Leah Is Part of Our Destiny


It is not our plan, but YHVH God’s plan, that matters.

Jacob Marries Leah, and then Rachel

Genesis 29

16 Now Laban had two daughters. The name of the older was Leah, and the name of the younger was Rachel.

17 Leah’s eyes were weak,[a] but Rachel was beautiful in form and appearance.

18 Jacob loved Rachel. And he said, “I will serve you seven years for your younger daughter Rachel.”

21 Then Jacob said to Laban, “Give me my wife that I may go in to her, for my time is completed.”

22 So Laban gathered together all the people of the place and made a feast.

23 But in the evening he took his daughter Leah and brought her to Jacob, and he went in to her.

24 (Laban gave[b] his female servant Zilpah to his daughter Leah to be her servant.)

25 And in the morning, behold, it was Leah! And Jacob said to Laban, “What is this you have done to me? Did I not serve with you for Rachel? Why then have you deceived me?”

Jacob wanted to marry Rachel when he met her, but God wanted him to marry Leah, and worked through deceitful Laban to accomplish His plan.

Jacob was to be the father of 12 sons in God’s plans, and Leah was fertile, and Rachel was barren.

Laban was deceitful, and tricked Jacob to be with Leah, and then forced him to work an extra 7 years, so 14 total years, to have the woman he loved.

I think eventually Jacob learned to love Leah as well, but for a long time, Leah did not feel loved.


Negative experiences, and what we DON’T want, is important to our destiny.

Positive + negative experiences = Destiny

In Jacob’s story, there was God’s will ,and his own will.

God’s will produced more fruit (children) than Jacob’s will.

Leah had 10 children and Rachel only 2, after God “opened” her womb, after Rachel prayed.

Jacob learned to love what he did not love to begin with.


In a similar way, Joseph, Jacob’s son by Rachel, suffered betrayal by his brother’s, was cast into a pit, was old into slavery, was a slave in Egypt, was falsely accused by Potiphar’s wife, imprisoned and forgotten for at least 2 years, before he ever found favor with Pharaoh.

Negative and unwanted experiences are part of YHVH God’s Will

They are part of our destiny.

Even when evil is involved, it forms who we are.

Life is full of disappointments, trials, evil, and traps.

While negative experiences seem to weaken us, they are opportunities to learn HOW to respond to the negative / evil the way YHVH God would want us to respond.

So, through trials, we learn wisdom.

We may fail a lot to begin with, but with each trial, we hopefully start to learn and grow.



Leah learned to be a loving wife, even though she felt unloved.

Jacob learned to love Leah and wait for Rachel.

Rachel learned to wait and pray for children.

Joseph learned to never give up on his dream and destiny.

Joseph also learned to forgive his brothers.

We learn to handle negative experiences in order to prevent further ones.

For example, if someone cheats us, then we will be more careful and discerning and less naïve in the future.

If someone breaks into our house, we learn to lock our doors.

If someone is evil toward us, then we learn to recognize the evil signals in others and we avoid them better, or learn to defend ourselves better.

We need to learn to fight back, and/or fight better.

We cannot be door mats for others to walk upon.

We need to learn to pray more.

We need to learn to forgive more.

We need to learn to be more patient.


I have listened to beautiful stories of holocaust survivors reunited with former Nazi guards in embraces of forgiveness.

Victims of abuse, learning to overcome and fight abuse, and helping other victims.

Children of murdered parents by criminals, going into law enforcement.

People with tragedy in their past, going into ministry to help others.


Do not despair if you are going through negative experiences,

or disappointments.


Do not give up.

Yield to YHVH God’s plan.

Turn to the Lord YHVH for strength, and grow as He directs you.

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  1. Recently, I severed connection with a ministry couple who became upset with me. They claimed I was rebellious against ‘the word of the Lord’ that the wife brought because I wouldn’t simply receive it without testing it (but the wife refused to test it). John Bevere has an excellent book called ‘Thus Saith the Lord?’ which addresses personal prophecies and how to discern if they are from God or from another source. I felt very strongly that the word that the woman was giving was from her soul and from the enemy. The word focused on my need to spend time with God and to ‘release’ all the promises God has made me through the past. I felt a heavy oppression as I was given that word. It was definitely confusing, extremely upsetting, and terribly discouraging to say the least.

    I feel like this article will definitely confuse many, upset some, and discourage not a few. It seems like most people just don’t know what to believe about God anymore. “Is He good? Or is He bad?” The Bible says God causes all things (including bad things) to work for good; but messages like this one make it sound like God causes all things (including bad things). I think that that naturally confuses, upsets, and discourages people even when they aren’t consciously aware of it. God is not the author of confusion, the Bible says, but of peace. Yet, messages like this are not clear or plain.

    Some people count minor things as hardships: “I like a girl at work but she doesn’t like me!” Things like that. They hear or read a message like this and think God is behind their hardship that isn’t even hardship to begin with. It’s all very confusing. “Jacob wanted to marry Rachel when he met her, but God wanted him to marry Leah.” Like, who is okay with that? Who wants to be interested in one person and God says, “No, the other one”? While this happens, this article sure makes it seem like it’s God’s preferred MO: prevent you from what you desire and redirect you another route. Jacob worked 14 years for a woman (it turned out to be about 20 years all together), but God wanted him to marry her sister?

    It’s starting to sound to me like God wants life to be confusing and unstable where you never know what He wants and you’re constantly off-balance and don’t know what to expect. Eph. 5:17 says, “Do not be unwise, but understand what the will of the Lord is.” This kind of message can make it seem like that knowing and understanding God’s will is basically impossible.

    • notice jacob never asked God to help him pick a wife. he was not interested in God’s will at the time.

      • Marianne, Abraham specifically told Eliezer to pick a wife for Isaac from a specific place, and Eliezer specifically asked God to bring that wife to him. Rebecca showed up immediately as the wife whom God picked for Isaac… and yet, she played favoritism and manipulated things to try to get her own way. So, was she really God’s choice of Isaac? Of course she was because the Bible shows us this. The Bible, however, does not tell us that it was God’s will for Jacob to marry Leah or to have a second wife nor that it was God’s will for Moses to marry a second wife nor that it was God’s will for Abraham to take Hagar as ‘a second wife’. Look what Abraham’s ‘marriage’ to Hagar got us: a nation of ‘wild people’ whose hand is against everyone and everyone’s hand is against them. But it must have been God’s will, right? Because when God ‘works good out of bad’, it means that bad was His will. That’s just false.

        Most christian aren’t interested in God’s will and don’t ask God to pick a wife for them. I wonder, then, who picks their wives for them and if God forces them to marry someone they don’t want. Or I guess it’s when God has His hand on a person and then He forces and directs their life, their wife, their career, and possibly when and how long they sleep and what they eat each day. It doesn’t add up.

        Regarding the people who actually seek God’s will, the Bible says that “God causes all things to work for the good of those who love Him, for those who are called according to His purpose.” These are the people who are seeking God’s will. Of them, it says that God causes all things to work for good; it does not say God causes all things. I find it hard to believe that God led Jacob to Laban so that Laban would perform God’s will by manipulation, deceiving Jacob to marry Leah.

        What I see is that if God truly wanted Jacob to marry Leah and Laban had not gotten his way and Jacob married Rachel instead, God would have gotten Jacob to marry Leah as well. But NOT by deception and manipulation. If Jacob had not deceived his dad to get the blessing, God would still have given it to Jacob, because He had already promised. God now needs agents of satan to work out His will when He has promised? Which one of us is safe if that’s the case?

  2. Look at Joni Erikson Toda. She was brought up a Christian but at age 18 just out of high school, she breaks her neck in a diving accident & has been a “quadriplegic” ever since & this happened back in 1967. I read her book “Joni” & her life since has been unique all these years !!!!!

    • ronnie

      amen to that

    • Ronnie Safreed, is Joni the only christian who has had an illness that wasn’t healed? And does an unhealed illness mean that it wasn’t God’s will to heal it?

      I began to read one of Joni’s books. It didn’t add up. What I see in both camps (ie. the people who say God wants to heal and the people who say He doesn’t) is that they have partial truths rather than whole ones. The pro-healing camp says, “God always wants to heal and will heal if you have faith.” Only the first part of that sentence is true. The anti-healing camp says, “God will heal everyone in Heaven; it isn’t necessarily His will to heal on earth. He’s more concerned about our spiritual growth.” I know many christians who are struggling but aren’t spiritually growing.

      Just because a famous christian or minister says something or writes it in a book doesn’t mean it’s true. Bill Johnson of apostate Bethel Church in Redding, CA wrote a book called ‘When Heavens Invades Earth’. In 2012, a Jezebel gave me the book to read. (Do you think Jezebels espouse or promote godly people or truth?) I was already on guard and since I didn’t want to waste time reading a book that may turn out to be false, I read the back of the book first. The very first words (I still remember though this was in 2012): “Anyone can walk in the miraculous– even you!” My discernment was already pinging. Something was wrong with that statement, but I didn’t know what it was.

      I asked Jesus what my spirit was sensing about that statement that was wrong. I had to THINK for myself (this is where christians tend to fail with an F-, the area of thinking): “Anyone? Walk in (which implies a daily or routine thing)?” As I asked Jesus about this, I went to the table of contents (I refused to waste my time), and while I was reading through it, Jesus told me that the premise of the book (“Anyone can walk in the miraculous– even you!”) was false. As He always does, He provided a Scripture to back it up:

      “And God has appointed these in the church: first apostles, second prophets, third teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, administrations, varieties of tongues. Are all apostles? Are all prophets? Are all teachers? Are all workers of miracles? Do all have gifts of healings? Do all speak with tongues? Do all interpret” (1Cor. 12:28-30).

      Jesus appointed in the churches those who indeed do “walk in the miraculous”, but just like the gift of miracles clearly implies to us, “Are all workers of miracles?” Bill Johnson says yes. The Bible says no. I immediately tossed the book, which was based on a false premise and therefore cannot impart any truth or good to anyone, GLAD that I didn’t have to waste my time reading through it. Don’t ‘buy it’ just because a famous christian or minister said or wrote it. Prophecies aren’t the only things that can be false; teachings can be too.

      God meets people where they are. If you are ‘sick’ and are afraid that God will not heal you and therefore adopt a belief that you will only be healed in Heaven, God will very often meet you right there and will tell you that you will be healed in Heaven. That DOES NOT mean that He only wants to heal you there; it means He told you the truth you were able to receive. (Jesus told His disciples before He left them that He had much to say to them that they could not receive; God will not put on us more than we can bear.) The Bible, in spite of Joni has written and preached, states emphatically that Jesus died (past tense) so that believers can be healed (present tene). If a believer is not healed, it has nothing to do with God’s will or desire or choice.

      For the hard-hearted christian (those who discard the Bible for human interpretations) regarding healing, James stated very plainly, “Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer of faith will save the sick, and the Lord will raise him up” (Jas. 5:14-15). But this doesn’t include quadriplegia, right? Just because you have no faith doesn’t mean God has none. What God says is true, not what we experience. Unless, of course, God smiles on all the harm that comes to believers, including the harm from satanists which maim and hurt and kill and restrict believers from having a relationship with God. Judge for yourself if these are the rantings of a madman or if the Bible agrees with them: http://fromtheinsideout.tripod.com/articles/ra/ra-mpd-church.htm

  3. Yes, life is rarely what we think it should be. They say our biggest disappointments are our own expectations. Learning to discern God’s way and expecting big things from Him is what He wants for us.

    • Elle, everyone has an opinion and there are many cliches out there. For christians, it’s best to just stick to the clear teachings of Scripture and to common sense. You said, “They say our biggest disappointments are our own expectations.” Indeed. When we trust in God’s own promises and the INTEGRITY of His own Word, therein lies our greatest disappointment. REALLY?! God wants christians to be sick and unhealed? (Only sometimes, of course— all the ‘sometimes’ when christians remain sick and unhealed. Which is most of the time.)

      Did Jesus not want to heal Lazarus because He didn’t do it? If Jesus didn’t want to heal Lazarus, then why did He raise him from dead? Only for God to get glory? REALLY?! Let’s take a look at some Scriptures that don’t waste time disputing the ‘sometimes’ theory (on healing) but shatter that manmade concept:

      1.) Isa. 61:1-4, which Jesus reiterated in Lk. 4:17-18 in declaring His Ministry, states expressly that Jesus came to earth for the purpose of bringing good news to those who were in need of it, to heal (only the brokenhearted?), to turn weeping to joy and reproach to praise, to transform human beings in a way that would publicly glorify God by liberating people from their prisons. Jesus never freed anyone from a physical prison on earth, so common sense alone says this is talking about ‘anything that confines or restricts’. And throughout His ministry, that’s what we see.

      2.) Isa. 53 states that while people would consider Jesus accursed by God due to His sufferings, He was actually suffering to save humanity and that “by His stripes, you are healed.” Peter reiterated that last part, saying to believers only, “He personally bore our sins in His [own] body on the tree [as on an altar and offered Himself on it], that we might die (cease to exist) to sin and live to righteousness. By His wounds you have been healed” (1Pet. 2:24, AMPC). I wonder if living to righteousness has anything to do with healing. (Hint: it does.)

      3.) “Sozo” is the Greek word used in the New Testament for ‘salvation’. The word has to do not just with eternal salvation alone but with the healing and restoration of the whole man– spirit, soul, and body. This is what John is talking about when he says, “Beloved, I wish ABOVE ALL THINGS that you would prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers” (3Jn. 1:2).

      4.) In Acts 9:32-42, the Bible shows Peter healing one believer and raising another believer from the dead. The Bible says that “Peter went to visit the Lord’s people in Lydda” where he healed Aeneas and that after raising Tabitha from the dead, “he called for the believers… and presented her to them alive.” Even with half a brain, we know automatically that the believers prayed for Aeneas to be healed, but he wasn’t, and that the believers prayed for Tabitha to be healed [and possibly prayed for her to be resurrected when she died] but she wasn’t. HOWEVER, before Peter healed Aeneas, he said, “Aeneas, JESUS CHRIST heals you” and before he raised Tabitha from the dead, Peter prayed for God’s will first. What can we surmise from these things? Indeed. Just because God doesn’t heal or raise the dead or answer prayers for intervention doesn’t mean God does not want to intervene. The apostles, successful in the past, were unsuccessful with the epileptic; but Jesus was successful with him. When the apostles asked Him why they were unsuccessful, He began by saying, “Because of your lack of FAITH.” It is faith (a living connection with God himself) that lacks in christians which prevents God from doing what He wants to do. So let’s stop accusing God of evil and put the blame on ourselves where the in fact blame lies.

      If God didn’t mean to heal His people all the time (whch is the rule rather than the exception), then He would not be raising the dead since “it is appointed to men to die once”. In 2Kings 12:20-21, we have the only record of a dead person mistakenly being raised from the dead when he fell against the bones of Elisha whose bones were still ‘filled with the will (anointing) of God’. This happened under the Old Covenant, and Paul said in 2Cor. 3:7-11 that if such great things happened under the ministry of death, then the ministry of Life we have [available to us] is supposed to be with far greater glory. This is common sense: if the dead are being raised MISTAKENLY in the Old Testament, then the dead should be getting raised OFTEN in the our New Covenant times.

      “They say our biggest disappointments are our own expectations.” They say. But God’s Word says the biggest disappointment of all mankind, christian and non, is not knowing God (Himself) and His ways (how He operates) which causes us to accuse Him of and believe of Him all kinds of things He is not guilty of. Because we are already saved and going to Heaven and therefore are too comforted and lazy to launch out– like Jesus and all the men and women of faith in the Bible did– and lay hold of God.

    • elle

      good to hear from you. I hope you are doing ok. you seem to survive every adversity

  4. 1~9~2020 on Yahweh’s Green Earth (Psalm 24:1) in these LAST DAYS!
    Yahshua the Son of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON! PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1 HalleluYah!
    Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

    Marianne and everyone, wishing you a happy and blessed 2020!
    Personally, I do not believe Yahweh wished for Jacob to have more than one wife or for him to cheat his father and brother earlier. He keeps working with us even when we sin. We seem to always be rushing ahead making our human choices when we should “wait on Him.” I especially see this in my own life. If (IF!) we choose HIS ways, He actually “upcycles” us making us much better then even when we first began. I am finding this very true in my own life.


    • Jayna, yes, God doesn’t plan out an ungodly path for anyone. If God absolutely needed 12 tribes of Israel, He didn’t need Jacob to have two wives (which actually turned into four) in order to have 12 sons. God would have done it the way He probably initially planned: He would take the sons Jacob had, then He would take Jacob’s grandsons, and on and on until Ge reached 12 ‘sons’ for the 12 tribes.

