Praise Report–Storm Protection

storm tree down

Just a well deserved Thank You to the Lord for preserving me and my house through a storm. 

A thunderstorm with possible tornadoes was predicted on what seemed like a beautiful sunny day.

I could see dark clouds approaching rapidly and the rain started.

I went outside to roll up my windows in the car.

I was still outside when the wind picked up to about 70 miles an hour, which almost knocked me down, but I made it safely to the inside of my house. 

Trees were snapping all around me.

This made me think a tornado was also coming, or I was in the middle of something, like a whirlwind.

When I got inside, I prayed, along with a friend who was there.

After about 20 minutes, it passed, and I went back outside to see all the damage.

A neighbor was in the street, distressed because a tree landed on and crushed his roof. No one was hurt there.

High winds knocked about a half a dozen trees down in multiple yards, including mine, but they all missed my house.

The neighbors and I are working together to recover our yards now.

Praise the Lord for his protection during a sudden and dangerous storm!!

storm tree 2

I have more pictures, I just have to get them off my phone.  The card is too small for this computer.  I will add them if I get them transferred.

tree storm

About 90,000 customers lost power.  I was spared.

It is important to be thankful for being spared during this storm. It is so easy to forget to say “thank you.”

When we are thankful for little things, then God will help us during bigger events.

Thank you Jesus for protecting my family and I , and even the dog, during this storm!


the family dog

Here are some reports about the storm:


11 Responses to “Praise Report–Storm Protection”

  1. Praise God for keeping you safe! You do such wonderful work on your website. I needed to hear something that God DID today. Sometimes HE seems so distant. Other times close. This world is not my home and I feel homesick now more so as time goes by.

  2. Praise the lord, he is a good god!

  3. Great testimony and evidence of His protection.

    “He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, ‘He is my refuge and my fortress; My God, in Him I will trust’ ” (Psalm 91:1-2).

    Blessings to you, your home and to your friend.
    Psalm 29

  4. Marrianne, thank you for sharing that with us.

    Amy Hossack, you wrote, This world is not my home and I feel homesick now more so as time goes by. This made me wish that you would read my post today at With the events in the Middle East shaping up as they are it seems as if the end of The Church on earth is near. Then, our loneliness will be finished forever.

  5. I miss my husband too much to have any hope of being spared. And words escape me.

    I’m sure the neighbour did not feel so lucky that it hit his roof.

    And I question why one person’s life is spared (mine) and another is gone (my sweet husband).

    The length of our lives seems so meaningless to me since his death. Talking about being spared seems so self-serving. He (my husband) wasn’t spared.

    The rain falls on the righteous and the unrighteous alike (Matthew 5).

    I have no infrastructure of support. I have *no* enjoyment. I could probably rejoice with you better if I had some companionship or reason I felt was worthy to go on. At the moment, even someone being spared a deadly whack by a tree isn’t reaching my broken heart.

    Instead of getting mad at me for what I have said, please pray for me. I need companionship, Eddie (my deceased husband) would agree.

    • Leah

      The neighbor was visibly and upset for good reason. We did our best to comfort him. But he is working on rebuilding now, and we work together to get a group discount on services.

      how did your husband Eddie die? was he sick or have an accident?

      you have my wishes for comfort and companionship. I can understand this, since I have been alone for 35 years.

      I found I had to turn inward and to the Lord for strength. this at first seems hard, because those around us are so tangible, we can feel and touch them.

      the Lord seems so intangible being a spirit, but his presence is real.

      I agree that you need companionship. Do not stay alone. Make some efforts to go out into the community and join groups of people who share interests with you. As a widow, you have the blessing and option of finding new love in your life.

      you have my prayers for this new fellowship and I encourage you to start seeking it.

      • thank you Marianne for your reply. xxoo

        Don’t think it’s not for the lack of try-ing.

        The English culture is new to me (and was new to us) and it is not very embracing or warm to new people. I have kept trying and trying and don’t understand the culture and can’t break into it very easily at all. My day is taken up treating my patients – for which I am grateful – but I have had little success making friends, though I’m fairly good at managing patients and face to face relationships.

        However I trust my husband’s leadership in the Holy Spirit, bringing us here and believe that whomever it is must be here, and believe me I have been trying to keep avenues open (in a closed society).

        Please do keep praying for me, and I am glad you avoided disaster.

        I must say that if I am still alone in 35 years, or even 5 years from now, I’d really rather be dead and with Eddie, who, to answer your question, collapsed very suddenly on Christmas Day 2011. It feels like yesterday.

        bye for now,

        • Leah

          We go through different times in our lives. Now that Eddie is gone, maybe the reason you are there is gone too. You can move, if you want.

          • At the moment, I don’t think along those lines.

            It took quite alot for us to set up our live/work premises, more work and effort goes in to building a business than most people realise. Also he is buried here.

            I am a good decision maker. As you know yourself, we lost our husbands not our ability to make decisions.

            I will keep my counsel on this personal matter at this point. Thank you for your advice and all the best.

  6. Yes, what blessings that the Lord bestowed on you & your family. This isn’t the first time either, remember the tornado that was a mile wide that went right passed your home? I thank the Lord for His divine protection for you and yours…I am so grateful you & yours/ homes were spared…Thank you Lord!

  7. Was there a media black out on this storm…I didn’t see anything about it….praise God that He protected your home…He is good!

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