Kiss Yourself Goodbye


Dramatic population drop in 2 countries anticipated / planned in the next 11 years.

This post is about the planned destruction of America and Israel.

Other countries would have to look up their own data as to population and economic changes.

These are the points of concern from a USA government derived website.

So what is happening in the next 11 years?



Here is the complete graph:


Major points about USA:

Notice that the population of America drops by 247 million while the world population remains almost the same. ( from 7.1 billion to 6.9)

This is a drop of 78% for America only.

So this is not due to a world war where everyone gets killed.

The military budget drops from $726 billion to $8 billion.


The GDP per capita income drops from $52,838 to only $13,328.

This is poverty.

Instead of 33 inhabitants per sq. km, there is only 7 inhabitants per sq. km. by 2025.


There is something planned,  especially for America that is NOT planned for (almost) any other country.

What is the US (or UN) government planning, and HOW will they do it?

We know this much:

Government is willingly letting in Ebola victims into the USA to spread disease.

FEMA camps are in every state.

Christianity is being outlawed and seen as the new terror threat.

Martial law is already in force, in soft form.

The country has become godless, for the most part.

Congress and Senate are spineless, and godless, for the most part also.

The Muslim brotherhood runs the country, as it is part of the President’s cabinet, and members hold other high offices.

It is the goal of Islam to control / destroy America.

The Illuminati hate everyone except Satan, and wants the world population to decrease to 500 million (0.5 billion).

( )

World Population is currently 7.2 billion, which is 14+ times too high for the Illuminati.

So WHO are they mainly picking on, to achieve their objectives?


I also looked up Israel, which is the historic ally of the USA.

It also has huge changes expected, with 3 million people disappearing from the population, and decreases in GDP income and military spending (click ctrl + to enlarge screen to read better):



Doing the math:

World population will decrease from 7.1 billion to 6.9 billion.

This is a decrease of 0.2 billion for the world.

The USA and Israel together will decrease 0.25 billion by themselves.

So the world figure (population reduction) could be based on reducing JUST the populations of the USA, by 78%, and Israel, by 50%.

Gee, now who would want that?



The USA is the largest country with the most Christians and Jews.

Israel is a Jewish country.

They are anticipated to contribute 100% to the decrease in population targeted for the entire world in the next 11 years.

This is a wake up call to Christians and Jews.

Repent, turn your life over to God.

You will not be around much longer.

But remain steadfast.

There is a Jewish Messiah coming to reckon things!


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    • Tell me : do you really believe in such crapy propaganda ?!!! Are you that naive ?

      Marianne, you are so egocentric !…
      Europe will only backup from 319 to 222 million inhabitants (for five biggest EU countries), Africa will remain quite stable and Asia too : why don’t you move away ?!

      It is not the muslim brotherhoods that will take the control of US, the zionists already did !!!

      The Seven Masters of Deception : Woodrow Wilson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson et Richard M. Nixon, all of them have been manipulated by zionists

      See Benjamin Freedman “Facts are Facts”

      Click to access Facts%20Are%20Facts.pdf

      (if you wish to understand, follow the path of money : the FED and its owners…You should be happy that the USD will finish soon, this is very good news : you already know that the $$$ dollar sign is the signature of Satan over the straight line of the Prophets.

      • skylight

        the muslim brotherhood now controls the white house, president and country.

        Islam is being forced in the childrens schools, but mentioning Jesus is forbidden.

        The president supports HAMAS and ISIS which are terror groups, and has sent billions of dollars in aid to terrorists. it is in the news now that muslim teachers are raping students, and muslims are beheading people in USA. Muslims are demanding sharia law, which is evil.

        Jews do not do any of this. Police ignore what muslims do because they do not want to be accused of racism. yet what is happening is worst than racism.

        jews have contributed to this country. economics, medicine, law, business, education, they serve as soldiers in military and offer their lives.

        they are here to serve…not to take.

        however, 62% of all victims of religious hate crimes in 2012 were jewish
        Of the 1,340 victims of an anti-religious hate crime:

        62.4 percent were victims of an offender’s anti-Jewish bias.
        11.6 percent were victims of an anti-Islamic bias.

        this shows that jews are more victims than muslims…and the ones who offend and victimize the jews are muslims

        so this is something to think about.

        • Dear Marianne,

          You seem to be a very nice person but you are totally wrong once again. Evidence is there right in front of you and you keep going the wrong way.

          Isis and Hamas are 100% creation of Israel, don’t you know that ?!
          This is common knowledge now… as it is quite well known that 9/11 was an inside (=mossad once again) job

          you have to follow a brain detox, this is an emergency !!!

          i cannot help more, sorry

          God bless you and open your heart

          Take care

          • terrorist attacks :

          • • Who started the First World War, which killed 37 million and injured 22, 379, 053 that includes 7 million civilians? Muslims?
            • Who started the Second World War, which killed over 60 million, which was over 2.5% of the world population? Muslims?
            • Who killed about 20 million of Aborigines in Australia? Muslims?
            • Who drop the nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which killed 166,000 people in Hiroshima and 80,000 in Nagasaki? Muslims?
            • Who killed more than 100 million Red Indians in North America? Muslims?
            • Who killed more than 50 million Indian in South America? Muslims?
            • Who took about 180 million African people as slaves and when 88% of them died, threw them into the Atlantic Ocean? Muslims?

            • russia


              muslims have waged war for 1500 years…..mostly against europe, africans, israel, and each other….iran and iraq were fighting long before USA got involved.

              muslims still have 29 million slaves in africa

              • Marianne, I don’t hear you ! Can you tell us how many people muslims killed total ?

                • 60 million christians killed in europe

                  80 millions hindus killed

                  10 million budhists killed.

                  120 african christians and animsts killed

                  total = about 270 million people killed by Islam


                  • impossible, if that numbers were true (1400 years ago total population of the world was ~5 million people…), nobody would have been left behind and 100% of the world would be muslim since centuries… you really believe any basic propaganda you find without checking anything, how sad (and totally distant to basic Christian’s teachings…)

                • the pop of the earth stays up because “some” groups reproduce like rabbits.

                  I am glad at least that you like coming to this website.

                  god bless you

              • Russia ?! yep, Jewish Bolsheviks killed more than 60 million people :
       (10 times the holocaust… wake up ! wake up !!!)

                Germany ?! yep, you already know who organised all that : Colonel Edward Mandel House, after he successfully setup the FED coup during WWI, he has been backed-up by the powerful 10 biggest banks – all owned by jewish families – who could support the huge war costs all over the planet.

                If you want to know better how zionists behave…
                a jewish historian, Ilan Pappe, can help you :

            • Who married a 7 year old girl and raped her at 9? Saxons?

              Who raided caravans, took slaves and raped them? Saxons?

              Who has been at war with the world for 1400 years in the name of my god of the Kabba? Saxons?

              Who walks around a black rock embedded in a pagan Temple thinking it will take away sins? Saxons?

              • yes this is very interesting Leatherneck to remember that, I almost forgot ! and you see, it reminds me Roman Polanski, I do not understand why we should put in prison a guy who escaped his trial for having sodomised twice a 13 years old girl ? She had her first intercourse at 8 so she was kind of prostitute, you see, and he has been so kind with her that instead of raping her in her vagina, like every usual “basic” rapist would have done, he took great care of sodomising her instead so that she could not fall pregnant ! Moreover, you see, she was not jewish herself, so you understand now why he is a great model for humanity and we can also welcome all the efforts the international zionist community is doing to help him facing this police persecution that nobody could understand !!!