      God has always worked with and made allowances for sinful people and sinful decisions (like the allowance He made when people married more than one spouse in spite of God’s command that only “two will become one”) because people are inclined to sin and often insist on sinning, and if God made no allowances for sin, we would all be dead. God let David marry several wives and would have given him more if he’d asked (as God Himself said); and yet, though God seemed to be ‘okay’ with David having more than one wife, it was and is STILL not God’s will for anyone to marry more than one person.

      The more christians can distinguish God’s [perfect will] from His [permissive will], the more the Bible and all of life (all of life) will make sense. Just because God allows or permits or even okays it does not mean it is God’s will. God’s will is one and never changes. This truth is paramount and indispensable (and thankfully will return) before the world, as Jesus said– not christians since we’re terribly partial to ourselves– will ever RECOGNIZE christianity as having anything to do with God.

      • 1~14~2020 Roman Catholic Year On Yahweh’s Earth. Psalm 24:1
        Yahshua IS Yahweh’s Only Son. He is returning VERY SOON!

        Snoopy, Christianity has EVERYTHING to do with the pagan names and titles “God”, “Lord”, and “Jesus Christ” and the Pope’s calendar. These have NOTHING to do with Yahweh, The Creator of Everything, His Word the Bible, and His Calendar, the Hebraic one!


        • Jayna, are you straining out gnats and swallowing camels. Or are you just in error, not knowing the Scriptures or the power of God. The catholic church first came up with the word ‘Trinity’. Are we to reject the fact that God is a Trinity because the catholics came up with the word.

          The name ‘christian’ was originally a derisive term which the believers then took. They were called by other titles before that. But if it was all about Hebrew this and Hebrew that, then God would not use Bibles like the NIV and NKJV to teach anyone anything.

          Those who preach strict Hebraism are purists who are like the religious leaders of Jesus’s day: they put rules and laws on people that God never put on them and that they often themselves cannot adhere to. What is the greatest commandment, and what is the second that is like it.

          If names like “God” and “Jesus” were not legitimate for God, then why does God answer to them, why do angels respond to them, and why do satan and his hosts react to them. The Law and the Prophets hang on those two commandments, not on Jewish customs and laws and traditions and names for God. If you don’t see this as it is plainly written in the Bible and want to instead pick at and try to explain with your own carnal understanding what the Bible ‘means’, then you will never see it.

          People who are not christians have spoken the name “Jesus” while under demonic attack, sleep paralysis, and alien visitation and have seen the demonic (and aliens) FLEE at the Name. Moreover, the Bible has many names for God, and most of them were GIVEN TO HIM BY HUMAN BEINGS (and yet He received them). The Bible also says, “Whosoever calls on the name of the Lord” (no specific name given to anyone there) “will be saved.” Being a purist and writing ‘G-d’ instead of ‘God’ and saying ‘Yahweh’ instead of ‘God’ and ‘Yashua’ instead of ‘Jesus’ brings you no closer to God and doesn’t cause you to be in better standing with Him than others.

          You’re making the same mistake that the Judaizers of the Bible made. If a relationship with God was dependent on right terminology, then the Jews, especially the religious leaders, would have received Jesus and carried the gospel to the world. They rejected Him; is He now telling non-Jews to use the same terminology of those who rejected Him. Did the thief on the cross call Jesus ‘Yashua’? Did he even ask to be saved or to go to Heaven? Yet, he was saved on the spot. “The Lord looks on the heart.” The hard-hearted don’t approve of that, but it will never change.

          • 1~18~2020 Happy Sabbath That Yahweh Blesses on His earth, Psalm 24:1. Yahshua the Son of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON! PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1
            HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

            Snoopy, you don’t like my anti-Christian message so you are attacking me the messenger. You are reminding me of other long-winded posters on these threads that argue in vain for Christianity. You will eventually see what that does for you. Yahweh “winks” at us in our ignorance, even answers our prayers. However, when the truth about Who He is comes to us we had better choose to believe in Him. The Evil One almost deceives the very elect but not quite. Sadly, Snoopy, looks like you are not going to be one of them. It’s WHO we worship that counts with Yahweh. Names designate WHO we worship. He’s NOT giving you “a free pass” when you choose to worship the Evil One with the pagan names of Christianity. Snoopy, you really do not seem to know the Bible or even history.
            Of course, the thief on the tree or cross knew Him as Yahshua the Messiah because the pagan Greek name Jesus Christ was not commonly used until the third century A.D. under Emperor Constantine the Terrible. Yes, he did ask Yahshua to remember him when He came into His Kingdom. He a thief, KNEW about Him. Such was His fame.
            The Sabbath was also commonly kept up until this time. This evil ruler enforced Sunday worship because he was a life long sun worshiper. He put to death those who still chose to keep the Sabbath. He ignored the fact that Yahshua the Messiah arose on the Sabbath Day NOT Sunday. Many are the lies of Christianity! Awe, these are the glorious beginnings of Christianity!
            There is NOTHING Biblical or Hebraic about Christianity. It’s roots are totally from pagan Babylon (idol names of God and Lord, sun worship, Xmas, Easter, etc.) Egypt (trinity dogma of three beings in one being), Greece (Zeus worship), and Papal/Pagan Rome (Zeus worship became Christianity with the idol named “Jesus Christ”.)
            The Jewish leaders rejected Yahshua because He came in His Father’s Name, please read John 5:43. They considered it blasphemy for Him to claim Yahweh as His Father.
            Snoopy, it seems to me that “the hard hearted” are determined to be lost because they do not humble themselves in order to see the truth.


            • Jayna, if I was not concerned with God’s Kingdom coming and His will being done right here and now on earth, I would be doubled over, howling in laughter at you. I would take great delight in how easy it is to predict the behavior of christians (ie. those who claim the Bible as their personal own). In 1998 when my best friend told me that he felt like the christians in our church didn’t love him, I said simply, “Of course they don’t love you. They’re christians; they don’t love anybody.” In 2003, after I had a fight with an atheist because he attacked christians, God gently rebuked me and told me the atheist was right. In 2009, my sister got angry that I didn’t take her side when her boyfriend dumped her (like my younger brother would have), and I told her that I don’t take sides. Do you really think I’d defend christians or anyone for that matter.

              Like 99% of people, you look at everything from the top down, too busy tangled up in the branches of the tree to realize that its life, origin, and entirety is contained in its unseen root system (ie. you will know a lot more about the tree (or anything) if you approach it from the roots/foundation upwards). I’m only responding to you because I at least somewhat enjoy reading what I write. It seems to make a kind of… ‘whole sense’– not nitpicking and selecting but acknowledging the whole truth. When I talk to evangelicals, I focus mostly on ‘the supernatural God’; when I talk to charismatics, I focus mostly on ‘what the Bible says’. I do this to bring balance to each side as they are at far opposite ends of reality. So, if I talk to you about one thing, you shouldn’t think I’m one-faceted like most people are. The best way to address anything– especially anything big– is ‘one piece at a time’.

              The Jewish leaders rejected Jesus because they rejected Yahweh. If you just stuck with your Hebraic beliefs, I could take you seriously; but you are saying things that are totally false. Jesus rose from death on Sunday. He died on Friday towards the sabbath (6pm), therefore, the women did not go to the tomb on Saturday to tend to His body, because it was the sabbath. By the time they got to the tomb on Sunday, Jesus was already risen “just as He said”. The early Church also met (at least in the beginning) on Sunday, but as Jesus told the Samaritan woman, in Christ there is no longer a set place, time, or date of worship. Rather, worship is in obedience, not in devotion to customs and traditions and rituals. You have not met Jesus at the well. The Samaritan woman knew more than you do. God is spirit and is above time; He desires worship 24/7. How is this possible? A married couple is married when they’re together or apart, asleep or awake, whatever they do 24/7. This is what it means to worship (faithfulness and obedience) “in spirit and in truth”.

              There is much more to be said, but you have not even met Jesus at the well. It is therefore impossible for you to understand the things that are clearly written in your own Bible. As Jesus said in dismay to one of the men responsible for teaching and leading all of Israel (without being rightly led and taught himself), “Are you the teacher of Israel, and do not know these things?’… If I have told you earthly things and you do not believe, how will you believe if I tell you heavenly things?'”

              • WOW! Snoopy, you are SO WRONG! I hope that you are fairly young as you need to learn (or unlearn) so much! I have NOT been a Christian since the early 1970’s. LOL Well, the Bible DOES SAY to take sides, to be on YAHWEH’S side! I feel very sorry for your sister! You, like my two wayward very lost siblings are not proving to be a very loving brother to her. Snoopy, you seem very much full of YOURSELF. Sadly, you do not seem to have any room left for the truth.
                Yahshua was put to death (for us!) on a Wednesday. How else could He be in the grave for three days and three nights as He said He would be? Can you even count? He arose on the Sabbath because when the women came, Sunday was beginning to dawn but Yahshua HAD ALREADY AROSE! Read Matthew 28:1-6 Sunday resurrection is just ANOTHER Vatican lie like Xmas, Easter Sunday, and in fact, ALL of Christianity!
                The Sabbath as well as the rest of Yahweh’s Calendar are FOREVER! Snoopy, you condemn others like me for sharing the truth. Is this because you believe so little of it YOURSELF?


                • My sister can trust me more than she can trust anyone else in our entire family of hundreds. But I do enjoy being wayward and “turned aside like a deceitful bow”; that way, I can avoid all the christians who are on the ‘right way’. I’ll take any way but the politically correct, cowardly ‘right way’.

                  In this time, when I talk to christians– christians being all who claim the Bible as their ‘instruction manual’ (protestants, Messianic Jews, catholics, jehovah’s witnesses)– it is often EXTREMELY important for me to come across as being full of myself (EXTREMELY important) so that I can provoke the hearts of christians to reveal those among them who are full of themselves. (They are those who take their own beliefs and opinions (rather than God Himself) too seriously and those who take things personally and are easily offended.) Solomon said to sometimes answer a fool according to his folly. You can often easily find out how a person thinks, believes, or feels by ‘assuming a certain identity’ and then waiting for their reaction.

                  Whatever day you set Jesus’s death and burial on, the Bible says that Jesus rose on the first day of the week. We all know that that day is Sunday, not Saturday: on Friday after Jesus was killed, the women with Jesus “observed the tomb and how His body was laid. Then they returned and prepared spices and fragrant oils. And they rested on the Sabbath according to the commandment. Now on the first day of the week, very early in the morning, they, and certain other women with them, came to the tomb bringing the spices which they had prepared. But they found the stone rolled away from the tomb” (Luke 23-24). It says they rested throughout the sabbath and went to the tomb on Sunday morning.

                  Jude said, “While I was very diligent to write to you concerning our common salvation, I found it necessary to write to you exhorting you to contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints.” I’d like to talk to christians far more ‘nicely’; but I can see that around 99% of them still prefer sleep to work (as exemplified in Israel 99% of who also preferred a passive life in the desert to a life of work in the Promised Land). Hebrews said that christians should gather together in the Lord (not for a program) and more so as the Day approaches; the Day is far closer now, but christians are ‘assembling together’ far less. The hour is late; the issues are pressing; therefore, there is no time for being ‘nice’ (God help those who are nice because no one else will). God has set a Day in which He will judge everyone– christians first– so it’s more important for me to shake christians up by saying ‘unchristian things’ than to appear to be acceptable. You, and most other christians, are far more concerned with outward appearances than the actual heart of a matter. You don’t know the commandments from which the whole Law originates nor do you practice them; but you believe you are ‘getting religion right’.

    • amen

  5. Marianne Christianity in America is perverted. You people howl and whine because of unborn babies yet you do not know how to help those who are already living. Woe to you America for your perversion of Gods Word and Ways. Woe to those who call evil good and good evil. Woe to the brothers and princes who plot against those who wish for peace. Woe to you Chorizon!

    • Blue Lotus, I don’t know if you’re in America or not, but you have to see and experience and live within America to truly ‘appreciate’ the apostate christianity here. There can be nothing like it. There will never be an age of human beings as fragmented and shattered by sin as the christians in this current age.

      EVERYTHING is backward in America where I live. There is nothing like it. EVERYONE is confused. No christian (99%) knows what God’s will is though they blabber about it day and night. “God sometimes want this and sometimes not. You have heard it said in the Bible that thus and such, but I tell you…” christians here don’t believe in the Bible and could care less what it says.

      “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.” WHy can I not find ONE minister or christian who understands the Bible better than I do? Simple. Because in God’s economy, GOD gives understanding of spiritual things; spiritual understanding cannot be gained through study. In God’s economy, information is not knowledge, and old age has nothing to do with understanding. As we see with Jesus at age 12 and with the psalmist in Psalm 119:98-100, knowledge and understanding and wisdom come only from God, and He gives them only to the humble who are willing to DO His Word, not just hear, yabber, and write about it.

      People in America are comforted. The Bible makes it plain that people who are comforted have an extremely difficult time actually following God in practice (not in yabber service). Jesus pronounces woes on “you who are comforted”. But comfortable christians in America don’t believe it: “Hold my beer and I’ll prove to you that I can be comfortable year-round and still follow Jesus.” Not a chance. Jesus said it is hard for a rich man (a COMFORTABLE person) to enter the Kingdom.

      christianity is dead here in America, and I cannot spell it with a capital c because christians here follow Comfort not Christ. They use information and ‘ministry’ and ‘good works’ as substitutes for the knowledge of God and obedience to His Word, therefore, they never really know anything, and they have no understanding whatsoever. They all hide inside their homes, avoiding any sign of possible danger– protecting their personal time, well-being, finances, possessions, and reputations (all the things Jesus called “your life” and demands that one must lay down), but they are saved. There is nothing like it, and christians who come here from other countries lose the genuineness of their faith and fall to worship ‘the god of all comfort’ (the same way Peter’s hypocrisy led other believers, including Barnabas, to sin). There is nothing like it.

      May Jesus come quickly and remove these cowards– who want to go from the comfort of their safe bubbles to the comfort of Heaven– and leave the rest of us behind who will LIVE THE LIFE of triumph He called the true Church to and therefore remove the absolute SHAME from His Name that American christians DISPLAY for the whole world to see. Jesus said, “They will know you are My disciples if you love one another.” American christians want to throw God off the throne for DARING to tell them to care about someone other than themselves. Nobody can see Jesus in American christians, yet they state that they are His followers and are apostles, prophets, and other great titles. “Draw me not away with the wicked and with the workers of iniquity,” David said. (Ps. 28:3.) May God deliver me from having to talk to a cowardly christian. I wait with desperation for the day when I will be surrounded by nothing but heathens and genuine brethren, not these USELESS idiots. Warm, well-fed, having need of nothing, and having NOTHING for those in need.

      • I agree with everything you said. Except, I know I am not a cowardly Christian and I’m about to get the chance to prove it to the world.

  6. This song is for the people trying to deceive the world from knowing the truth. AKA my family

  7. Iam not throwing stones, but back in the late 19th-early 20th century when the Pentecostal movement started, the mainline Protestant churches were “outright hostile” towards the Pentecostals & would have nothing to do with them!!!!! However at the same time spiritual revival in most Protestant churches was starting to decline & “posterity”, the birth-rate in Protestant churches fostered growth in Protestant churches into the mid & some extent, mid-late 20th century. After WW2 & especially in the sixties onwards youth in Protestant churches, started to leave in masse & congregations started aging/dying & dwindleing & churches closing because of no youth, no posterity & no revival !!!!! BTW, over the years it was Pentecostals & Charismatics that bought out Protestant churches during the coarse of the twentieth century!!!!! Even in the late 20th century & today, there are still Protestant churches that still reject Pentecostals & Charismatics!!!!! IF BACK IN THE EARLY TWENTIETH CENTURY, MILLIONS/TENS OF MILLIONS OF PROTESTANTS WOULD HAVE COME INTO THE PENTECOSTAL MOVEMENT & “THE METHODIST CHURCH ALMOST DID THAT” !!!! THE HISTORY OF AMERICA & THE WORLD WOULD HAVE GONE A MUCH DIFFERENT ROUTE & GOD/YAWEH WANTED THIS BUT PROTESTANTS REFUSED, JUST LIKE THE JEWS REJECTING J.C/YESHUA 2000 YEARS AGO WHEN HE WAS ON EARTH!!!! It does not stop here, another movement has been going on since the late twentieth century & what is this new movement????? THE HEBRAIC/MESSIANIC MOVEMENT!!!!!! In the last 20 plus years, more Jews have come to know J.C./Yeshua than in the last 2000 years!!!!! Also ever increasing numbers of Christians are getting back to their “Hebraic Roots” like the Jewish Nazarines of “The Way” in the first century!!!!!! The Jewish community has been watching both their own brethren coming to know Yeshua & Christians accepting the 7 Jewish feast, eating kosher, keeping the Sabbath & rejecting Halloween, Christmas & Easter & accepting Hebrew as the “core language” of the Bible !!!!! THIS IS PROVOKING THE JEWS TO JEALOUSY & WILL BE A MAJOR ISSUE TO THEM COMING TO J.C/YESHUA AS A NATION & THAT IS WHEN J.C/YESHUA COMES BACK TO THE EARTH!!!!! “ISREAL WILL BE SAVED & PAUL’S PRAYER IN ROMANS WILL BE ANWSERED!!!!! IT IS WHAT THE JEWS DO THAT WILL BRING BACK J.C/YESHUA !!!!! “SHALOM” !!!!!!!

