And hs preaching does not contradite with the Word of God.thanks.

  50. The picture i was seeing before was hillary clinton but i just observed that she is out of the picture when obama won second term now am looking at obomas wife to fulfil that prophesy in a short while

  51. I agree Obama wife wears purple at times this country is in deep trouble its on a fast track now I didn’t vote didn’t want Obama didn’t want Matt it took a lot not to but wouldn’t vote in the one that would run this country down to the pits and the other one some thing told me he was a smooth talker in wool clothes new not to vote him didn’t want them to deceive me in these days that would be easy to due to people that aren’t with god and maybe some of them to we as christian need to stand up take back are country and regain are love from God his support and turn back to him because hes the only why the end times must happen it is written in the bible its starting already but we don’t need to go through it all to end up in hell with Satan we need to work towards heaven we have a choose god gave us a choose we need to make the write one with Obama back in office he will really get the ball running so we will be so low and broken down we will want the anti Christ to take care of are problems and to those thy wrote there end but it doesn’t have to be for us we are gods people not his thank you

  52. Sir can u specify and prove to the world where william branham went wrong? It is very un fortunate that ministers of the gospel turned against him simply because he revealed the truth which actually they fear telling their flock but its ok all will have to pay for their iniquity. But i just want to disprove the ministry that he had scriptually not just the person william branham because he was just like any mortal man but can you stand and challenge the ministry! Mind you Jesus and any other prophet of God went through the same so am not supprised you commented like the rest of those that came against our Lord and called Him zerubabel . To me even just your comments against the prophet is enough to make me rejoice about because the Lord told us it would happen to us simply because they did it to Hin first.

  53. Sir can u specify and prove to the world where william branham went wrong? It is very un fortunate that ministers of the gospel turned against him simply because he revealed the truth which actually they fear telling their flock but its ok all will have to pay for their iniquity. But i just want you to disprove the ministry that he had scriptually not just the person william branham because he was just like any mortal man but can you stand and challenge the ministry! Mind you Jesus and any other prophet of God went through the same so am not supprised you commented like the rest of those that came against our Lord and called Him zerubabel . To me even just your comments against the prophet is enough to make me rejoice about because the Lord told us it would happen to us simply because they did it to Hin first.

  54. branham is according to my view a prophet of God.i remember reading from his text that what he tells us from God we should just humbly believe and he will be held responsible for that.again what God says will hapen must come to pass regardless of how many years will day the people will hear the last sermon and the preacher say the last prayer,the Bible will lie closed on the alter and pardon will be no it today? tomorrow? when has it hapened?..

  55. Red stars & blue stripes, the colors in the mixture form the Purple.

  56. Blue stars & red stripes , in the mixture of the colors also forms the Purple, expect to a variation in the shades to say from Purple to Scarlet, or vice versa interchangeable, to America.

  57. Bibilicaly branham was right about raising & falling of USA comparing with the book of Danniel; what about Callifonia to sink? wasnt it one of his prophesy still waiting .

  58. LINCOLN _Bibilicaly branham was right about raising & falling of USA comparing with the book of Danniel; what about Callifonia to sink? wasnt it one of his prophesy still waiting.A prophet has no honour in his own land, i bellieve he was right.

  59. I think if it was not him william marion branham , the people of the world would still be in the dark about the biblical prophecy today.i thank the almighty God for sending him to be the answer for all the questions which some of us have asked for years now. Some say he is a false prophet,but pastor Upthegrove also talked about him when he was in Nigeria visiting TB iam very confident about the work of God in this world.

  60. Are these prophecies predictions or real prophecies. We must be able to distinguish between prophecies and predictions.

    A prophecy is a divine revelation from either Almighty God or the king of liars Satan.

    A prediction is a psychological prediction of both scientific and physical trend of a situation.

    Not all these prophecies are from the Almighty creator.

  61. A good amount of interest of recent was generated by the Harbinger Prophecy off Cahn, referring to warnings for America abstracted from Isiah, which he has put in a narrative way . Abstract references as Prophecy is to question , However what is important is the vision itself to directly relate to the Biblical Prophecy – Where was seen Solomon consecrating the temple & as the visionary approached he found Solomon changed to Washington consecrating the Masonic temple to result in a Posture of Zeus with his right hand pointing down & his left hand raised upward receiving a white paper that came Flying & the same put into the crack in the wall of the Messanic temple, to over the time , destroying the temple itself. it is interesting to note that the pose of Washington as Zeus is also the pose of The Goat of Mendes, supposedly the god of freemasonry . The masonic temple refers to Washington DC specifically to the White House. The very seat of America in the systems of old Rome, born out of Britain . The paper relates to the Flying Scroll(the Curse)to Zechariah Ch 5 in the measurements of Solomon’s Portico where the law used to be read out. There is the missing part to his vision which is the wickedness in an Ephah which incidentally relates to the false Covenant that Governs America today. in the combination. It seems it is not a warning as the harbinger says by those signs, but something that is written to the direct Prophecy. For Lo the chief corner stone which the Builders rejected.

  62. Thought you were talking to me at first. I get that exact reaction at times. If its coming my way, please recognize first that my point was to steer clear of “prophecy” as the Bible suggests. I operate on history and make point whether it be right or wrong. Logic and objectivity are my religions. I like star trek-but repeatedly acknowledge illuminati symbolism peppered within. Im not democrat/republican conservative/liberal. I believe accepting  those ideals is the same as adhering to crackpot prophecies and contrary to free thinking. I used to dismiss the bible due to the fact id considered it corrupt like the church and government. However, these days im embracing it. Everybody here is talking symbol this and symbol that. I have a tendency to take things literally. If you intend to bash me too, thats kewl. But research nanofibers first PLEASE. Our country does disperse them on the masses. Ive thoroughly investigated them and their diverse potential applications. My findings have been disturbing to say the least. They have the capability to power the world (LENR) and cure all disease (kirigami spliced bacterium) but they are used for the biomining, tagging, etc.

    • dear sean

      not sure if you are talking to abey or me, but in my comment, i was talking to you.

      apology since you are a non biblical person. most on this site are, so I assumed you were. I can accept that you aren’t.

      I got my graduate degree in biochemistry back in the 1990s, and nano technology was discussed then. I worked with G- DNA and biophysical properties and kinetics of RNA and DNA assembly. After that I worked with proteins in inflammation and cell repair. so I can switch hats and talk science if you like that better.

      the bible is really not corrupt…..just the people who misinterpret it for their own purposes, usually money involved.

      here, there is no money worship….just talk about god, life, science, and what is going on in the world system, governments, and outer space. the devil gets mentioned also….

      focus is on what is really true, and what are we to do about it.

      • Other comments i pointed out that im embracing the bible and only the bible. However, revelations is the the only chapter ill discuss outside the family. Your continuous lack of a point was the only reason i messaged you. You said that you recieved a graduates degree so i cant understand why thats happening. But if you got that degree in the 90’s, in regards to nanoscience i recommend reinvestigating. Something with so much potential is the root of evil. Anybody can say my “theories” are crazy or other select adjectives but sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. The CIA are terrorists and skull and bones is their training camp. What do we do about it? Stop selling our souls by enlisting in the military and trade our ammo for human compassion. Secondly, guard our children with our own lives if necessary. They are impressionable/vulnerable and most at risk. To protect them is to protect our future.

        • I would agree with that. nano tech has advanced a lot.

          from what I understand they now have nano robots or man made nano viruses that can infect human cells, and create death when activated.

          I agree with what the “elite” has planned for us, and for our children…they started 60 years ago…..

          • Marianne, you sound like you have an impressive science background-that’s cool and a blessing. Can you discuss this more about the nanobots, nano viruses? I’ve read about this stuff. Seems they have that smart dust in the chemtrails. And that they put it in food products as well, from what i have read. Of course, if you are not a scientist with that background, one has no way of knowing if this is true.

            Sounds just like something Satan and his cronies would do. He wants to contaminate everything God made and corrupt everything. That’s his way of getting back at God i think.

            But scripture says that if the saints eat or drink any deadly thing, it shall not harm them. I believe Him. The bots are for those wicked who reject the Lord Jesus.

            Do you know about that?

            • dear truth

              I know a little bit, I have worked on the nano level with DNA and human cell s, but not with nanobots.

              an average human cell weighs about 1 nanogram and is about 5 microns or 5 millionth of a meter.

              The diameter of DNA is in the nanometer range, maybe 2-3 nm.

              so when people talk about nano anything, it is microscopic, you cannot see it.

              nano viruses are possibly infected as plasmids which replicate inside the cell and take over the cell machinery…..blocking normal replication in the cell. or at least competing with it.

              We used to talk about building nano tubes, and at the time I was not sure what they would be used for, except to store other DNA or drugs inside of them. or ions of choice

              people do not realize it but DNA can be synthesized…it is a series of carefully controlled enzymatic reactions, and you just add one nucleotide at a time until you get the sequence you want. this is an imitation of what happens in the body.

              from what i can read quickly, it seems the robots are made of molecules of the tiny size. they are not machines made of metals…but of materials already that size, like nucleic acids that made up DNA and various ions.

              Any natural material can be degraded. If you think you have been bombarded with a nuclear material, wipe the area with bleach. that will destroy what is there. the bleach will make the nano material unravel.

            • ps. use 10% bleach…..NOT full strength

  63. If anybody is looking for a compelling read, i recommend this one. For those that find that they have the right to judge, you don’t. That right is reserved for Christ. Why? Because you’re not all seeing/all knowing and only presume to understand ones circumstances. If you have spent your life thinking it’s all cut and dried then you’ve been wasting it. You shouldve spent it trying to make life better for people and not more difficult.


    • dear sean

      very disturbing info….I have read about this before, and it does not get any easier….the children need to be rescued from this and the MK people destroyed…..this is too far out of control….

      • The part that irks me the most it’s that most of these problems don’t require much “doing” to remedy. By far, the best solution it’s demanding a new system for voting and electing officials into office. A fair election system is one where we vote rather than having our votes represented by the electoral college. A new medium is also completely necessary. This medium should impose a spending cap for campaigns enabling the middle class opportunities to run for office. Lobbyists need to be barred from public office. Finally, any government official elect absolutely must sell all business and stock options prior to taking office. After their term(s) they can purchase a new business and stock a long as they don’t demonstrate a conflict of interests with recently passed legislation. Ex. Deregulation of the housing market. With the exclusion that weapons makers can never take office.

  65. CONTACT ME ON for Ebook copy of my books

  66. A little more insight to this world including the woman in Purple, to that ‘ole iniquity even unto the words of God to the satanic attributes unto the Prince of Tyre & its avatar come in the modern time revealed by the following vision of a Visionary – Who standing in the Spirit in a place ,sees 3 persons or so discussing among themselves when one of them a woman , her head covered with a scarred face, noticing the visionary lunged upon him in attack when at the same time come out the “Lords Prayer” reciting in the Spirit to which the woman fled on all four swearing & cursing as a lawless one. The woman was identified as the Spirit of QE1 & the place westminister abbey wherein are buried those royals . It is said that QE 1 in her young age caught the decease of small pox resulting in falling hair & a scarred face. It seems clear that the the Discussion was to none else than the Masonic conspiracy hatched in her time off that ‘ole iniquity come unto the day. It is interesting to know that parts of paint peeled out of an old portrait of her revealed a serpent drawn on her hand as also a rainbow painting of her holding a fiddle hole pipe is as the sign of the “Sodomic Agendas” of the day by its colors, contrary to the Bow of God. in the Spirit of the serpent unto the words “To Unsurp” to which are her James Bonds & femme Fatale’s tightly at work.

    All in all is a clear revelations of the Kingdoms of this world sitting against
    the kingdom of God by His Christ , to come.. This is again denoted by the many alters figured within the FREEMASONIC Israeli Supreme court, to its gods unto the Prophesied “Strong Delusion” from God unto The Lie , that old lie come from Eden manifested through the “Golden calf”. And Lo the Chief Corner stone which the builders rejected has become its stumbling Block.

  67. Pope’s Video Fulfills Prophecy

    by Doug Batchelor (According to the Bible)

    YOU TUBE Link:

    Everyone Please go this link:

    In You Tube and you will find all the answers based in the Bible that would prove that ken Copeland and Tony Palmer are persuading to bring all the churches in Unity with each other.

    Diversity is divine division is Diabolical. (not true)

    So someone stating that is not following or taking the stand for the bible. If it is not written in the Bible then it is false doctrine. Please copy and paste
    this link and go to YOU TUBE and watch the video as Pastor Doug Bachelor will reveal the real truth according to the Bible and Bible alone.

    Thank you

  68. Why be deceived in the Physical even by Intellectualism when the truth is in the Spirit , that of God , Like when the spirit of this world(always to the deceit) was broken & fled on all four, before the “Lords Prayer,”(thus indicating the future) being true to the Biblical statement “For the one in you is greater than the one in this world”.& the gates of hell cannot prevail against his Rock. The Scope is “salvation”

  69. Dear Saints!
    Its all hard to fully tell whether what will happen will be Physical or Spiritual death that will befall America.
    Some three days back i posted ” America on Death Bed” I mean, just what i see is real death coming to America. But what i know is that there are few ELECT of God in America who Truely serves God and they are completely devoted to God.
    The fact that America accepted the Jezebel’s spirits to take over, no doubt about the death of America. People has exchanged their lives with fleshy materials and they seek not on to God, They worship Kings and Queens, They demand for a state leader who is strong materially but dead in spirit. Oh what a terrible state is America, Rubishing into Hell burning into red molt of hot fier!
    The Dragon described in Revelation is being worship by the inhabitan of America.
    It’s a sorry condition.

  70. Moses,

    Judgment is coming very soon (Rev. 18) to the land and the people.

    Most American “Christians” don’t even know what Jezebel is let alone know what to do about it (demonic oppression). Rev. 2:18-29 does not make any since to these Christians.

    The United States was born out of a rebellion and the founding fathers were comprised of Freemasons. George Washington was the “spiritual father” of this nation and a leader within the Masons. A city was built in his name (filled with symbolism of the occult) and a Egyptian monument was constructed to honor George. Both present significant symbolism, revealing the “principalities and powers” we content with as a “Christian nation”.

    The above, along with a statue in NYC, gives some of us a clue as to the “principality” or ruling demonic spirits over the nation.

