I Lost Her



Because I was ignorant, I did not help as I should have.

This MAY be a case of human trafficking.

It is not confirmed.

I live in America, where life seems free to most people.

There is no obvious slavery.

So what we do not see, is not reality for us.

I had left the gym about 5 pm and went by Walmart for something.

When I pulled in, I saw a young girl with a baby begging for money and food.

I parked my car, and went into Walmart, and decided if she was still out there when I came out, I would help her and give her money.

She was still there.

She looked a little desperate as she held up her sign.

I drove up to her and talked to her.

She had a very soft voice, very polite.

She had an eastern European accent, so I asked where she was from.

She said Romania.

I knew nothing about the country or conditions there, so this did not impress me enough.

It is never in the news that I watch.

My husbands’ grandfather was from there; that was all I knew.

Her appearance was very neat, modest and proper.

She was a pretty, shy girl.

She was very respectful as she answered my questions.

I asked where she lived, and she said Motel 6.

I asked how long.

She said 1 week.

I asked where her husband was, and she said she did not have one.

I asked where her family was, and she said she had none.

Then she mentioned her mother, and two more children back at the motel.

She said something about her mother injuring her foot / leg and could not work.

Her mother was somewhere, about an oil change??

That meant the other children were alone in the motel?


I confirmed 3 children, and no husband?

I asked how old she was, and she said 19 years old.

Then she volunteered the she could not work because her passport was “at the airport.”

This meant a lot to her, but I did not understand the situation.

I asked which airport, and she gave me a blank look.

All she knew was she did not have it, and could not explain well enough in English what happened to it.

I asked her why she was in America, and she said Romania was very poor, and there is no money, food or jobs there.

At this point, I did not know if she was an illegal, or legal, immigrant.

One way or the other, she was in trouble.

A girl not in trouble would not be standing at Walmart asking for money.

Something was wrong.

I was puzzled.

She looked so innocent, and lost,

yet someone, or more than one person, got her pregnant 3 x.

She had 3 children by age 17, as the child she had with her was at least 1-2 years old.

This meant she was having children as a young teenager.

I was not catching on.

It had been long day, and I was not thinking quickly enough.

I gave her what cash I had, and got on the phone looking for help with food and shelter.

It was after 5 pm, and everything was closed.

I gave her the phone number to a homeless mission, and my phone number.

I said I would call her at the motel.

I asked her name, and she told me Vanesa (last name I keep confidential)…

What I forgot to ask was her room number.

She did not know the phone number for the motel.

I said I would look it up.

What I found out the next day was that there were 2 x Motel 6 in town, and they were both far away from where I found her.

I called both motels, and there was no room under her name.

Another mistake.

I did not ask whose name the room was registered under, so I could not contact her.

She had my number, but she did not call me.

I was going to take her around for help, but I lost her.

This weighed on me, so I emailed someone I knew at the mission.

He told me that her situation sounded like “human trafficking,” where children are bought as slaves, or promised a new life with money and jobs, to escape the poverty in their country.

Their passports are controlled or not given to them.

They are forced into prostitution, or some slavery situation, and any money they earn is taken from them.

They are afraid of harm, so they are easy to manipulate and keep their trafficking a secret.

This shocked me.

I had not considered that, since I have had no experience with it.

The next day was raining, but I went back to the Walmart looking for her.

Each day I go there looking for her, hoping she will show back up, but she is not there.

I have given up.

She is gone, as far as I know.

I has been 2 weeks now.

I looked up human trafficking and Romania, and was distressed to find out it is the trafficking center in Europe.

Most slaves get sent to neighboring countries or are used there for prostitution, or free labor.

And now, I realize they may get brought here, to America.

I do not know for sure if Vanesa is being trafficked, but I have been praying that God protects and provides for her.

That innocent little face, the frail body, and holding a baby will stay in my mind for a long time.

If I ever encounter something like this again, I will be more alert, and try to do more than what I did, ask the right questions, and not leave them standing there.

