Rocco Says Goodbye



A Christmas miracle.

Rocco was brought home 13 years ago by my son, Eric, who found Rocco caged up, and rescued him.

Rocco was an Australian Shepherd and Eric began to study how smart this breed was, and was bragging about Rocco.

Early years were great, and Rocco and Eric had a good time together.

As time went on, Eric became busy at work, and Rocco got older, with some age related problems.

So I ended up watching Rocco more than Eric.

In the past few years, Rocco became blind in both eyes, developed seizures, developed heart failure, ascites, coughing, and had an abdominal tumor.

It was a lot of hard work, for both Rocco and myself, to take care of him.

He needed a lot of care and attention.


Lately, Rocco started refusing the cheese that had his meds in it, or he would refuse meds, or he would cough them out.


Two nights ago, Rocco had a seizure at 2 am.

After he was calm, I helped him down the porch steps so he could go into the yard.

But when he came back to the steps, he could not get back up.

So I struggled to get a 75 pound dog up 4 steps onto the porch.

I got back to sleep about 4 am.

Bu 10:30 am, there was another seizure. Again at 2 pm, and about every two hours after wards.

As he was now collapsed completely on the floor, his legs failing him, and because of my own back issues, and not being able to bend over that low, I could not get any medicine into him.

This also meant he was stuck there on my kitchen floor, and would be making a bathroom mess there all day, and as a permanent problem.

By the end of the day I was able to get someone over to help me, and we got a seizure med and a pain med into him for the night. .

Eric was not around. He was out of town and would not be back until midnight.


The next morning I was able to get one more set of meds into him.

Rocco had labored breathing, and he did not look well at all.

The painful decision was made to put him down.

Eric carried Rocco to my car, and I drove him to the vet, dropping him off about 1:30 pm.

The vet would be back after 3 pm, and would do the procedure before the end of the day.


I waited at home. And Eric waited in his workshop. Both of us were feeling sad.

I was in my office, checking emails, and trying to console Sweetie, the other dog.

About 3:08-3:10 pm, I thought about the vet returning to the office, and happened to look out the window.

It was snowing, with big, beautiful, fluffy snowflakes.


Note: the snow was west of me. See marker, my house. Snow was far from my house.

I looked at my local radar, and there was no snow due here until maybe tomorrow.

All we were supposed to get was rain.

But amazed, I thought maybe we had a tiny bit after all.

I could see my entire front yard was being covered with large fluffy snowflakes.

Again, I thought of Rocco.


Since Eric was in his workshop, which does not have any windows, I leashed up Sweetie to go to the shop to tell Eric about the snow.

When I got outside, there was no snow, neither in the back yard, where the shop was, or even in the front yard, even though I had seen it there through my window.

I waited to see if I got any more snow…..nothing.

I told Eric that I thought the beautiful snow was a good bye present from Rocco.

When I returned to the house about 4 pm, I called the vet to find out if they had put Rocco down yet.

Yes, they had.

I asked the time it was done.

The staff member told me about 3:08-3:10, the same time I had seen the beautiful snow out my window.

I told the staff member my snow story, and how I believed it was Rocco’s way of saying goodbye, and God’s way of assuring me it was the right decision, and that Rocco had peace.

The staff member said Rocco was entirely at peace and cooperated, as if he knew, and was ready. She said this was rare to have a dog just lay his head down before the IV drug was even half way administered.


For those that do not believe animals have any spiritual connection with man, I say they are wrong.

God put animals here on this earth to make man’s life more complete.

Pets are more loyal than humans, and will suffer and die for their humans.

Rocco held on as long as he could, to give comfort to us.

We released him of this task, as he would have to suffer to give us companionship.

Now the Lord has Rocco, and I believe the bible when it says it will give us the desires of our hearts.

I believe we will see Rocco again someday, when we pass on as well.


Thank you Lord, and thank you Rocco, for the beautiful Christmas time snow miracle.

We hope to see you both someday soon.


38 Responses to “Rocco Says Goodbye”

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  2. XO

  3. Marianne, I am sad that you had to say goodbye to your beloved pet. Dogs are wonderful, and just from his pic, I can tell he was very bright, and beautiful as well. Thanks for sharing the snow experience. It was clearly a sign that all is well. Rocco surely was a blessing in many ways. Your sharing of this event blessed my day.

  4. I too had thre Corgis, the best dogs I ever met. My family was complete. My partner of 18 years died of cancer (in my arms), my three Corgis all passed away at about that same time. I miss them all. I hear them chase each other and bark in my memories heart. I smile ear to ear. What I would give for 10 more minutes. Thanks for sharing that.

  5. I’m so sorry for the loss of your Rocco MaryAnn. God bless you.

  6. I’m so sorry for your families loss. You know even though they are only classified as animals they have been and always will be members of mine and so many other families! We’ve had to put down two of our sons down recently…one with a severe heart condition and the other with an acquired immunodeficiency disorder. In both cases, it was agonizing for our whole family! Prolonging the inevitable was not honoring them even though it was tearing at our hearts. From three ‘furry family members,’ we are down to just one. All of our fur friends have been wonderful companions. They took care of us and were with us through thick and thin! My prayers so frequently asked of our Father is that he allows us to hopefully be together in Glory so we can be with those pets we have lost over the years! Again, my heart goes out to you and your family at this very sad time. His Blessings over you & yours ~ Elaine

  7. Such a beautiful post. Thank you so much for this. Age makes us all somewhat dependent and that is the worst thing of all. Your empathy and selfless care towards this beautiful dog is more valuable than words can express. Dog or human doesn’t matter – the world needs more people like you.