                • you are a sex pervert

                  • Tell me more, in your rating scale, Roman P. is an angel, that’s right ? Shall we put him in prison or let him free ?

                    • Why are you using Roman P as an example? Roman was reprobate just as Muhammad, but Muhammad murdered how many? Took slaves of how many? Raped?

                      Your argument is apples vs oranges. Plus, why are you here? This is a web site spreading the good news of the Word made flesh. Not a website that supports pagan worship.

                      G-d the Father, maker of Heaven and earth told humans that who cursed Israel will be cursed.

              • (i’m repling to your last comment here because there is no more place below)

                yes, you are very right to remind we are here to spread the good news. I sincerely thank you for that.

                Religion is a only a TOOL to help us adoring GOD, and get closer to Him. Nothing less, nothing more.

                I am here to denounce zionism as it is NOT a religion, but a POLITICAL movement which is based on POWER and MONEY, nothing else. Zionist activists have to be condemned as they lead to violence and fight between peoples.

                I do not have any hate for Jew people.

                I am happy that Jew people can have a place in the world where they can live in peace, this is perfectly normal and they deserve to have a country as anyone in the world. This has been decided in 1947 by United Nations and should be respected. We should go back to 1947 borders (+ a decent access to Jerusalem for the Jews).

                Now take this into consideration : if Jews are truly the elected people, God himself will help them. When God wants something you get it without doing nothing. This is as simple as that : zionism CAN NOT be, as long as GOD is !

                Religion is a path, as we do not believe in a religion but we follow a religion. Faith, our beliefs, is related to God only, and religion to us as individual (religion is a different path adapted to the different vehicles that we are : their deep meanings are ALL the same, their directions are ALL the same)

                Today, there is an intolerable islamophobic propaganda organised worldwide and this is what I want to fight. This is ridiculous.

                If you see one person stating that one religion, whichever one, promotes violence, you have to know this person is used for POLITIC purposes ONLY. All religion have been used so, from times to others, yes this is true it happens all the time. But this is totally WRONG as it is used by non-believers, or bad-believers to go politics.

                I am not pro-muslim, neither I am pro-christian, nor pro-jew, I am just a human citizen of the earth and wishing that everyone can follow its own path. I respect all religions as long they respect other religions.

                Now, PLS read the following, with your heart, and you will know what true Islam is made of :


                I am very sad today to see how people are afraid of Islam, as I know lots of very interesting muslim people, as I also know many fantastic jewish and christian people.
                Each of them are right for themselves, and have to make the necessary efforts to understand their own freedom stops where the freedom of the others starts.

                Be confident that God will protect you as long as you do your best to respect others.

                In other words, you can count on me to fight
                the excesses of islam too ! Most of them are due to IGNORANCE, the rest is due to political manipulation. It is necessary to take care not to put everyone in the same basket.

                Best regards to all of you, in the dialogue and in the peace.

                • Skylight

                  I have muslim friends myself. the point is you cannot condemn all the jews , or anyone else, for what a small group may have done.

                  while most muslims do not wage jihad about 10% of them do, but this translates into still a very large group of people who are threatening world peace.

                  what is VERY obvious is that the other muslims are doing nothing to STOP the terrorism…this makes them look guilty too.

                  I believe in ONE God, and he is the Father Creator in heaven…I also believe, because of my own experiences and what the bible ACTUALLY says, that he has had a spirit son named JEsus in heaven, who acts on his behalf. He was his son in heaven for ages….he came to earth with a mission to pay for the sins of those who would repent, so that they could go to heaven and be with him and the FATHER God. Jesus now rules in heaven with the Father, and continues to do the FAther’s will.

                  I am sorry the catholic church messed up christianity and paganized it. there are still some good elements left in that church….

                  I am what I call a bible christian…I go by what Jesus taught, not by what the catholic church teaches or any other church…..

                  • Thanks Marianne,

                    of course we cannot condemns all jews or anyone else for what a minority of them is doing. I’m 100% with you on that.

                    you are also right to say that the majority of “quiet” muslims do nothing, or very little, to denounce terrorism, and it is right to say they share a part of responsibility, I agree with you on that too. It would be necessary to analyse the geopolitical situation also to explain more in details some of the behaviours, but I won’t do it here.

                    I personally also believe in one God, and I also believe in 100% of the Word of Jesus, “spirit son” seems correct to me as well, because we all know it is Gabriel’ shuffle – the Holy Spirit – on Mary, which gave life to Jesus.

                    I also share your point of view about Catholic church, who messed up a lot, as everyone does anyway ! especially because it is not easy to gather so many different peoples in a very same and coherent group. Unification is not easy. Also, of course, there are many great Saints originating from Catholic Church, even though the church itself is more known for politics than for spiritual spreading…

                    So you see how close we are !

                    From there, nothing prevents me to read the Quran, not in order to criticize first, but in order to get knowledge if I can find any inside. The same applies for the other books of Judaism, as you do probably. This is interesting.

                    As Gandhi was saying, “I do not believe there is one religion on earth, but I believe if everyone goes to the heart of its own religion, therefore he will also reach the heart of all other religions”. Heart is indeed one single infinitely small point which reflects the whole universe.

                    So far, in my personal searches, one of the rare dogmatic difference I could notice between christian and muslim understanding is the original sin : in christian understanding humanity is sinful and therefore responsible for its situation on earth, whereas muslims consider Adama and Hawa have been already forgiven by God


                    • sky

                      I am glad we are not yelling at each other anymore. 🙂

                    • The difference between those who follow Christ and those who follow Muhammad are great.

                      The biggest difference is Christians believe Jesus is the word made flesh, was murdered on a cross, and rose from the dead as a sin offering for humans who have broken G-d’s righteous laws.

                      The religion/political system of submission to my god of the Kaaba does not believe G-d can have a son and that Jesus did not die on the cross.

                      All religions of the world believe they can get to Heaven through good works. Only Christians believe accepting the love of G-d the Father who died for human sin will allow someone entry into Heaven.

                      My god of the Kaaba is one of 360 gods worshiped during Muhammad’s life time. Muhammad made everyone worship Sin, or get their heads cut off. He did not have to explain who this god was to the Arabs, because everyone knew who he was talking about.

                      Allah Akbar. Means my god is greater, or greatest. Greater than what? My god of the Kaaba is greater than all the other gods at the Kaaba.

                      We cool? Now, you understand why Christians are hated within this world system and why Islam is loved.

                    • Hi Marianne,

                      I’m glad too, thanks 🙂 and take care

                    • Dear Letherneck,

                      the difference you mention about the how Jesus died from Christian interpretation and how this is understood by muslims seems to very different in first stance as you say it, but is actually quite the same, if you read well. Let me explain.

                      You probably know that the access to endless life must pass by Jesus as he said that himself. This is the very important message (i.e. forgiving sins a secondary in importance, as “good” and “evil” are relative to each others).

                      In the Quran, it is said that the death of Jesus was apparent, and “Allah raised him (Jesus) to Him”
                      In muslim mystic interpretation the cross does not mean the forgiveness of sins, but the limitations we have, as human beings, in the created world (Shaytan says to Allah : I promise to put me in front, behind, on their right and on their left on your right path. This means that we will find Shaytan in all material directions)
                      So when Allah says He raised Jesus to Him, that means the only way to get out of the material world is by the Spirit.

