One Way Love


Do you love someone who does not love you back?

There is nothing more discouraging than to pour all your energy into someone, or some people, who do not respond to what you desire of them.


When to give up

In the dating world, this happens all the time.

People have to move on, and find someone else to date.

They do not love us, and never will.

This loss may take a long time to get over.

In the work world, we may work for those who do not appreciate us.

We have to decide whether to put up with it, or move on.


When you cannot give up

When we have unsaved loved ones, or others that God has put on our hearts, we cannot give up on them.

We may go months, years, decades or a lifetime, and not see our prayers answered.

Those we love break our hearts, as they constantly refuse to share our desires and heart for the Lord.

They reject us, and what is most dear to us.

A huge valley exists between us, and we long for the day when that valley does not exist.

We look into their dead eyes, filled with worldly desires and thoughts, and realize that the relationship is dead also.

How can they really love us and reject God, who is Love itself?

Loneliness and heartache set in.

Then anger …..

They do not care.

Why don’t they care?

They say they care about us, but they really don’t.

Why won’t they at least try to understand what is so important to us?

We care about them, take interest in what is important to them, but they do not return the interest.

We listen to them, hear what makes them happy or sad, hear their thoughts, join in their activities to support them.

But they will not listen to us, if we mention God.

We come to them when they need us, and help them with love.

And they may help back, as long as it has nothing to do with God.

They may claim they love us, but it is conditional, limited, and leaves us empty.

The door is closed.

We also have to endure constant insults to our spirits, as we see them in a sinful lifestyle, which they expect us to tolerate, since we should “accept them for who they are.”

If we stand on our principles, and identify sin when we see it, trying to be kind, and offer the hope of salvation, there is a violent, angry reaction, and they are offended.

Somehow, we have sinned against them, and we are not forgiven.

Their views must dominate the relationship.

They do not respect what we believe, and will not change.

But they want respect back.

They rebel.

For the one millionth time.

It is maddening.

They are spiritually blind.

And we are tired.

Very tired of the resistance, and offense, and rebellion.

Very tired of caring about them, and them not caring back.

So do we just walk away, and give up?



The Human Soul is Worth Dying for.

This is the lesson of the cross.

Jesus (Yeshua) died for that person who rejects His love, and rejects the salvation we want to share.

Jesus did not give up on us, so we cannot give up on them.

One lost soul is worth suffering for, to win them to Christ.

We must endure the rejection, the anger, the coldness, the unbelief, the lack of caring, and continue to pray for them.

No matter how tired we are, no matter how little reward there is for us, we must not give up on any soul who is blinded by Satan, and doomed for eternity unless their eyes are opened to the truth.

We may be the only person on earth who cares enough to pray for them.

We may be the only person on earth who can witness the love of Jesus to them.

No matter how long it takes, and it may take a lifetime, we must never give up on them.

We have to show them that they are worth it, and return love where there is defiance and rejection.

We may not see a change as long as we live ourselves.

But we have planted a seed of love and truth.

Now, we must believe that when the time is right, the seed will grow.

As the seed grows, unbelief will change into faith.

And faith will produce salvation.

13 Responses to “One Way Love”

  1. Yes, I have given all my love to my wife of 36 years of marriage. I am one to admit that it was just as much my fault as it was hers in why we have never loved as couples should have. See, before recieving Christ Jesus in my life I was a very angry, selfish and didn’t know how to express love to a woman. I drove her away many times into the arms of another man and I only grew that much more angry inside of me. I won’t lie to any of you but, let me be forward and truthful…I have hit her and regret every living moment of my life. But that was me when I was in sin and now that Christ Jesus dwells within my heart I am not that old man I once was. His blood has washed me clean of my sins and now I spend my time in prayer. That God would restore that love, between her and I, and that he will be the center of my life. I hope and pray that she has forgiven me but I know that she will never forget that monster that I once was. I am now living here in Virginia taking care of my mom since dad passed away September 29, 2012. My wife resides in Michigan and she is taking care of home, bills and grandchildren and that just leaves my mind to worry. So everyone pray for my marriage, family and as I am 600 miles away from home. Please pray for one another as we are living in a terrible time.

