Nostradamus and the 3 Antichrists


Is Mabus real?

I was looking at John Hogue’s website.

He made a good observation about the prophecies of Nostradamus, that I though I would share, and then ask the next logical question.

In each clue for each antichrist, Nostradamus gave a clue to the name of the country, and then a clue to the name of the person, who is the antichrist figure.

Antichrist #1



An obvious decoding would give us three towns in southwestern France: Pau, Nay and (O)loron.

So he is from France.

NAPOLEON comes from the combination of the 3 towns… Nay Pau loron

SO it is Napoleon from France.

Antichrist # 2



The ancient name of the Danube river is Ister.

Ister originates in Germany, and passes through , Austria,Slovakia, Hungary,Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, Romania

So he is from Germany, or one of the other countries listed above.

Hilter comes from changing the “S” to a “T”

So, it is Hitler from Germany.

But he also could have been someone else from one of the other countries, with a different last name starting with “H.”

Antichrist # 3

Here Hogue digresses and discusses a different Quatrain.

Quatrain X.72
In 1999, seven months,
From the sky (North) a great frightening King will come
The great King of Angoulmois lives again.
Before (and) after March (2000), (he) rules for happiness.

The actual quatrain where the AC is theoretically mentioned is here:

Century 2, v 62

‘Mabus’ then will soon die, there will come
Of people and beasts a horrible rout:
Then suddenly one will see vengeance,
Hundred, hand, thirst, hunger when the comet will run.

A close look at the verse does not really reveal MABUS as an antichrist figure.

If one looks at the verse in context, there are no clues that Mabus is a word for antichrist, or that it is connected to the king mentioned in X.72.

It mentions his death, but not his life activity.

It does not say anything good or bad about Mabus.

I am not convinced that Nostradamus predicted a third antichrist figure.

But following the logic,


Mabus is a clue, then

There is a clue to the name of the country, and a clue to the name of the person.


The only country I see is “US” or United States.


Or maybe BAM – US.

You see anything?


What do you think?



I think there are more clues in the Bible, than in the confused verses of Nostradamus.

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  1. Obamaus = Obama US or Miroslav Satan that plays Ice hockey in the slovakian national team or I saw on a tv show called let´s dance 3 judges gave the dancers 6 points each 666. Just kidding. Thier is only one antichrist and that is emporor Nero.


      Revelation 18:1-2

      And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power, and the earth was lightened with his glory.
      And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, ‘Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and became a habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.

    • Ray Mabus was commander of US Navy
      till 2017.

  2. Nostradamus was an astrologer….Astrologers are not prophets…
    Though he almost had it right about three anti christs… The first antichrist is mohammed who was a complete counterfeit of Jesus messiah but was in reality the antithesis….The second atnichrist was hitler..He was satan’s counterfeit of antichrist to hide antichrist real identity…The third antichrist is the return of mohammed as the apollyon…He is here now resideing in the white house… But as prophecied many will be deceived…and not understand..

    • If you think it is DaOne, why has he not recieved a head wound, and have the spirit of Old knob in him? Who is the false prophet?

      Can the world system give their power for one hour to the Anti-Christ? Not yet, as the WTO is not complete. Region 4 is being but together now. Region one is not together yet.

      It appears we have a distance to go. But, we are close.

      • Obama is the anti-christ and I can bet my head on it. He will receive a terrible head wound right after or during his re-election party just like Robert Kennedy did. Just look at words Osama and Obama and tell me if you have any wisdom to see… Both names are alike…Just like brothers. Then Osama was the false prophet . He delevered himself to Obama as a prearrange action to boost Obama popularity. AND THE FALSE PROPHET WILL DELIEVERE HIS POWER AND SURRENDER TO THE ANTI-CHRIST. HE CAME FROM THEM BUT HE WASNT FROM THEM. There is been a lot especulations and doubts about Obama’s place of birth. There is not doctors certifying his birth or even nurses. Only a piece of paper that Hawaii would give it to anybody as a token of friendship back in those days.

        • There is a sale on tin foil at Walmart

        • How’s your head four years later? Still attached? Still believe that Obama is the AC? Did he take your guns? Send us all to hell? It’s racist idiots like you that are going to end the world….lmfao

          • boo is not gone yet, and yes he is pushing for gun control. to say he is evil is not racist, it is observant.

          • Hundred percent right. It’s not Obama it’s a white dude, and these very same racist fools are the exact ones who will proclaim him their messiah and usher in America’s and the world’s destruction

            They need to read Daniel 11. Nostradamus names him too: Trombe. So does Alois Irlmaier, who starts to name him and spells out the word Drum but then said God stops him after that M to keep the name secret. Trombe, Drum, who O who could that be

        • Well here it is 2016 and no one as right you guys will never be able to guess who it ia the Bible says he will not appear alone and the Bible also tells us that the anti Christ will be revealed with the whole world watching in the temple of Israel and the temple is yet to be built so their for were not quite ready read the word more

      • That isn’t necessary. I had a vision of him on a satanic campaign poster (he & the devil) in 2000; but didn’t see him or know of him until the elections at the end of 2008. I was glad he won, didn’t want him to be the one I saw, yet I recognised him.

        I said to myself … “Until the devil’s present working in him, shouldn’t I support & pray for him as for any Christian? Aren’t we all beset by temptations at the hands of the devil? Should I want to be right; or want him to resist, triumph over the devil, and help our nation? And consider the source … couldn’t Satan be lying to get me to unjustly oppose him? (thereby bringing the undesired result about?)”

        But I sensed satan was telling the truth (he was the other head on the poster), because he did something he usually does when he tells the truth … he became casually arrogant. Without looking at me, but looking straight ahead (as if a pictured head), he projected the thought, “And what can YOU do about it?” in an understated tone. I kept quiet and studied Obama’s face; I knew I’d be seeing him sometime in the future.

        So when Obama got elected and I recognised him for certain as the man in the vision (he was giving his speech, and for the first time he had a serious face, exactly like what I saw), I asked God about this man, saying ‘how could it be him … he seems so good?’

        And God answered me, not word for word, but to this meaning: “You don’t have to wait for the events prophesied over him to occur, to know (meaning, know he’s the Antichrist, and know when to get moving.) You only have to watch what he does. When he does the things that give the devil possession over him (the devil comes to steal, kill & destroy; so the things Obama does are things that steal, kill and destroy), then you’ll know for certain that it’s true, he is the Antichrist; & don’t just sit there, waiting for him to come kill you.”

        So that happened this past January 2012, when he presented the signed Executive Order for the NDAA 2012. Then he signed a host of other executive orders, declaring virtually everyone here ‘homegrown terrorists’ at the whim of bureaucrats he appoints; signing executive orders for administrative subpoenas, so said bureaucrats (or clerks) can have you arrested and jailed for life, or have you summarily shot, at their whim (because he won’t be overseeing it; nobody will, & if these clerks don’t like you, or envy you, you’re doomed); and he recently nationalized everyone’s property (real, personal, curriencies, or any other chattel), and left it at his whim, or those he appoints, to declare or not declare a justifying emergency (one of the conveniences of constant war, is you’re ALWAYS at a state of emergency).

        Of course, the NDAA, Patriot Act, Homegrown Terrorist Act, etc. — the entire litany of lawless, unconstitutional, treasonous acts — back up each of the acts and EO’s individually. It’s the lawless foundation of the 4th Reich, posing as law, fully backed by the UN and national & int’l. military forces. You’re no longer a free citizen, but a slave or feudal subject, & he’s set himself up as dictator.

        This is what God was talking about. Now that he’s built the gallows, crafted the nooses, and put it around our throats, how long do you think it will be before he pulls the trap door away? Maybe when the elections are going against him, and Romney pulls out in front, he’ll arrange to steal it, and formally declare martial law, after moving the troops against us and seizing all funds, to prevent people from taking the money and leaving the country? Can’t have the slaves running away, can he ….

        Are both men bought and paid for? Yes. But one of them is the new Nero to us … and you can figure out which one, if you’re honest about what he’s DONE.

        • You might have been close with Obama. The new wonderboy might be Trump ???

          • You are so right trump is the antichrist. And when he get elected he will show his true colors.

          • My reply is terribly late! so sorry; laptop problems, & a couple of new fire tablets which I took very long getting used to, caused me to loose threads of conversations & websites. Your reply is sooo accurate! Trump: (a) looks like the pagan sun god Janus; (b) has Nero-like traits (I read a tweet of his, under another tag, @trumpnation1, chortling over the fires in Santa Clara/Rosa, b/c they weren’t going to get fed. firefighting help from him since they not only were sanctuary cities, but had sued him & won, & were too broke to hire outside fire teams, & he was gloating in all these facts, saying they should “enjoy” the fire!) — this was on the first Monday of the fires; and (c) Jared Kuchner, his associate, & Israel’s Minister of Education have been working out a plan to expand Israel’s borders to the original shape (as in the Eretz Israel maps) and make the Palestineans Israeli citizens — no more camps, no more walls, & the third (prefabbed & finished) temple erected in short order on the mountain where a muslim facility now sits. They’re getting the cabinet on board, & will hand the done deal to Trump, for him to travel to Israel & get signed in country, so to speak — which is THE big tell — to be followed, of course, by the start/stop of animal sacrifices, the first week the temple’s open; his image streamed in the inner courtyard; and he sits down in the temple, which no priest would do, but he’ll say he was just a bit tired, & blow it uoff as no biggy. You completely nailed that speculation! Kudos!!!

    • You are right. Nostradamus used methods of divination and should not be considered an authentic source. Right now, I cannot see Obama as antiChrist.

    • u’re a fool, there is nobody on earth that says good things about Jesus The son of mary. Please read Qur’an the Chapter of Maryam.

    • The 3rd is Trum p…he is the 3rd Antichrist.

    • you where wrong

  3. There are a lot of antichrist figures in the world today.

  4. Well, will the real one step forward??! I do believe we have a way to go too …but, if Obama is re-elected, I think there is bigger possibiliy that he is the one. He will be pres. ’til 2016…time for the world to end?? Guess we will see!

  5. The beast pf Rev 13 has a deadly wound….but he returns….Rev 17 is about the seventh king iwho continues for a short time only and then he retuns as the eighth king…. The seventh king is mohammed…He also prophesied he would return during judgment… He said he would return in his family name.. That name is Hussein via his gradsons.. He comes out of hell and is then called the beast that was, and is not and yet is… Rev 17-8,10,11..
    This beast returns as the apollyon after 1000 years… He is satan, aka the apollo sun god….Obama himself showed us with his sun rise in the west logo…as mohammed prophesied…

    • The beast is the Vatican. The deadly wound is when the pope fled to France and stayed until “the wound was healed”.

  6. Matthew 7 tells us of the broad way built on the SAND FOUNDATION…John stands on this SAND FOUNDATION in Rev.13-1..He stands on the SAND OF THE SEA SHORE…Rev 13 is the broad way built on the sand… God dubbed Ishamel seed as the sand of the sea shore… Mohammed claimed prophethood through IShmael…
    The dragon and his seven heads are satan and his seven demons of Matthew 12-43,44,45…These indwell the first beast who is mohammed… Mohammed is the seventh head-demon…This head is wounded..He dies and go to hell…He returns as the eighth king..This is the antichrist of today…
    The false prophets are the congregation of this broad way that say the koran is god’s words.. That is what false prophets do….They say satan’s words are god’s words….and Remember Jesus said MANY FALSE PROPHETS in Matthew 24.. When He said MANY he meant millions, not just one or two…

    And it gets worse… 2 Thess. 2 speaks of a great falling away from Jesus.. This happens in REv 12 when the dragon’s tail (means false prophets) drags one third of the stars out of the woman’s crown…He then goes to make war with the remnant of the seed of the woman..That war takes place in Rev. 13….. IF Barack is reelected you will be eyewitnesses…

    • The 1/3 of the stars cast from heaven to earth happened BEFORE the book of Genesis… it was the war in heaven when God cast a 1/3 of the stars (angels) from the heavens to earth.

      Get a clue

    • Barack qualifies as the antichrist because he was in on and supported the studies done in the private lab in Wuhan, China. As was Dr. Fauci. Between them, they have killed millions with the Covid- 19 virus. All of that to bring down the population, cause world chaos, and change the world order. Notice how they both have aged even more since the pandemic? You can’t rest easy at night when you’re dancing with the devil in your dreams.

  7. Yes, Ruth, that’s what I am thinking. If Obama IS re-elected. I believe we WILL be eyewitnesses….Then I wonder, if he is not re-elected, what are the other possibilities? Anyone have a thought?

    • When a guy arises from a coffin, being dead for a few days – the guy  gets what ever world position he wants. That position and office will be bigger than an oval office. 

      Alienated posted this link and I suggest watching and take note. This is an updated version of Daniels timeline posted as link here on Heaven Awaits.

      As presented in the video link –  we will know by no later than Feb 21, 2013 and the “abomination” that Jesus said we would see (Matthew 24), we will see on March 22, 2013 (day after winter and day before Sabbath). 

      It is just few months away.

      “He who overcomes shall inherit all things, and I will be his God and he shall be My son” (Rev 21:7).

      • DJ

        March of next year is of interest to me.

        This last spring, about the 3rd week of March, I was pondering about all the physical preparation for bad times ahead, and wondering if all my food would expire, or if I had misunderstood and wasted my time.

        I was in church at the time, so it was either March 18 or 21, 2012.

        I looked down in my bible which was open before service, and it seemed like words from the page jumped at me.

        “A year and a few days.”

        I originally took it to refer to the food shortage, but God does not always answer the same question in my head that I am asking. Many times, He is giving me an answer to a different question I may or may not have already asked.

        I had an email conversation with someone about it, but I do not remember who at this moment. I guess I could search for it.

        I am looking now and cannot find the original verse I thought I saw. I am wondering if that sentence is in the bible.

        Whether it was actually written, and I read it, or it was spoken to me in my spirit, does not matter now. It was still a message to me.

        The Lord did not say what would happen in a “year and a few days.”

        I understand the “year, ” but the “few days” may be 3 days or 10 days , or another number of days.

        I have to wait and see.

        Obviously, it is relevant, and I need to watch for this time in March, 2013, or maybe April, 2013. Passover started on April 7, 2012 but in 2013, it will start on March 26th, instead.

        What is relevant about March, 2013?

        You are saying the abomination may occur.

        Let us all be prepared in spirit for this time ahead.

        • Marianne,

          I don’t know if 119 Ministries did an “independent” study or “dependent” study of Daniel in regards to Dewy Burton’s 20 year work on those Scriptures. 
          I have confidence in Dewy’s work alone, regardless of 119. Dewy presents himself –
          humble man of God. 
          Dewy reads the Word, Holy Spirit makes it “simple” and
          there are multipule confirmations as his study unfolds. I am not as confident
          in 119 because I don’t know them. They just moved their
          headquarters to Costa Rica to “save money”, as cost of
          living and operations are so
          So, yes – Daniel’s 7 years (360 day) from Feasts of Tabernacle 2009 to Feast of
          Tabernacle 2016, with a midpoint of March 22/23, 2013 fits perfectly as this midpoint day in a 7 year
          timeline is “after winter and day before Sabbath”.
          Add in Blood Moon cycle on Feast days within 2013-2016 (there is not another such 3
          year cycle in this centrury), and it gets really interesting
          when you read Joel with your eyes and ears open.
          When the cry is heard next Feb (when “he” is revealed), the faithful will find Psalms 27
          and 28 a blessing.
          When the abomination occurs in March 2013, and the 7
          Thunders roll the months that follow, the faithful find
          confidence in Psalms 29.


          “He who overcomes shall inherit all things, and I will be His God and he shall be My son” (Rev 21:7, NKJV).

          • DJ

            Do not forget 7 trumpets occur before the 7 thunders.

            • How do we know when when the 7 thunders are revealed when they are not written down or described? These 7 thunders are surprises for the AC. No one knows about any of them, including when or how they are “spoken”.

              What I know, like you, was in receiving a “word of knowledge”.

              The Lord told me to read Psalms 29 to the congregation one Sunday in April. As I was preparing to share a message the night before – He said, “Read the psalm of the day”. 

              “What day?”


              I was invited to speak on April 29. That was not my idea either.

              The faithful believers will see/hear them and shout –  “Glory!”


              • the thunders are not described in detail, but are mentioned AFTER the trumpets, and BEFORE the vials.

                • Sister Marrianne — It’s always the Gospel first – God is the 7th. Seal in each age. But if His Message is rejected its the Vials – the Vials is just the “cup” of plagues poored out upon each age of the church ages. And will consume this age of all un-blievers.
                  Jesus was a man of Peace and Good will – HIS Message was Wonderful, Peace, Rest, living in the Kingdom of God. Healing, defeating the devil. But it became WOE and JUDGMENT to the one’s that would not believe His Message.
                  They become Wormwood just like in Moses day. The Plagues comes in many different ways – But it is JUDGEMENT upon anybody that wants to remain in unbelief. That Judgement is Death, Hell, and the Grave. All three of them words mean the same thing.
                  The “White horse” rider just gets off that horse and gets on the Red horse, Then gets off that “red”horse gets on “Black horse” – then the last horse of the power of the grave – That Rider will be Destroyed. It is the “Cycle” of man WITHOUT GOD.
                  Yet God in Mercy is always trying to get that rider = Mankind – To Look unto the 4 Powers of the Holy Spirit for protection and deliverance. The Lion = to rule – the Ox or calf= able to become a living Sacrifice – then the flying eagle – flys above the world and its sinfulness, and then the Face of Man – to become a Son of God like His Master Jesus Christ. = the faithful intercessor for all mankind that you meet. Give him the Hope and Preach him the gospel as well.
                  SEAL= something that is closed up till its destination.
                  TRUMPET – God gathering in HIS Bride to Hear the Word
                  Thunder – Is the Secrets of God – to His Bride that the World cannot recieve.

                  The World and the False vine cannot HEAR what the Spirit says unto the churchs. Its the Voice of God – Religion and the World are under satans domain until Christ Comes to you and that is such a GREAT thing that Jesus says— Just thirsting, and hungering for God YOU ARE BLESSED — You know Its ALL about the GRACE of God. Though you do not know it all – You still blessed just hungering and thirsting for HIM. That is the Gift of GOD to you. That you might find the Prince of Peace that Rides the White horse for Eternity.

                  Lord bless you sister in your desire

                  • Sorry for my very late reply, but I just saw this reference to the Revelation “horses” today, & must point out something frequently misunderstood. My understanding is that we must allow the Word to interpret the Word. In this passage, we’re informed that the horses represent ideologies & religions, and we’re given four major ones that will be combined in the end-time beast system (the UN). These are not working together when they first come into being, but under the beast system, they present a unified front, the way families in organised crime work yogether, for the good of all. The black horse is Capitalism; the red horse is Communism; the white horse is Catholicism; & the green horse (“kronos” has always meant green) is Islam. At the time of writing, none of these man-made systems yet existed. They each would individually kill 1/4 of mankind over time; but combined as players in the end-time beast system, they collectively will almost entirely eradicate mankind from the face of the earth. (There will still be people, but most won’t be human anymore, having chosen to take the chip or skin nano tat that activates nanos already within the body to hybridize their DNA.) All knights on horses have pageboys, but we’re only informed about the rider & pageboy of the green horse (Islam). Islam’s rider is Death, & Death’s pageboy is Hell. This leads me to believe that there will be believers who make it to Heaven coming out of each system except Islam, whose influence is so evil that we’re warned in advance as a certainty what will happen to those who follow it. The green horse was misinterpreted by the Gregorians, under pope Gregory. Was it because pale made more sense to them (since no one had seen green horses?) Are we so simple as to think these educated scholars missed the divine interpretation of the horses after having copied it by hand time & again ad infinitum? Islam had come into existence at the time of their misinterpretation … perhaps they thought it more politic to avoid war? But we can see ouselves … two ideologies, 1 religion & 1 plague? Which of these things is not like the other? Plague fits under bowls & trumpets, NOT ideologies and religions, which are given in pairs for teaching purposes. (And, btw, trumpets are astoundingly loud & unnerving celestial sounds emanating from the heavens … not cutesy references to donald trump. OK?) Essentially, since Islam is pagan, and Catholicism was paganized by Constantine, the preists of Mithras (who made pagan holy days the “christian” holy days), & the Jesuits murderous activities … all the “horses” are man-made systems, thus ideologies. We have to go to our Hebrew roots of faith to find the true, God-given laws, Holy Days, timing & meanings of the original written languages. It’s the old ways that are the “narrow path.” And re the 11th commandment, we all decended from Adam & Eve, making us all “brothers”, so quibbling about who’s your bother isn’t gonna let you off the hook for unrepentant lovelessness. Remember ” F Troop”? & the chief who says, “we’re lovers, not fighters! ” Take a hint from Jesus (& the Indian chief) — be a “lover.”

                • Also, just quoting my bible, the NLT, it says in the intro to Revelations it does not go in sequence, it is not written in the order of things that will or may occur. Just pointing that out and to be honest, never heard of the 7 thunders.

            • To me, the exact time of the seven thunders is not so clear. It seems to be between the sixth and the seventh trumpet. However, are we to know, what the seven thunders said, anyway? Is the content to be seen in our time context or in that of John?