    • Good to know you aren’t a cowardly christian. Cowardice is the only acceptable form of christianity in ALL of America right now. “History repeats itself,” so let’s take a look at Israel to see what ‘cowardice’ means, as I use the word, and the burning anger God has towards the cowardly (the Bible says that cowardly christians will not inherit the Kingdom of God):

      In Numbers 13-14, you read what is probably the best occurrence in the entire Bible that shows what ‘cowardice’ is and why God hates it and rejects the cowardly: Moses sent 12 spies into Canaan. 10 spies reported in favor of disobeying God. Only Joshua and Caleb reported, “Yeah, in the natural they’d destroy us within a day. BUT God is for us. End of story.” *The Israelites refused to engage the Canaanites” (remember the asterisks) and made excuses. But they weren’t afraid to fight; they were afraid to walk with God: GOD wanted them to fight, therefore, they wanted the opposite.

      Israel was glad to be ‘God’s people’ but did not want to walk with God (christianity today). They so rejected God that they wanted to stone Joshua and Caleb for speaking for Him. So God showed up to destroy them and said, “How long will these people reject Me?” The 10 disobedient spies died by plague, so Israel feigned repentance and attacked Canaan against God’s wishes. They suffered and died to the last disobedient one. God revisits this experience many times and says in the Psalms and Hebrew 3, of those who have “an evil heart of unbelief” (ie. they resist God and His ways), “They shall never enter My rest.” Not a problem for them. They don’t WANT His rest. This is all happening in christianity today.

      As for denominations and Hebrew Roots and all that, God is a God of order and peace, not of confusion. Many movements bring fakery and fraud to add to the integrity of the Bible. Nothing more is needed, only the expounding of what we already have which is more than sufficient. I’ve been in Messianic Jewish fellowships and it’s the same flesh, carnal, soul problems in them than everywhere else. (In a Messianic church in 2009, a principality (invisible to the eye) about 18 feet tall sat on a very high throne inside the foyer wearing old Pharisee robes with a long train. And ‘the train of his robe filled the temple’. Not Jesus’s Fragrance but Jewish tradition ‘filled’ and was honored in that place. In a Messianic house church in 2012, the homeowners was an Ahab-Jezebel couple which means the woman dictated everything. In that season, Jesus appeared often to me. Whenever I went into that house, Jesus would stand outside. (He came in only once during the Passover.) If you want Jesus to steer clear of your business, make sure Ahab and Jezebel are present, ESPECIALLY if it’s a married couple.)

      The Bible talks about ‘returning’ to God. It never talks about returning to a denomination, a race, an ethnic group, or any of those things. There are Hebrew Roots people (and maybe Messianic Jews too) who disqualify and hate Paul. The reason is clear: Paul disqualified what they believe in and any belief that Gentiles should yield to Jewish traditions or customs of any kind in order to be closer to God. In Acts 9, the same Jews who were chasing Paul out of that area were not chasing the other apostles out. That’s because Paul had a powerful anointing AGAINST all the nonsense that most Jews believed back then while the 12 apostles didn’t (at least not yet). His calling was too great to be contained within Israel, and when they chased him out, the Bible says that the Church there then had “rest” because Paul was no longer there.

      God is not God of the Jews; He’s too big for them or for any one people group. He is God of All and doesn’t call or require anyone to do anything Jewish (though certain feasts, etc., have meaning in the spirit but are not to be taken simply or solely as ‘Jewish feasts’ because they are the “feasts of the Lord” which He gave FIRST to the Jew, THEN to the Gentile). The following passage– written by Paul who disarmed and dismantled all ‘Jewish specialness’ with every breath he took– is obviously not saying that there are no distinctions between people but rather than when God is in the picture, then everyone is on the same level with none more or less important or special than any other:

      “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. And if ye be Christ’s, THEN ARE YE ABRAHAM’S SEED, and heirs according to the promise” (Galatians 3:28-29. KJV).

      • In reality, CHRISTIANITY IS the national religion in America! I recently heard a Christian pastor on the radio state that “Jesus Christ” is the answer to Satanic religion today. NO. Christianity, always a pagan religion, is the MOST Satanic religion now. WHY? It deceives MORE believers than any other dogma. When you hear or read the names “Puritan”, “Pilgrim”, and even “Protestant”, please KNOW this! These people were NOT Christians (Roman Catholics!) They hated the cross because it is “a magnet for evil.” In fact, in Greek it is a part of the #666, The Mark of the Beast (X as in Xmas!) True believers in the Bible were NEVER Christians! Yahshua the Messiah, the Son of Yahweh, came in His Father’s Name of Yahweh, John 5:43. He kept the Sabbath and arose on the Sabbath Day, NOT Sunday. When we do not know these facts, Yahweh in a sense gives us a “pass” (then). However, when the truth come to us, we become accountable to HIM. When asked about His return and “the end of the age”, Yahshua replied, “Let no man deceive you.” He also said,

        “Come out of HER My people!” Revelation 18:4 (Emphasis Mine.)

        Please let HIS WORDS be your “Alter Call”!


        • Jayna, because of doctrines like yours which cause greater division than there already is, I’m beside myself with joy that I’m a Gentile and not a Jew.

          You sound a lot like you worship ‘Jewishness’ more than Jesus. History repeats itself. I’d hate for people to point at me and rightly say that negative history will repeat itself in me. Yet, you can throw a penny in any direction and hit 100 million people who are repeating negative history. Why are you also repeating it.

          Every prophet who doesn’t know God has a word from God to give; every Hebrew Roots follower has the right doctrine; and every denomination knows best. Last time I checked, only God knows at all while we think we know best.

          The mark of the beast is no physical or visible mark; it’s in a person’s choice (mind) and their works (hand). And God’s people are not known by their outward appearance; they are identified spiritually in the spirit and by the Spirit, not by language or ethnic group or the building they attend or the doctrines they espouse.

          Even while Paul and ministers who were actually something were around, believers were still inclined to go astray (like sheep). They were rebuked several times: “I, brethren, could not speak to you as to spiritual people but as to carnal… for you are still carnal” (1Cor. 3:1-3) and “Though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you the elementary truths of God’s word all over again” (Heb. 5:12). If these believers, Jayna, sitting under spiritual fathers were still bereft of ‘the knowledge of God’, how can you be sure you have any knowledge from God if we have 10,000 blabbers but no fathers.

          No loving man marries a woman and insists that she calls him only one or two names. He will accept all her affectionate names and titles for him. But God is too holy for that isn’t He. There are far more pressing problems than how a person approaches God. God’s concern isn’t that we approach Him ‘pronouncing’ proper names and titles but that we approach Him from the heart and not just with pronouncements as is usually the case. The spirit that killed Jesus– Tradition (with Religion so nearby as to be confused)– is still at work to ‘sanitize God’ for the people but always unable to ‘sanctify God’ to the people.

          • Snoopy (I am wondering why you choose this name.), I am relating to you what Yahweh’s Word, the Bible teaches. You can call my words “negative history”, “Jewishness”, or what ever you wish to but it is still HIS Word. He is our judge and “The Creator of Everything”. The very FIRST of the Ten Commandments concerns HIS NAME. In the original Hebrew, it’s Yahweh your Elohim. No! Calling on pagan names will not do for Him! The Mark of the Beast is what Scripture (translated) says it is. It’s NOT what you or I may think! Revelation 14 gives the importance of the Names of Yahweh the Father and of Yahshua His Son. The 144,000 saints are SEALED with THESE NAMES. Snoopy, you can give excuses for why you want to remain a Christian and/or use pagan Christian names. However, NOW you have read words of truth given through me. Deal with it or don’t. Be lost or saved. The choice is YOURS alone! Because of these diabolical last days, I am choosing to be very direct because time is very short. And, Snoopy, tradition/religion did NOT kill Yahshua the Messiah. The Romans did! They were the forerunner of The Vatican which brought us pagan Christianity, Islam, and a huge host of other baddies!


            • Jayna, the Jews killed Jesus, not the Romans. They killed Him because they wanted to keep their traditions. The gospes and the epistles make that clear.

              When Jesus spoke of people killing Him, He never said it was the Romans but the Jews. When people tried to kill Jesus, it was never the Romans but the Jews. When the apostles bore witness of those who killed Jesus, they always fingered ONLY the Jews and left the Gentiles out of it. (Even the pro-Jewish apostles– who were still rejecting the Gentiles– accused only Jews, and not Gentiles, for Jesus’s death.) The representatives of Jewish tradition (and religion but primarily tradition) demanded that Jesus be killed while Pilate, a Gentile who didn’t know Jesus, was trying to save Jesus at the risk of his reputation.

              Rome brought us pagan christianity; they were only sticking to their pagan traditions. Before that, the Jews brought us Judaized christianity; they were only sticking to their religious traditions. The gentiles demand knowledge; the Jews demand signs. Every christian is subject to their own nationalistic worldviews and MINDsets until they are transformed (made 100% different from the way they naturally were) by the renewing of their MINDS. After regeneration, the heart no longer needs transformation (refining, yes), but the mind is still untouched and needs lifelong transformation.

              No nation or ethnic group has a corner on God or Jesus Christ. Abraham, ‘father of the Jews’ and of the faith, was no Jew. He was a Babylonian. God took him and through him made a nation named ‘Israel’ and later to be called ‘Jews’. Being a Jew in biology or practice does not save. God is not God of the Jews but God of all or, as Melchizedek called Him, “Possessor of Heave and Earth”. Muslims can’t approach the God you’re talking about. God meets people where they are. The Jews rejected Jesus because they had the same mindset you do: they wanted Jesus to come in a lordly way. You insist He is too lordly to ‘come down to the leve of’ Gentiles and those who don’t call Him by Hebrew names. Most Muslims would not be interested.

              My name is Snoopy because Snoopy is my favorite cartoon dog. How unreligious I am. But God is a spirit and is naturally spiritual. He made man to be natural and weak (because He is spirit and strong) because “opposites attract”. “God so loved the world” and is drawn to human beings in ways that human beings don’t understand, therefore though God is holy, yet “where sin abounds, Grace abounds more.” Most things in the Bible are so logical that people miss them. God likes people. When you like someone, you are open to them and make a relationship between you and them easy, not difficult.

              • 1~18~2020 Yes, Yahshua the Messiah Returns VERY SOON!

                Snoopy, no, the Romans put Yahshua to death but He willingly died for ALL of us. Yes, that is if (IF!) we believe in Him for our salvation. The Jewish leaders wanted Him dead but they did not have the authority to kill Him. The Romans DID! No. Pilate knew that Yahshua was innocent. Even his wife had a dream that said He should not be harmed. Pilate did not try to save Him even though he knew that Yahshua was innocent. He washed his hands as if this would relieve himself of any responsibility (guilt) of putting Yahshua to death. This is what I mean by YOU not knowing what the Bible says. You also insist things that are not true about me. Snoopy, you do seem to have a disturbed spirit and character which comes out in your posts here. You keep giving your excuses for Christian beliefs. NOT GOOD! Also, Yahweh did NOT make man to be “weak”. He made man “in His own image.” YAHWEH IS NOT WEAK! It’s not “difficult” to call Yahweh by His Name and choose His Son Yahshua for our salvation! It’s much more tedious to keep coming up with excuses to remain in pagan damned Christianity!

                “Come out of HER My people!” Yahshua the Messiah in Revelation 18:4 (Emphasis Mine!)


      • I have no (meaning ZERO, NADA, Zilch) problems with Jewish converts who believe in Yeshua continuing to practice their laws. It’s only a problem when some try to teach that it is necessary for salvation to keep the feasts, etc.. Which I don’t think is originating within the Jewish community itself but within a perversion of Christianity. Bless you ALL!

        Also, we should support the Jewish people who ARE keeping the laws that the Father gave them. They are being faihthful to their Father and they deserve our deep respect.

        • blue lotus, please do NOT term “keeping the feasts” as a perversion of Christianity! Christianity IS the greatest perversion that ever WAS and IS! There is NOTHING Biblical in its belief. It has always been pagan and always Roman Catholic in its tenants. It’s necessary for salvation to believe in the Father and Son. These are Named Yahweh the Father and Yahshua His Son (in original translations). They are NOT named Lord, God (Babylonian idols) and Jesus Christ (Greek idol Zeus)! These latter names are those of the Evil One. I will NOT honor him with a name because his names have never been removed or changed, just MULTIPLIED! He is “as a lion going about seeking whom he may devour.” I Peter 5:8 Yahshua the Messiah is called “The Lion of the Tribe of Judah”. Revelation 5:5 TWO LIONS! We are choosing which ONE we will give our lives to. I chose fifty years ago.


        • Blue Lotus, God made everything simple (and complex simultaneously, but we’re ALWAYS to start in the simple– because everyone begins life as a baby first– and then move on slowly to the complex– from milk to bread to meat); we’re the ones who complicate things because we naturally lack understanding.

          Loving the Jews, if that love is from God, is a natural byproduct of loving God. Love is a byproduct of loving God. It comes from Him, and it can flow through you because you are connected to Him. Speaking about God’s love (not human love; thank God the Greek language points out that there are different types of love), John said, “We love because He first loved us.” On second look, that cannot be talking about human or any love but God’s love.

          No tradition is forced on anyone– not even Jewish tradition mandatory for Jews. I never heard anyone who hates the Jews give a justifiable reason (because they’re “sones of disobedience’, and it is satan who works in them both to desire/feel and to do of his evil pleasure). But if you start with first things, the rest will unfold. A relationship with God based on love and honor (which many can’t find these days of no fault of their own) is first. Starting with that, God then moves on to lesser topics like the Jews and others.

    • ronnie

      thank you and shalom

  8. Reinhard Bonnke Memorial Video – Official ( 1940 –12/ 7/ 2019)

    • 1~20~2020 Martin Luther King’s Birthday
      Yahshua the Son of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON! PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1 HalleluYah!
      Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!
      A well known MLK quote: “You can’t chase darkness away with darkness. You can’t chase ignorance away with ignorance. You chase darkness away with light. You chase ignorance away with knowledge.” All the darkness in the world cannot put out the light of even one small candle!

      Snoopy, by your choice of words you prove that you do not even read my posts! So I am writing for everyone else reading here. Again, I am NOT a Christian and have not been for decades. You would know this if you READ my posts! Snoopy, you write that you enjoy being wayward (sinful?) and will “take any way but the RIGHT way”. Are you admitting here that you are LOST? What else can these words of YOURS mean?
      No. Yahshua the Messiah arose on the Sabbath as I explained. (Twice?) The women came when “Sunday was just beginning to dawn”. They were told by the angel that Yahshua was NOT there, that He had arisen already. He even talked to them a little later.
      Sadly, Snoopy, your last sentence seems to be pointing directly right BACK at YOU!:

      “You don’t know the commandments from which the whole law originates nor do you practice them; but you believe you are ‘getting religion right’.” HA!


      • Jayna, ‘I choose my choice’ of words purposely.

        Again, Jesus rose on Sunday morning. But days have no special meaning. Jesus told the Jews that God made the sabbath to serve man, not man to serve the sabbath. That was blasphemy to the Jews; but by overly revering the fourth commandment– “Remember the sabbath day”– the Jews were breaking the first commandment: “You must have no other gods besides Me.” Jesus called His ministry of healing on sabbath days ‘work’ (selah; consider that). The Jews had only one recourse when Jesus attacked the Tradition they treasured: they wanted Him dead. But Jesus wanted the Jews to THINK (ie. listen and consider His words) rather than FEEL (anger, accusations, arrogance). Consider the reaction of the Jews after Jesus healed on the sabbath and Jesus’s response to them: “For this reason the Jews persecuted Jesus, and sought to kill Him, because He had [healed] on the sabbath. But Jesus answered them, ‘My Father has been working until now, and I too am working.’ Therefore the Jews sought all the more to kill Him, because He not only broke the Sabbath, but also said that God was His Father, making Himself equal with God.” I always laugh at the pure BRILLIANCE in those words. Jesus purposely said He was “working” by healing on sabbaths because He KNEW this would anger Jewish Tradition; because God didn’t come to save or approve dead traditions but to save and REFORM dead people.

