Ask for What?


We can present our requests to God, in faith, but what, or who, are we supposed to be asking for?

Requests go both ways: giving and receiving.


Here we are instructed to give. It is implied that we do this wisely, and God will reward us. It also indicates that we receive as we give.

Luk 6:38 Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.


Next is who gets, and should not get, what we give:

Pro 21:13   Whoso stops his ears at the cry of the poor, he also shall cry himself, but shall not be heard.

Pro 22:16   He that oppresses the poor to increase his [riches, and] he that gives to the rich, [shall] surely [come] to want.


And sometimes, we need to ask, but what we ask for needs to be based on scripture as well. We do not ask for things, but for Someone.

Luk 11:9 ¶ And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.

Luk 11:10   For every one that asks receives; and he that seeks finds; and to him that knocks, it shall be opened.

Luk 11:11   If a son shall ask bread of any of you that is a father, will he give him a stone? or if [he ask] a fish, will he for a fish give him a serpent?

Luk 11:13   If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall [your] heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him?

Luk 11:14 ¶ And he was casting out a devil, and it was dumb. And it came to pass, when the devil was gone out, the dumb spoke; and the people wondered.


Points here:

If we show no charity, and do not give to others, we should not expect anything back from God. (Prov 21:13)

I would also add here that we should not look to others to give back to us, but we should to look to God as the giver.

This is not senseless giving, or to those who already have plenty, but to those who really lack, and need help.

In fact, if we give to the rich, we will actually end up more poor than before we gave. So investing in the rich is a bad investment. (Prov 22:16)

When we ask for something, because we need to receive ourselves, we should not ask for money, or things.

We are to ask for the presence and wisdom of the Holy Spirit, who will guide us into all truth.

Once He is in our lives, then He will bring the right things our way.

Jesus knew we needed the presence of the Holy Spirit.   It is He that leads us into all truth.

If we know the truth about what we need, we will have the wisdom to ask for what we need, and receive it.

If we don’t have truth and wisdom, then we will ask amiss, and not receive what we need.

So, the answer is a WHO, not a WHAT.

60 Responses to “Ask for What?”

  1. Good article! Jesus should be our focus above all things, even our ‘needs’. Yet I see nothing wrong w/ asking for a car if yours went kaput, for instance. I guess true faith for one’s material needs is best believed for by those who are already givers, and focused on Him and not stuff. But to say we should ‘never’ ask for money or a material thing we really need to operate on this plane, sounds a bit like Medieval poverty mentality. Which, btw, came into the Church by the Greeks who held that the spiritual realm was good, and all things material were evil. The Jewish mindset (taught by God), was that all of life is sacred, whether spiritual or material. I have a strong hunch that’s why Jews seem usually to prosper wherever they find themselves; they are clearly not afraid of prosperity, and they take care of each other.

  2. When we say the Lord’s prayer (daily, try it!) we are praying: thy Kingdom come THY will be done, etc, for God to give us this day, our daily bread, to protect us from evil, etc. In my walk with the Lord, I talk with Him all day. He knows my/our needs before we do. I tell Him I don’t know what to ask for. I pray & wait to hear His voice. Like in the sweet story of the boy, Samuel, who lived in Shiloh, about 20 miles north of Jerusalem. When Samuel heard His voice he thought it was Eli, the high priest, his master’s voice, whom he awakened. It dawned on both of them that it was the God’s voice calling Samuel in a unique revelation for His will for Samuel. The boys response to His next call was, “Speak LORD, for your servant hears” (1st Sam. 3:1-10). God has a plan for each of us, this includes provisions & adversity as well. Allowing the Holy Spirit to guide us in His will & wait on the Lord, & remaining thankful, to me, IS the ultimate choice of faith & challenge. His will for us to manifest is all we need!

  3. The truly meek and humble do not ask God for anything for themselves. Those that are truly with God ask what they can do for God not what God can do for you.

    So Marianne do you serve yourself or do you serve God?

    Do not lead my children astray any longer Marianne, for the LORD God Almighty as spoken.

