Norway light show is hologram?



Is this light show a hologram? I would not think a natural phenomenon would have some of the artificial features I have seen in these videos.

Maybe the Blue Beam Project is experimenting on the world population, to see how gullible it is.

Unanswered questions- suspicious features:

Why would a light from a standard sized missile be bigger than the moon itself? 

And, the blue that came out of the white light?  How could a missile produce that? The light from any gas would get smaller, not larger as it passed away from the earth.

And, how did the black round spot, that blacked out the round white light, come out of the white light?

also, the white spiral goes to the right…the blue spiral goes to the left….how can one missile do that?

.also, look at the funnel shaped light…it looks like the light from a movie projector… starts out small, near the point of origin, and it expands as it gets further away in the sky.

Look at this video, and see suspicious features noted below.


– and go to time 1:32, you will see an arrow from a computer in the sky


1:34: image below is double image, as pointer relocates light. The computer arrow is there again.

Notice that the lamp light is the same diameter as the white light in the sky.


In the above film  …
At 1:49- 1:51 photo, in your left side of the screen there appears a form of a right hand with the index pointing up. It appears certainly as a pointer.
You can’t miss it. 
(Noticed by Abigail)

Light in sky looks like a crop circle.



Crop Circle Credit to

TheMuschinski– his comments

A spiral formation appeared in the sky above Norway around 8am on December 9, 2009.

Is it Project Blue Beam being tested?

An Ionic Beam Weapon? A Rocket out of control? I don’t know.

This is for your consideration.

Make up your own mind.

Intelligent comments welcome.


5:12- 5:24 crop circle that looks a template for the light show.


  ↑   left side of image….1:47 who is the man in the sky with the guitar? Optical illusion or real?


man in the mirror – was a hologram being created and someone’s reflection got caught in the mirror used? 

I see the profile of a man with a guitar shaped object.  (noticed by Glenn)

How holograms are made:


I think the light show is comprised of several holographic images superimposed on top of each other, and projected by a computer into the sky.

The white light is just a reflection of the lamp projected into the sky, which is then transformed into a recreation of a crop circle image.

The blue light is superimposed on top of the white light, and its opposite rotation from the white light proves it has a different source or origin.

At one point a black round spot takes the place of the round white light. This could be again superimposed on the white light.


Special thanks also to Abigail, and Glenn for discussions. Muschinski also for his video comments

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  2. If the missle was closer to earth it might appear bigger then the moon, just like the moon appears bigger then the sun at times even though it isn’t, it’s because it is closer. Also, the light that kind of coils and spins outward could be from the missle spinning if it was. Also, if this missle was in outter space and re-entered the atmosphere it would burn up.

    • And when I say burn up I am referring to the light that is coming off of it.

    • hi denise

      For one thing, and I was going to add this……the light is stationary….the missile would be moving……..

      also, the white spiral is counterclockwise, and the blue light is clockwise, and comes from the center of the white light back to earth….they cannot be from the same source. a missle would only be traveling in one direction, not two.

      weird thing, isn’t it? Did you see the computer arrows and pointer?

      • That’s how it appears, that the blue light is turning the opposit way. But that’s not the truth.
        Look at the moving car wheels, they look they move backward, while the car is moving forward. Shall we say the image is not from the same source?