        You insist on aiding and abetting the very thing that killed Jesus– the very thing that caused the 12 apostles to turn their backs on Jesus’s clear command to take the Gospel to the Gentiles– which is Jewish Tradition. In any country or culture– aside from satan– Tradition is what primarily opposes the entrance of God’s Kingdom and is primarily what wants to MURDER it. This is why satan works in tandem with cultural worldviews (and anything that opposes and seeks to MURDER the work of God on earth). A veil still lies over your heart when you read the Bible and you still can’t see what is plainly written, because you are loyal to Jewish Tradition (which is not loyal to you) and not to God’s Word.

        In America, National Pride and Patriotism support Racism. All three strongly oppose God’s Kingdom actually setting foot down here. It is the same in some form basically everywhere. And we know that with the Jews it was the same: Tradition (national pride) got them to reject Jesus while Racism got them to reject the Gentiles in direct contrast with Jesus’s commands. We know that Jesus hated the Jews of His day who were ‘Torah keepers’ (keepers of Tradition). But even speaking to the Jews who followed Him, Jesus proves that He isn’t a Jew like them and shows no favoritism or partiality neither is He God of Israel but is Lord of all Creation. Wrestle, if you must, to apprehend the depth of INTEGRITY in this Man’s words:

        “”I know that you are Abraham’s descendants, but you seek to kill Me, because My word has no place in you. I speak what I have seen with My Father, and you do what you have seen with your father.’ They answered and said to Him, ‘Abraham is our father.’ Jesus said to them, ‘If you were Abraham’s children, you would do the works of Abraham. But now you seek to kill Me, a Man who has told you the truth which I heard from God. Abraham did not do this. You do the deeds of your father.’ Then they said to Him, ‘We were not born of fornication; we have one Father—God.’ Jesus said to them, ‘If God were your Father, you would love Me, for I proceeded forth and came from God; nor have I come of Myself, but He sent Me. WHY DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND MY SPEECH? Because you are not able to listen to My word. You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it. But because I tell the truth, you do not believe Me. Which of you convicts Me of sin? And if I tell the truth, why do you not believe Me? He who is of God hears God’s words; therefore you do not hear, because you are not of God'” (John 8:31-47).

        • Snoopy, the TRUTH that I see is that you love to twist Scripture to your way of believing. Salvation of Yahweh does NOT work like that! It’s NOT “multiple choice”. It’s HIS WAY or “NO WAY!” Yahshua did NOT break the Sabbath as you write. He fulfilled it! Healing the sick and picking food to eat was not breaking Yahweh’s Sabbath. His actions disputed those of the Jewish leaders. These leaders wanted Him dead because He was waking up the common people, who were gladly believing in Him as the Messiah. He was NOT desecrating Yahweh’s laws. You seem so full of blasphemy. The Torah contains Yahweh’s Commandments which you term “dead tradition”. Yahshua actually came to Earth to fulfill THIS LAW. Your trashing of Yahweh’s Word is really bothering me.
          Yahweh’s Kingdom does NOT set foot down anywhere on Earth. His Kingdom is within all of US that choose to believe in Him and His Son Yahshua. Yahshua said this, “My Kingdom is within YOU.” Snoopy, you do not have Yahweh or His Son Yahshua. You seem to have decided to stay in “creepy Christianity” which is warping your spirit. At least you won’t be lonely in “The Lake of Fire”.You will have plenty of company as long as you burn! Scripture states that their number is as the sands of the sea. Revelation 20:8
          Snoopy, you write too much about the Evil One. You seem to be doing his will. I am loyal to Yahweh’s Word. Apparently, with your words to me you are proving that you are not. I do not like replying to you. I only do so because Scripture says to give an answer for our faith. I HAVE but you continue to ignore Bible truth and keep accusing me of being wrong. So PLEASE, if you must, keep being LOST but go away quietly!


          • Jayna, twisting Scripture is far too easy. The laziest bums do it. I need something challenging. Understanding what Scripture means beneath what it says is challenging. I can’t sit around taking a route that is easier than breathing. In no lifetime or alternate universe could I do something so as pitiful as stealing candy from babies.

            Jesus kept all God’s commands; but in the eyes of the Jews, He was a walking commandment-breaker. Whenever He healed on the sabbath or in a synagogue, the Jews were ready to kill Him. What He was breaking was Jewish Tradition. He doesn’t appease or submit to other gods but God. The Jews were submitted to the god called Tradition and rejected God. As Jesus said, because the Jews rejected God, they rejected their Messiah too, because God– who they had rejected– had sent His Son. Everything that came from God they rejected while keeping commandments that were subject to their traditions and not subject to God.

            Jesus seemed full of blasphemy to the Jews too. They accused Him of being a Samaritan because Samaritans believed differently than they did, so they disdained them; but Jesus said that the ways of the Jews and of the Samaritans were BOTH wrong. The leaders wanted Jesus dead because the leaders hated God Himself. Why don’t you say what the Bible says rather than adding to it to suit your own customs and beliefs. Only the words of God that are ‘currently proceeding’ are alive; all others are dead. God Himself makes this clear from OT to NT. Afterall, how is it possible that ‘bread from Heaven’ can rot after a day unless God was trying to teach Israel that “man does not live by bread alone but by every word that PROCEEDS (present tense) from the mouth of God”? Therefore, Jesus said, “The words I speak (present tense) are spirit and they are life” and Paul said, “He has made us competent as ministers of a new covenant–not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.” What “letter” was Paul talking about here.

            God’s Kingdom indeed ‘sets foot down on earth’, because “the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.” Furthermore, from the OT to the NT, God’s Kingdom and Jesus Christ were setting foot on earth. His Kingdom is to come through the Church but is not to be only in the Church. If “the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof,” why would God not fill what is His with His glory? Paul said that the whole Creation is longing for the time when the earth will again (and in greater measure) be filled with God’s glory manifesting through God’s mature sons and daughters. Of course God’s glory/Kingdom ‘sets foot down on earth’. From Sinai till Jesus, it seems rather clear.

            I cannot go away quietly. I feel like I’m the one bringing you clarity. (Lol. That’s the nature of man. Everyone is right in his own eyes.) As for the evil one, I see plainly that christians are 99% of the time “unaware of the devil’s schemes” though the Bible tells them to be aware. Most christians say Jesus is greater than satan. There are few people who can’t plainly see that they don’t actually believe it. They are afraid of their own shadows– thinking that God has come to require something of them; of course they are afraid of the wicked one. Perhaps if they understood how satan gets his power and the LEGAL grounds that allow him to use it, they wouldn’t be so afraid. satan doesn’t go away because you ‘focus on Christ’. Moses learned that too late; he didn’t enter the Promised Land because satan came to collect on the iniquity (satan’s LEGAL grounds) in him of pride and anger. Or do you think it was just Moses who sinned alone? You better know your enemy.

            Thankfully, knowledge, understanding, and wisdom aren’t required for salvation. They’re only required to defea, stand against, and make an open show of “the gates of Hell”, making clear– in spite of the way things may seem– who is in fact the victor and who is in fact the victim. It’s not only overcomers going to Heaven; but God is an Overcomer, and “like attracts like”. The Kingdom ‘sets foot down on earth’ whenever God overcomes the wicked one, as Jesu said. Maybe you would like to overcome with me and not just ride the coattails of Grace to Heaven. But the Bible rightly says, “Receive one who is weak in the faith, but not to disputes over doubtful things” and “We who are strong ought to bear with the scruples of the weak and not to please ourselves” (Rom. 14:1, 15:1).

            • NO. Believing in Yahweh and His Son Yahshua ARE REQUIRED for salvation to them that hear in these diabolical Last Days. This is WHY those sealed in Revelation 14 are called “Saints”. Snoopy, ALL of the “gobbledygook” that you answer back with won’t change THAT! DEAL WITH IT! I write these words to you because they are a warning to you. Yahweh keeps count of all warnings rejected. Yours are piling up! Moses did not enter the Promised Land because of the Evil One. The Evil One does NOT judge anyone just deceives us especially proud ones like YOU. Yahweh judged that Moses would die instead. Snoopy, you are NOT an overcomer because you are still in pagan Christianity whether you think so or not. You write in the names of pagan deities. You ignore plain teachings in the Bible. You may believe that you are totally SAFE. However, LOST may describe you better.


              • Yes, but what does the word “believe” mean as the BIble uses it? What does it mean that those who “believe” in Jesus will not perish but have eternal life? What does “believe” mean in the Bible? I ask this because in the Bible “UNbelief” does not mean ‘a lack of faith/belief’ but ‘a rejection of God and His ways’. God is not angry at fearful people; He is angry at people who want to be fearful so that they are excused from obeying Him. That is why God was angry with Israel for being ‘fearful’ of the Canaanites and killed them all in the desert– because their problem wasn’t a fear of giants and of the death of their wives and children, as they said, but rather they were fearful of walking with God in fellowship. That is why God was angry and swore an oath (which Israel already agreed with before He swore it): “They will never enter My rest.”

                I used to read only the Book of Revelations before I had an encounter with God because I didn’t understand the Bible, but I understood ACTION and ADVENTURE, and Revelation is full of both. In early 1998, while I was flipping through the Bible and thinking, “Only 144,000 people are going to Heaven (and I’m not one of them)” and “How can a 2,000 year old Book be relevant for today,” God appeared right then and made me a Saint. The rules aren’t complicated but are “Whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved” and “Whosoever will, let him”. Paul wasn’t calling on Jesus when Jesus appeared to him and ‘saved’ him, therefore by that we know that those who call on the name of the Lord don’t have to do it verbally or consciously (because God never infringes on free will, but God sees the spoken and unspoken will and desires of men). The traditions of men complicate “the simplicity that is in Christ”.

                Moses didn’t enter the Promised Land because he did not address and resolve the iniquity of pride (and anger) in him. satan, a master lawyer (Jesus the only One who is a greater lawyer), had the RIGHT to use Moses’s unresolved iniquity against him. This is how satan prevented Moses from entering the Promise and then later fought to keep Moses’s body. Every sin, weakness, iniquity, and shortcoming in a person is a LEGAL ground that satan can PETITION for and receive GOD’s permission to proceed. (As Jesus told the apostles, “Simon, Simon, satan has asked for you [all] that he may sift you [all] as wheat (that he may destroy you all).” Jesus’s “But I have prayed (counter-petitioned) for you” is evidence that God permitted satan and THEREFORE Jesus had to put in a counter-petition, otherwise, Jesus would not have had to pray (counter-petition) at all. Indeed, satan sifted all the apostles during that season, trying to destroy them; but Jesus’s counter-petition won as it always does when He counter-petitions.) satan wasn’t the only one ‘guilty’ for Moses’s failure; Moses’s iniquity was the cause too. Moses was very close to God; but being close to God doesn’t burn away ALL darkness. christians must tend to those things themselves “in order that satan might not outwit us. For we are not unaware of his schemes” (2Cor. 2:11).

                We all believe. Knowing and believing are different. Belief is common to human beings; knowing comes only from God. John said that only those who love in this world as God does (ie. those who agree with God’s Love and allows Him to love others through them) are 100% “SAFE” from judgment and condemnation in the last Day in the Heavenly Court, because “God is Love” and does not condemn Himself. That is the original contextual meaning of “There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear, because fear has to do with judgment” (1John 4:18). So, I don’t want to “believe” that I’m safe but to ‘know’. When you know, then you are safe; but if you believe, then it is 50-50 chance. But as Paul said, “It is a very small thing that I should be judged by you or by a human court. In fact, I do not even judge myself. For I know of nothing against myself, yet I am not justified by this; but He who judges me is the Lord. Therefore judge nothing before the time, until the Lord comes, who will both bring to light the hidden things of darkness and reveal the [b]counsels of the hearts. Then each one’s praise will come from God” (1Cor. 4:3-5). God made everything in Creation to judge, so one must judge; but the Bible says not to SENTENCE (‘pass judgment’ on, condemn) a person unless Jesus reveals the right sentence to you, because while we all judge, only He has the authority to sentence.

                • Snoopy, your posts are tedious and not edifying to me. Most of your words go against Scripture. However, when I correct you, you ignore my posts. A case in point follows. You state that Yahweh is not angry at fearful people. YES HE IS! In Revelation 21:8 He states that “The fearful shall have their part in the lake of fire, the second death.” That’s right in your face , Snoopy. Are you going to ignore these words, TOO? And,Yahweh does NOT debate with the Evil One. He exposes his lies and deceptions! That’s NOT arguing as lawyers in court. Your words would be DANGEROUS without wisdom from Yahweh’s Word.
                  The Children of Israel WERE fearful about going into possess the land even though Joshua and Caleb gave really great pep talks. They were AFRAID for their lives. They did NOT have the faith to go in and possess the land. No. It was not the fear of being in fellowship with Yahweh. Are you crazy?
                  At least one character like you on these posts admitted to being so.
                  And, Snoopy, NO, you were NOT made an instant saint years ago! You do NOT seem to be one now. How can you be when you misinterpret Yahweh’s Word and glory in the pagan names?


                  • I agree that his comments are too long and should be more succinct.

                  • Jayna, there was a time when Martha welcomed Jesus into her home and busied herself with many things while Mary sat and listened at Jesus’s feet. Martha pressed Jesus to tell Mary to join her in her stress and distress. “The Lord replied to her, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and bothered and anxious about so many things; but only one thing is necessary. Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her'” (AMP).

                    You’re disturbed and perturbed about and by too many things. I started by saying one thing which was simple; you are worried about too many things and therefore complicated what was simple. Go back and read the comments, and remember that the original post is about everyone needing a Leah which I responded to (God doesn’t need Leahs, Ishmaels, or any other mistakes to work in His Church). It all appears simple to me; but you worry yourself with complicated things, then when I respond, then you can’t understand what I’m saying. Again, Jesus said to Nicodemus, “Are you the teacher in Israel and do not [understand what I am saying]… If I have told you earthly things and you do not [understand], how will you [understand] if I tell you heavenly things?” I wanted to stick with simple earthly things (simple things); you began to talk about heavenly things (complicated things), but you neither understand simple nor complicated things.

                    “The fearful” in Revelation 21:8 is the same word used as “coward” in the Bible. It lumps the cowardly (the faithless, the disobedient) with the unbelieving (those who reject God) because they are one and the same. “Fearful” directly implies ‘disobedient’ because the word used means ‘faithless’ and faithfulness is the same as obedience. I told you: you don’t understand simple things but base your religion on complicated things. The Israelites weren’t fearful of losing their lives and their wives, as they said; they were careful to avoid doing what God told them to do it. Here (and this should be simple but is spiritual): it’s like a man who goes to the 10am Sunday service when God tells him to go to the 12pm service or goes to the 12pm service when God tells him to go to the 10am service. He is being careful to avoid standing in God’s will so that not God but he has control of his own life. This is what Israel was guilty of; it is why after they refused to attack Canaan God’s way they then went and attacked Canaan (but not God’s way); and it is why God was “angry with that generation” and swore an oath against them. God is reasonable: He doesn’t hate or reject people who are have natural fear for their lives.

                    Yes, God doesn’t debate with satan; but He allows satan to work in the heavens and on earth and to bring accusations and lawsuits against people on earth. Furthermore, He also sometimes holds council with fallen angels and sometimes uses them to carry out His will. But these are spiritual things. If you had been rooted in the Foundation, you would attend to the natural things and let spiritual things naturally adhere to them over time. When there is no counter-petition against satan, satan is allowed to proceed and often prevail; but when there is a counter-petition against him, then he cannot prevail. But these are literally “heavenly things” which you cannot grasp because it is difficult for you to understand “earthly things”.

                    • Snoopy, I am just answering you with TRUTH from Scripture. You ignore my words (from the Bible) then say I am disturbed and do not have understanding. You do this over and over again! You are imputing qualities to Yahweh that are NOT in Scripture. Yahweh does NOT use evil angels to carry out His Will! He permits evil to happen for His greater good. I am now at the point with you that King Solomon might have been when He penned these words in Proverb 12:15,17:

                      “The way of the fool is right in his own eyes: but he that hearkens unto counsel is wise. . .He that speaks truth shows forth righteousness; but a false witness, deceit.”

                      Snoopy,I believe that permitting YOU to keep spouting your lies here is NOT good for me and anyone else reading here. Lead yourself astray and keep being LOST if you must. But, please, just DON’T respond to me anymore! I suggest that YOU re-read your posts and mine. Seek Yahweh NOW and salvation through His Son Yahshua.


                    • Jayna, you don’t have to read what anyone writes. There are no oppressors forcing you to do anything. There are no rules who can write or how long one can write. My writings are long partially to dissuade those who don’t want to read them. I know I don’t like reading long comments myself. If you don’t want to read or respond to someone’s comments, then don’t.

