Do you have a zit in your life?

Spots and blemishes indicate a false or infected covering in our lives. How can knowing about physical spots and blemishes help us understand spiritual ones?

When Jesus comes for his followers, the true believers will have a sign on their foreheads. What will Jesus see when he looks at us? Will he see something clean and pure, or contaminated?

A spot is also known as a zit, pimple, blemish, and acne (severe form). It is a condition of the skin, what covers our physical body. It mostly is seen in the head area.

A “zit in your life” may be someone else who is negatively affecting you, or deceiving you, or it may be you, yourself.

So who covers us spiritually? God, man, or the devil? Or, are we uncovered, and in danger of being hurt? And, do you see the connection of skin problems around the head region, and spiritual problems affecting the area of the mind?

This is a comparison of the biology, causes and treatment of a spot / blemish / zit. Notice the spiritual applications one can learn from this. It is time for the church to clean up what is just under its skin.

1 Physical Spiritual
pore containing glands spirit linked with soul and body
sebum (oil-fat) produced good oil = anointing of Holy Spirit Bad oil = false anointing of the flesh or work of Satan
bacteria- Propionibacterium acnes. Attracted to the sebum. Feed on it as an energy source. demons – are like bacteria, they are attracted to the rich (bad) oil, and want to feed on it as an energy source. However, demons tend to destroy their surroundings as they feed on it for their own activity. This produces sin.
Skin cells, when alive, provide a “covering” for the body, protecting the inner layers from harm. Dead skin cells are being shed as waste Jesus provides the covering for the believer, not man or material things. Dead cells = death of “flesh” dying to self= the fleshy self is waste to the spirit, and hinders the spirit. The dead cells indicate a bad covering that is not Jesus
clean pore – dead cells are frequently washed away, keeping the pore open, oil flows freely out of pore clean spirit – person is or has died to self, does not engage in carnal behavior, the holy spirit flows freely in this person’s life, blessing others
dirty pore – dead cells build up inside the pore, blocking the flow of oil. The oil combines with the oil/fat and forms a plug dirty spirit – dead or bad spiritual covering, which leads to false teachings and doctrines. This prevents the free expression of the holy spirit (pure oil), who is quenched as false spirits take over and lead the person into deception and egocentric behavior. These false spirits provide a false anointing experience in which the person is drawn away into sensationalism, carnality, and demonic activity
acne – interaction of bacteria, skin (hair follicles), oil glands, which creates an inflammation interaction of demons, flesh (carnality), and bad/false anointings produce a state of inflammation in the spirit. Person is frequently angry and critical of others, instead of loving. Heresies can also be inflammatory.
contributing factors
2 Physical Spiritual
family / genetic history same, curses and sins can be passed from one generation to another
hormonal activity Changes in our lives affect our bodies, and changes in our bodies affect our lives. We must be aware of this kind of influence on our behavior and values. See the spiritual aspect to physical issues.
inflammation or skin irritation Life challenges can cause us to loose our composure, and do negative things. Do not let yourself become offended at events.
stress stress !!!!!!!
hyperactive oil glands Too much activity and not enough quiet time with God.
bacteria in pores sin in life, along with a few demons
steroids things that are natural to other animals, or peoples (unbelievers) are foreign, and unhealthy, to the believer. Do not get involved with occult practices, idolatry, beastiality etc.
Sweet foods, sugars Although positive experiences are good, they need to be balanced with life challenges to create maturity. If one skips through life, as if everything is wonderful, one will remain spiritually immature. This leads to bad decisions when a challenge finally shows up. The person can be easily deceived.
certain medications Look for reactions to what might work spiritually for others, as being not intended for you.
chemical exposure – foreign substances Avoid anything that is contrary to the Word of God. Foreign thoughts of other religions are harmful to your spirit, and are not compatible with the presence of the holy spirit.
nonhuman milk source Stick to the Word of God from the bible. Do not get your “milk” from strange or atheistic philosophers.
lower vitamin levels low reinforcing experiences will weaken you. Strengthen yourself with postive, christian experiences, worship and music.
lack of good skin hygiene Keep a clean godly covering over you. God is there for you, so use Him, not man. Godly husbands are ok too!!!
3 Physical Spiritual
Get the pus out without damaging the area Get rid of sin in life, carnality, dead coverings from man, and his false doctrines, do this gently, respect yourself and others. This stage is commonly called repentance.
using disinfectant-antibiotic after pus removal, to kill what bacteria is left Use the grace of God, the presence of the holy spirit, and the blood of Jesus to properly get the sin / demons out.
Light has healing effect Read the Word of God. It is the light of truth. Feel its warmth, and enjoy understanding what God wants for you. Seek holiness, not material things.
keeping the area clean Frequent prayer, godly associations, avoiding occasions of sin, and the Word of God will keep the area clean. Stay holy before God.