                      Also, if you draw a cross like a hopscotch, you can raise each square and by 5 movements you’ll get a cube : the Kaaba. This means that through the five pillars of religion you can pass through the created world to the endless life, thanks to spirit : all those pillars are related to the abandon of material life. The cross is also a symbol of harmonious balance between material (=horizontal) and spiritual (=vertical) life.

                      This is just to show you that God, Allah, YHWH, whatever you name Him, created different paths to reach Him, thanks to His Mercy because we are all different, but the end meaning is always the same.

                      We just have to learn to respect the differences of the others and you will see how well all this works.

                    • I just forgot the most important !

                      after “So when Allah says He raised Jesus to Him, that means the only way to get out of the material world is by the Spirit.”


                    • sky

                      you cannot use the quran to understand the cross. muhammed was not a witness….the gospels were written by followers of Jesus who SAW what happened and wrote a correct account.

                      Jesus really died on the cross. there were many witnesses there, including apostle John and mother Mary, and the other frightened apostles saw Jesus later when he appeared to them with nail holes in his hand and sides, after he rose from the dead. there are also roman execution records that verify the death.

                      once you die, you ARE spirit……

                      but when Jesus rose from the dead, he had a body – a glorified body…and he appeared with this body to his followers so they could see him and touch him.

                      to deny that Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead is heresy…..and to deny what JEsus did….

                      if jesus never died for our sins, to take our punishment, then we will have to take our own punishment in hell…..there is no one perfect, and everyone makes mistakes…..but there will be no forgiveness because someone rejected the sacrifice of JEsus for us….so they will go to hell…..even if they think they are a good person.

                      you cannot get to heave on your own merit….none of us has any before God the Father….he see our sins, and he is holy God….no person can come before the Father with their sin on them…they will be destroyed.

                      only Jesus can give us enough merit to enter heaven..this is the will of the Father God.

                      if you reject jesus as savior for your sins, then you go to hell….you cannot enter heaven if you have just ONE sin….because NO sin is allowed in heaven

                      if you accept jesus as savior,, then jesus will intercede for you and gain forgiveness for you, and you can enter heaven.

                    • Allah means my god, not G-d. My god, and G-d the Father are two different things.

                      My god is the god Sin known throughout History as the son of the Sun god. Sin’s symbol is the crescent moon.

                      G-d the Father maker of heaven and earth has no equal and is all powerful. G-d the Father could have made Lucifer worship him, but showed his laws are righteous by paying for human sins called the word made flesh.


                    • Leatherneck,

                      Allah is God as I can talk to Him or as I can hear Him in the created world
                      Huwa (“Him” in arabic) is God as He pre-exist to the created world, and weights 5+6=11
                      Allah weights 1+30+30+5=66
                      if you multiply Huwa by 6 days of creation you get Allah (also, Adama Wa Hawa = 66, but this is another story)

                      If you need to mention the Father, then you take Ab (alif+ba, or alef+beth) which makes 1+2=3 which leads to Trinity.

                      (and by the way, if you look closely to the basmallah, you will see a hidden “alif” at the beginning which is not pronounced, but makes “in the name of Father-Allah…” where Christians say “in the name of the Father…”)

                      Take care

                    • why does allah allow this?


    • Hi Marianne, the reason of the huge decrease in population given by deagel is that there will be a ponzi scheme collapse : have a guess now who created the ponzi scheme…

      • “The key element to understand the process that the USA will enter in the upcoming decade is migration. In the past, specially in the 20th century, the key factor that allowed the USA to rise to its colossus status was immigration with the benefits of a demographic expansion supporting the credit expansion and the brain drain from the rest of the world benefiting the States. The collapse of the Western financial system will wipe out the standard of living of its population while ending ponzi schemes such as the stock exchange and the pension funds. The population will be hit so badly by a full array of bubbles and ponzi schemes that the migration engine will start to work in reverse accelerating itself due to ripple effects thus leading to the demise of the States. This unseen situation for the States will develop itself in a cascade pattern with unprecedented and devastating effects for the economy. Jobs offshoring will surely end with many American Corporations relocating overseas thus becoming foreign Corporations!!!”

  2. That is scary, don’t want want to think about it!

  3. The Bible says so. The tribulation will start soon and all the seals, trumpet, and bowl judgments will be poured out then. We don’t have another 11 years to go. Get ready for the return of the Lord Jesus. Repent of your sins, keep your garments clean and lamps full of oil. He’s coming soon to get his bride!

  4. I think this is going on because of the black people
    Washington is terrified of the blacks who
    Pretty much hold America in a chokehold
    They have to be politically correct to keep the black race from rioting in the streets
    Congress won’t do anything because Obama is black
    No one does anything because of the black people
    The black people somehow control America
    By their threats
    Spoken And unspoken
    The old phones on the floor will never be addressed or removed

    • Not old phones on the floor I meant the elephant on the floor
      I really believe that is the black people have this country in a paralyzing condition
      Whatever you say you might be called a racist
      They inadvertently rule America

  5. Who knows but maybe Obama Is using voodoo to get all those people under his control
    If a person is without Christ the devil Can easily hypnotize

  6. Marianne – A fact I may have overmissed may be in your post, but who is it that made up these figures? If it is government – who in the government made up these projections?

    Thanks. I may have missed that. 2025 is only a decade away.

    Sometimes it feels like Jesus can’t come soon enough.

  7. Amy,


    Rev. 12:11

  8. There is only one good explanation as to why America would lose such a large chunk of its people, who are 80% Christian…
    Think about it – it has to be!

    • why would a secular government anticipate the rapture?

      • 80%,

        really …?

        • I don’t know the # of true Christians in US, and I doubt it’s 80%, but for every 1 true Christian piloting an airplane, many non-Christians would die in any crash during the “rapture”. … just an example.

    • A pre-tribulation rapture would freak out the godless… who would be left to pay taxes and run the infrastructure?

    • I was going to say that too (about the rapture)!

      I believe there are serious behind-the-scenes plans for the demise of the world’s population, but I don’t know who “DEAGLE. com” is…there is no board of directors listed so we can’t check credentials….

      Does anybody know if they are a reliable source of info, and where they get their “facts” ? They list all types of reputable “sources” such as the US Navy, Army, Gov, etc, but so what? so could anyone.

      God is in charge. He knows the number of our days. We cannot add one day to our lives by worry. Nor can one day be taken without God’s consent.

      Real faith brings true peace.

      • I do not know who they are either but they have stats on all the countries…somehow SOMEONE has come up with the stats, and they are the ones to be concerned about, since they apparently believe and/or know this

    • Yellowstone going belly up would do it. Rapture would be less painful.

      Wait a second. Jim, are you being sarcastic?

  9. The enemy always gets a vote. I wonder what thousands of Honorably discharged Marines and Airborne Rangers think about this subject? Also, known as domestic terrorists who read their Bibles while cleaning their weapons.

  10. Well, a couple of other websites:, and, find this site very weird. One person thought it was an adult entertainment website in the comments. Others believe it is a spoof. Some do believe it is a US government sourced site.

    The actual website declares their site is a “Guide to Military Equipment and Civil Aviation”, and states : “This website is not and has never been linked to any government. It is the result of private individuals using their spare time.”

    Either way, why would anyone even joke about this type of stuff. And, if it is real, why warn? I couldn’t find what information is used that elicits these kinds of calculations. (But they keep track of all kinds of things like who is ordering what from whom.)