                      As for what God has to do with ‘evil’, most christians agree with evil their entire lifetime (the Bible calls it murder: they neglect other christians in need which is evil), then they turn and say, “God doesn’t do evil!” The question is, “Then why do you.” “I form the light, and create darkness, I make peace, and create evil. I, the LORD, do all these things” (Isaiah 45:7). That’s not a simple passage, but Job 1-2 is plain to grasp. But let’s look at 1Kings 22 for ‘an expanded edition’ of the ‘professional relationship’ between good and evil in the spirit realm. Speaking to King Ahab, Micaiah said:

                      “Hear the word of the Lord: I saw the Lord sitting on His throne, and all the host of heaven standing beside Him on His right hand and on His left; and the Lord said, ‘Who will entice Ahab, that he may go up and fall at Ramoth-Gilead?’ And one said one thing, and another said another. Then a spirit came forward and stood before the Lord, saying, ‘I will entice him.’ And the Lord said to him, ‘By what means?’ And he said, ‘I will go out, and will be a lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets.’ And the Lord said, ‘You are to entice him, and you shall succeed; go out and do so.’ Now therefore behold, the Lord has put a lying spirit in the mouth of all these your prophets; the Lord has declared disaster for you.”

                      God asked who would deceive Ahab so that he would be led to his death. (Imagine that.) God’s angels can’t deceive or sin or harm; only the enemy can. What’s the obvious implication? This: either you believe that God sent one of His angels to deceive and cause someone’s death or you believe that God has a ‘professional relationship’ with the enemy (unless you think that there is no communication at all between both sides). It was a fallen angel who proposed to deceive Ahab through “a lying spirit”. When the Bible says “all the host of heaven standing beside Him on his right hand and on His left,” it is talking about ALL the host of heaven– the good AND the bad. God is holy, yes. But that doesn’t mean that He is afraid of or unable to be near sin (human beings) and evil (evil spirits).

                      Now, even if I could “speak with the tongues of men and of angels… have the gift of prophecy and understand all mysteries and all knowledge… have all faith so that I could remove mountains… give my body to be burned, but yet not have love,” it would profit me nothing (1Cor. 13).

                      Many people are too easily impressed by things that come from human beings (but not things that come from God), and in the West, ‘knowledge’ (really, ‘information’) is high up on the list of things we admire and covet in others. But for christians and non-christians, gaining information is easy; and for christians and non-christians, gaining love isn’t. “We know that ‘We all possess knowledge.’ However, knowledge puffs up, but love edifies” (1Cor. 8:1).

                    • Snoopy, just read any of Yahweh’s and Yahshua’s words in Scripture. THEY ARE NOT LONG, except Yahweh’s laws in the Old Testament. Most of Yahshua’s words are short and many in parables (true stories). If you are writing long-winded posts so that people will NOT read them, why do you even bother to post them here? POINTLESS! The words about spirits in 1 Kings 22 read like an allegory. Yes, evil Ahab could have been deceived by any number of evil angels. (Remember that 1/3 of all angels fell TO EARTH.) In verse 6 the 400 evil prophets were praying to Adonai, another name for Baal which is Lord today. (Footnote in Holy Name Bible) Again, Yahweh is permitting evil to happen to an evil doer.
                      The true prophet of Yahweh was put in prison for telling the king about his future doom. Knowledge is not information only. It has wisdom combined with it. King Solomon wrote in Proverb 1:7 Holy Name Bible:

                      “The fear of Yahweh is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.” TRUE!


                    • Jayna, the more you respond, the more I can share some things I’ve learned through the years. And if they aren’t edifying to anyone, they are definitely edifying to me.

                      God’s words are long in Scripture. Quite often. My favorite chapter in Isaiah is Isaiah 58. One reason is because God spoke every word of it; the other reason is because it denounces fleshly religion (wherein we approach God our own way and on our own terms) and succinctly spells out true religion as God the Father sees it– as God says, “the fast (lifestyle, religion) which the Lord has chosen.” (Selah.) Jesus spoke long as well. I’m the one speaking here, not God, but I can also speak long.

                      1Kings 22 isn’t allegory nor is Job 1-2 nor all the other places in the Bible that show God’s ‘professional relationship’ with satan. You’re not only desperately postulating but are knowingly contradicting the Bible. You make God a liar to justify yourself. In Mark 7, Jesus rebuked the Jews who hated Him for rejecting and nullifying God’s Word so that they could bow before (follow, submit to) their traditions rather than before God. You’re doing the same thing, proving that you don’t fear God.

                      1/3 of the angels did not fall to earth; they fell from Heaven. Earth and “the Heaven of heavens” aren’t the only dimensions in existence. The Bible says that God created the “worlds”. And you don’t have to be into Hebrew Roots to know that ‘Adonai’– just like the word ‘God’ which anyone can use for any one or thing– addresses God, especially when coming from a Hebrew. The 400 prophets of Ahab were not praying to Baal nor did Israel ‘pray’ to another god when they worshiped the golden calf. Those people were doing what christians (and all insincere religion) do today: they made God in whatever image they chose and then followed the god of their making, calling it ‘God’ when it is not. (And you wonder why many christians prayers go unanswered. What else does it mean to “pray amiss”. Yet “the prayers of a righteous/godly man are powerful and effective”) You are so spiritually blind that you cannot get one spiritual truth from 1Kings 22 while I can recount them to you endlessly and plainly enough for a five-year-old to understand.

                      “Knowledge isn’t information only”; but many people confuse information as being knowledge just like they confuse information and knowledge as being intelligence (but intelligence is wisdom, not information or knowledge). We all know that there is a distinction among such words: “The Lord gives wisdom; from His mouth come knowledge and understanding” (Pro. 2:6), “Through wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches” (Pron 24:3-4), and “Wisdom is the principle thing, therefore, get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding” (Pro. 4:7). But you don’t notice that wisdom is always mentioned first (and that in spite of Paul telling the Corinthians to desire prophecy above the spiritual gifts, he still mentions “the word of wisdom” first). However, you mentioned “the fear of the Lord,” so if you can say more about that, please do. That’s a good topic which the Bible says more about than it seems on the surface, because while people are saved because of God’s love, those who are saved will be saved through fear, not through love.

                    • Snoopy, the answer to everything you write is, “WRONG!” King Solomon would have given up on YOU a very long time ago. He wrote that “the fool walks in darkness”. Bad choice! But it’s YOURS! And, yes, YOU approach Yahweh in YOUR own way and on YOUR own terms. He wants NONE of it! YOU deny the plain words of the Bible. You call me spiritually blind but it is YOU who are SPIRITUALLY LOST! You cannot find THE TRUTH because you do not seek it. You do not want it.
                      The 400 prophets in 1 Kings 22 were praying to Baal, the meaning of the name Adonai. Ahab’s wife Jezebel (JesaBaal) was a priestess of Baal.
                      “The fear of Yahweh is the beginning of wisdom .” King Solomon Snoopy, you DON’T have it! In the Hebrew this “fear” can mean revere, reverence. If we revere or reverence The Creator of Everything we will call Him by His Name Yahweh. You don’t! ANY name will do for YOU: God, Lord, Adonai. It does not matter to YOU! This is WHY when you will ask to be in Heaven, Yahshua will answer , “I NEVER knew YOU. Depart from me YOU that work iniquity.” Matthew 7:23 (Emphasis Mine)


                    • Jayna, you admire ‘intelligence’ far more than I do; but there is no comparison between us. “Like attracts like” and we aren’t fit to be in the same region (timezone) in my opinion. An ‘intelligent’ person recognizes the intelligence in others (unfortunately, the unintelligent recognize too). Pretending and faking are like flashing lights in a pitch-black night. If you were spiritual in any little bit (ie. if you feared Gd), you would respect the Lord (namely here, His ability to discern the thoughts and intentions and motives of the hearts of men) and would not try to pretend. But you will continue to pretend because you want to honor yourself rather than God.

                      We are talking about two different entities. “The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms. He will drive out your enemies from before you and will say, ‘Destroy!'” (Deut. 33:27.) According to the Bible, God is no respecter of persons and only keeps those who keep His Word; He does not protect those who don’t protect (cherish) His Word in their hearts: “Because he has set his love upon Me, therefore I will deliver him. I will set him on high [safe from the enemy’s reach] because he has known My name” (Ps. 91). But who believes the Bible these days, right? Lazy christians want everything free and say, “God’s protection is for all christians equally!” Is it.

                      Making it to Heaven is the concern of spiritual babies. Still, no one ‘makes it’ to Heaven; rather, some people choose to rebel against God (which turns out to be eternal torment) or to submit to God (which turns out to be ‘Heaven’). But two things in life make me chuckle in a sad sort of way– when those who stand together in agreement for my downfall say, “There is no help for him in God” (Ps. 3:1-2) and when someone tells me God will reject me on the last Day. I’m sad but have to chuckle because both are so wide of the mark, saying much about those who say them. “There is no fear in love.” But you expect me to be afraid of God’s judgment. If I was feeling lazy and passive, I’d get some guy friends to read that, then we’d laugh to that all night amidst knee-slapping and beers.

                      You are throwing tantrums; the men around you must be Ahabs– morally and spiritually weak and unfit to live. But I’m not Adam, Ahab, or Elijah. I don’t suffer or wink on the guilty– male or female, adult or child, rich or poor, black or white– just like Peter showed Sapphira no partiality for being female and she died with Ananias. You are spiritually bankrupt and have no interest in spiritual growth but to type out Hebrew names as if they can save anyone. If you want to talk about things that are edifying– rather than that total NONSENSE you put forth as some kind of genuine religion– then talk about things that actually matter in the relevant world. Otherwise, you should “cry louder”; eventually, someone might come to your rescue. But “I’m not impressed by your performance”.

                    • Snoopy, who or what is MORE relevant than SALVATION and ETERNAL LIFE through Yahweh The Father,The Creator of Everything, and His Only Son Yahshua the Messiah??

  9. Almost all prophetic words today shout one of those two headlines: AMERICA IS PAST HOPE AND WILL BE DESTROYED! or AMERICA IS FAVORED AND WILL NEVER BE DESTROYED! Facebook oozes with voices claiming to be prophets or mouthpieces for God. The internet teems with self-appointed prophets who scream to be heard, bombarding us with “prophetic words.”

    Is there not a genuine word from the Lord in this hour? What is God truly saying about America’s destruction? All I can tell you is, I walk in the fear of the Lord and the constant remembrance that one day I will stand before God and give an account for every word I have spoken. Yet, for all that reverential fear, my bones burn with a word for this hour.

    My Spirit can’t hold it back from declaring to those false prophets:

    To autonomously pronounce judgment is to play God. Dooms-dayers are calling off the attack against evil, when God has not. They are sounding a false retreat. They are making evangelism futile. They are helping put souls in hell by discouraging soul-winners.


    However, the great danger to America is not an abundance of prophets of doom. It is the false prophets of grace and entitlement who are most dangerous.

    In a wonderful book entitled The American Miracle written by Michael Medved, we see astounding and undeniable examples of God stepping in when America seemed beyond hope. However, these examples are not proof that judgment won’t come. To assume this is sheer madness.

    I want to use George Washington as an example of something that desperately needs to be said to the American church. Washington died because of medical malpractice. Back then doctors believed in bleeding sick patients. Washington was already weak from his sickness—by draining the blood out of a man weakened by pneumonia, the doctors made him weaker and finally killed him. It was the worst thing they could have done.

    Listen church! Cheap grace is bleeding an already weakened church. It helps set us up for national destruction. From the point of view of Satan, this is the perfect theology. Instead of a life-giving conviction and a robust will to fight—this perversion induces drowsiness and apathy.

    Why do you think many of our pastors are closet alcoholics and addicted to porn? And what kind of message can you expect a poisoned vessel to preach on Sunday morning?

    Past miracles don’t guarantee future mercy. They should awaken urgency, overpowering gratitude, humility, and profound soul searching. Throwing ourselves off the cliff of morality to prove the power of Grace tempts God and provokes wrath.

    the last paragraph

    quote “Past miracles don’t guarantee future mercy. They should awaken urgency, overpowering gratitude, humility, and profound soul searching. Throwing ourselves off the cliff of morality to prove the power of Grace tempts God and provokes wrath ” quote

    if anyone could explain the last paragraph, thanks , God Bless

    • https://mariomurilloministries.wordpress.com/2020/01/06/what-god-is-truly-saying-about-americas-destruction/

    • True. “Is there not a genuine word from the Lord in this hour?” That’s the same thing King Jehoshaphat, a godly man, asked King Ahab before they went to war and the 400 false prophets were prophesying what Ahab wanted to hear. The last paragraph is explained in the last paragraph below.

      God, even when speaking ‘negative things’ speaks graciously, and Psalm 18:25-26 says that God deals with people as they are (the good and the bad). He always tells me the truth, even truths people generally don’t want to know (like what a neighbor or friend does behind closed doors). Sometime last year when I told God that America is a nation of nothing but idiots. He didn’t contradict me. RATHER, He led me Jonah 4 where Jonah ‘complained amiss’ and highlighted this part to me:

      “You have had pity on the plant for which you have not labored, nor made it grow, which came up in a night and perished in a night And should I not pity Nineveh, that great city, in which are more than one hundred and twenty thousand persons who cannot discern between their right hand and their left—and much livestock?”

      God didn’t dispute that “believing themselves to be wise, they became fools” is fit for America (because it’s true). He rather focused on “Where sin abounded, Grace abounded all the more” and said that He must show Grace to a land as pitiful as America in the same way that a loving parent (and people in general, even animals) naturally ‘pity’ babies who are so ‘pitiable’ that they “cannot discern between their right hand and their left”. Judgment is already here in America and will come to America (as with Sodom, etc., satan can ‘force’ God’s judgments by causing people and nations to sin); but “great Grace” will come right alongside it.

      “a.) Past miracles don’t guarantee future mercy. b.) They should awaken urgency, overpowering gratitude, humility, and profound soul searching. c.) Throwing ourselves off the cliff of morality to prove the power of Grace tempts God and provokes wrath.” Use Israel, delivered from Egypt, to see this plainly:

      a.) Just because God showed you ‘initial Grace’ in the past/beginning doesn’t mean He will show you Grace in the future; once saved, does not mean always saved. Being a christian or Jew or ‘one of God’s people’ doesn’t mean God will take you as one of His people.

      b.) God’s ‘initial Grace’ is actually a sign of His imminent judgment (remember Noah’s ark). Mercy must ‘triumph over judgment’ BECAUSE the judgment required for sin is so severe. David explains this principle best: “If You, Lord, should mark iniquities, oh Lord, who could stand? But there is forgiveness with You, that You may be feared” (Ps. 130:3-4). “There is [Grace] with You, that you may be feared.” ‘Initial Grace’ should naturally provoke “the fear of the Lord” which will “awaken urgency, overpowering gratitude, humility, and profound soul searching”– ie. a desire to live right ‘in light of eternity’.

      c.) God’s love (Grace) saves people so that they avoid sin (which brings judgment), live right, and are saved “through fear”. If people who are saved from sin by Grace turn and use Grace as license to sin further, then there is no attorney or spokesperson for that person because they rejected the only way out. This is what John 3:18 means: “He who believes [clings to, follows, trusts by lifestyle] in Him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.” The only begotten Son– the only way to be saved from sure damnation.

      • HA! Snoopy, your last verse (John 3:18) states that he who does NOT believe in the Only Begotten Son of G-d (Yahweh!) is condemned already. THAT’S YOU! You call my witnessing for the Names of Yahweh and His Son Yahshua NONSENSE and “pretend religion”. BELIEF IN THEM IS THE PATH TO SALVATION!
        Your path of belief (unbelief?) leads to “The Mark of the Beast”, Revelation 13:18
        Snoopy, possibly, you think that you get away with these lies and insults because of your copious posts which are NOT based on Bible teaching. (Christianity isn’t either!)
        However, YOU DON’T! Every word of ours is recorded in Heaven. You will face YOURS in the Judgement unless you repent. And, THAT is the TRUTH!


        • Jayna, I haven’t talked to a christian as blind as you in I don’t know how long. Your understanding is upside down. You think God is happy to judge people for ‘getting it wrong’. When God called Moses up the mountain, He didn’t call him there to be judged but to be favored. I look forward to the judgment.

          • Snoopy, AGAIN, I am NOT a Christian! I have not been one since the early 1970’s. That is when I heard the TRUTH, considered it, then chose it! HalleluYah!
            You write that my understanding is “upside down”. Snoopy, maybe YOU are upside down! This would be because you choose NOT to believe the original Bible truth. Is THAT possible? I never wrote that Yahweh loves to condemn us. Again you are putting lies in my posts.
            Yahweh’s judgement is called “His strange act”, Isaiah 28:21. Yahweh LOVES mercy! This could be WHY we are still here on this earth greatly polluted by diabolical people!
            Yahweh brought Moses up that mountain to give him His Ten Commandments for His people. The first of these is to honor Yahweh and NOT have any deities before HIM!
            Judgement? When Yahshua returns there is only judgement for the evil doers. The righteous have already been judged and sealed with His Name and Yahweh, His Father’s, Revelation 14. For these saints He has only REWARDS, Revelation 22:12.