  4. Hmm…Not to ask God for anything for ourselves as God’s children? JESUS gave the LORD’s Prayer to His disciples in response to their guestions to Him on how they were to pray. JESUS was their teacher, He KNEW what would please our Heavenly Father. The prayer IS asking for our very own needs. This prayer is not a chant, a recital or a ritual. It is JESUS’ teaching, It is to be prayed with a genuine heart & can be expounded on. It is just one of many teachings…I am a child of God’s, & no one elses!…It pleases Him for me to come to Him & ask what He wants me to receive. It is also pleasing to Him for us to ask Him for a heart felt need. He is the GIVER of all givers. To ask Him what can we do for Him also pleases Him… In the book of 1st. Samuel, as I mentioned above, while living in Shiloh, Hannah, (Samuel’s mother) prayed to God for a son. God granted her request by sending Samuel. So gracious & benevolent that’s our Heavenly Father, granting what He decides for us when we make a prayer request..shalom

  5. Eliakim, Marianne serves God and leads no one astray. She is a humble, God serving, loving woman. Lyndsey’s comment on Duet. 10:18, is a scripture you would be wise to heed. Good one Lyndsey! Thanks!

  6. The Church removed books that were originally in the bible, changed and adapted as they saw fit.

    However, here are the words from an original not a copy thereof like the rest of the bible.

    ELLE you have no idea who are you dealing with here.

    As Abba said to me a few years ago.

    ‘Those that are your accusers and adversaries stand behind you. Those that love and honor you stand by your side and those that think they are ahead of you will die’.

    ELLE when you are anyone else takes me on you are taking on our heavenly Father.

    So be wise, be a good girl and listen to the word of God for he is imparting his word and will to you all here and now.

    Jesus said: If you fast you will begat a sin to yourselves, and if you pray you will be condemned, and if you give alms you will harm your spirits. And as you go into every land and wander in the countryside, if they receive you, eat what they set before you, heal the sick amongst them. For what goes into your mouth will not defile you, but what comes out of your mouth that is what will defile you.” GT14

    • “ELLE you have no idea who are you dealing with here. ”
      “ELLE when you are anyone else takes me on..”
      “So be wise, be a good girl..”

      What does this sound like to you Marianne?


      Do you “HEAR” yourself?

  7. Deuteronomy 10:18But a prophet who presumes to speak in my name anything I have not commanded him to say, or a prophet who speaks in the name of other gods, must be put to death.”

    Well Lyndsey! Very good and very apt. So do you know who the prophet is that was promised to Moses? It was not Jesus because Jesus was not the name given to Moses.
    Also the divine guide sent to Israel as written in the Dead Sea Scrolls and the bible was not destined to come until the last days of the end times.

    As the bible made it clear to you that my heavenly Father does not give his glory to graven images and the Church made a graven image of Jesus. You made an idol of Jesus and that was against the will of God and his Son.

    You built Churches in the name of Jesus and you were all warned not to do so. The bible told you all not to build upon his foundations with building materials. The prophecies predict that the buildings of worship will come tumbling down, and some will be burned in the flames. Just like the Prince of Peace Church in Philadelphia burned to the ground the day we flew into the USA.

    May God help you all to see the light and maybe one day you will be blessed to his face as I have been.

  8. Pray tell me how many of you have seen the face of our heavenly Father and how many of you have seen his Son? How many have been in the presence of Melchizedek?

    The difference between myself and Marianne is that I did not have to pray for the presence of God, God chose me to be his vessel because I was humble enough not to ask for anything at all. I had no desire or aspiration because I come from a pure heart.

    Many are called but few are chosen.

    • Eliakim

      There is NOTHING humble about you.

      Your EGO is bigger than God.

      You think the whole bible is about you. You are a simple human, yet you think you are God.

      You are not a prophet, or the holy spirit, or Jonah.

      Your claims are unbiblical, even though you try to bend the scriptures to apply to you.

      You have not seen the face of our Father. No one can see his face and live.

      Delusions of grandeur do not make you anyone’s Messiah, except those who are already deceived.

      You are under a great delusion.

      Jesus is the Messiah, and he will return.

      To reject him, is to condemn yourself.

      You are in serious spiritual crisis, and you need to repent and humble yourself.

    • To repeat what Marianne just said so as to make it clear: “You are in serious spiritual crisis, and you need to repent and humble yourself”

      And in the words of Whoopi Goldberg…”you in danger girl”!

      You are NOT G-d; You are NOT the Messiah and You are NOT a “Messenger or THE messenger” of anything other than a spirit of some kind.

      No one can see G-d’s face and live! G-d does not have favorites!

