Believers Will Die


The 5th seal of Revelation stares at me every day.

Believers WILL die.

Yet each of us wants to think it will happen to someone else, not them.

It is unwise to think this way.

One of the greatest tests of faith is to believe in God when it looks like He will not help you, or does not help you, and will he let you suffer, even when you ask for mercy, protection and deliverance.

We will not need just faith, but GREAT FAITH.

Great Faith is not dependent on how well we pray, getting a quick answer from God.

Great Faith is demonstrated when we believe in God, and still love and obey Him, even when he turns us down.

In the days ahead, most of us will die, and most of the deaths will be painful or dramatic.

Will we pray for others who are about to die, or pray that their lives be spared?

How can God spare our own lives, if we do not care for others who are in danger of death?


The history of Christianity, and the current world scene, is full of Christian martyrdom and death.

We must remember that all the apostles died a martyr’s death.

We are not better than they were.

Death will not be due to God’s failure to answer prayers.

Death will be due to what we, as believers, have failed to do.


Message I received in email:

Good Morning Marianne,

I have some information to give to you, but I know you need a lot of information before posting, but I need to tell you this. 

This morning, around 3:00 or so, I woke up and didn’t know why but knew God needed something. 

I went into prayer and the Lord told me to "listen" and He mentioned a few names and then "Habakkuk".

I have never read the book of Habbakuk, so I got my bible and read it. 

Because "nothing is new under the son" as in the book of Ecclesiastes, we as a body of believers need to begin praying for those people that are about to become destroyed, that represent the Body of Christ. 

The Lord said that this word will bring frustration amongst the people, but that this was His true word, I asked about you and if I should give it to you and He said that you (Marianne) will see this to be true in time, that you will watch it happen, but you are needed for prayer in this matter.

Around the time that I was receiving all of the visions and dreams that I told you about, one vision opened up with people wearing all black from the bottom and then the vision opened up and I see all of these people in complete black cloths, where you can only see their eyes and they were marching in the streets of a place that did not look like the United States.

I asked my husband this year if I was looking at ISIS and he said maybe so, because he was there when I received the dream. 

Regardless of what it is, I am going to share it with you so that the Body of Believers can pray. 

God bless you, Marianne and please begin praying. 

I have no idea when this will happen, but that I have a responsibility to say something.  Have a wonderful day.

(Name withheld by request)


Marianne’s request

I ask all who read this to pray for those about to die in many disasters to come to this land and this world.

Most are not ready.

I have prepared a prayer to use as a guide, if one so desires to use it.

We must pray about the approaching dangers, and we must not be lax in service to our Lord.

God bless you all, and may you all be safe in the days and years ahead

25 Responses to “Believers Will Die”

  1. […] here for […]

    • “Though troubles assail us and dangers affright,
      Though friends should all fail us and foes all unite,
      Yet one thing secures us, whatever betide,
      The promise assures us, ‘The Lord will provide.’

      The birds, without garner or storehouse, are fed;
      From them let us learn to trust God for our bread.
      His saints what is fitting shall ne’er be denied
      So long as ’tis written, ‘The Lord will provide.’

      When Satan assails us to stop up our path,
      And courage all fails us, we triumph by faith.
      He cannot take from us, though oft he has tried,
      This heart cheering promise, ‘The Lord will provide.’

      He tells us we’re weak, our hope is in vain,
      The good that we seek we never shall obtain,
      But when such suggestions, our graces have tried,
      This answers all questions, ‘The Lord will provide.’

      No strength of our own and no goodness we claim;
      Yet, since we have known of the Savior’s great Name,
      In this our strong tower for safety we hide:
      The Lord is our power, ‘The Lord will provide.’

      When life sinks apace, and death is in view,
      The word of His grace shall comfort us through,
      Not fearing or doubting, with Christ on our side,
      We hope to die shouting, ‘The Lord will provide'” (John Newton).

      • DJ
        Yes this is the travail I was talking about. God Puts us in travail so that we learn to trust in Him, and him alone. Not our man made strong towers, but His mighty fortress.
        Have you walked His path yet? There is no fear when we have trust.

  2. 😮 Child Poverty Jumps by 2.6 Million in Developed World Since 2008, While Number of Global Billionaires Doubles!

    😮 U.S. is Responsible for the Ebola Outbreak in West Africa: Liberian Scientist!
    . .
    (“Wherever there’s smoke, there’s fire???”)

  3. Marianne –

    Your reference to Psalm 91 in your link to your guide for prayer – is such a beautiful passage. It reminds me of Psalm 23, short, though to the point. The nights when my insomnia is at its worst, I recite Psalm 23 to myself and sink into it.

    I do not fear death, though I admit I am apprehensive as to how I pass from this life to the next. How ever the passage way might be, I do know and believe it will not be but of the Lord’s choice and command.

    • denise

      I am hoping for the best, but realize that any of us could be martyred. I have to accept this. Jesus did say to “endure to the end” so I am going to try to do that, to the best I am able. I do not fear death either, but I am human and do not like pain.

      • I do believe in fleeing though. I know we are not in Judeah. There will be sanctuary places. God has shown me many things. As how to get raptued. Act and be Christ-like and humble. The great tribulations are for those that arent. Which a lot of Christians will be left behind for their actions. Just watching certain things on tv people would fail. Most people cant even forgive. Im a watchman. And yes God told me so. He has shown me that i will not get raptured. And i know why. But dont think that i havent asked for it. I know some dont believe in the rapture or people being in already in heaven but there are people in heaven. And i believe the people in heaven and the people that get raptured will not go in front of judgement. Why would they? It makes sense. They are already worthy.

  4. To stay strong until the end is vital too. This time is not so good to give one’s body as a living sacrifice to receive information about God’s will for many have already done so and his will has been revealed. So we are just too late if we want to gain glory by dying.