I should have brought her back to the motel, to verify her situation.


Traditional Romanian girls


Here is some information I found out about Romania:



“The trafficker always comes with a promise attached,” says Gabriela Chiroiu, who heads up anti-trafficking programmes for Caritas Bucharest.

The trafficker will offer work abroad as a waiter or hotel staffer, or a job taking care of elderly people.

Since many Romanians do in fact have such jobs in Italy, Spain and beyond, the offers sound believable.

But once the traffickers get people across the border, or simply away from a familiar place, they sell their victims into forced labour, beggary, or prostitution.

Young women end up working in nightclubs or brothels.

Men are sold into unpaid, arduous construction or farm work.

And children and adults are forced to beg and steal, giving all they earn to the trafficker and following his or her instructions.

A paraphrase of the government booklet text outlines which criminal does what during the trafficking process:

· The recruiters: “those who sell illusions, deceive, defraud, and abuse people’s trust.”

· Those responsible for smuggling and transport

· Those providing counterfeit IDs and travel documents

· Those who watch the victims so they don’t escape

· Those involved in the management and control of nightclubs, brothels, farms

· Those who deliver the money

· Those who launder the money

“It’s not like a chain. They operate as cells,” says Chiroiu. “If one group is caught, the others remain


According to the U.S. State Department’s 2014 “Trafficking in Persons” report, one-third of Romania’s trafficking victims are underage girls.

There, traffickers have a keen eye for those made vulnerable by their desperation to leave, making the girls ideal victims.

The Eurostat 2015 report notes that Romania was one of the top five countries of origin for victims of human trafficking in the EU, as registered by organizations (governmental and nongovernmental) throughout the bloc.

Since its 2007 accession to the EU, Romania has become a major sex market in Europe — a development that can be seen on the streets of the capital, Bucharest, and in online advertising of Romanian erotic massage parlors.

Strip club owner Gheorghe Anghel Alin, 30, said the market is booming. He has invested in two strip clubs in the past couple of years.

Some girls are trapped and sent to Spain, Italy or elsewhere, but most are taken to Bucharest because of the city’s newly renovated allure and the ease of transportation.



Romania a global center for human trafficking

(CNN) — Romania has become a major transit for the sale of people into the European Union.

Victims as young as 12 years old are trafficked into Romania from destinations as far-reaching as Honduras, Afghanistan, the Congo, and China.

Once they reach Romania, many of these victims are assigned for passage beyond into Western Europe.

While Romanian law officially prohibits all forms of human trafficking, the country’s strategic geographic location — a crossroads between East and West — makes it a source, transit and destination country for the people trade.

The country’s 2007 admission into the European Union brought more relaxed border regulations and enhanced its attraction for international human traffickers.

Human Trafficking map – country origins and destinations.. I am shocked and saddened that America, the “land of the free,” is one of the biggest destinations, and purchasers of slaves.


countries of origin – yellow, red

countries of destination  – blue


Keep your eyes open for trafficking victims.

they may be standing right in front of you.

Make a difference, and help them escape this situation.



33 Responses to “I Lost Her”

  1. […] here for […]

  2. Thank you for this information, Marianne.

  3. Americans have been causing starvation for years. Why do you pretend to care now?

    • paul

      this is not about starvation, I always help the poor.

      so i have always cared.’

      this is about learning more about what is wrong in the world, so we can do more to help the victims

    • America has not only caused starvation in this world but it also has liberated and FED other worlds. It seems you only look through a pessimistic lens. How grandiose of you. With such views I’m sure you donate and work to feed the starving since you are such the compassionate being. Keep up the Lord’s work.

  4. Human trafficking is $150 Billion / year “business” and the busiest time in the U.S. is around the time of the Super Bowl. At least with this last year’s super bowl they had training for the staff.

  5. Thank you for your report and story, we see this portrayed in movies but sadly this is reality, may the Lord cover and protect all these and cover them with his love and blood’ Amen.