    The Statue of Liberty is a symbolic of Ishtar (Babylon).

    “Ishtar was called the matron goddess of prostitution because she promoted sexual freedom. Indeed, she had invented the concept. Slaves considered her their goddess in the hopes of winning their freedom. Many women who gained freedom later turned to prostitution to survive and thereby retained Libertas as their goddess, especially if they became priestesses in the Libertas cult. Libertas was also a goddess of war in order to fight for freedom. She was also referred at times as the goddess of victory because freedom must have victory in order to survive. This goddess was also the goddess of immigrants. The whole idea of immigration connoted the idea of freedom. Her popularity was also unique because of her unique doctrine of hearing personal prayers. This unique doctrine was something that most of the pagan deity doctrines were not disposed towards.

    We know that this goddess existed because of the records left behind to us. We have the ancient writings of Cicero who writes of this goddess and her Temple on the Aventine Way in Rome. She was depicted on some Roman coins as wearing a freedom cap and having a wreath along with a spear or sometimes a sword. Such coin images were not the only depictions. Sometimes she was well robed and at other times seductively unclothed in both sculptures and paintings. We know of Libertas being referred to as the Mother of Harlots by the famous Roman historian (and senator) Cicero’s writings. Cicero indicates that she was also a very early goddess of the Greeks even before early Roman civilization developed” (Richard Coombs).

    Some of us living here realize our condition and the situation:

    “Because you say, ‘I am rich, have become wealthy, and have need of nothing’—and do not know that you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked— I counsel you to buy from Me gold refined in the fire, that you may be rich; and white garments, that you may be clothed, that the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed; and anoint your eyes with eye salve, that you may see. As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten. Therefore be zealous and repent” (Rev.3:17-20, NKJV).

    Psalm 20

  71. Sex is restricted by Captivity. Freedom from this captivity can result in Fruitfulness & Multiplications as Ordained, where sex becomes born for him OR can result in the increase of sin to the very reason he became a captive in the first place, in which case he becomes born for sex, not ordained hence an Abomination unto God to “The Philosophy of Libertas”
    even an abomination unto the word “Liberty” .

  72. Muslims are taking verses out of the Bible and argue that it is ‘Allah’ the BibIe is speaking about. CHRISLAM the New World Religion is based on Islamic beliefs only, they believe that they are the only ones worshipping god (theirs) and that Christians/Believers in Christ/Messianic do not worship GOD but Jesus only.
    The Muslims believe that Jesus and his disciples were Muslims – NOT the same as Biblical Jesus and His disciples of the Bible because Muslims believe in Jesus the Bel of Egypt who was not crucified and written about by Gnostics’ own thoughts and ideas 200-400 years AFTER Biblical Jesus’ crucifixion. BUT Muslims argue that it is the Biblical Jesus/Yeshua they are referring to. Muslims do not believe that Biblical Jesus/Yeshua is the only begotten Son of GOD the Father and was crucified for all mankind.
    The Muslims’ god Allah is the moon god – YHWH GOD of the Bible created the heavens and the earth INCLUDING the moon. Allah was married to the SUN goddess (Arab-Egyptian worship of Sun god and Sun goddess) – YHWH GOD of the Bible was NEVER EVER married, HE warned us NOT TO have other gods/goddesses besides HIM for HE alone is GOD, we are NOT even allowed to worship Mary but only respect her as having been Jesus’ mother, the Bible does NOT say that we may worship her – it is man-made tradition that brought the worship of Mary into being.
    Allah had three daughters Al-lat, Manat and Al-luzza – YHWH GOD NEVER EVER had daughters. Allah had no sons – The Word of YHWH GOD became the Son of GOD when HE the Word became Flesh and was called Jesus/Yeshua. So how on earth can any Christian or a preacher claim that Allah and Yahweh GOD are the same?? Yet there is enough proof that the Muslims DO NOT worship the same GOD as we do, and NOT the same Jesus/Yeshua as we worship.
    Mohammad was born in 570AD – 537 years AFTER the crucifixion of Biblical Jesus/Yeshua. Mohammad went to Mecca in 610 AD – 577 years AFTER the crucifixion of Biblical Jesus/Yeshua, when Mohammad saw 360 idols at Mecca he became enraged and destroyed 359 idols, but was too tired by the time he got to the last idol with a moon crescent on its chest and named it ‘Allah’.
    Islam started in 620 AD – 687 years AFTER the crucifixion of Biblical Jesus/Yeshua.
    The Qur’an was written 600 years AFTER the Bible was completed by John the author of the Book of Revelation, that is why the Qur’an has verses copied from the Bible and twisted completely around, YET the Bible has NO verses whatsoever copied from the Qur’an which is proof that the Bible was completed 600 years BEFORE the Qur’an was written.
    It is ridiculous of certain Christians and Christian preachers to say that we serve the same God as Muslims do.
    DO NOT believe anything a preacher or any person tells you if it is NOT of the Bible and DO NOT believe writings of people if it is not Bible based because there are a lot of people and religions who nullify the Word of GOD, in that way Satan will cause you to fall away from your faith in Yahweh God and His Word. For Instance, the Bible speaks about the ‘Rapture’ (‘caught up into the air’ or ‘snatched up’ or ‘go up to meet the LORD in the air or in the clouds’ or ‘two people being in the field, one person being taken and another left behind’), yet there are a lot of preachers, teachers and certain religions who do not believe the Bible when the Bible speaks about the ‘Rapture’ because they DO NOT study the Bible and only believe the thoughts and writings of man about there not being a ‘Rapture.’
    A lot of preachers, teachers and certain religions do not believe in Bible prophecy but rather saying that everything is going to get better, yet GOD has warned us of things to come such as the Antichrist and the False Prophet plus the tribulation, there is NO way YHWH GOD will allow things to go well under the Antichrist ruling for Satan who is in fact in the body of the Antichrist get all the praise and glory. Certain religions do not believe in the moving of the Holy Spirit but yet the Bible is very clear about it. READ your Bible to find out the truth and study it.
    I refuse to pollute my soul with man-made traditions and other doctrines because no man is my god but Yahweh GOD is my GOD alone!

    Psalm 81:9. “Let there be no strange god among you; Nor shall you worship any foreign god. I, the LORD, am your GOD, Who brought you up from the land of Egypt. (GOD of Israel who brought Moses and the Israelites out of Egypt and crossed the Red Sea is the GOD of the true Believers in HIM as well. Remains of the Egyptian chariots including the chariot of Pharaoh, horses bridals, including bones of horses and that of the Egyptians have been discovered in the Red Sea.)
    1 Timothy 4:1. BUT the Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons.
    Mark 7:6-9,13. And HE (Jesus) said to them, “Rightfully did Isaiah prophesy of you hypocrites, as it is written, ‘This people honours ME with their lips, but their heart is far away from ME, but in vain do they worship ME, teaching as doctrines the precepts of men.’ Neglecting the commandment of GOD, you hold onto the tradition of men.” HE was also saying to them, “You nicely set aside the commandment of GOD in order to keep your tradition. This is the way you nullify GOD’s Word in favour of the traditions you have handed on, and you have many other practices besides.
    Galatians 1:6-12. I am amazed that you are so quickly deserting HIM who called you by the grace of Christ, for a different gospel; which is really not another; only there are some who are disturbing you, and want to distort the gospel of Christ. But even though we, or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel contrary to that which we have preached to you, let him be accursed. As we have said before, so I say again now, if any man is preaching to you a gospel contrary to that which you received, let him be accursed. For am I now seeking the favour of men, or of GOD? Or am I striving to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a bond-servant of Christ. For I would have you know, brethren, that the gospel which was preached by me is not according to man. For I neither received it from man, nor was I taught it, but I received it through a revelation of Jesus Christ.
    There are a lot of churches who are following some of the man-made traditions brought about by the Vatican instead of following the Word of YHWH GOD only.
    WARNING! Colossians 2:8. See to it that no one deceives you through any empty, seductive philosophy that follows mere human traditions, a philosophy based on worldly powers rather than on Christ.
    READ: Matthew 24:11
    Ephesians 5:6. Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of these things the wrath of GOD comes upon the sons of disobedience.

    Please contact me on for free copy of this book full of revelations

    Check out other books on and request free copies

  73. Now to some revelations of what is called “Standing in the Presence of the the Most High God- By this – A visionary standing in an open ground becomes filled with the Holy Spirit when a shadow of the Glory Cloud comes over Him & covering a large area around him, he then kneels, his arms outstretched on either sides at a 45 deg. angle between the shoulder level & body, palm open facing forward, head looking up & reciting the Lord’s Prayer , is to know that no own prayers or own words are to be said nor the arms to be raised over than that given. This but denotes “Praying in the very presence of the Most High”. All other prayers called the usual prayers inc. the howlings, bye bye’s, goodbyes etc. are done but through imagining the presence of god .
    To the presence of the Most High by the shadow of the Glory Cloud, apart from the OT there are at least two NT references , one is the incident at the Mount of Transfiguration & the other to the words of Archangel Gabriel to Mary “Fear not Mary, For the Holy Spirit will come upon you AND the Power of the Most High shall OverShadow you.” To say the shadow of the Glory Cloud came over Mary who filled in the Holy Spirit, to the Son seeded in her by the Glorious Cloud that is The Father . As to the Question, why by the Shadow of the Glory – Any man that stands before His Glory become reduced to dust even unto the words of God to Moses . To this, interestingly, the words of the Elohim – Gabriel “I am one who stand before God” means much.
    Unfortunately people like Benny Hinn calling themselves holy spirit people are ignorant of the relationship of the Father with the Son & the Spirit & in such cases make the holy spirit above that of the Father is but to discern their own spirits within, To one statement by Benny Hinn even though supposidely meant in the positive sense uttering his fear of Elijah, seems reflecting the Jezebel that feared Elijah, she who worshipped baal.

  74. the end is near, it’s now at hand, the bride is gathering, the world is failing, israel is awakening, nations are breaking, the prophet told us we believe the end is near..

  75. If this prophecy is true from William Branham, then we are getting very close. I think it’s quite obvious to most by now that Hillary Clinton is going to be put into the presidency by the Illuminati/global elite who are running things behind the scenes. This could be the woman that Branham saw. Looks like hillary is getting her campaign together .

    • corey

      I cannot imagine that the USA will survive the guy currently in the white house, but it that happens, and there is no 3rd term, decided by O in a martial law decision, then she would be next in line. my guess.

      • Marianne… I have heard more about Branham’s vision that he had. One part of the vision states (paraphrasing)… “There will be a woman raise up in the United States with great power and she (America) will sink under her influence.” One the one hand I agree with you… how in the world is this country going to survive this current imposter? But if it does (which is doubtful), it looks like Hillary Clinton will (according to what Branham wrote) sink America under her influence.

        • corey

          what we are looking at now, is god’s judgment on america….so everything will be bad.

          the challenge is , what does purple have to do with hillary?

          • Hillary graduated with a law degree from Harvard. Law degree Robes are purple. Say your prayers…

        • the next 2 years will define it more clearly. with all the illegal activity going on, no one seems to be seriously pursuing impeachment…there is some effort, however to do this, and if successful, hillary would take over early before 2016

  76. Go study about the two pillars for your purple. And how ironic he predicted in 1933. Don’t trust men! The holy spirit alone is your teacher. You have a lot to learn. Google cube/saturn.

  77. VERY interesting writing and more interesting all the different comments !
    For those with spiritual wisdom …this woman he saw is true. Purple / scarlet is Yeshuas robe of righteousness!
    Yes! AMERICA WILL HAVE JUDGEMENTS AFTER SHE ARRIVES . Sadly AMERICAN is Babylon dear heart. The great city is. LAS VEGAS . It will burn in one hour and usher in the 10 Kings.

    Desert…all foul demons reside there…the voice of the bride and bridegroom will be heard no more? Well my king Yeshua will ALWAYS BE HEARD…Las Vegas is the wedding capitol of the world . Port city. They will stand on ships far far away because after it is brought down 9.8 earthquake….it is going to set off a chain of earthquakes that are going to cause West coast catastrophic deaths…and will zip across the U.S.



  78. Joe,

    Excellent post! Thank you.

    You may find these links very interesting, adding to what you shared with your Google search.

    Explore the web page, Secrets in Plain Sight, and the YouTube channel by the same title.

    It will not be much longer before the virgins are awakened from their spiritual sleep (Matthew 25:1-10).