      Please Please Please HEAR what we are telling you-Repent of whatever it is that you need to turn away from and ask G-d to deliver you from this spirit!

    • I would be very concerned as to what face you have seen Eliakim-it wasn’t G-ds face, for again, G-d states that no one can see his face and live.

      Exodus 33:20But,” he said, “you cannot see my face, for no one may see me and live.”

      John 1:18 No one has ever seen God, but God the One and Only, who is at the Father’s side, has made him known.

  9. Eliakim, I do not wish go get into a personal debate with you. You are mistaken about Marianne and me, you know nothing about me. There is no need to give you any of my background as the post is not about me or you. I believe Lyndsey’s comment regarding Duet. 10:18, was NOT referring to Marianne but to you..God bless

  10. I was just telling my sister the same thing. She was telling other to “prophecy to the problems. Give your problem and date and time to be gone. Life and death are in the power of the tongue.”

    God gave us the tongue to witness, to proclaim the good news, to prophecy to others, not ourselves, and to draw men away from darkness. That is life and death in the power of the tongue. Because if we do not do it, death follows those we allow to pass without calling out to them. We will give an account of every idle word; when we should have told others about Christ we did’nt. We are not suppose to care for our needs because the Lord provides. There is a reason the path to narrow, it is because there is no room for anyone or anything else; we are to be solely focused on Christ.

    Christ tells us plainly, “And he said unto his disciples, Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat; neither for the body, what ye shall put on.”
    Remember, we’re suppose to be dead in Christ, and if dead in Christ we are focused on His needs not ours. Today selfish preachers have their flocks believing they should create the own little world. Speak it into being. We have become very selfish.

    This doctrine of speaking things into being is not biblical. Its roots lay in the demonic. Occultists work through the laws of manifestation, and have always used three scientific techniques: positive thinking, positive speaking, and visualizing.

    The Church today accepts all three of these methods as biblical because they work. Yet it is not God who is causing things to happen. The founders of the word of Faith movement used these method even though they were not of God because he says they allow a person to see results; one does not have to believe by faith but can see.

    The pastor of the worlds largest Church is Dr. Cho, who admits that his message of hope always exalts people (not God) and focuses solely on prosperity, health, and problem-free life. This teaching prompts the deceitful message of self, advocating the dangerous message of uplifting man through self-love/self-esteem/self-worth. Can you see the devil hiding behind what so closely appears to be like God.

    • Dear Rev Williams

      I agree.

      The concept of speaking things into fulfillment comes from several passages, but the intent behind them is to speak the will of God that is already recoded in scripture. We do not put our own will into it.

      Then,if we speak it, it will come to pass, because the word form our lips are the word of god. We speak to the salvation of loved ones, overcoming the enemy etc.

      Misuse of this privilege will only bring us grief in the long run.

    • Know the location of Beelzebub or Prince of the airwaves is based in Tampa disquised or using a woman as his disquise. Since it was not Gods intention for her soul to be used in this manner. Ask everyone to beg the Lord to have her soul set free.

  11. I agree with so much that has been said. I feel as though I’m in a trial that I haven’t been able to reconcile. What do I pray for? The hard reality is: MY elderly mother hasn’t been able to live alone for the past 2-3yrs. I’m the only one in the family available to be w/her as I’m divorced. I have a twin sister who lives 3 bloks away, who NEVER helps. We have grown children not @ home. My mother has needed 24/7 help for a year, I’M IT! I was inbetween jobs & it was convenient for the other 2 sisters & brother to leave it up to me. One sister has a husband, the other divorced w/a job. My older brother is very comfortably retired. They aren’t christians. So. my dilema is, do I do it all 24/7, because they won’t help? If my mother dies, I’ll be homeless & broke. The family says they can’t afford help. Hospice comes 2xs/wk. for 1 hr. but I have to be here. Well, can I afford to let myself have no job/income or even a relationship, now & pray w/expectations God will provide? Or is that nieve? I’m so tired…!!

  12. Elle,

    You and I are in the same situation. I have been left to care for my 61 year old sister who has profound mental retardation. It is a long exhausting story and Marianne knows the details but suffice it to say, it has been a YEAR!

    I was finally able to get her into a group home and she moves in December 1st. I have now spent all the savings and a good portion was on supporting her.