              • Dear gyod – Just Read Revelation chapters 6 through 10 and you will find the right answer. First the Seals, then the Trumpets, and then the Thunders sounded and revealed what those trumpets and Seals meant. That was in the 7th. Laodicean age. You are right on about the “Breach.
                Moses became a “Breach” for the O.T church.
                Jesus became the Breach to the N.T church as well.
                And we also have 7 Messengers that were “Breach’s in the 7 ages of the Church. Standing in the gap for them. Sent by God to Save the people by their Message of TRUTH

                We have a “Breach today “ Between the Seven Church Ages and the Seven Seals.”
                The Major Prophets in the Bible where Standing in the Breach – As watchman’s in the night.
                Moses and Elijah are probably the two Greatest in the O.T. As Moses United the church together and they became a Great Nation. UNDER GOD and HE gave them the 10 Commandments written by God.
                But getting them out of all the Paganism they was in for 430 years was a major task for Moses as it would be greater even today.
                Jesus had to experience Death, Hell, and the Grave to “Stand in the Breach” for the first Generation of the Church to get started right. Notice that Moses had great SIGNS and Wonders to catch the People.
                Please remember it took awhile for Moses to get the people ready to Leave Egypt. As some have said they left Egypt but Egypt never left them. Those Pagan thoughts and multiple gods, and doctrines now had them bound in Darkness and of course THEY did not know it and yet they was praying for a deliverer. And they was having their Needs Meet by God as well.
                John the Baptist had to break the mold of the OLD Testament Priesthood. To become a foundational Prophet of the N.T . He Baptized Jesus who took over the Message he was preaching. Jesus = God was the 7th. Seal. God in a Flesh Body. That is what we ALL are SUPPOSE to BE IN THIS AGE. Word in Flesh
                The same thing has happened in this last age of the N.T church – The Whole Mystery of Godliness had to be restored again. Because of the darkness of the Dark Ages. Where in the Church lost its way completely until God used Luther to start the Evolution of the Bride. Bringing them Back to the truth. His Message was just the start of restoration. He was the Messenger to the 5th. Church age. Restoration was on the way. That age Got the Word back and the common people could read it by the Invention of the printing Press. And it Started a Revolution. Millions died. WHY – Gods message opened up their SEAL and they reject it. Judgment came. Plagues came. War came you name it – it was like that in Every church age which you can read about in the 8th. And 9th. Chapters of Revelation.
                This is why the Seals had to be Opened again. The trumpets had to blow and a Messenger for each age was the VOICE OF GOD in the Thundering of the Truth.
                The Seals and Trumpets are exactly in the right place -Chapter 6 Seals open, Chapter 7 – sealing the 144,000 = complete Gentile and Jew nations. Just like the Church in Acts 2 spread out to Gentiles. Rev. 7:9 All nations and kindred’s, people and tongues. 1St. Church was Jew and Gentile – last church age Jew and Gentile called the Israel of God – Gal. 6:16 I believe
                Then in the 8th. Chapter we have silence in Heaven for a short space of 30 minutes. Heaven and Earth stood still as “Christ suffered on the Cross of Calvary“. All the 24 elders cried and in despair until they seen the Lamb appear and take away their sin.
                Then the 7 Trumpets start and all hell breaks loose upon those that will not except Christ message starting with the very 1st. Church age to NOW –
                Chapter 9 is speaking of all the Wars, killings, murders, Plagues, sickness, Of Death, hell and the Grave for all people that would not Except the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ. This led in to the Dark ages of a One world system of a manmade church system called the Universal church that crushed and or killed anything that disagreed with them in every age= Imperial and Papal Rome. Politics and Power of religion joined together. It still affects our age as well but most are so deceived by now again like in 1st Coming they look for the wrong signs of a Vindicated Proven Message of God. I’m talking about the denomination in every age.
                NOW PRAISE GOD we at the Coming of Christ in Our Day. The seventh age – Christ CAME DOWN and Revealed every Truth, and every False doctrine to HIS LAST AGE PEOPLE.
                Apostles, Prophets. Lay the foundation for any MESSAGE OF GOD> I challenge any body to disprove this. The 7 Sealed Book of Revelation Was All written by PROPHETS. And it takes a Prophet to reveal it to the people. No body in this last age would have believed Moses, HE ACTUALLY wrote 5 books of the Bible – That generation hated him. Wanted to kill him.
                Lord bless you all in your reading and praying and discovering the Word of God afresh. FRESH MANNA- HIDDEN MANNA is promised to the OVERCOMERS.

                • You have some strange teachings. Moses and Jesus became breaches? Into what?
                  I see the seven seals only in revelation. I do not see where you see Jesus as the seventh seal and seven seals in every age?
                  Sealing 144,000 nations?
                  How are the 30 minutes related to the death of Jesus on the cross?

                  • good questions

                  • Moses was Sent to Deliver the Isralite’s from Egyptian bondage. And for them to become a Great Nation. And take them over to the PROMISED land that flowed with Milk and Honey. God actually answered their prayer and sent them thier deliverer. Then that first generation rejected the BREACH that was sent to them. Moses was just a type of Jesus Christ. Same with Noah, Same with John the Baptist being the Breach between O.T and N.T by revealing Jesus Christ to that Generation. And NOW the 7th. Angel MESSAGE is revealing the truth through Rev. 10:8-11. Those that will eat the book and Prophesy to this last generation of believers.
                    Moses was the BREACH PROPHET – that led them OUT OF PAGANISM Bondage and into their own Land. But Moses had a hard way to go with their unbelief, and pagan ideas. It was a bitter pill to swallow as the Word is Sweet yet unbelievers make it bitter for the Prophets to do their job. What did they do to THEE PROPHET JESUS. What came out of His mouth was nothing but PURE Word and they hated HIM for it. And Killed and tortured Gods ONLY SON at that time.
                    Breach means something that “stands in the Gap” like a “Bridge” that takes you from one place to another. If there was no bridge you could not “Cross over to the other side”. Do you get what I’m saying dear bro and sister. God uses Man for the gaps or Breachs that come along. Noah was a way “OUT” for his Generation to another Millennium. God used him to “Build the Ark” and get all that would believe him to crossover to the other side. NOAH’s MESSAGE WAS THE BREACH=WAY TO CROSS OVER – MOSES MESSAGE WAS THE ONLY WAY AS WELL TO GET TO THE PROMISED LAMD.
                    Christ was the “MAIN BREACH” for all of mankind. He also was a PROPHET – SON OF MAN — He was the ONLY UNIQUE PROPHET being all God and All Man. Was not born by Sex desire. But by the “Spoken Word” . That is why NOW we become UNIQUE Creations as well. Being Born by the WORD OF GOD and not just sex desire and emotions. OH i hope you see it . I cannot write no more on this one so I will finish about the 7 seals on a new Post. Oh How I love sharing this Message with people that really have an interest in the Pure Word again in this confused last day.

                    • I want to know as much of truth as I possibly can.
                      Don’t you mean, Moses and Jesus are bridges and not breaches?
                      As you say with Noah, his message was a way to cross over, meaning, it was a bridge not breach.

                  • Dear Gyod and Marianne – The 7th. Seal in a very mini teaching.
                    Every man or woman born goes through their 7 seals. Most will end in Death, Hell, and the Grave. Cause they will refuse to Let GOD become their savior. They could not see that Jesus Christ died for them to OVERCOME Death, Hell, and the Grave. And that is in perfect order there. Eat of the Tree of Death, then that brings Hell = you actually are living in hell – sheol- the pit-of no HOPE FOR RESURRECTION. And the next step is the Grave.

                    The 7 Seals is about life and Death. You are born with a chance for Eternal life. You are born in an innocency and have the POTENTIAL of by-passing death, hell, and the grave by going on to SERVE the LORD which is the SEVENTH SEAL – That white horse you on in the beginning of life takes you on a journey through your wilderness and you will find God and live or you will die in the Wilderness of life serving your satan the HUMAN SPIRIT WITHIN.
                    That White horse is the start of your life. Oh how you think you can conquer all things yet you are a fallen creation a anti-christ. And before you know it. Like most humans you in the teen years and you start having a great Warfare with your Good conscience and your bad one. You start waring with yourself and others, then as you get into middle age if you are not born again. You will start seeing the famine in you and you start to thinking about death, and what is my destiny in another 20 or 25 years. You start “Weighing out all your options in life” what is life all about? And if you do not do something about it you will go to your last stage which will be Death, Hell, and the Grave. These are cycles of life forms of Creation. Nature is the same.
                    But if you will listen to the Voice from God. He is always trying to get you to hear His voice. And bring you to salvation. He does not have no pleasure in the death of the wicked. HE wants to give you Eternal life and a Eternal destiny.
                    So you cry out to HIM for Help. And ask HIM why is this and that. Lord help me and revenge me of myself. That is the 5th. seal. Next cycle is your 6th. seal of testings. If you will recieve HIS Word you will OVERCOME all your enemies of death, hell, and the grave. And End up in the Promised land with all the Cananites destroyed. You start Killing all the enemies that were in your Soul – all the passions, and evils, and GOD shows you yourself and is leading you now into the 7th. cycle called the HOLY GHOST birth. This is the Pentecost Blessing that the 120 recieved by keeping Jesus Word and being there waiting to recieve it. Which is Jesus Christ COMING INTO YOU NOW TO LIVE FOR ETERNITY. YOU SEEN THE ANTI-CHRIST SPIRIT THAT WAS LIVING IN YOU AND RULING YOU AS A SLAVE. You go from Darkness to Light, God puts the light in you and GUIDES YOU TO ALL TRUTH. And that TRUTH SETS YOU FREE. And you have no fear no more of satans power. You are set on a course that is opposite of the world.
                    The 5th. 6th. and 7th. Seals is Justification, Sanctification, and Filled with the Holy Spirit which is Christ = God.
                    You are Sealed at your birth by the Fallen Nature of mankind. So you have to be Sealed again by the Heavenly Nature of God.
                    Jesus Christ died for the whole World. But the whole world does not recieve his Grace and Mercy. Yet a “Few they be” that will Hear His Voice and lay down their sins for Eternal life. I could write about this subject for days and days because it is the whole Bible and sealed with 7 seals. If you never come to God with your whole heart then you will never experience God Opening up your EVIL Seals. That had you bound for DEATH, HELL and the GRAVE. To Much to try and explain in a little writing. I would love to preach all night on this subject. This is just the tip of the Whole Revelation of Jesus Christ. People begat families – families begat Nations do not forget this – this was written quickly. If interested I would be glad to take my time and really explain it in more depth. The Bible is a closed book to most believers. But it should not be that way. Christ died for us to KNOW ALL THE MYSTERIES – ALL THINGS

                    Eph. 4:30

                  • I understand what Tom is saying. He has a spiritual, and symbolic interpretation of the seals, which is plausible. I also feel there is a physical, here and now, level of interpretation.

              • Re the seven thunders, consider them the “tribulation voice” of the seven spirits of God (the Holy Spirit’s recognizable traits). People who don’t have the Holy Spirit and aren’t being drawn to the Holy Spirit for salgation, will only hear thunder and see clouds. But those who have the Holy Spirit or are being drawn to Him for salvation, WILL hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, out loud, and together (simultaneously) and many will see His face in the sky.

          • Comment by Tom….transferred to this spot for more room by Marianne

            Dear Gyod and Marianne – 7th. Seal and more
            REV 8:1 And when he had OPENED THE SEVENTH SEAL, there was SILENCE IN HEAVEN about the SPACE of half an hour. = —– Small symbolic space of time while the church cried over having no “Kinsman Redeemer as of yet in Rev. 5 and in “real time” by the people that believed in Jesus as their King then watched Him die on the Cross and they cried and cried and was all distraught over HIS death.
            The VOICE OF GOD BECAME SILENT and DARKNESS overshadowed Jerusalem for a short time and the EARTH QUAKED, men quaked, a great shaking was taking place on Earth. The disciples ran for their lives etc. etc. – But they rejoiced when HE ROSE again just like in Rev. 5 says. This was their King and Savior all in one Sacrificial Lamb. As a Lamb being slain yet also the Lion of the tribe of Judah.
            Then comes Rev. 6 the Seals were being opened for the “beginning of the Creation of God the 2nd. Time around. God had a harder time this time than He did Creating the World and man in Genesis. The 2nd. Time God created HE labored, for us and died to give us “ and make us the beginning of New Creations of the Amen of God. In Jesus day only a remnant seen the Seals opened =Though millions knew about HIM. They missed the Mysteries of Gods Plan of Salvation. It was revealed to the Prophets the disciples and the remnant and Jesus taught them ALL THINGS BY A “MESSAGE SENT FROM GOD” through HIS OWN SON and HE GAVE IT TO THE PROPHETS . Not the denominations. They are those that joined with the harlot Rome to Kill the Lamb.
            This started the Church off on a weeks journey of 7 church ages through the Wilderness. The “Messiah the Lamb” was The BREACH, the GREAT GULF that separated mankind from God. It was impossible for mankind to do -So the WHOLE CHURCH was crying in REV 5. FOR A REDEEMER. And God sent them a LAMB. The Message of the Revelation of Jesus Christ had finally began. God and Mankind kissed and made up while Christ was on that Cross for them. The GREAT 7th. SEAL of God – OPENED Man kinds HEART and they could see such a Great Magnificent Salvation. Oh! Makes me want to shout right now. This was God opening His seven Sealed plan to the Bride but not to the World even though He also died for them. But HE knew they would not receive it.

            Rev. 7 is the SEALING of the WHOLE church. Jew and Gentile out of every Nation, Tongue, Kindreds, and People, “THE CALLED OUT” of ALL of the Nations of the World – that is the 144,000. Twelve times Twelve is – 144 – There were 12 Apostles, and 12 Tribes of Israel – all make up the Sealed of God in the last days. That 144,000 is not a Literal number it is just a COMPLETE number like 7 is complete – 3 is perfection – 10 is mans number of completeness – 12 is Gods numbers – 4 represents Universal – God has chosen you BEFORE the FOUNDATION of the World even began.

            Rev. 6 Tells of the Seals that had to be opened in order for mankind to be released from Sin. And Death, Hell, and the Grave. Notice = The 1st 4 church ages started with Love yet it was getting cold – the 3rd. And 4th. Ages Pergomas = means thoroughly Married, then Thyatira=means dominating female the spirit of anti-christ and hear what Jesus said about the 4th. Church age. It compares with the 4th. Seal. It was Death, Hell, and the Grave to her. Rev. 4:20-23 – She was a Jezebel. She was SEALED OUT of Salvation for her un-belief. She could not RECEIVE the HOLY GHOST she was PAGAN and a WHORE.
            Her Church’s “Plural” were all DEAD – DEATH had come upon her with GREAT TRIBULATIONS. That’s in the 4th. Church age. ARE YOU GETTING IT

            Rev. 8 is the 7 Trumpets – They are HISTORY
            REV. 8:2 And I saw the seven angels which stood before God; and to them were given seven trumpets. ——These are the 7 Spirits of God each one a Prophet messenger to their age. Now Jesus Had “Come INTO them” on Pentecost and sends them out. To TRUMPET the Message for that 1st age hour. Christ used 7 Special Angel Prophets to send to the 7 church ages. Apostle Paul was the 1st. One that opened up the complete mystery to Gentiles and Jews. As Peter went unto the Jews only. Yet Paul went unto the Jews and Gentiles. The LAST AGE will end the same way. Its already happening. Paul had more revelation than even Peter. These are the 7 Spirits of God each one a Prophet messenger to their age. Rev. 4 – The 4 Beasts of God in Rev. 4 is the HOLY SPIRIT to ward off the 4 horse Riders of mankind Rev. 6. – The serpent seeds that will not repent but are very, very religious in Pagan doctrines of man. And die in Death, Hell, and Grave not knowing Jesus. They would not cry out to GOD like the Elect do in the 5th. Seal, they would not go through any hardships for Jesus Christ the ONLY GOD. Therefore they would not let God open their GRAVE SEAL to give them ETERNAL LIFE out of the OPENED BOOK that was in Jesus Hand in Rev. 10. Its OPEN FOR ALL TO READ. Read Rev. 22:9-11 – that was a summary of Rev. 10 prophet messenger.

            REV 10:1 And I saw another MIGHTY ANGEL- COME DOWN- from HEAVEN, clothed with a CLOUD: and a RAINBOW was upon his head, and HIS FACE was as it were THE SUN, and his FEET AS PILLARS OF FIRE : Does this sound a lot like Rev. chapter 1 – yes –

            Jesus is telling John how to write THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JESUS NOW. The whole book of Revelation is different ways to preach the Gospel according to Jesus Christ Himself. Same message in about 6 different cycles of the Same truth with just different symbols etc. etc. – Just like the 4 Gospels so is the Book of Revelation. That’s the reason millions of theologians cannot figure it out. They do it by head knowledge but Christ does it by REVEALING it to the SPIRIT MAN.

            REV. 10: 2 And he had in his hand a LITTLE BOOK OPEN: and he set his right foot upon the sea, and his left foot on the earth, —- This is the Book of Life, and Lambs book of life. Redemption that no man could open in Rev. 5 – But The Lamb did. Now in Rev. 10 the Seals have been opened and that SAME LITTLE BOOK is OPENED UP that was in Rev. 5 closed till the Lamb opened it. So we KNOW that the Sealed book was OPENED by THE LAMB yet in a figure was CLOSED again by the ANTI-CHRIST of the dark ages. Making it having to be OPENED AGAIN for the last day 7th. Age Prophet. The Trumpets have been Blown. And HE has COME DOWN among us in GREAT POWER because we are the OMEGA of the CHURCH AGES. We have a GREATER ADVANTANGE than the Early church did. Called Hindsight. We know the history of it all. We know the M.O= method of operation – of satans temptations. We are sent here by God to become OVERCOMERS and a LIGHT SET ON A HILL to those that oppose themselves.

            • Simply worth repeating again!

              Revelation 1:3.;
              ”Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this “PROPHECY”, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.”

              Revelation 19:10,;
              ”And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of “PROPHECY”.”

              Revelation 22:7.;
              ”Behold, I come quickly: blessed is he that keepeth the sayings of the “PROPHECY OF THIS BOOK”.”

              Revelation 22:10.;
              ”And he saith unto me, Seal not the sayings of the “PROPHECY OF THIS BOOK”: for the time is at hand.”

              Revelation 22:18.;
              “For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the “PROPHECY OF THIS BOOK”, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:”

              Revelation 22:19.;
              “And if any man shall take away from the words of the “BOOK OF THIS PROPHECY”, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.”

              The English “PROPHECY” above is derived from the Greek “προφητεία”, transliterated as “prophēteia”, (Strong’s 4394).
              For any that may have difficulty in fully comprehending what the word itself means, its primary definition is as follows;
              1) PROPHECY
              a) a discourse emanating from divine inspiration and declaring the purposes of God, whether by reproving and admonishing the wicked, or comforting the afflicted, or revealing things hidden; esp. by “foretelling future events”.

              It would have essentially the same meaning as the Hebrew, “נבא”, transliterated as “naba’”, (Strong’s 5012). “To PROPHECY”.
              Or the Hebrew, “נבואה”, transliterated as “nĕbuw’ah”, (Strong’s 5016). “PROPHECY”.

              Just to clarify, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word PROPHECY as;

              1) An inspired utterance of a prophet.

              2) The function or vocation of a prophet; specifically : the inspired declaration of divine will and purpose.


              But sure, lets just forget all of the above and go with a theory that is completely contrary to what Yeshua Himself, and all of the angels that spoke to John said, and instead have a HISTORY lesson.

              Praise be unto the Glorious KING of kings and LORD of lords. Yeshua HaMashiach, our Holy and Precious Savior.

          • So the fact that the calander used worldwide has changed since the writing of these scriptures doesn’t negate or change dates? Really?

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  8. If I believe like 99 % of you all. Then the church age that has lasted for 2,000 years have never had their SEAL opened up , They have never heard a TRUMPET blow, They have never had a THUNDER from God to them about the mysteries of God in THEIR DAY. HELLO, HELLO OUT THERE. The Overcomers must not have known who the Anti-Christ was either then.
    But in reality they had to KNOW Their Message for their day=age. Are they would NOT have been OVERCOMERS.
    Then in the Last church age is when the Church understands all the 7 messages that were in those ages. Opened all at once in the LAST MESSAGE taking it out of TIME REV. 10:6-7. By a 7th. Angel messenger.
    Rev. 22:8-11 the Seals were opened by a BRETHREN the PROPHETS “IN” all the church ages. The Little Book was OPENED = The Bible. Jesus was the Messenger working through His prophets. Brought the opened book to Earth and gave to the Last age Seventh angel messenger.
    His “message” was to preach and teach the Seven thunders all at once to complete the Bride and take HER to the FULNESS of CHRIST and BECOME OVERCOMERS in the Church ages.
    Like in Book of Acts when the Lord opened the Book for them at Pentecost. The 7 Thunders ,the 7 Seals, 7 Trumpets, Came all together for a COMPLETE Revelation of their day beginning the Church. And putting it in time.
    We now can look back and see every horse rider that was in the church ages – thee Anti-christ false church right among the True.
    You have 4 HORSE RIDERS of Anti-christ deception making he church DEAD. In Rev. 2:13 Satan already got a SEAT of AUTHORITY in the Church. He is seated on a Triple Crowned Throne yet today. Satan sitting right in the Very church of Gods temples = that’s the people‘s hearts and minds.
    In Rev. 2:20 Jesus called the Christian church a Fornicator, a Jezebel, eating things that made her a Idol worship. Sounds like Rev. 17 and 18 right. And she was dead. And GREAT TRIBULATIONS fell upon here. HEY That’s IN THE HISTORY of the Church. Great Tribulations fall when any man Claims he is “christ” = anointed one. And yet lives by the flesh – then He is a Satan incarnate. Just like we suppose to be Jesus incarnate. They preach get saved today. You need salvation. All you have to do is Believe Jesus rose again. Your saved. But there is NO CHANGE – Cause the poor people are not taught it’s a REGENERATION IN CHRIST – IF you do not have that – You are still dead – you going with the genius man of sin – The flesh man that has you deceived.

    Thank God that LUTHER Was the 1st. of the last 3 woes that came upon the church. And Yes it caused havoc, Great Tribulations, Plagues etc. Anytime the Gospel truth exposes the Devil it will cause chaos, death, tribulations, sickness, Unbelief. But it also produces the “Image of God in the People” Both the false and true Vines are exposed for who they are. So I thank God Luther was Brave enough to challenge that devilish church and call it what it was in his age.