    Rev. 12:11

  79. To shivas “Magic” called “Mesmerism” or ‘Hypnotism” it would be interesting to search

  80. HOMOSEXUALITY RIGHTS Posted by Maxwell Kobina Acquah – YEFULKAY on June 19, 2014 at 5:04pm in Research in Ministry View Discussions It is up hauling or disturbing to hear some world leaders, religious leaders, and other individuals quoting from the Bible with their twisted or ignorant interpretation in support of deviant behaviour. A common example of this quote they make is ‘’THAT SHALL NOT JUDGE’’. If that’s so then the judiciary institutions including the traditional courts and the likes in every part of the world must be dissolve, and make freedom of all things, whether good or bad. Because judiciary makes judgement to send people to prison, and sometimes pronounce death judgement on people to be killed, yet the Bible says – that shall not judge When the Bible says ‘’THAT SHALL NOT JUDGE’’ Matthew 7:1 Judge not, that ye be not judged. Below are the meanings: 1. A person needs to access himself or herself with the Biblical teachings before judging others. Matthew 7:2 2. It is not referring to criticising wrong doing with the Bible to help solve the problem. 3. Do not judge in your own philosophical understanding of the world or about life. 4. Judge situations or social problems to find possible standard solutions to problems. 5. Recognise that the person in a social or situational problem needs help, and you must help him or her to come out of the problem. 6. Do not judge the eternity of the person, but use the Bible to caution the person. 7. Love your neighbour as yourself and see your fellow in a particular problem as yourself and help out. 8. Do not judge out of Biblical context. 9. You have to be spiritually descending before making judgement. 10. Recognise that God will judge everyone according to his or her deeds one day. 11. Judge righteously – Proverbs 31:9 Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy. Laws are made to make sure there is peace and order in the society. They are used to help people out of deviant or immoral situation. For example, when someone is sent into prison for wrongful act, it does not mean the person should be maltreated or mishandled but to be counselled and so that he or she would recognised what brought him or her to prison was deviant or immoral and should desist from it. We criticise to help people out of problems but not to put them into doom. So it is wrong for others to quote a biblical principle that they do not understand to defend what is Biblically wrong. Once upon a time every human being was innocent of his or her existence until the man (man and woman) got to know good and bad. Every person is potential to do wrong and also repent of wrong doing, so judgement is used to bring up a person to the realisation of standard of living but not deviant. All laws including moral law, cultural law, religious law, natural law, traditional law and the likes are subjected to the Bible; the ones that are not found in the Bible are manufactured or man-made laws. The World Leaders And Homosexuality Legalisation The Secret Behind (Volume one -1) ISBN: 9781312279827 Visit or for other books by the author… Replies to This Discussion- NACM – REVIEWS ON HOMOSEXUALITY National Association of Christian Ministers – www. Reply by Glenn J. Robichaux on June 19, 2014 at 10:35pm Well excuse the Prophets or The Judges or Paul in Romans 1 and last of all Jesus in the book of Revelation. Be not deceived; God is not mocked; for what ever a man soweth, that he also reap. KJV. NLT- Don’t be mislead -you cannot mock the justice of God. You will always harvest what you plant. Revelation 21: 8 But the fearful, a & unbelieving, the abominable -murders-Whoremongers-sorceress-idolaters-all liars, shall have their part in the lake of fire and brimstone; which is the 2nd.death. So any one who Says to God: “I can live however I want” – God will Not Be Mocked! a cry in the wilderness, glenn Exec. ElderPermalink Reply by Michael Mooney, Exec. Elder on June 20, 2014 at 12:52am We have an obligation to God above every other authority. Many of us who are US citizens enjoy freedoms that most of the World could not dream of having. At the top of our constitutional rights is our freedom of religion. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. …” If for no other freedom, this one alone makes America a great country. However, this amendment of the constitution also makes it clear that we are not ruled by a “Christian government.” Today the greatest political opposition the church is battling is its position regarding the acceptance of homosexuality. Should homosexuals be permitted holy matrimony? Even worse, should they be installed as pastors in the Body of Christ? The word of God makes the answer to these questions very clear, which is “no!” The Act to define and protect the institution of marriage (DOMA) (Pub.L. 104–199, 110 Stat. 2419, refusing to recognize homosexual marriages was declared a federal law in 1996 (signed by President Clinton). Later president Obama declared it unconstitutional and it was amended in 2013. Despite the moral implications which follow, there are legal implications for the church in respect to this decision. Will ministers be permitted to refuse to officiate over homosexual weddings? Will the church face discrimination charges for refusing to employ homosexual pastors? These are just a few of the implications which follow. As ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ, with us is the presence of God. The good news of our testimony is the power of the Holy Spirit to break the bondage of immortality. Because of this hope, we must never lose sight of the prize. Therefore, we have an obligation to God above every other authority. Reply by FRED A. SMITH on June 20, 2014 at 8:39am In a large number of the new tv shows now they are trying to get homosexuality to become more accepted as normal. All I can say is disgusting!! Reply by George F. Meilahn, Chaplain on June 20, 2014 at 2:23pm The gay agenda is already firmly established in the public education system. I personally know three homosexual teachers in the elementary schools where I teach. One of them left the classroom to become a full time CTA representative. He’d shared to his colleagues that the agenda of CTA and NEA includes acceptance of the gay/lesbian lifestyle as normal even among elementary school students! Reply by Michael Mooney, Exec. Elder on June 20, 2014 at 3:59pm Brother Fred, you are on target. This began as a movement in the 90s and has only become more and more an obvious agenda for the media. Reply by FRED A. SMITH on June 21, 2014 at 9:40am Unfortunately our school systems are corrupt in what they are teaching and most have an anti religion agenda. Reply by Michael Mooney, Exec. Elder on June 21, 2014 at 3:25pm This also is true. Reply by Pastor Dante Hill (ELDER) on June 21, 2014 at 5:20pm Brothers all your statements are all so true but the blame is laid solely on the church. This is what we get for burying our heads in the sand. Many still wants to say that the church is rapture ready, Let me ask you this question If you had the power to bring the church into a Un spotted Un blemished Untainted place would you bring the Church of today into it???? Show me where the church has even tried to find redemption for all that it has allowed and is still allowing to happen. When we can get the rapture god mentality out of our minds and get to work on what God has told us to do then maybe Jesus just might find that Gorious spottless and victorious church. Just my thoughts, I am the least of you all though. (Pastor) Dante Hill (Elder) Reply by FRED A. SMITH on June 21, 2014 at 10:46pm Elder Hill, you are right on point . Our churches are not attacking this behavior from the pulpits because they don’T want to offend anyone and that is a crying shame. In other words, “It’s not politically correct”. Reply by Maxwell Kobina Acquah – YEFULKAY on June 22, 2014 at 8:26am In this world, our main reference law book for living is the BIBLE; all other religions make reference from the Bible with different interpretations. The Bible is not like any ordinary constitutional book that needs amendment, but can be descended in common language for one’s understanding. It is the deep thought of God and is God Himself, John 1:1; In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. One cannot just interpret with his or her own thinking, it must be spiritually descended. Attached is the book on HOMOSEXUALITY, publishers who are willing to publish it for free and free distribution are welcome. Contact if interested in publishing for free distribution. Reply by +ELDER EPM JO ANNE FISHER on June 23, 2014 at 6:00am YOU KNOW THIS SUBJECT IS NEAR TO ME AS BOTH MY SISTER AND MY HUSBAND’S BROTHER ARE GAY. NOW DO I ACCEPT THIS NO I DO NOT, BUT DO I STOP LOVING THEM? THAT IS A BIG NO. I LOVE THEM BOTH VERY MUCH.I HATE THEIR LIFESTYLES AND THIS GIVES ME A WONDERFUL CHANCE TO MINISTER TO THEM BOTH.DOES GOD HATE THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE GAY? NO I DON’T THINK SO WHAT HE DOES HATE IS THE SIN. ARE WE ALL NOT SINNERS YES WE ARE. I DO PRAY EVERYDAY FOR BOTH OF THEIR SALVATION. DO I HAVE HOPE AND HAVE FAITH THAT THEY CAN CHANGE? YES I DO. DO I WANT TO MEET THEM AGAIN SOMEDAY IN HEAVEN? YES. LOOK I AM NOT AGREEING WITH THEM AT ALL, BUT I AM A LITTLE TAKEN ABACK BY THE FACT THAT SOME ARE SAYING THAT THEY SHOULD NOT TEACH, MY BROTHER IN-LAW IS A WONDERFUL MATH TEACHER DOES HE NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO EARN A LIVING?? ARE WE NOT SUPPOSE TO LOVE THEM? I SO WANT TO BELIEVE THAT EACH OF THEM WILL TURN TO THE LORD. LET ME ASK YOU DO YOU TURN YOUR BACKS ON THE PEOPLE YOU KNOW THAT ARE GAY? DO YOU NOT TALK WITH THEM TO SHARE WITH THEM WHAT GOD HAS TO SAY ABOUT BEING GAY? WOULD YOU TURN YOUR BACK ON SOMEONE WHO IS A THIEF? DO YOU NOT TRY TO MINISTER TO THEM? I AM NOT SAYING WE HAVE TO ACCEPT THEIR LIFESTYLES. I KNOW SO MANY WILL DISAGREE WITH ME. KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU ALL. GOD BLESS. Reply by Pastor Jay Randolph on June 23, 2014 at 8:22am We are told to “Love” each other, and we are to witness to others. It matters not what their sin is, the Blood of Jesus Christ is for everybody who will accept Him. Lets not dwell on any sin. Divorce is wrong, but you can repent and be forgiven. Also, homosexual acts can be forgiven George F. Meilahn, Chaplain on June 23, 2014 at 10:17am I was not saying they should not teach. In fact the PE teacher is quite good and she and I agree to disagree and respect our differences. We have common ground enough that we’d consider each other friends. She is sensitive to bullying in general and especially when it is gender or sexuality based. Such is NOT the case with the Music teacher, who desires to impose his views as an acceptable lifestyle, even when the curriculum or situation doesn’t warrant it. I would describe him as a gay evangelist. The very “crime” evangelical Christians have been accused of doing in the past, the gay agenda is doing now–brainwashing children–in the classroom. My sister’s brother in law was a pastor for many years, had four children, and served as Home Missions Secretary for two different denominations before he decided to leave his wife and run off with another man. This was a surprise to us all. Indeed, we can all be forgiven all our sins, yet some are more visible than others and quench the edification and advancement of God’s Kingdom. Reply by Maxwell Kobina Acquah – YEFULKAY on June 25, 2014 at 11:59am +ELDER EPM JO ANNE FISHER, great to read your reply on this topic. please do well to download the attached book for more insight. GOD bless you. Reply by Jake Sartwell, Elder+GC on Tuesday So to the point sister Elder Jo! Hate the sin, Love the sinner! JESUS didn’t come to save the healthy, but the sick! Reply by +ELDER EPM JO ANNE FISHER on Wednesday BROTHER JAKE I AM ONLY SPEAKING FOR MYSELF. YOUR RIGHT HE DID NOT COME TO SAVE THE HEALTHY I AM NOT DISAGREEING WITH ANY OF YOU. I AM NOT CONDONING OR ACCEPTING THEIR ACTIONS. BUT WHAT I AM SAYING I WILL CONTINUE TO LOVE MY SISTER AND BROTHER -IN-LAW AND I WILL KEEP POINTING THEM BOTH TO THE BIBLE AND GODS WORD. LET ME ASK YOU DO YOU GIVE UP PRAYING FOR A PERSON OR POINTING GODS WORD TO A PERSON SAY THEY COMMIT MURDER OR THE STEAL OR MANY OTHER OFFENSE????? I WILL NEVER GIVE UP HOPE THAT THEY BOTH WILL CHANGE AND CAN CHANGE. REMEMBER I SAID I DO NOT ACCEPT THEIR LIFESTYLES. AND YES ARE WE NOT SUPPOSE TO LOVE IS THIS NOT THE GREATEST GIFT THE FATHER HAS TOLD US TO DO. GOD BLESS ELDER JAKE LOVE YA DEARLY MY FRIEND Reply by Tiffany Poulin on Wednesday “DOES GOD HATE THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE GAY? NO I DON’T THINK SO WHAT HE DOES HATE IS THE SIN. ” Thank you. I joined this site several months ago and have silently read and listened to the conversations…some have even made me question my faith and decision to dedicate my life to ministry….The above quote, and everything you say after it, remind me of why I have chosen this path and I thank you for it…. God Bless, and thank you for what you said….it appears that too often people forget to whom and where Jesus ministered….whom he focused his attention towards….that he was a radical and that he HATED SIN….NOT PEOPLE!! We, as his servants, would do to remember this point as we so loudly declare verse and cite scripture…I can twist anything to mean anything else…but, at the end of the day, it is to JESUS and only to JESUS that I, or anyone else for that matter, answer to….and I believe he cries at the way we forget what he stood for and how he handled himself…we forget that we are to model his behaviors… NOT STAND ON OUR PIOUS PULPITS AND CONDEMN THOSE WHO NEED OUR LOVE THE MOST!! Maybe we would all do well to remember that and have a nice long conversation with JESUS….and remember that we are supposed to be representing HIM NOT OUR AGENDAS. I graduate with a PhD from Newburgh seminary next Spring….after reading the vast majority of this conversation I not only don’t want to go, but am embarrassed to belong to such an elitist group. Again, THANK YOU FOR THIS POST AND MAY YOU AND OUR LOVED ONES BOTH FIND, IN AND TROUGH YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS, PEACE. As for those here who appear to have forgotten what Jesus so often said to the pharisees…GO READ THE BOOK YOU ARE SO QUICK TO CITE…and consider not taking scripture and twisting it to your agenda as you accuse so many others of doing!! When was the last time you washed your neighbor’s feet? Literally or Figuratively? I’ll assume it was long ago…much longer than it was for Elder Jo Anne…thank you, Reverend, thank you for reaffirming that there is reason to continue our work!! As for the pharisees in the room, thanks for proving all those who mock my decision to dedicate my life to Jesus to have a very valid point. The church has most obviously forgotten it’s origins. So go read the book again, but leave YOUR AGENDA out of it!! Reply by Rev. Charles Easterday 10 hours ago Make your calling and election sure. Don’t let anything said on these pages detere you from your calling. Everyone here is in growth mode some nearly grown and some still babes. Some are too harsh and some too gentile but all are growing in faith and trying to apply their convictions in a relevant way. Say what you mean and mean what you say. If I’m Being judgemental , tell me, I welcome the rebuke and growth opertunity. If you agree then agree boldly or if you disagree, disagree with conviction and scripture. Peace be unto you, In our Lord, Charles Reply by Rodger Niemeier, Exec. Elder on June 23, 2014 at 11:42am We are called to, as Paul put it, “Speak the TRUTH in LOVE.” We can fault on either side of this: speak the truth without love, and so come across judgmental about PEOPLE – condemning them with their sins. Or, we can come across compromising truth, by emphasizing only love for PERSONS to a point of seeming to condone their sins. Jesus was Master of that balance: the woman caught in adultery – “Neither do I condemn you….but go and sin no more.” Therefore, seeing the proper balance of speaking the truth while also loving the person we’re speaking the truth to, we should avoid “blanket” statements that lean heavily either on TRUTH or the LOVE alone. However, as it often happens in discussing these things, we are sometimes focused on the TRUTH part, or other times on the LOVE part – as you can readily see in the posts so far. Let’s be careful that we don’t over-react, too, because maybe I tend to focus on the LOVE part (at least, today, in the moment) while someone is focused on the TRUTH aspect. It certainly doesn’t hurt to remind ourselves in discussions that both aspects are important and to understand how, on any given topic of sin, we can keep that balance. There’s no doubt as to homosexuality’s sinfulness and repugnance to God, even as murder is, or adultery, the proliferation of pornography in our country and homes (very young people exposed to it) – which also exposes our kids early on to homosexual acts, etc. and etc. Yes, we are not to hesitate to let those we pastor or minister to that it is wrong in God’s site – and it REALLY helps to be able to explain why (because satan’s tactic is always to normalize sin, minimize or excuse the natural ill consequences – because something IS sinful because it is damaging to us) – yet with those in the world, as with any other sin, we have to be wise like Jesus was, in HOW we approach sinners, we put them off by our judgmental attitude of scorn and won’t have any opportunity to share the Gospel or how the Lord loves them and wants to deliver them from these sins that are destroying their lives. One of THE best sources for understanding the approach that can work best with “gays”, would be from the testimonies of gay people themselves who have come to Christ – and how folks witnessed to them in ways that actually made them open up to listening to the Gospel. I’ve been slowly going through such a testimony by a former-lesbian university professor, who came to Christ and turned away from this sinful lifestyle. It’s called, The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert – by Rosario Butterfield. While I’m not thru with it (as I keep going away from it to read other things, then come back on occasion), she comes to faith in Christ (and repentance from lesbianism) thru a Christian neighbor, a pastor, who, he and his wife, lovingly accept her as a person (rather than treating her as a leper) and in time, share the Gospel and get into calm, level-headed discussions about homosexuality and the Bible and the WHY of it not being God’s best or intention for our life and happiness – and how, instead, it harms us. Point is, in this careful approach to speak the truth in love, the Lord was able to bring conviction to this gay activist’s heart and draw her to Himself. Yet I realize, too, the Holy Spirit will lead differently in different situations with different people – yet, we must be careful to be sure we are indeed being led of the Spirit in how we approach and communicate with “sinners” – for myself, I do not want anything of me, my manner, my tone, my facial expressions, or my words, to offend (rather than the offense of the Gospel) and block any opportunity to share the truth and for that person to perceive the love of Christ in me, through me, for themselves. Reply by Glenn J. Robichaux on June 23, 2014 at 2:40pm by Glenn J. Robichaux 2 minutes ago USA Citizen has rights, I agree. When It comes to sharing the Gospel I should do it in love No Matter, showing the scriptures to help one come to the understanding of Jesus Love for each sinner. After this If for any reason one may say…… that is it, with much debate on subject of Jesus! If again they say “No More”, after reading Romans 1. What more can I do except pray for them and walk away . ..Just a thought. Glenn In His Grip On the Topic Homosexual or Gay Rights Make my thought clear. USA Citizen has Rights. In God- Our Citizenship is different this is the life style I live.! I