  11. maybe the predicted asteroid has something to do with this….

    prophet claims he has been in contact with US military and they confirm it.

    also may be the reason for DEFCON 1 status

    • great ! we now know this asteroid is anti-american and anti-semitic… (I thought Palestinians and Muslims were evil… why this asteroid kills only the non-evil people ?…)

      Still wondering if God has some sense of humour ?

      • God has promised to judge his own people first, before he judges the rest of the world

        this is because he expects more from us than from others

        therefore, america, home of both christians and jews will be judged before the unbelievers 🙂

  12. I read this after I read your article today about this company you mentioned reporting on the demise of America. I think the Lord is leading us to fit the puzzle pieces together. Praise Him. The common sense show (Dave Hodges) is very reliable.

    • Thanks for supplying this link. It now makes a little bit more sense and leads more credence to statements made by Deagel Corp. A front corporation playing both sides of the fence and leaders leading America’s demise from the inside out.

      Yikes, 6 cities left with 11 million in each city? What kind of life is that.

      • I am listening to something about solar flares that nasa expects.

        one of those commercial videos that end up selling something

        or EMP attack……

        • Yeah, whoever is trying to sell something and I have not even gotten to the end of the video. They drag you along to build up your fear. And TheBlazeTV is Glenn Beck’s broadcast on the Internet, ever since Fox News let him go because he was getting so extreme and fear mongering on air. Though Beck was right about the coming Califphate. He predicted it 3 years ago when he was still on Fox.

          However, go to and read their article on the coming sun spots and solar flares being fired out right now, M Class and X Class CME’s, they just haven’t been directed toward the earth, but they are about to be.

    • thanks for that.

      God is still on the throne..let us see what happens…

  13. He is coming soon, get ready”

  14. These statistics (population reductions) are from an informed source.

    They know full well what’s coming before 2017. A nuke will be detonated in NYC harbor, blaming ISIS.

    The catastrophic affect is realized in these numbers.

    “As per the 2013 United States Census Bureau estimates, the New York metropolitan area remains by a significant margin the most populous in the United States, by both the Metropolitan Statistical Area definition (19.9 million) as well as by the Combined Statistical Area definition (23.5 million); it is also one of the most populous urban agglomerations in the world.

    How can we know this to be true?

    It’s printed on US currency by the Federal Reserve (aka, financial arm of the Beast) and engraved in the structural art of St. Peter’s located in Manhattan.

    Then, after the nuke comes more pre-planned events, bringing more de-population with the US.

    Look for Hoover dam to be taken out, impacting water supply in Las Vegas and Phoenix.

    Out of chaos comes a new order, scheduled to arrive sometime after the last “Blood Moon” and before the end of 2016.

    Rev. 12:11

  15. United States of Emergency

    U.S. presidents have declared 52 states of emergency since Congress passed the National Emergencies Act in 1976. Thirty are still in effect. A breakdown by president:


    Still in effect



    Bush I


    Bush II










    SOURCES: Congressional Research Service, Federal Register

    Instead, many emergencies linger for years or even decades.

    Last week, Obama renewed a state of national emergency declared in 1995 to deal with Colombia drug trafficking, saying drug lords “continue to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy and economy of the United States and to cause an extreme level of violence, corruption and harm in the United States and abroad.”

    In May, President Obama rescinded a Bush-era executive order that protected Iraqi oil
    **Note: this is taken from USA weekly. It did not copy/paste the graph but the #’s are included for each era. The coming back of Our Savior is near. We best get ready. Maranatha~

    • I wonder, with the recinding of the Bush exec order that protected Iraqi oil, what has changed? Or, is it a free for all now. (Not even sure what protecting it in the first place meant, that we had charge of it I would guess.)

      • My post was likely not clearly defined. The U.S state of Emergencies since Carter, none have been resolved per our govt. Each SOE is adding to another. As far as oil; it is clear to me why the Iraq war was declared and why it lasted so long; remember Bush, “Weapons of mass destruction.” [never found.] Is this why ISIS has grown? Of course it is, I am no expert but no dummy either, connecting the dots…
        I have cut the cable fairly recently, do not miss the tube at all. All info and then some can be more accurately accessed online. Only trust the Lord, is what I keep hearing. HIS voice is clearer now I am tube free.

        • from what I understand, the US could not find the weapons of mass destruction, but ISIS found them and intends to use them

          • ISIS is lead by two former Saddam Generals. ISIS is not a terror organization. It is using terror as a political tool. Removal of Infidels.

            Terror inside these United States will be used for political ends as well. So, when we see Islamic terrorists, we are seeing a deed done for a political goal. Islam has used terror for 1400 years.

            Count Dracula and Charles the hammer Martel used terror against the worshipers of Sin. We could learn from them. This is earth, not heaven.

            I would rather have peace, but the followers of Muhammad only understand power.

          • Awhile back on 1 of your posts a man claiming to be from Iraq, said the U.S left their weapons, I go w/ this. Iraq was ruled by a tyrant, but what was Bush? I can’t help but think of Katrina. Such a “nice” presence that family has but what subtle deception(ties w/ Bin Laden.,etc,etc) Anyone I know involved in that war confirmed it was $$… driven, not an exception either.

  16. You may like to read this one too…
    Contagion — Depopulation by Plague 😮

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  18. Who Owns The Media? The 6 Monolithic Corporations That Control Almost Everything We Watch, Hear And Read! 😮
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  19. 😮 Economists Caution: Prepare for ‘Massive Wealth Destruction’!
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    😮 World War 3: Vladimir Putin Threatens US, Europe with Russia’s 5,000 Nuclear Warheads!

  20. Let’s face it, the world is a total evil mess; it is hard to really know what is taking place with rulers controlled by wickedness in high places(deception.)
    History is super gory, U.S. was a blood bath takeover of this land, less than 3 hundred years ago.
    Jesus & HIS return is now; reminding us how we need to be living now. Looking up.

    • Susan – You are so correct. People forget the history of the U.S., mainly because much of it is not taught to kids in school and it is denied in others memories.

      We were ingrained with the awesomeness of Columbus (as if it was he who “discovered” America), the plight of the colonists and their journeys westward into new land; the wonders of the railroads being built, etc. etc etc. We slaughtered our way from East to West, deceived, and defaulted on treaties again and again.

      The native people who were here when “we” arrived knew a lot more about living close to God, and in line with God, than the many decedents today of our Puritans.

      When ever another culture, then, or now, go to another’s land, it is either to conquer, control, or obliterate.

      I can not wait for our Redeemer, our Savior, and yes, our Judge, to return. Meanwhile I live each day for that day, and mind my own actions, intentions, and matters of heart.

      “Day by day,
      Day by day,
      Oh, dear Lord, 3 things I pray,
      – To see Thee more clearly;
      – Love Thee more dearly;
      – Follow Thee more nearly;
      Day by day.”

      • Denise,

        Yes, love this song! Singing it too!

        My heart just skipped a beat…

        “Day by day,” aside from All life sorrows.

        We have such Blessed Hope ~

      • That’s not correct and it appears you are a victim of New Age brain washing in the public schools.

        90% of the native population of north and south america was wiped out by small pox, flu and the common cold. It wasn’t until the late 18th century that the French knowing the natives had no immunity sold blankets with small pox on them.

        America is the only country that has aired it’s dirty laundry and tried to make good on helping those who suffered the most in the past. That takes Honor.