Get graphic with sin. Know what it looks like to God and the devil. This is an unpleasant video. The young man is having someone remove the pus in a large blemish. If you want, you can watch it, but if you do, just imagine the zit as an infected spot in your own spirit. See how ugly you are just under the skin, what others see. Maybe this will encourage you to remove the sin and falseness in your life.

Does your spirit look like this to God?


14 Responses to “Do you have a zit in your life?”

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  2. Excellent comparison and article. I think we all probably have some zits in our lives, since we are not perfect. But is helps to recognize them and do our best, with God’s help, to over come them.

  3. Hi antiterror,

    True, unless our name is Jesus of Nazareth, self evaluation should go on everyday.


  4. the clean pore reminded me of hebrews 12:1 “let us also lay aside every encumbrance and the sin which so easily entangles us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us” [NAS]…

  5. Hey Loose associations,

    interesting verse. Maybe I should have asked you to help me write this. 🙂


  6. I love this article and certainly agree with physcial and spiritual connections and how they manifest in some physical symptoms. My son Joshua is a beuatiful young boy but has a large birth mark which covers his face and brain. the one on his brain has caused limited disability. My son also has glaucoma(of the eyes). I heard a christian artist sing “take the veil from my mind, eyes and heart”. Yes I believe God has used Joshua’s affliction to teach me about my own spiritual afflictions which I could’nt see. God has givien me new eyes to understand him, know him and his word. The revelation of knowing God and having an intimate relationship is awesome but if there is a covering- a veil, you can;t see clearly but see through a glass darkly. So Joshua. As my relationship with God is growing. 2 corinthian 3 verse 16. when ever anyone turns to the lord, the veil is taken away. 2 corinthians 3 v 14, 15, 16 and 18. The veil is such an important issue for me. Glaucoma is a veil, that covers the eyes with blindness. Spiritual blindess does’nt just start in the eyes though. I hope you can see the connection here. Physical manifestations and spiritual connection. The great thing is God is a healer, restorer of all that the enemy uses for evil.
    Joshua’s birthmark may have caused some problems but God put it there to identify what needed to be fixed in my spiritual life as well as alerting doctors to the danger his vision was in.
    I love “zit” article, the title was humourous but I can see the urgency of what God see’s inside of us. It is what truly matters.

  7. Hi Coreetta,

    I think we all have a little problem underneath our surfaces. We just have to wash daily with the Word, to keep ourselves clean!


  8. I honestly know many people abusing drugs, sex and lying there way to gain welfare but they have no disease or acne? Can we really say that acne means one has evil in them?

    In basic training kids have to sleep out in a feild and cannot shower on their FTX, they get acne from that. Are they evil and ugly inside becasue of that?

    Its part of being a human to get acne, even hormones and growing into and outof puberty that can evoke skin changes.

    Years ago whoever wrote the bible, we do know their was much ignorance about the worl and they ascociated everything about the body that was new or abnormal to be evil becasue they held no intelligence.

  9. I believe but I dont think its ok to just think I can sin then wash it away if I pray. That will just justify me to sin agsain and I can go pray and I am all clean now.

    I take accountability becasue I have love for myself and I blame myself for any faults and get clean first than ask for forgivness because then I deserve it.

    What is the point to say steal or sexually temp, go pray, and do it again and then pray and repeat the cycle? Thats an addiction by trying to fill a void that casues lack of fullfillment.

    Clearly beleiving in God cant be the only amswer becasue so many of you Christians keep sining. We all do, we all make mistakes but prayer can motivate one to repeat (willfull ignorance) becasue they will be forgiven and cleansed after prayer.

    Blaming on a demon causes on to not take full accountability! We have a will so we all are accountable.

    If it wasnt for my own personal path seeking God I probably would be afraid of him reading so many things and getting the bible thrown at me by people who are sinners.

    Thank God for my personal relationship!

  10. The Bible has been re writien over and over again by who? Not direct communication from the Father like Jesus when he was resurected.

    We now know that the words in the Bible came from people that did not directly communicate with Christ. We know the lack of intelligence and blame of bahavior and disease on evil becasue of ignorance.

    We cannot testify that the Bible is True.

    We also know that Catholic Churches used the Bible to justify criminal profiling to masss murder and justify human flesh in sacrfice.

    Churches alo ordered the military.

    many innocent people died becasue of this.

    There are many contradictions in the bible.

    Why would God allow a book that he knew could get amnipulated, present falsity to the human kind and create much conflict?

    After reading these and confirming them as well, I could never throw the Bible unto anyone. It also says in mahy places to not solicit.

    Christians are the Apex of soliciting God. Dont lie or fail to face it.

    The best thing Ithink is to bring Christ and the Lord into your everyday living and deepen your personal communication with him. Even when I’d pick up a cig I talk to God and I say God woe unto me, I bring him in my every day doing and living developing a deep connection. He has yet to moive me towards worship and bondage to the Bible.

  11. my friends have been asking me over the causes of pimbles,thanks for a nice article.It has really helped me.

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