Riding a White Horse through Troubled Times

I had this dream on September 18, 2008. At first, I thought it just might be personal, but then, I thought it might benefit others. Do you need a big white horse to carry you through troubled times?

My daughter and I are riding the same big, beautiful, white horse together down a long paved road. There is no traffic there but us.

Then, we see a small red snake come in front of our path ahead. It is wiggling a lot and does not seem to notice us too much. However, it does cross our path. I tell my daughter to just keep going, and get past it.

Then, another snake about 4 times bigger and green this time – starts to cross our path too. I tell my daughter to “speed up” so we can also get past it. This one looked at us.

Neither snake tried to hurt us. They were just there on the path. We were able to pass by both the red and the green snakes with ease, because we were riding on the big, beautiful, white horse, who kept moving down the road.

The red snake appeared to be Satan, but he was so busy wiggling around, he seemed confused. The green snake may have meant financial threats, due to the current economy, jobs and stock market woes.

To me, the white horse was given to us as a gift from God, to protect us from any dangers we might encounter on our life path. Our job is to just “keep going.” We do not know where the road is going. We see no destination, just more road. But it is the path the white horse is on, and he is our protection, and our way to get there.

The real danger would have been if we had gotten off the horse, or stopped in front of the snakes. But we did not do that.

Jesus will come someday, and he will also ride a white horse. He is “the way.” If we stay faithful on the path of holiness, we will be safe from harm. God knows the destination for each one of us. We just have to trust Him. The snakes will come up to us, but they will not be able to touch us.

Do not keep your eyes on the snakes, or the problems, or the storm, or on people. Keep your eyes on the path, and stay on the white horse God has given you, who have chosen the path of holiness.

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  2. Beautiful dream. The meaning sounds very convincing and comforting. No matter what we are going through, let us ride the white horse by all the danger and turmoil of this world until we meet HIM. Bless you, Marianne

  3. Thanks JRA

    God bless you too


  4. Awesome dream. Very inspirational. Thank you for sharing.


  6. HI M
    Thanks for sharing, really encouraging.
    It is the same message we have been recieving.
    Spread the Truth and don’t worry about what is going on around you
    ” I Know what you need ‘

  7. Hi Bee, Ani, RT

    Good to hear from you. The white horse was very encouraging for me, since the bad news, not just from the stock market, but from all around, seemed to be increasing.

    We do not have to make major decisions during complicated situations, and then worry if we made the wrong decision. We just need to stay on the path, and we will be ok.


  8. a lovely image – thank you for taking the time to post it. We are all struggling with powerful distractions trying to pull us away from our true paths. The snakes just keep getting bigger, more colorful, more compelling and more confrontational. It’s harder and harder to keep focused on our inner voices. Thank you for a solid guiding image. I’ll hold onto it in these days ahead.

    A friend of mine had a vision that we need to come together as a powerful positive force – to put good energy into the world as a collective breath. He is calling for all to meditate and send positive energy out on Sunday night at 6pm pacific/9pm eastern. If you have time – sit with your daughter and pray about the world at that time. We’ll be ‘in it together’ in a more conscious way at that time. Namaste.

  9. OMG, I had a dream about a white horse,a nd could only get him to move sideways, not forward. I had been praying for an answer from the Lord about my relationship, could he be speaking to me through my dreams? I havn’t dreamt so much until as of late.

  10. Hi Maryjane

    God speaks to us through dreams. Many ancient prophesies have come to us this way, to teach, inspire, warn, etc

    You are being told that whatever decisions you have made, even with good intentions, are getting you nowhere. You need to re-evaluate your circumstances, and see where you went wrong and fix it, so you can make progress. Usually, someone has overlooked some facts, ignored them, or has received some incorrect information.

    In context, it appears your relationship is stalled and not making the progress that it should.