        The American Indian warred with each other and moved from place to place devouring plants and animals like south american army ants. Living closer to G-d indeed.

        Save your self hatred for you and your children. Let the true truth set others free.

        • Leatherneck:

          So – by your own words . . .
          . . . you see me as a “victim” (of brainwashing); – – – if:New Age” brainwashing is Wikipedia =

          1500 – 1830 = 75+ massacres
          1630 – 1911 = 80 + massacres

          Disease depopulation averaged 25 – 50% of tribal life due to disease
          1763 at the Siege of Fort Pitt; the blankets as “biological warfare” was basically ineffective. I never mentioned the small pox blankets, you did.

          There is good and bad in all people, including the Native Americans. My only point was their cultural way of relating to the land and nature as hunter gatherers.

          . . . You are the one who refers to the earlier natives as “South American army ants.”

          Leatherneck – by your screen name I can only assume that you have a history of service to this country, yes? (the name being derived from a leather stock once worn around the neck by both American and British marines.)

          First, my gratitude to you for your service.

          Second, my apologies if my reading from some stats in Wikipedia is inaccurate and offended you.

          . . . You want me to save whatever self hatred you see in me for myself and my children; and apparently that the Truth is for others to be set free. (not me.)

          I wish you peace and good graces in our Lord.


          • If the shoe fits wear it. You posted what you thought was the truth. So, who mislead you? Not I.

            I don’t know you, but you wrote as a self hating white person. Not all white people were murderers, or slave holders.

            I guess the Native Americans never murdered according to you. Why do you judge America with today’s standard? That’s like writing the atomic bomb should not have been used against Japan knowing it would have taken a million men to take the island.


          • Denise, this only prayer can change. Well documented; the Truth always comes out. Bless you sister~

            • I’m not sure if prayer can help. People have to read. G-d will not just place a correct history book in your head.

              Please start with Aztec human sacrifice, the massacre at the Alamo and the 7th Calvary massacre.

              In this way, we can all understand that both sides are corrupt, not just the evil country called America. OK?

              Don’t take stuff so personal. This argument is about information. It is not about prayer, or how many smile faces one can post.

              • A country cannot be evil…never! Residents and/or Colonists were/are 😉

              • I never could understand the liberal worldview about why they hate America until I read Dinesh D’Souza’s book America. Then knowing the Christian worldview I’m so happy to know my savior Lord Jesus can work out for good all those things for those that love the Lord. He is coming back for all believers (the church, His bride) very soon. All you unbelievers ought to chooseChrist very, very soon or the door will close to the ark and it will be too late. You don’t want to go through what is about to happen on earth for the 7 years of the Tribulation. You don’t have another 20 or 30 years left. Maybe only a few months.The love of God is calling you to the cross.

      • The Holy Spirit has told many Aboriginal Christian Native North Americans including myself that the sins of the ancestors of both Canada and America historically committed upon our people, will be visited seven-fold upon those countries, NOW. All of the people of these people must repent of all their forefathers historic wickedness and evil and work to end the continued suffering of our people, in the Spirit of Jesus and His Love for us all.

        • yes sara

          these are generational curses and must be repented of….

        • What about the sins the Sioux performed on other Indian tribes? What about the Comanche? Are they innocent, but not white folks?

          Please explain. I don’t understand your post.

  21. And the argument goes on & on & on…till I find my place in the grave 😉

  22. Leatherneck, Sunny, Susan and anyone reading this tread on death and destruction.

    Let’s take into account the thousands of non-combatants killed by 2 atomic bombs dropped by the US. We were told it would bring the war to and end, saving US lives.

    The end justified the means of killing babies, children, women and the elderly. Right? Let’s do it twice within 3 days for maximum effect. Sick.

    On August 6, 1945, an atomic bomb detonated over the Japanese city of Hiroshima, wiping out 90 percent of the city and immediately killed 80,000 people; tens of thousands more would later die of radiation exposure.

    Three days later, another A-bomb on Nagasaki, killing an estimated 40,000 people.”

    MacArthur, Secretary of War Henry Stimson, General Dwight Eisenhower objected to using the bombs on civilians, but Truman (33degree Mason) approved of the action.

    The US government likes to take advantage, selling any military action as acting in the best interests of a nation under GOD and sells patriotism.

    Did you realize that D-Day hour is a very much an occult event?

    June, 6th at 0600 hours. 666.

    They could have launched the massive assault, which killed thousands of troops at 0500 or 0530 or 0400. The tide was the reason for 0600?

    They could have taken Omaha on the 5th or 7th of June. The moon would still be a non-factor on those dates.

    No. They (powers that be) were moved to launch an assault with a specific number in mind, 666. The 6th day on the 6 month at 0600 hours.

    This government has never been under God but under GOD (god in caps) and his name is Horus.

    BTW – look at this video, which highlights a NYC monument to George Washington. The George Washington Arch is a monument to “the ends justifies the means.”

    GW and the wealthy elite known as The Founding Fathers (Masons) were worshipers of Horus. They were willing to achieve their goal (ends) by any means. Their brothers today are marching to the same song of Horus.

    The American public (including soldiers) are a means to and end (NWO). The message is printed on our currency and evident within the Great Seal of the US.

    No worries – Almighty God is about to judge this nation under GOD (god in caps). The account is found in Revelation chapter 18.

    Psalm 20

  23. DJ, thank you, I have known the connection and you’re posts confirm how deep the deception is. Our Almighty Father have mercy on America, past, present & future. Individual repentance IS>turning away from lies, deception… Bless you~

  24. Brainwashing Techniques Designed to Promote Acceptance of the Coming Genocide!
    …seems like deceptions are everywhere…nowhere to hide 😉

  25. Few eye-opening articles to share 😉
    Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion
    Psychological Warfare For All

    • i read both articles, and my brain was overwhelmed with the details…..bottom line is that world is out of control with too much that has already happened.

      • Then you might also be interested to go through the rest of the similar articles listed in this site (whenever you have time) 🙂
        …and can share them to others too if you want (through your blog)! Most of these articles are not “just” bullshit, as there are other websites too from where you can validate them.
        “Wherever there’s smoke there’s fire”!

  26. Kiss yourself goodbye…that too in a Sexy way 😉
    Winnipeg experiencing worst syphilis outbreak in city’s history – 110 million Americans have STDs!

  27. 15 Signs That We Live During A Time Of Rampant Government Paranoia 😮

  28. 😮 Child Poverty Jumps by 2.6 Million in Developed World Since 2008, While Number of Global Billionaires Doubles!
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    😮 U.S. is Responsible for the Ebola Outbreak in West Africa: Liberian Scientist!
    . .
    (“Wherever there’s smoke, there’s fire???”)

  29. Bumped into this article below. End-Times from a very different perspective! Interesting read ONLY if the GIST is understood 😉
    Why does the World Shadow Government destroy its own home (planet)?

  30. come on Marianne, you know that Allah, God, YHWH allows everything to happen from man behaviour !
    ISIS is a creation of Israel for frightening the world. We already talked about that.

    God also allowed that :

    and that !

  31. yes Denise, you will always find, of course, B’nai Brith policemen everywhere watching for denying the truth when it pops up and the motto is always “conspiracy theories” ahah

    Now ask Dana GOLDSTEIN if she is a “conspirationist”, B’nai Brith will probably tell you her father was Bin Laden !!!


    … and Snowden was probably hired by Islamists, is this your conspiracy theory ?!