Need to make this more clear. Forgive me for miss type in pervious writings Reply by FRED A. SMITH on June 23, 2014 at 3:56pm Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse regarding how homosexuality is being exploited., out comes “transgender”. The reason that these subject is an agenda item with me is that I have three little Great Granddaughters and I do have a big concern about what they are being taught as “normal” in schools and what is being shown on tv as normal. Our local newspaper is a big supporter of homosexual activity and the city also supports a Gay Pride week. I do believe that everyone should have rights. I also believe that God created man and woman uniquely different and I will let it go at that. Reply by Dominick Tuzzo, Min. to Elders on June 24, 2014 at 9:13am If Genesis is to be believed, the institution of Marriage (and the Family), predates BOTH the institutions of Government(s), and Church(es). As I see it, the government has no business being involved in EITHER the institution of Marriage OR the institution of the Church. But MY personal feelings on the matter are irrelevant. In the United States however, our gov’t (I’m sorry to say) has actually involved itself in BOTH. Marriage, in the USA, is overseen by the Courts (Judicial branch) and Churches which have 501c3 status are overseen by the IRS and Treasury Dept., and are therefore compelled to act/speak a certain way which limits their freedom of speech. Because our gov’t IS involved in the institution of Marriage, and because our Constitution guarantees all citizens Equal Protection under the law, it therefore (legally) follows that homosexuals in America would be afforded “equality” in the arena of Marriage. That does NOT mean however, that a Church or a Minister should be compelled by gov’t to defy their own consciences and religious teachings in order to facilitate, permit, or solemnize homosexual marriage ceremonies. HOWEVER, there is probably coming a day wherein, IF a Church which HAS 501c3 tax exempt status refuses to “comply” with either state or federal laws in this arena, that they would lose their 501c3 exemption. The local Church I am a member of (for example) is NOT 501c3, and (for the time being) may not be compelled to perform said marriages. We also may feel free to exercise our First Amendment rights in speaking out about homosexuality, or politics, and/or endorsing who we believe are candidates who (from a biblical standpoint) we would not have trouble in voting for or supporting. I was recently asked (actually, I realized I was being “baited”) publicly: “In your religion, in your Bible, are homosexuals condemned to Hell?” I thought about it, and prayed for a moment before I responded. My answer was: “According to my Bible, homosexuals are NOT condemned to Hell, at least not for their sexuality. According to my Bible, the whole world is condemned ALREADY (Jn 3:18) because of the fall of Adam. That is WHY I need a Savior, as I simply cannot save myself. I am not a homosexual, and yet without Christ, I am condemned already.” Perhaps this is the tact we should take when dealing with the issue of homosexuality, as apart from Christ, we are ALL CONDEMNED ALREADY. The GOOD NEWS in all of this mess however is: Rom 5:8 But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. ElderPermalink Reply by +ELDER EPM JO ANNE FISHER on June 24, 2014 at 10:37am YOU KNOW I AGREE WITH EVERYONE I AM NOT SAYING I SUPPORT THEM AT ALL. I ALSO KNOW IF MY SISTER AND BROTHER -IN-LAW DO NOT TURN TO THE LORD I WILL NOT SEE THEM IN HEAVEN. I GUESS WHY THAT I DO TRY TO MINISTER TO THEM AND MAYBE JUST MAYBE I HAVE PLANTED A SEED. IT IS UP TO THEM TO DECIDE. I LOVE THE LORD WITH ALL OF MY HEART AND I TURN TO HIM TO HELP ME TO BE WISE AND GENTLE AND ALWAYS WITH LOVE. GOD BLESS YOU ALL Reply by Rodger Niemeier, Exec. Elder on June 24, 2014 at 5:49pm Amen, Brother Dominick (Hello, Brother!) – marriage is not, nor ever been, an invention of mankind! It doesn’t belong to institutions or governments – it is God’s invention, divinely ordained – and humans and governments have absolutely no right to redefine it or regulate it – period. It is supreme arrogance to attempt to – wherever that finger points! Sadly, presently the Presbyterian Church USA has just recently decided – its denominational leaders (still has to pass the vote of local synods) – its ministers can/should officiate and bless homosexual marriages – the dominoes are falling. This is extremely sad: it plainly indicates that those particular “Christian” Churches/denominations that go this way, have more regard for “political correctness” and pleasing people and going with popularity than loving the Lord and obeying Him, upholding HIS righteousness. If the Presbyterian USA Church goes ahead with this decision, this will certainly perpetrate the 2nd largest exodus from this major Christian “institution”. Sad, sad, sad. I like the wisdom, too, Brother Dominick, of your sound answer to the person who asked you if homosexuals go to hell (or those who practice such). You’re so right! It isn’t homosexuality in particular that sends anyone to hell – it’s our refusal to accept our Father’s provision for our salvation from the sin nature, which manifests itself in many life-robbing ways – including homosexuality. This is also, too, satan’s approach – to make that which is “sin”, which, by God calling it “sin”, is because it is life-destructive – satan twists it to make it “good”. “What’s wrong with being gay, really!?”, the world protests! As I said to my Mom (93 years old) last night on the phone, when we got into this discussion, even a child knows there’s a basic difference between boys and girls and understands that it is good, natural, and for a purpose: husband & wife, being able to produce children and create family. Simple anatomy in age appropriate health classes makes it clear that the design of human bodies in two genders, “fits” – and the mechanics make sense in order to procreate. To try and force it in any other direction, is obviously against the created nature of the body! And this is why God abhors the desecration of His purpose in how He created us. Isn’t it amazing – as it always has been – how sin can cloud understanding so that, as the prophet said, “good becomes evil, and evil becomes good”? Common sense doesn’t even apply anymore – but so is the power of sin. But this is a very important point, Brother Dominick, in your answer: “going to hell” is the natural course of refusing God and His way to life – both here and eternal. Particular sins are but manifestations of the sin nature that clouds our abilitiy to see reality as God sees it, and as God made it. Sin distorts, corrupts, and blinds. So we are called to be agents of Light, and continue to preach the Good News – even to those who manifest the distorting effects of sin in homosexual thinking and sexual sins. By the way – and I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before – the AMA (American Medical Society), a few years back in this present Presidential administration, published a thorough document on the medical/health ill consequences of same-gender sex (homosexual sex) – it’s hard to find, as it seems it was purposely “buried”. But it objectively, based on medical facts, shows clearly that due to inevitable consequences, homosexual sex is unnatural and dangerous. You can understand why this never made the news! Reply by Steve Scott – Elder – MP2 on June 24, 2014 at 12:05pm I too am having to deal with this abomination in my life through my son, who claims to love Jesus. He sometimes attends church with other gay friends that wear rainbow fish on their tee shirts just to draw attention to themselves when they do go. And that is my point here. The gay community wants everyone to accept their lifestyles unconditionally, whether people agree or not. If you don’t accept their way of life and you try to correct them or you disagree, you become a hater and a biggot instantly and they will boycot your business if you own one, place signs on your lawn outside the house or post on social media lies that would cause some to act radically towards you. The fact is that they are hypocritical in the way that they see everything because they try to tie up all life into their jaded and distorted viewpoints. My son was married to another man here in California when Proposition 8 was being battled out in court and he proudly displayed the marriage certificate on Facebook. He was with this fellow for four years. Right after doing this he and that guy went their seperate ways and are no longer together. Why ? Because their relastionship is a sham because it is not based on covenant, which true marriage between a man and a woman is supposed to be based on if they are truly following Christ’s teachings, it is based in the flesh and that is the difference between Godly conviction and flesh based idealologies. Have you all heard the statement, ” just because you’re born in McDonald’s, it doesn’t make you a hamburger” ? Well unfortunately, that is their thinking. Everything they try to justify their point of view with is always easily refuted, whether by available reliable information, science or whatever the source, it doesn’t matter. Homosexuality will never be right with God no matter how they try to prove it scientifically, twist the scriptures and influence churches in their communities. Churches need to quit trying to appease them through political correctness and start teaching true, Holy Spirit inspired, teaching no matter who it offends. You’ve seen the bumpersticker that says co-exist with all the religious symbols forming the word. I laugh when I see this sticker because when you look at the person inside the car, you know they are clueless. Put that sticker on your car in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan and see what they think of co-existing. I think it would be a rude awakening for someone with those idealist views don’t you ? As much as I love my son and want to validate him as a man and Christian, I can not, and that breaks my heart and has strained our relationship to the point where he hasn’t called or communicated with me for years other than snippets on Facebook here and there. Homosexuality not only gets under the skin of the people around it, although they won’t admit it publically, but it alienates families and friends from those who who are practicing it by theirr own choice. Can I accept my son like I accept my other hetersexual children ? Yes, I am his father and will always love him no matter what he does. Will I treat him the same as my other kids ? Yes, that’s all parents know how to do. Will I ever agree with his lifestyle ? No, because it is not based on Godly principals and moral integity. Should he expect me to accept this behavior ? No, because when you force someone to accept a view that is contrary to what they believe and there is no compromise then that is not love but a form of hate and division in itself. I cannot make my son love me, but he should respect me as his father without compromise. Family is the most important connection in our lives and if homosexuality forces the one who is practicing it seperate him or herself from family because of it, then they are living in a world of deception and lies. Didn’t Adam and Eve hide from God and seperate themselves after they ate the fruit ? That is the consequences of sin in our lives. It causes people to seperate and then alienate themselves from those who are closest to them. It is not just homosexuality alone, it is all sin that drives people away. They want to rebell and they want to run from Godly counsel, they always have… So like it or not, this arguement is here to stay until Jesus returns to gather His bride. It is my hope that my son will have made wise choices between now and then. I love my son as most people do and I will never agree with him on this subject and I will do and say anything I can to save him and turn him around while he waltz’s himself into eternal torment. I cannot force him to stop doing something he wants to do, even though it is a very destructive behavior, but I can love him as my son and trust his life in God’s hands. He has to make the chioces not me, I just have to love him as my son even if it means watching him destroy himself eternally. I hope and pray that is not the outcome… Reply by George F. Meilahn, Chaplain on June 24, 2014 at 5:13pm Our church treasurer’s daughter is gay and was a bit surprised our conservative church members didn’t make a big stink about her lifestyle while conversing with her, but rather treated her like any other human being. After all, we are all made in the image of God and to express hate for someone is actually attacking God Himself, something I need to continually remind myself. Reply by Rodger Niemeier, Exec. Elder on June 24, 2014 at 6:00pm I think this raises the question – for me as well: are we really prepared to wisely and carefully present the Gospel to someone caught up in the “gay lifestyle”? Just like we would take the time to understand how to effectively share the Gospel and our witness to someone caught up, for example, in Mormonism, or Jehovah Witness religion – have we cared enough to prayerfully seek the Lord in the Word, asking for His direction in how to effectively respond to the kinds of defenses and questions someone caught up in homosexuality might have? Do we really understand, too, the “logic” that someone caught up in this tends to have in their minds so we can effectively address it? In this phone conversation with my 93 year old, staunch Presbyterian, solid church-goer Mom the other night, when we touched on this subject, her response surprised me – as she said, “Well, honey, you know these folks are born that way, they can’t help it.” It surprised me because not too many years ago my mother thought this kind of sexual behavior was abhorrent – but given time, hearing things said over and over (“people are born that way”), it’s amazing how even “Christians” can soften their convictions (based on Scripture) and begin to do the snake-in-the-garden thing – “Has God really said…” and break from God’s truths. So it goes, as even Church history can attest to. And in some periods of time past, “true” Christians have had to pay great costs to remaining true to God’s truth: being hated (like Jesus was, for telling the truth), being persecuted, even at times being martyred. It’s like those who plugged their ears while they ran at Stephen to kill him, to silence him, from speaking the truth – even in love. I don’t think I would ever have imagined some years ago, that “Gay” would become the instrument the world would use to try and silence the Church – and even bring persecution. Especially in America! Reply by FRED A. SMITH on June 24, 2014 at 10:04pm Elder Jo, keep planting those seeds and praying for them. Elder Niemeier, it is sad at how accepting we have become. Didn’t the Presbyterian church also declare that homosexuality is Christian? Will this cause that denomination to really be divided? You’re right Elder Tuzzo, that the Government has become to involved in religion, the business and practices of the church. Reply by Michael Mooney, Exec. Elder on June 25, 2014 at 2:10pm I might suggest that everyone have a look at this article from our site. Are Ministers Authorized to Officiate Weddings? It is a subtopic of this discussion. Reply by +ELDER EPM JO ANNE FISHER on Wednesday MICHAEL I WOULD NEVER PERFORM A MARRIAGE BETWEEN GAY PEOPLE. I REALLY THINK EVERYONE IS NOT UNDERSTANDING WHAT I HAVE SAID. Reply by Pastor Greg Streator on June 25, 2014 at 11:44am First let me say this is a difficult subject for us all, because it brings up so many different issues. I just want to deal with the facts here, and possibly share some thoughts towards what Jesus Christ may have said regarding this matter. First lets deal with some facts – this is from a website called The Trevor Project – showing the recent facts of teen suicide for gay or questioning teens: Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among young people ages 10 to 24. Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among young people ages 10 to 24. [1] LGB youth are 4 times more likely, and questioning youth are 3 times more likely, to attempt suicide as their straight peers. [2] Suicide attempts by LGB youth and questioning youth are 4 to 6 times more likely to result in injury, poisoning, or overdose that requires treatment from a doctor or nurse, compared to their straight peers. [3] Nearly half of young transgender people have seriously thought about taking their lives, and one quarter report having made a suicide attempt. [4] LGB youth who come from highly rejecting families are 8.4 times as likely to have attempted suicide as LGB peers who reported no or low levels of family rejection. [5] 1 out of 6 students nationwide (grades 9-12) seriously considered suicide in the past year. [6] Suicide attempts are nearly two times higher among Black and Hispanic youth than White youth. [7] Each episode of LGBT victimization, such as physical or verbal harassment or abuse, increases the likelihood of self-harming behavior by 2.5 times on average. [8] First I think there has been enough death over this issue. I know several people from my youth that have struggled with this issue, and I have seen both good and bad come from it. I am like many of you, while I do not accept the sin – I am called to LOVE those who are around me. As I recall – GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD – EVEN IN ITS FALLEN STATE…That he sent his only son.. JOHN 16-18 “This is how much God loved the world: He gave his Son, his one and only Son. And this is why: so that no one need be destroyed; by believing in him, anyone can have a whole and lasting life. God didn’t go to all the trouble of sending his Son merely to point an accusing finger, telling the world how bad it was. He came to help, to put the world right again. Anyone who trusts in him is acquitted; anyone who refuses to trust him has long since been under the death sentence without knowing it. And why? Because of that person’s failure to believe in the one-of-a-kind Son of God when introduced to him. If God loved the world in its present state – fallen and in darkness, and knew that many would walk away from the love that he has – why then did he send his son? He sent his son because Gods love for this world was MORE POWERFUL than we could ever imagine or understand. Yes the world is in darkness, but we should be very careful not to condemn anyone for being in darkness. Nothing but the Cross Galations 6 1-3 Live creatively, friends. If someone falls into sin, forgivingly restore him, saving your critical comments for yourself. You might be needing forgiveness before the day’s out. Stoop down and reach out to those who are oppressed. Share their burdens, and so complete Christ’s law. If you think you are too good for that, you are badly deceived. I realize this statement may be a bit out there for some of you, but I am choosing to LOVE them even in there present fallen state – I will not condemn them in any fashion. I have sinned in my past, and have done things I know I should not had been forgiven for – but GOD LOVED ME ENOUGH TO SEND HIS SON TO DIE FOR ME – FOR ME- the HORRIBLE SINNER THAT I WAS!!! God loves everyone that much – and so are we called to do the same. I encourage you to watch the video below – its powerful…and it shows the LOVE of Jesus for this world! Now lets deal with the issue of sin – according to Romans – WE all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. God Has Set Things Right 21-24 But in our time something new has been added. What Moses and the prophets witnessed to all those years has happened. The God-setting-things-right that we read about has become Jesus-setting-things-right for us. And not only for us, but for everyone who believes in him. For there is no difference between us and them in this. Since we’ve compiled this long and sorry record as sinners (both us and them) and proved that we are utterly incapable of living the glorious