  11. I recently had an experience during worship where I was caught up in a vision of heaven. I felt my whole body moving up and down, like a ride at a carnival, then suddenly I could see that I was riding this massive white horse. The horse could respond to my worship and adoration of God, as I was becoming exited, the horse responded by galloping fast! It was so incredible, so fun. As I laughed, other worshippers responded by laughing and soon many were enjoying the joy of the Lord. I found your dream by searching for similar experiances, I want to share more of what happened, but I don’t want to risk thowing “pearls to the swine.” But to anyone reading and wondering, I believe everyone can experiance heaven now – exactly what this world needs in this hour.

  12. … oh just had to write this… couldn’t resist…

    Simon says, “hands on heads when I say this”

  13. Hi Simon,

    Your joyful experience with the white horse is inspirational. You are not hindered here from sharing it. The point of this site is to let people know how good, lovely, and personal God is to those who love him.


  14. […]Thanks for sharing your work with us! Your theme is just awesome![…]

  15. Thanks for sharing your work with us! Your theme is just awesome!

  16. Hi Manga,

    Thank you so much for the very sweet note. 🙂

    Sharing with others is fun and rewarding. I meet nice people like you, too.


    ps I tried emailing you back but the address did not work.

  17. wow. that hit at the perfect time…:) thank you. a year ago i lost my coffee shop that i loved so much. i was basically there all day on the weekends and late school nights. i expressed that i did not really like it that much because my mom never spent time with me during that time. but i loved it. it was so fun to meet all those new friends i met. it was my home, actually. i exchanged jokes with our employees and everything. and then it was all taken from me. it broke my heart. the week after the shop closed, i was listening to a song. it was by a Christian artist, and one line that caught my attention was ” you never know what you got till it’s gone.” boy did that click in my head. i cried when i was in bed every night about it. last wednesday at youth group, i had an amazing experience, and as we were worshipping to the song “grace like rain”, i think its called, God talked to me. Now the ache of losing the shop is dulled quite a bit. we jsut had to move from our old house, which rested on a hill overlooking mountains and had my forests all around. that was too taken away from me, and now i am living in a quite ordinary house. you might think that after that, i might be sulking or something, but i am loving this house. we very well could have ended up in a trailer faraway from my favorite Christian school. i am so fortunate to be on that white horse that He gave me.

    • Hi Zoe,

      If you have God with you, then you are on the right path. I did not find my white horse until I lost my job, and started this website.

      Material things and money is not what is most important. Life will always work out to be ok in the end.

      Sometimes, when we lose the world, we gain ourselves. And that is what we were looking for all along.

  18. Hi Marianne,

    This is a good example of riding a white horse in troubled Times.
    What courage!!
    And a beautiful song with inspired art.
    Are we as determined as Joan of Arc???

  19. Thanks, the right message at the right “time”

  20. soñé que estaba el vehículo mío, mal estacionado y no lo podía mover, estaba fuera de la casa, yo estaba como molesto por la circunstancia, de repente veo al cielo y noto un espiral que dé el sale un rayo que cae en la tierra, eso provoco una explosión que iba destruyendo todo, yo podía ver todo como que si estuviera allí, veía como todo se iba destruyendo, pero en realidad me encontraba lejos. después, me encuentro reunido con mi madre y me dice hijo donde nos escondemos, yo le respondo no hay nada que hacer, oremos a DIOS, todos; habían más personas rezando el padre nuestro, de repente note que se habrían varios espirales, observe que en el cielo venia Jesús montado en su caballo blanco, el tenia su túnica blanca y su corona e iba galopando a paso firme en el cielo, paso frente a mí, pero él no venia solo, venia con un ejército de hombres, no sé porque pero dije que eran hombres resucitados “ángeles”, y los cristianos que estaban en la tierra, levantaban sus brazos y gritaban de alegría y escuche a uno de los que estaban cabalgando con Jesús que decía: venimos a salvarla. Fue cuando me desperté. Recordando todo.

    • Querido David

      Ese fue un hermoso sueño. Jesús vendrá pronto. Varias personas ya me han dicho por el Señor que se ha ido de esta vida para el año 2016. Mantenga su fe. Habrá sufrimiento y los problemas en esta tierra, pero la alegría viene también.