  3. Very interesting!
    See the following report and what you think of that?

    Attack On Gods ‘Heaven’ Lights Up Norwegian Sky December 10, 2009
    By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers
    Numerous reports from the United States and Europe are providing firm evidence that, for the first time in our present age, mankind has made a successful ‘attack’ upon the ‘dimensions’ of the ancient gods in our human races’ age old attempt to break free from the ‘stranglehold’ many believe these beings have upon our Earth.
    The numerous scientific technicalities underlying this attack are much too complex to review in a report such as this but, can basically be outlined as follows:
    On Tuesday evening, December 8th, CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC), located in Switzerland, “smashed together subatomic particles at the highest energies ever reached by a human-made accelerator” which were then ‘quantumly’ transferred to the massive Partial Reflection Medium-Frequency (MF) Atmospheric Radar Facility located in Ramfjordmoen, Norway, operated by European Incoherent Scatter Facility (EISCAT) radar and ionospheric heating scientists who, in turn, work under the supervision of the American High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) that many call one the largest ‘weapons of mass destruction’ ever constructed.
    Now upon this ‘quantumly’ transferred high-energy beam being received in Ramfjordmoen, it was then ‘pulsed’ vertically into the upper atmosphere above Norway at 2.43 MHz by their MF Radar antennas which resulted in a ‘spiral’ light display [photo top left] described by Britain’s Daily Mail News Service as:
    “A blue light seemed to soar up from behind a mountain in the north of the country. It stopped mid-air, then began to move in circles. Within seconds a giant spiral had covered the entire sky. Then a green-blue beam of light shot out from its centre – lasting for ten to 12 minutes before disappearing completely. Onlookers describing it as ‘like a big fireball that went around, with a great light around it’ and ‘a shooting star that spun around and around’.”
    Important to note is that this was not the first attempt to ‘attack’ the ‘heavens of the gods’, but the second. For on November 2nd, and in a prelude to their receiving the high-energy beam from CERN, the scientists at Ramfjordmoen fired their MF Radar into the upper atmosphere resulting in a partial ‘spiral’ light display [photo 2nd left] described by Catelijne Brokke, a bus driver in Hammerfest, Norway, as: “It was big as a full moon, and became larger and larger as a kind of explosion. I’ve never seen anything like that before.”
    Equally important to note of these events is its predicating crop circle component [photo 3rd left] that appeared in Portchester, Hampshire (UK) on June 11, 2004, providing to these scientists the exact dimensions and frequency needed for their high-energy atmospheric ‘attack spiral’ to succeed in ‘puncturing’ the ‘dimension of the gods’.
    Most unfortunately, however, of these events is their greatest, and truest, significance being kept from the very people this ‘attack’ will be affecting, who, even as these words are being written, are being steered by their propaganda media organs to believe the absurd lie that this ‘spiral’ was caused by a failed Russian missile launch, and which would be one of the most incredible feats ever preformed by an errant missile as for that to have happened the laws of aerodynamics would be completely overturned.
    To a human races’ long being separated from their most ancient myths and legends, the lies of their masters will, as always, hold more sway than the simplest of truths as these peoples are taught since birth to accept the ‘authority’ of what they are told by their propaganda media, even when it means, as in an event like this that couldn’t be hidden from the masses, they have to suspend their logic and forget what they even saw with their own eyes.
    And what makes the true significance of this event even more compelling is that it was, indeed, predicted by the ancients to happen, and as written about by the Sorcha Faal in her 2006 book “Battle Begins For Throne of This World: The Return of the Einherjar Warriors”, and wherein she detailed the Norse Prophecies warning that after this ‘attack on heaven’ occurs “the forces of chaos will outnumber and overcome the divine and human guardians of order. Loki and his monstrous children will burst their bonds; the dead will sail from Niflheim to attack the living.”
    The warnings given to humanity by the ancient Norse (people of the North) in regards to ‘attacks’ by man upon the ‘heavens’, such as was just accomplished in Norway, should not be likely taken, especially when viewed in the light our human races’ last attempt to usurp the ‘gods’ that led to our present separation from our own Earth, and more importantly, each other.
    For in the ancient story of The Tower of Babel (as it is most commonly known to those of the Christian faith) we can read, from all around the World, the tragic consequences of our last age attempt to ‘attack’ heaven…
    From the Book of Genesis: “And the lord came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded. And the Lord said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do. Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech. So the lord scattered them abroad from hence upon the face of all the earth and they left off to build the city. Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the lord did there confound the language of all the earth: and from hence did the lord scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth.”
    From the ancient Greeks: “When all men were of one language, some of them built a high tower as if they would thereby ascend up to heaven, but the Gods sent storms of wind and overthrew the tower and gave everyone his peculiar language and for this reason it was that the city was called Babylon”
    From the ancient Sumerians: “Then Enki, the Lord of abundance, (whose commands are trustworthy) the lord of wisdom, who understands the land; the leader of the Gods, endowed with wisdom, the Lord of Eridu changed the speech in their mouths, contention into it, into the speech of man that (until now) had been one.”
    From the ancient Mayans: “And as men were thereafter multiplying they constructed a very high and strong Zacualli (a very high tower) in order to protect themselves when again the second world should be destroyed. At the crucial moment their languages were changed, and as they did not understand one another, they went to different parts of the world”
    From the ancient Polynesians: “But the God in anger chased the builders away, broke down the building and changed their language, so that they spoke diverse tongues.”
    From the North American Crow Indians: “Then little Coyote did something bad. He suggested to Old Man that he give the people different languages so they would misunderstand each other and use their weapons in wars……Old Man did what little Coyote said and the people had different languages and made war on each other.”
    To believe that the Tower of Babel was a structure built by a people seriously intending for it to reach the sky so that they could ascend into the heavens is beyond absurd, especially when viewed in the light of these ancient Babylonians being surround by mountains they could more easily climb to ‘reach’ the sky.
    But, to the Tower of Babel being a weapon constructed by human beings in a war against these ‘gods’, and like the ancient myths of our Earth all say it was, that is the truest of reasons to understand a fear so great these same ‘gods’ would nearly destroy all humanity to protect themselves against.
    So, and once again, our human race has had it decided for them that a war against these ‘gods’ is to be our fate. Let us hope that this time around we fare better than our ancient ancestors did, our oldest myths and legends, however, suggest otherwise.
    © December 10, 2009 EU and US all rights reserved

    • Hi Tony

      Well, I guess we are all supposed to feel safer now that complete idiots are at the LHC.

      An “attack on heaven” by anyone is only going to bring trouble, and those causing it are not exempt from the consequences.

  4. I didn’t take time to read that long post, so let me get this straight humans are trying to attack heaven and ancient gods? I don’t see how we can attack ancient gods because many of them are myths, others are people that have merely passed on. I don’t know if I understood what Jack Collins said (I believe it was him) that once Christ returns then people will be fearful and try to defeat him but shooting, etc… at least that is the way I understood it.

    • I meant by shooting, etc..

    • hi denise

      yes, you understood correctly. It is silly, but dangerous.

      We are dealing with irrational scientists who are atheists, and their brains are in disconnect from common sense. They are trying to create the “god particle” in the LHC, to show they can create “god” who will then create life next, in a big bang.

      Considering they are dealing with 1 million tetra volts of electricity, they are playing with danger, and are a threat to the entire world. The UN should shut them down as a security threat.

  5. The man in the image is Donavan.

  6. In this video it shows you at 3:43 how this can be done. I think …

  7. Obama from day one has used words and pictures to prove he is the messiah or the return of Jesus.. Is this just another man made sign to convince people he is the messiah.. I think O. and Co are behind it every step of the way…

    • When O. appears at Kopenhagen he will “miracously” bring a “climate deal”, i guess. He will bypass the Senate through Presidential Executive Order. That would be the next crucial step to the antichristian New World Order. I have seen Wormwood/Nibiru again (now 5th time) behind the chemtrails, he is about 30 degrees left from the sun on the same height at about 2pm germany time.