    • 🙂 Yep, my point, Sky. Anybody can be anything to anyone through the Internet, or draw whatever lines or conclusions to connect whatever dots they choose.

      For the sequel, Terminator 2, Linda Hamilton worked with a former Mossad agent in weapons and combat training to transform her into the fit Uzi toting fighter she portrayed on screen; taught to strip weapons blindfolded, while dodging items being thrown at her, and being asked for her identification number.

      I suppose that could mean Mossad or even Arnold Schwarzenegger is responsible or connected to what she is doing today. 🙂

  33. i see, it is very easy to escape the truth 🙂 when it is convenient to do so… but you cannot escape indefinitely, and ironically you will see how showbiz comes back in the loop (i.e. 9/11 is 100% mossad showbiz for example) the video is already in the top of the comments if you need to have 5 minutes of pure fun (and this is not made of “internet inspiration”, but certified 100% official !)

    you should instead make geopolitical analysis and you will then understand very well how everything is bind and it comes clear quickly that islam does not have anything to do in what media reports but poor mimic of islam instead with cheap comedians. You are actually quite right, soon Swartzy will be necessary for the next ISIS season as present actors have too bad english accent. 🙂

  34. PS : no matter how you do it, you have to understand that you cannot cheat with God, therefore zion = null & void

  35. Dear Marianne, I already talked to you about that, you’ve been brain-washed and I am really sorry for that. Jesus tells you to behave differently and I wish I could help you on that. There is only one God, whatever you call Him, he is the same God for everyone here, no matter how everyone calls Him, and no matter which religion (path) everyone uses to get closer to Him.
    Today Gaza is not destroyed by God but by human beings which are called in good english a genocide.

  36. so why do you need to commit genocide if you believe God will do it by Hiself ?!!! Let Him do, and do what you have to do 🙂

  37. moreover I do not see any mention of Arabs, here. If Jews – against whom God has been so angry that He wanted to kill all of them ! and asked them to move away all over the world – occupy unduly Gaza think about that : this time God himself will destroy them as per His prediction. (between you and me, “shameless nation” is much more appropriate to Israel than Palestinians as they are not a nation first and between killing 2000 people versus ~10 who is the shameless ? (UN says that occupied people can use any mean to protect and defend themselves, so it is really childish to pretend that Palestinians are so dumb – or evil !!! – because they would send rockets (which they don’t send themselves as Hamas is 100% Israel creation…)

    Conclusion : your mind has been totally upset…

    It is easy to make the Sacred Text say what they don’t say (and to forget what you have to do in between…)

  38. Israel – i.e. zionism – is in terribly wrong way and you follow that.
    For God sake, PLS come back to the Word of Jesus Christ and call for peace instead of War !

  39. (this does not mean to abandon your Jewish friends, on the contrary you have to help them, just teach them the word of Jesus if you believe in It, softly and kindly and tightly stop evil where he can find any place to pop around – you have to find the truly ways of Love and Peace, Light, Truth and Patience, don’t you see it is impossible to fight violence by violence ? here is the first lie of evil, everybody can see it)


  41. Now read this (IF you haven’t already) and get blown apart 😉
    (…re-posting, again)

  42. one can find whatever he or she wants in the Sacred Scriptures, as I already said earlier. There is also the secret codes of the Bible if you wish to loose your time.

    In order to read properly, the thing is to understand that the scriptures are ALWAYS true and not true today because I want them to be true now according one very specific geopolitical situation. The Word does not change. Its truth is permanent. Birth, Death and resurrection of Jesus is permanent, we can see that even in our own cells.

    Zionism principle is against the belief in God : if God wants something, He does not need men for getting it. You will never find nothing in the Bible that ask us to fight against a people. Fighting evil, yes. Without no reasons, zionism states Palestinians are evil, and from that free statement can say : “you see now, God asks us to fight that people !”. But nothing in the Bible says Arabic Palestinians – or muslilms – would be evil.

    Zionism is against the principle of ALL religions, starting from Judaism itself.
    The only question about zionism is just : how long will it last ?

    • sky

      you do not know the bible….zion is promised to the jews, not the arabs or palestinians.

      palestinians ARE evil, and will be destroyed.

      God has MANY times used people to accomplish his will. it is all throughout the bible.

      he used Cyrus, king of persia, for example to return the jews to ISrael from captivity so they could rebuild jerusalem…

      • What I know for sure in the Bible, is that you will never any order from God to do this or that on the earth ! except for your personal behaviour to improve. JC message is to love, not to fight, are you crazy that you forgot this ?!!!

        What Israel is doing is criminal and they have no excuse at all.
        When they say they are in danger, who can believe such lies ?
        Israel does not want peace. Google “false flag israel”

      • who is EVIL ?

        • palestinians are evil.

          the ariticle discusses what to do about the kidnapped ISRAELI girls….

          palestinians kidnap girls and rape and kill them….

          and it mentions Boko Haram…an evil muslim group that kidnapped girls in africa and FORCED them into Islam and raped them

          these muslim kidnappers are pigs and dogs

          • Marianne,

            Have you noticed how everything sl33 posts has a secular origin, at least as far as I have seen? If he has made any references from scripture I am not aware of it. Nation building through Yah has never been what one would call amiable. We see in scripture when Yehoshua (Joshua) was given the task of crossing the Yarden (Jordan river) and conquering the land of Canaan, he was given these instructions by Yah:

            “When the LORD thy God shall bring thee into the land whither thou goest to possess it, and hath cast out many nations before thee, the Hittites, and the Girgashites, and the Amorites, and the Canaanites, and the Perizzites, and the Hivites, and the Jebusites, seven nations greater and mightier than thou; And when the LORD thy God shall deliver them before thee; thou shalt smite them, and utterly destroy them; thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor shew mercy unto them” (Deuteronomy 7;1,2).

            “Again, in the book of Deuteronomy we read, “But of the cities of these people, which the LORD thy God doth give thee for an inheritance, thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth: But thou shalt utterly destroy them … as the Lord thy God hath commanded thee” (20:16,17).

            If sl33 had existed during this time, he would have been reading the Egyptian Gazette and sending articles out showing how wrong the Hebrew people were for what “they” were doing. The question is what were they doing? They were doing what they were commanded to do by Yah! So, who is responsible here???? Also, all of this occurred AFTER the children of Yisrael had been to Sinai to receive the Torah. The sixth commandment of the ten is-Thou Shall Not KILL! Did Yah tell Yisrael to destroy the nations of people in Canaan and then condemn them for killing? NO!!!!

            Easy to understand? Yes and no. It seems so far out there that it is hard to even grasp. We, as His people cannot make these decisions unilaterally. Only through Yah can these things unfold. But that is just the way it is. Notice for the most part that most of this was assigned to the people to carry out. In isolated incidences Yah did intervene supernaturally.

            Today, with Yisrael back in the land, many are out to destroy them. Yisrael is willing to live with their neighbors, as are most of Yah’s people who live outside of Yisrael, but the “nations” by in large are not willing, by either desiring to destroy them or fence them into small indefensible borders that cannot be defended. But, the Yisraelites will not only survive, but will expand their borders to the original land given to them by Yah, in the beginning. It will all be restored to Yisrael by the hand of Yah and most likely many will perish in the process. Is that Yisrael’s fault?? If anyone thinks so, they need to take it up with our Elohim, who is the defender of Yisrael and has brought His people back into the land at this appointed time, for His purpose!

