Prayer – daily submission of heart



Sweet and gracious Lord.

You are the center of my heart.

I love you and adore you.

You pour your springs of loving kindness toward me. You have ravished my heart. How fair is your love, and the smell of your ointments, more than all spices. A garden enclosed is my heart, a spring closed up, a fountain sealed, a fountain of gardens and streams from your throne above.

Come, oh Holy Spirit, come and bring your presence upon my garden, that the spices my flow out. Let my Beloved come into the garden of my sanctuary, and bless me with the pleasant fruits of His devotion.

I have set you as a seal upon my heart forever.

Your tender mercies are with me in the watches of the night, and my heart rejoices before your loving presence.

In my dreams, you give me counsel and comfort. You watch over me. On my bed, I think of you.

You fill me with wonder, as your spirit pours rivers of life toward me. Your joy lifts me up and makes me strong.

I trust in your unfailing love, and I will praise you all of my life, with all of my strength, as long as I live.

For, you are my Savior, and my God, and I ascribe the glory due your name.

I rejoice in the gentle power of your creation. Righteousness and justice are the habitation of your throne. Your salvation is forever.

You look down from heaven and you see me. You care for me. You incline your ear to me, when I whisper your name.

When I call unto you, you hear me. Before I can form the words with my lips, you have already heard me, and answered me.

Your law is in my heart, and your love makes me glad!

And even though princes have afflicted me without cause, I stand in awe of your Word, and the beauty of your holiness.

For, I know that clean hands and a pure heart pleases you, and invites me into your presence. So, I pray that you will forever sanctify me and cleanse me, and keep me unto yourself as a precious treasure.

Cover me with your wings, and let the mantle of your glory protect me.

Teach me your statutes, so that I may lift up your Word before all men, and so that I might walk in continual guidance and peace.

I long to see you face-to-face, and be in your presence. There is nothing else I want more than you.

You satisfy the desires of my heart, and your power overwhelms me in its gentleness.

Teach me continually, and bless me in all ways, so that I might declare your faithfulness. Your salvation and strength give me rest.

Let your words flow like honey from my lips, that they might magnify you in the earth. May my love continually lift you up to all those that need you.

You are my King, and I am your bride forever and ever. Your strong right hand protects me. Your authority and mercy flow over me.

Your majestic love overshadows me, and satisfies me. I have nothing to fear, because you are with me always.

I stand, I stand in awe of you, and I wait, and long to be with you forever and ever!


9 Responses to “Prayer – daily submission of heart”

  1. That is such a nice prayer. It has love in it. 🙂

  2. Oh.. my..

  3. Prayer for the coming year after this 9/11/2010

  4. What is 24/7 prayer?

  5. I’ve been frustrated with Prayer in General, because I know there is power. But my prayer life is really lacking. There a woman in our prayer group that is awesome. She could pray the whole time and I would listen. She’s a prayer warrior. I just ran across this web site and this confirmed what she shared with me about Prayer, so I am going to give it a try.

    When I pray I pray ONLY THE WORD. For as long as the Spirit of G-d remains on me for this purpose I VOICE the WORD! I do not pray my own ideas and thoughts or feelings, but only as the Lord leads me, from Scripture to Scripture, I pray, I VOICE His Word.

    I have 3 reasons why I pray that way:

    1) His Word shall not return void but accomplish that for which it was purposed and prosper in the thing for which it was sent3;
    2) G-d’s angels, His mighty ones who DO His WORD, who HEARKEN to the VOICE of His WORD are His ministers that do His will4;
    3) Because I know that if we ask ANYTHING according to HIS will He hears us. And if we know that He hears us in whatever we ask, we know that we have OBTAINED the requests made of Him5.

    G-d’s word is His expressed will. And I post this letter especially to all intercessors who have the interests of our Lord at heart, who pray by His Spirit and not according to their own mind and imagination. Personal “feelings” have no place in intercession, only the will and purpose of the Father. Therefore we ponder the state of affairs at the particular time, lamenting and weeping in “sackcloth and ashes,” in proxy for the sins of Israel, the Jewish people. We stand in the gap in the mighty Name of Yeshua, repenting and humbling ourselves, making up the breach with the power of Yeshua’s cross and blood.

    G-d wants to be reminded continuously of the oath He swore by His own Name and of all of His good promises, that He may perform them6.

    What follows is an example of how to pray the Word on behalf of Israel. Please, let no “personal rational” enter in! Do not pray according to what YOU think is right. Pray only as the Holy Spirit leads and prompts. Bear in mind that G-d does not wish that any man should perish7 but, at the same token, He also has prepared certain men as vessels unto destruction. It is not up to us to judge what the Potter does with the clay. He forms this and that vessel for honorable use and another for dishonorable; some for sacred use, and others for destruction8. He does what HE wills and He does it according to HIS knowledge, wisdom and understanding, and not according to ours9.

    Therefore, when the Spirit leads you to Scriptures of judgment and destruction upon Israel’s enemies, which are also G-d’s enemies because they openly defy His oath, His election and covenant, then don’t let thoughts of mercy cause you to skip these prayers. There is no mercy decreed for Amalek10, and judgments are already sealed on His enemies, including those mentioned in Psalm 83. These are judgments SEALED, meaning, no amount of prayer can nor is intended to reverse them11. So, just follow His leading and not your own understanding.

    On the other hand, always bear in mind to remind the Lord that He is the righteous Judge of all the earth, and that surely those who love peace and hate evil should not be made to share in G-d’s judgment upon the unrepentant evil and wicked12. So, regardless among which people, nation, tribe and tongue they live, implore the Lord to spare those who hate evil and love peace, who embrace goodness and deal righteously. And He will do it and in the end will bring them also in His salvation.

    So, here are some examples how I pray:

    1 Jeremiah 7:18; 44:17-19, 25
    2 I have found that with increasing age I can no longer maintain total fasts for more than a day, maximum 3 days. But I can keep partial fasts for extended periods of time by drinking various juices during the daytime hours, and after sundown eat some solids, and on Yom Shabbat I have a full meal. Important is not to give up on the importance of fasting all together, for even a partial fast is better than none at all.
    3 Isa. 55:11 4 Ps 103:20-21 5 1Jn 5:14-15
    6 Isa.62:6-7; 1 Ki 8:56; Ps 105:42 7 2 Peter 3:9
    8 Jeremiah 18:2-4; Romans 9:20-23; Isaiah 29:16; 45:9;
    9 Ps 135:6; Da 4:35 10Ex 17:14,16;De 25:17-19
    11 Jer.18:7-10 12 Gen. 18:23-25

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