  8. Wow. All I can say is that the kooks have really taken this and run with it. The Russians have already admitted that it was a failed missile test and there is no reason to believe they are making it up – why would they? Unfortunately, all the conspiracy theorists have already come out of the woodwork and we now have no shortage of fanciful explanations from acts of God or angels to space aliens and tears in the fabric of the universe. Help! We’re all gonna die!!
    If we are not careful we will all start sounding like religious fanatics and the world will look at us like we’re crazy. So let’s keep our imaginations in check on this, shall we? We should be spending our time in more valuable pursuits like figuring out who really killed John F. Kennedy.

    • James,
      All we need to prove that the film in the post is NOT about a missile is one frame.
      We have proven several now… with several frames.
      Why would you rather believe it to be a missile is beyond me.
      Why would Russia spin a missile over the heads of Norway the day The President was coming to pick up The Nobel Peace Price?
      See it makes no sense.
      People tend to become afraid when they see something they do not understand.
      That is human nature.
      These are not kooks as you say … just people trying to rationalize the meaning of the unexplained.

      • First of all, it was a failed missile test and it was probably scheduled by the Russian government long before the president made plans to visit Norway. What would Russia have to gain from making up a story. All it would do is bring a jillion conspiracy theorists down on them and for what reason. Maybe what they should have done is claimed they had some new exotic weapon system that could zap entire countries out of existence if they failed to bow to the whims of the Russian government. But admitting their missile test was a spectacular failure defies logic.
        I was a professional photographer/teacher and I know that you can’t trust your eyes when it comes to photographs. Why else would there be so many variations. Take a photo of the St Louis arch from the side and it will look like a metal pole. You can’t tell the true perspective in these photos and the focal length and exposure time can also greatly affect the image.
        Eventually we will see if the launch records and other Russian documents shows that they indeed did fire a missile at that time and location. If not, then we can all start running for cover because the aliens are here.
        Still, there will be genuine kooks who thrive on such events. They already have an agenda to push or they just use an overactive imagination to drum up wild elaborate stories that may someday end up as movie plots. They are fun to read, but have no basis in proven facts – documented ones, not supposed ones.
        Others as you say are just trying to make sense of it, as I did at first. But I waited until there was some real evidence before conjuring up a crazy story.
        We should know soon enough though. After all it took no time at al to figure out who killed Kennedy. Right?

        • James,
          Step outside the door tomorrow morning and see in the sky above you something you have never seen before and then tell us about kooks.
          This is not ‘the murder of Kennedy’ here.
          So that in itself is not very allegorical … no one was harm here.
          Norway has an army as well you know …
          and so does the U.S. … and so does every neighboring country.
          I can assure you this was not a missile.
          There was no sound at all.
          The spiral is in perfect circle.
          It was seen thousands of Km. away.
          Many things happened that day.
          For one LHC. was successful in collision.
          A portal some say may have been opened.
          That is not kooks.
          That is one of the aims of HLC. … to open a inter dimensional gate.

          Don’t be so harsh on people who are just simply afraid.
          Even the Vatican a few days ago say that aliens should call Rome.
          Is a missile a more reassuring thing?
          So don’t worry it is just a missile that exploded above your heads?
          Get real James.

        • hi james

          the russians never admitted to anything.

          they had a missile fail, but that does not mean it caused the event.

        • Oh, wow, they said so and they seem to have no reason to lie on that! What a striking argument.
          You probably will take the mark and believe them when they say:”No, you won’t go to hell for that!”
          You still fail to explain how this phenomenon could be a faulty rocket. A rocket that self-destructs should look like that? Come on, give me a break!

  9. OK folks, here is the true story courtesy of Reuters News Service probably the most respected in the world. Not a website by some guy living in his parents’ basement.
    Russian Nuclear Missile Test Fails, Visible In Norway

    Published: December 10, 2009
    Filed at 8:22 a.m. ET

    MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia admitted on Thursday another failed test of its much-touted Bulava intercontinental missile, after unusual lights were spotted in Norway across the border from the launch site.

    The submarine-based Bulava (Mace) missile has been billed as Russia’s newest technological breakthrough to support its nuclear deterrent, but the repeated test failures are an embarrassment for the Kremlin.

    The missile failed in its 13th test on Wednesday morning, Russia’s leading economic dailies Vedomosti and Kommersant reported on Thursday, quoting sources in the military-industrial complex.

    Hours later, the Defense Ministry admitted the failure, saying the launch had been made by the Dmitry Donskoi nuclear submarine from a submerged position in the White Sea.

    “It has been established … that the missile’s first two stages worked as normal, but there was a technical malfunction at the next, third, stage of the trajectory,” a Defense Ministry spokesman said.

    Norwegian experts reported sighting of phenomena in the atmosphere near the White Sea, where earlier Bulava rockets were fired, the Kommersant and Vedomosti newspapers reported.

    Russia’s REN-TV showed footage of a spiral of white light, which it said was taken on Wednesday in Norway. The footage also showed a bright white light with a long blue tail on the horizon.


    Staking heavily on the Bulava, the Kremlin also has overseen a costly project aimed at building a new class of nuclear submarines to carry the missile — the Borei (Arctic Wind).

    The first submarine of the class — Yuri Dolgoruky — for months has been undergoing sea tests, while two others are being built. The laying of the keel for a submarine of the more advanced Borei-A class is reported to be set by year’s end.