    Revelation 11:
    18. And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.

    This reward has been difficult to gain because many teach against each other. JW for instance love his name and are still cursed by many other congregations. Kingdom is in war against Kingdom. So I would try to be strong until the end and stop destroying the earth.

    • tapio

      I am praying to survive and stay alive. many do not believe they are in danger and do not pray. they are the ones most likely to “go under”

  5. With the news showing Muslim vs Muslim murder and Muslim Infidel murder, I am not surprised someone would dream about those who are being murdered and wearing Burkas.

    It is not just those folks in Iraq and Syria I pray for, but the poor along the US southern border, west Africa Ebola patients, India mudslides death…

    I agree if we as Christians can help we should do so and to me it appears the chlorine colored 4th horse is riding mostly across the middle east.


  6. The Chaplet of Divine Mercy prayer is a wonderful way to pray for those who are about to die.

  7. I prefer the Marine’s Prayer. It steadies my hand should I miss my mark and gets me in the right frame of mind should I stand tall in front of my maker.

  8. Please pray for this urgent request.
    Prayer Request from Dan and Marilyn Wilson Missionaries who are in the areas that are being attacked by ISIS are asking to be showered in prayer. ISIS has taken over the town they are in today. He said ISIS is systematically going house to house to all the Christians and asking the children to denounce Jesus. He said so far not one child has. And so far all have consequently been killed. But not the parents. The UN has withdrawn and the missionaries are on their own. They are determined to stick it out for the sake of the families – even if it means their own deaths. They are very afraid, have no idea how to even begin ministering to these families who have had seen their children martyred. Yet he says he knows God has called them for some reason to be His voice and hands at this place at this time. Even so, they are begging for prayers for courage to live out their vocation in such dire circumstances. And like the children, accept martyrdom if they are called to do so. These brave parents instilled such a fervent faith in their children that they chose martyrdom. Please surround them in their loss with your prayers for hope and perseverance.

    One missionary was able to talk to her brother briefly by phone. She didn’t say it, but I believe she believes it will be their last conversation. Pray for her too. She said he just kept asking her to help him know what to do and do it. She told him to tell the families we ARE praying for them and they are not alone or forgotten — no matter what. Please keep them all in your prayers.

    This came this morning…
    Just a few minutes ago I received the following text message on my phone from Sean Malone who leads Crisis Relief International (CRI). We then spoke briefly on the phone and I assured him that we would share this urgent prayer need with all of our contacts.
    “We lost the city of Queragosh (Qaraqosh). It fell to ISIS and they are beheading children systematically. This is the city we have been smuggling food to. ISIS has pushed back Peshmerga (Kurdish forces) and is within 10 minutes of where our CRI team is working. Thousands more fled into the city of Erbil last night. The UN evacuated its staff in Erbil. Our team is unmoved and will stay. Prayer cover needed!” Please pray sincerely for the deliverance of the people of Northern Iraq from the terrible advancement of ISIS and its extreme Islamic goals for mass conversion or death for Christians across this region. Let us hold up our brothers and sisters in Christ.

    Thank you for all your prayers!!!

    Best regards and blessings!



    • The above urgent prayer request came today from a world wide prayer ministry I am partnered with. Please join us & agree in prayer; our family is Christ is dying now.

      • I will do this….

        I do not understand why young families are staying….

        why don’t they flee and hide?

        I am old and understand old people cannot do this, but young people should do this to protect their children

  9. I know you will pray Marianne… it is incredible your post; this request. I will

    post if I hear more on this.

    I let Christopher know this posted here for more agreement in prayer.

    They must feel an urgency to stand witness for conversion to the one true


  10. We are living Belize and are seeing first hand the beast is gaining ground. The prosperity Gospel is here and distracting many. We are seeing the cults growing bringing people under their works for salvation rather then faith. We were told to register the church here or we could be arrested and fined, and deported.
    PRAY that you may be found worthy. Pray for the people deceived. Pray that word is not hindered and boldness is given to the elect of God. Jesus told us that the majority will be deceived. Pray God open their eyes so that they can known the truth.

  11. “The Gospel of Prosperity” . . yeah, that one isn’t in my Bible either. 🙂

    The definition(s) of prosperity, wealth, and abundance have also changed and shifted. What is it that people are focused on to feel they are prosperous? Despite one’s circumstances in the world, who sees their life as abundant?

    Abundance and wealth is based in the understanding of God’s Word and our relationship with Him. One’s perspective determines one’s abundance and prosperity more so than numbers in a check book, and more so than society’s definition of having “made it.”.

    As long as people compare success and wealth with society’s (or anybody else’s) definition we will never feel full. Too many teach and focus on the outer wealth (greed based theology) rather than the inner. How sad for them and those who listen to them speak as if gospel.


    (Meanwhile, there are those who are struggling and suffering for just the basics in life.)

  12. advice on suffering for christ

  13. Dear Prayer Team, dear Susan,
    Thank you for your prayers!
    I was overwhelmed with grief reading this after a friend of mine had posted that.
    I was later informed that this request dated back to august and had some discrepancies. Apparently it was heavily spread through social media and originally was intended only for a small group of adressees of cri. What is more is that some information was later added to the report. No doubt christians are being killed in the middle east by isis and this is a horrific tragedy which breaks my heart.
    I do apologize, dear brothers and sisters for not having checked this information before posting this to the group. I ask for your forgiveness!
    Please, do continue to pray for this Area and our persecuted brethren, but not based on this particular set of information.
    I apologize for all inconvenience i have caused.

    God bless you, loved ones.



  14. Me again,

    Do you know what His paths are?

    Do you know (comprehend) what they mean?

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