  6. Typical of your selflessness Marriane!

    Facing your own trials, yet you still have the heart to care for others. You should not feel bad about not being able to locate this one girl. The situation was sent your way to awaken you as you are now, and as the resolve youve now made, the next time you find a person in need, youll proactively help, without judging.

    I was earliar this year a witnesz to an elderly man being manhandled for allegedly shoplifting some items in a supermarket. I was in haste to get home, and as such I did not intervene. Imagine a man in his sixties or seventies being slapped by the supermarket security men of judt about thirty? Immefiately I left yhe supermarket, I became remorseful, as to why I did not intervene. Apparently the man was poor, had only two packets of maize meal in his shopping basket,. He could have been tempted to hide an item or two, yhst he couldnt afford but needed. Or probably even pocketed an item by mistake owing to his senility?

    Under two months thereafter, another elderly man, but this time a drunkard, was to be forced out of the bus we were travelling in, as he apparently had no busfare-lost or misused in the binging. I knew I had to intervene and paid up his busfare for him, given it was already nightfall.

    God loves us however we are. Whether drunks, addicts, sinners, or blameless, and help us out without judging. He shines jis sun equally on the wicked as eith the righteous. Thus too we ought to love others, to help all in need that we come acrosd and are enabled, without judging. As God does.


    • thanks, john

      you always have something nice to say

      god bless you!

      • I’m humbled by your nice words. (Though I spelt terribly from my tiny phone browser)

        It is entirely by the grace of God , illumining our hearts that we are given the right word in season.

        Your posts and blog here has been an immense blessing to many.

    • Amen, John, Amen.

  7. I had a similar experience, sort of and which I will never know if I should have ‘done something”.. I was staying the night at a hotel and was just checking in. A well dressed man came in after me. The car he got out of was being driven by a young man (teenager?). The “teen” stayed in the car.

    When I went out to park my car near the room, they happened to park near me and the teen was smoking and they were just hanging out beside their car while I brought my suitcase in.

    They somehow didn’t seem to fit as “family”, and it was a school day, so I wondered ‘why wasn’t he in school?” but I didn’t say anything and went on to my room.

    The next day when I was leaving, I began to think perhaps he was a kidnapped youth and was being allowed to smoke and skip school (and drive) to keep him in line rather than being with his dad.

    I asked the staff at the front desk if they could check who registered right after me and if they could do a well check, explaining my concerns, but for ‘privacy reasons’ they couldn’t.

    I am trying to be more mindful, and I hope I was wrong. I could have asked the teenager to help me carry my bags and when got him out away from the man, asked if he was ok….I’ll never forget it.

  8. Marianne, I have always known you to be a very compassionate and giving person, I have personally experienced this! You have helped many people and have used your own resources even when it compromised your own situation. The negative comments here are not even worth addressing as the Lord sees and hears all…
    In regards to the young woman, I am praying for her and her situation. If she is in some kind of trafficking situation and you see her again, you need to be VERY careful as to what you do. This is a potentially dangerous position to put yourself in. The story she told you may only be partially true and staged by her “owner” to get sympathy and $$$$… I would not put her in your car and take her anywhere or go to her supposed motel, etc. She may have been put in the parking lot intentionally and maybe watched as otherwise she could run away & expose her traffickers/owner…And out of fear, the victims learn to become very good actors. Best never to pick someone up and go somewhere, you could be followed and worse IF she is in trouble, you could become a slave yourself… it would be better to give her some money & drive away but call the police once you are out of view and a safe distance away from her location.
    I am so thankful you didnt find her for your sake & our prayers for her are all we can do. Also, remember if someone IS in a trafficking situation, they have been “planted” to solicit money & maybe watched. Asking alot of questions of them may jeporadize their safety as well, as they are seen talking alot to you. As I said get a very safe distance away and call the police for help.. Blessings to you my amazing sister in Christ.