    “This is a catastrophe … Huge funds were siphoned off from Russia’s moribund navy for the Bulava project. In fact, billions of dollars have been flushed down the drain,” Alexander Khramchikhin, chief analyst at the Moscow-based Institute of Military and Political Analysis, said.

    Of 11 previous reported tests, at least six have been unsuccessful, including one on July 15 when a Bulava self destructed after a malfunction during the first stage of its flight from the White Sea.

    Later media reports said there also had been an attempt to launch the Bulava in October but it was put off at the last moment due to a technical glitch.

    The 37-tonne, 12-meter (39-ft) intercontinental ballistic missile, known as the Bulava-30 inside the Russian military, is capable of carrying multiple warheads to the distances of up to 8,000 km (5,000 miles). Some sources say the Bulava can carry up to six warheads, others say 10.

    The Kremlin has touted the missile as a unique weapon capable of breaching any air defense and a way to bolster the country’s once mighty submarine fleet.

    Analysts criticize Moscow’s hurry to build the Bulava, as it already has a highly reliable Soviet-built Sineva submarine-based ballistic missile.

    They also question awarding the Bulava contract to the Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology which has never before built missiles for submarines.

    (Additional reporting by Conor Humphries)

    (Writing by Conor Humphries and Dmitry Solovyov; editing by Michael Roddy)

    You will find dozens of similar stories with a simple news search. Sure, you can find lots of other explanations on various web sites but you must consider the source. Lets see some proof that Reuters is making this all up.

    • hi James

      I agree with Abagail’s videos. The Russians NEVER said their missile caused the lights.

      Also, the lights are TOO PERFECT in shape and formation to be caused by a chaotic missile, which had fallen apart. Winds would have blown the smoke from the rocket in different directions. There is no evidence of chaos in the image.

      Missiles do not cause black holes, or send blue lights down to earth from the sky.

      I think this is a display of power, if it is not a hoax of some sort. The Copenhagen Treaty is signed, the New World Order is now a reality. I do not think it is a coincidence that this light display was going on while the treaty was being signed.

      • Marianne,
        The videos do say the Russian missile caused the lights. As for the winds, where did you determine the wind velocity over the failure site? I would expect the winds at the LAUNCH site to be erratic due to the difference in temperature between the frozen land and the much warmer ocean where the missile was launched from. But the failure site was hundreds of miles away where wind conditions would be quite different so your wind idea can not be proven. The “black hole” is just the portion of the debris trail that has cooled and gone dark. I hope you are not referring to an astronomical black hole for if one formed above the earth our entire sun and solar system would have been sucked into it in seconds.
        If this was a secret test the Russians would have done it in Siberia, not Norway. And here is todays news on the Copenhagen Treaty:
        MONDAY, 14 DECEMBER 2009 18:39
        COPENHAGEN—Debates between rich and poor nations over carbon-emission cuts and funding marked the opening week of the United Nations-backed climate-change summit while tens of thousands of protesters demanding “climate justice” marched toward the venue of the meeting.

        More than 192 nations, including the Philippines, are trying to bridge the difficult gaps and stem a growing division between rich and poor on the first week of the talks. But developing nations who face huge climate-change burdens are demanding that wealthy nations shoulder more of the costs.
        Seems they are at each others throats with no agreement in sight. Where did you read it was signed? And how does one more climate treaty in a long line of similar failed treaties constitute a New World Order? What exactly do you think the New World Order is going to be? Don’t we still have a president? Where is the new leader that will run the world?
        I’m afraid you are falling into a common trap and that is to take every little news story and relate it to the New World Order theory. You are trying too hard to make prophesy come true and you ignore history that has already fulfilled much of the prophecies.
        Many of us (believers, that is) are desperate to see their versions of prophesy come true, looking everywhere for signs. If you look carefully you will find that almost everything short of the seals, vials etc. have already come true. The 7th king will be here in 2 weeks and the 8th is coming soon. And the mark of the beast has already been declared by the predecessor to the false prophet.
        I know it’s fun to conjure up such tall tales but just because Paul Bunyon had a blue ox I’m not going to start looking for one an a farm near me anytime soon. I’m afraid you are looking for a blue ox here.

        • james,

          Where, in the video, give time point and video, does it say that Russia admitted it caused the lights?

          All I heard was people saying that Russia admitted to a test missile that failed, and people “believed” this was the cause.

          Is that a blue ox also?

          I did not hear that Russia said it watched the missile go up into the air, blow up and definitely caused the light show, at the exact time the missile blew up.

          Winds are everywhere, not just close to earth’s surface.

          The “black hole” spot was not irregular in shape as from a chaotic event like an explosion. It was round, the same size as the white light, and overlayed it. So the white light came first, then the round black spot came next.