lives God wills for us, God did it for us. Out of sheer generosity he put us in right standing with himself. A pure gift. He got us out of the mess we’re in and restored us to where he always wanted us to be. And he did it by means of Jesus Christ. If we all have sinned – then were do we have the right or authority to judge another? Jesus was the most clear in this manner when he spoke to the Pharisees at the well with the woman – to say it bluntly – “If any of you is without sin…let him cast the first stone” – Jesus waited for one to to do it – but The Pharisees knew that Jesus was the only one who was sinless – and it was not their place to bring any judgement to this lady for he sins – ITS UP TO GOD! I know this is a hot issue, and I don’t expect everyone to agree with what I have said – I am only speaking the gospel – nothing more or less – this is what Jesus did – I agree with the end of the video when the speaker says, we don’t have the power in ourselves to overcome anything – its always going to be Jesus – so I encourage you to pray to Jesus for those people who are gay, and love them beyond their abilities to even understand – that’s what i am called to do – I am called to love my neighbor – Just my thoughts… Reply by Denise Doreen Mumie on Wednesday AMEN Reply by Maxwell Kobina Acquah – YEFULKAY on June 25, 2014 at 7:07pm God’s word ‘’The Bible’’ did not record that man and man, or woman and woman, or a human being and animal will leave their parents and join as husband and wife. The bible says that a man and a woman will leave their parents and joined together as husband and wife. Homosexual marriage is abnormal, how come a fellow man insert his penis into the dirtiest part (the anus) of another fellow man or a woman use her tongue or finger or object to insert into another fellow woman’s vagina or anus. This is not normal; all those who are in homosexual act have psychological, physical, emotional or social, and spiritual problems. They need help to get out of this situation; they need prayers and proper counselling but not to be condemned out right from the society. by Rev. Charles Easterday on June 27, 2014 at 11:59am Judge or condemn? These are not interchangeable terms. Can you not judge/discern when a person is in sin? People are walking around dead and heading to hell. To know that and to walk away is condemnation. You do not love an alcoholic by giving him/her alcohol. You love them by helping them work through their struggle of abstinence from alcohol. You say, “well I don’t know their heart only God knows.” Not so, for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Jesus said, “it is not what goes into a man that defiles him but what comes out of him.” Listen long enough to a man and you will know his every sin. We must love sinners enough to tell them the truth and help them with their struggles to come out of their entanglements. We do not love them by telling them they are fine the way they are God loved us while we were yet sinners and sent Jesus to reconcile us to him. We were not OK the way we were otherwise the would have been no need for Christ. We were Lost and dead without Him and so is everyone else. That is a safe Judgment not a statement of condemnation. Reply by Maxwell Kobina Acquah – YEFULKAY on June 28, 2014 at 1:57am Dear lovely friend, I am really happy to let you know that the long await HOMOSEXUALITY book is finally out, below is someone’s review. Check out and request your copy and recommend to many people for review. This review is from: The World Leaders And Homosexuality Legalisation: The Secret Behind (Volume Book 1) (Kindle Edition) World Leaders and Homosexuality by Maxwell Acquah is a detailed report on the matter of homosexuality from a Christian perspective. Essentially an argument against the lifestyle, the author provides us with an opening statement on prevailing social views. He then opinionates on modern-day values as juxtaposed against Church dogma. Acquah concludes his treatise with his own theory on world politics and its place in apocalyptic prophecy. The author points to the aberrational nature of gay sex as the primary reason why such practices have been banned by most societies and cultures. We also see the clash of ancient vs. modern philosophy as the argument has evolved beyond the greater good of society to the rights of the individual. The Church finds itself addressing the polemic from a position of compromise: trying to support its traditional values while remaining relevant in a modern society. Yet, according to Scripture, there will be a time where not only the Church and its followers, but all mankind will be forced to take a stance as the One World Government one day becomes a reality. For Christian scholars and sociologists alike, World Leaders and Homosexuality by Maxwell Acquah provides a traditionalist perspective on an increasingly divisive issue. Connect to me on and Reply by Randy Wayne Johnson on June 28, 2014 at 10:09pm The bible is very clear about the act of homosexuality. At the same time we can’t preach love and//or hate from the same place. Are their actions acceptable-according to the bible-No, but did not Christ die for every sin and sinner? I do think that we have to separate a persons gift from their sexual orientation. If a person has the gift of teaching they should be allowed to teach, as long as they are professional and don’t cross the line, but again that’s for any teacher straight or gay. Sometimes I think that parts of the church is more ready to condemn, than to show the joy and beauty in living the Christian life in a strong way. If we are shaking our fists at the gay man or woman, why would they want to listen to the message of Christ? As Christians we have not done a great job at giving them alternatives. The scripture asks us to Deny ourselves and take up the cross, maybe that’s the message that can be offered to a homosexual person and matter of fact to the whole church. The option of abstinence or celibacy is rarely offered or taught by the church to the gay person. We do it for the teens (girls in particular) because we want to keep them virgins and rightly so. matter of fact those options should be offered to all Christians that are not married- and even inside of marriage occasional abstinence can be a holy experience. I think that the so called gay agenda, like many agendas are usually born out of being oppressed, denied and criticized, and sad to say some of that has been supported by the church, but it was Christ who said that I’ve come to set the captives free.. As Christian ministers we have to be governed by the word and support it’s agenda, but I think the question is” how ” do we do it -hopefully the “how” is with prayer and compassion. Peace Reply by Pastor Jay Randolph on June 28, 2014 at 10:16pm I hope everybody understands how Jesus is the perfect Love, their is no love greater than what God has for us, which I am very grateful for. However, lets not forget the holiness of God, and His pure Judgement. To accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, is to follow Him and depend on Him only. Luke 9:23 And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me. We are to love the sinner, not the sin, regardless of the sin. Consider if your coming home and you see your neighbors house on fire. Nobody is around and you see your neighbor’s child inside the house trying to take their new wide screen TV off the wall. At this moment the child thinks that is the most important thing to do. You try to get the kid out of the house and he tells you the TV is his and is the most important thing in his life. So you have 2 choices. 1. Let the child make their own choice and burn to death. 2. Remove the child from the fire discarding their right to do what they want, and losing the TV, but saving their life, even though they may hate you forever. I know the choice I would make, because to me, burning in a house, that is nothing compared to burning in Hell. I know a lot of people involved in homosexual acts, and most know what the Bible says about it, but I try not to say too much about it. As for the suicides, they usually go up when people do the wrong things. I recall the charts and records they used to show of how suicides went up when the father was not in the home, or involved with drinking, drugs, and gambling. I also recall when they used to talk about how those who did not go to church increased the odds for suicides, and proms used to be something that increased the chances of suicide. 5% of the population is NOT what causes most of our children to think of suicide, I would say the games they play, and programs they watch is what causes most of them to think of suicide. Homosexual activities cause harm to the body, family, and to society. This is our modern day plague. Reply by FRED A. SMITH on Sunday I think that you are correct about homosexuality being our modern day plague. I live in a city of approximately 300,000 people. Our former mayor was a lesbian and our current mayor is gay. Our newspaper is an extremely liberal rag and they promote the gay and lesbian agenda on a regular basis. This weekend is gay pride weekend here and they flock in from everywhere. The newspaper had a big article on the subject. Unfortunately, per capita we have a large gay and lesbian population. It would be interesting to see how many churches in our fair city preached against such activity. Probably not many!! Reply by Rev. Kenneth R. Jenkins on Monday WHAT RIGHTS???? Homosexuality is a behavior that is making our nation cripple; going to hell in a hen basket. Reply by Rev. Charles Easterday on Tuesday Just once I would like to see a post about how to minister to homosexual individuals rather than it’s agenda or how it corrupts or how it’s a sin. 1Cor 6:9    Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,10    Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. AND LEST WE FORGET…11 And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God. How many of you came to Christ by someone calling you a no good, filthy, disgusting, sinner? Show me where Jesus preached that and I’ll head up the condemnation parade! Reply by Denise Doreen Mumie on Wednesday AMEN Reply by Pastor Greg Streator on Wednesday AMEN BROTHER!! We ALL are sinner and have fallen SHORT of the Glory of God – if we remember that – we won’t point our fingers at others so often! OH, and btw – Lets not forget the punishment for divorce – if we are going by what the bible says – everyone who has been divorce should be stoned……but then again that bears the question….”If any of you is without sin, go ahead and cast the first stone”. Maybe we are too quick to judge – and we need to be quicker to love and cover with Grace. Just my thoughts! Reply by Denise Doreen Mumie on Wednesday I submit that the type of judging we are not supposed to do is the judgement that is Jesus’s alone to do.The final judgement – the sheep and the goats – final judgement. As to rebuking and guiding that we are supposed to do. The only sin that is unforgivable is rejection of the Holy Spirit. I think we have a hard time with this issue because homosexuality is a sin but it is also how these people define who they are.They have parades to show pride in their homosexuality.They demand laws be changed to support their sinful life choices.The only other group I can think of like that are atheists. It would make life much easier on us if they were atheists but most of the homosexuals I come in contact with are not atheists. They love God and they believe in Jesus. Thus as ministers we are bound by our calling to minister to them.I suggest a good way to start is to not define them by their sin and encourage them to not identify themselves that way. Increase the child of God that they are and diminish the sin. Help them with their walk with God and trust in God.Let them choose to change their lives let Jesus change them, get them to trust that the Holy Spirit is their ally and invite Him into their lives.Love the sinner as Jesus did. We have no problem going to the prisons and ministering to murderers,child rapists ect. Why do we have such trouble with homosexuals?A thief is more than a thief in Gods eyes a homosexual is more than a homosexual in God’s eyes. I wont hold the flash light for a thief and I wont marry a homosexual. I will preach and teach to anyone. Reply by Jake Sartwell, Elder+GC on Wednesday Homosexuality is a sin! On this I think we all agree! It is how we deal with it that becomes the sticking point. I have read all or most of the posts on this subject and none of them are that far apart. The main points to this for me are the following: As stated, homosexuality is a sin. It is a sin just as taking the LORDS name in vain, for murder, for not honoring your mother and your father. Using striking your thumb with a hammer as an excuse for using the LORDS name in vain isn’t an excuse! The point I am trying to make is that sin is sin and JESUS DIED ON THE CROSS THAT THOSE SINS MIGHT BE FORGIVEN! Nowhere in the WORD do i see different points for different sins, there isn’t any sin scales to weigh sins on! SIN IS SIN! If we were to turn away all those who have sinned during the week away from church on the Sabbath, the church would be empty! So should we invite our homosexual friends to church? Another question like it would be should we invite those who have taken the LORDS NAME in vain to church? It that light it seems absurd, JESUS came to save the sick, not the healthy! If we attempt to steer clear and not speak to the issue how will they ever get the message that we have to give? As for church leadership, in the role of Elders or of any church leadership should NOT be held by an avowed homosexual who has not declared themselves guilty of the sin of homosexuality and asked JESUS TO FORGIVE THEM! Therein lies the difference, admitting your sin, asking for forgiveness is in my opinion a definite requirement for any leadership role! Doesn’t mean that we don’t LOVE them, BE SURE THAT GOD DOES LOVE THEM. MAY GOD BLESS ALL HOMOSEXUALS, JUST LIKE THE REST OF US! AMEN! Reply by Pastor Greg Streator on Wednesday AMEN Elder Jake – we as leaders need to grow up, put our big boy pants on and realize that we are missing an opportunity to share the love and grace of Jesus Christ with someone who needs it. Didn’t Jesus eat and sit with the leppers, and dine with the prosititues and the drunks – I think I’d be in better company with a sinner than a saint that has forgotten the ways of Jesus!! Reply by Rev. Charles Easterday on Wednesday How sadly true Reply by Rev. Charles Easterday on Wednesday We must all understand that it is the AGENDA of SIN (all sin) to live unfettered by the weight of the Cross of Christ. It is the AGENDA of SIN to eliminate that which restricts it. It is the Prince and principality of sin we fight, not the sinners. They are blinded by the prince of this world. Our prayers should be that Christ gives us his love and mercy in abundance to give the life changing Gospel to free those trapped in sin, ALL sin. There should be no surprise that this worlds darkness is growing even darker. Jesus said it would. Not only will it continue to grow darker but there will come a day when we will, once again, be imprisoned and beheaded for our testimony and they will do so thinking they are doing God a favor. (see Mark the 13 chapter) Neither should we be surprised at sins attempt to hide behind the façade of human rights. Do humans have the right to sin? Yes, and we have the right to receive the due recompense of our sin. We have worked for it, we have earned death, for the wages of sin is death. If we fight sin with anything but the Gospel of Jesus Christ we will lose and continue to be labeled as hate mongers and intolerant. It is not the pointing of fingers that will save the lost it is the blood bought redemption through Jesus Christ. Homosexuality is not crippling our nation, it is the lack of blood on our crosses! God Please Forgive Me! NOTE: Homosexuals Secrets Exposed, Check out A little closer to a decade, Homosexuality (gay and lesbianism) has become a very debatable issue among nations, religions, organisational bodies, families, tribes and many others. This is a very social phenomenon which needs to be addressed with careful and logical reasoning in order not to offend anyone, whichever stand the discussion takes. One cannot just get up to condemn a social issue without thorough analysis. A person must analyse issues psychologically, physically, spiritually, religiously, emotionally, as well as culturally and ethnically. There are some secrets behind the legalisation of gay and lesbian marriage by some world leaders, organisations, some churches or individual pastors, and other religious bodies. The advocators often refer from the Bible ‘Judge not, that ye be not judged’ – in other words ‘do not judge your fellow friend’. This is very interesting quote from the Bible that needs deep thoughts. Human rights and freedom of speech and expressions are also used in defence of homosexuality. Are all things right to do or not? Can immoralities be considered the rights of those in it? Should the judiciary system be abolish or allow to exists? What are the essences of cultural, moral, social, and religious values in a society? This book outlines the key secrets behind the advocacy and legalisation (or acceptance) of gay and lesbian marriage and other social needs which may be considered social problems. BELOW is about the author and links to his books. and Author Maxwell Kobina Acquah who is also known as Kobina Yeful and has a pen name YEFULKAY and preferred to be called Maxwell Kobina Acquah Yeful is anointed Bible teacher and author who write absorbing inspirational books. He found out that knowledge is not manufactured but discovered, and it can only be discovered when one seek the Kingdom of God first. The most precious gift one can ever have is divine knowledge, Matthew 6:33. God is love and He loves us all, He is ready to help anyone who obeys Him. request your copy or copies now. 1. The Church (Is Not What You Think) – ISBN: 978-1-62516-226-7 and Lulu ISBN: 9781304596703 2. There Is A Condition – Recognising The Conditions of Successful Life or and Lulu ISBN: 9781304550842 3. Life After Death (Where Would You Be If You Die Today) – or Lulu ISBN: 9781304556912 4. Eternity Is Just A Step Across The Threshold (originally written by Christine Hillier) – and 5. The Downfall of Man: Is Out of WWH : Lulu ISBN: 9781304919168 6. The World Leaders And Homosexuality Legalisation : The Secret Behind (Volume one -1) Lulu ISBN: 9781312279827 MATTHEW 6:33 – But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. JOHN 14:6 – Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. Jeremiah 30:2 – thus speaketh Lord God of Israel, saying write thee all the words that I have spoken unto thee in a book. About the Author: Support the Author: Write a Review: Contact The Author: The World Leaders And Homosexuality Legalisation The Secret Behind (Volume one -1) ISBN: 9781312279827 Visit or for other books by the author
  81. The law of Life was twisted to the law of death. From then the law that man lives with is the law leavened . Now it is this law that is cursed. Jesus cursed the Fig tree when it leaves were fully blossomed but had not yet started bearing fruit. The general view is that the fig tree represents Israel but then it contradicts “the Son of Man came not to condemn but to save.’ Which but denotes the fig leaves by which they covered their sin at Eden, & since the wages of sin is death, it is death(and everything that is to do with it inc. the laws leavened) that was cursed & cursed by the root. This includes the Sodomic laws brought out by its harbingers in what ever name even justifying it . There is nothing to debate about ,for its end is death, but to look for its cure, ’cause it is not genetic illness but circumstancial, which is no excuse but manmade. This whole gimmick is but an act of defiance, for man forgets that he is but a worm before the Allmighty, just as by his sin God remembered that Adam was made from dust.