  21. I felt inspired today. I’m trying to focus on Prayer more. I was looking at Lyndsey’s horse pictures on facebook and I thought of this movie.

    Here’s the Bible verse that goes with it:

    Psalm 20:7

    Some Trust in Horses and Some in Chariots but we will trust in the name of the Lord our God

    Plot summary

    In 1891, a wealthy sheikh, Sheikh Riyadh (Omar Sharif), invited an American, Frank T. Hopkins (Viggo Mortensen), and his mustang horse, Hidalgo, to enter the Ocean of Fire, an annually held three thousand mile survival race across the Najd desert restricted to the finest Arabian horses bred of the purest and noblest lines.
    During the course of his career, Hopkins had been a cowboy and dispatch rider for the United States government. In this capacity he had carried a message to the U.S. 7th Cavalry Regiment, authorizing the massacre at Wounded Knee. While working as a stunt rider in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West shows, Hopkins is advertised as the greatest rider the West had ever known. The Sheikh puts this claim to the test, pitting the American cowboy and his mustang against the world’s greatest Arabian horses and Bedouin riders, some of whom are determined to prevent a foreigner – and especially an “impure” horse – from finishing the race. For Hopkins, the Ocean of Fire becomes not only a matter of pride and honor, but a race for his very survival as he and his horse attempt the supposedly near-impossible desert crossing.
    A recurring theme in the film is the fact that Hopkins’ father was White American and his mother a member of the Native American Lakota tribe. The tribespeople refer to him as “Blue Child” or “Far Rider”. As a half-breed, he feels sympathy and pity for his mother’s people, who are being driven to extinction by the settlers. However, he does not generally reveal his heritage, especially after the Wounded Knee massacre for which he feels partly responsible. Jazirah, who has become his friend, compares her desire not to wear a veil with Hopkins’ heritage; that he mustn’t “go through life hiding what God made you…. like me.” In the end, he almost doesn’t make it, with Hidalgo severely injured, and he himself dying of thirst, Hidalgo struggles up, and they both go the last stretch of the race bareback.

    Throughout the race, there are many who attempt to kill Hopkins and Hidalgo. Chief adversaries include the wealthy, spoiled aristocrat Lady Anne Davenport, who owns a rival horse and is used to getting her own way, and the Sheikh’s treacherous nephew, who wishes, contrary to his uncle’s decree, to marry his cousin, the sheikh’s daughter Jazira (Zuleikha Robinson). A spirited girl and a horse-rider in her own right, who had been somewhat indulged by her father because his sons are deceased, she is rescued from raids by Hopkins and Hidalgo, whom she grows to trust. Eventually, Hopkins wins the race and travels home to America, later to buy many mustangs who had been sentenced to death by the Government. These he releases into the wild, allowing Hidalgo to go with them.

  22. There’s a lot of disputed claims in the movie, I like the moral to it.


    Frank Hopkins
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Not to be confused with Frank Hopkins (Royal Navy officer).

    This article does not cite any references or sources.
    Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (August 2007)