    None of my dad’s family has stepped up to offer any help. They are “christians” and attend church every Sunday while me and my 2 kids are stuck here every single weekend because we can’t take her anywhere.

    What did I ask for?

    I asked G-d to please help!! I asked Him to please end this and soon, for I felt that I had done all I could do. I have cried just about every single day while pleading with G-d to help me because I couldn’t bring myself to change another diaper.

    And when I couldn’t come up with anything else to say in my language I yielded to the Holy Spirit and let Him pray. He prays A Lot, because i have run out of words… I have been a bit upset with Him because of all of this.

    So if you are able, just pray in the spirit. This will also restore your physical energy.

    1 Corinthians 14:4
    Romans 8:26

    Also, check to see if your mom is able to pay for assisted living through her life insurance policy. Not sure what state you are in and what policy she was able to obtain but if she purchased a long term policy this may pay for in home care and/or assisted living.

    Further, if she has medicaid or medicare part B, you can contact a local nursing/in home care agency that will increase their staff and hours of care. You shouldn’t have to be there when they are-you need to get out of the house to keep your sanity.

    I understand your dilemma and your pain girl. Just keep praying and ask G-d to simply fix the situation and to help you to endure it. Placing it in Hands and asking Him to orchestrate everything will simply amaze you and lift the burden from you.

  13. Lyndsey, Thank you for sharing your story. I’m so sorry you & your children have to endure this…Yes, I can pray in the Spirit, very comforting idea.Thanks for the verses. There is always so much dysfunctional family “stuff” and never ending drama, when they don’t want to inconvenience themselves & dump it all on one person. I cry too, out of exhaustion & isolation…My mother has no life insurance!! She has Secure Horizons & Medicare, not sure about plan B. I was told by the Hospice case manager that we would have to pay extra for services that were not a part of her medical treatment, i.e. staying w/her to provide some break for me! The case manager is coming by on Monday a.m. I will get more info on that. I really do want God to orchestrate this and to help speedily! My sisters are WAY too much for me to take on…Thank you & I will pray for peace for you, your children & your ill sister. Shalom!

    • Elle
      Contact some local churches, and ask the women there for some help.

    • Elle,

      You are not alone now. You have me and Marianne who are now aware of your situation and we will intercede on your behalf-Marianne is gifted in this area and intercedes often and for many.

      I’ll give it my best shot…LOL

      Just kidding 🙂 (HUMOR-an incredible gift from our father will most assuredly help you endure this! 🙂

  14. Marianne, Ok. I will have to ask St. Michael’s Hospice first. They said any heip has to have medical training incase something should happen…anyway, I didn’t mean to get off the topic of your post. It is hard @ times to know what to ask/pray for when we run out of words. We can pray for His will to be done and pray we HEAR His voice. How can we be sure we DO hear when we ask and we aren’t making the wrong choices? “Be still” I guess!!

  15. Ask G-d to help you know. And also Be still and know that He is G-d-getting quiet does help. 🙂

    • Is there a point of no return with God or can he really intercede the Fallen angels overstep their boundaries with a child. Need Angelic help from the book of Daniel quickly in the realm of the spirit and the natural realm to protect this child in Tampa. Need forgiveness for not protecting her mostly spiritually igorant. Prophecy the word over her name us Rhianna

      • Tracy

        Sweetheart, how old are you? What did the fallen angels do, and why are they in your family? Does anyone protect you there?

        • Beg & tell Jesus on my birthdate of 9/13/1967 in the city of Texas a female child was born to John Hodge & Erma Kendrick-Hodge ask for him to go the dates of trauma & heal my soul. ask

          the same for Rhianna Powell at the hospital in Bethesda MD when she was born 7/17/1992 to Anthony Powell & her mom Tracy. Tell him to kick the devil out of wounded areas.

  16. Marianne, that’s good to know and it’s a good way to think about what to ask for!

  17. Hey Elle-this is for you 🙂

  18. Lyndsey, Somehow I missed your comment above regarding, “you are not alone now”. How sweet it is to know you are there for me, thank you! And, Marianne too. Yes, you are very gifted Marianne! Thanks so much to both of you. You know it’s for my mother’s benefit too, that I don’t become a worn out mess, lol! So please help me God! 🙂

    • It is a you tube video of a christian comedian, Tim Hawkins-he is hysterical. Sorry you can’t pull it up on your cell. 🙂

      Just thought you could use a good laugh..