  82. This and bullshit like it is the reason why most Americans can’t and won’t think freely for themselves.

  83. Many have said there will be a woman leader of USA, maybe Hillary Clinton.

    Possible scenario based on prophecies:
    Obama last president of USA
    Obama dies in office
    Economic collapse during Obama’s term, maybe Sept/Oct 2015
    Economic collapse – stock market crash, derivative crash, dollar and bond crash, higher interest rates, real estate crash, gold & silver go up, banks close
    No federal government after Obama/economic collapse
    Dollar becomes worthless
    Push for North American Union and Amero (10 kings of Revelation)
    Woman, maybe Hillary, leader of North American Union
    7 year world wide famine is in about 2nd year during economic collapse
    Riots, civil unrest, lawlessness after economic collapse
    Martial in many major cities due to violence and riots
    Eventually civil war in America, also civil war in church
    Plagues such as bird flu, white blister, ebola kill millions
    Solar flares (CME’s), nukes or cyber terrorism bring down electrical grid
    Many marauding gangs kill, rape and loot like wild animals
    Major terrorism like simultaneous attacks on major cities
    Persecution of Christians
    China invades Taiwan
    North Korea invades South Korea
    War in the Middle East
    Great Utah earthquake
    Pope is false prophet
    3 comets hit off east coast of USA causing shockwave, earthquake and tsunami on east coast
    Great California earthquake where huge chunk of Cali falls into ocean
    Great New Madrid earthquake where USA is divided along Mississippi River because USA pushed Israel to divide itself in land for peace deal
    Russian subs nuke California, Las Vegas, New York and Florida
    Russia invades from east coast, Alaska; China/Japan invade from west coast
    USA in captivity for 7 years but eventually wins war against Russia/China
    Russia invades Europe
    China invades Russia
    Nations attack Israel at Armageddon
    Yahshua returns to save Israel on Jubilee year
    Millenial Kingdom begins

  84. watcher,

    What is this bit of prophetic “news” that you post?

    You suggest – Barry Obama dies in office!?

    Oh, really?

    Maybe Barry has a Lincoln/JFK moment then rises from his mortal head wound?

    The Beast is rising and we overcome him by the blood of the Lamb and our testimony (Rev. 12:11).

    Psalm 37

  85. this is atrue message, God Bless U

  86. my friend in 1963 i went to william branhams meeting as a skeptic , he called people by thier names told their infirmities, where they lived, the seceretes in their hearts, and then i saw that Light appear over his head, he said, he did not know these things, he was just a voice God used, the purple and scarlet colors , i am a former catholic all the cardinal dress in these colors and every lent that 40 day before easter they cover all their statues with purple,purple and scarlet are the colors of the catholic church, she is the mother of harlots and the denominations are the daughters of the and hate wm. branham,cathocism is full of sodomites the russian news agency exposed them, here is a prophecy oh wm. branham And remember, I say this as God’s prophet: The Russian empire will drop an atomic bomb of some sort on the Vatican City and destroy it in one hour. THUS SAITH THE LORD. And the Bible said that God took them cruel-hearted men and put them in His hands, and they were instruments in His hands to fulfill His will, and to bring back to her exactly what she had coming to her. That’s exactly. That’s the Word.

    • Quote Prophecy instead of rattling out some dilusional Freemasonic theory. It so happens that Purple & Scarlet were colors used in the Jerusalem temple, instructed by God. What is the revelation of St. Jude to the contention of the “Body of Moses” by satan ?

  87. lf some of what the prophet has said came to past then be rest assured the rest will eventually be fulfilled. Lets get ready for a the home going is at hand. The bible never lies what is written is written. This is the time to get on board while the life boat is here.

  88. How do you know the woman has not been wronged by their country but because her belief in god and humanity is worth more than even that of the world that she chose to turn her back on her country and the world.

    Maybe she chose to be gods alone and chose not to stop things from happening because all the world had outcast her for her indifferences and beliefs.

    Maybe she just chose to exist and gave her anger upon the lord to do with as the lord wants. Maybe she knows things she shouldn’t but doesn’t want to play a part.

    There could be many reasons then again there could be none.

  89. The woman in ‘purple’ represents the Catholic Church. Read Revelation chapters 13 and 14, and Daniel, chapters 1, 2 and 4. The papacy is the only world power that exactly fits all the characteristics of ‘the beast.’ The woman (the Catholic Church, sits or rules the beast, which is the world powers). The Beast in Revelation 13 has parts of many animals – animals are used to represent nations. America has the bald eagle and Russia has the bear. In March last year, and some time in March this year the Pope is/was to visit with the United States Congress. Yes, it is coming. The papacy had lost her power in the French Revolution, put Mussolini signed a pact in 1929 with the present Pope, giving all their land, titles and power back to them. They have been growing ever since. And, yes, America will ‘burn up.’ Satan, who gives this ‘Beast’ it’s seat of power and authority especially hates America because it is the only country which was founded on the principles of religious freedom. I love Catholics – it’s not the congregation, it’s the leaders who know better, the un-biblically based system of ‘traditions’ and human made rules.

  90. Who can make war with the beast? Who can war with America ? so who is the beast. Now out of the earth comes the second beast with Two lamb like horns & causes all to worship the first beast , What does the Two Lamb like horns(its powers)specifically represent ? If you do not this, then your interpretation is out of the old Lie.

  91. To a clue- The many alters figured in the British Freemasonic Israeli supreme court & what would be the state had the temple existed ? . . With what does satan deceive the whole world, for the Bible to say that the whole world is under the thumb of the evil one.?

  92. This will be when America is trying to fight Israel and since Israel is a protected country by God this will read into total destruction of America

  93. I believe everything he preached

  94. The second coming, world teacher will be a woman born in America. Purple indicative of devotion, healing abilities, loving, kindness, and compassion. It is also the color of royalty, high rank, justice, wealth and dignity. She is coming soon though many will not recognizer her at first as the world teacher but a false prophet. The real false prophet is of the flesh, the churches, but about 2025 people will know her calling . The Middle East will listen to her in 2028. The world gets better in the 2030’s. More destruction of the earth will come probably in the 2050’s – 2060″s but not sure of those dates. This is when Christ will be revealed.

  95. Zechariah:5: The flying scroll & the wickedness in an Ephah- is as QE1 with the eyes of the Theosophist the Ukranian Helena Blavatsky. The curse of Freemasonry governed by theosophy. Freemasonry off that ‘ole iniquity established at the time of QE1, notorious for modern African slave trade that overflowed into the new land & The the wickedness through the theosophist sealed in an Ephah lifted by two stork winged women (Alice Baley & Annie Besant) denoting spiritual uncleanliness , the Wickedness lifted up ,between heaven & earth denote the Principalities & Powers & Wickedness in heavenly like places through Tibetian or familiar spirits, established in shinar denote the masonic chained statue of liberty winding its way into the UN forming itself as the Theosophical Prayer hall . The Biblical false Prophet that govern the nations of the world, sitting against the Kingdom of God by his Christ.

  96. Hello My fellow Americans:
    I will have already announced to the World that I am REAL God’s Last Prophet. And I am on the scene. Please, you may make no mistake.See John 14.16-17,26; 25.26 and 16.7-15
    Members of the public having guesting concerning My claim to such Office may inform themselves by googling, “Is Ronald Dwayne Whitfield the Last Prophet? ”

    With kindest wishes,

    I am

    /s/Prophet Ronald Dwayne Whitfield

  97. May I submit my ten cents worth in the hope that some semblance of sanity may be attained! First I present a portion of the original text which constitutes the crux of this discussion; and then my comments, and then some unabridged comments of the prophet himself. My wish is that this will suffice to defend the prophet in his absence…

    William Branham said he had received seven major prophecies in 1933.

    These were written in the fly-leafs of his, and the congregation’s Bibles at the time and referred to as occasion determined until he died!

    When revealing them in later sermons, he said that the first five had already come true, and that they would all be fulfilled. He died in 1965.

    1. “Franklin D. Roosevelt will run four terms and take America into a second world war. (True)

    2. “The dictator that’s now arising in Italy will come into power. Ethiopia will fall. He’ll come to a shameful end. (Mussolini) (True)

    3. “The women have been permitted to vote. And in voting, someday they’ll elect the wrong man. (not sure who he meant- obviously someone whose mistakes would have serious effects on the future of the world or America or both…. Here the prophecy came true in the election of J. F. Kennedy… the first Roman Catholic President as the prophet stated.
    he seemed to think that maybe this was fulfilled already, but he had never seen Obama, who lures foolish women, who want to have sex with him.