          • Marianne,
            If you read the Reuters report I showed (or if you read just about any other world new agency’s reports) it discusses the light show and then explains the story of the Russian missile test. Of course they are relating the two events or else there would be two separate articles so as not to confuse their readers. Show me a separate article explaining the lights. And exactly what do you believed caused them? Maybe God destroyed the Russian missile in a spectacular display of his power. Possible but not likely. Maybe it was space aliens. Hmmmm.
            Frankly I don’t understand why you simply can’t believe the simple facts. The guidance system or a thrust nozzle of a missile failed causing it to fly into a widening spiral. I’ve seen fireworks do this perfectly. And a perfect spiral has a perfect circle in the center. In fact it would have to if you do the physics involved. There is no reason for a spiraling missile to jerk around n all directions. The missile acted in a completely predictable manner. As a former Aegis surface to air missile designer for General Dynamics (I’ve worn many hats in my long life) I have seen many failed tests and this was not unusual. As soon as I heard the explanation I knew it was true just based on my gut.
            And there my dear is our difference. Your gut is based on things other than science and engineering (probably faith in the bible among other things) and you see the world from a more emotional viewpoint rather than an analytical one. But that is actually the norm and I am in the minority, but only because of the fact that most people are simply not science geeks like me.
            So I can totally relate to your view but you should not continue to go down roads that lead nowhere when searching for the truth. At least not when it is right in front of you.
            May God bless you in your search however.

  10. James here from Russia …

    • I agree with at least the first 3:00 minutes of this film

      • To be more precise I agree with the first 3:15 seconds only with the above film.
        Russia is not playing russian roulette with the copenhagen summit.
        The summit is serious stuff.
        Russia would not jeopardize the treaty.

  11. what a real missile launch failure looks like

  12. Missile lauch failure….this is not what we saw!

  13. nuclear explosions in space…..nothing perfectly symmetrical or artistic about them, unless it is a mushroom cloud……this is our future…….so we all need to pray!

  14. Marianne you say that the treaty is signed??
    When was it signed?

  15. Strange and stranger still.

  16. 50, ooo seed samples has now arrived at this Vault.

  17. Here is the story from Norway Post.

  18. Well marianne ,,, so much for the Himalayas …:)
    There also was somewhere in the news today a giant chunk of ice floating towards Australia fro the Antarctica.
    And now with permafrost melting and creating more CO 2 what is the sense of a tax?
    Just don’t understand …

    • well, if all the ice from the poles melted, it still would not flood the earth…There is not that much extra water there.

      • Marianne,
        Just a little geologic fact. I all the ice on the planet melted sea level would rise 200 feet. Most of the east coast would disappear. It has happened before. There are ancient shorelines here in southern California that are now as much as 200 feet above current sea level. Noah’s flood cannot explain this.

        • hi james

          That will not happen again. God promised He would not destroy the world again by water. But he did indicate other disasters later as a punishment for sin.

          Why can’t Noah’s flood explain ancient shorelines? I think it can. It depends on the land mass formations before (at creation) or at the time of the flood, pangea or not.

          Also was continental drift over time, or a sudden split? I personally think the continents split apart suddenly during Noah’s flood as the “waters of the deep” burst through the earth’s crust.

          Ancient shorelines could also be due to local flooding, independent of a global event, and could have occurred afterwards..

          • Marianne,
            There is a fundamental law of geology that says simply that the processes we see today (volcanism, erosion, continental drift etc.) work the same way today as they did in the past. This just means that the fundamental laws of nature have not changed. (Gravity, speed of light and such).
            There are no viable models that could produce so fast a tectonic movement as required for the “Flood caused everything” theory. I have watched many hours of such shows from various so-called scientists and I can assure you with my 100+ hours of college geology that their flood theory does no hold water. (Hope you got that one.)
            Geologic processes take time – lots of time. You can’t speed up fossilization, coalification, plate tectonics or ancient shoreline formation. You can’t cut the entire grand canyon in a few months. You can not turn sediments into solid rock without a mile of overburden for millions of years – at least.
            You can not create a layer of sediment, turn it to stone, then tilt it, erode it level again and cover it with a mile of additional sediments – all neatly divided into material types – then turn them to stone, then lift them to the earths surface and cut a huge (Grand) canyon thru all that, including the sideways erosion done not by the river but by rainfall – all in a few thousand years.
            I believe in gods laws – both the commandments and the laws of nature. He will not change either. Learning his natural laws takes a lot longer than reading Exodus 20 so I suggest you start now in earnest. The lord will not try to trick you into false doctrine just because you know and believe in his natural laws, so don’t be afraid to learn them.
            Try reading Enoch’s account (prophecy) of the flood and you will see that it was a local event, not a global one. It was the only way God could do it without breaking his own natural laws. That much water could never have existed underground and would still be here today without the aid of magic.
            I’m sorry to burst your bubble here, these theories sound like they conform science with the bible but they are full of illogical assumptions and untruths. If they were true, then almost all scientists and textbooks would agree with them. The evidence would be abundant and everywhere not just on a few religious web sites and TV stations. Don’t fall into the trap of pulling at straws to prove your faith. It is not necessary. Do not deny Gods natural laws in order to prove his spiritual ones. I enjoy knowing them both and for me they do not conflict.
            I am willing to help you with the truth any time you ask.

            • James look up all the ancient cities which are buried in the oceans.
              The flood was global and sudden.
              They knew NOT until God shut the door of the ship.
              Same goes with the destruction of the twin cities.
              Maybe you can’t cut the grand Canyon but I can assure you that God can.
              Time is not an issue with The Eternal.
              When The Lord opened the sea for a dry passage to His people … It was done immediately.
              The evidence is all around you and under you and above you if you take away the blindfold.
              I have seen areas in the banana belt of America 35
              feet deep in the ground a perfectly kept fern,
              the span of the wings of an airplane … frozen instantly and kept under the perma frost till the day in was dug out.
              Maybe one science sitting out by itself is crippled and nothing, because it isn’t whole.
              Maybe if all sciences would come together they would understand that changes to this earth occurs both gradually and instantly.
              Mammoths’ teeth still with food particle in its cavities, preserved.
              We all have thousands of opportunity each day to
              preserve the natural order of nature.
              But we all need to come together each with our little
              bits of bread and fragments of fishes and pray that God in Heaven will feed the multitudes.
              Because together each one can add to the other even to the point that there is plenty left over.
              My mother says ‘My home is not a happy home anymore.’ Why? Because ‘my children are not one.’