  10. Snoopy, thanks so much for your detail explanation.

    “a.) Past miracles don’t guarantee future mercy. b.) They should awaken urgency, overpowering gratitude, humility, and profound soul searching. c.) Throwing ourselves off the cliff of morality to prove the power of Grace tempts God and provokes wrath.

    (a) understand now through your explanation. amen
    (b) Initial Grace’ should naturally provoke “the fear of the Lord” which will “awaken urgency, Amen. understand now.
    but after , the word overpowering , usually, i guess the meaning of overpower is to overthrown / gain control / overturn , i guess they should use word – stir up instead of overpower. what does overpower mean here ?

    (c) avoid sin (which brings judgment), live right, and are saved “through fear” , amen, do not abuse the grace of God,

    thanks again, God Bless

    • qt, Snoopy is very WRONG with much of what he writes. He says that G-d (Yahweh) talks to him. How can He if Snoopy does NOT even believe Bible teaching? Sadly, qt, you must be so deceived in Christianity that you just cannot realize it, too. THAT’S TOO BAD! When we first hear or read the truth, that is the BEST time to act upon it! I did many decades ago. In his last post, Snoopy writes that the Evil One can force G-d’s (Yahweh’s) judgements. qt, he can’t force Yahweh to do ANYTHING!

      These are my words of WARNING to you.

      Possibly instead of the word “overpowering” you are looking for the word “overwhelming”, a word that still leaves us with some choice in the matter.

      America is in such deep trouble because being the Two Horned Beast, it turned over it’s government to the first beast (which has become the Vatican) many decades ago. Revelation 13:1 Right now there seems to be a retrieve of sorts with President Donald J. Trump but sadly, it won’t last. A U.S. president will enforce “The Mark of the Beast”, Revelation 14:1. This “mark” is all about Christianity which I have explained many times.


      “Come out of HER My people!” Yahshua the Messiah in Revelation 18:4 (Emphasis Mine.)


    • QT, the word “overpowering” as Mario Murillo used it in that article, means ‘overwhelming, exceeding, tremendous’. It’s easier to read it paraphrased but I’ll instead break down the four things he said in that particular sentence (all four things are the same thing said in four different ways). He said that “past miracles don’t guarantee future mercy” (ie. initial favor and acceptance don’t guarantee future favor and acceptance) but that, rather, past miracles (initial Grace) should

      1.) “awaken urgency”. The urgency has to do with knowing that initial salvation is not God’s final judgment of you but is really a ‘Grace period’ (that will determine God’s final judgment of you) that will inevitably run out and therefore should be immediately taken advantage of.

      2.) awaken “overpowering gratitude”. This ‘exceeding gratitude’ comes from knowing that you were a career criminal who got caught and handed a life sentence that the judge reversed only on the basis that you “leave your life of sin” or else return to court to face the death penalty (a greater penalty– which the Bible calls “wrath”– because you disdained Grace or ‘a second chance’).

      3.) awaken “humility”. This has to do with knowing where you really stand in the grand scheme of things, seeing yourself and your circumstances as they in fact are, and acknowledging that your criminal activities deserve God’s judgment. (Seeing the circumstances as they in fact are is, by itself, enough to set anyone straight.)

      4.) awaken “profound soul searching”. This has to do with working out your own salvation “with fear and trembling” and ‘examining yourself’. David told God to examine him and burn out from him anything that would prevent him from being ‘future tense saved’ (Ps. 139:23-24), and talking to believers, Paul distinguishes their ‘past tense salvation’ from a ‘future tense salvation’ (parentheses mine): “Examine yourselves as to whether you are in the faith (‘future tense salvation’). Test yourselves. Do you not know yourselves, that Jesus Christ is in you (‘past tense salvation’)?—unless indeed you are disqualified (‘future tense’). But I trust that you will know that we are not disqualified (‘future tense’)” (2Cor. 13:5-6).

      • Hi Snoopy , thanks so much, you spend a lot of time to write ,
        once saves does not guarantee always saved. AMEN
        we must live right to keep/preserve our salvation,
        got it, very very clear, do not disdained Grace or ‘a second chance, amen

        i have another question on
        c.) Throwing ourselves off the cliff of morality,
        does it mean to embrace the morality without hesitation ?

        thanks , God Bless

        • QT, I actually write as quickly as I can because I have several things I’m currently juggling. (The Lord and the Holy Spirit are the Ones who actually somewhat lengthen my writing by constantly bringing to mind endless Bible passages that I haven’t read in many years in order to explain or attach to something I said.)

          “Throwing ourselves off the cliff of morality.”

          To throw yourself off a cliff is alluding to suicide. The cliff you’re throwing yourself off of here is morality which guarantees judgment after your suicide.

          Murillo is talking there about something that is prevalent in christianity which is that most people who become christians become at least twice worse (sometimes three times) than before they were ‘saved’. “There is nothing new under the sun” and “history repeats itself”. Jesus rebuked the ministers of His day (Jewish leaders) for the same thing: “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you travel land and sea to win one proselyte, and when he is won, you make him twice as much a son of hell as yourselves” (Matt. 23:15).

          christians often become worse after ‘salvation’ than before because they use salvation as permission to sin. Before salvation, many people are decent; after salvation, they become rotten (I’m talking primarily about their inner attitudes here), because they think that Grace gives them permission to be like spoiled, privileged, rich kids whose parents always excuse their bad actions. With the security of their privilege, they don’t see a need for morality anymore and sin more often than non-christians (mostly sins of omission rather than commission) because they believe ‘Grace will lead them home’.

          So, “throwing ourselves off the cliff of morality” doesn’t mean “to embrace the morality without hesitation” but means to reject morality completely (jumping off of/away from the cliff of morality). This isn’t easily observable in christians (ie. the fact that most of them reject morality); you only have to bring them face to face with truths in the Bible– especially the foundational ones like “love one another”– and you will begin to see that they do reject God’s Word (and therefore God) and do not believe in morality at all.

          “Throwing ourselves off the cliff of morality” is seen in Jesus’s parable of the good Samaritan. The two people who rejected morality were God’s people who thought that they were ‘saved’ no matter what and therefore didn’t have to live right. The person who did the right thing didn’t know God, but God has put the knowledge of right and wrong in all men’s hearts (so they can do right and avoid wrong). If the Samaritan had been ‘with God’ (ie. a Jew, a christian), he would more likely than not think that Grace absolved him of moral convictions and would have rejected the beaten man like the priest and Levite did. You better believe it. Look at the christians around you, on TV, on YouTube, anywhere, and ask God to open your eyes and reveal their stance with Him. God doesn’t take sides and doesn’t defend the guilty no matter who it is; He is “a REVEALER of mysteries” (Daniel 2:47) and is always wiling to “bring to light the hidden things of darkness and REVEAL the counsels (thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, convictions) of the heart” (1Cor. 4:5).

  11. Snoopy,

    thanks again ! you spend a lot of time to write again.

    So, “throwing ourselves off the cliff of morality” means to reject morality completely (jumping off of/away from the cliff of morality).

    many many good examples you made to explain the whole things. thanks so much , God Bless

  12. https://www.breakingchristiannews.com/articles/display_art.html?ID=29711
    Shawn Bolz: Bob Jones Told Me ‘End Time Revival’ Would Come after Chiefs Win the Super Bowl

    • I consider John Bevere’s ‘Thus Saith the Lord?’ to be indispensable for [and also recommend it to] any christian who wants to hear God’s words in order to DO them, not hear them in order to feel good. You can read several pages free here: https://www.amazon.com/Thus-Saith-Lord-speaking-Strength/dp/0884195759/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=thus+saith+the+Lord%3F&qid=1580802295&sr=8-1

      Every single city I have been in, something ‘special’ has happened. I was in Philadelphia in early 2018, and the Philadelphia Eagles won the Superbowl. I’ve now been in Kansas City several months and the Kansas City Chiefs just won the Superbowl. My friend, Mark, told me that I should bet money the next Superbowl because I seem to bring luck to different cities; but I can’t fashion that my presence in a city brings ‘material blessings’ to it. Saying that a revival is coming after the Chiefs win the Superbowl (perhaps because the number 50 is important spiritually and the Chiefs haven’t won the Superbowl for the last 50 years) is reaching. Any half-decent prophetic person will encourage people to test every word he/she gives. This almost never happens, especially not with the famous prophetic people.

      I just got off the phone with Mark an hour ago. Whenever we talk about the things of God, he truly cannot seem to hear me (like what I say goes in one ear and out the other). He will talk about elementary things, thinking I don’t understand what he’s saying, but I’ll understand fully. Rather, he will be the one who doesn’t get what I’m saying that I think is fairly elementary. An hour ago on the phone with him, it started to become more and more apparent that ‘another spirit’ has been posing as the Holy Spirit to Mark (I told him this) which has had the effect on him of often causing him to see the things that are from God as being from the flesh (or maybe the enemy) and then seeing things from the flesh, soul, and the enemy as being from God (the error is so deep that he currently views words from Jezebels as coming from God and views truthful words from sincere people as coming from their flesh or the enemy). The enemy poses as God to speak to all christians. Knowing it happens is the first step to dealing with it.

      Direction, words, and prophetic words don’t confuse people when they’re from God. They confuse people when they’re from a person’s soul or/and evil spirits (familiar spiris, Divination, Jezebel, and their cohorts in particular). John Bevere meant to write a part two of his book ‘The Fear of the Lord’ (my favorite book) when the Lord led him to instead write ‘Thus Saith the Lord?’ in its place (because there is a close correlation between treasuring God’s words and fearing Him). On page 5 of the book, Bevere writes, “We have been so afraid of despising prophecy that we have neglected judging it. It is important we learn to recognize the true from the false… We cannot accept the false as true because we are afraid of rejecting the true as false; we must learn to separate the good from the bad.”

      A month ago, a minister’s wife inserted herself while he and I were talking, saying that ‘God’ gave her a word for me. She gave me the word and I felt upset, discouraged, and confused. The words weren’t from God, and she clung to whatever spirit produced them because she wouldn’t even test the words with me. I’m still learning how to distinguish prophetic words from God from words from a person’s soul or/and an evil spirit. But for now, I have to stick with ‘reason’ over ‘hype’ and say that Bob Jones’s word about the Chiefs winning the Superbowl is not from God.

    • (James 1:22-25.)

      These kinds of messages confuse christians, not necessarily because it’s the speaker’s intention but because the message is only spoken but not practiced.

      John 3:16 says that God loved the world and therefore laid down His life for it. 1John 3:16 takes the responsibility from God and shares it with believers: “By this we know love: He laid down His life for us, and we also ought to lay down our lives for the brethren.”

      How do messages like this confuse christians? Firstly, “as the head goes, so goes the rest of the body.” If a pastor preaches and says all the right things but doesn’t do them– because of ignorance or lack of faith or sin or whatever it is– his members will be confused. Just as this happens with children whose parents say one thing and do another, confusion will be automatic for christians whose pastors do the same, and most of them won’t even consciously be aware that they are confused. “We also ought to lay down our lives for the brethren,” the pastor says, but he doesn’t do it (maybe he doesn’t know how to). He is the head, and everyone under him will be confused and off-balance because he is himself.

      The Bible says that God is “One God” though there are Three in One. God’s Word is also whole though it has many parts. When God’s Word is broken into pieces (eg. denominations, reading/preaching it but not doing it), then confusion ensues. When the Word is taken as a whole (read/preached and practiced), life and spiritual health are the result. You could sit in the back of a church on a Sunday, listen to the sermon and take notes, and after the sermon ask several people what the sermon was about, what they got from it, and how they can apply it in their daily lives. Some people might do okay with the first two questions, but most people will flop when it comes to practical application of a sermon. When the pastor isn’t applying what he is preaching, the members believe they also aren’t supposed to work out the sermon. Yet, God gave sermons (and His Word) FOR practical application, practice, exercise, and use, not to just hear and possibly mull over.

      I think the truth is that most people leave sermons not knowing what to do with what they heard. Hearing alone without practice causes confusion and causes a sermon or word that was given to die (or be scooped up by ‘birds’) without carrying out what they could have in the hearer(s). Pastors who are preaching but are not practicing produce confused and stunted members. Paul (and the early Church ministers) never told his hearers to just hear him; rather, he told them, “Imitate me as I imitate Christ” which in contemporary language can be paraphrased, “Do what I do only as long as I’m doing what the Bible tells us all to do.” Only in this context of a head (pastor) that is ‘one’ (ie. acts on what he says) will a body (christians) grow and be healthy rather than confused and spiritually starved.

    • ENE TIME time line – biblical pattern : assumption

      start from 00:35:00 the 35th minutes, this pastor said that within 3 years,

      this peace plan would be “confirmed” , be aware Trump is the person who “offered” this peace plan. he is not the person who confirmed it.

      later in 3 years, anti-christ (?) would ” confirmed” this peace plan.

      2020+3 = 2023

      many believe we are in the year 5986 , leaving only 14 years until the changing the sixth prophetic day to the seventh,
      2 017+14 =2031

      i also heard that Ps Neville Johnson said that Jesus could be coming back around 2030. (+ or -}

      pastor Sadhu said there is less than 18 years that Jesus would return , 2018+18 =2036 (minus) less than 2026

      Terry Bennett said this
      Terry Bennett: 21-year Prophetic Time frame 2008 to 2028


      ECONOMIC SHAKINGS: 2008 until the end of 2014.
      GOVERNMENT AND POLITICAL SHAKINGS:2015 until the end of 2021.
      RELIGIOUS SHAKINGS: 2022 and ending at the end of 2028

      ps. mark biltz :
      from Adam , Abraham was born 1948 years after Adam.
      when Abraham was 75 years old , he build his first altar to worship God . genesis 12 :6

      1948 AD , country of Israel is founded.

      75 years + 1948 AD = 2023 temple.

      could 2023 be the year, the third temple in Jerusalem would be built ?

      it look like , their concept is very similar. endtime time line,


      (pastor mark biltz , i do agree him on this biblical pattern ,
      but i do not agree with most of his message which involve tamud .

      start from video 00:31:00 . pastor mark biltz talk about the biblical pattern,.

      when the temple will be build ? just a guess .

      from Adam , Abraham was born 1948 years after Adam.
      when Abraham was 75 years old , he build his first altar to worship God . genesis 12 :6

      1948 AD , country of Israel is founded.

      75 years + 1948 AD = 2023 temple.

      could 2023 be the year, the third temple in Jerusalem would be built ?

      • q

        I was figuring on about 2023 also. trump gives us 7 extra years…may not complete 2nd term

        • thanks,

          there is another christian brother said this
          My timeline was 2032 as His return and Tom Horn also released info of an event called Wormwood that takes place in 2029 ” quote.

          God Bless

        • 2~8~2020 Happy Sabbath on Roman Catholic Calendar.
          Yahshua the Son of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON! PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1 HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

          Marianne, sadly, President Trump may not even make it to his re-election! I write this because I cannot see him enforcing,”The Mark of the Beast” as some U.S. president will do in Revelation 13:18. I do not see any need for a rebuilt temple. Christians believing in this, kind of reminds me how Jews reacted to Yahshua teaching about the destruction of the last temple. They could NOT believe that such a one would be destroyed. Christians (and Jews) are really set on a Temple being rebuilt. NO NEED! The Vatican formulates so many false lanes, false prophecies, and whole religions to turn on to!
          If (IF!) we can find out the TRUE year of Yahshua’s Birth, we CAN know the date of His Return. I do not believe that He was born 2 B.C., 4 B.C., or even 6 B.C.
          We DO know that He was probably born in our month of late September or October and was 33 1/2 years old when He died on a Passover (most likely a Jubilee year). Adding 33.5 years to His Birth year will give us the year of His Death. Adding 2000 years to His Death year will give us the year of His Return on a day of Yom Kippur.
          I was convinced from reading an article that Yahshua was born in 15 B.C. But no, the timing for that has passed. Hopefully, Yahweh will also reveal His Birth year to me.


          • revelation 7 & 8 temple

            I think trump will have a second term,

            • Hi Marianne! Are you surviving winter there? It’s getting more bizarre by the day here in Southern California . However, now we have Santa Ana winds and temp into the 70’s. I saw a photo of this last storm coming over L.A. It looked like Mount Vesuvius erupting over Pompeii, like huge black smoke.
              The mystery of President Donald J. Trump! I am going to purchase some of his memorabilia because I want to anyway. Sadly, if something happens to him (we pray not!) the prices will go “through the roof”.
              Revelation 7 & 8 are about Yahweh’s Temple in Heaven. This is the one that will be coming down to earth after The Millennium. The earthly ones were only copies of it.


            • we are praying for him !