    That’s why there is 4 powers of God to protect Gods Bride. Lion, Ox, Eagle, and Face of Man yes God uses MAN to reveal His Mysteries, Called the 5 fold ministry. Who out there still believes in Apostles, Prophets, Teachers, Pastors, Ev-angel-ist today. HELLO HELLO out there.
    Remember in Elijah’s day – the school of the Prophets did not do nothing. They just Gazed over the River Jordan watching Elijah and Elisha= Jew and Gentile symbolically)But Elijah and Elisha crossed that River of death. You cannot educate a man to be a Real Prophet – They have to be born that way.
    Jesus Said the little mustard seed of Faith would become a Tree where all birds will lodge on the branches. That anti-christ and True Christians on One Tree. Yea even hateful ones. Sinners and all Get nourishment from the Tree of life. It rains on the just and the unjust the same RAIN makes weeds and flowers grow.
    We do not have to probe, and guess, and wonder about the book of Revelation and the Anti-christ anymore. Lets just “empty” ourselves out of all carnality of the Flesh and yearn to know GOD’S complete will.
    When Jesus came 2000 years ago. That finished up the O.T – not doing away with it. But FULFILLING it. The O.T age was ending when John the Baptist and Christ was born. John a man a prophet did his part and decreased. Jesus took over and gave them a Lesson in O.T history.
    Remember Jesus with 2 disciples on Emmaus Road. Taking them back all the way to Abraham and Moses explaining the Mysteries of HIMSLEF to them.
    SAME TODAY – ROME and Israel United and Killed Jesus. ROME is still here today just in another form as Papa Rome and his denominational church’s and its doctrines is what is CRUCIFYING him again. We have Pierced the heart of God over again with denying the Anointed God sent 5 fold ministries that is trying to get people to believe the Message for their day. Pharisee also Means “Pierced”
    The Enemy has got the church looking all over for this Anti-christ genius that is suppose to be coming. That genius might just be your Pastor, It was in Jesus day. Most all followed their church right into becoming anti-christ by not Excepting the Manifested Proven Message for their day. Vindicated by signs and wonders – Jesus said their hearts and conscience were in delusion. And they believed a lie. Yea the Word is the Lord speaking. Even if it was an Apostle writing it down.

    • Luther was a woe? A woe is bad. Luther challenged the monolithic catholic church. That was good.

      • Yes Luthers message was the truth for the hour in that day. Truth sets many free but also cause Woes to those that resist it. Like the Pharisees etc.

  9. Prophecies about the antichrist and false prophet are ambiguous and potentially overlapping, so what applies to one probably applies to the other (since prophecy is being deliberately fulfilled by Satanists.)

    If Obama is anything, he would be the false prophet (and dajjal in Islamic eschatology – Mahdi is holy, he is “zerubabel” from Zechariah (4?). Zerubabel, a Persian prince that built the temple out of the ruins of Solomon’s Temple. Dajjal, the Illuminati Freemasons, will rebuild Solomon’s Temple, and Mahdi will build the true temple out of the ruins of the temple that will be built.

    What I find interesting about your post is the idea of Obama being given authority for 42 months. Obviously, he has surpassed this mark in this term, which would have been 7-21-12. If it were to be his next term, the situation would thus be a situation of martial law from 12-21-12 through 5-21-13 (the 5 months of Trumpet 5). At which point he would say that they would go back to regularly scheduled elections on the 1st Tues of Nov. 2016 which would be Nov. 1, 2016, 1260 days after 5-21-13. An entirely plausible scenario…

    • Who says that the presidency is even the office which is eligible for the antichrist’s reign? So far he has not shown the characteristics of The antichrist.
      So you think there will be two temples built in a short succession?

  10. Well the only thing I can get out of Mabus is a guy called Ray Mabus, he is head of something in the US which I forget. that is all that comes to mind.

    And If I am not mistaken, I thought the anti christ was supposed to be some guy rising out of the middle east with some blue turban thing going on?

    And I also thought the reason he was from the middle east is because didnt they mention that the anti christ himself would try to be a resembelence of Jesus? So therefore it would have to be in the middle east somewhere, and couldn;t be anyone like Obama or anyone else.

    • hi Serilei

      I agree with you on this one. I think the antichrist is from the middle east as well. I just wanted to explore this Mabus idea, since many believe it.

  11. barak HUSsein oBAMa = HUS BAM = MABUS … just as in Napolian-PAU NAY LORON, and Hitler-HISTER, since coming in through visions some letters become transposed/backwards and/or slightly distorted in relaying the message in prophecy writings, same as in anti-christ 1 & 2

    • OR even better yet, we usually all sign our names LAST name 1st, then FIRST & MIDDLE, on Forms right?… so look at it in that light… Obama, Barak Hussein… SO = obaMA(the ‘ma’)–Barak(the ‘B’)–hUSsein(the ‘us’).. the caps from each of obama’s full name EQUALs= MABUS

    What is better – Understanding the “Mystery of Christ” the Truth – OR Understanding the Mystery of Satan the anti-christ – the liar

    This is not a trick question: But it does seem that the church spends much more of it’s energy into trying to figure out some great mysterious anti-christ. Yet the church says knowing Christ and being “Born again” is so simple. Is satan really that mysterious and the Depths of Christ so simple.

    What is the “falling away” in the last day. Is that the Anti-christ world or the Church world.

  13. If believers are afraid to ask questions – then they will “Never” understand the :Mysteries of Godliness Spirit: or the Anti-christ spirit. It took the disciples 3 years walking with Christ = God in flesh body – And they still did not understand till they recieved the Holy Spirit – and became God in Flesh themselves. Complacency is a killer – so be it

    • true

    • They became God in the flesh? If you mean that God was living in them, I can agree. There is only one God and we should not think we run around like little gods like some infamous preachers in the USA preached.

      • Dear gyod
        Jesus called them Gods in N.T. – As I have posted many times. The Very Word Eloyhim means plural gods. Mal. 2:15 speaks of the godly seed- Its the plural for God and gods – there is where our warfare lies.
        There are Righteous Gods and there are Evil gods. Very plain in the scriptures. When born you are fallen in nature but still a god. You can “create’ your life for good or evil. Which tree you want to eat on.

        • Are you talking about the disciples? Where does it say, they were Gods with a capital g?

          • Dear Gyod – look up the word God in Old testament and you will find it. – God and man is a Theophany – Theo – god – phany is flesh – I just put the Big G on the GOOD and Righteous GODS – goodly seed
            It rains on the Wheat and the Tares – SAME RAIN makes them grow. “But this is “Spiritual understanding” not carnal man’s understanding. AMEN – Everyman has his name in the Book of LIFE – Life is of GOD – But only a FEW get their names put in the “Lambs Book of LIfe” that is GOD’s Elected and Choosen People.
            Who was Jesus praying to in the Garden – HE was contacting the GOD within HIM. So HE would be able to OVERCOME the great pain that was before HIM.
            If you really believe in ONE GOD – You have all 3 attributes of GOD lioving in you right now. You are a CREATOR -Father — You are a SON – you had a beginning in flesh body – You also POSSESS the HOLY SPIRIT – They called Jesus Son of man, Son of David, and Son of God. Jesus confessed when you seen HIM you seen the Father. He knew who HE WAS – That is the Message for this hour. Do we really know who WE ARE- NOW – Lord bless you Gyod with great understanding in Christ.

            • I am sorry but that is a false teaching. The Father and the son will live in us if we we love Jesus and keep His words. That does not make us Gods ourselves. Besides, what’s the point in this? Will this lead us to walk in humility? I doubt it. Very few could handle this without becoming puffed up! What are we to say after we will have done all the will of father? We are unprofitable servants. This does not fit very well with being God oneself.

              • gyod,

                I agree, that this is false teaching. And I have not understood most of what Tom has said since he started posting here on March 9th. of this year.
                Allow for Gods Spirit inside of you to discern what is His truth or not, rather than listening to mans fallible interpretations.

                Be Blessed in Yeshua HaMashiach our Most Holy and Precious Savior.

                • Accepted-gyod if you believe that the Godhead is ONE GOD – then how can you deny that when you “Recieve the Holy Spirit” that is NOT GOD IN YOU. When you born in Sin the Devil lives in you. And all your life is motivated by unbelief. Its just the Opposite when you recieve the Holy spirit. All your motivation is from GOD. Or you choosing the flesh over God. The Holy Ghost is a consuming fire that will destroy all of satans works that are motivated by the flesh man right here on earth and this is why you do not have to worry about the 2nd. death. The New Birth is a NEW CREATION “CHRIST LIVING IN YOU” Where is any of the above Wrong. The HOlY GHOST is GOD unless you believe in Three gods.
                  1 John 5:7 For there are three that bear record in Heaven, The Father, The WORD, and the Holy Ghost:And these three ARE ONE

                  • Accepted, Tom. My problem with that is that there are people, who believe, they do not need Jesus Christ because everyone can get this “Christ consciousness” making them Gods too. I do not see where we are encouraged to contact God within us. Prayer, in natural languages or tongues are spoken outwardly. This contacting God within us is dangerously close to transcendental meditation. As fas as I see from scripture Jesus prayed audibly all the time.

                  • Even after considerable thoughts I cannot fit this into the picture that the scripture paints of Jesus. He was living a life of total obedience and dependency on His Heavenly Father. When He was in Gethsemane, I can only see Him speak audibly to His Father and not Him using meditation techniques to contact His inner Godhood!

  14. Obamacare will require the RFID chip in hand or forehead by March 13, 2013…are there any thoughts of relevance to the anti-christ?

    • Dear Elle – the anti-christ always like to number their people. To see who’s side you on. But as a “Mark” of anti-christ – that is Plainly your Character – your Spirit man is either God or a god – Good or Evil – Your Character is the “real Mark” of God. If you have the Holy Ghost living in you it will destroy the “old Nature=character of your Soulish realm.
      Eat the “Tree of life and Live for eternity” eat the tree of death and die the 2nd. death. You are born with 2 nature’s – The Human spirit which will bring death if you follow it and eat of it – or – Spirit of Life that is in you and brings Life more abundant – Again – Each tree produces Life or Death. One Nature will end up ruling you at the end. That is the Mark of God or the Mark of the Beast. We have the opportunity NOW on earth to let the Holy Spirit= God burn us out and kill that old character. Or do the opposite and let the human spirit which caters to the flesh man destroy your tree of life. Lord bless you Elle

  15. The chip will be required in March 2013, not March 13, 2013!!

    • Says who, where?

      • gyod

        the RFID chip is required in the Obama health care package. effective date for chip is march 2013

        • Dear Marianne – We might not even be here in Mar. 2013 – Things are heating up with the anti-christ world. The chip would only allow them to track you down and put you away or kill you etc. It will not affect your soul if you love Jesus Christ.
          They are making it so that no-body can hide from their rules. But Jesus has taken the sting out of Death, Hell, and the Grave.
          That chip is not going to touch your eternal life. God said He would put nothing on you that you couldn’t bear. Its the rough times that make us strong. Because we become weak in those rough days and we let Jesus take over completely. He is are refuge, high tower, fortress, and we are Hide in the cliff of the Rock of Revelation.
          We all gonna have to “Cling” to our “Election” and Salvation. We are not of the World but of the New Jerusalem that is from ABOVE and Christ is going to deliver us from all things of death. Lord bless you dear sister.

          • hi tom

            I accept that. My concern is for unsaved loved ones, and the time is either short or it is out of time.

            • Dear Marianne – Our time is always – Jesus said – one heart beat away from eternity. All we can do is be an example for them and pray the sinner’s prayer for them that God will grant His Grace upon them.
              We must also “Apply the Love and Truth” to set them free. Yea I know how you feel I have 6 grand children and brothers and sisters. Thanks for your reply – Sometimes we all need fellowship amen.

            • Marianne – It was God’s choice when He closed the Door and “Sealed” up all things in Noah’s day. When you are hide in Christ the old time is Gone forever” you are never the same after a New Birth= A New Creation. You’re in another dimension called Eternity as you walk on this earth – just like Christ walked it.
              But please think on Rev. 22:10-11 When the Seals were opened up it was the 7 thunders. In Rev. 10 -If one will read Revelations as Gospels that Jesus Himself wrote through John – Jesus Gospel is all Spiritual things. “John was in the Spirit on the Lords day”Its the Gospel in different cycles of the SAME Revelation of Christ.
              In the 7 ages of the church it started with Tree of Life again. — and Ends when we the “Overcomers” are granted a sit with HIM on HIS Throne – its over.
              Only God knows if another person will come it. We are to just preach the Gospel to all who will hear.
              Conclusion – after you read Rev. 22:10-11 – Just keep reading and you will get the last chapters summary of it all. Verse 14 Jesus is talking about the “Tree of life again” oh Praise God – then tells us that this whole message of Revelations is about HIM being in the midst of the 7 Church ages. Rev. 22:16. He is Alpha and Omega – So HE can say I come and its the beginning of the 7 ages or the End of the ages as well. But its all to the Churchs – Not to the World – that is where the churchs today get STUCK — we need to get out of the worlds way and look and search the scriptures for what the Bride is doing at this time with HIS BRIDE. And what are mission is. God bless you and family

          • Tom, I would not count on the rapture. Do not be disappointed if it does not come.

            • Dear gyod – I’m sorry if It sounded like I believe in the Rapture; I have got past that for years now. I do not believe there is a rapture coming and the church is going to fly away in the sky.
              The Rapture is a progression of your “Revelation” of the “Mystery of Christ. Christ is always wanting His believers to “come up higher”, as the Devil is always wanting to “bring you down Lower” into the bottomless pit of hopelessness. That is where the World is heading as I speak. John in Rev. 4 Christ was even telling him to “come up hither” which if you study it – it is saying for John to “walk up your mountain” and SIT with ME. = as a Queen sits with the King. When John went into the Spirit he seen the whole panoramic view of the church ages. That had to about “blow his mind” but that is where Eagles fly. I do appreciate your fellowship. Lord bless you

        • If the chip is applied as announced it can be a precursor of the real mark at best. The real mark will be placed into the right hand or forehead. However, it could be a test to see who would take the chip and who not.

  16. Do you have a link to read?

  17. Dear Tom, Thank you for your comment & blessing! The Holy Spirit resides in me. I thank the Lord for choosing me & I choose YOU. My ponderence is who has Obama chosen?? Big question for us as americans. And, as Marianne said, our concern is for the unsaved…God knows.our limitations, how many we can share the gospel w/each day, more for some than for others. Also, knowledge is power…the watchman is at least awake!! People, even christians, are in denial, but they don’t have to be for our Lord is right here. We just have seek Him! It is.already written…it IS spiritual warfare, requiring the FULL armor of God. Victoious & giving Him all the glory.. Many blessings….

    • Dear Elle – Im with you all the way on your reply – God bless you dear saint.
      You know I just lost most of my interest in the Political arena a few years ago. I wonder if Jesus would Vote for a Ceasar of the Roman Empire in His day. I doubt it.
      Seems to me they all got the same agenda- and thats a One World Government – call it Unitied Nations or whatever. But George Bush Sr. was the very first President that said – There is a “NEW World Order” coming. Maybe you remember that if you as old as me. Back in the 70’s. I was watching it on the TV – it shook me then. NOW its a reality that will not be stopped. This AGE is the GREAT UNITING AGE of the Christs Bride and Satans bride manifesting. The Red dragon. But God shook me more and told me to start Preaching a NOW message about 12 years ago. Thats what Im doing by HIS GRACE – Thank you very much for your post back.

    • Elle, you choose Tom?? 😉

  18. gyod, No silly!! I know it could read that way!! What I meant to say is, I choose YOU Lord…. : )

  19. Hi Tom! I knew you understood what I meant! Thank you for your very kind words in response to my post. Yes, the NWO & plans to take over the world have been alive & operating for decades among the Iluminati. I don’t think it matters who is elected as our president. Whomever wins will have to yield their power & conform to the New World Order, one way or another, sooner or later. It IS a reality…But the victory is the Lord’s in the end, as we know & we can have peace in that….blessings!

  20. gyod…I would have thought you had better things to do with your time…

  21. Responding to a Tom York comment (which I just found in my spam): Those who take that chip will not be allowed into Heaven. Yes, you’re an eternal being (as are the fallen angels), and after your physical body dies, God’s not going to kill you. What will happen is (if you’re marked w/a chip or skincode) you’ll fall into hell, where you’ll be tormented by demons until the White Throne judgment. Then you’ll be judged, given a “body fit for destruction” — fyi, the sun is a body of destruction, w/the equivalent of 400 billion nuclear blasts going off per second — and with this burning body, you’ll be taken by angels and tossed into a huge black hole, to be trapped, ripped apart, reform by compression, and burn, forever in the darkest pitch black beyond imagination.

    You’ll wish you could die, but that’s not possible. So don’t anybody be such a fool as to accept that mark for a second more of life. Let it go, and enter into God’s glorious Heaven, your spirit intact & under Jesus Blood! Life in this coming horror will be so terrible, they’ll say the dead are the lucky ones! So keep your faith and enter God’s rest triumphant, saints of God!!!

    • Cameowalkin – brother you need a Revelation of God in a very big way. If you want to believe those myths go ahead and believe them. I was raised that way also. But Thank God HE showed me the truth.
      Do youself a favor and just look up the Word Man – or Mankind in the Bible especially in the O.T. Read the Hebrew meaning. Man is a MORTAL being. That is why Jesus said “Come unto me” and I will give you Eternal Life = zoe life.
      If the “Tree of Life” in the Garden in Genesis would not have been guarded by the 2 Cherubims. And mankind after He sinned would have ate then there would be such a thing as a Immortal sinner. But the Tree of life was guarded until Jesus came and died and rose again. So there is no such thing as an Immortal sinner. You would have to be IN CHRIST to be IMMORTAL or Eternal. If you in Christ then you have Eternal Life by the Holy Spirit which is God.
      That is why they was rejoicing in Rev. 5 cause there was NO HOPE for MANKIND to have Eternal life if The Lamb had not died for them.
      I’m like David in the Bible and “Hate every evil way”. False Doctrine is Evil, and anti-christ in nature. And we in the Church today need to understand that a “Little Leaven leaveneth the whole lump. Thats what Apostle Paul said. Jesus had no evil in HIM. He told HIS Disciples I have “told you ALL things”. Praise be to our Great TEACHER =The Holy Spirit
      Here I did some homework for you. To make it easy for you
      GENESIS 3:22
      » 22 † ¶ And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever:
      GENESIS 3:24
      24 † So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life.
      GENESIS 4:1
      » 1 † ¶ And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a MAN from the LORD.
      Man in Hebrew Means-582 » ‘enowsh from 605;
      1) man, MORTAL MAN , person, MANKIND
      1a) of an individual
      1b) men (collective)
      1c) man, mankind
      SIN BRINGS DEATH and DARKNESS to your SOUL WHICH SHALL BE DESTROYED = ANNIHILATED – By God Himself – Matt. 10:28 – God is the ONLY ETERNAL CONSUMING FIRE THERE IS. HE created you and HE”S the only one that has a right to DESTROY your soul. The Devil=human spirit that is connected to your flesh – is the one that told Eve you can eat of the “tree of death” and be Like God ” other words “still have eternal life” That was a lie then and its a lie now.
      Lord Bless you Camelwalking – Bro. Tom

      • Are you teaching that there will be sinners that cease to exist?
        That contradicts revelation.

        • Dear gyod – Sinners are “Dead men walking” that is exactly what Jesus called the Pharisee’s. Whited grave stones .
          You are “Dead in trespasses and sins” if you do not except Jesus Christ INTO your Soul to annhihlate that dead man in this life that had you bound.

          REVELATION 22:14-15 Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.
          15. For without are DOGS, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.

          Dogs and animals = beastly things do NOT HAVE ETERNAL LIFE IN THEM.
          REVELATION 22:19 And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his PART OUT of the BOOK OF LIFE =ZOE =Eternal life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.
          If you a dog or a animal life you do not have ZOE life and cannot enter into the Gates of the City.
          Why do you think the MARK is CALLED – BEAST – Paul and Peter and Jude called man natural brute beasts-
          The Word carnal in the Bible means – animal appetites – whosoever has a soul that feast on CARNLITY is a BEASTLY man or woman.
          You will have your PART =TIME SPAN when your soul goes back to God and is annihilated=destroyed.
          You must have your NAME written in the LAMBS BOOK OF LIFE to have ZOE = Eternal life.
          Your life time here spent is your OWN CHOSING – Its your PART of TIME to recieve Jesus Christ. Moses said chose life and live , lest you die. Eze, 18 said – the SOUL that sins that soul will DIE – That is the 2nd. death you do not want to experience. Rev. 2 etc. etc.
          All of mankind was born in book of life. Which is of God – But during your life span you must recieve the ZOE life of the HOLY SPIRIT if you want ETERNAL life. All other life forms are temporary. The Holy Spirit is Eternal. It comes with fire to burn out that OLD BEASTLY SOUL

          • Dear Tom,
            Ecclesiastes 12:7 7 Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.
            The spirit goes back to God, not the soul.
            When the soul dies that does not mean it ceases to exist.
            What about the lake of fire, the worm that dieth not?
            What is the second death to you, then?

            • Dear gyod
              The soul is the Nature of the Spirit that is in you. You either live by the “Human Spirit” or by the “Holy spirit” – The human spirit is carnal and will die. The Soul is your passion’s of the Spirit that live in you. It will show an outward Mark. Its a “Mark” of Jesus Character or of Satans character.
              Every man or woman that dies. Will go back to GOD where it came from. And God is a “consuming fire”. If your “Spirits life form” does not show up Jesus Character – you will be destroyed. That is the 2nd. Death. Christians do not die. The flesh will but not Eternal Life Children. Then you will get another body likened unto Christ. Your Name has to be written in the Lambs book of Life. Not just the book of life. The “Book of life” is all life forms of humanity. And you can have your name written off like Judas. Yet his name was written but not in the Lambs book of life. Jesus said so. Jesus said He had a devil in him to start with. He knew exactly who would betray him from the beginning when He chose us all. I will get back with you more on the 2nd. death as soon as I can. Lord Bless you

  22. i will not take the chip now or in the future i am on ssi if it comes down to it or no medical or food or housing i will live because of are Jesus we are told not to worry about anything because are lord will take care of us now i am and due be leave in trying to put things away for the hard times coming in are very near future its going to get much worse then it is now before are lord returns i will have vary little but he will give me a lot more

    • That is a wise decision, but that alone is not enough. Do you prepare yourself for the coming of the Lord? It would be a tragedy to sit between two chairs, not accepted by either side.

  23. Dear flybird63,

    The Lord will provide for those who have trusted in Him, have a personal relationship with Him and comprehend what it means to “seek first the Kingdom and His Righteousness” (wise virgin with a lamp and vessel filled with oil).

    Psalm 27 is for you, Rejoice!

    “The Lord is my Light and my Salvation—whom shall I fear or dread? The Lord is the Refuge and Stronghold of my life—of whom shall I be afraid?