              • You bring up a fundamental point here that I need to address. There are those who believe that the earth was created in 6 actual days and others like me that believe that the first earth age (before restoration at the time of Adam) could be any length, including 4.5 billion years as science tells us.
                Now if the 6 days are true, then God would have had to sped up time so that 4.5 billion years of natural history could be compressed to 6 days. Or else God got creative and put different rocks and fossils and oil deposits and everything thing else in just the right places so that mankind could be fooled into thinking the earth is much older than it really is. I know, that’s not a lot of work for God, but why would he create a world, nay an entire universe that is nothing but a complete hoax? If our proof of the earth’s history is bogus than how can we be sure of anything? All of the science used on this site is then worthless – we can believe none of it.
                God left us proof of the flood – we’ve found the true and actual ark in turkey at 16,000 feet elevation. So it happened. But God did not have to flood the entire planet, only the holy land in order to destroy his people. Enoch confirms this and we have found no worldwide flood evidence even though the event only occurred 5000 years ago. Many have looked for it without success. Why not? Simple. It did not last long enough to have any lasting effects. Fill the whole planet with water today and drain it in 5 months and what will you find? A wet planet. No new mountains. No new canyons.
                If god made the grand canyon all by himself, he did it at creation week, all by magic or miracles or however you want to define his divine power. In that case, don’t bother me with “logical” scientific explanations of the flood and it’s aftermath. Just say God created the water from nothing, then made it disappear just as magically. I won’t buy this as I don’t believe he is a deceitful God to have created such a phony world.
                I have been studying geology for 33 years now and astronomy and earth science for 55 years and I’m not about to believe that everything I’ve learned is a total fake-out by the almighty.
                Now I don’t fault those who believe in strict 6 day creationism. They may actually be right. After all, it was the only explanation until recent history. But I object to those people trying to use bogus science to try to make biblical events match the natural world.
                Use real science please, don’t make crap up.
                That’s all.

                • Well, we can play ball while the water is rising… From what perspective do you measure time? … Is a day measured from Greenwich? Is a day a sidereal day?
                  Is a day an epoch? Is a day an age?
                  What star should we measure time from?
                  The first sun or the sixth?
                  What do you make of the sea shells of the desert?
                  The Creator to get creative?
                  At which point does a day begin?

                • How could flood waters exceed 16000 (16854) feet, and be confined to the local area?

                  water spreads out, and follows gravity.

                  the ark had a length of 450 feet, width of 75 feet and height of 45 feet. The Volume of Noah’s Ark would have been 1,396,000 cubic feet. The Gross Tonnage of Noah’s Ark would have been 13,960 tons. The Capacity of Noah’s Ark would have been 522 railroad stock cars which could hold 125,280 sheep-sized animals.

                  add 16874 + another amount of water to support that size boat ….

                  unless the entire area is a basin with a depth of about 20,000 feet, the water is going to go everywhere, and not just the middle east.

                  besides, most of the area is not the height of Mt Ararat,. it is much lower to sea level, or below that.

  19. There is only one question I am asking, “Why Norway, why Norway?”

  20. Because it is the place where ‘fairytales’ contests takes place.

  21. In this video we see the musical note at in the sky at 0:38 seconds

  22. Hi, Marianne, I am offering another link which disproves the missile being responsible
    for Norways’ show.
    Maybe you should work on your fairytale story?
    Esther type of tale?

  23. Good. We need something intelligent.
    I am offering you 2 videos of what others are saying.
    Hope this helps you.

  24. And here is another.

  25. It isn’t haarp in case you are wondering.
    It is exactly what I told you it was.
    Good luck my friend.

  26. Looks like

  27. I wonder what entered our earth this month.
    Maybe E.T. finally got the message to call Rome?

    • Abigail

      I think 2009 was the last semi-normal year for this planet. The rest looks downhill.

      • Did you know that the word ‘wer’ means man and the word ‘wolf’ means
        beast, of course?
        So man beast or werwolf, which ever you prefer.
        Yes, I think we are heading ever faster towards the night.

  28. In this video we see that Norway was on top security watch for the Nobel Peace Prize.
    Again showing that the spiral display could NOT have been a missile.

  29. Marianne,
    According to Enoch God created a container to hold the water – like a big swimming pool. Just imagine that Captain Kirk was orbiting in the starship Enterprise. He would place a force field around the holy land to an elevation of say 18,000 feet. Then using the transporter system he would transfer seven columns of water from the nearby Mediterranean sea into the force field area. Anyone caught in the flood would believe it covered the entire earth. When it was over, Capt. Kirk would order an opening in the bottom of the force field and it would soon empty, perhaps into the Black Sea which may have formed as a result of the emptying of this container into what used to be a valley overflowing thru the Bosphorus strait and cutting a channel into the Mediterranean rather than the other way around as commonly thought.
    Capt. Kirk may have also used a force field to split the Red Sea, again using the transporter to remove the water from between the two fields and even using a small phaser blast to dry the ground before the Israelites stepped through.
    So if Kirk could do this then why not God? And the laws of physics wouldn’t even have to be changed to do it.

    • The waters of Heaven and of the earth gushed out in Noahs’ flood.
      The biophere was destroyed.
      Every living organism died.
      Most birds can fly up to 1,800 ‘meters’.
      Ruppell’s Vulture can fly 37,000 above sea level.
      Noah waited a while before he sent out the raven.