  8. Brought tears. Thank you for sharing & yes I totally agree God cares about our animals and their departure. Doesn’t he say he cares for the sparrow? And I also believe he has a place for them when they leave us. I had to let my cat go this way recently so really felt where you were coming from. He too was old & suffering but I do believe they know & want to go. I believe we’ll see them again one day. Bless you.

    • pam

      so sorry about your kitty. we had a kitty named peter we also had to put down. at the time of death my son saw a shooting star go across the sky. it gave him comfort. it was peter saying goodbye…the spirit world is more active than people think. god bless you.

  9. Beautifully written! Thank you for your peace Lord.

  10. That was beautiful and I am crying. I too have dogs in heaven. After my cocker died I could not even think of him it was too sad. One night I dreamt of him running through a sunlit field and I knew he was alive. Bless your heart Marriane.
    Deborah Thornton

  11. Hi Marianne,

    Oh I am sorry for your loss.
    I happy you had the blessing of him in your lives. Be at peace your beloved little furry friend is with the Lord. ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

    Thank you for sharing . God shows us his peace in amazing ways. It comes to us in unexpected ways sometimes. Like manna from heaven His peace fills us when we need it most.

    Be blessed and sweet memories comfort you,

    Love Darlene

  12. Hi Marianne,

    Oh I am sorry for your loss.
    I happy you had the blessing of him in your lives. Be at peace your beloved little furry friend is with the Lord. ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

    Thank you for sharing . God shows us his peace in amazing ways. It comes to us in unexpected ways sometimes. Like manna from heaven His peace fills us when we need it most.

    Be blessed and sweet memories comfort you,

    Love Darlene

  13. Dear Marianne I am sorry for your loss and your story puts tears to my eyes. I do believe that animals have a spirit and are more loyal than humans. Every dog, cat and bird I have had over the years had a distinct character about them. They were loving and caring in their own way. My daughter goes crazy about animals – she loves them very much and says they are more loyal than humans and I agree with her.

  14. I, too, am sorry for your loss. We had a german shepherd-beagle mix that had anxiety disorders when we took her in. When we couldnt find a home to live in (we lived with relatives) we had to give her up. We still think about her to this day. Giving up a friend is one thing but having to put them down is another. God loves His creatures more than we do and can take better care of them in heaven because heaven is perfect and earth is full of sin and suffering. Goodbyes to Rocco. Blessings to you marianne.

  15. I struggle to understand why you and eric did not stay with rocco til the very end. I feel that a very much loved pet feels more secure and at peace knowing their beloved guardian is with them at such a precious time.

    • em

      eric could not bear to be there. he felt guilty putting him down. I felt the same way. I had managed to get rocco’s seizure meds and his pain meds into him that morning, so that gave rocco some relief. he was with a kind staff at the vets, and had the support he needed. he was put down an hour after he was dropped off, so he was out of pain when the procedure took place. the staff kept him company til the end. the staff were not strangers to him as he has known them for 13 years.

  16. Dear Marianne,

    I think you are rather sober, and yes sometimes the Lord does seem to give us a ‘wink’, as I do call that. And yes, I also can imagine a specal place for an animal afterwards.. However, thanking your beloved dog for a ‘miracle’, isn’t that different..?!

    Yes, years ago even in a miraculous way receiving one or more golden tooth was not uncommon. And what to think of golddust in forinstance bibles, or seeing ‘heavenly feathers’ or noticing orbs during a meeting..
    And what (happens repeatedly) if my rosary recieves a golddust layer, or even some beloved Mary anywhere starts weeping in a too cold room..?! Yes, the spiritual world is real! However spirits can be different, we know.

    Big hug, for missing a brave beloved friend isn’t that easy.

    • olaf

      it was obviously the Lord who sent the snow miracle…but it was because of rocco and the relationship there. we are thankful for all the years of love rocco gave us.

  17. Good story it is. But i don’t understand the right to put an animal down. Or any soul for that matter.

    And by the mercy of God, we are fast approaching this new time and season, alive.

    • john

      it is not a right , but more of an act of kindness. it would be cruel to allow him to suffer endlessly, while I could do nothing to stop it. when I saw rocco during his suffering, I sent a message to my children that if I ever end up that bad, I want to be put down myself. the procedure is a very peaceful one.

  18. Marianne,

    About the snow, even at the first glance I did believe you.
    However, the ‘extra glance’ was on the edge..
    I always love your being straight and open! But in the light of tempering thoughts like: ” What would Marianne say or do..” I decided to support you in a slightly different way. And that’s why I would have liked to react by mail.

    Wish you, Eric and sweetie lots of snow & God bless, especially your back!

  19. A very sad but beautiful story Marianne
    God Bless You’

  20. Marianne, math (!) isn’t my favourite subject. Haha, even ‘Math’ being the name for ‘my’ dog I wouldn’t surfive. Thanks for the small map of your invironment..! Your blog and it’s blessings are much closer now and I’m fond of maps..! I do wish you extra collered days, Ps. It’s not just a blog, Lay-out, it’s tones, black & whites are magnificant..! Still haven’t seen a better one. Great ballance, comfort and plaesure for the eyes..!

  21. Beautiful story. I am sorry for your loss. I believe like you do regarding animals.

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