  19. Lyndsey, Darn, I didn’t get what you sent re: “this one is for you.” Sometimes my system doesn’t pick up links, if that is what you sent….(I just got it to work again with inserting a response to the commentor below their comment!) I am using my cell internet, no pc at home for now. Anyway, not sure how to get what you sent since I can’t see it! 😦

  20. Well, Lyndsey, thought getting my comment in the right place would work again, guess not…grrr…lol !

  21. Thank you to whomever sent the comment to me with the video on youtube, “God Will Find A Way”. I appreciate the thought and encouragement. Even though I tell myself that all day long I slip at times and have to make myself really believe in it! I do see the work He is doing in my life …and I praise and thank Him for always finding a way for all who love and believe in Him…God Bless!

  22. Just want the right spirit indwelling in my imperfect female soul and not something God didn’t put there especially when my entire being was release to him. Pray that the right spirit will return stronger w/all power and a passion for Christ. I was ransomed before i was even born in Texas. Satan says i’m connected to a supercomputer if so then unplug b/c i’ll take chances in Christ the Name and Power in Heaven, earth & in the earth below. Pray!

  23. Just because Satan, his dark angels, & agents don’t believe there’s power in the Name of the Christ that little mustard seed of faith planted in me before i was born. Divine prayers of faith brought Heaven’s throne of mercy/power/and grace to be released from this Territorial spirit called the rebellious Jezebel commanded to Leave by all the saints,angels, & hasn’t left yet. God wouldn’t make a quiet woman of color the most hated Satan.

  24. We should send satan a message that the Kingdom of Heaven where Truth is required will not be mocked/tolerated. Send Angelic Hosts to war for the Truth that satan stole souls from children and family and friends either while asleep or unconscious or drug induced like Xanax, Luvox, Lexapro, Xoloft, or anesthesia called the spirit of Pharmakia. We release anyone from the damaging effects of these in the spirit realm & release Spirit of Life to heal everything.

  25. In the realm of the spirit I renounce & reject all unbelief associated with my name the name given me by man or satan in my past!

  26. For the record that In the past, present, or future let us all declare & decree that my triune spirit man is whole and forgiven famale.

  27. In the realm of the spirit i ask everyone reading this to speak Christ filled words of Life directly to my spirit & soul that i shall live.

  28. Tracy,

    I got on my knees, and asked G-d the Father in Christ’s name to protect my home from evil spirits both the fallen Angels given respite, and the Nephilim that wander the earth.

    Also, I pray everyday, and give thanks to G-d the Father in Christ’s name for everything I have been given. All is G-d’s, and G-d is the Creator. Everything elce is the creation, and has no power over the word made flesh that died for you.

    Be still, and pray where no one can see you. Make sure you ask in Christ’s name. Ask to be strenghten by the Holy Spirit.

    Let us know how it goes.

  29. I only ask for signs that I’m on the right path and making right decisions. Yesterday I asked for a sign about a certain matter that was causing me heartache. I asked whether I should give up or wait, if I was to wait I wanted the sign of a bald eagle and an osprey. I have never seen an osprey in my life, and haven’t seen a bald eagle in 6 months. Last night I saw a bald eagle chasing a smaller bird that had a fish in its clutches. I asked what type of bird the smaller was, it was an osprey. An hour later I saw a second, larger bald eagle. Does anyone else ask for signs? I make sure my requests are silent so that only God can hear me, not any stray demons hanging about. So I know the source. Is it wrong to ask for signs?

    • jotylo

      you are blessed. you asked and you received. not many realize they can ask for things, like signs, and get an answer.

      go with what the Lord has shown you to do. it is good to have his guidance.

  30. Read the account of Gideon. Best to make your request to Father God in the name of Jesus in your mind and not with your lips.

    Psalm 25 (Read this psalm).

  31. Great!

    Then offer Him praise.

    Gideon “worshiped” in the middle of the enemy camp after the Lord graciously addressed/answered his worries. Gideon did not waist time – he began to worship in his heart right then and there.

    Brother – you are blessed.

    To answer your question – yes I ask for confirmations. He gives them.

    I don’t even ask and He gives me a sign of His abinding love.

    There is a message on YouTube – it is an audio message by Derek Prince, “Hearing the Voice of God” in 2 parts.

    I suggest listening to part 2.

    God bless you.
    Psalm 20

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