    Frank T. Hopkins (c1905)
    Frank Hopkins (1865 – 1951) was a professional horseman and circus employee from the United States. He was known as a legendary distance rider and was also recognized by his contemporaries as an activist for the preservation of the Mustang.[citation needed]
    “In my day I watch the destruction of the buffalo and the antelope, We say their destruction was due to a benighted profligate generation, If we permit the MUSTANG to disappear we may be accused of the same qualities and we will deserve the accusation, The MUSTANG is as AMERICAN as George Washington and AMERICA is a vast enough land and IMPORTANT enough Nation to have A HORSE of our very own, HE IS FACING HIS LAST STAND, TO LET HIM GO WOULD IN MY OPINION BE A MAJOR AMERICAN NATIONAL TRAGEDY” – Frank T. Hopkins
    Hopkins made a number of disputed claims, including claims of having won over 400 races, and his involvement in a legendary 3,000-mile horse race that passed the Gulf of Syria and the inland borders of two other countries, which was supposed to have taken place in Arabia in 1890. This story was adapted into the 2004 film Hidalgo starring Viggo Mortensen. However, some[1] argue that most of Hopkins’ claims as depicted in the film, including the existence of any such race in the first place, are ‘tall tales’ or hoaxes.
    In 2006, John Fusco, the screenwriter of Hidalgo, responded to the disputed items. He admitted that he took parts of Hopkins’ 1891 desert memories and “heightened the ‘Based On’ story to create an entertaining theatrical film” but asserts that the story of the man and his horse are true. Fusco offers quotes from surviving friends of Hopkins’–notably former distance riders Walt and Edith Pyle, and Lt. Col. William Zimmerman–along with information found in horse history texts to verify his story, however these mostly amount to testimony about Hopkins’ character by people who knew him in the later years of his life, and the books he references are all largely discredited as they were based on Hopkins’ stories themselves providing no further research. Currently there is no actual evidence to verify any of the claims made by Hopkins in his stories, and most credible historians consider these stories to be a hoax.
    According to the film, the descendants of the horse Hidalgo, for which the movie was named, live among the Gilbert Jones herd of Spanish Mustangs on Blackjack Mountain in Oklahoma, even though in Hopkins’ original story, he had decided to leave the horse in Arabia after the race.
    According to the Longriders Guild, the Yemen Government, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabian Government there has never been an “Ocean of Fire” race. According to Dr. Aw Al-Bawdi, director of research at the King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies, “There is Absolutely no record or reference to Hopkins, with or without his mustangs, ever setting foot on Arabian soil.” However, Hopkins himself never assigned this name to the event; he referred to it in his writings as an annual ceremonial ride.
    Hopkins’ age is questionable. When he married in Los Angeles in 1929, he wrote on the marriage license that he was only 44 years old. That would place his birth at about 1885.
    Hopkins also claimed to have been employed by “Buffalo Bill’s” Wild West Show. But the curator of the Buffalo Bill Museum states his name is nowhere to be found in the archives. However, he is listed as being employed by the Ringling Brothers Circus in 1917, as a horse performer.
    In the 1940’s, the elderly Hopkins was honored with a position as trail judge for the annual Green Mountain Horse Club’s 100 mile endurance ride. Up to the time of his death in 1951, he remained an outspoken champion of the threatened mustang which he called “the most significant animal on the North American continent.”
    Frank Hopkins is interred in Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery in Middle Village, Queens County, New York City.

  23. you need to read, “The White Horse Prophecy” at http://www.ldslastdays.com the white horse is real and among us now. All righteous people will be gathered and protected by the white horse.

  24. I accidentally deleted your e-mails… so I’m answering here. E-mail me back and we’ll talk some more. The white horse refers to the followers of Christ who gather to Zion from all the earth to fight for freedom and to preserve the Constitution and prepare to receive the Savior. The red horse will be the British who are part of the lost ten tribes of Isreal and have been preserved to come forth prior to the second coming of Christ to help the white horse. The black horse, as I understand it, is referring to the African people who realize the British are trustworthy and won’t seek to enslave them so they will be instruments of war in the hands of the British.

  25. send this to my mail

  26. I cried reading this! life has been very hard lately, and that goes for everyone. Since the economy got bad, it affected my family a lot. My fathers business went down, my parents lost their home and now my father needs a liver transplant. It has been a very hard couple of years. I am a very emotional person and all of this has affected me a lot and I worry so much for my family and what is going to happen to my father. I have been praying and praying with all that I have that the Lord will let me trust him with all of this because it is too much for me to handle. Last night was the first night I felt at peace and it was because of my dream that I had. I had a dream I saw this bright gorgeous white horse, I have never seen a horse like this before. I remember feeling so peaceful looking at this horse, and I started to pet it and eventually got on it and I started riding it like I have been a professional at riding horses, jumping over things and the entire time I wasn’t scared at all, I was SO happy and did not want this part of the dream to end.

    • dear Aisha

      I am so sorry to hear of your family’s troubles. And I pray that god provides for you, and you do ok. I am also encouraged to hear of your dream. My impression is that the dream is a gift from God to let you know that you are not forgotten. You are greatly blessed. Just keep the faith, and you will see God act on your behalf.