              • qt, that’s what we all should do NOW! A while back someone told me that there have been a number of attempts on President Trump’s life. Apparently, these are not made public. There are rumors about the deaths of presidents. Supposedly, FDR was killed because he would not drop the bombs on Japan. They said an earlier president, William Henry Harrison, a war hero, caught cold giving his inaugural speech dying of pneumonia. He actually was greatly on the mend when he ate a bowl of cherries and became very ill again and died. (A rumor is that he was poisoned.) In actuality, the Vatican was behind Lincoln’s assassination (for ending black slavery) and Nixon’s impeachment (for helping Israel in their ’73 war). President Trump must be very careful to escape the Vatican death squad!


  13. start from 00:15:00, it last for 15 minutes.

    Joe Sweet, Why Some Christians May Not enter Heaven .

    awesome !!!!

    • very informative

    • 2~8~2020 Happy Sabbath! On Yahweh’s Green Earth. Psalm 24:1

      qt, again, the Greek translation of Revelation 13:18 (Greek Diaglott, Free on The Web) states that the meaning of the #666 sounds like Cristos Zeus (Zeus the Savior). By now, THAT number/name has “morphed’ into the pagan name of “Jesus Christ”. That’s the name of the antiChrist, rather anti Messiah! The Papacy (Pope) near its beginning claimed to be “The Son of God on Earth” and has a crown that states that. The Papacy HAS changed the calendar even the Sabbath to Sunday!
      As I shared before, The Two Horned Beast (Revelation 13) which I believe is the U.S.. Government, turns its power over to the first beast, Verse 1, The Vatican , Papacy. I don’t believe that Macron will be president in the U.S. He may become the leader of the E.U. However, whoever you term to be the anti Messiah, he/she will be Christian!


  14. 2~8~2020 Happy Sabbath on Yahweh’s Earth, Psalm 24:1.
    Yahshua the Son of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON! PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1
    HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

    qt, I believe Psalm 91 is a prophecy that King David received. (No one told me this but Yahweh revealed it to me.) I believe that King David saw the attack of Ezekiel 38-39 and Joel 2. “The Day of Jacob’s Trouble” is said to be a year of great final persecution. It may be connected to this attack.
    Iran, Russia, and allies attack Israel AND the U.S. at the SAME time. King David mentions the time of “noon”. When it’s noon in Jerusalem it’s dark over the whole U.S. That just may be the time that it happens. King David who worshipped Yahweh, no one else, writes in Verse 14 of protection for those who know HIS NAME.
    The only SALVATION is to believe in Him and His Son Yahshua for our protection. The saints will leave Christianity and do just that!


  15. Symbolism of 1111 or 11 11 – Troy Brewer

    • I constantly see the time at 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55, and 11:11. 11:11 has been the most recurring one for the past two weeks.

      “Many times it’s the faith of the people of God that staves off the judgment of God.” Well said. I like Troy Brewer’s videos about prophetic numbers. And I don’t celebrate Valentine, but it’s always good to see Snoopy.

      • I don’t celebrate Valentine, amen,

        easter is pagan holiday

        • Celebrating holidays isn’t a bad thing in its own right. It depends on any number of variables, the most justifiable one being ignorance.

          As far as any issue I may have with celebrating holidays, it is because of the way people celebrate. Many people are looking for a reason to abdicate moral responsibilities. Introduce a holiday and everyone is happy.

          During Thanksgiving of 2009, I was with some relatives and they all have money– some more than others. As we sat there having a good time, I began to weep. They thought I was having a hard time (I didn’t have as much money as they did), but it was because of their rotten attitude: when we got together to celebrate, you could tell that no one else mattered. They didn’t care if anyone else was having a hard time; it was time to celebrate so to hell with moral responsibility.

          Valentine’s Day is the same. So is the 4th of July. So is the Superbowl. (I know several christians from Kansas City who spent $10K to travel to Florida just to see the Kansas City Chiefs play.) Each Superbowl ticket was no less than $4K, some as much as $10K; yet, probably no less than 70% of the people who paid all that money to watch a game in person were church-attending christians. That is my only issue with celebration: “From birthdays to games to small holidays to big holidays– give us anything to celebrate about and we will. You can even put satan’s name on it and we’ll fall down and worship at his altar, because we DESPERATELY want to dodge moral responsibility every single day of our lives, and any small celebration– even free food at a get-together or at a house church– is cause!” God help us.

          • Snoopy, the Bible says to KEEP Yahweh’s Appointed Days. And, there are MANY! There will NOT be any lack of celebrating in Heaven and on the earth made new.
            Personally, I LOVE the 4th of July. I do not know of any Bible condemnation of it. It commemorates Yahweh originally providing this land as a place of freedom for those being persecuted by The Vatican and Christianity in Europe. (Some of these were my ancestors.)
            As for relatives, we are to share the truth with them as lovingly as possible. I did. Otherwise, we may be held accountable for them being lost. Not good!


        • 2~15~2020 Happy Sabbath, Yahweh’s Rest Day!
          Yahshua the Son of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON! PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1
          HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

          qt, if you do NOT celebrate Valentine’s Day WHY do you post “Happy Valentine”? The heart symbol is the Old Testament idol Baal’s special sign. I never use it. Yahweh hates it and like the cross, it’s a magnet for curses. Decades ago I had a whole pile of hearts (even 14 qt. gold) to dispose of. And I DID!


          • i do celebrate in the 7 biblical feasts –

            WHY do you post “Happy Valentine”? that is my way to say hello to friends who we seldom contact with . my friends sent some cute pictures to me , so i shared with other people ,
            you are right , i should not do it next time.
            anyway we did not spend money or time to celebrate vlentine.

            • Hi qt! We can send all kinds of loving messages (photos, gifs, art on Web, and etc.) without hearts and “Happy Valentine’s Day”. I do this all the time. It’s fun to do and brings a blessing.


      • i see the same numbers. only 1-5, not 6-9

        • You see those numbers in triples you mean, right?

          I don’t see 0, 6, 8, and 9 [either] because the numbers I see are 99.9% of the time on a clock, my phone, my laptop, other clocks, the TV, etc. Only 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 can repeat on a clock.

        • Marianne, I often see 9:11 on my watch at morning and at night. It always reminds me that “9/11” was an “Inside Job”!


    • that is one possible explanation

  16. ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmATes6mubQ
    False Prophets Of The One World Church

    FALSE Prophets will DROP Dead in Africa

    I Married the Richest Man in the World! :

    • False Prophets Of The One World Church

      • qt, ALL Christians are Roman Catholic in doctrine and practice. They always were. Christianity is PAGAN and always WAS! There is NOTHING Hebraic about it. It is all Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman! The Puritans, Pilgrims, and original Protestants were NOT Christians! They believed in Yahweh, Yahshua, and the Hebrew Calendar. What is the ONLY thing we can do about Christianity?

        “Come out of HER My people!” Yahshua the Messiah in Revelation 18:4 (Emphasis Mine.)


  17. Was a Homosexual :

  18. Rick Joyner: Promotion of Catholic Black Mass

    there is a rick joyner -morning start ministry video which is very disturbing , it does not come from the Holy God.
    morning star – the term has 2 meanings.

    could not post the video here. it does not look right.

    be alert – rick joyner

    • in the video , there were 2 guys of morning star ministry wore in dark with morning star sign , singing weird , evil/weird movement , there is demonic thing in those 2 guys and their motion and singing sound evil ,

      be careful , if you watch this video just mute the black mass part.

      • Yes, Morningstar and Rick Joyner are way off.

        The Bible says, especially in the Old Testament, that what God requires of His people is simple. christianity today is complex, especially among the charismatics. I went to the Atlanta Vineyard, a charismatic church, from 1998 to 2000. Two devout church members there told me that God wanted me to move on from their church as it was spiritually dead. Another member told me that I had the Holy Spirit and none of the people in that church did. These people said these things under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and yet stayed in the church.

        The OT says a lot about ‘returning’ to God which is the meaning of repentance. A good rule of thumb to discern at least the false is this: churches, ministers, and so-called prophets who are not simple and don’t teach simple things from the Bible are false. I used to attend a church where the pastor was an Ahab (a man with no Y chromosome) and his wife was a Jezebel. Except for one day when the Holy Spirit literally grabbed hold of the pastor for about two minutes (until his Jezebel wife interrupted him and drove out the Holy Spirit), the pastor’s messages were all bone dry. One day, a man who was with the Gideons (Bible society) came to the church. His message was ‘painfully simple’, but it was food to my spirit and I was built up.

        If it isn’t simple (as in sticking with the logical things we all intuitively know to be true and sticking with what the Bible says), then it cannot be God. (That doesn’t mean that simple things are always God either.) Bob Jones, Paul Cain, Rick Joyner, John Paul Jackson, the Elijah List, Lou Engle, Patricia King, Todd White, Todd Bentley, Mike Bickle, and every single last one of that ilk is a fraud. That doesn’t mean that they know they are frauds; it means they are operating by ‘other spirits’ which pose as the Holy Spirit. If it isn’t simple, then it isn’t God.

  19. Bob Jones, Paul Cain, Rick Joyner, John paul Jackson, the Elijah List, Lou Engle, Patricia King, Todd White, Todd Bentley, Mike Bickle,

    i have listen and followed lou engle and mike bickle a long time until 2017,
    since they went to see the current pope and join a catholic meeting,
    i have stop to listen to their message,
    but i think that lou E, and mike bickle are OK, they are NOT false teacher , not false prophets,
    i think Lou and mike are too naive and they do not have discernment about catholic things .

    bob jones and John Paul Jackson are OK to me. i did not followed their teaching,

    all ther other people, Paul Cain, Rick Joyner,the Elijah List,, Patricia King, Todd White, Todd Bentley,
    i never have any interest in their teachings.
    once was fool by rick joyner ‘s books , i have bought his many books , so sad.
    just watch many video about rick joyner,
    have found out that rick joyner is very deceiving in his teaching.

    so want to warn people about rick joyner. who is a jesuit , new world order promoter , luciferian.

    • Most TV ministers are compromised and are ungodly. The fact, however, is that christians aren’t supposed to focus on who is false or in error but are supposed to gather together and let the Holy Spirit lead them into the truth. Within those gatherings and the work of the Spirit, people will learn how to distinguish what is true from what is false. But first, and most importantly, they’ll experience God’s blessings:

      “How good and how pleasant it is when brethren dwell together in unity… For there the Lord commanded the blessing, even life forevermore” (Ps. 133).

      The blessings are first. If we aren’t getting the blessings, then it’s unhealthy to wonder too much about the curses or the negatives or who is in error. Afterall, if you go by the Bible, then any minister who rejects the primary commands of the Bible– commands that are written in the heart of all human beings and don’t require one to be a christian– is a fraud and is false and is fake. And that’s basically all of them (the famous or known ones). But a normal person focuses first on getting healthy influences and secondly on avoiding negative ones. That’s the work also of every member of the Body of Christ.

      • Snoopy, if ministers are evil minded, why do go to their meetings?

        “I hate, I despise your feast days, and I will not smell in your solemn assemblies.” Yahweh speaking to The House of Israel in Amos 5:21 Holy Name Bible

        He was talking to the people that were keeping THEIR version of His Appointed Days, the Hebrew Calendar. How much MORE is His reaction to Christian Church worship today??

        There is a group of believers who will NOT be found NOW in any Christian church or other false religion. They are called SAINTS and they are described in Revelation 14. No, they are NOT the Jews after The Rapture! In fact, there isn’t any Rapture, another Christian lie! They are HERE before Yahshua the Messiah returns and after the government of The Two Horned Beast (U.S.) enforces “The Mark of the Beast” (The Vatican’s Christianity). In Revelation 15:2 they have VICTORY over the Beast (Vatican) and his idol (named Jesus Christ). They are the WISE virgins who are NOT deceived, Revelation 14:4. And, they are ALIVE to greet Yahshua the Messiah when He returns! HalleluYah!


      • as i know, lou Engle , and mike bickle , they are not faith movement teacher , they are not tv ministers, they are not prosperity teacher . they focus on prayers. !


        i do not follow their teaching any more due to they join catholic pope meeting and held a meeting with catholic people – ecumenical movement. i do not agree with .

        • QT, this in reference to where I said, “Most TV ministers are compromised and are ungodly” and mentioned Lou Engle and Mike Bickle.

          Pro. 29:18 says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

          “The Hebrew word paw-rah’ means ‘to perish’. ‘Paw-rah’ was the word used in a biblical proverb where a woman’s hair was let flow out of its covering (hairband). Unconstrained in the wind her hair is directionless and blown in all directions.” (Anonymous blog.)

          I don’t know any woman who likes ‘perished hair’. But christians today have no vision and are therefore blown in all directions (it’s sad to see many christians run to and fro, lacking direction and thinking they are accomplishing things for God). The five-fold ministry was given to the Church to instill VISION (clarity, wisdom, direction, light) and to rid the Church of CONFUSION. (Eph. 4:11-16.) But confusion is the order of the day because most ‘known’ ministries are compromised. When I say ministers are ungodly, I should say they are ‘in error’. When I say TV ministers, I should say ‘famous ministers’. They don’t have to be on TV; they just have to have a large following.

          Mike Bickle and IHOP have a long history of error. (Lou Engle also promoted the error of christians causing Jesus’s return through ‘miraculous works’ and the error of a ‘Bride of Christ’ doctrine that isn’t at all scriptural.) In 2014, a male Jezebel-narcissist by the name of Tyler Deaton got away with murder (literally) and a host of disgusting things right under the noses of Mike Bickle and IHOP. In an effort to distance themselves from Deaton, Bickle and IHOP leaders threw them under the bus and denied ever knowing them (basically). You can view the story in the links below.

          God doesn’t want His people to have to wait around for a minister to shake hands with the pope on TV (eg. Mike Bickle), get caught in a scandal (eg. Todd Bentley), or join a satanic secret society (eg. Rick Joyner) before they know which minister is in error. The Bible says to grow in discernment. satan directs many of these ministers through satanic ritual abuse to UNWITTINGLY deceive people, therefore, a ‘false minister’ and a ‘minister in error’ are not necessarily the same. These ministers are deceived and in error; they think they are doing God’s will but have no idea that they are satan’s puppets. Many are installed in the 24-hour prayer ministries including IHOPs and this one in Bellingham, WA (I’ve been here before and met some ministers and several others): http://lowpc.org/. The more vision (direction, PURPOSE, reason, cause) you receive from God (leaders are primarily the ones who are supposed to shed this light on God’s people), the better your overall discernment will be regarding ministers; you will know them by their fruits, not their personalities or success.

          – Rolling Stone (Tyler Deaton): https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-news/love-and-death-in-the-house-of-prayer-53866/

          – Daily Mail (Deaton): https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2310164/Bethany-Deaton-Teacher-suspended-Googling-students-discover-sex-cult-leader-tied-investigation-wifes-murder.html

          – 48 Hours (Deaton): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OcfIBxsnQI&t=46s

          • Addendum:

            QT, by the way, as regards the death of Bethany Deaton at IHOPU, going off my own intuition, I do believe that Tyler Deaton had Micah Moore kill Bethany and coaxed Bethany into it (probably told her it wouldn’t hurt if she was asleep). Very sad case.

            Narcissists-Jezebels think up very complex schemes like the unusual suicide-murder (as opposed to a murder-suicide) in this IHOP case. The ‘Jezebel’ spirit was at work through all the confusion, causing Micah to retract his confession– a common ‘punishment’ for Jezebel victims if they ‘stand up’ to Jezebels.

            Speaking from experience, I know that IHOP-type ministries birth, grow, aid, and abet people like Tyler every day. I live in Kansas City, MO near the IHOP headquarters and know that, with just a little discernment, it’s practically impossible to consider Mike Bickle to be a godly person.

            By the way, the uploader of the 48-Hour video distorted the picture and changed the vocals so as not to break copyright laws.

      • thanks to both of you ! God Bless

  20. although we do not celebrate valentine day,

    but this is very good message

    • qt, it’s TRUE that “the greatest is love”. However, this one is a false teacher apposing the true Bible faith. He also occupies a part of Israel. Not good! I would not trust in any of his predictions. His message about “keep giving” is a NOT so subtle hint to keep sending money to him. King David wrote “the children of the righteous will not be begging”. Psalm 37:25


      • really, could you point out his falseness ? i like to know

        thank you for your reminder . anyway.

        as i know irvin baxter he is not faith movement teacher, he is not prosperity teacher .

        • Greetings qt. Please compare his teaching to what I have been posting for years on these threads. Yahweh the Creator of Everything gives each of us a BRAIN. It’s OUR choice if we choose to USE it or NOT. Irvin Baxter teaches salvation through faith in Jesus Christ ( This name in Greek translates literally to “The Mark of the Beast”.), “rapture” (Not Scriptural.), and future prophecies about Israel based on Christian teaching that is not Biblical. To my knowledge, this one has never mentioned the Names Yahweh and His Son’s Yahshua.