            Does all of this mean that “all” the people involved in National Yisrael are good people working for only the best interests of the people and nation of Yisrael and the surrounding nations? No one is saying that. Though we, in our limited knowledge, might not understand or even necessarily agree with everything that happens, what is going on today in Yisrael is in His hands to bring the nation back to its rightful place in the world. As ugly as it all looks at times, YHWH who created all of us determines who survives and who doesn’t. One thing we do know: He will reward those whom He chooses and will bring judgment to those who deserve it. But one thing is for sure: the people of Yah, will never fail to be a nation of people again in the land of Yisrael, and the Jewish inhabitants, and all that join with them will succeed by Yah’s hand, whether the world likes it or not!

            If all of this is not taken into consideration, posting one news article after another denouncing Yisrael over and over again is fruitless and of no benefit. But if that is all the understanding one has, then that is all they know to do!

            One last thing. Sl33 places all religions of the world on the same level, having a buffet of principles to choose from that he deems worth pursuing. Talk about picking and choosing those things that fits one’s own personal agenda and hatred for Yisrael!

            In the 7th day, Messiah will be dwelling with His people in the land of Yisrael. Messiah alone, because He is dwelling with his people in Yisrael, will fight the final battle with the Nations and those who oppose His rule. Sl33’s worldly philosophical ranting is his disguise and self- justification for his anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, anti-Jewish bias. He has no clue!

            One last little tidbit. Sl33 specifically names the Palestinians as being persecuted by Yisrael.

            Numbers 33:50-56
            50 ADONAI spoke to Moshe in the plains of Mo’av by the Yarden, across from Yericho. He said 51 to tell the people of Isra’el, “When you cross the Yarden into the land of Kena‘an, 52 you are to expel all the people living in the land from in front of you. Destroy all their stone figures, destroy all their metal statues and demolish all their high places. 53 Drive out the inhabitants of the land, and live in it, for I have given the land to you to possess. 54 You will inherit the land by lot according to your families. You are to give more land to the larger families and less to the smaller ones. Wherever the lot falls to any particular person, that will be his property. You will inherit according to the tribes of your ancestors. 55 But if you don’t drive out the inhabitants of the land from in front of you, then those you allow to remain will become like thorns in your eyes and stings in your sides — they will harass you in the land where you are living. 56 And in this event, I will do to you what I intended to do to them.”

            Ancient Yisrael never drove the Philistines out, but rather allowed them to continue by disregarding Yah’s word.

            Numbers 33:55
            55 But if you don’t drive out the inhabitants of the land from in front of you, then those you allow to remain will become like thorns in your eyes and stings in your sides — they will harass you in the land where you are living.

            Does anyone think it is coincidence (not a kosher word) that we have the “Palestinians” today in the Gaza region?

            Many might find much of this offensive and I might be condemned for writing it. Well, things are what they are. YHWH is Sovereign and His will, will be done, whether bleeding heart liberal activists (who accept the world view but deny Yah’s Word) get it or not. None of us created this situation. It is just what it is. The “world” will never accept the Nation of Yisrael. That is just a fact! We will either follow His Word or not! Pray for the Peace of Yisrael.


            • Dear Al,

              First I have to welcome your willing of understanding the Scriptures as this is a noble curiosity. I encourage you in that path.

              Though, your straight way of interpreting scriptures is void. As I already explained here the Scriptures are ALWAYS true, weather you want it or not. Consequently it is not a question of historical point of view.

              Historical points of views do not match Scriptures. Before you make erroneous, and tragic !, conclusions about pretended Jordan, Israel or Palestine areas, explain to us clearly how Adam lived for 930 years.

              Once your explanations will match Scriptures and be clear to all of us, then we will begin to listen to you about Jordan, Palestine and everything else.

              Also, I am not anti-semitic (this word, or expression, does not mean anything anyway, as 60% of Jewish peoples, or considered as, are not semitic at all, they come from Central Europe, and Palestianians and Arabs are Semitic) nor I am anti-Israel. I already suggested you should ask Marianne to buy you some glasses to read well, now this is a telescope you need. I am anti-zionism, for the good sake of Israel, its people and the peace in the world. How many times shall I need to repeat that ?

              Finally, about what you say last about the people living in front of you.
              You have to read again.
              Adonai did not speak to Al. Adonai spoke to Moshe. Ask Moshe who was living in front of him. May be you’ll find out who that was and why Adonai said so.

              In case you do not have the clear understanding of any Scripture, you should just follow the law : killing is not allowed as per the commandments.

              Now, if you are curious to know more, you will find interesting stuff in the Quran. For instance Moses killed one egyptian and God forgave him about that. Why ? Quran will explain to you one secret which can take centuries to understand only with the first books of the Bible (in which the law only is explained)

              About religions, I already told you the point : no religion is better than another one, they are only different paths to God. It compared with the vehicles – that WE are – that religion is good or bad : follow the right class and you’ll be ok. When someone pretends that “Judaism” is wrong, he says at God : You were wrong at creating Judaism. God is not wrong.

              There are different religions because God created the world in six days. Can you change something to that ? No.
              So, accept what God did, and learn to behave as He asks. Follow the religion that fits you best and you’ll get the answers.

              Take care

              • you are muslim, apologizing for Islam…you are not neutral

                your view of all religions being the same is WRONG.

                God created judaism…then he sent Jesus to the jews first, then to the gentiles……those who accept the God of ISrael and Jesus are saved…the others are lost

                • Marianne,

                  This person views all religions as equal with each just having a different flavor. To him they all lead to the same end: to anesthetize the masses into submission so that everyone plays nice and no one pees in the global sandbox. What people believe or don’t believe really doesn’t matter. That is why nothing can be tangible or literal. It is all ethereal and without substance. Nothing but a state of mind, from which man can be controlled, either spiritually or physically. Welcome to the religion of the new order of things. Believing all things without believing anything. His type preys on the weak, the uninformed, and those who want what is perceived to be the easy way!

              • Follow what you will, that is your choice. Be aware, all roads don’t lead to the same destination! That will be yours to discover now, or when you reach the end of the non designated road you are currently on by your own free will. But enough has been said. I bear you no ill will. You just have no clue what you are doing or where you are going. I hope you find your way out of the esoteric quagmire you have got yourself in!

                • you were asking where I related to scriptures, and now that I am asking you to explain to us something that comes directly from scriptures (Adam 930 years) you escape ?!

                  • It seems you won’t be able to explain nothing about Adam… No problem. Let’s talk about Zion now…

                    Zionism is a mistaken belief founded in unbelief of the prophets. However, the actual creation of the state of Israel apart from help and encouragement from some Christian communities is based on two convictions :

                    First the erroneous and false interpretations of the prophets, giving false hopes to a doomed nation.
                    Second, is that the Bible prophesies the complete destruction of Israel, before or during the second coming of the Messiah.

                    It is true that God promised the exiles from Babylon could return to their homeland and rebuild.

                    (Al, have you ever been exiled to Babylon ?…)

                    After that prophecy extended only to those returning from Babylonian exile, it also did not exceed God’s timetable for His covenant to become obsolete (Heb. 8:13 “In that he saith, A new covenant, he hath made the first old. Now that which decayeth and waxeth old is ready to vanish away”)

                    Now if you read well Zechariah, chapters 1-14, and their demise recorded by Moses in Deut. 28:48-66 you will see that in no case that promise shall exceed A.D.70 when it was God’s appointed time for His Son to remove Scepter from Judah…

                    Al, don’t you feel suddenly that someone also forgot to tell you a time-machine is required in order to go back to Zion ?!