    4. “Our war will be with Germany and they will build a great big concrete place and fortify themselves in there and the Americans will take a horrible beating. (Berlin Wall. World War II, millions of casualties)

    5. “Science will progress in such a way until they will make a car that will not have to be guided by a steering wheel and the cars will continue to be shaped like an egg until the consummation. (Started with Volkswagon bug- Cars have rounded edges to this day)

    6. “I saw a great woman stand up, beautiful looking, dressed in real highly royals like purple and I got little parenthesis down here, ‘She was a great ruler in the United States, perhaps the Catholic church’” (?)

    7. “I saw this United States burning like a smolder; rocks had been blown up. And it was burning like a heap of fire in logs or something that just set it afire; and looked as far as I could see and she’d been blown up. (End of America as a powerful nation – war, terrorism, result of the woman in purple?)

    My comments:

    This is exactly what the prophet said about the visions… let us not make assumptions…

    Unabridged excerpts from sermons by the prophet himself!

    1960-12-05 The sermon which was recorded and is freely available was entitled, ‘THE EPHESIAN CHURCH AGE and was preached in JEFFERSONVILLE INDIANA
    The unabridged quote reads as follows…
    47 How many remembers that vision, here in the church? Sure. Said that, how that even Kennedy would be elected in this last election. How that women would be permitted to vote. How that Roosevelt would take the world to war. How that Mussolini would go towards Ethiopia, his first invasion, and would take it; that’d be the end, he’d die off after that. How these great isms would rise up and all fall back into Communism; Hitlerism, and Mussolini, and Co-… Nazism, and so forth, would all fall back into Communism. And eleven years beforehand, it said that “We’d go to war with Germany, and Germany would be fortified behind concrete,” the Maginot Line. It happened just that way. Said then, after that, would come to place that… come to pass that science would increase so greatly until they would invent a car, the cars would become more like “egg” all the time. And that vision was told right here where the Church of Christ stands now, at the old Mes-… orphans home. Charlie Kurn, perhaps in the building tonight, was living at the place at the time. One Sunday morning about seven o’clock it happened. And It said, “Then there would come to pass that they’d invent a car that they didn’t need a steering wheel in it, it would be controlled by some kind of a power.” They’ve got it now. They got it now, in magnetic power, radar control. They don’t even… just set your radar to where you’re going, it takes you yourself, don’t have to steer.
    48 Now, and it said in there, “At that time, there’d be a great woman stand up in the United States.” And she was dressed and beautiful, but she was cruel in heart. And I got in parenthesis on the vision, even yellow paper, said, “perhaps the Catholic church.” And the women being permitted to vote would help elect the wrong person for this nation. And that’s what they done. Exactly. Now, said, “That would be the beginning.”
    Now another thing it said, that… Then immediately after that, I saw this nation become as a smolder, just blowed to bits. Now, if them things has happened, so will this other. We’re at… That’s the reason I’m here tonight trying to bring this and set it to this people at Jeffersonville, ’cause I’m fixing to enter the mission fields pretty soon again, and don’t know what time that I may be called away or caught away. I–I… we don’t know that. And I want to be sure that I’m… let the church know the hour they’re living, ’cause Almighty God will hold me responsible for it. – End of Quote!

    My comments:

    The matter of the Concrete wall, item 4 on the list of vision… that will be dealt with at the end in another unabridged commentary on this subject in the words of the prophet…

    As for the smouldering, burned landscape that the prophet saw in the vision… it could have meant many things but what comes to mind is, a possible implosion of the ‘Yellowstone National Park’ which is a very lively Caldera and is just dying to darken the skies and set the nation and beyond into another Ice-age. It could also be China who has just created a radar evading super-supersonic nuclear warhead-bearing aircraft and is currently warning America to behave itself… or else! It could also be a comet, or meteor collision… The way Obama is behaving, I wouldn’t be surprised if Israel doesn’t hit America first for Israel is aware of the Zionist bankers New World Order conspiracy and their, (the Illuminati’s) desire to wipe the Jewish nation of the face of the Earth and the orthodox, Bible Believing Christians. Isn’t that exactly why the Vatican’s Jesuits invented/created Islam?… To capture Jerusalem and make their headquarters on the foundations of Solomon’s temple… just as the Muslims have done!
    As for the woman in purple… It is simply the Vatican! But that doesn’t write off Hillary Clinton being the puppet of the Illuminati who will manifest the evil of the Roman Catholic Church… By the way, hasn’t anyone told you of the Hijacking of the Roman Catholic Church at the 2nd. Vatican Council 1965-1969? How the Freemasons, (Illuminati) in conjunction with the Jesuits of the Vatican underhandedly took full control of the entire Roman Catholic Church and thereby turning it into a underground, undercover Satanic institution where Lucifer rules and he alone is worshipped?
    In addition, anyone who is submissive to and led by the Holy Ghost cannot find error with the ministry of William… unless they have lent their ear out to seducers… but by abiding by what is on the taped sermons… there is no way a Spirit-fill child of God can find error. Bear in mind, everything that he said wasn’t ‘THUS SAITH THE LORD’ and be assured that prophets do err and God does correct them. May times he would give his opinion on an issue being pressed to when he hadn’t had revelation thereto… but that was because he was under pressure to make a comment… that doesn’t make it a prophecy or a prediction. For example, he predicted that the end would come by 1977… that wasn’t a prophecy but a prediction based upon ‘the onrushing slaught that’s coming now, how fast that it was moving, how long it’ll take till this nation meets its place.’ (See quote below)

    1960-11-13 From the sermon entitled ‘CONDEMNATION BY REPRESENTATION preached in JEFFERSONVILLE INDIANA
    31 But last week, the reason I was expressing the way I did, there was more than politics included. I’d like to read you a prophecy that was given. I got on… And many… By the way, Mr. Mercier and many of them are going to take some of these old prophecies, and dig them out, and revise them a little, or bring them up to date, and put them in papers. I’d like to read some things that I’d like for you to–to… This one first. I’d like to read something to you.
    1932: (Listen to this.) As I was on my way… Or as I was getting ready to go on my way to church this morning, it came to pass that I fell into a vision. Our services is being held on Meigs Avenue at the old orphans’ home, where Charlie Kern lives in part of the building.” (He lives just across the street now, you know.)
    And it came to pass that while I was in this vision I seen some dreadful things take place. I speak this in the Name of the Lord.
    The president which now is, President Franklin D. Roosevelt… (Now remember, this is twenty-eight years ago.) will cause the whole world to go to war; and the new dictator of Italy, Mussolini, shall make his first invasion towards Ethiopia, and he will take Ethiopia; but that’ll be his last. He shall come to his end.
    35 We will be in war with Germany. Watch Russia. (Now, that’s…) Communism, Nazism, and Fascism… Watch Russia. But that is not the main one to watch.
    It shall–also has been an evil thing done in this country; they have permitted women to vote. This is a woman’s nation, and she will pollute this nation as Eve did Eden.
    Now, you see why I’m hammering the way I do. I got, THUS SAITH THE LORD.
    In her voting she will elect the wrong person. The Americans will take a great beating at a place that Germany will build, which will be a great wall built of concrete (The Maginot Line, eleven years before it was ever built.) But finally they will be victors.
    Then when these women help elect the wrong person, then I seen a great woman rise up in the United States, well-dressed and beautiful, but cruel in heart. She will either guide or lead this nation to ruination. (I’ve got in parenthesis “perhaps Catholic church.”)
    Also, science will progress, especially in the mechanical world. Automobiles will continue to get like egg shape. Finally they will build one that won’t need a steering wheel. (They’ve got it now.) It will be controlled by some other power.
    Then I seen the United States as one smouldering, burnt-over place. It will be near the end. (Then I’ve got in parenthesis: “I predict that this will take place.” Now, remember, the Lord ne… That’s what the Lord showed, but “I predict this will take place before 1977.”) Upon this prediction, I base, because of the onrushing slaught that’s coming now, how fast that it was moving, how long it’ll take till this nation meets its place. – End of Quote

    To download a free copy of the Book entitled ‘THE BROKEN CROSS – The Hidden Hand in the Vatican’, which gives eye-witness evidence of the events culminating in the hijacking of the Roman Catholic Church click on the link below!

    Click to access Broken_Cross_-_The_Hidden_Hand_in_the_Vatican.pdf

  98. As stated “Who can war with the Beast” AMERICA, its sodomic character recently revealed by its courts, come as The Marker unto the “Mark of the Beast” , for those who do not take it can neither Buy or Sell (Trade) today is reflected by the “Economic Sanctions” on Russia though stating Ukraine but its Spiritual reason being that Russia by its Orthodox Church stand against the sodomic onslaught of the west. This same Marker would be extended to the whole world even individually unto the said Prophecy.
    As for the Harlot decked in riches & royalty that rides the Beast is revealed PROTESTANTISM, its Religion, itself established out of the harlotry of a Royals, then ,through rebellion against its Parent Church even as the beast today is seen trampling upon her, unto the words of the Pharaoh “America is not a christian country”, the fool who thinks Christianity is Protestantism, unaware of the Church that moves in the Spirit.
    Now the Beast in turn ruled by the False Prophet to Zech 5 “Freemasonry by Theosophy” wound its way into the UN prayer hall & the head symbol of theosophy the Hindu “OM” (even by its sodomic sign) denoted by the many alters figured in the British freemasonic israeli supreme court (In the absence of the temple) all but abominations unto God ,reflecting the words of Prophet Jeremiah before the scattering “There is seen a conspiracy among the princes of Judah” even in its continuation through a Freemasonry as the Beast by the False Prophet subdues/seduces the nations inc, the many false flag operations , installing puppet rulers, making Sodom as a “Holy Cow”. to eventually gather the nations to war against the Lamb , even as its prophets profess falsely, the Prophets of Babylon out of the same protestantism in the likes of John Hagee unto his Blood Moon prophecy as a Physical sign ,when In truth, the Sun darkened & the Moon covered with blood denotes the prosecution of the Woman of Rev. 12 in its dual understanding is the Church , the Bride of Christ , bringing about the Vengeance of the Bridegroom called “The Wrath of the Lamb” in the day of the Lord.—.

  99. God bless you bro Braham

  100. “Towards Russia the great masculine woman. The whole universe vexed” Nostradamus 8:15

    “Pontiff of Rome(Francis) beware of approaching the city of two rivers(Philadelphia), your blood and the blood of your companions will be split when the Rose(Woman Arises=Carly Fiorina) florishes” Nostradamus 2:97. Note that the original French says “FLURIRA LA ROSE”!!!! Isn’t this shocking?
    Did Nostradamus rally predict the rise of Carly Fiorina?

    • carmelo

      interesting quotes, but if you look closely, Flurria is not = Fiorina

      you mean fleurira?

      i guess both mean blossom, it is it a stretch to equate carly fiorina with nostradamus…..what inspires you want to make this connection?

      also, I looked up city of two rivers, and got a city in Wisconsin.

      why did you pick philadelphia as a city with two rivers? I am sure there must be other cities that have two rivers as well.


      washington dc has potamac and rappahanock rivers

      williamsburg va has the james and york rivers

      can you explain why you came to these conclusions?

      the time “when the rose blooms” is the springtime.

      so it would refer to a season, not a person.

      how would all this relate to the woman in purple?

      just questions to think about

      • Many Nostradamus students conencted Hister with Hitler, is not a stretch to do the same with Fleurira? Philadelphia is sourrounded by two rivers that collide. Note that Nostradamus writes that the Pope should be cautious approaching this city. The blood reference might refer to the super blood moon that happened that same night he departed back to Rome. This is just an interesting coincidence! We will need to wait and see if Carly Fiorina becomes in fact the woman Nostradamus seems to refer here. If the former HP CEO vanishes and does not makes it to the White House then she was not the one. If she does watch me! I might be giving interviews on Fox News as the best Nostradamus prophecies interpreter.!

  101. Jesus: “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the father except through me”, said Jesus.

    MATHEW 24
    21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.

    22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.

    23 Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not.

    24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

    Please note the word Christ means “anointed”, not Jesus.

  102. So I believe in what Bro Branham preached. But I refuse to believe that a woman will be the downfall of the world. Men are human as well. Armeggedon will not be because a woman chose a handsome man. It takes years for the economy in any country to fail. Blaming it on women is an easy way out. Men can be as weak as any women. See how older men go for the tighter younger look.

  103. Tym to go home our z heaven

  104. To the Enmity put by God against the serpent & the Woman & by their seed is denoted by the Glorious Woman & Her beloved crown of stars in Rev. against the woman atop the freemasonic capitol hill with stars on her helmet under the “BIRD FOOT” , which woman denotes the many alters figured in the British freemasonic Israeli supreme court – Vishnu transformed into a female in the height of seduction, reveals the root of Sodom.
    As for the Glorious Woman revealed as Humble & Loving – a sheer delight unto the sons of men, to be one off the Arc of the Covenant , the most feared & Most Holy , for who ever could stand against the Ark & who ever can ?

    • Says the Bible “Who can make war with the BEAST ?
      The woman atop the freemasonic capitol hill , denotes “Intimidation & Seduction” the seat of the Beast , unto the Prophecy of the days of Noe & Lot which cause of the destructions then were “Violence & “Sodom” resp., today reflected by the two houses of Congress, one through the same Violence through wars & the other through the same sexual corruptions unto the Sodom, standing against the “Family Order” which again is based on the First Holy Family of God – The Ark of the Covenant- The Throne of God .
      Said the son of God( the Bright & Morning star) unto the Church of Thyatira in Rev.( in general deemed as the one Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church) ” —– & I will give him the Morning star” witnessed as Humble & Loving- a sheer delight unto the sons of men- some of whose words for eg. are quoted in Proverbs 8.
      The Morning star(s) not to be confused with the son of the Morning, which is not the light but the forerunner or Lucifer/Light bearer , who by corruption. read pride, tries to show himself as the light even unto making his throne above the stars of heaven which specifically are the Morning stars constituting the very Throne of God – The First Holy Family—
      Job :” — when the Morning Stars sang together & all the sons of God (Elohim) shouted for Joy”

  105. I truly believe,we just have to prepare ourselves

  106. I think it’s me

  107. Branham claimed he had the visions in 1933, but he made them public after the events; he claimed he wrote them down on a piece of paper from the Bible, and it was in the conerstone of branham tabernacle, but no piece of paper was found in the cornerstone.