          • As a Semite Jew who’s cousins narrowly escaped the Nazi’s, I’m finding it hard to believe someone who isn’t a real Jew, nor speaks our language states supposed facts that are not only disingenuous, but filled with hatred. Having also attended a private school that also taught both Greek and Latin along with English, I’m appalled at your utter lack of integrity.
            First off I’m not going to be as cordial and polite as Snoopy and have been known to be abrupt and to the point. The word used in script is χάραγμα, or charagma….a far cry from the word ιησούς or isos used for “Jesus.” In logical discourse fallacies arguments at the University level (requirements for a degree) your rants are whats known as “false equivocation” such as comparing apples to oranges to build up a strawman’s argument (something lawyers and journalists do regularly). When scripture is quite clear that “liars and the unclean will have their place in the lake of fire,” I’d get off the ungodly “hebraic rants.” Lastly those who have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit have Him to intercede in the Holy language and I’m sure He calls our father “Abba” the correct Name.
            כל אחד מכם ייתן תשובה לאלוהים

      • thanks ! God Bless

  21. – highlight of this year 2020 psalm 120

    start from video time mark 1:00:00

  22. 2~28~2020 On Yahweh’s Green Earth
    Yahshua the Son of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON!
    PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1
    HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

    The Coronavirus? Supposedly, someone in CA now has it who was not exposed to it in China or here. ??? This is being build up into something BIG! I have asked President Trump NOT to make vaccination mandatory. Many MORE deaths are coming from the flu virus’. Since 2009 we have NOT had any flu or flu shots. Since then we have taken NAC (Cysteine, an amino acid) 60 mg. capsules to prevent it. Child: one a day Adult: 2 a day This was then rumored to prevent H1N1 flu. It also improves lung health. I am starting to believe that it will also prevent this new Corona virus. We take it all the time. Swanson Vitamins The virus’ seem related with similar complications like pneumonia.
    Sadly, this microbe is causing the Stock Market to jitter. It could be the start of “The Mark of the Beast”. Ellen G. White (19th Century prophetess of the SDA Church) wrote that The Mark of the Beast would not come in through the religious sector. She said that it would come in through “Health, Education, and Welfare.” Please do NOT take any government- ordered vaccination! Yahweh DOES have a natural pathway to STAYING WELL!


    • good advice

      • Simplest teaching I’ve heard on prophecy regarding the nations (and the U.S. and the Papacy) and the endtimes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ad8dyjUG-j0

        • ok… long video!

          • I was 99% sure I wasn’t going to watch the whole video. Videos and movies about the ‘endtimes’ bore me to death (there’s a reason). This video, with the simple teaching and the animations playing an important part, held my attention. The only thing I disagree with is right at the end when he says that basically ‘meeting’ on Saturdays is the mark of those who are saved or the ‘seal’ of God’s true people.

            He told one side of the truth in that the Papacy did change ‘the day’ to Sunday; but he apparently doesn’t yet understand that there is no longer a literal ‘earth/week day’ of rest (interesting as he talked a lot towards the end about the significance of ‘days’) but that every day is ‘that day’ in Christ. But no one has the full picture. He only told one side of the Sabbath/Saturday topic because he hasn’t learned more on the same topic.

            Israel met on Saturdays, but most of them were not saved; therefore, ‘meeting together’ on Saturdays rather than Sundays is clearly not in any way ‘the seal of God’ (as opposed to the ‘mark/seal’ of the beast which the video says is ‘meeting’ on Sundays). The Bible simplifies everything and shows that the seal (mark) of both God and the beast is in the spirit (mind, forehead) and not visible and that therefore, those who will be sealed for God will not be sealed for outward works like what day one ‘rests’ or observes ‘a Sabbath’; they will be sealed no matter what day they ‘meet’ because their devotion is inward and they ‘meet’ (live) for God and not for self:

            “Receive one who is weak in the faith, but not to disputes over doubtful things. For one believes he may eat all things, but he who is weak eats only vegetables. Let not him who eats despise him who does not eat, and let not him who does not eat judge him who eats; for God has RECEIVED him. Who are you to judge another’s servant? To his own master he stands or falls. Indeed, he will be made to stand, for God is able to make him stand.

            “One person esteems one day above another; another esteems every day alike. Let each be fully convinced in his own MIND. He who observes the day, observes it to the LORD; and he who does not observe the day, to the Lord he does not observe it. He who eats, eats to the Lord, for he gives GOD thanks; and he who does not eat, to the Lord he does not eat, and gives God thanks. For none of us LIVES to himself, and no one DIES to himself. **For if we live, we live to the Lord; and if we die, we die to the Lord.** Therefore, whether we live or die, we are the Lord’s. For to this end Christ died and rose and lived again, that He might be Lord of both the dead and the living. But why do you judge your brother? Or why do you show contempt for your brother? For we shall ALL stand before the judgment seat of Christ.” (Romans 14:1-10.)

            • No more Fourth Commandment? WRONG! The seventh day is still the Sabbath. Look at the calendar on your wall. It still shows that the seventh day of the week is Saturday the Sabbath. Your premises for believing always seem to be wrong. True believers do not keep the Sabbath (which Yahweh says is FOREVER) in order to be “saved”. They observe the Sabbath faithfully because THEY ARE SAVED! Your words from Saul were not meant to give permission to eat both clean and unclean foods. Yahweh’s commands are very plain about NOT eating pork and other unclean meats. He’s just as direct about keeping the Sabbath. Keeping it was also never to be in question.
              The Seventh Day Adventist Church is wrong about the meanings of BOTH The MARK and The SEAL.
              The Mark, #666, and etc. is what the Greek translation says it is in Revelation 13:18.:
              ISOUS CHRISTOS (the pagan name Jesus Christ with a cross, as in Xmas).
              The SEAL? In Revelation 14 the saints are sealed with THE NAMES of the Father and Son. These Names are Yahweh and Yahshua. The Son came in His Father’s Name, John 5:43.

              “Come out of HER My people!” Yahshua the Messiah in Revelation 18:4 (Emphasis Mine)


  23. do not buy 5g smart phone, start from time ark 20:00 .

    • time mark 20:00

      • 3~14~2020 Happy Sabbath!
        Yahshua the Son of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON!
        PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1
        HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

        Thank you qt for the info! I do not even have a smart phone. lol They do not seem to make people any brighter.
        This “new” virus should be called “Pandemonium”! Shoppers here are panicked over things like bathroom tissue. Bare shelves greeted me at the local Walmart where facial tissue, cough drops, and paper towels usually are. LOL However, most shoppers are probably still eating the same SAD food. (Standard American Diet) Corporations are going ballistic. The Burger King in the local Walmart is not letting people take their own napkins and etc. (A worker has to give them out.) Is this their ploy to save napkins? lol My hand only touches that one napkin. They SHOULD give more thought to the food they sell! Travel from other countries is now being restricted. Will travel between states also be curtailed very soon? A friend flew to Texas for a wedding last Tuesday planning to stay two weeks. She tried to change the date for her flight but was told it would cost $200.00 more. Will she even be able to fly back here? I have a sneaky feeling that she may not be able to.
        It’s easy for me to have conspiracy thoughts about this virus. What if (IF!) they are planting it in the chem trails, tap water, on newspapers, and etc? I write this because people are getting it after NOT being exposed to it in travel or with other people. ???
        I’ve decided to re-watch survival movies. Some of these include “Schindler’s List” the holocaust in Poland (on Spectrum HBO Demand), “The Voyage of the Damned” about Nazi ploy using Jewish prisoners (on Spectrum Demand), “The Island” (Science Fiction about cloning and government control) on Spectrum Demand, “The Impossible” (about the 2004 Indonesian Tsunami) on Spectrum Demand, and “The Zookeeper’s Wife” (about the Warsaw Zoo during the Holocaust) on Spectrum Demand.

        The news we hear changes from day to day. Yahweh, The Creator of Everything, is the SAME forever and ever! HalleluYah!


  24. ( from time mark 15:23) How To STOP the Coronavirus in its Tracks | Sid Roth LIVE

    • Yahweh did NOT bring this virus upon this world but has permitted it. It’s HIM that we should PRAY to NOT to the idols of Christianity! This virus likely is NOT new but I t may now be in the worst form ever. I, too, have written to President Trump. He seems to be making the right moves. I pray that he does NOT come down with the virus. It seems that anyone can, especially a young doctor (wearing a face mask in photo) who was warning about the virus. SO SAD! WARNING:Those who keep rejecting YAHWEH and YAHSHUA are possibly very vulnerable to it.


    • Great! However, we all should be praying to Yahweh The Creator of Everything and have SALVATION through His Son Yahshua. Sadly, I wonder how many Christians now in the world are dying from this evil virus? It should be renamed “Pandemonium”. How many hard working Americans will lose their jobs because of this? Rumors are that the evil microbe accidentally escaped from a biological weapons lab in Wuhan, China not that animal market. Also, China says that the U.S. Army brought the virus to Wuhan. ??? Today, CA Governor Newsom said that ALL CA seniors 65 and over must stay in their homes. (You can tell that he is in his 40’s NOT 60’s!) It helps that I look like I am in my 40’s (and not 70’s!) LOL


  25. https://churchofhispresence.org/archives?sapurl=LytyZHNtL2xiL21pLysydGN0anJqP2F1dG9wbGF5PXRydWUmYnJhbmRpbmc9dHJ1ZSZlbWJlZD10cnVl

    A Prophetic Warning

    March 1, 2020 • Pastor John Kilpatrick

    • 3~21~2020 Happy Sabbath And Happy Spring!
      Yahshua the Son of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON!
      PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM.
      Revelation 14:1 HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

      qt, no matter how much a pastor YELLS, he cannot bring revival
      to a church that is DEAD and has been from its beginning. The ONLY thing that you really CAN do is come OUT of it!
      As a child in the 1950’s I remember my grandfather’s words after
      he had tried attending a number of Christian churche services. “I just don’t feel any Holy Spirit in any of the churches.” Many times I felt the same way.
      After graduating high school and leaving home, I started seeking the truth
      very diligently.
      In these last diabolical days each of us has to!
      In the news lately from Bergamo, Italy the caravan of large vehicles is a warning. They were carrying the dead bodies of virus victims to where they would be cremated. The cemetery(ies) had run out of burial spaces! One medical worker there said that the hospital had stopped counting dead bodies. (How can they do THAT?)
      We will either survive these rough days or not. However, we will live FOREVER if we believe NOW in Yahweh and His Son Yahshua! HalleluYah!


    • years ago, i prayed with a missionary associated for their ministry .

      recently found out that God show me that all those prayers i made for their ministry are in vain .

      i made mistakes because i did not ask God if that is God’s will to pray with them.

      later i remembered, that person i prayed with who owned a piece of furniture with idol image. even when people ask that person to remove it, that person still keep it.
      i still have a puzzle in my heart, what is going on ?
      after i listen to this video message by pastor John Kilpatrick , i got the answer, thanks God,

      in our christian walk , when people compromised on one thing , they might compromise on another thing. on and on ,,

      also God do not want us to associate with unholy mixture.
      it would cause us to slip out the righteous way .

      i need repent , i have idol in my heart.

      this video have very helpful message to me.

      pastor John said draw a line is so important .

  26. The Goodness of the Lord – Joe Sweet

  27. QANNON video

    The End of the CABAL part 10

  28. https://churchofhispresence.org/archives?sapurl=LytyZHNtL2xiL21pLytuOW5kOTk2P2JyYW5kaW5nPXRydWUmZW1iZWQ9dHJ1ZQ==

    March 22, 2020
    Could This Be The Season Of The Antichrist?

    March 22, 2020 • Pastor John Kilpatrick

    • HA! qt, the anti Messiah has been here since the rider on the white horse began to ride (by 500 A.D.!) The Papacy, Vatican, also now known as The New World Order! Actually, the Antichrists are the believers, the saints in Revelation 14 who are SAVED and SEALED in the Names of the Father and Son (Yahweh and Yahshua). Yahshua came in His Father’s Name of Yahweh, John 5:43. They have rejected pagan Christianity, it’s anti Messiah, and its MARK! HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!” Sadly, many Christians who have now rejected Yahweh and Yahshua will most likely die during this current plague. Please DON’T BE ONE!


    • Ever since Adam and Eve ate the fruit of that tree, it’s been a season of the Anti-Christ. The season has ramped up more and more since that day.

      I know most people are running in terror from COVID-19, but I say thank God for it. God’s Kingdom in Heaven flourishes no matter what. But on earth, 90% of the time, it only flourishes when people are in dire distress.

      Mostly in the OT but also in the NT (Book of Judges portrays this clearest), whenever God’s people and people in general are at ease or are comforted by some kind of security outside of God, people turn away from God. The more ease and comfort, the more God’s people turn away from Him. This was true thousands of years ago when they had little to entertain and occupy themselves with. It’s far more true today now that we have all kinds of pleasures and things to occupy and entertain ourselves with.

      COVID-19 is unhealthy for the human body but is potentially healthy for the human soul. The Bible says all too often that “in their distress, they cried to the Lord”. The video you shared is an example of how comforted and at ease we are as christians today: not only are most christians refusing to ‘assemble’ because of a virus but they’re also perfectly fine with it. This is christianity at its worst. What would christians who hide from a virus do if actual human beings were looking for them to drag them off to prisons and trials and executions like in the old days. Moden christians would immediately switch sides and hail satan to save their lives.

      I say thank God for COVID-19, which by itself is not remotely sufficient to jumpstart the dead churches. I think history proves that it takes one of two things (or both) to awaken christians who are at ease: hardship or/and revival. No revial on the horizon because christians are too at ease to cry and weep and mourn in repentance for revival, so it will have to be hardship. Judging by the terror causesd by COVID-19, I see that an overhaul of ‘church’ as we know it will be very easy once things actually start to become difficult. If people are calling 911 (the police) because stores are out of tissue and people are buying guns to defend their food from potential marauders, because of a simple virus that is weaker than the common flu, then we’re going to fall completely apart (and give God a chance to tear down and rebuild the churches) when christians begin to be publicly, openly, and legally persecuted.

      • 3~26~2020 Spring is Here and Abib Began
        Yahshua the Son of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON!
        PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1
        HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

        WOW! Snoopy, all the posting in this world WON’T get through to YOU! Call it what you will. The names of this virus keep changing. I am now calling it “The Big C” because that it is what it may turn out to be! It and NOTHING else will wake up the dead Christian churches because they HAVE ALWAYS BEEN DEAD! The only thing that TRUE Bible believers CAN do is COME OUT OF THEM or else suffer the plagues! What do YOU think that this virus IS? And, it can be in the Chem Trails and tap water, on newspapers, or anything else! Latest tests on a cruise ship reveal that it can survive on surfaces up to 17 days! It takes different forms in different countries and in them afflicts different age groups. Now there is talk of shutting down U.S. airports and “Martial Law”.

        “Come out of HER My people,” Yahshua the Messiah in Revelation 18:4. (Emphasis Mine.)

        Present economic conditions should awaken us to the FACT that “The Mark of the Beast” can be just a hop, skip, and a jump away! If you do NOT yet think so, re-think! The rider on the fourth horse of the Apocalypse may have been already riding but is certainly riding NOW! His name? DEATH

        Snoopy, you STILL believe that Christians will be persecuted?? By WHO? The Vatican that started Christianity, Islam, Communism, and a bunch of other isms having “crosses”? HA! NO. By the U.S. Government (The Two Horned Beast) with its Christian cross that has turned its power over to the Vatican? HA! NO. As in ages past, Christian powers will persecute the sealed saints of Revelation 14. Meantime Christians having “The Mark of the Beast” will be dying of the plagues. NOT PRETTY and it may already be happening!

        Snoopy, you do now have my sympathy for being so spiritually blind and lost.


    • q
      as to the specific son of perdition……..yes

    • thanks to all!

  29. NY doctor reports 100% success treating coronavirus with drug combination


    Zinc Sulfate ? not sure, pls discern

    • 4~1~2020 April Fools Day (Started by The Vatican) as is “All Saints Day!”
      Yahshua the Son of Yahweh Returns VERY SOON! PRAY NOW to be SAVED and SEALED in THEM. Revelation 14:1 HalleluYah! Hebrew: “Praise ye Yah!”

      Hi qt! It’s sounds like zinc sulfate combined with drugs. I would NOT go near it or any other vaccine! However, zinc is great for warding off flu virus’ which this Corona one is.
      By the way, for years now I have been taking a supplement that keeps my blood sugar normal. (My family was/is greatly afflicted with Diabetes 2, but thankfully NOT me!) It’s Vanadyl sulfate 50 mg. capsules (2 a day). Only found one supplement with this amount: “Vana Trace” by Priority One. Web suppliers keep changing because the AMA does NOT like it. If it works for you order a number of bottles. The price started out about $6.00 but is now over $30.00 a bottle but worth it to me.


    • Isaiah 24 match with the current situation.

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