    When the wicked, even my enemies and my foes, came upon me to eat up my flesh, they stumbled and fell. Though a host encamp against me, my heart shall not fear; though war arise against me, [even then] in this will I be confident.

    One thing have I asked of the Lord, that will I seek, inquire for, and [insistently] require: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord [in His presence] all the days of my life, to behold and gaze upon the beauty [the sweet attractiveness and the delightful loveliness] of the Lord and to meditate, consider, and inquire in His temple.

    For in the day of trouble He will hide me in His shelter; in the secret place of His tent will He hide me; He will set me high upon a rock. And now shall my head be lifted up above my enemies round about me; in His tent I will offer sacrifices and shouting of joy; I will sing, yes, I will sing praises to the Lord.

    Hear, O Lord, when I cry aloud; have mercy and be gracious to me and answer me! You have said, Seek My face [inquire for and require My presence as your vital need]. My heart says to You, Your face (Your presence), Lord, will I seek, inquire for, and require [of necessity and on the authority of Your Word]. Hide not Your face from me; turn not Your servant away in anger, You Who have been my help! Cast me not off, neither forsake me, O God of my salvation!

    …Teach me Your way, O Lord, and lead me in a plain and even path because of my enemies [those who lie in wait for me]. Give me not up to the will of my adversaries, for false witnesses have risen up against me; they breathe out cruelty and violence.

    [What, what would have become of me] had I not believed that I would see the Lord’s goodness in the land of the living!

    Wait and hope for and expect the Lord; be brave and of good courage and let your heart be stout and enduring. Yes, wait for and hope for and expect the Lord” (Amplified Bible translation).


  24. I will in no way take any mark for any reason I will not be deceived in any way I am 55 and not in good health on SSI figured to be one of the first ones to be told to take it or no health care besides my life’s in gods hands not a system

  25. Accepted, Tom. My problem with that is that there are people, who believe, they do not need Jesus Christ because everyone can get this “Christ consciousness” making them Gods too. I do not see where we are encouraged to contact God within us. Prayer, in natural languages or tongues are spoken outwardly. This contacting God within us is dangerously close to transcendental meditation. As fas as I see from scripture Jesus prayed audibly all the time.

    Dear Accepted and gyod – Who was Jesus praying to in the Garden before His death, burial , and crucifixion.
    He was praying to the God within. He was All God and All human. If you are really “Born Again” you have a “Celestial” man living in you. You are not your own. Jesus was not praying to his flesh man – the human spirit.
    The Celestial man is your “WORD MAN” That is Christ or I could say God or I could say the Holy Spirit. Cause they are ALL ONE SPIRIT
    Our everyday battles with the “flesh man” has to be OVERCOME by our “Word man” which is the Celestial man that gives us the VICTORY OVER SIN – Sin is DOUBT. We have to pray in the Holy Ghost and He will lift you up and give you strength for the task that lies before you.
    Jesus had to encourage HIMSELF in HIS INNER GOD to die and be tortured for us. As Jesus so is OUR NEW BIRTH. WE BURN OUT OUR OLD MAN BY LETTING JESUS REIGN IN OUR NEW MAN-THE NEW CREATION is taking Over your TEMPLE. = body of flesh
    Then you do not have to worry about the 2nd. death. Cause you Let GOD BURN out or Purge your old man that never did get converted. You buried him by the GRACE of GOD THAT WAS IN YOU in a “Sea of forget fulness. You let the Holy Spirit burn him out of you during your life as a Christian. So when you meet God after you die. He knows you have NO SIN – You can say NOW “WHAT SIN” its Gone –Prasie be to God — can you say amen.

  26. To gyod and Accepted

    “For what is the hope of the hypocrite, though he has gained, when God takes away his soul?” – Job 27:8

    “For what hope do the godless have when God cuts them off and takes away their life?” Job 27:8

    The soul that sinneth, it shall die. Eze. 18:4

    And fear them not which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to “destroy” both soul and body in hell. Matt.10:28

    Rev. 22:18 – Jesus said If any man “add” unto these things etc.
    The Most Ignorant and most damaging Doctrine in all of the Church’s today is. They preach One God and then turn around and say that is 3 Persons. Well that is a down right “heresy” and False doctrine and confuses the masses of young Christians all over the world and decieves the old ones.

    All Trinitarians are history then. Catholic’s add Mary to Godhead as well. Yet that is excepted all over the world. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee
    Where does that leave the church today in this dark but glorious hour. People calling – right – wrong —– and wrong – right.
    Problem solved – READ THE BIBLE AND LEARN AND GET A SPIRITUAL UNDERSTANDING —THEN YOU ON THE SOLID ROCK FOUNDATION and your house will stand the test when the storms come against it. Matt. 7

    PS I’m not coming against you – Im for you –

  27. It seem that much points to Barack Obama! He is what is false! His Birth certificate to this day CAN’T BE PROVEN! THIS WILL BE TRUE IF HE COMES FROM HELL! Wouldn’t you think so.


    • Yea fightingback – your are right on – The original truth is the truth. But like with Obama. His people do not care about truth. Try to tell Christians the “Orginal Truth” it blows most of them away very quickly as well and they will not even try to understand something. They love milk. But hate steaks. Are you with me. There are Two parties in Christianity today. Milk lovers and Steak lovers. (smile) Keep “fighting back” and Lord bless you . GOD is looking for fighters as well and not just lovers only.

  29. What do you know of truth? You have been lied to your entire lives and the underlying meaning of the Bible escapes you. Please do not think ill of me for saying this, I mean not to boast nor to condemn. There is much in this world that people simply don’t nor could possibly understand. Most of what is written is about symbolism. You have become slaves to that symbolism and to the hijacking of God’s Word by false doctrines which have hidden the true meaning from you to keep you under thier control. You wish to know the identity of the beast of REVELATION? Here is wisdom: it is the number of a man and his number is 666. The only “man” in the Bible with that number is Isaiah, chapter 66, verse 6: (KJV),”A voice of noise from the city, a voice from the temple. a voice of the LORD that rendereth recompence to his enemies.” What city? DENIAL: likened unto Sodom in its wickedness and Egpyt in its volume, where also our Lord Jesus Christ was crucified. Is Jesus Christ come in the Flesh? YES, but not as you think it. Where there is the BIBLE, there is the Word of God written. Where there is the Word of God there is the Testament of His truth and of our Lord Jesus Christ. Where there is the testament of Christ, there is the Spirit of Prophesy; and where that spirit is written upon the scrolls, there is Christ come in the Flesh, for the scrolls were written upon the flesh of the sacrificial lamb. Now knowing that read and understand the Lost Gospel of St. John, but take it not from me, but rather read it for yourself. Jesus said: “Behold, I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.” It was a clue which you have missed. It means that the Word is cryptic and you only understand it when read in context accordingly. You must read it as if each set of verses creates another chapter. But beware, it has been changed from its original meaning where 666 is now was once 616. Therefore read each sixth chapter and sixteenth verse to hear John’s words. If it still makes no sense to you, then it should be quite apparent to you that something is indeed missing. Revelation states that a third of the sun and a third of the moon are darkened. Pure gold is .999. 1/3 of it darkened is .666. So the Lost Gospel of Christ is written as the opposition to the 6:16 or in other words, 9:19. Read as a whole it is intended to reveal the true nature and reason for the Mystery of God, however, it does not. Something has been removed so that mortal men might usurp the power of God and place themselves as the Godhead. Who would do such a thing? Your church did long ago, that’s who. The TEMPLE OF GOD is The Body of Christ, not a temple of stone, but of flesh. You know this to be true because Jesus told you it was so, yet you fail to fully understand what was being said. It is not the temple of the God of Heaven; it is the temple of the God of the Earth. This is where things get really strange and people have a hard time wrapping their heads around truth.

    • If the Secret book of John is also called the Lost book of John I certainly don’t need any help in understanding this quote from the Lost gospel of John calling the Nazarene a liar…..It is obviously not a prophetic book at any level, nor, is it written by the Holy Spirit and written as the Bible is. Discernment is lacking in your description dark water.

      ‘John replied, “He has gone back to the place from which he came.”

      The Pharisee said, “That Nazarene misled you (plural), told you lies, closed your hearts and turned you away from your ancestral traditions.”

      When I heard these things, I, John, turned away from the temple and went off to a deserted mountainous place. I was very unhappy, saying to myself:’

  30. Tell it like it is – MATTHEW 13:35
    That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet, saying, I will open my mouth in parables; I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world.
    That day is NOW! So exciting yet so sad as when Jesus walked the Earth. So is HIS BRIDE walking in the Earth with the Mysteries.
    Whom shall he teach knowledge? and whom shall he make to understand doctrine?… (We’re talking about doctrine, )… they that are weaned from the milk, and they that are drawn from the breasts.
    For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line;… (That’s the way the Gospel comes from Genesis to Revelations!)
    For with stammering lips and with other tongues will I speak to this people.
    … and this is the rest, the peace that I said should come. And for all this they would not hear, but walked away, wagging their head.

    Were in a Late, late hour and the Holy Spirit is trying to get to the MIND and HEART of the Believer’s . Please do not walk away and wag you heads. Jesus was a very Strange man. Lived in the wilderness the last 1-1/2 years of ministry. Could not even go to church they hated HIM so MUCH. Look into you Hearts dear children. Find your Heart Dear Children and KNOW THAT JESUS IS THERE. He love’s you – In love Divine-

  31. The next four years will be very interesting, especially if Obama wins. I know of other people who look upon him as the anti-Christ. Even if he doesn’t win, think of this scenario: The Mayans are right about earthly upheavals. What if the New Madrid faultline creates an earthquake that literally rips the US in two and other similar disasters equally wreak havoc on the earth as we know it. Obama could usurp power on an international stage under Marshall Law, for the sake of “establishing order”. I for one am afraid, very afraid. I pray I am wrong. I ask for your prayers as well.

  32. Obama is the Leopard in Rev 13 and the book of Daniel. Obama also has a large scar on his head. Mabus is currently in charge of the US Navy. Obama has a Muslim name, had two Muslim fathers. Islam is the anti-christ religion if you base the criteria upon what Apostle John described as ‘anti-christ’.

  33. obama = idiot

  34. this was emailed to me today and would like to share this with you all to me it made me think alot

    Message flagged
    Tuesday, September 18, 2012 6:30 AM

    This is pretty scary, but I’m sending it on for you because
    I believe it to be true. It is a vision.

    A total classic… The following vision was given to L. Vere Elliott
    in the late 1970’s:

    -by L. Vere Elliott.

    This is the vision/revelation. I was in the midst of a great meeting
    hall (a church), and the walls and ceilings were covered with jewels
    and ornaments, and the windows were made of colored glass (a
    typical cathedral or church). The hall was full of people, some rich,
    some poor, some sick and crippled, mute and blind; but all had
    chains on and were hand-cuffed, and no one was free (a picture
    of today’s church, they’re in church but they’re not free).

    In front of the meeting hall was a large platform, with a pulpit on
    one side and a large cage on the other, with a huge green serpent
    in it; and hanging over where the speaker would stand, was a
    great sword suspended by two strings horizontally; and on the
    platform were several ministers, 8 or 10, clothed in clerical robes,
    sitting one behind the other, one seated just a little above the other.

    The assembly looked upon these men and they looked upon the
    church. There was silence for a while, until a thundering voice
    sounded from the pulpit, as if it came directly from God, saying,
    Who will declare the whole counsel of God? And the first
    clergyman arose with a Bible in his hand, and when he did, the
    old green serpent uncoiled and stretched out hissing against the
    man with sparkling eyes and protruding fangs; and the man of
    God, falsely so-called, sank back into his seat and placed his
    Bible under the chair. And when the serpent stretched up his
    head and touched the sword, he said to that man, Anyone who
    obeys the voice of God, I will kill with this sword. And for a little
    while, there was silence again.

    And then the Voice sounded from the pulpit again, Who will
    declare the whole counsel of God? And then the second man in
    clerical robes arose as if he would step forward, and again the
    serpent uncoiled against him, and he tumbled back with fear and
    sat down and placed his Bible under his chair (hiding the Word).
    The serpent again touched the sword, and with the same
    remark said, I will kill you, if you obey the voice of God.

    And for the third time the Voice from the pulpit thundered, and a
    third man arose and sat down like the two before him. And again
    and again the Voice sounded until each of the clergyman had had
    an opportunity to resist the serpent, but fear overcame them all,
    like the first three had been overcome. And the serpent smiled
    with his evil smile. And then the Voice sounded again from the
    pulpit saying, Oh if there were a man, Oh if there were a man; Oh
    if there were a man who would declare the whole counsel of God,
    that these chained men might be set free! Is there not one man?

    Then a man of little stature (meaning he was nothing in the sight
    of the world), ascended the platform and stood under the sword,
    and he lifted up his eyes toward heaven and said, Into Thy hands
    O God, I committ my spirit. Then he opened the Bible and read.
    He didn’t add anything to It, and he didn’t take anything from It; he
    read the Word, and spoke as a man having authority. And when
    he had finished, the old serpent stretched up to the edge of the
    sword and cut off one of the strings holding the sword in place,
    and the sword swung down and missed him and passed over his
    head; because he was a man of “little stature”; and the weight of
    the sword made the other string to break, and the sword swung
    back and pierced the hearts of those clergymen who were lined
    up and nailed them to the wall. And a great scream of despair
    sounded from the pulpit; but an even greater cry of joy sounded
    from the assembly, for every man’s chains were loosed and they
    were set free! (By the word they were set free).

    When this vision had vanished, I saw another vision of the Savior
    in a cloud, just above my head. He spoke saying, Hear my son
    the meaning of these things. The meeting hall which you saw is
    the secularized church, having a form of godliness, but denying
    the power thereof. They are all covered with the jewels of the joys
    of this world, and there is no end to heir silver and gold. The
    people which you saw, are those for whom I died, but My people
    are destroyed for lack of knowledge; they have eyes, but they do
    not see; they have ears, but they cannot hear. They are truly
    in bondage and must be set free!

    The platform in which you saw, on which the clergymen were
    sitting; the platform is the preconceived ideas, having their origins
    from the pit of hell. The pulpit is the throne of God; and the
    serpent, old Lucifer himself. The sword which you saw, is the
    Word of God; and the strings on which it was hanging, mean the
    power of the Word to give life or the power of the Word to take life.
    Life was given to the man of little stature and life taken from the
    clergymen that did not preach My Word! The clergymen that you
    saw, are men (& women) from every church who pretend to know
    Me, but they teach My people things which are not written in the
    Book of life; and their pride and their presumption, and their wordly
    spirit force them to obey Satan, who is a liar and the father of lies;
    and each of the clergymen try and exceed the other in elegance,
    in extensive writings, argumentation and the like; but they only
    consider the” letter” of the Word, and leave out the “spirit” of the
    Word. And the day will come and now is at hand, when they
    shall all perish, just like these.

    After having considered this horrible scene, the Lord spoke again
    with these words, Do you remember My words in the prophecy
    of Jeremiah chapter 23, as well as My words in the prophecy of
    Ezekiel chapter 34? Jesus said, Read it. And I opened my Bible
    and read, Woe unto the shepherds that destroy and scatter the
    sheep of My pasture, saith the LORD. (Jer.23:1) In the prophets
    I have see a horrible thing, they committ adultery and they walk
    in falsehood: (a perversion of the Word of God), and strenghthen
    the hands of evil doers. (Jer.23:14).

    Jesus said, At the end of days you shall understand this. Woe
    to the shepherds that feed themselves, should not the shepherds
    feed the flock! (Ezek.34:2). The weak you have not strengthened,
    nor have you healed the sick, you’ve not bound up that which was
    broken, and neither have you sought that which was lost; but with
    harshness and with rigor have you ruled over them. (Ezek.34:4).
    I will destroy the fat and the strong shepherds; and I will feed
    them with judgement. (Ezek34:16). Then He said to me, That
    these false shepherds shall in no wise escape when the sword
    falls upon them. But My sheep must be warned, they must be
    set free! And again He said, Do you remember My words in the
    prophecy of Jeremiah in the latter part of chapter 25? Read it!
    And I read these words, And the slain if the LORD shall be in
    that day from one end of the earth, even to the other end of the
    earth: (Jer.25:33). Howl ye shepherds, for the day of your
    slaughter is come! (Jer.25:34).

    Then He said to me, These days shall come quickly, the
    shepherds shall howl, yea, there shall be weeping and gnashing
    of teeth; but when the sword has fallen it will be too late forever.
    The man whom you saw who was of little stature, is every man
    and woman who will humble himself or herself, and be obedient
    even to the death of the cross, putting his or her trust in God, and
    going forward declaring the whole counsel of God! Oh, if I could
    find such a man, can you tell Me where there is one? With such
    a man I could shake heaven and earth, saith the LORD.

    • So True Flybird 63 – This was no doubt a “true Vision from God”. There is a small number of the bridetree. That fulfill this vision. The are found in Rev. 10:8-11 – you will find them Eating the Word of God continually. And setting a NEW STANDARD in Rev. 11. In a Christ given ministry. Moses and Elijah was with Christ 1st ministry on Mount Transfiguration. That same Christ that came down then also came down in Rev. 10 in 7 thunders and the Mysteries were fullfilled. The bride starts eating the Word, and then Rev. 11 Christ with that body of believers in the symbols of Moses and Elijah. That is the last day ministry. The N.T church died in the dark ages =Moses never made it past the Jordan and into the Promised land. Yet Elijah passed over the Jordan with Elisha. Destroying the Jezebel ministers that you talking about in the vision above. It was an Elijah ministry that destroyed Jezebel realigion in the O.T era. Same in the N.T. era. Israel went into apostasy and so did the N.T era go into apostasy. That brings in the Last Elijah Prophet both Jew and Gentile – Moses =Jew –Gentile –Elijah
      In Revelation 11 then you notice that the Christ ministry died. Yet Rose again in this last day to be just like Acts. 2 church. Preaching the “whole council of God”. With vindication of the Truth following them.
      Way to much for me to explain by writing it out.
      Thanks for the Post and God bless – Bro. Tom

  35. To all:
    Did anybody hear about the dead U.S ambassador being dragged through the streets by the muslims. A preacher in U.S burns a Koran and our Government fry the guy all over the world along with Hollywood and millions of Americans. Where is that out cry for a U.S ambassador being killed and dragged through the streets of a muslim country. Where is Hillary and Obama and the dems condemning those fanatic muslims. Where are the Republicans as well. Oh they both let a Government spokesman say it was not planned – it was done by terrorists – oh well I guess that makes it alright then.
    When the world sperns mercy all that is left for it is Judgment. Our chief was more concerned over people not understanding muslims than he was for His own Ambassador. This is what the articles say — that I have read – not me.
    Seems like everday in this world some hideous thing is committed. We have got so use to it. It don’t bother us no more. Are we afraid to say something because of “fear” Or just don’t care anymore. God help this backslidden country and the rest of the World.
    As the Lord said to the Foolish Virgins asking for the oil = Holy Ghost. The other half had “Just enough” for themselves to make it. You got to get it for yourself from the Lord. And that parable shows us the condition of the church in this last day.
    Lot was vexed just being around all the sin he lived next to. Soon we will be praying to get out of here. It will take FAITH to do that. Elijah finally got tired of the battle with all the odds being against him. He told God he was ready to leave out. God gave him one last commission and after that Elijah left the scene. He died. Chapter 11 Paul speaks of all the Prophets, and great men that died for the faith. Heb. 11:13 – Before you judge what I said here. Just read what Chariots and Whirlwind defined in Hebrew are. It means to make a end or come to an end. Enoch’s faith looked beyond this world into the dimension of Christ before He ever came to earth. He was translated into a Born again Man or I could say translated into Heavenly places in Chrst cause its the same thing. Raptured, caught up higher than what his natural birth was.
    He was translated from a sinner to a Brand New Creation in HIS DAY.
    Before you say Im nuts – look up the word Translated in the Greek or whatever you like. You just went from one place to another. A New Birth is a translation, transformation, and transfiguration. = body, soul, and spirit.
    Noah just went up and over the tribulation to another millennium. But Noah died as well. He was translated from one age to another. It is simple if you have FAITH to believe it.

    • our government works for the enemy.

      and we are not a nation anymore.

      • I agree with you I fill this country of ares and I say of ares is because it was founded on christian beliefs for the people by the people thy pass all these bills and laws on there own must of the time thy say you must due it this way or you wont have it at all thy don’t stop and think is it what God wants or man wants with out asking God then we are not putting God first in are every day life and that’s a must some beleave no god with the government wont work I say with out him are country wont live it will fail

    • Oh Tom We have been praying from the moment we heard and the story is most terrible and I feel Obama has made the rape and death of this poor man a joke by asking google to remove the silly movie. It is so wrong to make this murder and rape victims the culprit by America made to look worse for not obeying Islamic law.

      The Rape of Christopher Stevens

      by Raymond Ibrahim
      September 17, 2012

      Thus the U.S. administration validates Islam’s blasphemy laws and, once again, aligns itself with America’s jihadi enemies.

      Seventy-year-old, retiring Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) put it well, when he suggested that the administration’s response to the embassy attacks was akin to a court asking a rape victim for an apology, saying: “It’s like the judge telling the woman who got raped, ‘You asked for it because of the way you dressed.'”

      Nor is the rape entirely allegorical. According to the Arabic website Tayyar, “the American ambassador in Libya [Christopher Stevens] was sexually raped before being killed by the gunmen who stormed the embassy building in Benghazi last night [Tuesday, September 11], in protestation of a film insulting to the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings upon him.”

      Sexual abuse and degradation is a common tactic used against non-Muslims, especially women, as the repeatedly raped Lara Logan found. For example, a report in Arabic media that just appeared discusses how Christian women—identified by wearing crosses around their necks or simply not wearing a hijab—are subject to sexual harassment, verbal abuse, and even threats of rape on the streets of Egypt. This has only “become much more blatant and terrifying [after the embassy attacks]—and has even reached the point of threats of genocide and purging the land of Egypt of infidel Christians,” writes one female Christian in Egypt.

      Nor are men immune from such rapes. In fact, the photos of Ambassador Stevens—stripped of clothes, bloodied and tortured right before he was killed—very much resemble the photos of Gaddafi right before he was killed. One U.S.-supported “freedom-fighter,” for example, can be seen sodomizing Gadaffi with a rod as others dragged him along.