    • 1Faith1God,

      I know life can be very didifficult in long distance
      relationships and separations, it’s especially hard during birthdays and anniversaries but you have to realize that Christ did not divorce his bride, his family, his most important friendships. He struck with them the whole way even to the point of dying on the cross for all of them. He layed down his life for them, he healed them, his spirit rested on all of them. The spirit of comfort and peace.
      He did not cause confusion, dissention, hatred and mistrust among his wife and apostles.
      He was true love and would of never of allowed anything to come between his lover and himself.
      Many couples who reach their 50 year golden anniversary remember the best and worst times, the highs are obviously very good memories, those are the times to recollect and those precious moments may save your relationship.
      Even with your dad passing on the 29th.
      Call her and tell her you love her, if she truly cares then she will come back, she will speak to you.
      Never severe true love. Once you start closing doors, it becomes a bad habit. Loving someone fully is always a good habit, it’s just a question of how much time one wants to spend time with someone.

      She’s your wife, go get your love back.


      Prince Michael

    • onefaith1god

      I would not give up. Stay in touch with her, take it slow, let her see that you have changed. It may take months or years to convince her, but still do not give up. May the Lord help you in this matter and heal your heart and hers.

  2. For you “onefaith1god”….This is love..this is how it should be….May the Lord bring you both together once again..for all time! (and it does not matter if the angels should come at some point, as it is forever!) 🙂

    Blessings to you!

  3. what many were taught was love is really codependency. love is a private and Silent affair between you and God (Lover and Beloved). do that well and others will benefit.:)
    any time someone tries to change another person, that is codependency.
    codependency is sick, devious and sinister self righteous manipulation calling itself love. be co Creative not co Dependent.

    • That’s why it is so important to continually pray for the gift of love, which cannot be taught, in order to have the mind of our exemplar Jesus, which never fails!

  4. “WOW” Now I read this…after I wrote to you, Marianne!

  5. 40 And we said unto him: O Lord, verily we are sorrowful for their sake. And he said unto us: Ye do rightly, for the righteous are sorry for the sinners, and pray for them, making prayer unto my Father. Again we said unto him: Lord, is there none that maketh intercession unto thee (so Eth.)? And he said unto us: Yea, and I will hearken unto the prayer of the righteous which they make for them.

    47 But if any man fall under the load of sin that he hath committed, then shall his neighbour correct him because of the good that he hath done unto his neighbour. And if his neighbour correct him and he return, he shall be saved, and he that corrected him shall receive a reward and live for ever. For a needy man, if he see him that hath done him good sin, and correct him not, shall be judged with severe judgement. Now if a blind man lead a blind, they both fall into a ditch: and whoso respecteth persons for their sake, shall be as the two , as the prophet hath said: Woe unto them that respect persons and justify the ungodly for reward, even they whose God is their belly. Behold that judgement shall be their portion. For verily I say unto you: On that day will I neither have respect unto the rich nor pity for the poor.

    48 If thou behold a sinner, admonish him betwixt him and thee: (if he hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother, Eth.) and if he hear thee not, then take to thee another, as many as three, and instruct thy brother: again, if he hear thee not, let him be unto thee as an heathen man or a publican.

    49 If thou hear aught against thy brother, give it no credence; slander not, and delight not in hearing slander. For thus it is written: Suffer not thine ear to receive aught against thy brother: but if thou seest aught, correct him, rebuke him, and convert him.

    50 They that hate such things, and love me and rebuke them that fulfil not my commandments, shall be hated and persecuted and despised and mocked. Men will of purpose speak of them that which is not true, and will band themselves together against them that love me. But these will rebuke them, that they may be saved. But them that will rebuke and chasten and warn them, them will they (the others) hate, and thrust them aside, and despise them, and hold themselves far from them that wish them good. But they that endure such things shall be like unto the martyrs with the Father, because they have striven for righteousness, and have not striven for corruption.


