Dream from 1974 – America in Darkness


I stepped out, and everything was gone.

I decided to write about a dream I had in 1974.

In the dream, I found myself in an army barracks that was completely empty, except for one lit up peace sign on the wall.

All the soldiers were gone.

I was alone in the building.

The peace sign was the only tiny bit of light in a very dark building.


I stepped outside, and everything outside was black.

It was more than black of night.

Everything was empty.

It was like nothing existed outside.

There were no people anywhere outside.

There was no plant life.

There was no animals.

There were no other buildings.

There were no rocks.

There was no sound.

Everything was quiet.

I stood there alone, looking into the distance.

I could see some mountains in the distance, and a tiny bit of light just to show the mountains were there, but not enough to see anything else.

It was like everything around me was gone.

Nothing existed any more.

I kept thinking, where did everyone go?

I did not see “destruction.”


It was if everything in existence had been vaporized, and there was no trace of life or civilization anywhere.

End of dream


Talking to a friend about this dream after all these years, he made a point I had not thought of until now, 40 years later.

He said, the only building left was the one I was in.

I survived, when nothing else in my sight did.

God has promised to be a shelter for the righteous.

He is my hiding place, my rock, and my high tower.

This world will be destroyed.

No one will be a winner in any conflict.

People will die from disease, war, pestilence, or due to the wrath of God.

Only those sheltered by God will have a chance to survive.

Your relationship with the world is irrelevant.

Your relationship with God is all that matters.

Seek the Lord while he may still be found!

Before it is too late.

13 Responses to “Dream from 1974 – America in Darkness”

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  2. I recently looked at a Youtube video of David Wilkerson sounds like your dream echoed his book Set the trumpet to your mouth
    Blessings Michael

  3. Yes. There is no “side” that is “right” in the world. He alone can help.

    • ‘Righteousness delivers from death’. It is true, that many righteous ones have already been led to where they will be safe. ‘ICE CAPS 22’. All ‘nuclear reactors’ must be closed down immediately. The cause of truth, As the LORD said, to yours truly, ‘JUSTICE seat.’

  4. This may sound silly. There is a song from the 1970’s movie, “Billy Jack,” titled, “One Tin Soldier.” The song is about two peoples / armies, and one thinks the other has some great treasure, so they fight them for it. They “win” the war and one goes to turn over the rock where this great treasure is hidden. Written on the bottom of the rock is, “Peace on Earth.” The tag line in the song is, “One tin soldier rides away.” (It’s on YouTube.)

    That song has haunted me for 40 years. I feel your dream is true, in that it is unfortunate that everything, including all the “good” and all the filth, and greed, and poverty, inequality, damage to the planet, on and on and on, will eventually come to an end, and probably a violent one.

    Though he is the previous Prime Minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon is near death in a hospital. When I first heard of this, my immediate thought was – I hope this doesn’t spark something else in the middle east, but it could serve as an excuse for someone.

    However, since this life here on earth is just an “illusion” then I suppose on some level it does not matter that it comes to an end, or even how. It is our relationship with God that matters.

    I’m not even sure that any of this is relevant to your post, but, I felt the need to share it.

  5. I also had a dream that I was standing in my kitchen sweeping the floor, when I happen to look out the window and it was a normal sunny day then I looked out again out the window and it went from day to night in a matter of minutes when it should of been daylight. It was like so black outside you couldn’t see anything, It was like I could see what is coming before our Lord returns.

  6. In response to your comment on Ariel Sharon, Rabbi Yitshak Kaduri who died recently at age 108 said that when Ariel Sharon dies the Messiah will come. Rabbi Kaduri also left a note which was to be opened 1 year after his death, the note gives the name of the Messiah, in code. Guess you can’t guess who it was – Yeshua of course. It caused quite a stir.

    Please stay warm all of you in the USA you are in our thoughts and prayers.

    • It’s strange. Every time the CFR controlled United States government helps the enemies of Israel, we get slammed with weird storms, earthquakes, or fires. I wonder if Genesis 12:3 is really real. Ummmmm.

  7. That peace sign is anti Christ, it is a replica of the cross but upside down, absolutely demonic, if you do not believe me go to a web site on demonic signs.
    During the 1960’s the culture revolution came about, when the Courts and legislators threw out God from schools, government institutions, public buildings, courts, etc. They made abortion on demand, which is murder one in God’s eyes the judgment of God has been building up against the world, not only the US. Darkness covered the earth. Satan, knowing his time was short made his move.
    And Christianity did nothing!

    Since the formation of Israel, the West has been forcing the Jews off their God-given land and giving it to the enemies of God.
    The Western media is biased against Israel and pro Islam/Palestinians.

    Nothing is lost on God, He has Micheal, the archangel standing over Jerusalem and you have this pathetic bunch of liberals trying to wrest Jerusalem from the Jews to give it to the enemies of God.

    If anyone thinks God will not come against the US and Europe and the enemies of Israel then you need to read the Bible.

    When Bush forced Israel out of the West bank, within 7 days you had Hurricane Katrina and the Israeli PM went into a coma (Sharon).

    People do not learn, they are either naive or stupid for if you are against Israel then the God of the Bible is against you!

    God bless the Bible discerners.

    • then the peace sign was an indicator of why I saw the world of darkness and nothing left alive

    • Allan Rowley …so good to see your comment in here because it is exactly on. The peace sign is a sign of worldly peace by the arm of the flesh only which will let us all down every time and only leads to darkness without the wonderful Presence , Spirit, Word, Commandments and Son of God which alone leads to His Righteousness and Love on earth. All of this has been beautifully given to us through His Beloved Hebrew people over all these years. How Blessed we have been through their faithfulness through Gods mercy and love. Indeed the darkness is all that is left as we can see when man puts together the world according to their ideas of peace which this Peace sign represents. The slaughter of the unborn, idolatry and worship of false gods, promoting the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah as righteous and good instead of the evil it is and so many more evils promoted on this earth today are abominations that are an affront to a Holy God and always lead to emptiness and darkness …their is no life in the world without a Holy God and His ways. How empty the world is and would be without the Peace that the Bible teaches us will come, but, it shall only come by way of the Lord and not by the politically correct liberalist ideals joined with Islamiism and other demonically inspired attempts to deface the Teachings of the Living God and His Holy truths in His Beautiful Creation. Because of the worlds hatred of His Laws and ways today they try to irradicate Jews, Israel and Judaiism and Christian Believers or any who do not advocate the ideologies of Liberalism and other worldly defacements of His Truth.

  8. Afterthought… I think there are many who are having dreams that are meant to fire us up to be up and trimming our lamps and preparing ourselves and others that we may help to consider these last days we are in rather than sleeping in the lukewarmness and emptiness of these last days with ungodly peacemongering charlatons, who are whitewashing the truth. They refuse to acknowledge that there is a Living God and there is a difference between good and evil and that there is indeed right that is not wrong.

  9. That was a good interpretation. Praise God – Yes if we just look around we see it in plain view. God’s blessing


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