      The al-Qaeda affiliated men who sexually abused and killed Gaddafi are the same sort of men who sexually abused and killed America’s ambassador. We were told that the late Libyan dictator was killed because he was an evil oppressor of his people. Why was the American ambassador killed, who had hailed the revolution and was there helping to “build a better Libya”?

      These are the questions the media and the Obama administration need to be answering—not obsessing over a second-rate YouTube video and questioning hard-won American freedoms enshrined in the First Amendment. They should be explaining why it is that, after four years of appeasing the Islamic world in ways unprecedented, including by helping oust America’s longstanding allies like Egypt’s Mubarak to empower Islamists, all we have to show for it are dead and violated Americans, stormed embassies, burned U.S. flags, and greater anti-American sentiment than ever before.

      Raymond Ibrahim is a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center and an Associate Fellow at the Middle East Forum.

  36. That’s such a sad reality….prayers, prayers, prayers…..

  37. It all looks so coincidental. What if the film is actually a part of the efforts to heat up the political climate in the East to finally start WWIII?
    Those Muslims that rape women as a kind of revenge are stupid beyond anything. Don’t they realize that by that acts they defile themselves much worse than their victims? Who is worse, an infidel or the one who commits sins with the same.

  38. Thank you all – for your comments – I do not feel so alone now for the cause of right from wrong —-

  39. As I was praying this morning – The Lord brought up to my mind the thing HE HATES – Its a Nico-laitan spirit- Rev.2:6. Now do we really understand what this is. Jesus hates any governemt that will “Brainwash” the common people into believing lies. This applies to Political Governments and also Religious Governments that do not let the HOLY SPIRIT rule in the lives of the citizens. Muslims are brainwashed, but so are Americans, and Europeans, and all communist governments. They actually put God on the shelf. Then the poor people suffer cause they have Evil Kings over them and they cannot prosper in the Holy Ghost. Nico = Conquer = Laitan = common people. How by mind control. After being raised up in a denomination most will be that way all their life. The human race has a very hard time with Change. They stick with their traditions until death do they part.
    Its a real sad time to see so many that are “brainswashed” and have Sealed theirself out of the Kingdom of God.
    If the Governments systems of today is not sheol = death,hell and the grave – then I am a decieved man. God went to Hell to die and suffer. That was by the hands of perverted mankind. That hated the right way.
    Jesus said He hates the Nico-laitan spirit. And now you can see after going through 7 ages how that spirit ends up. Being the Mark of the Beast. We living in CAIN societies. No remorse over sin, murder, rape, adultery, perversions of all kinds, hated his brother, Did not listen to the Men of God -His daddy and brother or he could have had a Revelation and lived a good life. Cain was the start of Man worshipping Man. Man worshipping himself instead of God. On and on and on. We are seeing NOW what the systems of man are doing to this age. The Human Spirit is your Adversary satan.
    Love you all – and Keep praying.

  40. The truth about Love

    ABSOLUTE AN, PHOENIX AZ SUNDAY 63-0127 E-88 “…Until then I’m going to live true to that Word, so help me God; because that’s my Absolute, with malice towards none, with love and grace towards all. […] Did you ever read I John 4:17, that you have to have correction like that to make genuine love at the time of judgment? It’s not to be different. It’s love. Love is strict, and love chastens.”

    ABSOLUTE AN, PHOENIX AZ SUNDAY 63-0127 E-89 … And character comes from the Word of God, and that alone. And any preacher that claims to be a preacher, and deny that Word, there’s little character of God there to me. Amen. …
    Now, I don’t want to get critical with you. I love you, and I mean that. But that’s my Absolute, brethren, this Word, THUS SAITH THE LORD. You know that’s true.”

  41. This Vision was in 1933. And told all over the world. In 1960 Bro. Branham wrote a book telling of this 1933 vision. Rev. Perry Stone also put this in his monthly book a few years ago. I thought I would share it with you all . It is all fulfilled but #7.


    “The Lord Jesus spoke to me and said that the coming of the Lord was drawing nigh, but that before He came, seven major events would transpire. I wrote them all down and that morning I gave forth the revelation of the Lord.

    (1) The first vision was that Mussolini would invade Ethiopia and that nation would “fall at his steps”. That vision surely did cause some repercussions, and some were very angry when I said it and would not believe it. But it happened that way. He just walked in there with his modern arms and took over. The natives didn’t have a chance. But the vision also said that Mussolini would come to a horrible end with his own people turning on him. That came to pass just exactly as it was said.

    (2) The next vision foretold that an Austrian by the name of Adolph Hitler would rise up as dictator over Germany, and that he would draw the world into war. It showed the Siegfried line and how our troops would have a terrible time to overcome it. Then it showed that Hitler would come to a mysterious end.

    (3) The third vision was in the realm of world politics for it showed me that there would be three great ISMS, Facism, Nazism, Communism, but that the first two would be swallowed up into the third. The voice admonished, “WATCH RUSSIA, WATCH RUSSIA. Keep your eye on the King of the North.”

    (4) The fourth vision showed the great advances in science that would come after the second world war. It was headed up in the vision of a plastic bubble-topped car that was running down beautiful highways under remote control so that people appeared seated in this car without a steering wheel and they were playing some sort of a game to amuse themselves.

    (5) The fifth vision had to do with the moral problem of our age, centering mostly around women. God showed me that women began to be out of their place with the granting of the vote. Then they cut off their hair, which signified that they were no longer under the authority of a man but insisted on either equal rights, or in most cases, more than equal rights. She adopted men’s clothing and went into a state of undress, until the last picture I saw was a woman naked except for a little fig leaf type apron. With this vision I saw the terrible perversion and moral plight of the whole world.

    (6) Then in the sixth vision there arose up in America a most beautiful, but cruel woman. She held the people in her complete power. I believed that this was the rise of the Roman Catholic Church, though I knew it could possibly be a vision of some woman rising in great power in America due to a popular vote by women.

    (7) The last and seventh vision was wherein I heard a most terrible explosion. As I turned to look I saw nothing but debris, craters, and smoke all over the land of America.

  42. Yes Sister – I read alot of those posts – These 7 visions are just in part and very plain without having to read the whole of the prophesies. Yes he also said most of the things you posted about them. When he put out the 7 church age book in 1964 he put it in more simplified form. And all have come to past but #7. And that one might come to past as I write.
    The Purple stands for Rev. 17 and 18 very plain. In his teachings. As for the woman voting in the wrong man – That was Kennedy he was talking about. And if you understand the money being backed by gold that Kennedy was going to do. It would have changed the United States. But the Feds had to be in control to get us where we are at today. 16 trillion dollars in debt with no gold to back it up. We are in a hopeless condition as far as our government of the U.S. God works in strange ways does HE not.
    Most people thought the Prophet went off when he starting the 3rd. pull of His ministry which he talked about for 33 years and not knowing what it was. But it was the Word ministry – And just like Jesus when He started laying out the Truth in His day. They killed him for it. They did not kill him over healing the sick, and doing Good – You see that last pull of Christ on earth was also 3 1/2 Years – He also was 33 years old. The Prophets ministry last 33 years exactly. Bringing in the year of 1966- 66 is the number of Jesus Christ as well in generations. Don’t have time to explain it now. The mid sixties started all kinds of Revolutions with the people of America. History proves that to be truth. Jesus teaching were to much for the traditional churchs of His day. So was Bro. Branham’s teachings. It shattered their traditions and they hated him over it. And came up with” He was not a Teacher “- yet said he was a prophet but dont listen to his teachings. Now thats pretty stupid if you ask me. My own people said that because the Denominations started it.
    As Moses, Elijah, for out day – Its a Christ ministry – again come back to the church.
    MALACHI 4:2 But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall.
    MALACHI 4:4 Remember ye the law of Moses my servant, which I commanded unto him in Horeb for all Israel, with the statutes and judgments.
    MALACHI 4:5 Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD:

    The SUN is Jesus Christ – That is what the Book of Revelation calls HIM as well. He had 2 wings — Moses and Elijah — OT and NT — They represent the church. Moses the Word and Elijah the Spiritual power to apply the word.
    Those 2 wings also did what the Head Eagle said to do. He was the Power that was behind Moses and Elijah. One Eagle –
    On the Candle stick – Christ was the Middle of it all – but then on his left and right were Moses and Elijah. The Oil of the Main Lamp stand supplied all of the 7 chruch ages with the Word and Spirit. Moses and Elijah stood for the Prophets that laid the foundations and had Thus saith the Lord direct from the Head Eagle. The Word and Spirit flowed through Prophets first and then to the Bride of Christ. That is the standard that God set up. Not a denominational manmade system.
    The greatest sign to look for in any age would be a Elijah Prophet laying the foundation for the Word of this hour. And you can rest assured Moses the Word will be in him.

  43. Wouldn’t it be really nice – To have Netanyahu as our President. Common sense of darkness and light. Believes in God of the Bible. And just a plain down to earth man that can explain it without all the political correct things that the world thinks you have to have today to be a LEADER.
    The World is so use to liars. If a honest man run they would want to kill him. He would be to Unusal. Amen – God bless Israel. And the Bride
    PS I hope you heard his speech or read it.

  44. If a family of 4 has debt up their ears, and they are losing their home, and threatened with lay-offs at work, but continue to spend, spend, spend, and live above their means. Will their debts be forgiven them?
    What if they then give donations to various groups of Anti-Jewish, Racist and hate organizations…like the KKK, the NOI, the Neo-Nazis, the New Black Panthers, CAIR, and La Raza. Will their debts be overlooked by the banks?
    Apparently this only works for the government.

    • Tom the Nations are being judged now as Israel and Christianity has been and probably Catholicism and the Christians unrepentant of sins without the heart of Christ, but, it is our Lord that knows the hearts of all. The heart of each person discloses to Him what is really in it and if they have Godly sorrow for unclean sins or mistakes? I am glad He is the Judge of us all for I know He knows the depths of all our sins and sorrows and knows best His own, arn’t you? I have learned there are often people who sin and do not know it today as in the days of Samson, many of the Lords’ children are in ignorance of much wrong they do or have been directed of others from the church or are raised in great ignorance and I am so glad that He really knows our hearts and is far more merciful in that knowledge than we are. I am so glad He has forgiven me my debts for they have been many and He never added them up and laid them before me when I repented of my sins. He just lifted me out of the mire and treated me like I had never been there. And though in my early years I cried out to Him in my sorrow for my sins I finally learned that He had always forgiven me and how merciful and kind He was even while I was releasing those memories, so yes if any are truly repentant and of a sorrowful heart He will forgive even them, but, I have learned that that repentance and sorrow for sins must be there to receive His forgiveness and then His lovely forgiveness just falls all over us abundantly Tom.

  45. Amen Marie Jean – I cannot add to that. When in the light it exposes all the dark things. Imagine how Jesus must have felt in His lifetime. A man filled with sorrow, pain, despised and rejected, All we like sheep have gone astray. And have turned everyone to his own way. But the Lord took all our inquity away. Praise God – one of my favorite scriptures. For He was “cut off” out of the “land of the living:” for the transgression of my people he was stricken.
    Where there is life there is still hope and faith. Its never to late to cry out to God. Amen Lord bless you Marie Jean

    • Yes Tom, it is so humbling to watch the lost world today exactly as This scripture describes it; All we like sheep have gone astray. And have turned everyone to his own way. But the Lord took all our inquity away. I love it too.

      It is often sad to watch so many so lost but, last night my husband and I were speaking of our concern for our own and the worlds lost with so many at this cutting edge in watching our age pass and realized His Great Mercy and Kindness never changes or diminishes as when He saved us, who were so lost, and this gave us some heart in persevering prayer.

    George Bush Sr. is Antichrist and the team are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

    This code was written around the Templar Biblical Code and produces many maps in the Province of Sask. PAU NAY LORON contains tiendra which is Holdfast found in Rev 3:3. The secret key is Hister is Danube Danube = Duane B or Pau Nay Loron Durance =Duane RC. Millions know the MABUS CODE = MADOC BUSE =SM DUA BOCE. There is an image of Madoc at 50.8153 Lat and 105.03153 Long on google earth. Pelican Pointe -Last Mountain Lake Sask. Nostradamus used this . Prince Madoc ap Owain Gwynedd was the reincarnation of King David and Jesus Christ and fleed the Vatican in 1170 AD. The code is based on the triangular number 153 found in John 21:11. 51 Lat. and 105.3 Long. is by Holdfast Sask. found in 6:12 Quatrain which comes from 6 12 1924 birth of George Bush. Tens of millions of dollars have been spent hiding this simple code.

  47. Bush Sr, or G. Bush the son is Anti-Christ? Why didn’t i have to swear an oath to Lucifer’s man on earth?

    If one of them is the Lawless one, doesn’t everyone have to take a mark swearing to worship same as god on earth?

  48. I have read somewhere in the internet that MABUS is the logical following of letters in the Whole arabic name of King Abdullah of Jordan, declared Khalif of all muslims on April 2012 and distant relative of Mohamed, the self proclaimed prophet of islam. He is a King and has the “blessings” of the West. Is he perhaps another King Herod, who builds the III temple and then attacks Jerusalem after the 3,5 years of “peace” with Israel ? Is he the assyrian, now that Damascus is going to change ownership?

  49. How simplistic, MABUS… BAM US….

    Nostradamus didn’t address acronyms, in fact acronyms are a fairly recent trend. It would be pronounced, perhaps capitalizing on the phrasing of “America” as opposed to “United States”.

    Meh, theorize away, fruitcakes.

  50. Oh well…I have my opinion about mabus. Yeah, Nostradamus made message about mabus. Maybe it is anagram word. I just suspect it is not about a anagram word, I think it got something with voice or lack of vocabulary. Because Nostradamus lived in nearly 500 years ago (1503-1566), there was no vocabulary that he can describe during present time. For example, he saw something flying in the sky, he could not name what is it, he might called comet because comet is erupt or emit on back of star or asteroid. He might means a missile. During Nostradamus’ time, there is no vocabulary “missile” because it is not invented yet. So, try to figure what he mean about “mabus”.

  51. mabus – military air base , United States

  52. Mabus: My Allies Beware United States

  53. Trojan Boy,

    You got a horse within the walls of the US? There certainly is one.

    These video presentations may explain the condition of “the city on the hill”(Ronald Reagan) and what is about to occur.

    Be very quite. The virgins are sill sleeping (Matthew 25).

    The virgin is not dead. She (the Church) is asleep, but don’t tell anyone (Mark 5:35-43).

    Soon an alarm will awaken the virgin (Church) and she will be fed (Romans 14:16-17) in the wilderness (Rev. 12:6). The reason for this is explained in the book of Jude, passages with Jeremiah and others.

    Psalm 27

  54. The prophecies of Nostradamus cannot be taking seriously by Bible believing Christians. Whatever his sources were, they were not from God, in my opinion his works are a heresy, the work of satan.

  55. William,

    “Secrets are encoded in plain sight because of the law of free will. As silence equals consent in the law, if you are not conscious of these secrets then the elite have your consent to do any manner of evil” (Scott Onstott).

    Whose eye looks out from the illuminated pyramidion (Great Seal of the US, seen on the US Dollar)?

    “Now the weight of gold that came to Solomon in one year was six hundred threescore and six talents of gold” (1 Kings 10:14).

    Solomon (or Sol-Amun) received 666 talents of gold each year. A talent weighs 60 pounds and in today’s gold prices, Solomon held approximately $1.11 billion.

    So why did the Knights go to Jerusalem? Who sponsored them? What are the illuminati connections?

    Psalm 64

  56. Obama will usher in the anti-christ, he will come in and people will love him because he will clean up the mess obama has made out of this country, therefore people will love him and be decieved by him.

  57. if obama is the anti-christ then why does nostradamus say in his predictions that the antichrist is of middle eastern decent ??

    • obama may or may not be the AC….I think he is a good precursor, if he is not the real one.

      actually, since he lied about his birth place, no one really knows who his father is, either….or his actual ancestry.

      I also believe the ac should come from middle east

  58. I’ve come to another conclusion of possibility. Since we know that Nostradamus had the names slightly misspelled, but the real person was close enough, what if he is referring to M. Abbas?

    I forget his first name, but I know his abbreviations this way and I’ve seen it a few times already.

    I also read recently that he revealed someone plotted to assassinate him some years ago.

    I am keeping my eyes open.

  59. In the first name of ISIL’S leader al-bagdahdi his first name appears as Abus. I believe he is the 3rd Anti-Christ. His brutal campaign of utter horror, torture and expansion of valuable nations ( oil reserves) makes al-bagdahdi a logical and prime candidate.

    His propaganda and perverted persuasion will bring about a religious war against Judeo- Christian Western Societies. If he is allowed to topple Saudi A rabias royal family and capture oil fields in the vast middle east oil producing nations, this could cause a global economic collapse drawing Western Power nations into a war along Israel against ISIL and subgugated Islamic Governments.

    I believe this world bellicose cataclysm will lead us to the Biblical end of days Armageddon.

    Humblely a Student of Human History.

    • I guess we will find out soon.

      truly, the AC is demonic, and so is this guy

    • He might be the King of the north that attacks Egypt, but he has no air cover to cross open areas in mass. For some reason, his ISIS was allowed to grow.

      Now, the situation appears to be used to drain Iran of resources. We are watching today what a few Generals have caused three moves ago. It is a mistake to think American military brass is sitting on their hands. A much larger agenda is playing out.


  60. It’s amazing how so many Christians believe in the heresy of Nostradamus instead of relying only in the word of God. The Bible has first hand prophecy from The Creator. Christians do let yourselves be deceived by this heresy. Nostradamus prophecies are vague as the one saying the the world would end on the seventh month of the year 1,999, we are still here until God decides otherwise. Rely on The Bible and The Bible alone.

    • It was said that he called on GOD’S angles for help and that the bible and god elped wifth his prophecies

  61. But God Made Nostradamus

  62. I think that anything could happen but in the qutrain when it says in the year 1999 in the seventh month a great terror will fall from the sky he wasn’t exactly wrong like most people think cause if you think back to that time of y2k there was wide spread panic a great terror let me know what everyone thinks about this

    • chase

      i have no idea about that…he seems to have some accuracy, or he comes close to being right….his quatrains are hard to understand.

      i take a wait and see approach.

  63. The chief of London through the realm of America,
    The Isle of Scotland will be tried by frost:
    King and “Reb” will face an Antichrist so false,
    That he will place them all into the conflict
    The Antichrist very soon annihilates the three,
    Twenty-seven years the blood of his war will last.
    The unbelievers are dead, captive, exiled;
    With blood, human bodies, water and red hail covering the earth.

    I believe Mabus is from London England, a recent PM who influenced the three wars on afghan, Iraq and Libya. Probably of Scottish descent. His work is very much on going…

  64. im Ethiopian my name means holy Kidus my middle name starts with a m and last name has a and b my middle name also means kingdom. I hope it’s not me.

    • kidus

      if you were the most evil man on the planet, you would know it. 🙂

      I think you are ok, and I like your name. it is a nice name.

  65. ive studied a lot of theology and some religions say he wouldn’t even know he’s the antichrist until he comes back

  66. Hi.MABUS=George Willi(am) (Bus)h.

  67. Maybe it’s a company and not an individual.
    Monsanto Company
    Located in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.
    They patten nature and r poisoning the food supply. They r sending organic farmers out of business.
    US M
    Maybe the A is for agriculture. I don’t know what the B is for.

    • deb

      that might be true, but it would seem that, to be the antichrist, it would have to be a larger company, don’t you think?

      or a set of nations… M, A , B and US

      or a person from a country….. like M, A, B, (or B, A, M) and US.

  68. I do find it interesting that the Secnav during this current evil administration, just so happens to be Ray Mabus..
    Don’t know what the rest is.

  69. My wife and I were talking about what could the beast out of the bottomless pit and Satan’s man on earth be with the latest technology reports, we came up with the following.

    The bottomless pit might be an underground base where a supercomputer realizes it is alive and a human plugs themselves into a devise that the supercomputer controls. Just thinking.

    The prophets would not have been able to use their language to describe fully what we take for granted.

    • or it could be a physical place, with real demons there…

      CERN wants to open a “hole” or portal to “other dimensions” and it is starting up now.

      that could open it

      many reports indicate the aliens ( demons) are already underground working with military

  70. If only Nostradamus knew about banks and corporations then he’d have said fuck everyone is an Antichrist but then again to blindly follow a religion can be dangerous its I fine line with humanity.

  71. Did Nostradamus ever gave any indication that he believed in God, that his revelation came from God, does he proclaim his prophecies come from The Lord, I don’t think so. A prophet must give honor a glory to The Creator unless his visions come from a different source. This man is not a prophet of God, keep that in mind and do not commit heresy by quoting his so called prophecies. 1John 4:1 tell us “Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.”

  72. To reveal something and to prophecy something, are two different things, only God can see the future.

  73. Subam?

  74. MABUS
    MAB – US
    BAM – US
    OBAMA – US
    SU – BAM
    SU – MAB
    SU – AMABO
    Now Google Ayatollah SUAMABO.

  75. Secretary of the U.S Navy Ray Mabus Discusses Alternative Energy

  76. It’s
    As in Free-mason

  77. Mabus –
    They are born on the border between Macedonia and Bulgaria. The total fight between the good and evil, east and west, water and air will happen in Skopje, the capital of Macedonia.

  78. Deuteronomy 13:1-5

    (1) “If there arises among you a prophet or a dreamer of dreams, and he gives you a sign or a wonder, (2) and the sign or the wonder comes to pass, of which he spoke to you, saying, “Let us go after other gods”—which you have not known—”and let us serve them,” (3) you shall not listen to the words of that prophet or that dreamer of dreams, for the LORD your God is testing you to know whether you love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul. (4) You shall walk after the LORD your God and fear Him, and keep His commandments and obey His voice; you shall serve Him and hold fast to Him. (5) But that prophet or that dreamer of dreams shall be put to death, because he has spoken in order to turn you away from the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt and redeemed you from the house of bondage, to entice you from the way in which the LORD your God commanded you to walk. So you shall put away the evil from your midst.
    New King James Version Change your email Bible version

    What is coming from the prophet’s mouth? Something false. Who is this prophet speaking for, what supernatural spirit? It is not the spirit of God, but a demon speaking through a human being, inspiring and motivating him. God permits it and expects His people to put that person to the test. God expects us to be able to discern the spirit that is motivating the speaker. The test is to see whether we will remain loyal to God—loyal in terms of keeping His commandments.