  108. How about Donald Trump. There is the color purple in his banner. He’s a scary man.

  109. My mother was very ill. My father carried Mom 209 miles to a Branham service. She went up in the healing line where Rev. Branham described accurately her symptoms, told her exactly her children, marriage to a minister, address and city. She was completely healed. He prophesied accurately about many things to many people. Why then, would this not be true?

  110. About the prophecy of America on fire you should look up the works of Gill Broussard it explains it perfectly

  111. When Adam & Eve hid themselves wrapped in bikinis (America’s national dress)out of fig leaves ,God covered them with COATS of skin
    Coat is full coverings
    Ever wondered why Jesus cursed the fig tree ?

  112. That’s why America is thus revealed as spiritual sodom in the belief of Egypt , that enslaved a people physically then now tries to enslave the world spiritually & denoted by the many alters figured in the freemasonic Israeli supreme court -vishnu( that ole Egypt)the transgendered one atop the US freemasonic Capitol dome, by intimidation & seduction, is but to know as to why the present Pharoah & his people are so obsessed with Sodom & transgenderism. So now know why God covered them with coats (of course fully) when they made bikinis for themselves. Now back to bikini displays, for God himself to ask ” Do they have something more than what He has created’ & he strips her naked & sees nothing more than what he created , for they who mock God learn the hard way that
    God is not Vishnu that ole golden calf sitting cross legged chanting love & fresh air, which again comes back to the basic question ‘Why did Jesus curse the fig tree’

    • It’s not America. It is the global agenda the American government has sold out to controlled by Old Knob.

  113. I believe the woman in purple references Hillary Clinton who graduated from Harvard with a law degree. The color of a law degree ROBE is PURPLE. If she gets elected next president, and I think she will in 2016…it may fill this prophecy. She is neck and neck with Trump yet each are highly negatively rated and the violence during this campaign has already escalated in violence and hatred. Say your prayers…

  114. I definitely believe brother Branham carried the prophetic anointing, which according to my understanding is that he would declare a thing and it would come to pass. His anointing was similar to Elisha when the man fell into his burial site God raised that men from the dead. !8 years ago I had a terrible accident and was very busted up. I had an operation to repair my broken body but unfortunately due to bones coming out of my body in the accident I got infected with osteomalitis which is a bacterial infection in the bone. I suffered terribly being on huge intravenous doses of antibiotics. after about 8 months emotionally and physically I started to deteriorate and cried out to God. I started to read a Brother Branham book and in one meeting he spoke to a lady and said she would be healed by Christmas . The words leapt off the page and on or about the middle of December my surgeon rang and said I should have another operation . When I went to hospital the Doctor gave me a huge document to read to absolve himself and the hospital of any liability as the operation was very complicated as they were going to remove all the titanium rods and plates in my body. He wanted me to read it all and then sign it. I just grabbed it and signed it and said, “doctor I am leaving this hospital healed” and God through the prophets word healed me by Christmas.

    • simon

      awesome testimony!

      • Ye Marianne it was awesome and the amazing thing was all my bones were healed in about 9 months which should have taken 2 tears and I have no pain from any of the corrective surgery which was very intrusive. Jesus was faithful to His word, that “those who wait upon the lord shall mount up with wings as eagles “and this is eagle got a chance to soar again.

  115. It could be possible the woman dressed in purple in William Branhams vision is the manifestation of the bride of Christ. Purple speaks of royalty and there is none more royal and beautiful than the church of Jesus Christ. After Christ has manifested His Bride to the world in all her beauty and glory then the judgment of God will come upon the world (as seen in his next vision of America on fire). It could be a dual vision ie the separation of the sheep and the goats.

  116. We shall see.

  117. being determint on the word and reflecting ourself to what extend are we?

  118. We will/Christian will already be rapture before a woman becomes President of these United States. No one knows that time.

  119. Guess we now know or feel the woman in purple maybe Hilary Clinton

    • keeper

      that thought has crossed my mind as well. she is sick with advanced parkinson’s and dementia. she has already been in power for 8 years under O, and created much destruction. let us see how much longer she lasts.

  120. Is it not possible that the beautiful lady in purple is the rising of the glorious bride of Christ?

  121. O Thou kind Lord! This Gathering is turning to Thee. These hearts are radiant with Thy love. These minds and spirits are exhilarated by the message of Thy glad-tidings. O God! Let this Nation become glorious in spiritual degrees even as it has aspired to material degrees, and render this just government victorious. Confirm this revered nation to upraise the standard of the oneness of humanity, to promulgate the Most Great Peace, to become thereby most glorious and praiseworthy among all the nations of the world. O God! This Nation is worthy of Thy favors and is deserving of Thy mercy. Make it precious and near to Thee through Thy bounty and bestowal.

  122. America has many names Biblically 1) The Beast – for as the Bible asks Who can make war with it ? so what is that which rides – its religion. 2) Babylon: denoted by the city New York where men & souls are traded – Commercial Babylon, even the words of God unto an Apostised people, that lies at the heart of New York “I will carry you beyond Babylon ” a stepping stone to hell for a many. 3)Spiritual “Sodom & Egypt” , Egypt to its beliefs, the same Egypt that killed Christ., swimming in Sodom. 4) ZECH 5 ” Freemasonry by Theosophy” that rules the world, the biblical false prophet even, the second beast of Revelations. America based on freemasonry even unto its theosophical prayer hall in the UN in New York, where theosophy became established., going by the false principle as if the Ark was made for the temple & not the temple for the Ark, unto projecting man as god, in place of God, to the serpents words in eden “Ye be as gods” to the prophesied Abomination, unto the spirit behind those alters figured in the freemasonic Israeli supreme court to the hindu Vishnu Lo Egypt by the prophesied, synagogues of satan, the very Abomination that causes the Desolation, revealed by the transgendered one, under the ‘Birds Foot” atop the freemasonic Capitol Dome , in its works of ” Intimidation & Seduction” that govern the two houses of the US congress, underscored by “Violence & Sodom” , unto the prophesied days of Noe & Lot, where the same violence & sodom were the chief causes for the two utter destructions then.
    No amount of prayers can change prophecy, for God who sees the end from the beginning & it is from his sight that prophecy originates , through the very spirit of Prophecy ,come as the testimony of Jesus.
    Neither do the Elect in rev. keep praying saying” the Nation is worthy of thy favours” a damned Lie, but cry out for vengenance, off that Enmity put by God in Eden,

  123. Ever stop to consider Hillary could be the woman in purple. She has been the crowned royal for the democratic party for the last 7 years. The Clintons are treated as royalty. Purple signifies royalty. Just a curious idea.

    • max

      that is possible, not sure about seeing her a “beautiful,” which is part of the prophetic description

    • I think she can be because thy talk about those emails thousands of them it’s over looked back on trump she needs to be the winning error to make this happen somethings not right

  124. The woman in purple is roman catholic church. They will come to power and destroy all those who do not follow their laws. The other prophecy speaks of woman who will become president of usa,she is going to destroy the, economy of usa, and she will be against russia, and this time russia will destroy them with a bomb and los angeles will be covered by water and fish will be swimming in that place. It will be like the was never a city.

  125. My mouth has been shut
    And the news are too true to be believed

  126. ladies and gentrumen,let me tell you nothing but the truth,the man named WILLIAM BRANHAM was a prophet ordained by GOD,to be the last prophet in this generation.The words that he proclaimed were not his,rather it came directly from GOD.Believe what he said,live right,stay with the word of GOD.Time is nomore,one of these days RAPTURE is going to take place and we the BRIDE OF CHRIST we will be RAPTURED.

    THOSE WHO SHALL LEFT SHALL FACE SQEEZE,TRIBULATION,ETC.My words to you all saints is that,dont be left out in this world

  127. The purple is clicking now…. Hillary and bill wore it after she lost n they r tied to Soros who touts about the purple revolution (globalist agenda).
    Not far now… Keep getting ready in Jesus.

  128. Notice how Hillary wore purple at her concession speech? She was ear marked to be the next POTUS by the media & behind the scenes people. We stopped that from happening so maybe we stopped #5 from happening by doing so. In the sense of being able to predict a timeline it would make sense to be able to change one too. Quantum shit really.

  129. Ridiculous!

  130. After Hillary Clinton loss Michelle Obama is now top candidate to fulfill this prophecy. Other candidates are Elizabeth Warren, Kristen Gillibrand and Nikki Haley.

  131. The words of one, regarding the American Pharaoh with regards to the “Mad cow decease” & his wife to join the monkeys, is but prophectic.
    Said Daniel: Of ,his type, in the order of the 666, “He will not regard the god of his father’s , but a strange god in private——” a hindu monkey warrior god, to say man came from the monkeys, Evolution his god, which but reveals the “MAD” belief behind that O’le golden calf, the holy cow , as “Mad cow decease” & so becomes imperative that his wife lives with the monkeys , according to their beliefs.
    And that mad cow decease is what is brought forward through Zionism (remember the hindu vishnu Lo Egypt figured in the freemasonic Israeli supreme court) to the prophecy of the Lie through a people, even the synagogues of satan, as the strong delusion from God , so that they may believe the lie, their own, for those that have not the love of the truth in them, is but to remember the words of God from ‘ole to a people in deep Apostasy” Ye shall not enter into My Rest” true unto this day.

  132. I just watched the News shout Hillary Clinton preparing for the Next presidential election. She wears a purple jacket in the Video!

    • Hillary is now 69. She will be 73 in 2020. She just can’t win at that age. She is finished. The prophecy might be fulfilled in 2020 but by another woman who is poised to surge within the next 3 years and who is now in her late 40s.

  133. Okay fellas! New girl on the Block! Kamala Harris. Beautiful, young and poised to become he female Obama in 2020. Will she be the ONE? Only time will tell. Looking for prophecy allusions now. Her name itself is prophetic. Will she run?

  134. You’re talking about President Obama luring women? He’s only had one wife, Donald trump is on his third wife and has said the most vile things about them. What is it about trump that is so moral? The only ethnicity that he likes is whites. Is that someone who should be held in high esteem? Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lot of things about president Obama that have rubbed me the wrong way, but I feel you’re making these judgements against him because he’s Black! At least almost every picture you pull up of Obama, he’ll be surrounded with ppl of other ethnicities; not trump!

  135. That’s so convenient saying that you were given 7 prophecies and that 5 had been fulfilled, then you announce that you were given these prophecies. And notice that the first 5 are really specific and the last 2 are so vague. I mean, really!?!? Use your brains people!!

  136. Kamala Harris. Remember that name!

  137. woman in purple = george soros revolution illuminati represented by purple.

    woman is america taken over by george soros and his group, which includes hilllary clinton and obama , and the democrats and RINOS.

    they have done much destruction to america, and if they cannot have the country, they will burn it down

  138. Could it be that the woman in purple is not evil? Could it be that she is humble and meek? Could purple symbolize the Messiah and an army of the Lord being built?

    • Could it be that the woman in purple is not evil? Could it be that she is humble and meek? Could purple symbolize the Messiah and an army of the Lord being built? What is odd is that I have had a similar dream. I went to look up the meaning and it linked me here. Also odd, is that William Branham is on my genealogy tree as a ancestor. We both have had similar experiences as far as the prophetic dreams.

      • christina

        It is possible she represents something positive before the fall of america. not sure about any details here. if you are related to branham, maybe you could contact family to see if more explanation is available.

        • Thank you Marianne:) It is so interesting to have had this dream and then it be distant relative who had a similar one. Thank you so much for your response.

          • God planted the tree of Good & Evil as also the Tree of Life, but he forbid “Taking the fruit of the tree of Good & Evil” , to mean not to ” Indulge” in it ,is what they did, but to its knowledge through The tree of Life, in short indirectly. Is but to know today the State of Existence between the Angels of God & man , Man dies but Angels do not, man is confused between Good & Evil , today calling evil as good & good as evil, where as the Angels, who are to separate the wheat from the chaff , know perfectly well what is Good & what is Evil.
            But to the question , why did God in the first place plant the tree of Good & Evil when he could have planted only Good , the answer in terms of Knowledge ,Evil is but to discern the Good, for how then can one know what is Good / Alas not through indulging in it, The price of Disobedience & Rebellion is very High , for God it does not matter even as “Time” is His, but for man time is precious , for even a short time in hell could seem endless or eternal, bits of which man experiences here on earth, as a prelude.

  139. Not sure if you saw yesterday Kamala Harris was wearing purple

    • Don’t send me this or I’ll report you!

      Sent from my iPhone


    • Hi marrion

      I also saw where the Simpsons cartoon show predicted this as well. Interesting.

      • Please stop emailing me! You threatened me when I told you Black people are the true Israelites, so don’t email me with this nonsense. You ain’t no prophet. Y’all are hypocrites!!!

        • I am not emailing you. This post is quite a few years old I don’t know how you got on it. You must be subscribed to the page so just unsubscribe

  140. nice article
    Here is my channel where i upload sermons of william branham


    kamala harris?

  142.;center,top. Kamala Harris wearing purple at swearing in ceremony for vice president

    • Dressed for the occasion she is! 😧

      Kamala name meaning: “Kamala is another name of a well-known Hindu goddess, who is probably better known as Lakshmi. Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of prosperity, good luck, and beauty, and she’s often depicted with the lotus flower.”

      Lakshmi may also be called Lokamata, ‘mother of the world’ and that name is as pagan as Ishtar, with roots going back to Babylon.

      Read More:

      Kamala is going to replace Joe on Barry’s lap as Obama’s puppet. Probably as soon 12/2022 and definitely before 11/2024.

      Expecting a massive “False Flag” event to plunge US into complete Federal Emergency Powers, eliminating personal protection via habeas corpus; A writ that a person may seek from a court to obtain immediate release from an unlawful confinement, as when the confinement has occurred through a means that violated the person’s constitutional rights.

      Barry is the chosen one. Once the US is destroyed from within, Barry will be exalted to Secretary of UN. Barry is the Son of Perdition. Getting closer by the month.

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