                    • zech 14 predicts the Lord himself saving Israel.. in person!

                      the messiah comes when all nations come against Jerusalem!

                    • God is Light.
                      You cannot see light because light is the thing thanks to which we can see the things. Nobody has never seen light.(i feel Marianne will have a big problem with that statement…)
                      So God is impossible to see, because He is the One through Whom we can understand (+see, +feel, +++).

                      Al, do you understand now why I am reluctant to enter Scriptures statements ?… We are entering a verses battle this is what I don’t want.
                      Marianne, after believing Muslims will be destroyed and will not be destroyed at the same time (she should prepare a thesis in Quantum mechanics), is persuaded God in person will come to save Israel (note : hopefully, she does not say when…)

                      Yes Marianne, you are right, Jesus will come back when all nations come against Jerusalem ! Thanks to your kind help, this will be sooner than God expected.

                • Gandhi tells you how religions are going to the very same destination. It is not my personal invention. Imagine a mountain with God sitting at the top. All paths coming from different directions will get closer and closer as you get higher until you reach The goal. Then, there are no more religions, because you’ve got your diploma, there is only The One.

                  I have never said religions are the same, or that their differences lies only in their “flavours”

                  You are wrong about me, once again because you do not read. You imagine how to put me into your own schema instead of reading literally what I am saying and discover new possibilities.

                  I don’t mind for me, I am worrying for you, as you need to read the Scriptures in a neutral way so that God’s meaning penetrates best your Spirit (and that you stop running around the very same point)

                  Zionism is a small, narrow, tiny box. Look : Israelis have to build a wall around themselves. What a shame. Don’t be naive also to think that once the Palestinians are 100% destroyed the wall will fall : there will be new threats coming after Palestinians, and after, etc. it is endless because everything which is not Jewish is a threat in itself. And maybe some Jews are threatening also… So there will be walls inside the Wall…

                  If you read well what God tells you, and don’t try to mean it for Him, then you will see how big is His story for you, and how simple life is.

                  Look at that article : Marianne believes there is a conspiracy because must be very well informed. She says – at the same time – that muslims are evil and will be destroyed by God, and that within 11 years from now, almost 80% of US and XX% (i don’t remember) of Israel too, ONLY, will be destroyed. Which means muslims WON’T be destroyed. AhAh, once again, God is laughing loud.

                  YOU CANNOT CHEAT WITH GOD

                  and is f**** (funny) zionist propaganda ! 🙂

                  • deagel is based on a conspiracy to kill americans and jews.

                    so guess who is involved…which groups wants to see them both dead?

                    very soon ALL people including muslims are going to be in BIG trouble…

                    within next 5 years, my opinion

                  • muslims plan to kill everyone

                  • You appear to be foolish. Human logic can not explain G-d and what G-d does, or looks like. When people call you out, you state they are trying to box you in. You are twisting everything you read to fit your narrative.

                    There is the false god of this world system that all religions/political systems worship and there is G-d the Father that the world system hates.

                    G-d the Father maker of Heaven and earth can be seen through Christ. G-d is love.

                    Lucifer, the most intelligent and beautiful creature G-d ever made caused the current state we find ourselves in. Old Knob’s lie is all religions are the same and all will get you to heaven.

                    Guess which two doctrines do not believe that is correct? That’s right. Christians and Jews. Now, you know why this world system hates those two and loves the rest.

                    G-d stated in the end times Israel will be reborn. After WWII and the murder of so many innocent Jews and others, G-d gave the world Israel. It was born while it’s kind and friendly neighbors tried to murder it. The false god of this world system could not stand against G-d the Father.

                    Old Knob’s lies can be seen to be false by reading how Jesus, the word made flesh, was murdered for human sin and rose from the dead as a perfect sacrifice. Unlike Muhammad who murdered and raped most of his adult life.

                    You must choose which path to take. Belief in G-d’s love for you and G-d dying for you, or good works will get you to Heaven.

                    If you choose good works, then you must be perfect when you stand before G-d’s righteous laws. Breaking just one of G-d’s laws requires a price. I choose to believe in Christ. I choose to believe I can do nothing on my own to deserve Heaven.

                    Don’t confuse my kindness with weakness. I will turn the other cheek only twice.

          • here is my secular reference :

            This time, nothing to do with Mossad, as it is probably energy (oil) in the area (Nigeria, Tchad, Sudan) which is the interest there. Still, you have to know who are the pigs & dogs…

            • boko haram are


              get back into reality!

              • boko haram are financed by CIA (*), they mimic islam but they are not muslims at all, and this is the point. All of that is showbiz only.

                Welcome into the real world ! 🙂

                Or would you prefer to be part of the ones that fall in the trap ?!

                (*) of course you don’t know Africa, I won’t blame you for that, but if you would know, you could understand more easily because there is nothing in north nigeria, except forests, and local people there are very, very, very poor. Now tell me : how does it come Boka Haram can afford to buy better military equipments than the nigerian army itself ?!
                Anyway, soon you will understand why all that was necessary.

  43. Is THIS particular article/subject about, which religion is the greatest & why OR is it about how to kiss ourselves a kick-ass Goodbye??? 😮
    (2) The Unregulated Global Casino for Banks! 😉
    Get ready for the kicks (oops, Kisses)! 😦

    • the kings of this earth are in for a big surprise….when they all get destroyed.

      unfortunately, they will put us through hell before this happens.

      but the bible says pray to escape these things….so that is what I am doing.

      • Just carry on in your path 🙂
        And don’t take my comments in the wrong sense…I just found those articles too interesting, so shared them (with little decorations) as I always do…my bad 😉
        There are lot of articles on Illuminati stuff, the above one is presented in a slightly different way.
        Sharing for the sake of sharing!

  44. Children Forced to Become Autistic by LAW! 😮

  45. Rich Becoming Overlords, Poor Becoming Serfs: “We’re Approaching a New Middle Ages in America”! 🙄

    • i wish I were part of the 1% but I am not…guess I am a serf

    • I am grateful not to be of the 1% or that of an overlord.

      Interestingly, this came in my e-mail the same time your post did:

      Luke 8: “14 And that which fell among thorns are they, which, when they have heard, go forth, and are choked with cares and riches and pleasures of this life, and bring no fruit to perfection. 15 But that on the good ground are they, which in an honest and good heart, having heard the word, keep it, and bring forth fruit with patience.”


    • We all(?) keep shouting “Jesus is our savior…Jesus is our lord…Son of God…Jesus please come soon…We are ready to die for Him…blah, blah”…and WHAT NOT!!! And most of our yelling increases proportionately when we are screwed up in our lives 🙄
      But we forget (so cunningly?) that whom we all WORSHIP, didn’t even had a penny! Very funny, isn’t it? 😉

  46. 🙄 Nine of the biggest Myths that people believe about the system!

    😦 The Impending Dangers of Nuclear War: America’s W88 Thermonuclear Warhead is 30 Times a Hiroshima Bomb!

  47. Big Banks Busted Massively Manipulating Foreign Exchange, Precious Metals…And Every Other Market 😮
    (…Excellent article)

  48. Exposing the Secret Medical Government 👿

  49. Heaven is full of stinking ugly perverted grotesques in all truth. Stay away from Earth forever Heaven in all truth.

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