    Thus, the listener better have a good working knowledge of God, which returns us to II Corinthians 10:5, where Paul warns that reasonings will exalt themselves against the knowledge of God. This clarifies the devices that Satan will use to turn us aside. This also underlines our need to be able to thwart those devices. We need to have a good working knowledge of God—not things about God so much, but the knowledge of God the Person, the Being with whom we have a relationship.

    Also, Deuteronomy 13 confirms that some of these false prophets will be able to do miracles, which Paul confirms in II Thessalonians 2, and John confirms in Revelation 11. What is in the New Testament is built upon what God has already shown in the Old Testament—that Satan’s modus operandi will be carried through from one covenant to the other. We have to understand that such signs—the ability to do miracles—are not of themselves indications of authority from God. They must be combined with teaching that agrees with God’s already revealed will.

  79. He does not mention others gods, no that I am aware of, my point is, he never gives the glory to God, he does not reveal where his visions are coming from. To me, that’s enough to turn away from his prophecies besides the fact that they are not accurate, unless you want them to be and make them fit some historical event. Rely in The Bible alone, because is the word of God.

  80. I see a theme with any website or individual who claims to be able to decipher Revelation and/or Nostradamus prophecies. You guys are all Republican nutjobs who prey upon the stupidity of low education hillbillies in southern states. It’s working. Sure, Obama is the 3rd Antichrist. Why wouldn’t he be? You don’t pick the guy who lied us into a war or presided over the largest economic disaster since the Great Depression or one whom was inept at being President that he wasn’t able to properly organize relief efforts for a natural disaster. Nope you point your finger at Obama. What a joke. Carry on rednecks.

  81. I’ve been working to unlock this code for years: best thing I’ve come up with is

    Abu Musab Al-Suri, the new leader of Jihad.

  82. Mabus Point is in the Antarctic. There is a Russian Science team there. I dont know what their doing there. I read that Putin was elected in 1999, at the very end of the year.

  83. The 3rd is not a person but a is Isis..

  84. Saddam in mirror looks like mabbas

    Close to mabus

    Think about it

  85. Nostradamus was a fraud. If you have to add, delete or rearrange letters to make things fit then its fraudulent. There will be one Antichrist and only one. He will unite the world and preach peace before showing his true plans. Nostradamus is an absolute fraud.

  86. I believe Mabus to be the combined efforts of two American presidencies: Oba[Ma+bus]h. Nostradamus seemed to reserve his antiChrist prophecies to those who’s leadership would shed the most blood of the elect of God – the real and actual holy martyrdom.
    The king of terror coming from the sky hints at the planned events of 9/11 and also how the Bush’s are known for their Air Force service. His purpose was to raise up the Muslim extremists into a killing force to kill under the cover of war many innocent souls. Obama continued this and armed and shaped the Arab Spring revolutions which eventually led to the creation of ISIS. All the work done, the American efforts will die off.

  87. What if it is not a name or a place but a word mobus stands for life path #7

  88. I think I’m thee Antichrist, my name is Melissa Marie Estrada, I’m born only in the national defense of America…Colorado springs, Colorado. April 4,1982=4/4/82=666. My parents are both named after their parents both Colorado springs natives, my father’s name is Adolph Estrada Jr, my mom is Neoma Ellen Rodriguez, named after her mother Neoma Clarice, also when I was born my grandfather on my mom’s side was the D.A. of Colorado springs, he was a sheriff as well as a recon ranger. Joe Rodriguez. I even have a mole on the back of my head and when u look at it, it says 666!!!! So I have not yet embraced my full power but I’m steadily learning day by day and soon all will know me!!!

    • I was even born on Palm Sunday ha ha, no joke.

    • melissa

      the antichrist is a man who is a leader of a county, or group of nations, which is the beast of revelation.

      do not entertain fantasies that you are anything evil.

      you need to seek God in heaven, and accept Jesus as your savior.

      hell is a very painful, terrifying place, and you do NOT want to go there

      find a local pastor and talk to him and get some help and prayer

  89. Shit… If Trump wins the Presidency, he will then be referred to as POTUS… POTUS = MABUS?

  90. I see Moslem and USA but can’t figure out the b

  91. Trump is gonna kill us all

  92. The end of the Obama presidency signals the rise of the third antichrist, Donald Trump

  93. wow!! are you all actually real?


    Sure there’s been many over the thousands of years, all it does is create war and death. The biggest is the Catholic church in our history yet many forgive.

    If you want to over analogize things look at ant’s then get back to me.

    When did this thread turn political?

    (itched a scratch on my butt)


  94. MABUS as the anti-Christ: I see American Business. Doesn’t Donald Trump fit that that designation. If elected, I can see all of his followers walking around with the mark of the devil on their foreheads.

  95. I pray to God for the fate of our World. I’m not very religious, but I do somehow believe in a higher power. It may be physics, dark matter, asteroids, or it my be some sci-fi thing. I, do, however believe that if the Bible and Nostradamus are even remotely on target, Trump is going to destroy Earth. I can’t stand how people use and abuse written text from thousands of years ago, which has been translated from Greek, Arabic, Latin, cuneiform, Aramaic, and who knows how many others, many times, be written in a chimp language like English, and it’s taken literally. Every word changes meaning, 10 years or so. How dare supposed believers think they understand words which are thousands of years old. The Bible has been translated a dozen times and comes from 10 different languages. People quoting the Bible are ignorant. If you take it literally, you’re and idiot and fool. You are blinded by the ‘Antichrist’.

    The ultimate underlying philosophy and understanding of every major religion on this fragile, tenuous, humble Planet Earth, is love. If every religion praises God, espouses love, then we should love one another, as a World. What does it take to understand? The way someone worships the beautiful teachings of God on the othr side of the Earth, differs in no way from my own or anyone elses beliefs. If we could all see the Earth from a spaceship, we would realize what a small, humble marble in the space-ocean we inhabit.

    • A delory

      there are many works of science and literature that has been translated over the ages, and their meaning still remains the same, and understandable.

      it is the same translation process as the bible.

      there is no reason not to take the bible literally, except where it is obvious metaphors are used.

      the bible has been proven to be historically accurate, in its most tiny details, like how the sun stood still for a day while Joshua fought his battle against enemies. we now can calculate a lost 12 hour period where the sun stayed up in the sky for this exact time period.

      there are many prophecies that have come true, which are established by secular historical writings.

      the way to worship god may be beautiful in different cultures, but the truth may differ or not be as accurate. I would not equate hinduism which treats cows like gods, and has 100s of gods, to be on equal footing with others which only believe in one god. hinduism does not have prophecy that comes true. it also does not make a bridge between humanity and the creator FATHER in heaven like the bible does.

      jesus proved himself while he was here….he is the only true, documented figure in history that died, then rose from the dead, with hundreds of witnesses.

      while we can love all mankind, the meaning is also different in different cultures. what we should want is the truth, what is really true?

      you seem to follow a liberal, anything goes philosophy, but general logic indicates that “anything goes” does not work well, and one set of rights, thoughts, and activities will harm the rights of others.

      Trump is not in the bible. he is a business man that is trying to restore america, on his own money, not with government elite control or bribes.

      I do not see him destroying the world, although the ones in power are already on that path. he is in danger of being assassinated.

      I also do not see the 2016 elections happening this year…..the “me only” groups are trying to destroy the elections on the GOP side, paid off by george soros, and hillary is being found guilty of treason and murder, the indictment is coming….

      also we are facing WW 3 , thanks to obama’s hostile actions against russia and china, and his communist agenda, which includes dictatorship. he has already written over 1000 executive orders giving himself total dictator power. he will cancel elections and stay in office….this is my opinion, so wait and see.

      instead of making good and evil, truth and not truth, equal in this world, I suggest you find the truth only. and choose good. we have little time left and once you die, you die, and all chances are gone.

      you seem to be pulled in by the traditional, flimsy arguments that have been around for awhile, that nothing about the bible is true, and only fools read it. I suggest reading it for the first time, with your mind open, not closed.

      the bible is full of historical facts, and philosophical truth. wouldn’t it be wrong to reject a book without reading it first, and giving it a chance?

      the time will come soon, maybe this year, where you will be fighting for your life in dangerous times. knowing the truth will protect you and set you free in your spirit.

      you said you would pray to god for the fate of this world. don’t you want to know who to pray to?

  96. A reiteration of Bible verses from mindless automatons.

  97. Stop guessing who the a.c is, we will not know until he’s revealed. “Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the man doomed to destruction.”

  98. What the Bible says about Nostradamus and the ones like him. “Leviticus 19-31Regard not mediums, neither seek after wizards, to be defiled by them: I am the LORD your God.” Stay away from this heresy people and understand, only God can Prophesy. 1 John 4:1 Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out. You don’t need unfounded prophecies of a mere man, the Bible is all you need, stay away from false prophets, this practice does not please The Lord Our God in Heaven.

  99. As an American I do believe it is going to be an American. ..the nation falls away from the Lord in many ways. .our current president is destroying America making anyone who gets in look good. ..if it’s trump “on the sixth trump” he will have the president’s car named “the beast” …the world relied on America to help keep peace but turned us into the destruction…just my thoughts

    • V

      I tend to agree with you. In fact, the beast we have now is also quite qualified, and I do not think it wants to leave office.

  100. USA BoMb and the third anti christ is vengeance, When Us is destroyed IE Babylon The third anti christ will seek vengeance. I’e when the comet flys. The missle.

  101. You people are crazy, I don’t like Mr. Obama that much but to accuse him of being the a.c. it’s totally nuts, not only that but I believe it’s also a sin to do so. I rather wait for the a.c. to be revealed and not jump into conclusions every time we have a new president.

    • martin

      since the AC has not revealed himself yet, we cannot rule O out either. he fits the description, and so do some others. we will know when the AC betrays israel, and he declares himself god.

  102. Malia Obama is the third antichrist

  103. MABUS could mean Nostradamus is refering to Microsoft Apple Bill US.

  104. Mabus, South Africa the leader will raise is was in Koran. The leader of Death for every mankind.

  105. Oba”MA”, “B”arrack….. for the US

  106. Third Antichrist – us(united state) barack husain abama MABUS. Nostradamus prophacy says he will be killed(in india nov 2016).ww3 will begin

  107. Look for leaders of the Us born zip code 60606.


  109. None of us can break the code of Mabus. I have a home church and taking bible studies. Now, out there God pointing at these signs about it’s going to happen [Revelation 6:2, 13:15 to 18]. The birth of the Antichrist is June 6, 2006, decoded: sixth month, sixth day, and the year of 2006, breaking the code into 666. The Antichrist is European that will learned the destruction of Adolf Hitler to deceived all nations from across the globe, make this planet into hell on earth.

  110. Mr. Hodges, Mabus–means American man and listen to and watch Trump. Need I say more?

  111. Yes…You may speak

  112. But one more thing is I have nightmares about this unknown figure, and it wasn’t Trump. The Antichrist is more frighting, more powerful, and more dangerous. Trump is only an Idiot but not the Antichrist. Trump hasn’t deal with the (7)-years great tribulation but the Antichrist will and it’s going to happen. From the gospel, my favorite book of Daniel talk about dreams and visions. So God is ahead and not to tell, which means we don’t know the hour of his return. About the third Antrichrist, I see a first coded name Eleeeeese just like Nostradamus found Mabus. When I woke up that day from my deep sleep, I plan to find out what the hell is that mean. I’d go to my computer and breaking these code, and behold; his name is Elisha Maybes. After I found that name, God showing me another vision about he has a harder name that I can’t spell it out, and that name come from the Middle East. Whither you believe it or not. All you have to do is to ask God.

  113. Musab Al-Zarqawi (the son of Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi) would be my best guess.

  114. Obama US. I Have A Fear That Martial Law Would Be Inplemented So He Cluld Remaon President

  115. Mabus = Ubams = Obama

  116. Take “mabus” a in lowercase letters and read in the reflection of a mirror.

  117. Interesting read. Thank you.

  118. Yesterday, I wash the press conference of Donald Trump that supports the US troops. Last night, I seen the vision of Isis that set in numbers from Philippines, Russia, Nigeria, and Australia to participate in Islamic organization. If Trump elected as the 45th president of the United States, his word going to be false about defeated Isis. Trump don’t have a clue how many Isis are there. He can be so good to create new jobs, and buildup a wall to keep the drug dealers out, but he will face a lot a stress to confront the lack leadership with the United State Government. From waking up out of my bed, I must have to tell each and every of you about Isis will endorses the future Antichrist in the last days.

    • timothy

      obama and hillary fund ISIS. Trump opposes this, and will try to fight ISIS, but there is too much evil now.

      only God can stop all the evil now….the best we can do is put someone who will cooperate with God, instead of opposing him, in office

  119. Marianne, with all due respect, are you saying that God Almighty needs cooperation from a human been?. Trust me, God has already decided who our next president will be and things will work His way no matter who that person might be. God bless the U.S.A and the whole world.

    • martin

      no i did not say that.

      god does not need anyone…..but we need him

      it is best for us, or a leader, to cooperate with god for our own best interests.

      if we, or the leader, does not, dire consequences will follow

  120. I believe things will happen exactly when they are supposed to happen. God’s plan is in motion and like I said, no matter who our president is, Bible’s prophecy will be fulfill. I do not like Hillary Clinton but one thing I know is that anybody, despite of their rhetoric, could be a deceiver and that evil person that will bring chaos to our world. I will vote for the candidate that does not support abortion or LGTB movements but I understand that neither one of them is a saint, we see many horrible things disclosed every day about these two characters. All we can do is pray for God’s plan to take its course and deal with it as true believer of Yeshua The King. Have a good day.

  121. the real third antichrist here

    • Only one problem here Jose, The Bible says that he, the antichrist don’t like women. I think Mr. Trump does not meet that criteria.

  122. If you take “M” and “B” out of “MABUS” you get AUS or AUSTRALIA

  123. I wonder if any of this is even worth wasting precious time worrying or pinning over. We’ve all known people throughout our lives that have passed on. And some time during their lives they’ve worried over the world ending with all the speculations of a third Antichrist and all especially with ppl going around saying Obama is him.
    All I’m saying is it’s cool to be interested in the whole prophesy speculations. ..but don’t lose any sleep considering a end that you might not make it see.
    ” live for now and love enough for later”
    Have faith.

  124. I agree with you totally. It doesn’t make sense to speculate about something that God Himself will reveal in due time.

  125. WORD WAR 3 is COMING VERY SOON..january of 2017

    I’ve been watching documentary’s about nostradamus

    the start of world war 3 “mabush” or it is saying about ambush of one great Leader..not really an anti christ but anti religious because he said “i dont believe in religion but I believe in God.”

    He is famous in ASIA, and lately his name known to the world when he call OBAMA son of a whore.the world ask who is this man, people love him, he is the new President of the Philippines, President Duterte in the 1st 3 months of his term, massive died against his campaign about war in drugs..but almost 800 thousands drug addicts surrender to him..but because of his campaign CHR(HUMAN RIGTHS) interfer in his war on drugs even the USA interfer that is why he ask USA “human rigths?look at your backyard first..your pulis killing black people, you envaded IRAQ because you said there mass weapon of destructive but none what you did there is a mess and look what happen to libya, afgha, and now syria your creating chaos, innocent people died,children died where is HUMAN RIGHTS?” he said.

    now Pres.Duterte go to china and have peace with them and announce that he is breaking ties with the US, and be friends with china,japan and russia..he already go to china and japan he is very welcome in both country…now his going next to RUSSIA not sure when, but soon…but going to RUSSIA is not safe for him, Drug lords billioners wants his head and one country want’s him dead too, because they cannot control the Philppines anymore.

    President Duterte will be ambush by his enemy when he goes to Russia…

    and that the starts of WORLD WAR 3 because people wants revenge.

    situation now in RUSSIA vs USA is one move a way to start the war.

  126. It looks closest to being Sudam. Like Sudam Hussein. I’m sure some would argue it could be Obama but I really don’t think so. It said Mabus would die soon which Sudam was killed. I don’t know if the beasts running wild so to speak could be ISIS but that’s my best guess. I would have thought the third antichrist would have been Putin most likely but possibly Trump if elected and if the Third anti Christ was in our time. Who knows.

  127. MABUS
    MA- Massachusetts
    BUS- Bush

    George bush started the Iraq war sand was born in Massachusetts

  128. MAB-US or MAD-US There is a crazy election in the US on going neither candidate is suitable,but my bet is they both are the imbodyment of the same coin.Either Clinton who as a woman is the opposit of Christ or Trump who is clearly the ombodyment of evil.
    Nostrodamus also mentioned the red copperhead in some of his quatrains,so I bet Trump will be elected and than all hell will break loose.

  129. Its nostrodamus … Nostra means defending ones property and damus well Dam us we must learn to share and be at ease with all that we fear

  130. man there are some very crazy people in this thread. I have to agree the quotes state bush…leading to a Good time… Obama to the Copper head… end of the world Trump… He’s the only one claiming to represent the church and his actions against, girls clearly show he does not believe god can harm him

  131. I am and i will back soon exosdus give you signals ¥ Seventh trumpet¥

  132. U r absolutly right it is ma as in mother russia bus is that it carries people. You are on the right track. The trick here is add RINE take mabus as subma…rine and yes it is BAM. USA MARINE MA. MINE AND SO ON IT IS THE KEY TO NOSTRADAMUS QUATRAINS… JAY SPICER PHOENIX AZ 4804061257

  133. mabus in the mirror is Sudam. Maybe the revenge for the wars against sudam will soon be avenged.

  134. Maybe us?

    Takes one to know one. Ex-Antichrist at your service. There is one Lord coming on the clouds. For His enemies to be judged: Mabus, or maybe us/you/them. He is taking his love home.

  135. I know the Answers. Beast= Vicarius Filii Dei, Pope 666, False Prophet= Mouhammed who failed the same tests Yeshua passed. Mystery Babylon the Mother of Harlots= U.S.,FRANCE,ENGLAND,GERMANY,ITALY,SPAIN,MEXICO,AUSTRALIA. FERVENT HEAT,LAKE OF FIRE, SEA OF GLASS= 10,144 Nuclear war heads.😇😈😮🤔🙄Thank you Spirit of Truth.

  136. I think the 3rd one is Trump. From the US and the north (or northern hemisphere), will be like a “king” as president, and a large comet is expected this spring. And he is certainly considered to be of very bad character who could bring about disaster for the US and world in many ways. And many suspect he will be associated soon after taking office – ie. will soon die. All related to the quatrains and prophecies.

    • stacy

      there is nothing about the name trump that matches with mabus

      trump is being slandered, and what they say is not true, and has no proof.

      he is the object of hate and defamation by his toxic lawless opponents, because he stands for law and order, and they want chaos and crime.

  137. Hi.
    How about MA in Business. Or a Master of Business.
    Perhaps the fall is getting terminated.

  138. Mexico

  139. POTUS

  140. Obama – bam ‘dies’ but he is not dead, just not president anymore. Then the people “rout” and “seek vengeance” because Trump is elected. So Trump is the third antichrist!

  141. Bill Mabus, I mean Maher is the real anti-christ

  142. Bill Maher or should I say “Bill Mabus” is the real anti-christ

  143. Its TRUMP
    just like with the second we change the S with a T then b upside down is a p and if you make an A wrong it looks like an R.
    It can not be Obama because none of the letters in Mabus overlap each other meaning you don’t see too A’s in Mabus.
    What do you thing?
    plus this sound way more like Trump the Obama

    Antichrist # 3

    Here Hogue digresses and discusses a different Quatrain.

    Quatrain X.72
    In 1999, seven months, *****(2016 -2017 change months to years)****
    From the sky (North) a great frightening King will come
    The great King of Angoulmois lives again.
    Before (and) after March (2017), (he) rules for happiness.

    The actual quatrain where the AC is theoretically mentioned is here:

    Century 2, v 62

    ‘Mabus’ or Trump then will soon die, there will come
    Of people and beasts a horrible rout:
    Then suddenly one will see vengeance,
    Hundred, hand, thirst, hunger when the comet will run.

  144. Mattis = Mabus

    tt = b

    ti = u

  145. General Mattis
    You can make a b out of tt

    You can make a u out of ti


  146. General Mattis
    You can make a b out of tt

    You can make a u out of ti

  147. Military air bomb of the United States or Military air bombs of the United States or military air by united services (United Nations)

  148. Military Air bombs U S it cant be the United States because states is spelled Etats in French. So it would be Mabue not Mabus. MABUS is the cause but may not be a person but a thing, like a weapon of the antichrist. Or a group of people acting as one. You have to think outside, above, and under the box.

  149. I think the antichrist will be from the Middle East. Perhaps an ISIS leader, or someone from a terrorist organization yet to come.

  150. Maybe Ray Mabus , politician from US?

  151. maybus = Musab, leader of ISIS, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, or someone like him?

  152. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is died on 07-06-2006

  153. Nostradamus predicted 3 anti-Christ and this I read in the 1970’s in his books that I checked out from the library of the Roman Catholic School I attended. Bonaparte, Hister/Hitler and a man who the people will elected into powers in the West of the new city, he called Americh. He would deceive many. There is no doubt in my mind, that person is the trumpet himself, the Donald Trump.

  154. Both Nostradamus and the Bible states that the Antichrist will come from the former empire of Alexander the great. Which is the middle east area. So you can stop guessing that he will come from America. Okay. Also Hister that Nostradamus was reffering to has nothing to do with Hitler, it is a river in Europe.

  155. I believe the AC will come from Indonesia and he will be S/G of the UN Satan shall rule the World for a short time. Rev.24;7 Obama fits the discription as he was born in Kenya(British Citizen). Became a citizen of Indonesia where he went to school. Obama is still a citizen of Indonesia.

