Blackjack – game or real?



There is an interesting post from the London Telegraph. The events depicted are imaginary and fictional. How real could they possibly turn out to be?

The exercise is called Blackjack.

There are exact times and locations. June is the month, and American cities are chosen for terror attacks. Time is the afternoon.

Washington, DC (of course)

Los Angeles


Mexico City


New York City (of course)


The “fault” of the emergency is described as “homegrown extremists, Islamists, and Christian doomsday cultists.”

Apparently, Bible believing Christians are now grouped with terrorists groups now.

It does not matter that other groups believe in the end of days, such as New Agers, and Mayan cults, Jews, and Luciferans. They are not considered terrorists, only the Christians.

It is supposed to be fiction, but could it play out the way it is presented?

I will just present the link, and you can look at it yourself.

To be prepared is always a wise thing, even if the presentation itself is fictitious. Considering the current state of affairs, it is possible like something like this could happen, so take a look, and think about it.

If this happened, what would you do? How would you respond? Would you be ready?

Here is the link with slide shows:

There are 5 slide shows, but they can be viewed quickly.

Interesting coincidence that NORAD (NORTH AMERICAN AEROSPACE DEFENSE COMMAND) plans a drill in the same month of June, 2009, that could mimic what was predicted in Blackjack scenario.

These linked exercises are referred to as ARDENT SENTRY 09.  Events will take place in multiple venues across the country including Iowa, Kansas, Oregon, Wyoming, and off the East and West Coasts.

In Wyoming, Air Force Space Command will respond to an incident involving a simulated nuclear weapon.  I wonder if other exercises will simulate a nuclear weapon as well.

So, if you see anything strange or bad happening, stay home if you can, or leave if you must. It is either a drill, or a drill gone terribly wrong.

The locations seem to be somewhat different than what is presented in Blackjack, but still include the east and west coasts.

I also found this note on the Internet, which is food for thought:

this is not simp?ly entertainment

slide 17 of part 4 was removed two days ago. it also had a code.

This is the final warng on th?is site – all further warnings? will be given on jackblack12.?info.

Beware Ardent Sentry. Be? alert for Semis bearing the s?un icon. Not all federal autho?rities are involved

Ardent Sentry is taking place right now until the 24th.

If nothing happens, and the exercises go well, then that is fine. If something goes wrong, as in non-federal people infiltrating the exercise and causing a problem, then we should be prepared for things like that to happen.

For some reason, as important as it is for citizens to know when there is a huge exercise like this, you would think it would be on the 6 o’clock news, but I have not heard anything yet. Dates are June 18-24, 2009.

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  2. wasn’t there talk of the same maneuvers happening on 9-11?? I think I remember something about norad being involved then as well..I think I remember reading that norad went off line or something of that nature…not sure though.

    • hi sharon

      I heard that too. I do not know that for sure. Although, if they are busy practicing in a drill, they are less available for the real thing.

    • YES, NORAD was conducting hijacked plane-drills on 9/11.
      Also british antiterror-squads drilled on 7/7.
      9/11 was “predicted” in the “Lone Gunmen” and other movies.
      Also very clearly in the Illuminati Card game:

      -the Obama admin has ‘fanned out around the country’ to beginning the whole ‘SERVE US'(ie service) trip
      from June 22 to Sept 11
      -Hillary Clinton has a surgery

      And the SUN-Newspaper titled a “Dirty bomb risk against UK”
      Seattle is warned of an imminent nuke attack, too.

      The SUN is allover the comic, an babylonian/illuminati symbol.

      Here is a slideshow showing the developments of Blackjack from the last days:

      The Telegraph is now running a (normal) story in the culture section about a new movie:

      Jack Black in ‘Year One’: infantile or immature?
      Jack Black, star of new biblical comedy ‘Year One’, will do anything to get a laugh.

      This blackjack thing is more than just a “game”, sure.

  3. Crackerjack!
    “It’s friday … it’s five to five…. it’s Crackerjack!’

    Double or drop.