  27. I have recently been diagnosed with ALS and this sight is beautiful.This sight is oh so wonderful. I just wrote a message for my children that is a story about me in heaven. The plot is me as a white horse which they can always look to for strength,encouragement, and to know I will lift them up on my back AND CARRY THEM THROUGH THE STORM.SUSIE

  28. Thank you so much. I am happy for your inspirational advices. I am glad you have given ones here. Since, there are lots of people who do not follow the gospel and disobey God’s laws and break his laws and are always sexually active all in schools and colleges and all places that they hear not the gospel of God. Since, the gospel promises all of those people who are sexually active in colleges or governments and universities will face the destruction of God.

  29. I had a dream about a Huge white horse that came out of the sky with a rider on his back, he came through the sky with the loudest cracking sound you have ever heard. He looked at me with angry eyes and then the figure broke up into clouds. I looked around at all of the people on my street that were going about their day & asked if they saw it and they all replied the same thing ” theirs got to be a scientific explaination for this” and continued working. This completely freaked me out. I woke up and called my mom for comfort. like a small child lol…and Im 36!

    • dear RJ

      It sounds like you saw the first rider of Revelation, chapter 6. the rider on the white horse… most think it represents the antichrist

      I hope you are born again. The Lord is returning, also on a white horse, and only those who are his will be spared God’s wrath.

      God bless you.

  30. where is that rider on white horse picture from?? who painted it? I thought maybe it was done by Akianne Kramarik but i can’t find any websites indicating that or anywhere else that shows it

  31. Im not shining brighter than my savouir, creator, maker, (FATHER) who accepted me as lost sheep but i try! Ive had such strong faith and the world didnt accept me. Ive been weak ever since ive decided to weaken my faith to mankinds standards but now im done. Only his will for my path!!!

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  33. When i was vary young I to had this vision of me riding this big horse itnwas during times of trouble

    • simone

      the white horse represents the Lord God, who will carry you through bad times…..find this as an encouragement… may god continue to bless you and protect you

  34. I had a dream on September 25, 2014 I riding on back of this white Horse with my sister and she told me to hold on tight as we wad riding up toward the sky n the presence of the LORD was their 😇. Today September 26, 2014 I dreamt me looking out my window into the sky in the sky was alike a normal sky , but the color was beyond beautiful.

  35. “Irish Sunrise” a pretty song on the new WHITE HORSE album by Jake Wiley – Listen here > http://www.jakewileymusic.com/m_whitehorse/

  36. I love you lord for giving your life for me I will never let anything or anyone come between the love I have for you everlasting thank you Lord thank you Lord

  37. Ok..so I had a dream about this old man…don’t know who it was..but the old man was running from this fire and evil shadow chasing him. Through many fences that were closing. Everywhere he went was dead end and finally he found the exit..the old man almost made it out but fire and monsters was dragging him back in..then all of sudden..a majestic white horse steps on the old man face..he looks up and it was Jesus on the horse…Jesus got the old man out from the gates of hell..but didn’t say nothing..Jesus then rode his horse all over the place…all I see is people dropping down as if their souls were taken by Jesus …suddenly poof…I ended up in a river in a cage as if I had gotten pull out of a baptism or something…while in the cage..I saw a very beautiful women picture…wondering who it could be…than I ended up in a house full of beautiful women and the women in the picture was there..she and I was confuse as how we gotten here…poof I woke up alarm rang..

    • Ulysses

      that dream is a blessing. the old man seems to be the long tested, tired body of christ, beaten down a lot by the enemy, and experiencing many losses. despite losses, he persists. this is a baptism by fire.

      Then jesus rescues him. the cage seems to represent the protection around the man, which is also used to quickly remove him from bad circumstances to a time of refreshing

      the woman seems to represent a new bride, born out of testing, fire and tribulation.

      it is a message of hope for all who the enemy seems to be winning over. that Jesus is still there for them and will rescue / rapture them

      may Yahweh God bless you.

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