    • thank you elle
      I will at least ask more and better questions next time

      • Maybe figure out a few pertinent questions but keep it short as to not comprimise your safety and the victim’s… I wonder if there is some information on how to deal with this type of situation if it is trafficking or what to ask as the victim is obviously coached. This is a big bucks thug ring & they arent anything to “mess” with… Thanks for the great post and it has really made me think & imagine myself in a situation like this… Safety is first and foremost becasuse it will not be of help if we should get in “trouble” with them & get captured. There are soo many missing people in our country, official stats say 200,000 per year are reported & never found. This is a very sad, staggering & scary thing. I am so shocked with our country…. God will move with avengence I’m sure. We need to act with wisdom & be safe !!! 🌸

  9. I will watch for such signs around where i live.


  10. So very sad. I pray God’s protection over her. God Bless you.

  11. I just read this online. watch your children when out in public. they can be stolen from you.

    Mom’s Warning To Others After An Eerie Encounter At The Grocery Store


  12. Well more paranoia. It’s the parents you should worry about. Maybe this guy woke up.

    • chris

      I watched the tape, and he was within his rights. it was not hate speech, but an unconvincing speech. his approach was a little on the ignorant side. too much hell and not enough love in presentation. he directly stated he hated no one. but truth can be ineffective if the presentation is bad, which is the case here.

      he did not deserve to be assaulted. there was hate on the receiving end, the crowd.

      he was also not well versed enough in the bible to be out there…..we ARE allowed to judge, if it is righteous judgement…..we are NOT allowed to judge others, if we have the same sin they do…he did not know how to respond…..I am assuming he has not been saved very long…..so he did not present the gospel properly.

      he also generalized to the whole crowd that they were all condemned and sinful. this is wrong. there could have been saved christians in the crowd, and he did not consider this. any time you generalize and accuse a crowd, without knowing WHO is in the crowd, and without knowing anyone, then you are going to fail.

      the gospel is supposed to be inviting and reassuring that whatever sins they have will be forgiven, and that love is there for them. the sins can be mentioned, but we do not mock the sinner. we explain WHY the sin is a sin. then we encourage them to examine their ways, repent, and allow the love of god to fill their lives.

      he went away not learning anything, and the crowd now hates god more than before he came….this is a disaster.

      • “if it is righteous judgement”
        Everyone THINKS their judgement is ‘righteous’ that is THE problem with the world today, no humility.

        • chris

          emphasis is on the word IF….

          IF it is righteous judgement, it is allowed.

          god has righteous judgment, and many saints have it also because they first submit to god, are humble, and think long before they speak….and compare they their words with scripture, and the behavior in question.

          most “know it alls” do not have this quality….it is a rare thing, to be humble and hear from God on what to say….

          • Most? we are not Saints and we are not God so we cannot judge at all.

            “it is a rare thing, to be humble and hear from God on what to say”
            Good grief there is no helping the deluded.

            • chris

              like I said, righteous judgement is allowed, but the person has to be fit to do it.


              I see someone lying over and over, I judge them to be a liar.

              someone is a killer, and has a knife. I make the judgment to avoid him.

              someone commits adultery on their spouse. i judge them to be unfaithful and untrustworthy

              some behaviors are easy to judge, if the bible is a standard to judge by

              the MOTIVE for the behaviors may be hard to judge

              you don’t have to be perfect to figure it out

  13. Thank you for sharing this..I will be more aware now too..

  14. Thank you for sharing this..now I will be on the lookout too..

  15. The Knights Templar And The Pharaohs – The Controllers Agenda Exposed 😮

    —(Off-topic & weird…just sharing).

    • leo

      you are right.

      it is weird

      and it is an erroneous myth

      fairy tale

      if jesus never died, then none of us is saved.

      however, there are roman death records….and 120 witnesses to the death and resurrection.

  16. Good post Leo

    The Templars believe in and found the ‘tree of knowledge’ without realising that with this power comes the temptation of ego and arrogance. Many Church leaders and politicians suffer the same ignorance. This will become apparent. Just saying.

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