      Every tribe has a story of the Great Deluge.
      The American Indians, The Peruvians,The Egyptians etc. etc.
      Search it out.

    • James

      I have read the book of Enoch, and I do not remember this commentary in it. I can send you a copy of it, and you can point out the part to me that confirms your impression.

      • OK Marianne, here you go – Enochs description of the flood (in part):

        89.1 And one of those four, went to a white bull, and taught him a mystery, trembling as he was. He was born a bull, but became a man, and built for himself a large vessel, and dwelt on it, and three bulls went with him in that vessel, and they were covered over. Noah
        89.2 And, again, I raised my eyes to Heaven and saw a high roof with seven water channels on it, and those channels discharged much water into an enclosure.
        89.3 And I looked again, and behold, springs opened on the floor of that large enclosure, and water began to bubble up, and to rise above the floor. And I looked at that enclosure until its whole floor was covered by water.
        89.4 And water, darkness, and mist increased on it, and I looked at the height of that water, and that water had risen above that enclosure and was pouring out over the enclosure, and it remained on the earth.
        89.5 And all the bulls of that enclosure were gathered together, until I saw how they sank, and were swallowed up, and destroyed, in that water.
        89.6 And that vessel floated on the water, but all the bulls, elephants, camels, and asses sank to the bottom, together with all the animals, so that I could not see them. And they were unable to get out, but were destroyed, and sank into the depths.

        Notice how many times he refers to the ENCLOSURE. Not a valley, not a natural formation but a containment field created by God to punish his people without having to affect the rest of the planet which was not involved in the prophecy. God is fair that way, you know?

        • hi james,

          I remember that part about the bull, but it did not impress me the same way it does for you.

          It did not say how big this “enclosure” was, if it was confined to a small area, or if it included the entire globe.

          Maybe there is another passage that would give more information on this.

          • In a sense, the flood was worldwide. Most of the time the bible refers to the world it only means the biblical world, not the whole planet. You might call it “The known world” or the like, but the idea is the same. As far as the readers of the time were concerned, it was world-wide.
            And while I’m on the topic, you have taken a lot of time and effort to use science to prove biblical events, as have many others I have listened to. They use plate tectonics, astronomical events and every other aspect of science to show how biblical events can be perfectly explained through their version of science. The one that bugs me the most are the theories on how the flood can explain virtually all of the geological formations and fossil deposits on the planet, yet when it comes to the actual flood they can’t explain where all that water came from and went. It must have been a miracle! So why not explain the flood using engineering so that magic water does not have to be created. After all, didn’t He use a force field to hold back the waters of the Red Sea? I’m sure we all agree on that. So why not with the flood? Give it a chance – it’s proven technology.

            • I do not think the science that we know, or engineering, can explain exactly what happened during the flood.

              Every fossil on the earth may not be due to the flood. However, the flood could have contributed to the formation of some or many of them.

              most conclusions come from looking at evidence that remains behind, and making guesses or assumptions as to what happened.

              Since God tends to use the very natural laws he created, discussions are an attempt to understand those laws.

              AS for all the water, the bible said it came from 2 places, the heavens and the “deep.” So, how deep down was the water? From the descriptions, it seemed that the water was under pressure, and then broke through when the pressure was relieved.

              Some postulate that there was water under the mantle, and the mid Atlantic ridge is a remnant of where the tear occurred, and the water broke through at that spot. But then, that would assume a global flood again.

  30. So after a week of news reports all attributing the lights to a Russian missile test, what is your final verdict? If you still insist it couldn’t possibly be a missile I have the second most logical conclusion I got from a very reliable web site
    “It seems that jolly saint Nick was test driving a new propulsion system for his sled when something went horribly wrong. It seems that Rudolph threw a shoe which set him off balance and sent him into a spin. This caused a power surge in his nose which caused it to glow a bright blue rather than red. Then Santa and his sled began to burn up in the upper atmosphere as the entire sled began a horrendous death spiral. While the reindeer were able to jettison the sleigh and its contents and return safely to the north pole Santa and an undisclosed number of elves didn’t make it we are sorry to report.
    I trust you will keep this information secret as its disclosure could lead to worldwide panic and confusion. Thank you all.”
    So there you have it folks. As for me I will have to believe it was a missile as the alternative is just too depressing to imagine. 🙂

    • hi james,

      I think there are still too many unanswered questions about the missile claim. It was shot from Russian airspace, yet no one in Russia saw the light show. It was shot across Finland and Switzerland, yet no one saw it there either. It only was seen by people in Norway.

      The missile would also have to theoretically travel in the opposite direction from the original path to end up in Norway. It was supposed to travel across the northern unpopulated regions of Russia, going in a west- east direction. To get to Norway, it would have to travel east – west instead.

      Security was high in Norway because of the Oslo meeting and Obama being there. Someone would have shot down a nuclear missile coming their way before it had a chance to explode.

      • Marianne,
        I’m not sure where you got your information from but the major news services repot that it was launched from off the west coast of Norway by the Russian submarine “Dmitry Donskoi” Witnesses on the Norwegian coast sat they saw the initial launch and the rocket flying overhead going to the east. The missile failed several hundred miles away near the eastern border.
        It was not launched From Russia but aimed Toward Russia where it was to be recovered where enemy nations could not get at the new technology. It did not fly over Switzerland and it never reached Russia. There are no reports of witnesses in any other country.
        Here is the official MSNBC news report:
        I’m sure they looked into all the various possibilities before running their story. But maybe they are just part of the big cover-up.
        I guess this thing will bother some people for the rest of their lives. I still wonder if Jesse James actually faked his death. Any thoughts on that? 🙂

        • hi james,

          My source was different from yours, but I can see how the missile interpretation would be correct from that report. I still do not see why the Norwegian government would allow such a dangerous thing in their waters.