  156. I finally break the code from Nostradamus prophecy when I’m washing the history channel it over and over again and has this horrible nightmares and visions like he did just like the movie called Final Destination. Now listen, I’d knew about about the third Antichrist has a Muslim name and he’s not from America, but somewhere in eastern Europe. Let start with these three Antichrists that Nostradamus wrote:

    The 1st Antichrist: Pau Nay Loron

    Pou Nay Loron = Napaulon Roy


    “Napolaon King” and “Emperor of France”

    The 2nd Antichrist: Hifter


    Adolf Hitler

    “German Nazi Supreme Leader”

    The 3rd Antichrist: Mabus


    Sebastian Muhammad


    In the 21st century, Sebastian Muhammad is the future Antichrist that Nostradamus points the name that fits his prophecy. He’s half white Caucasian and half Arab in my vision. This man is mostly scary as hell and much frighting than Adolf Hitler. If ya’ll think about his name is the host …..think again! For (7)-years great tribulation; he will force whoever that left behind to have a tiny biochip #666 on their right hands or their foreheads that comes from the market cash register machines and whoever not accept to have a biochip shall be decapitated and dismembered, no second chance. Sebastian wants the world to focus on him as their savior, make this planet to become Satanic Hell on Earth through his false religion and the new world order candidate. He’s a monster that killed more than 2 billion people; twenty seven years his bloody war will last. That’s how scary he is in the future, after the World War III mass destruction from across the globe take place. For the true believers….we need Jesus! Because of this I wrote down will going to happen in the future. Now for you people, what do you stand for? Jesus or the Antichrist

    The choice is yours.

    • tim

      I never heard of him. who is he?

      can you give a link to him and his identity?

      while the first two antichrist figures seem to match or be similar to their clue names, your candidate does not seem to have any similarity to the clue name.

  157. That’s the part when you should ask God for. It’s a mystery, none of us know who he is. All I did is log on the list of male names to search for decode the name Mabus. None of us heard the name before but it’s clue mystery that will refilled itself in the future. The book of Mark 16:17 it said, And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;

    I have no real link to this character and his identity; I just find a missing puzzles that fits his prophecy that he pointed it. If it wasn’t for Nostradamus that never mention about this figure name Mabus on his prophecy; we will called him Antichrist with no name plain in sample. I’m not a future dictator like him that looks at the orb and discover the future that lies ahead.

    We all born in a spiritual war between the flesh vs. the spirits ….God’s word vs. Satan’s armies. All Satan want is the Antichrist and the false prophet. If Antichrist’s name is incorrect of what I wrote, while it’s hard to believe. That’s the only best name I found from the list I search to decoded Mabus.

  158. Hussain Obama has declared he wants to be S/G of UN. As he is a US citizen he is unable to be S/G of UN as US is a member of the Security Council. I would put too much power in one nation. Rememner Obama is actually a citizen of Indonesia. S/G Antonio Gutterries was sworn in 1/1/17 for a five year term. For Obama, to become S/G any time soon, the present S/G would have to resign. If Obama ever became S/G he would have unlimted power as he knows all the inner workings of US and many of his appointees are still in office. Rev 20:4 God’s Will Be Done. In God We Trust

  159. Mabus –> bsuam switch b with i and u with l, ISLAM will soon die.

  160. Mabus mabus is actually twin brothers in the United States seMAj lacoBUS is how you find them they are using an army of clones to invade every country. the clones are anyone influential in America.

  161. Hell is real and so as Satan and his fallen angels that rebel against God. 666 decode (six month, 6th day and the year of 2006) is the birth of the Antichrist. Count the seasons because we know it’s near. Now lets talk about the United States of America become tyranny why the Government’s jeopardy is Trillions of dollars in dept for no brightest future nation [neighbors, friends, families and children]. The Government causes the nation a lot of troubles that led into bankruptcy in America: markets, restaurants, shopping malls will runs out of business when chaos strikes from across the United States. Adult’s entertainment of pornographic images and videos can destroyed families which that’s what demon spirits operates to created lustful temptation between man and woman. Homosexuality is sin! Why more teachers having affair with their students? It’s because of the unbelievers, they don’t learn how to cast out demon spirits. My friends that works at the store have told me about Donald J. Trump is the preview of the Antichrist, to me is laughable. Like I say; the Antichrist comes from Europe and as a child I knew he’s watching how crazy is Trump really is. This called president of the United States is only a clown that runs the office. Donald J. Trump born from New York so he’s not the perfect match to fit in Nostradamus prophecy. I got another disturbing announcement from America is there next generations of presidents in 2020’s and 2030’s become least worst leaders than Trump. People that
    works for McMahon family will ban the United States title from WWE why America gets weaker and lacks out of power. It’s going to be more than devastation: five elements of envy, turmoil, poverty, division, and despair. Will America survive? No, because of tyranny the nation won’t last forever. For whoever agree or disagree of what I wrote down about this message from God, this is not a host. Whenever you watch on bad news reports, social medias, and videos that not pleasing God’s eyes are going to happened. He will sent his son Jesus to rapture up his churches and those that has an relationship with him; leave the unbelievers behind to face hell on earth. Satan will show the Antichrist the way he shall go to fixed the problem from the economic crashes, nothing good comes from the child of Satan to make mass destruction of World War III. It’s near!


  163. I think it stand for the Mark of A BEAST/ united states

  164. If Donald J. Trump is re-elected for four more years, this one will going to happened in America. The White supremacy and KKK organization will going to win!

  165. The Antichrist watches how insane Trump is of led America going down to drain where swamp at …….the Russians, North Koreans, Iranians, Isis are definitely laughs at that country why Trump at the office. The Antichrist love watches Donald J. Trump as an clown that runs the show.

    • Tim

      Trump is not a white supremacist. Neither is he a clown. he is a patriot.

      Do not listen to the slander. I cannot prove who the AC is, but he is evil, and you should not glorify or admire any power he has.

      Trump has been assigned to give america one last chance before destruction…so take advantage of this, discern between good and evil, ignore the lies, and get your soul ready to leave this earth and face judgment for your life and attitudes.

  166. Marianne and Tim,

    Good advise from Marianne. I am residing in Sri lanka the other-side of this globe ,relative to USA. I think Trump is a good man . He is a friend of Israel and accept Jerusalem as its capital when most of the other countries were against it . No need other evidences to prove. Pray for him.

  167. The important we should pray for America is we can’t let Russia to make a fool out of this nation and North Korea that want to overthrown America with their nuclear missiles. In the matter of fact: the president Donald J. Trump are the true friend of Vladimir Putin that mocks him behind his back.

    The Antichrist that received the power of Satan is still out there and he’s nothing like them that appears on television live.

  168. We need Jesus. I can tell how bad it got out there but we truly need Jesus that we should focus on him. I cannot trust the Russians, North Koreans, and people that join Isis to become a greater threat of Christianity and U.S soldiers that fought for their country. Mexico is the worst and so as Brazil because of drug lords beheaded and dismembered the innocents ……..the same as Isis from the middle east. Mark Marek is a fraud because of his website called best gore is going viral; for whoever accept Christ will never trust the social media from the internet. I once a vision about the Antichrist that he wears a white cowboy hat, white long coat, white clothing and riding a white horse base from the book of Revelation that talks about the white horseman of the Apocalypse. When I fall the sleep I once again see a three scariest tortured devices that the Antichrist has formed; body stretches of bloodiest gruesome, hang to death of under age of 4, and two executors that beheaded and dismember bodies for murdered. His bloody war is (27)-years which is the scariest in Earth’s history.

  169. In my deep sleep, I seen the vision of these people that left behind been terrified and mush devastated. What happen next is they real silently to focus on one man known as the Antichrist; he’s the lieutenant from the military, I don’t know where he’s from accept he’s foreign. There frighten storm coming with hard rains and white stones that breaks glasses, deep fluids, outrage lightning. I’ve never seen the wrath of God that are so angry to punished the unbelievers that rejected Jesus and received the mark 666 on their right hand or their forehead for worship the devil. But the bible clearly said; Let no man glorified in man but all things are yours [1st Corinthians 3:21].

  170. Marianne

    Be aware of this dangerous world we living in when the innocent people blindsided to end up dead in Mexico, Brazil, and Middle East. There are Gulf Carters vs. Zetas in Mexica, drug traffic gangsters in Brazil, and Isis in the Middle East when American troops dead for their American country and freedom. Mark Marek is not a brilliant man but an idiot because of is website is going viral. These true killers out there are Satan’s armies! They not yet expected about the gates of hell is real more real than they are now living in this earth. The Antichrist will watch his website if he got an internet …….so he can make peace with them who are murderers and then join his armies. I have nightmares about this in night times when the Antichrist learned from Adolf Hitler’s command from German so he can have the controlled the food supplies controlled the world for those that received to take the mark 666. No second chance! Scary that sound when we stuck in this planet to witnesses how Satan gained so much power to deceived many nation for gather up his armies for Armageddon.

  171. God heard my prayer about the end times and I felt very bad for my family members are not Christians accept me so far. This will be a true painful for them why Jesus is looking forward each and everyone us to meet him in heaven. I hate my family members to suffer in great torment which is going to come….nothing surprise me. I don’t know why God chosen his true believers to become their shield of faith against Satan’s armies but lost the loves ones and families that become supportive is critical. I just never like the way things are.

    MABUS decoded: Sebastian Mohammed

    I should of tell ya’ll this about the Antichrist was born somewhere in eastern Europe. If he’s from Ukraine, the Antichrist are one of the terrorists. Ukraine is a dangerous place. This man is half white and half Arab that speaks many languages; made his appearance to Asia and grow above all others rulers of the Orients which they are presidents and kings. If the third Antichrist is the Ukraine Governor after his longtime military….he will became a supreme leader of his armies called Isis. Isis want war same as their Antichrist want war, that what’s Satan operates to kill to steal and to destroy. People who left behind will have a starvation for bread and cheese; no meats. For them is none mercy.

  172. Sebastian Mohammed is a hint

    So far God knows all the answer.

  173. Former comedy celebrity Jim Carry did painted Jared Kushner as the Antichrist with the 666 ……never thought about Jim is so passionate of professional paintings he make. I loved him as an best actress but now he’s weird….poor guy.

  174. Marianne ……pray for your president Trump because of American system is worst! We never thought about Trump tells the press about Vladimir Putin is powerful. Are he’s kidding me? …..this is why the world laughs at him. America looking for a very strong leader to tell Putin no …..he’s not part of American election. It’s up to Americans to take a stand, not Russians.

    • putin did not bother the election.

      hillary made that up as an excuse for losing.

      hillary is the one who colluded with russia and made 400 million dollars on the deal.

  175. Russia is the threat to Israel that God loves and so as the United States of America. It’s time to get real….put God first and pray for America because the nation is already been dying.

  176. Last session there is a eclipse of 2017 which I was little shocked and unexpected it’s too early to witness about God’s signal is coming, after I have vision about another eclipse is coming in 2044; never mention to talks with my pastors, friends and family members about these dreams and visions God has giving me just like Daniel from the gospel. It appears in my dream about the sun turned darken (Acts 2:20), blood moon existed as well. Israel is the best holy land and the Jews owe that land. I give John Hagee a credit at Cornerstorn Church from San Antonio, TX. He’s preaching is so realistic. The United States of America been very messed up; it’s not all about money, fame, politics, presidential, democratic and republican party. The Antichrist can see how this American country has a lot critical crisis, crimes spreads, unsafe places. The children will grow up despair as an Adults to face the Antichrist with full of fear; but the perfect love cast out fear which they blindsided the truth. The Antichrist don’t make peace with anybody, he’s an monster that going to hall of shame (Revelation 20:10).

  177. The grass will be green in one day. The green party in Canada will win in 2019 as the geese prote red by the Rockefellers a d the Rothchilds have filled our land and waters with parasites worldwide to make us sick. They control the pharmaceutical companies and have used the geese to massacre millions.
    All ha e been fooled into complacency
    Time to wake up.
    The same parasite from goose poop causes
    Alzheimers…..what else…keep looking.

  178. The grass will be green in one day. The green party in Canada will win in 2019 as the geese protected by the Rockefellers and the Rothchilds have filled our land and waters with parasites worldwide to make us sick. They control the pharmaceutical companies and have used the geese to massacre millions.
    All have been fooled into complacency
    Time to wake up.
    The same parasite from goose poop causes
    Alzheimers…..what else…keep looking. The goose poop in our water causes over 60 diseases.
    The water treatment plants are not adequate.
    So brush your teeth with goose poop.

  179. I cannot accept the remake of 2004 film called Left Behind staring Nicolas Cage, I watched it once before and it was laughable of how director Vic Armstrong filming it. But one powerful film collection throughout Christian movies is original Left Behind staring Kirk Cameron, the film never erase my mind watches it that truly make since just like the new testament book of revelation take place. Nicolae is the Antichrist and this man scaring the hell out of me when I looked into his eyes and his body language says it all to controlled the world. This will going to happened when the real Antichrist as good looking as him in the film will do the same than Adolf Hitler. God bless the film director Vic Sarin that put all puzzle peaces together! ……Kirk Cameron is the best actor I ever watched. No Christian remake film of Vic Armstrong can compete the original.

  180. Rock’n roll group called Iron Maiden that wrote a song called 666 the number of the beast in the early 1980’s is peace of garbage. That song can led the world into mass destruction. Listen to that gets my attention about the future will become Satanic Hell of Earth. Much Worst than Lift Behind film has made in 2001. Nightmares come true will exists from the book of Revelation.

  181. America has forgotten what the flag stands for, we are one nation. Not division filled with race war riots. The Antichrist is watching Donald J. Trump to shut down the Government over a wall. I thought Mexicans going to paid for it but he pressure democrats. The nation is completely brainwashed of serving their false gods. There are Americans moving out of the United States because of it. White folks never have their own culture, accept stole it from the Indian, Black, and Mexican cultures. Unfortunate, white folks steal real jobs from Canada. There three things I hate about this country; pride, hatred, and greediest for wealth (not give it to the pure). I don’t serve Donald J. Trump, I serve Jesus that cares for the pure. In the matter of fact: it’s not all about Donald J, Trump, it’s all about Jesus that we should focus on him. Jesus is more rich than Trump in the Kingdom of Heaven!

    • tim

      you have it backwards…

      without whites there would be no real culture or civilization

      they are the ones who made all the inventions, built structures, sky scrapers, bridges, cars, planes, ships, electronics, computers, roads, hospitals, universities, medical centers, did scientific research for products and health and medicine, astronomy, space travel, weather, agriculture, engineering, warfare techonology, won nobel prizes for great causes, the greatest music on earth was created by whites.. musicians like Bach, Beethoven, Strauss, Rimsky-Korsakov, (See for just russians), also …. all WITHOUT the help of Indians, blacks and mexicans….who are primitive in comparison, which is why they all need funding from whites to advance. if they need to improve themselves, they need to go to schools established by and paid for by whites, and get jobs provided by whites, who are wise in business. whites are the entrepreneurs who provide business opportunities for others. huge cities like NYC were not built by Indians, blacks and mexicans, unless they got jobs as basic labor, while whites had the skill and engineering to know HOW to built.

      Indians, blacks and mexicans do have their own cultures, but their accomplishments are far less than whites. instead of being jealous, they should use all opportunities to improve themselves so they can accomplish good things for the world as well.

      then there is the flip side. true …whites can be cruel, but that is true for every culture. and the cruel ones do not necessarily represent the entire group or culture either.

  182. The worst fear I got from America is poverty and tyranny. The bible said if the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do?

    • tim

      the bible said the devil would wear out the saints. that is what you are seeing.

      good work and good deeds are not covered by news media……they want you to think the evil side is not only winning, but they are right too.

      do not worry about trump. he will only be able to do so much, as he faces satan himself in the body of his opposition.

      trump is here to wake up people and show them how evil their country is….then judgement will come.

      when god is ready, he will allow trump to be removed, and then all hell will break out in the country…something america deserves

  183. I never yet know about the Senate Kamala Harris. She completely lost her mind for become the first black female president of the United States 2020. She not my vote in the Democratic party, no wonder why Democrats has the worst system in American history. White supremacy founded the Democratic party, and I’m never surprise about their former president Lyndon B. Johnson said; ” I’LL HAVE THEM NIGGERS VOTING DEMOCRAT FOR 200 YEARS”. For me is this, what a low life bastards that runs the Democratic party. SO when Kamala Harris refilled herself to America in 2019; this is when the future Antichrist will refilled himself to the World unexpected. To me, she’s the preview of the Antichrist if she elected to become president in 2020. I loved Abraham Lincoln but he’s the republican. I wish to signed republican party in the first place in 2012 but my entire families is Democrats but never know truth about the history of the Democratic party. Kamala Harris is Democrat and I hope she loss in 2020.

  184. One I feared for the Atheists can face the Antichrist in the (7)-years great tribulation and then his bloodiest war will last in (27)-years as their white horseman of the apocalypse [Revelation 6:2]. Now, when I’m thinking about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and learn to know about her body language; she’s unworthy as the youngest member of the U.S. House of Representatives. I feel in my gut about these new generations will going to missed up the system in the lately 2020’s and mid 30’s. My half-brother can’t believe that I have told him about the birth of the Antichrist is 666-decoded: the sixth month, the sixth day, and sixth season known as 2006 in the 21st century which make sense because of that number is Satan’s number. One of them believes that the future Antichrist will be born in 2035. Who knows? ……but for me I tried to find something that make sense. The world we living in make no sense. For being honest, I’m already breaking Nostradamus decoded Mabus. Everything I did wrote down puts together! Who is this man? Who is this false messiah? …..the world will refilled itself and prepare for him to come in the seen. It’s going to be worst than a nightmare that causes my sleep at nights why I’m thinking about the future will going to happened in our reality. So real, no fictional fantasy. God knows I’m series in prayer. When it happen in the book of Daniel, it happen to me also. I got a very bad news for the United States of America that can shocked the entire nation in the future to come. The more I want to know the truth the more real it gets; not from my thoughts, accept God’s messages in the book of life. Nothing good comes from this planet earth when Lucifer become God of this world; unlike Adam and Eve, we all must lives through pain and sorrows. Great news is we have Jesus and no one else. We truly need a savior!

  185. Marainne

    I’m disbelieve that I’d found more information today but I was completely stun that you was right. Just check out the youtube video called The Truth About the RFID Microchip Impantation… And it’s Dark Background! since Aug. 8, 2017 by Omego Ministries. The Antichrist was out there that brought up the mark. Nooooooooo Waaaaaaaaay; I’m not surprised he’s in our time. Man, I hate this reality. I knew this world make no sense at all.

  186. oh yea, it was 666 – The Truth About the RFID Microchip Implantation… And it’s Dark Background!

    My error

  187. We cannot allow rehab, Indian or Muslam male to run for president in America because they will bring foreign terrorists like Isis from the Middle East and beheaded Americans who accept Jesus the lord in their lives in the 2030’s. I got the greatest vision that it’s going to happen in America since I look at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s body language; she will first unites Muslim in their community that it’s o.k to make peace with them and foreign Islamic groups to come in America as their new home country. We know the Antichrist is watching but for America, we must pray for the children because there lot’s of issues going on in our society. Imagine the children will growing up and have no brighter future for America all because they never heard the truth from the gospel and their parents raised them to be of the world without Jesus; accept one day facing the Antichrist. Nothing we can do, this reality will be the very sad true story.

  188. Arab, not rehab. Funny

    But anyway. True hurts

    • timothy

      in 2030 it will have been 2000 years since the death of Christ

      you are right. this generation is basically lost.

      the muslim influx is america’s downfall.

  189. The Future Antichrist New World Order is already here

    Oh boy in view days, I’m was thinking about that 666 michochip will take place in the future. They planned to put that michochip inside their left hand or their right hand so they can be total controlled by the future Antichrist. They been doing this since 2009 so they can try it out how electronic technology works; worst than facebook. But that’s the mark of the beast. They sold their souls to the devil already; unbelievable. It’s all starts from Sweden. The people in the comments been talked about it when they watched the videos of how they get chip. For me, I already made up my mind to meet our God in the rapture so we will see Jesus, that’s my final wish. In what happened in my deep sleep; I seen Jesus and his followers plan to return to earth when we still in heaven, we don’t know what’s go down in earth when the lost souls had finally meet the real Jesus but we knew it’s going to be a war for Armageddon. Then some of them came back and I told them this question who is the Antichrist and one of them said; He’s name is Stephan and I was completely blown that they found his first name of the future Antichrist. And the another one said; he’s a ghost which mean he’s invincible. They haven’t seen what the Antichrist look like. All of this got me woke up in my deep sleep in the morning so I can write all of this down to let ya’ll know about the book of Revelation is so real.

    For Maranne, here is God’s warning from the bible. Don’t take the
    chip [Revelation 13:15 to 18].

  190. I pray to our Father about the future situation and all I want is freedom but we need to fight for it. We must wear God’s shield of faith against Satan’s armies for Armageddon; I have to do this for my families and love once that left behind dealing with that monster in earth. It takes me (8)-hours to clear my mind and the real Antichrist’s first name is Davon. Sorry, no Stephan. As long I need the truth, I must refilled it to ya’ll. We must join God’s battle together to end this madness once and for all.

  191. The funny part in my vision that night when one of God’s chosen believers told me, he’s a ghost which means he’s invincible. That remind me that Davon is hidden from the real Jesus because of his lies as their false messiah who taking his mark been deceived [2nd John 1:7]. More of them that came back to heaven, can’t even handle their pain and sorrows goes on in earth base on the Antichrist’s New World Order. Davon? While, while. The future Antichrist is still a man. Thank God I’m save from the wrath of him that deceived mankind from across the globe! People must repent their sins and received Jesus as their Lord in their lives, it’s so easy to serve him than unlike that monster Davon who is the white horseman of the apocalypse! …..the end is near. For the Christian people that left behind shall accept their own fate to be decapitated and for those atheists [2nd Thessalonians 1:8 to 9] can received the #666 microchip will die in starvation when their Antichrist care nothing for them; it will spreed like famine and the Antichrist only cares for those who taking the mark. When the people that will left behind, there no such thing as freedom anymore; accept a lot of bloodshed by the hands of the Antichrist’s armies. Some type of monster when God sees this in the last days. People with that mark are risk takers; they will feel pain and sorrows for desperately to find food since riots breakthrough and steals the items they looking for which is for sales, grocery store markets and fast food restaurants was completely emptied and still their #666 free tickets can led them to hell [Revelation 14:9 to 11] with the Antichrist.