    We have to deal with the hand we have been given in this life. God knows how much you can take and not take. He promised He will not put more on you than you can take.
    We have to take God at His word. Each individual has a unique quality of Character about them. That Character comes by your trials, and tribulation. It makes you what you are. You can show mercy to others that others could not or would not do for you.
    You are being molded into a Special class of Believers. Honed to the max. God believe’s in YOU – He knows you will fight you way up the Mountain to Victory. When you –

    Gal. 6:2-9 Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.
    3. For if a man think himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceiveth himself.
    4. But let every man prove his own work, and then shall he have rejoicing in himself alone, and not in another. ——— Praise God on ver. 4
    5. For every man shall bear his own burden.
    6. Let him that is taught in the word communicate unto him that teacheth in all good things.
    7. Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
    8. For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.
    9. And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

    Quitters are a dime a dozen. But you are valued as a Saint when you walk the right way. To God – Up is Down – Down is up – God calls all believers to do the opposite of what the world would do.

    Remember the Rich man and Lazarus. Who would you rather be. The World would say the Rich man. The World would say What a “great hand” he had been dealt in life. But it was Lazarus that “Had the Greater Hand dealt ” he recognized he needed God to be at rest with.
    Remember the Rich young ruler had it all. What a great Hand dealt to him. But He did not know Gods real purpose. Jesus told him to give it all away. That would seem like a most impossible hand to be dealt with.
    Sometimes the real challenges are not even seen by most of the world.

    We all need to Ask God to Open our eyes and See Him in Us. That is the real treasure in life. Worth dying for. Worth giving up our pride for.
    Jesus life was to unusal for the world to see the GOOD that HE really done for all of us. Let us not be like the World. God will give you strength and Rest for an Eternity. There is NO REPLACEMENT for the Love of God in our lives. PERIOD – no matter what hand you been dealt. God only requires you to “Except it” and do the very best with it as you can. Win as many times as you can with that Hand. And I will see you in Heaven. God bless you all. And Love to you all as well.

  7. “Jesus provided healing for our wounded spirits through a series of of exchanges on the cross. 

    1) He was rejected by God (in that moment in time), and by man in order that we might be accepted by God and God’s family (true Believers in Christ). 

    2) He suffered shame so that we might share in His Glory.

    3) He died our death in order that we might receive His life.

    Recognizing what He did leads to these steps:

    1). Letting the Holy Spirit guide you: identify how or where you’ve been wounded by rejection.

    2). Forgiving the people who’ve harmed you. (See Wormwood = Spirit of Bitterness within Heaven Awaits.)

    3). Laying down the destructive fruits of bitterness: resentment, hatred and rebellion (“Jezebel”).

    4). Accepting the fact that God accepts you because you accepted His Son as Savior and Lord of your life.

    5). Now – accept and love yourself for you hold the Kingdom of God within you.

    The following is a prayer offered by Derek Prince:

    Father God,

    I thank You that You love me; that You gave Jesus, Your Son, to die on my behalf; that He bore my sin; that He took my rejection; that He paid my penalty.

    Because I come to You through Him, I am not rejected; I am not unwanted; I am not excluded.

    You love me. I am Your child. You are really my true Father. I belong to you.

    I belong to the best family in the universe. Heaven is my home and I really belong.

    Thank you Father. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

    (Copied from, “God’s Remedy for Rejection”, by Derek Prince. And, I just purchased and read this book last week. Hummmm?).

    Psalm 34

  8. God bless you for these words that you wrote, because it consoled my heart. I thought it was only me in the situation with my three sons. I cried so much in front of the Lord, desparate at times not knowing what to pray and how to pray. But then the Lord comes and give me the words of encouragement through one of His children. Thank you for all of you out there serving our Lord.

  9. Marianne, I am so glad I’m reading this. I have been praying for my unsaved boyfriend of ten years along with your assistance to be saved and delivered from the binds of Jezebel spirits. I have gotten weak for a couple of days. Doubting God’s truth. My faith waits at times. But each time I come here there is a word that puts me back on track. I love this man and I want to see him happy. Whether he comes back to me or not. I cannot give up on him. I loved him for too long he deserves happiness and love. I am going to continue to pray for him and his deliverance. As a friend and someone that professes live for him I owe him these prayers for his soul to be at peace with the Lord. I’m so full right now.

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