          • The Russians announced the test several days before and I’m sure the sub was beyond the Norway territorial limits. The sky is up for grabs or else we couldn’t launch the space shuttle or have GPS satellites in orbit over the whole world, so this was not out of the ordinary.

  31. Have you heard about “2010” the movie?

    It has poster with words “THE YEAR WE MAKE CONTACT”:

    How did they know…?

    • gavriel

      Well, I guess for those who can “see” it is there to see, and for those who cannot”see” there is nothing there.

      • poster also mentions small group of “Americans and RUSSIANS”…coincidence?

        I watched the programm about northern lights in city of Murmansk (,
        it explained that this phenomenon has no explanation, and people living in Murmansk fall under hypnotic influence when they see it, there is also type of “black light” – and people who see it fall into trance and is considered to herald a bad omen by local shamans.

        It reminds me about teaching in Torah that north is source of chaos and evil, and that God didn’t finish construction of northern part of the world, saying whosoever will proclaim himself to be god, He will tell him to finish construction of northern part of the world – because no one except Ctreator can make order out of chaos.

        • It makes sense. Israel always got invaded “from the north.”

          Maybe the region near the north pole has a strange effect on people’s behavior.

  32. As I read this article this morning …
    I was reminded of the ‘underworld’ … not the underwater but the underworld.
    The sun goes down the sun goes down in the underworld.
    How many here are familiar with the UNDERWORLD???

    • Ephesians 4:9 (Now that he ascended, what is it but that he also descended first into the lower parts of the earth? 4:10 He that descended is the same also that ascended up far above all heavens, that he might fill all things.) Greek katoteros, kat-o’-ter’-os; comp. from Gr. kato, kat’-o, downwards, beneath, bottom, down, under, thus meaning inferior (locally, of Hades): — lower.
      Also as seen in Chapter Six under John 8:23, “And he (Jesus) said unto them, You are from beneath (below); I am from above: ye are of this world; I am not of this world.”

  33. In this video some of the ancient flood issue is addressed.

  34. this is weird, most definitely but it has been said in certain commentaries that these may be demons b/c there are more dimensions then the 3 dimensional word we see. Chuck misler does a great job in explaining these UFO sitings

  35. I am placing this video here because of the date dec. 15/09

  36. Now since the first of January there has been sightings in as many as 16 countries that I have counted.
    There is a lot of speech on the saying that we are being invaded.
    There was over Rome some cylinder shape objects which some say are reptilian ships preparing for an attack??
    Do not know if this is true or not but some who have been in this field a long time say to prepare??

  37. Here is an interception dec. 15/09

  38. Here we go again. Now there is one in Canada.

    For me, there is nothing to fear or admire here. God made everything and he knows what this is. God is in control.


    • IF real, that looked like a ufo opening up a worm hole?…some kind of teleportation to go further into space…(seen it on stargate lol)

      • Aaron Russo, while being interviewed by Alex Jones, stated that we should look to the movies to find out what our government is doing; that there would be hints throughout….

        After seeing the above video footage in Norway, it reminded me of what I saw in the popular series, Stargate….see below…you can see the wormhole vortex being opened at 35…Note: the x 302 was built from alien technology…Has our govt taken/used alien technology to build these incredible aircrafts and not sharing the “love” with the public just yet? hmmmm

  39. I had a thought…wonder if obama will disclose that he is an alien? and what kind of “alien” is he….maybe that is why he can’t give us his Birth Certificate! ha! 🙂

  40. *this is amazing…JERUSALEM UFO 2011
    These are the 3 real videos caught on january 28th 2011 over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem.

    Check the fourth footage of the event released by Jerusalem Weather Station, in the video responses, and also the witness reports from Michael Cohen and Eligael Gedalyovich, who caught the first footage.

    • Chariot of fire?? over the temple mount of all places…made me wonder that this could have been what elisha? saw when elijah was taken, very easy to interpret it as a “chariot of fire”, just a thought…

      • freeze at 22 and you will see the result of the flash of light that happened right before it takes off….what is this? who is this? what caused the flash? the ufo actually looks like a shining cross over the temple mount and hovers there then flashes then leaves…

  41. Marianne
    Is there any way to search previous comments I have made. I am looking for one and cannot find it?

    • HI dru

      Try going to the search box at the top of the page, and type in what you remember you said, and see if it brings it up.

      Also, I have found comments on my site by searching the comment in google.

  42. I just stumbled on your site after reading the word this morning. I was reading about Petra. The titles that are listed interest me because it connects current every day life as I live on this earth waiting for my permanent home whenever my maker says I am to leave either by death of this physically body or rapture. The hologram was something I never even knew took place. I mainly wanted you to receive feed back also in regards to the color of ink that you choose at times. The pink and the yellow prevent me from reading, what was commented. It is very light and I was not sure Anyone shared this with you. I will enjoy reading more of you interesting insights. Thanks. In His love!

    • hi donna

      thanks for your input.

      the yellow and pink were meant to highlight sections of the post, for easier reading on a dark background (black).

      I can read it well on my computer.

      what are you using to view this page?

  43. […] Norway light show is hologram? […]

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