  192. I’ll disagree with Nostradamus because of that name Davon doesn’t fit to Mabus; But what about his last name which it still a mystery. When I first heard that in my dream, the name of Davon sound more like a black male Antichrist figure which is totally shocked me because I’m black American that loved Jesus who died for us. If the Antichrist is the black man name Davon which we never expected it; he will effects the world of who he is, the white supremacy and still white privilege will be tongue dropped to see the true monster refilled himself. I first thought that our black folks was born under slavery; never gained power over the world. I first thought the white man has gained so much power over everything why he born the child of Satan. The greater news is, Jesus is real and he loves all of us. And it’s not all about the color of our skin; accept it’s all about observe God. The part is are we ready to see him [1st Thessalonians 4:17?

  193. Oh yea, this is it. Since I thought Sebastian Mohammed is the third Antichrist when Nostradamus pointed out that’s fit to Mabus. I was completely wrong and I’m not surprise about it either. Finally I talk to my friends, first lady and the pastor about the chip because of their live video is a wake up call. All Christian people and Jewish people must hear their announcement. Todd Westby is a big liar, he told the press reporters about the RFID microchip is the keys to the Kingdom which means open the gates of hell. We never born to get a chip; but they are completely brainwashed by their Government which is very sick watch. Imagine if the future Antichrist is the black man that can shocked the enter nation of the United States of America, that will be a different ball game of the New World Order. Even the Republican party thought that Barack Obama was the Antichrist when he runs for becoming our first black president of the United States in (8)-years of our lifetime. But one thing is that he never born in Europe when Nostradamus wrote about the third Antichrist come from there. Something is about to change.

  194. Barack Obama? doesn’t care about him anyway. I should of vote for John McCain when I have the chance but I didn’t in 2008 before he passed away; I’ll never appreciated about our black generation turn upside down to put him in the office why he against Christianity and pressure the Holy Land of Israel. His personality seem strange too. The Antichrist personality is the man who deceived all nation across the world to worship him. We will be shocked to found out if the future Antichrist is in our black generation that appeared in the book of Revelation 6:1 to 2 and it’s going to make us black men looks real bad. We don’t suppose to please Satan at any form; accept been delivered from all mess because of grace.

  195. Marianne

    (7)-days ago, I have a vision in my sleep and I did ask one of God’s chosen people who is the Antichrist and one of them said unto me, he’s name is Davon. This devil’s month of October does give me the spook that he’s out there. Last night, I did a little research about that name Davon in my internet and it was the African American name. So I’m into tears that the nightmare is come true in the future. Davon is a black American like us; while imagine it will happened when sick fans still love Iron Maiden’s song called 666 the number of the beast lyrics and they will all got fooled by Lucifer that they will going to worship the Uncle Tom Negro Leader who learn nothing about keeping the peace treaty. White folks that has earrings and lot of tattoos on the their bodies does created Satanic images; loves that idea about their white supremacy is taking over and it does. This is the white world but our black people is different, hip hop is real Gangsta music (“Nothing Satanic like Rock’n Roll freaks created theirs”); they make gang signs the most in our black community and still get worst each year, disgrace their families, hustlers that steals the wills in every car for to make money. I place my right hand on the bible for hoping he’s telling the truth because I cannot accept a liar after I asking one of them a sample question of who is the Antichrist. Mind tricks is over! Now, lets put Davon Mabus instead. If his last name is a complete missing puzzles that fit to Mabus, oh while that’s the last name I found. For me is no plan B. My plan A. is Sebastian Muhammad which I first thought he was a white man that has Arab blood inside of him that been trained to decapitated God’s Christians and Jewish people in their Islamic history. After Barack Obama, one of them will be the 2nd black president of the United State of America and that future commander in chief will be the preview of the Antichrist. The real Antichrist is watching Barack Obama every move until one day they will both going to see eye to eye of shaking hands for the New World Order. Welcome to Hell!

    • timothy

      the are just a handful of white supremacists in the USA. the rest is a lie that the democrats are pushing. democrats are the party of slavery,lynching, and voting against civil rights.

      everyone has their opinion of who the AC is. I do not think his name is Davon.

  196. The book of Revelation did mention about the number of his name 666. So it will be six letters start with his first name, the six letters of his middle name, and the six letters of his last name. None of my mother’s side of the family believes the book of revelation, I tried to talk some sense out of my little brother that goes three colleges for his master degree and he’s trusted the government. Unbelievable, this is the sign of them that will left behind to face Antichrist in the future. Bible warned us about none of us know the season of his coming but it’s getting close. The mid’ 2030’s is a deadline because of my gut I can tell that the Antichrist is out there fully grown to plan to have peace treaty with Israel of rebuilding the Holy Temple of Jerusalem just like the 2000 film Left Behind when Daniel Pilon did plotted to offer Nicolae with the big large picture of rebuilding the Holy Temple of Jerusalem at their meeting in UK, this is the reason why Jesus come to rapture up his church and looks for those who has a relationship with him tonight when the Antichrist make his move to make peace with Israel for (7)-years great tribulation until world will know that he is God. For completed the process of created the RFID microchip at Biohax International starts from Sweden; he will have to kill those two man Jowan Osterlund and Todd Westby so he can have a brand new formula of the microchip that the whole world has never seen before if I’m correct. When I read the book of Revelation 20:4 and found out about the Antichrist’s new formula scars them before they decapitated. The RFID microchip is the beginning of the mark of the beast for whoever purchase any item for sales on live videos but for the future to come; they cannot purchase any item for sales accept worship the Antichrist with his new formula that is a true mark of the beast inside their right hand or their forehead to please him as their supreme leader. For anything he said, goes. The worst is going to come for those that rejects Jesus from God’s wrath who take the mark of the beast.

  197. Andrew Yang from Schenwctedy, NY, exactly plan to runs as the president of the United States. I truly has no compassion about this guy and his ancestors from Asia. I can’t trusts in Asian people. Now about Trump’s impeachment is laughable because of the 21st century; no republicans plan to impeach Obama throughout the (8)-years running for president of the United States but what in the hell is that the democrats plan to impeach Trump when he have no chance? What really hurts in America is democrats why they didn’t help the republicans to come together as one nation. I loved Trump since the beginning and I give him (4)-years without impeachment. CNN suck and Trump was right about social media that brings fake images. If Trump win 2020 as re-elected president, I will laughed at the democrats about that’s what they get for not giving him a chance. We all know his mess but no president is perfect. America itself is diverse when that was a sign in the last days; I can’t trusts in black leaders that runs black businesses because of them they can’t get alone. The blacks in Africa did sold our ancestors for slave trade, what a back stabbers. I hates racism when pro-whites and blacks are pointed their fingers towards the interracial couples that they can’t date or hookup outside of their race. Tired of them who despise others that enjoy life in America. There three characters in the bible history that I never like is Lucifer, Adam and Eve. Now, the President Trump loves the bible which is a blessing but America will turn him down if he’s impeached. I’m plan to move out of this country for good why the white supremacist terrorist group will be the #1 priority. Unfortunately for me is there no freedom in America when it comes to racial hatred against black Americans; the white folks hates to see black folks be successful. Andrew Yang is not my vote because of him joining the Democratic party; blessed that I know the truth. I once dreamed dreams and see vision of my lord Jesus and his followers is coming to Mexico after the (7)-years great tribulation for to reach the lost souls that worship the Antichrist, no lie. Jesus wear a Mexican blue and white clothing but I have no clue why he going to Mexico when there is a criminal state which I didn’t tell him. The Mexicans drug lords Gulf Cartels and Zetas are very dangerous foes including more drug lords in Brazil that does decapitated their own people just like Isis from the Middle East. But one man Jesus, there’s nothing stopping him. He cast out a lot of devils which I never witness what’s going on in earth. The Antichrist feared that Jesus stole his world’s stage from him for who is the true savior. For the people who got chipped will see the Antichrist as the real fraud he is when they meet Jesus of wither they love him or not. Sadly for those people will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven with that RFID microchip; accept no rest souls of them in hell [Revelation 14:9 to 11]. The next one is the most amazing and stunning news for those that left behind must make the wise decision not to take that mark of the beast by their offer. The bible said, crucified the flesh so Jesus once dead for their sins and cleanse them from all of their unrighteousness. Only them can confessed their sins unto Jesus must accept their fate to be decapitated from refused not to take the mark and worship the image of the beast and then they will reign with their Lord Jesus for 1,000 years peace in the Kingdom of Heaven [Revelation 20:4].

    • tim

      republicans should have impeached obama, but they were too cowardly to do so. obama was a fraud and traitor. this is what I mean about christian failing to fight.

      there are only a handful of white supremacists in this country and they are all democrats…

  198. The virus started to spread just like watching the 2011 film called Contagion which is more like the reality we face. People dead in 2020 over virus; terribly they bring foreigners into America that’s started it all with unwashed hands and germs that can spreads bacteria that cause the virus. I’m blaming on China why their Government allow their people to bring the worst foods in America; and I already know they’re racist because of them they mostly like the white supremacy. China got the worst academy why their virus comes from their illness, germs, uncleanness, and awful bathrooms. Their low IQ of meat markets and restaurants can kill foreigners with food poisons. The human cannibalism is more frighten in China as well. Killers murdered their own people and beheaded and dismember bodies at the meat markets from China for sale. For the people that left behind with greatest hunger will have the Hannibal Lecter’s mindset as a Lion that hunt to kill and prey. The Antichrist can controlled zombies too that worship him. But the wrath of God can put a hook on their jaws for human sacrifice and rejects Jesus. None of them realize that Jesus break bread for his true believers (the bread is his body that’s giving unto them) and the wine which his blood that they shall drink. Jesus is the one man that can kept them alive with no virus. Sadly, this is the sign of times.

  199. Coronavirus is the most deadliest diseases spreads starts in China; shamed on their Government that didn’t give any warning to other lands and countries. Perhaps they are evil, the black horseman of famine will come after the Coronavirus in worldwide. Stupid Chinese idiots and their foolish leaders brings sickness to America. How dare them? ……now I started to hate their politics and economic growth there. They think they better than America. 2020 is the beginning of Coronavirus in America all because of China. The Antichrist that is out there can see deeply about can America survivor with Coronavirus? The horrific question. Poverty, Sickness, and Death is all put together. No such thing as freedom found in this planet earth why Satan is the God of this world since the very beginning of Genesis. The bible told the truth about the law strengthen sin. This sign I witness is Nostradamus was right about China; unbelievable outcome. Nostradamus did mention about the Antichrist not return from Europe. He will appears in Asia. So from my opinion; He might now allow a very bad Chinese Scientists to work under him to increase Coronavirus to grow. Where ever he is, he’s out there watching.

  200. This will be the first time they shut down St. Patrick’s Day celebration all because of the Coronavirus. It feels like I’m living in a real bad dream why my birthday is this month of March.

  201. The black horseman of the Apocalypse scars me start with Coronavirus; makes these people become nuts to get a thousands of toilet papers until the seals emptied. Next will be the food supplies in the future when people become animals, fights against each other and one another for what is left because of the food shortage. The Antichrist going to starve masses to death; real famine is no joke. People and their children from Africa dies each year because of no food. The Antichrist is watching at America right now about this is what suffering begins; none of them in America realize it when the Antichrist is watching the news and witness how many Americans spent their money on toilet papers? ….. But the pain and sorrows is for those who starve to death and no mercy to live.

  202. Now, there is a seven seals that was a secret to man; accept God himself knows what will happen in the last day.

    1. Chinese Worst Global Crises

    2020 Coronavirus is new to America, so one of the seal of the Apocalypse
    is breaking. They will clean the Coronavirus for 90-days worldwide from
    March to June all because of China; the Coronavirus comes from flying
    bats that spread diseases and what causes it all is when Chinese folks ate
    them during the feast at their Chinese restaurants, only in China. These very sick people intended for us to be contagious through virus.

  203. Bless that I’m still alive from the virus because I’m almost catching it like the others who died from it. This never happen before in my lifetime; wearing mask and use clear tight cloves in public. God clearly did wakes me up that I seen the problem. It’s going to gets lot more worst than Covid-19 before Jesus come. The Antichrist loved Japan because of their electric technology; he’s more into computer engineer why he has the degree in mathematics. For colleges; there are many Indians and Asians that’s into math and know much about computers. In heaven, there no computer accept books at the Library. The wrath of God cannot accept RFID microchip to implant people at his Kingdom of Heaven. Sadly, there are Indians, Asians, Arabs, view blacks and more white Caucasians that has highest degree don’t need God. The world runs through the computer technology and this is when the Antichrist start to have a “New World Order” of implanted people by tiny chips made from computer electric technology so he can has fully controlled the people controlled the entire world’s food supplies.

  204. Nothing good comes from this world; sadly they open beach in Florida for spring break but still Covid-19 still spreads and ever worst. People avoid God’s warning about keep themselves at homes and pray against conoravirus. President Trump has nothing to do with it but he must realize that China got the biggest issue of global crises right now. Their Chinese President Xi Jinping is untrustworthy leader; his people blame on black people in Africa that starts the virus and China kick’d them out of their restaurants and force them to sleep on the streets. 2020 is some hell of the year and I felt bad for black folks that lives in China treats them like they not belong there. China is not a safe place for them. For Nigeria, they should kick’d Chinese out of their black community too because of their ignorance; they got to go. I loved and the Antichrist loved Japan and we got problem. I loved Japan because of their flag, culture and history since 2003. The Antichrist loved Japan over technology so he can witness them to created Cyborgs that works and what he have plan is creepy for the future. The Antichrist wants the computer runs through the lives of people getting implanted more than tiny chip. To me, my answer is no because of my body never born to become a cyborg. I’m born the child of God to accept his divine order, not the new world order.

  205. Marianne, I was very disappointed this year of 2020 for those nurses that lost their jobs; they risks everything to save lives against Covid-19. The Government has lot of nerve to allow Americans to go outside with no protection and so as their children. The protesters is fighting for their jobs but sadly the nurses is blocking the road which we have never seen before. It suppose to be the police officer’s job to do that. This is not America I knew. The nurses should be at the hospital to fight against Covid-19, not road block. Americans should boycott China or Stay at homes because of the coronavirus is extremely dangerous outside to kill more than 1-million people worldwide. This is the wake up call that the real Jesus is coming nearby.

  206. Very sad to witness it how people are behaving. China have coronavirus (Covid-19) since around 1970’s. But for America, it’s going takes a very very long time to dealing with a coronavirus; there nothing to end that deadly diseases spreads, it’s already out there. When America spreads deeply, Canada will be next, so Mexico and Brazil. I’ll bet their Chinese president Xi Jinping is the preview of the Antichrist because of his dishonest towards America is disgrace to the nation why he already knew that China has the world’s worst global crises start with coronavirus (Covid-19). Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping shaking hands for their agreement about America was the blame of causing the virus. Them two imbeciles did covered up the fact. America wasn’t normal when it comes to coronavirus; it was normal when the nation has the decent society of freedom and justice. Now, China is killing the world with their coronavirus (Covid-19) which they no better than that. When there more bad news about more lives has gone over virus each year to come will show them to shut down the beaches and cruises but the governors annoyed the sign and that sign is to stay at homes until the virus clears. They do not give God a chance to end coronavirus (Covid-19) that they should trust, not the government and neither the president. God is the only one that can end it. The earth is on God’s hands that he created it, not man. In this reality, these people is definitely what God is pointed it from the book of 2nd Timothy 3:1 to 5 (King James Version).

  207. Alright!

  208. Absolutely!

  209. God give me a vision last night about the enemy of Jesus. I told the stranger who are you? and he refilled himself that he is the Antichrist. He didn’t tell me his name and where he from. He’s a white male Caucasian with dark hair and brown eyes; to me he’s more like a world global scientist because I seen his lab that looks creepy more like watching Hannibal Lecter’s Lab when he’s young. This maniac did kidnapped a black male victim tide up on the chair and he ask him can you take the mark (the same tiny chip like a rice that he hold which is called RFID microchip) and the victim answer no unto him. So he take the knife on his right hand and cut his head off completely, then when the Antichrist hold the dead victim’s head face to face; he said unto him, don’t you never ever said no to me ***** or I will do the same to they. Now, that’s the real monster from the Revelation talks about. He’s fully grown and I’m not surprise he’s really among us since RFID microchip is started to process in the season of 2009 comes from Sweden.

  210. I smell the rapture is coming in the season of 2026 or 2037 because of one of the two seasons is about to change but I’m not for sure, accept it’s around the corner. When I seen the real face of Jesus the Nazareth; I can tell it’s near but never know the direct season when the rapture take place. I remember Jesus shows me what will going to happen during the rapture: it will be loud voice of the Archangel Michael from God’s Kingdom of Heaven and the seventh trumpet that will shook up earth like a very huge earthquake and witness the souls of God’s true believers that caught up in the rapture which is the coolest supernatural that I have ever seen. Get ready to meet him unexpected!

    • tim

      sounds exciting. I am thinking 2023 is the start of tribulation and by 2026 we may be at the 6th seal. so that would be consistent with your thinking.

  211. Marianne, do not enter their dark web because of Antichrist is fully under controlled. That monster created the dark web for to exposed people’s location of where they from and where they lived by serial killers. Blessed that I’ll never put any of my own information into their evil website. The Antichrist is the creator of the dark web and he paid the serial killers to do the devil’s work. I did explained to my young brother about the dark web but he refused to listen and laughed about it. Now for your friends and your family that has a laptop, pray for them much as you can because of Antichrist want to brings fear to people that signed up to join the dark web which these people has no business to be a part of. For whoever that did signed up will be real shocked why they get caught by serial killers. They will know their name, their email address, and their registration. They will know the time they coming home and the time they enter the dark web which is scary. We are living in the last day. I found out this month about the dark web can be the greatest threat to our society why serial killers get away with murders and never get caught. And here’s another disturbing twist; demons are real and it appeared on their images and videos, only in dark web. Trust nobody because of the internet can led to hackers. The Antichrist that created his dark web is too dangerous. Take care of yourself and your family !!!!

  212. Now, the truth that I’m going to refilled is I don’t think Jesus birthday is on December 25th. Some people believes it and the others didn’t. I seen the real face of Jesus in my dreams more than once and he looks more like Aquarian (%100 fact); he got a pretty face and he smiles a lot that struck my attention. For the People that search and found any clue of what he looks like from the internet is that they got the fake images of him; not the same man I saw in my vision. He’s more like a white Caucasian man with brown long hair and a beard or dark like. He never look like those fake images I found from the internet. Blessed that I found him since 10/23/19. I didn’t believe in horoscope but I did found out the truth about him. He got the very same smile like my little cousin Jalen that was born on Jan. 29, 2008. Very sad that his parents is atheists which I’m not surprised. 2020 is the first season of pandemic but it’s going to get lot more worst than 2020 before Jesus come. I draw and color the picture of the four horseman of the Apocalypse for the first time because of my vision that I have never seen before is they came out of the mists of clouds and the clouds is white, red, black, and pale with lightning which is amazing. But they’re enemies of God for Armageddon. The book of Revelation was very scarier and I don’t tell my family about this because of none believes me. My friend that work at the store always trying to correct me when I’m did explained to her. While, I don’t trust social media either. This I put all my comments here!

  213. Marianne, I’m very agree that we are not alone. God is watching!

  214. Ray Mabus was Commander of US Navy
    Till 2017! Duh

  215. Armageddon is the prophesied location of a gathering of armies for a battle during the end times. Megiddo ( It’s in northern Israel).

    Today ,world has no problem with Israel.
    I think, Israel will come to the last 3 1/2 year seen.
    Itamar Ben-Gvir is an Israeli lawyer and politician and a leader in the Israeli far-right Otzma Yehudit party.
    Ita mar B en-Gvir
    mar B us

    • That is an interesting proposal about the Antichrist identity. I can see the mar. I can see the B. But I do not see the US. Can you explain how this fits in.?

  216. Corona started in March 2020 to the whole world. If last 7 years started from that date,
    last 3 1/2 wil be from next year September.

    1.Communism already comes again.
    (1965 Garbandal message, Gorbachev in Russia and now)
    2. Last Pope is Francis
    (12th century St. Malachi Pope list)
    3. Climate changes
    4. Technology ready for 666 implementation

  217. I have no explanation yet about marbus.
    But days are coming near according to my knowledge. Pope Francis is very old. Conchita also .
    Important thing is about 10 years back, Maryanne stated one of her sites here ” D.G.S.Dhinakaran said that Jesus said to him that he will come in 2026″. I know , He had spiritual power to send his soul to heaven.
    I have no way to find above 2026 in your site. But computer expert can find it by a global search of Marianne’s server.

  218. I’m not appreciated what’s going on in America. What’s missing in this nation is why nobody mention about “Freedom Live Matter” because of this country supposed to be the “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave”. I cannot support their LGBT community because in the future, they will have a gay president of the United States as the worst leader in history. It will be more disturbing that transgenders have to share both bathrooms at the restaurants. For the Man that married a Man, and the Woman that married a Woman is abomination. These are the people that been deceived and throw away God’s freedom they trust. It’s going to be very intent like I said before, the new generations and generations of people from across the world will brings out the worst of themselves long before Jesus come. The Rainbow flags is everywhere, every nation, and now it effects the little children that learned to support their trash. For Homosexuality has no place in Heaven. God made a woman for the man in the book of Genesis when it’s all started. Unfortunate that the United States of America is forgotten because of the LGBT nation is taking over. The USA flag will turn into a Rainbow flag which is despicable. Jesus said, don’t worry about the rest. To be honest is I don’t care about the future is like on earth. The greatest future I will have is Jesus because he’s the way. Satan been busy every year, and that was crazy. I’m not prepared to meet the Antichrist; but LGBT nation will. I’m not going to miss this planet. When God sees God hates, and he knows what he’s doing. Jesus is going to rapture up his favorite churches and it will happen in the 21st century.

    • Tim I agree with you.. God knows what’s going on in this country and he will handle the problem like only he can. Keep the faith and keep going and stay straight on the path. The Lord is coming soon. And pray for all those poor little children being influenced by this nasty stuff.

    • PS yes the Antichrist will be a homosexual. And someone we all know will be returning to office under dire conditions. By that time the country will be so corrupt they’ll accept anybody.

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