  4. Hi Marianne,
    the messages were a hex-code – putten into the comic a few days ago..
    and THEN, this thing went extremely viral on the blogs!
    Since hours the supposedly editor went on the blogs and declared that the game is over and the truthers have won.
    But iam not sure, if it was just a game. Weird, in this story it is all too real.
    The events, like NAU, Amero, falseflag, Martial Law, NWO, depicted are too close to home.
    They WILL happen, the question is just when.
    Everything is ready for the NWO, all laws, military, moves etc are finished. It will happen this summer. Biden said there will be a huge crisis in the first 6 month of Obama.
    If tomorrow (3.03 am NY time) – we’ll see.
    Operation Blackjack could have been done by the NWO for blaming the internet for the planning of the attacks and shut it down (cybersecurity act) or/and
    for taking credibility off of the truthers, or for blaming for the attacks the people who decrypted and posted the hidden messages, or for collecting the IP’s of them.


    Very very weird

    Phoenix crop circle may predict end of the world
    Crop circle experts believe the latest pattern to be discovered, a phoenix rising from the flames in Wiltshire, may give a warning about the end of the world.

    • hi silvan

      The phoenix represents rebirth after destruction by fire in mythology.

      • Would make sense..

        Pulled this of the glp-forum:
        This goes back to the Masonic myth of the Egyptian Phoenix:

        In Egyptian mythology, the Phoenix was a mystical bird offered to Ra, the SUN GOD of Egypt. It had splendid golden-red plummage, making it look like it was wrapped in flame. Some versions had it shown in flames rather than feathers.

        The bird lived in Arabia. The tale goes that it lived for a period of 500 years. At the end of its life´s cycle, it built a nest, and as it was dying, set the nest on fire, and was consumed in the flames. After its death, a new Phoenix was born to repeat the cycle.

        Later stories have the Phoenix as living to the equivalent of a Platonic year, calculated by the alignment of the sun, moon, and the five planets known at that time to return to their original positions every 12.994 years.

        Have the planets returned to their original positions? Are they going to set their nest on fire? Londinium (City of London) is the financial capitol of the world! Hmmmm.
        You’ll never guess the name of the construction company contracted to build the Freedom Tower…

        [link to]

        • hi silvan

          It would be interesting to determine what calendar the phoenix circle designer was using. Then we would know what comes next. but maybe this means we are looking at a new 13 year cycle….? not sure what is supposed to happen….can you find out more about the 13 year cycles?

      • Old WO —- New WO

        Many many blessings, maybe we ll see us tomorrow 🙂

      • What type of storm is ‘a fire shower’?

        Here is a news story on ‘fire showers.’

  6. Well, we know what happened last time, they tried a “simulation”. They were oh so much surprised that it turned real.
    Well, lets see what will happen this time. Who will they distract, so some “terrorists” can achieve their goal.

  7. anybody read about the train situation happening between DC and Maryland??

  8. i hope it s not gonna’ happen.

  9. The Blackjack thing was debunked as a hoax, but it was crazy to watch how fast the codes were changing… Seemed almost like a test run- maybe testing our responses and ability to decode their messages. I know the editor has “taken credit” for it and is trying to make all of us look crazy.
    I was following it on a forum and helping to figure it all out while it was happening. It was impressive how everyone worked together to figure it out as soon as each code was posted.
    The reader above may be right about collecting IP addresses though…

  10. I thought we all need a little humor …


    12. CEO’s are now playing miniature golf.

    11. I got a pre-declined credit card in the mail.

    10. I went to buy a toaster oven and they gave me a bank.

    9. Hotwheels and Matchbox car companies are now trading higher than GM and Chrysler in the stock market.

    8. Obama met with small businesses – GE, Pfizer, Chrysler, Citigroup and GM, to discuss the Stimulus Package.

    7. McDonalds is selling the 1/4 ouncer.

    6. People in Beverly Hills fired their nannies and are learning their children’s names.

    5. The highest paid job is now jury duty.

    4. People in Africa are donating money to Americans.

    3. Motel Six won’t leave the lights on.

    2. The Mafia is laying off judges.

    And the #1 indicator of all.

    1. If the bank returns your check marked as “insufficient funds,” you have to call them and ask if they meant you or them.

  11. you are right abigail…lol !!!


  12. Hi,

    North Korea vows to wipe U.S. off the face of the map
    Here is the story…
    What a world??!!

  13. jeezz!! I hope they come to their right senses and stay sane all the time.


  14. Here is an interesting story …
    The decisions which are made and are made to look as ‘subjected to’ circumstances …
    actually reflect …. ‘dangers and measures’ for securities.

  15. 2012 date clues found in Blackjack/Jericho:-

    Latest, Blackjack in Dr Who, with 21/6/2012 date clues:-

  16. I thought this was a card game.

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